October 11, 2002 - Msg 9535: Hello Porch! Just came from the Remshaw House at the mayberry site. Was really cute. You all have a wonderful week. FRANKIE FLINT

October 11, 2002 - Msg 9536: It's 2:00 a.m. and I'm still working. Need to get to bed. Haven't been here in a couple days and see I have missed a lot. Glad to hear Pat is breathing on his own, Mavis, and that you got Jake into school. Hope everything continues in the same direction. And I was so sorry to read about you losing your mother, Tom. Please keep us informed of what is going on with you. We love you, Tom. God will help you through this difficult time. Be sure to lean on those beautiful prayers you always share with the rest of us.
Charlotte Tucker

October 11, 2002 - Msg 9537: Mornin' Y'all. 'Bout to float away down here with all the rain from TS Kyle! I just knew that bugger was gonna decide to pay South Carolina a visit. Oh well, maybe most of my kids will stay home from school today-ha ha! They have been WILD and half of them have colds. Stay home,I say!!!
TGIF! Have a good one! Coffee & poptarts on the porch!
possum under a very wet rock

October 11, 2002 - Msg 9538: Hey to the porch -

Jelsik, if I had that incant the A's would still be playing.

Milton P. Oliver
"It might work."
"Yeah, but it might not."

October 11, 2002 - Msg 9539: Good morning porch! My little Sgt is on his way home, he just called and said Mom I'm 2 hrs away, be there shortly. He is going to go get his (Daughter) Anastasia and take her around to see his dad, half sister and step mom. I wish I could send y'all a picture of my Family I have 2 Sons, a step Son & Step Daughter , 3 Granddaughters and 1 Step Granddaughter, Lightning and I have never laid eyes on his sons daughter.. Jerry wouldn't claim her for the longest time and it just broke our hearts, we do have pictures of her, she is a doll, looks just like Lightning son Jerry,her name is Kyla, my oldest son has 2 Daughters Kayleigh & Sabrina, our Daughter JoAnn is still in high school (my step Daughter) she is Beautiful. Gee, don't know what got me on that . you all have a great day in the Lord, biscuits, gravy still have a few freash tomatoes , eys, american fries, coffee, hot or ice tea, grits are all ready, now I better see y'all eat em up, made plenty my Lil Sgt.J.L is coming home and he loves moms cooking .LOL MPO, good luck for your A's.. Ellen B.

October 11, 2002 - Msg 9540: oops eggs I mean eggs... I'm just excited about seeing my baby, it use to embaras him for me to call him my baby, but it don't any more he just smiles. Ellen B

October 11, 2002 - Msg 9541: Whew, I'm glad you clarafied that Ellen. Don't know that I could handle scrammbled eyes. LOL I figured you was taking this halloween stuff to far.
Hope everyone is having a great day and may God bless all those who are in need today, especially Tom, Mavis and her son and his Father.


October 11, 2002 - Msg 9542: How ya doing there Possum? It is 12:25 here in Myrtle Beach and they just said the storm is over ya'll now heading our way. We got a tornado watch and it sounds and looks real scary out there! BOOM, KA~BAM! POWY! CRASH! (clicking heels together)...there's no place like home.....there's no place like home.....there's no place like home........


October 11, 2002 - Msg 9543: First of all, Tom, sorry about your mother.
I'm glad things are looking better for you and yours, Mavis. Hang in there!
Geeze, Clara, first it's the dogs barking and now it's the neighbor and his hussies?! Here's an idea, maybe you could sic the dogs on the hussies. Heck just sic the dogs on the neighbor and maybe it will run him out of town, then you won't have to worry about any of it.
I just popped in to say "have a nice weekend" porchsters! And I'll see you again later.
-Sterling Holobyte

October 11, 2002 - Msg 9544: Afternoon Y'all. I know what ya mean, Happy. I've been up since 4 am courtesy of ole Kyle! Talk about thunder and rain! I was in a school building all day in a class with no windows,but could hear the thunder & rain beating down. The principal came by the room and gave us a memo telling us what to do in case of a tornado,but luckily we didn't have to go into "Operation Twister." Heard a tornado touched down in Georgetown,so I hope you are ok up in Myrtle Beach,Happy. The sun is shining now-crazy weather!
Had a good day despite the weather-my 3 little terrors stayed home from school today! I'm sorry they're sick,but OH, what a peaceful day! I sound horrible,I know-ha ha I love those little buggers,but 2 of them do not need to be in our class.Nothing "Special Ed." about them as far as I can see. Anyway...
Y'all all have a wonderful weekend!
possum under a rock

October 11, 2002 - Msg 9545: Hello all! Tom, Sorry to hear about your mother. Prayers for you and your family. I made a Chocolate pie and a apple crum pie for tomorrow. So, come early and stay late. Peace and love all.

Briscoe Darling Jr.
Hey ta':
Fun Girl
An' everyone!

October 11, 2002 - Msg 9546: Afternoon porch,
I just thought I'd stop in and say "hey" to y'all. Jelsik, good luck with the cardinals. Around here we have the Tiger's to root for so don't feel too bad if your team doesn't do too well in the play offs...at least they make it to them. But, then again, we have the RED WINGS!! I love sports and thankfully we do have the Wings 'cause other than that we have Lion's, Tiger's, and Piston's, oh my!!!

I have mentioned before that my husband's an artist, mostly painting wildlife and landscapes. Well, he is FINALLY going to paint a buffalo for me! Part of my heritage is Belgian and for some obscure reason around here (and maybe elsewhere) they call Belgians buffaloes. Maybe someone on the porch here can tell me why. It's going to be a beauty, you should see the study he's got going on it! One day we'll probably get a website and then maybe you all could see his work. I can barely sign my own name without making a mess! These people with talent like my husband has really amaze me! But then again, when I am amazed at how my husband can capture God's beauty, I realize how amazing it is that God made these beautiful things I marvel at! (Does that make sense to anybody? It is so hard to put into words!)

Prayers for all those that need them,
Mary Wiggins

October 11, 2002 - Msg 9547: Tom, I'm sorry to hear about your Mother.
Eternal rest grant unto her oh Lord,
and may prepetual light shine upon her.

Prayers for everyone else!

~ Mrs. Wiley

October 11, 2002 - Msg 9548: Mrs. Wiley, where you been girl? Benn missing you. Hope all is well for you there in gator land.
Prayers for all who are dealing with storms and windsn and all. Hope you all have a nice and safe weekend.


October 11, 2002 - Msg 9549: How are you, Mrs. Wiley? No coffee, tea or punch, thank you.
- Hazel

October 11, 2002 - Msg 9550: Evenin porch, how is everyone tonight? Hope you all have a good weekend. Prayers for Tom and for Mavis too and everyone that needs them which pretty much includes all of us. Nite--Salty Dog

October 11, 2002 - Msg 9551: Evening Porch, thought I would stop in & let you know, Pat was responding much better this evening, & has been fitted with a back brace & even had him sitting up some in the bed, then they tell us he has to go back into surgery in the am because infection has set in & is breaking his stomach lining down. So it's back on the ventilator for him & I pray that he can get back off it quicker than before. Jake was doing better tonight so I haven't told him he has to go back in for surgery. Dont' want him to worry needlessly if everything goes ok. So please send up more prayers for the 2 of them.

October 12, 2002 - Msg 9552: Good Morning porch ! Mavis prayers are going up for Pat, Jake , you and all connected in this. In the name of Jesus we pray dear Lord you get a hold of that infection and cleanse Pats stomach of all of it and Jesus we pray you guide the hands of those that are caring for him, we pray peace upon Mavis & Jake , wrale little Jake in your Loving arms Father and let him be freed from that day and any emotional scars that may try to come upon him, for he is so young to have had to face such a thing as this and Father we pray for our men and women in the military, for last night I heard where congress has ok~ed the presedent to go forth on war, in the name of Jesus help us all, we now thank you Father for all you have already done and for what you are about to do and all the glory goes to you and we remember the day you gave your only son for us, oh how you do Love us, forgive me for the times I never appreciated such a Love, for taking our freedom for granit, I'm not a good speller but Lord I know you know my heart and what I'm thankful for the right to live one more day and tell the world of your Son Jesus and how much he Loves us all, Dear Mavis, hold your head up and know God is near, He is the air we breath, Y'all have a Grand and Sonshine filled day (((((((((((HUGS)))))))))) Ellen B.

October 12, 2002 - Msg 9553: Sorry ,,
Dear Jesus hold Jake in your Loving arms, EB

October 12, 2002 - Msg 9554: What a wonderful prayer Ellen. How is Lightning feeling? Better I hope.
Woke up to a cold morning this am. Got our first frost of the year here in the valley. 29 degrees. I just ain't ready for this cold stuff yet. Guess I better git ready cause old man winter waits for no one.
Good to hear from you Salty Dog. Don't be such a stranger. You either Charlotte Tucker. And where has Helen run off to?
Prayers and hugs for all my porch pals this saturday morning. May God bless you all for you are the cream that rises to the top.


October 12, 2002 - Msg 9555: Hey to the porch -
Our favorite fishwife, Miz Jennie Boone and our favorite jaywalking hypochondriac, Miz Emma Watson, have shared a few of their Mayberry Days 2002 pictures with us at the Mayberry Giants: "Hit One for the Ol' Goober". They are mostly pics of some of the 'old' porchsters but there are a few of some of the celebrities too. There are also pictures from the previous 5 Mayberry Days there too. Since we couldn't be there this year, we appreciate them sharing with us and we look forward to seeing them in Mayberry next week!
Floyd, I don't know about breakfast on Wednesday yet. We'll be getting together Tuesday night and deciding how early we want to try to get downtown on Wednesday. We're at the Hampton but I'm sure the Boones and Foleys are at the Mayberry Motor Inn. See ya there.

Milton P. Oliver
"There's something about Mayberry and Mayberry folks..."

October 12, 2002 - Msg 9556: Morning, Porch, Nice to read all the posts. Been really tired lately. Could really use a nice relaxing, joy-filled weekend. Prayers for all your needs. Have a wonderful Mayberry day.
Hey to Sterling, Possum, Boo, Mrs. Wiley, Mavis, Happy, Helen, Mary, Frankie, Briscoe, Ellen, Homemaker, Hazel, Charlotte, Romeena, Asa, Salty Dog, Fun Girl, NN, Des, MPO, Floyd, Gordon, Jelsik, Ernest T., Gator, Jennie, Newton, PBJ,
and anyone I've missed. Even when I miss a day here, you all are with me in my mind and in my prayers. God's blessings on you all, ~Clara~

October 12, 2002 - Msg 9557: I just looked at the pictures. What part did maggie peterson play in TAGS? I don't remeber her.
Don't forget to pray for our country. This thing about going into Iraq is making me pretty nervous. Some of you probably know alot more about it than me so if you have any encouraging opinions, I would sure like to hear them!---Boo

October 12, 2002 - Msg 9558: Boo, while I don't want to turn the post into a political bandstand, I'll tell you what I know. Sadam Hussein is known to be a cruel and ruthless dictator who has done incredibly heinous things to his own citizens (including torturing children in front of thier parents) in order to protect his regime. Iraqui freedom fighters have never had the support to fight this madman til now. That alone is enough for me to want to see this man ousted and if possible punished for his crimes against these people and for being a major financial supporter of terrorists groups especially the Palestinians. Hussein also is known to be gathering materials capable of bombing us on our soil and even worse, biochemicals that would kill us slowly. I believe the President is right when he says we must stop the source of terrorism because if we don't we will never know peace.. we will know fear day in and day out. I know it will cost us.... but, how many more lives of even our own children will it cost us if we just wait? Ever since the first hijackings and the Olympic bombing in the seventies it has only escalated. Keep in mind that the President only wants to oust Hussein; he is going to take the same effort to protect the innocent Iraqui people.
I think the WWII generation must have felt this same uneasiness going to another continent to fight for the freedom of those they did not know. Think of them for your inspiration when you begin thinking of what is going to happen. What would the world be now if they hadn't had the courage and conviction to do what they did? God bless them for their courage and sacrifices. ~Clara~ on a more serious note

October 12, 2002 - Msg 9559: Boo, Maggie Peterson was Charleen Darling on TAGS.
- Hazel

October 12, 2002 - Msg 9560: What I want to know: If the news media keeps saying that they are looking for a white van with a ladder on top, don't they think that the sniper will just take the ladder off the top?

Sorry, I just had to ask the obvious.

Prayers for all - Hope Pat is better, Lightening is better, and Tom finds some peace - and hope I have not forgot anyone?
Possum, Storm was no big deal when it got here, just much needed rain and not enough of that!
Peace to the porch!


October 12, 2002 - Msg 9561: Thank you, Clara. You really encouraged me (again). You are the cats! I was thinking today that we have had it so good in this country for so long (before 9/11) that maybe it's time for us to make some great sacrifices in the name of what is right. If we are the tool God uses to bring about His will, He will be with us. I wanted to share a video that will inspire you today. Take the time to watch it and spend some time reflecting on our nation and our god. You can find the video at http://www.dayspring.com/movies/webmovies/america.html It is worth viewing. Love to all--Boo

Oh, and thanks Hazel. I never would have guessed she was Charlene from the photos.

October 12, 2002 - Msg 9562: One more thing; Asa, Asa, Asa! Too bad you aren't down here with me. I think it got up to 90 degrees!---Old Man Winter doesn't stop here anymore.---Boo

October 12, 2002 - Msg 9563: evenin Porch! Sgt Jason & his little girl is up visiting his daddy. I want to thank you all for praying for the Mne & Women in the militaries, they need us to hold them up in prayer, they indeed are my HERO'S ~ yes Clara Thank God for their conictios and I.m very proud of my sons, and I have to remember like my little Sgt. says ~ Mom I'm proud to fight for God and my Country, I am glad he feels that way, but I'm a Mama he is my baby boy, but I know God has him in the palm of His Hand, I do know that. I just want to thank you all for praying for our service Mne & Women., Oh I've got to get back to work, He is expecting liver and onions when he gets back, first thing he said was Mom I've been wanting your liver and onions for a long time and tomorrow we as a Family are going to have our Thanksgiving dinner just incase he may be over seas come the Holidays we are going to have just a small gathering of about 30 people. Oh yes My dear Friend Bev, passed awya yesterday, she is up there with her husband now, he went on 6 months ago. remember her Family in your prayes. Thank you & God Bless you all. Ellen Brown .. oh yes Lightning is feeling better , I pureed him some chicken , , then he wanted rice and eggs and now he is eating ice cream .. LOL .. Happy glad the storm wasn't bad. I'm through now... LOL

October 12, 2002 - Msg 9564: Hey to the porch -

Hmmm, Boo, if you're talking about the pictures I linked to from here ... They may not be REAL good ones but Maggie is in two of them - blonde, wearing a red dress. It might be hard to tell in those pictures but when you see her there is no DOUBT she's Charlene Darling Wash. Those eyes and that smile are still the same as they were nearly 40 years ago.

Milton P. Oliver
"There's my darling person."

October 12, 2002 - Msg 9565: Evening Porch, Pat came out of surgery just fine this afternoon, he is still sedated & in ALOT of pain his mother tells me,& also still on the ventilator, they hope to get him off of it tomorrow. Jake slept great last night for the first time since this all happened & spent the day with his cousin 'cruising' around town. I am planning to make a trip back to DC on the 25th so he can visit with his father & go to the homecoming dance with his friends. Thanks for all the prayers & concern, you people are the cats!
Emma email me, I can't find your address.

October 13, 2002 - Msg 9566: Mornin' Y'all! Hmmm... nobody on the porch yet.Guess I'll start the coffee.
Happy,think we were lucky with that TS Kyle. I know it messed up Georgetown,but with Hurricane season coming to an end,if that's all we get we sure have been blessed.
Mavis,my prayers continue & you be very careful when you head back to the DC area.Let's pray that the sniper(s) will be caught and brought to justice ASAP.
Have a wonderful Sunday!
possum under a rock

October 13, 2002 - Msg 9567: Good Sabbeth Porch, Prayers for all, it is really cold here today, yesterday was so beautiful and today we are freezing LOL. Thats Southren Illinois for ya. good morning possum under a rock. Ellen Brown..

October 13, 2002 - Msg 9568: Hey to the Porch.
Milton, those were great pictures!
Maggie always takes a good picture, me I never do...


"ninkamus, binkamus, nodumus, rex,
my Cards aren't afraid of Barry's pecs..." **

**don't hold the book on me on this one, I know it's not verbatim...

October 13, 2002 - Msg 9569: Whaaaat?? I don't get it.
I wish I was freezing, Ellen Brown! --Boo

October 13, 2002 - Msg 9570: Hello all! Have a Mayberry day.

Briscoe Darling Jr.

October 13, 2002 - Msg 9571: Good Morning Porch! Thanks for the update, Mavis, sounds like Pat is a little bit better anyway. Good coffee, Possum. Everybody have a great day. Anybody wanna run down with me to the drugstore and get some ice cream for later?
- Hazel

October 13, 2002 - Msg 9572: Jelsik I don't know if that incant will work, but it sure was worth a try, got one for my Redskins? Pat is still the same today, Jake is alot better, thank goodness, my nerves are shot! Rainy here today & a little chilly, but we ain't freezin yet, calling for it next week tho. Dadgum it!

October 13, 2002 - Msg 9573: Hey to the porch...well..it happened...woke up this mornin to 30F temps....I've lived in Chicago for 5 years now...every year I hope it wont come...every year it does...wonder what causes that?
Have a good day!

October 13, 2002 - Msg 9574: Well, Goober, everyone talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it. (Calvin Coolidge said that.)
- Hazel

October 13, 2002 - Msg 9575: Hey to the porch -
We're off to Mayberry~ We're taking a long scenic route and will be there Tuesday. We'll be back here next Sunday evening after spending the Friday and Saturday in Nashville. Y'all act like somebody.
Go Cardinals (and Angels).

Milton P. Oliver
"He's making for Canada!"

October 13, 2002 - Msg 9576: Ya'll stop complainin' about cold weather. I'm still sweatin' my makeup off every time I get in the car to go somewhere! We were supposed to get a cool front here today but I guess it fizzled out a gain because I'm still running my air-conditioner. It's supposed to be cool in October and I would like nothing better than to be so cold my appendages get frostbit!--Boo

October 13, 2002 - Msg 9577: Good Sabbath Morning, Friends! Hope everyone is having a joyful day with loved ones. Sure is nice to hear about your being able to do just that, Ellen. Your Jason sounds like an exceptional young man and I thank God (and Jason and you for raising him that way) for young men like him. They are the reason I KNOW we will be safe and remain free... what a gift that we can never repay although I will never stop harrassing my representatives to compensate them amply! Tell Jason for me how much I admire, respect, and thank him, please, and that I will always pray that God keeps Him in His loving and protective arms. You are a courageous and loving mother, Ellen. God bless you both.
Boo, that video is just beautiful! Lots of other countries are just as beautiful... but, what is inspirational is in this beautiful country we also have people like Jason who are willing to protect our God-given freedoms. Alot of Europeans as well as slackers right here in our own country demand these freedoms but, these days most of them just want the benefits of our country's courage while they refuse to contribute. Worse yet are the ones who protest!... Reminds of Chicken Little who no one would help bake her cake but when she was done, the whole barnyard wanted a share! Okay, done with my soapbox... I'll pass it on to the next person. :] I'm just so proud of our brave men and women and tired of these protesters who do absolutely nothing and want it all... just color me red, white and blue! :)
Thanks for the encouraging news, Mavis... prayers continue for Pat and all who need them. And yes, please, please, be careful there in DC. I'm joining you, Possum, in praying that the DC sniper is stopped. Let's pray also for the police who must be getting awfully discouraged especially when there is yet another victim. Lord have mercy on all those people.... last year 9/11 and now this! Happy, let's hope he is just too arrogant and leaves that ladder on the van! God sees to it that an evil person's own doing will eventually come back on him. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord! (the sooner the better I'm hoping!)
Hazel, icecream sounds just yummy... but, why do you have to 'run' down to the drugstore? It's just like the reverend said..... :}
Oh, and Hazel... Calvin Coolidge didn't say everything! :P
Hey to the rest of the Porch: Briscoe, Frankie, Sterling, Mrs. Wiley, Helen, Mary, Homemaker, Charlotte, Romeena, Asa, Salty Dog, Fun Girl, NN, Des, MPO, Floyd, Gordon, Jelsik, Ernest T., Gator, Jennie, Newton, PBJ, Goober, and anyone who hasn't come vistin the porch for a while....
"Don't be such a stranger." God's blessings on you all, ~Clara~

October 13, 2002 - Msg 9578: Annnd....I can't even put a pumpkin on the porch because it will rot in this heat. You just don't know what it's like to have six months of oppresive heat without a single break. With the high humidity here, the heat index has been over 100degrees for months. Okay, I've done my complainin' and any of you are free to do yours now (even if it is to comlain about cold weather).---Boo

October 13, 2002 - Msg 9579: Oh, and Goober and Mavis, would you do something for me and just go outside without your jacket or sweater and put your arms up in the air, close your eyes, and tape a big whif of cool, fresh air. It would make me feel better if you did.--Boo

October 13, 2002 - Msg 9580: that's take, not tape. Thanks---Boo

October 13, 2002 - Msg 9581: Boo,I feel your pain! Here in SC,we've had summer temps since early May! My AC is gonna be running right into November,I'm afraid! They are promising us a cold front too-think they say it just to get us all worked up for nothing! Maybe next summer you and me should head off to Alaska or something! Maybe Goober,Mavis,Asa,and all the Porchsters that are in cool climates could fan some of that coolness down to us. Y'all all go outside and wave your arms in the direction of Texas and South Carolina!
Everybody have a good Sunday evening!
possum under an air conditioned rock

October 13, 2002 - Msg 9582: Well, I haven't stopped by for a looooong time, so wanted to say "hi" to everybody. I've been so darned rushed...don't know what I was thankin'. WHAT'S your hurry? Everybody take care.----Bulbsnatcher

October 13, 2002 - Msg 9583: Good afternoon porch!
Possum and Boo, my neighbors don't have a clue why I am standing here facing south, waving my arms ferociously! I even got out a big old blanket so I could catch more of these cool autumn breezes and send em your way. Are you feeling em yet?
Milton, I hope you have a great trip. I have never made it to Mayberry, (although it's my home town), but I sure would like to make it there some day. Say hi to all the Mayberrites for me!
Jelsik, I loved your incant, can someone PLEASE get one for the Lions!!
Hazel, count me in on that ice cream, chocolate or chocolate chip are fine with me, (just don't ruin it with mint!)
Clara, I share your sentiments about our brave servicemen and women, Thank you God for them and keep them ever in Your care! And I have every confidence they will catch that sniper. I wanted to put some adjectives in front of the word sniper but I figured the censor would get me for sure. That person is so arrogant it is only a matter of time until the authorities catch up with them.

Well, I think I'll just set here a spell and enjoy the cool autumn breezes. I can look out and see my apple tree, the apples are all gone already but it sure is pretty! I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree! Wonder what causes that?
Have a great Sunday evening,
Mary Wiggins

October 13, 2002 - Msg 9584: Hey to Bulbsnatcher, you were posting at the same time I was. I just loved that episode with Barney! (Actually I loved every episode with Barney. I loved em without Barney too. But I REALLY loved em with Barney. That guy is a phenomenal actor!)
Mary Wiggins

October 13, 2002 - Msg 9585: boogidy, boogidy, boogidy, boo - I am scary and I am to!;p

October 13, 2002 - Msg 9586: Goodness, my heart is pounding!.... Don't creep up on me like that! Now, who is that? That "9585" is too good a mask.... who's under there?.... No candy if you don't tell! :}
~Clara~ paler than usual! (and I'm never pale!)

October 13, 2002 - Msg 9587: Well, now that I've gotten my breath back, I just wanted to thank you all for every prayer you have said for my family and just to let you know how well everyone has been doing. So, far the lump hasn't reappeared for my daughter although she will still be seeing the doctor. I also wanted to let you know that she is doing so well working and going to school and making so much better day to day life choices. I feel so very blessed when I think of how different things are now than even a few months ago... (think it has anything to do with all the praying on this porch? :)) Also, my granddaughter has improved greatly and cries a lot less although she is still a little snip of a thing at three months weighing only about 10 1/2 pounds! She is not a good eater at all. But, thank the Lord nothing seems to be wrong with her... just a sensitive type, not like my grandsons at all. I'm sure as time goes on she'll adjust to the world but, she's probably going to be the future 'haute couture' model! Just thought I'd share this update with you on the Sabbath as it is a day to give thanks and that includes thanking the people God gave us.... like you all! You all are in my prayers too.. you are a great Porch. Love Ya, ~Clara!

October 13, 2002 - Msg 9588: Evening Porch! Boo you can have all my chilly cold weather you want, I much prefer warm weather. I don't get it as bad as some do tho, of that I can be thankful, VA is not known for really cold stuff, but it can get some once in a while. Bulbsnatcher it has been a long time, & you jut rush thru here like that? Shame! News on Pat is still the same today, no better, but no worse. I will be careful as can be going up there when we go, trust me, I lived there for 26 years, but I ain't forgot how dangerous that area is. Even without the sniper.

October 13, 2002 - Msg 9589: make that JUST not jut, where is the spellchecker on this thing?

October 13, 2002 - Msg 9590: Clara, I just got to say, you are a treasure. I'm so glad things are going well for you. Mavis, just remember: I before E, except after C, or is it E before I... (I always forget that rule).

October 13, 2002 - Msg 9591: It's I before E except in 'chicken', Hazel... ;D

October 13, 2002 - Msg 9592: We love you , too Clara! My dear Mary Wiggins, your fannin' worked because it is about 60 degrees here right now. Feels like heaven! I'm about to go and take a stroll outside with my sister. Have a terrific evening all!--Love, Boo

October 13, 2002 - Msg 9593: I am the MASTER of the star Bigeebar^^^^^ Welcome to my plantet^^^^^^^^

October 13, 2002 - Msg 9594: That's wonderful, Boo! I can't imagine how you can stand it so hot for so long. You poor thing. It gets right hot here in the Central Valley but, only during heat waves that last a few days then goes back into the 90's. And it only happens maybe half a dozen times. (I'd fan you some more cool air, but we're still on the tailend of our Indian Summer here though it's almost over) So, I'm happy for ya, Boo. We don't want no melted Boo... a Boo has just gotta be in good shape for Halloween after all! So, let's go get some of that good icecream from Hazel and just sit a spell enjoying this nice weather now. At least now your icecream won't melt faster 'n you can eat it! What flavor was left over at the drugstore, Hazel? On the weekends, they always run out and all that's left is black licorice... yuck! Hope you went early and got somethin gu-u-u-ud!
I'll see you all in the morning. What's for breakfast my good cookin Possum? You all have a good night and sweet dreams, my dear Porchsters. God bless and keep you all. ~Clara~

October 13, 2002 - Msg 9595: ^^^^/tgea uwk the wax myrtle is blooming in the sea of poppies^^^^^^^

October 13, 2002 - Msg 9596: Oh, my! Where am I? Bigeebar? I thought this was Mayberry! I'm not in and I'm not out! I'm in the Twilight zone! Wait.... I'll handle this... this is detective work. The way I see it is.... 9594, are you maybe 9585? Now let's see... beady eyes, slack jaw... yeah, I know a muddy elephant in the snow when I see one! ~Clara~

October 14, 2002 - Msg 9597: Clara, have you been nippin' at the cider?

October 14, 2002 - Msg 9598: Clara, keep an eye out... there's no telling when another beast might come out of the forest.
- Hazel

October 14, 2002 - Msg 9599: good night porch sleep well. Prayers for all. Jay and Ana go home tomorrow, Ellen B.

October 14, 2002 - Msg 9600: Night porch, hope everyone is doing well tonight. Mavis, be careful now. Tom you are still in my thoughts and prayers as well. Im off to hit the ironing board now, got tomorrow off so if yall wanna come by my house fer lunch you are more than welcome. Just somebody please keep an eye on Asa this time. Night--Salty Dog

October 14, 2002 - Msg 9601: Prayers for Tom and comfort for him in his time of grief. Prayers for the porch.

I'm not feeling well and so I will say good-night dear friends.

fun girl

October 14, 2002 - Msg 9602: Morning one and all...Grits, MEAT, toast, eggs... and coffe's simmering

~ Mrs. Wiley
Barney: "Virgil, Virgil, Virgil."

October 14, 2002 - Msg 9603: I am ZAR^^^^^Master of Bigeebar^^^9999my grits are great warriors^^^^^^^%%%%

October 14, 2002 - Msg 9604: Mornin' Y'all! I'm trying real hard to ignore the post above mine-what in the world? Think somebody took a wrong turn and landed in Mayberry!
Thanks for fannin' the coolness down ,Mary! It is a might breezy out there this morning.
No school/work today-Happy Columbus Day!
Have a good one-see y'all at Salty's for lunch!
possum under a rock

October 14, 2002 - Msg 9605: Mr. McBeevey here! Anyone see Opie and my new shiny hatchet? I was supposed to trade it to Otis for some XXX Moonshine from Ms, Mendelbrite's still.

October 14, 2002 - Msg 9606: mornin porch, I'm kinda slow getting around this morning, it is down right cold here, I'm not looking forward when winter really sets in, I use to live up north and we got COLD .. Now I'm spoiled by the last few winters down here they were nice. burr .. Happy Birthday to all having one today and Happy Anniversary to all having one as will. Thanks Mrs. Wiley for breakfast, I need a cup of hot tea baddly. LOL.. hi possum, fungirl, salty, It seems when I said good night last night it showed up on todays post?? It is 8:21am here right now on the 14th. y'all must be a few hrs. ahead of us. My lil Sgt went home today and Asa will be back home with her mom today also, I have a funeral to attend, one of my dearest friends passed away over the week end, I'll miss her something awful, she was a wonderful person. But I'll see her again some day when I go home to be with the Lord and we'll walk all over Heaven together and she wont run out of breath or need oxygen tubes in her nose, why we'll even be able to run and play, tag, we all loved to play tag. LOL .. God bless y'all and havea great Sonshined filled day.. Ellen Brown

October 14, 2002 - Msg 9607: hello Mr McBeevey, seems we we're posting at the same time. do you still blow smoke from was it your ears? LOL Ellen B

October 14, 2002 - Msg 9608: Good morning, all! Fun Girl, I'm sorry you're feeling poorly. Hope it's nothing serious, and you'll be back to normal soon. Mr. McBeevey! It's good to see you. Don't be such a stranger.
Tom, we miss you. Please drop in and let us know how you're doing. We're still praying for you, in the loss of your mom. We know you're going to miss her terribly, but the wonderful news is that you will see her again. She'll be strong and healthy, and so will you. Isn't that marvelous to think about?
I spent the day yesterday with my son and his wife, the parents of little Logan. They're doing well, still have the occasional meltdown, but that's okay. I have a few myself, but God is good, and we're all doing better.
My dad is getting worse with his Alzheimer's. Starting to fall down some now, and doesn't know why. Speech and memory are worse, and he is just praying for God to "come and get me". I know that's what he wants, and I can't blame him, so I just join him in that prayer. It's not like we don't know where he's going, after all! As he put it in a clear moment - "Why would I want to stay here like this, when I can go to Heaven and be with my wife and with the Lord?" Good point.
Hey, it's 52 degrees here in North Texas, and does it ever feel good. Had six squirrels in my back yard yesterday morning, and they were really full of energy. Tails all fuzzed up, chasing each other up one tree and down another, then had a little squirrelly hoedown out in the middle of the yard. So cute! I love the pesky little critters. Boo, when that cool weather hit here Saturday evening, I stood out in my backyard with a big fan on an extension cord and tried to blow it on down your way. Guess it got there, because you said you're cool, too. Enjoy!
Well, gotta go. Have a great Mayberry day, friends, and Sugarplum says hey!

October 14, 2002 - Msg 9609: Thanks, Romeena, that cool air sure feels good this morning. My kids are actually wearing long sleeves and socks! I, myself, will wear shorts and sandals as usual.
I am so sorry to hear about the difficulties your father is having. I am dealing with parents that are going through tough times, too. Mom had a stroke and Dad is losing his ability to think right and I'm afraid he might be becoming senile, I think the worst part is that he isn't a Christian and flat out denies Jesus as Lord. My sister and I have been praying for twenty years and nothing yet. We have not given up hope, though.
I would like to pray for your dad. Dear Lord, thank you for sending Jesus for us so that we can spend forever in your house with you. I want to ask a special blessing on Romeena's father at this time. You see his suffering and you know best. Protect him and bring him home at the perfect time and may his passing on be gentle and peaceful, Lord. We know you walk with him every step of the way. Bless his family with peace. In Jesus name, Amen----Boo

October 14, 2002 - Msg 9610: Hello all! Kinda cool on my side of the porch this mornin'. My tired old bones sound like a bowl of Rice Krispies...Crack! Snapple! Pop! prayes for all.

Briscoe Darling Jr.
Hey ta':
Fun Girl (get better hon)
MPO(I'm going with the Cardinals and Angels too.)
Ellen Brown
Mrs. Wiley
An' everyone!

October 14, 2002 - Msg 9611: Good morning ya'll - this weekend was spent cutting wood. It is that time of year. It was a might nippy in Indiana this morning.

Glad to see that Asa is still up to no account good. Wish I could post more often. . .but alas. . .the computer at home is still on the blink and I only have a few minutes to spare here at school.

I'll let you know that I think of Mayberry often. I wish I could be like Aunt Bea - I need to win me some kitchen appliances bad. Everything we have seems like it going on the blink. Fridge comes before computer!


October 14, 2002 - Msg 9612: # 9603. You aint from around here, are you? I think you're from... somewheres else!

- Hazel

October 14, 2002 - Msg 9613: Good morning porch,
I wondered how long I have to stand here fanning my cool, (cold), autumn air done there to you Texans and South Carolinans? Just let me know when to quit cause my arms are getting a little tired!

Asa, where you been? You only stop in briefly here and there lately. What has got you so busy?

Ellen Brown, I sure was sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. But you are right about here not needing oxygen and all that. She is in a much better place. It is just hard when you have to miss them all.

Romeena it is nice to hear from you, too. I am glad things are going okay for your son and his wife. I am sure God has good things planned for them. He loves us all so much and never wants to see any of us suffer just like we don't ever want to see our own children suffer.

Boo, my mom and dad are both with the Lord now and both of them accepted Jesus within weeks of their passing. So be encouraged about your dad, commit the situation to God and let Him worry about it. (And He never worries cause He has it all under control!)

Mrs. Wiley, thanks for the delicious breakfast, do you think it would be rude if I took seconds? This cool weather always makes me hungrier which is not a good thing!

Every one have a great day!

Mary Wiggins

October 14, 2002 - Msg 9614: Afternoon Porch. Beautiful fall day here in Utah. Son is shining, air is crisp, around 60 degrees, trees are turning all kinds of colors. Just delightful.
Hey Mary, I'm sorry about not being here so much. Very busy time of the year for me, trying to get a few jobs wrapped up before the snow fly's. And I am taking a training class that ends next week that has kept me trying to study. WHEW!!! I don't study so good no more.
It has been a rough few weeks here on the porch, what with Romeena's loss, and Tom's loss, and Mavis' situation. One nice thing though is how well all come together to pull and pray for each other. This place is so wonderful and it is because of all you wonderful people. (sniff, honk, sob) Getting a little emotional. Sorry.
Anyway I will try to do better at posting more regular like. Y'all are just wonderfu.


October 14, 2002 - Msg 9615: L

October 14, 2002 - Msg 9616: There I go, dropping my L's. Happens everytime I get emotional.


October 14, 2002 - Msg 9617: Well, don't get all over emotional about it, Asa. I mean it, if you start crying, I'm a goner.
- Hazel

October 14, 2002 - Msg 9618: Aw, Come on now, you know what yer cryin about?? A bed with a lid on it!!
I always loved that one!

October 14, 2002 - Msg 9619: Hello porch just got off work, been a busy day funsral, then right to work. Some places say if it's not family it don't count,, ( Whats that all about, ) some friends are as close as family. Remember Bev's family in your prayers, just 6 months ago they lost their Dad and now their Mom. :( Ellen Brown

October 14, 2002 - Msg 9620: Hazel, you have one magnificent sense of humor. Thanks for making me laugh.--Oh, and good to hear from you, Asa, you're somethin' special, too.---Boo

October 14, 2002 - Msg 9621:

Ellen Brown

October 14, 2002 - Msg 9622: I think that MSSG. # 9003 meant to get onto the Star Trek or E.T. web pages...try those mister. I think maybe they speak your language.

fun girl

October 14, 2002 - Msg 9623: OOPs that was supposed to be 9603.

October 14, 2002 - Msg 9624: Hey Porch, gettin here a bit late today so I doubt if I'll be back this evening too. I know you all have been doing a whole lot of praying lately, but could you squeeze a little one in for me. Nothing real serious... no health problems but, personal type problems; the type that just seem to keep cropping up when you think you got em licked, know what I mean? Well, when that happens they get to weighin mighty heavy on the spirit, so I could use some of your good prayers if you all would be so kind. I know I'm gonna feel better just thinking about it.... Thank you all and bless your hearts for being here as always. My prayers to all who are still in need of them. I'll do my very best to get my spirits back up and be back tomorrow. God bless all you good people. ~Clara~

October 14, 2002 - Msg 9625: Hey to the Porch.

Bigeebar, you think they'll ever go back and put men on the moon?
boy, you already there....


October 14, 2002 - Msg 9626: Hazel and Jelsik - you both ALWAYS make me laugh out loud! Prayers for everyone and your special intention Clara - persevere. We are tried in the fires like gold, even fine gold.

you know who

October 14, 2002 - Msg 9627: This hear is a trouble check! Everyone OK?


October 14, 2002 - Msg 9628: Good Night dear Friends on the porch..Prayers for all.. Ms Ellen Brown

October 14, 2002 - Msg 9629: ^^^^I am Zar Master of Bigeebar^^^our planet is in need of liquid^^^^do you have clear liquids^^^
Poppies ^^^ Poppies ^^^ need liquids%%%

October 14, 2002 - Msg 9630: Hi Zar, welcome to Mayberry! I like to garden too. You can probably use the hose on the north side of Aunt Bea's kitchen door out back - Get your grits to bring the buckets!


October 14, 2002 - Msg 9631: Ok I thought I came to Mayberry, but I see I managed to make it to somewheres else. Maybe the big city of Raliegh? They have some characters there ya know, they don't go to bed till almost 11:00!

October 14, 2002 - Msg 9632: Bigeebar, would you like a sip of water? (You fellas actually drink that stuff?)
- Hazel

October 15, 2002 - Msg 9633: prayers to you right now, Dear Clara. You keep your spirits up. The Lord has perfect timing and He won't fail you.
Goodnight, friends--Love, Boo

October 15, 2002 - Msg 9634: Morning Porch - Have a Mayberry Day! Asa, checkpoint chickie is up and tracking...we'll see what we catch.

~ Mrs. Wiley
"Everything is OK in Mayberry."

October 15, 2002 - Msg 9635: Morning Porchters. Good deal Mrs. Wiley.
Hey Clara, keep them spirits up. You are in my prayers. Hope what ever that is bothering you will cease to do so.
See we had another shooting last night. What a horrible thing. I hope they are caught soon.
Hope all is well for you Mavis and Tom. You are still in my prayers.


October 15, 2002 - Msg 9636: Good Morning porch, still alittle sick from getting my tooth pulled last night, I am such a whimp when it comes to teeth. LOL. Hello Mrs Wiley and Asa, prayers for Clara and Mavis and Tom and all who need them. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to all having them. It is a little chilli on my end of the porch this morning at 8:15 am . I'm going into work a few hrs later just not up to par yet. Y'all have a blessed day and may God's Sonshine on your lifes today .. Ellen Brown

October 15, 2002 - Msg 9637: Good Tuesday Morning, Porch! I don't know what it is about this porch but, I think there's some direct line to Heaven alright. I'm feeling lots better and the 'talk' with my family seems to have gone well... not out of the woods quite yet, but it looks good from here. Sorry to have even brought this little thing on the porch (actually it's not that little but in comparison to the big stuff we pray for it is) but I know I can count on you all..... such a wonderful bunch, that's exactly what you are! CHK, thanks for reminding me that we are "We are tried in the fires like gold". I sometimes forget the very thing I tell my own kids: Life is not meant to be easy; it's meant to be good. I forget this much too often and start thinking my life is not good whenever it gets too 'hard'. But, that's only the "fire" afterall... I will persevere. Thanks. And thanks, Boo, Asa, Ellen (hope you feel better soon -having a tooth pulled is no fun), and everyone for your prayers. It means the world to me to have this porch to come to. My hubby tells me to give you his thanks, too.
Another thing that is great on this porch is how we can always come here and laugh.... good Mayberrian laughter... I love it! Just cause you all are so special, I brought fresh baked homemade cinnamon rolls and hot coffee. Brought some of those flavored creamers too - vanilla, Irish cream, mocha... take your pick. Enjoy... sit a spell on the porch and take a nice morning break.... you deserve it!
Hey to the rest of the Porch: Possum, Mrs. Wiley, Mavis, Happy, Helen, Mary, Frankie, Briscoe, Homemaker, Hazel, Charlotte, Romeena, Sterling, Salty Dog, Fun Girl, NN, Des, MPO, Floyd, Gordon, Jelsik, Ernest T., Gator, Jennie, Newton, PBJ, Mr. McBeevey, and anyone I've missed. God's blessings on you all and continuing prayers for those who need them, ~Clara~

October 15, 2002 - Msg 9638: ^^^^^do not hurt my monkey^^^^^poppies^^^^

October 15, 2002 - Msg 9639: We wouldn't DREAM of huring your monkey! Nice of you to drop in again Mr. Bigeebar. We're such friendly people here, we'd like to invite you to enjoy some of Clara's hot coffee and cinnamon rolls. It's amazing how a good breakfast can clear the mind!

As for the rest of you Mayberrians, I just thought I'd drop in and wish you all a great day. Today is my little boy's 5th birthday and our family tradition is to let the birthday person pick the dinner of their choice. So, for dinner tonight we are having steak, mashed potatoes and rice! How does that sound? And of course a birthday wouldn't be complete without cake and ice cream! Well, better go visit with the little critter! He looks a lot like Opie! (Only with blond hair!)

Have a great day!
Mary Wiggins

October 15, 2002 - Msg 9640: Boo....I went out in the yard...jsut like you told me...raised my arms to the cool breeze...just like you told me....didn't have anyplace to put the tape...so I stuck it over my mouth (didn't plan to talk to anyone)...took a deep deep breath...just like you told me...and dernt' near chocked to death on the tape....
Wonder what causes that...happy fall, y'all!

October 15, 2002 - Msg 9641: Hi, folks! Beautiful day here in north Texas. Clear, sunny, cool, breezy, fuzzy-tailed squirrels running all over the place, birds taking advantage of the fact that the always-filled birdbath is now getting a bit of sun to warm the water. It's shaded in the summer, and gets sun when the leaves begin to drop and the sun gets lower in the southern sky. Perfect location, and the birds come from everywhere. Sometimes too many to count, just pushing each other around, trying to get in the water. It's pretty funny to watch. Then a high-spirited squirrel will dash in and scatter them all, so he can sit on the edge and get a leisurely drink.
Prayers all around, friends! Once again, I thank you for the prayers for me and mine, and want you to know that we're doing well. Tom, let us hear from you, dear friend. Are you okay?
Well, gotta hit the ironing board for a couple of hours - have to work tonight, so need a nap beforehand. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 15, 2002 - Msg 9642: Afternoon, Porch. I've been reading through the comments and all of you sound like "O.K." people. I haven't been to Mayberry yet but do plan to someday. No excuse, though, since it's right here in N.C.! God Bless all of you. Andy Fan

October 15, 2002 - Msg 9643: See that my old pal Andy Fran has left you a message,The front prrch sounds like a place to pull up a chair and sit awhile,watch the cars go by and have a cold drank and moon pie.See ya all later and yes, I do plan on going to Mayberry so as I can,Andy Mae

October 15, 2002 - Msg 9644: I'm humming the theme to The Twilight Zone in my head right now- "do do do do, do do do do" after reading some of those posts. Well, it is the halloween season after all, you have to expect weird stuff like that.
I'm impressed, Mary Wiggins, your boy had a choice of dinners and he chose steak,potatoes, and rice instead of Mcdonald's? You're doing something to bring that boy up right! I'm not big on steak, but I'd make it Spam, potatoes, and rice for sure.
Mavis, I'm still hoping that things will continue to go good for you and your family. Clara, sometimes things can seem overwhelming and can get you down, but that's the time you have to just fight it and don't give in to the despair. Think of the good things in your life and you'll be able to weather the problems better. Know that the problems WILL get better, and that everyone has them, because we do.
Kind of like that guy from Bigeebar. He has a big problem; he needs liquid:)
And Ellen, I know what you mean, I don't like dentists myself. Well, I don't have anything against dentists themselves, just what they do(to me).
Oh, Boo, we have 40 degree weather up here. I'd send some down to you, but I can't find the tape.
I hope you all have a good rest of the day. And week.
-Sterling Holobyte

October 15, 2002 - Msg 9645: Afternoon Y'all! Monkeys? Poppies? Me thinks somebody is lost and needs directions to a Wizard of Oz website! Now click your heels 3 times and repeat: "There's no place like home,there's no place like home..." Hopefully you'll get back there!
Weather is much cooler-actually had a fire going in the fireplace (yes,I have a fireplace built in to my rock) this morning! Thanks to all who "fanned" that cool weather down South.
Clara,glad you're in better spirits.Think we all get like that every once in awhile.Hang in there,hon.
Happy Birthday to little Wiggins!
Prayers for all the folks in the DC area.These senseless killings are beyond reason.May the sniper(s) be apprehended SOON.
God Bless everyone & have a good evening.
possum under a rock

October 15, 2002 - Msg 9646: Is anyone here? Pray all is well, for all. Ellen B.

October 15, 2002 - Msg 9647: I'm here, Ellen. I hope you're feeling better. Hang in there.
- Hazel

Barney: Oh, Hi Otis. Say, I just saw your mother-in-law coming out of the dentist!

October 15, 2002 - Msg 9648: Prayers for you too, Ellen B! How's that tooth?

October 16, 2002 - Msg 9649: Hey there! 11:30 p.m. I do declare I must be the latest poster! It's me Charlotte. Been busy. Son had a birthday. Also been sort of on the verge of depression. I get that sometimes. A few times pretty bad, so hope it don't go there. Glad to hear that Pat is improving. Prayers that they'll get that sniper in D.C. That is very very scary. Glad to see so many here. Will try to check in again tomorrow.
Charlotte Tucker

October 16, 2002 - Msg 9650: Charlotte, sorry to hear you are feeling down. Is it a feeling of depression or an anxiety over something? I used to get really depressed when I was worried about something. It's an actual chemical reaction that takes place in the brain when we worry. The doctors say that daily exercise really helps sometime, just taking a walk or something. Ihope you feel better and remember we are here and ready to listen if it helps. Don't hold it in. Prayers to you tonight. Goodnight to all---Love, Boo

October 16, 2002 - Msg 9651: Morning porch, sorry it's been a while had the flu since Sunday and gotta go back to work today. Hope everyone is doing well. Prayers for everyone. Now where has our head coach Asa went off to? See yall later--Salty Dog