October 20, 2002 - Msg 9737: Oooooooh, Possum! I do love those elephant ears. Save me part of one - my diabetes gets upset if I eat a whole one, but I could eat three if it wasn't for that. They go by the name of "funnel cakes" around here, but some folks call 'em elephant ears, so I know what they are.
There's a variation of them that the Hispanic community makes, and they're delish! Just delish! They're called "bunuelos" - pronounced "boon-way-lows". The batter is similar, but instead of being drizzled into the hot oil, a filigree iron, something like a big branding iron, is dipped into a shallow pan of the batter, until the batter covers it just halfway. Then the iron is held in the hot oil until the batter starts to cook and just slips off the iron. When the bunuelo is nicely browned, it's dipped out and drained, and cinnamon sugar is shaken over it. MMMMmmmMMM! So good. Between funnel cakes or bunuelos, and ears of roasted corn, I could stay at a fair or flea market for days and never be hungry.
Mavis, now that I know what you like, you just pick a time and come have lunch with me. I can make some mean chicken and dumplin's myself, and my cornbread has never gone begging. I put real butter on my table, too. None of that fake stuff around here!
Well, off to bed. Have a lovely week, friends. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 20, 2002 - Msg 9738: Well! I didn't think I talked THAT much! --Romeena

October 20, 2002 - Msg 9739: Good night all at the porch, God bless have a peaceful sleep. Ellen Brown

October 20, 2002 - Msg 9740: Thanks, Clara, for the encouragement. Baby girl seemed alot better today and was very playful and my son, who is seven, didn't have a headache today. I'm not even sure if it was headaches he was having he said his head hurt but his sister hit him on the head with a fire iron the other day. Maybe it's just been sore. It's hard to say with him because he tends to overreact to pain! thanks for your prayers, and I did think about carbon monoxide, Romeena, thanks. We don't have the furnace lit and I think our carbon monoxide detector is working ok.
Today was good-church was excellant. one of my good friends' father was baptized today. He is in his sixties and just came to Christ after her persistant prayer. Isn't that wonderful? It gives me hope for my dad.
Well, it's bedtime and I'll be signing off. Thanks you for your prayers and God's love to all--Boo

October 20, 2002 - Msg 9741: By the way, you didn't talk that much, Romeena. I enjoyed your post...Boo

October 20, 2002 - Msg 9742: It's bedtime for me but thought I'd check in with ya'll. Thanks for the elephant ears, possum. Glad you had fun at the fair. Thanks for all the kind words, Clara, Romeena, Boo, and Ellen. Hey to Asa, Mavis, Jelsik, and Sterling Holobyte. My son, by the way just turned 12 on his birthday. We're starting to enter uncharted territory but he really acts pretty immature yet. It drives me crazy but maybe it's really a good thing! Somebody the other day was talking about their 12-year-old son. I forgot who it was but I can relate. Praise the Lord for Boo's friend's dad! I have a quick story for ya'll. Our car's transmission went on the fritz last week. We had purchased a service contract for $1200 when we bought the car that was to cover it up to 75,000 miles. Well, the car has 70,000 miles on it. But we found the contract and they towed it and we thought all was well. Then they called and said that we should have had transmission fluid changed at 30,000 miles so the contract was void. We didn't know this so we were not happy since the cost for repair was going to be $2,000. Seems like they can always find a loophole in those contracts. Anyway, then they told hubby that if he could bring them paperwork from someone saying we'd done that that they would cover it for free. In other words, lie. Hubby said no he would not do that, we'd just have to pay for it. Well, then I believe right won out. The man called back the next day and said they'd taken it apart, the part was faulty, and the factory would cover the cost. I just feel the Lord had a lot to do with this. What do you all think? Nonetheless we were very relieved. Good night, sleep tight, porch!
Charlotte Tucker

October 21, 2002 - Msg 9743: Hello Porch, Glad to hear that the factory will cover for the repair on your car Charlotte. The Lord does watch and take care of us. You have a good day. FRANKIE FLINT

October 21, 2002 - Msg 9744: How wonderful, charlotte. Your husband passed the test, didn't he?! My husband and I were tlking last night about how important integrity is in the life of a Christian. We have to be upright in every detail. Here is a story that proves the opposite: we have a Christian friend who was dishonest in certain business dealings and was caught. Well, a couple of months later, someone did the same thing to him and he lost alot of money over it. He found out it doesn't feel very good to be the one who gets cheated and that's the whole point, isn't it? Do unto others. "What goes around, comes around". I'm so glad God rewarded your faithfulness! Have a great day---Boo

October 21, 2002 - Msg 9745: Good morning porch, so glad to hear the good reports and yes God is good, Boo I loved your story am so glad to hear Charlotte's husband passed the test & her car was taken care of and Frankie so glad your home safe and sound from your trip. Charlotte, I have never heard that you should change T fluid every 30,000 miles,I'll have to check into that. Ellen B

October 21, 2002 - Msg 9746: Hello all! I voted today, and I told the lady, I was here to vote for Nixon. She looked at me like a deer starring into the headlights. No sense of humor, that woman. "How I vote brother, is my business." Lol! Prayers all!

Briscoe Darling Jr.
Hey ta':
Fun Girl
Mary Wiggins
An' everyone!
Ellen Brown

October 21, 2002 - Msg 9747: Good morning, friends. Charlotte, you may never know how far that witness spread that day, when your husband refused to lie to save money. Somebody was watching, you can be sure of that. On another subject, do you ever watch "Leave it to Beaver"? They had an episode on this morning about boys the age of your son, and the emotional turmoil they go through. Typical Beaver stuff, but a sweet story, and very appropriate to your situation with your son right now.
Frankie Flint, it's good to see you. Don't be a stranger.
Well, gotta run. Need to call my dad and see how he's doing this morning. Have a great Mayberry day, friends. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 21, 2002 - Msg 9748: Geez, it must be Monday. I didn't notice the typo.

Briscoe Darling Jr.

October 21, 2002 - Msg 9749: Briscoe I thought all deer 'starred' into headlights when you shine-did them on them? hehe better watch doing that tho, it will get you fined big time by the game warden! LOL

October 21, 2002 - Msg 9750: Did you know that satellites are orbiting the Moon?

October 21, 2002 - Msg 9751: yeah, but not while 2 old ladies feet fall asleep!

October 21, 2002 - Msg 9752: SHAKEDOWN!!!

- Hazel

October 21, 2002 - Msg 9753: Hazel - I've said it before and I'll say it again: You're a HOOT!

~ Mrs. Wiley

October 21, 2002 - Msg 9754: not when she's got sammiches in her mouth hiding in the bushes waiting to tell everyone that Asa is coming up the front steps! (I always loved watching Gomer's face trying to hoo-hoo with his mouth full!) LOL

October 21, 2002 - Msg 9755: To message 9751:I wonder what causes that!

October 21, 2002 - Msg 9756: Ya'll are a mess!

October 21, 2002 - Msg 9757: Good Night Porch, I'll leave you tonight with this poem that was read at GLO tonight.
The Pumpkin Prayer
As I carve my pumpkin help
me sat this prayer;

Open my mind so I can
learn about you
(cut the top of the pumpkin)

Take away all my sins and forgive
me for the wrong things I do.
(clean out the insides)

Open my eyes so your love I will see;
(cut eyes shaped like hearts)

I'm sorry for turning up my
nose to all you've given me.
(cut a nose in the shape of a cross)

Open my ears so your word
I will hear;
(cut ears shaped like the Bible)

Open my mouth so I can
tell others your near.
(cut the mouth in the shape of a fish)

Let your light shine in all
I say and do ! Amen.
(place a candle inside and light it)

Hope y'all enjoy this :) Ellen Brown

October 21, 2002 - Msg 9758: oops ! Let me say this prayer. ....oh EB

October 21, 2002 - Msg 9759: Night porch, gotta get up at 5 in the morning. Hope yall have a good evening. Take care and prayers for all the ones that need them. See yall after work--Salty Dog

October 22, 2002 - Msg 9760: Love the pumpkin prayer Ellen Brown. You all have a Mayberry Day! FRANKIE FLINT

October 22, 2002 - Msg 9761: Good Morning Porch. I'll keep the breakfast warm and the coffee simmering.

- Hazel

October 22, 2002 - Msg 9762: Good morning, everyone. It is raining and storming here right now so I am up when I would normally be asleep. I love a good storm! I received a quote from a friend by email yesterday that said, (talking about raising children) "The days are long but the years are short". Very true. I guess that's really kind of true about life in general, isn't it. We need to make the most of it while we have it.
I have a question for you porchsters: have any of you ever ridden the steam train from Durango to Silverton, Colorado? We are planning to do so on our vacation and I'm wondering if it is worth it because it is a bit expensive for all of us to go. Thanks for any info. Have a great day!---Boo

October 22, 2002 - Msg 9763: Hello all Hey *Mavis, The only time a deer does that to me, is when I backfire. hee-hee.

Briscoe Darling Jr.
Hey ta':
Fun Girl
Salty Dog
An' everyone!

October 22, 2002 - Msg 9764: Hey to the Porch. ((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))) all around for ever'body. I figure ever'body can use a hug now and then.

Boo, one of the best quotes I ever heard about raising children goes, "Raising children is like hanging wallpaper. By the time you figure out what you're doing, you're done!"

I'll see ya.
*Rafe Hollister

October 22, 2002 - Msg 9765: Hey porch, just wanted to let yall know my grandma died last night. She went very peacfully. The family is doing pretty good considering. Thank you so much for your prayers. Yall are the best--Salty Dog

October 22, 2002 - Msg 9766: Good Tuesday Tidings to my Mayberry Porchsters! Hope it is turning out to be a great day for you all.
Sorry about your grandma Salty, but wonderful to hear how peaceful her passing was and that your family is adjusting.
As you say, Boo, life really is short and whenever I hear of someone's death, I realize how short. Even if I should be blessed with 80+ years which considering how I've had cancer and all would be incredible, I think it would still seem to have gone by so quickly. Then I think no matter what happens, I am going to take all this love and happiness with me cause I guess that's all that you're allowed to take! So, I had better use what time I have to build plenty of it up, stop worrying, and keep enjoying.... which is one reason this porch is so important. We all have those days when it's hard to really enjoy life, but some people just have the knack of putting you back on track. I'm blessed with a husband like that and friends like you all. Thanks.... Well, I really didn't mean to get so sentimental.. hand me a tissue (sniff, honk :]), but you all mean a lot to me... even if our porch is in cyberspace! I guess you could say it's a sort of 'heavenly' porch... who knows maybe we'll really have a Mayberry porch up there someday? ..... "But, let's not do it right now."!!! [Andy to Opie about cleaning up while Aunt Bee's away] I think we all need each other too much right here for now! ;}
Like Charlotte and Mavis: we gotta be here for you when your hair starts to turn gray. Now I don't know what causes feet to fall asleep but, I KNOW what causes gray hair... teenagers! Just stay on the porch and when you get ready to pull out your hair, we'll get you through it! What style wig would you prefer?... just kidding! ;P
Romeena, you always have something interesting to share so keep a goin! I'd much rather hear what's going on with this porch than read a newpaper anytime! Kinda of like having Opie's little newspaper online. I love it!
That's right, Rafe... and then they don't listen to you when you try to help them figure out what they're doing with their own kids! Oh, well, being grandparents is great anyway :)
Glad to hear your kids are alright, Boo. Hope everyone else's health concerns are being met by the Lord with His healing Hand.
Charlotte, even you still had ended up paying, you would have still been rewarded because there's a rare goodness in your husband that is a blessing unto itself. What a testimony to doing God's will no matter what the temptation!
Thanks for the prayer, Ellen, and the good coffee, Hazel.... hits the spot on a cool autumn morning! Hey to the rest of the Porch: Possum, Mrs. Wiley, Happy, Helen, Mary, Frankie, Briscoe, Homemaker, Sterling, Asa, Fun Girl, NN, Des, MPO, Floyd, Gordon, Jelsik, Ernest T., Gator, Jennie, Newton, PBJ, Mr. McBeevey, CHK, and anyone who hasn't come vistin the porch for a while....
"Don't be such a stranger." God's blessings on you all, ~Clara~

October 22, 2002 - Msg 9767: Romeena, I don't think anyone beats the length of my posts! Look they're all asleep! With me no one needs any hard cider to relax! lol... I should come at bedtime and put you insomniacs to bed! ~Clara~

October 22, 2002 - Msg 9768: Just popping in to say hello. Feel like I'm getting sick.Been achy & tired all day.Most of the kids at school have bad colds with terrible coughs. Gonna crawl back up under my rock and rest and hope I can shake it off!
Salty,you have my sympathies in the loss of your grandmother.
Prayers for the sniper(s) to be caught.Killed another innocent person today and has a message out threatening children. This is not the world that I want to live in,as I'm sure most of y'all feel this way.It's sad.
Well, hope everyone has a nice evening. God Bless!
possum under a rock

October 22, 2002 - Msg 9769: Howdy Porch. How is everyone?
Salty, I am sorry for your loss dear. But you know that she is in a much better place now. Prayers for you and your family.
Hey Possum, hope your not getting sick. I hate that. Gotta get me a flu shot still. Anyone else getting a flu shot?
I agree about that sniper getting caught. I just can't imagine what has happened to our world.
Finnished a high intensity training class I've been involved with the last month and a half today. Feel like I did pretty good on the final exam so I is a happy camper. But I have brain damage from all the learning I did. Can't seem to retain info like I could when I was younger. Wonder what causes that? Anyway, glad to be back here on the porch again. Did y'all save me my rocker? Hope so, it sagged in all the same spots that I do. Hate to break in a new one at this stage of the game.
Romeena, I was reading where you are having surgery next month? I'll sure be praying for your speedy recovery dear. I love reading your posts so much.
Thank you all for your friendship. It means the world to me. You are all so special. Guess I've rattled on for long enough. God bless you all.


October 22, 2002 - Msg 9770: I want to share smoething with you, Possum, that might make you feel a little better. This world is a scary place sometimes let me tell you what I do. I make myself think about how most people I come in contact with are nice and would never do anything like that sniper is doing (the vast majority) and I spend time trying to help others to feel safer. For instance, when I go to the store, I make sure I smile a good long smile at anyone who will look at me and I especially like to smile at children because I think it helps send the message to them that there are nice, safe people in their world and there is more good than bad. They need that right now. I also try not to be so busy that I forget to be kind or thankful to everyone I meet. This world may seem like a scary place but I want people to feel safe with me. I wish I could put my arms around you and give you a squeeze to make you feel better but I will pray for you instead. Remember the verse in Philipians about,"Whatever things are honest, just, pure, lovely, and of a good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.". God is with us and he is always good. Take care. Boo

October 22, 2002 - Msg 9771: Welcome back, Asa, I've missed you! Are we going to do anything fun this weekend? Anyone up for a trip to the duck pond for an autumn bonfire? I'll bring the marshmallows. Does anyone play the guitar (I don't hate the guitar)? Kum Ba Yaaa, my Lord...... bring on the mulberry squeezins'!!----Boo

October 22, 2002 - Msg 9772: Welcome back, Asa. Good job on your high intensity training and test! Sorry about your brain though. Hope you're not coming down with a bug. I kinda have a scratchy throat right now myself. It's startin' to get cold in the Midwest you know. Hey, that's a dandy idea, Boo. I love weiner roasts with marshmallows! Let's do that Friday or Saturday night! We aren't gonna let that sniper keep us from goin' places! We haven't been out to the picture show or nothin' for quite some time. Let's do it!
Charlotte Tucker

October 22, 2002 - Msg 9773: Good to hear from you Asa. Been missing your posts. You must be one smart cookie by now! Yes, we saved you your rocker... now can you remember which one it is? ;]
Have a good evening, all. ~Clara~

October 22, 2002 - Msg 9774: Hey to the Porch.

I'm not afraid of any ol' sniper...
I'll bring my slingshot to the wiener roast, just in case he shows up.
Fortunately, as a youth I was endowed with both keen eyesight and a strong set of pinchin' fingers...
Call it what you want, but the inner man is always ready...


October 22, 2002 - Msg 9775: Asa, you're back! Heck, I thought you was on vacation. That's a shame about your brain. Jelsik, you beat everything. No longer Jelsik the man... you become Jelsik the bulkhead. Makes me feel real safe.
- Hazel

Street Vendor: Get your hot dogs while waiting for the gold truck. Here you are. Get 'em nice and hot, while you're waiting for the gold truck.

October 22, 2002 - Msg 9776: Dear Porch Friends...Well once again I am asking for prayers. The situation is the same one that we were praying about last time. (Trouble with people who are in our rental property.) Looks like things are not going to be resolved without legal action. I keep reminding myself that the battle is the Lords. It is so hard. Our savings is being depleted because they refuse to pay rent, and due to legal complications, at present we are unable to evict them from the property. I just keep crying out to the Lord to handle the situation. It is so hard not to worry though. My dear sweet porch friends...I am pleading for you to pray for us that God will make us victorious in this situation and than I will be able to handle the stress and not have a nervous breakdown. (literally) When I do not know where to turn I know I can always turn to God and my porch friends always help me get his attention.
So sent your petitions to heaven right along with mine. Let's bring my situation before the Lord and see what wonderful miracles he will do to solve it. Praise HIM!
fun girl

October 22, 2002 - Msg 9777: Hello all. This is my first post to the porch. Y'all sound like a nice bunch of folk. Do I need to reserve a username? If so, where do I do so?Let me know. For now, I'll just refer to myself as Jazz Jon. :)

October 22, 2002 - Msg 9778: More prayers needed for me & mine as well, Pat is stable, but still with lots of problems & a long road ahead, Jake is the problem now, he is lashing out at me in anger over this & I am having one heck of a time dealing with it & knowing if I am doing the right thing. Been in tears half the night tonight & just not in the mood to do much but sleep, I am bad about using sleep to get away from troubles, but can't get away from these, can't sleep neither. Please lift up prayers for my son who is going thru so much at such a tender, already hard age. Seems I can't do anything right by him lately.

October 22, 2002 - Msg 9779: Welcome Jazz Jon just tell us a little about yourself & we will try to help with a name, or pick one & we will let you know if someone is already using it. This is a great place, you'll love it!

October 22, 2002 - Msg 9780: should clarify the lashing out is with words & alot of grunting & fussing, not taking swings at me with a leg of lamb or nothing like that.

October 22, 2002 - Msg 9781: Thanks for the welcome Mavis!! I am a male college student currently residing in South Carolina. I have loved The Andy Griffith Show for many years now and I just discovered this porch today. My interests are music, history, and science. Yes, if you could help me pick a name that would better fit in with the porch's style, that would be great! Thank you again for the welcome! -- Jazz Jon

October 23, 2002 - Msg 9782: Welcome, Jazz! How about Johnny Paul (Opie's friend) Does anyone know if that one is taken?? You are younger than most of the porchers and it would be great to get to know you. As you can probably tell, we care alot about each other and pray often. Please continue to join us and let us get to know you. I'm Boo and I am a forty year old wife and mother and I homeschool my young son. I am also a retired (by choice) RN. I am a follower of Jesus and I really love people. What is your major and your aspirations?


October 23, 2002 - Msg 9783: Oh, and I will definetly pray for Jake (and I won't forget) and for the others who have expressed their need for prayer. "In this world you shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world."--Jesus Christ


October 23, 2002 - Msg 9784: My sympathies to you and your family in your loss, Salty and thanks be to God that she left this world peacefully--sincerely, Boo

October 23, 2002 - Msg 9785: Here are much-needed prayers for Mavis, Jake and of course Pat. And prayers for your rental property situation too, Fun Girl. Sometimes it's those more common everyday type troubles that can really send us over the edge, huh? Take care, Girl. Now, Jazz Jon, don't you go away just cuz you're younger than most of us. I like Boo's suggestion--Johnny Paul would be an excellent choice of a name for you! You're not the only college kid around here. Which reminds me...where is our dear Dixie Belle? Her Guywatch 2002 must be going better than before since we haven't seen her for awhile! Well, this is me, Charlotte, signing off at 3:45 a.m. Woke up with that dadburn scratchy throat. Sprayed some chloraseptic and it seems a little better. How's your aillin', possum? Hope you're feeling better. Just in case you're not, here's my dime. I hope Ellie will give you some little blue pills. Maybe I'll go eat some fried chicken.
Charlotte Tucker

October 23, 2002 - Msg 9786: Good morning Porch! Prayers for you FG, Mavis, Pat, Jake and Possum. Salty - sorry to hear about Grandma, but glad it was peaceful. That's a Holy death. Welcome to Jazz/JohnnyPaul! You'll like it here. it's nice, real nice. Welcome back Asa, sorry your brain hurts. Hope you get a big 'ol fat "A", dear.

Msgs: 9774, 9775 - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

~ Mrs. Wiley
ThelmaLou: "Oh Barney, I'd love to see you shoot. It's such a masculine thing."

October 23, 2002 - Msg 9787: Mrs. Wiley, what are you doing up at this hour? I thought I was the only one that sat out here at this hour! Where are you? You're probably on Eastern time so it's probably nary 6:30 where you are. It's 5:30 here and as you can see above I've been up since 3:45. I think I'll go back to bed and catch an hour of winks before the kids get up. Good night or rather Good morning.

October 23, 2002 - Msg 9788: Morning Porch pals. My you have been busy out here all night. Prayers for Fun Girl and Mavis, Pat and Jake and for possum and Salty and you to Charlotte. Hope you got some shut eye.
Welcome to Johnny Paul, if thats who yer gonna be now. He could be that fellow that Bill Bixby played who came speeding through town (I forget his name at the moment). He was about college age wasn't he?
So what we gonna do this weekend? Someone suggested a weenie roast and marshmellows. Can we do some smores to? Y'all never said if you knew what smores was. Sounds like a blast. I'll bring my ball of aluminum foil.


October 23, 2002 - Msg 9789: Morning, porch. Welcome to Jazz Jon. I vote for "Johnny Paul". You'll like it here. There's all different types of people here, but the one thing we have in common is we love The Andy Griffith Show. That is kindof a requirement. Everything else is optional. Asa, brang your ball of tin foil to the wienie roast. I've heard about it, and can't wait to see it. I hope you get to feeling better soon, Charlotte. Keep using that bug spray. Thanks for the update, Mavis. Hang in there, dear.

Barney: Our only crime is that we're attractive to women.

October 23, 2002 - Msg 9790: Morning porch, Mavis I'll put y'all on my prayer list, hey to everyone else here to day and welcome to the new friend, you'll love it here. Ellen Brown

October 23, 2002 - Msg 9791: Nothing like AN adoring woman... sorry about the typo!
Guess what? No sooner than I talked about the episode with Bill Bixby and what was on this morning??? You got it, that very episode. Its like the twilight zone I tell ya! Ron Baily was that fellers name. He started off kinda mean but he ended up not being a bad sort.

October 23, 2002 - Msg 9792: Whoops, that was me. Asa

October 23, 2002 - Msg 9793: Hey Y'all. Stayed home from work feeling bad-think it's bronchitis.Maybe I need to see Doc Andrews if those little blue pills don't work!
Boo,thanks for the words of support.I declare,I could almost feel that hug you were wanting to give me-thanks!
Asa,you keep on getting that edukayshun-it'll be worth every penny!
Welcome to Jazz/Johnny Paul! I'm in South Carolina myself! Can I be your mother(possum) figure? Ha Ha
Blessings to everyone!
possum under a rock

October 23, 2002 - Msg 9794: Mornin'! Hope everyone's having a better day today. It's HOT here! I thought we were through with hot but it seems we're not....supposed to cool off some on Satuday. the heat sort of takes that Fall feeling out of you. My yard scarecrow is looking a little droopy.gbvcvbcfvhfvbgvbbvv bvcccc ccccccvvvvbvt (that was a not from my baby girl who just woke up). I have been wanting to see that episode with Bill Bixby for a long time. Was it on TV Land? Maybe they will show it again tonight?
Well, gotta go feed the youngin's.


October 23, 2002 - Msg 9795: I mean a note, but I guess you already figured that out!--Boo

October 23, 2002 - Msg 9796: Good morning ya'll -
Just passing by. . .wish I could chat more with you. . .read all the posts today and I really like Jelsik's idea of the slingshot for the sniper. I hope they catch that booger soon. Even Ernest T. wasn't that mean and nasty.

Sure do miss you all -


October 23, 2002 - Msg 9797: Afternoon Porch,
I've been catching up on some of the posts and I just want to express my sympathies to you Salty. And Fun Girl, I will be praying for your situation to be resolved, (situation, that's what it is!). Seriously though, I know its no fun when you are worried about finances and someone is taking advantage of you, may God resolve that situation. Mavis, have you given counseling any thought for your son's situation? He is lashing out at you cause you are "safe", he knows he can trust you to always be there for him. But he would benefit from talking to someone who can help him navigate his way through such a trying time.

Asa, it sure was good to see you posting again. I too, am so sorry about your brain!

Johnny Paul, welcome to the porch. We look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Boo, I am sorry your scarecrow is sagging.

As for the coward who is terrorizing the D.C. area, may our Lord Jesus cause this creature to make a mistake that will lead immediately to his capture. Amen

Mary Wiggins

October 23, 2002 - Msg 9798: Good Afternoon, Porch! Welcome, Jazz. I vote for Asa's choice of the college kid's name - Ron Bailey.
Hope everyone is well today and if you aren't, well I send up a general get well prayer everyday for the porch anyway!
Fungirl, you have a special problem there. My sympathy and prayers. I'd be a nervous wreck too. It's just not right the way the unjust and lazy in this country seem to have an advantage over hardworking, honest, good folks anymore. Incidentally, since my family runs a small business (one employee) and we have to manage a lot of money every month, I am looking for a way to keep identity thieves and other con artists from tapping into our funds or using our credit. I've heard so much lately about this. In fact, I've got a little situation with an EFT (electronic fund transfer) going right now where $52 seems to have just vanished out of my checking account!... very suspicious I think when no one in these huge financial institutions can tell you what happened to your money.
Hey, you night owls should have reread my long posts til you fell asleep!
Prayers for Pat, Jake, and Mavis and all who need them.
God's blessings on you all ~Clara~

October 23, 2002 - Msg 9799: Good afternoon folks .. I'm brand new here and want to say I'm real happy to have found this place.. all you good folks seem like you'd be right at home in Mayberry .. I wish was in Mayberry right now .. I've had a cold and sore throat this week and am fixin to get me a bottle of pop to help ease the scratchiness ... I hope you all have a good day .. God bless all here.

October 23, 2002 - Msg 9800: Hey ya'll is Johnny Paul a.k.a Ron Bailey single? We haven't heard from Dixie Belle and Guy Watch 2002 for a while. Maybe if Johnny/Ron is single we could email her and entice her back to the porch. What do ya think?

Well folks..it looks like our prayers have opened new avenues. Now if only certain people are willing to walk down those avenues, we may be set. To be honest the fact that we were made aware of these avenues and that their council is willing to present the avenues to them is quite a miracle in and of itself. I am just trusting God to handle the whole thing. It is so hard not to "help" him out. (hee hee) "Just be patient with me Lord and work things out inspite of me. And please, keep me humble. Place your hand on Pat and Jake. Give Pat healing of the body and Jake healing of the spirit and peace of mind. And love, peace, and healing to all of us."

fun girl

October 23, 2002 - Msg 9801: Oh also...let's all pray a heap of peace and blessing on Heather. She is a gem of a girl and a real treasure.

Will know more on the renter situation on Monday and will keep you posted then.

October 23, 2002 - Msg 9802: Yes, I am single. Thank you all for the warm welcome. Y'all are making it tough to pick a name. :)

Yes, identity theft is a huge problem right now. Did you hear about that fella who impersonated lots of celebrities and tried to use their credit card/bank accounts? He was eventually caught, but if people can break into wealthy people's accounts that are fairly well guarded, just imagine how much easier it would be to break into one of our accounts. (Not that there is much that they could take from my checking account, lol).

Thanks again for the nice welcome. -- Johnny Paul/Ron Bailey

October 23, 2002 - Msg 9803: Hello again Johnny Paul/Ron Bailey! You can just choose which name you like best. That would be fine, okay? Why aren't you doing your homework? just kidding!

Well, are we doing the duck pond on Saturday night? I need to know if I need to start collecting wood for the bonfire.


October 23, 2002 - Msg 9804: The duck pond it is. Checkpoint Chickie. Build a fire, have a wienie roast, toast some marshmallows. Yup, gonna build a fire, have a wienie roast, toast some marshmallows. That's the plan. Sounds good to me. We hope you'll come join us JP/Ron Bailey!
Charlotte Tucker

October 23, 2002 - Msg 9805: Evenin porch, just have a few mins. befor Bible study and thought I'ld say hey, welcome to the new folks, Prayers for all ((((((((()))))))))'s for all. Ellen Brown :)

October 23, 2002 - Msg 9806: Hey Charlotte! Yep, I was up before the rooster crows but you had me beat. How's your throat doing? Ypu may have to wear a scarf to the bon fire. Can't wait to see Asa's ball of foil again. It's shiney. I'll bring the chocolate bars for the s'mores. Who's bringing the graham crackers?

~ Mrs. Wiley
welcome to the new folks!

October 23, 2002 - Msg 9807: "Five"

October 23, 2002 - Msg 9808: Quick, somebody look up Dixie Belle's email address and let her know we have a young feller on the porch who is single. But tell her to be subtle..we wouldn't want him to think that she was a "desperate female hunter." LOL

"Awww Pa, cain't I just look at the purty man?"

fun girl

October 23, 2002 - Msg 9809: yeah, bring five boxes of grahm crackers.

October 23, 2002 - Msg 9810: Thats a ton of smores. What will the rest of you eat if you only bring five boxes?

P.S. Could someone tell me what chicken ala king is? I've heard it mentioned many times on the show but have never had it.

October 23, 2002 - Msg 9811: Mary Wiggins I have Jake in counseling, he went for the first time today at the CAC (Child Advocacy Center) here, & I think it helped some, the counselor is a really nice guy which makes it easier on him, both being guys, I didn't press him on what they talked about, I am leaving that up to him if he wants to talk to me about it or not, I'm just glad he went. I had the appt. scheduled last week & he has been fussing about it since I told him I scheduled it, so glad it went well. The CAC doesn't charge for it if the problem involves child abuse or being a victim of domestic violence so praise the Lord for that cause I sure couldn't afford to pay for it. Just keep us in your prayers, I can see them working! Johnny Paul/Ron did anyone tell you about the archives, you can click on the link there under the 'post yer comments' buttons & read all the past conversations we have had, might give you some idea of who we all are & what we are up to.
Best get to bed, I have had a really bad day & been fighting one of them 'migrating' headaches, I think I'm about to lose that fight.

October 23, 2002 - Msg 9812: Miss Ellie got yer snail mail today, you are the cats lady!! I will try to email you ASAP.

October 23, 2002 - Msg 9813: Asa, now I am surprised! You ought to get out more often! Imagine not knowing what chicken ala king is. Well, I've been eating the turkey ala king version ever since I can remember. It's chopped chicken/turkey meat in a white or kinda yellowish sauce. People put different things in the sauce. My dad who was a cook, put in peas. I just love it over hot white rice.
Welcome, Othar. Glad to have another Mayberry fan. I know what you mean about wishing we were in "Mayberry".
Mavis, I'm glad you are getting some help. Kids can be difficult especially in divorce situations from my experience. They seem to harbor more resentment that we would imagine.
Somebody be sure to bring matches to the bonfire otherwise someone will have to rub two sticks together for a long time!
~Clara~ Let me know if you can't sleep and I'll make a longer post!
"Yeah I always like a good crab joke."

October 23, 2002 - Msg 9814: It was a tough choice, but since Johnny Paul was suggested first, I will go with that! Following Mavis's suggestion, I read some of the archives and found that some of you have been here for a real long while.

I've had chicken ala king. I just didn't know it was called that until now!

Five boxes of graham crackers? Nah, how about fifty? I've made smores by warming the marshmallows, but there is nothing quite like having slightly-browned marshmallows in them! I even like them if the marshmallows get a little burned.

-- Johnny Paul

October 23, 2002 - Msg 9815: Hi All. Will it5 timeto comeback home .
Thank you all for the prayer. now we have to come up this the money to find paying for it, she is down home .
It will be sometime befor thing will be all right for my stepdad and me.

October 24, 2002 - Msg 9816: Burnt marshmallows are my favorite and I love it when the chocolate gets melty. MMMMM!
I stayed up late and watched Snow Dogs with my son. I thought it was really good. It was funny and no bad words or anything. I reccomend it to anyone. Well, better be off to bed. That baby girl of mine is still waking up every night!
Ya'll have a great day tomorrow!


ps- welcome Othar

October 24, 2002 - Msg 9817: Tom, Lord be with you and bring the healing that you and step dad need. May God supply all of your needs.


October 24, 2002 - Msg 9818: Morning Porch. Good to see you posting Tom. I pray that all is well for you and your step dad. Hang in there friend.
What you watching snow dogs for Boo? Think that will cool you down?
Thanks for splainin what chicken ala king is Clara. I don't happen to like my main dish concealed in a heavy sauce.
How are you Mrs. Wileyyyyyyy? Hows the job situation?
Where has our Hazel gotten off to? Get back here girl.
Welcome to Johnny Paul. This is a fun place to be. Great folks here.
Prayers for one and all.



October 24, 2002 - Msg 9819: Morning, porch!
- Hazel

October 24, 2002 - Msg 9820: We was posting at the same time, Asa. I'm right 'chere. We don't have to have the chicken ala king. The special at the diner today is chicken wings, rice and mixed vegetables.
- Hazel

October 24, 2002 - Msg 9821: Yea, but them wings are from a chicken thats done a lot of flying!


October 24, 2002 - Msg 9822: Mornin' Y'all.First off,I see on the news this morning that two men have been arrested in the sniper case- Thank God! Sure hope they got the right ones. Maybe now the little kids can play in the sunshine again and folks can go about their routines unafraid.
Went to doctor yesterday-told me I have an upper repiratory illness. Think ole' Doc Andrews would just call it a nasty cold,but anyway,I am to stay home until Monday. Doctor doesn't want me to spread my germs to the school kids. Now,WHO do y'all think made me sick in the first place? Geesh! I will rest up so's I can come to the weinie roast Sat. night. Nobody's mentioned the sticks-WHATABOUTTHESTICKS? What are y'all gonna toast them marshmallows with? I'll bring the sticks just as long as y'all PROMISE not to jab at me with 'em!
Well, guess I'd best go take my meds.Y'all have a good day.
Welcome Othar and "Hey" again to Johnny Paul the college guy!
possum under a rock

October 24, 2002 - Msg 9823: Hello all! I'm sure glad the sniper has been caught. I hear tell they used the Earnest T. Bass method: Lite a fire, smoke him out! Jab at him with a stick..GOOOOOD! Lol! Hey Fun Girl, Continue to pray. In prayer comes, strength and peace. Your problems will be solved. Have a Mayberry Day!

Briscoe Darling Jr.

October 24, 2002 - Msg 9824: Thanking the Lord the snipers were caught.
Prayers for everyone's needs.
Have a good Mayberry day everyone.
Love you all ~Clara~

October 24, 2002 - Msg 9825: Has it been confirmed the guy they caught is the sniper? Happy day if it is!
OK No possum jabbing with our fire sticks you guys. Glad you remembered them sticks possum. I think Boo's hand woulda got burned without em.


October 24, 2002 - Msg 9826: Thanks so much for the welcome. Really does feel like Mayberry here. I hope them "snipers" have been caught too .. Remember when Brisco said about Earnest T. Bass .." Me and the boys thought about killin him .. kinda hated to go that far " .. well even Briscoe might make an exception for these boys.. if they are the ones ..
I'm married and have two sons myself .. can't hardly imagine what those folks up there have been going through with all the shootins .. If Barney had gotten his old fingerprint set out and gotten after um' I'm sure they'd have been "under lock and key in 24 hrs" ...
God bless all here

October 24, 2002 - Msg 9827: Hello to all. Has been a long time since I've posted. I've missed this sight!!! I don't have the internet at home & can only post when I get a minute at work. Keep my mom in your prayers. She has bloodclots in her right leg, I believe that's the one, & they are moving up the leg. Dr has put her on a strong medicine that makes her sick to her stomach. She has a followup appt this Monday. Gotta go. Love you all & tags. Leon

October 24, 2002 - Msg 9828: Nice to see you, Leon. God bless your mom. Welcome to Othar.

- Hazel

October 24, 2002 - Msg 9829: Hey, All! What a day it was here in South Texas. I haven't seen such storms since the last big hurricane! We actually had two tornados touch down. Wal-Mart had the roof blown off and the library at the local college collapsed and a man was killed. So sad. I didn't know the storm was coming and was caught right in the middle of it on my way to town. I have never driven in anything like it. By the time I got to safety, my fingers were stiff from clutching the steering wheel so tight. What's worse, my little ones were with my sister and when I called to check on them they were in the bathtub with matress because a tornado was heading their way. What a time to be away from them! I just had to trust them to God and we were all okay after the storm passed. I was on my way to the beauty shop to have my roots done. I had already cancelled twice this week and I was determined to get it done. It almost cost me my life but my hair sure looks good! We are expecting more storms tonight and nobody in South Texas has a basement so pray we don't get anymore tornados, please. Love to all.


October 24, 2002 - Msg 9830: Boo you need to move east & come sit on my porch here in the hills of Southwest Virginia, not to hot, don't get no hurricanes & don't get no tornados, seems you get to 'enjoy' all of them! I always got an open chair here.
btw~~Welcome Othar

October 24, 2002 - Msg 9831: Prayers for Leon's mom. Prayers also for Boo and south Texas. Thank the Lord you and the kids are okay. After something like that I'd HAVE to have my roots done cause they'd be snowwhite! Maybe I'd go blonde for once...
Barney: "Blonde... blonde right out of a bottle!"
Love to all ~Clara~

October 24, 2002 - Msg 9832: BTW, how do you get bold and color font? ~Clara~

October 25, 2002 - Msg 9833: hey porch, boy oh Boo what a thing to happen, for sure you have our prayers, Lightning and I will always say a prayer for all. My husband is going to church with me now and he has Bible study with me and even prays with me. Now I don't feel so all aolne, I sure can use the help praying for our children and our nation & Israel. God Bless y'all, good night ((((((((()))))))) to all.. Ellen Brown

October 25, 2002 - Msg 9834: Thanks, Mavis. Now that the sniper seems to have been caught, maybe I'll come your way! Wish I could but you know how it is when you have family in the area and my parents are getting pretty old and disabled now. I better stick around and help them. I would really like to live in Colorado. I leave my heart there every December when I visit. What a place! I wonder if any of you are from Colorado. I'm off to bed after going to the store to get milk for the baby before the next round of storms hit (due by morning).

Night! Boo

October 25, 2002 - Msg 9835: Good to see you all but you're probably all in bed by now. Oh, Ellen Brown isn't! Hey, Ellen! Just us night owls! I do more work at night than in the daytime. Besides that, I got rid of the sore throat (thank goodness, I hate those) but now got the stuffy head thing goin'. Prayers for Tom and stepdad, Leon's Mom, and Mavis and anyone else that needs 'em. Praise the Lord they caught those snipers! And glad you and your family were ok in those tornados, Boo. Well, will try to get some sleep if I can breathe.
Charlotte Tucker

October 25, 2002 - Msg 9836: Why, Boo, you're a night owl too. Them younguns keepin' you up again? I didn't see you sittin' there when I came out.
Charlotte Tucker

October 25, 2002 - Msg 9837: Count me as another night owl. I just wanted to pop in and say hello and good-night. My ironing board is calling me here and pretty soon I will answer. Did any of you precious souls read "The Box Car Children" when you was coming up. I dearly love that book and now there is a whole set of books. They are mysteries that the Box Car Children solve. Kyle and I are really into the books right now. He is a great kid, but lags behind in reading skills. I am not sure what reading level they are even, but he sure enjoys them. And as long as he is reading and enjoying it...far be it from me to stop him, no matter what grade level the books are for. And as long as he is interested, there are plenty of books for him to read through. There is a whole shelf of them at the library. Maybe when his reading skills have improved a little, we can move on to "The Hardy Boys Mysteries." We have a set of those books that my hubby had when he was a kid. That makes them extra valuable to all of us.

One of may favorite books when I was a young, very young girl was "All of a Kind Family." Has anyone ever heard of it? It was so good and pure. Some of my favorite books were ones that my mom introduced to my when I was growing up and they were books that she read when she was growing up.
I have so much respect for the written word and I hope that Little Opie will learn to love to read and share that love of reading with his children.

enough of my ramblin'
fun girl

October 25, 2002 - Msg 9838: Mornin' Porchsters. Just a quick note to say Hi and that we are all fine in our neck of the woods. The 2 shooters were arrested just 20 miles from our home. Our prayers for the families who lost loved ones. Just a senseless act. Move over Otis, your cell is needed and bad! Hopefully Barney is givin' them the 3rd degree. Even put um under the light bulb. Hope all the porch "family" is doing well. We pray for ya daily, even though we don't get to visit often enough. Kinda cold on the porch, so we can come on in and sit around the fireplace. All the rockers fit in here!! Breakfast is ready. Orange juice is in the refrigerator. Make yourself at home. Little Opie got his first deer last night, so being the good mom that I am, I had to turn off supper and go and take care of it for him!!! Dad was milking and couldn't git home in time to help do the duty. YUCK!!! Opie was a little green when we sat down to supper! The meat will be divided among the elderly neighbors who are on limited incomes. AAWWW, bless his little heart! Have a good day, prayers and (((())))s. ~New Neighbor

October 25, 2002 - Msg 9839: Mornin' Y'all.Boo,so glad you & yours made it through the storms okay.Sounds real frightening.Hope Mother Nature calms down out there in Texas!
Thanks for the breakfast New Neighbor. Especially that OJ-just what a sick little possum needs! Seem to be feeling better though.
Sure appears that the authorities have their snipers.Thank God. Just a shame that innocent people were hurt & killed.
Well,guess that's enough of me for now. Blessings to you all-have a great FRiday!
possum under a rock

October 25, 2002 - Msg 9840: FRiday? Where'd that come from? Y'all know I meant Friday!

October 25, 2002 - Msg 9841: I declare, someone must have plugged in the Dragnet theme song right in the middle of possum's typing FRiday. I hear that tune scares her. LOL
Thanks for the vittles N.N. Extry good stuff. Glad they caught them snipers. Now I hope they know what to do to them!
Prayers for all and ((((((((porch)))))))) to.
Have a great Friday.


October 25, 2002 - Msg 9842: Good morning porch!
I was a little nervous at first as to whether or not they got the right people in that sniper case. I heard them say that the rifle they found in the car matches the bullets fired in 11 of the shootings. I have only one thing to say to that, "Praise you Jesus!" In message 9797 I ended my post with a prayer that Jesus would cause them to make a mistake so they would get caught, and God is sure faithful. Looks like they should have a pretty good case against these two. Here is another prayer, Jesus, help all the lawmaker's to have wisdom, patience, and that there will be no egos getting in the way of a conviction of these two people if in fact they are the perpetrators. Amen.

Boo, I saw on the news the reports about tornadoes in Texas and I wondered if you were alright. Glad to hear that you are.

Fun Girl, I never read any of those books you mentioned in your post. I should check them out. I read some Nancy Drew books when I was younger and I loved the Little House on the Prairie books. I also loved The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. They might be good ones for your little one as he gets older.

Welcome to Othar, Johnny Paul, New Neighbor, and Leon. Some of you may be residents of Mayberry that haven't posted lately, but as I am relatively new to the porch you are new to me!

As for Asa, Possum, Clara, Charlotte Tucker,Mavis, Hazel, Ellen Brown, Briscoe Darling, Jr., Salty Dog, Mrs. Wiley, Tom, Homemaker, Jelsik and anyone else I may have missed....Well, you all are just the cat's you know that?!

Mary Wiggins

October 25, 2002 - Msg 9843: Hello all! Time fer: "Never Hit Your Grandma With A Great Big Stick". Here we go.

Briscoe Darling Jr.
Hey ta':
Fun Girl
Mary Wiggins
Ellen Brown
Salty Dog
An' everyone!

October 25, 2002 - Msg 9844: Hey pprch, hey *CT sorry I didn't answer you up there at 9835, just came on to say good night and shut her off, I didn't wait around to see if anyone was on. When my boys was young I use to do all my house work after they went to bed, LOL I'm so glad they caught the snippers, Prause God. Hey BD Jr, hows everything with you?y'all have a great day now, HM,Mavis, SD, Hazel,Asa,Leon,Mrs Wiggins,Des,Clara,FG,and all the rest. (((((((((to all))))))) Ellen Brown

October 25, 2002 - Msg 9845: NN I didn't realize you lived that close to all that nonsense up there, where exactly are you? Briscoe now dadburn it, ya played that song & went & make me cry! (hehe) Boo you know any of you porchsters are welcome at my house any time, hope ya'll know that. As for Pat and Jake things are looking a little worse today, pat is having some pretty bad withdrawls from the pain meds they are taking him off of so we had to cancel our trip up there this weekend, they suggest Jake not see him in that shape (it's bad!) so that in turn has cause MAJOR & I do mean major bad attitude from Jake he was looking forward to going to his homecoming dance, but I just don't have the money to make the trip 2 weekends in a row & if we can't see his dad, there is no need in going. This is killing me what my child is going thru & there's not a thing I can do about it. I hate that! If there was any way I could take that pain I see in my child's eyes away & put it on me I would, but I can't! Please keep us in your prayers, I know you are, but just asking makes me feel better. And if any of you can help me find the scriptures partaining to why God lets things like this happen I would REALLY appreciate it, my Bible is not a reference Bible & it's hard for me to find the exact ones. He has asked me that question numerous times, so thanks in advance for all your help, email them to me if you want. msflossie@lycos.com or flossie@bvunet.net
Thanks ya'll

October 25, 2002 - Msg 9846: Boy I sure run off at the mouth that time didn't I?

October 25, 2002 - Msg 9847: Just stopping by to say HI and have a good weekend!
-Sterling Holobyte