November 15, 2002 - Msg 10468: "Como esta?"--just practicing.


November 15, 2002 - Msg 10469: Travelin' Mercies for ya Boo, keep your hands clean and NO ICE! There's critters in there. ~ Mrs. Wiley

November 15, 2002 - Msg 10470: LOL Your a giggle Mrs Wiley. I can picture a critter suspended in a cube of ice. But I hear even the ice will get ya.
Prayers for your safe journey Boo. Hope it's more fun that Aunt Bee's trip down there.
We made it to Friday, with a clean porch. Yipeeee. Any weekend plans? I'm gonna try and sneak in one last round of pasture pool if the weather allows. Suppose to be not to bad tomorrow.
Hope y'all have a great and blessed day.


November 15, 2002 - Msg 10471: Mornin' everybody!
No problem with pig, homemaker. Didn't mean to be picky. Just fix me any ol' thing and I'll be fine. Hey fun girl, hope you find the correct procedure for fixin' up your back. Happy Trails, Boo. And Romeena, I was just funnin' you. It's in my nature to be sort of sarcastic sometimes. I know you didn't mean nothin' by that remark. Hope I didn't upset you. I'm not easily offended anyhow. By the way, when are you going to email me that poem and picture of Sugarplum? Have a great day everybody!
Charlotte Tucker

November 15, 2002 - Msg 10472: Hello all! Fun Girl, Sorry you are feeling bad. I don't know anything about spinal fusion. I'll leave you a couple jugs of my perscription. Happy day all.

Briscoe Darling Jr.
Hey ta':
Fun Girl
Charlotte Tucker
Mary Wiggins
Mrs. Wiley
An' everyone!

November 15, 2002 - Msg 10473: Hey to all!
Have a safe journey, Boo! See you when you get back and you can tell us how those "real" tacos taste down there.
Speaking of taste, how does goat taste, Homemaker? Like chicken?

Mother-in-law is coming to stay with us this weekend. Oh joy.

I just put TAGS screen saver on my computer, and some wallpaper. The one that shows more recent picture of Andy, with a ghostly Andy and Opie walking down the path to the fishing hole. That's a neat picture. I wonder why I didn't do this before.
Oh yeah, I didn't have a computer.
Happy Friday everyone!
-Sterling Holobyte

November 15, 2002 - Msg 10474: Hey ya'll - I am sorry to say Sterling, it has it's own taste and anything with BBQ is good.

A busy weekend planned!


November 15, 2002 - Msg 10475: 'Mornin, everyone! Charlotte Tucker, I'll be glad to send you that poem and picture, if you're really sure you want it. Now I mean really, really sure. I don't want to be pushy or anything. If there's one thing I can't stand it's a pushy poet. So, if you're really sure you want it, I mean really sure....
I had your email address once, but don't have it now. I upgraded my Netscape a while back, and a lot of my address book got lost, didn't transfer over for some reason. I've managed to rebuild most of my family book, but still missing some friends, and a lot of TAGS friends. Even if you've emailed me lately, I may not have caught it - probably just used "reply" and didn't save the address.
Soooo....any of you who happen to read this, I'd appreciate it very much if you'd drop me an email - just put "address" in the subject line and don't even bother to write unless you wish to. That way, I'll pick up your address and get my book rebuilt. Thanks so much!
Gotta take the Plum to her doctor today to get her little health certificate so she can fly with me next week. Among other things, the doctor has to certify that to his knowledge she hasn't bitten anyone in the last ten days. Can you imagine? Insults her every time. The very idea, that the Plum would bite somebody! You all have a great day now. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

November 15, 2002 - Msg 10476: Hey, Boo. You have a good time in Mexico, but like Mrs. Wiley said, NO ICE! Also, as good as the tacos smell at those little sidewalk cafes, don't do it!!! They make tacos al pastor (shepherd's tacos) and they taste as good as they smell, and the next day you may be so sick you will be praying for the death angel to find you! I spent my birthday in Mexico City about 12 years ago, moaning and praying for death's sweet release. I have never been so sick in my life, and all after I ate at a sidewalk cafe, sort of like a Mexican McDonald's, the night before. My friend's mother was so mad at her for letting me eat there! The mom was very wealthy, and we were staying in her beautiful home, eating very clean food meticulously prepared by the live-in cook, sleeping in luxurious rooms kept clean by the live-in maid, and trying to dodge the live-in chauffeur so we could go where we pleased. I wish he had been with us that day, because he wouldn't have permitted us to eat at that cafe. Still, it was a lovely ten-day visit, if you don't count the three death days. I've never lived in such luxury before.
So, anyway, Boo, be very careful. No unwashed fruit. Even if you're going to peel it, wash it first. No ice, and only bottled drinks. If you must have ice, and have access to a freezer, buy an ice tray and make ice from bottled water. Oh, and somewhere in the middle of all that caution and washing, try to have a good time! (teehee)Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

November 15, 2002 - Msg 10477: I have another suggestion, Boo.
Bring your own food. Otherwise it doesn't seem like you'll be eating much.
-Sterling Holobyte

November 15, 2002 - Msg 10478: Why thank ya BDJ for your kindly offer of some squeezins. I tell ya, there are days when I could really use some. But all in all I do what I can and then recoop for a couple of days, so I am grateful to God for that. If ya'll are gonna be coming across the R.E. Lee Natural Bridge and get into my neck of the woods, I'd appreciate it if you'd drop it off. If I ain't home or can't make it to the door before you have to leave....just leave it in the milk box. (Do you all remember boxes you sat on the porch and the milk man would leave the milk inside?) I am not that old, but I just lived in a very backward town then.

Prayers for all on the porch and HUGS to ya too!
fun girl

November 15, 2002 - Msg 10479: Yes, fun girl, I do remember the milk boxes, and I AM that old! I was living in San Antonio at the time, no small town even back then. My cousins and I would sneak up to the milk box, ease the little pressed-paper cap off a bottle and sip the cream, then try to replace the cap so my mother wouldn't notice. She usually did, though. Got in lots of trouble that way. I also remember ice boxes (before refrigerators), and the cards that had 25-50-75-100 printed on them, one number on each edge of a square card. You turned the card so the number of pounds of ice you wanted was topmost, and stood it in the window. The iceman would see it, then chop off a block of the proper size, and using tongs would sling it up on his shoulder and carry it to the door. Most women were home back then, but if not, the door was always unlocked and he'd just go in and put it in the box. He wore a heavy leather shield over his shoulder. I know, because my daddy was an iceman - that's how my mother met him.
Boo, Sterling is probably about right. Be very, very careful.
Gotta run, time for the Plum's vet appointment. She says hey! --Romeena

November 15, 2002 - Msg 10480: Boy, have I missed the boat or what, Romeena?!
Here I was thinking all this time that Sugarplum was your kid and that was a little pet name you had for her. Turns out she is your little pet!
I was wondering why you were taking your kid to a vet.
Boy is my face red!
-Sterling Holobyte

November 15, 2002 - Msg 10481: Hey Porch,
Good afternoon! I hope every one is doing fine. Are we having a barbeque this weekend? Ribs, I thought, MmmmmmMmmmm! I am not much of a meat eater but I do like ribs!

Boo, I have to second and third all the cautions about drinking the water and eating certain foods when you're down Mexico-way. You probably already know all that anyway, but I will add that I went on a missionary trip there years ago, and out of 30 or so people in my group, my friend and I were the only ones who didn't get sick! Montezuma's revenge, I think they called it.

I feel kind of funny bringing this up again, either I have breached some kind of protocol, or it just got missed, but I wanted to let you guys get a peak at my husband's art work. (I would love to hear some honest opinions of what you think.)If you care to see his work check out A pop up window will open that says Listening Room. If you click on that you will go to a page that tells who their artists are next month. My husband's picture and two of his paintings are on the bottom of that page. Tell me what you think!

Well, let me know when the barbecue is and I will be there with bells on! Have a great day.

Mary Wiggins
P.S. If I have breached protocol, I am terribly sorry, I won't do it again!

November 15, 2002 - Msg 10482: " Ohhhhhh, Mexico... I never really been but I'd sure like to go..."
That's a line from one of my favorite James Taylor songs for you,Boo! Reason I'm singing it is to let you know the story behind it. Seems JT went down to Mexico once and consumed something he shouldn't have,therefore spending his entire time stuck in his hotel room with a bad case of,well,you probably can guess! So,enjoy yourself,but watch what you eat or drink,like everybody's been telling ya! Could you bring back one of those sombreros for Asa? I think it would look real spiffy on him when he gets to beating on his bongos!
Hey Romeena-It's Friday night and you know what that means? I'm coming by your place for some of that Friday night shredded paper surprise! I'll swing by and pick any of y'all up who wanna join me -if it's okay with Romeena.
TGIF!! Been a long week! Y'all have a good evening!
possum under a rock

November 15, 2002 - Msg 10483: Mary Wiggins....just been to the web site and didn't see any pop up window with Listening Room on it. Now ya got me curious and can't satisfy my curiousity and ya know there ain't nothing worse than unsafisfied curiousity. hee hee

fun girl

November 15, 2002 - Msg 10484: Hey fun girl,
If the window doesn't pop up then go to "Get Connected". In that window is a heading called "Listening Room" with a link that says check out this month's performances or something like that. That will get you to the page his paintings are on.
Mary Wiggins

November 15, 2002 - Msg 10485: Romeena, your ice story reminds me of a Mayberry conversation:
Opie: Paw, what'd they do before they had 'fridgerators?
Andy: They had ice boxes. Boy, those were the days. Too bad you missed 'em. I remember hot days like this, old ice wagon'd come by. Us boys would chase after it, jump on the back of it, snitch a piece of ice. Always a little sawdust sticking to it. Nothin' like the taste of wet sawdust from the bottom of the wagon. Something's gone out of life since then. You know that, Aunt Bee?
Aunt Bee: Uh, huh. Typhoid.
Opie: Before ice boxes what'd they do?
Andy: They had cold cellars, places where they kept things cold.
Opie: Before cold cellars, what did they do?
Andy: They had the Ice Age.
Opie: Oh.
Andy: Now don't ask me what they had before the Ice Age. That's before my time. Just set around and cuss the weather, I reckon. Use to we'd set around and cuss the weather. Now we cuss the ice box.
- Hazel

November 15, 2002 - Msg 10486: Sterling - just don't use the d-- word around plum, it really disagrees with plum and we wouldn't want her plum mad at you!

November 15, 2002 - Msg 10487: Mercy! You people are a caution. Sterling, I think it's hilarious, but very understandable that you'd think the Plum was a human-type critter. She thinks she is, and sometimes I think she is, too. Did you happen to catch the little poem I wrote about her? I think you'll find it in the last archive. I wrote that when she was less than a year old, and she's almost eight now. Truthfully, she is of the canine persuasion, but you'd never know it. Well, almost never. And homemaker is right, the "d" word is never used around her. Someone did once, and she got all excited, because she thought we were getting a puppy. She pouted for a week when she realized they were referring to her!
Hazel, I love that little bit of dialog. I truly do remember following the ice truck and begging the ice man for a piece of ice. He was very adept at chipping off a long, thin sliver, just right for carrying around and eating like a popsicle. He did it kindly, too, as though he understood about kids. On an August afternoon in San Antonio, trust me, that ice was the best thing going, and it was free.
Anybody wanting some "shredded paper surprise", why just come on by. Couldn't find any shredded paper, so am using noodles tonight instead, but it's just as good. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

November 15, 2002 - Msg 10488: Well! Mary Wiggins, are you gonna stand there on them two skinny feet and tell us that the gorgeous young man at that website is your husband, and that he actually painted those two strikingly beautiful pictures? Girl, how do you keep your perspective, with such as that around all the time? That is one outstandingly handsome young man, and the talent he possesses is unbelievable. I want to see more of his paintings. Can they be bought? I can't say enough. Those paintings are just breathtaking. They make you want to hold your breath and not move, lest you disturb the beautiful creatures he has painted. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for sharing this with us. Sugarplum says wow! --Romeena

November 16, 2002 - Msg 10489: A Big Hey to the Porch!

November 16, 2002 - Msg 10490: Mary Wiggins, Mary Wiggins, Mary Wiggins....Alls I can say is BREATHTAKING and your hubbys paintings ain't half bad either. Well you know that I am just a funnin' ya and you know that I wouldn't be a "fun girl" if I didn't appreciate a purty lookin man when I saw one. His pictures are awesome. Does he ever do anything in the Southwest style? That is how my house is decorated. I am partial to picutres of Native Americans. I would be interested in finding out about some art for my home. I am fond of Howard Terpning who concentrates on Native American art.
Congrats on your handsome and talented hubby.
Time to hit the ironing board.
fun girl

November 16, 2002 - Msg 10491: Mary Wiggins I have to agree with the other girls, that is one purty man you got there! & that painting of that buck is AWESOME! I would love to have that one for my den, we have all the wildlife things in there& that would be perfect! What a talent! Wish I could do something like that! You tell that purty man of yours to keep up the good work. Email me a price list would you?
Aww Paw, Can't I even LOOK at a purty man!?

November 16, 2002 - Msg 10492: oh yeah, Morning Porch! sorry I forgot the rest of ya, was still remembering how purty that man was!

November 16, 2002 - Msg 10493: Mornin' Y'all! Just wanted y'all to know that Romeena dished up something mighty de-lish last night with that "Friday night surprise" dinner! Too bad none of y'all were able to make it,but hey,I got 2nd helpings! Yum Yum!
Speaking of eats, how about some french toast,bacon,OJ,and a pot of coffee is brewing-y'all enjoy!
Mary,checked out your husband's artwork-he is so talented! Love the winter scene especially.Awesome!
Y'all have a great Saturday! What's on for tonight? BBQ at homemaker's place? Or do y'all wanna try another trip to the picture show? Maybe if we finish up early enough at the BBQ,we can head over to Mt Pilot! Somebody bring a bib for Asa though-can't take him out in public with BBQ sauce all over him!
possum under a rock

November 16, 2002 - Msg 10494: Thanks for all the comments on the site with my hubbies artwork. He is a wonderful man. I gotta tell ya though, trust me, we took that picture to his best advantage! The poor guy has eye problems which is scary when you are an artist. He has had several surgeries on them. But thanks be to God that he can still see and is doing quite well. The fox crossing the stream is one of my favorites of his. I just love the peaceful setting. Every painting has a story, that one, we were driving up in the thumb of Michigan and happened upon that little stream. It was so pretty. My husband actually broke through the ice trying to get the right angle he wanted in photographing that place for reference for the painting. We have been fortunate to do some traveling because of his art and I can tell you God made one beautiful planet!Well, thanks again for the rave reviews. It does my heart good!
Mary Wiggins

November 16, 2002 - Msg 10495: Oh, and fun girl, we know who Howard Terpning is. We are fans of him, too. We haven't met him but we have met a few other who's who in the art world. Mostly, my husband paints animals and landscapes, he is working on a HUGE buffalo painting right now. He has never done Native Americans, yet!
Mary Wiggins

November 16, 2002 - Msg 10496: Thanks for the warnings, Homemaker and Romeena. I'll try to remember to never say the "d" word around Plum.
We never had a "d" that thought they were human. We did have a "d" that WANTED to be human.
My brother did have a cat(it is ok to say the "c" word, isn't it?) who thought he was a "d". He would look out the window and "bark" at the squirrels. He was more sociable like a "d" also.

Have a nice day, Mayberry!
-Sterling Holobyte

November 16, 2002 - Msg 10497: Good morning, everyone! Mavis, in my email address shuffle as I mentioned above, I lost my bookmark to The Cutlass as well. Would you mind posting it one more time?
Mary Wiggins, does your talented husband ever paint scenes or (whisper)animals,(unwhisper) from photos? I'm sure you've already guessed that I'm wondering if he could do a painting of the Plum for me, if I sent him a series of photos? If so, naturally I'd have to ask how much it would cost, because I probably couldn't afford it, but just have to ask. If it's possible, that would be great. I'd have a sample of his astonishing talent, and a portrait of my little companion as well.
Charlotte Tucker, I plan to get some pics of the Plum today in her Santa hat, and maybe in her angel suit, and will be emailing them to you, if you're really sure you want them. She loves to pose, the little ham, so am hoping for some good shots.
Well, off I go. Need to call and check on my dad. Everyone have a great Mayberry day. Hope it's as pretty where you are as it is here in the north Texas end of the porch. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

November 16, 2002 - Msg 10498: WOW, Mary Wiggins!!!

Now, I'm talking about the paintings here, not your husband. After all, I am a man, just in case some of you were still wondering.

Those paintings are GREAT!! I love the way he incorporated the buck's breath into the picture. You can almost feel the chill of the air!

You said that God made one beautiful planet. Well he did. And your husband's paintings make it look even more beautiful!
-Sterling Holobyte

November 16, 2002 - Msg 10499: Oh, hi, Sterling Holobyte! You must have come in while I was typing. Good to see you. Yes, you can use the "c" word around the Plum. She's a little in awe of them, though. The first one she ever met was several years back in the vet's office. The office cat, Cheddar, is a huge, declawed (fortunately) orange cat, and he was lying enthroned on the ledge at the receptionist's window. Carrying Sugarplum, I walked up too close, the Plum stuck her little nose out to greet Cheddar, and he slapped her about eight times before I could even react. No harm done, of course, but it really hurt her feelings. She looked up at me, and her expression was clearly saying, "Mama, that animal is rude! Since then, she has been curious about cats, but gives them room.
As for thinking she's a human, I don't know why she wouldn't think that. She has been treated like our child since she was a puppy, and not just by my husband and myself. Our children and grandchildren all acknowledge her status in the family. She receives gifts at Christmas, and is welcome in all their homes. She has a completely kind and loving nature, and returns all the love she receives. I'm convinced that God sent her to me, knowing well that I was going to need her after my dear husband passed away. Some days, she was the only reason I had to get out of bed and open the drapes.
My, how I do run on! Sorry. I'd love to have seen your "barking" cat. Cats have definite personalities just like dogs do, but they're usually more secretive and don't display their "human" side as much. I like 'em, though. My daughter has one that is really cute, named Spaz. He hides and ambushes the dogs, and then they roll and play on the floor like puppies. Fun to watch.

Have a great weekend, friends. Sugarplum says she said hey once and isn't going to say it again. Little brat. --Romeena

November 16, 2002 - Msg 10500: Mary, I have to 2nd (3rd, 4th, 5th?) the rave reviews of your husband's paintings. Thanks. The talent God gives people is incredible sometimes.
Sterling, I have had cats all my life. I have had a few dogs too, but I'm the opposite of Romeena in that I didn't think that the dogs displayed their "human" side as much as my cats have. Isn't that interesting? I guess maybe it's just what we perceive as "human" traits! ;] They play tricks on each other too.... but, I have to admit they love tricking dogs even more. It always seems to me that cats are thinking something... you know, like Garfield does and dogs just go along because it's "fun" like Odie. You know, when I have had both dog and cat, it was just like that! How hilarious the shinanigans were sometimes and we KNEW it was the cat who had planned the whole thing! I'll have to tell you a story about my Pumpkin sometime but it's too long to tell now. Cats are just as independent as people say they are but, once they have claimed you as "family" they are totally loyal and loving. Our Gracie cries at the door like a toddler for her mama when my daughter leaves the house. It's so sad to hear. I have to pick her up and pet her for awhile before she calms down! All my cats have also known (and still do know) exactly when either my daughter is or I am feeling sick or blue and they come and lay down and won't leave us. Then as if they are trying to say, "Cheer up!" when we don't respond, they will start purring asking to be petted. I swear, it's almost like they know that petting is therapy. Well, enough said about pets.
Have a great weekend, Porch.
Romeena, my Gracie and Pretzel would have jumped to the rescue for Plum if they had been there at the vets! "Indeed!" they say, this bad mannered puzzycat must be taught his manners! And believe me, my Pretzel is about 14 pounds of pure fiest when someone gets nasty with one of her friends! ~Clara~

November 16, 2002 - Msg 10501: Clara, I'm sure Sugarplum would have welcomed Pretzel's assistance. She didn't even try to respond, just looked at me with this bewildered, injured expression. She just couldn't imagine that Cheddar had been so rude to her. I agree with you, cats definitely have personalities and are very intelligent, and have a sense of humor as well. After Spaz has totally humiliated my daughter's dog, Snickers, he just sits back and watches the reaction, very much like Garfield does to Odie. It's hilarious to watch. The Plum is a bit afraid of him, and spends a lot of time on someone's lap or lying up on the back of the sofa. She doesn't give him many opportunities to ambush her.
Charlotte Tucker, I've taken a few photos of the Plum in her little Santa hat. As soon as I can secure your email address, I'll forward them. Actually, I did manage to locate an address, and will try it, but it may very well be too old. Here goes... --Romeena

November 16, 2002 - Msg 10502: You have a pet pumpkin, Clara? Boy, I've heard of pet rocks before but this is ridiculous! What do you feed a pumpkin? Whipped topping?
I'm just fun'in ya Clara, you know that! I know what you mean, though. That same cat who thought he was a dog would nuzzle up to us when we were down in spirit. His name is Skunk. Weird isn't it? A cat named Skunk who thinks he's a dog. I know I talked about him in the past tense before but he is still alive. He lives in a housefull(and I mean "full") of other cats with my parents, but he's alot older now and doesn't get up on the window to look at squirrels as much. He's still one of the nicest cats around though.

Oh, he's called Skunk because he is black and white.(duh!) Not because he smells like one.
-Sterling Holobyte

November 16, 2002 - Msg 10503: Here ya go Romeena
I ain't even trying to make a link there, Floyd would be cleaning up after me again, them things just don't want to work for me anymore. For the critter discussion, around here it is the African Grey, Cooper, that ambushes the dogs, they look at me like "Mom! that's not nice, make him quit!" It's pretty funny watching this baby grey bird running down the hall chasing the "d", he means business & they know it, that beak hurts! They get too close to his food (I make special warm food for him twice a day, oatmeal, grits, eggs ect) & the "d" kids get their share, but they want the bird's share too, & he's alot like a giraffe~selfish (but cute~!)

November 16, 2002 - Msg 10504: Oh boy, first it's Clara and her pet pumpkin, now it's Romeena with her pet pretzel, slice of cheddar, snickers bar, and I won't even go into spaz.
You girls are killing me.:)
-Sterling Holobyte

November 16, 2002 - Msg 10505: Just for the record, the pet Pretzel belongs to Clara, along with Pumpkin and Gracie. The Sugarplum is mine, and she's an "only kid", and I suppose will always be so. I do travel a bit, and always take her along. If I had another little companion as well, it would get awkward. Hard to carry more than one (not to mention expensive if you're flying), and I couldn't bear to leave someone behind. The Plum has a carseat she rides in when we travel by car, and has her own little duffelbag-type carrier that fits under the seat in front of me on a plane. Would you believe American charges me $80, each way, in order for her to ride on the floor where I would normally place a handbag or small carry-on for free? I don't get it, but I don't make a fuss, because I'm just grateful they let her in the cabin. If she had to ride in cargo, she'd have to stay home. I wouldn't do that to her, she'd be terrified. Actually, she seems to enjoy flying since she can be with me. I unzip her carrier and put it on the living room floor a day or two before a trip, and she hops in, naps there, puts a toy or two inside, and generally seems to be comfortable with it. I'm glad, because I really do enjoy having her with me.

Now, as for you, Sterling Holobyte, you behave yourself or we'll sic Mavis's parrot, Cooper, on you! What would you name a little furkid? Spot? Puff? Rover? Humpf! Just because our pets' names are somewhat food-related, that doesn't mean a thing! Hey, anybody got any pretzels? Maybe I'll go bake a pumpkin pie. I think I've got a hunk of cheddar to nibble on while the pie bakes. C'mon, Sugarplum, let's go rummage in the kitchen. Tell the nice folks hey! (She says hey!) --Romeena

November 16, 2002 - Msg 10506: Sterling all but two of my critters have other names besides food-related, they would be "Dumplin" the dachshund, & "Kiwi" the Green Cheek Conure. The rest are "Buster", "Blarney", "Tink" "Charm", "Cooper", "Elmer", "TomTom" & "Thelma Lou" Can we help it if we are a little preoccupied with food on this porch? Aunt Bea would have been proud, we all are a family of 'hearty eaters'
Eatin' speaks louder than words!

November 16, 2002 - Msg 10507: I apologize to everyone concerned. I just got a little carried away. I also see I got my food groups mixed up, sorry about that;)
That's a good idea getting her used to the carrier before the flight, instead of shocking her by putting her in it just before you leave. I've never brought a pet with me on a flight, just a baby, and she took it very well. I was very relieved.

Spot? Puff? Rover? Humpf? C'mon Romeena, give me some credit. ...Fido maybe.

I'd like to see your bird chasing after the dogs, Mavis, that does seem kind of funny to watch. But, does Cooper realize what you're feeding him(eggs)? And if he did do you think he still would eat them?
All this food talk is making me hungry. Is the BBQ all done?
-Sterling Holobyte

November 16, 2002 - Msg 10508: Oh, Mavis. Thanks for the website addy. I've got it safely stored now.
Sterling Holobyte, I'll give you lots of credit. Anyone who would take a baby on an airplane deserves a medal, as far as I'm concerned. What a job! I watched one young family on a flight one day, and the poor little mother was in tears before it was over. The baby cried the whole way, refused a bottle or pacifier, dirtied her diaper at least twice, threw up about four times, and was generally uncontrollable. Some of the other passengers were making tacky remarks, which I felt were uncalled for. One unpleasant-looking man even loudly asked the flight attendant to "do something about all the disturbance." Who knows the circumstances? I'm sure the parents had no choice, why else would they have subjected themselves to such a trial? I just tried to read and pretended not to notice the racket, and silently thanked the Lord for my silent little Plum, quietly trying to snooze in her carrier.
Now, about that BBQ - where is it? I could use a little snack about now. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

November 16, 2002 - Msg 10509: That's what I was afraid would happen with my Baby, but it never did. She was a very good little girl.
As for where the BBQ is, your guess is as good as mine, Romeena. I read about it somewhere up in the posts.
-Sterling Holobyte

November 17, 2002 - Msg 10510: Sheesh, I just got here. You guys been into the cheeze, pretzels, punkin pie, dumplins, snickers, and now your talking about BBQ. You know what I say? That'll lay on your chest!
- Hazel

November 17, 2002 - Msg 10511: Wow, Mary Wiggins. What a beautiful buck (and like Fun Girl said, the paintings ain't half bad neither!) I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist, it's just that the first thing I noticed was the paintings and in my opinion they are outstanding, then I noticed the artist and he looks like a work of art to me, too. God is good. I really liked the fox painting with the red barn in the background and I would be interested in seeing the rest of Pat's work. Be sure to let us know when your website is ready.

I'm afraid I forgot to tell ya'll that Mexico was just an overnight trip (I only live 2 hours from the border). We stayed the night in Brownsville and went to Mattamorros in the morning. So, I didn't eat or drink anything while I was there. The area we were ministering in was extremely depressed so there was nothing to eat readily available. The roads were mud, the houses were made of plywood and roughly the size of most of our bathrooms or kitchens. They didn't have doors and had open window without glass panes. No electricity or indoor plumbing, no sanitation (you get the picture). I saw about 50 very sick dogs with mange just wandering the garbage filled streets and the people just live in terrible poverty. The children were beautiful, though and for the most part clean and warmly dressed which was something to be thankful for. I noticed that they had no toys outdoors or in their homes so I think we will be going back before Christmas and take some toys if we can get them through the border check point. They usually only let you take a few things at a time. We are planning another trip before winter to help build some houses or repair some that need work. I want to say thanks for your prayers and advice. We were able to share the gospel with some, help a woman who was holding church meetings in her little plywood home and I gave ALOT of candy out to some sweet little children! It was a blessing.

I better hit the hay, it's been a long two days. Love to all, Boo.

November 17, 2002 - Msg 10512: By the way, I am one who appreciates good pet names ( kind of a hobby) and I must say today's posts have been a treat. Spaz is a great name for a cat and Blarney for a Boston Terrier is quite good!!
Later, gators


November 17, 2002 - Msg 10513: Have a wonderful Sunday Porch!

November 17, 2002 - Msg 10514: You're a good person Boo, for doing what you're doing for those people. And I'm glad you're back safely.
Boy, the way those people live, I can't imagine why so many of them want to sneak across the border and get away from all that prosperity.
I joke, but it does make me a little more sympathetic of the ones that try, after hearing how they live. The bad part is, because of terrorists, I think the borders have to be secured better now because we need to keep those bad guys out, and that's going to hurt those Mexican's who are just trying to find a better life for their families.

I guess Spaz is a good name for a cat, Boo, have you ever seen one after they've had a little catnip?!
-Sterling Holobyte

November 17, 2002 - Msg 10515: Morning Porch! Sterling I'm not sure Cooper cares where eggs come from, he loves them! Snatches them out of my hand when offered to him, besides, he says they are from chickens anyway, not African Greys. LOL He also loves meatloaf, can't get enough of it. I usually try to give him some of everything we are eating except chocolate & avocado, they are fatal to birds. Boo I'm glad you made it home safe & sound & think you are a wonderful person for doing what you are doing! I'm off to watch some tube this morning, it's the last NASCAR race of the season & the Redskins are playing too.

November 17, 2002 - Msg 10516: Well, Mavis, then that's one thing me and Cooper have in common. I love meatloaf too!! When I go to a buffet that's serving meatloaf, that's all I eat. I had heard that chocolate is bad for lots of animals, but why avocado? That's weird, you wouldn't think a vegetable(or fruit, which is it anyway?) would be bad for anyone.

Go Redskins! Oh wait, who are they playing? If it's the Packers I'll have to take that one back. I don't really keep up that much with football, but you know, home state team and all.
-Sterling Holobyte

November 17, 2002 - Msg 10517: Howdy, friends! Yes, Sterling, Spaz is a good name for most any cat, and fits this one perfectly. Even without catnip, he has these spells, you see. He'll be sauntering (as only a cat can do) through the house, and suddenly, with no warning, he'll start running in circles, bouncing off walls and furniture, racing around like his tail was on fire, and then just as suddenly, he stops and continues his stroll, as though nothing had happened. Weird kitty, very weird, but he's sweet. I think I'd be afraid to give him catnip, no telling what he'd do!
I'm not sure exactly what it is in avocadoes that's bad for birds, but I have been told that, too. An avocado is a fruit, by the way - it grows on a tree and has a seed. Now, here's a little word of warning. If you have a pet who is becoming arthritic, DO NOT give it Ibuprofen in any form. Not Advil, Motrin or any other trade name of ibuprofen. It's tempting, I know, because we all take it for aches and pains, but it is toxic to dogs for sure, and probably to other animals as well. Always consult your vet, before giving a pet any "people" medicine. Sugarplum's doctor told me that one Advil had the potential to kill her, so when I am taking it myself, I go in the bathroom and close the door. If I dropped one and she snagged it, I'd never forgive myself.
Well, enough of that. You all have a great Mayberry Sabbath. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

November 17, 2002 - Msg 10518: Sterling I haven't found out WHY avocado is bad for birds, just know that it is, chocolate is bad for all the critters. And Romeena is right about the Advil etc, bad for animals & aspirin will kill a cat as well, so be sure to ask your vet before giving your animal kids anything. The Redskins are playing the New York Giants today, division game so we will see what happens, hope it is good. (fingers crossed & looking for a red-headed boy's head to rub!)

November 17, 2002 - Msg 10519: Boy, I'm just a wealth of knowledge today huh? teehee

November 17, 2002 - Msg 10520: Ok, then I say "Go Redskins!"

Oh, and don't worry, I would never give a pet human medicines. I try to keep away from them myself, aside from Vicks Vaporub and the occasional cough drop. I just have this notion that the mind does most of the work, and most over-the-counter medicines are just placebos. I mean, you can make yourself literally sick by just thinking about it(stress,etc), so logically, you should be able to think yourself well. I've done it myself, when I would feel symptoms coming on. Really! Of course I still get sick sometimes, usually when I'm down and don't have the will to chase it off.
Ok, that's my Spock moment, now on to something more important. Like when's that BBQ!

Live long and prosper!
-Sterling Holobyte

November 17, 2002 - Msg 10521: Sorry, that's a question, not a statement.
...When's that BBQ?
-Sterling Holobyte

November 17, 2002 - Msg 10522: Sterling you are a caution! I don't think they want us coming to the BBQ nobody will tell us where it is. You reckon? BTW the Skins lost AGAIN!!! :(

November 17, 2002 - Msg 10523: Hello porch, how is everybody today, I've been cleaning house and rearraning furniture.Got a lot more today. On my 2 days off I've ddone nothing but clean. LOL

Ellen Brown

November 17, 2002 - Msg 10524: Sorry Mavis, so did the Packers.
No, I guess they don't want us at the BBQ. Nobody loves us.:(
Ellen Brown, you should put your feet up and relax for once! Let someone else clean.
-Sterling Holobyte

November 17, 2002 - Msg 10525: Ellen I thought YOU were fixing the BBQ? I promise I won't get sauce everywhere like Asa did & I'm sure Sterling won't either if ya'll let us come.

November 17, 2002 - Msg 10526: ???? Ii didn't know about the BBQ, Did I? Oh will comeon over we'll have a BBQ of our own. LOL can one of you bring Root Beer? LOL Say Mavis I found this most wonderful web site with Christmas Music, I f you like I'll email it to you, how about you Sterling, you like christmas music? I'm sure you do. Say where is everyone today did they all go to a different board to post and forget to tell us about it LOL. Hmmmmmm

Ellen Brown ;)

November 17, 2002 - Msg 10527: Send it on over Ellen B. I'd love it!

November 17, 2002 - Msg 10528: Mary Wiggins, Pierre and I just looked at the paintings they are great, He liked the one with the deers and he pointed out the second deer in behind the trees, I sisn't even see that one till he pointed it out. Great Work.

Ellen & Pierre

November 17, 2002 - Msg 10529: Hey guys, Sounds like I missed quite a bit in here as usual. As for the food names for the animals.. I'd have to raise my hand too. I have a cat named Cracker Jack and my best friends little Yorkie is named Skittles. So I guess we are all a little fond of food. But I happen to know of 2 people who have cats named Spaz and one dog. Yall have a good evening.. My Packers lost and it was the last race so I'm a little down tonite. Night Porch--Salty Dog

November 18, 2002 - Msg 10530: Well, it's already the end of the day and I am going to rest my weary bones. It was a long weekend. Thank ya'll for the sweet comments concerning the Mexico trip and thanks for your prayers. You are great friends!

It was a good Lord's Day here in South Texas. Temperatures are in the 60's

and 70's during the day with sunshine. Can't beat that!

I am going to turn in. My sister offered to stay the night and wake up with baby girl if needed. Cool. I could use a night of uninterrupted sleep (haven't had one since 1995). Have a great tomorrow!


ps- I don't know what I did wrong when I was typing this! I wanted to tell ya'll that I once found this really homely looking cat and someone at work told me to name it the kind of name an unattractive woman would have. One of my hispanic friends suggested "Porfiria Consuelo" and I named her that. The problem with that became apparent the first time I took her to the vet and they asked me what her name was. My face must have turned red as I quickly said, "Kitty". I was too embarrased to tell them her real name.

November 18, 2002 - Msg 10531: It's after 1 in the morning. Too much caffeine but I'm going to try to get some sleep. Been busy all weekend. Missed the BBQ. Sounds like ya'll had lots of fun. Romeena, I got the pictures. I never believed you when you went on so about Sugarplum. But she is the cutest! Ya'll sleep well and I'll check in sometime. My aunt and uncle are coming to visit Fri. and I have much cleaning to do! May not have time to sit a spell for awhile.
Charlotte Tucker

November 18, 2002 - Msg 10532: Good morning porch, Time to start another week. I'm already to start another week end. LOL Pray y'all have a great day. May God'sSonshine in your life always.

Ellen Brown

November 18, 2002 - Msg 10533: Hey, where is everybody? I've been sittin' here on the porch with my blanket and coffee waiting for some good conversation. Ya'll aren't gonna let a little cold weather keep you off the porch are ya?

I have a story to tell you. Heard it on the news last night. They said this well-to-do woman was driving through an intersection in town and was in an accident in which the woman's arm was severed when she was side-swiped by the other vehichle (I guess she had her arm out the window at the time of the accident). Well, it seems the arm landed in the middle of the intersection and some jerk saw that there were some nice rings on the fingers. Well, he got out of his car, grabbed the severed arm and took off. Someone saw him do it and called 911. Well, they caught him about a mile away and charged him with arm robbery. hehe

bye, now


November 18, 2002 - Msg 10534: I was sitting at the other end of the porch, did you not see me Boo, Gee, I always thought people looked right thru me now I know for sure they do, LOL. That wasa cute story. Y'all have a great day now ya hear.

Ellen Brown

November 18, 2002 - Msg 10535: Sorry, Ellen. Now that I turned forty my eysight's goin'. Is that you way on the other end of the porch? Come closer and I'll share my blanket and tell you about the golden arm!

I have a great cup of coffee. It's called brown sugar coffee. Instead of white sugar, you use brown sugar and real whipped cream and a pinch of cinnamon. Strong, very hot coffee works best. Try it, you'll like it.


November 18, 2002 - Msg 10536: I like Tea, but thanks, the coffee sounds good, I'll take you up on the blanket and story, but don't make it to scary ok

Ellen Brown

November 18, 2002 - Msg 10537: It's time to go to work, chat later

November 18, 2002 - Msg 10538: Asa, you would love the weather here right now. The sun is shining and it is supposed to be in the seventies today. I will be wearing my shorts and sandals as I do my Christmas shopping! Hehe. I like cold weather around the holidays but i won't complain as long as it isn't hot. Yesterday defied description. Beautiful, cool and clear with the bluest sky you ever saw. Maybe it had something to do with being in Mexico on Saturday, but everything here at home looks more beautiful!

Eleven more days and I will be Colorado bound! Sure hope it is snowing when I get there. I love the sound of fresh snow squeeking under my shoes, and the way it sparkles like diamonds in the morning sun. When I see snow, I see it with wonder. I was deprived from it all my life until five years ago and I feel like a kid when I see it. I make snow angels with my son every time we go to Colorado. We have such a good time rolling around in it.

Well, better go get the chores done. The young uns' will be getting up soon. Bye for now.


November 18, 2002 - Msg 10539: Morning Porch! Thought I would pop in & say hello to everyone this fine (cold) morning, I'm not having the weather Boo is having, I wole up to a temp of 26' this morning. YUCK! I want the summer back!

November 18, 2002 - Msg 10540: see there it's so cold I can't even type, make that woKe up, not woLe up. wonder what causes that?

November 18, 2002 - Msg 10541: I woLE-heartedly agree, Mavis. I want summer back too! I have a lot more biking I want to do!
-Sterling Holobyte

November 18, 2002 - Msg 10542: Hello all! Have a Mayberry Day!

Briscoe Darling Jr.

November 18, 2002 - Msg 10543: Well Mavis, you beat me then.. it was 23 here this morning. Dont like this cold weather already. Yall have a good un--Salty Dog

November 18, 2002 - Msg 10544: Afternoon Porch, home form work now I have to go pay a bill and get a few groceries. have a good afternoon.

Ellen Brown

November 18, 2002 - Msg 10545: Everybody talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it. Calvin Coolidge said that. --Romeena

November 18, 2002 - Msg 10546: Was that Calvin Coolidge?
Mary Wiggins

November 18, 2002 - Msg 10547: Actually, once again, let me remind you, that it was MARK TWAIN that said that about the weather.
fun girl

November 18, 2002 - Msg 10548: Calvin Coolidge didn't say EVER'thang!

November 18, 2002 - Msg 10549: testing

November 18, 2002 - Msg 10550: A special hey to FRANKIE FLINT! Good to see you!

November 18, 2002 - Msg 10551: Hey guys.. just wanted to say hey to the porch. Hope everyones warm tonyte. Night--Salty Dog

November 19, 2002 - Msg 10552: Folks don't seem to have much to say tonight. I guess we can just sit here and enjoy the night air on the porch. I don't have any more stories to tell you. Been a busy but kind of uneventful day. Oh, I wanted to say to Sterling, that I got the pictures back that I had taken at Penney's of the kids and they are NOT very good but I paid for them so I am sending them out in the Christmas cards anyway. I think I should have gone to a private photographer. It would have cost but I feel like i threw away 48.00 on these pictures. Live and learn.

Has anyone noticed that they show alot of the TAGS episodes that were in color on TVLand? I wonder why they don't show more of the black and white episodes? I was watching tonight, and Helen had a "mod" hairstyle and was wearing slacks. Just seemed weird. They just don't have the same "feel" as the black and white episodes and of course, I miss Barney.

Gotta go, baby girl is crying. Take care!


November 19, 2002 - Msg 10553: ps-Salty, I am so warm I have my air conditioning on. No kidding. I am trying to stay cool.


November 19, 2002 - Msg 10554: Same here, Boo. It's been pretty warm today. As for TV Land showing so many color eps, here's what happens. They start at the beginning, back with episode #1, and work their way through. So, right now we're in the color shows, getting toward the end. When those finish, they'll start over with the very first one, when Opie was very little, and Miss Rose was getting married and leaving, and Aunt Bee was coming to stay. We'll have several months of some of the very best for a while then. Now, they may skip back and forth some, but for the most part, they run in order.
Well, my Christmas tree is almost done. I'm happy to say the lights all worked, all 2150 of them. Yes, I know, that's a lot of lights, but sometimes I like to see a lot of lights. I even like to see a bat now and then. Anyway, the back of the tree is fully decorated, and the whole shebang has been pushed and pulled back into its corner. The remotes are attached to the lights so I don't have to crawl under it to plug things in. All that remains is to decorate the front. That'll take a couple of hours - after 44 years of decorating my own trees, I have quite a collection of lovely ornaments, some even from my mother's tree when I was a small child. I'll be able to go to Florida on Thursday with a clear conscience, knowing that job is done. My granddaughter has been given free rein to finish decorating the rest of the house, and she's looking forward to it. No telling what I'll find when I come home, it will probably be way overdone, but it will be pretty and I'll like it. She has a lot to work with, because I hit the stores after Christmas each year and have several large plastic bins filled with "fixin's" bought for pennies on the dollar at those sales. Need a wreath? I can whomp one up for you at the drop of a hat, without even going to the store.
Well, I'm so tired I could fall asleep in this rocker, so guess I'll go to bed. Tomorrow is another day. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

November 19, 2002 - Msg 10555: So. Romeenas decorating again I noticed she didn't mention if Asa helped this year or not. Which after that episode last year it might be a good thing. Ro, I just hope you hid the sweet cider this year. Glad you are able to be up and doing things though. Take care and Hey to Sugarplum--Salty Dog

November 19, 2002 - Msg 10556: Good Morning Porch, Have a great day in the Lord, Hey to all
Salty Dog
Mary Wiggins
Charloett T
Frankie Flint
and anyone I forgot

Ellen Brown

November 19, 2002 - Msg 10557: That's alot of lights, Romeena! You remind me of Clark Griswold in that Christmas Vacation movie. Ever seen that one? Not the most wholesome movie but extremely funny.

I put up my four foot artificial tree for my son to help decorate. I will buy a real tree when we return from Colorado and put it in the front room window. The little one is in the family room and I decorated it this year with the old fashioned lights that we used to have on the tree when I was a kid, you know, the big ones that get hot; the fire hazard ones? I think they look great. We made popcorn chains and red and green paper chains from construction paper and I found some old, vintage Christmas cards that we decorated with glitter and put on the tree. I think it looks great. I decided not to put anything breakable on the tree because baby girl is all hands!

thanks for explaining the TAGS episode thing, Ro. I thought it might work that way but I remember seeing the color episodes such a short time ago I could'nt believe I was seeing them again.

You know, I never see the one and only Christmas episode on TV. I have it on tape but I have never seen it shown on television. We should all watch it again since we are coming up on the Christmas season and see how many quotes we can come up with from that episode.

Gotta run!


"But school's out!"-Barney

November 19, 2002 - Msg 10558: Boo I don't recall a christmas ep. How can I get a hold of a copy of that show?
We will be putting up our decoration after Thanksgiving. Can't wait. LOL I get so excited, I'm as bad a a kid when it comes to Christmas. ;>

Ellen Brown

November 19, 2002 - Msg 10559: Good Morning Porch!
Around here we decorate the house right after Thanksgiving, but no tree for a week or two after that. We like to go out and cut down a live tree, so you can't have it up too long! I have bins full of decorations too. Right now I have my autumn/Thanksgiving theme going on. After the New Year, (which my oldest turns 21 on New Year's Day!) we go back to "normal". Then, as it gets close to Easter I go into Easter mode and decorate for that. It's kind of nice that way because you don't get so bored with your house.
I haven't done a lick of Christmas shopping yet! I am going to be in some trouble if I don't get moving on that! Oh well, there's always tomorrow....
I hope you all have a great Mayberry Day!
Mary Wiggins

November 19, 2002 - Msg 10560: Hey Ellen, I didn't see you sitting there, have a great day girl!
Mary Wiggins

November 19, 2002 - Msg 10561: I remember seeing the Christmas episode on tv not too long ago. Wasn't Ben Weaver playing a Scroogey-type character? Ok, so he's always a Scroogey-type character, but this one was set during Christmas. I remember Ben looking in the courthouse windows at a Christmas party. In the end, they're all gathered in the courthouse, Ben included, is that the same one you have Boo?
I can't remember though if I saw that one on TVLAND or one of the local stations.

Sorry about your pictures not turning out the way you wanted them to, Boo. I know the feeling. Then you don't feel right about not accepting them and end up paying for pictures you aren't that thrilled about, why is that?!
-Sterling Holobyte

November 19, 2002 - Msg 10562: You are right about Ben Weaver and them having Christmas in the jail. And the BBQ was this past weekend but I was so busy that I have tons left over in the fridge so help yourself. Just don't make a mess - I have enough to clean up!
Take care of yourselves . . .


November 19, 2002 - Msg 10563: Good question, Sterling, and I think I know the answer. It's because most people, and especially TAGS people, are kind-hearted and peace-loving, and don't like getting into unpleasant confrontations. We're afraid if we criticize the pictures and refuse to pay for them, somebody will be upset with us. Well, I have a solution for that, which works a lot of the time. Not always, but often enough. It starts with being willing to praise and applaud good work or performance, even when it's not expected. Especially when it's not expected. Like I told a salesperson in Old Navy just yesterday, "Thanks so much. You have really helped me, and I appreciate it. I know you're busy and tired, but you were friendly and patient and helped me find just what I needed, and I appreciate it." Voice these praises in front of another employee, especially a manager-type, if you can. You can even ask to speak to a manager, then tell them directly. Another thing to do, in a restaurant or when ordering delivery, tip generously. It's only a buck or two more to you, but it can mean a lot to the recipient, a vote of confidence. Same principle works with kids. Be very generous with praise and approval. Then when you must correct or criticize, they'll be more apt to listen.

Now, what's the point of all this? Well, obviously, the first benefit is that it makes the other person feel good, and usually will elicit better performance from them in the future. It also makes you feel good, incidentally. The second benefit, as it relates to Sterling's question, is this. If you have been generous with praise, you then have the right to criticize or complain when something is shoddy or not done right. Just complaining all the time is negative and destructive, and we "nicer folks" feel uncomfortable with that. However, if I know I have passed out the praise where it was merited, I feel much more empowered to complain when something is wrong.

The next thing is to be as kind and pleasant as you can when offering the complaint. Keep smiling, and just state your case simply. Boo, you could smile and say "I know your staff worked hard to produce acceptable pictures of my family, but for whatever reason, it just didn't happen this time. These are not up to your usual standards, and don't meet mine either, so I know you'll understand if I don't accept them. I'm sorry, and maybe we can try again next year." Then just leave. Don't stand and debate. It will work almost every time, and you'll feel much better about the whole thing.

Well, that's my advice column for the week. Don't you all get tired of the ramblings of an old lady? I appreciate your kindness in putting up with me. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena