December 13, 2002 - Msg 10997: Prayers, Fun Girl.

Briscoe Darling Jr.(Dave)

December 13, 2002 - Msg 10998: Since the Porch just got swept, I'll post my last two posts. Here they are:

December 13, 2002 - Msg 10993: Hello all! Happy, I forget names too. I hate when I do that, I don't wanna leave anyone out. Hey ~Clara~, I'll jug "Silent Night" for you all. Enjoy.

Briscoe Darling Jr.(Dave)
Hey ta':
Fun Girl
Mary Wiggins
An' everyone!

December 13, 2002 - Msg 10994: The twelve Mayberry Days before Christmas(it's a stretch. But, here it goes.

"On the----day of Christmas, my true love gave to me.......

12. Canning Jars.
11. Episodes Of TAGS.
10. Haircuts from Floyd.
9. Pounds of tough beef.
8. Quarts of pickles.
7. Giggles from Earnest T.
6. Jugs from Junior.
5. On the back of Barney's watch.
4. Yeah boy's from Andy.
3. Chair shop for Floyd.
2. Fun Girls.
1. Giant hug from Junior.

Maybe, someone will come up with a better one.

Briscoe Darling Jr.(Dave)

December 13, 2002 - Msg 10999: Good evening, everyone! Fun girl, we'll be praying for you as you have your surgery. I think you're wise to do it now, while you can still have the surgeon you're familiar with and trust. Isn't that musical chairs game with insurance companies annoying? Every year, either I have to change companies because my employer changes what they offer, or my doctors leave the current system. Wish someone would come up with a real answer.
I could tell you some pretty funny and/or scary stories about new nurses, too, but I could tell some funnier ones about patients. For example, once I was taking a history from a new patient, and she told me she had a hyena hernia. "Excuse me?", I said, and she repeated that she had a hyena hernia, "you know, like my food doesn't go down right?" Resisting the urge to ask her if it hurt when she laughed, I dropped the subject and went on. Another woman, in the hospital with her eighth child, asked, "When a woman has a lot of kids like I have, does she use the same uterus every time?" That one about did me in. I managed to squeak out a "yes" and faked a coughing spell to get myself out of the room. Believe me, her Kardex bore the NBBT notation after that! Actually, it's pretty scary, because that woman was taking a beautiful, living, breathing child home with her to care for and presumably teach about life.
Well, I was wrapping the last of the Christmas gifts and realized that I had overlooked one person, so have to go fight the battle once again, darn it. Oh, well. I'm thankful I have a car, enough money (barely) and the health and energy to get the job done. Have a lovely Mayberry evening, everyone. Sugarplum says ho, ho, ho! --Romeena

December 13, 2002 - Msg 11000: Now Ro, you don't need to get me nothing this year.


December 13, 2002 - Msg 11001: Evening Y'all. Prayers for you fun girl. It's not gonna be a picnic,but I'm sure the spinal fusion will greatly help you. My mom just went through a 12 hour s.fusion in June.You'll make it-just keep your eye on the prize,which is improved health. You'll be in my thoughts.
Romeena,bet you could write a book! Call it "Patients Say The Darnedest Things!"
Well,it's been another doozy of a week. Got cussed at by a 3 year old little boy in my class today-can y'all believe it? That kid swears like a sailor. I've been cussed so far this school year by two 3 year olds and a 7 year old. I worked at the middle school for over 15 years and had some rough customers,but was never cussed at till I got to the elementary school! I'm afraid they'll find out I'm a possum and start jabbing at me with long poinky sticks!
Five more days...five more days... then Christmas break! Yee Haw!
Y'all have a good night now!
possum under a rock

December 13, 2002 - Msg 11002: Hazel, what did you agree with me about? That my story was tacky or that you don't like the color episodes of TAGS? Or maybe both? heehee

Hope all goes well, Fun Girl. Prayers to you.

Romeena, I used to have all kinds of stories about funny things that patients say but the older I get, the less I remember. Once I remember having a young, unmarried patient who was in premature labor. She was about 16. The Dr. came by to see her but before going into her room he asked me how she was doing. I reported on the patient's contractions and the dr said, "She probably has had poor nutrition. I'll bet she is living on the three 'itos'.". I asked, "What are the three itos?" and he replied, "Fritos, Cheetos, and Burritos.". I thought that was pretty funny. Well, we entered the patients room and after his exam, the dr asked the girl what she had for lunch today and (no kidding) she replied, "Some Fritos and a burrito". I had to leave the room before I laughed out loud.

Maybe you had to be there....

Better go, one of my young 'uns is breathin' down my neck. Later, friends.


December 13, 2002 - Msg 11003: Good evening to all my porch friends, cold and rainy on my porch tonight. I have to throw my story in too, I'm not a nurse but I am and EMT and have seen a few scary/funy things too. But one of my favorites, this elderly man was outside feeding his cattle and on his way back home he fell and broke his hip. It was very cold and he had been laying there for hours before anyone found him. We got there and were trying to make him as comfortable as possible and when the paramedics got there, one of the younger medics asked the old man very seriously, did you hit anything when you fell? Yeah the man replied... The ground!! We were all just about to die laughing on that one. I hope you all have a good weekend, I actually have the weekend off for a change, gonna be my last one for awhile too. Goodnyte yall stay warm--Salty Dog

December 13, 2002 - Msg 11004: Romeena, this change in health care providers was not technically forced. Our doctor is just such a pompus as# that I couldn't stand it any more. When I went in complaining about my back, I mentioned that when I had my last back surgery the neurosurgeon mentioned the possibility of a future spinal fussion. He looked at me like I was crazy and said, real snotty like, "Who told you you'd have to have a spinal fussion?" Acted like I was NBBT. So after constant nagging he finally refers me to a specialist who does an MRI and here we are. Now if you don't call that going the long way around the barn, I don't know what you call it. I guess what burns me up is that he was doubting the doctor who had seen my back cut open and knew what was what and just assumed that he knew more than the NEUROSURGEON! When I took in the exrays, that I had my chiropractor take, AT MY OWN EXPENSE, cause he wouldn't order an MRI, he wouldn't even look at them on the lighted box, just held them up to the light and then hardly glanced at them, just said, "I'll have to refer you to a specialist for this." This is the same man who, when I asked about a medication for restless legs, said he wanted me to talk to my psychiatrist because he didn't know about my wat medications would conflict with what I take for my MENTAL ILLNESS. Now I do realize that Bi-Polar Disorder is a brain disorder, but where did he get his bedside manner, K-Mart? I felt like saying,"Hey buddy, ya wanna see mental illness? Cause I can show ya mental illness if that's what ya want to see." Crass, that's all he is. He's just eat up with crass!!!
Now I am off my soap box and I'm gonna go turn up the heater cause it's as cold as frog bottoms in here and we are supposed to get 2-4 inches of snow tonight.

Love to all, even those who may be doctors.
fun girl (Penny)

December 13, 2002 - Msg 11005: The part of one sentence above is supposed to read "he didn't know what medications...."

December 14, 2002 - Msg 11006: Why are so many doctors so obnoxious and pompous? I have had my belly full of them over the last twenty years. I really wonder if they teach them in school to be so full of themselves. Not all are like that, of course, but sooooo many are. I have been cussed, yelled at, patronized, put down, and sexually assaulted by a variety of doctors in my time. I have been propositioned by them in elevators and had them rub up against me in operating rooms and I could go on and on. Am I bitter? If I let myself think about it too much i am. Something good came out of it all, though. I learned to stand up for myself and for my patients, and I learned that doctors surely aren't always right. we are ultimately responsible for our own health care. Alot of doctors plain just don't care unless they are threatened with a lawsuit.

Ok, I am finished ranting. It's just that I have endured alot of abuse from doctors over the years.

Enough said.


December 14, 2002 - Msg 11007: Sorry if I offended anyone who is a doctor or has a child who is one, etc. There are some very good and compassionate doctors out there (mostly women). I have two excellant doctors, both women. One is an ob/gyn and the other is an internist. They are very caring and humble people. I also have a female dermatologist and a female dentist.


December 14, 2002 - Msg 11008:
Mornin' Y'all. Doctors,huh? Well, I'm just getting over what my family doctor did to me. Day after Thanksgiving I went to him for antibiotics because I KNEW I had a sinus infection. I did get antibiotics,but he decided to hone in on a knot/lump that I've had behind my ear for ages. Scared me to death with talk of needle biopsy,surgery,lymphoma (which my daddy died from) and even got his partner to look at me and frighten me more. Y'all probably recall me asking for prayers and such. To appease them I went to a specialist ( one of those good caring doctors-have the highest respect for him) who told me the knot/lump was spinal-meaning it was just the way I was made! No lymphoma,no horrible thing... I went through one awful ordeal right here at Christmas thanks to those local doctors.
Well,guess I'll shut up and count my blessings. Heading out to finish up my Christmas shopping,or as Asa would say: " I'm off to fight the crows!" Ha Ha
Coffee & Krispy Kremes for everybody! Have a great day!
possum under a rock

December 14, 2002 - Msg 11009: No doctor stories here - not that I could go on but my niece is marrying one come June and she is going to be a nurse practioner as well. I am not real sure how his bedside manner will be. It could be interesting.


December 14, 2002 - Msg 11010: I see Fun Girl and Boo have got there jaw muscles working.
Prayers for a speedy recovery Fun Girl. I'm a feared I might be not to far behind you with back surgery. Maybe I'm just having sympathy pains for you.
Bless all you nurses out there who take care of the sick and inflicted. I've been blessed with pretty good health but I have seen others in the hospital and have seen the care recieved by nurses who look over them. You all are special.
Thanks for the goodies Possum. No crow fighting for me today. Gonna take it easy and rest my back.
Prayers and hugs for everyone.


December 14, 2002 - Msg 11011: Hello all! I'm putting my trains around the tree today. One, that belonged to my dad, is over 60 years old. All the cars are made of steel. And the engine still blows smoke. Have a Mayberry day all!

Briscoe Darling Jr.(Dave)

December 14, 2002 - Msg 11012: Good morning, all! fun girl and Boo, I know exactly what you're talking about. Doctors can be obnoxious jackas#es at times, and they can (horrors!) make mistakes, too. However, there are times when I think the public, and that can include us nurses, set them up to disappointus. Let me explain. First of all, they're only people, like everyone else, but we often expect them to be superior. When an office accountant behaves badly, we don't get upset at accountants in general, just that one. I've got friends who quit office jobs where they had been yelled at or harassed by bosses. As for bad judgment, we have to remember that 50% of the physicians in practice today graduated in the bottom half of their class! (teehee) Scary, isn't it? Yet when we set out to file a malpractice suit, we stand a good chance of getting a lousy lawyer, because the same 50% thing applies to them. Possum, it must have been very scary for you, possibly expensive, and certainly annoying to go through all that for a lump that turned out to be nothing, as you expected it would. However, in this case, and from a nurse's point of view, I see your doctor as practicing good medicine. Had he ignored that lump, and a year from now it was found to be something awful, he'd have felt, and been, responsible. fun girl, I agree that your doc could have been a bit more tactful. OK, a lot more tactful. He's a snotty, self-impressed moron. The least he could have done was to look at the X-rays you had taken the trouble to bring in. Sounds like a case of professional snobbery - the X-rays couldn't have been any good if taken by a chiropractor, in his opinion. The best doctors will listen to anyone's opinions, especially the patient's, form their own opinions and deliver those opinions as gently and respectfully as they can. Unfortunately, they're not all like that. Too bad that instead of cloning sheep, we can't clone good doctors. Since we can't, all we can do is try to be patient with the clumsy ones, because even they do some good work at times, you just can't see it because you're too mad about something they said or the way they said it. The best solution is to do just what you girls are doing - weed out the bad ones, and settle in tight with the good ones.
There, that's my soapbox for this morning. And for what it's worth, remember that while I am a nurse, I'm also a patient, too! I not only work with doctors, but I seek their services as well, so I see the little dears from two different perspectives at any given time!
Sugarplum says ho, ho, ho! --Romeena

December 14, 2002 - Msg 11013: One other thing. In 24 years of nursing practice, I've been yelled at four times by a doctor, each time in front of other people. In each case, I interrupted him in mid-yell, told him I was going out into the hall and invited him to follow. Each of them did, and tried to continue to yell, even madder by then. Again I interrupted, and told them that I would listen to any constructive criticism they cared to deliver in a professional manner, but I was not there to be yelled at by them or by anyone else. Then I said that if they preferred to continue to yell, we would adjourn to the nursing office and they could do their yelling there, and I would listen, right along with my supervisors. Well, needless to say, each one stood with his jaw on the floor, said nothing else, and I concluded with something like, "Please remember that I'm willing to learn from you, but only when you deliver your criticism or instruction in a gentlemanly, professional manner." Then I walked away. Every one of those men became mentors and friends. Cases closed. --Romeena

December 14, 2002 - Msg 11014: Hi Porch! Mavis please watch that blood pressure, it can kill ya and make you feel wicked.
BTW, 14 year olds are usually dramatic - it is the age of testing and learning about ourselves and the hormones are going crazy and that doesn't help matters much - Christmas will be over soon (thank goodness)! Asa start singing cuz I still just want Christmas to be over. This retail stuff is killing me but the $ ain't that bad - it just gets hard to keep being nice for such long periods at a time, I am running out of "happy" pills! LOL. Boo I LMAO at your joke, loved it! thanks!;o)Fun Girl I will say a prayer for you but am sure you will do just fine, it is incredible what they can do with medicine now days. Homeaker I like the goats names, I know someone who had a Lab dog and their last name is Green, they named their dog Collard! Romeena I thought that was sooo funny about the woman who thought that she would get a different uterus with each child - and the real scary part is that this woman is raising children. Possum sorry bout the kids being mean to you, keep in mind that duct tape works wonders where children and pets are concerned!
(wink);p Ya'll have a great evening, and Brisco thank you for the kind msg in your post!


December 14, 2002 - Msg 11015: Romeena, thanks for sharing your experience, but I wasn't always as fortunate as you. I did gain the respect of many dr's I worked with over the years but some never did come around and I never did anything to deserve the way I was treated (I never just took it, either). I always stood up for myself and even reported some who went up for peer review but never changed their behavior. Some were very badly behaved and some just had personality disorders (One was even in primal scream therapy-sometimes you could hear him screamining in the dr's lounge) but there was almost always this patronizing attitude with most of them. I never saw it when they related to the male nurses, though, only the women. None of them ever became my mentor, though. I was younger and blond and on my gaurd most of the time. There was this one dr who was so nice and a good dr. I felt like I could trust him and talk to him about anything and then one morning during patient report he made a sexual comment about me in front of the other nurses. It was just a joke, but he was one of the nice guys and I didn't expect it, you know? I accidently touched one dr's leg once and got a proposition (he certainly couldn't be my mentor). There are other things I couldn't share here on the porch (they just wouldn't be proper) but I will say that I chose my mentors from among my well experienced nurse friends. When I was fresh out of nursing school, though, I knew a Cardiologist that was just wonderful. I was working in a little ICU and was terrified. Instead of being impatient, he was very patient and would explain things to me. He was great and never acted inappropriately, even though he had the opportunity to do so. Three cheers for Dr.L. He was one of those really good ones and I'll never forget him.
Enough said.


December 14, 2002 - Msg 11016: Evening Y'all. I'm all pooped out from shopping,and thought I'd sit on the porch a while. Rather airish,as my grandmother used to say-wind has been blowing here all day.
Romeena,I hear ya. My mama is a retired nurse and even though she hated to see that doctor put me through all of that (yeah,it was expensive) she said pretty much what you said. Enough about doctors from me!
Happy,I haven't thought of duct taping my little rascals,but I did call Santa Claus on them Friday! We have a real phone (disconnected) in our classroom and I picked it up and dialed the North Pole! You should've seen their reactions! One of the little "cussers" was sound asleep and woke up when she heard me talking to Santa! The 3 year old that cussed me that day was begging me for the rest of that afternoon to call Santa back & tell him he's a good boy! I loved it!
Gotta tell y'all one more thing and then I'm crawling back under my rock... Walked in Walmart this morning and what do y'all think was the first thing I saw? A set of bongos! Really! Made me chuckle to myself,thinking about Asa and his bongos! He's pretty much worn 'em out,so I was thinking that I'd put a jar on the porch and y'all can each drop a dime or two in it so I can go back and buy those bongos for Asa! Wouldn't that be a nice Christmas present from us? Y'all keep it a secret-if he asks about the collection jar just tell him we're collecting to paint the porch or something!
Have a great evening y'all!
possum under a rock

December 14, 2002 - Msg 11017: Ha! Good idea, Possum! I'll be happy to contribute. See if you can get some with a mute button, though.

Boo, your point is well taken. An assertive response doesn't work every time, that's for sure. I think it might be well to note that my age could have been working in my favor as well. Instead of being young, blond and pretty, I'm older, graying and just passable, so they may have felt like they were yelling at their mother, once I made them think about it. It's also noteworthy that even at this moment, a system is in place in my hospital whereby all phone calls made or received on our unit are recorded and reviewed. If a physician gets too grumpy at being called by a nurse, he'd better watch his mouth, because he's being recorded. That wouldn't be happening if there hadn't been some significant incidents. So, as I said, I hear you.

Mavis, you'll be happy to know that the Plum just received a thorough combing, and there's not a spot on her little body where you could find two crossed hairs, let alone a mat. Took me about ten minutes, because I do it about three times a week. It's so easy, why do people let their dogs get so bad? I'll admit, it's easier with a Maltese because they're single-coated, but still frequent grooming is the answer.
Well, time for some supper. Sugarplum, the beautiful, says ho, ho, ho! --Romeena

December 14, 2002 - Msg 11018: Evenin' Porch,
Well, I got the Christmas tree up yesterday, but it had other intentions! Several hours later, out of the blue, down it came. About eight ornaments were damaged but I think I can superglue 'em. Put me to remembering when I was a kid, and we got the tree all decorated, lights and all, and then dad gave the honor of plugging in the tree to one of my brothers, who must have bumped it while squirming underneath it to get to the plug. Well, you know the rest...we were all so scared my dad was going to blow up, but, he just laughed so hard. Put the rest of us at ease, that's for sure!
I have so many fond memories of growing up at Christmas time. There are five siblings in my family, and when we woke up Christmas morning the entire room was filled with toys. We were so spoiled! We would just have a blast tearing open presents and then moving on to the next one. After we checked out all our treasures then we would move on to see what every one else recieved. The only thing I didn't like about Christmas... Here I was with all these new toys, and I had to get dressed and leave for church and then grandma's! All I wanted to do was stay home and play!
Well, here's hoping all your trees stay standing!
Mary Wiggins

December 14, 2002 - Msg 11019: Mary Wiggins, you reminded me of when i was a kid and my sister and I knocked the tree over three times one year. My mom said if we knocked it over one more time, she was going to throw it out into the street (decorations and all). Didn't we sound like little hellions?? We really put my gentle mother through it. I don't think I ever got a spanking from her, but I sure deserved one!

Ro, I think the policy of recording the calls is brilliant. How I wish they had done that when I worked at the hospital. I worked night shift for ten years and the docs were pretty grumpy at night. I would like to hear more about your work and what you are doing now if you would like to share.

Well, I gotta go. My sweet little boy is laying on the floor humming "The Twelve Days Of Christmas" and is waiting for me to go sit by the tree and spend some quality time. Thank the Lord for our precious little ones. what a joy they are!


December 14, 2002 - Msg 11020: Oh, I almost forgot, i watched TAGS today and in this color episode, Ken Berry (forgot his name on the show) had a girlfriend and the girlfriend was played by the same actress that played Charlene Darlin. I hate when they do that. Do they think our memory is that short?


December 14, 2002 - Msg 11021: Speaking of bongos. . .my hubby bought a set for my 6 year old today. . .the child was in heaven. I am not so sure my ears are though!

Well Happy we lost Fudge Ripple through the night so I am hoping that Fudge's sister, Carmel will have a little girl that I can call Eclair! Those are my dessert goats! We were pretty sad that the little goat passed on but that is part of farming. If Carmel has a boy - his name may be Turtle!

Started baking away today. . .I made cinnamon mixed nuts and cracker crunchers. Both are delish - I hope the recipients think so too! Making goodie baskets for co-workers and the boys' teachers. Tomorrow will be cookies and fudge and then I may be done until the day after Christmas when I bake fresh batches for my family's Christmas rebellion on the 27th (we can't even do it on the right date - HA)

Oh well - see you at the mall. . .still got to fight the crows for hubby's gifts!


December 14, 2002 - Msg 11022: Yes Asa - I will send you some through cyber space!


December 15, 2002 - Msg 11023: Have a great weekend Porch! FRANKIE FLINT

December 15, 2002 - Msg 11024: You read my mind hm.


December 15, 2002 - Msg 11025: I miss a couple days again and wow! all this talk. I'll bet them there doctors' ears is burnin'! So Ro, just which uterus does a woman use each time she has a baby? LOL That cracked me up. Poor soul. Poor younguns! And the nurse who was fillin' the drinking fountain!! NBBT! Our preacher uses the expression "not the sharpest knife in the drawer." Good Sabbath to ya'll. I stayed home from preachin' today while the family went. I don't feel bad but have an uncontrollable choking cough and no voice. Can't sing and probably would've disrupted things with the cough so I just stayed home. Now back to Brian's question about the color eps... My favorite things about the old eps are Opie when he was so young and the dialogue between Andy, Barney, and Floyd. Those senseless conversations when they were just sittin' by the courthouse or on the front porch are priceless. And little Opie... think about the ep with Horatio! Or one of my other favorites...when Ellie was the desperate female hunter and gave Opie an ice cream. He told Andy "And I like her pretty fine." What a wonderful little actor he was. Oh, I've rattled on enough. Guess I'll go down to the drugstore, get a bottle of pop, go home take a nap, then go over to Thelma Lou's for TV. Yup, that's the plan, get a bottle of pop, take a nap, go over to Thelmas Lou's...
Charlotte Tucker

December 15, 2002 - Msg 11026: Well, ya know I would probably have had a little more patience with my doc had he not said one stupid thing after another that day. When I asked his opinion about something else and he said, "Well this isn't probably the answer you are wanting to hear, but hey, it's 7:00 on Tuesday night I've worked all day and I am tired, so it may not even be the right answer in your situation." Well excuse me sir, but I don't set your office hours and I certainly think that if by seven at night you do not make your best judgement calls, then by all means, change your hours and don't work that late. I know that they go to school and I admire them for the knowledge they have obtained during their training, but let me tell ya some of them just ain't using that knowledge. (Cept to think up excuses for not doing their best.) It is just his over all attitude and I am so excited about going to the new doctor in January. And Doctor Chang, who is doing the surgery on Thursday is a very precious man and caring and compassionate. And from all I have heard a superior doctor. He works at Indiana University Hospital here in Indianapolis and is a fellow in orthopedics. Now I am not sure what that means, but from the way the resident talked, it sure sounded good. Maybe one of the nurses can explain that being a fellow means, and yes Asa, I know it is the opposite of being a girl. I mean a different kind of fellow.

My sister has two labs, one black (Jake) and one yellow (Jessie). My nephew who was five at the time was telling some friends that they had a black lab and a yellow lab and when they moved to a farm where they had more room they were getting a GERMAN CHOCOLATE lab. I may have told that story before, but it just tickles me to pieces, so I just had to repeat it.

Mary, when my son was seven months old we had a small 3 foot artificial tree and he was constantly after that thing, so finally one day I had my back turned and he got ahold of it and pulled it over on himself. I heard grunting, but no crying. So I ran and got the camera and snapped a bunch of pictures. The whole time I kept saying, "Hold on Kyle, just let mommy get another picture or two and then I'll rescue you." He just kept grunting until I hauled the tree up and him out. Now tell me that isn't a good baby!!

Well I am kinda lazy today and not planning on doing anything. We had some friends over last night and we ate and played games and did karaoke or as Larry says Larry-O-Kee. We had the best time. I mentioned the back surgery and now Larry and Sam are planning on coming to the hospital. Now I have known Sam since 6th grade and Larry since 9th and they kinda remind ya of two of the three stooges. So remember the nurses in your prayers cause there is no telling what these two are liable to do when they come to visit. I can see them having wheel chair races or something. That will be the point when I pretend that I don't know who they are and certainly don't want then disturbing me!

Peace to all,
fun girl

December 15, 2002 - Msg 11027: Does that mean I'm an electrical fellow???


December 15, 2002 - Msg 11028: "JUDY,JUDY,JUDY"

December 15, 2002 - Msg 11029: Asa - I would say you are an electrical fellow and then some - the fudge is done now so I'll be sending you some of that too. I hope you can handle the walnuts!


December 15, 2002 - Msg 11030: fun girl, I'm really sorry you ran into that miserable excuse for a physician. Sounds like he needs to find another job. It's true that doctors are people, too, and they get tired and irritated just like anyone else, but there are limits to how they should express that. Just let a nurse answer a patient that way, and see how quickly she'd be looking for another job. BTW, several days ago, someone, (Boo?)commented on how doctors treat male nurses differently. I have to agree. Most male nurses gravitate to CCU, ICU or ER, and they are definitely treated with more respect by the doctors in those units. Females are still expected to fetch and carry, while the male nurses tend to sit at the desk and "collaborate" with the physicians. Truthfully, men make excellent nurses, and I have had the privilege of working with some who could set the standard for compassion and competency. Also, I know that a lot of teaching and learning takes place in those conversations at the desk. Still, a double standard is not fair, and there are a lot of female nurses who would appreciate the same opportunities to learn. OK, enough of that.

I have to return to work tomorrow night, my six-week recuperation time is over. Woe is me! I really don't look forward to it. I've gotten used to my time being my own, and being able to spend time with the Plum, and have a regular bedtime, and all that goes with not working, especially not working nights. Still, there are bills to pay, guess I'd better show up tomorrow night. Otherwise, I'm going to be over at the pickle factory, trying to get a job as a brine tester. I hear they're hiring. Wonder what they pay???

Have a great week, friends. Sugarplum says ho, ho, ho! --Romeena

December 15, 2002 - Msg 11031: Poor Romeena, I feel for you. I really do. I hated that feeling of having to go back to work after a vacation or something. Especially when you work nights. when you are off for awhile you start to live like normal people with normal hours and trying to switch back is difficult. Night shift was difficult for that reason but there are things about it that are really nice, too. It is usually not as busy and there aren't as many doctors around. The problem was always with staffing at night. Seems there was never enough help when you needed it.

Well, good luck on your first night back and try not to over do it (impossible, I know). Bye


December 15, 2002 - Msg 11032: Point well taken Boo about not enough help during the night shift and I am gonna try to do my best to be a model patient and not give those nurses any trouble. I am gonna be a good little girl and sleep like a baby when I'm supposed to and take my medicine and everything. I may refuse to eat that nasty hospital food though. My hubby has promised to bring me a corn beef on rye from Shapiro's Deli. It is a kosher deli run by the same family for generations. YUMMY! Of course we will wait until we have the okay from Doctor Chang. Heck, maybe Mike will even bring him a sammich.

Hugs to all,
fun girl

December 15, 2002 - Msg 11033: "If that's not a testament to good eatin' I don't know what is."


December 15, 2002 - Msg 11034: Hey, fun girl. Don't you go trying to be extra brave or anything, and don't worry about calling the nurses when you need something. They will definitely appreciate a friendly approach, and will be especially glad when you make an effort to do the difficult things they ask you to do, like turning and coughing and things like that. It's for a reason, they're not being mean. The best advice I can offer is to remember that it's easier to stay ahead of pain, but hard to catch up with it. So, when you begin getting uncomfortable, ask for your pain meds. Then if the nurse is busy and it takes a few minutes to get it to you, you won't be frantic, in severe pain. Some patients, not wanting to bother the nurse, will wait too long, and then if it takes five minutes to respond, it seems like hours to the patient. I feel sure you're going to do just fine, and will be praying for you.

Thanks, Boo, for the sympathy! Poor old me, imagine having to go back to work! Ain't it awful? (teehee) Sugarplum is the one who's gonna be ticked. She really likes having Mom at home. She'll be okay, though. She's adjustable.
Off I go, maybe a bowl of soup, and then to bed. Sugarplum says ho, ho, ho! --Romeena

December 16, 2002 - Msg 11035: I watched the Christmas vacation movie tonight with Chevy Chase. What a hilarious movie. MY keyboard is not working right. IT keeps capitolizing letters it shouldn't and won't type some of the keys. WHEN I SAt down here, some milk ran onto my lap from underneath the key board so my baby must of been up here and spilled her milk. HOPe it is okay when it dries

Good night to you all and have a great tomorrow.


December 16, 2002 - Msg 11036: Well, it's midnight here. Just checkin' in to see how ya'll are before I quit workin' and get to bed. Had three projects to get done this weekend. Got them pretty much wrapped up, all but one--will finish it in the morning. Sorry you have to go back to work, Ro. Not too many porchsters on here today. Too bad, it was a lovely day here. Supposed to get colder though. Prayers for your surgery, fun girl.
Charlotte Tucker

December 16, 2002 - Msg 11037: Just got caught up on the postings on the porch. Miss a few days- miss alot of goin's on. Took me nearly 1/2 hour to read all the stories. Now it's got me thinking twice about going back to school and getting my RN degree. I'll have to think this one through real close. Who's got the bucket? I need some time!! Fun Girl, you'll be in our prayers. The Greatest Physician will be in charge! Think I'll take the day to catch up on everything. This next week will probably be a nightmare in the bakery! Don't nobody bake any more (but me)? Come on over, there are cookie trays, sticky buns, and all kinds of breads on the buffet. Fry up an egg, the bacon is in the warmer and juice in the frig. Make yourself at home. Your're Always Welcome here!! ~New Neighbor

December 16, 2002 - Msg 11038: Morning Porch!
Romeena, good luck on your return to work, I hope everything settles in right quick and that the adjustment isn't too severe for you or the Plum!
Fun Girl, I will be praying for you that all goes perfect in your surgery, and of course I will pray that those 2 stooges friends of yours don't create too much of an uproar!
Homemaker, I was sorry to hear you lost Fudge Ripple, I hope you don't lose any more baby goats.They must be so cute, with their little spindly legs and all!

Well, as Christmas draws near, I thought I would opine a little about the reason for the season as they say. I just want to thank Jesus for being my Lord and Savior, and ask Him to forgive my sins and renew my fervor for Him. Jesus, help us all to have a kind smile for the clerk at the counter when we do our Christmas shopping, help us to be even more patient on the roads at this time of year, and actually let that other car cut in front of us. Help us to show the love and respect for our spouses, parents, and children that we sometimes seem to only show to acquaintances and strangers. Help us to open our hearts to Your love and that we take that Love with us in all our travels and spread it to our fellow man. I ask this in Your Magnificent name Jesus, and I thank you for it. Amen.
Mary Wiggins

December 16, 2002 - Msg 11039: Well I am off to find some gowns, which I hate to shop for. I am more of a pajama gal myself, but I am quite sure I am not gonna want any pajama bottoms rubbing on my back. I HATE to wear gowns. They get all twisty and wrap around your legs and that DRIVES ME CRAZY. So what I would like to find is some HUGE t-shirts that go down to around my knees. I am a large woman, so wish me luck. Think I will try Lane Bryant. Bout the last thing I want to do today is shop, but whatever will be will be.

Take care,
fun girl

December 16, 2002 - Msg 11040: Dear Friends, I just wanted to share this with you. This one is supposed to be centered and it turns out to look like a Christmas tree, but though I don't know how to do that on this page, the message is the same. You can do it on Word Perfect or a program like that.

You point me, Jesus Christ, to thoughts of God. I see you in a manger carved from a tree. I see you as a young man with hands that reach out to touch hearts that hurt. Your caring reaches out like the strong and kind branches of a gentle tree reach out wide to invite road-weary and travel-worn wayfarers to quiet rest. I see you again hanging on a tree with outstretched arms, taking in the whole world. From your cross you show that you will stop at nothing to save my soul. So I celebrate God's love today as I celebrate your birth around a twinkling Christmas tree. I pray that my life may be tall and upright as a pine tree. Pointing, reaching, sharing, sparkling, lifegiving. Solid, sturdy, strong. Rooted in God's love, a beautiful soul, evergreen forever.

Just one more:
Out of eternity,
Out of his love,
God gave his best gift-
Jesus came from above-
The king as a servant,
The shepherd, a lamb,
The potter as clay,
Son of God, Son of man.
He came as a baby,
Homeless and poor,
And centuries later,
Still knocks at the door.
He's God's gift of life,
As He's been from the start,
With no need for an Inn,
If there's room in your heart.

Both of these were Christmas cards and I think they are just so inspirational. Happy Holidays friends.
fun girl

December 16, 2002 - Msg 11041: Prayers for ya' fungirl. ~ Mrs. Wiley

December 16, 2002 - Msg 11042: Just beautiful, fun girl! Thanks for sharing.

I, too, hate long gowns, and am not too fond of pajamas. I sleep in big T-shirt type things, and buy most of them at Target. They usually come in sizes, from Small to as many X's as you might need, not that dumb one-size-fits-all thing, which means if you're a size 10-14, it will fit you. I have about a dozen of them, and they're really just oversized T-shirts. Boy, are they comfortable!

Boo, I looked over your sticky-key post, and it seems to me that the unwanted caps always occur right after an intentional capital. My guess is that the milk has run under your "shift" key, and is making it stick briefly. As for how to clean it, I have no idea. Now, how's that for help? (teehee) Guess you could take it to CompUSA or somewhere like that to be cleaned, but I'd check to see if it wouldn't be about as cheap to buy a new one. They're pretty proud of their technical services, and keyboards aren't generally expensive.

homemaker, I'm sorry about the little goat. That's so sad, poor little thing. And such a cute name, too. I hope the rest of them do just fine.

Well, gotta run. I have an appointment with an endocrinologist today, to see if we can get my blood sugar under better control. It's not terrible, but it's not great either. Hovers around 180. I think we can do better than that, so am consulting an expert, rather than my internist. Wish me luck.

Have a great day, everyone. Sugarplum says ho, ho, ho! --Romeena

December 16, 2002 - Msg 11043: Hey, Mrs. Wiley! You must have walked up while I was posting. Good to see you! --Romeena

December 16, 2002 - Msg 11044: Good day everybody. Coughed my head off once I got to bed around 1:00 and was up for the day at 4:00. Short night. Needless to say, I'm draggin'
Charlotte Tucker

December 16, 2002 - Msg 11045: I'd be draggin' to if I didn't have no head Charlotte! LOL
God Bless Fun Girl. I pray all goes well for ya.
Same for you Ro and Sugarplum.
Hey Mrs. Wiley, good to see you. Hope you are well.
Very nice prayer Mary. Can I borrow some of it?
Boo blames that on her keyboard but I'm thinking she got into the squeezins again! LOL


December 16, 2002 - Msg 11046: HA! No, I'm not in to the squeein s, but a syou an see the keyboard i sstill me ssed up! It look s like I am typing in some sort of different language. I think you are right, Ro. My hu sband --forget it. I give up...later


December 16, 2002 - Msg 11047: Evenin' Y'all. Thought I'd give you a good laugh-I just spent 11 hours at school! We had a mix-up and the bus driver never picked up a group of our kids. I was stuck with 5 kids in all,and of COURSE my little 3 year old cussers were part of the group! Thought they did pretty good considering.At least they didn't cuss! I sure wanted to though! Finally got them all home and I got home after a 6:30 am - 5:30pm school day.
Somebody leave me a jar of squeezins would ya? It's been a doozy of a day!
Have a good evening y'all!
possum under a rock

December 16, 2002 - Msg 11048: Well, found the sleep shirts that I wanted and some footies with treads on them to keep me from slipping.

One more thing. This is comforting to me in the last few days before my surgery:

Be still and know that I am God. Be still. Be very still. Be removed from all the busyness of life if only for a little space, a little time. Be still enough not to hear all the world's ugly voices, or even the pleasant ones. Just be silent. Still. Be still and know that I am God. And in the knowing, know that all is well and on some day you know not of, all will be explained.

Be still and know that you can bear your life, that it has a distinct and unique meaning, belonging only to you, important more to God than to yourself and that to God it is of more worth than the sun, or a billion suns. With that importance in his heart a man can walk fearless, joyful with a true joy, peaceful with a peace that no pleasure can give and no busy life satisfy. Taylor Caldwell

fun girl

December 16, 2002 - Msg 11049: Best wishes fun girl - I have had some pretty decent hospital food - I just hate that you will be laid up for the holidays of course I am sure that Santa will find his way to your house, especially if you are a good little girl in the hospital (horsepital).
The goats are great - one of them had 13 pound baby last nite! That's a whopper!
Take care!!


December 16, 2002 - Msg 11050: What do the letters "BTW" mean?

December 16, 2002 - Msg 11051: BTW= By The Way...

December 16, 2002 - Msg 11052: Well, I hooked up a new keyboard that my hubbie gave me but it si going to take some getting used to. You have to press the keys harder and the spacer bar is hard to press. Oh, weel, at least it works. When I picked up the old one to make room for this one, milk poured out of it. No wonder it was having problems!

Asa, I have not been hittin' the squeezins!

Hope you all had a good day today. So much to do in the final days before Christmas, right?

I just finished watching The Grinch with my son. I can remember watching it when I was about five. I snuck into my son's room today while he was watching cartoons and decorated it with a little tree and some lights and garland over the windows. He was thrilled.

Well, baby girl is getting into things, so i better go. Later, friends.


December 16, 2002 - Msg 11053: BTW, fun girl, I'm with you. I hate long gowns. I have also noticed that the more weight I accumulate, it seems like even my cotton underwear twists up on me when I turn over in bed. Wonder what causes that? hehe

Boo (sorry for the visual!)

December 16, 2002 - Msg 11054: Here's to all my porch friends, at this special time of year.
I wish you all could join me now
for a cup of Christmas cheer.
We could break out Brisco's squeezin's
and sing a Christmas tune,
wrap up in a blanket and stare up at the moon.
We would talk about our blessings,
and all that we hold dear,
and thank the Lord for all that He has blessed us with this year.

Love to all,

December 16, 2002 - Msg 11055: Speaking of bed attire - because of the cumbersome weight that I reduced this year (around 50 :) ) I have noticed that all of my underwear is too big! Thank God for little problems like buying new underwear. And while we are on that subject - Boo brougth it up! - have you all noticed this craze over boxers - my little boys just go crazy over them! Santa has to put them in their stocking - they will love them! And I too am a t-shirt girl - nothing breathes better than cotton T's!
Well I finished the treat bags for two children and their holiday parties this week. Now I need to finish the Sunday School treat bags that will be handed out Sunday.

Boo - what a cute verse - and how fitting for our porch! We are so blessed with cyber friends in cyber Mayberry. It was a nice visit with Barney on A&E tonite and Andy was so complimentary to Barney.

Three cheers for Mayberry!


December 16, 2002 - Msg 11056: Oh Possum - thank goodness I just get cussed out in sign language! I feel for your situation!


December 17, 2002 - Msg 11057: hello porch

December 17, 2002 - Msg 11058: no one is here..just wanted to leave a little note letting you all know that I love the Andy Griffith show...wish there were more shows like that these days. :-)

December 17, 2002 - Msg 11059: Good morning everyone!! Where are you? Rise and Shine! Breakfast is on!!!


December 17, 2002 - Msg 11060: I was running through the channels last night and just came upon that biography on Don Knotts, Homemaker. I didn't even know it was on, nobody said anything. Or maybe they did and I just missed it. It was nice to see Andy talk so highly of Don and their friendship. You get the feeling that they could do anything and handle everything as long as they're together.

Here's to a quick recovery, Fun Girl!
-Sterling Holobyte

December 17, 2002 - Msg 11061: Oh, Sterling, I think it was you telling us about the Wiggles Christmas video. Well, they were showing it yesterday on Disney. I thought it was a little strange seeing grown men dancing around like sugar plum fairies but my baby girl loved it. She nearly danced her diaper off!! It was funny to see a kid who isn't even a year and a half old get down like that. Wish you could have seen it.

Well, can't chat long this morning. Lots to do!


December 17, 2002 - Msg 11062: I like the Wiggles!! I like them better than Barney!


December 17, 2002 - Msg 11063: Yes Boo, it does look a little silly sometimes doesn't it? I can visualize your girl get'n down to them, though. My little girl knows alot of the dance moves and gestures they make, and she'll perform them even before they do them on the tape. She's a good dancer!
Me too Homemaker, like I said before, I find them alot less annoying than Barney.
-Sterling Holobyte

December 17, 2002 - Msg 11064: Just want to say thanks for all the prayers and well wishes for Thursday's surgery. I was looking up spinal surgery on the internet and met the nicest man from the UK. ("You know what, I don't think he's from around heres. You know where I think he's from...Eckmondwyke,England. Go on, ask him if he's from Eckmondwyke, England." One of my all time favorites.)Anyway he gave me a rundown on what to expect after the surgery. Not pleasant to look forward to, but he has had good results.
I think the next time I email him I will ask him if he ever watches TAGS. We may have a fan in the UK even. (That's not University of Kentucky! Seeing as I am going to INDIANA UNIVERSITY Hospital and the University FINALLY got rid of that nasty Bobby Knight, at least until after my surgery I have to root for them. Of course I don't even know what sport season it is. Football I guess. I don't go in much for sports. Much rather read a good book. And have no doubt, just in case I do feel like a little reading, I have my quite worn, but dearly loved copy of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD all ready to go. Don't know how much reading I'll be up to though, probably sleep and eat and get a big glass of milk.(Good for the bones.) Yeah that's the plan, sleep eat and ask the nurse for a big glass of milk. But meanwhile I have to go and play Santa to some old friends from school where I worked last year. Take care.
fun girl

December 17, 2002 - Msg 11065: Boo, the milk in the keyboard reminds me of something that happened around here some years back. A baby spilling milk is one of those things that happens, but there was no excuse for what happened to me. My oldest daughter, newly single and with two small children, moved back home until she could get on her feet financially. At Halloween, she asked if she could have her Sunday School department over for a costume party. Of course, we agreed, and the guests were invited. The invitation clearly stated "no children" (even her own were with a sitter) but of course, one young woman showed up with a five year old girl, and some limp explanation about being unable to get a sitter, and she hoped we wouldn't mind. The kid was a total brat, and I was dreaming of trips to the woodshed after the first ten minutes.
Anyway, I asked the mother to keep the child in the kitchen with her refreshments, but she just simpered at me and said, "Well, I'll try, but she's pretty headstrong." The child then promptly walked into my den, carrying a glass of Pepsi, went straight to my piano and tried to sit the glass on the keys. Before I could react, the glass tipped over, of course, and a full glass of Pepsi flooded my piano keyboard. The mother's response was to take a tissue from her purse and dab at the keys, and to say, "Oh, I'm so sorry, but look, it just wipes right up." Sure it did, there wasn't much left to wipe up, it was all down in the inside of the piano. I'm sure my horror showed on my face, because the twit then said that maybe she should take her little girl home, and I said that would probably be a very good idea. (To myself I was thinking, yes, take her home before I blister her backside, and then kick yours clear across the street.) She left, and I heard later that she had commented to someone that I evidently didn't care for children! I guess it takes all kinds.(br>
Well, I made it through my first night back at work, and now need to go to bed so I can go back tonight. Oh, retirement, how you do beckon! Have a great day, friends. Sugarplum says ho, ho, ho! --Romeena

December 17, 2002 - Msg 11066: That weird little symbol up there "(br>" was supposed to be a break. Guess I used ( instead of <. Sleepy, please forgive. --Romeena

December 17, 2002 - Msg 11067: Hello all! Went to the mall. Gee, you know, If the people in south bound lane would slow down and tell the people in the north bound lane what they, saw and bought at the mall, then, maybe, the people in the north bound lane, wouldn't have to go. By the time I got there, everything was picked clean, like a pack of dogs on a three legged cat.

Briscoe Darling Jr.(Dave)
Hey ta':
Fun Girl
Mary Wiggins
Mrs. Wiley
An' Everyone!

December 17, 2002 - Msg 11068: Het to you too Briscoe.
Hey Romeena, why is it your jaw muscles are working every time you tell that story? LOL


December 17, 2002 - Msg 11069: Romeena, how terrible. I would be heartbroken if it happened to my beloved piano. I, too, always insist that children eat and drink in the kitchen and I have to admit it wasn't baby girl's milk that was spilled, but mine (oops). I had left an unfinished glass near the keyboard and of course she found it! So that was my fault, too. I have a friend that still lets her children carry drinks into my living room even after I tell her not to. I just follow them and take the drinks away. Needless to say, she doesn't come around very often (good). I have a light beige carpet that I purchased before I found out I was pregnant with my last (big mistake-not the pregnancy, but the carpet. hehe) and it is a horror to keep clean! Speaking of clean, I need to go do laundry!

Blessings to you fun girl. Keep your chin up, you'll be just fine.


December 17, 2002 - Msg 11070: Try off-white with a teenager, 4 dogs & family members that act like they were raised in a barn!

December 17, 2002 - Msg 11071: Ha, who was that and why did you buy off-white carpet??


December 18, 2002 - Msg 11072: Good morning Porch! and happy holidays.

December 18, 2002 - Msg 11073: I wish I knew any of you. Sorry if I'm intruding, but I've been reading your convos for a little while now. Thanks for keeping me up tonight :P

- Bryan

December 18, 2002 - Msg 11074: Good morning, Bryan! You're welcome here anytime. Just grab a rocker, give yourself a TAGS name if you wish, and join right in. This is an expandable porch, so we can always make room for one more. The topics of conversation are as varied as the locales of the porch sitters, so it's usually pretty interesting. We have a lot of fun, and are a source of strength and encouragement to each other as well. So, if you wish, come and join us. Sugarplum says ho, ho, ho! --Romeena

December 18, 2002 - Msg 11075: Hey backatcha BDJ, Hey to all the porch.

Here's my keyboard story. I was a help desk person 5 yrs ago at work. One of the data entry ladies was always eating at her desk. She never did understand why her keyboard didn't work well (crumbs in the keys). One day I saw her squeeze this little bottle of goo and start smearing it all over her keys - I mean THICK. I said "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" she said that so many people in the office were sick that week that she wanted to sanitize her keyboard with anti-bacterial lotion. I told her she shouldn't do that, but she insisted that "it was OK" and it mwouldn't hurt anything. (I wonder if she saw STUPID written on my forehead or something?). Needless to say we had to throw the keyboard away after a day or two.

Love to all,
~ Mrs. Wiley
hangin' in as best as can be expected.

even MORE prayers for ya FG. Hey to Ro and Plum!

December 18, 2002 - Msg 11076: Hey Bryan, Grab you a rocker and hang on, as Briscoe says. Oh no that was, "Jump in and hang on." Or was it Calvin Coolidge that said that. No, now I remember Calvin Coolidge didn't say ever thang. Why do I want to keep crediting everything to Grover Cleveland, when I know durn well it was Mark Twain. (No relation to Shania.)

Busy today folks. We are refinacing our house and they are coming for us to sign the papers. Then it's off to my sister's house for Christmas with my dad and his girlfriend, who by the way is Jewish and does not believe in the Messiahship of Jesus. What a sad time of year this must be for her. Still waiting for the Savior to come while we are celebrating His birth and all he has done for us.

Anyway we are also getting a new bed delivered on Friday while I am in the hospital. The old one was kaput from little Opie wrasslin on it and so we are retiring it. We shore got us a nice 'un, but let me tell you, that is where the money is to be made. Beds ain't cheap. I made fun of my friend all summer cause he rotates his mattress on a regular basis, but this puppy is gonna get the same treatment. As much as it costs I'll need it to last as long as I do.

Now this next part of the message is for the women folk, so no offense to the men, but, butt out! Have you ladies ever noticed how when you go away or are unavailable you have to write a 16 page list of all that needs to be done while you are gone. I mean things you do every day and take for granted that others would do them if you weren't there. Well let me tell you, usually if you ain't, they wont. I have a list a page long of instructions for my mom and Kyle. It isn't that I don't trust my mom, Kyle is just a smooth talker who can talk his way out of anything, especially with his "Nana".

Well it's off to finish the laundry. I have to be at the hospital at 6:00 a.m. and I live an hour away from the hopsital. It's all the way in
Raleigh. (INDIANAPOLIS) I guess that's what you get when you choose those big city doctors. But I tell you I wouldn't let one of the doctors from this town touch me. They have a bad reputation all over town. Now maybe if all I had was an ingrown toe nail or hemmoroids or something, but not back surgery...NO WAY, NO HOW! And besides all they'd tell me is "We're no spring chickens anymore." Of all the nerve.

Well enough ramblin for now. If I think of anything worth while to say, I will pop in later and leave a note. Other wise, "I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Reindeer."--Asleigh Burkette, age 2

Remember me in your prayers.
fun girl