February 06, 2003 - Msg 11853: HI ALL Sorry for not beinghere for a long time, but I have ben feeling down and out of it.
When life is bright and sunny
or when my sky is gray,
it comforts me to know my God
is never far away.
I cannot go beyond his reach
no matter where I roam.
I'm safely held within his care,
away or here at home.My hand secure in his each day,I follow where he leads;
He knows the way and I'm assured
he will supply my needs,
when I must journey on from here,
I will not go alonr;
he who safely guides will lead me
to my heavenly home.

February 06, 2003 - Msg 11854: That is beautiful Tom, so glad to see you posting again, Pray all is well with you, Hey to the rest of the porch.
Ellen Brown

February 07, 2003 - Msg 11855: Mornin' Y'all! TGIF!
Hey,make sure to check out the archives-President Bush visited the Porch! That is some kind of picture,let me tell ya! Bet his jaw muscles were working overtime in that one! Thanks to whoever got Dubya to stop by the Porch-made me laugh!
Y'all have a great day,and even though I love Wally,Whitey,Lumpy,Beaver and the gang,I must agree- ANDY RULES!
possum under a rock

February 07, 2003 - Msg 11856: I think our local winn dixie store's bakery makes salt risin' bread. I never liked it. My mother used to make it, if any one wants the recipe, I probably have it in her cookbook.

February 07, 2003 - Msg 11857: Thanks for the tip, LD. I'll check out Winn-Dixie to see if their bakery still bakes it. I know there are a lotta salt rising bread recipes out there (I'm sure your mother's is a sight to behold), but I ain't in the mood for bakin' it. I'm in the mood for EATIN' it. So I'll just keep on lookin' around for now. Thanks again.

Here is a direct link to that Porch picture of my hero, President George W. Bush, speaking at the 2003 State of the Union address. Although this picture has been "doctored" a little, I thought it was appropriate given the circumstances. :)

Rafe Hollister
BARNEY: "...And Lincoln, he was also our President. He was 14th or 15th, something like that."
MALCOLM: "Sixteenth."
BARNEY: "Huh?"
MALCOLM: "Pierce was 14th, Buchannan was 15th, and Lincoln was 16th."
BARNEY: "Oh. Well, I knew he was around there, anyway."
ANDY: "Hey Barn, you wanna tall Malcolm some more about history?"

February 07, 2003 - Msg 11858: ...Actually, that picture AIN'T from the State of the Union address. If it was, Vice President Dick Cheney would be settin' behind the President. And that ain't him. She don't even look like a boy.

I'll see ya.
Rafe Hollister

February 07, 2003 - Msg 11859: Loved the picture!

Hey, where you been LD? Good to hear from you again (and Rafe, too).

Rafe, you put it really well about how you can watch Tags forever and feel like you are right there in it. That's exactly right. It's just magic and yes, hope heaven is alot like Mayberry!

Gotta go take care of my Little Blessings.


February 07, 2003 - Msg 11860: Hey Rafe! I remember you! You were the first person to answer my first post over at Mrs. Crumps blackboard, long before I found this here porch. I can't even remember what I asked, but I remember thinking "I wonder if they're going to think this is a stupid question", but you and whoever else answered it were so kind and matter-o-fact about it, made me feel downright comfortable to come back and visit more often and ask more stupid questions.
Good to see you on the porch! And thanks for the picture!
-Sterling Holobyte

February 07, 2003 - Msg 11861: Hello all! Busy, Busy. Just came by to say, Hello. Have a Mayberry Day!

Briscoe Darling Jr.

February 07, 2003 - Msg 11862: Howdy Porch! Did ya'll think I went to Raliegh & got run over by a taxi cab?? Been really busy here trying to work 2 jobs & fight the snow too. Glad to see Rafe posting, don't stay gone so long friend! Good to see Tom too! I have to catch up on all I missed. See ya'll later,

February 07, 2003 - Msg 11863: Howdy! Well I'm all ready for my fifties party tonight and I am a sight! Got my hair all done up and my jeans rolled up. Even put on fake red nails. My sister loaned me her ugly blue cateye glasses with rhinestones and I have my bobbie sox on, too. Whoo hoo! i am ready for the sock hop, for sure. Wish I knew how to jitter bug.

Well, hope you all have a fun evening. I'll tell you all about the sock hop later. Bye...


February 07, 2003 - Msg 11864: Have fun, Boo, even though you ain't Fun Girl!
Mary Wiggins

February 07, 2003 - Msg 11865: Evenin' all! I've got plenty of jugs of squeezins ready for love day. I even put my own label on it. It has a picture of me on the jug. It reads: "My hort a talkin' to yore hort squeezins. Gar-run-teed to melt yore ice cream". Pick up as many as you need. All jugs are free of charge, to all my Porch friends.

Briscoe Darling Jr.

February 07, 2003 - Msg 11866: Mavis, I didn't think you went to Raliegh and got run over by a taxi cab. I heard you went there to get a new set of teeth. I didn't believe it though. I thought you were probably with that dish towell salesman. I reckon I ought not to listen to gossip.
- Hazel

"I'll just melt into the shadows. He won't know I'm within a hundred miles."

February 07, 2003 - Msg 11867: Thank ya kindly Briscoe for all those free jugs of squeezins. If that don't twang your buds, I don't know what will.
fun girl

February 07, 2003 - Msg 11868: Yer welcome Fun Girl. Time fer: "Dooley". Play it a 'purty now a boys. Aone, atwo, athree...

Briscoe Darling Jr.

February 07, 2003 - Msg 11869: Just stopped by - kids are still sick and so is mom - can't seem to shake this. School's all over the area are closing due to illness - can't seem to shake this flu/virus going around.


February 07, 2003 - Msg 11870: Just popped in to say hey. Hope you all are ok tonyte. Got about 8 inches of that white stuff and they are calling for more of it Sunday night. Ro, glad you are doing better. Rafe I loved the pic you posted. Now where is our master coach Asa?? He aint been around in a few days. Gonna be mighty hard to practice without a coach. ya know what they say, A team without a coach is like a .... well maybe that only works for tenors. Night porch yall stay warm. --Salty Dog

February 08, 2003 - Msg 11871: Sorry you and the kids are still sick, Homemaker. Lord bless you all with health real soon.

Guess what? I won best dressed at the fifties party! I sure was surprised. I guess they liked my glasses. We ate burgers and drank coke floats and had a jitter bug contest. We played "Name That Tune" and just had alot of fun. Wish you could have all been there.

Well, I am going to curl up under my electric blanket (this Texan is going to finally surrender and admit that it's cold). I won't be wearin' shorts tomorrow. Ya'll have a good night!


February 08, 2003 - Msg 11872: Oh, Briscoe, I will be by tomorrow to visit and pick up a jug of your lovely squeezins. Thanks, Sweetie, for thinkin' of us!


February 08, 2003 - Msg 11873: Assssaaaaaaaa, wheeeeere arrrrrre you?!

February 08, 2003 - Msg 11874: Morning Porch!

February 08, 2003 - Msg 11875: Morning Mav, hope you are doin ok. Everybody have a wonderful weekend! --Salty Dog

February 08, 2003 - Msg 11876: well Boo, I been tied up takin care of Mother....
thanks for the squeezins' Briscoe, Me n' Mudder hadda ball....LD

February 08, 2003 - Msg 11877: hello, where is everybody today? Hung over from all the squeezins?


February 08, 2003 - Msg 11878: You know that is the mark of good squeezins Boo when ever'body is hung over! I think I saw Asa riding a cow by my house last night, but can't be sure that was him. He was swinging a leg o' lamb.

February 08, 2003 - Msg 11879: I'll be dogged. I think that was him, Mavis. I saw him too. I was on my way over to Charlie Varney's house when I saw him go by. My dog Spot barked at him, but Asa just kept on.
- Hazel

February 08, 2003 - Msg 11880: A cow? I thought I was on homemaker's goat! No wonder it hollered when I called it Jimmy!

February 08, 2003 - Msg 11881: Ha! Asa, good to hear from you, buddy!

"You wear your uniform and I'll wear mine...."


February 08, 2003 - Msg 11882: Well when he came by my house he was singing and carrying on something terrible. Good to see you again Asa. Hope you all are doing good tonyte. Hey Mavis, did ya see Junior beat little Gordon out tonight in the Shoot Out?? Pretty cool. Way to go Little E . Yall have a good nyte--Salty Dog

February 09, 2003 - Msg 11883: Good Sabbath everyone. Thanks for thinking of me Salty and Boo and Hazel and Mavis. Seems to me we are overdo for a party or some kind of gala event, aren't we? Any ideas? Like Boo suggested, we could all wear our uniforms to the party. What do you think?


February 09, 2003 - Msg 11884: A party? That's an outstanding idea, Asa. I'll see if I can get the mildew out of my uniform. Will we get to wear badges? Now, that badge means something. Don't any of you disgrace it. If there's trouble, I want no molly coddling.
- Hazel

February 09, 2003 - Msg 11885: Afternoon Y'all! How about a Valentine's Day party? Briscoe can bring his special love potion squeezin's and if the rest of us all bring something... What do y'all think? I promise I won't disgrace the uniform,but if it's mildewy I might sneeze and cough a bit.You got some medicinal squeezins you can bring along,Briscoe?
Or some Colonel Harvey's elixer? I oughta be alright then.
I vote for for a Valentine's party,and yes,Asa,you may bring your bongos!
Have a good evening,everybody!
possum under a rock

February 09, 2003 - Msg 11886: I'm so excited about the party that I'm stuttering! (for for) Ha Ha

possum again

February 09, 2003 - Msg 11887: Oh Boy, a Valentine party! We can wear our uniforms or those of us who want can dress up sixties style (like they wear in Mayberry). Where are we doin' this? At Morelli's? It's a nice, romantic place off the highway and they have candles on the table and a violinist that comes to your table (he's kinda grouchy,though, according to Barney). Or we could go somewhere else. Any other suggestions? I will meet with Briscoe and we can brush up on our love songs. Do we need food or just squeezins'? Asa, you can bring your bongos and come practice with me and Briscoe.

Heard a story today about an elementary teacher who was telling her students the story about Chicken Little. She said, "Then Chicken Little went to the farmer and told him the sky was falling.". Then she asked her little students, "Now what do you think that farmer said?" and one little girl shouted out, "Oh, my gosh! A talking chicken!".

Aren't kids a hoot?

Better go!

February 09, 2003 - Msg 11888: Howdy, all! It's good to be back on the porch, been gone for several days. fun girl, the little "pots" you're looking for aren't really pots, they're more of a one-piece bunsen burner thing. They're ceramic, have a lower section that you put a tealight candle in, and on top there's a shallow bowl, that warms up when the tealight below is lit. In the little bowl, you put one of the Yankee "tarts". It's a little wax disc, loaded with fragrance, and it melts and releases the scent. Lovely. If you're near a Linens'N'Things, they usually have a whole wall of Yankee products, including the tart burners. I haven't seen the burners anywhere else, but that doesn't mean they're not there. I just wasn't looking. Oh, and you can visit the Yankee website and order whatever you wish. The shipping cost is painful, though.

Rafe, I love salt rising (or risen) bread, too. I can remember it from my childhood. As I recall, it's a little like the bread used by Schlotzsky's in their sandwiches. I'd love to have a recipe.

TOM! So good to hear from you. As always, your timing is incredible, as will be made evident in my next paragraph. Thanks, friend!

Now, on a serious note. As most of you will recall, on 1-29 I had surgery. It wasn't serious, just a revision of a very old scar, to loosen it up and make it more comfortable. Recovery went fine. Then last Tuesday, I began to have the "pleurisy" pain that I had experienced back in January, that finally sent me to the ER. That had resolved, and I was surprised when it returned on Tuesday. I put up with it until Wednesday afternoon, when my granddaughter came by, told me I looked like a piece of putty, and insisted on taking me to the ER. I didn't have enough breath to argue, so I went.

Since I was one week post-op, the natural suspicion was a blood clot in my lung, and they sent me for a CT of my chest to determine if there was one. They also gave me a shot of Toradol to help the pain, which it did. The CT found no blood clots, but did find some very worrisome lesions in my liver and spleen. This is a shock, because the recent cancer that was found when I had the mastectomy a year ago was too small and immature to have begun seeding, and my old cancer, 23 years ago, should have shown up long before now, or not at all. Anyway, long story, I'll try to end it.

They discharged me Friday night, and I'm to return as an outpatient next week for a CT-guided biopsy of the liver lesions. That will tell us what we're dealing with, and will guide the decisions as to how to treat it. Needless to say, I'm not happy about all this. However, sinking into gloom and despair is not going to change or improve it, so why go there? I've been there, when my husband died, and I don't want to visit that place again, for any reason. I've decided to just rest, gather strength, watch TAGS, enjoy the Plum, visit with friends, enjoy my family, and wait until I know what I'm dealing with. Then we'll make treatment plans, and I'll deal with that one step at a time. I've been down that road before, for one solid year, and I guess I can do it again. I know that the road is a bit smoother now than it was back then, thanks to improvements in treatment modalities, so I think I can handle it, with the prayers of my family and friends. You all do know that you are included in the term "friends", just as much as if you lived next door.

Anyway, that's my story, folks. Prayers are needed and seriously wanted, but don't worry about me. At this moment, I'm fine, the Plum is a great help - always knows exactly when to do something funny, and when to just cuddle. My family and local friends are very supportive, and I'm fine for now. Have a great Mayberry day, and Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 09, 2003 - Msg 11889: Bless you, Romeena. I hope and pray everything turns out ok. We love you!
- Hazel

February 09, 2003 - Msg 11890: Indeed Romeena. You have my prayers big time. I'm so sorry to hear about your setback but I know that all will be well for you. If we can do anything at all please don't hesitate to ask dear. We love you dearly.


February 09, 2003 - Msg 11891: Our Wonderful, loving Father, thank you for being there always. Thank you for the love and support of friends and family. I want to pray for my sister, Ro, and ask that you bless her as never before. Let her experience your presence and power now more than ever. May your peace that passes understanding gaurd her thoughts and mind in Christ Jesus. Let the tests be as comfortable as possible and let everyone envolved in her treatment be as wise and gentle as can be and we would ask that you give her divine health. Let her know that she is never alone and never will be. You are there and so are we. Help her children to have peace and faith in you, also. We love her. In Jesus Name, Amen.


February 09, 2003 - Msg 11892: Romeena, bless your brave, brave soul! You are such an inspiration to me. I'll be praying for your situation daily until "we" all know your going to be OK. Boo, thank you for leading us in prayer.

~ Mrs. Wiley

February 09, 2003 - Msg 11893: I'll remember you daily in my prayers, Ro.
That was a beautiful prayer you prayed above Boo. You truly are gifted with words.

February 10, 2003 - Msg 11894: This old Miss Ellie checking in. Romeena, my prayers for you doll. Maybe next CT scan all will be gone, except the liver and spleen, you know the lesions or whatever they saw. God answers prayers, works miracles and all that jazz now a days. I know, He did one for me today, a small one, but large in my eyes.
I got an email that Emmett Clark, who used to post here a lot is having surgery Wednesday and asked we keep a good thought for him.
Hello to everyone. Seems there is some kind of sickness going on everywhere. My husband and cat were coughing tonight and I was sniffling.
It's good to see you.
TOM, your poems are so uplifting.
Take care and Happy Valentine's Day. I'll bring Chocolate Candy from the drugstore.
Miss Ellie (from way back)

February 10, 2003 - Msg 11895: Speaking of Old Ben Weaver:"He just mouths the words when we are singin' Leanin' On The Everlasting Arms!"-Barney

What have I to dread,
what have I to fear?
Leaning on the everlasting arms.
I have blessed peace,
with my Lord so near.
Leaning on the everlasting arms.
Leaning, leaning, safe and secure form all alarm.
Leaning, leaning, leaning on the everlasting arms.

God bless ya, Ro.

Gooodnight friends,


February 10, 2003 - Msg 11896: Morning porch. Hey to Miss Ellie. Long time no see. Good to hear from you again. And prayers for Emmett Clark. Hope it's not serious.
Boo, you are such a sweet lady. God bless you dear.
I hope everyone has a good and safe Monday.


February 10, 2003 - Msg 11897: Morning Porch! Sorry to hear about your troubles, Romeena. Prayers are being sent up for you this minute. Keep a good thought. I just got off of a weekend of birthday celebrations. My mother had a party for me last night with my relatives. I got lots of neat stuff and it was very nice. My family did a good job making me feel loved. My mom is the cats! Hope ya'll have a great day!
Charlotte Tucker

February 10, 2003 - Msg 11898: Hi everyone! Asa, thank you for your kind words (I think you are sweet, too).

Hope you are all keeping warm wherever you are. It's a beautiful, sunny sixty five degrees here today. Tommorrow is supposed to be the same.
My baby girl was up all night last night pulling on her ear so I have been crawling around here like a sloth trying to get things done (tired). Hope tonight is better.

How's my Ro today? Haven't seen her on the porch yet. I'm saving her a place here on the swing next to me. I have some hot snickerdoodle coffee with cream and Granny's old quilt to sit under. Hear those birds singin'? Look, I think that's Winkin, or maybe it's Blinkin'. I don't see Nod.
Don't they sound pretty? God's creatures. He knows how to take care of them, too, doesn't He?

Think I'll just sit here a pray a little bit...


February 10, 2003 - Msg 11899: You are in prayers everyday Ro you & all my other porch family, but I will ask an extra one for you until we get good news. Speaking of God taking care of His creatures Boo I was talking with the vet I work for, I have been friends with her for years as well as an employee, anyway, my Boxer, Buster is got something going on with him that we can't pin down, drinking water like it is going out of style, we have run every test we know to on him & everything is normal so far, no diabetes, no Cushings disease, & the big work up of tests sent to Michigan came back normal as well. I asked her "Why is it always my furkids that have some strange or rare thing going on with them?" Her answer~~"Because God sends them to people like you cause He knows you will take care of them." Smart lady, I never thought of it that way before. Hey to Miss Ellie don't be such a stranger & come around more often! Hope your hubby & kitty get to feeling better.

February 10, 2003 - Msg 11900: That's right, Mavis. You're a good egg!


February 10, 2003 - Msg 11901: Charlotte Tucker, is today your birthday? You said you celebrated it this weekend, so maybe it was yesterday. Happy Birthday! If you've got it listed on the Cutlass, I can't seem to get on there much anymore, so I didn't see it. Sounds like you had a rip snortin time. Aren't families wonderful?
Hey to Miss Ellie. Don't be such a stranger!
Thanks for the "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms" post, Boo. Really hit home.
- Hazel

February 11, 2003 - Msg 11902: Your welcome, Hazel!

So I finally got to see the "bed jacket" episode tonight. I don't know how I missed it but I had never seen that one before. It was really sweet.
Love that Andy! "Handsome as a boy, handsome as a man. Handsome is as handsome does. Handsome, handsome, handsome!". Ya'll remember that episode when the relatives come to visit? That's a funny one. I just love the part when Andy and his uncle (I think it's his uncle) are sharing a double bed and Andy has about 12 inches of it. The old uncle says he will never be able to get to sleep and so Andy reaches down to get a magazine out of the nightstand for the uncle to read and by the time he picks it up, the uncle is asleep! Kills me.

Remember the episode about Otis in the jail and Otis can't go to sleep without his bedtime story? I love that one, too, because as an added bonus, we get to see Andy in his boxer shorts! Haha Andy looked just like my dad looked in his boxers at that age. Same hair-do and everything. Those were the days! "A little dab will do ya" (the old Brylcreme slogan).

Well, think I will try to crawl in that warm bed of mine (with the double pillow-top mattress) and pull my quilt up under my chin and saw some logs. Hope baby girl will let me tonight.
God bless America!


As the sun goes down on our little town,
we'll nestle in our beds
and think on things like God and friends,
as we rest our weary heads,
And aren't we lucky, aren't we blessed,
that the land we love is free,
and that God in all His wondrous love
still cares for you and me?
So sleep in peace, sweet friends of mine
and dream sweet dreams of love
for all is well, as we rest in Him,
who watches from above.

(from me to you, friends)


February 11, 2003 - Msg 11903: LD, I would like that recipe if you don't mind. You can send it to Auntbeesbisquits@aol.com. I'm new to the porch so I'd just like to say hey to everyone.

February 11, 2003 - Msg 11904: Mornin' Y'all. Boo,you sure you're not an inspirational writer or something? Been enjoying your words of wisdom and prayers lately.Speaking of prayers, Romeena,please know that I will be praying for you as you go through this ordeal. Hope for the best,and believe in miracles.Stay strong and know that we all love you here on the Porch.
Well,the teacher in the class I work in is out sick,so I'm in charge today.Oh joy! Lots of kids out sick too.Sent two home yesterday-one little boy was burning up with a fever of 102. His mom had to know he was sick the night before because his little body just reeked of fever & sickness.We bathed him (yes,I work at a school,but we do what we gotta do) and eventually (we can never reach her at home when he's sick) she came & picked him up.Some of these parents have caller ID and see that the school is calling and refuse to pick up the phone.In those cases,the school secretary will use a cell phone so that the school number won't show up and BAM! Parents answer on the first ring! Really.And this kid had a kidney transplant and Mom's going "Oh,he CAN'T have a fever with his kidney transplant!" Well, DUH! Keep him home!Take him to the doctor! He's been sick for days now. So quick to sling these kids on the bus to get rid of them.I told the bus driver not to go by the house this morning-hee hee.Bet Mom will have a fit! Y'all,it's a shame.I've had parents send sick kids to school with a bag of 3 prescription medicines-just sling 'em on the bus and get the kid out of the house.Yep,my jaw muscles are working overtime this morning! It just burns me up to see the parental lack of concern.Special Ed kids and the parents don't want to deal with them.Guess they'll really be crazy with the upcoming 4 day holiday weekend!Imagine having to deal with your kid for 4 straight days! Yeah,I'm being sarcastic. I'm climbing down off the soapbox now-just had to "vent".Makes me one mad possum!
Y'all have a good day-coffee's on!
possum under a rock

February 11, 2003 - Msg 11905: I don't blame you possum. I'd be mad too if I was you. It sure is good that there are folks like you willing to do such jobs and I know you will be blessed for your efforts.
Boo, I hope you had your goose down pillow with you. You know you can't sleep a wink without your goose down pillow.
Welcome to message 11903. Pick a name and a rocker and commence to rocking and jawing with us.
Hope and pray you are well Romeena. God bless you dear.


February 11, 2003 - Msg 11906: Thanks for the birthday wishes, Hazel. Actually, my bday was the 8th. Pretty quiet that day but Mom's party made up for it on 9th. Prayers for that little boy you sent home yesterday, possum. Sounds like he mighta been better off at school! Poor kid. We watched some Andy tapes last night: Barney being outsung by Rafe Hollister, Old Lady Crump comes to town, and some others. Never tire of those shows! Hey to Tom! Everyone have a Mayberry Day!
Charlotte Tucker

February 11, 2003 - Msg 11907: hi from wayne in columbia tn

February 11, 2003 - Msg 11908: Hi, Wayne. Welcome to the porch.

February 11, 2003 - Msg 11909: Hello all! Hey Boo, You're welcome for "Junior's recipe". Just keep it away fom open flame. ;-)

Briscoe Darling Jr.

February 11, 2003 - Msg 11910: Good mornin' to the Porch! Romeena, my prayers have been added to ever'body elste's here. You get WELL, young lady! AuntBee'sBisquits, welcome to the Porch! If LD gives you their momma's mouth-waterin' recipe for salt-risin' bread, and if you bake some, and if you was of a mind to share (I appreciate you not interruptin' me in the middle of my iffin'), would you mind sendin' me a slice or two? I'd appreciate it. Just put a couple of slices face down on your scanner and download 'em to http://www.rafehollister.homestead.com/, and I'll be waitin' with some butter and marmalade. I thank ye.

Hey to Junior and Boo and Mavis and Asa and Hazel and Sterling Holobyte and our new friend Wayne and our old friend Miss Ellie and possum and TOM and Charlotte Tucker and Mrs.Wiley and Salty Dog and homemaker and fun girl and Mary Wiggins and anybody else I missed sayin' "Hey" to! It's nice to see ever'body. I'll see ya.

Rafe Hollister
"Well what do you know about that? The quality of mercy isn't strained. You wasn't talkin' to a jerk, you know."

February 11, 2003 - Msg 11911: Afternoon Y'all. Well wonder of wonders,Mom kept the little boy home today! Bet he'll be back tomorrow though.Seems one day is her minimum. Thank you kindly Asa-we do our best and do it with love and care.
Did I miss a birthday? Charlotte? Well this is for the birthday gal-a great big hug!
Hey to everybody and welcome to Wayne from Tenn. Don't be a stranger! Come sit on the porch whenever you please!
Rafe,I love that quote! One of the good 'uns!
Well,gotta do a few chores around the rock,so off I go. Have a great evening Porchsters!
possum under a rock

February 11, 2003 - Msg 11912: Hello everyone,I haven,t been by the porch for awhile,so,I thought I,d stop in.Romeena,my prayers are with you.I hope it all turns out fine.We have a new baby at our house,my first grandbaby,a girl,born january 24,7lbs,7ounces.She is precious!Well,we have more snow coming down,so,I guess that means we better stock up on the necessities for a few days.Those squeezins sound good,I sure need a jug or two of them!Well,my kids are getting rowdy,so,I better go check on em.Take care porch,I,ll stop by later.Teresa

February 11, 2003 - Msg 11913: Hi Wayne! Welcome! Thank you so much for the birthday hug, possum.
Charlotte Tucker

February 11, 2003 - Msg 11914: Good to hear form you Teresa! Congratulations on your first grandchild. MMmmm, you are in for a mess of lovin'!


February 11, 2003 - Msg 11915:

To Msg.11903 - I put the Salt Risin' Bread recipe in Aunt Bea's Cook Book here on TAGS. Help yourself. Hope it turns out goooood.
It takes a lot of time and effort, I didn't realise Mother went to all that trouble.

"There is no love sincerer than the love of food". -George Bernard Shaw

"I saw few die of hunger; of eating, a hundred thousand". -Benjamin Franklin

timid roach, why be so shy?
We are brothers, thou and I,
In the midnight,like thyself,
I explore the pantry shelf.

February 11, 2003 - Msg 11916: Howdy porch pals! Rafe, hey to ya - sure liked your picture pages - I think W's can is gonna open sooner than later, don't you? Romeena, still praing for you Dear. OK folks: PRAISE REPORT. Asa, Mavis, Salty and all of y'all, I thank you for your prayers. Still have the bad job, but the light is finally dawning on all the other horizons. You know how when you're in a valley and the sun comes out, it's still dark where you are, but you KNOW it's giving way to the light? Well the job will be giving way (I just haven't told them yet). Dr had to put me on Valium, I dropped 14 lbs from stress and thought I wasn't going to be able to keep my hope. Then Our Lord sent me the miracle I had been praying for - my wildest dreams exceeded. Isn't His Super-Abundance good when we wait for it? I can't exactly say jest exactly what I got yet as I don't want to spoil it. But I HAD to tell my friends here that their prayers are POWERFUL. Yes, The Master must be rocking with us.

~ Mrs. Wiley

February 11, 2003 - Msg 11917: Mrs. Wiley, what a lovely word picture you paint of the Savior rocking on the porch with us. Sets my mind at ease.

Well I went back to Raleigh for a doctors appointment today. I guess he thinks I am doing okay, but no driving for me for at least another month. And no bending for a couple of months. I am gonna do what he tells me to do, but it ain't easy. Fungi and little Opie get kinda frustrated when I need so much help, but I guess they are just gonna have to deal with it. Either that or they will be helping me for alot longer if I don't heal right. I got the impression that I haven't developed quite as much bone around the fusion as he would like for me to have. Do any of you medical folks know if there is anything (vitamins) that I could take to help the bone to develop. I know calcium and I am taking a multi-vitamin with calcium in it. I tried taking extra calcium, but it backs up the plumbing, if you know what I mean. I am also gonna keep up the exercise in the pool. Sometimes staying motivated is hard to do.

Hugs to all.
fun girl

February 11, 2003 - Msg 11918: You keep up that hard work fungirl. I know it's hard to have to depend on others, but they'll get used to it and then before they know it you'll be all recovered. I'm sure someone here will know what you should take to build bone. Try ice cream. C>

~ Mrs. Wiley

February 11, 2003 - Msg 11919: Hello Porch, Mrs Wiley I'm happy for you. I need to ask y'all to pray for me, I'm going through so much, I have a great job the Lord supplied for me. but I've going through so much in my personal life and I'm very worried for my son in the Army and all the rest of the Military and just to much to think about . My x-daughter-in-law is pulling her tricks again and won't let me see my granddaughters, my husband and his daughter is torementing the life out of me, I have tried for years to not hurt anyone but it seems like the last 3 people I mentioned live to tear me down. I know I'm stronger than this but even a strong wall after awhile gives way. I love my husband and I know he loves me, but his daughter lies on & to me and he defends her, I don't know if I want to go through another 11 years of this our 11th anv. is this Friday. Fun girl I know what you mean about staying motivated, I just keep reminding myself of all the good things God has done in my life, but sometimes I guess I fall in to the pity stage for myself.

February 11, 2003 - Msg 11920: Howdy, dear friends! Mercy, there seems to be so much hurt and difficulty among the porchsters. At the same time, God is answering prayers and situations are resolving. Seems to me we just have to keep on praying.

For myself, things aren't looking too great. The last plan was to do a CT-guided biopsy of the lesions which have appeared in my liver, but the radiologist refused to do it. Says they're too vascular and the danger of hemorrhage is too great. Also, there's something going on my chest that they're concerned about, so the plan now is for me to see a thoracic surgeon on Thursday, and he will probably do a thoracoscopy (explore my chest with a scope/camera) to see what's happening, and probably to get bits of fluid and tissue. This will probably mean a couple of days in the hospital, at least. Folks, I don't mind admitting it, I'm getting pretty worried, and I really do need and covet your prayers. I have plenty of local support with my family and friends, but I'll take prayers from wherever I can get 'em! I know this group and your history of successful praying, so keep me on the list.

I may be a bit scarce from time to time, but will come by and update whenever I can. God loves you all, and so do I. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 12, 2003 - Msg 11921: Mornin' Y'all. fun girl,ask your doctor about a bone stimulator.There is some kind of device out there (not sure if "bone stimulator" is the proper term,but the doctor should know what you're talking about) that you wear for several months and it helps the bone grow in where your fusion was. My mom wore one all summer until her dr. went back in and took all the hardware out the end of December from when she had her fusion in June & he said that the bone had perfectly fused in her back. The device is covered by insurance,because it is very expensive. It consists of those little sticky pads like you wear for an EKG,with wires going to a little pack about the size of a cell phone that you wear clipped to your clothing. Somebody will have to put a fresh battery in every day(they come with the device) and every few days take all the sticky pads off,clean your back,and put fresh ones on for you.Your husband and son will have to help you out with that(I was responsible for tending to my mom's) but it should bring you the results you're looking for.Kind of a pain in the you-know-what,but I think it's worth trying. Please try to find out about it.Maybe you'll be lucky like my mom was and have a purty man come to the house and show you how it operates! He was almost worth all the trouble of messing with that gadget-ha ha
Well,gotta get ready to deal with the school kiddies.Sure hope they stay home if they're sick,but ain't holding my breath!
Love to Romeena-wishing the best for you hon.
Everyone have a good day!
possum under a rock

February 12, 2003 - Msg 11922: To Our Country Leaders, Military personel and all you porchters:

Psalms 121: 1) I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. 2) My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth. 3) He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepth thee will not slumber. 4) Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep. 5) The Lord is thy keeper: the Lord is thy shade upon thy right hand. 6) The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon by night. 7) The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul. 8) The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore.
Blessed Heavenly Father, Hold us all in the palm of your healing and protective hand. To you alone we shall give all glory, honor and praise.

February 12, 2003 - Msg 11923: Elen Brown, you didn't sign your name, but I think that was your post # 11919. My thoughts are with you and I feel for your situation. Please keep a good thought and hang in there.
Thanks for the update, Mrs. Wiley. I'm happy for you.
Romeena, bless your heart. Keep us posted!
- Hazel

What's the matter with you? Didn't you ever see a person with his head in a harness before?

February 12, 2003 - Msg 11924: Hey Hazel, good to see you.
Mrs. Wiley, I am so glad to hear something good is going your way for a change. You deserve it dear.
Dear Romeena, I shall pray and fast for your situation. I know how important good attitude is at times like this and you seem to have plenty of that so thats good. You take care and try not to let this get you down and we will all continue to lift you up in prayer. God bless.


February 12, 2003 - Msg 11925: Woe is me. Dear porchsters, I am so empathetic to all your trials. I have my own as well. But we must all remember God is good. Mrs. Wiiley, I'm so happy that things are looking up for you. Ellen, if that WAS your message, I feel for you so much! A friend of mine sent me the verse "Wait upon the Lord." and it keeps me going. I know that his timing is not like ours and his ways are not our ways so we just have to wait and as impatient humans, that is most difficult for us. Prayers for our precious Romeena. Some scriptures for you, Ro: Josh 1:5 and Psalms 27:1 and 118:6 and Heb. 13:5, 6. Hope these are helpful. Prayers for the bone to grow back in Fungirl's back. I don't know, we're quite a bunch! What's gonna happen to our softball team? Where's Salty and Mavis? What happened to Happy? Hey possum, is the little sick boy back at school yet? Is he better?
Love to all!
Charlotte Tucker

February 12, 2003 - Msg 11926: So much hurt, pain and despair on the porch as I read through the back posts - only prayers can I give you and you have given to me in past situations. I think we are on our last round of the flu here at the homemaker's homestead -
I am thankful for the snow days because it allowed me to use them for sick children and a sick husband so I only had to use 2 of my sick days in the contract for illness. We have had a terrible time of the flu in these parts - many schools closed because of illness. There were over 70 at my son's school yesterday sick/absent. Hopefully - everyone on the porch and in our area will be healthy soon.
Ro - God Bless You in your time of need. God will help you be strong - just know there are many with you in spirit as you face your trials.
To all those needing some special uplifting - here's a silent prayer for you.
A praise - my husband's cousin is expected to make a full recovery (it was a viral lung infection) - she was released from the hospital last week.


Asa - quit riding my goats! You'll have them way to ornery to show!

February 12, 2003 - Msg 11927: By the way - hello to Wayne from Columbia, TN - yahoo - mule days is not far away! It is a great town - with great hospitality!


February 12, 2003 - Msg 11928: So happy to hear about your husband's cousin, hm.
Prayers for Ro.

I'm reminded of the story when Jesus and his disciples were crossing the lake when a storm came. Jesus was asleep in the boat while the others were panicking. They woke him up and asked "Don't you care if we perish?". They weren't going to perish whether Jesus was asleep or awake, were they? Once when I was in the middle of a trial, I heard a preacher say, "When Jesus is in your boat, you have nothing to fear.". I always think about that when I am afraid. Hope that helps someone.


February 12, 2003 - Msg 11929: Thank you to everyone at the porch for your encouragement, yes dears it was I Ellen Brown at post 11919 my husband brought me home a box of chcolates and gave me a beautiful charm braclet for our Anv. which is Fri. bless his heart he seems to think he can buy me things and the hurt will go away, I'm just praying for God to let me once again have a forgiving heart, I've been holding on to , to much stuff and I need to let it go and forgive , Thank y'all so much . And thank you for the praise note HM about your husbands cousin, please porch don't think my husband and I don't love each other, for we do love one another, but sometimes there is a lot of out side interfearance. But with God's help we'll make it . I know.. For greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.
Bee Blessed.. Ellen Brown

February 12, 2003 - Msg 11930: Possum, I looked on the internet for the bone stimulator and I think I will call my surgeon tomorrow and ask him if he would be willing to try it. Thanks for the information.
fun girl

February 12, 2003 - Msg 11931: Hey Fungirl. I find that I still have a couple of Asalty 2002 contraptions on my shelf. You want I should mail one of them to you?
Hang in there Ellen. Things will get better.
You too Charlotte. I hope you are doing better.
Glad your feeling better homemaker. I know your better when you start bellering at me. LOL


February 12, 2003 - Msg 11932: hello all iam happy az a full hawg in a mudhole having a good day hope everyone is to wayne

February 12, 2003 - Msg 11933: is anyone here tonight? EB

February 12, 2003 - Msg 11934: Good night porch sleep tight. EB

February 12, 2003 - Msg 11935: Hey Y'all. Ever have one of those days? Hmmm,let's see now: daughter lost her job,sister didn't get a job she was promised,Mr. Possum came home early grouchy from work,brakes went out on my car,town building inspector shows up and tells us that we need to paint our shed-get the picture? Anybody got an incant for this kind of stuff? I sure don't want another day like this one! Makes me wanna get under my rock and never come out!
Hope you get that bone stimulator,fun girl.You're welcome-glad I could help.No,little Anthony isn't back at school yet,Charlotte.Word is he is still sick,but his mom has him out of town because her older daughter & grandkids are sick and she's down there helping out.I doubt the little fellow has even been to the doctor.Sure hope he's feeling better,regardless. Will let you know when I find out something. Glad to know people care-even folks that don't know him.It's a sad situation. Oh,and homemaker I sure was glad to hear that your husband's relative is better and hope that illness gets out of your household pronto! So many bugs going around this time of year.Briscoe,hope you're putting some vitamin C in those Valentine jugs of yours! Remember I placed an order for 2 jugs-how's about throwing an extra one in there? If the rest of the week is anything like today,I'm gonna need it!
Well,time to hit the ironing board.Tomorrow will be here before I know it.
Everyone have a good evening and to all a good morn!
possum under a rock

February 12, 2003 - Msg 11936: Well - let's see, Vick's Salve (check), Vick's Vaporizer Solution (check), Vaporizer filled (check), Robitussin (check), Nitetime Comtrex (check), red handkerchiefs for Vick's salve around neck (check) - Yep - it's almost bedtime - we're as greezed as a hawg at the county fair - yeehaw!
I hope to have a special on medicines come this weekend if anyone wants leftovers. :)


February 12, 2003 - Msg 11937: Oh, homemaker! What a precious picture you conjured up in my mind. My beloved husband was a firm believer in Vicks, and when he'd get a sore throat, he'd have me grease up his neck and chest with it, then he'd root out one of the kids' old cloth diapers from some private stash, and tie it around his neck. Big old knot at the back of his neck, folds of diaper about to envelope his face, and away to bed he'd go, stinking to high heaven of Vicks, and happy as a little pig in the sunshine. Now mind you, this was a man who stood 6'4" and weighed in lean at 250. He was a sight, wearing that diaper around his neck. It was an effort to keep a straight face and look properly concerned. However, come next morning, he'd be much better, so it was all worth it. Thanks for the memory! Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 12, 2003 - Msg 11938: Ha, thanks for the laugh, homemaker, I needed it.

We are a little sad around here today. I don't know if it was on national news but a serial killer was caught near us and the pastor of our local Church of Christ lost his dear parents at the hand of the killer this week. The elderly couple were married for 60 years and the last time they were seen was at the church on Wed. nightjust up the road from where I live. He killed four people in the area before he was cornered by a SWAT team in a nearby motel. He refused to surrender and was shot. After he was killed, police found the body of an 87 yr old man in the trunk of his car. So we are heartbroken for the local pastor who lost his dear parents but are thankful that the killer can never kill again. So sad. We are praying for his family and the other families who lost their loved ones.

Hope tomorrow is a better day for all of us, for "We don't grieve as those who have no hope.."


February 12, 2003 - Msg 11939: Hello my fellow porchsters! Welcome to Wayne you'll like it here. I have a prayer request please, I have had 2 of the most trying days these last 2 days, & I really need prayers for strength, understanding & calmness, my BP is sky high from all of it. Personal things here & I just don't know how much more my nerves can stand. Please keep me in your prayers. Thanks in advance.

February 13, 2003 - Msg 11940: Hey, almost forgot, I have lots of "Vicks" memories, too. My mom was a firm believer in it and when we had a cold we always went to bed with Vicks on our chest, covered by a rag (didn't have any cloth diapers). I still like to use it when I have a cold but my husband thinks I'm crazy. His mom obviously didn't know the wonderful benefits of Vicks like mine (and Ro's dear husband).

Vicks rules!


"No more peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, right Barn?"

ps-prayers for you, Dear Mavis. Keep your eyes on Jesus.

February 13, 2003 - Msg 11941: no matter how hard times are god is not fare wwjd ..wayne

February 13, 2003 - Msg 11942: Morning porch.
Hey Mavis, you have my prayers hon. You have endured much these last few months I know. I pray that your life will calm down and that you have the strength to endure all that comes your way. The Lord will not put more on our plate than we are able to handle. But I know how sometimes it seems we just can't take one more thing to go wrong. Be strong and patient. I just know you will survive dear.


February 13, 2003 - Msg 11943: Bless you Mavis, We're praying for you! ~ Mrs. Wiley

February 13, 2003 - Msg 11944: "How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord,
is laid for you now in his excellant word.
What more can he say than to you he hath said,
to you who for refuge, to Jesus have fled."

God's word is a comfort in tough times-


February 13, 2003 - Msg 11945: Porchsters! This needs to be a short post since hubby needs Internet but we are all so much alike in all our human struggles. So thankful we have this place to come and pour out our hearts. Love you all. Know there is always someone who cares! Special prayers for all, especially at this time for Mavis.
Charlotte Tucker

February 13, 2003 - Msg 11946: Well - I am so glad that Vick's Rules on this porch. My oldest is still suffering and we are attempting to get him into the doctor. Can't seem to break the fever and cough cycle. He has a hard time getting over stuff. Hubby and the youngest are just fine. Mom is still trying to get over this crud! Mama's don't get to rest much when they get sick.
Oh well -
Take care. . .
Here's a hug for you (((Mavis))) and (((Romeena))) - ah let's just get all sappy (((PORCH)))!


February 13, 2003 - Msg 11947:
Asa, send me one of those Asalty 2002 contraptions. At this point I am ready to try anything.

To all my suffering porch friends...and even to those who are not suffering,

"I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans for good and not for evil, plans to give you a hope and a future." Remember this and it will bring comfort.

fun girl

February 13, 2003 - Msg 11948: Amen!


February 13, 2003 - Msg 11949: Well, I called my surgeon and asked about the Bone Growth Stimulator. He said it's a no go. He doesn't use them unless it has been 6 months to a year without satisfactory bone growth. That means four more months until I will be stable. OH POOH!
I am going to order some supplements that are supposed to promote bone growth. It's called Bone Maximizer. That is one thing I can do without getting the surgeons permission. Boy do I sound bitter or what. I have to learn patience. I am one of those people who would like a pill to cure everything. Instant fix! Lord forgive me when I whine. Make me patient.....and I mean RIGHT NOW!
LOL. Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends on the porch.

fun girl

February 13, 2003 - Msg 11950: Hang in there, fun girl. It'll be ok. Think how much worse off you could be. I know that isn't much comfort but it's almost always true!
Charlotte Tucker
...tying up a public utility because two old women's feet fall asleep!
Wonder what causes that?

Go ahead and quote it all you people who quote better than I do. I know what I mean.

February 13, 2003 - Msg 11951: All right - it's a Vick's check (check) -
Ready, jar open, now grease - ahhhh, feel the warmth and the smell the vapors.
My oh my - I have the vapors:)


February 13, 2003 - Msg 11952: "Be still and know that I am God. Be still. Be very still. Be removed from all the busyness of life if only for a little space, a little time. Be still enough not to hear all the world's pleasant voices, or even the ugly ones. Just be silent. Still. Be still and know that I am God. And in the knowing, know that all is well and on some day you know not of all will be explained.

Be still, and know that you can bear your life, that it has a disrinct and unique meaning, belonging only to you, important more to God than even to yourself, and that to God it is of more worth than the sun or a billion suns. With that importance in his heart a man can walk fearless, joyful with a true joy, peaceful with a peace that no pleasure can give, and no busy life satisfy."

Just a few lines from one of my favorite books.
The Listener by Taylor Caldwell.

Hugs to all.
fun girl

February 13, 2003 - Msg 11953: Thank you kindly, fun girl. That warmed my heart. Good night.
Charlotte Tucker

February 14, 2003 - Msg 11954: Thanks, FG, for sharing those beautiful words by Taylor Caldwell. They make me stand a little taller and braver. We all need encouragement now. So many personal trials and the serious state we find ourselves in at this time. God protect us from the terror that treathens our nation.

On a lighter note, homemaker, your a hoot. I just love "Vicks humor". Something funny about that greasy stuff. Hey, have you tried those Breathe Right nasal strips with Vicks on them? They are too groovy. Tried them for the first time when I had my last cold and they really opened up the old nasal passages. I highly reccomend them to help you sleep at night. If you really want to do it right, here's what you do: before bed, take a hot shower and breath the steam. Then put on your nice warm jammies and fix yourself a cup of decaf green tea with a bit of lemon and honey. Carry the tea with you to bed and begin the "Vicks Preparation" (Vicks to chest, cover with cloth diaper). Oh, and don't forget to take the Nyquil (or some equivalent). Now, crawl into bed and put a heating pad on your chest (not too hot, though, or the combination of heat and Vicks could cause combustion of the chest hairs-if you have them. heehee) Now sip your tea and read a good book before going to sleep. When you turn off the lights and snuggle down under the blankets, think of Mayberry.....Sunday dinner at Aunt Bee's....singin' songs on the porch...sippin' squeezin's in the moonlight out at Meyer's lake....the Duck Pond....

Night, Friends!


February 14, 2003 - Msg 11955: That's quite a remedy, Boo! Makes me jealous that homemaker is getting to have all the fun. (That's a joke! Don't envy anyone who's ailin'!) Happy Valentine's Day to everyone on the porch! I hope one of you experienced technies will write something pretty in red or put a rose on the porch or something. Enjoy this day of love. Spread lots of smiles to everyone you meet.
Charlotte Tucker

February 14, 2003 - Msg 11956: Happy valentines day to all my Porch Friends!


~ Mrs. Wiley
Barney (to Thel): "YOU'RE THE ONLY GIRL I LOVE!"

February 14, 2003 - Msg 11957: Happy Valentines Day Porchsters!!!
((((hugs)))) and *****kisses***** to all!