February 14, 2003 - Msg 11958: Happy Valentine's to you all, and to your goats to.LOL


February 14, 2003 - Msg 11959: Man, you let the goats in and you better clean up after em. I wonder if that was Jimmy?


February 14, 2003 - Msg 11960: Hi, friends! Another day of waiting - to see if I can get in to see the thoracic surgeon today. I'll know a lot more after I've seen him, I hope, but so far he hasn't been doing office hours this week, too many surgeries backed up. Maybe today.

Here's another remedy using Vicks! You know that unsightly "fungus of the toenail" folks get sometimes, when the toenail looks white or slightly yellow, and sort of thick? It usually shows up at the end of the nail first, then goes in streaks back toward the nailbed. Not painful, doesn't involve the skin around the nail, it's just like the nail is trying to turn loose in spots. Well, folks, you can go to the doctor, get an expensive prescription that has lots of side effects, (some of them quite serious), and in about eight months your toenail will grow out normal. Or you can buy a jar of Vicks, or dig out the one that's sitting in the back of your medicine cabinet, and start pushing a small amount of that magic ointment under your toenail everytime you get out of the shower. Just scrape up a bit of Vicks about the size of a match head, and with your finger just smush it up under the nail. (Love that word - smush.) Do this faithfully, and in a few weeks your nail will look better, and before you know it, the white, thick areas will disappear and clear nail will grow in. Best of all, it's cheap and no side effects. It worked for me! I think I read it in "Hints from Heloise".

Happy Valentine's Day, friends! Sugarplum sends her heartfelt "hey", as well. --Romeena

February 14, 2003 - Msg 11961: Happy Love Day all! I'm going to leave a few more jugs on the Porch, for all my friends. Peace and love to all.

Briscoe Darling Jr.

February 14, 2003 - Msg 11962: Happy Valentine's Day to all my porch buddies!

"How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways..."

Ya'll have a great day!


February 14, 2003 - Msg 11963: Andy: "What do you know about love?"
Floyd: "What do I know about love? You can't cut hair for twenty years, without learning something."

Briscoe Darling Jr.

February 14, 2003 - Msg 11964: "Why do ya wanna go to the duck pond, Barney?"


February 14, 2003 - Msg 11965: Does anyone know the story of St. Valentine and why we celebrate Valentine's Day?

February 14, 2003 - Msg 11966: xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo! There you are porch friends. HUGS and KISSES from fun girl on Valentine's Day.


February 14, 2003 - Msg 11967: Thank you Lord for creating Vicks! Amen!

February 14, 2003 - Msg 11968: Barney (to Thel): "IF we were to get maried, and IF we were to have a house, and IF it were to have a den...there'd be no ladies allowed."

~ Mrs. Wiley

February 14, 2003 - Msg 11969: That's a lot of if'n Mrs. Wiley.
xoxoxoxoxoxox back to you fun girl and everyone else.... well you ladies at least. You fellers will have to settle for a handshake.


February 14, 2003 - Msg 11970: I know another use for Vicks. It cures cracked, dry heels. Just rub it on after your shower and put on a pair of socks. Works like magic, I promise. Let's hear it for Vicks!


February 14, 2003 - Msg 11971: Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks for the squeezins,Briscoe!
Ever been hugged by a possum? Well,here ya go...

Love to all! Have a great evening!
possum under a rock

February 14, 2003 - Msg 11972: does anyone have any fun plans for Valentine's night? I think I will take my Honey to the duck pond (after dinner at Morelli's-they have candles on the table, you know).

Later friends!

Boo xxxxxxxoooooooo

February 14, 2003 - Msg 11973: Hey everybody Happy Valentines Day! I hope you all have a wonderful day with the people you love. Love ya's all xoxoxoxox--SaltyDog

February 14, 2003 - Msg 11974: This here porch is something else. I gey hugged by a possum, kissed by a salty dog. There are goats running around here covered in Vicks vapor rub.


February 14, 2003 - Msg 11975: get! not gey sheesh!

February 14, 2003 - Msg 11976: Well - we found out today that my son who has been sick all week has pneumonia - at least we have antibiotics and the over the counter stuff is gone for him. He feels better tonite than he has all week. YEAH -
Our happy heart day - Dr. Visit, Drugstore Visit, takeout from Frisch's!
Nitey nite


February 14, 2003 - Msg 11977: Hey homemaker. Sorry to hear that about your young-un. Hope he gets better soon.


February 14, 2003 - Msg 11978: Prayers for your son, HM, glad is doing better now. Make sure he takes good care of himself. Don't forget to grease yourself tonight (with Vicks). Three cheers for Vicks!


February 14, 2003 - Msg 11979: Happy Valentines Day! Pretty rainy, cold and possibly icy by morning here on my porch. Hope it don't get too bad. Supposed to be heading out to a bball tourney 1 1/2 hours away tomorrow. Hope for good weather. The weather. Seems like everybody's talking about it, but nobody's doing anything about it!
Did Calvin Coolidge say that?
Charlotte Tucker

February 14, 2003 - Msg 11980: Charlotte, Calvin Coolidge didn't say everthang ya know.. but It's been raining all day on my porch and looks like it's gonna be here all weekend. Turned to ice a little while today but nothing serious. Hope all the ailing ones get better. The first Valentines day I ever spent with my husband when we were dating, I had strep throat and wasn't able to go out with him that night. He brought me a dozen roses and ice cream to the house. That was the sweetest thing.. he knew I wouldn't be able to eat candy so he got something that would help my throat. Guess I knew then that he was a keeper. Yall have a great night with your loved ones--Salty Dog

February 14, 2003 - Msg 11981: Yes, sounds like you have yourself a keeper. You know I knew my Honey was a keeper on our first Valentine's day together because I was secretly wanting this little gold heart pendant with rubies and that is exactly what he gave me!
I fear the romance has gone, though. Tonight after showering and going to the potty, my hubbie decided to parade in front of me "in the buff". I said, "Honey you look real good with that red ring from the toilet seat on your tushie!". No kidding, that's what really happened. He put some clothes on and we watched TV. Well, there is always next year!

Goodnight all you Red Hot Lovers!


February 14, 2003 - Msg 11982: Oh, that reminded me of a funny thing that happened a few years ago and it's the honest to goodness truth. We had company visiting and they were using our bedroom. I slept on the couch and my husband slept in our son's room. Well, I was the first one awake that morning and I walked to the TV to turn it on and watch the weather report because it was unseasonably cold. Well, while I was standing there, I was unaware of my husband standing behind me watching, too. When I turned around and saw him I couldn't believe my eyes. I said (rather loudly), "Why are you wearing my nightgown?!". I swear he was standing there in one of my nightgowns. I couldn't believe it. He said he got cold during the night because he went to bed in his underwear, and he couldn't get into his bedroom to get some warmer clothes so he wore the only thing he could find, which was my gown hanging in the bathroom. What a shocker that was at 7am!

Couldn't help sharing...


February 15, 2003 - Msg 11983: Happy Valentines Day yesterday. We lost our cat Baby Thursday. Pray for us as we have no children and especially my husband as Baby adored him and they were so close.
We have four more and they were all related and we have to have them checked to see if they have the same heart disease Baby died of, since it is hereditary.
Thanks. Anyone heard from Emmett Clark ?

The Old Miss Ellie from way back when...

"I just came in here for some foot powder." Barney

February 15, 2003 - Msg 11984: Boo, I love your stories! You and your hubby sound like real people, and sounds like you have a lot of fun. I wonder about some of these formal, proper, stuffy folks, what kind of marriage do they have? Not a lot of fun, I suspect! There wasn't any pretense with me and my beloved, either, and we had a solid, fun, loving, wonderful 38 years, spare tires, wrinkles and all!

To those of you in the cold end of Mayberry, may I tell you that here in the Dallas area, I have my a/c on. (neener, neener!) Granted, it's not running very much, but it kicks in just enough to keep the house from feeling so stuffy. It's in the high 60's outside. Don't know how long that's gonna last, but it's making me want to get outside and plant something. A little too early, though, I think. The mesquite trees aren't starting to leaf out, so we could still get a freeze, and most probably will.

Still haven't seen the doctor who is supposed to give me some idea of what's going on in my old bod, guess I'll be able to see him next week. Getting a bit tired of waiting. Feeling pretty good right now, hard to believe I may have a real problem.

Everybody have a good weekend, you hear? Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 15, 2003 - Msg 11985: Why, Miss Ellie, you slipped in while I was chattering away. It's nice to see you, but I'm so sorry about your kitty. Those little furkids are so important, and it really hurts to lose them. I still miss my little Yorkie, Buckwheat, even though I have my Sugarplum. Prayers for you and your hubby, honey, and I hope the rest of your little friends are all fine. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 15, 2003 - Msg 11986: Miss Ellie, I had a kitty named BoBo when I was in the 4th grade and I had him for almost ten years. I absolutely loved that cat. He caught feline distemper and died and I didn't know I could hurt so bad. It was the first real grief I ever experienced and I will never forget it. Over twenty years later and it still hurts sometimes to think about it. He was my friend and companion when my father had an affair and my mother left him. I was the only child at home and was alone alot, so it was me and BoBo. I can remember him curling up on the couch with me when it was late I was left at home alone. He was a real comfort and I will never forget him. My heart-felt sympathies to you and your husband.

Hello to Romeena, sounds like you are feeling well! Yes, my husband and I are pretty down to earth and we have fun when we have time! Seems like we are much too busy sometimes.
How on earth did you come up with that darling name, "Buckwheat" for your dear, departed Yorkie? That is one of the cutest names I have ever heard for a dog!

Well, better head for bed and get some Z's. My baby girl is visiting her aunt tonight so I get to sleep all night. Yipee!


February 15, 2003 - Msg 11987: Good morning porch, it's rainy again today and calling for ice tonight. Miss Ellie I'm so sorry about your cat. I had one Bandit who I had from the time I Was 3 until I got married. He would have been 17 if he had made it about one more month. I moved out and about three weeks later he died. It liked to have killed me. I still miss him and thats been 7 years ago. And then my little kitty I have now dissappeared on me last week. After we had the big snow, so I Was worried about him too. But he finally came back Monday night starving to death. I was having a fiy and yelling for my husband to get in here since the cat was back. Then the cat looked at me like I had lost my mind . But you get attached to those little fur kids, I had almost given up on him. Yall have a good day, I gots to go work for a little while, see ya'll later on ~*Salty Dog*~

February 15, 2003 - Msg 11988: its rain rain rain in columbia tn -MY MULE A FLOATING

February 15, 2003 - Msg 11989: Hi, all! Yes, Boo, I'm really feeling pretty good. Just frustrated beyond belief, waiting to get to see the thoracic surgeon who, presumably, will be able to give us some answers as to what's going on. I actually feel well enough to just forget the whole thing and go on my way, but I've seen the CT scans myself, and there's definitely something there. Also, if I exert beyond just normal activity, like trying to carry in a big bag of grapefruit, I get winded pretty quick. Can't pick up my grandson at all! So, there's something. Time will tell. Be assured, I'll keep you all informed. Meantime, please keep praying for me.

As for the name of my Yorkie, Buckwheat, he came with the name. He was two when I got him, and that was the name on his papers. Some folks were moving to the country and knew his long, sweeping coat would never survive out there, so they gave him to me. He was adorable, and I loved him dearly. He lived to be almost 17, and I finally had to make the decision and end his little life. By then, he was deaf, blind, and so arthritic that he could barely move, cried when anyone touched him. We had cataract surgery done for him, but his retina was no good, so he still couldn't see. When his kidneys started to fail, our friend and vet reminded us that Bucky depended on us to do the best thing for him, so we did. It was terribly hard, but my dear husband, who knew me so well, had already covered the bases and had gotten Sugarplum for me about three weeks before. So, I had her to make a new place in my heart, and she has done it very well. Just a year and a half later, I lost that beloved husband, and Sugarplum has been my constant companion ever since.

Everybody have a great Mayberry weekend. Oh, and I take back that brag about our weather. It's cold again, and the furnace is once again in use. Have a lovely Sabbath, friends. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 15, 2003 - Msg 11990: Condolences, Miss Ellie. I can relate. My story is somewhat like Boo's. I was an only child and I had a dog named Dinky from the time I was five. After my hubby and I got married, my parents left him on the farm, going back and forth caring for him until we had a big blizzard and they couldn't get there for a day or two. So we took him to live with us in our apartment in the city. Our landlords fortunately were pet lovers too. He died when I was 23 and it was my first real grief as well. Painful! Glad to hear from Salty. Can't believe people talking about rain, rain, rain and air conditioners! We are having a blizzard here. Our bball tourney was cancelled fortunately! It's a whiteout out the windows!
Charlotte Tucker

February 15, 2003 - Msg 11991: Hey Possum, this is Miss Ellen Brown, that was my Granddaughter showing off for her Daddy, Isn't she a doll, her daddy is a Sgt. in the Army, she dosen't get to see him much so when she comes down here I put her on the web cam so he can at least see her. She's nuts about her daddy.
Say Happy Late Valentines Day Porch, say we got sleet here today it is ~~ A-W-F-U-L.. ~~

February 15, 2003 - Msg 11992: Hey Porchters....Sorry I have been away a few days, so am behind on all the news and such. MSG.11965- You can get the Valentine Story at:http://www.promiseofgod.com/valentines.
Does anyone have a good recipe for Apple Crisp? My daughter is looking for one. I probably have one somewhere, but hate to look through all those cookbooks...I am really not lazy, just tired, we painted Mothers house this week. "would ya pa-lease pass da squeezins"? LD

February 15, 2003 - Msg 11993: Hey Porchters....Sorry I have been away a few days, so am behind on all the news and such. MSG.11965- You can get the Valentine Story at:http://www.promiseofgod.com/valentines.
Does anyone have a good recipe for Apple Crisp? My daughter is looking for one. I probably have one somewhere, but hate to look through all those cookbooks...I am really not lazy, just tired, we painted Mothers house this week. "would ya pa-lease pass da squeezins"? LD

February 15, 2003 - Msg 11994: Hey Porchters....Sorry I have been away a few days, so am behind on all the news and such. MSG.11965- You can get the Valentine Story at:http://www.promiseofgod.com/valentines.
Does anyone have a good recipe for Apple Crisp? My daughter is looking for one. I probably have one somewhere, but hate to look through all those cookbooks...I am really not lazy, just tired, we painted Mothers house this week. "would ya pa-lease pass da squeezins"? LD

February 15, 2003 - Msg 11995: Hey Porchters....Sorry I have been away a few days, so am behind on all the news and such. MSG.11965- You can get the Valentine Story at:http://www.promiseofgod.com/valentines.
Does anyone have a good recipe for Apple Crisp? My daughter is looking for one. I probably have one somewhere, but hate to look through all those cookbooks...I am really not lazy, just tired, we painted Mothers house this week. "would ya pa-lease pass da squeezins"? LD

February 15, 2003 - Msg 11996: Hey Porchsters...
I just tried to post a message with a website url on it, but it wouldn't go. Is there some trick to it? (I have webtv instead of a regular computer.)
Sorry I have been away for a few days and am behind on all the news. We painted Mothers house this past week, sure am tired. My daughter is looking for a recipe for "Apple Crisp", would any of you have one handy. I hate to go through all my cook books looking for it. I m sure I have one but too tired to search. Haven't made it in a long time.
"Would ya pa-leese pass the squeezins"?LD

February 15, 2003 - Msg 11997: Hey Porchsters...
I just tried to post a message with a website url on it, but it wouldn't go. Is there some trick to it? (I have webtv instead of a regular computer.)
Sorry I have been away for a few days and am behind on all the news. We painted Mothers house this past week, sure am tired. My daughter is looking for a recipe for "Apple Crisp", would any of you have one handy. I hate to go through all my cook books looking for it. I m sure I have one but too tired to search. Haven't made it in a long time.
"Would ya pa-leese pass the squeezins"?LD

February 15, 2003 - Msg 11998: Quick, pass LD the squeezin's. She's starting to repeat herself. LOL
Hope y'all don't mind if I tell you it was close to 60 here today. Went and played a round of golf and everything. Fun times I tell ya.


February 15, 2003 - Msg 11999: Oh Asa, I don't want to hear it! We're walking around the house with our shoes on it's so cold here today! We may not be able to get out to go to meetin' tomorrow the snow is blowing so bad here on the prairie. LD, I have a wonderful apple crisp recipe. I'll go get it and post it for you.
Charlotte Tucker

February 15, 2003 - Msg 12000: Apple Crisp for LD and anyone else who wants it:
Peel and thinly slice 6 cups apples and layer in a baking dish. Mix 1 c. sugar, 1 tsp. cinnamon and pour over the apples. Then mix 1/2 c. oleo, 3/4 c. oatmeal, 3/4 c. flour, 3/4 c. brown sugar, 1/2 tsp. baking soda and 1/2 tsp. baking powder together and spread over the top of the apples and sugar. Bake 30 min. at 350. Delicious!

February 15, 2003 - Msg 12001: I love apple crisp CT, thank you kindly! ~ Mrs. Wiley

Thel: "A ring?! You saw Andy and Helen... a ring!?"

February 15, 2003 - Msg 12002: Sorry folks! Usually when I click on the bar for posting, the message goes immediately. But today it just sat there, so I thought nothing was happening. Thanks for the recipe CT I will pass it on to my daughter. Now tell me, Is there any way I can delete all those messages, I am MORTIFIED!

February 16, 2003 - Msg 12003: HaHaHa! Don't be mortified, LD. I thought it was all pretty funny.

Been a busy day today. It was a beautiful 70 degrees here in South Texas but a blustery cold front just blew through about an hour ago and the high will be in the fifties tomorrow. I just try to enjoy the cool weather because summer will be one degree short of hell here, as usual.

Romeena, I'm so glad you have your Sugarplum! Sure sounds like life has been pretty rough on you the past few years, bless your heart. Be sure, we are praying for you during your current trial.

Have a blessed Sunday!


"...Fluffy and me have been good friends for a long time."-Andy to Barney when Andy was going to get Fluffy off the roof and Barney offered Andy his gun.

February 16, 2003 - Msg 12004: LD, have you heard of Alcoholic's Anonymous? You seem to be craving those squeezins a bit much! Admitting it is the first step, dear! ;)
I'm just funn'in ya, LD! Don't worry about it!

Speaking of Vick's, have any of you ever put some under your eyes? We used to do this as kids(and sometimes as adults), not for any good reason, mind you, it just makes your eyes tear up. I suppose you could use it if you were an actor and you had to do a crying scene.
But I do love the smell of Vick's Vaporub! Brings back alot of memories. I know, I know, just memories of being sick. But also those memories of being home, secure with your family, and having your mom right there to care for you. Gosh, I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't think I'll need to put any Vick's under my eyes tonight. :( :)

CT, that apple crisp sounds(as Andy would say)"Gooo-ood!"
I love apple crisp! Kinda reminds me of the apple crisp we had in school, all warm and crunchy on top, which in turn reminded me of the apple crisp my mom used to make, when she used to make us apple crisp! It was always warm too,and the smell of cinnamon permeating her kitchen, bringing a nice, comforting sense of...(Good Lord, there he goes again!)
I'm just funn'in again. My Mom really did make us apple crisp though, I wonder why she doesn't anymore?! I guess I'll have to call her! "Oh, Mom, remember when you used to..." :)

Talk to you later, friends!
-Sterling Holobyte

February 16, 2003 - Msg 12005: You sure are full of memories tonight, Sterling. You made me laugh out loud with that Vicks monologue. Hilarious. I never put Vicks under my eyes but it sounds like something fun to try (right after I shove toothpicks under my fingernails). I have an aunt that told me once that when she was a teen, her mom melted some Vicks and poured it in my aunt's ear when she had an earache (really bad idea). Didn't help the earache but it did make her eyes water! Ouch! Some people think Vicks is good for everything. That reminds me-I watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" this weekend and it was really funny. Only had a couple of bad word and was rated PG. Anyway, there is an old guy in the movie (he is the bride's father) and he thinks Windex cures everything. Rent the movie, it's very cute.
Well, gotta go rub some Vicks under my eyes!


February 16, 2003 - Msg 12006: Good morning porch, I hope you all have a wonderful Sabbath, it is very rainy on my porh they say it is supposed to turn to ice as the day goes on. Asa, it was in the 60's yesterday too. And supposed to ice today.. go figure. Just as long as it dont rain in Daytona I'll take all the rain I can get here. Gotta watch that 500 today. Go Little E! See yall later--Salty Dog

February 16, 2003 - Msg 12007: I like to add a little vicks to my egg whites. Makes them geasier! LOL Y'all are a riot here, what with toilet seat rings (your are a crack up Boo) to 101 uses for vicks.
I saw that movie this weekend to Boo. Had heard a lot about it. I agree, it was not bad for a chick flick. LOL Hard to find much good coming out of Hollywood nowadays.
Have fun watching the race Salty. Maybe Ron Baily will be in there with his speed wagon.
Blessed Sabbath to all and continued prayers for all who need them, especially you Romeena.


February 16, 2003 - Msg 12008: Good Sabbath Porchsters. I spoke to the Deacon of our Church this week who also recommended seeing My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Think I'll rent it for next weekend. My folks never used Vicks, so all this talk of it's uses is real interesting. Tonails, eh? Wonder if it cures the mainge?

Prayers for Helen and Romeena and all those suffering today.

~ Mrs. Wiley
Gomer: "Speed, speed, speed."

February 16, 2003 - Msg 12009: Miss Ellie, my heart goes out to you. I'll be keeping you, as well as the other's here, in my prayers.

February 16, 2003 - Msg 12010: Good after noon porch, it is still sleeting here, it has been going on now over 24 hrs. when will it stop? Miss Ellie I'm sorry for your lose. Pets are people too you know.

Love and Prayers Ms Ellen B.

February 16, 2003 - Msg 12011: OK, want my Vicks story? (By the way, I use the generic chest rub but I have bad childhood memories of the real stuff. My mom used to grease me up with that stuff till it took my breath away!) My dad says my grandpa used to eat it when he had a sore throat. Top that!
Charlotte Tucker

February 16, 2003 - Msg 12012: Yes, we used to eat Vicks too. Mother put it on her knees for her arthritis. Later she used WD 40 on her arthritis...I have arthritis too and the WD 40 really works!

February 16, 2003 - Msg 12013: Well, so now I know my best friend in high school wasn't the only nut around! She ate Vicks and I thought she was crazy. Imagine, if you can, a very beautiful teenage girl, Vicks all over her neck and chest, with a towel pinned around her neck, wearing flannel PJs with a flannel gown over them, and wrapped in a chenille bathrobe, wearing three pair of gym socks and an oven-warmed towel around her head. She would crawl into bed under about six quilts, carrying a jar of Vicks which she kept open so she could dip into it during the night and put a fresh blob into her mouth. Trust me, a sleepover at her house was like going into hibernation with a small, very smelly bear. I'd last about an hour, then would have to come out for air, and would end up spending the rest of the night on the living room sofa. Now, here's the kicker. This wasn't her treatment for a sore throat. This was her prevention! I guess it worked, because if she had ever really gotten a sore throat, she'd probably have been in intensive care. I presume she abandoned this practice after she married, because she did manage to have three children, and I can't imagine any man being intrepid enough to brave the conditions that I witnessed when we were teenagers.

Still no word on my situation, friends, but I do continue to covet your prayers. It will probably be at least Wednesday before there's any news.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 16, 2003 - Msg 12014: You are kidding! How could WD40 help arthritis? It can't actually lubricate the joints. Too funny. I could NEVER eat Vicks.

We had a beautiful day here today, sunny and crsip. Loved it! My husband and I took a long drive in the country and saw some wildflowers coming up already.

Hey, my baby girl has a patch of skin behind her knee that looks alot like psoriasis. It has been there for over a month and is growing. It looks more red some days than others and has a scaly appearance. She never scratches it, though. I tried putting a little Cortisone cream on it and it helped but it didn't go away. Someone told me to try tea tree oil on it but that burned her. She also seems to have a little patch of it on her face, but it's not as red. Any advice (and please don't say Vicks!)? haha Maybe I should just take her to the dr but she has some shots due and I don't want to go!

Well, baby girl is crying fo me so I better go..


February 17, 2003 - Msg 12015: Well porch,I hope all of you are having better weather than we are .we,ve got 10 inches and it,s still coming down!My husband went to work at 7oclock yesterday morning,and it,s now 2ammonday morning and he,s working his third shift because no one can get to work,and,he can,t get home.We are supposed to have 20 inches by the time it stops tomorrow.Keep us all in your prayers porch.Sweet dreams,I,ll stop by tomorrow,Love,Teresa

February 17, 2003 - Msg 12016: Prayers for you and your family, Teresa. Hope the snow stops soon.

Ro, that friend of yours really does sound like a nut. She might have had a little Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, eh? Weird. The thought of eating Vicks is really terrible!
I wonder just how long we can keep this Vicks conversation going, don't you? Maybe I'll write a book: 101 Uses For Vapor Rub....chest rub, foot rub, eye rub, with eggs.....
I continue to remember you in my prayers, Ro.

It is going to be a gorgeous day here, today! Wish you could all be here to enjoy it with me.

I am going to introduce a new subject here on the porch (a pleasant one). Does anyone watch Dr. Phil? I just love that man! I am so proud of that Texas boy. He is a smart cookie, for sure. I try to watch him as often as I can but I am usually busy with the kids at that time of day. I think Dr. Phil is purty man and I like to look at the purty man. His bald head reminds me of my husband!

Well, time to meet today's challenges!

Later, Friends!


February 17, 2003 - Msg 12017: Hey Teresa, what state are you in? I think you've said before but I forgot. It got icy and snowy here and kept us home from church yesterday but is supposed to be in the 40s tomorrow. Hey, Boo, I'm game to keep this Vicks conversation going. I liked your comments about Ro's teenage friend. At first I thought that Asa was writing that post! How was the Daytona, Salty? My aunt, uncle, and cousins were supposed to be there. Did you see them on TV? I've seen Dr. Phil a few times but don't have much comment on him one way or t'other. Haven't seen him enough. My friend loves him as much as you do Boo. She never wants to miss him. WD 40! That's a hoot! LD! I'll have to tell my mother-in-law and grandma about that one! Rambled enough. Have a great day!
Charlotte Tucker

February 17, 2003 - Msg 12018: Chk!

February 17, 2003 - Msg 12019: VICKS RULES!!


February 17, 2003 - Msg 12021: Hey Y'all! Happy President's Day! Hope everyone in the blizzard's path stays safe & warm.Leaving some hot cocoa and donuts on the Porch for ya!
possum under a rock

February 17, 2003 - Msg 12022: Thanks, possum! We appreciate you leaving your warm rock to bring us cocoa and donuts. You're the cats! Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 17, 2003 - Msg 12023: I ran out of brylcream this morning so I tried some vicks on my hair. Not bad stuff really. Keeps yer hair plastered down good like.


February 17, 2003 - Msg 12024: Vicks Vaporub is like Spam(the food kind, not the email kind). You can never have too much! And for some of you Vicks eaters, you can never eat too much!
-Sterling Holobyte

February 17, 2003 - Msg 12025: hahaha Asa, you are a HOOT! ~ Mrs. Wiley

February 17, 2003 - Msg 12026: Well - what a Valentine's Day weekend surprise - icy mix with snow. Everything was cancelled here today from school to work to the roads (the road ban for our county was lifted at 11 this morning. Yuck! I think my school will be cancelled again tomorrow.

Do you think the VICKS will work on melting ice?


February 17, 2003 - Msg 12027: Well,I didn't think I had a "Vicks story" till Asa jogged my memory with his brylcreme/Vicks tale! I remember when my daughter was about 1 and a half years old and I was busy doing laundry.She was in the bathroom down the back hall,playing "beauty parlor",as she called it. Each trip I made down the hall,I kept catching a whiff of something "pine" smelling,but it didn't dawn on me right away what she'd gotten into. Yep,it was Vicks and she was combing it through what little hair she had at that age! Asa's right-it slicks ya down Ernest T. style! I shampooed her hair 3 times that night,but still had a slick Vicks spot on the top of her head.I finally resigned myself to the fact that she was going to the babysitter's in the morning with a grease spot on her head! Asa,if you didn't know beforehand,you are gonna have a devil of a time getting that Vicks outta your hair! Maybe Floyd can help you out! Mr. Goss?
Just put a jar of Vicks out on the Porch for you homemaker-if you can get to it(before Asa does),maybe it's worth a try on that ice! Be careful now!
Y'all have a good evening.Stay safe & warm!
possum under a rock

February 17, 2003 - Msg 12028: Boy, I sure laughed at ya'lls posts today! As I was reading, I came up with the perfect name for the book. They have "The Joy of Cooking", "The Joy of S--", now, "The Joy of Vicks".

Hey Sterling, how about a Spam and Vicks sandwich?

Oh, I thought of another use for Vicks. My mom puts it on her chapped lips.

Gotta go!


February 17, 2003 - Msg 12029: Hello Porchsters:
Just wanted to check in and say that we are drying out or that "we are no longer retaining water!!" It has been quite a long road and most of the time overwhelming. When you have to sort, dry, burn, or lay aside everything that got wet, well to say the least, it is very overwhelming! We have now been hit with 36 inches of snow! OK OK Lord, enough is enough... Does someone have a spare bedroom I can use? (for a little R&R) The up side of all this is that the builder (house only 9 months old) will cover all the repairs, furniture, etc. over $35,000 alone. We are laughing about this. Especially when we watch the video filmed that night. I sat at the diningroom table and said "I always did like waterfalls. Just not IN the house." The water was running from the tops of the doorjams. It has been a learning experience, a humbling experience, and a time that we found out what we are made of!! Thanks for all your prayers, and thoughts. It just wasn't the kind of birthday I would have picked! We will continue to keep you informed of our rebuilding. The lessons we have gained have been priceless. We have been a testimony to those coming to our house to work. After all THIS IS ONLY STUFF!! It won't mean anything in eternity! Blessings to everyone. Love none other than ~ New Neighbor!!!

February 17, 2003 - Msg 12030: Boo, I've tried Spam with a lot of things but,...
You've just put a bad taste in my mouth in my head.
-Sterling Holobyte

February 17, 2003 - Msg 12031: I'M GONNA BE A GRANDMA POSSUM!

possum in shock under a rock

February 17, 2003 - Msg 12032: Hey to the porch!

I don't know if this has been posted, but on Ebay there is a replica of the Squad Car.

Here is a quick rundown:
This 1961 Ford Fairlane 500 is a clone of the vehicle Barney Fife drives in the tv series Andy of Mayberry. 292 V8 engine, automatic, with 17,300 documented original miles. Working lights and siren, cb radio not working. The interior is like new with clear plastic covering. The exterior paint is in very good condition, the chrome is excellent, the undercarriage is like new. This car runs and drives very strong.

Here is the LINKY.

Rickyb aka Otis

February 17, 2003 - Msg 12033: Hey N.N. Glad to hear from you again and that your drying out. Good thing your taking all this in stride. Hope all turns out well for you guys.
Congrats Possun. I never knew a grandpossum till tonight. You must be thrilled.
Nice link Otis. Thanks for the info. I would love to restore one of them some day.
Hope all who are dealing with all the snow are doing ok. Please be careful and think spring!


February 17, 2003 - Msg 12034: Congratulations, Possum.
- Hazel

February 18, 2003 - Msg 12035: Yes, congratulations, Granny Possum. How could you be old enough to be a grandmother?! You are in for so much joy and lovin' and kissin'! Nothing sweeter in this world than those precious little darlings. I can't wait to have grandkids and my oldest is only seven!

Well, all of you in the cold country with all the snow, try a little vicks on your windsheild at night and you won't have to de-ice in the morning (maybe).

Love ya'll!


February 18, 2003 - Msg 12036: Oh, by the way, Possum, is the little darling who rubbed Vicks in her hair the mother of this new grandbaby that's on the way? Just curious.....Boo

February 18, 2003 - Msg 12037: Seems like we have to have the word "Vicks" in nearly every post, doesn't it? Boo

February 18, 2003 - Msg 12038: "Onward to Vick-tory!"

February 18, 2003 - Msg 12039: Hey, I could call my book "Vick-toria's Secrets"....Boo

February 18, 2003 - Msg 12040: Hey Porch!
I am back! (Bet you didn't even notice I was gone!) Anyways...Hubby and I had a big art show in South Carolina this past weekend. We drove down last Tuesday and Wednesday, (and I even stopped briefly in Mt. Airy!) and then did the show. The show was a bust, for almost every artist there, I think worries of war and economy and all...but we acquired a wealth of information and sure did enjoy the weather down there, that is until we had to drive back up yesterday and today through that storm!!! Goodness, I drove for 2 and 1/2 hours Sunday after we closed down the show and packed all our gear and art up. Then today, (which I believe is now YESTERDAY) I drove for 14 hours!!! I started at 7 a.m. in South Carolina around Columbia and drove through ice there all the way to North Carolina. North Carolina, Tennessee and half of Kentucky were okay, but then around Lexington we hit more ice. From there it cleared up a little but by the time we hit Ohio it started snowing again, all the way to my humble home in Michigan! I am dizzy from all that driving! (I really am!)

One highlight of our trip came when Grandma, (who was watching our 5 year old boy) called me Friday morning and said "We have a problem!" Seems my little guy made a mountain out of the cushions on my sofa and chairs and broke his left arm in two places while leaping off of his mountain! Grandma told him not to do it, but you know how 5 year olds can be.

A little note to Romeena, I read about your situation and you can be assured, I join my prayers with those of all the others here on the porch.

My prayers also go out for Mavis, and everyone else who needs 'em. May God pour His mercy, lovingkindness, and love and comfort out upon us all.

I guess I will let this poor, tired head hit the hay, maybe tomorrow I will be able to see straight again!

Mary Wiggins

February 18, 2003 - Msg 12041: Mornin' Y'all! Thought I dreamt it,but yeah,I'm gonna be a grandma! Still kinda hard to believe.Yep,Boo,the Vicks headed little girl is the mommy to be(my only child) and you are SO right-I am too young (43) to be a grandma! But,that's inevitable when you have your babies when you're young,I guess.I have the feeling it will be a boy-don't care either way as long as baby is healthy. Thanks for the well wishes-will keep y'all posted.
Mary,were you at the Wildlife Expo? Sorry you got caught in some bad weather while here in SC,but wasn't Saturday beautiful? 75 degrees in the Charleston area. Then on Sunday the other shoe dropped! Come back now,ya hear? The weather is typically much better than what you drove through in Columbia. Hope your little fella's arm heals up ASAP.
Well,time to get ready for school.The kids had a 4 day weekend... Nah,they can't be any wilder than they usually are... can they?? Ha Ha
Have a good day y'all!
possum under a rock

February 18, 2003 - Msg 12042: Congrats, possum! And New Neighbor, glad to hear things are looking up. Did we miss your birthday? Happy belated birthday. Welcome home to Mary Wiggins. Mary, we did miss you. We just got all caught up in this conversation about Vicks! Prayers for Ro and Mavis. Mavis, check in please dear. Are you ok? I could use prayers too. Had a doozy of a night last night and got very little sleep. How 'bout you, Ellen? Doin' ok? Hope ya'll have a Mayberry Day. Asa, I think you just oughta buy that squad car.
Charlotte Tucker

February 18, 2003 - Msg 12043: Mornin', prayers for you Charlotte and everyone. Good to hear from you, Mary Wiggins and glad you made it home in one piece! I have only driven in a snow storm once in my life and that was plenty. Sorry about your young'in. They all think they are Superman at that age. My baby girl who is 1 1/2 is already flying off the couch head first!

Well, I slept pretty good last night after putting a little dab of Vicks in each nostril (just had to get that V word in there somewhere).

Later, friends


February 18, 2003 - Msg 12044: Who would have known that I mention the "V" word and the porch just goes wild?


February 18, 2003 - Msg 12045: "Yes Miss VICKkers, we're still holding on to VICKSburg." ~ Mrs. Wiley

February 18, 2003 - Msg 12046: WD40, Duct Tape and Vicks- the essentials for every household!! Where would we be without them?
Most children have blankets, or teddy bears, my kid? She holds a closed bottle of Vicks in her hand when she needs a little comforting! Go figure... Just checking in~ New Neighbor

February 18, 2003 - Msg 12047: thank you everyone for your nice thoughts about Baby and your stories of your own losses and the GAINSS of having wonderful pets.
Now, I use Vicks, what of it, a lot of people use Vicks. (Take off on Barney about people lying at lunch.)
My funny story. I use Icy Hot a lot for achey bones. I usually buy it in the tub, but I couldn't find the tub so I bought a tube of it.
One night I took it into the bathroom to rub my knee and left it there. The next morning I brushed my teeth and thought "Man, this toothpaste has never tingled like this." Then I realized I had put Icy Hot on my tooth brush, so I washed out my mouth good and called Poison Control and they said I did the right thing.
So I say Icy Hot is good for everything !
As far as putting Vicks under the eyes, just be careful not to get it in your eyes.

Miss Ellie

February 18, 2003 - Msg 12048: Hello all! Have a Mayberry Day.

Briscoe Darling Jr.

February 18, 2003 - Msg 12049: Hi, friends! Still no news from here, hoping to see the thoracic surgeon tomorrow. Feeling good, hard to believe there's really anything wrong.

new neighbor, I'm so sorry about your water problems, but there's nothing soggy about your spirits. You're an inspiration to us all!

possum!!! Congratulations, and welcome to the world of grandmas. It's a nice place to be. I've lived in it since I was 40, and have enjoyed every minute. When is the little one due?
Mary Wiggins, watch for an email. I'd like to see the rest of the brochures you have - will tell you what I've already got. Pat's work is just superb!
One more Vicks story -- When my oldest daughter was about 2 1/2, she pulled a good one. I was ironing, and realized she was very quiet, so I went to investigate. Well, you know those little "spring horses" - the kind mounted by springs to a frame, and the kid gets aboard and bounces? My darling daughter had smeared her spring horse's whole back end (and the springs) with Vicks, then powdered it all liberally, using almost a whole new can of baby powder. When I arrived in the room, she was trying to fasten an unfolded diaper around the horse's middle. Naturally, I was aghast at the mess, but when I looked at her little upturned face, rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes framed by a halo of curls, and a big smile lighting up the room, I just couldn't scold her. She was so proud. I waited until she was napping before I started the rather lengthy process of removing the Vicks/baby powder paste from the hapless horse.

Well, back to my big chair. Getting lots of rest these days, watching lots of TAGS. Oh, did I tell you that my youngest son gave me a DVD player and four TAGS DVDs (16 eps) for Christmas? The key to the US mint wouldn't have made me happier. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 18, 2003 - Msg 12050: Well, I have not chimed in with my Vicks story. Last year when I was working at the school I worked with a lady who was a couple tacos short of a combo plate. She was always coming in with whacky stories of something goofy she did. Anyway she had a bad cold and she came into school and said she told her husband she went to bed with Vick the night before. Vick's Vapor Rub that is. I said I could top that. I went to bed the night before with Ben. My good friend Ben Gay. LOL. Okay so we are easily amused here in the heartland. We have to do something to keep from giving in to cabin fever. Bad weather here folks. But they say warmer weather is on the way.
I watched 20/20 last night and all I can say is the Lord has to come soon cause this is a crazy world. I won't make any other commentary than that and will not cast dispersions on any celebrity who does not know who or what he is.
OOPS! Well congrats to possum. Babies...now that's a heap o' lovin'.

Thats all for now.
fun girl

February 18, 2003 - Msg 12051: Congratulations! possum. We have 12 of those little darlings. Of course they aren't so little anymore. oldest is 20, youngest is 7.We hang Christmas Stockings for all of them,and their parents and ourselves. It takes up the whole wall in our Greatroom. thats 24 stockings for Santa to fill. Whew! Have to save all year to ge the job done.

February 18, 2003 - Msg 12052: Miss Ellie, I like the way you took off on Barney. You really got talent, you know that? I haven't ever put icy hot on my toothbrush, but I did gargle with shaving cologne once. Yuck.
- Hazel


February 19, 2003 - Msg 12053: Oh Fun Girl, if the truth be told, most of us have slept with Vick or Ben. Glad they are around when we need them.

Ro, when you were telling the Vicks story, I could just picture my baby girl doing something like that. I have to keep EVERYTHING out of her reach! She has tons of toys to play with but wants to play with something dangerous.

Well, I am off to bed. It's been a very full day!


February 19, 2003 - Msg 12054: Oh, Hazel, I remember when I was a kid my dad brushed his teeth with Brylcreme once by accident and once in the winter, my dad had chapped lips because he worked outside. Anyway, I had this Avon lip gloss for kids and it was in a peanut shaped container. It was blue but when you put it on it turned bright pink. Well as a gag my mom told my dad to put some on before he went to work. She told him it was colorless and because it was blue, he believed her. By the time he got to work his lips were bright pink and he didn't even know it until guys started laughing at him. Poor dad!

Now I really am going to bed.....goodnight.


February 19, 2003 - Msg 12055: Morning everybody. Funny stories. They give me a lift. I didn't sleep well again last night. So I am taking some Tylenol PM and going back to bed. Talk about good stuff. That tylenol works better than any sleeping pill. Good night. Will check back in later when I'm more awake.
Charlotte Tucker

February 19, 2003 - Msg 12056: Boo, I do believe your mama has a mean streak! That's too funny.

CT, I'm having trouble sleeping too. Just too much on my mind, I guess. Still haven't seen the thoracic surgeon, doesn't look like it's going to happen today either, unless they call me at the last minute. Soooo...I went and bought a copy of "Camelot" on DVD, and if I have to be awake anyway, I may as well be awash in that glorious movie. Love the musical score from it! Why, it's almost as good as Leonard Blush.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 19, 2003 - Msg 12057: Ro-that is one of my favorite movies. It was one of the first gifts I ever got from fungi. It is so romantic and tragic at the same time. I think I'll go and pop it in when I get through with my message.

Has anyone ever heard of phonophoresis? It is where they put a gel with hydrocortisone on your skin and then use ultrasound waves to help it penetrate deep into the tissues. I am having a terrible time with sciatic pain in my low back. It is so tender right in the sciatic notch and I think that this may be causing the numbness and tingling in my ankle. Very inflammed. My sister was giving me a back rub and when she got to that spot, I nearly went through the roof. I go to Mt. Pilot tomorrow and see my regular doctor. I am gonna ask what he thinks about phonophoresis. I don't think that a shot sounds appealing at all. After my hospital stay I think that
I'VEHEARDJUSTABOUTENOUGHABOUTTHEMTHERENEEDLES. If there is a different way to make me feel better, I'm all for it.

Cold and gray here.
Stay warm and take care of each other.
fun girl

February 20, 2003 - Msg 12058: testing

February 20, 2003 - Msg 12059: Where is everyone? I am up late for some reason and can't sleep, yet. Hope you are all well...
Had a busy day of chores today and went to church tonight. After church I came home and hubbie and I had a knock down, drag out fight. We have only fought a few times in our marriage but when we do, it's a doozie! I got so mad at him I couldn't see straight. He was taking a shower and I was holding baby girl when she started throwing up. I was sitting on the floor holding her and she threw up so much I couldn't get up without it spilling onto the floor so I told my son to get his dad out of the shower. Well, my hubbie got really nasty with my boy for bothering him. Let me tell you, something came over me. I was so mad, it was "other-wordly", man. It was like something out of Nightmare On Elm Street. Don't know where it came from and didn't know I had it in me but out it came! Whoo, it wasn't pretty. How is it that you can love someone so much but be so angry you wish you could beat the tar out of them? Scary. Well, we made up of course and all is well, but I feel very guilty because we fought in front of the children and my son (who is seven) went to bed crying! I have decided that I will never let my anger get to that point again and I will not lose it like that again in front of the kids. A little disagreement is alright but the kind of words we exchanged tonight are not alright. God help me to have some self control. There is a scripture somewhere that says that if we suffer wrongly and we keep the right attitude, God is pleased. Wish I had thought of that before I turned into Attila the Hun. Can I get an "Amen"?

Hope tomorrow is a better day!

Good night,

PS- do ya'll think Vicks would be good for curing a bad attitude? I think if rubbed in just the right area it might help straighten someone out.

February 20, 2003 - Msg 12060: Sing this to the tune of Nat King Cole's "Route 66"....:
"Get your kicks, by using Vicks.."


February 20, 2003 - Msg 12061: AMEN,Boo!
P.S. love your song adaptation!

February 20, 2003 - Msg 12062: Oops,that was me,possum! I'm not quite awake,it seems!
Mornin' Dears & Honeys!

possum under a rock

February 20, 2003 - Msg 12063: I understand, Boo. Been there, done that. God forgives. Thank the Lord. I haven't been feeling too great this week. But thankfully today the sun is out. Hopefully it will be a good day. A classmate's mother died in her sleep at 63 of a massive coronary. Never even knew she had a problem. Kinda puts things in perspective. Have a Mayberry Day everybody.
Charlotte Tucker

February 20, 2003 - Msg 12064: Good morning porch,

Charlotte, sorry to hear about your classmate's mother. I hope their family finds comfort in the Lord.

Boo, sounds like you all had quite a todo there last night. I guess your husband should be thankful that you realized you may have gone overboard. Just think what it would be like if you just continued to be mad and feel like you were in the right! I have a sister that is like that, she is a wonderful person, but boy if she gets mad, watch out!!

Romeena, I hope you will soon be able to see the doctor again, and at least know that the situation is being looked into. It must be quite difficult to just be in "limbo" right now, waiting for the next step. My prayers are with you.

Where has Asa been, and Sterling, there are quite a few we haven't heard much from lately...Where are you all?

Tomorrow I get to take my little 5 year old to have his arm re-cast. It is in a split cast due to swelling. I saw the x-ray yesterday, it sure looked painful, he broke both the ulna and radius in his left arm! ouch! I hope all goes well tomorrow so he won't develop an even bigger fear of doctors!

The sun is shining here, and the temps aren't too cold, I have the feeling spring will soon be in the air around these here parts. Crocuses will be coming up soon, followed by the tulips and daffodils. The colors of spring flowers seem to be the prettiest to me, but maybe that is because I have become so accustomed to the drab colors of February and March, they are just SO welcome!

How about a spring picnic on the porch in anticipation of the season? Finger sandwiches like Thelma Lou made, some of Aunt Bee's fried chicken, and some of Clara's pickles, and maybe we can get Barney to mix up some home-made icecream! (Of course, we are counting on you, Briscoe, for the squeezin's!)

Have a great day all,
Mary Wiggins

February 20, 2003 - Msg 12065: You're not my wife's sister by chance, are you Mary? ;)
Thanks for asking about me, Mary, I feel loved now! I know I haven't posted very much, though I was in on that Vicks discussion(Oh no, not the Vicks again).
Speaking of Vicks, Boo, you asked if Vicks would be good for curing a bad attitude? How about some Vicks in the mouth, kind of like putting soap in your mouth when you said bad words when you were little, remember that? Or didn't your mom do that? Mine did.
Can't do my dishes with Palmolive because of it.

Have a good day everyone!
-Sterling Holobyte