February 28, 2003 - Msg 12254: Hey guys, hope you all are doing ok this evening. Bulbsnatcher, I have heard of three people who have had hypnosis done to help them stop smoking, It's only like 50 or 60 dollars to have it done. And the two women I have talked to about it have smoked for over 40 years.. and haven't touched or craved a smoke in 14 days now. It's done at one of our area hospitals. The whole process takes about 2 and a half hours.. and they let you smoke twice during it. But when you compare the 60 dollars to how much a month we spend on smokes.. it would be worth it. Just another idea for ya.. suck on those hard cinnamon candies the ones in the red wrappers? They help too. At any rate.. I'm hoping you will be able to kick it. Wanted to say a word about Mr Rogers too.. I watched him all the time as a lil kid, and was sad to hear of his passing. On that note too.. Remember Gary Rossington, the lead guitar player for the Southern rock group Lynyrd Skynyrd.. he had quintuple bypass surgery done Tues. What was supposed to be a regular check up turned out they found Coronary Artery Disease.. and immediatley ruched him into surgery. They are expecting him to fully recover. But please keep him in your prayers too. Ok.. I'm getting down off the soap box now and gonna let someone else up on here. Yall have a good night. Prayers for everyone love ya's all-Salty Dog

February 28, 2003 - Msg 12255: Well looky chere.. me and my big mouth didn't mean to take up so much room.. but I guess it was my turn to sweep up around here!! tee hee--SD

February 28, 2003 - Msg 12256: Hey All, just wanted to stop by and say "Hey" on this beautiful Friday evening. Homemaker, you brought up and interesting point. Daddy went to the University of Florida so I pull for the Gators. Now the fly in the ointment is that my sister teaches English at the University of Alabama so I have to keep my cheering to a minimum when she's around (especially if Florida plays the Crimson Tide). I went down and met with George at the gas station. WOW! Have ya'll seen the price of gas? I guess I'll get around Mayberry on foot. I think I'll run down to the drug store and pick up some ice cream for later. Bulbsnatcher, hang in there. Charlotte, LD, Homemaker, Mavis, Asa, Briscoe Darling Jr., Mary, and anyone else I forgot, take care and have a pleasant, wonderful, Mayberry kinda evening.

Ed Sawyer

February 28, 2003 - Msg 12257: Welcome Ed Sawyer,
I think you will find this porch a pleasant change of pace from the rat race in which we live.
I am fun girl. I am married and have one son who we call Little Opie around here. My nephews are the "Darling Boys" and my neice is "Little Charlene." (The boys play the fiddle and guitar, thus the name.) I am 39 years old and live in the great Hoosier state, Indiana. homemaker too. I don't have any goats though. I am too afraid they will get ahold of some dynamite and go Kablam! I had spinal fussion surgery in December and am slowly but surely recooperating. The rest of ya'll know all this but I wanted to get Ed Sawyer up to speed.

I am having a terrible time with my ankle tingling and burning again. Keep me in your prayers folks, this is about to drive me to distraction. Prayers for bulbsnatcher and anyone else trying to kick the smoking habit.

The Darling Boys and Charlene will be here on Tuesday. Saw the oldest boy last week, but I haven't seen the youngest and little Charlene since Christmas. I was in pretty bad shape then as I had just gotten out of the hospital and I think seeing me like that kinda scared the youngest boy. He said to his mom, "Is Kisser gonna die?" They call me Kisser. I am a baby cheek kisser, just can not help myself. When the oldest boy was a baby their dad, in jest said, "Oh no, here comes the Kisser." They already have an aunt named Penny and so my nickname was born. It stuck and they all three call me Kisser. I even have a decorative plate for the front of my car with "Kisser" on it.

I didn't watch Mr. Rogers when I was young, but have watched it alot since I reached adulthood. First because I was in childcare for many years and then Little Opie watched it when he was coming up. He always liked it. I was always fascintated by the educational films Mr. McFeeley brought. You could learn alot from those. Mr. Rogers was a kind and gentle soul. I read that a couple years ago he gave a graduation address and when he stepped up to the podium the whole graduating class started to sing, "It's a beautiful day in the Neighborhood." What a testament to the man and how overwhelmed he must have been to know that he had been touching lives in such an impactful way for so many years. There is a special place in heaven for Mr. Rogers and people like him. (There I said it and I ain't takin' it back.)
fun girl

February 28, 2003 - Msg 12258: Lord, how I do ramble on.
f g

February 28, 2003 - Msg 12259: Yo!


February 28, 2003 - Msg 12260: I'm sorry homemaker I thought you had goats, didn't mean to mislead you there Ed, I guess I was just plain wrong. LOL Well off to bed for me I feel another one of them migraines coming on & Lord knows, I don't want to hae to stay up all night again. Maybe if I can get to sleep before it starts I'll get lucky & can stay thataway. Nite porch!

February 28, 2003 - Msg 12261: Fun Girl....what a magnificent post! But I got ya beat by a mile on having a long one. I might get banned if I don't stop my novels! It is just wonderful you sharing part of yourself with Ed, AND with me since I've been away for so long. That spinal fusion surgery sounds like it was serious, I pray it did what you hoped for, and that whatever is causing the tingling and burning in your ankle goes away very soon. I hope that wasn't related to why you had to have the surgery in the first place. Please keep us posted! I wonder if anything can help ease that feeling for you....maybe an ice pack or heat? Elevating your foot? Just don't let Aunt Bee in with ya....she'll have you so tucked in a bed, you won't be able to MOVE! Remember when Andy was sick? But seriously, it's amazing what doctors can do now. You get better soon!

Anybody seen Romeena? Looks like last time she was on the porch was TWO DAYS AGO (on the 26th). You don't reckon her and Sugarplum took off somewhere with a jar of Vick's do ya? Ro....check in with us, girl....we miss your sunshine! I pray all is well in your neck of the woods, sweetie.

Asa...did you find your glasses? I'm still wondering if I tried to smoke 'em! Well, I'll join the ranks with Mavis and your wife....I HATE grocery shopping! I think I'd rather watch water drip! I try to go during the week too....I hate to use up part of my weekend at the grocery store. And what about some of those buggies they have now for kids..they look as big as 18-wheelers coming down the aisle straight at ya! Maybe I'm just jealous that they didn't have those when I was a kid! hahahaha

Miss Ellen....how is your brother doing today? Forgive me, but from your post earlier, are you a doctor or nurse...you mentioned a patient in the country.....I gotta get with it here!

Hey, Salty....how's it going about YOUR smoking? I've been slippin' all day long...just awful. All of you keep me going and give me hope. I feel like I'm failing, but normally by now, I would have smoked approximately 185 cigarettes. I've had 12, I think. When I look at it like that, I guess I'm doing pretty good, huh? The cravings are still unbearable though, and I keep waiting for them to ease up a little. I've been mad all day...you'd have thunk that the laundry put too my starch in my shirts and chafed my armpits. Hahaha .I tried sunflower seeds all day at work today....I had those things all OVER the place! There was a trail everywhere I went! Every time I rolled my chair, you could hear them cracking under the wheels. What a mess! I had to keep a bottle of pop close by too....THIRSTY!! I think I even dropped some of those things down the elevator shaft as I got on through the day.

I wonder if Boo's switch on her heater got fixed today? Let's hope so! Let's hope none of us will NEED any heat for much longer this season. I tell ya the truth...I DON'T WANNA PLAY COLD WEATHER NO MORE THIS YEAR! Snowmen are cute and all, but they've been runnin' amuck around here. Oh, jeesh....but once it gets summer here, then all our troops will be facing winter over there in and around Iraq, won't they? Wow, Boo....you've never even had a cavity? That's GREAT! Prayers for you and the little ones on your trip....they need all the positive influences they can find today. You're a blessing, and they're lucky to have you!

Miss Mary...I can't believe that in my foggy, dazed condition, I never even told you how sorry I am that you have lost your beloved mother, father, and your sister-in law, and all in such a horrible, painful way. Bless your heart....and you still encourage me....you people are so kind. I feel very selfish and spineless at moments like this when I read back over your posts and realize how much I somehow overlook and/or how I fail to reply or respond to your compassion. It warms my heart so much, but then I just drift away somehow. Pitiful.

BDJ, did that rain let up for you? Pontoonin' could be fun, I guess...but I think it would be a whole lot more enjoyable when you simply decide you WANT to do it, not when ya gotta! I'm trying to imagine a truck up on a pontoon...headed for town. Hehehehe

Charlotte....if your little girl in taller than the other kids her age, I know that can make for hard times....I went through it myself. Is she thin? I also had that problem too (still do!). I just never fit in anywhere, and in my case, I wasn't pretty either (still not, but I'm all I got!). But you know, I really feel sorry for the "snooty" kids. If they are misguided enough to think they are "better" than your lovely little girl, then they are the ones missing out on the precious things in life. I know that doesn't help your sweet child right now, but she is learning how NOT to treat others. It's the hardest way to learn, but it's also the most enduring. I pray for you and for her...she'll outshine them all later though....wait and see! This outer layer we have sure makes for false judgements. I look at people's eyes and their smiles. Most of all, I listen at what is in their hearts. It doesn't have to be spoken in a eloquent way or even spoken out loud. I'm very self-conscious about my own looks, and maybe that's why I see beyond that in others.

One thing's for sure...all of you here are SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!! :-)

Mavis...I bet your house in 100 times cleaner than mine! Anybody got a bulldozer I can borrow for my place? Maybe I'll just hose it out and see if I can borrow a pontoon from BDJ. Hey...I wonder if Vick's would add some sparkle to the homestead?

Ed, hon...I'm so sorry about my shakin', and thanks for the encouragement! I hope you didn't chip any teeth on that bottle of pop. I think I might sit on the steps for awhile until I decide whether I can beat this habit or until I go back to smokin' and can quit shakin'! I've really fallen off the wagon this evening anyway. I'll climb back on in the morning and try it again. Trying to quit can be hazardous to OTHER people's health here on this porch! Hahahahaha! I've been shakin' like Aunt Bee's freezer that Gomer tried to fix. Of course, the only thing that freezer ever stored was misery. Then there was that mouse that had crawled under there to get warm. Anyway, we're so glad you're here. Don't the porch seem nice and full?

Homemaker....get well soon! I'll dig around for some violet tulip bulbs, but my specialty is really more along the lines of light bulbs. If you got a 100 watt bulb around, you're only supposed to be usin' a 40-watt bulb. I'll insist you change it, then you'll be hollerin' at me, "SNOOP! SNOOP! BULBSNATCHER!"

Now if you ever want any petunias, remember, when it comes to petunias, Andy's a giant! LOL

Mavis....get some sleep my dear...try counting goats...uh...sheep....and I'll be hoping your don't get one of those terrible migraines. You're a peach!

Love and prayers to all...

-Bulbsnatcher (I gotta make my posts SHORTER!)

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12262: Hey Bulbsnatcher you sure got a way with words! hehe & I bet you got a high roof to yer mouth too! just funnin' I love reading your posts! Now this time I really am going to bed! Promise! (just as soon as I get another drink of water...oh & let the dog out one more time...and..) sound familiar to any mom's out there?

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12263: Oh yeah, & I gotta find my pillow first. hehe

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12264: Happy first day of March porch! Mavis hope your headache is better ~ better yet I pray it is gone lol. Bulbsnatcher to answer your ?'s I am a Hair dresser/QMA. My brother is doing very well, he really enjoyed his birthday dinner we had for him, there is just four of us children and our spouces and our children and their spouces and children, we have gone from 4 ~ to 52 and Lightning and I have a Great grand Baby on the way. Isn't life exciting. We have lost our Parents and we miss them badly Mom will be gone 11 yrs. the 24th of this month, she loved Easter and Christmas, Daddy will be gone 7 yrs. the 6th of September and one of his favorite time of the year is at hand, he just love St, Patrick's Day. I know you didn't ask for all this info but I felt like talking about it, I get that way some times as I'm sure we all do. Oh me it is sleeting out, When will it ever stop. LOL . Hello FG,Asa, Ed S, SD,Mrs Wiley, Mary Wiggins,Olive, BD Jr,HM, Tom,Sterling,Miss Ellie and all the rest, be sure now and have a grand & glorious day.

Ellen Brown

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12265: oops hey to possum,charlotte T. NN AND OF COURSE THE PLUM. Bulbsnatcher, I can't remeber iifin I told you my hubby stopped smoking a year ago Feb 11th and he had smoked many years, he is still smoke free Praise God, we know you too can do it so hang in there and just give us a yell when your feeling temptation. we will start sending knee-mail right away and God will undertake for you through His Blessed Son Jesus. Have a good one.

Ellen Brown

Lots of luck to you and yours!

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12266: Mavis...a high roof to my mouth? Hmmm...I shore hope that don't mean a singin' voice, cause I can't sing...NOT A LICK! As far as extry-long gotta stop porch posts, I shore can render. I've been so talkative...all keyed up. Hehehe.

Why, Miss Ellen...a hairdresser! I sure admire folks who can make a body's hair lay down right and behave. It sure can give a person an ego boost too. I have a hard enough time cutting my posts short! Seriously, that profession is a real fine thing! I bet you do nails real fine too! I bite mine, unfortunately (my nails..not my hair!). All I do is type for a living anyway. I don't get my nails done 'cause if somebody hurts my fingers, I might as well quit the business. It's a curse...like having 10 trigger fingers.

I'm gonna hush now. Has anybody heard from Romeena and Sugarplum? I'm started to get a little concerned. Love and hugs to all!


March 01, 2003 - Msg 12267: Mornin' Y'all and Happy March! Hope Spring arrives soon for us all. Things are beginning to bloom already around my rock,so I'm thinking that maybe old man Winter has packed his bags and left these parts!
Still missing Mister Rogers and will pray for Gary. Lynyrd Skynyrd was my favorite back in the days(70's).How well I remember Ronnie,Steve and the others that we lost in the plane crash.Sure hope Gary gets back to pickin on that guitar real soon.
Speaking of music,I happened to hear a new song by the country singer Daryl Worley called "Have You Forgotten?" Have y'all heard it? It's about the possible war,Bin Laden and 9-11. Not one of those pumped up,let's kick some rear end kind of songs. Really makes a statement.I think the DJ said you can find the lyrics on his website,which I believe is Daryl Worley.com. Please keep a listen out for this song-it will get to your heart and patriotic spirit for sure.
Hey to our new porchster Ed and to all my pals here. Have a great Saturday!
possum under a rock

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12268: Morning gang. Hey Possum, I heard that song the other day. EXCELLENT song I'd say.
Hope yer head is ok Mavis. You sure get a lot of them thumpers poor dear. Maybe you have a food allergy? I found that I am allergic to corn starch. Took me a lot of years and headache's to find it out to. Corn starch is hidden in all kinds of foods. But if I have even just a little I wake up in the middle of the night with a horrible headache. Anyway, something to consider.
Hey Bulbsnatcher, I just love reading your posts to. You seem to me to be a wonderful human being. Don't fret about being to long winded. You are a joyful addition to the porch.
Hope you get feeling better soon Fungirl. I know how this surgery has been hard on ya.
Hey Ellen, will you do my nails? Mavis does my ears. They get a might hairy after a spell.
And Ro, hope you are doing ok dear. We are all thinking and praying for you.
Mrs. Wiley, your being way to quiet. How's things?
Howdy to everyone else. I gotta get some stuff done around here today or Mrs Asa will have one of her spells. LOL


March 01, 2003 - Msg 12269: Hey possum, I'm going to check out the website when I get this post done, it sounds like just the kind of song we need now adays, Bulbsnatcher, I don't do much in the hair dressing field anymore, but I can do a mean set of nails. LOL, I work for our local health Department, with meds, dressings, patient care and such I don't do shots our RN'S do that and take care of doctors orders I haven't had to do things like that for a few years, and I am glad, tehe

Ellen Brown

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12270: Hey bulbsnatcher, I just found some mail im my box that I thought might intrest you so I forwarded it to you.
Mavis, I got on the Cutlass without going blewie. You musta got down there with them spiders and fixed it, bless you heart.


March 01, 2003 - Msg 12271: Hey to the porch. My, the boys have been talkative lately. I'm pleased to meet you, Ed Sawyer. I'm Hazel. I been posting here for about 2 years, and it's a nice place, real nice. I don't post too much anymore, but I hope everyone knows that the porch is never far from my thoughts. I'm sorry Homemaker still aint feeling too good, and I'm still thinking good thoughts for Romeena. And fungirl, bless your heart. It'll probably take a long time for a full and complete recovery from your surgery. Bulbsnatcher, I'm wishing you the best on kicking the habit. And I worry about Ellen Brown, you've had a lot going on lately too dear. Mavis, those migraines are the pits. Have you tried this? When you feel one coming on, place a paper bag over your nose and mouth, exhale into it, and rebreathe from it. Do this for about 10 minutes. There are studies that many migraine patients who try this succeed in aborting many oncoming migraine headaches. This works for Mr. Hazel. He gets those sick headaches too.
- Hazel

Sarah? Well, drink a lot of hot juices.

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12272: Mavis - I do have goats - I think I am the only one around here who does. And none of them are named Jimmy. Little Sophee is a loud mouth but she has spunk and personality.
Asa - quit making fun of my goats! Beware - -
Okay - bulbsnatcher, since I totally didn't get the jist of you stealing lightbulbs I am sorry that I thought you stole flower bulbs.
This illness has really muddled my brain - I think my cold is more interior than I thought.
Ed - Roll Tide and the gators ain't bad either since my cousin gradiated from there. I lived in GA for a short time and the family I hung out with were Roll Tide all the way!
Well - I'll stop chatting - time to relieve some sinus pressure.


March 01, 2003 - Msg 12273: Mornin' all! Hey Bulbsnatcher, The rain finally let up. I ran the Boys through the creek a few times. And caught a mess of Trout. Sometimes, rain can be useful. Have a Mayberry Day all!

Briscoe Darling Jr.

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12274: Morning Hazel, don't worry about me Hon, I've been praying a lot for Gods strength and for God to help me think on only the Good thigs and he has given me a LOt of Good things and one is the dear Friends I have found here, miss you post as often as you can pray all is well with you and yours. Have a Grand Day.
Ellen Brown

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12275: Oh, Asa....tell me it ain't so! Hairy ears? Try some Vicks...mebbey that will help keep the fur down. Thanks so much for thinkin' about me and sending that like. It's nice how folks'll help a body out in their time of need. :-)

Homemaker....I'm still gonna see if I can find some tulips for ya...do your sweet goats like them too? Mebbey I can get some for munchin' and some for just lookin' purty! I LOVE tulips! I just wish they stayed around longer! With these kids in the neighborhood, I've completely given up on flowers...the neighbors will tell you that THEIR children have the RIGHT to go through YOUR yard, even if it kills all your grass. We won't go there today.

Glad you got yourself some trout, BDJ! I'm more glad that you didn't have to pull them pontoons out there. Water is a wonderful, but too much can really put a damper on things. Oops...hehe.

Hugs and prayers to all...


I'm gonna go see if I can find that song Possum is talking' about -- it's sounds like a good'un!

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12276: Asa....you didn't send me a "like"...you sent me a "link", and I'm grateful. Now if I can just learn to type....*sigh* -Bulbsnatcher

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12277: Look at it this way Bulbsnatcher, if you're busy typing away on the keyboard, you can't light up a cigarette, so I say post away!
-Sterling Holobyte

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12278: Well, hi there Bulbsnatcher! I hit the post button and there you were!
-Sterling Holobyte

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12279: Hi, there, buddy....yeah.....I kinda hang around here lately.....legs still too shaky to go very far! :-) -Bulbshaker.....uh....-Bulbsnatcher

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12280: Hey all, How's everybody doing? I want to again thank everyone for their warm hospitality here on the front porch. Ya'll are truly great. I just wanted to say "Hey" and wish all of you a very happy and safe Mayberry kinda weekend.

Ed Sawyer

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12281: Possum I can't pull up Daryl Worley on here anywhere, what am I doing wrong. I tryed it www.----.com and it just will not pull up anything and I tryed just ---.com and still nothing. ??? you know me it takes awhile to get anything in this thick skull. LOL

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12282: Not trying to horn in, Possum....thought mebbey I could in case you're kinda busy --

EB....try http://www.darrylworley.com/


March 01, 2003 - Msg 12283: mebbey I could HELP....What is WRONG with me??

The bulb (kinda dim, I think)

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12284: Hey again- Bulbsnatcher's got the right link to the Darryl Worley website (thanks Bulbsnatcher!)but I can't find the lyrics on the website.Once you enter the website you'll see a row of boxes with D.W.'s pics on them.Click on the 3rd one (it'll say Music) and you should be able to play the song on Realplayer or Windows Media. I sure thought I heard him say on the radio that the song wasn't on his site,but the lyrics were.Maybe I got it backwards-after all this was 6:30 in the morning and I tend to be sorta scatterbrained then!If Asa's heard the song,it must be playing nationwide,so keep listening for it. I'm not a publicist for Darryl Worley by the way-heck,I couldn't even spell his name right! Ha Ha Just recognized a special song and wanted to share with y'all.
Everyone take care,and hang in there Bulbsnatcher!
possum under a rock

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12285: Hey, everybody... uh...anybody here? Yoo hoo! Sniff...sniff....MMMmmmmmm...is somebody baking a pie? I smell somethin' REAL good! Whatever it is, would somebody throw it at me? I ain't had my lunch yet!


March 01, 2003 - Msg 12286: Hey, Possum...

I found the lyrics to the song on another site, but I could find the song itself! Dang! I guess I better go back there diggin' after while. I'm glad to see ya, Possum....it shore was lonesome here!

The bulb

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12287: Has ANYBODY heard from Romeena? It's been several days now....I don't like this.

I got my high wattage goin' now....lookin' for Ro.


March 01, 2003 - Msg 12288: I before E, except after C; E before N in chicken... I always forget that rule.
- Hazel

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12289: Wanted to try a little color...hope I don't mess anything up here.

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12290: Is everything back right?

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12291: Whew....hehehe. The Bulb

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12292: Bulb, I see you brought out Blue, your bloodhound, to search for Ro.
- Hazel

"I don't think that dog could find his own food dish."

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12293: You sure are colorful today Bulbsnatcher I like them pretty colors to brighten it up after all this rain. Asa the Dr. tells me these nasty headaches I get are from nerves & high blood pressure. I have been on meds for the BP, but I think we are going to have to do something about the dose, seems to get high on me again by the time the day is about over. homemaker I thought you had goats, but then I got to thinking maybe I just had a little too much of Briscoe's squeezins. I am starting to get worried about Romeena too, hope she is doing fine & just busy, Ro please check in. And with that, where has TOM been?? Starting to worry about him too. TOM you out there? Check in so we don't have to put out an APB on ya'll. Well, gotta go check my mail & get back to watchin the race. See ya'll afterwhile.
I come to fill my vase!

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12294: Come on Blue! RO....PLUM.....get 'em!

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12295: I hope I ain't run Tom off with all my bellowin'. I'm gonna have to get Blue after HIM too! Hazel...you're a gem! As for YOU, Mavis....you watch that blood pressure, girl!

Here I am, trying to quit smoking...and I'm startin' to worry about you folks. Now don't get started....if you do, I'm a goner!


March 01, 2003 - Msg 12296: Gosh, been here all day...just kinda lonesome. *Sigh* Anybody got a cushion I can borry? This porch is gettin' kinda hard and coolin' off too. Brrr!

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12297: Well, I had emailed Romeena earlier, and bless her heart...she did respond. I thought she was gonna stop by here to talk with us by now, but maybe it will be soon. Ya'll keep the prayers goin'.


March 01, 2003 - Msg 12298: Whew....what a color. Sorry, my friends. -Bulbsnatcher

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12299: ok Bulb how do you do those colors, I never have learned to do them and I forgot how to type in bold on here, Ro please report in.


March 01, 2003 - Msg 12300: This is a test.

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12301: A test? I aint ready for a test. I don't even know where my pencil is. I wonder if it will be a history test. I know all about Indians, redcoats, cannons, guns and muskets and such.
- Hazel

"Will you help us?"

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12302: Hazel....you are a riot, girl! HAHAHAHAHAHA


March 01, 2003 - Msg 12303: Hey....that's purty, EB!

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12304: That wasn't me


March 01, 2003 - Msg 12305: oops.....sorry....my eyes ain't what they used to be. I ain't no spring chicken any more, ya know.

The Bulb

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12306: Hey To The Porch!! Hey Fungirl, are you the same fun girl from Indiana that used to post here? I had the feeling you lived somewhere around Putnam or Owen County. I live in Shelby County. Is anyone going to Mayberry In The Midwest? Tickets go on Sale March 17th at 8:30 eastern. Check it out at MayberryInTheMidwest.com. It's great to come visit the porch, it has been a while since I rocked. NumberThree

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12307: What is Mayberry in the Midwest?
I guess I could go over and check the event calender, but I thought I'd see if anyone here knows anything about it first!
-Sterling Holobyte

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12308: Eveing Sterling and hey to Number Three and Bulb I'm trying out your lesson you sent me I hope it works for me . cross your fingers.
Ellen Brown
I'm holding my breath as I click.

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12309: Say I couldn't get the color to work hhhumm??
Ellen Brown

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12310: Ok, I checked the event calender since everybody seems to be down at the movies or someplace.
It's at New Castle, Indiana, Huh?! Is that more Northern Indiana or Southern? Anybody know? Either way, it's about an 8 hour to 10 hour trip for me. Darn it! Why can't anything happen nearer to where I live?!
Are any of you porchsters who live in Indiana going?
-Sterling Holobyte

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12311: ok porch here goes one more time , just checking
Ellen Brown

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12312: I give up hope I didn't mess nothing up. EB

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12313: Hi Ellen! Maybe it did work and you're just colorblind.:)
Oh, wait! That would make me colorblind too!!
-Sterling Holobyte

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12314: Maybe your colors are broke, Ellen.
- Hazel

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12315: Don't give up, Ellen! Remember to try, try again.
And don't feel bad if it doesn't work, I don't know how to do it either.
Have a nice night everyone!
-Sterling Holobyte

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12316: Didn't see you there, Sterling. I didn't go to the movies. It was that Tarzan movie, and I've seen it before. Boy, that Maureen O'Sullivan (Jane) sure can swim.
- Hazel

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12317: Hael here is what I'm doing I'll space it so you can see and if the Bulb is on here she might catch what I'm doing wrong also < font color= blue > then my text, then to turn it off
< / font > uumm? EB

March 01, 2003 - Msg 12318: I mean Hazel .. EB

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12319: Howdy, everyone! Gosh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to stay away so long and get everyone all keyed up. Kinda gratifying, though, to know that the Plum and I were missed. Thanks to those who emailed me to see how we were doing. It just didn't seem like such a long time, but mercy, the porch got swept and everything. I'll try to do better in the future.

The word is that I'll have the thoracoscopy on the 10th - a week from this Monday. I'll be in the hospital for 3-4 days, if all goes well. They will be pretty uncomfortable days, but "this too shall pass." I'm praying for, and anticipating, a positive outcome - in other words, no cancer. There is definitely something there, something present in my liver that doesn't belong there, but it can be several things other than cancer, and that's what we're praying for. I appreciate all the prayers that have been rendered in my behalf, and have no hesitation in asking you to continue. I believe in the power of prayer, and am confident that we have some real prayer warriors here on this porch. Thank you, my friends.

bulbsnatcher, hang in there, honey. You can beat the nicotine demon. Know that the harder you fight, the harder he's going to work to break you down, but he won't try forever. If you continue to invoke the power of God, you will win. We're all praying for you, too.

My son and his wife and her parents and my dad were all here this evening for supper. I fried pork chops, made pan gravy, zucchini squash, peas and noodles. My DIL brought some fantastic brownies and old diabetic me ate one, so there! Afterward, everyone pitched in, and (finally) got my Christmas tree down and put away. Let me tell you, that's no small accomplishment. There are about 400 ornaments on that tree, each of them special and treasured. Many were from my mother's tree. The tree is 8ft tall, snow white throughout, and has 2150 lights on it. The lights stay on, thank goodness. Anyway, it's pretty, I enjoy it, and am never in a hurry to dismantle it. However, with another trip to the hospital ahead, it was time to get the tree put away. Well, the point is, I was very busy all evening, very active, and never got short of breath once, or even tired. I just felt like myself! So, it's hard to accept that there could be very much wrong, when I feel so well. Please keep praying, friends. I just have a strong feeling that we're going to win.

Have a great Mayberry Sabbath tomorrow. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12320: Hey all, just wanted to come visit the porch and stare at the moon awhile. Hope all ya'll are doing well this beatiful evening. It's darn near 11:00 at night here on the West Coast so I guess I better turn in. Take care and may you have a wonderful Mayberry kinda night with many Mayberry dreams. Goodnight.

Ed Sawyer

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12321: Hi there Front Porch, I'm Mary Wiggins friend up in the north of Mi. Very cold today! Poor horses have their coats on. Mary's eating salid as I type. She has been filling me in on all the folks at the porch. Ya all sound like a wonderful bunch, I'll have to get back to watching Mayberry so I can keep up with you all! God bless, Mary Wiggins friens

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12322: I mean friend

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12323: Good morning everybody! Ellen, it looks like you are putting a space between the brackets and stuff when you try to do your color. Don't do that, Merle Dean, uh...hehehe....Miss Ellen. Only put a space between your regular text.

I'll send you another e-mail, and we'll see if it works, okay? We're gonna do it! Lordy...it I can do colors, ANYBODY can! :-)


March 02, 2003 - Msg 12324: Good Sabbath porch. Good to see you Romeena. I agree, we are gonne whip this thing.
Hi to Mary Wiggins friend up north in the cold. Nice to meet you. Pick a name and a rocker and join us. Is Mary behaving herself?
I must say Bulb, yor are colorful these days. Hope you haven't given up on quiting.
Homemaker, hope you get feeling better soon. It's no fun riding your goats when you ain't out there chasing me and bellering at me.
Nice to see Hazel posting a little more. She is a card that one. Now if we could just get Salty and N.N. to be more regular... with their posting I mean.
Prayers and hugs for all of you.


March 02, 2003 - Msg 12325: Test

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12326: Good Sabbath Porch, I looked out first thing this morning, the snow is still here, but it is melting. Lightning and I are trying to decide where to go to church this morning. Keep us in prayer that we find a church soon, it is awful when you don't have a home church. He has been in church with me for a year now. A year in Jan. and a year ago Feb 11th he stopped smoking. Hello to Mary Wiggins Friend. Ro glad to hear you had such a nice evening, it is always so wonderful to have friends and family around and if your like me you love to cook and entertain. I love throwing set down affairs. in the Spring, Summer & Fall I use my Gazebo a lot for small Brunch's and an occasional Ladies meeting. But mostly I sat out there and read a good book or knit or crochet. My Brother is realy coming along very well, my two sons are doing well, They are both still working never let one day go by that they weren't out there on their jobs, I'm so Proud of them but as a mother I worry a lot, my step children are doing fine,as far as we know Jerry is still not working, please pray with us that God gives him a desire to become the man God intended him to be. I worry a lot about the path he is taking. Afriend of mine has a son that is on Meth and he was arrested again Friday he is in and out of jail all the time . Please remember her and her son, he has been married but is divorced now and drugs had a lot to do with it. My heart just goes out to the younger people now a days I just don't understand why this is happening for many come from God fearing homes. They are looking for something and just don't relize that God is what their looking for. Our Military is doing a fine job, I got an email the other day that was so accurate of what a Solider really is . It made me cry. I pray daily a hedge of protection around the Fine Men and Women serving our country, The ages ranes fron 18 yrs & up my son went in when he was 16 he was still in High school was in the R & NG then on into regular Army. He was in ROTC when he was 13 he is my lil Solider all 6'4". of him. My oldest Son is 5'4" and is a welder he repairs the battleships that carry the troops. Oh me sorry I've gone on so long. Ro your in my prayers and in the name of Jesus I agree with you on your liver. Ed it is good to see a new face in town, Sterling how are you today? Hey to Mavis, Hazel, Charlotte, Rafe, Floyd, Fun Girl, Saly Dog, Asa, Tom, Possum, Bulbsnatcher, Briscoe Darlin Jr. Home Maker by the way where is HM? Olive, Aunt Bee, Opie, Dixie Chick, Ms Mayberry and all the rest. God Bless you and may His Sonshine fill your life today and everyday, Have a Grand and Glorious day y'all. Pollyanna say hey to the Plum.

Ellen Brown

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12327: HeyBulbgot your email, you are a good teacher I'm just a slow student. LOL Lets see iffin this worked this time cross your fingers.
Ellen Brown

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12328: NOPEMine must be broke.:(

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12329: Romeena, I know I can speak for everybody when I say it is so good to see you on the porch. For those who post regularly, it throws me for a loop when the posts stop and there ain't been no mention of a trip or something. I just don't like change...I really don't. My mother's the same way.

As for my smoking, it is SO trivial next to the issues and uncertainty you are facing right now. I ain't even gonna MENTION my goofy little problem right now. Just like you, to be thinking of others all the time. (((ROMEENA))). I will be be praying very hard for you, and I do believe that the good Lord will see you through this and all will be well. We're right here for you!

You know, I'm thinking about bringing a bunch of extry cushions and some blankets to have sitting around the porch until it warms up just a bit more. I sat here so long yesterday, my bottom is 'bout sore. I ain't got much "coosh" back there, so them bones kinda grind against the floor. Yep..... good friends to celebrate the beginning of another beautiful day, cushions and blankets to throw around our shoulders, coffee brewing, some donuts just waitin' to be eaten, and. MMMM-mmm! Now THAT is a perfect mornin'! We shoulda helped you with your tree, Romeena....we coulda first brought it out here on the porch for a little while and admired all the beautiful ornaments and the tinsel glistening in the morning sun. You coulda told us the stories behind so many of the ornaments...what they mean to you. I'm that way too about mine...they are each a feeling and memory for me....they breathe and smile, and they have a life, so to speak.

Ed...isn't the moon just beautiful? I have a telescope and I just marvel at the beauty of the moon whether it's through my lens or just my eyes. I have also seen Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, and Mars through the scope. It is glorious! Of course, I find incredible beauty looking at everything....even blades of grass. This world is so full of wonder. Now if Man would stop destroying so much of it. I'm not going to get started there...I will NEVER stop, I assure you.

A very warm welcome to We gotta get you a name! You stop by and see us as often as you can....it's great! Stay warm and if ya need some more blankets for those precious horses, grab some of these I brought here on the porch!

Happy Sunday and love to all...


March 02, 2003 - Msg 12330: The only way I'll write in color is iffin one of you forget to stop your color teehee
Ellen Brown

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12331: Oops...at it again.....warm welcom to Mary Wiggins' friend. I'm a mess!


March 02, 2003 - Msg 12332: Say I didn't see you there Bulb, thanks for the blanket,but I already had my Tweety Bird one around me, do you have any hot tea with honey brewing there. I'll have a spot of tea with ya.. LOL
Ellen Brown

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12333: I SEE WHAT'S WRONG, ELLEN! One more e-mail coming your way! -Bulbsnatcher

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12334: Mr. Sterling - New Castle is kind of in the middle of the state. It is east of Indianapolis on I-70 (I think that is the interstate #). Last year was the first year for it but I didn't get to attend. One of my friends went, she is from New Castle, and her friends got her some good tickets, etc. She loved it. Because of the success - they are having another one. I doubt if I make it this year - let's hope they keep having them. I am a hoosier and it is only about 2 hours for me to drive North. Now if they had a good goat auction going on at the same time - well then you know I would be there for sure.

I feel some better today - I think this thing is finally starting to break up. . .I can taste food again - up to a point. And I am almost breathing.

Good to see everyone on the porch - hope next Sunday to get back to Church. This nastiness has really taken it's toll on me.

take care - - -


March 02, 2003 - Msg 12335: okay - I'm not trying to be bold but I think you colortized folks have gotten some spiders in the computer - nip it, nip it, nip it!

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12336: I've got to get to church, see ya later.

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12337: Ellen Brown

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12338: ok EB

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12339:

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12340: ohwee sorry porch EB

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12341: There I/m out of here please don't be mad at me . Thanks Bulb. EB

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12342: I fixed it . I didn't leave my mess. EB

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12343: Hey Y'all! Wow,the Porch is awash in a riot of color! Thought at first that maybe Newton Monroe was practicing his painting,but I see that's it's the work of Bulbsnatcher! Go ahead Bulbsie( can I call ya Bulbsie?) maybe it'll take your mind off those cigs!
Hey to everyone and a special hello to Romeena. I'm still praying,hon. God bless you and take care.Please let us know how everything turns out and come sit with us on the Porch when you feel up to it.
Hey Asa- I was looking at a baby name website trying to find some names to suggest for my grandbaby to be,and found your name.Did you know that "Asa" is Japanese and means "born at dawn?" I thought Asa was born yesterday!Ha Ha Sorry,couldn't help myself! Love ya Asa!
Love to all!
possum under a rock

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12344: Well, I didn't leave no colors on the porch, but since we got somebody just tryin' to learn and add a touch of spring, I'll take "credit" or the "blame". I guess I wasn't watchin' where I was goin', and I kicked a can layin' around. It's all fixed now, and don't the porch look nice with a little splash now and then?

Want me to paint your rock a little, Possum? How about some purty tulips or somethin'? I'm no artist, so don't be askin' for fancy roses. When it comes to artistry, I'm no count. If ya wanna call me Bulbsie, Possum...I'll answer ya. Lord knows I've been called worse. Hahahaha. Oh...been meanin' to tell ya....your smiles here on the porch are always so cheery and a sight for sore eyes!

Homemaker....just keep gettin' better. Don't let our colors get your head reelin'.

I don't think you did any harm at all, Ellen. I think a few spiders do a lot of good sometimes. I'll get down there with 'em! Hehehe Let's go have that cup of tea first.

-The Bulb

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12345: Hey to Number Three...I been posting on this porch for about 2 years I reckon, and then a couple years before that I posted for a while. I am from Morgan Co. which is just north of Owen County. I live about 30 miles from Bloomington. How far are you from Shelbyville? Been there a time of two in my youth. I was planning on going to Mayberry in the Midwest last year, but I can't remember why we didn't go. We'll just say something came up. We may decide to hit it this year though.

Prayers for Romeena and Bulbsnatcher. HUGS to all.
fun girl

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12346: Wow, gone two days and look at all the conversation I've missed! The porch got swept after my last post! Hey Ellen, did you put your own name in blue up yonder? If'n ya did, good job to you! I ain't never mastered color myself. Keep tryin' to kick that habit, bulbsnatcher, I'm enjoyin' all yer posts. Speaking of Asa's name, I got the proofs back of the map skills books I wrote last year and saw that I'd titled one page "Asa's Shopping List." It was a map of a grocery store for little kids. Just thought you'd be flattered, Asa! Good Sabbath. My little girl got to feelin' poorly yesterday at my son's bball tourney. (They got 2nd place.) She was up half the night with a fever so we didn't go to preachin' today. Makes me feel empty when I miss preachin. By the time I go back next week, it'll have been 2 whole weeks since I was there. too long. just too long. Doesn't seem to bother anyone else in this here house. They seem to view it as a welcome vacation. That bothers me. It really bothers me. There I said it and I ain't takin' it back.
Charlotte Tucker

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12347: Charlotte, your jaw muscles are twitchin' again. I agree, The Bulb is a welcome addition to the porch. By the way, Bulb, I remember that about your mother. Hello to Mary Wiggins Friend. Tell her, Hazel says "Hey". Thanks for noticing that I was more regular, Asa. But I gotta say one thing. Snoop!
- Hazel

That's one thing you can't say too much about. Sin.

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12348: Sniff...sniff....I never felt so welcome and at home in my whole life, and I ain't kiddin'. Glad everybody's comin' back on the porch. Ah....feeling all warm and fuzzy now! BIG SMILE!


March 02, 2003 - Msg 12349: Afternoon porch, had a light lunch pronto pups, mighty fine, mighty fine. glass of ice Tea oohh did that ever hit the spot. Hey Charlotte, yep that was me, Bulbsnatcher taught me how, bless her heart, sorry to hear about your lil one there pray she gets to feeling good real fast. FunGirl just where is MayBerry in the Midwest at? Hey Hazel.

Ellen Brown

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12350: I wonder how white would look on here? -The Bulb

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12351: Hello porch, I'm up here at EB's and thaught I'ld give a yell.


March 02, 2003 - Msg 12352: ELLEN!! YOU GOT IT!! CONGRATS, GIRL! YOU LOOK GREAT IN GREEN!! BIG SMILE! Yep...The Bulb again.

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12353: oops you can't see olivegreen I'm sorry.

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12354: I see ya just fine, Olive. If you're here, I see ya! Hehehehehe. I know....I need to get off the porch a spell...I really do. The Bulb

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12355: Thanks Bulb my sister is trying to find a color, she is Olive she said to tell you hey!

Ellen Brown

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12356: ((((((((HUGS)))))))) Ellen Brown

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12357:

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12358: test

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12359: HOWDY

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12360: Hooray! I'm color-ept! --Romeena

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12361: You shore are, Ro....and my favorite colors too! I ain't never SEEN prettier colors!


March 02, 2003 - Msg 12362: Ellen Brown, Mayberry in the Midwest is in New Castle, Indiana. I lived here since I was 6 years old and I am knocking on 40's door and I have to say I don't think I know where New Castle is. I THINK I passed through it when I was headed to Ft. Wayne once. Ft.Wayne is Northeast of Indianapolis. (Asa, please tell me you've heard of Indianapolis. You never can tell about you fellas who have never had grits and don't know what a moon pie is.) I believe that I was on Interstate 69 when I saw the sign for New Castle.
But don't quote me on that one. homemaker would probably know. Hey homemaker, isn't New Castle where Steve Alford played high school ball. I think it is the home of the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame too.

Well enough sports trivia for one day! I do believe we are fixing to have a TAGS convert. I have emailed a man from the United Kingdom since my surgery. He has a form of Muscular Distrophy and had a simular surgery to mine last summer. Anyway I have been yacking about TAGS and all my friends here on the porch and now he is wondering that I've been "going on about." So, I am gonna send him a DVD of TAGS. I was thinking about the Best of Andy, as it has my favorite Rafe Hollister episode on it. But then again, the Best of Barney is a stitch. He has never heard of TAGS and he has 300 channels. Can you imagine having that much t.v. and no TAGS? It's an outrage I tell ya. I just know once he watches TAGS we'll have another fan. Maybe we could even get him to come and sit and rock on the porch for a while. His name is Trevor and he is having muscle weakness due to the Muscular Distrophy, so keep him in your prayers if you would. He has been out of work for months and says he and his family are eating a lot of beans. My heart just breaks for him. He will be starting a new job on the 17th, so I am sure things will be looking up for him.

Have a great day. Love and hugs to all.
fun girl

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12363: Good Work Romeena I'm proud of you. Thanks for the info there
Fun Girl I may try to make it there this year but tell me one more time where to buy tickets. and what if I don't get a ticket? What happens then can I buy it there or whaT ?.
Ellen Brown

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12364: Where are you Bulbsnatcher

Ellen Brown

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12365: I'm rat cheer, Ellen! Everything okay?

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12366: Hey...do any of you folks ever go to the chatroom in the evenings?


March 02, 2003 - Msg 12367: Hey, everybody. I have never seen so much converin' on this porch. Took me for ever to read back over the posts from the two days I was gone.

Well, the youth convention was a success but I felt like I was in a foreign country and didn't know the language. I guess I am getting old and I am really tired from trying to keep up with the teens all weekend. I am so glad I went, though. I had the opportunity to hear a famous missionary that they call Pastor Wally. He is an American citizen who happens to be of Asian birth and was a missionary to Saudi Arabia back during the Persian Gulf War. He was arrested, jailed and tortured several times and was even sentenced to death. At the time, many, many Christians here in the US were praying for his release and on the day he was due to be executed, he was released due to pressure the US was putting on the leader of Saudi Arabia. It was really an amazing testimony. What really made me think was some of the things he was saying about Saudi Arabia and the mentality of the leaders. He said Saudi Arabia was the birth place of Islam, and the birthplace of Osama Bin Laden and as he explained the tortures and sufferings inflicted on Christans by the Muslim leaders I was thinking about the possibility of war. Things need to change over there! He said there was a young muslim girl who accepted Christ and when she told her family of her decision, her Father wanted to have her executed, using this chair fastened to a metal plate with electric wires attached, so he stripped her and tied her into the chair. Well, the chair malfunctioned so they beat her instead and threw her out into the street naked and locked the door. She ran to the home of a friend who took her in and bandaged her wounds. Now, how on earth does a parent do that to their own child? All I can say is there must be a world of difference between true Christianity and Islam!
God help the Christians in chains who are at this moment suffering for their faith. Remember them in your prayers (as Paul said, remember those in chains as though you yourselves were in chains).

Thank you, Bulb, for your kind words. Hope you are still "kicking the habit".

Prayers for Ro. GOD CAN DO ANYTHING!

Love to all, and glad to be back.