March 02, 2003 - Msg 12368: Welcome home, Boo! -Bulbsnatcher

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12369: Prayers for dear Trevor---Boo

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12370: WHOOOOOSH!

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12371: Thanks, Bulb, glad to be home. How are you today? To answer your question, I have never tried the chatroom.


March 02, 2003 - Msg 12372: I don't think my computer is equipped for it or something Boo

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12373: My words got swept away...I'm here, Ellen! Do any of you folks go to the Chatroom in the evenings?
-The Bulb

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12374: It's a lot of fun, folks...instead of talking here, we're just all together...kinda like Instant Messaging on a large scale! -The Bulb

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12375: Boo, that is some awful story you told about that Muslim girl. I just read a horrific story in an old Reader's Digest about a supermodel who came here from Somalia where they circumcise females at age 5! Talk about horrific. I had never heard of such an awful thing. ...O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave! Love that song!
Charlotte Tucker

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12376: Don't do chatrooms, Bulb. I spend too much time on the computer already.

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12377: Gee...that's too bad. :-( Bulb

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12378: Where is the chatroom, bulbsnatcher? I might visit - got lots of time on my hands, at least for the next week. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12379: Thanks for the info, Homemaker!
Hi, Ellen Brown! I'm doing ok today! Thanks for asking! We are converting a room in our house into one big closet! Things didn't go exactly as planned today, but now with a few adjustments I should have the shelves and hangers up tomorrow. ...Hopefully.
Have a good day!
-Sterling Holobyte

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12380: Hey again y'all. Found something interesting I'd like to share. You can be a part of President Bush's prayer team and "adopt" a serviceperson to promise to pray for daily. They will give you a name and information about the person's family(spouse's name,number of kids) and also tell what branch of the military they are in. If you have a loved one in the service and would like him/her to be adopted in prayer,you can also register their name.Seems like we are helpless to do much of anything about the war on terrorism situation,but we can do this. Here's the link:
Have a good evening y'all!
******SMILES(hey bulbsie!)*****
possum under a rock

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12381: Hey fungirl!!I think I remember ya! Did your sister post to the porch too? Shelbyville is about 30-45 min fron Indy. I grew up in Morgan County, isn't it a small world? Graduated from Eminence High School. Greetings to all on the Porch!!

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12382: Hey, that's GREAT, Romeena! It's the newer Sarah's....not sure on trying to link directly, so how's about just doing a "copy and paste" into your browser...I'll go there and see if you show up!


March 02, 2003 - Msg 12383: My what alot of reading I had to do, & I even posted yesterday!! Ya'll sure were gabby! But I like to see that. NumberThree I remember you! How you been? Ro glad you & Plum checked in, we was getting worried. I had a ball talking to bulbsnatcher and Hazel on the AOL chat room thingy, till my son's girlfriend called & pitched me offline, when I came back they were gone! *sniff* Anyways, I'm gonna go check out that adoption thing possum was talking about.

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12384: possum that place is WONDERFUL! I sent the link to a bunch of my friends that I know would want to participate! thanks!

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12385: Help, I can't get the troop thing or the chat thingy to come in right? Man am I loosing it, I use to could do things on here but now it's awful. I mean on the computer, never knew much on here at the posting but I'm learning. EB

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12386: forget it I found them.

Ellen Brown

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12387: Bulb, I tried to get in on the chat thing but I never could. I could read you chatting with someone else but I couldn't get on. I tried but my husband will have to hook me up. I got a headache trying to follow the directions.

Ya'll remember tomorrow (3-3-03) is a special day of prayer for our nation and we certainly need it now. I don't know which to be more concerned over; Iraq or North Korea! We might have a long road ahead.

God bless America for many generations to come and prayers for our leaders and many servicemen and women and their families. May God protect and keep them in the hollow of His hand.

Psalm 91!


Mayberry Forever!

March 02, 2003 - Msg 12388: Vicks continues to rule!



March 02, 2003 - Msg 12390: From mountain peak to sandy shore,
Our God will reign forevermore,
He will keep us by His sovereign hand,
sheild, protect and heal our Land.

March 03, 2003 - Msg 12391: VICKSVICKSVICKS!

March 03, 2003 - Msg 12392: sorry, but I think you needed to hear just a little bit more. heehee


March 03, 2003 - Msg 12393: "Vicktory, Vicktory is our cry! V-I-C-k-t-o-r-y!"

March 03, 2003 - Msg 12394: I am a graduate student at Ohio University, in the Art history program, doing a video thesis in the form of a documentary, on various aspects of TAGS. I need clips of fans, describing what TAGS means to them, or what attracts them to it, or what they think is significant-a freestyle response- whatever you feel, as a fan, you want to say.
These clips will be compiled for the documentary. I am a huge fan of many many years (I am a 38 year old student), and I want to discover the "core" appeal of the show to the viewers. If you are interested, please, as soon as possible, MAKE A video. As short or as long as you want- (I may of course edit the longer ones)
I am really asking for your help-from one fan to another. This is important work! Significant to all! If you want to participate, send me a tape-VHS or 8mm, to :
Cynthia Riggs
seigfred Hall
Ohio University
Athens, Oh 45701
Send your address, and I will endeavor to send the participants the final product on their own tape which I will return.
Thanks for all your help!
Need it by the first week in April at the latest, but ASAP would be better. Get your friends together and you can all do one tape.
Thanks for any help

March 03, 2003 - Msg 12395: Good Morning Porch
I awoke this morning to a loud boom, someone had set my sisters shed on fire, in the last week there has beeen a stranger down aroun here snooping through peoples sheds and garages, he looks to be in his 20's, tall, big feet & no one knows him and when he sees someone befor they can get to him off he goes, they believe he is the one who started the fire. Pray they catch him soon befro he does it again. enough bad stuff happened in Dec. Jan. & Feb to us, we just don't want a repeat of those months, in the Name of Jesus, this is the national day of prayer and we left up our service men and women to you Lord, our country and our leaders as well as our families, we pray a hedge of protection around them and Lord we being your children relize how important prayer is in our christian walk with you and Jesus we pray that we as your children take a stand and know the power that we have in our life as being a child of the King and call on you daily and pray down your power on this earth , that your well be done Lord not our's but Your well and we thank you for our freedom and our right to speak out and our God given right to pray one for another, we praise you Jesus for all you have brought us through and we know if we turn our face toward you , You'll do it again, Thank you Jesus, Thank You Jesus for another day and another chance to pray. Amen.
Ellen Brown

March 03, 2003 - Msg 12396: Prayers for all. Prayers for the nation. In Jesus' name. Amen
Charlotte Tucker

March 03, 2003 - Msg 12397: Good Morning Porch,
Well, I am back from my mini vacation in the wilds of northern Michigan. It was sure, but sweet. My friend, (who posted here the other day) lives in a log cabin in the middle of 40 acres. They can get bear, elk, deer, coyotes and other critters around their home. It is so nice to get away up there! (Thanks for welcoming her to the porch!)

There sure was a lot to read while I was away! EB got colorized! It is good to come back and sit here on the porch with you all!

I will be adding my prayers to those you all are sending via "knee-mail" on this day of prayer. Thanks for letting me know about it Romeena!

Have a great Mayberry Day!
Mary Wiggins

March 03, 2003 - Msg 12398: It was short but sweet! I meant to say!

March 03, 2003 - Msg 12399: Hey All, just wanted to come by the porch to see how ya'll are doing this morning. Hope everyone had a great weekend. I didn't do a whole lot. Kept busy. I'm a Commodities Broker and most of my weekends are spent reading charts and going over technical data (fun but a lot of work and stress). I really do need a few weeks rest in Mayberry (maybe Mrs. Mendlebright has a room for rent). I want to wish all a great morning and I hope all of ya'll have a beautiful, Mayberry kinda day.

Ed Sawyer

March 03, 2003 - Msg 12400: Maybe you could sell Barney some new things Ed -
he is really into the stock market.


March 03, 2003 - Msg 12401: Homemaker, I had heard that Barney was into diversifying. He said he was watching a steel company and had made a little bit by investing in a record company. I'll help set Barney straight with a nice portfolio. He'll be okay. Glad everyone is well and I'll keep checking back from time to time to say "Hey". Take care all.

Ed Sawyer

March 03, 2003 - Msg 12402: Afternoon Porch. Just checking in on my lunch break to see whats happening here. Been kinda quiet this morning I see so I guess I'll sing now.


March 03, 2003 - Msg 12403: Hello all! Why are Mondays so darn busy? Have a Mayberry Day all.

Briscoe Darling Jr.

March 03, 2003 - Msg 12404: Afternoon Y'all! Today we had a program at our school where a wildlife expert brought in a few animals to show-one of which was a possum! I was itchin' to holler out "Don't jab at him with no long poinky stick!" but I controlled myself. Y'all would've been proud of me.And he didn't have no rock either-was in a pet carrier.The man fed him grapes.No poptarts or Krispy Kremes.Couldn't been one of my kin! Ha Ha
Y'all have a great evening!
possum under a rock

March 03, 2003 - Msg 12405: possum, I don't know how you kept your cool! That would have been very hard. Good thing there wasn't anyone else there who knows about your alter-ego, or you could never have kept quiet. Such fun!

I didn't know possums ate grapes. But then not many Sugarplums eat carrots, either, so guess it's all right.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

March 03, 2003 - Msg 12406: Wanted to drop in and say hi to everybody. I'm so darned rushed....sweepin', fly killin' and such.

"If honesty's such a good policy, how come I'm out a cap pistol?"


March 03, 2003 - Msg 12407: Afternoon porchsters! Ya'll take care of you and yours.
Charlotte Tucker

March 03, 2003 - Msg 12408: What's this garbage about 9 state tryin' to ban our Pledge of Allegiance? Everybody pray the higher court overturns that. What is this country comin' to?

March 03, 2003 - Msg 12409: Good evening - just wanted you to know that I can almost smell again and taste again and hear again (we won't let the hubby in on that one just yet!). Glad to see so many on the porch - Ed, Boo, CT, EB, dear OLD Asa, the ever coloful Bulbsnatcher, darling Romeena, BDJ and the squeezins (could be a song title there!), Miss Possum and the KK's (a country act for sure!), Miss Mavis, Miss Mary Wiggins, FG, Sterling - did I leave anyone out - if'n I did - sorry - I tried to to triple check. . .
have a good evening - time to make supper for the hubby!


March 03, 2003 - Msg 12410: WWW.WEPLEDGE.COM
Just do it!

March 03, 2003 - Msg 12411: Hello, friends. I wanted to ask you to please pray for some good friends of mine. They have a 10 month old baby girl who is running a fever but they don't know why. She has no other symptoms so the dr is concerned and took blood from her today. Please pray for little Caroline and her parents. Thanks....Boo

March 03, 2003 - Msg 12412: Went to the physical therapist and she tried to get me to bend my back. I spend three months growing precious bone and she tells me to bend. I am not confrontational (as hard as that may be to believe) but I told her my surgeon told me not to bend at all. She said this was standard protocol for spinal fusion patients. Well, until the good doctor tells me it's okay, she can go feed her protocol to Jimmy the loaded goat. Sorry I steped up on my soapbox again. See the steam comin outta my ears.

I asked Trevor if there really was such a thing as Bubble and Squeek. And if they really say clemmed when they are hungry. He ain't from Eckmondwyke, England but he is close enough. So soon as I find out if there really is something called Bubble and Squeek, I will tell ya and if there is, maybe we can get the recipe. If not I may make something and we can put the recipe in.....doesn't someone have a recipe book on here or something?

Take care. I am off to eat my supper.
fun girl

Prayers for Caroline and all our boys serving in the military.

March 03, 2003 - Msg 12413: Hey all,just wanted to stop by for a quick visit. How was eveyone's day? I'm sure it was a good un! I'm off to the diner for supper. I'll tell Juanita ya'll said "Hey". Take care and have a wonderful Mayberry kinda evening!

Ed Sawyer

March 03, 2003 - Msg 12414: Ellen and Boo....I'm sorry you had trouble trying to get on a Sarah's...the door needs a little WD-40, maybe. If either of you want to try again, I'll send you some instructions that may help you. Just let me know. Hey to everybody, by the way! Romeena...let me know when you might stop in there, and I'll try to run over there! Or....let me know when you might be on IM some time...I LOVE the porch, but I think it's fun "talking" to people more like real-time too.


March 03, 2003 - Msg 12415: I just thunk of somethin'....I wonder if a woman who uses Vicks alot...hmmmm...does that make her a VICKS-en?

If her husband is a staunch supporter of Vics also and he is the handy-man around the house....does that make him the VICKS-er Upper?

If they both are about to leave, are they VICKS-en to go?



March 03, 2003 - Msg 12416: Oops.....staunch supporter of VICKS. Jeesh (Bulb)

March 03, 2003 - Msg 12417: Hey, Fun Girl...

I might be able to help a little on those phrases....

Clem is an old English word meaning "to starve" or "to waste from hunger". Originally it also meant to pinch or to squeeze. Hence the word "clamp."

Bubble and squeak is an old English dish, named for the sounds the ingredients make while cooking (or from the sound one's stomach makes after eating it). Some sources say it was originally cold boiled beef and chopped cabbage, others claim it was originally mashed potatoes and cabbage, while some claim it originally contained all three.

Today it is typically made from leftover potatoes and cabbage fried together.


March 03, 2003 - Msg 12418: Ya'll are a mess! Ellen Brown I hope your sister is alright, that would have really un-nerved me I must say. I had a good time at Sarah's last night talking with Bulbsnatcher & Therapetic if I could just convince the thing to let me keep the nickname Mavis. Well off to work on one of my websites.

March 03, 2003 - Msg 12419: One more post on "clemmed" and I'll stop...

CLEMMED -- adj. British. starving, hungry. An old word which is a survival of northern dialect (from Middle English 'clemmen,' to pinch). It is still heard occasionally among older speakers (and, incidentally, in the TV soap opera 'Coronation Street.')" From "The Dictionary of Contemporary Slang" by Tony Thorne (1999, Pantheon Books, New York)

CLEM -- U.S. equivalent) starve. As in clemmed for a snack. Dialect, favored by hoboes; common in rustic novels. Its use is considered by some to be chic." From "British English A to Zed" by Norman W. Schur (HarperCollinsPublishers, New York, HarperPerrennial edition, 1991)


March 03, 2003 - Msg 12420: Hey, bulbsnatcher! I might make it to Sarah's around 8pm, Central time. Dropped by the other night, but no one else was there.

A good friend and I went out for dinner this evening, her husband was out of town, so we had a "girls' night out". Enjoyed it. I was a bit "clemmed", and besides, I'm going stir-crazy, shut up in this house most of the time. I'm really trying hard not to get in crowds or get too close to germy little kids or whatever. No offense to you young moms, it's just a fact of life. Little kids just generate a bunch of strong, healthy, active germs! It's in their job description, I think. Anyway, I'm trying to stay healthy until next Monday, when the surgeon is going to make me feel awful for a few days, but it'll be worth it if we get some answers.

Have a great week, friends, and prayers for little Caroline. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

March 03, 2003 - Msg 12421: That song by Darryl Worley is great. I have to agree w/ the lyrics.

March 03, 2003 - Msg 12422: Is anyone out there?

March 03, 2003 - Msg 12423: Hi, Kay

Yep....we are in and out here. It's a place to post stuff, but people don't just sit here on the porch too much yet....still kinda cool out for it. :-)


March 03, 2003 - Msg 12424: Hey, Romeena

I waited for ya for about 20 minutes, then decided to go get a bottle of pop. I hope to catch ya at Sarah's another time!


March 03, 2003 - Msg 12425: Well I tried for two nights to get in at Sarahs. Last night it told me that the name Salty was offensive then tonight I finally got in and no one was there :( Now I dont know what could be offensive about the name Salty.. but anyways. I would love to chat with you all on here. Guess I'm just too late tonight. Maybe we could set up a time for everyone to meet. Hope you all have a good day tomorrow. And I hope my name dosen't offend any of yall here. LOL Night porch--Salty Dog

March 03, 2003 - Msg 12426: Thanks for the prayers for Caroline. I talked to her dad tonight and he said that they did two white blood cell counts, one was elevated and one was not (doesn't make sense to me. Was one a mistake?). Ro, maybe you can help me with this because I have forgotten alot since I quit working. Now, if there is a viral infection, the WBC's wouldn't be significantly elevated, would they? Wouldn't it have to be something bacterial? I think it's the differential that can show viral infection with a left shift? Anyway I can't figure out what's going on. The dr gave her a shot of something he said was an antibiotic. Any opinion, Ro? I don't know much about pediatrics because I never worked it. I think it was a poor decision on my part to work in labor and delivery for 13 years because I forgot so many other things.

Asa, I saw you on TAGS tonight, down at the hotel runnin' the desk. You sure looked cute.

Well, better go, one of my youngin's is hanging on me wanting me to talk to him. He's a great kid, just a little pesky at times (aren't they all)?

I saw little Ron Howard tonight in "The Music Man". What a cutie.

Have a terrific night--love to all,


March 03, 2003 - Msg 12427: How could you offend my ears by using the name Salty! Just kidding!

March 04, 2003 - Msg 12428: I couldn't get in at Sarahs either, Salty. At least you got in far enough that you were able to offend somebody. I couldn't get that far. I reckon my computer is too old and outdated. Just like me. *sigh. But it would be fun to set up a chat group some time. Maybe we could do it some Sunday. After we take that trip out to State prison to visit the Hubacher brothers.
- Hazel

I just don't cotton to all this. Too doggone many rules. I don't like it. I don't like it.

March 04, 2003 - Msg 12429: Oh, forgot to say, Morning, porch! Breakfast is ready!
- Hazel

March 04, 2003 - Msg 12430: Morning Porch!
Say I tryed to get in at Sarahs got to where my name showed up on the left in that there box , saw Bilb and Mavis that night but I couldn't post? wonder what causes that? Prayers for Caroline, Fun Girl and Ro pray ever thing shapes up for your health soon, Mavis thank you for your thoughtfulness of my sister, called her last night she was calmed down, bless her heart she lost all her pictures of her children as babies and growing up. she had a fileing cabinet out there with a lot of personal papers in it that was burnt up. The guy has no been caught yet, We believe he is a transit for no one who has seen him knows him. Mavis how is your son these days? and his dad? Bulb go ahead and send me the way to get in at Sarah's. Send it to polo3 or yahoo ok. Say I have AOL messenger I'm DoubIecola there, my son put a capital i for the letter l for someone else had the other spelling, I just loved
double coke cola's can't find them out this way so I drink sprite, RC or Tea. Good morning Kay welcome to the porch. hey to everyone else, y'all have a Grand & Glourious day.
Ellen Brown

March 04, 2003 - Msg 12431: Oh ! Thanks for breakfast
you have the hot Tea and honey there on the table?
Ellen Brown

March 04, 2003 - Msg 12432: Mornin' porch! Hazel, you crack me up, girl! Visit the Hubacher Brothers! Ah c'mon. Let's do it!
Charlotte Tucker

March 04, 2003 - Msg 12433: Mornin. I feel like I have sand in my eyes. Baby girl woke up every two hours last night and I have no idea why. Hope she's not getting sick.

Just wanted to say good morning and now I better go start the boy's schoolin'...

Have a great day!


March 04, 2003 - Msg 12434: Mornin', all! bulbsnatcher, I must apologize. My daughter called just before 8pm (long distance, and you know how irritated Sarah gets if you break off a long distance call, after she went to all the trouble to put it through), and we talked for over an hour. I did go to Sarah's, but it was pretty late. Guess we can try again.

My oncologist's office called this morning, and they want to set up an appointment for me, just as soon as I get out of the hospital next week. Seems he feels pretty sure that he's going to be needed, from what he has seen on my CT scans. Not too encouraging, I must admit, but I just refuse to give in to depression. It's too easy to sit here and feel every little ache and twinge, and to let my imagination run away with me. I need to get out and do something, but it's cold and I don't want to get around people and catch something. Wish the weather would warm up, I'd love to go dig in the dirt for a while. That's my favorite therapy. I've got some sweet pea seeds that needed to be planted last week, but I'd have had to dig through ice, so they're still not planted. Well, this too shall pass.

Boo, sounds to me like your remembery is working fine. It's that left shift you have to watch with viral or bacterial, because it indicates that the body's defenses are being depleted, but you're right, the total WBCs generally don't rise significantly with a viral infection, unless there is a bacterial overlay.

Well, off I go. Guess I'll go clean something. Have a great day, everybody. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

March 04, 2003 - Msg 12435: Hello everyone, just dropped by the porch to say "Good Morning" to ya'll. Hope all ya'll are doing well. Have a great Mayberry kinda morning and take care.

Ed Sawyer

March 04, 2003 - Msg 12436: Hang in there, Ro. I know you're concerned and it sure don't help my spirits none when I'm down to see ice covering the ground or seeing lots of clouds and fog. Land, those clouds have such a sad effect on me! And it's like that here today. cloudy and cold. very tired of it all. I can still use prayers from whoever's giving away too. Things just not right here on my porch. And on top of that, my little girl's been home with a fever since Saturday. Dr. checked her for strep and it's not that. Wish that dern fever would go away. He suggested it's just a virus that will run its course. Hope so. Ya'll take care. Morning Ed Sawyer! Sorry ya didn't get much sleep, Boo.
Charlotte Tucker

March 04, 2003 - Msg 12437: Well folks, Trevor says that in the UK, Bubble and Squeek is the potatoes and meat left over after a pot roast supper, fried up with seasoning. He personally does not say clemmed, but I think that Bulbsnatcher has cleared up that little mystery.

I am tired today. I stayed up until the wee small hours last night helping my little sister write a speech for her class at college. What did she write on? WRASSLIN! What else. She thinks it turned out quite good too.

Prayers for Grandpa Harvey. He is in intensive care in Missouri. He has a defibulator and it went off 8 times yesterday. Things do not look good for him right now. But he is a tough old bird, and has pulled through tough spots before.
Prayers for God's will whatever happens. He has gotten so tired and irritable lately and he says he is ready to die. Prayers for Grandma too. They have been married for over 60 years. I'll send up a few for you too Ro.

Chat at ya later.
fun girl

March 04, 2003 - Msg 12438: Okay I was mistaken, B and S is the vegetables and potatoes from the roast. Not the meat. I misread Trevor's email. There, I said it and I ain't takin' it back.

March 04, 2003 - Msg 12439: Hello all! Hey homemaker, I'm glad you can smell again. Ha-Ha! As far as the hearing part, do like me, hear what you want to hear. I'm gonna leave you some more squeezins. Happy day all.

Briscoe Darling Jr.

March 04, 2003 - Msg 12440: Hmmmmm. That's not at all what I had imagined "bubble and squeak" to be. Don't know for sure what I thought it was, but that's not it. I guess I had in mind maybe sliced potatoes and sausage, a thick milk gravy and maybe a little cheese, all simmered together. Still sounds good, by any name.

Now, here's another question. What on earth is "Toad in the Hole"? I hear that referenced on the British comedies that I enjoy so much, but no one has ever given any sort of hint as to what it is. I trust it doesn't actually include any toads. At least I hope it doesn't! The Plum is hoping it has carrots in it, of course.

Have a lovely afternoon, friends. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

March 04, 2003 - Msg 12441: Just a guess, Ro. Is it an egg in the center of a piece of toast?
Charlotte Tucker

March 04, 2003 - Msg 12442: Toad in the Hole

100g/4oz Plain Flour
1/2 level teasp Salt
1 Egg
270ml/9fl.oz Milk
225g/8oz Pork Sausages


1. Preheat the oven to 200C, 400F, Gas mark 6 and grease a shallow ovenproof
dish or Yorkshire pudding tin.

2. Place the flour, egg, milk and salt in a large mixing bowl and whisk
until smooth and lump free.

3. Place the sausages in the greased dish in a single layer then pour over
the batter. Bake in the oven for 40-45 minutes until well risen and golden.
Try not to open the oven door during cooking or the pudding may not rise.
Serve immediately with an onion gravy and chopped cabbage or other green

Serves 4


March 04, 2003 - Msg 12443: Serve with a side order of carrots for precious Sugarplum

March 04, 2003 - Msg 12444: I guess it's not an egg on toast!

March 04, 2003 - Msg 12445: My folks have sure been talkative lately....3 sweeps in a week...whew!

March 04, 2003 - Msg 12446: Sorry, Floyd. We've just been tryin' to keep Bulbsnatcher occupied and off them cigs! Saw Gomer the House Guest last night and Andy smokin' in bed. For shame for shame!
Charlotte Tucker

March 04, 2003 - Msg 12447: By the way, you've been mighty quiet about yer cravings, bulb! Did you give up? Hope not. Hang in there.

March 04, 2003 - Msg 12448: Well, thank you kindly, bulbsnatcher! Aren'tcha kind! Aren'tcha kind!! Now I have another question - how do I measure 4 oz of flour? Guess I could use my little postal scale. And a comment - maybe it will serve four Englishters, but no way will it serve four Americans. We're a nation of hearty-eatin' men and beautiful, delicate women. (Some of us delicate women can eat pretty hearty, too.) I'm afraid two ounces of sausage would just about fill my hollow tooth! Anyhow, the recipe sounds good, and I think I'll just give it a try and let you all know how it turns out. Still trying to figure out how it's gonna rise - guess it's the egg.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

March 04, 2003 - Msg 12449: Toad in the Hole...that's definitely not part of any Southern cuisine I've ever heard of. I sure hope ya'll aren't one's to eat your hushpuppies with a fork are ya? How's eveyone today? I hope you're doing well. Just had a moment to stop by the porch and say "Hey". Take care all.

Ed Sawyer

March 04, 2003 - Msg 12450: Romeena, you are a bird in this world! Hope the Dr. has reported good things for your health. I haven't caught up on the (many) posts yet. Hey to Asa and CT and Salty (no offense taken) and EVERYONE!

~ Mrs. Wiley

March 04, 2003 - Msg 12451: are so very sweet to ask about my standing with this addiction to cigarettes. With so many other things going on here at the porch, I've realized that my little "problem" is so very petty compared to all the trials of life others here are facing. I had decided to just not mention it for that reason. But I guess in some ways, I'm doing pretty good with it. I was expecting way too much of myself too fast. I've picked back up a little on smoking, but I still have hope. Last week, I normally would have smoked anywhere from 10-14 packs of cigarettes. I smoked only one pack. I almost crashed and burned, though. I'm trying to give myself a little more time to was a really hard week. You are a sweetheart for asking, and the porch continues to be an inspiration on my struggle to beat this thing. I guess I could be considered a cigaholic. I would smoke within 5 minutes of waking up in the mornings, before my feet ever hit the floor. I've been seriously addicted to them...more than I realized. Thanks again, sweetie. Love and prayers to all on this beloved haven. You folks are the cats!


March 04, 2003 - Msg 12452: Romeena....I don't know if this will help, but I found something on the internet that says 4 ounces liquid measure = 1/2 cup Will that help with the flour question?

The Bulb

March 04, 2003 - Msg 12453: Good evening all - well my little one who just got over the pneumonia (or ammonia as he calls it) went to the DR again and now we have strep throat and an ear infection - some kids get all the luck with antibiotics. Oh well - more Vicks I say, more Vicks. My mother informed that I (the one and only homemaker) used to eat Vicks as a child. I surely don't remember this but it grosses her out to think that I did that. She can hardly stand the smell of it and I just love the smell of it. Okay - so yes, another VICKS story.

I must be a VICKS - en!


March 04, 2003 - Msg 12454: Hey, Bulb. Thanks, but it's not the same measure. It's true that 4 oz liquid measure equals 1/2 cup, since 32 oz liquid equals a quart, or 4 cups. However, I think the recipe is talking about dry weight ounces, rather than volume measure, and they don't equate. I just checked it out with my postal scale. A half cup of flour weighs 2 1/2 ounces, while a half cup of water weighs 4 1/2 ounces. So, it appears that 4 ounces of flour will be a little less than a full cup. I bought my sausage this afternoon, will try the recipe tomorrow, I guess. If it's good, I'll let you all know and you can come by and try some.

homemaker, what ARE we going to do with that young'un? Reckon it would help if you soaked him, soaked him a lot? (Keeping his nose above water, naturally.) Sarah says soaking helps everything.

Well, everyone get a good night's rest. Tomorrow is another day. I think Calvin Coolidge said that. Or was it Mrs. Coolidge? Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

March 04, 2003 - Msg 12455: love love love it .

March 04, 2003 - Msg 12456: Night Porch! Sorry I can't sit & chat but got another long day tomorrow, the sun is out & all of a sudden everybody wants the dog groomed YESTERDAY! They are killing me! So I'm going to bed, not the ironing board, the BED!

March 05, 2003 - Msg 12457: Bulbsnatcher--you are doing great hon. Keep up the good work. Now if only I could get as good a grip on my appetite as you have on your cigarettes, we'd be in business. How do you now all these nifty recipes? I'll have to email Trevor and see if he eats toad in the hole. He should get a kick out if it. Do you all know what boiled sweets are? He mentioned it in the same sentence with candy but then put LOL after it. Is it like sweetbreads, and aren't they intestines or something? I tell ya, with all this English talk, my mind is plum tuckered out. Trevor thinks I am a stitch though. He is always telling me how funny I am. I don't think I am funny, I think I am dense and he just thinks it's funny.
poor poor pityful me
fun girl

March 05, 2003 - Msg 12458: Hello Porch
Another sleepless night for me, iffin I don't get some rest soon I'm gonna burn out. So much on my mind, Bulb did you send me the info on how to chat at Sarahs once I get in there? I gave up the excite addy. LOL I do have AOL IM. Y'all can add me to yours if you wish. I've got to get up in 3 hours and go to work. Later
Ellen Brown

March 05, 2003 - Msg 12459: Mornin' Dears and Honeys! Hope we're all in store for a wonderful day!
How's 'bout bacon,eggs,and french toast this morning? Who's cooking it? Ha Ha Y'all know me-just Krispy Kremes and coffee is about all I can manage this early in the morning! Oh,and Poptarts.I know Charlotte expects those.Here ya go... Enjoy!
Prayers for the 14 year old girl who was lured from her home by a 50 something year old murderer.May she return to her family safely.
Have a good Wednesday everybody!
possum under a rock

March 05, 2003 - Msg 12460: Good luck sleeping, Ellen. I am up because baby girl woke me (it's 4:30am). She has this chronic cough, it seems. Prayers for the sick little ones that were mentioned. Charlotte, it seems whenever my son gets sick with anything he will keep a fever for several days, so try not to worry.

I'm glad to hear that we are still telling Vicks stories (keep the flame burning!). Hey, they make Vicks for kids, now. Maybe that's what my baby needs for her cough at night.

Well, I am going to try to sleep now.

God save the Pledge of Allegiance and stop the Secularists in their attempts to remove all traces of God from this country.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands: one nation, UNDER GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.


March 05, 2003 - Msg 12461: Morning Porch,
As I sit here, I hear the patter of little feet, actually they are kind of big feet! A 10 year old, a 7 year old, my 5 year old and a 4 year old. School was called off today so I got elected to watch all the nieces and nephews! I probably better get out there, they were all watching a movie, but suddenly I hear running all through the house! I don't think I better give them the Krispy Kremes and poptarts for breakfast or they'll never settle down!!

Y'all have a great Mayberry day!
Mary Wiggins

March 05, 2003 - Msg 12462: Mornin porch. How is everyone? I tried the chatroom again last nyte, but no one was there. And I wasn't told I was offensive either lol. I learned if I type in SaltyDog as one word then it dont offend anyone! Got the day off. Anyone for lunch? Having sammiches. I hope you guys got some sleep last night. Have a good day. And btw... when is our next practice? I'm gettin a little rusty. See you all later--Salty Dog.

March 05, 2003 - Msg 12463: Boo...I don't know what will happen in schools, but there ain't NOBODY...NOBODY gonna stop ME from saying the Pledge of Allegiance to our beautiful sacred flag or to the country I love. And there also ain't NOBODY that's gonna take the term "UNDER GOD" or "GOD" out of my vocabulary or out of my life. They are gonna end up with a war right here within this country if "the powers that be" aren't careful.

Enough said.....LORD knows I better not get started on all of this. All I will say in closing is that I don't try to push my beliefs on anyone else or decide to dictate how others live, and I just ask for the same in return. I thought THAT was part of what America was all about.

Things are really getting confusing these days, and Mayberry becomes more and more of the world I wish I could hide in.

Ellen...I'm so sorry about the instructions for Sarah's...give me a few days to get myself together at home, and I'll get back on track here. Please forgive me.

Love and prayers to all...-Bulbsnatcher

March 05, 2003 - Msg 12464: You know, Bulb, it's funny how those folks who want to get rid of every mention of God don't realize that just taking His name out of something won't make Him go away! ha In fact, like you said, they are just stirring up a hornet's nest. I think things have changed since 9/11 and people won't just sit by and accept such things anymore. There is a new realization of our need for God and nobody in their right mind would offend Him now!

Ro, I'm still praying and more than anything my concern is for your emotional state of well-being. I am asking God that He will keep you in peace during this trial and that He would keep depression far from you. The battle is the Lord's!
He knows every hair on our heads and every cell in our bodies. In Him all things are held together. He has all power in the universe. Jesus is in your boat, Ro. He'll get you to the other side.

Possum, I didn't hear about the fourteen year old. Where did this happen?

Well, have to go care for those precious little ones. I am so thankful to have them right here with me today. Ya'll have a blessed day.


March 05, 2003 - Msg 12465: Morning porch! Where's Asa hidin'? Bulb, of course we care about your kicking the habit. All trials are important here. What may seem small to some folks may be seem mighty important to others. (Sounds like Clara Johnston's pickle scrapbook!) Hope your youngun' gets to feelin' better, homemaker. Thanks for the fever tip, Boo. She seems better today but they're out of school for ice. Saw the gold truck ep. last night.
Charlotte Tucker

Gomer: A decoy? Shazam. A decoy.
Andy: Shazam
That cracked me up!

March 05, 2003 - Msg 12466: Prayers for Ro and Trevor and homemaker's youngun' , bulb's cig addiction, fungirl's eatin' habits (and mine!) and the 14-year-old girl who was abducted.

March 05, 2003 - Msg 12467: Afternoon Y'all! When I got home from work I noticed that my Bradford pear tree is blooming! Yee Haw! It's a sure sign of Spring!
Boo,I wanted to find an update on the missing 14 year old,but was nothing new on I heard yesterday was this: a 14 year old girl from Illinois,I think,was lured out of her bedroom by a 50 something year old man that she'd met at church and was having an e-mail relationship with him.The man has a criminal past,which includes murder.I heard that people have spotted them heading West,and that the girls' blonde hair had been dyed black.That's really all I know about it.Hopefully,she'll get back to her family unharmed.It's a sad thing,for sure.
Well,I am worn out from my school kids. Yeasterday Little Anthony (my cussing 3 year old) told me to "Stay home Wednesday." I should've listened to him,because he sure was on a roll today! Y'all would not believe some of the stuff that comes outta his mouth.The thing is,his sister in also in our room,and she does NOT cuss.Thank goodness for that,anyway! Two more days till the weekend-I'm hanging on!
Y'all have a good afternoon-love to all!
possum under a rock

March 05, 2003 - Msg 12468: Yeasterday? I must be subconsciously thinking about Easter Break! Ha Ha
possum again

March 05, 2003 - Msg 12469: Well, at least he was nice enough to give you a warning, Possum! :)

That's sad about that abducted 14 year old, and scary too! You really have to watch what your kids are doing on the internet. I hope she's found unharmed!

Easter Break, huh Possum?! Uh Huh. Hmmm... They make beer with yeast, don't they? :)

-Sterling Holobyte

March 05, 2003 - Msg 12470: "Get your hot dogs while waiting for the gold truck. Here you are. Get 'em nice and hot, while you're waiting for the gold truck. Here you are. Here are these nice hot dogs."

-Hazel, the steet vendor

March 05, 2003 - Msg 12471: ooops, that's street vendor.

March 05, 2003 - Msg 12472: Oh my Hazel, what have you been drinking with them hot dogs?
Thanks for asking about me C.T. Just been real busy and it don't look like it's gonna slow down for a while.
Hope everyone is well and happy and if you are not you have a prayer being uttered in your behalf from me. Hope it helps. God bless all you wonderful folks here on the porch. You are the fizz in my pepsi.


March 05, 2003 - Msg 12473: Howdy, everyone! Asa, you may not realize it, but that's about the nicest thing anyone could say about a friend. "You are the fizz in my Pepsi." When you're diabetic like me, and can't drink Pepsi anymore, believe me when I say you sure enough do miss that fizz! Now, I love my tea, and am thankful that I can still drink that, but it has no fizz, and oh, how I would love a good cold, fizzy Pepsi. I know, there's the sugar free kind, but I'd about as soon drink stagnation water with horse hairs floating in it. Just can't stand the taste of artificial sweeteners, no how, no way. So, I drink tea and dream of Pepsi. (Poor pitiful me.)

Have a lovely evening, friends. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

March 05, 2003 - Msg 12474: AWWWWW Asa ain't you sweet!? The fizz in yer Pepsi! *sniff* thatun makes me cry. I'm off to DC tomorrow to work for the week, gotta get some bills taken care of & some other stuff with my son, so I decided I'd go ahead & work while I was there. I can make as much in a week there as I make in a month here, so I'd be crazy not to do that! Well, gotta finish packing, I'll try to check in while I am there, meanwhile prayers for those that need them & those that don't think they do. Night Porch!
How do ya'll like that color? teehee

March 05, 2003 - Msg 12475: I meant to say with possum thinking about spring, thought that would be a good one for her.

March 05, 2003 - Msg 12476: Howdy, Romeena we must have sat on the porch at the same time, didn't mean to talk over you there. Hey to The Plum

March 05, 2003 - Msg 12477: Mavis, you are looking a little pink! Does that mean you have a sunburn, or are you just "in the pink"? Hope your trip to D.C. goes well!

Hey to everyone on the porch. I hope you all had a nice Mayberry kind of day. Mine was filled with kids. First I watched all my nieces and nephews, then I went off the preachin' and watched the 2 year olds! I do that every Wednesday night just bout, seems the two year olds are getting mighty used to me!

I think I best get me some sleep, cause tomorrow, I still got my 5 year old to tend to, and the good Lord knows, a 5 year old can wear out a 46 year old faster than you can say toys!!

Good night y'all
Mary Wiggins

March 05, 2003 - Msg 12478: Hmmmmm deeppink

March 05, 2003 - Msg 12479: I like it!
- Hazel

March 05, 2003 - Msg 12480: Folks, thanks for the prayers on my behalf and for my healing. I have been free of the annoying burning and tingling in my ankle for 3 days now. Praise the Lord. It's snowing outside and I have been in such good spirits that I am not even gonna complain about the snow.

Got an email from Trevor today and he said that he fell 40 meters down a mountain and that is why he had to have fusion surgery. Sent photos too and he has the cutest eleven year old girl. The vacation in Scotland in the summer. Sound wonderful, huh? They are saving for a vacation to Florida in 2004. I am sending the DVDs of TAGS to him tomorrow. Soon, he too will know the joys of TAGS. He may be English but he doesn't look anything like Malcom Merriweather. But he does know how to cook bubble and squeek. Wonder if he paints faces on eggs? LOL

Andy: Barn, I didn't know you was in the Spanish club.
Barney: Si

fun girl

March 06, 2003 - Msg 12481: "I like you, Mrs. Mendlebright. (sniff)"-Barney, after hittin' the hard cider.

March 06, 2003 - Msg 12482: " No Hunt Beware Open And Close No Credit!"

March 06, 2003 - Msg 12483: Morning Porch pals.
Hey Bulbsnatcher, I saw your episode on tv last night. SNOOP, SNOOP! LOL
Glad your feeling better Fungirl. Hope you continue to improve.
Looks like we are getting ever closer to going to war with a menace to society. May the conflict be short, with little or no loss of life. And may peace once again abide.I hope and pray that anyone who has kin or friends involved feel the love and protection of the Lord. I have a Niece and two Nephews over in Kuwait and they are very proud to be serving, and I am very proud of them.
Love ya all.


March 06, 2003 - Msg 12484: Morning porch, Looking out my window I see we got ice out on the autos and the roads, I have to be at my first lil mans house at 8, thank God he lives here in town. Girls my prayers are with you and your little ones, Mavis have fun in DC and becareful. Did you get my email Mavis? Hey to the Plum and Ro, Prayers for all, Pray for my brother he is back in the hospital, they said its not serious just safety precousions or how ever you spell it. but it was his heart again. But we have a wonderful God and I know He is in charge.

Ellen Brown

March 06, 2003 - Msg 12485: oops lt blue is to light .

Ellen Brown

March 06, 2003 - Msg 12486: Oh bisutes and gravy, bacon, eggs, tea, coffee, juice all are ready, chow down.

Ellen Brown

March 06, 2003 - Msg 12487: My, the porch has been so colorful lately! I may have to try to sign off in green .(For St. Patrick's Day, you know! Top 'o the mornin' to ya!)

Thanks for the delicious breakfast Ellen, that juice really hit the spot!

Asa, I wish I could personally tell your niece and nephews thanks for what they are doing. I hope you will do it for me, let them know that MOST Americans are very proud of them and we are forever in the debt of every military person and veteran. I must say, I love peace, I would personally do just about anything to avoid conflict in my life. But I have found, over 46 years of living, that there are many things one must stand up for, and maybe take a little grief about, even if there is a temporary lack of peace. Some situations simply become worse over time. I think Hitler is a perfect example of this, many people didn't want to be drawn into that war, but the atrocities uncovered after the war should teach us a lesson about allowing a false peace to continue, that kind of peace is a kind I never want to enjoy.

Off my soapbox now, just thought I would sit here on my end of the porch and watch the snowflakes gently falling to earth. It's a little cold, but if you bundle up, a snowy day can be so quiet and calming.

Have a great day porch!
Mary Wiggins


March 06, 2003 - Msg 12489: Good morning, everyone! Mary Wiggins, I agree with you. Politically, I'd prefer peace, but sometimes that's just not allowed. Read the Old Testament. God gave the Israelites some appalling orders at times, regarding the destruction of nations that meant them harm. If you folks get a chance, read the article in the March issue of Reader's Digest, the interview with Tony Blair. The whole article is good, but one quote stuck with me. He said, "Supposing I'd come to you in August of 2001 and said Afghanistan is a hive of terrorist activity.....Most people would have said 'Aren't you exaggerating?' .... And in was absolutely true." Lest we forget?

Well, I didn't make the Toad in the Hole last night. As I was printing the recipe, my son called and invited me to have dinner with him and his wife at our favorite Mexican restaurant. My blood sugar was 228 this morning, so you can guess what I did! Sure was good, but I'll have to work on that sugar today. That's the highest it's been in a couple of weeks. I'm not like Barney, with his low sugar blood content. I have this high sugar blood content, and a pile of chips and salsa, and buttered tortillas, and some cheese enchiladas didn't help it one bit. OK, so I splurged!

TOM, is that you up there? We love you back, friend.
Have a great day, friends. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

March 06, 2003 - Msg 12490: One more political observation, if you'll allow me. Some of these countries remind me of a zealous young Christian I know. He has been critical of his parents, calls them "materialistic", urges them to sell their business, give the money to the poor, and spend their time instead in missionary pursuits. Though the business is barely supporting the family, he called his father "money-hungry" and was highly critical when a business-related convention took them to New York over a weekend and they were unable to attend church. He constantly challenges their values. They're very committed, tithing Christians, but he doesn't think that's so, and stands in judgment over everything they do.
Yet this same young man, in the next breath, will remind them that the rent is due on his apartment in his college town, he needs money in his spending account, and the car they gave him needs repairs. Even though the parents ferreted out a lot of aid and grants, and he has a scholarship, it's still taking over $5k annually in books and tuition, and the parents are paying this. The young man has no problem accepting all this assistance from his parents, yet feels perfectly free to criticize and complain about their values.

Does this sound like any countries we know of? They feel very free to criticize us, call us "cowboys" and "bullies", and refuse to assist us in this crisis. At the same time, they're hiding behind the protection we've given them, they're living off money we've loaned them, they're eating food we've supplied to them, and they'll be in line with their hands out again, whenever they feel the need. And we'll help them, yet again. Wonder what would happen if we refused??? Hmmm, makes ya thank, don't it? --Romeena