April 01, 2003 - Msg 12981: hey porch here is a little humor,
A buddy of mine was flying from Seattle to San Francisco. Unexpectedly
>theplane stopped in Sacramento along the way. The flight attendant
>explained that there would be a delay, and if the passengers wanted to
>get off the aircraft, the plane would re-board in 30 minutes.
>Everybody got off the plane except one gentleman who was blind. My
>buddy had noticed the man as he walked by and could tell the man was
>blind because his Seeing Eye dog lay quietly underneath the seats in
>front of him throughout the entire flight. He could also tell he had flown
>very flight before because the pilot approached him, and calling him by
>said, "Keith, we're in Sacramento for almost an hour. Would you like to
>getoff and stretch your legs?"
>The blind guy replied, "No thanks, but maybe the dog would like to stretch
>Picture this: All the people in the gate area came to a complete,
>standstill when they looked up and saw the pilot walk off the plane with
>Seeing Eye dog! The pilot was even wearing sunglasses. People scattered.
>They not only tried to change planes, but they were trying to change
>Have a great day! And remember things aren't always as they appear

Ellen Brown

April 01, 2003 - Msg 12982: Hahahahahaha! Ellen B...that is an absolute hoot! Thanks for the chuckles!


April 01, 2003 - Msg 12983: God Bless America, land that I love, stand beside her, and guide her, with a light shining bright from above. Welcome Home Jessica Lynch!

April 02, 2003 - Msg 12984: Yes, that is good news that Jessica Lynch was rescued! I hope there's more happy endings like that!

Boo, don't mean to make light of your ailment, but "cyst on your wrist", didn't Hall & Oates have a song by that name? You remember it, don't you? It went, "Because your cyst, your cyst, is on my wrist." :) ...sorry.
Bulbsnatcher and Mary Wiggins, I love those flowers! That's neat!
Have a good night everyone!
-Sterling Holobyte

April 02, 2003 - Msg 12985: Amen! Thanks God for taking care of her.

Thanks for the encouragement, Ro. Tonight when I put her to bed, I only had to restrain her for about 15 seconds before she just laid there peacefully. I went to the other side of the room and when she would pop her little head up I would say, "lay down and go to sleep" and she would lay her head back down. It only took a few minutes for her to go to sleep. Hooray! We are getting somewhere. By the way, I loved that story about the bed. Having worked in labor and delivery for thirteen years I saw some pretty strange things, too, like the couple who wanted to give birth with both of them completely nude. We allowed the mother to be naked but there was no way that we were gonna let dad strip down! Once we had someone ask for the placenta after the delivery. They wanted to take it home and bury it in the backyard or something. Some people wanted placentas to rub on trees when they went deer hunting (apparently the scent attracts bucks). Have you ever heard of such a thing?! I could go on and on...

Well, i had better get some sleep to be ready for round two (when the toddler wakes up in the middle of the night).


April 02, 2003 - Msg 12986: Well, just one more VICKS story then I promise I will add no more. I had this bothersome little red bump on the end of my nose. I notice that I touched it an awful lot and it was really dry and scaley. I am going out of town this weekend and it was kinda ugly. So, I started putting lotion on it and it stayed red and ugly but was not as dry. So, as we all do, I started wondering what VICKS would do for it. I started putting it on there night before last and the redness is almost gone and it so smooth as a baby's behind. IS THERE ANYTHING VICKS CAN NOT DO?

Watched the episode last night where Opie finds the "purse" with the $50 in it. Then takes back the fishing pole so he can give Mr. Rigsbee his money back and Andy thinks he is spending all the money. Poor Opie. Brought tears to my eyes as Opie is explaining that he was returning the pole so he could give the man his money back. I think Andy felt that way too. Oh but to have raised our kids today so they will feel such honesty and not that they were owed something. I fear that my Little Opie may have felt that since we told him the money was his, that it was OUR place to give the money to Mr. Rigsbee, not his. Why is it that kids today think they should get something for nothing. That is just a hypothetical question. Of course I know the answer, Cause we give them something for nothing over and over again and they come to expect it. (THUMP) That was me stepping down off my soapbox.

Hey Briscoe, I am going out of town this weekend, can you play something light and lively for me? Maybe "Tearin' Up Your Old Clothes For Rags"? I thank ya kindly. Also, if ya could, drop a jar of squeezins on my porch. Appreciate ya.
fun girl

April 02, 2003 - Msg 12987: Good morning, all! Couldn't sleep, so I baked some cinnamon rolls and left them on the porch for anyone who wants them. They're just the baking powder kind, not as good as the yeast-raised ones, but those take too long.

Boo, I know you must have seen some weird stuff in L&D, especially being in deep South Texas. A lot of the rural folk from across the river, the campesinas, have some old superstitions that they just can't let go of. We had one patient a few years back who was convinced someone had put an "evil eye" on her, and she was terrified. She kept coming in through the ER, way before her due date, wanting the doctor to "look inside" and make sure the baby was okay. Finally, on one visit, she got lucky. The OB on call was Hispanic, and more sympathetic to her fears than others had been. I asked him if he thought a curandera might be of help, and he had already thought of it, but didn't know anyone. Through a friend, I got the number of a granny woman who knew a few incants, and we put the woman in touch with her. A couple of months later, she came in and delivered a healthy baby. Of course, she probably would have done so anyway, but who knows? The power of the mind is mysterious, or she could have even done herself or the baby an injury out of fear. I guess it takes all kinds. We see a lot of people, particularly those from some of the African nations, who want to take the placenta home with them. They do indeed bury it, just outside the front door, where it can ward off evil, so we're told. Many of these people also profess Christianity, but the old ways die hard.

fun girl, don't apologize for the Vicks story. Next time I have a red bump, especially if it's dry and ugly, I'll know to get out the Vicks!

Well, gotta go get a chest XRay this morning, so away I go. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

April 02, 2003 - Msg 12988: Good morning and praise God Jessica Lynch is well.

April 02, 2003 - Msg 12989: GOOD MORNING TO ALL ON THE PORCH TODAY,

April 02, 2003 - Msg 12990: Hooray for Vicks! My baby girl has excema and I am tempted to try the Vicks (maybe on a little patch first to make sure it won't burn). The doc gave me some Elodril to put on the spots but it only helps if you put it on twice a day and if you stop it comes back. Poor kid has such delicate, white skin. Ya'll please don't stop with the Vicks stories.....I love them!

Yes, Ro, I have confronted the evil eye. When my children were babies, elderly women in the grocery store and such would touch them on top of the head to keep away the evil eye. I had an Arab patient once who was a strong Muslim and she had some really different customs, too. Absolutely no men were allowed in her room besides her husband. She didn't speak English which made it really difficult to communicate with her but her husband was always at her bedside doing the talking (I think he was a med student). She was in for about a week trying to prevent a preterm delivery so we did our best to accomodate her but it was tough because she did not have the same hygeine that we are used to. She refused to wear the hospital gown and wore the long black robe, didn't bath as usual and a pan of dirt had to be kept at the bedside for some kind of ritual cleansing (no kidding). She had premature rupture of membranes and the doc was constantly afraid that she would get infected but there was no way to get them to compromise. She did deliver a healthy baby later as I recall.
Really, though, be didn't deal with alot of Santaria like you would think being so close to Mexico. We had so many young patients that are outgrowing the old customs. Most of our Hispanic patients were between 15 and 25. Lots of unwed moms (Corpus Christi has the highest rate of teen pregnancy in Texas-or used to. I'm not sure now.). I was always very busy on the job!
You know (this is sad), sometimes we would get patients from some of the towns near the border of Mexico, who's babies had terrible spinal cord anomalies (birth defects) because of the lack of laws in Mexico preventing polution of the environment with different chemicals. It leaked over the border into Texas and was effecting pregnant women here. There was a much higher incedence of Spinal Bifida and Anenchephaly (a birth defect in which babies' spinal cord and brain stem develope but not the brain- they are sometimes born alive at full term and then die shortly after-very sad). Women with these kinds of problems would be sent to Corpus Christi because of the excellant children's hospial we have here. It just made me so upset to see these poor women and babies suffer because of a polluted environment.

Well, enough of that. Makes you thankful though for the laws we have in this country.

Gotta go get some chores done. Hope the Xray is normal, Ro. Bye.


April 02, 2003 - Msg 12991: Mornin' porch! Sorry I didn't check in yesterday. Had election duty all day. No real contested elections--school board and such. Our small township had only 54 voters come in. Long day but we all brought good food to eat! Good to see homemaker, blonde from a bottle, Mary Wiggins, Ellen Brown, and Briscoe. Keep up the good work on quittin' the smokes, bulbsnatcher! How's your back, Fungirl, is the weekend you got planned outta town a fun one? Sterling! Hall & Oates! You rascal! That's a good one! Hope Asa and Mrs. Asa are enjoying California. You stick with it, Boo. Baby girl will adjust just fine to her new bed. I agree with Ro. If the cyst bothers you very often, I'd risk getting it removed. Ro, I'm so sorry you're dealin' with all that pain. I pray it goes away soon so you can get back to enjoying some activity. Plantin' the flowers is a good therapeutic idea for the mind, just be gentle with the body as you do it. I was telling a friend yesterday about the Vicks for the toenail fungus treatment. How long did that take to go away? Prayers for our troops and praises that Jessica Lynch has been rescued!
Charlotte Tucker

What's so awful about "third party"? It ain't dirty. Barney

April 02, 2003 - Msg 12992: Because your cyst is on my wrist!?? LOL Sterling, you are a nut!

Good luck to Romeena on the x-ray, I hope all goes well for you, and that you can spend the rest of the day planting those flowers!

Fun girl...have fun, it's your duty, as you have been named for it!

Have a great day all.
Mary Wiggins

April 02, 2003 - Msg 12993: I remember that Hall and Oates song too. . .I could never completely understand the words - thanks Sterling for helping after all these years.

Just read the news reports of how PFC Lynch was most likely torchered. She wanted to be a teacher so she joined to help with her education. She is really educated now. Prayers that this will make her stronger and that her mental scars will heal too.

Prayers also for the families of the servicmen's bodies found. This should be a clue to the rest of the world (France and Germany) that Saddam is evil!

Have a porch rocking day - I'm proud to be an American and a Mayberrian!


April 02, 2003 - Msg 12994: I just read over my last entry - torchered. . . I knew that wasn't spelled right - okay - tortured.
That was definitely a "blond" moment for me and I am a redhead!


April 02, 2003 - Msg 12995: MULEDAY is this weekend come on down and have some FUN see more at muleday.com wayne in columbia tenn

April 02, 2003 - Msg 12996: Wayne - good to see you on the porch again - we were going to be there (had reservations in Spring Hill and everything) but other things took over. . .like goats. It is one spectacular weekend in Columbia!


April 02, 2003 - Msg 12997: its a very active weekend. have you been down before. wayne

April 02, 2003 - Msg 12998: the parade is about two blocks from our house all we have to do is walk.

April 02, 2003 - Msg 12999: We have been there about 3 times, in fact, my oldest son is very upset that we aren't going. My brother lives in Murfreesboro so we usually make it a family thing. We think Columbia is a beautiful town/city. SInce I know when next year's is - I think we will plan vacation around it.


April 03, 2003 - Msg 13000: Sterling, Sterling...tsk, tsk, tsk. You are so clever! Somehow I missed your post about Hall and Oats until tonight. I will always think of you when when I hear that song (which is practically never!LOL). Just kidding, good buddy. You are very funny. Luckily the "cyst on my wrist" stopped hurting today. I however, now have a sty on my eye. Do you know any songs for that?

Gotta hit the sack before Babe-zilla wakes up screaming to get out of her crib. Later...


April 03, 2003 - Msg 13001: Oh good, I'm glad to hear you missed the post, Boo. I was worried that you might have taken offense and that's why you didn't say anything about it. Glad to hear that's not the case! I only meant it in fun. I wouldn't have said anything about it if I thought you were sensitive about the cyst(on your wrist), but you seemed to be taking it pretty lightly when you wrote about it.
And now you have a sty in your eye, huh?! Boy, it's just one thing after another with you, isn't it?! :)
Well, I hope it gets better soon! And actually, speaking of songs... While you're waiting for it to get better, you can listen to that little ditty by the Alan Parsons Project: "Sty In Your Eye". Remember how that goes(it was an 80's song)? ..."I am the sty in your eye, looking at you-u-u, I can read your mind."
I don't know how a sty can read your mind, but I think there is another translation to that song title, it's "Eye In The Sky".
But personally, I like the other version better! ;)
Have a good night!
-Sterling Holobyte

April 03, 2003 - Msg 13002: Mornin' Y'all! Sterling,you are a hoot! Can't wait to hear Briscoe jug all these songs you've been coming up with!
Hope everyone has a good day-gonna leave y'all with some coffee and poptarts-enjoy!
God Bless Our Troops and allies and Hooray for Jessica's rescue! Hope we get all our Pows back safely.
possum under a rock

April 03, 2003 - Msg 13003: Morning porch.well yall coulda told me i had to join the TAGSRWC. I told yall i was a blonde. I am sorry for my Ignorance, I guess thats why noone
is talking back to me, but i really did'nt know.
I just stumbled across this site on a work break.
I have not had time to investigate until now. I am
sorry if i offended anyone with my ignorance. I will not write again unless I join. and that will
have to wait until I have time. SORRRRRRRRRYYYYY!!! BLONDE FROM A BOTTLE

April 03, 2003 - Msg 13004: Blonde from a bottle, I'm not sure what you're talking about. I think people have been talking back to you and as far as I know you don't have to join TAGSRWC to be on here! I never did. You are welcome as welcome can be. This is an easy goin' place. Just kick off yer shoes and pull up a rocker and calm down, girl.
Charlotte Tucker

April 03, 2003 - Msg 13005: Blonde from a bottle...

I'm with Charlotte here--I don't know what has happened to make you think you can't sit here on the porch, but you get right back up here and rock with us! I don't wanna get my fur ta flyin', so you get on back up here--your rocker's still warm and we're waiting for ya! *HUGS*


April 03, 2003 - Msg 13006: I didn't join anything, either BFAB (blond from a bottle). You are welcome here.

Sterling, you are hilarious. You made me laugh out loud. Speaking of Alan Parsons, I have a story: when I was in college (back in 1982) I had a friend that I carpooled with and she listened to Alan Parsons all the time (on 8 track haha). When ever we took her car I had to listen to it and i hated it. Well, I decided to pray and ask God to help me to tell her in a nice way that I really wish we could listen to something else. The following day we had clinicals at the hopital and at the end of the day when we got back to the car, all the Alan Parson's 8 tracks were melted! I saw it as an act of God, of course,lol. It does get awfully hot here in South Texas in the summer!

Baby girl slept all night last night, I hope daylight savings time doesn't mess her up next week. I kept her up yesterday and she went to bed at 9 and slept well. She is learning. I have a friend who has a 2 1/2 yr old who is waking up several times at night. She has tried everything except the letting her cry it out method. I told her it might be the only way. It's her first child so it is hard to let her cry. I don't know if I could have done it with my first, either. I was a real softy when it came to my little boy, but he is a real sweetheart with a good disposition, he's not a fighting tiger like my baby girl!

Better go take care of the chores.
Ya'll have a great day!


April 03, 2003 - Msg 13007: I feel like saying a prayer of thanksgiving this morning and I thought you might want to join me, friends. Dear Lord, my heart is full this morning because of all your blessing to me. My family, my dear friends here on the porch and others you have given me the honor of knowing. I am so proud to live in this great country and I enjoy it's freedoms only by your grace. Thank you for those who defend those freedoms and for their brave families who make the sacrifice of letting them go. Thank you Father for making the ultimate sacrifice of sending your son to die for us. You are the best and I love you. Amen.

April 03, 2003 - Msg 13008: Boo-want you all to know that you are very special to me!

April 03, 2003 - Msg 13009: Oh, I forgot to tell ya'll that my brother-in-law gave me a tin plaque with a picture of the "Men Of Mayberry" on it. It's great!. It has Barney, Andy, Opie and Gomer on it and it will have a place of honor in our new home!lol


April 03, 2003 - Msg 13010: Thanks Bulbsnatcher and Charlotte, I am just trying to figure this thing out on the run. But I love it. Andy is one of my favorite shows on earth
ANGG is right up there with ANNE OF GREEN GABLES.
You all may have to coach me ever now and again.

April 03, 2003 - Msg 13011: Good afternoon, everyone! Blonde from a Bottle, please accept our apologies. We didn't mean to make you feel unwelcome, and whatever we did or didn't do, please forgive us. We made the same mistake that church members often make, I guess. We go back a long way together, we have ongoing interests and topics of conversation, and often when a new member arrives, we forget that they're not on the same page with us yet. We need to watch that!

I planted a few more flowers today, still have about a dozen to go, but I just ran out of steam and had to quit. It has taken me four days to plant two measly flats of flowers, and I'm not finished yet! This from someone who planted eight flats in one day last spring. I can't believe it, and something has to change. I'm going to the doctor this afternoon, and I want some answers!

Boo, your friend with the wakeful child needs to stop and think about the situation logically. Children and pets, both learn best when behavior is rewarded. They have no concept of good or bad behavior, they just know what gets them a reward. In your friend's case, she is rewarding her child for waking and crying. So, the kiddo wakes up and thinks, "Hmmm, I think I'll scream so Mom will come in and cuddle me and talk sweet to me, and maybe give me a treat." Not stupid, these kids. So, instead of responding to screaming at inappropriate times, she should ignore it, let her "cry it out", and in the morning, greet her with joy and enthusiasm, breakfast ready, whatever. It does work.

Reminds me of a time some out-of-state friends came to visit, with their three kids. Friend and I were preparing dinner, 5-yr old was whining (and I do mean whining, which I can't stand) to his mom, "I want a cookie!" She said no, which produced the same whined request. For some reason, I was counting the whines, mentally. At the 29th repetition of "But I want one!" the mom handed him a cookie, saying "Now go on and leave me alone." She then turned to me and said (unbelievably), "Why won't he ever take 'no' for an answer?" Weelllll, I guess you know what happened. I replied, "Because he's not stupid, and he knows that on the 29th time he repeats his request, you're going to give in and satisfy him." She stared at me for a second, then said, "You're right, and from this moment, things are going to change." And they did, much to the kid's disgust. He had heard our conversation, and he spent the rest of the visit staring daggers at me. LOL!

Have a great day, friends. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

April 03, 2003 - Msg 13012: Funny story, Ro, and that is exactly it: kids are very smart and they know what works, don't they. It's the parents that act stupid!ha

I just read of the Lynch girl's injuries and treatment in captivity. I am so angry. Now, why are those people in Hollywood still protesting the war? How can you not do something about a government as evil as that? I just don't understand. We have to try. Don't they know that Sadaam's government has been torturing and killing for years? How can decent people close their eyes to it? Forget about the weapons of mass destruction, the evil that is going on over there is reason enough to do something. God give us victory, please.


April 03, 2003 - Msg 13013: Thanks Romeena,
I just didnt want to overstep any Mayberry bounds.
I love hearing your stories and all. I can be a little high strung at times.I think it comes from
being a single parent and all.Life sure can get
tough at times cant it? I will be praying for you
if you will promise to pray for me.I take it sugarplum is a beloved pet.I have a cat, his name
is Grey.My children are Jenna 11 and Alex 14. Some
times they just about drive me crazy, but I love them with every fiber of my being.I need to go to the Archives and learn about the rest of you.
love yas,
blonde from a bottle

April 03, 2003 - Msg 13014: OH I also didnt want to risk a "citizens arrest"

April 03, 2003 - Msg 13015: Blonde - we call them "fur"kids on the porch. They really don't understand that they are d-o-g-s and c-a-t-s but a goat is a goat! And that's what I raise along with two little boys (6 and 5). We are happy that you joined - we can be such a hoot. When Ed is here we can diversify our stocks like Barney and Asa always has a class in bullet maintenance! :)

A pretty good day - a lovely day to say the least.

Let's hear it for the boys and girls in the Armed Forces!


April 03, 2003 - Msg 13016: Hey Porch!

Blonde from a bottle, I LOVE Anne of Green Gables!I have a daughter who is now 21 and we watched that movie together so many times I can't even count it! We had many fun evenings, breaking out the popcorn and watching that together! Another movie I have seen recently that I really liked was from A and E. Pride and Prejudice. I guess I just love those kinds of movies!

Boo, I am glad to hear how well your little daughter is taking the new bedtime routine. Those can be trying times, but it sounds like all is going well! And Ro is so right about kids, a lot of times we don't even realize when we give in to them, so it was awful nice of her to point it out to her friend!

Well, it's kind of a gray day here on this end of the porch, but into every life, a little rain must fall! It will help out those May flowers don't ya know!

Have a great Mayberry day,
Mary Wiggins

April 03, 2003 - Msg 13017: Mary Wiggins, you're very kind to say it was nice of me to point out my friend's mistake in giving in to her little boy. I'm not so sure I was really being all that nice. They had been here for three days, during which the child had whined non-stop, and there were four more days to go! Besides, she asked me a direct question, and I figured perhaps she deserved a direct answer. :)

Just got home from the doctor's office. Chest XRays look great, he sees no problems. As for the pain I'm still having, he says it's not unusual after this procedure, and should go away in another week or two. If it doesn't, he says we can do some nerve blocks, but I hope it doesn't come to that. Guess I'll just tough it out a little longer. I'll admit, this week is a tiny bit better than last week, so maybe I just need to give it more time. Anyway, he authorized one more week off work, so that's good. All I have to do is call my disability insurer, they'll contact him, and I'll get paid for another week.

There's an email making the rounds - "Peace Activist Etiquette." It's pretty good, and some of you may have already seen it. If you haven't, drop me an email at Romeena@airmail.net, and I'll forward it to you. Anti-war folks won't like it much - just so's you know.

Yes, Blonde, Sugarplum is my furkid. She's a little Maltese d--, (can't use the word, I think she can read). (teehee) She's very talented, and her favorite treat is a baby carrot. She's our softball team's mascot and refreshment carrier, and everyone's friend. Her buddies are Mr. BoJangles, Pollyanna, Blarney and Cissy, and several others whose names have escaped my foggy mind at the moment. She'll forgive Grey for being of the feline persuasion, and they can be friends, too. I don't think she even knows she's not supposed to like cats. She tried to buddy up with the office cat at her vet's, and got slapped by a declawed paw for her efforts. She looked at me, all bewildered, and I swear there were tears in her eyes! Really hurt her feelings. She tried again on another visit, and got slapped again. She now very pointedly ignores that cranky animal!

Well, time to rustle up some grub around here. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

April 03, 2003 - Msg 13018: Hey to Blonde from a bottle. I also have two children; a boy, 8 and a girl 1 1/2. I am married and a Christian (guess that covers the important things).

Thanks for the encouragment, Mary Wiggins. You are very kind.

Ro, once, years ago I had something (I forgot the name of it) in which the cartilage between my ribs became swollen from coughing and the pain was beyond description so I can only imagine how you must feel after what they did to you, and those chest tubes! I used to work in ICU and help dr's insert those things. Hated them! they just look so very painful. Hope you are feeling back to normal soon. You have suffered enough.

Later, friends


April 03, 2003 - Msg 13019: Good evening, everyone. Boo, my guess as to what you got from the excessive coughing would be costochondritis, and yes, it's excruciatingly painful. What I'm feeling isn't quite that bad, because the area is limited to the tube sites, it's not wide-spread as yours would have been. I've done my share of ICU work, too, and twice assisted with the stat insertion of a chest tube right in the patient's room. Forget ICU or anesthesia, we barely had time to inject a little lidocaine. I remember thinking at the time that I'd never want that done to me. Thank God, mine was done under anesthesia. And now, if I can just get over walking crooked....:)

The Plum is having a fit at the front door, guess I'd better go see what she thinks she hears. Probably the neighbor's teenage son, checking out the incredible volume on his car's sound system. Have a great evening, folks. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

April 03, 2003 - Msg 13020: Yes, that was the name of my ailment, Ro. It's been a long time but it seems like mine just hurt on one side. I know what you meant about seeing those chest tubes put in with only Lidocaine, I had the same thought, of course (and about many other things I saw that I won't mention!). Being in a hospital can be a very scary thing.

Well, baby girl was very easy to get to sleep tonight. Hurray! I'm winning the battle. I had a thought tonight. I was raised by very permissive parents and have always been tempted to be that way because that was what I knew to do. My mom would have never in a million years let us cry ourselves to sleep, nor did she ever make us do chores or make our beds and we were very disrespectful to her as children. Dad was very sweet but was gone alot so he wasn't a great disciplinarian. My older sister had one son and she catered to his every whim (not much discipline there) and as a result he has not grown up to be a very responsible young man. When my son came along I had the tendency to spoil him, too, and didn't let him cry much. I have had to do alot of 'undoing' and am trying hard not to make the same mistakes with baby girl. The people I know who have the most respectful children are the ones who aren't afraid of 'making their children mad' but make their children mind. Good parenting isn't for cowards. My family role models thought that the best way to love a child was to deliver him from all unpleasantness, but I have learned that the greatest way to love a child is to raise him with loving discipline so he will be able to face the world with confidence when he leaves the nest. If respect for authority is not required in the home, children will have a hard time submitting to authorities as an adult. Ok, I'm finished with the lecture.

Better go hit the hay!


Barney: "You know...the sauce."
Andy: " I didn't know Howard had a drinking problem."
Barney: "Not Howard, Lorraine!"

April 04, 2003 - Msg 13021: Hi All. poping in to just to said that i am ok .

April 04, 2003 - Msg 13022: Mornin' Porch! Glad yer stayin, blond from a bottle. Stormed here on my porch this morning and cooled down quite a bit. But it's partly sunny now.
Charlotte Tucker

April 04, 2003 - Msg 13023: Good to hear ya Tom. Glad all is well with ya.
I am headed out of town today and yes, the trip is for pleasure, Sort of a mini vacation. I want to tell ya bout a little experiment I am trying and then I have to get to hoppin. I put one of those chemical hair removers on my face last night. It worked great. The hair is all gone, but the place where I put it is very red an burning. I put lotion on it. Those of you who know me, know what I am about to say. The lotion felt okay, but didn't seem to do much. So the wheel in my head started turning, as they are apt to do. I thought, "I wonder if VICKS would burn the dickins out of my face." So I put a little on a QTIP and put it on my face and ya know it felt kinda refreshing. So I slathered it all over real good and it's kinda tingly, but feels really good. I am getting ready to leave not, but when I return I will let ya know how it worked. I just hope I don't get stopped by a policeman. I look kinda funny with this big greasy spot on my face. Kinda like I been hitting the fried chicken pretty hard. LOL
fun girl

April 04, 2003 - Msg 13024: Right on, Boo! Good to see you, TOM! fun girl, if the Vicks doesn't help, try putting a little Cortaid on your face. Pretty good stuff when it comes to cooling down an inflammation. Charlotte Tucker, we've got a big old thunderstorm rolling in right now. Thanks for sending it our way, we need the rain. Now I've got to turn this 'puter off, lest it get fried.

I'll be back later, friends. Maybe I'll bring you a sample of some cabbage I cooked yesterday, kinda different and very good. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

April 04, 2003 - Msg 13025: Hello all! I have had a busy week. Will talk more later.

Briscoe Darling Jr.

April 04, 2003 - Msg 13026: VERY busy day, but I did take time to enjoy everyones comments.I am going to Dollywood tommorrow with the younguns.Everyone on the porch
have a blessed weekend.Glad you had a good report
Romeena.Glad the babe is sleeping well Boo. FUN GIRL Let me know about the vicks, sounds like it should hurt.
I use Aloe Vera gel,you can get it at the Dollar
General for a little of nothing. If you keep it in
the refrigerator it can be very soothing to many
itches and burns.

April 04, 2003 - Msg 13027: Wow! I should have thought of that myself, Blonde from a Bottle! That Aloe Vera gel is gooooooood stuff! Boo, you probably know its good qualities as well as I do. The stuff grows wild along the roadways in deep South Texas, and my grandma always kept big old top-heavy specimens of it growing in concrete pots in the back yard. I've tried to grow it here, but the winters here around Dallas are too harsh, and it usually freezes. It's definitely a sub-tropical plant. Wonderful for minor cuts, minor burns, sunburns, insect bites, whatever. You just cut off a "leaf", peel it and scrape out the mushy inside, and apply it directly to the problem area. When my kids were very small, their pediatrician was always singing the praises of aloe. By the way, it's one of the few medicinal plants mentioned in the Bible.
Thanks for reminding me of it, Blonde.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

April 04, 2003 - Msg 13028: Yes, we even drink aloe vera down here! Good for digestive problems.

I took my son to the beach today and it was wonderful. We have a beach nearby in a town called Port Aransas (I am sure you know where that is, Ro). Anyway it is really part of Padre Island National Seashore. They have an annual sand sculpure contest there so we went to see the artists at work and they do amazing things with sand! We played in the surf but the water is still pretty cold and very choppy. We must have seen fifty pelicans and hundreds of seagulls. Someone nearby was feeding the gulls and my son raced over, plopped down beside her and helped her feed them. It looked like they were sitting in a cloud of seagulls! What a wonderful thing to sit on the shore and take in all that beauty. As Barney would say, "It's theraPETic.".

Hope ya'll have a great evening!


PS-Ro, if you are ever vacationing down here I hope you will let me know so I can take you out for dinner or something. They have this neat Cajun place in Port Aransas where they boil up a pot of shrimp, crab claws, potatoes and corn and then they just sort of dump it all on your table. It's alot of fun.

April 04, 2003 - Msg 13029: Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that we had to ride a ferry across to the island and we saw two dolphins swimming and jumping beside the ferry. I was thrilled! Bye.


April 05, 2003 - Msg 13030: Good morning, everyone! Boo, you can bet I'll let you know if I'm ever down that way! Not only would I love to meet you in person, but I looooove seafood! When I get to eat at a seafood buffet, crabs as far away as Alaska go into hiding, and shrimp everywhere get a little nervous!

I'm sure everyone receives as many of those astonishing "pass this on to everyone you know" emails as I do. I don't mind, though I frequently don't pass them on. Here's why. A while back, I sent one to a cousin, and he sent this web address back to me: www.truthorfiction.com/. I went there and learned that the story I had sent him was untrue. Since then, I run the stories I receive through that site, and you'd be amazed at how many are not true. It's like the "choking Doberman" story that made the verbal rounds many years ago, before email. Just urban legends. Now with email, it's really proliferated, because you can tell the story to lots of people, all at the same time. Anyway, you might already have this address, but if not - check it out. I think you'll enjoy it.

Well, I've taken my insulin and haven't eaten, so guess I'd better go remedy that. Have a great day, friends! Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

April 05, 2003 - Msg 13031: Morning everybody. Well, we were supposed to be in Chicago today trying our first flea market this year for selling our lawn furniture, but it's freezing so we decided it wouldn't be wise to go. Ro, did you get your posies planted without too much pain? How is your pain now, any better? That's cool that you saw dolphins, Boo. I agree, Blonde from a Bottle, aloe sounds more soothing than Vicks, but we all know what a a miracle cure that Vicks is! Mail lady just showed up with my garden seeds--finally. Been itchin' to plant but now it's so cold I probably won't! Have a Mayberry Day. By the way, Ro, did you answer my toenail fungus question from Msg 12991? How long did that take using Vicks? I have a friend asking about it.
Charlotte Tucker

April 05, 2003 - Msg 13032: Ooops! Sorry, Charlotte! I didn't answer. Didn't mean to be rude, just got side-tracked, I guess. The answer is, it takes a little longer than it takes for the nail to grow out. The damaged nail doesn't recover, but after a few treatments, the damage stops progressing, and eventually your regular trims remove the old damaged part. As I recall, it took about three months for all the damaged stuff to grow out.

In answer to your posey question, I still have about ten little petunias waiting for a permanent home. Just can't work up the energy to get out there and get them in the ground. Also, I'm waiting for my garden center to get dwarf snaps in stock. He has them on order, but they haven't arrived. Should get them next week, and then maybe I'll get everyone planted at once. This annoying pain has improved a tiny bit, I guess it's just going to take time. I'm returning to work on the 14th, pain or no pain. My short-term disability insurance people are getting a bit antsy, and I don't blame them. Also, if I don't get back pretty quick, my manager will be forced to transfer one of the day people into my night slot (two are waiting for openings!), and I'll have to go days, which I don't want to do. So, a week from Monday, back to work I go! I'll probably actually feel better if I get out and get busy. We'll see.

As for right now, a nap seems to be in order! Have a great weekend, friends, and Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

April 05, 2003 - Msg 13033: Hello all, glad your feeling better Ro, Boo sounds like you went to a nice place,CT it is freezing down my way also, Blonde it is so good to see you posting here, the more the merry, where is Mavis I wonder if her website is working yet or not, I've been working on my web page been working on it for a year , if anyone is interested just email me and I'll send you the link. It's about my family and some of my favorite links and of course you knoe the PORCH is on there :) I'm trying to get pic's of service men and women we know and put them on there, if you have a friend or loved one in the military and would like me to put their pick on my web page just send it to wezee52@yahoo.com or wezee52@hotmail.com, I'll put it there ok. I wish I knew how to add music to my pages, I'm still learning. LOL Pray your all having a nice warm week end. If you are can you send some heat our way. LOL CT, I can hardly wait to plant my flower seeds, my bleeding heart is alreay coming up, it is just beautiful, when it blooms all out. Guess I'll get off of here for awhile, oh yes I've got to tell you, Jamie is not going to be deployed, praise God. Hey to the Plum.
Ellen B.

April 05, 2003 - Msg 13034: Suure your "friend" has a toe fungus. I'll bet it's you who REALLY has the fungus, Charlotte!LOL. Just kidding, of course!

Thanks for the email address, Ro. I never forward those things on, period because to me they are nothing more than chain mail but I got this one about a missing child and decided to send it. The next day I got an email from someone saying it was untrue and there was no missing child. Now what kind of sick person would take a picture of a child, put it on the internet and make up a story like that?

Gotta go, the kids are in need of my help. Have a good evening!


April 05, 2003 - Msg 13035: The Plum says hey, Ellen. I'm glad Jamie is not going to be deployed. My grandson won't be, either. He has a couple of medical problems that have kept him stateside recently, and may get him a discharge soon. Nothing serious, but they don't want him overseas if something suddenly gets worse.

Sugarplum and I went to PetsMart and did a little shopping this afternoon. She got a new cuddlebed, which is now under my desk. She curls up there when I'm on the 'puter anyway, and now with her new little bed, she'll be more comfortable. She has those cuddlebeds all over the house, of course. She also got a new treat ball to play with, but she's so good at getting the treats out that the fun doesn't last long. I also bought her one of those little carrybags, that straps around my shoulders and allows me to carry her hands-free. She goes a lot of places with me, like the garden center and Lowe's and Home Depot, places like that, and now she can ride comfortably, close to me, and my hands will be free. She's a sight, with her little head poking out of the bag. Rotten kid.

Well, guess I'll get caught up on emails. Have a lovely Sabbath friends, and don't forget to move your clocks forward one hour. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

April 05, 2003 - Msg 13036: RO? Can you send me a pic of Plum, I'll post her on Mr Bojangles and Pollyanna's web pages as one of their web friends and I wish I had one of Asa's Sammy :) We got Pollyanna a carry case a long long time ago and she goes everywhere with us, we are buy Bojangles a car seat for my van, he is just a living doll wish I knew how to put his pick on here, so glad to hear about your grandson, not going that is , also glad to know his not bad. My son is still stateside and I'm very pleased with that as you well know the feeling. My heart is with all those over there and I'm so happy for Jessica and her family. I just don't have the words for how happy I am for them or the words for the lose of the others, I just know they all are my Hero's.
Ellen B.

April 05, 2003 - Msg 13037: Hey Boo didn't see you there. That happened to me one time about a missing child it is awful when people do things like that. Hug your Babies for me, I have one of my Granddaughters here this weekend and she is a hand full she is 9yrs. her Daddy is in the Army.
Ellen B

April 05, 2003 - Msg 13038: Hi Ellen, good to see you on the porch!

I know how you feel about those who died defending us. They are hero's, that's for sure. Ellen, hope you are enjoying that granddaughter, I know you are, but, gee, I was hoping that those little girls were less of a handful when they got to be nine. I guess I was wrong! You treasure every moment with her. My babies bring me so much joy everday. They are always making me smile and laugh. They are certainly a handful but worth it all! Some days I just can't be thankful enough when I see their sweet smiles and shining eyes, and speaking of which, my son is perched on the arm of my chair wanting to spend some time with me and baby girl is shining a flashlight in my eyes. The joys of motherhood! Gotta go.....


April 06, 2003 - Msg 13039: Hi All Will it bin a cold and wet day and it going to be cold all next weeks to?
I come here everynight and read the post.
I do not go no wair all i do is stay at home, but my siss aske if bob and I would like to come to w v for the easter sunday and I said that we will think about it.
The path of life before thme,
Our little ones take stride.
God's eye guides tiny footsteps
As angels walk beside.
We know not yet their landing,
We only know they'll soar.
These little ones, a gift from God,
We cherish more and more.
We wait with anxious wonderment,
Their futures long to see.
But trust their care to God above,
Rest in His perfect plan,
For in the end they'll mighty be,
These babes now in our hands.


April 06, 2003 - Msg 13040: Hi All Will it bin a cold and wet day and it going to be cold all next weeks to?
I come here everynight and read the post.
I do not go no wair all i do is stay at home, but my siss aske if bob and I would like to come to w v for the easter sunday and I said that we will think about it.
The path of life before thme,
Our little ones take stride.
God's eye guides tiny footsteps
As angels walk beside.
We know not yet their landing,
We only know they'll soar.
These little ones, a gift from God,
We cherish more and more.
We wait with anxious wonderment,
Their futures long to see.
But trust their care to God above,
Rest in His perfect plan,
For in the end they'll mighty be,
These babes now in our hands.


April 06, 2003 - Msg 13041: http://www.defendamerica.mil/nmam.html

I fyou can go here and sign the note. Thanks. Hello Tom, and Boo yes they are very special and even when they grow up our children are still special, Pray for my son in the Army he got a call from his grandma about his dad, he is not very well. pray for my x-husband also.
Ellen B.

April 06, 2003 - Msg 13042: Good Sabbath Porch, pray all is well with y'all. in Jesus name.
Ellen Brown

April 06, 2003 - Msg 13043: TEST

April 06, 2003 - Msg 13044: test

April 06, 2003 - Msg 13045: oh my I'm sorry I got to bold again.

April 06, 2003 - Msg 13046: HELP!
is Bulbsnatcher or Mavis or even Floyd around. I'm really not all that bold of a person but I sure miss it up here. :(

April 06, 2003 - Msg 13047: Hey I got it ~ whata ya know about that :)
Ellen Brown

April 06, 2003 - Msg 13048: Just popping in to say "Hi". Been shampooing carpets and pressure-washing driveway, etc. Gotta get the house next. Gotta hurry before I disturb the bluebirds with their nest in my back yard and before the sweet hummingbirds return. Got problems with my car...looks like it will cost more to fix than it's even worth. Glad my legs are still in fairly good shape...I may be doing a LOT of walking.

Love to all and prayers for our troops, both U.S. and allied.


April 06, 2003 - Msg 13049: Wow Bulb, sounds like a little carpet cleaning has turned into all out spring battle against dirt. Helps curb those nicotine cravings, dont it? I hope that with spring here and more to do outside that you will find it easier.

I am back from my mini-vacation early. Let me tell ya folks, I don't mean to cast dispersions on Opie or nothing, but that penny run over by a train ain't all that lucky. I had mine and took it with me and Friday night I was in a car accident. I was driving down the main road in a little town in Tennessee and a man in a truck came out from a side street and ran smack into me. He hit at about the front drivers side headlight and the battery ended up just in front of the driver's seat. I blacked out when the airbag went off, but was alert by the time the EMT's got there and the first thing out of my mouth was "I had a spinal fusion in December." So they took me to a hopsital just up the road and took many exrays. (I got a nice compliment on my fusion surgery and what a nice job it was. He even said it would take considerably more that what I had been through to damage it. That is good to know.) After all is said and done I have just a bum knee. I hit it on the panel under the steering wheel it is pretty swollen and very tender. The man in the truck that hit me is fine. He even came to the hospital to see if I was okay. Isn't that sweet? Fungi came and rescued me and brought me back home. What would I do without him?

Hope warm weather is on it's way back.
fun girl

April 06, 2003 - Msg 13050: Hey fungirl, sorry to hear about your accident, am glad no seriuos injuries, glad youe home.
Bulbsnatcher, girl you come on over to my house I could use your help here. Have a good one .

April 06, 2003 - Msg 13051: ok that was me again Ellen Brown

April 06, 2003 - Msg 13052: oops!

April 06, 2003 - Msg 13053: ok test

April 06, 2003 - Msg 13054: wwheew SORRY again :) EB

April 06, 2003 - Msg 13055: Fun girl! It sure sounds the the Lord was taking good care of you. I as so glad you are ok. It must have been very scary.

Dear Tom, how you blessed me with that poem (you will never know how much). I am going to write it down and keep it somewhere that I can see it often because it is very inspiring!

Had duty in the toddler nursery this morning at church. Whew, what a time we had! Those toddlers are the funniest, cutest, most adorable things in the world. I was really blessed by our little toddler with Down Syndrome. She is the sweetest thing and loves to just hold on and cuddle as hard as she can. I may not have been able to attend the church service, but boy was I blessed.

Gotta run....ya'll have a Mayberry kind of Sunday (what's yer hurry?).


April 06, 2003 - Msg 13056: Hey to the Porch. Just jumping on the porch here for a minute to say I am back from a great week in California. Had a great time and it was nice to get away, but it's nice to be back. I missed you all. I have lots of reading to do to get caught up. I am soooo tired right now. Our flight got in real late and we lost and hour in the time zone change and another hour to daylight savings. I feel so far behind I don't know that I'll ever get caught up. Time stands still for no one! LOL
I'm off for a snooze. Talk to you all later.


April 06, 2003 - Msg 13057: Afternoon Y'all! Sorry to hear about your accident,fun girl. Glad you weren't seriously hurt.Thanks for the sweet poem Tom. Welcome back to the Porch,Asa! What'd you bring us? Ha Ha
Hey,this was sorta funny- last night Mr.Possum went out in our storage house / workshed to do whatever it is he does out there and looked over and saw a great big ole possum! Wasn't me,mind ya,I'm a kinda long,tall possum! Anyway,it was eating the food we put out for our yard cats-we wondered why those cats were eating like hogs and not getting any bigger! Anyway,he got the possum outta there-hope that's the last of 'em.Don't need no strange possums around my rock!
Gotta go-hope everyone has a good evening.
God Bless our Troops and Allies. Please remember Ryan Hutchings in your prayers.He's a 19 yr. old soldier from SC who has been missing since the ambush in which Jessica Lynch was captured. May he and our other MIAs come home safely.
possum under a rock

April 06, 2003 - Msg 13058: Wondering if anybody can help me here....I started thinking today while taking a break and watching CNN -- they were talking about a lot of mail going to the troops and stuff. All of a sudden, I wondered if there were a few service men/women who don't have ANYONE to send them mail? That would be SO sad. I would be more than happy to adopt some of them and write to them if I knew who they were and/or how to get in touch with them. Do any of you know anything about an "adoption" program for service personnel who are basically alone? They need to know they are loved too! Got any ideas, anyone? Thanks!


April 06, 2003 - Msg 13059: Hey Bulbsnatcher My kids at school got the name of a serviceman who hadn't received any mail since being deployed at Christmas. It upset his friend who got lots of mail from his family and so his mom emailed her friends with his name and so my students and I are writing him so I know he will get a little mail now. But other than that - maybe the Red Cross would have a way of knowing or sending something to someone without. Isn't it sad that we can't send to "any serviceman" for fear of what the letter might contain.
Been a busy weekend here and too much to share. . .
Take care!!


April 06, 2003 - Msg 13060: Fun Girl! Sorry about your accident. Did you get to enjoy your trip or did you just have to go home? Glad you are OK. Very funny, Boo. I knew when I wrote that about "my friend" that it sounded like the toe fun-gee was me! Ha! But, it really isn't. However, I told her that Ro said Vicks would make it go away in a matter of days. Good thing I checked back with Ro again. She says it's three months! Oops! That's how stories get started! Welcome home, Asa. Hope you and Mrs. Asa had a great time.
Charlotte Tucker

April 06, 2003 - Msg 13061: By the way, I checked out that truthorfiction.com site. It said one of the true stories is that Jane Fonda is a born again Christian! Is that TRUE? No foolin'?
Charlotte Tucker

April 06, 2003 - Msg 13062: I got you a bag of possum food possum, California style. LOL
Hey Bulb, so good to see you back with us and how you have stayed true to kicking the habit. Good on ya.
We had a great time Charlotte. The drive along the P.C.H. is a beautiful one for sure. And talk about some great sea food. I musta gained 10 pounds. Hope my rocker can take it. LOL
I understand that Hanoi Jane did indeed find the Lord and that was what ultimetly led to her and Teddy boys seperation. Don't know how true that all is but thats what I heard.
Been reading some posts and I am sorry your spirits are down some Ro. I know how hard it is to not be doing things you are used to but I'm sure given time you will heal and be back to your old self, not implying you are old mind you. Why am I always getting my britches caught on my own pitchfork? LOL
Hey Boo, you are a treasure. It's good to see folks who are happy to spend some time in the church nursery. Says a lot about ya.
Sorry about your accident F.G. I has a few close calls myself. Them California freeways are something else. Barney would have a hayday if he patollred them streets.
Oh and Ed, we spent a day in Vegas. Boy you wouldn't have to look very hard to find a felony in that town. LOL
Good to see you Tom. You are an insperation pal.
Hi to Mary Wiggins.
Well, gotta go read some more posts.


April 06, 2003 - Msg 13063: My accident happened at 7:15 on Friday night and I was on the road back home by 11:00 a.m. the next morning. I did get to see three or four old friends. But it was a quick trip and that's for sure and certain. Yes, my guardian angels were working over time.

Glad Mr and Mrs Asa made it home safely.

This is the one place where we don't change our clocks. Talk about backwards. Aren't we odd. homemaker, do you change your clocks in your part of Indiana?
fun girl