April 06, 2003 - Msg 13064: Hello Porch my little Sgt. is on his way home to see his daughter and dad. He should be here soon, his step dad and I can't hardly wait.
Glad to see ya home Asa and Mrs Asa

April 06, 2003 - Msg 13065: No clock changing here FG but we live close enough to Ohio that part of the schools that I travel to or have kids from change - so bussing becomes a nightmare! I like it because we have the satellite dish and our shows come on earlier (one hour)


April 06, 2003 - Msg 13066: Mighty quiet on the porch tonight. Probably because it's so dadburned cold! It is snowing now on my porch! In April too! Glad your son ? is coming home, Ellen. Hope you have a nice visit.
Charlotte Tucker

April 06, 2003 - Msg 13067: You guys are lucky that don't have to change your clocks. It's kind of a pain adjusting your sleep schedule, especially with children.

Good to see ya, Asa, and thanks for the kind words! How many felonies did you witness in Vegas? Any you can talk about? heehee

Glad your little sgt is on his way home, Ellen. Hope you have a wonderful reunion. You know, we went to an air show in Corpus Christi this weekend and I was just so proud when I saw all the servicemen and pilots and the amazing capabilities those aircraft have. We are so blessed in this country of ours.

I watched the Count Istvan Teleky episode of TAGS today. That Helen made me so mad the way she was talking to Andy! Barney's expressions were priceless in that episode.

Well, hope ya'll have a great evening and peacful sleep. Until tomorrow...


April 06, 2003 - Msg 13068: Oh, by the way, Charlotte, Jane is a Christian. I saw an interview and biography on Ted Turner (I think it was on A+E network) and he talked about it and how it cause problems between them.


April 07, 2003 - Msg 13069: Good evening, everyone. fun girl, don't you ever, ever do that again, going and getting into a wreck and scaring us all half to death! And you with your back trying to heal up and all. Praise the Lord that you weren't injured!

TOM, thank you for that beautiful poem. You always have just the right word at the right time. I think that God must guide you as you seek out just the right poem to present. Thank you again.

Ellen B., I'll be delighted to send you a picture of the Plum. I'll put it in an email as soon as I get home from the porch. Might just sit here and rock a spell first, though. The Plum was flattered that you'd want her picture, and she wants to help me choose which one. A little vain, that puppy.

(rock, rock, rock, rock, rock.) Well, I guess I'd better get going. It's getting late. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

Gentlemen, I have the following announcement to make: Count Istvan Teleky exists!

April 07, 2003 - Msg 13070: Hi everyone,I was just reading all the posts,sounds like everyone has been so busy!I've been doing some spring cleaning myself,and,it sure makes you feel good,almost therapeutic!Ha.Ha!I am working on getting my gas grill cleaned up and ready to use.I found a great new magazine on the newsstand shelf,called Barbeque and Beverage.If any of you like to cook out and try new recipes on the grill,it's a great magazine.There is also reviews and articles on new kinds of beer,I don't really care for beer,but,their are so many recipes and how to's about cooking,I thought it was really a good book.They have a website c@www.BBQMAG.com if anyones interested.I apologize for all the spelling mistakes.the kids have moved my mouse pad somewhere I can't find it and when I try to correct a word I end up deleting half a sentence!It's taken me almost 20 minutes to type this short note!Ya'll take care,I keep you all in my prayers.Until later,Teresa

April 07, 2003 - Msg 13071: Oh by the way Ro,have you heard that new country song out called almost Home?I can't remember who sings it,but,the first line of the chorus goeslike,I just climbed out of a cottonwood tree,running away from some honeybees,I thought about what you told me about the cottonwood trees.Just thought I would mention it while it was on my mind.Teresa

April 07, 2003 - Msg 13072: Good morning! Hope you all have a blessed day. I just wanted to say how wonderful I think all of you are before I start my busy day. Last night when I went to bed (you know, those minutes before you drift off to sleep and you just think about things) I was thinking about all of you and how coming to the porch has given me more faith. We have gone through some pretty tough trials together and with prayer we have seen God bring us through so many times, haven't we? You are all an encouragement and a testament to our Loving God. Have a Mayberry day!


April 07, 2003 - Msg 13073: Morning Porch. I have 4 inches of fresh snow on my porch this morning and it is butt freezing cold. Hmmmm, I thought it was spring time silly me.
I am happy to report that despite my enlarged behind due to much good eating on vacation, I am still able to fit it into my rocker. It's a tight fit mind you but I can manage it. LOL
I hope you are all well here on the porch. Where on earth has Salty and Hazel run off too? And Clara, what happened to her? Curious curious curioussss.


April 07, 2003 - Msg 13074: Hello to all you porchsters, I have had a very busy day. I am glad to hear some of the soldiers are coming home for a visit. HOORAAY!! I am glad you were not injured fg. What small town were you visiting if you don't mind my asking? Hey to sugarplum.
Praise God the ASA'S had a safe trip.

Hi Charlotte, Boo, Tom and all , If I left anyone
out please forgive my amennitys mrs. wiley

April 07, 2003 - Msg 13075: That's quite interesting about Jane Fonda. Did anyone see the ET on TVLand last night about Family Ties? I used to like that show a lot. Enjoyed the interviews--Justine Bateman said she overcame her eating disorders because she gave her life to Jesus Christ. Also it was nice to see Michael J. Fox and Traci Pollen hanging in there in light of Michael's illness. Sad. Have a great evening. It's freezing on my porch too, Asa. I covered all my rhubarb with towels!
Charlotte Tucker

April 07, 2003 - Msg 13076: Good evening - just checking in!


Glad to see your fonts Asa!

April 07, 2003 - Msg 13077: Is there a web site for the NC place?

April 07, 2003 - Msg 13078: "Butt freezing cold", Asa? That's pretty cold!

It has been very warm here in South Texas but it is supposed to cool off to 60 tomorrow. The humidity is 98% so it feels really yucky.

I just found out that my nephew (he's a senior in high school) was coming home from church last night and hit a man who was riding a bike. The man was wearing black and had no reflectors on his bike so it was an accident. Luckily he was wearing a helmet which saved his life but he is in the hospital and I don't know how serious his injuries are, yet. Poor Curt is very upset, though, of course. I can't imagine how awful that would be.

Well, gotta go. My son is playing a harmonica in my right ear!


April 07, 2003 - Msg 13079: How do you do Mrs. Wiley. It's been a while since we heard from you, hasn't it. Or am I just out of the loop? I was visiting Portland, Tennessee. It is about halfway between Bowling Green, Ky. and Nashville, Tennessee. It is a nice little town. And the men folk are so polite. I don't think I have been called maam as many times in my whole life as I was during the less than 24 hours that I was there. Makes me wish I had stayed in the south to raise Little Opie. But I reckon it ain't so much where you raise a youngun as how you raise em.

Gonna run for now as my leg is starting to ache and I am gonna run and take some medication.
fun girl

April 07, 2003 - Msg 13080: Teresa, I have heard the song that you are talking about. I posted a message about it one night and accidentally erased it and was to tired to repost. I too thought of Ro when I heard it. I think it is called Almost Home. It is quite the tear jerker. Just in case you do know it BDJ, don't sing that un, it makes me cry.
fun girl

April 07, 2003 - Msg 13081: Thats sad about your nephew Boo. Thank goodness the guy wasn't killed.
Hey Homemaker, how are you? How about some goat poo? (hey, I rhymed) It would make my corn grow extry good don't ya think? I usually use turkey poo for fertilizer but I am always up to experimenting with new technology! LOL


April 07, 2003 - Msg 13082: Hi All
Are you longing for juy
in a world full of tears?
are you searching for peace
that would quiet your fears?
does your heart tearn for love
that is gentle and kind?
is there nothing that gives you
a satisfied mind?
do you feel that your dreams
have all blown with the wind?
do you sense there's not one
on whom you can depend?
be you never dismayed;
there's an answer to all!
there is hope in each test
when on Jesus you call.
only ask Him in faith
to know joy that's complete,
and for peace none can fathom
in each trial you meet.
he"ll give love never-ending,
for indeed, God is love,
and will pour out His blessings
from the storehouse above,
put your trust in the Lord;
lay your cares at His feet.
know the hope He can give
as each new day you gret.

April 07, 2003 - Msg 13083: I have a feeling that Saddam (sp?) is like Elvis and will keep appearing. How will we know if he was really killed?

Thanks, Asa, I talked to my in-laws tonight and I think the guy on the bike is going to be okay. Doesn't seem to have any internal injuries but may have a fracture of a couple of his vertebrae.

Homemaker, is it true that only male goats have the strong "goat smell"? Do female goats smell bad at all? Just wondering. I can smell a goat down wind at about 10 miles! Well, maybe not that far.

Have a great day tomorrow and God bless! Thanks for the great poem, Tom.


April 08, 2003 - Msg 13084: YO
- Hazel

April 08, 2003 - Msg 13085: Hi Hazel, I didn't know you took off on Goober Pyle.


April 08, 2003 - Msg 13086: That's good, Hazel, real good. Can you sew up your fingers? Was that Mrs. Wiley posting back there on Msg 13074 or was that someone else? Sorry about the bike wreck, Boo. I hit a bicycle once when I was young. The guy got a broken hip. It was a bummer. I sort of turned in front of the guy but he was moving faster than I thought. He either fell over or clipped the back of my car although we could never find any evidence that he did and I didn't hear anything. Anyway, I drive extremely careful when I see a bike now. I head for the opposite side of the road if possible! It's good to see you posting so often, TOM. Thanks for your inspiring poetry. Krispy Kremes for everybody!
Charlotte Tucker

April 08, 2003 - Msg 13087: Homemaker Biology Lesson - THe male goats aka bucks aka billies do have a strong scent. Call it their mating cologne. For some reason it attracts the women to them. Our buck usually doesn't have the scent all the time just when the girls are ready to be made women. The bucks do some pretty gross things to attract their women but we won't go into that here. It can be disgusting watching them. Talk about dirty goat p-o-r-n.
And Asa - you may have all the goat renderings your pick 'um truck can handle. I have a pitchfork that would fit your hand aerodynamically correct. Of course - my husband says it doesn't fit him very well. Ha Ha
I am so glad the bike rider will be okay but please - no reflectors and all in black, it sounds like the guy was already short a few cards in his deck!
Good to see you Tom.
And Krispy Kremes - mmm good!


April 08, 2003 - Msg 13088: Morning Porch!
Yo, Hazel!
Good to see Mrs. Wiley post again! We missed you girl!
My end of the porch is under about a half foot of snow, and then we had freezing rain fall last night on top of that! What a mess it is over here. But, it being April 8th, I reckon we won't have to put up with too much more of this, (I hope)! I slipped and fell on my driveway going out to the car and then my five year old slipped and fell right on his backside. You should have seen the shocked expression on his face! It was funny only cause I knew neither of us was hurt!

I hope the bike rider is going to be okay. It is dangerous riding without reflectors or light colored clothing.

Thanks for the poem, Tom; and for the Krispy Kremes, Charlotte! Thems good eats!

Mary Wiggins

April 08, 2003 - Msg 13089: Good morning and thanks for your expressions of concern for my family and the bike rider.

Homemaker, that was quite a funny story about the goats but it left an awful mental picture in my head! I am still trying to decide if I want goats on my land. I think if I have any they will be celibate girls (I will be runnin' a family farm, after all!). I am thinking about a pygmy goat or two. We'll see. I know I want some chickens for eggs but NO roosters. They scare me. I don't like Roosters or male geese (bad childhood memories).

A cold front came through here last night and it is pretty cool out there and very windy. Will probably be the last of the cool weather for us but April is unpredictable. Hard to believe some of you are still getting ice and snow.

My Hibiscus bushes are finally blooming and they are glorious! Coral and pink and orange...wish you could all see them. I think I will bundle up the kids and play outside today and enjoy the flowers. Maybe we will go for a ride and look at the wildflowers (growing ON the highway, Sterling! heehee).

I should be doing laundry but life's too short to waste the last cool front of the season, especially when it will be 95 to 100 degrees soon and we won't have another cool day for at least 5 or 6 months. I do so dread those summer months! My water bill will be sky high because the only way the kids can play outside all day is if they are playing in their little pool. Here's a childhood memory for ya'll: did ya'll play in the lawn sprinkler when you were kids? Does anyone remember The Water Wiggle? It was this orange plastic bell-shaped thing that attached to the hose and it had a face on it and some yarn on the top for hair. When you turned on the hose, it would chase you and spray you with water. We never had the slip and slides that kids have today so we would put plastic drop cloths on the lawn, sprinkle them with laundry detergent and water and, Viola! We could slide and clean our clothes all at the same time. Mom loved the idea. Does anyone remember Kool Pops? Ate alot of those in the summer! How about camping and swimming in the river or lake all day? Camp- fires and roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories (the golden arm!). Nothing tasted so good as those hotdogs roasted over the campfire.

Well, baby girl is awake so I better go. Hope you enjoyed the summer memories (sorry so long).


April 08, 2003 - Msg 13090: I loved the summer memories Boo, I remember the story about the golden arm I have told it to Alex and Jenna.Do you remember the candy in a pack called
kits?, four in a pack they came in flavors vanilla,strawberry and chocolate. What about zotts
the fizzy candy? I had a slip and slide given to me by a friend.It was a lot of fun.

I have to clear something up, it was I who wrote about mrs.wiley, I only meant to refer to her and then I forgot to put my name at the end. I reckon by now you figured out who did it.THATS RIGHT BLONDE FROM A BOTTLE. HOW SAD I AM STARTING TO LIVE UP TO THE PEN NAME. HA HA ON ME.
Hope all is well on the porch, It is raining here
on my porch in east TN.Loved the kremes, and the poem.

April 08, 2003 - Msg 13091: Loved Kits and Fizzy Candy and Pop Rocks!

April 08, 2003 - Msg 13092: Thanks for clarifying that Boo! :) Or maybe on this board it should be CLARA-fying!
-Sterling Holobyte

April 08, 2003 - Msg 13093: Hello all! Hey Blonde From A Bottle, I don't think we have met. I'm Briscoe Darling Jr. I play music for everyone here. If you wanna song, just ask. Hey Fun Girl, Don't cry hon. Here...Use my hanky. "Almost Home". Special howdy to ~Des~. Here we go.

Briscoe Darling Jr.

April 08, 2003 - Msg 13094: I remember the Water Wiggle, but we never had one. We pretty much just used the sprayer on the hose to keep cool. Or when walking around the neighborhood, we'd always love to walk under people's sprinklers when they sprayed out onto the sidewalk. You would all of a sudden get pelted by that cold water, and it was kind of shocking and refreshing at the same time.
We got a taste of that warm weather last week, and now I want it back! Don't get me wrong, I still love winter, but I'm just getting tired of the cold and not being able to ride my bike. I just have to be careful when I do ride it so I don't get hit by one of ya'll. ;) No, seriously, I'm pretty careful. I even have these cheap plastic sunglasses that have little mirrors on each lense. I got my first pair out of a box of cereal, and they work like a charm! I think they should be required for bike riders, actually. They take some getting used to because you half to turn your head a little bit to see in back of you, but they really help you see traffic or anything else coming up behind you, like dogs! Or Giraffe's. But Giraffe's are selfish! :)
-Sterling Holobyte

April 08, 2003 - Msg 13095: Sorry, that's HAVE, not half! I think I'm writing with HALF-a-brain today!
-Sterling Holobyte

April 08, 2003 - Msg 13096: Mercy! You folks are in fine form today! What a joy it is to slip up here on this porch and listen to the conversation. Y'all are the cats, did you know that? You're funny, serious, sympathetic, poetic, loving, imaginative, well I could just go on and on. Each of you is a blessing in my life.

It's cold here too, Boo. Windy, very clear and sunny, one of those lovely green and gold days with a bright blue sky, but cold. I think it's about 44. My pansies are just loving it! You can almost hear their little buds bursting open.

There are several birds and a couple of squirrels sitting on or around the birdbath nearest my window, casting disapproving glances this way, because the birdbath is (oh, no!) dry! I do so enjoy the antics that take place around that birdbath. There are actually four birdbaths, but only one is close enough to this window for me to see what goes on. It's just about fifteen feet away. So, here I go. Can't have a bunch of dirty birds and thirsty squirrels around here. I'm off to fill it for them. The feeder looks empty, too, better carry a sack of seed along. Honestly, their food bill is about as high as mine but they're worth it.

Have a lovely day, friends. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

April 08, 2003 - Msg 13097: Hello hm.I love the pop rocks also. Hi Romeena sounds beautiful there on your porch. Pleased to meet you Brisco,I love to sing, I am a praise and worship leader at my church. So you just jug one on out there and Ill grab ahold and sing along. Just dont play the one that makes you cry. MY favorite is Tom Dooley was a good oh boy who live below the mill dooley had three daughters and a forty gallon still.................................
Blonde from a bottle

April 08, 2003 - Msg 13098: Hey all, I feel terrible today. I had to put my dog of 14 years down yesterday. He was a Springer Spaniel named Chester. He was an all around great buddy and he will be missed. My girlfriend is really taking it hard and I don't know what to say to make it better for her because I'm feeling the same way. I guess it takes time. Hope everyone is doing well and I hope I didn't dampen the mood on the porch. Ya'll are great and I wish all of you a wonderful, Mayberry kinda day.

Ed Sawyer

April 08, 2003 - Msg 13099: Oh Ed, I am so sorry to hear that. Very hard to have to do such things but sometimes that hard choice must be made. My little puppy Sammy is getting very old and suffering some with that age and I know I also will be forced to take some measures with him. Just hate it but you can't let the little furkids suffer. Hope you and your gal will be ok.
Boy Boo, I just get back to work from vacation and now you have me living my childhood again with all them memories. LOL Sterling talking about riding his bike reminded me of using a clothes peg holder to strap a piece of cardboard on my bike so's it hit the wheel spokes. Made it sound motorized for a while till the cardboard would get lazy and bend over. Very fun times for sure. Seems like younguns don't do that kinda stuff much doesn't it?


April 08, 2003 - Msg 13100: Asa, Thank you so much for the kind words. Your pets become such a big part of your life and family. Chester was our only pet so we centered our lives and schedules around him. It was a very tough decision, one that I struggled with for weeks. Thanks again for your support Asa.

Ed Sawyer

April 08, 2003 - Msg 13101: Afternoon Y'all. Sorry to hear about your dog,Ed.I remember how I cried (was all grown up and everything) when my favorite little cat got run over.They play such big roles in our lives,don't they?
I think Boo,Sterling.Blonde from a bottle and Asa are really the kids from my old neighborhood! I remember those same things- Slip and slides,sprinklers,Kits(you know you can still find them sometimes at Cracker Barrel & the Mast stores in NC) and putting cardboard in my bicycle spokes.Y'all brought back some good memories! What about those little wax bottles of sweet syrup that came in a carton resembling a six pack of soda? Or BB Bats taffy lollipops? I think we've finally started something new besides the Vicks moulage! Ok folks,dig back into your memories and share some of your childhood candies,games,etc.with us.
Thanks for the Krispy Kremes for breakfast,Charlotte! Oh,and thank you Asa for the California style possum food-is it full of fruits and nuts? Now,I'm only kidding! I love California-lived out there a long time ago.Just couldn't resist the joke!
Well,gotta go.Hope y'all have a good evening-love to all!
God Bless our Troops and allies.
possum under a rock

April 08, 2003 - Msg 13102: I did the bicycle thing also Asa,I loved to get the wax bottles of syrup. What about the bracelets and necklaces you can eat, you can still get those at the 99 cent store.
did anyone else slide on pine needles or was that just us east tn tomboys?
Blonde from a bottle

April 08, 2003 - Msg 13103: All this candy talk is makin' me hungry. I loved Zotts! Are they still available anywhere? I've had Warheads and they are NOT the same thing! Yuk. I also liked the little pop bottles and Kitts. How about red wax lips and candy cigarettes? I was a candy expert! Sorry to hear about your furkid, Ed. That's sad. Take care everybody.
Charlotte Tucker

April 08, 2003 - Msg 13104: Friends, I have a prayer request. One of my best friends has a four yr old daughter that is having a bone scan tomorrow. She had xrays done and saw something on her Femur. My friend is beside herself and I am just sick about it. My stomach is killing me. Please pray that it's nothing and that the little girl would get through it with as little anxiety as possible (and her mom). It hurts so much to know my friend is going through this. Thank you.


April 08, 2003 - Msg 13105: Ed, I spent a good part of the day comfoting my sister. She had to have her dog of 11 years put to sleep today. We are right there with you, Buddy.

Love, boo

April 08, 2003 - Msg 13106: seems i must be a bit older than you folks, as i was not fortunate enough to have a slip n slide. all we (brother and sister) had was a "crick" across the road and over a field. you sure wuz hot by the time you got to it. had to keep an eye out for snakes and older siblings who liked to tease. i've only been able to front porch sit once so far this spring, must be a bit further north than you lucky folks. daffodils and crocus are the only things blooming here, so far. amylou (close enough to thelmalou?)

April 08, 2003 - Msg 13107: Welcome to the porch, Amylou! Pull up a rocker. (Watch your foot, I'm gonna rock forward). Ed, I'm so sorry about Chester. Like Asa said, it's a tough decision that sometimes has to be made. I've been going thru some troubles with my Border Collie lately, too. So I understand. What kind of bike do you ride, Sterling? Well, Take care, everybody.
- Hazel

April 08, 2003 - Msg 13108: It's been a tough day but thank God, He will always cause us to triumph in Christ.

Hope ya'll have a good and peaceful evening.


April 08, 2003 - Msg 13109: Good evening porch,my goodness you all have brought back some fond memories for me too.Boo,camping and swimming in the summer,and,you are right hot dogs taste the best cooked outside.We didn't have a water wiggle,but,we did putdown pieces of plastic ,somedish soap and had a great time sliding.My favorite thing to do swimming was swing across the creek on a tree branch or vine.We didn't always pick the safest ones,it's amazing one of us didn't get hurt!I remember the wax lip candy,the fizzy candy,the eatable necklaces and edible cigarettes.Sorry for the spelling errors,still can't find the mouse pad so I can erase one word at a time!Fun Girl,I hope you are feeling better.I know where Portland Tn is,I've been there many times,I used to live in Westmoreland,Tn,not far from portland,about 25 miles I'm guessing.The people sure are polite in that area.It was the same in Westmoreland.We used to drive to glasgow,Bowling green,and'cave city KY on the weekends.Do you know where Barren River is? we used to go camping there.Well,sorry to make this so long,guess I better gofor now.One of these days I'm going to have to get me a mayberry nickname,I just feel too proper typing my own!Ha Ha.Later,Teresa

April 08, 2003 - Msg 13110: Hey everyone, Thanks to all of you for your comforting words regarding Chester. I tried everything under the sun to make him feel better. He was healthy in every way except for his hips. The hip dysplasia made it to where I had to help him up just to get him moving. Even though the vet said he was in pain and agreed I should put him down, I still can't help but feel I could have done more. They say those feeling are normal. We had him for such a long time that he really became a part of us. I again thank everyone for their support and special thanks to Asa and Boo for their understanding. Take care all and have a wonderful Mayberry kinda evening.

Ed Sawyer

April 08, 2003 - Msg 13111: Bless your heart, Ed! I'm so sorry to hear about your little Chester. That's the hardest thing in the world, to make the decision to end the suffering of a little friend. Your head tells you it's the kind thing to do, but your heart wants just one more day. Here's a website you may find helpful: www.cyberhideaway.com/RainbowBridge/. I hope you and your girlfriend find some comfort there.

My daughter-in-law got the results of her amnio back today, and it appears that our little grandson who is halfway here, is okay! Because of the problems with little Logan last September, and his subsequent death, we were naturally very fearful of the outcome, but it seems that God has heard our prayers and this little fellow is fine. God is good!

I went to the Garden Center today, and took the Plum along in her new little carry-bag. It straps on to me, backpack style, only she's in the front. Leaves my hands free, and she seemed to really enjoy it. Kept tipping her little head waaay back, looking up at me like she was saying "Wow, Mom, this is cool!" One woman stopped and watched us for a minute then declared that when she dies she wants to come back as my pet dog! :)

Well, guess I'll go watch the news. They're talking about a possible freeze tonight, but I don't believe it because the mesquite trees have started to leaf out, and you don't fool them too easily. Hope the weather man is wrong, because I've got two more flats of flowers sitting out on the driveway, waiting to be planted! Have a lovely week, everyone. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

April 08, 2003 - Msg 13112: Hey everybody... does anybody have a good picture of Mayberry they could send to me? I need it for a class project. If you do, please send it to LBF329@aol.com, and write "Mayberry Picture" on the subject. Thank you so much! Have a good evening.
-Aurey Jayne

April 08, 2003 - Msg 13113: Thank you , Ro, for giving me a big dose of joy (and I needed it). I am just thrilled to hear about your expected baby grandson. I have been wondering how things were going but always forget to ask. Praise the Lord.


"Hey, I take offense at that, fellow. I come from a good family. My mother was a nurse!"--Otis' jailbird friend in Mt. Pilot

April 08, 2003 - Msg 13114: hi everyone this is my first time on the porch my husband wayne from columbia, tenn got me to come to this site and I just wonted to say it very enjoyable. Its good to have a good place to go angie

April 09, 2003 - Msg 13115: Hey porch friends, Sorry it's been so long. been through a lot here. Things are better now, and It would take up way too much room in here to try to explain it all. My job has not been goin to great and to top it all off I haven't seen my cat in over two weeks now. He done this before about two months ago.. but not for this long. I have looked and called people and asked around and nobody has seen him. Sorry to be a wet blanket tonight.. you guys are always so supportive and helpful, I felt like I had to tell someone. Oh and be praying for three guys that are on the fire department I volunteer on.. found out they have meningitis. Thanks guys love yas all--Salty Dog

April 09, 2003 - Msg 13116: Prayers for the folks with meningitis.


April 09, 2003 - Msg 13117: Well, Salty Dog, bless your little pea-pickin' heart! This hasn't been a good time for you, has it? Sorry about your friends with meningitis. Very unusual for three people to all contract it at the same time like that. Also, here's hoping your kitty comes home. Maybe he just has some lady friends out there, and is making the rounds, unless he's neutered. Some kitties just seem to have itchy feet or something.

I just ordered a bunch of candle stuff from Yankee Candle. Shipping is free right now, and I do love those Yankee candles. Check out their website at yankeecandle.com. Some really delicious fragrances, one new one that I really like is Sage and Citrus. Yum! I just love candles, and keep them burning quite often. Very relaxing, very peaceful. My hubby enjoyed them, maybe that's why I like them so much. Memories.....

Well, off I go, can't sleep late tomorrow, got a dental appointment at 9:30. What was I thinking?! Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

April 09, 2003 - Msg 13118: Awwww BDJ, now ya done gone and done it. Ya turned on the water works. Just THINKING
about "Almost Home" does it ever time. Prayers for all the folks what needs em. Salty and Ed that means you and the trials with your furkids. And the folks with meningitis.

Does anyone remember Turkish Taffy? "Turkish Taffy tastes like Ice Cream!" That was my sister's favorite candy when she was little. I liked Bottle Caps and Pop Rocks. I remember when I was young my grandma would fall asleep and her mouth would open. We would buy the big Pixie Stix, filled with kool-aid powder. One day she was sitting in the rocker and she fell asleep and her mouth fell open and my cousin poured a little powder from a pixie stick into her mouth. She liked to have choked on it when she woke up. What little brats we were.

Time to hit the ironing board.
fun girl

April 09, 2003 - Msg 13119: Otis: What are you so mad about? I called you, didn't I? I crawled right over to the phone and called you.
Barn: You're suppose to call me before you take a drink.
Otis: You didn't make that clear.

Morning, porch.
- Hazel

April 09, 2003 - Msg 13120: Hey porch. Boy Hazel, that reminded me of that time you had a snootful and was riding homemaker's goat.
Hey Salty, good to see you again. Thought you'd left us. Sorry things are going bad for you. Hang in there. Nice to hear from you again.
Remind me to never fall asleep with my mouth open around FunGirl.
Hey Blonde from a bottle, I loved to eat them wax bottles too. Never went sliding on pine needles though.
Welcome to our new posters AmyLou and Angie? was it? Great place to be is right here.
Gotta get to work now so later gang.


Trivia: What was something that happened in last nights episode with Otis riding a cow that was never before seen on the show?

April 09, 2003 - Msg 13121: Good morning porch,I cant stay long I have to work. I loved sharing your memories though. FG you must have been a naughty one. ha ha I bet your gran did about choke to death on those pixie sticks.My cat grey has been gone a while also
I am about to get worried. Prayed for all of you
and know God knows your needs.

April 09, 2003 - Msg 13122: Come home, wayward kitties! Sorry to hear bout them cats, blonde and Salty. Never fear, if you need cats, come see me. We have 5 and at least one is currently pregnant. Aawwwh, fun girl, you were naughty, naughty. Poor grandma. Take care porchsters. Gotta get to it!
Got a blackberry pie in the oven that I'll share with ya'll when it's done.
Charlotte Tucker

April 09, 2003 - Msg 13123: I had a cat that ran away from home 5 years ago and never came home (boy am I glad!) Haha....sorry, no disrespect to you cat lovers. The cat and I never really "bonded". Actually, he just ran away across the street and moved in with my neighbor. I guess he didn't like me very much and decided to live with them instead. I worked alot and wasn't home to give him the attention he deserved.

Asa, I am going to take a guess at that trivia question and say that the cow relieved herself?

Please continue to pray for my friend and her little girl. She called me at midnight last night and I had to talk to her for awhile. She is not as anxious as before but she needs to have those bone scans done as soon as possible for her own sanity. Thanks, it means so much to me to know all my friends here will pray with me.

The kids are up so I have to run. Have a great day!


April 09, 2003 - Msg 13124: Romeena, Fun Girl, thank you for your support with my dog Chester. And thanks to the porch for your prayers of comfort. I'm sorry everyone didn't get a chance to meet him but I know he would have given each and everyone of ya'll a big kiss of thank you. I know in time, the memories of Chester that make us so sad now will bring a smile to us in the future. Thank all of you again and I want all of you to have a great Mayberry kinda day.

Ed Sawyer

April 09, 2003 - Msg 13125: Sorry about all the cats running away and people having to put down their dogs. Ed, that sounds kind of like what our dog had, because she could barely stand. Except I think it was more in her brain, because my Mom said she would have seizures. I had moved at the time and wasn't around to see them, thankfully. I did come back for a visit not long before my Mom had her put down; she was tied up outside, just laying there, when I came around the side of the house to see her. When she saw me she stood right up(although you could see it was hard on her) and started wagging her tail just like all the other times we would come home. As if to say that nothing was wrong. One of the bittersweet memories of her. Her name was Cougar. Funny, huh? A dog named after a cat. She was a good dog. Fiercely protective of us, sometimes too much. It was hard to get our friends past her. Like her pretending she was okay when she wasn't, she also had this funny habit of sometimes overacting the guard dog role, which we caught on one memorable occasion. We lived out in the country at the time, and we had a long driveway. Well, one day we piled into the car to go into town, Cougar was tied up to the opened garage, standing majestically with her head high, and barking now and then at some unseen enemy as she would normally do when we were around. As we drove down the driveway, looking out the back window of the car, we saw her gradually come down from her ready stance as she saw us disappear more and more into the distance, and eventually skulk back into the garage to lay on her mat. Well, this time my parents had to turn around because I think they had forgotten something. As we drove back up the driveway, and Cougar got wind of our return, by the time we got back up to the garage there she was, barking away at the imagined intruder again, showing us that she was on the job, protecting our home. What a funny dog!
Just one of my fond memories of her. I'm sure you have many of Chester as well, Ed.
Hazel, I ride a Schwinn with big tires, one gear, coaster brakes, and fenders! I found it at Shopko and I love it! I got so tired of all the problems I had with 10 speeds, 20 speeds, 3000 speeds, and those caliper brakes that you had to keep adjusting so they wouldn't rub on your tires! So when I found an old-timey one speed bike I went with it! I never liked changing gears, it always seemed like a cop-out to me, so I usually just kept my bikes on one speed anyway! Besides the chain was always getting stuck or coming off when I would change gears, so I have an old cruiser now with long handlebars that aren't shaped like a pretzel and I'm sooo happy with it! Thanks for asking!
-Sterling Holobyte


April 09, 2003 - Msg 13126: Sorry, I didn't know that post was that long!
And Hazel, it looks like I was going to tell you something else, but it looks like I forgot what it was! :)
-Sterling Holobyte


April 09, 2003 - Msg 13128: Sterling, I got an old one-speed beater with rust. I love it. We're in total agreement here on the pretzel handlebars and caliper brakes! Give me an old bike I can brake with my feet any day! Having my mom over for supper. Better get crackin'. Hope everyone has a lovely evenin'!
Charlotte Tucker

April 09, 2003 - Msg 13129: Howdy porch

Ellen Brown

April 09, 2003 - Msg 13130: hey Fun Girl, does hitting the ironing board bruise your hand? i'm jest thrilled to be on the porch, is there room for a porch swing? i can't decide which one is better a rocker or a swing. i reckon the swing is for romancin my husband while we sip morning coffee. amylou

April 09, 2003 - Msg 13131: amylou....all depends on how hard I hit it. Yes, Teresa, I know where Westmorland is. Do you know where Gallatin is? Used to do alot of my shopping there when I lived in Portland. We were just a stone's throw from White House. And I noticed this weekend that there is a Cracker Barrell not far at all from Portland. Every day that goes by my leg gets better and better. They say time heals all wounds and I reckon it is true.
My sister has a dog (keeshound) named Sheba and she has arthritis in her back legs. She is about 9 years old and gets around pretty good for her age and condition, but is rather stiff when she first gets rolling in the morning. She is rotten and she, like the Plum thinks she is a furperson. She may have a rude awakening tho. My sister is expecting in July. But if I know my brother in law, he will have enough love to baby and spoil both of his girls.
Congrats Ro on the good news for little Logan's parents. See, God loves to give good gifts and he has a doozy planned for your son and daughter in law.
Now Asa, are you ever gonna let Hazel forget about the one time she was a few sheets to the wind and rode homemakers goat? Do we keep reminding you about all the people you have injured while you were trying to trim weeds with your golf clubs. And wasn't it you who got a little tipsy while trying to hang, or take down someones Christmas lights back a year or so ago?
He who lives in a glass house should not throw stones. (And that goes for me too.) LOL
fun girl

April 09, 2003 - Msg 13132: fun girl, sorry about the ironing board crack, i just cannot resist making a joke when i see one. just the ornery in me trying to get out. my brother-in-law's family just lost their 14-year-old dog "Buford". hard to take a loss like that. we asked if they wanted one of our three dogs, but they weren't ready, besides, our furkids are spoiled rotten, including my husband's coon-hunting dog. i'm trying to locate/remember which episode included Barney saying something like "women bring heartaches, nothing but heartaches" my husband likes to quote that line A LOT. amylou

April 09, 2003 - Msg 13133: Sterling Holobyte, what a great memory of Cougar. It's memories like those that make you feel so warm inside. Right now, it's going to take a little while but the memories of Chester will make me feel as warm as that wonderful memory of Cougar. Hope everyone is doing well. It sounds like the porch is doing just that. Take care everyone and have a great Mayberry kinda evening.

Ed Sawyer

April 09, 2003 - Msg 13134: I don't feel like all is well today, Ed. My friend's little girl had the bone scan today and they saw something, so they are doing an MRI tomorrow. It's hard because they are like family to me. Please remember little Madison in your prayers, please.

Very touching story about Cougar, Sterling. My all-time best dog was named Whiskers and I had him from the time I was a toddler until I was in Junior High school. He was my best friend and we went everywhere together. I grew up in a very small town and rode my bike everywhere and Whiskers always followed right behind. He was one of those terriers that looked like the little dog on Frasier except he was a bit bigger. He was extremely smart for a dog and seemed to know everything we said to him. One time he came home really dirty and my dad met him at the door and said, "Whiskers, you are not coming in this house until you have had a bath". Well, a couple of hours later, Whiskers returned clean, sweet-smelling and powdered. We never found out how that happened but it did! On Sunday mornings he would chase our car when we left for church. We would think we had outrun him only to find (on two occasions) that he had gotten there first and was laying on the alter scrathcing fleas. The ushers tried to get him out of the service but he growled at them so they left him alone! What a dog he was! Finally died of old age and it was a very sad day. I truely loved him.

Ya'll have a good evening.


April 09, 2003 - Msg 13135: Sterling, I told my hubby about your bike, and he wants to know if you have a basket on it. I think he was trying to get a mental picture. (He owns a bike shop). Fun Girl, I agree. Asa does bring up that goat riding incident quite often. And I can't talk about that time he hit me with the golf club (my lawyer said since the lawsuit is still pending, I shouldn't discuss it).
- Hazel

I don't trust my own judgment when I'm sober.

April 09, 2003 - Msg 13136: Didn't see you, Boo. We was posting at the same time. Prayers for Madison.
- Hazel

April 09, 2003 - Msg 13137: Thank you so much, Hazel. I needed to hear that someone was praying. It boosts my faith!

You know, Sterling, when Hazel asked if your bike had a basket I immediately pictured one of those girly white baskets with the plastic flowers on the front. Remember those? I had two bikes with those baskets and banana seats. Woowoo I was stylin'!

Do ya'll remember when the mobile skating rinks used to come to town every summer? They had the bumpy old, wooden floors and the old skates always had little tacks sticking up on the inside that rubbed blisters on your feet. Those were the days!

I used to like pixie sticks, candy cigarettes and those sheets of striped taffy that came wrapped in wax paper. Does anyone remember those orange, wax, harmonica things that used to come out around Halloween? You could actually play it before you chewed it up.

Better go to bed while I can. Sweet dreams, Mayberry.


April 10, 2003 - Msg 13138: Hey guys, still nothin from my kitty, I went out looking today. Maybe he will come back when he gets through with the lady kitties. LOL. I'm sorry about having to put the dog down too. That is a hard decision to make. Prayers for all the ones who need them, which sounds like pretty much everyone. Night porch--Salty Dog

April 10, 2003 - Msg 13139: BB Bats and Taffy slabs,
Penny candies in my bag.
Warm summer days and peaceful nights,
In my little life, the world was right. Life was fireflies in jars, not crime, or pain, or fear or wars.
Thank God for childhood, full and free,
The innocence and mystery.
Thank Him for the times we had,
when life was much more "good" than "bad".


April 10, 2003 - Msg 13140: Nope, no basket. ...Yet!
And certainly not a white basket with plastic flowers on it, Boo!

Sorry about Madison, Boo. I hope it turns out to be nothing.
-Sterling Holobyte

April 10, 2003 - Msg 13141: I'm praying for little Madison, Boo. I hope you've told your friend how many people are praying - am sure you have. During the recent bad times for our family, it was a great comfort, knowing that people were praying for us, and many of them were people we didn't even know. Somehow, that made it extra special.

Still cold around here, dagnab it. Promises to be in the low 70's tomorrow, though. That's warm enough for me to get outside and finish planting stuff. Honestly, the dwarf snapdragons and dianthus that came back from last year are just gorgeous, so even if I don't plant anything else, my flowerbeds out front definitely aren't too shabby. However, there are 2 1/2 flats waiting to be set into the few empty spots, and the back yard will take the rest.

Mary Wiggins, tomorrow I'm going to take Pat's prints to the framer and get them started. I'll probably have a kid or two show up over Easter, and want that guest room to be spectacular! Once I get the prints up, I'll get a picture and email it to you.

Well, off I go to bed. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

April 10, 2003 - Msg 13142: Nice poem!
Ah, if only we could go back to those days, huh?!
-Sterling Holobyte

April 10, 2003 - Msg 13143: Thanks, Sterling. While I was writing it I couldn't help but think of all the folks who didn't have such wonderful childhoods. All children deserve it, don't they? Yes, I do wish I could go back sometimes. I like to go and look at my old childhood homes from time to time and just remember. You know what I miss? I miss that wonderful feeling I used to get on the last day of school. As am adult, summer is just summer. I remember staying around the house in the summer and spending time with my mom. We would watch The Young And The Restless together everyday (gag). I hate soaps now but I liked them back then. We would eat cantapoupe or watermellon alost everyday. I miss those times. They were so incredibly carefree for me. My mom made it that way. She wanted us to enjoy our time off in the summer.

I thought I was going to bed hours ago but I just wasn't sleepy. Now I am!

Goodnight (for real, this time)


Now as I recall, those white baskets were really neat so don't knock it till you've tried it! ha

April 10, 2003 - Msg 13144: Morning dears. Hope everyone has a great day.
Prayers for Madison. Hope it's nothing at all.
I was kind of wondering if your bike has them streamers that come out of the handle bars Sterling? (just kidding bud)
Nive to see ya Salty. Hope things are getting better.
Mrs. Wiley, how's things dear? You still with us?
I never got any of that pie Charlotte. Can you make more please?
Hey Possum, where you hiding? Get in here.
Sorry Boo, but my trivia didn't revolve around a cow doing that. The answer was we saw BOTH doors to the courthouse opened when they let Otis come in on his cow. I think that's the only time we ever saw the second door opened. How's that for observation? LOL
Boy Hazel, one little golf incident and you gotta make a moulage out of it. I yelled fore. Besides they was your meatballs I was hitting.


April 10, 2003 - Msg 13145: Good morning porch,
Prayers for Madison
I would also like to leave a prayer request.
My friend Jacob Mukuria is having some problems
He is here from Africa on a student visa and
his school has shut down, If he does not find another one to accept him he will have to go back without his education.This would be devistating
to him, he is a minister in his country.
cant stay on the porch any longer
lots of love.
Blonde from a bottle

My cat grey has not returned either .

April 10, 2003 - Msg 13146: Hi, my beloved Porch Pals....

Boo, I read your post (Msg 13072), and you are absolutely right about this porch. For me, I can just come here and sit sometimes, and while my problems don't go away, at least they seem to ease off and weigh less for a little while. I think it's the warmth and comfort I find here in my rocker and in the heart of the porch, where all my Mayberry buddies' strong, compassionate, beautiful spirits sing. It's a wondrous, glorious place here.

Okay, everybody......since it's so danged cold around the porch here, I've moved all our rockers down here around this nice big cozy fire. Got some hot coffee brewin' and some hot tea too. Yep.....hot chocolate's around too. Everybody's got a warm blanket in their rockers waitin' for 'em, we've still got some Krispy Kremes here, and now if we can get BDJ to scrub a few off for us, we'll be in business! I really love "There Is A Time"--anybody else up for it? Afterwards, maybe Boo will tell us about The Golden Arm. Yeah...I've heard it, but it's a good'un!

Ed....honey, I'm so sorry about Chester, my heart aches for you and your girlfriend. I lost my precious Sam (one of my cats and a real angel) about a year and a half ago, and when I buried him in my back yard, I stayed out there and cried for hours. I buried a piece of myself when I buried my precious little boy. I personally believe our furkids have a place in Heaven although many say "no". I guess I can't imagine there BEING a heaven without them. I had to have my "baby" put down as you did with Chester, and it is such an excruciating experience to go through. Now I'm hurting again for Sam as well. I pray you are stronger than I have been, but my love is with you both, and I grieve for you, my friend.

Romeena, I bet you and the Plum just looked SO PRECIOUS at the Garden Center! i can just picture the two of you, and it just warms my heart! :-)

Welcome to Angie and AmyLou Fun Girl, I'm glad you are okay! Prayers for all the missing furkids too! My love to all of you, and prayers for little Madison.

Oh...does anyone remember the games "Tip It" and/or "Feeley Meeley". Also Easy Bake Ovens (maybe you guys didn't HAVE one, but I hope you got to sample the great little cakes!) and the Mr. Snow Cone "machines"? Ah...sniff, sniff.....memories.


April 10, 2003 - Msg 13147: Jeesh....that pink color is awful! Sorry, everybody! :-( The Bulb

April 10, 2003 - Msg 13148: Better Pink? Bulb experimenting

April 10, 2003 - Msg 13149: Once more

April 10, 2003 - Msg 13150: boy oh boy!
I had written a nice message, and then of course, the censor got me because I wrote about a dog I used to have, a cocer spaniel, if you get my drift. Then when I pressed the back button, everything was gone!! Any way, I would like to add my prayers for Madison and Jacob, and for the continued healing for Romeena and Fun Girl and anyone else on the mend!

Here's the story about my dog..AGAIN! His name was Frisky and he was a spaniel mix, a very good dog. My family and I went camping one year, and Frisky was hot on the trail of a skunk one night. Well, I guess he caught up with him, cause he got sprayed! He came running back to camp and then crawled in the sleeping bag with my dad! I NEVER saw him move so fast in all my life! He was so mad at Frisky, I think a tomato juice bath and a quarantine for a few days followed that event!

In my erased post I complained that there were no Krispy Kremes or pop tarts, but I see that Bulbsnatcher found some!

As the snow continues to melt here on my end of the porch I will bid you all a fond farewell!
Mary Wiggins
P.S. let's see if I can make it past the censor this time!

April 10, 2003 - Msg 13151: Bless you heart, Mary Wiggins....I know how you feel! I've lost whole posts before too. And you know me by now...I'm rather LONG winded!

Tell you something else that will get you ZAPPED...if you have to many exclamation points. I'm not sure why, but you will be zinged for it, so watch it 3! Hehehehe.

Gettin' lonesome sitting here at this warm fire here all alone, so I'm glad you showed up! We gots lots of hot beverages, so everybody come on and rock with us! I might even have some cider that's turned a little if somebody wants some of the harder stuff.


April 10, 2003 - Msg 13152: You know, my last post almost doesn't sound right, if people got kinda a corrupt mind (does that mean I have one?). Anyway, I was just referring to my earlier post (13146), paragraph 2. Funny thing...here at the house, it's rainin'--I get on the porch here...it's warm and dry. Makes ya thank!


April 10, 2003 - Msg 13153: Oooh...ooooh...oooh.....do you all remember the Thingmakers? I had the one that made "Fun Flowers". They had molds for bugs and other stuff too...you'd pour "goop" in the molds, then put them in the Thingmaker, and you'd end up with rubbery bugs and flowers and stuff! I recently bought the whole thing like I had as a kid, from eBay! I haven't plugged it up, but it is said to still work! They had some MINT CONDITION ones on eBay a while back. Just incredible!

Also, does anybody remember adults building tents for you out of blankets, by draping them across the good old fashioned clothes lines? BIG SMILE! My sister used to also make some cool necklaces for me from little "flowers" in the yard. She could also fold up chewing gum wrappers and make a cool chain-type thing. I don't know HOW she did that!

The Bulb