May 02, 2003 - Msg 13616: Hey, where's Asa? Check in and give us something to laugh at, will ya?


May 02, 2003 - Msg 13617: Laudy Laudy miss Maudy!
I sure ain't no expert on this subject, but I have also advised my kids to fight back if need be. I don't know if anyone ever saw A Christmas Story, but in that movie a little boy fought back, and also our own Opie had to fight back once, that I recall. I can understand why you don't want your son in the company of this little boy, but it does seem unfair then, that the other boy gets to play and your little guy is left out in the cold. I can tell you one thing, encourage your son to NEVER let another child see him cry! If Thomas or any one else begins to think they can dominate your son, they will. Boys will be boys, my husband and I refer to them as young bucks, and if you have ever watched animals, there is always conflict between them, mostly just bluffing. Sean may feel a lot better about himself if he stands up to Thomas, even if he doesn't "win". I think Thomas will respect him more and give him a little more slack, they may become friends even! I will say a prayer for Sean, I am sure he is nervous about the situation, but God can do mighty things through prayer!

Mary Wiggins

May 02, 2003 - Msg 13618: Boo I'm not for fighting, but I went through the same thing with Jake, still do at times & he's 14, moving from the city to the country, some of the kids pick at him cause he is different, I always taught Jake the same thing my mother taught me, "You better not start the fight, but I don't want you backing down from it either" only my mother threatened me with the switch if I did back down, I haven't done that. Mary to answer your question in the archives, this is one Virginian that KNOWS she is living in Paradise, I love this state & all it's beauty, I like to call it God's Country. Maudy I used to live in Culpeper years ago & spent alot of time in Front Royal, I still try to get to the Apple Festival they have there. Beautiful area, especially when the leaves are changing. I'm headed for the ironing board, welcome Bald Bulldog & hey to Salty! Almost forgot, I got an email the other day with a list of ways to keep mosquitos away, & one of them was use VICK'S VAPOR RUB! I just about died laughing & thought of this porch!

May 02, 2003 - Msg 13619: No kidding?!! Vicks Vapor Rub, you say? I think it might also protect people from sexual assault (the stuff smell so strong).

Thanks for the wonderful advice, Mavis and Mary. I had never thought about the crying, but Sean is less mature that the older boys and he has cried in front of them. That might be part of the problem. I'll talk to him about that. I remember in the fifth grade there was a girl named Diane that picked on me and my mom told me to let her have it. Mom called the school principle and told him about the situation and that if the girl continued to bother me, I had permission to hit her. Well, I did. I socked her in the face and knocked her glasses off. We became immediate friends and never had another problem. Funny how that works. Maybe if I can convince Sean to really stand up for himself, Thomas will leave him alone.

well, goodnight cherished friends. God's blessings to you and your's.

And thank you for the prayers, Mary, it means so much!


May 03, 2003 - Msg 13620: Hello Porch! Sure hope you all have a wonderful Mayberry Weekend. FRANKIE FLINT

May 03, 2003 - Msg 13621: Mornin' Y'all.Boo,I'm not one for violence either,but there comes a time when a child has to stand & fight.Remember Opie & the bully that was taking his lunch money from him? Sean might have to do as Opie did and "light into that Thomas like a windmill in a tornado!" I have a girl in my class who is a bully.She's built big and husky like a boy and is always hitting and shoving the other kids.Talking to her parents about her behavior does absolutely nothing to help.About a month ago,one of the other girls reported to me that Audry had slapped her.I put Audry in time out where she sat and smirked at all of us.Then the the idea came to me to have the other girl slap her back.I told her to go over there and do to her just what Audry had done.Well,this little girl hauled off and slapped her right in the face! Now that she knows that the kids are going to give it back to her,she rarely hits them anymore.I feel for Sean-he sounds like a sweet little fellow.Hope the situation resolves itself soon.
Hi to Frankie ,Maudy,Mavis,Mary,and all the Porchsters! Have a good day!
possum under a rock

May 03, 2003 - Msg 13622: LOL Possum! My goodness, the pent up rage that is coming out on the porch lately! I guess maybe we all are remembering being young and having a kid or two pick on us! I am a big fan of Little House on the Prairie, and that show had an episode where a big country boy was disrupting the school and bullying all the other kids. He was bigger than the teacher! On that show, all the kids in the whole school ganged up on him and beat him up! Seems to be a common dilemma through the ages, where a bully is picking on other children. Just telling Sean that may help also, so he knows there is nothing wrong with him, and almost every person alive has had to deal with bullying. I always told my kids if you're skinny, they will pick on you cause you're skinny, if you're fat, they will pick on you cause you're fat. If you're tall, they'll pick on you for that, short,, well, you get the picture, so just ignore it for the most part, and if someone really gets to you, well, act like somebody!! I'll keep praying for Sean, these things may seem inconsequential to us, but to a child it can be devastating. In the end though, the older they get, these behaviors for the most part seem to ease up some, and this is a good time for Sean to learn to stand up for himself.

Have a great day all!
Mary Wiggins

May 03, 2003 - Msg 13623: Thanks, you are all so kind and caring. Today Sean told me that he went to his friend Jace's house and Jace's mom told him that she had a talk with Thomas and that if Thomas was mean to Sean in any way that Thomas would have to leave, so I allowed Sean to go over and play and Thomas told Sean that he would never be mean to him and that he wanted them both to always be nice to each other. Maybe it will last for awhile or maybe he was saying what he thought Jace's mom wanted to hear. I guess we will see.

Today I am trying to get motivated to clean out closets and have a garage sale (gag). It really needs to be done but I hate doing it. I can't figure out how in the world I can accumulate so much clutter!

For some reason, since I came back from West Texas I have been very tired and don't want to do anything. I'll just have to push through it I guess.

Later, friends.


ps-Mary Wiggins, I hadn't thought about it but you made a good point when you said this might be the time for Sean to learn to stand up for himself. It is definitely a good teaching opportunity. Thanks for your loving advice, you are obviously someone who cares very much about children (it's obvious that all of you do). I am honored to call all of you my friends.

May 03, 2003 - Msg 13624: Call the dogs, Asa is missin'!!


May 03, 2003 - Msg 13625: Wait a minute....Asa, did you sneak off to Fredricksburg with Romeena? I'm telling!


May 03, 2003 - Msg 13626: Evening Porch! Just wanted to stop in & say hey to ya'll, my basement flooded AGAIN! last night & we been cleaning up water all day. My back is killing me! I tell you seems I spend an awful lot of time lately here cleaning up floods. Anyways, didn't want ya'll to send out Blue looking for me so thought I'd check in. I'm off to sail the boat again.

May 03, 2003 - Msg 13627: Hey,y'all don't think that Asa went across the Big Pond and enlisted in the Cold Cream Guard,do ya? Mavis might have to sail over there in her "flood" boat and haul him back to Mayberry!
Just felt like being silly-y'all have a good evening!
possum under a rock

May 03, 2003 - Msg 13628: Hi friends, I'm feeling kind of low tonight. A good friend of mine died unexpectedly today and i will miss him very much. He died of a heart attack at age 55. He was a deacon in the church and I never knew a dearer, sweeter Christian. I know he is with the Lord tonight but I am so sorry for his wife and children. God help them in their grief. My poor husband has to step in tomorrow and take his sunday school class. He will have the very sad job of telling those in the class that their teacher has passed away.
Thanks for listening.


"We will meet but we will miss him,
there will be one vacant chair...."

May 04, 2003 - Msg 13629: Sorry to hear about your friend Boo. Prayers for Boo`s friend and his family. FRANKIE FLINT

May 04, 2003 - Msg 13630: Asa, aint today your birthday? I'll be dogged if I can't get into the cutlass today. So I can't check and see for sure. But I believe it is. So, Happy Birthday!
- Hazel

We got us a real situation. A situation is what it is.

May 04, 2003 - Msg 13631: Ooops, I just got into the cutlass. Cancel that celebration. I was just practicing for the party. Asa's birthday is not today. But it is coming up this month.
- Haze

May 04, 2003 - Msg 13632: Morning porch. Nope Hazel, not my birthday today but thanks for thinking of me. I feel like I have to birthdays a year as fast as time is flying right now. LOL
Sorry about being absent from the porch. It is finals week for my daughter at the University she attends and she thinks she needs the puter to do research. Silly girl. LOL
Thank you for missing me and worrying about me. You are all so wonderful.
I did get me an early birthday present though in the mail yesterday. I got your tape Mavis. I will be plugging it in this afternoon to listen to. I am so excited I can't hardly stand it. Thank you for sending it dear. I'm gonna send you a picture of my tin foil ball. I think you'll be impressed.
Gotta go catch up on all the posts I been missing. Y'all have a great sabbath.


May 04, 2003 - Msg 13633: A Big Hey to the Porch! FRANKIE FLINT

May 04, 2003 - Msg 13634: A big hey to FRANKIE FLINT!
Hey Mavis, wow girl you got some talent. It was wonderful of you to send me that tape. Where did you learn to do that anyway? I was way impressed. Thank you for sending it and I will play it over and over again. Thanks again.
If any of you get the chance to hear Mavis sing, do it. She has an awesome voice. She could sing in my choir any old time. She can even use the regular michrophone, not that extra pwerful one that Barn uses. LOL


May 04, 2003 - Msg 13635: The Good Lord gave me that talent Asa I didn't have nothing to do with it other than opening my mouth & letting it come out. Thanks for the compliments, & I'm so glad you liked the tape. It's not the best we ever recorded, but it will do. Hey to Frankie Flint & Boo I'm sorry to hear about your friend, my prayers are with you & his family. Everybody else~~Hey to you!

May 05, 2003 - Msg 13636: Oh, thank you for your concern and prayers. You are all so sweet.

Today was hard, especially at church but we made it. I just wish I could see him one more time to tell him what he means to me. I will someday.

Remember to tell the people you love how much they mean to you. Take every opportunity to hug their neck and say "I love you", what wonderful words they are. The bible tells us to love each other with a pure heart, fervently. What greater thing can we do?

Be blessed!


May 05, 2003 - Msg 13637: Hey guys.. and a Happy Birthday to Asa. Sorry this is a lil late but it's been a heck of a weekend. I hope you have a wonderful weekend my frynd. Thanks for being there when I need you. Have a wonderful day sweetie you sure deserve it!!! Night Porch--Salty Dog

May 05, 2003 - Msg 13638: Well looks like I'm a lil early.... guess I should read those posts a lil better.. Sorry Asa I aint tryin to make you older ahead of time LOL.. like I said been a heck of a weekend--Salty Dog

May 05, 2003 - Msg 13639: Morning porch. Sorry I started that nasty rumor about it being Asa's birthday. Dirty me, dirty me. I'm disgusted with myself. I believe I'll just go hermatize myself. I'm glad you're doing ok, Boo.
- Hazel

May 05, 2003 - Msg 13640: Morning Porch pals. Goodness y'all make a body feel good with all these birthday wishes. Bless you all. But if I have it now I ain't having another at the end of the month. I'm aging fast enough as it is. LOL (right Salty?)
Boo, I am sorry about what happened also. That is so sad. Take comfort that he is with the Lord now.
I hope you all have a great day and a great week.


May 05, 2003 - Msg 13641: Hello all! Have a Mayberry Day. Hey Boo, I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Bless you.

Briscoe Darling Jr.

May 05, 2003 - Msg 13642: Mornin' All...thanks for the welcome Bulbsnatcher..and Hazel..Ellen Brown..someday maybe me and Blonde From A Bottle will learn this font'm in San Antonio now...the small town i referred to that i grew up in was Pleasanton, Texas...again thanks everyone for the welcome...and hope u all have a wonderful day.

May 05, 2003 - Msg 13643: Ya'll are such sweet, precious people! Thanks for being so kind. I already had my little cry this morning and am feeling better.

Gotta go bring my friend, Karen home from the hospital. Everything went very well for her. I think I will keep her here at my house for a couple of days to take care of her. I have homemade vegetable soup in the crock pot and am making homemade bread. Wish I could invite you all over. I can't think of better company than all of you!

Much love,

May 05, 2003 - Msg 13644: Morning porch, how ya feeling Asa? That would be bad on a person to get two years older instead of one LOL. Hey if he has two birthdays does this mean two parties too? We'll have to watch Asa pretty close between those squeezings him and Hazel like so much and the icing on the cake.. theres no telling what they'd be into. On a sadder note be praying for some families in my area. There were 4 boys killed in an accident yesterday. One of them I went to school with he was a year ahead of me. He was 29 and I'm not sure how old the other boys were. Just pray for the families and fiends. Thanks guys--Salty Dog

May 05, 2003 - Msg 13645: Hi, everyone! The Plum and I are back, and we had a lovely weekend in Fredericksburg. My daughter was wonderful as Truvie in "Steel Magnolias", and the whole audience was in tears during the scene when M'Lynn finally lets her grief show. Well done.

Welcome, Bald Bulldog. A quick lesson on making bolds: Here's how you do it - (b)your text(/b). Now, obviously, that didn't work, but you have to use < and > where I used ( and ). Those symbols are the triggers that make it work. Between them, you put b to make bold, and /b to turn it off. You can make italics the same way, using i and /i. The same principle works for making colors, but there's more to what you put between the symbols. Anyway, that's an intro to the idea for you. Oh, you can make a paragraph break the same way by inserting br between the symbols, then hitting the space bar once. Like this:

Boo, I'm sorry for your loss. It hurts to lose a friend. However, it appears you know the secret to easing grief. You're helping someone else, by taking care of your friend Karen. You're a good soul, Boo. It appears that things are working out for Sean with his bully problem, but if not, here's another suggestion. You could invite the bully over for lunch, or maybe take the boys to Mickey D's or somewhere, and give them some time to bond a bit, with no other kids present for Thomas to show off for. Might work. Yeah, but it might not! Truth is, and this may not sound very Christian, but generally what a bully understands best is that he might get hurt himself. If all efforts at peaceful settlement fail, sometimes it takes a good punch in the nose to make the point.

Well, gotta run. I need to visit with the director at my dad's assisted living residence. He's been deteriorating lately, and I think we need to upgrade his care plan. Poor little soul. Have a great day, friends. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 05, 2003 - Msg 13646: Afternoon Y'all. Boo,I am sorry for your loss and you also,Salty.I am anticipating a loss in my family.My cousin Karen has always had health problems-heart and diabetes and she is now in critical condition with a temp of 107,blood sugar between 700-900 and is on a respirator.Her brain stem has been affected and so the best we can hope for is strength for her parents as they give her back to the Lord.She has been through so much and is only around 42 years old.Please keep Karen and her family in your prayers over the coming days.Thank you.
Glad you're back Romeena! Did you know you missed Asa's birthday? Ha Ha
Well,I need to cook supper,so I bid you all a good evening! Love to all!
possum under a rock

May 05, 2003 - Msg 13647: Thank you RomeenaThe bolds sure make finding names...a heap easier...God Bless All

Bald Bulldog

May 05, 2003 - Msg 13648: By the way....Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone...

Bald Bulldog

May 05, 2003 - Msg 13649: A Big HEY to the Porch! Happy Birhtday Asa

May 06, 2003 - Msg 13650: I somehow missed your post earlier, Bald Bulldog. I want you to know that for some crazy reason, Pleasanton is one of my favorite little Texas towns. Whenever I am coming back from San Antonio I like to take a little detour and go through there. Several years ago when I was pregnant with my first child, I stayed a couple of days there is this little, cheap Motel while my husband went hunting and I had so much fun just going around exploring the town by myself and going to the Wal-Mart! haha It has fond memories for me because that was just a special time in my life. I was just in Pleasanton two weeks ago, in fact, just passing through. Noticed they built a big new Walmart AND a Burger King. They are movin' up in the world!

Thank you all for the wonderful thoughts and for your advice, Ro. So good to have you back.

Salty, I feel just terrible about the loss of those four young men and will pray for their families. I will pray for your cousin, Possum, and you and the family. Forty two is so young to leave this world and how sad for her parents. Please keep us informed on her condition.

A big hug to all of you and loads of love,

May 06, 2003 - Msg 13651: Oh yes, and Happy Cinco de Mayo.


May 06, 2003 - Msg 13652: Good morning porch friends, hope you all are doing ok today. I'm so sorry for your cousin Possum but I pray your family wil find comfort in all this. Prayers for everyone. Thanks for the prayers for thie boys who were killed. Yall have a great day love yas all--Salty Dog

May 06, 2003 - Msg 13653: Morning porch. Hey Boo, Lake Charles paved around the Wal-mart 4 years ago! LOL You guys may have been late in getting federal funding though.
Hey Salty and Possum, so sorry to read about those events. Prayers to all who need them there.
Hope everyone survived that wild and wicked weather over the weekend. Sounded like it did a whole lot of damage.
Guess I better get. Got me a dragon I gotta slay today.


May 06, 2003 - Msg 13654: Mornin' Porch, I'm getting to where i cant wait to get on here every morning and check out the latest gossip...Oopps...I forgot gossiping is meant for women like Aunt Bee and Emma...hehe...I'm only joking....God Bless All and have a good day...
Bald Bulldog

May 06, 2003 - Msg 13655: HEY, to all on the porch. Sorry I have not checked in I was in Georgia for the weekend.
I am just trying to catch up on all the post.
Thanks for the advice ROMEENA. I will try to do it when I have more time.
hey to goober and everyone else.

May 06, 2003 - Msg 13656: Morning Porch,
I just thought I'd pull me up a rocker and set a spell and shoot the breeze! I see Romeena's back from her trip, welcome back, girl! (Don't you love being called girl!)

I was sorry to hear about the bad news from Boo, and Salty Dog, my prayers are with those families.

Asa, I hope you find a BIG dragon to slay today! I know you are up to the task, since you are having two birthdays this month and all!

Well, if you didn't know it, I am a HUGE Pistons fan, (Detroit Basketball team) and our team escaped elimination on Sunday. We were down 1-3 and managed to put together 3 straight wins. That means we go on to the next round, playing Philadelphia. So tonight, between sneaking peeks at the Andy Griffith show, I will be watching Big Ben, the defensive player of the year for the second straight year, and the rest of the Pistons try to overcome the 76er's! After watching my beloved Red Wings (NHL Hockey team) lose in the first round without winning a game, I am pretty excited about the Pistons. So, if any of you no longer have a team in the playoffs, you can root along with me for the Pistons!!

It is so pretty here today, one of the bluest skies I have seen in a while. Always seems after storms blow through, they take all the haze and smog with them and leave such beautiful skies. My apple tree is loaded with little pink buds and it looks absolutely gorgeous! (Taking a little license, "Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these!")

Have a great day Porch, and this means each and every one of you!

Mary Wiggins

May 06, 2003 - Msg 13657: If you're talking about making the bolds, Blonde from a Bottle, trust me - it's really easy. Bald Bulldog, this will interest you, too. To learn how someone did anything special, go up on your toolbar and click "View", then down to "Page Source", and it will open a window that shows you all the text of the current porch, along with all the codes that modify that text. Try it, you'll see what I mean. So, those codes for making colors and everything are there, I've just been too lazy to check them out. These computers are just electronal marvels, I tell you, electronal marvels! I find using one to be very therapetic, too.

I need to get in to see the eye doctor today. I have to get my nose within about eight inches of the screen to see this "electronal marvel" clearly, and that's ridiculous. I wear a monovision contact (like a monocle only it's in my eye - think Charlie McCarthy!) My uncorrected eye sees distance, and the corrected eye sees close up. I know, it sounds terrible, but believe me, it works. I've worn one for about fifteen years. I do need a new Rx, though. If any of you are going through the fight with reading glasses, consider a monovision contact. Just ask your eye doctor. Personally, I absolutely hated reading glasses. Always falling out of my pocket, sliding down my nose, getting lost, whatever. Now I wear an extended-wear lens, and all that is forgotten. Yes, you can stand to have them in your eye. I'm one of those people who would practically go to the ER for a speck of grit in my eye, so didn't think a lens would be a possibility. However, when the technician put the first one in for me, I didn't even realize it was there. Still don't feel it at all, if it's in place correctly. If it's not, it will let you know! Then you just fix it. Anyway, folks, if you need reading glasses, it's worth a try. They may not be electronal, but they're a marvel!

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 06, 2003 - Msg 13658: Hey, Mary Wiggins! You came in so quietly I didn't know you were there! Isn't it nice to just sit and rock for a spell? And yes, I enjoy being called "girl". I feel I deserve it, too. After all, I'm not a boy! (teehee)

I know what you mean about those flowers, and that scripture often comes to my mind when I'm working in my yard. A flower is a wonder, indeed. I love the big showy ones, of course, but I also enjoy the tiny ones, that are so often overlooked. My late uncle taught me to carry a magnifying glass now and then, and use it to look at the little things. Some of the little wild flowers, like a clover blossom, or that little white bloom on a wild onion. There are others that are usually deep down in the grass, rarely even noticed, but if you magnify them, they're incredibly intricate and beautiful. How like our Lord to make even the most insignificant and seldom-noticed flower so lovely. Nothing is too small to merit his very best attention. I'm going to try to remember that.

Sugarplum says hey, again! --Romeena

May 06, 2003 - Msg 13659: What wonderful thoughts, Mary and Ro. You have given me something to think about.

Asa, you made me laugh again, bless your sweet heart! I needed it today. Just got back from my friend's funeral and I am more thankful for Jesus today than I was yesterday. Thank God, we can have eternal life.

Ya'll have a blessed day, my beloved friends,

May 06, 2003 - Msg 13660: Hi all, Billy Carroll from Plymouth Mass. Just discovered this site the other day. Plan on readiing some more to figure out what's going on before commenting again. Just wanted to say hello to you all and Andy, barney, Opie, Aunt Bea and all the other Mayberry folks and to let you all know that not too many TV shows give me great comfort when the TV is actually off and I'm on my own in this world. God Bless all and as soon as I read everything, I'll be saying my piece as well.
Take care and have a great Mothers Day for all the beautiful women who brought all of us into this world. Love "It's me it's me it's Billy C. and I love you!!"

May 06, 2003 - Msg 13661: Pleased to meet you, Billy C. Pull up a rocker. I hope you decide to stick around! I'm Hazel. I hope you like The Andy Griffith Show, because that's what we talk about here. Among other things, of course. Romeena, I like to look at flowers with a magnifying glass too. You want to come over some time and we could order some pizza and look at flowers in the magnifying glass? Do you like mozzarella?
- Hazel

May 07, 2003 - Msg 13662: Hazel, you kill me! You are gifted with the most wonderful wit!

Welcome to Billie C. I will save you a seat here on the porch swing. We are just dying to hear all about you and your thoughts on The Andy Griffith Show or Vicks vapor rub remedies (heehee-I just can't seem to let it die).

Be good, be true, others are watching you...

Love, Boo

May 07, 2003 - Msg 13663: Oh, welcome back Blondie.


May 07, 2003 - Msg 13664: Morning porch. How's everything?
I am trying to come up with a good gift to give my wife for Mothers Day. Any ideas? I thought about a septic tank but we are on sewer. There was a nice bed jacket down at the store but it's gone now. Even thought about one of them can openers with the unbrella on it but she don't drink beer. I'm at a loss I tell ya. She's got everything. (she's got me after all, LOL)
Any thoughts from you ladies on the porch?


May 07, 2003 - Msg 13665: Well Asa - I would like a new wheelbarrow and maybe a new pink pitchfork so that all the boys know that it's mine! I will make sure that I send her my condolences - she has you, you said it!
Oh - how about some more insurance- one can never have enough insurance. You know how pins can fall into the garbage disposal!


May 07, 2003 - Msg 13666: Morning porch, how is everyone today? Welcome to Billy C hope you like it here! Asa you could get her a handkerchief... but it all depends on how many soda bottles you have, you might have to drink some more LOL. Yall have a good day anyone for lunch? having roast beef sammiches here today. See yall later--Salty Dog

May 07, 2003 - Msg 13667: Afternoon Y'all! Asa,Asa,what are we gonna do with ya? Ha Ha Maybe you could get her a bottle of that perfume- Midnight Madness,I think it's called.Ask for the one on the display shelf if you're allergic to perfume,cause that one ain't nothing but colored water!Might be cheaper too!
Welcome to Billy C.! You have a nice town-Plymouth.I was there a few years ago checking out a certain rock I'd heard about! Beautiful Colonial town-love Cape Cod too. Spent the summer of 2001 working and having fun on the Cape.You can sit by me anytime on the porch and we can talk about chowdah and stuff!Are you gonna pick a nickname for the porch,or are you just going to stick with Billy? You could be Andy's cousin from Back Bay Boston-what was his name? Oliver? Or we could just call ya BBB for short! What do ya think?
The doctors are giving my cousin 3 days before they turn off life support.They are mostly doing that because the family is having such a hard time dealing with it.Still,Karen would not want to be like she is now and there is no brain activity.It's sad,for sure.
Well,guess I'd better go do some stuff around here.Y'all take care and have a good evening.Love to all!
possum under a rock

May 07, 2003 - Msg 13668: Sorry to hear about your cousin Possum. . .prayers for your famliy! Welcome to Billy C. - I haven't been to the east coast much - so do fill us in on all the happenings at that end of the porch. Wow - this porch is pretty big!

Onto another subject - this is a gripe (not to be confused with snipes). . .our little rural school made a human flag last Friday. All the little first graders were in blue, one fifth grade class wore white stars on their head to represent the stars in the blue field and the rest of us were in either white or red shirts. A local construction company lent us their boom truck so a really good picture could be taken (and it was awesome to say the least - looked like a real flag!) - so . . .do you think that any of our local ABC, NBC, CBS affiliates would come out photograph it - well let's say a big NO on that. And the local paper that covered it - buried it on the school news page instead of giving it a full color spot on the front page. Just a gripe - I know they are sending it to several school news magazines to see it it will be printed but I think that it is crime that the local affiliates couldn't cover it. For shame, For shame, For shame.

Okay - now that that is off my chest. .
I need to fix supper - maybe fried catfish and fried taters. . .mmm good!


May 07, 2003 - Msg 13669: So sorry about your cousin, Karen and her family, Possum. God be with them, and with you.

Well, we have had another sad day here. One of our weinie dogs (Ginger) got out of the fence last night and was killed by a car some time during the night. My little boy took it pretty hard (we have had her since before he was born). I was not really close to the dog (too busy with kids) but Sean was and he took care of her, mostly. We still have little Mindy (weinie dog #2)and I am going to bring her in the house and try to house train her. I don't want her to have to be alone outside.

Asa, I just bought my mom one of those pasta pro pots that cooks and drains your pasta (Mom wanted one). I am getting my mom-in-law a gift certificate to her favorite hobby shop. I know I like things that make me feel pampered, like perfumed lotions or maybe a comfortable nightshirt. I also love to get silver or gold jewelry. I am hinting around for a silver keychain I saw this year, or have you ever seen those neat sunglasses that are embellished with carved silver? Lovely. They are made by a company called, Brighton. Ever heard of it? They create the most beautiful silver watches and jewelry. I am sure they have a website. Another idea is to go to a fine department store and have a basket made up with lotions, perfumes, powders in your wife's favorite scent. It can be costly but your wife will love it. Or....if you can find some cookbooks made by Gosseberry Patch, I know she would like one. They are the most wonderful cookbooks full of homestyle family recipes, decorating tips, memories, craft ideas and creative ways to celebrate the holidays. Gooseberry Patch has a website if you just do a search for it it is easy to find. Reading through a Gooseberry Patch cookbook just makes you feel good inside, kind of like watching TAGS (hard to explain but i reccomend them highly).

Gotta girl is on the loose.


May 07, 2003 - Msg 13670: Hi, friends! About to leave for work, but wanted to drop by. Welcome, Billy! You'll love it here. We're sorta weird, but we're nice.

Possum, I'm so sorry about your cousin. That's a terrible thing to go through with someone you love. May God bless her and all your family.

Boo, I'm so sorry for Sean. That can be a real heartbreaker for a child. I'm glad you have the other little furkid to help comfort him, and I applaud your idea of bringing her into the house. Not only will she be safer, but you'll be absolutely amazed at how close she will become to the whole family.

Asa, have you given any thought to a pineapple skinner? Thelma Lou was really thrilled with the one Barney got for her. I don't think I ever heard her mention it directly, but Barney said she really liked it. Or you could get her some canning jars.

Well, off I go. The Schwan's truck is on the street, the Plum recognizes the sound and is trying to chew the front door open. Have a great week, folks. I'll stop by again if I can, but this is a 3-shift week, back to back. (sigh!) Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 07, 2003 - Msg 13671: Welcome Billy C.! I've never been to your neck of the woods. I think the winters would last too long for me!! I think you'll really enjoy this place and all the nice folks.

I would like to offer my prayers to everyone going through some tough times. I have another one to add to the list. A little boy in my reading group (2nd grade) is in the hospital in down in Charlottesville where he is believed to be suffering from spinal menengitis. He seemed fine last week. But this week he was out with a high fever and a stiff neck. The local health department informed us today that it does appear to be menengitis. I just can't believe it. It seemed to come out of nowhere. I feel so bad for him and his family. Please remember them in your prayers.


May 07, 2003 - Msg 13672: Hey Romeena, do you order just ice cream from Schwans or have you also ordered some of their snacks and other food items? I've been wanting to try them out for a while but haven't yet. Right now I live up on top of a mountain and I wasn't sure if they would deliver up here. Come June I'll be back down among the civilized people and plan to try something out. Do you have any recommendations?


May 07, 2003 - Msg 13673: Evenin' folks! I was gone over the weekend and have been having trouble getting caught up on the archives. Condolences for Boo and Possum on deacon friend and cousin Karen. When exactly is Asa's birthday? I'm having a little trouble getting on the Cutlass. Welcome Billy C. Boo, I'm glad you refuse to let the Vicks thing die. It's classic, just classic, just like everything about TAGS! Had a nice weekend out of town with my hubby. Keep them prayers a comin'. Bless all you porchsters! I don't know what I'd do without you all. Prayers for the little boy with spinal meningitis. My stepmom had it at Thanksgiving time and is not back to herself yet.
Charlotte Tucker

May 07, 2003 - Msg 13674: Maudy - Schwans has some really good quick fries and some dandy chicken bites (great for kids). Their pizza is good too but the sauce is a little spicy for me. I have also tried their chicken quarters and their rolls. Cinnamon rolls to die for! Okay - so I like food. Why do you think I started my diet again hot and heavy? Oh yeah - they have good icecream and great icecream treats. Haven't been too disappointed and if you don't like something - save the container and you will get credit on your account.

Almost time for bed!!!

May 08, 2003 - Msg 13675: Well friends I have been neglectful of posting on the porch since I returned from the reunion and so I thought that I would take a few minutes to post a little message. Cousin Bobby didn't take off on Cary Grant and he didn't sew his fingers together, but there was much laughter and good times all around. My uncle was bragging about how fast he was driving on the way down and wondering why my hubby drives so slow. Well, I told him, "It's just like Barney Fife says, You give em 30, they'll take 35, you give em 35, they'll take 40, you give em 40, they'll take 45." That got a big laugh.

Upon returning we found a car to replace the one that was totaled on the 4th of April. We got a 2001 Ford Taurus SES. And let me tell you it is a beauty. My uncle found it for a friend and the friend decided he didn't want it and he heard that we were looking for a car and the price was right, and so we took it. Once again, God is an on time God and sent us a wonderful car at the right price at the right time.

It was good to see family we had not seen in years. I had one cousin who was older than me and I had not seen her since I was probably 10 years old. This girl LOVED Elvis. I have never seen anyone who was as Elvis crazy as Deborah Sue. Anyway, I knew who she was, although she did not know me. I was with another cousin she did know tho. I just walked up pretty as you please and said, "ELVIS HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!" She looked at me like I had taken leave of my senses. Then Jenny, the cousin I was with said, "You don't know who this is, do you? This is Penny Lynn." That brought laughs and hugs all around. When we were little she would keep us in her bedroom for hours listening to Elvis and looking at pictures of "the king." Now days she says she is partial to Travis Tritt, and I must agree, as he has always been one of my favorite singers too.

They are planning another reunion next year about the same time of year. I think we may go, but will probably spread out the trip as the eleven hours home all in one day was a bit rough on my back.

We came home to sad news. A dear friend from school had his mother pass away while we were gone and so I had a funeral to attend when I returned. She had suffered with Alzheimers for a while. Now she is sleeping in Jesus and I am asking prayers for the family of Ella. They have a rough row to hoe ahead of them. And also, my step-dad had an Aunt Grace who went in for a lapriscopic gal bladder removal last week and they hit her liver with the lazer and had to give her meds to stop the bleeding which caused blood clots and brain damage and she was on life support. Finally, according to her living will, they took her off life support and she died on Thursday night. So prayers for Gracie's family too. She was the youngest of the siblings and in the best health and this had thrown them all for a loop. No one had even gone to the hospital with her, as the doctor told her she would go home that night and that she would be able to drive herself home. Her husband died a couple years ago and so at least he is not suffering through this. But the siblings are having a very hard time. So, please pray for them. Also, prayers for Vi, our pastors wife as she goes in to have her pacemakers put in this week I believe. And the annointing and praying for my healing is still on for the 17th at around 2 p.m. I would appreciate all prayers for the LORD'S will on that day and if He sees fit, for Him to work a mighty miracle and heal me in a way that the earthly physicians have not been able to accomplish.

Hugs and Prayers for all those who need them.
fun girl

May 08, 2003 - Msg 13676: Sounds like you had a great family rebellion, fun girl. That's good. Great to get together with family you haven't seen for a long time! Prayers for all the recent tragedies in lives of the porchsters. Prayers are going up for you on the 17th, fun girl, as they are every day. By the way, the 17th is my little girl's 11th birthday! She is already taller than me! I believe she is going to be quite tall. I had aunts in the 6 foot range so maybe some of those genes crept down to her.
Charlotte Tucker

May 08, 2003 - Msg 13677: Welcome home, fun girl. Glad you enjoyed the reunion but sorry about all the tragedy when you got back. I am especially shocked about what happened to Grace. That has got to be rare (I hope). Have you ever heard of this kind of complication, Ro? Prayers for the family, for your friend and for Vi. I am praying that the 17th will be a wonderful experience for you. When my husband was ordained as a deacon, there was a service in which he and I sat at the front of the church and everyone lined up down the isle and one by one they all put their hands on us and prayed for us. I was unfamiliar with this practice, not being Baptist before I married, but I must say it was an incredible experience. I absolutely cried like a baby. I could feel the Lord's prescence so strong and just felt so much love. I am praying you will feel the same when you are anointed and prayed for and that God will heal you completely.

Ro, my weinie dog, Mindy slept in my room in her crate last night and never made a peep until 8am. She hasn't had any accidents yet, either. I am so glad she likes her crate because I plan on putting her in the kid's room soon to sleep (I feel safer with her in there to warn of an intruder). When I bathed her yesterday she had alot of fleas and I have some Advantage to put on her but I hesitate because of the kids coming in contact with it. I used it last summer when she was outside but if she is inside, I don't know. I heard about a heart worm/flea pill you can give to dogs but don't know what it's called. I wish I could send ya'll a picture of my Mindy-dog. Her mother was a show winner and Mindy has the most lovely deep red (almost wine-colored) coat that just shines, and she has the cutest ridge of hair that runs right down the middle of her face, just like her mother had. I never wanted to show or breed her, though. I have all my animals spayed, but she never got chubby like all my other spayed animals have. She is an odd dog, though. She doesn't like to play. She wants to sleep or lay in someone's lap all day and she is only four years old. Anyway, having her inside has really helped Sean feel better about losing Ginger.

Ro, when you were talking about those three 12's in a row, I was remembering how hard that was! I certainly don't miss those hours. I remember going in to work at 6:15am and leaving at about 8pm and many times NO breaks all day. Most days we didn't get lunch, we jsut survived on coffee. Lots of times I never even urinated for 12 hours. Isn't that sick? We had a real nursing shortage in our busy labor unit and you didn't dare leave laboring patients unattended. You never knew when a baby might go into fetal distress when you weren't watching the monitors. It was a very stresful job, with little emergencies (and big ones) around every corner. Trying to care for three or more laboring patients at once is kind of an impossibility but you have no choice. The hospital offered all kinds of bonuses to new nurses and brought them from Canada but there was such a high turnover that we barely kept afloat. I don't know why I stayed for 13 years, except I didn't want to leave my dear friends on the job.

Gosh, I'm sorry--I don't know why I am so wordy today! Forgive me.

Gotta go get on with the day..
Love, Boo

May 08, 2003 - Msg 13678: Hey Porch Friends!
I hope everyone is doing well today! My prayers go out for Sean, Karen and her family, Grace, Vi, Fun Girl, the little boy with Spinal Meningitis, and everyone else who needs 'em, (which is all of us!).

Hey Homemaker, maybe you could post a picture of that flag your school did somewhere on the net and let us all know where to go look for it. I would love to see it!

Boo, I am going to check out that Gooseberry Patch cookbook thing, sounds like it is right up my alley!

Gotta go get some work done so I can watch the Pistons play tonight! Have a great day all!

Mary Wiggins

May 08, 2003 - Msg 13679: Hi friends!
You know, I usually like reading Reader's Digest, but after seeing something in there, I'm beginning to change my mind.
They had this little short column, named "The RD Hit List". The topic was "5 Summer Festivals We'll Skip, Thanks!"
1. National Baby Food Festival.
2. Moose Dropping Festival.
3. Bugfest.
4.(Now hold on to your hat's!) Mayberry Days????!!!
Here's what it says under it: An Andy Griffith party with-ooh!-Don Knotts look-alikes.

Can you believe it?! How could they lump Mayberry Days in with those weird festivals?!
By the way, number 5 was "Annual Roadkill Cookoff".
Everyone cancel your subscriptions to Reader's Digest!:) I would if I had one. I however, read about it in the one at my parent's house.
-Sterling Holobyte

May 08, 2003 - Msg 13680: This is really cool! I think this is a great way to communicate.

May 08, 2003 - Msg 13681: Hey I forgot to give my name, Sprout

May 08, 2003 - Msg 13682: Hey, Sprout! And I never thought of it before, but you know?, this IS really cool!
Hope to see you around on the porch! You can communicate to us about anything!
I know I do! *points to recent post above*
-Sterling Holobyte

May 08, 2003 - Msg 13683: Hey, friends! Maudy, I have used a lot of Schwan's products, not just ice cream. In fact, being a diabetic, I don't use much of the ice cream, but I know those cherry-freeze cups are great! I like their taco boats, individual lasagna, chicken pot pies, and their pocket sandwiches are very good. I use a lot of the individual-serving stuff, because I take it to work with me. Their drivers are friendly and helpful. Sugarplum adores them, because they all get to know her and will open the fridge for her to get a carrot, without hesitation. They know I don't mind.

Goodness, there's a lot of folks with hard times going on right now. Prayers are always in order, and you're on my list. I have a shortcut on my desktop, that takes me to my prayer list, which I keep as a Word document. Easy to upgrade and edit, and always handy.

Boo, to answer your question - no, I haven't known a case like Gracie's, but I can see how it could happen. Of course, slips can occur with an open surgery as well, so I still think scope procedures are wonderful. Having had four, I can testify as to the quick and easy recoveries. This last one that knocked me so flat was different. When a chest tube is involved, you can expect pain and a longer recovery. I'm good now, though.

Sterling, that's about the most disgustifying thing I've ever heard! How dare RD make such a judgment about our dear Mayberry Days or anything else to do with TAGS. You can bet they're going to get a hot letter. I'm sure that will really shake them up. :-)

Well, gotta go to work. This is the third night, Boo, so I'll feel like a bird out of a cage when I walk out that door in the morning. Everyone have a great evening, and Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

P.S. Welcome, Sprout!

May 09, 2003 - Msg 13684: Hey, Sterling, I read the Reader's Digest at my parent's house, too. Don't know why, but I have always thought of RD as a mag for the elderly, heehee. No offense to anyone, of course.

Have a good sleep tomorrow and a good day off, Ro. I know that "bird out of a cage feeling" well!

I think I will turn in soon. I have been so tired since I took that trip out West and with all that has been going on around here. I am getting discouraged because it seems i can't keep up with everything anymore. The laundry is behind, the refrigerator needs cleaning badly and everytime I clean up, baby girl just goes behind me messing up again. I just have to count my blessings and remind myself that "healthy children make healthy messes"! I am so thankful for my family and don't want to be a complainer. Just wish I had super-human strength at age forty!

Ya'll have a blessed day tomorrow!

Love, Boo

May 09, 2003 - Msg 13685: Little Opie turns 13 today, so I guess he ain't so little no more. There is a Martina McBride song that I am gonna play for him today. Think it's supposed to be for your honey, but I think it's appropriate for your child too. Here goes.
A one and A two

If there were no words,
No way to speak,
I would still hear you.
If there were no tears,
No way to feel inside,
I'd still feel for you.
And even if the sun refused to shine,
Even if romance ran out of rhyme,
You would still have my heart,
Until the end of time.
You're all I need my love my Valentine.

All of my life,
I have been waiting for,
All you give to me.
You've opened my eyes,
And shown me how to love unselfishly.
I've dreamed of this a thousand times before.
In my dreams I couldn't love you more.
I will give you my heart until the end of time.
You're all I need my love my Valentine.

And even if the sun refused to shine,
Even if romance ran out of rhyme,
You would still have my heart,
Until the end of time.
Cause all I need is you my Valentine,
You're all I need, my love, my Valentine.

My baby's grownin up. And I'm feeling old and useless. Hey BDJ how about playin' "Almost Home"
That un makes me cry and I'm just in the mood for a good un. 'preciate ya.
fun girl with a teenager

May 09, 2003 - Msg 13686: Don't be sad Fungirl. If you start crying I'm a goner. Besides, them teenage years can be excrutiating long sometimes. LOL
Hey Boo, I had to read your post several times. At first I thought you was saying you were so far behind that the laundry was behind the refrigerator. I was gonna say, thats pretty far behind. How's about we send Malcolm Merryweather over to help you out? I hear he's in town.
Hope you all have a wonderful Friday.


May 09, 2003 - Msg 13687: Sterling, Boo, and Ro, and anyone else interested in the Reader's Digest comment. I plan to find their website and send them a piece of my mind. It was not too long ago at church that our Sunday school teacher/associate pastor was commenting about that publication, saying how it was getting very liberal and there were lots of things in there that he was not pleased with. Now that I hear this I'm sure I agree. (I don't read it myself. I used to read it when I was a kid in the chiropractor's office!) Have a Mayberry Day. We finally have a nice day today. It has been very cold and rainy. The grass is growing like wild!
Charlotte Tucker

May 09, 2003 - Msg 13688: Is today Friday? I'll be darned, I didn't even know what day it was. Asa, you kill me! You are SO funny. Thanks, once again, for making me laugh out loud.

Lots to do again today. I have been feeding my neighbor's animals while she is on vacation and she has a bass in one aquarium that eats live goldfish. Well, the goldfish got out of their container and got eaten all at once and I have to go get more somewhere. Don't know what I'm going to put them in because they have three cats in the house. The saga of my life!

So Opie is 13. I have heard a few people say that the teen years were great with their kids (and no, the parents weren't on drugs). Hope you and Opie continue to have a good relationship. My sister has one son who is now 23 and he and his mom had such a close relationship that he never gave her any trouble or disrespected her. Now, he didn't like his dad much, though during those years, but he was home schooled and just had a good relationship with his mom. Sons like moms and Daughters like dads during the teen years (at least that's what I have heard).

Have a great day

May 09, 2003 - Msg 13689: Hello all! Fer Fun Girl: "Almost Home". Prayers to all and love. Here we go.

Briscoe Darling Jr.

May 09, 2003 - Msg 13690: <(b) test>

May 09, 2003 - Msg 13691: Okay - I am not trying bold or italics anymore because I can't understand the directions -
sign me,

May 09, 2003 - Msg 13692: Afternoon Y'all.You just had to go and make me cry,fun girl! Then again,you didn't know that today was my last day working with "my" children at school-I quit.I was working in a special ed. class since 1998 as an aide,but getting sub pay and no benefits.When I say "work",I mean WORK! Diapering,feeding,lifting,teaching,chasing down the hall,etc.I finally had to do what was best for myself and tell my supervisor that I had another job lined up and if they wanted to hire me,pay me something decent ($40 a day just wasn't cutting it),and benefits then they could get in touch with me for next school term.If not,then I will be working elsewhere at a job with more money and benefits.Sometimes you have to take a stand.The teacher doesn't want me to go,the other workers in there don't want me to go,but are glad for what I'm doing,because it may benefit them in the long run if the district decides to hire the good workers before they run them all off.I am not bragging on myself,but people will take notice that I'm gone.I have over 20 years experience in Special Ed.,the parents are upset that I'm leaving,my supervisor now realizes that I am serious and is "Trying to work on something for next year for me". But the hardest part was telling the kids.They were telling me all day how they loved me,yelling that they didn't want me to go,that I couldn't leave them,etc.This was unprompted and right from their little hearts)It was breaking MY heart.Two of the little girls even found a ruler and spanked me because they didn't want me to leave them! I promised them that I would come back and read them books and visit-and I will.My heart is in that class,but I have to stand for what's right and do what's best for me(and the others still there).My coworkers gave me a lovely dress because they'd heard me talking about not having anything that fit or looked good and knew I would be dealing with my cousin's funeral soon.The dress is perfect.Those are good ladies.And at the end of the day,one mom got out of her truck,handed her son a gift for me and he came over (he's autistic) and presented me with the gift and said "Thank you for being my good teacher." Oh boy,I'm about to cry alll over again.This parent is going to call the district office and voice her opinion about me and why I left.Maybe people will wake up and realize that the "subs" or whatever they want to label us as are the backbone of that class and do right by us.If not,guess they'll see me selling barbeque,because that's what I'm going to do starting next week!(Yes,Asa,the business ships BBQ nationwide! Ha Ha)
Sorry to go off on this tangent-climbing down off of my soapbox now!
Will probably cry all weekend,so sing/jug whatever y'all want to-I'll try not to flood the porch!
Love to all!
possum under a rock

May 09, 2003 - Msg 13693: possum, I know exactly how you feel. I remember at the begining of the year when I resigned my position at the school and the younguns were saying, "just stay until we are gone." Then when I turned in my key I busted loose with a flood that reached epic proportions. I can sympathize with ya sister. It's hard leaving those precious kiddos isn't it? I will keep the possum on my prayer list, tho I may make up a name for you as they still aren't through laughing from the last time I asked for prayer for possum under a rock at church. See ever where I go they think I am a commedianne. Even when I am making a prayer request.

Take care all. Thanks for that beautiful rendition of Almost Home, BDJ. (honk sniff) That un does me in ever time.
fun girl

May 09, 2003 - Msg 13694: Possum,
You have me crying here, reading your post! I give you all the credit in the world. Teachers, and anyone working with children in any regard, should be paid more than any other profession. They have THE most important job, and are almost universally under-appreciated! I hope the school there does realize the gem they let get away and that they will get something worked out for next year! What a monumental waste of talent, drive, devotion and experience they have caused! I am with you all the way Possum, and I will add my prayers in with fun girl's!

I guess I better commence to rocking here, and relax for the few short minutes I have before the next wave of terror wreaked by a 5 year old rolls in!

Mary Wiggins