May 15, 2003 - Msg 13784: Ellen, I just love you! You are the sweetest thing. I agree completely concerning the dog. So kind of you to take her home. No way could I have sent her to the pound. Congratulations to your Hubby on his teeth.

Sorry about your friend, Ellen. I can certainly sympathize after what I went through last week. Prayers for the church and the family.

Wanted to tell you, Ellen, that the 17 yr old is not ok. Unfortunately it took all of about three hours after getting out of the emergency room for her to find the man who abused her. My friend (her mom) woke up in the middle of the night to find the guy in bed with her daughter. Of course she promply threw him out and told him never to return but her daughter chose to go with him and they are living in some cheap motel on the beach without two dimes to rub together. Karen and the guy's mother are supposed to meet with them this weekend and strongly encourage them to give the baby up for adoption. I pray it works. I shudder to think of what would happen to a baby that was born to those two. One thing is for sure, if they choose to keep it, I will follow them like a hound dog and call Child Protective Services the first time they give my something to call about!

Gotta girl is awake and crying.


May 15, 2003 - Msg 13785: Good Morning Porch, Just wanted to stop by and see how everyone is doing. Anyway, it's back to work for me. Anyone out there found a job yet that pays you to watch THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW? Wishful thinking again... Oh, well. Take care all.

Ed Sawyer

May 15, 2003 - Msg 13786: Great balls of fire! What on earth is the MATTER with kids these days? The guy beat her up, and she left the ER and went to him? Then he had the nerve to come into your friend's home and get in the girl's bed? He's lucky he didn't get shot! The girl is just too stupid to live, I'm afraid, and one of these days he will prove that. Poor little dumb girl. My heart just breaks for her mother. As for the baby, let's just hope CPS will step in soon enough. In some districts their wheels grind very slowly, and often too late. Frankly, I think there's enough there to call about now. At least to give them an alert. Tell your friend to tell the nurses at the hospital when the girl delivers, about all of this. They will call CPS, too. I know, I've done it.

Again it looks like rain, but it's that kind of heavy, gray sky that promises a lot but usually doesn't deliver. We got about five drops yesterday, dadburn it. Sure do need some rain.

Wish you could see the Plum. She's in the entry, lying just beneath that little box I hung under the mail slot, and "worrying". That's my word for a little sound she makes - part growl, part whine, with a little burpy bark every few seconds. That sound means "I'm really concerned about this, and Mom doesn't seem to realize the danger, so I'm going to lie here and worry until something happens." Poor baby, I hope she gets used to it soon.

Well, gotta run. I promised my dad I'd bring him some watermelon. He loves it, and I take him a bowl of cut-up pieces every few days. He asks for so little. Have a great day, friends, and Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 15, 2003 - Msg 13787: Oh, Ed, that job you're talking about is called "retirement/social security". (teehee) --Romeena

May 15, 2003 - Msg 13788: Afternoon Y'all. Just came from my cousin's funeral.It was a beautiful service.Her best friend gave the eulogy and before she began,she thanked Karen's parents for having had her.I thought that was so sweet.She then mentioned a lot of things she learned from my cousin,one being that she knows there is a Heaven,because Karen went there before ( she was in a coma 5 years ago & nearly died) and told her about it.Not that I didn't already believe there was a Heaven,but to have that reaffirmed by my cousin is awesome.I know that's where she is now.
Started out as a dreary,rainy day,but the sun is peeking out now.Y'all enjoy it and take care.Love to all!
possum under a rock

P.S. I will pray for that pregnant girl,Boo.God help her and that baby.

May 15, 2003 - Msg 13789: Hi folks! I just saw the prettiest thing while riding my bike today; there was a field next to a farm just filled with dandelions. ...The field, not the farm!
Some people hate dandelions and call them weeds, but I think they are just as nice as other flowers!
That's my 2-cents worth. Got change?
Have a good day!
-Sterling Holobyte

May 15, 2003 - Msg 13790: Ro, I have been trying to contact a friend who is a social worker to see what can be done now. I am planning to talk to the girl's mother and let her know that CPS will be getting invloved and that CPS will probably allow the girl to keep the baby if she agrees not to see the abusive boyfriend. I think that might be enough to make her give the baby up if she thinks we will be watching her (I hope). Thanks for your prayers for the girl and the baby. It's not too late for God to do something and maybe some loving couple out there will get the baby they have been praying for.

Ya'll are so kind to be concerned. I just love ya'll.


May 15, 2003 - Msg 13791: Here's change, Sterling: I love Dandelions, too.


May 15, 2003 - Msg 13792: Dandelions are weeds?? Gosh, I guess they are, but I always just thought of them as free flowers! As I mentioned once before, try looking at one through a magnifying glass. Look at the puffs, too. Incredible works of art, both of them.

I have to work tonight, really don't want to. Today is the seventh anniversary of my dear husband's death, and I'm not in very good shape, I guess. However, maybe going to work is the best thing I can do. I'm working with a dear sweet girl who always makes me laugh, and if I just sat around here, I'd probably do nothing but feel sorry for myself and get the Plum's soft little coat wet. So, off I go. Everyone have a great evening, and Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 15, 2003 - Msg 13793: Bless your heart, Ro. I hope the night is not as bad as you expect. I can't say I know how you must feel but I can say I care alot about how you feel and so do all your friends on the porch. God bless you in unexpected ways, dear friend.

My husband and I took the kids to McDonalds tonight and while we were in the playroom I began talking to a young mother with a three yr old boy. After talking for awhile she told me that her husband has been in the hospital for 8 months with an undiagnosed illness that is killing him. They say it is some form of Progeria. Poor thing. His name is Ken and I told her I would pray for him. So sad to face the possibility of losing a husband.

Well, baby girl is climbing on me so I have to go and give her some attention. Until tomorrow....parting is such sweet sorrow...


May 16, 2003 - Msg 13794: Good Morning porch, my hubbies teeth sure are purdy, the bottoms bother him a little but the tops are great. He is so glad to have them. We took Mr Bojangles to the vet , we droped him off on our way to get the teeth, when we picked him up there was half a dog waiting for us LOL I had him groomed and got all his shots up to date and heartworm prev. he had a complete check up, we had Pollyanna done last month and now that I have Pookie we'll take her in June to her Vet, he is here in town, she has been going to him for 12 yrs so I'm not going to change that. We take ours to Mt Carmel, although our beloved vet passed away back in July last yr. cancer, he was a wonderful man and just loved animals, but his asst. is still there and she was nice also and now she has an asst. I haven't met her yet.Mr Bojangles weighs 3 1/2 lbs now, he is growing like a weed, I'll try to get pics of the 3 of them and post them. here you can find MR B. & Polyanna, I don't know how to fix the link to go there like Mavis does on here, hope it works. It's time to get ready for work, talk at ya later have a blessed day in the Lord and may His Sonshine warm your life.

WebPage is

Ellen Brown

May 16, 2003 - Msg 13795: Hey ya'll, my darling boys and Little Charlene are here this weekend. ( for those who are new that's my fiddle and guitar playin nephews and their darling person sister ) Wonder if they know Never Hit Your Grandma With A Great Big Stick. That un makes me cry. Hey BDJ, speakin of crying, how about a little Almost Home. A one and a two, and a here we go.

Prayers for Ken. And Ro while she deals with memories of her wonderful hubby.
fun girl

May 16, 2003 - Msg 13796: Yea, I think I'll go home, take a nap, then go to Thelma Lu's and watch a little TV

May 16, 2003 - Msg 13797: Just a quick reminder about the June 13-14 event coming up in Roanoke, VA. You can click this link to read all about it. I hope to see y'all there.

May 16, 2003 - Msg 13798: RIP--JUNE CARTER CASH.. May 15th 2003

May 16, 2003 - Msg 13799: Morning, friends - or should I say Good Afternoon! Thanks so much for your sweet concern and expressions of love. You all are the cats! I'm happy to report that the night at work went very well, I found myself laughing a lot, which would have pleased my husband very much. His whole goal in life was to make me happy, and he would be so glad that I was able to laugh last night. Today the sun is shining brightly, and I think I'm just going to have to give in and go dig in the dirt for a while. That always restores me. I think I should have been a farmer.

Miss Ellen, I'm happy for your husband and his new choppers, and for little Mr. Bojangles. I'd love to see a picture of him. Somehow I had him pictured as a bigger furkid than you described. 3 1/2 pounds isn't very big!

Boo, I don't think I've ever heard of progeria affecting anyone but children. Most victims don't live past the early teens. Very unusual. Obviously, his case didn't manifest until he was an adult. Must be some strange variant. I'd like to know more. That poor little wife - I can't imagine what it would have been like to watch my big strapping husband just waste away. At least, when God took him, He did it suddenly and we had no time for an agonizing wait. He just closed his eyes and was gone in about a minute. Just went to sleep and awoke in Heaven. What more could one ask? Tough on those of us who remain, but what a glorious experience for him! He is sorely missed, but I'll see him bye and bye.

Sugarplum is still all stirred up about that silly box. I do believe she's gonna have a spell, the little goof. I wish I could find a way to make that box twitch a little without her knowing it was me doing it. She'd vacate her skin!(teehee)

Have a lovely day, friends, and Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 16, 2003 - Msg 13800: Hey, Boo! I just ran "Progeria" through a search engine, and came up with a goldmine of information, including a condition called "Werner syndrome", which is described as "progeria of adults". Sounds like this must be what the husband of the girl in McDonald's has. Lots of info there - do a search, it will come up easily.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 16, 2003 - Msg 13801: Hey porch....I hope all are doing well. Not much news on my end....other than my beloved Spurs put away those goldarned my Spurs can keep going to meet up with your Pistons...Mary Wiggins...God Bless All.

May 16, 2003 - Msg 13802: Bald Bulldog

May 16, 2003 - Msg 13803: Bald Bulldog

May 16, 2003 - Msg 13804: Sorry....dag-nabit...there is only one of Didnt mean to take up so much room on the porch.

Bald Bulldog

May 16, 2003 - Msg 13805: Good to hear form you again, Bulldog....keep talkin'.

Ro, you should find a joke shop in your area and buy one of those remote control noise makers and put in the box. That could be quite funny, couldn't it?

I will look up the site on Werner Syndrome, seems like maybe should used that name in conversation. Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I didn't get the girl's last name and unless the Lord brings her across my path again I will never know what happens.

Ro, sometimes I get so scared when I think of someone close to me dying, even if they are Christians. I have never lost anyone in my immediate family and I don't really know what it will be like. I know my parents are getting near the end of their lives and I just can't stand to think about it. I am sure it is better if a loved one goes on without suffering but the shock of the unexpected death must be devastating. I guess I will just have to trust God and stop being afraid. I know it's part of life but I must admit I don't like it a bit.

Later, friends


May 16, 2003 - Msg 13806: Sorry that second paragraph didn't make sense. What I meant to say is that I think she used that name in our conversation (Werner Syndrome)....just wanted to clear that up. I need to proof read!


May 16, 2003 - Msg 13807: Hey Boo...yall all have a good weekend...stay safe...and see everyone back here monday..God permitting...

May 16, 2003 - Msg 13808: gonna get the hang of this sooner or

Bald Bulldog

May 16, 2003 - Msg 13809: Well my baby boy graduated from pre-school today! He was so proud and he looked so good in his miniature cap and gown. He said, Mom - have you ever graduated before? I had assured him that I did. He loves that his big brother didn't have a graduation. He is special! And yes I cried - something that I do when I hear the wedding march, pomp and circumstances (spelling?) and some funeral songs.
Good to see all the chatter on the porch - my job is keeping me busy with IEP's and paperwork. I have begun packing up my belongings of 14 years in one school and getting ready to chase the adventure of middle school and high school. Some parents are sad to see me go and one parent is particularly happy. Of course she is the parent who doesn't parent - she doesn't sign at home, she spends more tme with her many boyfriends that her child, she spends his SSI check on her wants and desires - and this teacher usually calls her down in every IEP meeting telling her what her son is lacking at home is seriously delaying him everyday. This child's grandmother wants custody so bad that she can taste it but the mother reigns supreme. Oh well - next year's teacher can take up the battle!
Have a good weekend!!


May 16, 2003 - Msg 13810: Hey to the porch, we got rain here & I want to know How come everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it???

May 16, 2003 - Msg 13811: I don't know, Mavis. Maybe we should ask Calvin Coolidge. Didn't he say that first? --Romeena

May 16, 2003 - Msg 13812: Boo, honey, I know exactly what you mean, about dreading the loss of someone close to you. When it came for the first time for me, in the loss of my husband, I was in such a state of shock that it was weeks before it really began to sink in that he truly wasn't coming home. I knew my parents were getting old, and not in the best of health, and I thought I was prepared for that. My husband's death was so "out of time" that it was doubly hard to accept. Then three years later, we lost my mother. Somehow, though it was hard, it wasn't as hard as losing my husband. Now my dad is growing worse each day, and literally prays to die, and I can only respond by asking God to honor his prayer. His passing, when it comes, will be sad but sweetened by the knowledge that it is what he has wanted ever since my mom passed.

All of that leads me to say to you, dear Boo, that God will get you through it. The circumstances will dictate your response, to a great degree. Losing my husband was buffered by the shock and the numbing effect it produced. Losing my mom was hard, but she was 80 and in very fragile health, so it was not unexpected. My dad has made it plain that he will welcome the angels who come for him. His passing will be a cause for rejoicing for his new life with the Lord. God will provide, He will meet you at your point of need, as He always does.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 16, 2003 - Msg 13813: Good grief!

May 16, 2003 - Msg 13814: These dratted 'puters sure are picky. Why can't they learn to do what we want them to do, instead of what we tell them to do? --Romeena

May 17, 2003 - Msg 13815: Thank you, Ro, for sharing those comforting words. I appreciate it and it helps to know that when the time does come for me to lose someone in my family, I will have my dear, sweet friends here on the porch who will pray and encourage me. It means so much.

I believe you when you say that God will meet me at my point of need. I am having to believe him for my Dad's soul. He is a Humanist and denies Christianity. God knows his heart, though, and he can change him before he dies. I have to believe that.

Have a peaceful sleep, and a blessed day tomorrow.

Love, Boo

May 17, 2003 - Msg 13816: Prayers for Boo's father. I would appreciate you all's prayers for me today. Today is the day I am annointed for healing. Thanks friends.
fun girl

May 17, 2003 - Msg 13817: Also a beautiful site to share:

May 17, 2003 - Msg 13818: My prayers are with Boo's Father, the family and funGirl. Hey to e'verbody else! ~ Mrs. Wiley

Andy: "op'nit, op'nit, OPEN'IT!"

May 17, 2003 - Msg 13819: Hey to the porch. I hope everyone's having a great day.
I think I'll stay here and get a little more shuteye. After a while I want to wash out a few things and write some letters.
- Hazel

May 17, 2003 - Msg 13820: My goodness, Boo. That is indeed a cause for prayerful concern. With your father being a humanist, I'm interested in how you came to know the Lord and trust Him so well. I guess that just proves that He can draw anyone to Himself, if they're even the least bit willing.

fun girl, you have been in my prayers today. I hope everything went as you hoped for, and that you will experience relief from pain. Whether God chooses to do that or not, of this I'm certain - whatever the outcome, He'll give you what you need to deal with it.

My granddaughter dropped by for an hour or so this afternoon - I thought Sugarplum was going to have a spell, she was so glad to see her. She and Amanda are great buddies, and the Plum misses her very much.

Been working in the yard all afternoon, still pulling up dead pansies, and shearing bloomed-out dianthus and snapdragons. They'll come back and be beautiful in the fall. I'm putting petunias in for color through the summer, but the heat may get them. If it does, my flowerbeds are going to be pretty drab for couple of months. Oh, well, I can only try.

Have a great Sabbath, friends. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 17, 2003 - Msg 13821: Hello porch fg i went to the web site you put in here, tjat was nice, thanks for shearing, Ro hope The Plum get use to the box soon. Hi Boo and everyone else,

Ellen Brown

May 17, 2003 - Msg 13822: Prayers for Boo's father. I've been busy the last few days and haven't gotten caught up on the posts. Just wanted to make one comment in regard to Sterling's comment about dandelions. My husband mowed me a walking path in our field. It is covered with dandelions. Every day as I walk along it I think of this old hymn, “God has not promised skies always blue, flower-strewn pathways all our lives through..." There's more but that part comes to mind EVERY day when I walk it. I believe dandelions are flowers. Also, an artist friend of mine said that God usually places dandelions mixed in with violets (which is true of my path) and only a perfect artist would know that yellow and purple are complementary colors!
Have a great weekend!
Charlotte Tucker -ed

May 17, 2003 - Msg 13823: Hi, everyone. Thanks for your prayers for Dad.

Ro, Neither of my parents were Christians but we did attend the Methodist church as I grew up, so I was exposed to some teaching about God. I think the answer to your question lies in the fact that my Dad's mom was a Christian and on the night she died, she asked her youngest son (my Uncle who was a minister) to pray everyday for her children and grandchildren; that they would come to know Christ. I didn't know about this until I was an adult but my Uncle prays for me every day of my life. I believe those prayers are what made the difference. When I was sixteen, I watched the movie Jesus Of Nazareth at Easter time and was born again. The Lord led me to a bible believing church and the rest is history! By the way, my older sister and her athiest husband also came to Christ that same year and have served the Lord fervently for 24 years now. My mom is now a Christian but I have two brothers who live in California that are living purely for themselves and money. My uncle prays for them, too. Some day....

Hope to hear a wonderful praise from fun girl.

I just had a great day today with my toddler. She is so cute to watch and now able to communicate so much more. She is just a walking piece of sweetness (most of the time, anyway. heehee).

Ya'll have a wonderful day tomorrow. God bless ya'll. Oh, and Hey to you, Ellen.


May 17, 2003 - Msg 13824: Hey, Charlotte Tucker-ed! I didn't see you down there on the porch. Pull your rocker down her and gossip for a spell...


May 18, 2003 - Msg 13825: What a beautiful testimony, Boo. Brought to Christ through a movie! Isn't that wonderful? I wonder how many others that movie reached? Thanks for sharing with us. I'll continue to pray for your dad.

Gotta go pick up my dad and get him to church. This is getting to be more and more of an "endeavor", but he starts trying to get dressed for church on Saturday morning, that's how much he loves to go. We'll get him there as long as we possibly can. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 18, 2003 - Msg 13826: Good Sabbath porch! How are you all this wonderful day? Well I hope.
Hope your annointing went well F.G. I went golfing yesterday morning and twanged something in my back (again) and now I'm walking crooked.:(
But I refuse surgery for it unless I have no other choice. I have senn to many people come away from back surgery in worse shape than they went in. Even my own Doctor has told me surgery is effective only 25% of the time. So I'll just continue to baby it along. Gets tough not being able to do the things I love so much though. I'm sure you all can relate to that. Guess it's like my Mama used to say, "getting old ain't for wimps"! LOL
Let us know how your doing Fun Girl.
Hazel, it's time to take down your laundry girl. The neighbors are begining to talk.

"The special today is chicken wings and rice. They give you two wings, usually from a chicken thats done a lot of flying".

May 18, 2003 - Msg 13827: Asa, what you wind up paying for is the rice and mixed vegetables. That's what it boils down to, you might as well face it.
- Hazel

May 18, 2003 - Msg 13828: God bless you, Ro for honoring your Dad and thanks for your prayers; they mean so much because it really is my most urgent prayer that my Dad be saved. Thank you for understanding.

Asa, sorry about your back, buddy. My husband was complaining last night about a back injury he received about a month ago that is still acting up. I didn't want to tell him it might be that way for a looong time. Hope yours is better and you can walk straight now (don't forget the Vicks!).

Gotta go get ready for church, then I am frying up a bunch of chicken for a family birthday supper after church. Whew! To me chicken is a challenge because I very rarely fry it....wish me luck!


May 18, 2003 - Msg 13829: Good luck, Boo. Greater love hath no woman than this, that she fry up a bunch of chicken for her family! That's pure love, honey. Nothing in this world makes more mess in a kitchen than frying chicken. I do it about once a year, for my youngest son, and he considers himself the luckiest guy in the world when I do. My husband loved my chicken, too, and I'd do it for him now and then, too. He was worth it.

Got my dad to Sunday School, and about fifteen minutes into it he proceeded into a small stroke. He never lost consciousness, but he was definitely "out of it". Some tremors on his right side, and a lot of yawning, which often is a telltale sign. Class stopped, folks wanted to call 911, and were a bit shocked when I refused. Why call? So they can take him to the ER would be the only reason. There, they would admit him to the hospital, keep him about three days, run a lot of uncomfortable tests, and then tell me he had a stroke. Well, I know that, for pete's sake! There's nothing to be done for a stroke after the fact. He's over it now with no residual problems, so no rehab is needed. When I told him he had had a small stroke, he said, "Well, shoot! I wish it could have been the big one!" He means that. The people who were horrified at my refusal to call 911 are in their 60's, still very active, employed, healthy, busy with their families, whatever. When you're 85, dizzy a lot of the time, incontinent at times, unable to drive or do anything independently, a big stroke can look like a ticket to happiness. Which is exactly what it would be, and he's ready. He has that "peace that passes all understanding" and wants to go be with the Lord. Friends, I have no intention of standing in his way. So be it.

Well, gotta work tonight, so guess I'd better catch a bit of a nap. Have a great day. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 18, 2003 - Msg 13830: Good luck Boo. Hope your wings have more meat on them than what they serve at the diner!
Romeena, what a sweet daughter you are. How well you take care of your Daddy. Blessings on ya sweetie.
Guess I'll mosey on over to the fillin station, get a bottle of pop, go home and take a nap, then maybe go over to Thelma Lou's and watch some tv. YEP, thats the plan, pop, nap, then to Thel's for tv. YEP! That's what I think I'll do, go get a bottle of pop, go home and take a nap, then over to Thelma Lou's and watch some tv.


May 18, 2003 - Msg 13831: For the love of Mike just do it!! Go get a bottle of pop, take a nap, then over to Thels. Just do it!
- Hazel

May 18, 2003 - Msg 13832: Well Sheesh! I'll see ya later then!

May 18, 2003 - Msg 13833: Evening Porch! wanted to stop in & say hey to ya'll before I went to band practice. Prayers for those that need them, & Ro I want you to know that I have been cyber-talking to you for what? 4 years or so now & you never cease to amaze me lady! I feel so blessed to have a wonderful person like you to be counted amoung my friends, you are certainly a "trea-shuh" Asa & Hazel ya'll have any words before you fell out?? teehee You are cracking me up with those quotes. Fungirl will you please check in & let us know how the annointing went? I best get off here & check my email before practice, you know how testy that mailman can get if the mailbox is a little full. Blessings to you all.

May 18, 2003 - Msg 13834: Hello all! I'm still having a bout with bronchitis. My left ear is still clogged up. Will you please pray for me? I'm tired of this. The medicine works just so much. I need some prayers. Thanks!

Briscoe Darling Jr.

May 18, 2003 - Msg 13835: Dear Friends,
I am happy to say that although I am not pain free at this time, that the pain has lightened up considerably. You could certainly feel the presence of God in the room. My hubby, who does not attend church, and was not raised in a Christian home, but is a believer, had tears streaming down his face. So, if I am never pain free, I can not help but feel that this whole thing had a purpose. I am just gonna wait on the Lord and see what he has in mind for me, and my sweet hubby. I did slept SO well last night. I must say I have not slept so well in a very long time. And I am truly at peace over the situation and can honestly say that I will wait on the Lord reguarding any healing. Thank you all for your prayers.

fun girl

May 18, 2003 - Msg 13836: did slept????where did that come from?

Asa, I would avoid surgery at all costs. Very hard on the body and as in my case, not all that effective. Have you tried chiropractic? I know some people are leary of it, but I had wonderful results for 13 years. Wish I had stuck with that instead of opting for surgery.

fun girl

May 18, 2003 - Msg 13837: Evening Y'all.Thought I'd check in.Hope I don't smell like hickory smoke (from working in the BBQ place).I took a shower before crawling up on the Porch! I am waiting tables-have NEVER done that before! Not too hard because the customers order at the counter-all I do is take the food to them & check on 'em.Just a long day on my possum feet! I have to work straight thru Memorial Day without a day off,that makes 11 straight days.I may not HAVE feet when this is over-ha ha But,we're promised bonus pay,and days off after that,so I'm gonna hang in there.
Ro,you did right by your daddy.Stick to your guns.Fun girl,I sure hope the pain eases up for you.Keep the faith.My mama had a spinal fusion about a year ago & the doctor keeps checking her.Her latest x-ray shows that her L1 vertabrae is all crumbled.That's what happened to her before-it's like her entire spine is wasting away.So... she is most likely looking at her 4th surgery,poor thing.Please pray for her.Thank you.
Oh,I've been meaning to tell y'all that my son-in-law got a good job just a day or so after Walmart laid him off! I know the prayers that were offered up on his behalf were heard-thanks.
Well,I need to go iron my uniform for work.Tomorrow will be here before we know it.When I get a lot a tips,I'll treat everyone on the porch to ice cream!Y'all take care-love to all.
possum the waitress

May 18, 2003 - Msg 13838: Almost forgot to send well wishes to Briscoe.I hate that ole' bronchitis.Get well soon!

possum again

May 18, 2003 - Msg 13839: Prayers for you, Briscoe. Hope you feel better soon, Dear.

Ro, your Dad sounds alot like my mom. She continues to have an occasional little stroke and that's just the way it is. Luckily, her Dr understands that what matters at this stage is quality of life and she told my Dad, "Don't make her do what she doesn't want to do and let her do what she wants."

Well, fun girl, sounds like you received a blessing and the peace of mind God has given you is priceless. I'm so glad he blessed you and your husband.

Sorry you have to work so hard, Possum. Bless your little tired feet!

Hey to Hazel, Asa, and Mavis!

Gotta go get the baby to sleep, make some tea and watch a little TV. Yea, I'll get the baby to sleep, make some tea and watch some TV. Get the baby to sleep, make tea, and watch TV....

Love Ya'll!

May 18, 2003 - Msg 13840: Oh, almost forgot, I started frying chicken after church and it took me two hours but everyone raved about how good it was so it was worth it, even while I was cleaning up that horrible mess in the kitchen with my baby girl literally holding on to the seat of my pants, screaming. I just drug her around until the job was done. She is a ring-tail tooter!


May 19, 2003 - Msg 13841: Hi Porch! FRANKIE FLINT

May 19, 2003 - Msg 13842: Good morning porch.

Last night a fairy strayed our way
And played upon the lawn.
She danced and skipped from end to end-
Then suddenly was gone.
What frightened her, I do not know,
She dropped her purse and ran,
Leaving a wealth of golden coins
To shine when day began!
Hazel Cedarborg

I love dandelions too.

Ellen Brown

May 19, 2003 - Msg 13843: Good morning Frankie Flint. :)

Ellen Brown

May 19, 2003 - Msg 13844: Morning Frankie and all other porchsters! How about some Krispy Kremes? I'll leave them with some coffee.
Charlotte Tucker

May 19, 2003 - Msg 13845: Hi, it's 5:30pm and it looks like there hasn't been anybody on the porch since this morning. Hope you are all well. It's just been a day of laundry and taking care of young'uns. Not much very exciting to say yet...


May 19, 2003 - Msg 13846: Evening Porch! Boo reckon ever'body was down there with possum eatin' bbq & didn't tell us there were going?? I sure hope not, I like bbq, & I'll even leave her 2 quarters, she is raisin young'uns ya know. LOL Off to check some family rebellion sites.

May 19, 2003 - Msg 13847: Evening Y'all. Made it through another day of work-only 7 or so to go before I get a day off- Geesh! I was actually jealous of Goober on tonight's ep.-that massage Andy was giving him sure looked wonderful to me!
Hope there are some KK's left from this morning,Charlotte.I was sitting here earlier wishing I had one-Really! Thank ya kindly.
Well I'm gonna crawl under my rock now.Hope y'all have a good evening-love to all!
possum under a rock

May 19, 2003 - Msg 13848: Oh yeah, almost forgot, I had a funny story to tell you guys, I was telling Boo about it earlier whilst ya'll were wipin bbq sauce off yer face. Anyway, Ro talking about all those codes they use at the hospital, we have one at the vet clinic that is so funny, "ADR" we have more than one person come in & tell us "He just ain't doin' right" so rather than write the whole list of complaints on the index card we use on the cages, we just write "ADR" the list goes in the file. Thought ya'll would enjoy that one. Now, you can go back to belchin' the bbq & slaw.

May 19, 2003 - Msg 13849: You know, this is really tasteless, Mavis, but when I worked at the hospital, sometimes a baby would be born that just had strange features and didn't look right. At first they would realize the baby had some kind of syndrome but didn't know which one, yet, and they would put "FLK" on the chart, which stood for "funny-looking kid". It wasn't meant with disrespect but just that they didn't know what was wrong, yet. Certainly nothing funny about that, though. Poor babies. Speaking's a little medical trivia I like to pass on about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: More and more they are finding out how damaging alcohol is to a baby in utero. Even small amounts can be trouble. Don't drink if you are pregnant.

Someone sent me a joke today that bears repeating. It goes like this: "I want to die like Grandmother, peacefully in my sleep.....not screaming like the passengers in her car."

later, friends

May 19, 2003 - Msg 13850: Hey, Mavis! That's a hoot! ADR! That's funny. I guess every field of endeavor has its own special lingo. I know the medical field sure does. Boo, did you ever hear a doctor say he was thinking of ordering a "serum porcelain" level on a patient? That's a code for "I think this patient is a crock!" I nearly fell over laughing when I heard that the first time.

Friends, I can't tell you how much your support means to me right now. The decisions I'm having to make with regard to my dad are not easy, but in my heart I know they're the right ones. It's difficult, though, when well-meaning people try to urge me to do differently, or wear disapproving expressions at times. Thank God, my family agrees, including my brother. It would be an impossible situation if he didn't understand and support the decisions. I've seen families just torn apart because of differences of opinion regarding extreme measures to prolong life in someone for whom those measures are not appropriate. My dear little daddy has made it much easier for us all, in that he has signed every document known to mankind, making his wishes very plain. Legally, I'm on very solid ground. Morally, I believe the same is true. Socially, it's a little difficult. Not that most of my friends aren't supportive after they have had the situation explained. It's just that I get tired of explaining it all the time! Anyway, thank you, all of you, for your loving support. It helps, believe me.

possum, I wish I could drop by and rub your little paws for you. I'm sorry you're so tired. Sugarplum says she'd come over and do it, but it's hard to rub paws when you have paws yourself! No fingers, you know, just short little toes. She wanted to know if you thought some carrots would help?

fun girl, I'm still praying for you. I really hope that the anointing has brought you some relief. It's evident that you are in a better frame of mind. That's God's grace, honey. I've felt it, too. Asa, a blessing upon your back, friend. Are you still walking crooked? And Briscoe, you just gotta get over that bronchitis. You can't sing when you got the bronchitis! Can you still jug?

Miss Ellen Brown, thank you for the lovely poem about dandelions. They're wonderful little things. My husband called me out to where he was mowing the lawn one day, and showed me a dandelion. It was hunkered down in the lawn, almost growing right on the dirt, so it was below the level of the mower blades. It was determined to bloom, in spite of the fact that my husband mowed every four days during the main growing season. Anyway, my beloveded thought it was delightful.

Finally, Boo, thanks for the hilarious mental image you gave us. I can just see you buzzing around, cleaning up your kitchen, with your baby girl in tow, screaming her head off. What a picture!

Have a great evening, friends. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 19, 2003 - Msg 13851: Oh, Boo, you are too much! I started to mention the FLK notation, I just knew you'd recognize it, but chickened out because my comments were already running overtime. As for the "grandmother" joke, that's hilarious! --Romeena

May 20, 2003 - Msg 13852: I would appreciate continued prayers from my porch family. I can not tell you how special the anointing was. So many family members all showing concern and love and asking the Father to help me out of the pain or help me to deal with it. It was a special bonding time for the whole family. I am at peace with my situation now. But I do have faith that God has more healing in store for me. Even if I have to go for massage therapy and other stuff. I know that I will eventually be good as new. And with the power of God, who knows, maybe even better.

I have been praying for you Briscoe, and will continue to do so. My sister had that yucky stuff not long ago and had to eventually get an inhaler machine to use a couple times a day. Cleared her up good. If you don't get well, you may want to ask your doctor about that.

Well it is almost 12:30 here and I am gonna hit the ironing board.
Check ya later.
fun girl

Oh, prayers for Jeff and Dee. I am not sure what the deal is, but I am just impressed that we need to pray hard for them. Precious folks from our church.

May 20, 2003 - Msg 13853: Way to go, fun girl! God has much more in store, I'm sure.

Ro, I never heard the serum porcelain one before. Too bad there isn't such a thing so we could show those pt's on paper: "It says here in this lab report, Sir, that you are a crock. Now go home."!

I feel for you, Ro, concerning your Father I am there now with Mom and I was there a four years ago with my father-in-law. He was a wonderful man, a local barber shop owner that everyone knew and loved. He had a stroke in his mid-sixties and it was a bad one. I watched him suffer so much those last two years and he needed total care. My mom-in-law kept him at home and cared for him with the help of her children. Those were bitter-sweet years because we hated to see him suffer but he didn't complain and we were able to spend such sweet, quality time with him. I was very fond of him before the stroke but it was after that I really loved him. I had to help the family make desicions about him and they looked to me because of my medical experience so we got in contact with Hospice care and they were a great help in his last months. He died peacefully at home with all his children nearby and for some reason, I was blessed with being the one who was sitting up with him holding his hand that early morning before the sun came up. I had just taken over my "watch" and everyone else was asleep. As I sat there holding his hand, he was in a coma but I talked to him about how we would take care of mom and that he shouldn't worry about anything and I as I sang him some hyms, he just stopped breathing. It was the most peaceful death I had ever witnessed and God was there, you could feel it. Jesus just came and took him just as the sun was coming up in our world, Chester was beginning his eternal life with God. I will always be thankful for that blessing of being with him in his passing. I pray that it is the same for your Father. Chester was ready to go and wanted to see Jesus and it sounds like your Dad is, too. He is blessed to have children who understand that and are willing to let him go when the time comes. God bless your family.

Better go start the chores...
Ya'll have a great day.

May 20, 2003 - Msg 13854: Things on my porch still very difficult. Prayers please.
Charlotte Tucker

May 20, 2003 - Msg 13855: Charlotte, you have my prayers, God be with you this day and help you through every situation you face, may He give you grace, mercy, and love unbounded.

Romeena, I fully 100% support you in your care of your father. No one else knows him like his own children. It is a difficult time "socially" as you said, because he may have siblings, or peers that are watching what choices you make. I know how that can feel, but you must support what your father has made clear to you at this time. The other people in his life are well-meaning, but he is counting on you to get it right! I am sure you will. When my mother passed away 5 and 1/2 years ago, all her siblings were (and are) still alive. It is a very strange thing to walk her through her illness, as children, knowing that much of her history belongs to her siblings, and how their hearts ached at that time as well. Nevertheless, somehow her children had the task of seeing her through at that time in her life, and I believe we did the best we could.

Now I have a question for all you medical minds out there...I have a darling 9 year old niece. She is one of those children that is a perfectionist. She is an only child, and she is very gifted artistically, as well as intellectually. I wouldn't say things come without effort for her, but she is one of those children that tries really hard to succeed and mostly she does find success. Here is the question: She has been getting stomach pains for about 6 or 7 months now. She gets constipated at times and has been taking medicine to help with that. She is still constipated, however, even though it has changed the consistency of her stool. She has had many tests done, including most recently a scope of her esophagus (I think). I saw the pictures of it, and the doctors said they saw a small area that looked raw. I saw it too, and it sure didn't look like much to me. They decided she has acid reflux, but she doesn't complain of pain up in that area, her pain is always in her stomach, and she is constipated, does acid reflux cause that? I feel so bad for her, because a lot of her symptoms come on school days and very rarely on weekends or days off from school, so I think people are beginning to not believe her and lose patience with her situation. I love this little girl so much, and I hate to see her suffering, even if it is more of a psychosomatic illness, she IS suffering just the same. Any thoughts or ideas on this? I would appreciate any imput!

My end of the porch is a bit rainy today, but the flowers and grass need it so I don't mind! After all, into every life a little rain must fall!

Oh, and hey to Bald Bulldog, your Spurs are looking g-oood for the finals! I reckon you Texans are assured an NBA team in the finals! I just hope its my Pistons that meet 'em there! Go Spurs, go Pistons!!

Mary Wiggins

May 20, 2003 - Msg 13856: What a precious story, Boo. Just illustrates how sweet it really can be for a child of God, and how much better it can be when all the tubes and machines and bustling personnel are taken out of the picture in those last few days. Chester was a loved and lucky man.

Charlotte Tucker, you have our prayers. Surely things will get better soon.

Looks like rain here in my end of town. If it doesn't do it, it's sure gonna be missing a good chance! The clouds look like they're sitting on the treetops, and the birds and squirrels are nowhere to be seen. I think they're all hunkered down somewhere, for protection. It's pretty dark, too. I sure hope it happens, so I don't have to spend the day dragging sprinklers all over the place. Besides, when God waters things, they just grow better!

You know, I think I figured out why Howard Sprague has never married. No girl in her right mind is willing to take on his mother for a mother-in-law. Not only does the old dragon tie him on her apron strings, she's even willing to tell some whoppers to keep him there! She should be ashamed of herself, using poor innocent Goober the way she did the other day. No wonder the Plum growled at her last week, when we happened to meet on the street. Oh! How-do, Mrs. Sprague. Sugarplum! Be quiet! Where are your manners!

Have a great day, folks! Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 20, 2003 - Msg 13857: Mary Wiggins, I think you're on the right track. First, let me say that I've never heard of acid reflux disease causing the lower GI symptoms the child is having. However, whatever is causing one problem may very well be causing the other, too. It sounds to me like the child could benefit from some counseling. She sounds like a classic "over-achiever" who won't accept less than perfection from herself. No one can meet such a standard all the time, and when she fails to do so, her whole body rebels and suffers from it. She's got a very high level of anxiety, I'll bet, and it's chewing her up inside. She probably will need some professional help before she learns to accept herself as she is. What do you think, Boo?

Thanks, Mary. Even though I do believe we're doing the right thing with regard to my father, it's very comforting to have support from friends. There are no siblings still living, not even any first cousins. Just three nephews, and they are in agreement with us. My dad was the youngest of eight children, but only he and one brother had two children, the others had either one child or none. He has outlived everyone else - just one more reason why he's ready to go Home. He told me last week he wants to "go find all of my family, and especially my wife."

Well, away I go. Was planning to run some errands, but am a bit afraid to get the car out. The sky looks like it could very well be holding some hail, and I have nothing to do that's important enough to risk that. Have a lovely day, friends. Whether it's sunny or rainy, it can still be lovely! Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 20, 2003 - Msg 13858: Boy, I hope some of that rain makes it down here to South Texas-we could use some cooling off today.

My first thoughts about your niece were about the same as Ro, Mary Wiggins, especially if all the medical testing has been ok (minus the irritation of the esophogus). I have never heard of reflux causing the other problems you mentioned, either but like Ro said, all the gastrointestinal problems could be caused from stress. I have a good friend who's six year old was having similar symptoms and was vomiting everyday (except on weekends). She is a very nervous little girl, and very sweet. Her mom is a stay at home mom and after months of this kind of problem she decided to home school the girl. It solved her problem. Of course, the problem may rear it's head again when she comes into other stressful situations in life so they will have to teach her how to deal with it. I think some children are just born with that kind of personality.
I am wondering, though if your niece may need to be on some sort of medication for awhile to decrease stomach acid and clear up the place on the esophogus. It might get worse and cause her more trouble and pain.

Gotta run....


May 20, 2003 - Msg 13859: Good advice, Boo. --Romeena

May 20, 2003 - Msg 13860: This may be way off base and I am surely no medical mind, but I was wondering if there is any possiblilty of this little girl being anorexic or bullemic? I am not sure that the consitpation fits in with the rest. Just a thought. Also, you medical types out there, is there a chance there could be nerve compression? That was my problem for many years and once the compression was fixed, the other problem went away too.
fun girl

May 20, 2003 - Msg 13861: Hi, fun girl. I see your concern, and it's valid. However, in this case, I'm pretty sure there's a psychological cause. Mary says the problem mostly manifests on school days, and only rarely on weekends or holidays. I would bet there's some serious anxiety involved, obviously related to her school work. Your point about anorexia/bulimia is well taken, too. I don't think that's a problem right now, it wasn't mentioned, but she could very well fall into that situation later, given her misery with her digestive system. It's going to be very important for the adults in her life to see this as a true illness, not just a kid "faking it". I guess we've all heard the term "anal retentive"? Well, folks, this sounds like a classic case, in the strictest sense of the word. Unless this child gets some effective help, she is heading for a whole world of emotional and physical problems. Parents are often the worst ones to help in a case like this, because they're so frustrated and worn out with dealing with it. I'm glad she has her Aunt Mary to help champion her cause.

Well, that's our medical lecture for the day. Now I have to tend to the Plum. She is driving me nuts, still sitting in the entry hurling insults at the new mailbox. I'm tempted to go put her in it and let her sit there a while! (Not really.) I've yelled at her, soothed and consoled her, confined her to the bedroom, chased her out of the entry with a loud noisemaker, held her up and let her inspect the box - just about everything I can think of. She's still convinced that it's a bad booger and is going to do us an injury at some unexpected time. Little worrywart. She did take time out to say hey! --Romeena

May 20, 2003 - Msg 13862: Thanks for the prayers everyone. If any one has any of those warm fuzzy emails they'd like to share with me, please email them to me.
Charlotte Tucker

May 20, 2003 - Msg 13863: I'm sorry things are bad on your porch Charlotte. I hate it when my pals are hurting. (((((Carlotte)))))
Hope that helps. It did wonders for me.
Hey Mary, them pistons sure do keep a body entertained all the way to end of the game. They have won and lost some close ones.
Will someone come walk on my back? Maybe that will help. No high heels though. Sorry, but I think that would hurt to much.
Hope your feeling better Briscoe. Takes a while to get over that crud.
Hope everyone is having a good day.

"There's nothing like an adoring woman to build a man up"!

May 20, 2003 - Msg 13864: Thanks, Asa. It helped. Every little kindness seems to help. Where are Mavis and possum?
Charlotte Tucker

May 20, 2003 - Msg 13865: I'm sorry you are having such a tough time, Charlotte. I will pray that God gives you grace and strength and brings about His will in your life and in your family. God grant you encouragement and perfect peace as you lean on him. You are so precious and such a sweet Christian. God will remain faithful.

Asa, sorry your back is still ailen'. Did you break out the Vicks like I told you to?? Does heat help? Sometimes its very thera-petic, you know.

Well, I watched American Idol and can't decide if I want Ruben or Clay to win. Any Idol watchers out there?

I better go. I hear baby girl getting into something in the kitchen and I am pretty sure its the bar-b-que sauce! Gotta run.....!


May 20, 2003 - Msg 13866: Hey Boo.
Back is still miserable, which has me miserable. I've been dealing with this thing for 6 years now and I am about to go nuts with it. Can't do many of the things I love to do. I feel like it has aged me 20 years and has deprived me of much joy in living.
I'm sorry for venting friends. I'm really bummed out right now. Guess I should be counting my blessings instead of wallowing in my own pity huh? Thanks for hearing me out.


May 20, 2003 - Msg 13867: Sorry about your pain, Asa. As I've told you before, I have scoliosis, so I believe I can relate. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Hey to everyone else.
- Hazel

May 20, 2003 - Msg 13868: Hey to the porch! Charlotte I'm right'chere
Our band played down on State St. tonight, so I didn't get to get to the porch till way after dark. Started raining on us, so we had to pack up & go home, musicians are funny about getting wet. You should have seen them all scatter! The funny part is mostly the men scattered, the women, just mosied. Asa I'm sorry yer ailin' trust me, I know all about back pain, comes from 20+ years of grooming critters. Ro you are doing what your father wants & that is the best thing to do, he trusts you to do it cause he knows you will. I'm behind yoo 100%. To the rest of the porch, if I missed you, I'm still thinking about you. Ya'll have a good one & Charlotte I'll send a warm fuzzy email to you ASAP. Night Porch.

May 20, 2003 - Msg 13869: For those of you that are interested, here is a link ya'll might enjoy. Birthplace of Country Music There is a picture on there of the mural on State St. where we play on Tues nights. during the summer. Plus lots of links to things in my little town of Bristol. Enjoy. (and I hope that link worked, I sure don't want to get down there with them spiders)

May 20, 2003 - Msg 13870: Yeah!! no spider-whacking for me! :)

May 21, 2003 - Msg 13871: Mornin' Y'all. Here I am,Charlotte.Anyone care for BBQ,hush puppies and slaw for breakfast? Ha Ha That's pretty much all I've got these days.Six more days to go (that's hoping that I get the day after Memorial Day off)-my boss now has me working 12 hours on Memorial Day!It's gonna get of these days.I guess it's like that when you start up any business.Told the manager that I liken it to "BBQ Boot Camp"-ha ha
Asa,I hope your back starts feeling better.My mom has had 3 surgeries and is going for a bone scan today which most likely will suggest that she'll need another operation.Poor thing.
Charlotte,I hope your pain (although it's different from back pain,it IS pain,nevertheless) also eases.
Hey to Hazel,Ro & the Plum,fungirl,Mavis and all the Porchsters. Y'all have a good day! Love to all!
" Won't you look down upon me Jesus,you got to help me make a stand,Just got to see me through another day.My body's achin' and my time is at hand,and I won't make it any other way..." -James Taylor
P.S. Boo,Clay should win American Idol! What a voice! What a nice,decent guy! What a performance of "Bridge Over Troubled Water"! I managed to get in 12 votes for him last night-would've voted more but had to go to sleep!

possum under a rock