June 04, 2003 - Msg 14068: He didn't know BBQ? Thats a shame. Hey at first, i didn't know what hush puppies were either! First some time I was down south and was offered a hush puppy...I DON'T WANNA TELL YOU,WHAT I THOUGHT WAS GONNA BE ON MY PLATE! Then someone explained it to me, and they were excellent. I love the food down south.
know what? The goat is waiting for the day when there's a "Mayberry Singles" to pop up somewhere one day. A place for all those singles out there, to meet quality people who share common interests. Those of us who aren't fortunate to have anyone know how extremely difficult it is to meet people, and how lonely things can be. The way I figure it, if you meet someone, and they like TAGS, that says a lot about their character from the go. Just a crazy idea of mine. Well, Gotta run. I'll be back.
Jimmy the Goat

"A goat full of dynamite! What are we gonna do?"
-Barney Fife

June 04, 2003 - Msg 14069: Thanks, Hazel. That makes me feel better. Jimmy the Goat, you didn't know what a hushpuppy was?? Why, that's worse than not knowing about grits! Glad you got acquainted, and aren't they G000-00D! I love 'em. In fact, tonight I'm meeting friends at "Ole' Whiskers" and will be having boiled shrimp, fried catfish and all the hushpuppies I can eat. Will have to take some extra insulin before I go! Speaking of grits, one of my favorite one-frame cartoons showed a bored-looking waitress talking to a confused-looking man, and she's saying, "Well, if you didn't want grits, why'd you order breakfast?" (teehee, I love it!)

As for the Plum watching me wave that sheet, she doesn't. She stays in the house and tries to pretend she doesn't know me. Can't say I blame her.

Does anyone know how to spay a tree? I have three huge female cottonwoods, and they're very prolific. There is cotton everywhere, the neighbors are starting to mutter things that sound like "tar and cotton" and I'm getting a bit tired of it myself. Taking those trees down would probably cost several thousand dollars - they're not just big, they're HUGE! Besides, it wouldn't solve the problem, because there are about nine more on the street directly behind me. I just wish there was some way to make them not produce, but I guess there isn't.

Well, I'm off to sort through some more boxes. Yes, I'm still trying to sift through and dispose of the contents of those twenty-plus boxes of trivia and pictures that came out of my dad's house when we closed it out. There are hundreds of slides, and probably thousands of prints. I've bought a scanner that supposedly will scan the slides and put them on a CD. Once I get that done, I'll very generously offer the slides to my brother. He'll be thrilled, and I'll be rid of them. As for the prints, I'm going through them one by one. About 99 out of 100 are tossable, being a shot of a distant mountain range or some such, but it's that 1 out of 100 that I don't want to miss. I've found a few treasures, and they make the sifting worthwhile.

Have a wonderful day, folks! Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

June 04, 2003 - Msg 14070: Howdy friends,
I know I have told this story before, but what with all the hush puppy talk here and the new folks, I reckon it wont hurt to tell it again. When Kyle was about 3 years old we went to Long John Silvers. We sat down and his daddy went up and ordered. He asked what he was getting and I told him fish and fries. When fungi brought the plates to us and he saw the hush puppies he looked kinda disgusted at me and said, "Why'd ya get me them dog muffins." hush puppies-dog muffins Oh Lordy how that boy does tickle me.

Had an email from Trevor (my friend from the UK) today. They got the package I sent. I sent all kinds of goodies, Moon Pies, candy, Slim Jims, Little Debbies, etc. You know what his favorite thing was??? You ain't gonna believe this one. He even called it "absolutely gorgeous." CREAM OF WHEAT!! Can you believe that? I think he's a nut.
I sent it because he was asking what it was and if it was like porridge. Well evidently it ain't cause he grew up eating porridge and when he got the Cream of Wheat he sat and ate the whole box. You know the boxes with the instant packages in em. I reckon they hold about 10 packets. Well he sat and ate them all in one night. To quote him,
"that is the most delicious thing ever." He also loved the Chex Mix I sent. And naturally Lucy, his eleven year old daughter loved the candy the best. Ro and Boo sent a little message via me to him about appreciating how their country stands beside us while we are fighting in the middle east. He said, "I was particularly moved my the kind gesture from the Andy Griffith fans, that almost brought a lump to my throat, how very kind." See, that man is good people. They are thinking of immigrating on 5-6 years. He says that the cost of living there is astronomical. We would welcome him with open arms. I think he could make a comfortable living here. He is a computer whiz. He has wired his appliances, tv, lights etc.to be controlled by a touch screen hooked up to a p.c. Quite talented.

Well I need to run for now. We had a mexican pitch in dinner at church Saturday night and one of the ladies made homemade salsa. YUM! She sent a one pound butter bowl home with me and I can hear that salsa calling my name now. I will chat at ya later.

June 04, 2003 - Msg 14071: OOPS in case there weren't enough clues, that was me....fun girl

June 04, 2003 - Msg 14072: Hey Porch!

It sure is fun reading about everyone's adventures! I had quite a mental picture of Ro, waving that bed sheet trying to send some heat up here! My end of the porch hasn't even hit 60 today! It is misting out there too!

fun girl, it sure would be nice if Trevor moved here. He would fit right in, but that liking Cream of Wheat, now that IS a little strange! (Not that Cream of Wheat is bad, but when you compare it to Little Debbie's, candy and all...!)

Romeena, I taint never had a hush puppy! I confess! I taint never had a moon pie, nor grits either! I live a sheltered life!

Jimmy the goat, I like your idea for picking out a suitable single! If a body likes the Andy Griffith show, well, they has to be a good 'un!

I think I'll go stand out in the mist, I think it will be good for my complexion!

Mary Wiggins

June 04, 2003 - Msg 14073: Thanks. I'd like to see it sometime. I know there's a single female out there who must like TAGS...Now whether I'll ever find her is another story. Take care...Jimmy the Goat

June 04, 2003 - Msg 14074: HELLO PORCH,


June 04, 2003 - Msg 14075: Hey Porch,
I love the idea of a Mayberry Singles site. I bet Barney would be signing on, too. Please start one!Here I am, Jimmy the Goat, where are you?
The Manicurist

June 04, 2003 - Msg 14076: Well, I am getting on my feet slowly each day with the help of braces and crutches. Just wanted to check in and say hello to evewrybody on the front porch. Better run, it is prayer meeting night and I need to get to church after while. SAM SCOTT

June 04, 2003 - Msg 14077: I am single too. SAM SCOTT

June 04, 2003 - Msg 14078: Wooooowe! Looks like we may have to do something about this here singles club. Speaking of single and looking. Whatever happened to Dixie Belle. I bet she would be willing to give that there club a go. Unless she done run off with that waiter fella. Now, I am a notorious match maker and love to introduce people every chance I get, so I think this idee is an extry good one. But alas, I am a novice on the computer and would not know the first thing about how to go about starting something like this up. Mavis, wasn't it you who started up the Cutlass, or was it Hazel. I am forever more getting you two mixed up. Which one was named after a chicken anyway?

Dear Sam, whatever happened to you. Was it a car accident? My goodness sounds like you was broke up something awful. Prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Hugs to all!
fun girl

June 04, 2003 - Msg 14079: Hey does single minded count ??

June 04, 2003 - Msg 14080: Sounds like love is in bloom on the porch! Ah, summer love......

Well, I LOVE Cream Of Wheat and would choose it over candy and Little Debbies anyday (especially if it has lots of butter and sugar in it. Trevor is no weirdo!

Today has been one of those difficult toddler days and I am beat! Just finished bathing her after pulling her out of the toilet, which was not flushed because they were doing some work on the water line on our street and we had no water until a little while ago. I guess I can just be really thankful that she didn't get into the toilet until the water came back on, right? It would have horrible having her walk around with wet toilet paper stuck to her head like before.
Never a dull moment around here. Just when I thought she was over her getting in the toilet stage. I read a quote from Phyllis Diller today that said "Cleaning house while your kids are growing, is like shoveling the sidewalk while its still snowing!". Boy can I relate to that. Can anyone else? Sterling knows what I'm talking about, I'll bet.

Gotta go before the next catastrophy...

June 04, 2003 - Msg 14081: It was me that started the Cutlass & Hazel is the one named after the chicken, fungirl I am pooped tonight too Boo but mine is from working outside of the house, not sure which I would rather do, groom all them puppies or chase toddlers, not much of a choice when yer tired. LOL I'm off here to enjoy a cup of coffee & see what I can find to eat. Could you please send me over one of those BBQ baskets with an extra order of dog muffins?

June 04, 2003 - Msg 14082: Hey to the porch. You guys are too funny. I laughed out loud at Romeenas neighbors mumblings of "tar and cotton".
Have you single people ever checked out Mrs. Wileys? She runs a single group (you can check it out in the Sarahs Mayberry directory.) Now, I aint single, but I did check it out one night whilst web surfing. Personally I found it rather boring, but you guys might want to check it out.
Oh, speaking of the weather everyone is complaining about... come to Idaho! It is beautiful, in the 70's , nice and sunny. A picture no artist could draw.
- Hazel

June 04, 2003 - Msg 14083: Good evening, everybody! Speaking of good stuff to eat - how many of you buy from the Schwan's man? Besides me, I mean. They have some pretty good things, and I found a new one Sunday night. Their frozen "herb and cheese" biscuits are simply wonderful. Just take them out of the bag and bake as many or as few as you wish, and they are great. I bake a mean biscuit, but I may never bake them again. As a general rule, I'm not too sold on "prefab" food, but those biscuits would make you slap your pappy!

Well, I'm full of catfish and dog muffins, and it was all good! Good food with good friends - can't beat a deal like that. My friends and I were just discussing it - we've known each other almost thirty years. That's a long time. They're good folks, and have really stuck by me since my dear husband has been gone. Thank God for people like them. They're Mayberry-type people.

Well, have a good evening, everyone. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

June 04, 2003 - Msg 14084: Yes, thank God for good, long-term friends. They are one of God's greatest blessings, in my opinion, Ro.

I have never ordered from the Schwan man but it seems like my mom used to get frozen meats from him when I was a kid. I remember the Watkin's man, too and people used to come around selling something called "Jewel" home products. We also got alot of Avon around Christmas time. Do any of you girls remember the Avon lip gloss inside of an Oreo cookie, or the perfume that came in a little roll on bottle? Fun stuff for a little girl.

Ro, do you remember Texas Gold Stamps? They used to give them to you when you bought groceries at HEB. Mom used to get alot of things with Gold Stamps. I also remember the milk man leaving real bottles of milk on the front step and you had to shake it up because the cream would settle on the top.

Ok, I think I have gone far enough down memory lane for one night.
Good night, Ya'll!

June 05, 2003 - Msg 14085: Hi All will it raining here and I wish it woodgo away.
Boo stop recalling the old day becaues I can remember win mikemen came to the home and candy was a penny.
All the thing that are now doing in schoo l we never did, will having sleep night on the weedend in school for all the good one or going fish what the classfor the last day of day.
I think time had chang for some of us.
The thing kids are doing today and ggitting away what, was never hraed of or did.
(Springtime Memories)
Springtime memories warm the heart
on snowbound winter days,
when thoughts of dancing daffodils
fill our heart with praise.
the leafless trees look lifeless
against a pewter sky,
abandoned and forgotten
in mother nature's eye.
yet deep beneath the ice and snow,
bulbs of spring lie sleeping,
filled with hope and promises
and secrets they are keeping.
on long, cold days when time stands still
and all is brown and white,
my technicolor dreams of spring
help me through the night.
in time, the hummers will return
when spring is in the air,
and every bud and blossom
will be an answered prayer!

June 05, 2003 - Msg 14086: Ooooh, TOM! That's beautiful! Thank you so much. --Romeena

June 05, 2003 - Msg 14087: Tom great poem, Good night porch.


June 05, 2003 - Msg 14088: Good mornin'Porch! It's 6:47 AM. Where is everyone? Ya'll still asleep? I'm going out to find some food. Is it my turn to get the Krispy Kremes?
Glad ya'll like the idea of a singles thing. I think it would be a good idea, but I don't know how to get one started. The most important thing would be just a place where everyone could meet in a safe way. Oh well. Maybe one day...
Maybe one day there could be and ANdy Griffith COmputer Dating. Whenever the computer finds a match for you, the women folk could get a message saying, "Call the man."
Hey Manicurist...I'm right here on the porch. Do you like goats? I love meeting people, and I've found even if it don't work out or what have you, you've made a friend, and a friends are a blessing! Ya'll have a good one. Jimmy the Goat

June 05, 2003 - Msg 14089: Mornin' Y'all. Ok,we're having Supper on the Porch tonight.I'm serving grits,moon pies and hush puppies.Oh,and Mavis gets a BBQ basket.As Andy always told Opie "Supper is at 6 o' clock.Y'all just show up and help yourselves!
Hope everyone has a great day-love to all!
possum under a rock

June 05, 2003 - Msg 14090: Hey Possum under a rock? I'm not from the south, although I hope to be living there very, very, very soon. It's been my dream all along. The south is where I want to be. I love all the food I've eaten there. But I've never had grits. I loved hush puppies, but what are grits like? My friend up here is from Alabama. Every time I ask him, he just smiles and says, "I grew up on 'em. We gonna get you a big ol' bowl," then he gives an evil laugh. Although he did teach me how to make a good sausage gravy. I need a recipe for real southern biscuits? Is there an easy way to do them? Remember I've got to work with hooves.
Jimmy the Goat.

June 05, 2003 - Msg 14091: Good morning porch I just have a few mins to say hey , Where abouts you from Jimmy? I love grits,Possum I want some good ole BBQ also.I buy from Schwan it has a lot of good eatins. Glad to see you back BFaB and Sam Scott Hey Mavis haven't got your tape yet. Hello Hazel Salty Dog, FG,Asa, CT, HM, Bulb, BDJ, Boo MW. Manicurist, Tom and everyone else. Off to work I go.

Ellen Brown

June 05, 2003 - Msg 14092: Lovely poem, TOM. I just can't tell you how uplifting those poems are that you leave for us here on the porch. Yep, I remember that penny cand, too. One time, my dad gave me and a friend a whole quarter to go down to the corner store and you should have seen that little paper sack full of candy we got for a quarter! Those were the days. I read a quote yesterday that said, "Remember the little things of today with joy because they might just be the big things of tomorrow.".

Jimmy, I have lived in the South all my life and have never eaten grits, ever. I guess because my mom is from West Virginia and they didn't eat them there. I used to watch my dad eat them from time to time and I thought they looked terrible.

Jimmy, where in the South do you want to live? By the way, I thought your dating service idea was cute, especially the "call the man" part! The only thing I am afraid of is that if you single ones find your own porch to sit on you won't visit with us ol married folks.

Possum, did you ever dip hushpuppies in red sauce (the red horseradish sauce you eat with shrimp)? It's really good.

I got three new Gooseberry Patch cookbooks in the mail yesterday and they are so neat. You ladies really need to get on that Gooseberry Patch web site and get you a cookbook. You will love it, especially the Christmas ones. Trust me! One of my new ones is called "A Pinch Of This, A Dash Of That" and it is full of old family recipes and little interesting quotes, memories and decorating ideas and tips. Fun! If you decide to purchase one, I would suggest the one called "Coming Home For The Holidays". It's a good one! Also, you can purchase them on ebay if you just do a Gooseberry Patch search.

Gotta go....the kids are still sleeping and I think I will finish my coffee while I look at my cookbooks.

Later friends,

June 05, 2003 - Msg 14093: I remember lip gloss in the oreo cookie. I thought I was cool stuff with that! We still have the Raleigh man instead of the Watkins man. They have a great antiseptic salve - it's great for critters or humans. Used it on goat teats a couple of years ago and then on my son's cuts too. Sure heals the very best!

The last day of school - the boss brought Krispy Kremes for us all and I had a cappucino to boot! I get hooked on that cappucino stuff. Why - I would be a high class, high tech redneck!

The big fat redneck wedding is Saturday. Wish us luck with this nephew getting married. Hopefully his dad's girlfriend will stay away. (That girlfriend would be dad's brother's ex-wife.) (See I told you Redneck!)

Have a lovely day - paperwork awaits me!


June 05, 2003 - Msg 14094: I am single also. I enjoy going out and sitting on a front porch. Linda

June 05, 2003 - Msg 14095: Yep, sounds pretty redneck to me! At our family reunion in early May we had my dad and a cousin who had been married to the same woman. She was a second wife for both of them. And then the cousin's first wife showed up. She and my ex-step mom were so much alike that fungi thought they were sisters. LOL So, top that if you can. Not only that, but my dad stayed at the house with this cousin while he was in Georgia.

And speaking of Georgia....is anyone from there that is at least 40 years old? Does anyone remember GEX department stores. Don't know what it stood for anything about it except I got lost there one time when I wandered away from Mom and Dad cause they weren't getting me any popcorn like they promised. I have a vague memory of talking to a lady behind a tall counter. I was very young and it seemed that the counter must have been 16 feet tall. Luckily it was the information desk and she asked me if I was lost. I said no that my mom and dad were. LOL She paged them and they came and rescued me. That'll teach them to promise me popcorn and not deliver, huh?

I remember S&H Greenstamps. My grandma used to collect them and I believe when she died she had a whole drawer full of them. Never did go to the Green Stamp store and trade them in for anything good.

Now I don't know how you all make biscuits, but my great aunt made the best biscuits you ever put into your mouth. She had a huge bowl of flour and she poured some buttermilk into the bowl and threw in a gob of Crisco. Never did I see her measure. Then she worked it into dough. Took it out and rolled it on the table and the rest of the flour was clean as a whistle. Popped a lid back onto the bowl and used it until it was gone. They were about the best biscuits I ever ate. I am a person who has to follow instructions to get anything to come out right. I need exact measurements. But she shore made some extry good biscuits.

Gotta hit the doctor's office. Yak at ya later.
fun girl

June 05, 2003 - Msg 14096: Good morning, everyone! fun girl, your great aunt must have been using self-rising flour, and I'd bet she had worked a bit of salt into that flour, too. I'm not quite that casual about the biscuits I make, I do have a recipe in my head, but I measure by sight. I can pour salt into the palm of my hand, and then into a measuring spoon, and the amount will be precise. Makes my daughter-in-law crazy! (teehee)

Poor little Sugarplum! This hasn't been her week. First the cherry seed incident on Sunday, and then at some point yesterday, she hurt her toe, real bad. She somehow literally yanked the nail out by the roots on one of her back-foot toes. Last night I noticed she was licking and "tending" that little foot, and she didn't want me to investigate. I got to see enough to know that only the little "quick" core was there, there was no nail covering it. We were at her doctor's office bright and early this morning, and he said there's nothing to do but wait for it to grow back. He did give her some Rimadyl for the pain, though, thank goodness. Poor baby. I started searching the house for blood or any other evidence of what happened, and in the front entry there were blood spots on the tile, and I even found the toenail, intact, just lying on the floor. I think she hung it in the crack between the door and the frame, as she was trying to get to the mailman. I just don't understand why I didn't hear her cry. It had to have hurt terribly. The only thing I can figure is that she may have done it while I was outside, but even then I should have heard her. She's a tough little thing, though, and may not have cried much. Anyway, I feel so sorry for her. As she was trying to guard the foot last night when I was trying to see what she had done, her biggest defense was to push her nose in between, and lick at my fingers. It wouldn't enter her mind to bite.

Well, today it's cool and rainy here! Praise the Lord. My grass and flowerbeds are so happy, and so am I. You all have a wonderful day. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

June 05, 2003 - Msg 14097: Hey All, NEVER HAD GRITS, DON'T KNOW WHAT HUSH PUPPIES ARE? Good Gosh, this is a sad day on the porch for me. Some of ya'll need to live a little (Ha, Ha). When I first moved to California from Alabama, my roommate told me the same thing. He also said he was twenty four years old before he caught his first fish. GOOD NIGHT. What is the world coming to? Actually, it's okay. My girlfriend who was born and raised in Hollywood almost fainted on a minute to minute basis when I took her back home for a visit. She couldn't believe the South. The way of life, the food, the manners. And had also never heard of a Krispy Kreme until I told showed her one and told here they started in the South. After staying there a few weeks, she fell in love with the South and wants nothing more than to move there forever (we live in Las Vegas now). I have traveled all over the world and seen a lot of beautiful things. But nothing can compare to the South. A moon lit night in the bayou, frogs croaking, crickets singing, or watching the sun come up over the Mississippi making the water glitter like a sheet of gold. The South is truly it's own. Now that I am good and home sick I will leave ya'll. Take care and have a Mayberry Kinda Day!

Ed Sawyer

June 05, 2003 - Msg 14098: Yes, I do know what you are talking about, Boo! In fact, yesterday I tried to make a dent in the mess(es) by doing some quick cleaning while my wife took the little one on an outing. But for some reason, as I look now, the floor must act like a magnet for things like toys, pens, paper and other bits and pieces that now adorn the carpet. Again! Oh, well, it gives the house that lived-in look.
By the way Boo, I won't have anything to do with oysters. Raw, baked or fried! Yuck! The insides of orange peels are much better!
Fun Girl, I don't think loving Cream Of Wheat is strange a'tall! I love it!
Have a good day everyone!
-Sterling Holobyte

June 05, 2003 - Msg 14099: Hi Andy, I am glad to see that you are stopping by to say "Hey" Linda

June 05, 2003 - Msg 14100: Boy, can I stir things up! Ya'll have to remember...I'm not from the South. We don't have grits here. We have a lot of seafood here, thats the specialty. Give me a chance. I'll get better.

Hey Boo. Ain't nobody gonna leave the porch, single or married. I love the porch. I'm here for life...or until I die, whichever comes first. Now I don't know who started the myth, that being single is fun, but believe me it is a myth. There are times when its fun, but just look at the responses. I think there are a lot of singles who, like me, just want to meet a nice person. If I knew how to do it, I would. I'm thinking about just getting one of those free email accounts so those interested can swap email addresses and we can all just throw ideas off one another. I don't know.

Where in the south do I wanna live? Simple. Mt.Airy. No other place. Let me tell you why. I'm fed up with always having to look over my shoulder for thugs. See, I live in the suburbs 15 minutes outside the city. Nice people here, very friendly. The violent crime rate has rocketed over the last 10 years, though. The city is like an overflowing bathtub, except its the criminals that are overflowing. Now it's true, you can't run from crime...BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO SIT RIGHT ON THE FRONT LINES EITHER! You gonna have drug arrests and domestics everywhere, but its the random violent crime that I don't like. An older man 5 minutes from my house was the victim of a home invasion, and though he offered no resistance, these animals beat him severely anyway. Then in another close by neighborhood, there was an argument. The guy went to his car, started to drive away and then opened fire. In addition, the bank down the street was just robbed, and all these things are becoming a constant. This, at one time was a great area. Now when anyone goes out, we always have to look over our shoulder. I'm sick and tired of it. Just fed up. The Lord Almighty did not intend for man to live that way! He didn't intend for animals to live that way! So, A few weeks ago, I went to Mt.Airy just to see the place. I spent the day there and something clicked. I said this is where I want to be. I don't know why, it just happened, kinda like when you fall in love. I like that its very, very small. I'm not moving into or near any big city. No way. Been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. If I have to drive an hour to work, so be it. If the nearest Mcdonalds is 45 minutes away, no problem. If there's not a hospital close by...it don't matter, I'm afraid of them, and needles, and wouldnt go if I was sick anyway. I want to hear crickets again! I wanna hear frogs croaking like Ed Sawyer was saying. I wanna hear owls hooting, too. They sound better than the wail of ambulance and police sirens. Trust me. Now I know small towns don't like outsiders and I can understand why. They don't want their towns turned upside down. So maybe no one will talk to me, and I'll be alone, but at least I'll be in a nice place that I like. Well, I apologize for rambling. Ya'll have a good one. I promise tomorrow, I'll eat grits.
Jimmy the Goat

June 05, 2003 - Msg 14101: Hey Jimmy, The Manicurist here, I live in the big city of Raleigh, Barney's party town. I also would love to live in Mt. Airy and go there often. Going again this weekend. See ya there!

June 05, 2003 - Msg 14102: Really, Manicurist? Always wanted to see Raleigh. Barney always spoke hightly of it. Ya'll have a big airport there. One day we'll have to exchange email addresses. Have a good time in Mt.Airy...I wish I was there this weekend. Have fun...Jimmy The Goat

June 05, 2003 - Msg 14103: Hmmmmm... Let me see. Manicurist lives in Raleigh, likes Mt. Airy. Jimmy the Goat really likes Mt. Airy, would like to see Raleigh. This seems like a situation that could click. Here's the plan. Jimmy goes to Raleigh, meets up with Manicurist, who shows him around Raleigh. Then they both go and visit Mt. Airy together. Yeah, that might work! Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

June 05, 2003 - Msg 14104: Romeena, dear, how are you? Forgive my manners. How's Sugarplum doin? I'm so glad to see your doing better.
Manicurist and I gotta get to know one another. I can't just show up in Raleigh...she might have a boyfriend. Then instead of being loaded with dynamite, the goat might be loaded with buckshot.
To ya'll living in the South...cherish what you have, cuz' your lucky to have it. Jimmy Goat.

June 05, 2003 - Msg 14105: Cool, sounds like Jimmy and The Manicurist have something in common. I have never been there myself, but I am partial to small towns. My dream is to live in Colorado. I love a little small town there called Buena Vista. Jimmy, I would like to hear more about Mt. Airy. How big is it and tell us a bit about the town (points of interest, architecture, etc.).

Poor baby Sugarplum! I feel so sorry for her. Please give her a kiss for me and tell her I hope she feels better soon. Sweet baby.

The weather has been incredible here today. I have never seen a day this cool in June. It was rainy, windy and in the 70's this afternoon. Wonderful! I am beginning to think it might rain on Saturday while I am supposed to be having my big garage sale, though.

Better go clean the kitchen. I made a big pot of cheesy chicken and broccoli spaghetti for supper. Boy, was it good!

Love to all,

June 05, 2003 - Msg 14106: My husband worked at the GEX dept store, in the
optical dept. Linda

June 05, 2003 - Msg 14107: What's Mt.Airy like? Well, Boo picture Mayberry on TAGS, but better. Points of interest...Well, you should stop by the Visitors Center. Then there's the Snappy Lunch, and of course, The Bluebird Diner. Amazin' how many TAGS fans forget about the Bluebird. Awesome pie there. There's Wally's Filling Station to see. Some things I didn't get to see are the Andy Griffith Playhouse, and his birthplace. I could go on forever. Tell you what, Boo. I'm going to get a yahoo account setup, and I'll post it. Is that safe to do here? I'll post it, and email you at length about it, and send you the pics I got. Be warned. Once you go, you'll want to stay forever.
By the way, hey to Linda. I forgot to say that earlier. Night ya'll--Jimmy the Goat

June 05, 2003 - Msg 14108: Hey to Jimmy the Goat. Where's the Dynamite?

June 05, 2003 - Msg 14109: Hey Linda, where did you live when your hubby worked for GEX? What did it stand for, if anything? I only have that one vague memory of GEX. Don't even remember the popcorn. LOL

Well got another email from Trevor today. Ya'll aren't gonna believe this one. He has gone on EBAY and bid on a lot of 100 packages of cream of wheat. The boy is addicted. I like food, but I can not imagine paying shipping top the United Kingdom for Cream of Wheat!
fun girl

June 05, 2003 - Msg 14110: I think you'd be safe posting your yahoo email address here, Jimmy the Goat. You're amongst Mayberry friends.

June 05, 2003 - Msg 14111: Hey Mavis, put on the link for the Cutlass. Then everyone who is single could post here saying they are single and everybody could get the email addresses off the Cutlass. Would that work?
Later gator.
fun girl

June 05, 2003 - Msg 14112: Evening porch.
Hope all is well with everyone.
Welcome to Linda.
Get better soon Sugarplum.
Busy as all get out here. Wish I could stay longer.

June 05, 2003 - Msg 14113: Hey Fun Girl, I think we lived in Oklahoma City
I'm not sure what GEX stood for. Hey Asa

June 06, 2003 - Msg 14114: Mornin' Porch, The goat is up. Figured I'd do a little sweeping while ya'll are eatin'... Hey fun girl, I have a question. I knew the Cutlass was the yearbook on TAGS but what is the online cutlass you mentioned? It sounds like thats a good idea for singles.

Boo,or any of my other friends. If ya'll wanna know about Mt.Airy, or you got ideas about the singles thing, or you wanna fix me up (LOL) Or, if you just wanna talk some more and work on that friendship thing, contact me at Jimmythegoat71@yahoo.com. Take care...Jimmy Goat.

June 06, 2003 - Msg 14115: Mavis gave the link to the cutlass up there in message 14081.

June 06, 2003 - Msg 14116: Mavis, you are a genius! I just checked out the Cutlass, and I really liked that. I think that could be the ideal place for singles. Maybe you could add a category for singles and call it by one of those clever names, like you have for the other stuff. Great site. She has obviously worked very, hard on that site. Jimmy the Goat.

June 06, 2003 - Msg 14117: Hi All just stop by befor going out .
Agood friend of me lost her new babby it was bron dead and she was 7 mon in to it win the dr didn,t heard the heart.
So will you all say a little prayer her and the family.

June 06, 2003 - Msg 14118: Tom, your friend is in my prayers. That is so sad.
Jimmy the Goat, check your email later. I was once on one of those singles sites and put that I was a big TAGS fan. Nobody knew what that meant! Is that pitiful or what!
The Manicurist

June 06, 2003 - Msg 14119: Manicurist--I'll check my mail later. Lookin' forward to it. You seem nice. I had that TAGS experience in person. I met a girl and I told her I liked TAGS...clueless. Everyone at the table...Clueless. Jimmy T.Goat

June 06, 2003 - Msg 14120: Sorry about your friend, Tom. Prayers for her and her family.

Jimmy, I looked up Mt. Airy and found the greatest website about it. They described all the attractions and had lots of pictures-even told the history of the Snappy Lunch. I have got to go there! I wonder how long it would take to drive there from down here in South Texas...

Later, friends...

June 06, 2003 - Msg 14121: Alright friends, gather round. The goat is gonna climb up on his soapbox.

Friends, how many of ya'll like baseball? I personally prefer contact sports, but I want talk about baseball. I want to talk Sammy Sosa. Hang in there, I'm going somewhere with this. Now we all know about the corked bat controversey. That's a big no-no in baseball. But Ol' Sammy knew he did wrong. Rather than act like a weasel and deny it, or lie or scapegoat it, he owned up to it. He admitted to making a mistake, and apologized. As far as I'm concerned, that satisfies me. Yes, he should be suspened, and fined but thats it. Lets remember what the Bible says about forgiveness. I wonder how Sherrif Andy Taylor would've handled this...what do you think he would say, if someone owned up to making a big mistake, and apologized?

Some people in the media are out for this guys head. They say, "What kind of message does this send to young people?" Well I can tell you that. It says, "If you do wrong, don't be courageous and own up to it, and apologize..." How do you teach kids today to be honest, when they see what this guy is being put through. Here's a famous man who made a mistake, and instead of covering up, he's trying to do right by being honest. I say enough is enough. Leave the fella alone now.

Look for years, we've all heard the tales about certain pitchers who doctor the baseball up with nail files, vaseline, etc...You can see Hall of Fame Pitchers being interviewed, and they admit that they did these things, and sometimes show you how they did it. Yet everyone just dismisses it, as if to say thats part of the game. BALONEY! It's cheating, and it's just as bad as what Sosa did, yet no one is screaming and hollering. I was watching this one guy talk about how he used to do it...he'd put vaseline under the brim of hat, and then would act like he was wiping sweat off his brow. He's in the Hall of Fame.

And one other thing- Some of these Hall of Famers have had some serious character flaws, and were involved in things and scandals I couldn't even bring up here. No one is screaming about them. So I say enough is enough already with Sammy Sosa.

Now the reason I bring this up is because its the weekend, and your bound to hear someone talk about it. When you do, keep this in mind. I think once we lose ability to forgive folks, we've had it as a society. Ok, lecture is over. JimmytheGoat

June 06, 2003 - Msg 14122: BOO, It would take you about 2 days driving, I'd say. I did Maryland to San Antonio in 3 days. Jimmy Goat

June 06, 2003 - Msg 14123: To anyone going to Mt.Airy, don't forget to check out Floyd's Barber Shop. He'll take your picture and put it on his wall with hundreds more.
The Manicurist

June 06, 2003 - Msg 14124: Jimmy - I hope you find your doeling soon (since you happen to be a buckling), and since I don't know your age - buckling is a compliment!

Tom - I am really sorry about your friend's baby. Having been there before - there is nothing like losing your baby, no matter what their age.

Hi Asa - get any new colorful undies yet!

FG - I could eat my weight in Cream of Wheat. I just love the stuff, 'specially when I don't feel good. I use to put chocolate milk in it!

Wedding countdown - tux picked up, check; new clothes for the family, check; mom's new hairdo, check; wedding gift, check. Okay - ready for the The Big Fat Redneck Wedding!

See you after the wedding tomorrow! or maybe after the rehearsal! Ha Ha


June 06, 2003 - Msg 14125: By the way Jimmy - how do you REALLY feel about the Sammy Sosa event?

Wanna comment on Pete Rose too. . .

June 06, 2003 - Msg 14126: Hey homemaker. Don't you be fretting about my underwear, you hear? LOL Will we be seeing more of you now that school is out? Hope so.
How is everyone else doing on this Friday afternoon? Well I hope. Had a rough week this week so I am really looking forward to taking it easy the next couple of days. Think I'll start off with a trip down to the drug store and get some pop. Anyone wanna come?


June 06, 2003 - Msg 14127: Homemaker- Let me just say, I've enjoyed your posts very much. You're clever and very witty. Actually, I think I've expressed my feelings on that issue very clearly. I'll choose to refrain from commenting on the Rose situation. First, and foremost, this is a Mayberry website, dealing with all things Maybery. I believe the idea of forgiving a person who does wrong, is a very Mayberry thing, and an issue thats relevant in our daily lives. So, please know, I wasn't just writing about sports for the sake of writing about them. Also, I come here to relax. I write a weekly column for a boxing publication. Our online forum always has a lot of insults and verbal sparring. You need a thick skin. By the time I come here, I just want to relax, forget sports, and talk TAGS.
Regards, Jimmy the Goat.

June 06, 2003 - Msg 14128: hey guys, sorry I havent been posting as much here lately.... yes Asa I know I know. The singles group sounds good. Just dont be telling people you live in that big ol fancy house like Floyd did. I met a wonderful friend who lives in CA and I had to tell this one on him.. we were chatting one day and I was eating a pimento cheese sandwich, he had never heard of pimento cheese before.. I couldn't believe it. I didn't realize it was a soutnern thang.. I thought everyone had eaten that before. Now he eats moon pies and spam sandwiches, so you'd think he knew about pimento cheese too. I hope you all are doin good and have a good weekend too. Love ya's all --Salty Dog

June 06, 2003 - Msg 14129: Hey guys... yall gave me an idea talking about the singles group. I am trying my hand at message boards, so I created one for us to hang out at. I just started it tonight so it's not finished yet. Heres the URL if I can do this right, come check it out sign up and let me know what yall think. I'm gonna add a chat room so we can talk to each other too. I'm not trying to take away from this porch at all.. just thought it would be cool to have another place to post and get to know each other better. Heres the link [url]http://tagsporch.hyperboards2.com/[/url] If this link doesn't work I'll try it again. Please come join and tell me what you think about it. Love ya's --Salty Dog

June 06, 2003 - Msg 14130: ok.. well the link didn't work.. so here it is again If someone knows how to do links please link it to my page.. http://tagsporch.hyperboards2.com/

June 06, 2003 - Msg 14131: Hey all, How was your week? I hope all ya'll are well. Vegas has been hot but it actually cooled down a bit. Last I looked it was only 97 degrees outside (7:30pm). We live in a desert what can I say. I do miss the humidity of the south so much. This dry heat here is a killer. I think that's great if we could hook up a chat room to talk "real-time". That would be excellent. I'm going for a jog now (on treadmill of course). Take care all and have a pleasant Mayberry Kinda Evening!

Ed Sawyer

June 06, 2003 - Msg 14132: OK.. me again.. Just wanted to let you all know that a chat room has been added to the site. It's totally private so only our members can get access to it. -Salty Dog http://tagsporch.hyperboards2.com/index.cgi

June 07, 2003 - Msg 14133: ok one last time here before I take up this whole page lol. I added a few more things to the site. When the page loads just click on register to sign up.. a email with a temporary password will be sent to your email. You can sign up with your same usernames here, or whatever name you choose. After you sign in with your temp password you can change it by clicking on the profile button. If you are having problems please email me or ask me here. Hope you enjoy it! -- Salty Dog

June 07, 2003 - Msg 14134: Hey all, I went and had lunch at the Andy Griffith Cafe, it is about 35 miles out of Indianapolis, good food. They had the sheriffs car
sitting out in front. It is a neat place to go.

June 07, 2003 - Msg 14135: Did that cafe happen to be in Danville? Been there before. It is about 25 minutes from my home. Where are you from Linda. I am from Martinsville. If it was not in Danville, will you post where it is as I would like to go there? Have you ever been to Opie Taylor's in Bloomington? Memorabelia on the walls and GREAT cheeseburgers. Well, that's all for now.
Later on,
fun girl

June 07, 2003 - Msg 14136: Man, I feel left out. I have never been to North Carolina but would sure like to go after talking to you folks!

Salty, I will check out your site for sure later. I have to go get ready for the "big garage sale" right now. Wish me luck!


PS- I am glad I'm not the only one dealing with the heat, Ed. I remember being in Vegas in the summer. The heat is unbelievable. I had to used a potholder to open the car door (really).

June 07, 2003 - Msg 14137: Mornin' Y'all! Not too hot here,but very rainy and wet.Thought my rock was gonna float away last night!
Yeah,Salty,pimento cheese is pretty much a Southern thing.I love the stuff! Not too big on spam sandwiches,however!
I have a question to pose- if any of y'all had a few thousand dollars just sittin' somewhere and wanted to do something profitable with it,what would you do? Anyone know a good business to start up? Or someway to invest it? I've got it,want to do something with it to turn it into more money. I have entertained grand visions of starting a home based business of making & selling candles.Just wondering if it would be worth it.Everywhere you look,folks are selling candles.I'd have to get the equipment and knowledge of HOW to make them.I have a place and people who would help me.Somebody give me some money making ideas! Thanks!
Speaking of making money (yeah,right!) I've got to get ready for work.Y'all have a good day now!
possum under a rock

June 07, 2003 - Msg 14138: HEY SALTY DOG- GREAT JOB!
Folks, I mean to tell you. Check out the work that went into this site that Salty Dog created. Wow. I'm impressed. The one nice thing about it is the registration. For instance, you can give out a number or email there without fear of some interloper gettin' it. They have security. Pretty neat. Although I'm going to be on the porch too, I really like the site, Salty Dog.
BOO- I'm waiting on you. Drop me a line and i'll send you the pics of MT.Airy. You can also check out www.visitmayberry.com. Ya'll have a good one.

June 07, 2003 - Msg 14139: Woohoo! Good for you, possum! I'm happy for you, with that money to invest. You didn't say how much you have, and I'm not askin', but my daughter-in-law just opened a "Curves" salon in Ft. Worth. The franchise cost $19k, and then she had to find and lease her store-front location, and get the space physically prepared - paint, carpet, etc. Curves provided the machinery and a trainer that spent a week with her, showing the ropes. If you want to know more, just email me at Romeena@airmail.net, and I'll fill you in. Incidentally, she already has nearly 300 clients after being open just over a month. She has passed the break-even point and is already into making profit. Most new business owners are thrilled if they hit profit within the first year!

Salty, I've eaten pimento cheese all my life, but I never knew it was a Southern thing. I'd have thought it was my mother's invention, except that you can buy it already prepared in any grocery store. Anyway, it's gooood! I like a little mix of sweet and dill relish in mine, along with the pimento, and a bit of finely chopped onion. Quite often I'll buy the Price's spread from the store, and jazz it up a little with my own additions.

Well, gotta run. Have a great day, friends. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

June 07, 2003 - Msg 14140: Fun Girl, the cafe was in Danville. One of my favorite shows was when Opie used the sling shot, and by accident killed the bird in the tree. It was a heart warming show. Linda

June 07, 2003 - Msg 14141: Hey Possum. you got money huh? Have I got a deal for you. I just happen to have this map showing me where the treasure is buried just outside of town. Well, I'm tryiny to raise some capital to rent the equipment and start digging for it. If you want to invest in that we can start digging right away. Just send it to me and I'll go rent the tractors. (wink wink)
Salty, I can't seem to get on this here new site you done created but my puter is being tempermental again. I hope to soon though.
Hope everyone has a nice day and a nice weekend.
I'll be waiting by my mailbox Possum.
Hey Charlotte, where be you?


June 07, 2003 - Msg 14142: Morning guys.. thanks for the comments Jimmy.. it's still gonna need some work.. I'm trying to get rid of those pop ups this morning, they can be aggrivating. Asa.. I'll send you the link in an email. Maybe one night we can all meet in the chat room and jaw a spell. Ro, I have a recipe somewhere for homemade pimento cheese I'll have to post it for you. If yall have any trouble with that site please let me know.. --Salty Dog

June 07, 2003 - Msg 14143: Just want to tell everybody to have a great weekend. I think it's raining all over the world. Good day to stay in and watch TAGS! The Manicurist

June 07, 2003 - Msg 14144: Possum, when it comes to investing be careful. Don't go out and by a lot of inventory and then try to sell it. That's everyones mistake. Wait until the orders arrive, THEN GO PURCHASE the inventory. You remember this formula (I learned it in college) and you will become a millionaire. I will only ask 10% of your profits for that brilliant advice (Ha Ha). If you are going to start a business for yourself, make sure you set it up as a corporation, DBA, or as an S Corp. This will give you huge tax advantages as well as you personally being able to run everything through the company (It's not that expensive to set it up). You will also want your company, even if it shows a profit, to look "IN THE RED", because Uncle Sam will be more than happy to take your profits. If you have any questions, email me and I will be glad to help you(FREE OF CHARGE)set everything up. Jaguartrading@aol.com or go to our website www.jagtrading.net.

Ed Sawyer

June 07, 2003 - Msg 14145: Evening Y'all! Thanks for the advice about what to do with the money.Wish it was 19k Romeena,but it's just a few thousand that's sitting in a retirement fund.I might just let it sit,but then again,I might do something with it.Ed sure knows what he's talking about-wish I did! Ha Ha I understand most of what you're saying Ed,but when you start talking DBA's and S corps, I'm as confused as Asa trying to figure out what a Moon Pie is! Speaking of Asa,someone get him away from his mailbox,cause I ain't got no money to send him! I will have to check your website out Ed and thanks.
Well,I guess I'll crawl under my rock and chill out for the rest of the night. Y'all have a good one!
possum under a rock

June 07, 2003 - Msg 14146: "Just a few thousand" Gee,how does that sound? Good grief! Ha Ha
possum again

June 07, 2003 - Msg 14147: Salty, tried to get on the chat room but never could. I might be doing something wrong. Not sure what...

Made 300 plus on the garage sale--not as much as I wanted but I will take it. I am so glad that it's over. I have been up since 4:45 am working, working.

I think I will go take a rest on the couch and put my tired feet up. Ya'll have a great Saturday evening.


June 07, 2003 - Msg 14148: Good evening ya'll. . .the wedding went off with only two being hitched. I'll tell you more details after I rest up.

Jimmy - being from the Cincinnati area, one gets to cut their eyeteeth on baseball and in my era - it was the big Red Machine! (Bench is still my favorite). I think what you do is neat - the boxing column - I come here to relax as well and to tell everyone about my wonderful goats.

And we will have babies soon! Baby alert - anyday now!!!

Talk to you all soon.


June 08, 2003 - Msg 14149: I love Bench too. I'm a tremendous fan of Pete Rose and think he should be in the Hall of Fame. Listen, just look up and read about the lives of the guys who are in there. Role models they are not. Too slam Pete so hard for what he did, is ridiculous. The man is a legend. He made baseball exciting. Have a good one Homemaker. ALways love talkin' with ya. Jimmy the goat

June 08, 2003 - Msg 14150: Asa, I think I can scrape up $100. Would that be enough to start digging? The Plum has a nickel she found on the floor, and wonders if she could get in on the deal as well. She tried to sell it to Barney, but he only offered her 5 cents for it, and she didn't see much point in that.

Possum, I think Ed Sawyer knows what he's talking about. The woods are full of people with big ideas about what you should do with your money. Be careful. And he's right about all those S Corp thingies, too. I don't understand them, but I know both of my sons have set themselves up that way, and they're doing well.

My dad fell again last night, a hard fall this time, and spent several hours in the ER. I think he's had another stroke, probably several, because his speech is now unintelligible. He's become combative and uncooperative, and I don't know how long I'll be able to keep him in the facility where he now lives. I'm meeting with the director tomorrow. My hope is to get an order from his doctor for a little Valium or Ativan to calm him a little, so the staff there can manage him. Otherwise, we're looking at general nursing home placement, and I really don't want that. Prayers, please.

Have a great week, everyone. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

June 08, 2003 - Msg 14151: I'm sorry to hear about your Dad Romeena. I do pray for him that his suffering will be as little as possible and that it is not prolonged. And I pray for you Romeena, that you will be blessed with the strength both physically and emotionally to deal with the whole situation. It is so difficult to see our once strong parents deminish in health and strength.


June 08, 2003 - Msg 14152: Ro, your dear daddy's health brings me to tears. Lord forgive me when I whine. Prayers for your Daddy. May God grant him what his heart has been longing for so long, and may he grant you the strength to face what is ahead.
With Much Love,
fun girl

June 08, 2003 - Msg 14153: Dear friends! Thank you for your concern. Now, not to belabor a subject, but I had no sooner posted my last message, until Twelve Oaks called to tell me my dad had fallen again and was on the way to the ER. Several cuts and abrasions on his head this time, mentation even worse than before. MD wanted to do CT scans, etc., and "see why he's falling". My question - what do we do with the information when we have it? MD said - "Good question. I don't know." After assurances that all documents are in order, Daddy doesn't want any more tests or treatments, neither do we, just comfort care, MD agreed. Wounds were cleaned, and Daddy went back to Twelve Oaks. My brother and sister-in-law are staying with him tonight, and tomorrow we will meet with the director to make other arrangements that will, we hope, prevent any more falls. He looks terrible, and as a nurse I'd guess that God is going to take care of things very soon. Thank you for all prayers, and keep 'em coming. Daddy is ready, just waiting on the Lord.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

June 08, 2003 - Msg 14154: Ro, when I read about your dad I just broke down. It's like everything I have been trying not to face about my parents just hit me. I remembered a movie of my mother when she was in her thirties and she was in our front yard dancing. She looked so happy and so healthy. I'll bet to her it seemed like only yesterday. Now since her stroke, she falls often when she gets up and tries to walk without her walker. I don't know how much longer my dad will be able to take care of her. It's so painful to think about what she used to be and how she has aged, and some times she will call me on the phone and sound almost like her old self, very clear and the very next day her speech is slurred again and she seems lost. Sometimes I feel like I am just holding my breath waiting for things to get worse instead of enjoying the time I have left with them. I am praying that The Lord would take your dad peacefully, very soon, and that you will have the strength you need at this time. God bless you and your family, but especially your dear father.

Peace to all my friends,

June 08, 2003 - Msg 14155: Heavenly Father, I ask that you welcome "Romeena's" father into your presence. Help him to be prepared in every way to meet you, and that it can be a moment of great joy, comfort and relief for him. Guide him to his mansion that Jesus promised for him, and allow him to abide in the shadow of Your wing. Help every one left behind to take to heart our own responsibility to prepare for the day we shall see Your coming. Help "Romeena" and every one else in her family to see this as a time of great joy, tinged with the sorrow of a brief parting, with the full knowledge that someday soon they shall meet again. Thank you for hearing our prayers, and being faithful to answering them, always with our best interests at heart, Amen.