June 30, 2003 - Msg 14455: Welcome Little Fat Mayor! You'll enjoy the porch and all the goin's on. Lotta good-hearted bantering, conversation, prayin' and food. We'll keep ya plump! Just jump right in here...

June 30, 2003 - Msg 14456: Well, didn't think I was up to sweeping this morning, but did a mighty quick job of it! That was simple enough.. Just wish the house was that easy. TEE HEE Good Mornin' to everyone. Coffee is on, just brewed a fresh pot. Have a good Monday. ~New Neighbor

June 30, 2003 - Msg 14457: Well, good to see ya, Little Fat Mayor. Come sit on the porch and talk politics anytime!

It's a real scorcher here in South Texas today. Only 178 days 'till Christmas, though. Heehee

I think I will head back to the couch. I still feeling a bit puny.

Ya'll have a great day!

June 30, 2003 - Msg 14458: Hello porch, prayers for all who need them, Hello fat little mayor.

bye bye
Ellen Brown

June 30, 2003 - Msg 14459: Evening Porch,
I just thought I'd set a spell and have a little chat with y'all!

Hey to fat little mayor, come around any time!

Boo, I sure hope you start feeling better real soon! First the kids, then you...sheesh!

I heard yesterday that Katherine Hepburn died. Another great actor, gone on to their reward. I didn't much agree with her politics, but she sure could act! I heard an interesting little segment about her today. She was saying that she never had children, that she had to make that sacrifice because she wanted to be an actress. She said she didn't believe it was possible to have it all. I had to give her credit, she recognized she would not have been a very good mother. Sometimes things like that are pretty hard to admit.

So, has anyone gone out to see any fireworks yet? I don't think I will be going to see any, except the one's neighbors shoot off! I always do enjoy them, though. Did the Andy Griffith show ever do a fourth of July special? Just wonderin'! It seems I vaguely remember an episode with something like dynamite and a goat in it...

By the way, where is Jimmy the Goat, did he find a shegoat or something?

Here's wishing one and all a peaceful, great night's sleep, and a wonderful Mayberry day tomorrow!

Mary Wiggins

June 30, 2003 - Msg 14460: Thanks, Mary. There aren't many folks on the porch today.

I don't remember a 4th of July TAGS episode.

I did enjoy the Howard Sprague episode tonight ("Wanna buy a ship in a bottle?"). that one is really unique.

I think you are right about Katherine Hepburn. Most of the Egomaniacs in Hollywood want to reproduce themselves. When I think of that awful Joan Crawford adopting two children it makes me sick.

Well, enough of that....I better go get the children to bed. They want to stay up late during the summer because it doesn't get dark until 9pm.

Have a nice evening, All.

"I wanted to grease my shoes but the last time I did that, all the cats kept following me."--Rafe Hollister

July 01, 2003 - Msg 14461: Mornin' Y'all.Hey,I found out yesterday that a man I work with at the BBQ place has played with the Dillards before! He said that he played with them in Myrtle Beach and the building they were in didn't allow smoking,so somebody informed (which one is it?) the bass player that he'd have to put out his pipe or leave. He said "nope" and kept on playing! I was also told that they were kinda on the quiet side in real life too-at least during that encounter. Then,the man tells me that he is related to Don Knotts on his mother's side of the family! Ya never know what you can learn at a BBQ place!
Think I'll put on a pot of coffee and leave some of them good Krispy Kremes for y'all- enjoy!
Happy July!
possum under a rock

July 01, 2003 - Msg 14462: Good morning porch, say whats everyone got planned for the 4th, are we ging to have a picnic and fireworks here at the porch? I'll bring Ice Tea and banana pudding, some angled eggs, fried chicken, and a green tomatoe pie, possum are you bringing BarBQ?
Sad about Katherine Hepburn..

Ellen Brown

July 01, 2003 - Msg 14463: JULY 01 2003-MSG 14463 WE ARE VISITING MT. AIRY

July 01, 2003 - Msg 14464: I know what you mean, Elaine. My day just isn't the same without a little Mayberry.

I forgot to tell ya'll that when I was in San Antonio on Friday, I had my very first Krispy Kreme doughnut. Pretty tasty but very sweet! I can't decide if I liked it or not. Maybe it was just too early in the morning for sweets. It was a neat place, though, and my son liked watching them make the doughnuts. He liked his little white hat they gave him, too.

Well, off to begin another day. I have alot of catching up to do from when I was sick. My husband did a great job with the kids but he's not much of a housekeeper.


July 01, 2003 - Msg 14465: Hey to the Porch, I aint been here in a coons age, I guess it the fall out gettin' in the milk. Ellen how about a little heavy soup too. Uncle Ollie "Fire Bug"

July 01, 2003 - Msg 14466: Afternoon Porch.
Still busy as can be but wanted to pop in and say hi.
Hope all is well with everyone.
I like the idea of a picnic. I'll bring my appetiite. LOL


July 01, 2003 - Msg 14467: HELLO PORCH, I am glad to see everyone doing well. Looking forward to a big barbacue with ya'll. I'm not a cook but I promise, like Asa, to bring a big appetie. I know some of ya'll are excellent cooks. Have any of ya'll ever heard of the CRACKER BARREL restaurant? They are big in Tennesee and Alabama. I actually was so starved for Southern cooking that I actually flew to Phonenix for lunch because they have one there. I'm sure they do not serve southern cooking as well as some of you but for a Southern man starving for country cooking it had to be done. It was like waving a glass of water to a man stranded in the desert. I hope ya'll have a wonderful, safe, Fourth of July Weekend. I actually work half a day on Thursday and I'm off. I am so happy. A three and a half day weekend. WOOoooo. Take care all and have a fantastic Mayberry Kinda Day!


Ed Sawyer

July 01, 2003 - Msg 14468: Ed, you poor thing, having to do without Southern cookin'! I wish we were neighbors so I could have you over for supper. I don't cook as well as my mother or as well as my Grandma did but I'm learning. I can make pretty good creme gravy now and I love it on biscuits with a dash of hot sauce. We have Cracker Barrel here in South Texas but I don't go very often because my hubbie doesn't like it. I guess he thinks he gets enough home cooking. You know, I can remember my Grandma making homemade biscuits every day. She cooked two meals a day. One was like a brunch and she always served fried potatos, fried ham or bacon, biscuits and creme gravy. I can still smell that food cooking and she passed away when I was 15. For supper she ALWAYS made a pan of cornbread (that sweet, fluffy kind), and she usually had ham and pinto beans, fresh sliced tomatos, fried potatos again....(we all have high cholesterol) and lots of real butter. She was used to cooking for a big family on a tight budget. My grandpa worked in the coal mines in West Virginia most of his life and they were dirt-poor. My mother has some great stories to tell about her modest childhood. She said they were so happy they didn't know they were poor and just like in the movies, they only got a bath on Saturday night when they drug the big metal tub into the kitchen near the stove. The youngest ones started first so if you were the oldest kid you always got the dirty bathwater! She also told me that they didn't get presents on Christmas but that her dad always ordered a crate of oranges through the mail and that was their Christmas treat. It's funny both my grandparents lived to a ripe old age and my Grandpa smoked (alot)from age 14 until he died in his eighties. My grandmother survived cancer in the 1960's and went on to become an insulin dependant diabetic and still lived to be eighty-something.

Well, got a birthday party to take the kids to tonight so I better be on my way. Love to all..


ps-I think it would be a wonderful thing to all meet in Mt. Airy some time (maybe during Mayberry Days some year).

July 01, 2003 - Msg 14469: Wow, that was long---I think I took a trip down Memory Lane and got lost or something! Sorry.


July 01, 2003 - Msg 14470: Evening Porch! & Welcome to all the new porchsters! Ya'll will love this place! I'm sorry but I can't make it to the picnic this weekend, the band is playing all weekend, a party on the 4th~ $250.00 & all the food we want, another shindig on Sat & a possible booking at O'Charlie's restaurant here in Bristol. I sure would like it if you would save me some of that BBQ tho. Ed we got Cracker Barrels here & I just LOVE them! Course, living right next door to Mamaw, I got the best southern cooking you can get anytime I want it! Ellen what is green tomato pie, is it sweet? Sounds weird, but something I sure would love to try so save me a piece of that too if Asa don't eat it all. Ya'll have a good one, gotta hit the ironing board, another workday tomorrow ~ Wonder what causes that?

July 02, 2003 - Msg 14471: It sure has been lonely on the porch, lately.....
I remember last summer it seems there was always alot of folks out sittin' and talkin'. Where did everybody go?

Sorry you can't make it to the picnic, Mavis, we will be thinking of you. I went and bought about 1,000 of those sparklers for us. They always make me feel like a kid. I am also going to bring a cake and jello salad (red, white, and blue).

Goodnight Mayberry!

July 02, 2003 - Msg 14472: Mornin' Y'all. Yep,I'll bring the BBQ,Ellen! And I'm gonna grab some stuff from our lunch buffet especially for Ed-imagine him wanting Southern food so bad that he flew to Phoenix! Cracker Barrel does have pretty good food,but I'm gonna hook Ed up with some fried chicken livers & gizzards,sweet potato pudding,collard greens,catfish and fatback-how's that for Southern? Asa,you keep your mitts outta it,now you here? This is Ed's treat.I'll bring you some homemade pork rinds if you can control yourself!
Hey Boo,if you don't want those Krispy Kremes,send them to me! Did you have the glazed? Those are the best,in my humble opinion.
We got hit with Tropical Storm Bill last night.Copious amounts of rain.Couldn't sleep for all the noise of it.Luckily,no tornados or anything nasty to accompany it.Still,it was something.Guess I should be grateful it was not of Hugo proportions! Now that was one monster storm!
Twenty years ago I met my Mister Possum! Happy Anniversary of sorts to us possums!
Y'all have a good day! Love to all!
possum under a WET rock

July 02, 2003 - Msg 14473: Copious amounts of rain! Wow possum, yer ejukashin was wurth every penny! LOL
Hey, I want in on some of this southern cooking to ya know. I'm sure I'd love it.
Got to thinking last night as I layed in bed, if Conway Twitty and Kitty Carlisle had married she would have been known as Kitty Twitty. Makes ya thank huh?


July 02, 2003 - Msg 14474: Hi All!

I guess I am new on the Porch, but wanted to wish Mayberry a happy fourth. Just came from a long walk around town. My son and I were in Mayberry last September. Got to see Thelma Lou in person and got some nice pictures too. Just missed seeing Andy being honored in October when they renamed the highway. Would like to meet everyone and have some more of that great southern cooking sometime. Think I'll catch an episode or two today. WE've taped nearly all of them. Well for now, have a great 4th.

Violet from Philadelphia

July 02, 2003 - Msg 14475: Glad to know you, Violet. Stop by often, ya hear?

Hey, Asa, were you having insomnia or do you always think about really insignificant things in bed? heehee

Have a great day!

July 02, 2003 - Msg 14476: Boo, Possum, Mavis, I'm crying right now. Sobbing like a baby as I write this. To hear of ya'll talking about Southern cooking(I'm reaching for a Kleenex). Gravy, Cornbread, fried tomatoes, fried catfish, sweet potatoe pie and pudding, biscuits, high cholesterol, those words are music to my ears. I'm crying even harder now. It's sad when LA and Vegas think Southern cooking is a slice of luncheon meat and a can of peas. I'm so glad ya'll understand. Anyhoo, take care all and ya'll have a wonderful, Mayberry, Southern cooking, Aunt Bee fixing, kinda day.

Ed Sawyer

July 02, 2003 - Msg 14477: Hey Ed, do they have Spam in Vegas? That is kinda southern, although I know it isn't nearly as good as the rest. Grab some grits and a couple fried eggs and dream on.

Asa, you need some grits, a real moon pie and a life. If that is the best you can do lying in bed at night is to think up corn pone jokes. Well, Mrs. Asa needs to whallop you up side the head with a leg 'o lamb. There I said it and I ain't taking it back.

Went in for the MRI last night. My doctor had me take 10 milligrams of Valium before I went in and I still couldn't handle that cramped up little space. So they are gonna reschedule and knock me completely out. I squeezed the little bulb and she asked if she could help me and I said, "I gotta get out of here." It was misery. That blasted machine is like being burried alive. Terror I tell you, pure terror! But after all that valium I sure slept good last night. LOL
fun girl

July 02, 2003 - Msg 14478: Hey there porch, I'll bring some 7 layer salad and dump cake. Can't wait til the 4th.


July 02, 2003 - Msg 14479: I wanted to wish everybody an early Happy 4th of July in case I don't make it back over here before then! We've got a fairly big cookout/picnic planned for that day and a fairly big fireworks show for later. Wouldn't a band concert be good for the 4th of July? ("Band concert tonight-Relax to music under the stars"..."Relax to music under the clouds"?..."Relax to music"?..."Relax to.."? That's a great scene. Asa, you're a hoot. "Kitty Twitty". I love that.
Forget the poster?
I would.

July 02, 2003 - Msg 14480: oops 14478 Olive

July 02, 2003 - Msg 14481: Fun Girl, Wash your mouth out with soap. Comparing fried Spam to authenic Southern cooking in the same sentence. Although a RC Cola and a moon pie does sound good about now.
Hey, if ya'll ever have trouble getting cokes (pop, soda, colas, drinks, depending on where you are from)in a bottle, I know where you can get all soft drinks in a bottle (just like the good old days). From RC to Nehi, to soft drinks you thought didn't exist anymore, this place has them all in a bottle and they ship anywhere in the nation. Go to www.SODAPOPSTOP.com. They're out of LA and I order all my bottled drinks from there. Anyway, take care all and have a wonderful, Mayberry kinda evening.

Ed Sawyer

July 02, 2003 - Msg 14482: Not that I am advocating you drink soft drinks on a regular basis. But it is nice to sip on an ice cold RC on a quiet, summer night.

Ed Sawyer

July 02, 2003 - Msg 14483: "Kitty Twitty?" Asa, you definitely don't have enough to do. Come by here in the next few days and I'll keep you so busy you won't be able to think up such things. I've about decided to splurge and have a sprinkler system put in, so I'll no longer have to set the clock for every hour and a half and get up to move the garden hose. We're on watering restriction here, and can only water between 6pm and 10am - yes, you read it right. That means I have to water at night. When I'm not working, it's a bit difficult and inconvenient. When I'm working, it's impossible. Also, when I travel I usually come home to a wrecked lawn and flowerbeds. So, a sprinkler system is the answer. The lot is huge, 66 x 176 feet, and it takes a lot of time. Gonna take a bit of sprinkler system (translation - $$) too, but I think it will be worth it. I've called the man, of course, but Asa, you're welcome to drop by and help.

Uncle Ollie, and Olive, it's good to see you. Violet, nice to see you, too. Have we met before? If so, please forgive me. I'm as old as dirt, and forgetful. As for all you regulars, (((hugs))) to you all. Gotta run, the Schwan's man is here and Sugarplum is hysterical. Have a great week, folks. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

July 02, 2003 - Msg 14484: Sorry, Olive. My magic bold-maker failed me there. --Romeena

July 02, 2003 - Msg 14485: I wish these infernal machines would do what we want them to do, instead of what we tell them to do. --Romeena

July 02, 2003 - Msg 14486: vv errtrlldfxjilz?

July 02, 2003 - Msg 14487: Ed, you are a very funny guy! I checked out the soda site. Really cute, and the names of some of those sodas!

I think I will go and take my little darling girl for a drive because she took a late nap and will be very hard to get to sleep. Ya'll have a peaceful night.


July 03, 2003 - Msg 14488: Happy Fourth Of July eve, everyone! I hope everyone has a good holiday and no one has any fireworks mishaps.

Do you have claustrophobia, Fun Girl? I used to have that when I was young(er):), but I kind of cured myself of that; I got into a big old chest we had and then had my brothers sit on top of it and not let me out. It worked! I guess I just got tired of letting that fear get to me and wanted it out of my system.
My parent's still have that chest, if you'd like to use it. :)

Ed, I haven't checked out that site yet. Do they have New Coke? I was one of I guess only a few who liked it.
-Sterling Holobyte

July 03, 2003 - Msg 14489: Afternoon Porch.
Is everyone ready for a long weekend? I know I is.
Welcome to all our newcomers. Enjoy your stay. But don't cross FunGirl. She can be a tad testy at times. LOL (jk fg)
Here's something to think about.
What's the difference between roast beef and pea soup?
Answer: Anyone can roast beef. tee hee hee. Admit it, you laughed.


July 03, 2003 - Msg 14490: Afternoon, porchsters... I am constantly amazed how much smarter my Papa & grandparents become as I grow older. With so much mean-ness out there today I've begun to ask exactly why we can't turn the clock back a bit. Oh, yeah, the southern cooking, barbecue and Tex-Mex figure in to my reminisces but I'm talking about a whole environment and speed of life issue here. Why do we have to go so blame fast? Is an extra dollar really so important we're willing to sell off pieces of our souls? How much is a missed memory worth, hmm?

I remember the "no air-conditioning" days. You moved slower to keep from falling over. I remember tea in a #2 crock and various drinks in a #2 washtub. I loved the smell of a fresh cut cantaloupe. Soon as you cut it you can smell it at the other end of the house. I love the summer sound of the cicadas in the trees and listening to the crickets and tree frogs at night. There's something comforting in seeing people on their front porch in a glider and rocking chairs; the sound of quiet conversation and laughter and soft click of dominos. Watching children play kick the can under the streetlights and giggles as they chase lightning bugs. Low chatting as dishes are washed, dried and put away. How much news has been exchanged over a sink full of dishes I wonder? It didn't and doesn't take a village to raise a child but a watchful neighborhood never hurt anything. Well mannered children learned respect and, unknowingly, earned it as well with a well placed "Yessir" and "Yes ma'am". I've always required this of my children but responded in like fashion.

How much is a freezer of hand cranked homemade ice cream going for these days? There's a generation out there that never turned a handle. Ask one of them pick green beans or okra or shell black-eyed peas and they're likely to look at you like you have a bug on your head. How sad. Oh, what they've missed. Fireworks, fishing with a cane pole, no TV but a an hour listening to some of the old radio classics like The Shadow or Fibber McGee or The Untouchables can rejuvenate an imagination like almost nothing else.

If we think we have mess to deal with today it might behoove us to look at where our priorities are. Not so very long ago everyone knew where everyone else would be come Sunday morning. The name over the doors might be different but Sunday was the Sabbath. So, dear gentlefolk, take the holiday to reflect on the many wonderful things we have. But... what have we traded for them? Is it worth it? Is it too late? Can you really go back? I'm not sure I have the answers but the questions are beginning to cost me some sleep. Blessings on each of you as we celebrate the one place in the world where we can ask those questions and, then, if we choose, do something about it.


July 03, 2003 - Msg 14491: Evening Y'all! I hope somebody can give me a hint about washing machines- otherwise I will just have to " call the man." Lately my washer doesn't want to spin out the soap- kinda like suds lock, only I an NOT putting too much soap in it. I have to run a second rinse on it,then it spins the soap out. Machine is about 13 years old,never had any trouble. I'm thinking it's clogged up and wondering if there's something I can put in it to help.Oh, and I'm one step ahead of the wiseguy who says " VICKS"! Ha Ha Hey,I'd try it if it worked! Anyway,does somebody know of something that might unclog it? Thanks in advance,y'all!
Gotta go- tomorrow is D- day at the BBQ place. I've got the order in for our porch picnic,so don't worry!
Y'all have a good evening! Love to all!
possum under a rock

July 03, 2003 - Msg 14492: What lovely thoughts, Dragonfly. You must be about my age - older than dirt. Your memories sound just like mine. Either that, or you're from a small town where "progress" arrived a little bit later than it did in the cities. Either way, I agree with you completely. As my grandma would have said, I think we've thrown the baby out with the bathwater. By the way, when did you last cut a cantaloupe that really smelled good, like they used to?

There are good things about today, though. I'd hate to part with my computer, and I can't remember ever seeing a mango when I was a kid, and I can get to Florida in less than three hours, and if a kid gets really sick there is an arsenal of life-saving drugs available now. My question is, why can't we have the best of both worlds? I think that's why this porch is so meaningful to us all. For a short while, anytime we want to, we can visit that wonderful world of Mayberry, even if we can't live there.

Have a lovely Fourth, friends. I'll see you at the picnic. Sugarplum is bringing a large bag of baby carrots, and I'm bringing a freezer of ice cream, but somebody has to crank it for me. Dragonfly, I'll bet I can count on you.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

July 03, 2003 - Msg 14493: I don't know who you are Dragonfly, but you certainly made my day. Please, please join us again on the porch. I was feeling bored with the whole idea of July 4th tomorrow and I was seeing it as a bother having be with family and make ice cream (can you believe it?!). Thanks for making me think, now I am truley looking forward to an evening with the family and some homemade ice cream (oh, and the sparklers!).

I don't remember a time without TV but I remember when it was all black and white. I could, however relate to alot of what Dragonfly was saying because I grew up in a very small Southern town where you could walk anywhere and people didn't lock their doors.

Thanks for the memories!


July 03, 2003 - Msg 14494: Thanks Dragonfly for those beautiful memories, altho,I am NOT as old as dirt as some of these porchsters like to say I am, I do remember alot of those things because, Like Boo being raised in a small southern town, that's just what people do. I myself am looking forward to the 4th & dreading it at the same time, my son turns 15 tomorrow!! Excited about his birthday, not so excited about my "labor day anniversary" was it that long ago?? Maybe I am as old as dirt! Oh no, when did THAT happen? Happy Holiday to you all!

July 03, 2003 - Msg 14495: Hey, Boo & Romeena and all... I've been here before. Y'all disappeared on me for awhile & then came back and I got busy and... well, you know. I started noticing we had collected an unusual number of dragonfly motif "stuff", hence the new name. When I visited some time ago I found someone else was using my old moniker so I changed it. I like dragonflies. Folks in the Mobile Bay area call 'em "skeeter hawks" for good reason. I'm much obliged for the invite and would be delighted to look in on y'all now and again.

Romeena, the last time a cantaloupe smelled that good was when I grew it myself. I suspect that's always the way. You got a deal on crankin' the freezer. We'll need Boo to sit on it when it starts to set, though, so I don't have to chase it across the porch. I agree with your comments on medicines to help the ill and the computer and flight times and all but... when was the last time you received an old fashioned letter and looked so forward to reading words someone had taken the time to write with their own hand? Part of the fun of going somewhere used to be the getting there. Have you ridden the train in recent memory or driven through Louisiana, Mississippi & Alabama to get to Florida? I know it's more convenient but I don't like what we've lost. Yeah, I'm a child of the 50's and maybe I am getting a bit crotchety in what we optimistically call middle age but, dang it, we've seen a better way without having to give up the good that's come with progress. What d'ya think? I you cogitate on it, that's why people like the Taylor's Front Porch. I'm tired of turning on a TV during family times and hearing words that ought to get someone's mouth washed out or seeing some actor flaunt his posterior or seeing a young woman who is someone's daughter and sister acting like a hussy. I guess I just want people to act right and misbehave behind their own closed doors. Sorry, there's that crotchety thing again.

Here's wishing you all a wonderful 4th of July. Make some memories for the little ones. They're gonna' want them some day...

Oh, by the way, some of you used to know me as Jake...


July 04, 2003 - Msg 14496: Hey guys, hope you all have a wonderful 4th. I gotta work but have Saturday off. I enjoyed reading all these summer time memories.. I can remember stringing and breakin beans until my fingers were raw. I got so tired of seeing green beans LOL.. Yall have a good one. Say a lil prayer for me.. my jobs about to do me in.. Thanks guys. Love ya's all.. be safe this weekend. --Salty Dog

July 04, 2003 - Msg 14497: Happy 4th everyone! Please be safe and happy. Time fer: "Stars And Stripes Forever" And sitting in with us is, Phil(don't worry about it daddy, I'll read your lips)Sunkel. Here we go.

Briscoe Darling Jr.

July 04, 2003 - Msg 14498: Happy birthday America! What a honor it is to be a part of it all.
Happy 4th to you porchters. Ready for our picnic? I know I am.
Sorry your work is so demanding Salty. Hang in there.
You know what an Eskimo gets if he sits on a cold spot to long? A polaroid! LOL

July 04, 2003 - Msg 14499: HAHAHA! Now THAT is a cool joke (no pun intended).

Ya'll have a great 4th all you lovable knuckleheads!


July 04, 2003 - Msg 14500: Oh, I'm sorry I don't remember you as Jake, Dragonfly. Maybe it was before I got here. I have only been here in Mayberry for about a year.


July 04, 2003 - Msg 14501: I went back into the archives and found a Jake that joined the porch around the time that I did. I am wondering if it was Dragonfly. Do you have a daughter that works in an ICU, Dragonfly?


July 04, 2003 - Msg 14502: Hey, Dragonfly! I thought I recognized your writing style, now I know why. I remember Jake. Unless I'm mistaken (which is quite possible), no one else uses that name. Mavis's son is named Jake, and we all refer to him from time to time - could that be what you saw? - but I don't think any porchsters use it. However, I think Dragonfly is neat, and quite original.
You mention being a child of the '50s - I think that still makes me older than you. I got married in 1958! Yes, I was young, but legal at 18. (Lord, was I ever that young?!) I was born in 1939. We didn't get TV until I was about 11. It was out for a couple of years before that, but we didn't have one. Yes, I have actually stood on the sidewalk outside an appliance store with my parents and a lot of other people, and watched TV through a display window. People really did that, not just my family, but lots of people. When we finally got one, there was no programming until 5pm. At 4:30, a "test pattern" would come on and you had the next half hour in which to "adjust your set". There was a vertical hold, horizontal hold, brightness, contrast, and something else which skewed the picture when out of adjustment, butI don't remember the name. My little brother and I would sit on the floor and watch the test pattern until the first program came on. We had to turn the volume way down, because there was a very annoying, high-pitched tone that accompanied the test pattern, and my mother thought it would damage our hearing. It probably would have, too.

Well, guess I'd better start stirring up that ice cream mixture. Boo, don't worry about sitting on the freezer, you'll have enough to do to keep Baby Girl out of mischief. Freezer-sitting sounds like a good job for Asa, after that remark he made. Polaroid! Humphf! We'll let him test that theory himself. :>)

See you at the picnic. Sugarplum is wearing her red/white/and blue hairbow, and she says hey! --Romeena

July 04, 2003 - Msg 14503: Hey, Boo, Romeena & all... Boo, I do have a daughter that works ICU but she's in the East Bay area of California. She (Sarah) & her husband, Kevin, presented me with a new grandaughter on April 8th. I think I made a brief appearance on the porch about a year ago but then my business began to spiral & I went away again. I guess here is where I mention that besides that little family I have a 20 yr. old (Amanda) in school in San Diego and an 8 yr. old son (Jacob III) here at home. Darn good thing I love kids... actually I'm just stupid about 'em. We adopted Jacob out of the hospital so here I am pressing 50 and coaching first base, Cubmaster and DGK of our local KofC Council. Whatever happened to slowing down?

Romeena, you're just as dear as I remembered. I've missed you guys. I recall sitting and watching the test pattern. Ours had an Indian in a war bonnet in the middle. The tone was hypnotic. I recall my Papa going down to the local store and testing "tubes" when the set wasn't behaving. I know I'm not the spring chicken I was when the first sounds out of my mouth in the morning are two grunts and then, "Oh, Lord!". I ran this past my daughter the RN when I visited young Katherine Elizabeth and she said, "Papa, you've abused your joints for years. Now suck it up and deal with it." So much for sympathy.

Ro', I seem to recall you're in the San Antonio area and I think Asa is from around Dallas. Where you at, Boo? If anyone wants to step off the porch and have a front yard chat you can find me at bynumjas@sbcglobal.net I'd love to hear from you.

Gotta' run... there's salads to make yet. Happy 4th to all..

.... Dragonfly

July 04, 2003 - Msg 14504: I live way down in Corpus Christi, I believe Ro is in the Forth Worth area. I am very ashamed of myself that I forgot where Asa lives but it is somewhere cold in the winter so it can't be Texas!
I forgot where in Texas you are from, Dragonfly but I am beginning to remember things about you that I had forgotten, like how much I used to like hearing from you here on the porch. Please don't stay gone so long, friend.

I am having a good 4th and will be heading to mom and dad's for bbq and homemade ice cream soon. It has been raining cats and dogs here today so I think they might have to cancel the local fireworks. I have been taking it easy today and just enjoying the little ones. I was flipping through the TV channels this morning and stopped on the Country Music channel (which I never watch) but I happened to see a video called An American Child my a fellow named Phil something or other (last name started with a V). Boy, what a song. I sat there and cried like a baby. Thank God for America and may He bless and keep her and may the values that we treasure stand secure despite those who would destroy them (and they are many).

Happy 4th!


July 04, 2003 - Msg 14505: Amarillo, right?!! Am I right, Dragonfly??

July 04, 2003 - Msg 14506: Hey Boo,
Asa is from Utah. Remember he helped look for the little girl who was lost or kidnapped or something? And the man who sang American Child was Phil Vasser. I like his music. He ain't too bad to sit and look at either, if I do say so myself. NOW Asa, as for me being grouchy, well I'm trying to think of something to blame it on. Okay, let's just call it the way I see it. IT WAS THE JOKE! Now the polaroid one was much better. LOL

Folks, I was cleaning out a trash can the other day and I slopped some water on the bathroom floor and thought to myself, I ain't gonna come back in here until I have a towel to mop this water up with. Well I plum forgot and went back in not thinking of it at all and slipped and fell hard on my right hip. After the fusion in December and all I was scarred silly. So my hubby came home and took me to the Prompt Med and they took some exrays. Nothing broken, but my back is really sore in places. They gave me some pain meds and sent me home. I am getting around okay, but I think I may be due for another visit to my purty chiropractor for another round of acupuncture. I thought that 39 was a bad year for me and that things would get better, but so far, it ain't lookin' too good.

Sterling, thank ya kindly for the offer of the trunk to cure my fear of tight places, but I think I will pass. You couldn't get me into it unless you drugged me.

Have a great 4th all!
fun girl

July 04, 2003 - Msg 14507: Happy Birthday America!! I have enjoyed the stroll down Memory Lane. It has really put into perspective what is really important! Thanks porch family. Every once in awhile we need to be reminded what we really have, and what is most important. Fun Girl, havent talked to you in a long time, and Salty Dog, I thought you had moved out of the porch range!! Haven't had a good bantering with you in a long time!! (If Asa gets on --I get to talk to him first!! ) Prayers for all the families here. You are most precious. Happy 4th!! ~New Neighbor

July 04, 2003 - Msg 14508: Dragonfly, you are indeed who I thought you were. You express yourself beautifully, I remember enjoying your prosaic posts in the past. I'm very glad you're back, and hope you plan to stay. As Boo said, she's in the Corpus Christi area, Dež is north of San Antonio, The Plum and I are in the Dallas area, along with Rafe Hollister. Asa is near Salt Lake City, Mary Wiggins is in Wisconsin (I think, or is it Michigan?) and I know we have a lot of porchsters along the Eastern seaboard and in the Midwest. We are many and varied, but all one big neighborhood. Just like the rest of America, I guess.

fun girl, what are we going to do with you? A fall was just about all you needed. I'm beginning to think you set these things up just so you can visit that chiropractor. Are you any kin to Charlene Darling? The way she always admires the "purty men", I'm starting to wonder. (teehee)

Well, gotta go move a sprinkler. With any luck, in about two weeks from now, I won't have to do that any more. I'm about 80% sure I'm going to go ahead and have that sprinkler system installed. This yard is just getting too big for me. I spend all my time adjusting sprinklers, holding hoses for spot-watering, and moving soakers. There's no time left for sleeping, since we have to water at night, and when I travel, it's a disaster. So, in my old age I think I'll make it a little easier on myself.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

July 04, 2003 - Msg 14509: Well, I do enjoy a well put together man, but as far as I know I am not kin to Charlene. I think I'll just get me some pillows and stuff them all over my clothes to cushion me when I fall. Just had some old friends (age wise) and some old friends (as in how long I have known the) over to celebrate the 4th. I am happy to report a good time was had by all. Hope each of you can say the same.

a flag waving, hot dog eating, root beer drinking, star-spangled,
fun girl

July 05, 2003 - Msg 14510: Well, I am feeling pretty stressed after a day with the extended family. I think my children are stressing me out lately, and besides my two, my nephew's two stepchildren were with us. They are 2 and 4 and the four year old has a pretty good case of ADHD. My parent's house just isn't big enough for that many restless children and it was raining outside so they couldn't play in the yard.

Anyway, the ice cream was good and we saw some nice fireworks. I am feeling pretty worn out by now so I think I will turn in. Goodnight!


July 05, 2003 - Msg 14511: A happy belated 4th of July to all the porchsters! ~ Mrs. Wiley

July 05, 2003 - Msg 14512: Hey, Boo, Romeena, Mavis and all... No, Boo, I've got kinfolk up Amarillo way & like George Strait's song but I'm up here with Romeena and Rafe (speaking of whom, I don't see anything from Rafe...he OK?). Specifically I'm in Arlington. I ain't leavin' again after a 10 year stint in Denver, Seattle and San Francisco. I might be tempted by the Shenandoah Valley though...

I can never remember how to do that Des squiggle thing... let's see, was it Dež?? Oh, yeah! Now if I can get my head wrapped around the bold and italic and colors I'll be back and someone might think I'm ept...

I'll keep tabs on you guys but I'm spending alot of time trying to be employed right now. A couple of porch prayers would be most appreciated. There's either gotta' be a job or a funeral around this house pretty soon. It's makin' the missus' cranky. So good to hear from you guys.

I don't think Mavis remembers I was in Bristol 3-4 years ago. We tried to hook up and have a chat over coffee and a piece of pie but the timing didn't work out.

Fun Girl... you watch out... we don't bounce good any more...


July 05, 2003 - Msg 14513: Welcome Dragonfly, hey to the porch, we sure have been busy around here. ((((((HUGS))))))

May Gods Sonshine fill your life.

Ellen Brown

July 05, 2003 - Msg 14514: Hello Porch:
While looking for the reason why the front porch is a good thing, my brother-in-law has a the wrong view of porch sitting, I found you. I have been blessed reading thru the last few days posted and will visit the porch again. Please feel free to offer your views so that I may pass them on to him (brother-in-law) of the importance of front porch sitting. I told my sister earlier today tell him to think about Andy Griffith and look what I found. We just got a new printer a week ago and it's still in the box or I would print all of this for him tonight. We are going out there after I put my mother to bed for the night. She is in a nursing home and we take turns each night tucking her in.

Another new neighbor- "Blessed"

July 05, 2003 - Msg 14515: Welcome, Blessed. What a lovely idea, that of tucking your precious mother in each night. You sound like our kind of people, so we hope you'll come around quite often. I feel a bit sorry for your brother-in-law, if he doesn't have a good image of front porch-sitting. It's a lost art, almost. Very few people actually do it anymore, but those of us who remember the real practice have found a pretty good subst-itute right here on our computers. Tell your BIL he's welcome to join us, too, and maybe he'll come away with a new perspective.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

July 05, 2003 - Msg 14516: Good night porch and welcome Blessed we'll pray for your BIL it's to bad that porch sitting is a lost art with some folks but not here thank God.

Ellen Brown

July 06, 2003 - Msg 14517: Howdy, friends. Just felt like sittin' on the porch for a few minutes before turning in for the night. Boy, we had some real storms and rain last night (even a Tornado Warning!). We don't get many of those down here. I didn't sleep well and so I hope things are better tonight.

Had a pretty ho-hum day. Nothing exciting to report, I'm afraid. Hope all of you are having a great weekend, and welcome to you, Blessed.


July 06, 2003 - Msg 14518: Good Sabbath to everybody on the porch. I hope you all had a fun 4th of July holiday. We had good weather...I remember it rained last year. I was right there in it. Dragonfly (Jake) I remember you from your Jake days. I loved the way you expressed yourself back then and I still do. I live in SW VA as well. I think we were all trying to hook up for coffee while you were in our part of the country that one time but it didn't take. Maybe someday we can all meet up. That would be nice.

July 06, 2003 - Msg 14519: Good Sabbath porch. Hope all is well with everyone this fine Sabbath day. Hope you all had a great 4th.
Dragonfly, I am about 40 miles north of Salt Lake City. Up in them that hills. LOL
Hey Romeena, I bet I've installed a gazillion sprinkling systems. Wish I was closer by to do it for you. If you have any questions about it please ask away. I have both designed, installed, repaired and modified tons of them. And I can tell you this, you will love it, just love it.
Hey Fun Girl. How's that back gonna heal if you keep doing things to it? BE CAREFUL! Hope it's feeling better.
Nice to see you Emma. Glad you are back with us. And welcome to Blessed. I think you'll like it here as long as you can put up with the antics of some of these porch sitters. They get a little silly some times. But don't you worry. I'll be steady for you. That's why they call me the rock! LOL


July 06, 2003 - Msg 14520: Good sabbath porch

Ellen Brown

July 06, 2003 - Msg 14521: You're the Rock, Asa!

I have a nifty story to share with Ro (and the rest of you, of course, but Ro will appreciate this one). When I was a very young nurse, just out of college, my first job was in a small local hospital with a six bed ICU. Well, I worked on the medical floor for three months and transferred to the ICU for better hours. Big mistake. Huge mistake. I was not ready for it and they had such a nursing shortage they were trying to put me in charge after a few weeks. It really was dreadful and I was scared to death all the time. There was one bright spot in my day, though, and that was a young internist that I will call Dr. Smith. He was wonderful and so talented. I saw him pull patients through that I wouldn't have given a snowball's chance of survival. He was always patient with my many questions and my lack of knowledge and took the time to teach me even though he was terribly busy. Sometimes I would talk to him about my faith and I prayed that he would come to the Lord. I quit that job twenty years ago and had not seen Dr. Smith since....until today in church! He and his wife started visiting our church and have decided to make it their church home. What a blessing it was to see him all these years later, and in church. He has always held a special place in my heart because of his kindness to me when I needed it so much and I am thanking God today for letting me see him again and maybe we can strike up our old friendship again. Isn't God good to us?

Ya'll have a great day!
Love, Boo

July 06, 2003 - Msg 14522: What a wonderful story Boo. God bless y'all

Ellen Brown

July 06, 2003 - Msg 14523: Good Sabbath porch, didn't make it to church today but had church sittin on the sofa this morning watching last weeks message from our former church on T.V. Hot here in OKLAHOMA today
could be hotter. Nice to meet all you sitters.


July 06, 2003 - Msg 14524: Hey Porch Family: a wonderful day was allowed each of us! With all the fine preachin', singin' and fellowshiping afterwards around the dinner table... oh the blessings. Speaking of blessings... Welcome to the porch Blessing!! You'll like it here. Just pull up a rocker and jump right in..we're all the friendly kinda folks. Have a good evenin' ~New Neighbor

July 06, 2003 - Msg 14525: Blessed where do you live in Okla. I use to live in Dewey & Bartletsville.

Ellen Brown

July 06, 2003 - Msg 14526: Hey, Boo...

Good for you! Better yet for the good doctor. None of us can know the effects of the good we may do with an invitation, a kind word, a smile or just a touch. We know all things work for the Glory of God. We're just a bit too simple understand the "how" or the "when".

It reminds me of the legend of the Cavern Angel. Y'all know that little line on your upper lip under your nose? When we are created by a loving and gracious Father... created immortally, by the way, we are concious of all things in heaven and stand in the Presence. Our souls are held in a cavern guarded by an angel. As our spirits are called forth for a life here on earth, the Angel stops us, smiles gently and lays his finger across our lips and quietly says in our ears, "Shhh... don't tell what you know." And, of course, that's where the line comes from.

Hope y'all had a lovely and gentle Sabbath.

Blessings to you.... Dragonfly

July 06, 2003 - Msg 14527: Good Sabbath eve, porchsters. I've been way yonder too busy this past week to enjoy my porch a'tall. I missed you all, especially on the fourth. Did ya'll have a nice picnic? Well, still far too busy. Gotta help with judging at the 4-H fair tomorrow. My kids each have 2 (too many) projects and I guess they're all ready. Hope I get some time to check in sometime this week. Ya'll take care. Welcome (back I guess) to Dragonfly and to Blessed. Good to see ya, Emma and New Neighbor and to all you reg-lars, Boo, Ellen Brown, Mavis, Asa, Ro, Salty, Possum, Fun Girl, Ed Sawyer, Mary Wiggins, Briscoe, and Dež, and anyone else I may have overlooked.
Charlotte Tucker

July 07, 2003 - Msg 14528: Howdy, all! Hope everyone had a great 4th of July. Rained some here, but never will complain about that. Seems in south Texas it's either flooding or we're in a drought.

Think we'll head to Port Aransas next weekend. Hope it doesn't rain then! But if it does, we're braced.

Nice to see ya, Dragonfly. (Dragonflies are neat-o torpedo.)



July 07, 2003 - Msg 14529: Good morning porch.

Ellen Brown

July 07, 2003 - Msg 14530: Hey CT .. Sounds like your having a good time of it. Stay cool.

Ellen Brown

July 07, 2003 - Msg 14531: Morning Porch!

I sure hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! Hubby and I went up north for a show in Harbor Springs, Michigan. It was a tough day because we had to set up, do the show, take down, and drive 4 and 1/2 hours home all in one day! But, God was good to us! I was watching the weather reports all week, and I was a bit worried about the weather. They were predicting bad storms to be in that area on the day of the show. One of our neighbor artists was telling us that a few years earlier he lost all his artwork and his booth and everything at that show! Well, when we got there and were about to set up I saw a shiny copper penny lying in the grass, if it wasn't a shiny penny I never would have seen it. I remembered reading an email recently about a wealthy man who always picked up change, even pennies, if he ever saw one lying on the ground. Someone had asked him why he bothered picking up small change and he answered that every piece of American money has "In God We Trust" on it, and that was his way of reminding himself that he relies on God for everything he has. Well, of course I picked up that penny and I looked at it, and I said to myself, "Self, in God I trust". So, we set to work, got everything ready, and we were selling Pat's art an hour before the show was supposed to open! The day went well, but I was worried about the weather. In the afternoon, the wind started to pick up, and the sky got pretty cloudy. A couple of the artists around us started to take down and put things away. A couple sprinkles started to fall so we started closing up one side of our tent. But then, the sky cleared, the winds calmed, and we had no weather problems at all! The poor woman behind us had completely taken down and she went home! Later that night I was watching the weather channel and they were showing what had come through earlier, it was so strange...you could see a large area of green (rain), with areas of red and orange signifying heavy rains and thunder and lightning, and as it got closer to where we were it split going either north of us or south of us! I know God won't always hold the rains just for our sake, but that day, I really felt He did, and I couldn't have been more thankful!

Sorry my post has been so long, I just wanted to give God the glory! I also want to say hey to Dragonfly, Blessed, Romeena, Boo, Asa, Ellen Brown, Charlotte Tucker, Mavis, Des, Ed Sawyer, Possum, Fun Girl, Salty Dog, Briscoe, Sterling, Emma, New Neighbor and anyone else I missed!

Hugs to all (((((PORCH)))))

Mary Wiggins (from Michigan!!)

July 07, 2003 - Msg 14532: Well - it has been a busy week on the homemaker's porch and I didn 't get to set a spell with you all. . .my other half just doesn't understand our porch and thinks I'm a little looney - well - he was on vacation so my porch sitting had to be idle.
Our hometown has the neatest 4th parade and I wanted to share it with you. This year it was better. First - it's a kid's parade, mainly bikes decorated, moms and dads pulling decorated wagons with kids, roller blades, pets decorated, a few old tractors, a Mayberry squad car, it lasts about a half hour. But this year - the local merchants ( afew were good) one gave away peaches with ice cream, another popcorn and balloons, one had big bottles of ice water, and a church took ice chests of bottled water through the crowds, the funeral home gave out flags, USA paper visors, little stickers, and the other funeral home gave out refreshments to all of the parade participants. Isn't that neat. . .only one place charged and that was the historical museum with an old fashioned lemonade stand (25 cents a cup). It was really neat to see.

I am in need of a little prayer this week. . .me and God have been talking it over the last week and He knows my situtation but I would surely covet a few more prayers if you all could see fit. I have a peaceful feeling that things will be okay but it wouldn't hurt for a few more prayers.
Thank you all.


July 07, 2003 - Msg 14533: RIP, Buddy Ebsen. TUSCORORA!! We will meet but we will miss him.

July 07, 2003 - Msg 14534: Thanks for sharing your story with us, Mary, and your 4th with us, homemaker. I will say a prayer for you right now.

Wow, you had to go all the way to Michigan, Mary Wiggins? Aren't you from here in Texas? I'll bet it was alot cooler there. I spent most of my summers in Michigan when I was a kid. My mom's parents and siblings lived in a small town called Royal Oak. It was such a neat place. Big oak trees and a neat little downtown with a movie house and there was a drive-in A+W near my Grandma's house and my cousins and I used to ride our bikes up there for soft serve ice cream. I always had a great time during those summers and even though it sometimes got warm during the day, it was always nice and cool by evening. I sat out on the porch in the glider with my head on Grandma's lap many cool evenings listening to her tell stories about "the old days". What wonderful memories. I remember one summer, though, they were trying to find a serial killer in Royal Oak who was killing children and I also remember in the 60's when the race riots were going on in that area and in Detroit. We had to be in by dark every evening. That was really an awful time. Hmmmmm, how did I get down that trail? I was telling a nice story and then it went bad. Sorry! heehee

Where's Ro? Are you busy putting in that sprinkler system or just working? Check in with us, please. We miss ya.

Gotta run....I have family coming to eat tonight...have a good evening.

July 07, 2003 - Msg 14535: Hey Porchsters, Just wanted to say thanks for introducing me to a new friend. Jimmy the Goat and I met in Mt. Airy over the weekend and had a wonderful time. We even got to watch the store for Floyd's Barber Shop while he went out to get some lunch. Thanks Front Porch, hope everyone is doing well.
The Manicurist

July 07, 2003 - Msg 14536: Hey, ever'body! This is Gomer. I used to post on Frank's porch, was so sorry to see it go, and occasionally checked back to see if it had been revived. Hadn't checked in near-'bout forever, but did a "Yahoo" search a few minutes ago, and here I am!

Glad to see a lot of folks on here that I had never met on Frank's porch. Also glad to see my old buddy Briscoe Darling Jr., and a couple of other names that I *think* I recognize.

So, BDJ, are Rafe, Des, Momma, Lydia, Goober, Merle Dean, or any of our other old buds still around? I'll try to take some time to check the archives, but heaven only knows whether I'll find what I'm looking for.

Best of luck to you and yours!


July 07, 2003 - Msg 14537: Hey to Gomer! Great to see you around. I don't hear from Merle Dean, Goober or Momma anymore, but Rafe is still around somewhere and I talk to Lydia, JudyJudyJudy, and BDJ a lot, and on occasion Miss Ellie. Don't be a stranger!

I read on Yahoo about Buddy Ebsen.. very sad.



July 07, 2003 - Msg 14538: Evening porch.


July 07, 2003 - Msg 14539: Howdy porch. Hey Homemaker, don't know whats troubling you but your in my prayers for sure.
Hey to the Manicurist. Sounds like you had a good old time there with Jimmy. Keep us updated there.
Hey Gomer. Glad you found your way home here on the porch. Don't know if I have talked to you before or not but I have now.
Hey Boo, whats for dinner? I could use a bite.
Hey to Ellen Brown. How's everything?
Glad you checked in with us Mary Wiggins and Charlotte Tucker. I been missing you guys.
Hey to Des.
What ever happened to Bulbsnatcher? And to Hazel?


July 07, 2003 - Msg 14540: Evening Porch! Sorry to be away so long, ain't had time to do much but set up PA equipment, sing, take it down, pack it in the truck & go home only to start over again the next day! The band was booked all weekend, but boy did we have fun! I ain't complainin none, it was the easiest money I've made in a LONG time! I sure would like to make a living singing! LOL Dragonfly/Jake I sure do remember you & I do remember your trip thru Bristol as well, so nice to see you posting again I have often wondered how you were & that little Jacob of yours. I am with Ro tho, I don't think anyone else uses the name Jake I have posted about my son Jake & all he has been thru this year, that must have been what you saw. Anyways, welcome home! Gomer you and Blessed too, ya'll just watch out for Asa he can be a might trying sometimes, but we love him anyway! LOL As for my Jake he is spending the summer with his dad & so far things are going well. I think being with his dad tho, has made him "see the light" some, Pat is still in pretty bad shape & Jake has told me that he wishes he could do more for him. I cry about it alot, so much for a 15 year old to go thru, please keep him in your prayers that he will come thru this with more strength than he ever knew he had! Best get off here gotta work on my friend's spay/neuter site for her. Ya'll have a great one!
Thanks for the Angel Cavern story, that was great!