July 24, 2003 - Msg 14838: It's good to see so many people who haven't been here for awhile. Where you been anyhow, Jelsik?

July 24, 2003 - Msg 14839: That's what you call long-winded! Swoosh! The porch is now clean. Let's get some rockers back out here!
Charlotte Tucker

July 24, 2003 - Msg 14840: Hi Friends.
So for not chucking in for sometime now, but thing was not going right.
I gong to w v for the july4 and now my stepdad is in the hosp there and he had to have some surg don on his feat so he is there and now the family want us to mover there for the dr and take on eye on him for some time .
Everyone told him to stop the somking befor someting go bad will he donot and now he will have to by for now.
So i m giting pack for the mover, so i will not be here, to i git thing setup there
So can some of you send me your address for i can writh and send it by slow?
I will be leaving in about two weeks.
Friendship is God-given,
a gift for you and me,
and if we use it wisely,
what a treasure it can be!
If we can speak to someone
who needs a word of cheer
or offer loving comfort
to someone far or near...
Then we follow in his footsteps
and fined the welcome grace
that comes when with a gesture
we can easily erase
someon's care and sorrow
that unhappiness imparts,
and our lives will be much richer
when we freely give our hearts

July 24, 2003 - Msg 14841: Good to see you, Tom. Will you be able to use a computer once you get moved in? I sure hope so. God be with you on your move. I hope everything works out all right for your stepdad.
Charlotte Tucker

July 24, 2003 - Msg 14842: Thanks Tom,
What a beautiful poem! So you are moving near your father? That is nice of you to be there for him. I hope all goes well for him and you. We will definitely keep a rocker warm for you!

Jelsik, where in Michigan are you? I am here, too! Maybe we'll run into each other! The nights have been nice and cool here!

Maude, congratulations on your reconciliation! It sounds like you have the right idea on how to make a marriage work. Let God get right there in the middle of it, sort of like a referee!

Dragonfly and Boo, your posts about the old days sure are nice. It put me in mind of one of the nicest features of my 1970's ranch. I have one bathroom that has not been redecorated since the original owners decorated it in the 70's. When I go in there I feel 30 years younger!!;)

Here's wishing some of the cool summer breezes from Michigan down to all you folks in the hotter climates. (I want some of your warmer winter air up here when November blows in, though!)

Mary Wiggins

July 24, 2003 - Msg 14843: My wife and i visited Mt. Airy for the weekend of th 4th of july and we loved your town. We stayed at the Thomas House and these are some of the nicest people we have ever met. we plan to return real soon and i truly recommend the bed and breakfast Thomas House as a place to stay. Don + Kristy Foster Jonesboro,Ga.

July 24, 2003 - Msg 14844: Floyd told me about a website where you become a character from a show. They ask yes or no questions and try to guess who you are. If they can't guess, you get to add that charecter and a good question. It's really fun. So far I have had to add George Foley, Jimmy the goat, and Blackie the imaginary pony. Well, I'm gonna go grab a bottle of pop. See ya! http://www.smalltime.com/dictator.html

July 24, 2003 - Msg 14845: Went back to the doc today, and found out we're gonna have two girls. Then the doc put Annabelle on bed rest for another two weeks.

Mr. Schwump

July 24, 2003 - Msg 14846: Hey there Emma: We just built us a brand new home and guess what I had installed special like? That's right an old fashioned screen door we bought at Home Depot, and I had to have it make that slammin' sound each and every time the kids run in and out. Kinda' gets ya right here...
That old familiar sound puts me back in my confort zone when times were sweeter. Hope all the porch family is well. You're in our prayers. ~New Neighbor

July 24, 2003 - Msg 14847: OOOPs- sorry Mr. Schwump, Congrats, congrats!! Double the joy, double the diapers, and double the sleepless nights!! We can all take turns rockin' on the porch, singin' to the little ones. (all except Asa that is, if he offers, kindly tell him- NO THANKS- his catawallin' would wake the dead!!)

July 24, 2003 - Msg 14848: Hey to the porch! Congratulations on the two little girls, Mr. Schwump and Annabelle! I'm tickled pink to hear that! You two will make wonderful parents. New Neighbor, how nice to know you got yourself a good old fashioned screen door. Don and Kristy Foster from Jonesboro, GA, sounds like you spent the 4th of July in a great place. I'm about ready for a trip to Mt. Airy any day now. I love the place and the people who live there.
Sugar and spice and everything nice.
That's what little girls are made of.

July 24, 2003 - Msg 14849: Hello.

Can anyone tell me what the name of the episode is in which the "Oh my Barney" song appears?

Thanks in advance.

July 24, 2003 - Msg 14850: Mr. Schwump, that's great news, except the bed rest, but doc knows best. WE will anxiously await the next bulletin and will keep you in our thoughts. Also, hi to Emma. Can't wait to see you in Mt. Airy. David and Linda in SC

July 24, 2003 - Msg 14851: Hey to the porch - Schwumpster, congrats on the news and give our best to Annabelle. Are you gonna name 'em Jennifer and Clarabelle?
14849, I think the song is from the epilogue of "Crimefree Mayberry". I'll have to doublecheck that later.
"HEY!" to David and Linda in SC! Sorry we weren't able to make it to the Squad Car Nationals but we look forward to see y'all at Mayberry Days. (You too, Maudy. And Emma. And jennie and Fred. And, well, EVER'body!)

Milton P. Oliver
In a jailhouse down in Dixie
Fightin' crime and riskin' life
Dwelled a sheriff and his buddy
Pistol-packin' Barney Fife

July 24, 2003 - Msg 14852: Doggone it, I wish I could go to Mt. Airy! If my dear beloveded was still here, we'd probably just haul off and go. He was not usually one to do things on impulse, but sometimes he'd surprise me, especially if he thought it was something I'd enjoy.

Mr. Schwump, how wonderful! Two little girls! That's just great! Anytime you and Annabelle want to have an evening out, why you just bring those two little dolls by here, and Sugarplum and I will take care of them for you. I've got a lot of experience with babies, and the Plum loves kids. She's very patient with my little grandson.

TOM, you be careful on your trip now, you hear? Stay in touch, and thanks for that lovely poem. The Poet Laureate of Mayberry, that's you!

New neighbor, that screen door sounds just wonderful. I had one on my door from the utility room into the garage, a wooden one with the spring closer, but it fell apart after about twenty years, and I replaced it with an aluminum one, with a pneumatic closer. Kinda miss the old one, though. Those old wooden doors have a lot of charm. I love the "screeeee" sound the spring makes when the door is opened, and the "bang" when it closes. Makes me wonder why I always yelled at my kids not to slam the door. Probably because my mother always yelled that at me, and I was just playing the mental tape. That slam does have a comforting sound to it, though, now that I have a different perspective.

I got to see Andy telling Aunt Bee to "call the man" tonight. That's one of my favorite eps, and "call the man" is definitely a familiar phrase around here. Good advice! Well, have a great weekend, friends. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

July 25, 2003 - Msg 14853: I'm with you Ro. I love the "screeee" and the "bang"--you got to have both.

Well, my baby girl has CHICKEN POX!! Even after having the vaccines for it. I, unfortunatley, have never had them so I had to trot down to the health department today and get the vaccine (hope it works!).

Well, I am going to hit the hay...have to get up early and drive the folks to San Antonio for a dr's visit tomorrow. Ya'll have a great day..


July 25, 2003 - Msg 14854: Congrats,Mr. & Miz' Schwump! Ain't nothin' more grand than havin' chitlins around. I'm even stupider than normal around kids. I've got my 8 yr. old "Huckleberry Boy", the 20 yr. old in college in San Diego and the 24 yr. old nurse in the Bay Area (mother of my first grandchitlin'). You don't think I LOVE kiddos?

Oh, dear porchsters... I fear I've done myself a mischief tonight. Miz' Dragonfly and Huckleberry are in Florida driving her mom up to Columbia, S.C. I picked a a mess of okra and made a fryin' pan full of good ol' Southern comfort food. What is it with Grandy's, Good Eats, Black Eyed Pea and those other places? Lordy, you'd think they didn't know what corn meal was for. I'd love to tell you I was intelligent and disciplined but... NOPE... I et the whole fryin' pan full of okra. May have to get close to the Arm & Hammer here in a minute. Sure was good though.

Loved hearing about the screen doors. I'm kinda' partial to white picket fences with antique roses planted along them, too. The hybrids are showier but the antiques smell better. Love gardenia (our bush bloomed into July this year) and jasmine. I remember my grandpa shaving with a mug and brush and and "safety razor" (I like to bled to death from a "safety razor" oncet) in a bathroom with an open window surrounded by jasmine. The smell was just luscious.

Blessings to all y'all... Dragonfly

July 25, 2003 - Msg 14855: Mornin' to the porch! Hey to Linda and David and MPO and Mr. Schwump and Jennie and Jelsik and Maudy and Romeena and EVERYbody on the porch! I'm real glad it's the end of a work week and time for a break. Dragonfly, when your grandpa swished the brush around in that shaving mug, did it make that nice sound of "klep klep klep" the sound that Floyd used to love so much?
"What a nice sound!"

July 25, 2003 - Msg 14856: Mornin', Miss Emma and all on the Porch. Odd you should mention the sound. It sure did. More than that, I loved to give him a hug after he shaved. He smelled like shaving soap and either Aqua Velva or Old Spice (depending on what my grandma got him last). I still use a shaving brush and can't beat a hot, wet lather.

Now y'all know I'm the old fashioned type and I go far out of my way to get a haircut at a barber shop. They still have the barber pole (several, in fact), old pump up chairs, big brass cash register and old wood cooler in the back where you can get a cold drink while you wait. There's a big collection of private shaving mugs behind the glass counter and you're allowed to make local calls for free but you have to know how to hold the ear-piece in one hand while holding the "candlestick" in the other. While waiting a couple of weeks ago I looked through a Life Magazine dated December 14, 1941. A couple of times a year I'll treat myself to a "full service" and get a haircut and straight razor shave. It's a day-spa for a guy that doesn't take all day plus you get a splash of Bay Rum aftershave. The barbers all wear vests and have antique shelves behind them. You wouldn't think you could sleep with a straight razor at your throat but I nod out every time.

There, now that's a nice way to start the day. Thank you, Miss Emma! Y'all have a pleasant one. Move slow. No sense in overheatin'.

Blessings... Dragonfly

July 25, 2003 - Msg 14857: Oh, my stars, Emma! I'd clean forgotten that sound. My dad never used a brush and mug, but my grandpa and my uncle did, and I clearly remember that sound, as well as the clean smell of the soap. I used to slip into the bathroom, get the mug and just inhale the scent from the soap in the bottom. Do you suppose there are any men who still shave that way? I hope so.

Dragonfly, have you ever had Jasmine tea? I get it from a tea blender, order it online. I'll get you the web address. Anyway, it's delightful. It's really intended to be consumed as a hot tea, I suppose, and it's fantastic that way, but I've also put a bag or two of it into my teamaker along with my regular tea, and it gives a fragrant note to the iced tea that's very refreshing. When you drink iced tea at my house, you never know what you're going to get, because I order a lot of specialty teas from that website. Peach tea, mango tea, herbals, vanilla tea (yep, vanilla), green tea, oolongs, rose hip blends, and sometimes just plain old tea!

Everybody have a great weekend - Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

July 25, 2003 - Msg 14858: Well, Dragonfly, you answered my question. Can I come over and just breathe around you sometime? And where on earth is that barbershop? I know you're in the Dallas area, and I'd love to tell my son about that shop, he'd really enjoy it.

Now, about that tea website. It's www.harney.com. It's a very nice website, lots of information about tea, and the whole outfit is run by a man and his sons. They travel all over the world researching and buying teas, so you never know what they're going to offer. Enjoy!
Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

July 25, 2003 - Msg 14859: I have a funny story about a safety razor. My grandpa had just died and my daddy was getting ready for the funeral. So he goe out his mug and got all good and shaved. So, I decided that I needed a shave too. Now the funny part is (1) I'm a (or was) little girl and (2) I was about 3. So
I commenced to shaving - I did all right cept I cut myself going under my chin. I have a beautiful scar under that chin from my first shaving experience. The other funny stuff was when my sister would swipe dad's razor for her legs. That didn't go over so well. Dad uses an electric razor now. But I use to just love that mug and brush!


July 25, 2003 - Msg 14860: Hey Romeena! The barber shop is just south of Keller in a strip center with Albertson's and a block north of the Super Target there on 377, the Old Denton Hiway. It's called the Old Time Barber Shop and the best barber is on the "first chair"... named Jason (son and grandson of barbers). There's one that's kinda' like it on Main Street in Grapevine but they use "stylists" who can't legally give a shave. I drive over 20 miles to go see Jason. Thanks for the "tea site". I like tea cold or hot... I have a British friend who swears the English discovered in India that a hot "cuppa" actually cools you down. Hmmmm.... kinda' hard to figure that one...

Homemaker, my first razor was a "safety razor" and I used "blue blades" (remember those?). Man, we were in high cotton when the the "new" stainless blades came out. Remember the mirror/cabinets that hung over most bathroom sinks? They all had a little slot behind the bottom shelf to dispose of used razor blades. You gotta' wonder how many tons of steel are hiding in the walls of old houses in this country. I tried using an electric razor but it just wasn't as comfortable and didn't give as good a shave as a blade.

Does anyone else remember people in the country using yellow light bulbs on their front porches to "keep the bugs away"? It never seemed to upset our bugs much... probably color blind anyway.

Blessings to your day... Dragonfly

July 25, 2003 - Msg 14861: Hello all! I'm packing for vacation. A week in Florida. I'll run the boys through the creek a few times, to get them clean. I'll leave you with: "Slimy River Bottom". Here we go. Enjoy!

Briscoe Darling Jr.

July 25, 2003 - Msg 14862: MPO good to see your blue self here. Emma too, and jennie and Opie!

And Schwumpie, congrats on those girls.


July 25, 2003 - Msg 14863: Hey everyone! I wanted to stop by and say hello. I hadn't been here in a month of Sundee's!

Mr Schwump! Congrats on the two litte ladies. I think "Thelma Lou" and "Helen" are good names too! Please give my best to Annabelle and tell her we are all praying for her. My SIL is expecting and is on bedrest as well (in hosptial) so there are lots of prayers going up for the little babies right about now!

Take care everyone!


July 25, 2003 - Msg 14864: Mr.Schwump and Annebelle congratulations on those little girls. Take care of yourselves now. Lets see..some time ago..way back about May 15, there was some extra sensitive perseption was going on in the Tennessee Smokies, (they do that a lot up there) and the names Emma and jennie came up. What do you think about that?
A big Mayberry Hey to each and everyone on the Porch. It's wonderful to see the blending of so many Mayberrians. Some from so many that go back years ago and all the newcomers yet to join us.

July 25, 2003 - Msg 14865: Great to have the porch back where it belongs! We will have to get together and make some ice cream and even see if we can have us a pickin and grinnin session.Mayberry home sweet home! we love Mt. Airy and are looking forward to the festival and boy do we need a pork chop sandwich! David&Sandy Workman, Roanoke,Virginia

July 25, 2003 - Msg 14866: I remember those yellow bulbs, Dragonfly. I also remember those clothes ringers down at the laundry mat (or the Washeteria, as we called them). When I was about 5 I remember getting my arm rolled up in one clear up to the elbow and only ended up with a bruise.

I had a nice time in San Antonio and ate lunch at the Alamo Cafe (yum).

Gotta runn. Baby Girl just found the check book and a pen!! Boy, she sure has been cranky since she got those chicken pox (must be real itchy).


July 25, 2003 - Msg 14867: Hey to the porch - Since B.D. Jr. is on vacation, I'll get the boys to play one to kick off the weekend. How about a Mike Snider tune? "If My Nose Was Runnin' Money, Honey, I'd Blow It All On You" ... pick it out, boys~

Milton P. Oliver
"Regular Joe Penner. Hoot-hoot, yuck-yuck"

July 25, 2003 - Msg 14868: David & Sandy,
By any chance do you have any family that works for the phone company down in the Lebanon area?

Mr. Schwump

July 25, 2003 - Msg 14869: Hey to Idelle and MPO and Mr. Schwump and all the other porch folks! And hey to David & Sandy from Roanoke! I'm just a few hours down the road from you! Speaking of barbers, my little grandson had his first haircut at Floyd's Barbershop in Mt. Airy! He got a real nice haircut and what a great memory that is now. Russell is such a nice man and a great barber as well. I'm looking forward to being back in Mt. Airy to visit him again.
"Cause life's too short..that's why."

July 25, 2003 - Msg 14870: MPO, can you play somethin' else? That one makes me cry.

July 25, 2003 - Msg 14871: Hey, Boo! Lord, kiddo, you were lucky. Those things were vicious. I imagine you're talking about the electric ones. I remember the hand crank ones at the service station... when there were service stations. You'd have 2-5 guys swarmin' around your car airing up the tires, filling the tank, washing the windshield, checking the oil and the water in the battery. Romeena, the Wilhoite's restaurant in Grapevine used to be Wilhoite's service station and that nice porch/outdoor eating area there on Main was where you pulled in out of the sun or weather. Truck drivers used to be the knights of the road, too. Nowadays too many of them are mobile assassins.

I recall just outside of Cisco, Texas my Papa picking up a sailor in a pea coat with his seabag, thumbing a ride. It was snowing like crazy and this poor guy was just trying to get home on holiday leave. Papa said he could remember doing the same... trying to get home after electronics school in Memphis just before the holidays and shortly before he shipped out to Pearl for submarine school. Pity we can't do that today. We owe these boys and girls so much for their service. Every time I see one of our people in uniform I always go over, shake their hand and say, "Thank you for serving my country". Where do we find such fine, bright people to sacrifice so to serve? I think we're blessed.

Y'all have a gracious rest this evening. Think I'll wander outside and let the crickets and frogs serenade me for a little while on the porch. I got some buttermilk and cornbread if anyone's interested in a late snack...

Blessings... Dragonfly

July 26, 2003 - Msg 14872: Yes, Dragonfly, it was an electric wringer and I guess I was lucky. I remember being very afraid at the time with my poor little arm stuck in that thing! Talking about the service station reminded me of a nice memory that I might have already shared with the others. I grew up in a very small town outside of Corpus Christi called Ingleside (anyone ever heard of that one?!). When I was small enough to ride standing on the seat beside my mom, we used to get gas at the local Texaco station and there was the most handsome man who ran the pumps and checked the tires, etc. He was tall with dark curls and he was my first crush. I remember how he would stick his head in the car window and say, "How's my girlfriend today?" and I would just melt. I must of only been about four. Imagine! I also remember getting milk delivered in bottles on the front porch and you had to shake it up to mix in the cream. That was good milk!

Watched the Count Istvan Teleky ep tonight. That one kills me. What would we do without Barney?

Pleasant night to all,

July 26, 2003 - Msg 14873: Hey, Boo...We had that kinda' milk! It had a kind of crinkled foil top on the gallon jug and then a cardboard stopper with a little piece that pulled out so you could grab it. I remember Papa saying "annoyed" words when the little piece tore off. On boring summer days Mama would give us a rinsed out gallon milk jug (glass) and a handful of clothes pins and we'd compete to see how many we could drop into the jug from nose level. She'd also take leftover slivers of bath or hand soap and put them in a jelly lid with a little water and give us each an empty thread spool. Ta-da!... instant bubbles. We were country folk. You made your own fun and it kept us from tormenting the stock or the snakes. Pretty hi-tech, huh?

Blessings... Dragonfly

July 26, 2003 - Msg 14874: By the way... does anybody remember "Bama china"?

July 26, 2003 - Msg 14875: Isn't that when you use the Jelly Jars from Bama Jelly got glasses to drink form? Just a guess. I just may be too young to remember this one properly. LOL
fun girl

July 26, 2003 - Msg 14876: Fun Girl!... Bang on the first time. We got a player here, porchsters. You musta' listened close when your grandparents were reminiscing ;) G'nite, kids... Dragonfly

July 26, 2003 - Msg 14877: Hey to the porch - 14862, it's good to see you again, too, whoever youare~
Happy weekend, ever'body. And for Emma, a Mel Tillis song, "I Ain't Too Old To Cut The Mustard, I'm Just Too Tired To Spread It Around"!

"It's easy for you Barney, you're so swave and worldy"

July 26, 2003 - Msg 14878: Howdy Porch! My it's nice to see so many familiar faces from way back! How is ever'body anyways?? I hope to make it to Mayberry Day's this year, but seems the last 3 times I have tried to go something always comes up! Me I know who you are, you're you ain't ya?? Stick around more often & check yer email later today, I'm gonna send one to ya! Dragonfly I love your stories, keep 'em coming. The barbershop you described sounds like one we got here in Bristol, the Star Barber Shop, (yes they let women in, but only for a little while! teehee) anyways, they not only have all that stuff, but also not a day goes by that there aren't a bunch of fellars in there picking bluegrass music & jamming whilst others are getting thier hair cut. Neat place, it really is. Only problem I have heard the boys complain about is the barber is also a fiddle player & if the pickin fellars hit on a good song, he'll quit cuttin & pick up the fiddle & start sawin! LOL Emma you going to the Virginia Highlands Festival? I think I might try to hit it this weekend. Mr. Schwump CONGRATS!! how excited you must be, are they gonna take turns being the keeper of the flame when they get big enough? Off to pick blackberries so I can make some jelly, hope the birds ain't got all of them.

July 26, 2003 - Msg 14879: I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. I saw on Miss Crump Bulletin Board about a TAGS special that is being made. There are some
real nice photos on their website. I wish they would have contacted
someone about helping.  MPO, your
musical education was worth every penny. It will be great to see you and Myra in
Mount Airy. *Mavis, I hope Wynken, Blynken and Nod left a few blackberries for you. They used to eat all the cherries out of the trees across the street back home growing up, but the ones they left were delicious.

Opie  "I ate four bowls full.
If that's not a tribute to white beans, I don't know what is."

July 26, 2003 - Msg 14880: Dang, I've got to knock some of the rust of my posting ability (and the lack thereof!) Opie

July 26, 2003 - Msg 14881: "Rust off" Looks like I need that for my proofreading and spelling too! Opie

July 26, 2003 - Msg 14882: Hey Dragonfly...It weren't my grandpappy what taught me about Bama China. It were my pappy. He is about 63 and was raised due east of Atlanta. Once I got older I decided you didn't have to fill your glass as much if you used a mason jar to drink from. Anyone remember Bill Anderson's chain of restaurants called Po Folks? The first time I went there my step-dad told them to bring me my drink first. When they did I thought he was playing a joke on me cause when you ate there you drank out of a mason jar. I looked at him and said, "VERY FUNNY!" But he said for me to look around. And sure enough everybody was had drinks served in Mason Jars. Everyone had a good laugh over that one.

The county fair starts today and we usually make it a point to go at least a couple times during the week, but last night I was up hurling in the wee small hours and so I don't thing a Ribeye Sandwich would sit too well. Maybe I will have fungi bring me a lemon shake up. That's my favorite.

Holler at ya later.
fun girl

July 26, 2003 - Msg 14883: Anybody going to Sarah's tonight?

July 26, 2003 - Msg 14884: Lordy, fun girl. You just mentioned your "pappy" and said he's about 63. Honey, I'm older than that! If I didn't feel so good, that might make me feel old!

Dragonfly, are you sure you're not a cousin of mine or something? We sure do have a similar set of memories. I remember that milk, too, from when we lived in town. Only thing, I'd lift the top and drink the cream off before anyone could shake it up! I love cream! Sure got in trouble a lot for doing that. As for the Bama China, I still have some! No telling how many years old they are. When I was raising little butter-fingered kids, I saw no point in paying good money for glasses for them to drop and break. Everybody we knew that had kids had jelly glasses. Just made good sense.

I'm still dragging hoses around. Getting a plumber to come set the anti-backflow thingy out by the water meter has been a job in itself. Guess it must be a little job ($450? Little?) 'cause no one seems to want to do it. Finally got someone scheduled for Tuesday, though, so the sprinkler system will go in the latter part of next week. I will be a happy little camper when that happens.
Well, off I go to move another sprinkler. Illegal as it can be, not 7pm yet, but I can't help it. It's in the back yard, so don't tell Barney and maybe he won't see it. Actually, it's not Barney I'd worry about so much, but if that Warren sees it, he'll write me a ticket for sure.

Have a great Sabbath, friends. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

July 26, 2003 - Msg 14885: Hey to the Porch.
Milton, have you heard the "Old Dogs" CD that has M-M-Mel and Bobby Bare and Jerry Reed and Waymore on it? It's goooood. Has "Mustard" on it.
Most of the songs were written by Shel Silverstein. He is one of my all-time favorites....I shudder to think what I just revealed about myself.

-- Jelsik

BD: "Better stop that deputy of yours, he'll get us stoned to death..."

July 26, 2003 - Msg 14886: Hey to the porch - 10-4 on the "Old Dogs"! A really good cd. We were in Nashville the weekend after Waylo died and at the Opry that night when they did a tribute to him and I couldn't believe nobody did "Nashville is rough on the living but she surely speaks well of the dead." I like Shel's songs too. Bobby Bare recorded MANY of his songs.
Opie, those are some great pictures at that website, can't wait to see the show.
I might just pop in at Sarah's tonight if I can remember how to get there.
Romeena, we grew up drinking out of jelly glasses and eating off dishes from they gave away at the gas stations. Of course *we* didn't call it Bama china~

"Let's see ... orange sherbert ... tomato juice ... rooooot beer ... any molasses?"

July 26, 2003 - Msg 14887: WaylonN! sheeeeesh. You'd think I learned to type from Opie, hahaha.

July 26, 2003 - Msg 14888: ... and another thing, we didn't get our milk from bottles, we got it from cows. Often momma would buy the 'evaporated' milk (Carnation?) and instead of just mixing it with water she'd add our fresh milk. But it made the milk we had go farther. Do they still make Bosco?
We gathered eggs and slopped hogs and dug taters and shelled peas and shucked and silked corn. We moved from the farm when I was 12 and I never looked back.

MPO - tiller of soil, feller of trees
"Do cousins count?"

July 27, 2003 - Msg 14889: Dragonfly! Guess what!?! I emailed my son who lives in Saginaw and copied your comments about the barbershop. I wanted him to know because I thought he'd be interested, remember? Well, I guess he is interested. His reply was that he goes there, too, and wouldn't get his hair cut anywhere else! He says the Dr. Pepper flows like a river from the cooler. I told him to ask around and see if he can find out who goes by the name of Dragonfly on the TAGS website. It would be too much of a coincidence if you two go there at the same time, but who knows? Anyway, he goes by Dave, and is about 6'5", age 33, very friendly and outgoing, with a ready smile and an upbeat att-itude. I always knew Mayberry was a small town, and this just proves it. He's a TAGS fan, too, but doesn't have time to pursue it as much as I do.

Have a peaceful Sabbath, friends. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

July 27, 2003 - Msg 14890: Good Sabbath to the porch! I went to a good Alison Krauss concert and a fireworks show last night. Mavis, I wondered if you were anywhere in the crowd. My head didn't hit the pillow till after midnight. Opie, that is a great website! I didn't know anything about the TAGS special. What wonderful pictures. Thanks for posting that. MPO, I think we used to get "china" in boxes of laundry detergent years ago. I still buy oatmeal today that comes with a little drinking glass inside. I've already been watching some Andy this morning..the best way to start ANY day. Those $5.88 dvd's have some good episodes on them. I just finished "High Noon In Mayberry".
"I won't need it, Barn. Fluffy and I've been friends for years."

July 27, 2003 - Msg 14891: I remember jelly glasses and I am only 40. I drank out of them as a kid. We didn't get china from the gas station but the local grocery store gave them away or we got them by collecting Texas Gold Stamps. Any of you Texans remember those?

That's neat about your son going to Dragonfly's barber shop, Ro. Hope they meet up sometime. Your boy (all 6'5 of him) sounds like a sweetheart. How'd he get so tall? I have a brother who is 6'4 and I don't know why. He's the only one.

Well, I can't go to church this morning due to Baby Girl's chicken pox. They are still popping out occasionally. I have to make a big pot of spaghetti (with Oregano) for all the family this afternoon. Today is my Mom's 77th birthday. Better go get things started.


BTW Ro, I had such a tough time working as a nurse even when I was in my thirties. It is such a demanding job and I am wondering if retirement is in your near future or do you plan on continuing when you get past 65?

July 27, 2003 - Msg 14892: Mornin', everyone. Emma, my mom used to get those dishes in the detergent, and later on, so did I. You could get nice dish towels that way, too. I kinda miss those days.

Boo, both my sons are a lot like their dad, who was 6'4". Dave just got a little taller, and he looks more like his dad. The Florida son is 6'4", but looks more like my side of the family. Both of them have his gentle, kind-hearted personality.

I don't plan to fully retire for a while yet, but I have cut back to half time. Not sure what I'll do after 65. I only work two nights a week now, 12 hour shifts. Have to work tonight and tomorrow night, as a matter of fact. Much better than full time, but still interferes with my life! ;-) Oh, well, I'm just grateful that I have the health and strength to be able to work. Many can't!

Well, gotta run. Everyone have a great Sabbath, and Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

July 27, 2003 - Msg 14893: I have an idea. Maybe I could work part-time at the pickle factory, as a brine-tester. I could just work when they need me to fill in now and then, when the regular tester is sick or on vacation or something. Now, there's a plan! --Romeena

July 27, 2003 - Msg 14894: Hey, Opie, I just checked out that site. Wonderful! I loved looking at the pictures of the courthouse and especially the photo of Andy and Ron Howard walking down the famous country path. Thanks for hooking us up.


July 27, 2003 - Msg 14895: Just beautiful, Opie. Kinda brings a tear to your eye, and clutches you, right here! Thanks. Sugarplum thanks you, too. --Romeena

July 27, 2003 - Msg 14896: It clutched me, too, Romeena. Seeing those pictures gives me the same feeling Andy and Barney had after their class reunion..kind of sad seeing everybody getting older.
"Do the tears on your pillow bespeak the pain that is in your heart?...Me too."

July 27, 2003 - Msg 14897: Loved the pictures tooand was so happy to hear about the new special.

July 27, 2003 - Msg 14898: Okay - that was me and I mis hit a key.
MPO - I too remember milking the cow and momma straining it, putting it in a crock, putting it in the fridge, cream separated out and that was that! I just don't care for milk like I oughta - it has to go back to that. We also slopped the hogs and momma killed the chickens with a butcher knife (cut their heads off - sorry for those that aren't farmers). We even had neighborhood butchering parties, a couple of hogs usually. The men did the killing and the skinning - the women packaged it.


July 27, 2003 - Msg 14899: Mornin' DEARS! Opie, thank you for sharing about the website about the CBS reunion show. The pictures were amazing. I can't wait to see the show. It would be so nice if they'd keep the set and make a museum in honor of the show.
We are getting a much needed rain here in Nebraska. I need to get out there in it and check the rain guage and see how much we got!
It's been a perfect day for drinking coffee from my Snappy Lunch cup and chatting on ICQ with Mayberry family.
Happy birthday to our middle son Ben. I have to tell you a little something about him. Ever since he was little, he and is brother Andrew (Ange)would poke stick under rock just like Ernest T. Bass, and look for critters. They have always loved bugs. Now, Ben is a 5th year Biology major, and works in the Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kindom Pavilion. I'm just so proud of him. I just hope he graduates soon.
jennie boone

July 27, 2003 - Msg 14900: Opie,
I'm glad you posted that website. That was neat. Made me miss seein' everyone and look forward that much more to Mayberry Days.

Mr. Schuwmp

July 27, 2003 - Msg 14901: Hey to the Porch.
Congratulations Mr. Schwump on the impending arrival of the Schwump-ettes!
No more care-free hours, no more doing what you want to do, when you want to do it...(you'll love it!)

-- Jelsik

"No more peanut butter and jelly sandwiches..."

July 27, 2003 - Msg 14902: Afternoon Y'all. Hey Jennie,tell your boys to stay from 'round my rock! Don't like getting jabbed at with those long poinky sticks! BTW- I have a nephew Andy that I call "Ange" too!
Going to have to run now so I can check out this website y'all have been talking about. Hope everyone has a wonderful evening! Love to all!
possum under a rock

July 27, 2003 - Msg 14903: Opie, many thanks for the link - really made my day! Can't wait to see the special air. Didin't'cha just love the pictures of the courthouse - in color AND black-and-white?! Yes, making it a museum would be a great idea.

~ Mrs. Wiley

Opie: "If you'll just walk this way..."

July 27, 2003 - Msg 14904: You have a Snappy Lunch cup, Jennie Boone? I am so jealous!


July 27, 2003 - Msg 14905: Hello Porchsters:
Had a wonderful Sabbath day with all the friends and family. So glad to see that we all have "warm-fuzzy" memories. It's just amazing to me that certain sounds, smells etc. bring back such vivid memories. The Lord not only blessed us with the ability to remember, but the "senses" to help them along. By the way- speaking of memories- did Asa forget how to get to the porch? He ain't been here for quite some time. I guess it has to do with his age!! (that ought to get a rise out of him) Have a blessed evening. ~New Neighbor

July 28, 2003 - Msg 14906: Evenin' friends. I trust you've had a good Sabbath and dealt gently with one another. Romeena, you're right, it really is a small world. I'd like to think I'll run across your son one day. That barbershop has a bench out front. Maybe we'll chew the fat a bit and bring some Mayberry to Keller/Ft. Worth. Ask him if he ever goes to a little Mexican restaurant nearby called Mi Rae's. If not, tell him to try it. I've known Ray Vasquez for fifteen years and he makes some fine Tex-Mex. I only appear as Dragonfly here on the porch. My real name is Jacob (hence the Jake on my posts a couple of years ago) but most folks know me as Pete (long story... email if you're curious). Jason should remember me by that but he was telling me he's had a week in the past month or so where he gave well over 100 haircuts.

Have y'all ever wondered why we reminisce and miss some of the old things? I've been thinking about that lately and I have a couple of possibilities. The 60's supposedly brought us alot of "freedom" but what really happened was the country's focus turned inward to "me" and "my self esteem" and "my rights" and "my fulfillment". The way I was raised we called that self-indulgence and selfishness. We instinctively want to walk into Andy's office and have "the law" and "justice". We want to walk down the dirt path after Andy and Opie and know Aunt Bea will have a delicious dinner for us at home. We want a Goober and a Gomer who are just silly but we know our car will run and if we have a problem we can just call to have things put right. It's not just that things were simpler, things are always complicated in the time where you are. Things were more dependable, though.

I want to know my sheriff by name and I want him to know mine. I want to walk with my son down the dirt path for an afternoon of fishin'. I want to chase lightning bugs and play kick the can and rock on the porch and hear the screen door slam and drink lemonade out of Bama china have a slice of pie off a plate I got out of a box of detergent. I want to run barefoot through the garden and play in the rain and fall asleep on the glider listening to low conversations, crickets and the click of dominos. I want to know that no matter what happens I'm safe and loved and prayed for. More than all this, I want my son to know these things and it just ain't easy these days. Maybe it never was. 'Til then I have my Porch pals and my dreams and my own prayers. Who knows? God will not be outdone in generosity. I'd welcome your thoughts on these "weighty" matters. There's alot of wisdom on this Porch. Don't let's waste it, hmmm?

Good night dear ones. Bide safely and peacefully. Blessings... Dragonfly

July 28, 2003 - Msg 14907: Yes, Boo, I do have a Snappy Lunch cup. It was a very special gift. One that keeps on giving you'd say. Have a great day on the Porch everyone!

July 28, 2003 - Msg 14908: Dragonfly, I don't believe I have your email address. Is it in The Cutlass? If so, would some ept person post the link for The Cutlass one last time, and perhaps I'll be bright enough to bookmark it this time. I thought I had done so, but can't find it, and to look back through a zillion archives would take a very long time. I'd 'preciate it! And now, I'm off to the ironing board, since I worked last night and will work another 12 hours tonight. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

July 28, 2003 - Msg 14909: It's OK, Romeena, I'm not sure it's in there. The addy is bynumjas@sbcglobal.net

Y'll drop a line and have lovely day... Dragonfly

July 28, 2003 - Msg 14910: Dragonfly, I really enjoyed your post and it described what I expect heaven is like. Secure with lots of love. I think there is a reason we crave the comfortable things of childhood and I think that it's healthy. Someday our longings will be met. God knows what we like and long for.

Ro, yesterday evening I took the kids and my nephew who is visiting from California, to Port Aransas to the beach. It was beautiful. It was cool and breezy and the sky was just beginning to turn pink. Wow, we just sat near the surf in our lawn chair and watched the kids play. Port A is really growing in terms of restraunts and places to shop. there was even a couple of new Motels since I was there last. Neat place.

I better go face all my chores!


July 28, 2003 - Msg 14911: Opie, you have a wonderful memory!!! Some people, on the other hand...sheesh!!! Maybe I should have said "Ratons!"

July 28, 2003 - Msg 14912: Howdy Porch. Just got back from Las Vegas and boy is it hot down there. Mercy sakes, I'm glad we had A/C and a pool at the condo we stayed at. Speaking of sin city, I am happy to report that a local station down there shows Andy 3 times a day! I just think that is great in a city that never sleeps and has so many distractions, most of em evil that TAGS would be so popular. I reckon there are a lot of good honest folks there. I had a convention to go to. Didn't spend a penny on gambling, never do. J

July 28, 2003 - Msg 14913: Howdy Porch. Just got back from Las Vegas and boy is it hot down there. Mercy sakes, I'm glad we had A/C and a pool at the condo we stayed at. Speaking of sin city, I am happy to report that a local station down there shows Andy 3 times a day! I just think that is great in a city that never sleeps and has so many distractions, most of em evil that TAGS would be so popular. I reckon there are a lot of good honest folks there. I had a convention to go to. Didn't spend a penny on gambling, never do. J

July 28, 2003 - Msg 14914: Howdy Porch. Just got back from Las Vegas and boy is it hot down there. Mercy sakes, I'm glad we had A/C and a pool at the condo we stayed at. Speaking of sin city, I am happy to report that a local station down there shows Andy 3 times a day! I just think that is great in a city that never sleeps and has so many distractions, most of em evil that TAGS would be so popular. I reckon there are a lot of good honest folks there. I had a convention to go to. Didn't spend a penny on gambling, never do. J

July 28, 2003 - Msg 14915: Wow, I must have hit the wrong key there. Anyhow, I just got your E-mail Romeena, sounds like your doing ok now. Glad your back with us. I pray you had a nice birthday last Thursday?
Thanks for asking about me N.N. I am happy to be back.
Sorry to see that Bob Hope has passed away. What a great feller he was.
Hope everyone is well and staying cool. It's only 98 here today but that is cool compared to Vegas.


July 28, 2003 - Msg 14916: Holy cow, I sure didn't post this 3 times. Floyd, I think we got porch problems.


July 28, 2003 - Msg 14917: Good Afternoon Porch! First time on the page and just had to put my two cents in seeing how I love Mayberry! Funny, I grew into Mayberry, aand my 8 year old son now makes it one of his have to watch programs, We were down on Don Knotts Blvd. in Morgantown, WV just yesterday (7/27/03) my son and I were discussing his and my favorite movie The Ghost and Mr. Chicken which of course starred Don Knotts, have any of you seen it? How would you rate it? Just wondering! Thanks! & Soda pops on me!

July 28, 2003 - Msg 14918: Dragofly, re: your comments of 7/28/03, You took the words out of my mouth!

While growing up, we had all those things, we didn't come from a small town in N.C. but rather a small town in S.W. Pennsylvania, one policeman and yes his name was "Andy", his sidekick was Carter, We had the upscale drug store, the library, bakery where as kids we would go every Saturday morning on our bikes and buy 7 cent creamed filled doughnuts. Our local market was the Clover Farm, and yes they had full grown men as bag boys whould deliver groceries in a wire cart on wheels all around town, even into Old Town and out to the Hathaway Farm.

We had our churchs, ours was the white on with the big steeple, our fire department was all volunteer (still is), we had three or four filling stations with mechanics on duty, the main occupation in the area was coal mining, we had our own bank, theater, bowling alley, the creek which runs through town is Muddy Creek, and at night we would sit on the front walkway and children, adults and old folk would all sit and talk together, now and then Dad would run down to the Dairy Queen and buy everyone a dilly bar, or the Tasty Freeze would come around.

We had our festivals and parades, town drunk and town begger with the dogs following him as he rooted through the trash cans round town.

Our main town attraction is still the covered bridge, and if I only had a dime for every hour I played under it, of for each fish, crab, snake or turtle I caught under it!

July 28, 2003 - Msg 14919: Dragofly, re: your comments of 7/28/03, You took the words out of my mouth!

While growing up, we had all those things, we didn't come from a small town in N.C. but rather a small town in S.W. Pennsylvania, one policeman and yes his name was "Andy", his sidekick was Carter, We had the upscale drug store, the library, bakery where as kids we would go every Saturday morning on our bikes and buy 7 cent creamed filled doughnuts. Our local market was the Clover Farm, and yes they had full grown men as bag boys whould deliver groceries in a wire cart on wheels all around town, even into Old Town and out to the Hathaway Farm.

We had our churchs, ours was the white on with the big steeple, our fire department was all volunteer (still is), we had three or four filling stations with mechanics on duty, the main occupation in the area was coal mining, we had our own bank, theater, bowling alley, the creek which runs through town is Muddy Creek, and at night we would sit on the front walkway and children, adults and old folk would all sit and talk together, now and then Dad would run down to the Dairy Queen and buy everyone a dilly bar, or the Tasty Freeze would come around.

We had our festivals and parades, town drunk and town begger with the dogs following him as he rooted through the trash cans round town.

Our main town attraction is still the covered bridge, and if I only had a dime for every hour I played under it, of for each fish, crab, snake or turtle I caught under it!

July 28, 2003 - Msg 14920: Rest in peace Bob Hope. One of my favorite actors.

July 28, 2003 - Msg 14921: Howdy Porch!

Looking over your entries, you got dinnerware from the gas station, or soap powder box, remember the wash cloths from the soap box?

Local gas station used to give out window scrapers as well, the jelly glasses we still collect for our son, yet we all use them!

Can anyone remember when they used to send folks around who would put a bag on your front door knob w/a sample box of soap or sometimes a bar of soap?

Whatever ever hapened to the REAL" prozes in Cracker Jacks?

I can still remember my sister and I would go to the "ESSO" station buy a gallon of gas, two pops and two candy bars, get change back and go cut the church grass on a Saturday morning.

Can anyone remember in school when we bought "Savings Stamps" for 10 or 25 cents, when you filled the book up you tok it to the bank and cashed itin?

July 28, 2003 - Msg 14922: Who are you, #14919??

Do any of you garden experts know what might be killing my Hibiscus bushes? It looks like a small, furry white pest of some kind, stuck to the leaves and stems (almost like a very tiny cocoon). They have almost wiped out one of my small bushes in a few days. If you have any idea what it could be or know of a good website I might look up, I would appreciate any info. Thanks!


July 28, 2003 - Msg 14923: Hey, Boo... I might suggest taking a leaf to a good nurseryman in your area. I haven't seen such a pest around here... knock wood. Once you know what it is specifically you can treat it with something from the nursery or, if you prefer organics go on the web to www.dirtdoctor.com and see what Howard Garrett has to say about it. Just an idea... Dragonfly

July 28, 2003 - Msg 14924: Hey to the porch - Well I *thought* it was you but just a day or so before you posted and signed as Me , you had posted and signed your Mayberry name and that is what threw me. Plus, there is somebody else from your part of Mayberry and I thought it might be her. I couldn't remember who was who.

R.I.P. Bob Hope - We shall meet, but we shall miss him ...

July 28, 2003 - Msg 14925: Funny, MPO!

thanks for the tip, Dragonfly. I will check out that site.


July 28, 2003 - Msg 14926: Oh. Well. What can I say. :o} I wunner who that is.....hmmmm.

Me again

And yes we will miss him big time.

July 28, 2003 - Msg 14927: She came to Mayberry Days with you the first time we were there ('98?). And she 'almost' knows a lot of the songs in the quiz over at your place, haha~

July 28, 2003 - Msg 14928: With all this talk about you, me, she, and her, I don't even know who I am. If I am?!?

Mr. Schuwmp

Good-bye Bob Hope, you'll be missed.

July 28, 2003 - Msg 14929: You am, Mr. Schwump...and you're good, you're good.

-- Jelsik

B: "Andy?"
A: "What?"
B: "you're good too..."

July 28, 2003 - Msg 14930: Hey, #14919... We really are connected by those things we've had and missed. Even back in the early 60's my Mama and Papa would "disconnect" the TV and we'd have reading night. Each of them would have a book or magazine and they'd take me to the Ben Franklin 5 and 10 to get comic books. The only rule was we all read in the family room. If someone chuckled or groaned everyone stopped to hear why. Then, if was in the heat of summer (no air conditioning understand) we'd go to Ashburn's for an ice cream cone. With no A/C in the '58 Chevy it was a challenge to lick the ice cream below the level of the cone before the wind from the window melted it on you. I recall helicopters (a big deal then) circling and loudspeakers telling everyone where to go for their polio inoculation. Ours were drops on sugar cubes. Didn't seem like such a big deal to a kid but the line wound down the block. Funny how we got to go to the public pool after that. Then it was polio and dirty water... now it's sunscreen and melanoma. It was just easier to sneak off on our bikes out in the country and swim in the local stock tank. We did take the precaution of drawing straws and taking turns up in the willow nearby to spot the water mocassins when they ventured out. All ties lose with a cottonmouth and they always had the right-of-way.

Have a lovely evenin', porch buds... Blessings, Dragonfly

July 28, 2003 - Msg 14931: Thank you to all for sharing the kind words. I don't check Miss Crump's often, but I was glad that caught my eye and friends could enjoy it too. Can you imagine sitting out there enjoying the lake when suddenly Andy and Ron come walking by? It would be hard to top something like that.

MPO, if you're gonna learn something from me, pick something besides spelling! hahaha

Opie "Cat."

July 28, 2003 - Msg 14932: Hey to the porch - "You're not in and you're not out. Me, I'm not in and I'm not out. I'm in the Twilight Zone!" Is that how you feel Schwumpster? ANYway, that other stuff is just fun with a lady from West Mayberry that we all know and love.
Jelsik, "Schwump-ettes" is the funniest thing I've seen in a while, what a perfect name for the future Mayberrians.
It's time to go to bed in our part of Mayberry. Last one off the porch, don't forget to roll up the sidewalks. (haha)

"Well, half the night he had his arm in my mouth and the other half he was dreaming he was riding a bicycle. All in all, I'd say it was one of the most active nights I've ever spent."