September 14, 2003 - Msg 15640: Uh, Romeena, I don't think you should form the Tuesday Night Rock Painting Society. How could you forget that the Knot Tying Club meets on Tuesdays? Sheesh... how you could forget a thing like that is beyond me. We been meetin' every Tuesday for a long long time.
- Hazel

September 14, 2003 - Msg 15641: Oh, brother. I hate to sweep.
- Hazel

September 14, 2003 - Msg 15642: Hey Blossom go to & they have a ton of songs listed. I am in a bluegrass band as well, & we have gotten a whole slew of songs from there.

September 14, 2003 - Msg 15643: I know you hate to sweep Hazel and all that sweeping is stirring up dust that is getting in my larynx, would you just stop it for a while?

September 15, 2003 - Msg 15644: I would like to know more information on Emmitt.His real name ? How many shows he was in ?He was the guys who repaired things like toatster's. Is there anything on this site about him. I looked but I might be missing it. Thanks very much. Kevin---*

September 15, 2003 - Msg 15645: Good morning all,
I'm requesting prayers for all of us on the east coast in the southest and mid-atlantic region, who are in the path of this Hurricane Isabel.
Jimmy the Goat

September 15, 2003 - Msg 15646: Where in the world is not Matt Lauer, but Asa?! Wake up, Asa, the bank's being held up! Good to see you Mavis and Hazel. Glad Hazel got that sweepin' job done before I showed up. Possum, so glad Laci is just fine. What a blessing! Things here aren't the greatest. Prayers for Charlotte please.
Charlotte Tucker

September 15, 2003 - Msg 15647: Yes, Jennie, that was me in 15612.

September 15, 2003 - Msg 15648: Hey Mavis, I never heard anyone call Quakers "clowns" even though they might dress a bit funny and drive around in buggies. I always thought they were pretty serious people, and as for giving them fruit....they don't like to take charity. heehee (sorry, couldn't resist).

Prayers for those in the path of Isabel and for Charlotte.


September 15, 2003 - Msg 15649: Rats. Rats, rats, rats. Orville and I won't be at Mayberry Days this year. I do NOT like this "every other year" method of attendance! We'll be there next year, we hope--either there or the Opry thingie or the Mayberry in the Midwest thingie. One of 'em. Can't do all three, but we WILL do ONE of 'em.


September 15, 2003 - Msg 15650: I echo Jimmy's prayer requests-Please pray for the folks in Hurricane Isabel's path. Looks like SC will be spared this time,but I know how horrible it will be-lived thru Hugo.Jimmy,I'm not sure where on the East Coast you are,but you will be in my prayers. My sister lives on the NC/VA border (east coast) so naturally I am worried about her.
Good things continue for my grandbaby Laci.She should be in the hospital for 2 more weeks,but she is doing fine.So cute!
Y'all have a good night-love to all!
P.S. Should we send a posse out on Asa? Check in with us man-we miss ya!
possum under a rock

September 15, 2003 - Msg 15651: Yes, possum, I am quite worried. I think I'll round up Otis and Gomer and Goober and maybe ol' Jud and put some badges on them and give them guns and head out to look for Asa. Wonder if he's got 'puter problems. Hope it's nothin' serious. Thanks for the prayers, Boo. I can use all you got to give. Sorry you won't make Mayberry Days, Elinora!
Charlotte Tucker

September 15, 2003 - Msg 15652: Boo you are just funny you know that? You out to go out & get yourself a red nose! LOL I never thought of that til you responded, but let me clarify~Quaker PARROTS. ASA where are you? Hope he ain't been trying to hang Christmas lights at Ro's house to surprise her & got up on that roof & got stuck somehow. Maybe we should ask SugarPlum if she has heard a "big squirrel" on top of the house. I'm off to bed, got one more week of work & then I'm off for vacation! Vancouver, WA to visit with family & enjoy the sights! We are so excited!

September 15, 2003 - Msg 15653: Hey porch friends, sorry it's been a while. Looks like I'm not the only one who went AWOL... I aint seen Asa postin much either. Been busy here. And the other night, we had a very bad call, a 32 year old man had a heart attack and didn't make it. My husband and I did CPR for at least 20 minutes by ourselves before the Paramedics arrived.Then we worked it for an hour until we had orders from the medical examiner to stop. The man lived right down the road from us. He had a little boy who looked to be about 10. It was very trying to say the least. One of the hardest calls I've ever ran. The boy was right there and kept crying for his Daddy. So I had a good cry after that call as well. Just remember this family in your prayers. It was very unexpected. He was only 32 years old. Thats just 5 years older than me. I hope you all are doin good. Prayers for all of you all as well Take care, be sure and hug your families up real tight, life is very fragile. Love ya's all -- Salty Dog

September 16, 2003 - Msg 15654: Good to hear from you, Salty! I'm sorry about the young man who died, but especially his son. It just hurts so much, doesn't it? You know, Salty, God gifts most of us a gift of compassion and it is a gift, make no mistake, but loving people sure hurts sometimes. God is teaching me that the pain should spur me on to pray for those who are hurting. I'm 41 and just finding out that prayer really does make a difference....a big one. God bless you for your caring and your willingness to help others when they really need it and may God keep your heart tender toward people who are hurting but always hopeful that God will answer your prayers for them. I am going to pray for that little boy and I am going to have the faith to believe that God can make a difference in his life and heal his grief. I believe He can.

Well, the black and white eps are finally back. I like them so much more.

Have a blessed day all you Mayberry citizens at heart.

September 16, 2003 - Msg 15655: Hey to the porch! Wow Salty, that must have been awful. Poor man, poor kid. Poor Salty. Boo, you and I are the same age - and YES, prayer DOES help! The Lord even asks us to Pray for each other, those here and those already passed. I'll sure be praying for that family.

I'm glad the B/W epps are on too. Big Jeff Pruitt has figgred out how to record the shows on his computer and remove the commercials. It's not easy - requires many Gigs of space before it gets compressed down, but the quality is really good. My VCR tapes are getting "plum" wore out! No "plum" inten... I mean "pun" intended. (that's a Plumster joke, Ro) Which leads me to ask, what is the rule of thumb on sharing eppisodes digitally. Or is there one? I know rule number 1 is OBEY ALL RULES. Maybe Floyd has some idea on this topic?

Now here's the question of the day: WHERE'S ASA!? Let's send out Ol' Blue after him.

~ Mrs. Wiley

No, now I already 10-4'd ya. Feels good to 10-4 someone for a change.

September 16, 2003 - Msg 15656: hello everyone,
I am new here- not to the show tho! I was wondering if anyone can tell me if there is more than one episode of a haunted house - the one with the lost baseball - I have some friends who don't watch public tv-only tapes & they want the episode where Barney & Gomer are in the haunted house - any help?
Thanks a bunch,

September 16, 2003 - Msg 15657: Dicy,
There is only the one episode of The Haunted House where Barney and Gomer go in to get the baseball. It can most likley be purchased at Weaver's Department Store over at TAGSRWC at
Inspite if what you may have heard, Mr. Weaver is a prince of a fellow and will fix them up right away.

September 16, 2003 - Msg 15658: Good evening, folks! Hazel, you're absolutely right. How thoughtless of me! Would Thursday nights work better for the rock-painting society to meet? Sterling? Is Thursday okay with you? We could call it the Thursday night Rock-Painting Club.

To Blossom2, who asked about the song, I believe you mean "There is a Time", and it was sung in an episode featuring the Darlings - and Andy, of course. "There is a time, for us to wander, when time is young, and so are we, etc..." Beautiful song, kinda makes me want to cry. (Sniff!).

Salty, what a terrible experience. I've been there, both as a nurse, and in a very personal situation, when my husband passed so suddenly. It's not easy. Prayers for all concerned.

My yard is really shaping up - we worked on the fountain today. It's going to be very pretty. The landscaper team probably won't be here tomorrow, as the boss man has to respond to another client whose irrigation system is broken. I fully understand, and know I can depend on him to do the same for me if needed. He has been here every weekday now for nearly five weeks, so guess I can't be selfish. I'm actually glad, because tomorrow is the first anniversary of the birth and death of our precious little grandson, Logan, and his other grandma and I are planning to spend the day with our kids (the parents). It will be a bittersweet time, with the sweet coming from the presence of the newest, little Hudson, who is three weeks old, and strong and healthy. God is good.

It's wonderful to see the B&W episodes again. I never get tired of them. Classics like TAGS just aren't being made any more, sadly. There is some good programming today, but there's even more garbage. TAGS was just one of those special things. What scares me is that I believe that programming is representative of the era, and if that's so, then what is our current programming saying about us today? Heaven help us all!

On that bright note, I'll say goodnight! (teehee) Have a good day tomorrow, and Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 17, 2003 - Msg 15659: Goodnight, All. I think I am too tired to say anything else!


September 17, 2003 - Msg 15660: Why, Boo, what time did you say Goodnight anyway? I can't believe I'm the first one on the porch this morning. My husband's gone to a Bible study. (Pray it'll bless him!) so I made my favorite Snickerdoodle coffee instead of the regular decaf. stuff. The snickerdoodle is decaf too though. I try to stay away from caffeine. Although maybe I shouldn't--I could use a dose this morning. Tons of work to do!! OK. the coffeepot is on. Now where is Asa? I don't know about the rest of ya, but I'm really gettin' worried! Salty, you sweet young thing you! 27? Wow! I'm more in the range of Boo and Mrs. Wiley (a year older to be exact!). Speakin' of sweet young things--wonder whatever ever happened to Dixie Belle? Maybe Barney called up all the guys in town and had her look them over. Then maybe when she chose her favorite beau and they went to the duck pond, Barney and the whole town came and celebrated with potato salad! Never mind me, not enough sleep, I'm delirious!
Charlotte Tucker

September 17, 2003 - Msg 15661: I just sent an APB message to Asa and told him the bank is being robbed he'd better wake up. That'll get him! By the way, Boo, why aren't you on the Cutlass?

September 17, 2003 - Msg 15662: Where are the days and times of Mayberry????

September 17, 2003 - Msg 15663: Salty Dog, that was very sad! I can only imagine the anguish you felt when the little boy was crying for his daddy, and the sadness and confusion of the little boy himself. Sometimes I wonder why God didn't give us two hearts instead of the one. Then at least we'd have a back-up system in case one fails.

Hey Romeena, how did your turtle turn out?
Thurday is fine for me for a rock-painting club, although it will be a long drive to get to the meetings, at least for one of us. ;)
I have to get going on some more rocks myself. There is a craft show in October that I am bound and determined to go to, and this time I will be prepared(I was a Boy Scout after all!)
-Sterling Holobyte

September 17, 2003 - Msg 15664: Thanks Boo and everybody for your words. It means a lot. I usually try to console myself in the knowledge that if it was their time to go then God's gonna take them no matter what. But this one was harder. I'm getting better though. It usually takes me a little while to get over calls like that. Thanks friends. Ya'll are the bestest. Off to cook some supper now. Have a good evening. --Salty Dog

September 17, 2003 - Msg 15665: Salty, I had one of those "hurting moments" today in the grocery store. I was coming down the isle and there was this elderly man standing in front of his cart reading the label on a can and about two feet from him was this little elderly fellow who was abviously mentally handicapped. He was just standing there very still and his back was to me so he didn't see me coming. I barely had room to squeeze past him and I said, "Excuse me...(very sweetly)" and when I did, the elderly fellow who was with him yelled at him to get out of the way. "What's the matter with you?!" he said to the little fellow. I turned to him and put my hand tenderly on his shoulder and said, "No, its okay." and the elderly man said, "Dam-!". It just broke my heart to think of what the handicapped fellow might have to endure and it took all I had not to cry right there in the store. I will pray that God will help him out and I believe He can make things better for him.

Where is Asa, I really miss him?!

It is really hot here today. My husband is sick with a cold and my little boy and I mowed the front yard. We were dying with the heat! When will it cool off down here?!

Better go get supper started. Ya'll have a great evening.

September 18, 2003 - Msg 15666: It's raining and windy, yehaa, I love a storm! Just hope they're ain't any giraffes out there!
The Manicurist

September 18, 2003 - Msg 15667: heehee, that's a good one, Manicurist. It has been raining here in South Texas, too, but not much wind. Are you in North Carolina?

Where is everbody? I have been sitting here all night and morning and Manicurist is the only one who has joined me on the porch. I guess everyone is busy. I had a very busy day yesterday and my feet are even sore today from being on them all day. No rest for the mother of a vivacious toddler!

Prayers for those in the path of the hurricane.


September 18, 2003 - Msg 15668: Hey Boo, yeah, I'm in North Carolina. Thanks for your prayers. Enjoy the toddler years, I have 2 teenagers, whew! That's when you start to wonder why you ever wanted to have kids. :)
The Manicurist

September 18, 2003 - Msg 15669: I'm still securing things, and bringing what I can inside.

Jimmy the Goat

September 18, 2003 - Msg 15670: Sorry 'bout that, Boo. Couldn't get the front porch door open last night. I even emailed Floyd about it. He said the servers were down for awhile. Boo, you didn't answer my earlier question--how come you aren't on the Cutlass. I emailed Asa but still no word from him. Watched Ellie, the desperate female hunter last night. S-o-o-o glad the black and whites are back. I just love those! That one is one of my favorites! "And I like her purty fine!" Everybody have a wonderful day!
Charlotte Tucker

September 18, 2003 - Msg 15671: Hey Jimmy, didn't see ya sittin' there! Batten down the hatches!

September 18, 2003 - Msg 15672: For all those in the way of the hurricane-Psalm 91:14-15

September 18, 2003 - Msg 15673: "He's hanging himself in your house!"

September 18, 2003 - Msg 15674: Whew!!! I'm glad to see the servers *finally* came back online.


September 18, 2003 - Msg 15675: Boy, I thought y'all had banned me from the porch.
I have tried several times to post but couldn't get in.
Sorry about being awol friends. I messed up my back bad last week (again) and have been laid up. Thank you so much for your concern though Charlotte and Boo and everyone else. Y'all are just great people. I never got any e-mails from you Charlotte so I don't know where it went. I hope you are doing better with your situation. And I hope Mr. Boo gets better soon. We got snow in our mountains last week so come see us if you want cool.
Prayers for all of my porch pals and especially for any having to deal with the big storm. Let us know you are all ok.
Oh, and I hope your doing better Salty. Sad deal.
{{{{{{Hugs to the porch}}}}}}}}}


September 18, 2003 - Msg 15676: FLICK LIVES!

September 18, 2003 - Msg 15677: i love the anday griffith show
and i love barney

September 18, 2003 - Msg 15678: Does anyone know the name of Aunt Bee's niece that came to stay with her for 3 or 4 days? She was a baby and didn't like Aunt Bee at all - cried every time that Aunt Bee picked her up.

September 18, 2003 - Msg 15679: Can't remember the baby's name, but I liked that one. One of the better color eps. Didn't Opie and his friend feed the baby blueberries? Glory Be, Asa! We were all worried plum sick! Sorry you hurt your back. Hope it's much better. Things here are better (for now). I did email you. I used the address on the Cutlass. Is it correct?
Charlotte Tucker

September 18, 2003 - Msg 15680: Evie Joy

September 18, 2003 - Msg 15681: Well I'm glad I aint the only one who couldn't get on here last night. I was wondering what happened.. Started to feel like Otis... I aint in and I aint out?? Must be the fall out affecting our milk again. Asa, I'm so sorry you hurt your back sweetie, were you trying to hang up Christmas lights already? Anyways, I hope you are feeling better we sure missed you. Prayers for the ones closest to the coast. I'm in NC too but I think I'm far enough inland to avoid the worst of it. I'm about an hour from TN. Ya'll check in with us and let us know yer ok. See ya later friends off to find supper. Salty Dog

September 18, 2003 - Msg 15682: Evenin' Y'all! Wow-glad to get up on the Porch tonight-I thought y'all had banned possums sitting up here or something!
Hey to Asa! Glad you're back and sorry about your back-hope that makes sense to you!
Worried about my sister & all the folks affected by the hurricane.Haven't heard from her,tried to call,but phone lines must be down.Center of circulation passed right over her,according to the news.Prayers for her and my brother in law and all of Eastern NC and VA.
Well,I guess I'd better get back under my rock-y'all have a good evening!
possum under a rock

September 18, 2003 - Msg 15683: Hey, good to hear from you, Asa! Wish I could come to the mountains for some coolness but I would have a mighty hard time driving the kids that far! It has been ok here today--not real cool but not hot. It has been raining the entire day. I am pretending that it is real cool outside and made some chocolate chip zuccini (sp?)bread today. Can't wait for chili (the kind you eat) weather.

Charlotte, the reason I am not in the cutlass is because my husband tells me we are switching internet companies and i will be getting a new email soon. As soon as I do, I will put it in the Cutlass.

Hope everyone is warm and dry today and out of the storm. Have a wonderful evening.

September 18, 2003 - Msg 15684: Good evening, all! Asa! So good to hear from you, we were getting very worried. I'm sorry about your back, hope you get to feeling better soon. Soak it, Asa, soak it a lot!

We had a frog-stranglin' rain this afternoon. I swear I saw a tiny amphibian rescue truck go zippin' down my sidewalk! :>) (heehee) We must have gotten about three inches in less than two hours. It did show up some more drainage problems in my yard. I took digital pictures, and my landscaper friend will be able to tell from them what still needs to be done. He has already corrected some problems, but apparently there are more.

You folks on the Atlantic end of the porch, we're all praying for you, that you don't get washed or blown away. Please post as soon as you can and let us know you're all right.

Well, guess I'll go feed the Plum. She has been feeling a bit neglected lately, with me always out in the yard with the landscapers. After supper, I think we'll snuggle in for a long cuddle in our big chair. Have a good evening, folks. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 18, 2003 - Msg 15685: Hi All. Will I m here, not gong to w v not to exnt monty.
I.ll tell you how the sunset.
as shadows marched in lines.
and God sent west his rainbows.
a color at a time.
the hills put on their blankets.
the hawk and crow were done
and as I said softly in twilings
see you tomorrow, sun
I sat out in the darkness
and felt the dew drops fall
I watched the moon risein its place
I heard the night birds call.
God's world, in perfect order.
In line, one after one
May I be in accoedance
On my last setting sun.


September 18, 2003 - Msg 15686: *Mavis here checking in, even tho we are so far inland, we are still getting some pretty big winds here in my neck of Kelsey's Woods. Our weatherman tells us to look for 30 to 40 mile an hour winds tonight, but we are all ok. I am worried about some baby birds in a hanging basket on my front porch tho, I am afraid if I move the plant down the mama will go crazy trying to find it (I don't think she is all that experienced in having babies) at any rate I have been out there a dozen times making sure the basket is still hanging & the wind ain't hitting the babies too bad. Asa bout time you showed up, Hazel did the sweeping a few days ago, you didn't have to stay gone that long to avoid that chore! teehee I'm off to watch ER only show besides Andy that I have to be in front of the tube to see each week. Talk to you fine folks soon.

September 18, 2003 - Msg 15687: Hey there Tom I didn't see you there when I started running my mouth! Thank you for the beautiful poem, I copied it & mailed it to my aunt. You are certainly a treasure on this porch!

September 18, 2003 - Msg 15688: Asa, nice to have you back. Sorry you got the misery in yer back. Better get out the Asalty Dog 2K. Boo, Zucchini is spelled Z-U-C-C-H-I-N-I. I know you always forget that rule.
- Hazel

September 18, 2003 - Msg 15689: Funny, I never liked that ER show, Mavis. It just seemed to make me feel like I was at work. Hope the baby birds do ok.

I sure am enjoying those black and white eps! I like to watch TAGS and then Leave it to Beaver right after. My eight year old just laughs his head off at Beaver so I usually let him stay up and watch it (it comes on at 9:30 here).

Loved that poem, Tom!

Good evening all you fine folks,

September 19, 2003 - Msg 15690: OH yeah. "E after K in chicken and H after C in Zucchini", that's an easy one to forget.

September 19, 2003 - Msg 15691: Thank you for Evie Joy's name! We're having an TAGS party tonite, and we are all acting a character (and have to be called that character by name). So my 9-mth old baby girl's gonna be Evie Joy - thank you so much for helping me to remember her name - we'll be sure to keep the blueberry pie away from her! Cause Gomer's not here to change her diapers!

September 19, 2003 - Msg 15692: Morning porchters. Howareya?
Hazel,Thats a good idea about the Asalty Dog 2K. I wonder if I have any left or If I sold all of them.
Thanks for the well wishes from all of you. You make me feel better just reading about them. Maybe I can get Mavis to come over to my house and sing at me. That'll help me to relax.
Good thing your finding all them low spots now and not later Ro. I wouldn't wanna see the Plum having to swim in your yard.
I hope all have endured the storm on the coast OK and are safe and dry. Stay warm under that Rock Possum.
Where is homemaker and Fun Girl run off to?
Very nice poem Tom. Hope you are doing well my friend.
Hey Boo, as soon as you get your adrress on the Cutlass I'll send you some pictures of our snow covered mountains. Maybe that'll help. You can look at them while you eat Chili. LOL
Hey Charlotte, my A.D. in the Cutlass is the right one so I'm not sure where your mail went. Thanks for thinking of me though. Yer all just swell.


September 19, 2003 - Msg 15693: Welcome back Asa - would you like for me to come and walk on your back for you? I could do a real good job for you!


September 19, 2003 - Msg 15694: Morning porch, we survived the storm, nothing more than a little wind. Which is more than I can say for some people this morning. Asa I'm glad you're back. We missed you. Mavis? You ok up there? I hope everyone is safe and dry this morning. Ya'll have a good day, I'm off to find some lunch. --Salty Dog

September 19, 2003 - Msg 15695: "They're all hard centers. Y'think your teeth'll take 'em?"

September 20, 2003 - Msg 15696: I'm fine up here Salty thanks for asking, pretty much just got that wind & some rain. My friend in DC is still sitting in the dark, been of about 27 hours for him now, he is not happy, but at least everything he had survived. I'm glad I decided not to go up there this weekend as planned, Isabel made me change my mind & stay right here in the safety of these good ol Tennessee mountains.
There's no place like home (wait~didn't we already have that Wizard of Oz discussion on here?) Well if Boo can keep saying VICKS! I can say something from TWOO teehee
Night Porch

September 20, 2003 - Msg 15697: Oh great now dont get them started on that Vicks again.. now we'll never hear the end of it. LOL. Glad yer ok Mavis, nothing much here either. I hope you guys have a good day and a good weekend. I'm off to work this morning. But I left some hot chocolate on the table for ya's. It's cool this morning... 48 degrees on my porch. Gonna find me a sweatshirt before heading out. Take care--Salty Dog

September 20, 2003 - Msg 15698: VICKS! hee hee hee

September 20, 2003 - Msg 15699: Mmm, thanks for the hot chocolate Salty! ASA!! Glad you were able to make it to the porch to check in - hope your back gets on the mend real soon, poor thing. Let's all say an incant for backs:


~ Mrs. Wiley
Otis: "Saturday. Beauootiful Saturday!"

September 20, 2003 - Msg 15700: Asa - have you tried rubbing your back with VICKS!

September 20, 2003 - Msg 15701: Asa can't keep from smelling the VICKS he seems to think it will help him that way! teehee, Brisco has been gone & he don't have any mulberry squeezins left. teehee (see Asa you stay gone like that & we gotta do double time pickin on you to catch up on the missed days!) That'll teach ya! haha Ya'll have a great day, I'm heading out to the Bristol Rhythm & Roots Festival for a while. Lots of good music & food, 2 of my favorite things! Ya'll have a good day! & ACT LIKE SOMEBODY!

September 20, 2003 - Msg 15702: I'm here Asa. Just been busier than a one armed paper hanger. Fungi was playing basketball with Kyle on Thursday and pulled a muscle or something. So, we were at the doctors yesterday.
Not alot to say. So, I'll say goodbye.
fun girl

September 20, 2003 - Msg 15703: Loved that incant, Mrs. Wiley!!

Boy, Salty, I wish it was 48 degrees on my porch. I am ready for some cool weather. I get to wear a sweatshirt a total of about three times a year if I'm lucky. Hubby informed me yesterday that "THEY said we are going to have a colder winter this year.". I asked, "Who said?". "They did," he replied. "Who's they?"....."Those weather people," he said. I still don't know who he is talking about but I hope they are right. If "they" are any of the local forecasters I have my doubts.


Bye all!!!

September 20, 2003 - Msg 15704: Got a misery in your back?
A jar of VICKS is all you lack.
Spread it on there good and thick,
Just be careful if you're near any chicks.

September 20, 2003 - Msg 15705: (heeheehee) --Romeena

September 20, 2003 - Msg 15706: Well - you all missed a good time at the Crackaway Daze parade. . .there were 40-11 graden tractors, about 15 old timey tractors, a king and queen, and lots of candy thrown out to children. Sorry you missed it! Pork roast sandwiches were good too!
Asa - dear , how's the back?

Ro and Boo - your talent is so underrated!!


September 20, 2003 - Msg 15707: Susan quit reading my posts! Just kidding...


September 20, 2003 - Msg 15708: That was a message to my sister who sometimes sneaks onto the porch unnoticed to snoop into our conversations. I told her to pull up a chair and join us but she is too shy right now. I think she would make a good Mrs. Campbell (Otis' wife). Do we already have a Mrs. Campbell on the porch??

Gotta go make some chicken and dumplings. Yumm! I'll leave some on the porch for all of you.


September 20, 2003 - Msg 15709: You all seem to get your kicks
with all this talk and talk of Vicks.
Although the subject is quite mild,
a few of you get pretty wild.
You say it's good for what ails the sick.
(I tried it on my crows feet & it didn't help a lick)
I know you've really been on a roll,
but I think you should make it your goal
to stop the talk. Just quit quit quit.
Here's my pep talk. Nip it! Nip it! Nip it!
- Hazel
(not to be outdone)

September 20, 2003 - Msg 15710: """Applause""". Very good, Hazel, but Vicks will never die!


September 20, 2003 - Msg 15711: Ah the smell -
I know it quite well. . .
the last thing at night
helps me sleep - oh so tight!
no one comes near
not even my dear
when I rub a dub, dub
with my VICKS vapor rub.

September 20, 2003 - Msg 15712: Very good. You should have left your name!


September 20, 2003 - Msg 15713: Vicks is good for stuffed up noses
Vicks is good for fungus on toesies
Vicks can be applied thin or thick
Vicks sure works for this South Carolina hick!
Ha Ha
possum under a rock

September 20, 2003 - Msg 15714: Boy, am I lovin' all this Vicks talk!


September 20, 2003 - Msg 15715: Help! I'm watching Andy Griffith Episode 19 (Mayberry on Record) on TV Land, and just finished listening to the song Andy's band was playing in Floyd's Barber Shop. How can I find out the name of the song????? Thanks!

September 20, 2003 - Msg 15716: Mavis... how can I ever thank you enough for what you've got started yet again. Just when we thought the Vicks talkin was over here we go again. Well I cant be outdone either.

There once was a lady named Boo
She likes Barney and Thelma Lou
She talks about Vicks
And how it kills ticks
And says it's a cure for the flu.

September 20, 2003 - Msg 15717: Umm the above was from me... --Salty Dog-- Does Vicks help with memory loss too?

September 20, 2003 - Msg 15718: Surprise! Surprise! as Gomer would say.

September 20, 2003 - Msg 15719: Yer welcome Salty I thought we needed some pepping up around here! Anybody go to that site I put up there? We had a ball tonight (again) Del McCoury was wonderful so was Larry Cordle but my favorite band of the night tonight was Fescue you should really check that link out. There are 9 stages set up all up & down about a 10 block section of State St. here & you can listen to just about any kind of music you want. Bluegrass, Celtic, Blues, Country, Folk, you name it, it is in Bristol this weekend. Here's the link again Bristol Rhythm and Roots Festival check it out. I'm off to bed, & btw does Vicks help keep people from knocking on yer door & waking you up in the morning??

September 21, 2003 - Msg 15720: I think someone needs to get a broom and clean up message 15718.

(NOTE FROM FLOYD: Message 15718 has been cleaned.)

September 21, 2003 - Msg 15721: "And there I'da been, trapped in that chair, burnt to a turn, my life snuffed out, completely dead.

September 21, 2003 - Msg 15722: Boo, I'd do it, but I don't know how. --Romeena

September 21, 2003 - Msg 15723: I'm pretty sure whoever it is ain't one of us, though. Couldn't find their fingerprints anywhere. --Romeena

September 21, 2003 - Msg 15724: Test.

September 21, 2003 - Msg 15725: Congratulations to Erika Dunlap for all that she has accomplished in her life so far. Being Miss America is just part of what she's done.

September 21, 2003 - Msg 15726: Floyd has to delete it. Someone run down to the barber shop and let him know. ~ Mrs. Wiley

September 21, 2003 - Msg 15727: Left a message for Floyd. I am sure he will take care of it. He don't mind sweepin' when it needs to be done.
Take Care All,
fun girl

September 21, 2003 - Msg 15728: Yeah, I don't think whoever posted it is one of ours. I agree. It is sad to be so hateful.
- Hazel

"Keep an eye out... there's no telling when another beast might come out of the forest."

September 21, 2003 - Msg 15729: Evenin' Y'all! Great TAGS quote there,Hazel!
Well,I got to feed and change my little Laci yesterday-she was so good for me.I've heard she has a compelsion about those cold baby wipes,but she didn't holler at me! Guess she knows that Grandmama is going to spoil her rotten,so she decided to behave for me! She is doing really well-out of the incubator & in a regular nursery crib. Might be home in another week.Needless to say,I am tickled pink over that little four pound munchkin!
Can y'all believe that Autumn is right around the corner? Time for soft sweaters,apple cider,golden leaves,and State fairs.My favorite time of year!
Y'all have a nice evening!
possum under a rock

September 21, 2003 - Msg 15730: I think we should wash number 15718 needs their mouth washed out with Vicks. tee hee--Salty Dog

September 22, 2003 - Msg 15731: Oh dear. Yet another use for Vicks...
- Hazel

September 22, 2003 - Msg 15732: Yes... I think they have finally 'rubbed' off on me lol, ok Im through for the night.. --Salty Dog

September 22, 2003 - Msg 15733: hehe, I knew we would finally rub off on you, Salty!

Possum, so glad to hear Laci is progressing so well. Aren't those newborns just the sweetest little things?

About sweaters, apples, ciders and such...I sure wish we had Autumn here in South Texas. I guess our winter is kind of like Autumn....sort of. Our Oak and palm trees don't change color, though. I don't even own a sweater, can you believe that? The crazy thing about these Texans is that if it gets cool enough to wear a sweater, everybody acts like they are freezing to death and they all crank up their heaters so you burn up inside with a sweater on. I am probably the only one in my area that wears shorts when its forty degrees (on those rare occasions--did I spell that right?--I wish this porch had a Spell Check). Anyway, I do like it when the time changes and it gets dark around 5:30. It's so nice to get my little boy in and bathed early and be able to sit down to dinner together. We never seem to do that in the summer.

Better hit the hay, folks. Have a good tomorrow!

ps-Salty, I really liked your "'rubbed off on me'" pun when you were talking about Vicks. Very clever!!

September 22, 2003 - Msg 15734: Hello to all the folks on the porch, I have loved Andy since it's original airing, I am so glad to know I'm not the only one who views Heaven as life in Mayberry. I can't imagine anything better than a community of love and laughter and caring.

September 22, 2003 - Msg 15735: You got it, post 15734! Keep visiting the porch and let us get to know you.


September 22, 2003 - Msg 15736: Been busy over the weekend and didn't have time to post or read everything, but I can see I'm gonna have fun reading these Vicks poems! Although...some of you appear to be much better poets than others! Ha! I will check in later after I'm caught up on my reading and I will have my own Vicks poem!
Charlotte Tucker

September 22, 2003 - Msg 15737: Morning Porch and thanks Floyd for fixing that interloper's mean comments! Yer a fine fellar! I am heading out to Vancouver, Washington in the morning for about 10 days, so if you don't see me for a bit, don't worry. Our flight leaves at 6am, boy ain't that early! I am so excited, we are visiting family, some of them I haven't seen in 20 years! Anyways, ya'll be good while I'm gone & I'll try to check in at least once while I'm out there. Love to you all!

September 22, 2003 - Msg 15738: Morning y'all.
Boy, this Vicks phenomenen (sp) is catchy.
Vicks, Vicks a magical treat,
As much fun to smell as it is to eat,
The more you eat, the better you feel,
So let's have Vicks for every meal!
5 points to whoever can remember where that one originated. LOL
Possum, I am so glad your Grandchild is doing well and getting stronger.
Yea homemaker, you can walk on my back. But no high heels this time. They hurt.
Have a safe journey Mavis and be good or else!


September 22, 2003 - Msg 15739: Mornin', Asa! I think your back problem is contagious. My lower back is really acting up this morning. Been cranky for several days, but this morning it's givin' me a fit! Reckon it would help if Sugarplum walked on it? Probably wouldn't do much good, she's so light, but maybe I could load her little backpack with some soup cans or something, to make her heavier.

I just thought of another use for Vicks. At least I'm gonna try it. Is anyone besides me troubled with those miserable little "sugar-ants"? I know, they have another name, but that's what my mom taught me. I'm talking about those tiny golden brown ants that appear from nowhere and get into everything, and walk around on your countertops like they owned the place. I'm very careful not to spill any grease behind the stove or anything - I know how that draws ants, and then I'd have Opie wanting to come over and catch them for an ant farm! I still seem to get these little pests, though. I think I'll smear a little Vicks across their trail and see what happens! What do you think??

Mavis, you have a wonderful time now, and be safe. You're due for some time off and some rest and relaxation. Enjoy!

My landscaper friend is here with his crew, so guess I'd better go supervise. I just know they can't get the job done without me! ;>)

Have a great day, folks, and Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 22, 2003 - Msg 15740: Yes Asa, I know where your poem came from... except it involved beans instead of Vicks LOL Do I get my 5 points now? Just look at Mavis, she gets this whole Vicks episode goin again, then takes off and leaves. hope ya have a good time Mav. See ya'll later on--Salty Dog

September 22, 2003 - Msg 15741: Well, fungi is about to go crazy just sitting around with his messed up leg. He is feeling much better and so he has decided to go back to work tonight. He is about to drive me crazy. I don't know what I will do when he retires. LOL

I am headed to a spinal specialist tomorrow. My doctor is hesitant to try and help with all the stuff I have had done to my back. I think he fears he will hit one of the screws or something. So he referred me to a spine specialist. I am thrilled and looking for good things from him. Once I get my back problems settled I am sure I will be my old self. Perhaps I will be a spring chicken again. I just know that I am feeling much older than I should at age 40.

My little Rosa Louise, (my sister's 2 month old)
is in Florida visiting her grandma and grandpa and great grandma. I am anxious for her to get her little self back here. She is not gaining weight like she should. The doctor wants her to have a little formula in addition to the breast milk, but her mama doesn't want to do it. I say she needs to do what the doctor says. Even the lactation consultant says she should supplement with a little formula. Her mama is sure stubborn. I think before long Daddy will step in and insist that she do what the doctor says. I hope so anyway.

Take care all.
fun girl

September 22, 2003 - Msg 15742: Hi, everyone. Asa you cracked me up with that Vicks poem!

Ro, I want to ask your opinion about something (sorry to the rest of you). I have been having symptoms of a UTI for awhile and tried to self treat it. It didn't work so I left a urine sample at the dr's and the culture showed Strep B. I was tested for Strep B when I was pregnant with my 2 yr old. and was negative then. I am wondering why I have picked it up and why it is causing me a problem now. I am not diabetic (I am regularly tested for that) and don't know any reason why my immune system would be supressed except that I don't get enough sleep. Anyway, I am on Penicillin now. I have not had much experience with Strep B except in pregnant pt's and treating them to protect the babies. Got any hints??

Better much to do...

September 22, 2003 - Msg 15743: Asa, I know which one Salty is talking about (beans), but I think you might just be referring to something else. How about Jiffy Pop?
- Hazel

"Every thinking pioneer and inventor has suffered the same kind of ridicule."

September 23, 2003 - Msg 15744: Mornin' Y'all! Yeah,I believe I know the origin of your poem too,Asa! Ha Ha Maybe we should contact the company that manufactures Vicks-perhaps they'd use Asa & his jingle in a commercial!
My grandbaby now weighs 4 lbs.3 oz. and may get to go home tomorrow!
Oh what fun we're gonna have at the BBQ place today- road workers cut the water main yesterday and we had to close restaurant down.Today we are all going in early to mop floors,clean restrooms (ugh!) and tackle a mountain of pots and pans with crusty baked on food on them.Ever seem a possum with dishpan hands? Well,you may after this day is over!
Hope y'all have an easier go of things today! Oh,and by the way: Happy Autumn!

possum under a rock

September 23, 2003 - Msg 15745: seen,not seem! My poor hands are feeling the brunt of things already! Ha

possum again

September 23, 2003 - Msg 15746: Good morning porch,


September 23, 2003 - Msg 15747: POSSUM I haven't been on here much, but glad to read the baby is doing well, good luck at work today. My husband loves BarBQ maybe we should come there for dinner some day LOL. Happy Autumn to you also. I almost forgot today was the first day of Fall, this is my most favorite time of theyear I just really enjoy the oranges and browns and golds and well you get the picture LOL.
Pollyanna and Mr Bojangles says hey to all and The Plum for sure. Got to get ready for work hope to be on here again soon, I sure have missed reading all your post, but so much has been going on I bearly have time to turn around.

Ellen Brown

September 23, 2003 - Msg 15748: test

September 23, 2003 - Msg 15749: Hello everyone - Possum, aren't little babies so precious. I brought my baby boy home at 4 pounds 3 1/2 ounces - and he did just fine! We fed him every three hours and he demanded it too!Your precious baby will be wonderful too!

Well - Asa - you are just the cat's meow, my spiked heels got broke off in the goat lot so you are really safe - but I know goat manure will work wonders for your back too! Along with VICKS!

Everyone have a good day!


September 23, 2003 - Msg 15750: Goat poop and Vicks? I think I've heard it all now. LOL Talk about a miracle salve!
Very good Salty and Hazel. I actually combined the jiffy pop song with the bean song to get the Vicks song so you were both right.
I am so happy for your Laci Possum. You all must be very excited and grateful.
Good to see you Ellen Brown. Where you been?
Hope your back is doing better Romeena and FunGirl. I can relate to a bad back aging you. I feel like an ooooold man. (don't say it homemaker)
Well off to limp through another day at work.


September 23, 2003 - Msg 15751: Boo, like you, I've had very little experience with Strep B outside of the L&D area. I think you're doing the best thing - you went to the doc, you're on antibiotics, don't think there's much else you can do. As for how you got it, if we knew that for sure, we could make a fortune, I guess. These bugs just get around. Sneaky little devils.

Asa, I'm sorry you're ailing. My back let go for a little while yesterday and felt pretty good, and now this morning it's stiff as a board again, and aching. 'Course I just came off a 12-hr shift, too. Wonder if that has anything to do with it?

Folks, a friend of mine needs your prayers. Her name is Elaine, and she's a terrific lady. She has been diagnosed with breast cancer, and will be having surgery tomorrow morning. That's hard enough, but here's the kicker. She also has a serious liver problem, unrelated to the cancer, and her doctor says absolutely no chemo, no how, no way. So, we are really praying for a clean surgery, with the tumor coming away all self-contained, with no signs of spreading. She will have radiation treatment regardless, but if the thing has spread, there is no ammunition to fight it with, because the chemo would be worse than the cancer for her. Her liver couldn't detoxify it, and the damage would be severe. I promised her that my Mayberry friends would be praying, because I already knew I could count on you.

Thanks, friends. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 23, 2003 - Msg 15752: You bet. Heart-felt prayers for Elaine.


September 23, 2003 - Msg 15753: Same here Romeena. Hope she is OK.


September 23, 2003 - Msg 15754: Prayers for Elaine... ~ Mrs. Wiley


September 23, 2003 - Msg 15756: MY NAME IS RHODUCK

September 23, 2003 - Msg 15757: Is this how this works?????

September 23, 2003 - Msg 15758: Evenin' Y'all. Work wasn't bad at all-somebody had already tackled the pots and pans and bathroom! Guess the early bird gets the,er,worm? Ha Anyway,the day went well.
Romeena,I will certainly include your friend Elaine in my prayers.I know first hand how special the prayers from the Porch are.I believe God must sit in with us from time to time because He is so unbelievably good to us!
Everyone have a good evening and I'll report in on Laci's homecoming tomorrow!
possum under a rock
P.S. Welcome to Rhoduck! Notice the emphasis on duck-glad to see another critter on the porch besides myself!

September 23, 2003 - Msg 15759: Welcome Rhoduck, and Ro - bless Elaine at this time of need, she is so lucky to have a friend like you!
Asa - glad to see you are in bright spirits!
Where is that Fun Girl? Asa and Fungirl need to swap back stories!
Been busy here and the bathtub boy is calling me!


September 23, 2003 - Msg 15760: Yep, Rhoduck, this is how it works. Nice to meet you.
I'll be praying, Ro.

September 23, 2003 - Msg 15761: Possum, what a sweet thing to say, and yes, God has been so good to us! This porch is a special place.

A peaceful evening to all!

September 24, 2003 - Msg 15762: Howdy friends, I am back from the fancy back doctor. After some heart felt conversation and a few tears, the doctor decided to turn me over to his associate. Tomorrow afternoon, I am going to go in, get sedated, and they are going to do an epidural steroid injection. fungi and I both were worried that they were just gonna tell me to return if I didn't get any better. That is what he started to tell me to do. But we asked about the injection and his partner does that kind of stuff. So they had a confab about it and I am scheduled tomorrow afternoon for the procedure. When the nures told me they were gonna go ahead with the procedure, I began to cry. I was so overwhelmed at the thought that soon I may have some relief. Prayers that the procedure is successful and that relief is just around the corner. I will be praying for Elaine too.
Gotta go take Kyle to school. Have a Mayberry kinda Day friends.
fun girl

September 24, 2003 - Msg 15763: Morning Porch! I am talking to you from WA. We are having a ball, going to Mt. St. Helens today & have a look around. Just wanted to let ya'll know we made it safe & sound, no problems on the plane, tired & wore out, but safe. I'll check in again in a day or 2. Prayers for those that need them.

September 24, 2003 - Msg 15764: Yer gonna have to speak louder Mavis, we can barely hear you from clear over there. Do they have the breakfast special there in WA? I know you can't sleep late anyway so you might just as well partake.:)
Good luck to you Fun Girl. Hope the procedure works out well for you.
Where is Charlotte Tucker at? Hope she is OK.
Well I see Hazel 10-4'd me so I'll just hush now. LOL



September 24, 2003 - Msg 15766: I AM COMING TO YOU LIVE FROM MALVERN ARKANSAS.

September 24, 2003 - Msg 15767: THATS TOWN

September 24, 2003 - Msg 15768: Hey Rhoduck - we like having you on the porch but could you please not do all caps - it is harder for some of us to read. Thanks! Does your town have a traffic light. I live in the country and the little town next to us only qualifies with a flashing light. Small towns are fun!
Asa -what are we going to do with you? Why Mavis was on a mountain and she echoed all the way to Indiana. Check your battery ASA!
Fun Girl - prayers are with you!
Ro - how's Elaine?

Talk to you later -


September 24, 2003 - Msg 15769: Prayers for relief FunGirl... hope it helps you in a HURRY! ~ Mrs. Wiley

Welcome Rhoduck, you'll like it here.

and for Asa's benefit: WELCOME RHODUCK, YOU'LL LIKE IT HERE.

See, we only use caps for Asa, cause he's hard of hearing.
hee hee

September 24, 2003 - Msg 15770: Sorry about the cap thing, and to anwser your question about the trafic light , no we do not. we have a small post office and one little country store and thats it.

September 24, 2003 - Msg 15771: Afternoon Y'all! Hey again to Rhoduck!
Been busy today converting my daughter's old bedroom into a little place for Laci.I plan on having that little girl spend many a night with me-maybe she'll come sit on the Porch with us when she gets bigger!
I'm also wondering how your friend Elaine made out,Romeena. Please let us know when you find out anything.
Asa,I'm reading Mavis loud and clear,so what happened? Got greasy Vicks buildup in your ears or something? Ha Ha
Gotta go check on supper before it burns! Y'all have a good evening!
possum under a rock
P.S. Oh,I hope the new doc can do ya some good,Fun girl.Best of luck with your treatments.