September 24, 2003 - Msg 15772: Oh,shoot! Forgot the main thing I meant to say (that's what happens when you become an old Granny!)Laci didn't get released today-instead she will be coming home tomorrow morning at 10am.I'll have to go see her after I get off work.Will let y'all know how things go.
possum again

September 24, 2003 - Msg 15773: As if I didn't work hard enough today-now I gotta sweep up around here! Ah-choo! Dang it! Ha Ha
possum under a rock

September 24, 2003 - Msg 15774: Possum, it does my heart good to hear how excited you are about that sweet grandbaby! I know she will bring you so much joy, especially when you can get her at home and just spend as much time holding her as you want to. Have you bought her anything pink and frilly yet??

So sorry you are having such problems with your back, fungirl. Hope this epidural treatment relieves your pain. I have heard good things about the use of epidural treatment in those with chronic pain.

gotta go, my baby girl needs me.


September 24, 2003 - Msg 15775: Hey guys.. and welcome to Rhoduck, your town sounds like mine. We have a post office, and store.. which I work at.. and our lil fire department, which I also volunteer. There are about 400 people that live here. And I love it. Hope everyone is doin ok tonight. Good to hear from Mavis, and good to see Asa checking back in. Prayers for everyone. Sounds like we're all in need. Take care--Salty Dog

September 25, 2003 - Msg 15776: Good evening, everyone! Rhoduck, welcome to the porch. You'll love it here. Your name intrigues me. Is there a story there? We'd love to hear it if there is.

fun girl, here's hoping that at long last you've found something that will help. My sister-in-law has chronic back pain, too. If this works for you, I'm going to tell her about it.

My friend Elaine came through the surgery just fine, they opted to do a "lumpectomy" rather than the whole mastectomy. The tumor was relatively small, and appeared to be self-contained. They did take a couple of lymph nodes, and she'll know next week how that turned out. At this point, the doctor is very optimistic that she's going to be fine. She still has the bad liver problem, but she's been dealing with that for some time. Right now, she'll just be grateful for a clean bill where the cancer is concerned. Thanks so much for all your prayers. You folks are the cats, you know that?

Possum, when you get that precious grandbaby home tomorrow, I want you to burrow in and get some of that sweet little baby-neck sugar for me. Sure wish we could bottle that. I think you could sweeten the whole world with baby-neck sugar. There's just nothing like it!

Why, Lord, oh why did you make mosquitoes? Miserable things! Couldn't bats and birds have eaten something else just as well??

Well, off I go to get some sleep. Sugarplum has already staked her claim on the best pillow, and will probably favor me with an annoyed little growl when I make her move over. I wonder who has come in and spoiled my furkid?

Have a great day tomorrow, friends. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 25, 2003 - Msg 15777: Don't forget frogs, Ro. they eat lots of mosquitoes, too, and I really love those darling little frogs.

Speaking of neck sugar, I like to say to my toddler, "Give me some neck sugar!" and she just laughs and says "no" but she really means "yes". I get my neck sugar while she is laughing her little head off. It's great fun! I, like Ro, highly reccomend neck sugar.

So glad to hear that Elaine came through the surgery and all looks well right now. Prayers that the lymph nodes are clear.

Rhoduck, welcome to the porch. I was just wondering, are you a boy Rhoduck or a girl Rhoduck?

Have a blessed evening and day tomorrow!

September 25, 2003 - Msg 15778: Well folks, I go in this afternoon for the epidural injection. fungi talked to someone at work (a man) and he was going on about how awful the epidural hurt. Men must just feel pain differently than woman. I remember having one when Kyle was born and I didn't think it was all that bad. Now that durn man has me worried. But I know my porch buddies are praying and God will take care of me.

fun girl

Hey Roduck, best of luck to you and yours.

September 25, 2003 - Msg 15779: Mornin' Y'all! Gonna get lots of neck-sugar,so don't worry! Love the smell of a baby's head too-wish we could bottle it!
So glad to hear that things are looking up for Ro's friend.
Fun girl,my mom has had back problems for a few years now and has gone in for epidurals probably a half dozen times. She's never experienced a lot of pain from the injections,so don't worry.I've even been in the room once when she got one-she didn't act as if it hurt much at all. She claims the shots help tremendously,but I think they wear off after several months,so she'd go get another.As I recall,I think she had them done in a series of 3 injections over a period of time.Sure hope you get lots of relief from the pain you've been having.God WILL take care of you,so don't fret!
Gotta go.. Y'all have a great day! Krispy Kremes for everyone!
possum under a rock

September 25, 2003 - Msg 15780: fungirl, I don't know if you will have a chance to read this before you go but I have had two epidurals and neither was bad. The first i hardly even felt and the second was just a little uncomfortable. They use Lidocaine to numb the area before they put the needle in. Hopefully you will hardly feel a thing.


September 25, 2003 - Msg 15781: Afternoon porch. Hope all is well with your world today.
Yer cussing them skeeters made me giggle Ro. I have wondered that same thing more than once.
That neck sugar is wonderful. Have fun with Laci Possum.
Is there anything that smells like new puppy breath? Just love them little puppy's and smelling their breath. Guess I'm a nut huh? LOL


September 25, 2003 - Msg 15782: No way! Everyone loves puppy breath, Asa.


September 25, 2003 - Msg 15783: Anyone up for the Punkin show in Versailles tonite? Why they crown the prince and princess (first graders compete from area schools). It is real cute - they ride in a convertable to the stage and then they are interviewed. Really good elephant ears too!!! ASA - I SAID REALLY GOOD ELEPHANR EARS! Have you seen any elephants without ears? Ha


September 25, 2003 - Msg 15784: I mean ELEPHANT! oops -


September 25, 2003 - Msg 15785: They just did an shot of pain killer and Kenalog into the piriformus muscle. It wasn't bad at all. They had put down on the chart that I was to be sedated. I was scarred, so I said go ahead and sedate me, but truthfully the IV where they put in the sedation hurt worse than the shot. I am expecting to be feeling on top of the world in no time at all. The tingling and burning I have been experiencing has decreased already.

Prayers for Shannon. She is a daughter of one of my cousins and is expecting her first baby and has experienced some bleeding. Poor thing must be so scarred.

HEY homemaker, save me on of them elephant ears. Just slide it next to my rocker and I'll eat it when I get here. One of my best friends in college was raised in Paoli and her sister was the Pumpkin Queen in high school. Isn't Indiana great about using any excuse we can find for a celebration. The first weekend in October is the Fall Foliage Festival here in Martinsville. GOOD EATS and a cool parade. Rides and a good time is had by all.

Take er easy.
fun girl

Wonder if BDJ is having himself a time or what?

September 25, 2003 - Msg 15786: Hooray! Fun girl, that's really good news. I hope by tomorrow you're going to be a lot more comfortable. Maybe you've found the answer at last.

Asa, I love puppy breath. It's just very faintly skunky, but still smells so sweet. I love them when they're about four or five days old, just starting to fill out a little, but their eyes are still closed and their little faces are still all blunt and pudgy, and their ears look like dried apricots. Sweet little things.

And then there are the human babies! Neck sugar, sweet-smelling heads (I agree, possum,) little pink feet that are always a bit steamy and damp, and the way they try to work up a good cry and when they finally manage the first "Wah!" they look more surprised than anyone! God sure knew what He was doing when He made babies so cute, though, because as much trouble as they are, no one would ever have more than one if they weren't cute.

Well, I'm beat to the socks. Been outside with the landscapers all day, not much to show for it but sweat and dirty fingernails, but we're getting there. Another few days, I think, and it should all be done. I can hardly wait!

Have a lovely evening, friends. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 25, 2003 - Msg 15787: Hey all! Sorry I haven't checked in lately. I've been so-o-o busy. I stayed up till 1:00 on Tues. and 3:30 last night working on my magazine (which was due today of course!) By the way, Ro, you should be receiving that Nov./Dec. issue soon. The Sugarplum page is cute, but I was disappointed because the graphics people chose to draw Sugarplum's picture instead of using the photo. But, it is still very cute. You should be receiving a couple free issues soon. Prayers for Fun girl's back treatment. Hope it helps the pain. Possum, I am so happy that you have that darling new little Laci to love! Ro, how's the landscaping going? Mavis, glad you are having such a great time in WA. Mr. Tucker and I are going to a bed & breakfast tomorrow night. Prayers for us! We really could use a great time! This year has been bumpy to say the least. Welcome Rhoduck! Hey to Salty and thanks for askin' after me, Asa. Good to see Ellen. What's happened to Clara and Mary Wiggins?
Charlotte Tucker

September 25, 2003 - Msg 15788: Evenin' Y'all. Laci's home and I got me lots of sugar from that little 4lb. munchkin! Showed my daughter how to bathe her.Never in my life have I ever washed anything that little-a cat perhaps,but I'm thinking the cat was a little bigger! Ha Ha Y'all should've seen Laci trying to stand up in that tub! Not even 3 weeks old! It was so funny! She's a scrappy little thing-guess she would'nt have made it this far if not for being scrappy!
Fun girl,it sounds like that epidural is really going to provide some relief for you.I'm so glad.
Yeah,I wonder where Mary Wiggins and Clara are-and what about Bulbsnatcher? Haven't seen her on the Porch in some time.Where ya at,Bulbsie?
Well,guess it's time for me to hit the ironing board,so goodnight everyone! Love to all!
possum under a rock

September 25, 2003 - Msg 15789: Goodnight.

September 26, 2003 - Msg 15790: Hope everyone has a good night. Take care and prayers for everyone--Salty Dog

September 26, 2003 - Msg 15791: Good morning porch, we have to take Mr Bojangles to the vet today, just last month I had him checked for worms and he was ok, yesterday his stool was full of them, so please Pray for him. Thanks. Glad to hear all the little babies are doing good.

Ellen Brown

September 26, 2003 - Msg 15792: test

September 26, 2003 - Msg 15793: CT What mag are you working on and how dose one get it?


September 26, 2003 - Msg 15794: What magazine with the plum. . .readership will go up greatly with the plum in print!


September 26, 2003 - Msg 15795: Huh? Whadya say homemaker? SPEAK UP!


September 26, 2003 - Msg 15796: Well. I didn't even have to have an epidural. They just gave me the shot into the muscle. I am feeling so good today. Better than I have in a year. God is good...all the time! Has anyone ever heard about the book, A PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE, by a guy named Rick Warren? My sister told me about it and then Wednesday night a friend mentioned it and today I got a flyer in the mail from a local church and they are doing small group Bible studies on starting in October. God doesn't have to hit me over the head, but pretty near. I called and reserved a book and a spot for the studies.

Take care folks,
fun girl

September 26, 2003 - Msg 15797: Hey, Charlotte Tucker! I'll be watching for that magazine. Such fun! homemaker, to answer your question, CT edits for a magazine that goes to activity directors, therapists and the like for nursing and retirement homes. They're publishing a little piece of poetry that I wrote several years ago, about the Plum. CT also asked me for a picture of her, but I was unable to supply a regular print, just digital pictures and I guess they couldn't use those, so they drew her picture instead. I'm sure it will be charming.

Possum, isn't it fun to bathe a baby? They get all slippery and pink, and the expressions that cross their face when they feel the water - I love it! I know you're really enjoying that little sprite, and I'm so glad you've got her.

The landscaping is almost done. I bought several flats of color yesterday, and the guys helped me get them planted in the flower island today. It looks beautiful! There's still one more flowerbed to make in the front yard, but that's next week. Right now, I'm just putting in color and a few perennials in the back. Lots of hostas and a few calla lilies along the back fence in the shade - they look so lush and pretty back there. Now I need about ten pounds of snail bait! I really wish the snails would just pass on by, but they won't. They always stop for lunch. The little fountain is just gurgling merrily along, and I can hear it from anywhere in the yard. Lovely!

Well, I need to make a run to Garden Ridge for some decorative pots, and a stop by my neighborhood garden center for a couple more flats of color, and then a nap sounds like a good idea to me, after I get the plants in the ground. Have a great weekend, everyone. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 26, 2003 - Msg 15798: I'm still tryin' to figger out ol' Goober got that car in the Courthouse, folks.....

September 26, 2003 - Msg 15799: Way to go FunGirl! So glad you are feeling better, yes, God IS Good!! At our house, we call it "superabundance". Ro, the yard sounds so lovely and peaceful. I'm sure you are enjoying having a hand in it all. (just be sure and worsh it once'st in a while) Possum must be in 'lil neck sugar heaven! My babies were 4.4 and 4.14 when they were born. We used Cabbage Patch Doll clothes for the first 2 weeks.

~ Mrs. Wiley
15798, I think he started with the doors.

September 26, 2003 - Msg 15800: Hey Mrs Wiley, It sure is good to see you posting again. I have missed your wit and wisdom.
Glad yer feeling better Fun Girl. That pain can just wear a body down huh.
Hope your weekend is a good one Charlotte and some much needed healing can take place. I'll pray for you both.
You paint a pretty picture of your garden there Romeena. I bet it is just lovely. Good on ya.
Good to see you posting a little more Salty. Don't go being a stranger now.
And I agree with Possum, where did Bulbsie go? She was a hoot to talk to.
Hope your having fun Mavis. Send us a post card if'n you get time.
Here's hoping y'all have a wonderful restful weekend and try to sneak a little fun in there when you can.


September 26, 2003 - Msg 15801: So glad things are going well for you fungirl. I have heard of the book and bible study you are talking about and will get a copy myself when I am finished with my current study. Right now I am doing the newest Beth Moore study and video series called, When Godly People Do Ungodly Things. So far its really good. I have a couple of friends who have done/are doing the Rick Warren one (who also wrote The Purpose Driven Church, which is a very good book) and they say it is awesome. Go for it!

Ro, I hope you will bring some photos of your yard with you when I see you (hopefully) in Fredricksburg in December.

Ya'll have a wonderful Friday evening,

September 26, 2003 - Msg 15802: FLICK LIVES!

September 26, 2003 - Msg 15803: Does anybody know at what websiteI can find a picture of Otis Campbell, the town drunk?

September 26, 2003 - Msg 15804: #15803, I can't answer that precisely, but if you'll go to the search engine of your choice and run a search on "Hal Smith", you're sure to find a picture somewhere. For that matter, you might try "Otis Campbell". Don't forget to put in your plus signs, though, or you'll get a reference to every Smith or Campbell that ever lived! (Hal+Smith)

Boo, what do you mean, "hopefully"??? Is there any doubt? Well, I know there's always the possibility something could come up, but "if the good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise", I'll be there. I think Dež will meet us there, too. Reckon Fredericksburg is ready for three TAGS porchsters all at once?

I think I do need to sleep on the ironing board tonight. Anywhere I sleep these days is adventure sleeping, because my lower back is really mad at me. Maybe that good firm ironing board would help. I'm about ready to try the floor! Too much lifting and bending and digging the last few weeks. It's so annoying. My mind and spirit are about 25, but my body isn't, and it lets me know it sometimes! Getting old ain't for sissies, let me tell you.

Well, have a great weekend, everyone. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 27, 2003 - Msg 15805: Boy, I know how you feel, Ro. Baby Girl was crying today and I bent down to pick her up and pulled my lower back pretty good. She weighs about 25 lbs, which doesn't sound like much but I just used the wrong mechanics and hurt my back (or it could have had something to do with all the dancing I was doing with the Wiggles video this morning, right Sterling?). It is pretty sore and I have been using the heating pad tonight. Anyway, have you given any thought to where you would like to meet when we go to Fredricksburg? I think we will leave here at around 8am. It takes about three hours to get to Fredricksburg from here. We could meet at the bakery or anywhere you like. And to answer your question: yes, I think Fredricksburg will be ready for us.

Have a good one. Hey to Sugarplum.

September 27, 2003 - Msg 15806: Does anyone remember the Johnny Cash song ONE PIECE AT A TIME, about a guy that took a car out of an assembly plant one piece an a time in his lunch box. Maybe that's how Goober got Gilly Walker's car into the court house. One piece at at time. LOL

fun girl

September 27, 2003 - Msg 15807: Hello? did anyone see my post up there 15971 is that a joke or is there a magazine? fun girl my best friends brother wrote that song for Johnny Cash, and her and her sisters would go now and then and sang back up for Johnny and a few of the other groups in Nashville, the SB, WJ just to mention a few. Say is anyone planning a hayride soon? or a marshmallo roast, are we going to be telling spookie stories around the camp fire like we did last year? I'm going to post more, I have been so busy I meet myself coming and goind and that aint easy LOL. We took Mr Bojangles to the pet Doctor yesterday, he has a tape worm, so they gave us a pill, we had fleas bad around here this year and they said that is what caused it, we kept him bathed and took him on reg bases to have him groomed we just had him ckecked last month and he was ok, but the other day he passed some and it sure did scare me. But they say he will be just fine, so he took 1/2 the pill yesterday and will take the other 1/2 in 2 weeks. Has anyone else every had this problem with any of their pets. Our fur kids live a very good life and have a great set up here, I don't understand, here lately we have'nt even let them down on the groud to do anything they have a special spot on the porch, I did this because of all the flea problems, we've sprayed the yard a dozen times or more, no kidding, I just don't understand, can fleas jump 5 feet for oue back deck is 5 feet off the ground. Go figure, I feel like a bad mommy... :( enough all ready. Say did anyone make it to Mayberry Days? I sure would like to go some day. I wish we all could find a good spot and meet once a yr. I enjoy reading all the post although I don't always get to inter act with the conversation, Got to go, where going to Pinkstaff to get some chowder and then to Ms Painters for her Fall Fest celebration, she has it every year and it is really something to go to, it grows more every year, home made crafts, cider made right there on the spot, hayrides, mazes for the children food, food and more food, I know y'all would just love it, So come on down and join us iffin you can today, here are the directs. R1 turn into pinkstaff, go right on thru and go past Bee Branch Church, at the T road take a left go 7/10s of a mile and it is right there on the right hand side of the road you can't miss it. See ya there. :)

Ellen Brown

September 27, 2003 - Msg 15808: test

September 27, 2003 - Msg 15809: Hello Folks, good to see all you here.
I missed Mayberry Days last year because I was sick,
I will miss this year because my mother isn't well.
My husband was going to go but the weather reports
afternoon thunderstorms, one report said "isolated severe", so he is staying home too. I hate one of us didn't make it. Pray for my Mama please.
Romeena, your garden sounds lovely.
Fungirl, glad the shots helped your back.
Congratulations on the new grandbaby, Possum.
Prayers of the lady with breast cancer.
It is beautiful here right now, but we may have cloudy afternoon skys and storms tonight.
Mosquitoes, pesky creatures. A lot of West Nile Virus Cases around NC. They LOVE me, the sentiment is not returned to them. Reckon the devil made them ?
Better go now. Just wanted to say "Hi" and ask prayer for my Mama and me. I'm an only child and don't have children and if she dies, and I think she will in the next year, I won't have any family, just my husband and he doesn't understand because he and his mother don't get along-she has her favorites.

Miss Ellie (the old one from way back)

September 27, 2003 - Msg 15810: Hello Miss Ellie, you have my prayers, have a good day dear.

September 27, 2003 - Msg 15811: Good morning porch friends, how is everyone doing? You'll be in my prayers Miss Ellie. I hope everyone has a good weekend. --Salty Dog

September 27, 2003 - Msg 15812: Whats your plans for today Salty Dog? if I may ask.

September 27, 2003 - Msg 15813: Hi All, I posted at Miss Crumps Board 3 times just a few mins ago and it isn't putting it up, wonder what the mat, is? hum Hope everyone is doing fine here today, You have my prayers Miss Ellie, hope all is well for you and your family, Ellen and I are form a big family, just 4 us us kids but we have tons of children and grand children and Ms Ellen is a great G'ma now a little boy was born to her in May this year I know she posted it. She is the only one of us that made Great G'ma as of yet. LOL. Got to go y'all have a great day. the sun is shinny here, yesterday it rained all day.

September 27, 2003 - Msg 15814: That was suppose to be green let me try again.


September 27, 2003 - Msg 15815: oh oh again


September 27, 2003 - Msg 15816: There I just guess I'll have to put plain green to get my signature color to work, I like for it to be green because of my name Olive LOL, I know I'm vain LOL.


September 27, 2003 - Msg 15817: Well, Miss Ellie! Fancy meeting you here! So good to see you back, and prayers for your mama, honey. It's hard when your parents are gone. Even though I have my kids and grandkids, and a brother, and some cousins, still it's lonely around here at times. My husband and both parents are gone, and that really makes it hard.

Ellen Brown, it sounds like you're doing the best you can to protect Mr. Bojangles and Pollyanna, but fleas can be a real challenge. By any chance, do you live where you could keep a few chickens? They're wonderful at keeping the flea population down. Another good remedy is sulfur powder. Fleas hate it, and if you can dust your property lightly with it, they'll leave. It's the horticultural sulfur, available at most garden centers. The Plum never gets a flea, because she doesn't go outside. She has some washable, quilted pads in a corner of the bedroom, and these are her potty station. She goes out with me in the car a lot, but doesn't run around on the ground. Her coat is too long and flowing, and she picks up leaves, grass clippings, all sorts of trash when I put her down outside. Takes an hour to comb it all out! There are outdoor dogs on both sides of my property, and I'm sure there are fleas in my yard, but we don't give them a chance to get on her. Your vet is right, fleas are the vector for several kinds of internal parasites, so flea control is essential.

Well, gotta go tuck a few more little "bloomers" into the ground. Things are really looking colorful around my house these days. I love it! Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 27, 2003 - Msg 15818: That's cool about the dude that wrote the song for Johnny Cash. My cousin is friends with the girl who wrote the song MEN, I think it was recorded by the Forrester Sisters. I have another friend who sang with her brother when they were little and he played guitar. Later he grew up and became quite good and played for several different country acts. When he died my friend said that Dolly Parton came to the funeral and that there were flowers signed Dolly and Bill and they could not figure out who they were from. Finally they realized that they were from Dolly Parton and her manager. Just thought that was kinda cool.

Feeling pretty good still.
Later friends,
fun girl

September 27, 2003 - Msg 15819: These stories are pretty cool... and I gotta add mine in with it. Some friends of mine are friends with Johnny Cash's sister. Small world huh? Well EB as for my plans today.. I dont have any yet. LOL. My hubby is out bow hunting, so I'm just enjoying having the house to myself. I guess I probably should do something constructive. lol Ya'll have a good day--Salty Dog

September 27, 2003 - Msg 15820: Just got home form our lil outing and boy did we collect a few things, a lil scarecrow to put in the sitting room with my newly painted wicker furinture, a a lil pumpkin hanging it is really cute, we had lunch at Painters Pumpkin Patch, it was really good saw a lot of my friends there. Then we went on over to Vincennes, In. and picked up a few lil things, we found a cocrete poodle, black in color with a gold band around it's neck on it for $10.00. and then a lil Avon poodle white in color for $1.00. I then went to Badd Catt's and got my sister and It Italian braclet and 2 charms for it for her Birthday,
Charm 1) I love my Sis.
Charm 2) a sm. Birthday cake.
Olive will be 50 October 26th.

We are planning to go have chowder for supper at the Pinkstaff church, but I'm already wore out, it is such a beautiful, it's inpossible to stay in. LOL
Fun Girl & Salty Dog it is a small world, also my cousin is married to little Jimmy Dickens, Mona they use to have a little place outside Petersburg In. but not sure if they still do since her mother passed away.

Ellen Brown

September 27, 2003 - Msg 15821: Ro I didn't mean to leave you out, when we got pollyanna she never got on the ground till she was 2, the porch was her place but Mr Bojangles is hard headed and gets away from us our yaed is fenced in for their are all knids of animals around here, so we try to keep everythingout of our yard, but cats climb, our neighbor has about 20 cats. LOL
I'll try sulfur, I've tried everything else.


September 27, 2003 - Msg 15822: Well, another little story. My mother used to visit her grandparents when she was a kid and her cousins went to school with Brenda Lee. I have no claim to fame. I did go to school with a guy who flew with the Blue Angels 1999-2001. And I have been corresponding with Ann Ross via email. She is the lady who wrote the Miss Julia books I am so crazy about. You just can not imagine what a sweet lady she is. She is gonna be in Frankfort, KY in November at a book fair and I am thinking about going down and seeing if I can get her to sign my books. She said she hopes to see me there. Just a real sweet lady. Salty, don't you live in Tennessee? Or am I thinking about someone else. I have a friend who is bow hunting this weekend in Tennessee. He is from Chattanooga. I am not sure where they are hunting though. Somewhere in Tennessee is all I know.

My cousin's hubby used to be a promoter for Capitol Records, I think. So, they got to meet all those cool country artists. I remember one Thanksgiving we went to her house and when we were on the way they called us on the cell phone and said to hurry up cause there was someone there who wanted to meet us. I am a big Travis Tritt fan and everybody knows it and so I have these visions of TT at their house and them waiting to surprise us. Well it turns out it was on of my hill jack uncles. I have never been all that crazy about this uncle, and when we got there it was all I could to not to spit in his face. Hey folks, when I dream, I dream big, huh?LOL

Went to a Kiwanas chili supper last night and they had some deer chili. I passed. Kyle did taste it. He said it was okay, but he went ahead and had the ground beef.

Later on.
fun girl

September 27, 2003 - Msg 15823: Well sounds like we all know famous people.. but if anybody knows Toby Keith... ya'll gotta let me know, that boy is purty as a pink rose-- Salty Dog

September 27, 2003 - Msg 15824: No claim to fame here either, but Travis Tritt has a home near to my Kids (in GA) - his younguns go to school with my younguns. They say it's funny to see his limo going down their podunk country roads.

Y'all have a super Saturday, it's raining here.
~ Mrs. Wiley

September 27, 2003 - Msg 15825: evening y'all! excuse my incorrect capitalization-kinda hard to type with one hand! Can anybody guess who I have in my arms right now?she wanted to pop up on the porch with me and say hi and give some love to all the folks who have been praying for her.That's right-it's Laci!she's our newest lil porchster!we're off to give her a bath,so hope everyone has a great evening-love to all!
possum under a rock and Laci too!

September 27, 2003 - Msg 15826: Hi Laci!! Come and give Aunt Boo some neck sugar!

September 27, 2003 - Msg 15827: Hello Little Laci, Welcome to the porch, so glad your home.
Ellen Brown

September 27, 2003 - Msg 15828: Hi baby Laci! Just look at all us adults act goofy! We just love babies! Ellen, in answer to your msg 15807 and 15791, Ro answered it with msg 15797. Any further questions, ask away! Well, I hate to be the biggest downer on the porch but my weekend was the pits. It's a typical weekend. Every weekend is a nightmare, and things are just beginning to look HOPELESS to me. I don't want to feel that way, but I do. More prayers please. Thanks! You all are the best.
Charlotte Tucker

September 27, 2003 - Msg 15829: Howdy, all. I just came home from getting a little of that baby neck sugar from my newest grandson. What a precious little sweetie he is. I went out there to make fried round steak and gravy for my son, whose birthday was last week, but I had a sore throat and didn't want to go around the baby at the time. All better now, so we had our steak supper and I got to snuggle that sweet little baby boy. It's hard to imagine that his 6'5" daddy was ever that little!

Sweet Laci, have you got some extra sugar for Aunt Romeena? I'll just mix it right in with little Hudson's sugar, and I'll be doing fine! Nice thing about baby sugar, it doesn't bother my diabetes at all.

Well, off to bed. Church in the morning comes around kinda early, seems like. Have a blessed Sabbath, friends. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 27, 2003 - Msg 15830: CT, you're always on my prayer list, you know. --Romeena

September 28, 2003 - Msg 15831: Charlotte, you're worrying me. Why is every weekend a nightmare (if it's something you can talk about)? I will certainly pray for you. I know God knows your situation but your friends are concerned about you. When someone says things are looking hopeless that really gets my attention. Please hang on, we are praying.

Love, Boo

September 28, 2003 - Msg 15832: Prayers for ya Charlotte Tucker - hang in there. Ya know, I learned that our Guardian Angels - although having many powers and abilities, can't read our minds. I tested this theory by actually speaking out loud to "Guardie", and Law.... it's true! CT try speaking out loud to your angel (in private) and see what happens, OK? Hey to Little Laci, you cute little babydoll!

~ Mrs. Wiley

September 28, 2003 - Msg 15833: I have been called Aunt Kisser since my first nephew was born. I just love to kiss those chubby baby cheeks and one day as I started up getting me some calorie free sugar, my brother in law said, "Oh no,it's the kisser!" It stuck. I have an aunt I was named after and so going by Kisser is less confusing for all. And I have rarely ever heard the niece and nephews call me anything else. I even have KISSER on a decorative liscense plate for my car.

Prayers for J.R. who is a friend from church. Going through a really rough time right now. And prayers for his boys Chris and Richie too. And although it is hard to request...Rachael too. May God do what is His will in the situation.

fun girl

September 28, 2003 - Msg 15834: I will pray for ya CT. God knows why this trial has come to you. All things work together for good. This has been a hard lesson for me to learn this past year.

In His Time
In His Time
He makes all things beautiful
In His time

All I had to offer Him
Was brokeness and strife
But He made Something Beautiful of my life.\

Just snippets from a couple of inspirational songs.

fun girl

September 28, 2003 - Msg 15835: "I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord.
Plans for good and not evil. Plans to give you a hope and a future."

I'm really done this time. LOL

September 28, 2003 - Msg 15836: Good Sabbath porch, prayers for CT and all who need them.

Ellen Brown

September 28, 2003 - Msg 15837: Good Sabbath afternoon porch, how is everyone? It's cool on my porch.. down to the 40's last night. Nothing like a beautiful fall afternoon. Prayers for you Charlotte... I hope your weekend gets better. And welcome to little Laci. Always good to have a new face around. Ya'll have a good afternoon, I've got a race to watch. --Salty Dog

September 28, 2003 - Msg 15838: Saw the most beautiful rainbow this evening. . .


September 28, 2003 - Msg 15839: You are all the CATS, you know that. Thank you all so much for your kind words. Today is somewhat better. Boo, I can't really explain why weekends are so bad, but they are. We can get through the week just fine but then on the weekend my husband's moods are just awful. Don't know what to do about it. He is very stubborn so I'm just hangin' on. Thanks for the prayers and words of wisdom, Romeena, Mrs. Wiley, Fun girl, and Salty. And thanks for the extra special hugs, Ellen Brown. I don't know what I'd do without you all. Funny isn't it that you can ask perfect strangers (and I do mean perfect! ha) for help when you feel like you can't even talk to your own family and friends. Bless you all. Hope everyone else had a good weekend and hope you have a good week ahead!
Charlotte Tucker

September 28, 2003 - Msg 15840: The rainbow sounds good too, homemaker!

September 28, 2003 - Msg 15841: Hello Porch, hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

September 29, 2003 - Msg 15842: Thanks Frankie! Hope your was good, too.

CT, I think that is what is so healthy about this porch. It is a big comfort to know there are good people who will listen, care and pray. Hope things get better for you. I know that when I pray for my husband I can see God changing him but he has a soft heart toward God and it doesn't seem to take long. I pray that God will soften your husband's heart and begin to change him because you are praying for him. Faith moves mountains.

Hope you all have a good Monday (grrrr).

September 29, 2003 - Msg 15843: Good morning. . this morning I was remembering Minnie Pearl's comedy sketch of how several sisters were going out with young fellers the evening before and the next day, morning was their code word of how many kisses they received and Minnie walked in after a barrage of "mornings' to say HOWDY! So - HOWDY everyone!

A beautiful weekend - even with the rain. Please remember my hubby in your prayers. He had a bad (emergency room visit) UTI. They are going to run more tests this week to make sure that a UTI is all that it was. So - it could be a long week for us!

Sold four little goats this weekend at the auction and brought two new ones back. Got some more to sell - any takers!?

Everyone have a good day!


September 29, 2003 - Msg 15844: Morning Porch!

I sure have been missing y'all! I hope things start looking up for you Charlotte, I will be praying for you, too!

I saw a rainbow yesterday too! My hubby, son and I drove to Ohio to see the artwork of Richard Schmid. (He is one of my husband's favorite artists). On the way back to Michigan last evening there was a beautiful rainbow that kept changing as we drove along, it was very sweet! (That's my 5 year-old's new favorite word)! We spent several hours in the Butler Art Insti-tute in Youngstown, Ohio yesterday, and after looking at a lot of art work, my 5 year old said that place was "full of crap!" LOL I had to ask him twice what he said. We don't use language like that, so it totally took me off guard and I couldn't help but laugh! I have to admit I didn't think everything in the museum was a work of art, but then, I feel that way about every museum or art show I have ever been to. And I am positive that the things I think are great art, someone else might find to be juvenile or low brow or something! That's what makes art so sweet! LOL

Romeena, I sure wish I could see your garden! Around these here parts we really aren't thinking about putting any more plants into the ground until next spring! It's getting far and away too cold for that already! But I sure do love those cool, crisp fall afternoons! My favorite thing is to go to some of the local cider mills and have some apple cider and doughnuts! That's big business around here this time of the year.

Homemaker, I have no room for goats around here, but if I did, I bet you have some of the best ones around! (I will be praying for good results for your husband, and that your week will go much better than you were expecting.)

Well, I best be getting along here. Wish I could stay and visit a bit longer, but duty calls!

Mary Wiggins

September 29, 2003 - Msg 15845: Sorry to hear about Mr. Homemaker. Hope he is OK. I shall pray in his behalf. I think I'll let the goats pass on by though.
Hey Boo, why are you growling? You don't like Mondays? LOL
I am so sorry that your weekend didn't go well Charlotte. Dagblameit! I sure do hope things work out well for you two.
Wonder how our Mavis is doing? Her Redskins are doing well so far this year.
Well better get to work seeings how I was born with looks instead of money. HA!


September 29, 2003 - Msg 15846: What did you say Asa - I couldn't quite hear you - you say you wanted my best goats? Sure - I'll ship them UGS (United Goat Service) they are the men with pellets clinging to their clothes? LOL


September 29, 2003 - Msg 15847: The BENGALS actually won!! Wow - miracles never cease.


September 29, 2003 - Msg 15848: Charlotte, I'm so sorry that you have to deal with a moody spousal unit on the weekends. That can be very trying, I'm sure. All week you work and look forward to a pleasant weekend, and then The Grouch ruins it all. I have a thought - check your email. (No, friends, not rat poison.)

homemaker, I'd love to have one of your little goats, but I'm afraid it would just decimate my new flowerbeds. I can just picture it, climbing around on my new island, standing on the waterfall, eating my pansies! Shoo, you little rascal!!

Mary Wiggins, I guess I never realized that artists would go to shows and see other artist's paintings. I think Mr. Schmid would have to stand on tiptoe to measure up to Pat's work.
I know how cold it is where you are - my husband was from Michigan. Down here, though, we're planting pansies (of course) and dwarf snapdragons, and even petunias. The petunias won't last but a couple of months, but they'll put on a show for a short time, and a flat of them doesn't cost much. Mums, of course, are very happy right now, salvia is still blooming, my roses have buds even after being moved, the crape myrtle is blooming wildly all over town, I just divided and planted some shasta daisies, and soon it will be time for bulbs for next spring. I can hardly wait. I have never had so much room to plant things, and my landscaper friend has laid it all out so beautifully, with big boulders providing striking backdrops for things - well, it's just a sight! We built in all sorts of little hidey-holes and habitats for tiny critters, places where little lizards can escape the birds, and there are numerous bird houses and feeders. The squirrels have the run of the place, and I love them. There's one that has really gotten bold, will come up within a few feet of me, and ignores me when I walk into the yard. Cute little thing.

Well, gotta run. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 29, 2003 - Msg 15849: Hi Porchsters! Thanks for all your cares and concerns. Today things are better, but hey, it's Monday, not the weekend! Your advice is tops, Boo! Prayer does help, and I have been doing that but praying for a soft heart is key, because my husband's sometimes isn't! This weekend I don't think mine was any too soft either. I was just fed up with living like this! and that's a selfish response to the situation. Ro, I've been thinkin' like you too! My mom, son, and I are going on a fall drive next Saturday! I appreciated your email. Prayers for you all, you're the best! Hope Mavis is having a good time.
Charlotte Tucker

September 29, 2003 - Msg 15850: Howdy Porch, HM do you make soap and lotion out of your goats milk? I've been buying soaps and lotion froma girl that use to go to our church, she has 1 goat and boy does she have a nice bussiness making soap, lotion and a milk bath we all like. CT glad your feeling better, I better go watch my show Murder She Wrote. Later friends.

Ellen Brown

September 29, 2003 - Msg 15851: Does anybody here know about that event called "Mayberry Days"? Did anybody from here go?

September 29, 2003 - Msg 15852: I'm sorry. Is this a prayer request board? Somebody had told me it was Mayberry related.

September 29, 2003 - Msg 15853: hey im new and from wv i always watch andy i just got internet and im 13

September 29, 2003 - Msg 15854: Msg 15851: Yes, some folks from here go to Mayberry Days. Unfortunately, I've never been one of 'em so can't tell you much, but some of the others can. This here is a Mayberry front porch where we all share our triumphs and our struggles. No, it is not a prayer request board per se, but we do request prayers for each other when needed. Welcome. Come join the fun! Hey to you too, 13-year-old! My son will turn 13 on Oct. 12! He likes Andy too.
Charlotte Tucker

September 29, 2003 - Msg 15855: Ro, homemaker's goats ain't "little" at all (ask her how much one weighs). I'm afraid one might decimate more than your flowerbed. heehee, and if Sugarplum ever got a look at one she might have a fainting spell or something.

Mary Wiggins, if I had to spend 5 hours in the Butler Art Inst-tute I would most certainly say the same thing your five yr old (very intelligent child) said!

I was only in Michigan once in the winter (December) and I saw so much wonderful, glorious snow. It snowed a beautiful, soft snow on Christmas day (too bad I had a hangover). I was thirteen and had attended a family Christmas Eve party. My cousin and I snuck a bottle of Bacardi Rum off the bar and drank it in the bedroom. I was so sick the next day that I couldn't even eat Christmas Dinner (what a dumb thing to do and where was my mother??).

To answer your question, Asa, I don't remember why I was growling (could have been a number of reasons). I like most Mondays except my washing machine has been broke and "the man" came out and charged my 103.44 to replace this little plastic thing! Now I have a mountain of laundry to catch up on and laundry is most dreaded chore. I would rather clean a hundred toilets than do laundry. Once several years ago my laundry piled up so high that I took it all to a laundry mat instead of doing it at home, because I could use several washers at once. Sure cost alot of quarters to do all those clothes, though.

Well, its almost time for TAGS. Better run!


September 29, 2003 - Msg 15856: Boo - I laundromat every week right now. . .sometimes twice a week if the boys go through a bunch of clothes (mud!) It cost a lot of quarters but I have it down to a system now so it isn't too bad.
You're right - my goats aren't that little (but I do have a little girl that was born dwarfed so she is still tiny. But Van Gogh - well - he weighs over 200 pounds easy!
I need to go to bed - 4:30/5:00 comes pretty early. The only thing wrong with mornings is that they start too early!


by they way I am putting new pictures on our website tomorrow -
I took a picture of the fantastic rainbow on Sunday evening and I am going to try to get that on there.

September 29, 2003 - Msg 15857: A Big Hey to the Porch.

September 29, 2003 - Msg 15858: Hey to the porch, and to you too Frankie Flint! Hope everyone is doin ok this evening.I thought my Packers had this one wound up... but now Chicago is catching up with them. Asa, hows that misery in yer back? And when is Mavis coming home, I was hoping to hear from her adventures up there at the Y... Ya'll have a good evening--Salty Dog

Is that like Ha Ha??

September 30, 2003 - Msg 15859: Homemaker, why don't you put some pictures of yourself and family on your website? I would love to see you and your children. Wow, I can't believe how early you have to get up!


September 30, 2003 - Msg 15860: Hey Mary, Do you or your hubby know the work of Howard Terpning? Paints alot of Native American stuff and cowboys and stuff from when the west was really wild. He is my favorite. My house is decorated in Native American stuff. I LOVE IT!
fun girl

September 30, 2003 - Msg 15861: morning porch . hm I visited your site. couldn't get the pics in though?


September 30, 2003 - Msg 15862: Good morning porch... Boo you need to turn your head for a minute. It's 35 degrees on my porch this morning, I'm cold!! Ok Boo you can look again now tee hee. How is everyone doing? Fun Girl, I'm into the Native American stuff too. I have several pictures on my computer desk actually. I'll have to check out that man you mentioned. I hope you all have a wonderful day today. My 4 hour short day has now turned into a 7 hour day, Ya'll have a good day--Salty Dog

September 30, 2003 - Msg 15863: Hey Boo - I do have pictures now, and one of my little boy. I am not very photogenic but my children are. By the way - this is the little boy who weighed just over four pounds at birth. He is my cutie and the goat isn't too bad either!
ANd I was up 3:30 this morning - couldn't sleep.


September 30, 2003 - Msg 15864: Hmmmm couldn't sleep huh? Maybe a guilty conscience for how bad you pick on me homemaker? LOL
Backs doing better Salty as long as I am real careful. Can't lift much or bend much. Really makes it hard when your an electrician like me and spend all dayy lifting and bending and pulling. Maybe I need a new line of work. Maybe I'll become butcher, I see they are advertizing for one over at the markey. LOL
Real nice weather here Boo. Suppose to be a cool front moving in later in the week. Highs in the 70's low's in the 40's. Don't get much better. Tree's are turning colors, at there peak this week so we are heading up to the hills this weekend to check them out. God sure is good to us, you know it?


September 30, 2003 - Msg 15865: Asa - I could never feel guilty teasing you. . .

September 30, 2003 - Msg 15866: GOOD AFTERNOON PORCH

Ellen Brown

September 30, 2003 - Msg 15867: Hey Salty, see if you can find something on a painting called Blessings from the Medicine Man. I saw the painting at the Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis. It was just breath-taking. It has a fire in the background and the smoke looked like it was just gonna float right out of the picture. Just an awesome job. I like several of his paintings. I did get a print of the one I mentioned above while we were there. Unfortunately I placed it under the bed to keep it from getting wrinkled or bent until I could get a frame for it. We had a puppy back then and he was so hyper. Anyway he peed on the floor and I went to grab him and he scooted under the bed and now the print is creased and just a mess. Anyone know how to get wrinkles or creases out of a print? If so, let me know.

fun girl

September 30, 2003 - Msg 15868: Hello all! I'm cruising in from a business trip to say, hello. It's been a crazy month. Here is: "Doug's Tune". Here we go.

Briscoe Darling Jr.

September 30, 2003 - Msg 15869: Good afternoon, my lovely porch friends. It's been quite a while since I posted, and I'm really sorry about that -- I've missed all of you! I will try to drop in a little more often, but it's doubtful it will be every day. If you all would be so kind, I sure would like to request you to add my precious mom to your would be very greatly appreciated. As of tomorrow, it will be two weeks since she had a stroke. Her motor skills were not affected, but her memory has been affected, it seems. She knows us, but she can't remember our names and can't put the correct words with what she is trying to describe. My mom's been through so much the last few years and she's done so this. I just pray so hard that a lot of this is's like a part of who she is has been taken away.

Love and best wishes to all of you....Bulbsnatcher

September 30, 2003 - Msg 15870: Hey Bulbsnatcher, It is so good to see you again and I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. Your whole family are in my prayers. Please keep us updated and don't be such a stranger.
Hey to you Briscoe, good to see you back singing and swigging with us. Hope all is well for you.
Hey Ellen Brown, good to see you to.


September 30, 2003 - Msg 15871: Afternoon Y'all. Good to see ya again,Bulbsie! So sorry to hear of your mother's stroke-I will indeed pray for her.Hope things get better with your situation,Charlotte.You're in my prayers too.
Well,I'm babysitting and I think she's about to wake up hungry,so I'd better get off the porch and back to my lil' Laci! Y'all have a great evening-love to all!
possum under a rock

September 30, 2003 - Msg 15872: Thank you so much, are a sweetheart! On a lighter note, I wanted to tell everybody that I now officially consider myself a non-smoker -- it's been a little over half a year since I had a cigarette. Maybe it's too early to say it, but I am very optimistic that I've kicked the habit! It's a great feeling! No offense at all intended to those who still smoke! :-) Bulbsnatcher

September 30, 2003 - Msg 15873: Oh...I'm sorry I didn't see you there, was behind that rock, and I plum missed you! Thanks so much for your kind words. The Bulb

September 30, 2003 - Msg 15874: Well, hooray for you, Bulbsnatcher! We all knew you could do it, and you did. That's wonderful news, and congratulations. Bless your little heart, I'm very sorry to hear about your mom. That's such a hard thing to live with. She's there, but there's such limited communication. I know the feeling, looking into eyes I've known all my life, and finding confusion and a little fear in them. Frustration, too, because the dear little soul knows what she wants to do and say, but can't make it happen. Prayers for all of you, honey.

Possum, what a little doll! She's so tiny, and so perfect. Thanks for sharing.

BDJ, try to come around more often. We need you! Music hath charms, etc....

Asa, I'm glad your back is at least a little better. You be real careful now, don't anger that back pain monster if you can help it. You're probably away ahead of me, but do you wear one of those elastic lumbar support things at work? We've got a lot of construction going on at the hospital where I work, and I see a lot of the guys wearing those. Also, I didn't know you were an electrician. No wonder you do such a good job helping me with my Christmas lights! Got any plans for around the end of November?? Hmmmmmm?? I think I could find some sweet cider somewhere.

Well, gotta run. Worked all night, and slept half the day, now I have a headache and nothing has been done around this house! Humph! Guess I'd better make some tea (need that caffeine) and get busy. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena