October 14, 2003 - Msg 16080: Hey Mary, I know what you mean about the coats in the fall as opposed to the spring. Same thing happens here. Count me in on the party. I'll be there with bells on.
Well I hear Sean Hannity on the radio so I better go listen to him.


October 14, 2003 - Msg 16081: Howdy, everyone. Mary, I hate to say it but I have been bitten by the Green-eyed Monster of jealousy!! I am sitting here in shorts. I took the kids to McDonalds for lunch and when we got in the car it must have been 120 degrees! We were supposed to get a front today but its still hot. I would love some of that sweater weather right now.

Loved that TAGS ep on TVLand last night. Barney is such a "squirt"!

Later, friends!

October 14, 2003 - Msg 16082: Now, now, now, Boo!

Just remember, come around January I will be shoveling out from lots and lots of snow, and it will be fearsome cold, and probably it will be a wet snow to boot, and that weighs more! So, you just keep a good thought, there girl!


October 14, 2003 - Msg 16083: We had a cookout this past weekend with weiners roasted on the fire, smores, etc. . .Well - my father in law asked for some melted marshmallows and I just happened to have a plate of them. I came around the wagon and forgot there was a wagon tongue there. I hit it full force but I saved the marshmallows and I didn't have any bruises either. It was a nice fall evening. Today it is wet and damp and cool (40-50's). It was really windy too -
I have some horses for sale - if those who went riding want some for their very own. Seroiusly - anyone wanting a couple of beautiful appaloosas let me know.
Still have goats for sale too!
Asa - who is Sean Hannity? Is he related to the Hannity's up in Siler City?
Thanks for the music Briscoe - you know how to play right well.
Hope you feel better soon Fun Girl - you have been ailing way tooooo long.
Take care everyone -


October 14, 2003 - Msg 16084: Hey homemaker could you email me some pictures of the Apps, some friends of mine are looking for a nice trail App. flossie@bvunet.net
Rob don't stay away, we just think yer mother is the cats & I'm almost positive the nut didn't fall far from that tree. So sit & stay awhile. and lastly, Asa I thought we took them bells away from you last year cause you was making such a disturbance with them, you mean to stand there on them 2 skinny feet & tell me you went out & got more??

October 15, 2003 - Msg 16085: could you send me some of the scripts from the andy griffith show

October 15, 2003 - Msg 16086: Morning Porch. Had some news I wanted to share. A while back Reader's Digest did some piece on festivals we could do without, and listed Mayberry Days as one of them. I don't know which issue it was...anyway, I wouldn't even look at a copy in my doctors office after that...today for some reason, I saw an Readers Digest laying around, and picked it up. I saw the following letter in the August Issue:

"A pox on you for including Mayberry Days in RD's -Hit List ("Only in America") as
a festival you'd skip. THousands of fan still enjoy reruns of "The Andy Griffith
Show," which promoted good, clean, family fun. "Survivor," "Fear factor" and other
reality shows are trash TV in comparison.
I hope that Ernest T Bass chunks a big rock through your window.
Eileen P. Ogilvie Edmond, Oklahoma"

I couldn't have said it better!
Jimmy The Goat

October 15, 2003 - Msg 16087: Right on, Jimmy the Goat. That unfavorable mention a while back in Reader's Digest was just proof that nobody's perfect, and some editor didn't do their homework. Had they known how many of us TAGS fans there are, they'd never have risked making so many people mad!

Well, hi, Rob! Fancy meeting you here! Sorry it took me so long to respond, I've been having minor computer/internet connection problems. Seems it always happens when I move the machines around, and I've completely rearranged my computer area. Friends, Rob is my daughter, mom to three of my grandkids. She came up a couple of weeks ago and helped me enjoy my new yard for a while. Boo and De§, you'll be meeting her and her sister when we meet in Fredericksburg that first weekend in December. I'm really looking forward to that. I'll be emailing soon to arrange time and place, unless one of you has a suggestion. Anyway, thanks to all of you for making Rob feel welcome. I hope she'll be visiting often, now that she's found us.

My room rearranging now has me facing a huge window which looks out on my new back yard, and it is a joy. I think I mentioned this before, but the paned windows will be replaced this week with a a single expanse of glass - a picture window. I can hardly wait. Oh, Rob, watch your email, I'm sending a couple of pictures. Do you remember the big bush in the southeast corner in the back? Big leaves, was sold to Joe as a "butterfly bush", but he said he didn't think it was, not sure what it is? Well, it's blooming, and you can't imagine the flowers. Think of the last ten inches of a trumpet, in pink! Spectacular! I've named the plant Baby Huey, because it's so big.

Off I go, friends, numerous errands to run today. Everyone have a lovely day, and Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 15, 2003 - Msg 16088: Good morning porch sitters.


October 15, 2003 - Msg 16089: Goooolley! I didn't mean to scare y'all off! LOL


October 15, 2003 - Msg 16090: Love right back atcha, Asa. You're the cats! Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 15, 2003 - Msg 16091: We love ya Asa, you're a ROCK on this 'chere porch! ~ Mrs. Wiley

Home safe and sound from the west coast. Asa, I'm sure I saw your neighborhood - all dark in the mountains, except for the occasional patches of light from a small neighborhood. In one of these small patches, I saw a string of lights, with the middle 20 or so lights 'flickering'. Musta been you putting up some halloween lights? We enjoyed the cool(er) weather and the beautiful scenery of No.Cal.. Iffin' any of you are bored, here's the link to go see the Wedding Photos. I hope that linked right.

October 15, 2003 - Msg 16092: Whew - it did! The 2 dogs were the ring bearers. ~ Mrs. Wiley

October 15, 2003 - Msg 16093: Beautiful, Mrs. Wiley, just beautiful. Thanks. You must be Mandy, right? I was just a little confused as to who's wedding pictures I was looking at! I always cry at weddings. sniff.
- Hazel

"Now don't you start cryin', Aunt Bee. If you start, I'm a goner."

October 15, 2003 - Msg 16094: Evenin' Y'all. Just checkin' in before y'all get a posse out looking for me.Guess we'd call that a possum posse-ha ha!
Anyhow,I've been feeling a mite puny lately.First it was one sleepless night,then stomach ache thingy,then a migraine. Today I just feel BLAH! Reckon I oughta put my Vicks to use? Vicks rules,ya know!
Hope all you Porchsters are doing okay.Thanks for the love Asa! Back at ya! Love to you all!
possum under a rock
P.S. My lil' Laci now weighs 5 lbs.6oz.! Doing great!

October 15, 2003 - Msg 16095: Naw Hazel, I'm the "other" white dress. ~ Mrs. Wiley

did y'all ever hear of folks wearing Black dresses to a wedding? Not me.

October 15, 2003 - Msg 16096: Gee Asa, with all that silence that followed, you might as well have said, "You're the only porch I love!" We love you too, Asa. What would a porch do without a troublemaker like you? Ro, I'm glad you explained that Rob's your daughter. I thought I was talking to your son! Last night at the bball game we had a Mayberry moment. My son was talking about the Patrick Henry quote "Give me liberty or give me death." Then he said, "Didn't Calvin Coolidge say that?" I said, "Calvin Coolidge didn't say everything!" Isn't that kid a hoot?
Charlotte Tucker

October 15, 2003 - Msg 16097: Mavis - I'll get pictures to you this weekend. I wil also put them on the website with descriptions. Thanks!

Now - Asa - you know we love you. . .you are just wanting extra attention that's all! So ASA - here's one from the gipper (((((((ASA))))))).


October 15, 2003 - Msg 16098: Jimmy the Goat, I forgot to tell you. We discussed that Reader's Digest thing awhile back, and it made me so mad that I emailed them. That probably wasn't the brightest move. They never responded to my note, but now they send me their junk mail all the time!
Charlotte Tucker

October 15, 2003 - Msg 16099: I got a funny story for ya'll, I was talking on the msn messenger with a cousin in Oregon & we were discussing our aunt who has been a little on the grumpy side lately, trying to figure what is going on with her cause grumpy is just not one of her normal qualities. Anyway, my cousin asks me "do you reckon its cause her feet hurt?" she was serious (my aunt does have foot problems) but I was laughing so hard I couldn't type. Just another sign of Mayberry everywhere & people don't even know it. On a sadder note, the one girl at work that loves the show as much as I do, who I can always count on to understand a quote when she hears one is leaving us. *sniff* She has started nursing school (the people kind, not the puppy kind) & she just doesn't have the energy to tackle both. I am glad she is doing that, but I surely will miss her around. I'm off to the ironing board, homemaker no hurry on the pictures I am heading to DC again this weekend & won't be able to get them til Sun anyway. Asa WE LOVE YOU TOO!!!
(now I'm off to check those photos Mrs. Wiley linked up there.

October 15, 2003 - Msg 16100: Beautiful pictures Mrs. Wiley! And I was wondering, just for the fun of it, if anyone else knows what breed of dogs those are? (Mrs. Wiley yer not allowed to play this game, you already know) teehee Whose dogs are they?

October 16, 2003 - Msg 16101: Ro, sorry we thought that Rob was a son person instead of a daughter person. Sorry Rob! We all know that if she is anything like her mama she is a darling person. LOL
fun girl

October 16, 2003 - Msg 16102: Nope, that Rob definitly ain't a boy! LOL
Great pictures Mrs. Wiley and I loved that format of changing to a new picture every 10 seconds. Now your gonna have to tell me again which one is you. Looks like all had a good time.
Hey Mavis, them dogs you were asking about are unselfish, I know that much.
Sorry yer ailing Possum. Hope you get better soon.
Hey Charlotte, seems to me the Readers Digest just ain't the same as it used to be. The format is different, and the story's don't seem as good. I have half a mind to not keep one in my bathroom anymore. Oh well, guess nothing stays the same for ever huh?
Prayers and hugs to all my porch pals. Y'all brighten my day so much.


October 16, 2003 - Msg 16103: Mavis, someone at the wedding asked me who the (insert breed's name here) were with. Dumb old me, I said, "I don't know, I haven't met them yet." I thought they were talking about some people, not the dogs! Just plain ignorant. Asa, I was the only person wearing white except for the bride. Was I uncomfortable? YES. I met the bride in the restroom - of all places - and she straightened me out on what color to wear. I'm sorry folks, but to me weddings are a HAPPY occasion and black just AIN'T the color to wear! My beloved Big Jim Pruitt took the pictures and posted them on the website. He's so handy to have around. He's the "wedding singer" in the last photos.

Welcome to Rob, we's glad to have ya here! Prayers for all who are still in need...

~ Mrs. Wiley

October 16, 2003 - Msg 16104: Loved the wedding pictures - especially the puppies! How cute!

October 16, 2003 - Msg 16105: Enjoyed the wedding pictures, Mrs. Wiley. Are you the pretty lady in the white dress with floral print and long fringe? Really looked like a fun wedding. Now, is Mandy a relative of yours?

I wish I could sit on the porch longer today but I am getting over an awful stomach virus and feel pretty weak. Ya'll have a great day!


October 16, 2003 - Msg 16106: Mrs. Wiley, I checked out the photos too. They are just lovely! Were you the one in the white dress with colors on it? If so, your dress wasn't
just white, it had colors on it! I hope the bride wasn't really telling you what to wear!

Boo, I hope you start feeling better real soon. It seems with you if it taint one thing, its' t'other, don't it!? Enough of that, you just get out some of that there vicks and rub it on your tummy, it will fix you right up!

Oh, and Asa, I like Sean Hannity, too. I believe you are the one who mentioned that other radio talk show host, you know, the one with the rest of the story! You must listen to the radio quite a bit.

I am sorry if there are any Cubs fans here, but I sure do feel sorry for that fellow that caught the foul ball the other night. Now the Cubs have gone and lost, and you would think that THEY (the Cubs) had nothing to do with it and it was all that poor guy's fault. If I am not mistaken, there were many other fans seated near him that were also trying to catch that ball!

Well, I think I will just sit back and admire this beautiful Autumn day for just a few more minutes before I set off to more chores.

Mary Wiggins

October 16, 2003 - Msg 16107: I agree, Mary. I think its terrible that they are making such a big deal over that ball. It is just a natural reflex to try to catch a ball that is coming right for you! Thanks for the VICKS tip but I think the smell would do me in right now.

I just stuck my head outside for the first time since day before yesterday and it is hot! We are expecting a cool front some time tommorow, though.

Better go,

October 16, 2003 - Msg 16108: Boo wins! Yep, that was me with the fringe. Mandy is my husbands first cousin. ~ Mrs. Wiley

I felt so sorry for the Cubbies. I always cheer for the team that's batting.

October 16, 2003 - Msg 16109: Well, porchsters, I am a Cub fan and last night was really a bummer. As for the foul ball guy, I agree with you all. Everybody tries to catch foul balls. A friend of mine in Chicago knows people who know this guy and say he's an All-American regular nice guy so I also wish the media would lay off. I don't think the players have blamed him (unless I missed something), the media has. But that's pretty typical--wherever there's smoke there's the media (and firewater!) Mrs. Wiley, I too, hope the bride wasn't giving you a hard time! I am off to see these famous pictures now!
Charlotte Tucker

October 16, 2003 - Msg 16110: Well, how do you do Mrs. Wiley? You are much younger than I pictured. I LOVE the dress you were wearing at the wedding. How old are you?
Enjoyed the photos. No coffee, tea or punch thank you.
fun girl

October 17, 2003 - Msg 16111: How do I post comments on the porch?..or conversation?...signed: Goobers talking dog..

October 17, 2003 - Msg 16112: never mind the previous post ...I just answered my own question ..us dogs never were to smart ...will be checking in now !!

October 17, 2003 - Msg 16113: walk off boon HR. .. yanks win once again ...spot could talk !...knew a man with a fine horse, cheep to buy also ...ye haw

October 17, 2003 - Msg 16114: well time to go home to the doghouse now , its 5:30 a.m.....working the night shift next few days..[got to check those door knobs]..will be back at 11 pm tonight...signed: goobers talking dog spot......over and out ...and by the way spot says goober says hey ! !

October 17, 2003 - Msg 16115: Welcome to the porch, Spot. Hey to Goober.
- Hazel

October 17, 2003 - Msg 16116: Good morning, Spot! Glad you could sit a spell. This is my first news of the morning. So the Yankees won? Yankees vs. Marlins. Sorry, not the series I was hoping for. Oh well. Ya'll have a great day.
Charlotte Tucker

October 17, 2003 - Msg 16117: Good morning porch ohh weee what a mess of loving on this porch. Everybody must be in a jaw kissin mood. Those pictures were beautiful Mrs. Wiley. It's a might cold on my porch 37 degrees. Hows that for a cold front Boo? I hope you feel better. Welcome to Spot as well and Rob too your Momma is a very sweet person and we think the world of her. Ya'll have a good Friday!-Salty Dog

October 17, 2003 - Msg 16118: Thanks, Salty Dog! I am feelin' a heap better, that's for sure. Just about back to normal (if I ever was). Now I will feel even better at around 5pm when our little cool front passes through. I would dearly love to feel 37 degrees again. I remember last Halloween my husband and I took our son trick or treating for the first time and it was actually kind of cold with just a mist of rain in the air. I bundled up the kids but I wore shorts and sandals just to soak up the cold. I didn't regret it one bit.

We had decided not to trick or treat this year, though and are having a little sleep-over instead with a couple of my son's friends. We will make popcorn balls and caramel apples and maybe watch a semi-scary movie?? (if it has no bad language, etc.).

Well, better go. I have some catching up to do around here since I was ill. Later, friends!


October 17, 2003 - Msg 16119: Oh, and "welcome" to Goober's talking dog!


October 17, 2003 - Msg 16120: Is anyone here?

October 17, 2003 - Msg 16121: Welcome to the "dog" - we need one on the porch to laze around! LOL
Glad you are feeling better Boo - it is raining here - again.
We got our wood split last night. YAY
Tonight we may venture out on the town to an auction that benefits the Ronald McDonald House in Cincinnati. I here that Ronald himself will be at the Gala event (held at our son's elementary school - real HIGH class, blue jeans are the norm!) The radio auction was last night and I purchased a wood carving picture. You take a photo to this place and they carve it into wood and frame it for you. So I am hoping to have a good picture of the boys and a goat to have carved.

Well - I needs must go.


October 17, 2003 - Msg 16122: I was pulling for the Cubs too. I want to talk about all this 'curse' business that the Cubs and Red Sox love to blame.
Three nights ago, I was watching the Cubs, and was alarmed to hear that the pitcher's pitch count was over 100! His arm must have been ready to fall off. I predicted if they kept him in, the Marlins would go to town, and they did. Next night, same thing. It was only the 4th innning, and the pitcher had already thrown 77 pitches. Last night's Yankees vs. Red Sox matchup was the same thing. They announced Martinez had 115 pitches, and when I saw they were going to leave him in, I had no doubt who would win. It's not the "Curse of the Bambino," or the "Curse of the Goat," its the curse of poor decision making! Only in sports can you use the excuse of a 'curse' and get away with it.
I too think the press should lay off that guy who interfered with the ball. It was only ONE PLAY! He's even getting death threats. Everyone seems to forget about the errors, and bobbled balls made by the Cubs after that. I was shocked to hear the Governor of Illinois make the comments he made about the guy. Have a good day..
As for me, the Yankees vs. Marlins isn't the series I wanted to see either. I could care less who wins now.

Jimmy The Goat

October 17, 2003 - Msg 16123: Morning Porch, and welcome to Goober's talking dog Spot! I put out some kibbles and water for ya. Pop-Tartsİ for everyone else. Thanks for the kind words FunGirl, I've lived a HARD 41 years, so that might be why I 'sound' older. Now, about that caught ball - that poor guy just responded automatically. I'm sure he didn't INTEND to thwart the 'out', but I'll bet he has to move out of town for a while. Poor guy.

~ Mrs. Wiley

October 17, 2003 - Msg 16124: New CBS reunion special.


October 17, 2003 - Msg 16125: Yeah - for the reunion - I have been waiting all summer for this!
Now Mrs. Wiley - 41 ain't old - you are just in your prime and you look younger than 41. :)


October 17, 2003 - Msg 16126: Yeah, 41 aint old. I hit the big 4-OH this year. I guess until I see pictures, I picture the people to look like their charecter on the show.

Let me clear this up folks. I am built like Big Maude, not the fun girl whose name I absconded. I am brunette with hazel eyes. There...just in case anyone had pictured me any different.

Have a good 'un
fun girl

Hey Briscoe...it sure is good to have you back good and regular like.

October 17, 2003 - Msg 16127: Wow thanks for the welcome everyone !..the kibbles and bits were great ...back at work now at the power company..here till 6 in the morning ...whew...pant--pant--enjoy lazing around on the porch ...hey is everyone from the same part of the state or country?..how does this work..dog wondering?.....signed:..spot..

October 17, 2003 - Msg 16128: Hello all and the newcomers! I'm Briscoe, and I jug songs for all the great people on the Porch like, Fun Girl. Here is "Slimy River Bottom". Enjoy!

Briscoe Darling Jr.

October 17, 2003 - Msg 16129: Wow, Two dogs (Salty and Spot), a Possum under a rock, and a goat all sitting here on the porch. We may have to sweep up more often or we will attract to many fly's. LOL
Hey Mrs. Wiley, You look very much how I had you pictured in my minds eye only your hair is longer. And I agree 41 ain't old and you don't look it either. I had you pictured as being short but you don't look short in the pictures. (Well yer only about 2 inches tall on my moniter LOL)
Jimmy the Goat, yer jaw muscle is clenched.
Hope y'all are having a great day and glad your feeling better Boo.
Now that Homemaker has all her wood split and the danger of me having to work has passed, I just might go trick or treating there this year. LOL


October 17, 2003 - Msg 16130: I copyed the article from the CNN website. Thanks to the original Briscoe. I call him, "Pa"...You know...For kicks.

"LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- Andy Griffith, Ron Howard, Don Knotts and Jim Nabors will take a sentimental journey back to the fictional town of Mayberry next month in a CBS reunion special 35 years after the "Andy Griffith Show" ended its run.

Griffith, 77, who starred as the affable, folksy sheriff and widowed father, Andy Taylor, will host and narrate the one-hour special, slated for November 11, shot on a replica of the courthouse set that appeared in the classic comedy series.

He will be joined by former co-stars Howard, 49, who played his red-haired son, Opie; Knotts, 79, who portrayed Andy's bumbling deputy Barney Fife; and Nabors, 73, the naive but lovable gas station attendant at Wally's filling station.

The special will feature the four veterans reminiscing about the series, highlights from the show, and separate interviews with other surviving cast members, including George Lindsay (Goober) and Betty Lynn (Barney's girlfriend, Thelma Lou).

Griffith and Howard also will return to the spot in the Hollywood Hills where the famous "fishin' hole walk" from the show's original opening sequence was shot. Their re-creation of the segment will be intercut with the original footage, with the grown-up Howard throwing a rock in time with his 6-year-old self.

Set in the small, sleepy town of Mayberry, North Carolina, the homespun situation comedy debuted in 1960 and ran for eight seasons, until Griffith left the show in 1968, leaving the supporting cast to carry on with a new star, Ken Berry, in the renamed series "Mayberry R.F.D."

A nostalgic reunion of the original cast members -- the made-for-TV film "Return to Mayberry" -- aired in April 1986 and was the highest-rated movie that season.

Griffith went on to star as a canny defense lawyer in the long-running 1980s-'90s murder myster drama "Matlock." Knotts quit "The Andy Griffith Show" in 1965 to host his own variety series and later appeared for five years on the sitcom "Three's Company," playing landlord Ralph Furley. He later became a regular on "Matlock."

Nabors, who joined "The Andy Griffith Show" in 1963, left Mayberry after a year and a half to join the Marines as the star of his own spinoff, "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C."

Howard has had perhaps the most storied post-Mayberry career. He appeared as a child actor in such films as "The Music Man" and "The Courtship of Eddie's Father" before landing a starring role a decade later as a teenager in George Lucas' landmark film "American Graffiti." That role led in turn to his signature portrayal of all-American teenager Richie Cunningham in the long-running ABC comedy "Happy Days."

Howard later segued into a career as a filmmaker, directing such box office hits as "Splash," "Cocoon," "Apollo 13" and the Oscar-winning drama "A Beautiful Mind."

Reruns of "The Andy Griffith Show" currently air on TVLand."

Sorry for the loooong post.

Briscoe Darling Jr.

October 17, 2003 - Msg 16131: Hey Fun Girl, Lol! Don't worry about it. I'm built more like an jigsaw puzzle with a couple of pieces missing. Lol!

Briscoe Darling Jr.

October 17, 2003 - Msg 16132: Howdy, friends, and welcome to Spot. To answer your question, we porchsters are from all over the country, indeed probably all over the world. Anywhere you can get an internet connection, you can find a place to park a rocker on this porch. A few who live close together have actually met, and others manage to meet up at Mayberry Days every year, but most of us just meet here on the porch. Just stick around, Spot, and you'll get the idea. By the way, are you any good at hanging Christmas lights? Asa generally puts up my lights, but he could probably use some help! (I'll have a jug of sweet cider ready.)

Sugarplum wants me to let everyone know that she plans to trick-or-treat this year, and asks if you could please have some baby carrots to put in her sack, as she's not allowed to eat much candy. You'll know her, she'll be dressed as a carrot. (Naturally.)

It's cool here, and several very frisky squirrels and about a hundred greedy birds are mobbing my yard. The squirrels are dancing and turning flips, and the birds are scattering more seed than they're eating, but it's quite a show, and I'm loving it.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 17, 2003 - Msg 16133: Oh, just in case there's another "carrot" out there trick-or-treating, Sugarplum will be the carrot with a white plumey tail, which no doubt will be waving constantly. --Romeena

October 17, 2003 - Msg 16134: Asa - trick or treating might not be a good idea. you know what might end up in your treat baag if you pull any fast ones. . .can we say goat residue.
Spot - I and Fun Girl are from the Hoosier state but we don't live that close to one another. She is nearer to Indy than I am - I am more towards the Cincinnat way. Where is your porch located?
And Asa - he from Utah and watch out when he puts up the lights. . .does BLACKOUT mean anything. It is right out of National Lampoons Christmas. . .LOL
And Miss Ro is from TX and so is Boo. . .see we are scattered.

Have a good evening!


October 17, 2003 - Msg 16135: Welcome Spot!

Mary Wiggins here, and I am from Michigan. I don't know of any other porchsters from here, but I have heard of a few who have visited. (Imagine that, coming to Michigan and not wanting to stay! They must have been here in January or February!)

Briscoe, thanks for the info about the reunion, I can't wait to see it! I am so fond of the Andy Griffith show, (obviously), and I love it when they get together.

Ro, are you going to post a picture of Sugarplum in her costume? I sure hope so, I would love to see it.

I hope the Cubs and Red Sox fans aren't too down. Your teams had an excellent season, just not perfect. Remember, I have the TIGERS to root for, need I say more!

Well, off to another birthday dinner, this one is sloppy joes for the 20 year old! And he doesn't eat birthday cake either! Oh, well, I do have chocolate ice cream...any takers? Come on by, I made a bunch!

Mary Wiggins

October 17, 2003 - Msg 16136: Well spot I am from North Carolina. Nowheres close to Mayberry though. LOL. Asa, you left out something. In addition to the two dogs, the goat and a possum, we also have a chicken named Hazel. Cant forgit that. I'd love to go trick or treating again, but we're letting kids come and trick or treat at our fire department, and giving out stuff about fire prevention as well. Well Im off to find some supper--Salty Dog

October 17, 2003 - Msg 16137: Well,Well, so thats the way it is , well Spots porch is in Kennesaw GA....30 miles north of Atlanta....named my first born after Andy G...was gona name him Opie but that did not fly !!...got a 90 lb black lab named Otis though ! !and about BLACK OUTS be careful with the Christmas lights Asa....

October 18, 2003 - Msg 16138: Hey Spot...do you know where Covington, Georgia is? (about 20 miles east of Atlanta) I was born there and lived there until I was 5. My daddy worked for Lithonia Lighting. That was before he got on at the G.M. foundry in Atlanta in the late 60's. Boy am I dating myself or what? Anyhow, welcome to the porch.

You don't have to worry about Ro's cider going hard. She guards against that sort of thing. But Briscoe Jr has been known to pass around some mulberry squeezins that pack quite a wallop. Of course I only take a drop or two occasionally for medicinal purposes.

I don't worry too much about Asa hanging those Christmas Lights, but he did some damage to someone's head when he was using his golf clubs to weed a yard. Wasn't that you Hazel?

That reminds me...BDJ, I hear we are in for a long and hard winter and you know how my rheumatiz acts up in the cold winter weather, so do ya think you could leave off about a dozen jugs of the squeezins before the hard frost sets and and winter gets underway good and propper?
And maybe you and the boys could do "Never Hit Your Grandma With A Great Big Stick" and "Almost Home" for me. But don't do "Put Your Money in Your Shoe and It Won't Get Wet." That 'um makes me cry. 'preciate ya.

fun girl

October 18, 2003 - Msg 16139: Well fun girl ....lets see late 60"s ..5..well late 60"s I had that age doubled ! so dont feel bad !!.....but opie has me beat in age by a few years ....but hey wait a minuite ,,an I suppose to figure this up in "dog " years ...signed: spot goobers talking dog ...and yes I know where covington ga is ...no doubt ! ..and about the squeezins im hearing of , well getting holiday season soon could use a jug ! gets rid of fleas !and BDJ got a small farm , great place for a "picking and grinning"...I could just jump in where I can and hang on ! !

October 18, 2003 - Msg 16140: and hey fun girl , as far as us looking like our charecter we represent on the show ......whew...hope not ...signed: Spot Goobers talking dog .........pant pant...

October 18, 2003 - Msg 16141: Spot...did ya bring your stringin' instrument. Briscoe's got one with five strings, so kinda let your thumb hang free. And as for Earnest T Bass, if he bothers us, we'll just shoot him. We got a legal right. LOL
fun girl

October 18, 2003 - Msg 16142: Bobby Fleet and his band with the beat comming also ........ Hea whats on the flip side? "If lost return to wayt earp".."Hey guys if they held a beauty contest in this town nobody would win"..we"ll take 4 specials ok guys...if one goes we all go !..sighed: spot, goobers talking dog...

October 18, 2003 - Msg 16143: well gang its 5:30 am ...headed home from work , the old dog gona take a nap and then get up and paint my porch ..... catch yall later on today!....try andy gumping yer chin a bit ....spot.....

October 18, 2003 - Msg 16144: Andy Griffith provided a clean, wholesome family show for many years. Lots of folks still relate to the values taught in the series and desire a return to the simpler days.

October 18, 2003 - Msg 16145: Morning Dears.
I forgot Hazel was a chicken. I always think of her as Emma Watson, as she is known on another board. So thanks for reminding me Salty. All we need now is a rooster named Bo regard and a horse named Blackie. Oh and lets not forget Winkum, Blinkum and Nod.
Boy that homemaker sure knows how to kill a trick or treat party, don't she? I wondered where them little poop balls came from last year. Now I know. Durn her goats anyway.
Hope y'all have a great weekend. We need to have us a party soon don't we? Seems like it's been a while.


October 18, 2003 - Msg 16146: Poop Balls??? I thought they were Milk Duds! tee hee--Salty Dog

October 18, 2003 - Msg 16147: EEEEeeeeeewwwwwww! --Romeena

October 18, 2003 - Msg 16148: Hello all! Hey Fun Girl, I'll be glad to give you some of my homemade juice. A case of it, as a matter of fact. And hear is, "Never Hit Your Grandma With A Great Big Stick" and "Almost Home" fer ya'. Hey Spot, Just jump in where you can and hang on. Here we go.

Briscoe Darling Jr.

October 18, 2003 - Msg 16149: Thanks for remembering that Asa left me out, Salty... I noticed too that he didn't include a chicken in his line-up. Kinda got my feathers ruffled a little bit. Spot, I'm from Boise, Idaho.
- Hazel

"I before E, except after C; E before N in chicken... I always forget that rule."

October 18, 2003 - Msg 16150: spot here....pant ..pant..been moving equipment around on the farm getting ready for winter...whew..hard pulling a tractor with a dog sled...got to get the garden cut and limed...her BDJ is the squeezins mail order?....signed:Goobers talking dog Spot...

October 18, 2003 - Msg 16151: sorry BDJ that was {hey] not her in the last comment.....spot...

October 18, 2003 - Msg 16152: well its off to work today 6:00 pm EST...but then off for 4 days !..till wed night..whats everybody gona be for holloween?....?spot

October 18, 2003 - Msg 16153: hey when are mayberry days ...would like to go next time ...not far for me to travel from ga.?...do we have a cat on the porch? if so we could travel together and be like the movie Homeword Bound ...signed: Goobers talking dog Spot..

October 18, 2003 - Msg 16154: Hey Spot,
BDJ is real kind about leaving ya a jug of squeezins on the porch if'n ya just ask. And in my case he delivers it cause I always order in bulk. LOL Of course ya gotta realize that his squeezins are alot like Blackie the horse. Largely imaginary, but they sure do pack the biggest punch for an imaginary batch of squeezins that I've ever tried. LOL
fun girl

October 18, 2003 - Msg 16155: I always did believe in Blackie..and of course Mr Mcbeeve....so the squeezins will be so good ...gona wait for my jug....so what cha think BDJ do I get a jug?,,will it make me jingle and walk around in the trees and blow smoke out my ears?....signed: Spot Goobers talking dog.

October 18, 2003 - Msg 16156: Evenin' Y'all! Oh,what a long week it's been! I'm off tomorrow-yippee!
Well,Spot,it's nice to have another critter here on the porch! You and I sit on the southern end of it-I'm from South Carolina,not far from Charleston.Howdy,neighbor! Let's see what else you should know about me.. I work in a BBQ place and I'm always bringing some goodies from work for everyone on the porch.Oh,and I just became a grandmother(a young one-ha!)so you'll hear about my lil' Laci every once and again.Yeah,we need a Blackie and and a tipsy rooster on the porch and I think we'll have most of Mayberry's critters covered! I only ask 2 things of you,Spot.#1-Please don't jab at me with no long poinky stick,and #2- Don't try to smoke me out from under my rock! You remember that and we'll get along fine!
Well,I'm ready for a party.I believe Asa mentioned that HE is throwing a party on the porch for all of his beloved pals! I like vanilla ice cream best Asa,oh and if we're doing a Halloween themed party,please have plenty of caramel apples and marshmallows for toasting.I'm sure the other Porchsters will add to your list-ha ha!
Well,it's time for me to head back under my rock.Y'all have a great evening! Love to all!
possum under a rock

October 18, 2003 - Msg 16157: Yes, lets have another bonfire down by the duck pond!

Asa, Dear....thank you for your kind sentiment and I hate to be the one to point it out but I think you mean, "Winkin', Blinkin', and Nod" heehee. Loved the thing about the poop balls!

Fun girl, I am more of a Big Maude than a fun girl, too, only with blonde hair (from a bottle) and blue eyes and I think I am about your age.

I am staying home with the kids and having a sleepover for my kids on Halloween, Spot. What are you doing? I will have typical fall-like snacks and maybe a show a movie.

Mary Wiggins, I have fond memories as a child of Royal Oak, where my grandparents lived but as an adult I really didn't like it the last time I went, it had changed so much. My Michigan exposure was very limited. I have a relative in Paradise, Mich and I have heard it is beautiful there. Have you ever been to the hot, hell-hole known as Texas? Well, come on down and thaw out when you are tired of the snow (do I sound bitter???).

Well, friends, there is always much to do... (what's my hurry, right?). Gotta go!


October 18, 2003 - Msg 16158: No offense to my fellow Texans. I just needed to blow off some steam!


October 18, 2003 - Msg 16159: Well possum under a rock , promise no poinky stick and as far as smoking you out Goober want let me play with fire !..so you and I will get along just fine at the southern end of the porch! Asa what about a Fried Turkey for the party ! got a new fryer..ummmm good - and Asa you can just call them opies 3 little birds LOL..Hey possum , dont you think we should get first shot at the turkey carcus after the party?
Goobers talking dog spot....

October 18, 2003 - Msg 16160: Hey yall , was just watching Sanford and Son , a policeman refering to Fred, Lamont , and Rilo calling them Winkin ,Blinkin , and Nod as a joke..Hum..where did this originate ?..Spot the talking dog..

October 18, 2003 - Msg 16161: Asa - you surely liked my Chocolate Chip Cookies - didn't you? Guess What??

We have been going back and forth on Halloween costumes at my house. The 6 year old will be an "army guy" and the 5 year old wants to be something different for every stop I think. He is tiresome for this old momma. Me - I'll just be witchy.


October 18, 2003 - Msg 16162: So, are we suppose to be describing ourselves to the rest of our fellow porchsters? Ok, let's see. How do I describe how I look. Oh, you guys know who Pamela Anderson is? From Baywatch. Well, I don't look like her.

October 18, 2003 - Msg 16163: Hey, Spot! To find the answer to your question as to the origin of Winkin, Blinkin and Nod, go to this website:

homemaker, I never realized it before, but you have a mean streak, you know that? (teehee)

Just bought myself a photo printer today, and it's neat! I just take the chip out of my digital camera and insert it into the printer, and can select, edit and print 4x6 pictures right on the spot. The quality looks as good as the "developed" prints from the photo places, and they cost about the same. The photo paper gets cheaper the more you buy. A box of 100 was $30, so that's 30 cents a print, which is much, much cheaper than having them printed. How do I figure that? I won't be paying for a bunch of pictures I don't want or need, I can just print the ones I really need. I also got an adapter that allows me to operate the printer from my car if I need to, like if I was out at the duck ponds and wanted to print a picture of Asa to blackmail him with. The printer can be connected to my computer, and can then print pictures from my picture files, but doesn't have to be. It's fully functional on its own. I just love all this new technology!

Are we really going to have a bonfire on Halloween? At the duck ponds? Sounds like fun to me! The Plum wants to know if she can roast carrots on a stick instead of marshmallows? The marshmallows get all sticky and make a terrible mess in her hair.

Have a great Sabbath, friends, and Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 18, 2003 - Msg 16164: Good Saturday evenin' porchsters! Well, Spot, I'm from Illinois and I think Ellen Brown's from around here somewhere too, either in Illinois or Missouri, somewhere near St. Louis. Mary Wiggins, I feel for ya. I have a friend named Tom in Chicago who has adopted the Cubs, but he is still a Tiger fan in his heart because he's from Michigan. Speaking of Tom, where's our Tom anyway? Did he move to West Virginia? We need some of his poems. By the way, all you who've been praying for me. We've had a couple of good weekends in a row. Perhaps things are looking up! I did tons of work outside today. Trying to get painting and garden tilling and such done before the snow flies. It was lovely here today. Ro, did you ever figure out if someone shot your squirrels or did they all come back? Oh and Mrs. Wiley, you looked just lovely in the wedding pictures.
Charlotte Tucker

October 18, 2003 - Msg 16165: Well thanks so much Romeena for the info on winkin blinkin and nod !...and about your squirrels Ro ..well Spot likes squirrel..and do I need to bring a load of logs for the Halloween bon fire at the duck ponds?..hey do we get to ride 4-wheelers and pitch horse shoes {Blackies} at the bon fire ?..Goobers talking dog, Spot..and by the way guess my looks are more like Barneys..or maybe dud wash....sorry..

October 19, 2003 - Msg 16166: All of my squirrels have been around, Charlotte.<.b> Thanks for asking. I was so relieved as they showed up, one by one. I think Big Mama was trying to get the little ones weaned, and had stopped letting them hang out with her, but I've seen them all now, separately and today they came in together. I'm so glad. They're so cute, and I just couldn't bear to think of someone shooting them. It's great to hear that things are a bit better at your house. Hope it continues to improve.

You're welcome, Spot. I'm glad you asked, because I hadn't heard or read that little poem in a long time, and it brought back memories. I used to read it to my kids when they were little.

Good night, friends. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 19, 2003 - Msg 16167:
Ooops! Sorry. --Romeena

October 19, 2003 - Msg 16168: Amazing what a difference a dot makes, instead of a slash. --Romeena

October 19, 2003 - Msg 16169: Howdy friends. Spot, I am a 40 year old mother of one 13 year old boy, who in his younger days reminded us alot of Opie. I am known as fun girl and as a play on words, I refer to my hubby as fungi. I live about 35 minutes southwest of Indianpolis, Indiana. Here in the hoosier state we love basketball, Larry Bird, and at times the Indianapolis Colts. Also goats, right homemaker?

Hazel, for a chicken, you have a pretty good sense of humor. Your education was worth every penny. (I before E except after C and E before N in Chicken.)

We had a wonderful campfire and hot dog roast tonight at a local church camp. We have quite a wonderful group at church and are like a big family. A while back I asked for prayers for J.R. and we still need those. He is having quite a struggle, but as is often the case, it seems to be drawing him closer to the Lord.

nite friends,
fun girl

October 19, 2003 - Msg 16170: Hey gang got the pulp wood truck loaded with logs for the duck pond bon fire...took 11 hats of water to fill the radiator but she"s ready to go !..signed: Goobers talking dog Spot ...

October 19, 2003 - Msg 16171: Fun girl we will say a prayer..Im a father of 2 one boy "Andy" 12 yrs old , and a girl "Kelsey" 5 years old ..oh by the way im 43...later porchsters ..just glad ya"ll welcomed dog to the porch !..signed" Spot Gobers talking dog..p.s ya know we dont have a "Blue" on the porch do we ?.Barneys dog that hated the dog whistle...

October 19, 2003 - Msg 16172: You guys are so great. My goodness, I don't remember the last time there was such a welcome to a visit... Ro, I remember the book with the poems, the maroon set-and of course, I liked the one with the mythology and spooky tales the best. Clearly, Asa is the colorful character of this crowd and great comic relief! Saw the pictures of Baby Huey - wrote you more on that. For those who may not have seen the Huey, it is absolutley gorgeous and I want babies of Baby! Printing pictures in your car, Ro? Here's a career move for us! We can be private eyes... For shame, for shame on Reader's Digest. That is simply too bad. I work with the "news" media - and yes, it is somewhat manipulated. I personally would not have chosen to publish that information - if I did, I would likely have pulled a full quote from Ms. Ogilvie, courtesy of Jimmy the Goat (with permission from all). The deterioration of "entertainment" for our kids can be heartbreaking. I cannot possibly quote lines, characters, scenes, etc from The Andy Griffith Show as you all do so well, but I can tell you that I remember the serene feelings and warm security one walked away with after watching the shows as a child. So much of what our kids have to choose from has no sense of family, integrity, or character. It's self centered and designed to promote instant gratification -oops, okay soapbox tucked away. Just refreshing to see you guys supporting basic simple kindness.
Homemaker, you mentioned McDonalds, you guys will appreciate this bit from my porch - my lovely friend, Arianne and husband, own the Fbg McDonald franchise. They can receive advertising support dollars through corporate. However, they have chosen to become even more "independent" for moral principles. McDonalds is launching a new ad campaign using rock songs and high energy stuff for the kids. Arianne researched the bands and the lyrics and you would not dream of allowing your kids to listen to the trash pouring out in these songs! So, she has stood strong against the big boys and is paying out of pocket for her own promotion without their "assistance". Corporate is trying to route around her with me, attempting to construct a legal battleground. They have not yet realized that I fully support her efforts and am keeping her fully informed. Anyway, if you're ever in the Tx Hill Country, pull up a chair on the Fbg McDonald's porch and salute Arianne - a woman rooted in family and old fashioned values - she has no fear and I'm proud to know her.
This sense of family permeates the hill country and I love it. Side note: my porch has likely been sold, but I will be working hard to create a much more secure porch in this same area. Can't imagine being anywhere else!
Ro, glad to know The Plum's outfitted for Halloween. I'd been searching and all I could find was a Superman outfit, which of course was going to be refashioned to SuperPlum!
Again, thanks to all for the welcome and I will make a focused effort to visit again from time to time...

October 19, 2003 - Msg 16173: PS: one more thing, gang - No offense at all on the "Rob's a son" thing! Long since used to that. Started in kindergarten when a little boy argued with me that I couldn't be named Robbi as that was a boy's name. At 18, the military repeatedly sent me notices to get myself registered for the draft. They didn't stop until I spoke with them and they realized I was a girl. But, my Dad shared with me their reason for the choice in my name and I love it!
Rob, aka Robin, aka Roberta, aka Robbie, aka Robby, aka Bobby, aka Mr. Robert etc.. ; )

October 19, 2003 - Msg 16174: She's right, folks. Little did we know what we were visiting upon her when we named her Robbi. I should have known, having been through much the same thing. My real name - Lanni - is usually a man's name and is spelled Lanny. You wouldn't believe how many people over the years have assumed I don't know how to spell my own name, have changed it to a "y" ending, and gone right on and sent me their advertising and even a draft notice. (That was in the days when you didn't just "register" for the draft, you actually got drafted. As for Rob, not only did a little boy argue with her, but so did a teacher! Had her in tears, telling her that her name couldn't possibly be Robbi since that was a nickname, and demanding to know what her "real" name was. Doofus.

Rob won't ask for herself, but I will. She is facing a potential change of residence, as the home she is renting is being sold. There is a place she'd love to get, but not sure it's going to be possible. We'd very much appreciate all your prayers for this. If it works out, it will be wonderful - puts her very near her sister, lovely home in a rural setting, just couldn't be better. Prayers, please?

The Plum is demanding some attention. She has either found a baby lizard in the house, or wants a carrot. I suspect it's the carrot thing, usually is. Must go see. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 19, 2003 - Msg 16175: I'm back home porchsters. Finally! Boy that trip to DC seems to take longer & longer everytime I do it! Welcome Spot I am from Bristol, VA/TN I live on the VA side, but work on the TN side of the line. I am a puppy groomer by trade, so don't get offended if every now & then I remind you to take a bath & clip your toenails. teehee And since no one even took me up on the offer to guess the breed of dogs in Mrs. Wiley's pictures, I'll just tell ya, they are Bedlington Terriers & they aren't real easy to groom either I might add. Hey to everyone else & Briscoe reckon yer squeezins would work for a backache? I know the VICKS won't help, do tried them & all I got were the dogs following me around sniffin my back all night! I'm off to check my overloaded mailbox. Holler at ya'll later.

October 19, 2003 - Msg 16176: Hey Mavis, glad you made another round trip and didn't get into no accident ner nothin. Musta had your penny that's been run over by a train. Ya know those bring ya luck in your travels.

Welcome back Rob. I know how it is to be harrassed over your name. My regular name is Penny and I've been called nickel, dime, quarter, etc. The only one I have never minded was given to me by my best friends dad, who was more of a father to me than my own dad during his midlife crisis. Calls me Small Change. I first aquired the nickname when I was 12 years old. Younger than my son is now. I am 40 years old and he still hollers "Small Change" every time he sees me. Of course I would never call him anything sassy to his face, but when I am referring to him when talking to his daughters, I call him Ralph Mouth.(His first name is Ralph in case you were wondering.) God has blessed me with wonderful friends and memories like these make me grateful all over again.

Applause for Arianne. Good to know that there are people out there who are willing to stand up for what they believe. I don't reckon I will ever have the chance to be hungry and in Fbg at the same time, but if I am, I'll make sure I head to McDonalds.

Prayers about your housing situation Rob. Remember that He's an ON TIME GOD. Heard tell of a dentist at our church who was going to purchase land for a new office. He prayed about it, but didn't really know much about purchasing commercial property. He told the owner that he would purchase it for the asking price. When it came time to sign the papers, the seller told him
he was going to give him a 20% discount. Now if that's not an answer to prayer, I don't know what ya call it.
Night friends,
fun girl

October 20, 2003 - Msg 16177: Good evening friends. How was your weeken? Good I hope. Hope you had another good one Charlotte. Sounds like maybe things are looking up for you. Sure do hope so.
Thanks for the nice comment Rob and glad you feel so welcome here. This is the place to be if you want spirits raised and good friendship. And you are certainly in my prayers that acceptable housing arrangements come your way. Knowing your Ma,and if you take after her at all, I suspect you will make good on whatever you get. Bloom wherever your planted is how I've heard it. And it means you make the best out of any situation that comes along and make it good. Kinda like if your handed a lemon, you make lemonade.
Speaking of lemonade, when you see Andy bring out a glass of it for Mr. Wheeler to drink, when it was Andy up on that hot roof working, don't it make you want to make a glass. Especially how Mr. Wheeler takes that long sip and "ahhhhhhh, just hit's the spot", while poor old Andy sits there all dry and parched and puckered up? I tell ya, that was cruel to poor old Andy. I hope he went inside and got a glass later, poor feller.
Glad yer back safe and sound Mavis. Them skins are looking not to bad this year. Them boys are looking not to bad either though.
Well best get off to bed. Work awaits me in the morning and I'm just itching to get started. Hope that lumbago in my back don't act up on me. LOL


October 20, 2003 - Msg 16178: Crud,I mean't to say Aunt Bee bringing out the lemonade. What can I say, it's late here. LOL


October 20, 2003 - Msg 16179: Asa-you been in the squeezins again?

Ha Ha
Y'all have a great day!
possum under a rock

October 20, 2003 - Msg 16180: Mornin' porch friends, thanks for all the sweet tea and spicy talk. I've got to get busy. Had an extremely busy weekend finishing up painting and yardwork!
Charlotte Tucker

October 20, 2003 - Msg 16181: Good morning - gonna be warm here today!


October 20, 2003 - Msg 16182: GOOD AFTERNOON ALL!....well sure could use some lemonade my self ...gona be about 80 here today..thanks for the welcome Mavis..!..im new here and me and possum under a rock are just holding down the southern end of the porch...well gona get out here and get to bush hoggin....got about 12 acers to do ....want take to long but will have to have a lemonade break [maybe 2 ]..back in a bit poachsters.!! signed Spot Goobers talking dog....