November 19, 2003 - Msg 16959: Hey to the porch! I hope the wind hasn't blown everybody's been a doozy here in VA. Hazel, you needn't be a bit embarrassed to admit that you write down those quotes so you'll be able to remember them. I did that too back when I was posting over at Peggy's Quotes site...I wanted them to be exactly right and that's the only way I knew to do it. Sounds like a "quote writin' compelsion" to me. Listen, you'll find compelsion nuts all over! That's what I love about Peggy's Quotes though...if you go back in the archives, you'll see some great ones and you can be pret-ty sure they're verbatim, too. Charlotte Tucker, I don't know how to post a link over here to get to MPO's pictures...I can be colorful and bold, but I'm afraid to try the link feature. MPO, will you help us?

November 19, 2003 - Msg 16960: im hungry.........when is supper..want something good ..and some of aunt B"s piclkes spot

November 19, 2003 - Msg 16961: Hi All Will it was time for me to pop in for now.
I am down in for, vut have not git me a place.
So I m staying at my siss for now
Win I git me wet up I will come back on the porch to stay . LOVE TOM

November 19, 2003 - Msg 16962: Emma, thanks again for the episode info. They have that TAGS DVD with "Dogs, dogs, dogs" on sale at the local WalMart.

November 19, 2003 - Msg 16963: Im hungry! whose gona cook supper!!

November 19, 2003 - Msg 16964: Our Walmart has the same TAGS dvd, auh2o..and the best part is that they have it in the $5.88 bin! They have some great episodes on them. I wish they'd put more of them on dvd. Welcome back, Tom..I know you've been sorely missed around here.
"Move over...I'm drivin'." (Barney to the dog)

November 19, 2003 - Msg 16965: Hey, all! I have a question which has probably been posted, but I haven't seen it. Does anyone here have the Mayberry Mania game, and if so, what do you think? It sounds fun and I'm curious what y'all think of it. Also, which version would you recommend, the original game, or the 2002 version? Thanks in advance for any info.


November 19, 2003 - Msg 16966: the game is great but being a fan like us 80% of the questions are

November 19, 2003 - Msg 16967: Hey there! Could not get back on line w/out
checking in here to see whats cooking or brewing
or whatever.What is up with the lack of Dvd offerings, I wont go on a rant again but it is amazing especially when it was the 3rd highest rating of the week(reunion). Which one is the best
right now(DVD) and where can I get one?
I bought these tapes from Laserlight ...
they really suck eggs but I've worn them out anyway,ya'll know how it is I HAVE to have my dose
no matter if it's 8:00 am or 2 in the morning.

November 19, 2003 - Msg 16968: Sorry that was me

November 19, 2003 - Msg 16969: Love that line with the dog, Emma!LOL!!!

November 19, 2003 - Msg 16970: That was me too I keep furgetin to put my name on

November 19, 2003 - Msg 16971: Guess everyone is eating or something, bout that time I guess

November 19, 2003 - Msg 16972: you will get the hang of it shoe, well since none of the ladys are gona cook tonight I will wait a little longer for the call to supper , if not then its bologna sandwiches....will put some short ribs in the crock pot for yall to eat at lunch tomorrow .....signed: Spot the hungry cold cut eating dog....

November 19, 2003 - Msg 16973: mayberry girl where are you ?..cook me

November 19, 2003 - Msg 16974: Nother good one spot, I am truly starved ,skipped
lunch while picking up checks today,YEAH(finally).
Anyhow I'm going to go and eat but will hopefully
talk with you all later

November 19, 2003 - Msg 16975: hey asa, fun girl ,emma,possum,HM,mary wiggins,mrs wiley,and all the other poarchsters...WHERE ARE YA"LL !.we need to have a come to the porch party.I"ll be at the southern end taking a nap, dont step on me..when I wake im going down to the duck pond for a bit if anyone wants to go.signed:Spot the gona take a nap talking dog of goobers in mayberry...

November 19, 2003 - Msg 16976: What'cha gonna do at the duck pond spot? Why ya goin at night? You can't even see the ducks.

Prayers for all those who mentioned needing them..sounds like a great many. TOM, thanks for checking in, hope to see you soon once you get settled into a place!

~ Mrs. Wiley

November 19, 2003 - Msg 16977: hello all porch=== i think we all had a busy day drying out. when i was stuck on the roof couln't keep my pipe lit and mr kelseys ocean was flowing by, i scooped up seafood from all over the country so stop bye spot take your choice cause i hate to spot starving, the rest of the porch come to the middle porch-- we have salmon steaks,lobster, catfish,bass and hush pupies. 7 different pies an assortment of drinks. i just rewatched the reunion show and i was wondering in that scene at floyds there was a guy smoking a pipe any one know who he was? had two scenes two different pipe smokers, i guess i might fit in after all with the mayberry scene, ha wonder if other episodes showed anyone else smoking a pipe? mayberry girl mailed you the info you wanted today. pipeman

November 19, 2003 - Msg 16978: mrs wiley , just kinda like to get out and roam at night , might jump a rabbit or something, pipeman WOW I get to eat ,I'll take two lobsters and would eat the hushPUPPYS but kinda goes against my upraising if ya know ,,got any sweet tea? - o man no cold cuts tonight ...yeeee hawwwwww...signed: spot the lobster eating ,pass that melted butter..

November 19, 2003 - Msg 16979: Which episode tonight?Not as tuned in as I need to be right now, been kinda busy here and there?

November 19, 2003 - Msg 16980: spot=== since you had such a rough week i will let you have 3 lobsters, a gallon sweet tea and a sweet tater pie, a lemon pie, all to yourself. that might tide you over till morning. sad when the men folks have to batch, don't you know. dishes soak for days while we wait to see if there soaked clean yet. have a good one. the sleepy pipeman after all that cookin.

November 19, 2003 - Msg 16981: Hey Spot,
wipe that dribble off'n your chin!

Mary Wiggins

November 20, 2003 - Msg 16982: Watching Larry King Live and it's his birthday and they just showed Andy and Barn singing Happy Birthday to him. See, there's a little bit of Mayberry everywhere.

fun girl

November 20, 2003 - Msg 16983: watch tags every night on TV land at 2:30 est doesn't seem to be on at this time now. Anybody know why?

November 20, 2003 - Msg 16984: TVland is now showing TAGS at 6 and 10 pm eastern and has taken it off at 2:30 eastern. Kinda glad - I was missin' too much sleep!

November 20, 2003 - Msg 16985: Don't Barn and Ange smoke a "peace pipe" in The Pageant.

November 20, 2003 - Msg 16986: Yes, they do. And Ang and Barn will be on Larry King Nov 27th. Mark your calendars!

~ Mrs. Wiley
It's good for menfolk to do for themselves way every once'st in a while.

November 20, 2003 - Msg 16987: Fixed blueberry pancakes w/ blueberry syrup for children (jack daniels syrup for me) and sausage links. I have some left over for you pipeman and spot. Which syrup would you like?

--mayberry girl

November 20, 2003 - Msg 16988: Happy Birthday to Opie! It's ok to rabblerouse a little--it's your big day!

November 20, 2003 - Msg 16989: Hi, Tom! Good to hear from you.

Color episodes again. UGH!

Welcome to the porch, Shoe. Are you a girl shoe or a boy shoe?

Sorry I didn't cook yesterday, Spot. I was busy shopping in town all day. Got most of my Christmas shopping done, yeehaw! Problem is, I have to go back to Wal-Mart today because Baby Girl dropped her Woody doll (from Toy Story) somewhere in the store and has been crying for him. Hope he's in the lost and found. She has a real fondness for Woody and insisted on taking him into the store with her (I should have known better). She is only 2 and threw him overboard at someplace and I never noticed.

I have been tempted to buy the Mayberry game but there isn't anyone around here that would want to play it with me!

Gotta go tend to the kids. Ya'll have a great day!


November 20, 2003 - Msg 16990: Fun girl, did you miss my post? Somebody swept the porch after I posted. I need your last name for your check and your email wouldn't go through. I'll try sending it again after I'm done here. Emma, We got a DVD with about 12 eps on it I believe. Great eps, but the DVD is pretty poor quality. In some places the picture is so black you can barely see the folks!
Charlotte Tucker

November 20, 2003 - Msg 16991: Oh and Welcome home, Tom. We missed you! I was right. I wondered if you'd moved to West Virginia!
Charlotte Tucker

November 20, 2003 - Msg 16992: What up guys and ladies! Quick hello to my
new friends before I'm outta here to run around
central New mexico.After watchin too much of the news last night I sure am glad to have a new reprieve from that sadness.Only wish we could pipe
in TAGS to the MIDEAST!Anyway happier now that I've read some more from y'all! Hoping you all
have a Really GOOD DAY. Oh yeah ....This is a boy Shoe!LOL! "SEE" you all later.

November 20, 2003 - Msg 16993: Tried to over do it on the exclzmation pts and for some reason got censored.Weird huh.
NO complaints though, gonna have a good one today

November 20, 2003 - Msg 16994: Before I go ..BOO you need to turn your family/friends on to TAGS so they will PLAY OR WATCH with you I'm tryin to work on my family also
think I'm makin progress, seems that a few of the really good episodes is all the more they'll need

November 20, 2003 - Msg 16995: In doing research for my book, I came across a suggestion that says you should keep a grateful journal listing 5 things every day that you are grateful for. I think it is a phenominal idea. I am doing it and here is what I listed for today.

1. My kids
2. Surviving a tornado
3. Having the opportunity to stay at home with my kids
4. Being surrounded by angels and guides
5. Having a chance to have David Mueller in my life for a while.

--mayberry girl

November 20, 2003 - Msg 16996: That's pretty cool, mayberry girl.

November 20, 2003 - Msg 16997: I love your idea Mayberry Girl. Here's my contribution.

1. The comfort of knowing my departed family members are "living it up" in heaven with Jesus and all the other saints.

2. That someday, through the blood of Jesus I can "live it up" too!

3. The phenomenal pleasure I get out of being a mom. (Far outweighs the labor of it).

4. Being married to an honest, hardworking man I KNOW I can count on.


Mary Wiggins

November 20, 2003 - Msg 16998: Amen to that, Mary Wiggins!

November 20, 2003 - Msg 16999: Spot>>Fixing fried chicken, mashed potatoes seasoned with my blend of herbs, corn on the cob and fried okra and fried yellow squash for dinner. I will send some over to you. You to pa.

Ta-ta till tonight.

--mayberry girl

November 20, 2003 - Msg 17000: whose cooking what tonight? spot and i need food. i cooked last night. the dishes are soaking i'll check on them in a couple of days to see how there doing. hang in there porchsters. mayberry girl--- where is you? traffic sure been pitifull hasn't it since monday. ha- ha= come on folks the porch has been repaired from the storm pipeman

November 20, 2003 - Msg 17001: Thought I'd join in the fun!
Whatcha all up to?
Mr. Darlin's Cuz

November 20, 2003 - Msg 17002: Let's see... shall we go to the diner for Chicken Fricassee, or if that's too exotic, I think Aunt Bee just pulled some Duck al'Orange out of the oven.

November 20, 2003 - Msg 17003: Anybody up for a little pickin'?
Ive got an extra gi-tar, with 4 strings.
Mr. Darlin's Cuz

November 20, 2003 - Msg 17004: Did anyone see A&E last night with Ronnie Howard and clips from TAGS, and Andy and BArney - it was great!
Been to a goat show today - awesome!



November 20, 2003 - Msg 17005:
Opie Taylor from the porch has a birthday today!HAPPY BIRTHDAY OPIE TAYLOR I hope I'm not about to paint the whole porch red.

November 20, 2003 - Msg 17006: Boo, I have the "Mayberry Mania" game. Love it, just love it. Maybe we could play it on here sometime. I could ask you the questions... no that wouldn't work. We could set up a chat night and do it that way. Happy Birthday to Opie Taylor! Pipeman, looks like Mayberry Girls got you and Spot covered for dinner. That poor Spot, he gets so hungry. Hey, Mr. Darlin's cuz - Welcome to the porch!
- Hazel

Andy: "Now don't dawdle. I don't want to eat that food cold."
Barney: "Are you kidding? The Diner guarantees their ffod to stay hot - hours after you've eaten it."

November 20, 2003 - Msg 17007: ffod? I meant food.
I always forget that rule.

November 20, 2003 - Msg 17008: pipeman>>i cooked you and spot some food. look at the post right above yours.

--mayberry girl

November 20, 2003 - Msg 17009: Thank you for the kind birthday wishes from the Porch. I'm still in my thirties and don't care who knows it. Just don't ask me NEXT year how old I am!


November 20, 2003 - Msg 17010: Barney: "SNOOP SNOOP"

November 20, 2003 - Msg 17011: Hey ya'll. Spot I cooked tonight, meatloaf and taters and biscuits, I saved you a plate too. Happy Birthday Opie hope it was a good one. Ok.. not to open another can of worms here, but I'm a little bit confused. Who is pipeman? Is that Warren? I read through the archives and got even more confused which dont take much for me lol. Anyways, just wanted to know before I post to the wrong person. Ya'll have a good evening, it's a might cold on my end of the porch. Ya'll stay warm love ya's all--Salty Dog

November 20, 2003 - Msg 17012: HI ya'll.Very ironic messages today (Mary and MAY
GIRL).Found out bout an hour ago.. lost my great
aunt today(ONE OF 2 matriachs left) MYRNA ALLEN
of TULSA, OK. Don't have a whole lot of friends
that talk to the BIG GUY..but I know that most of us here probably do so I thought I would log on.
Worried that now my mamo may turn in her badge
too.Anyway, when you all hit your knees tonight
please throw something in for my aunt Myrna and my mamo Eleanor Williams.. I really Need her to stick around for awhile. Thankyou and sorry for being a downer.

November 20, 2003 - Msg 17013: Hi All will Imay not gonig to like staying at my sis becaues win it rain bad it flood out the road andwe can not git out to go too town.
all me mail is comming to my siss address what is p o box142
rosemont wv 26424.
if you all would like to send me a lettlr.

November 21, 2003 - Msg 17014: I'll send you a Christmas Card Tom.

Mary Wiggins, the things I am grateful for are the exact same things you were grateful for!

Prayers for you and for Mamo Eleanor, Shoe. Sorry for your loss. I have a great Aunt who is in her 90's and I think it will be very sad when she passes. She is the last living of her siblings. My grandmother was her sister and she died in the 70's. It is such a scary, final feeling when the older relatives pass on because you know so much of your own history is dying with them. I wish I could remember all the stories my grandmother shared with me about her life in West Virginia. I only remember bits and peices.

Hazel, I do wish we could come up with a way to play the Mayberry Mania game (of course I will have to purchase it first). I have never seen it stores so I am assuming it has to be ordered?

Well, guess I will get the kids to bed. I am real tired tonight after another day of shopping. Ya'll have a pleasant night.


November 21, 2003 - Msg 17015: You can get Mayberry Mania at Weavers Dept. Store, or probably thru TV

November 21, 2003 - Msg 17016: I'd go with Weaver's at The proceeds go to further the cause for spreading the TAGS word to all the people who might not get to enjoy TAGS the way we do! They are a sad lot indeed.
ps A Happy Mayberry morning to you!

November 21, 2003 - Msg 17017: I just wrote a long message and got the censor thing and when I pushed the back button, it got erased! So, I'll come back later and rewrite the durn thing.

Charlotte, my last name is Franey. (rhymes with Brainey.)

Later friends,
fun girl

November 21, 2003 - Msg 17018: Good morning to all!
Thanks Boo.I really was dwelling a little bit.
Anyway today will be a good day! I am getting ready to leave to go to a couple of jobs, estimates. etc. Missed most of TAGS last night
darnit had to talk w/ grandma though.
Color , but I like that one anyway, the little
I saw did bring a big smile in spite of other
things, so that was good!
Would like to know where ya'll are from and where
you reside and so on.
Are there some channels to do that? Maybe I've
missed that part of the site..will check around.
Taking off now , off to see the wizard!

November 21, 2003 - Msg 17019: Thanks, fun girl! Yea, I got the tape yesterday and saw your return address (which is the same name as your email) Duh! I'm about as quick as Otis with a tomato sometimes! The check is in the mail today. Thanks again! Shoe, prayers for your family members. Most of the porchsters here believe strongly in the power of prayer. I know I do! About the censor— I think if you try to type three of the same character, it kicks it out. Something like that. Have a Mayberry Day everyone! By the way everybody, my husband is doing great. His moods have much improved. He is coaching 5th grade boys basketball, which he loves. We don't have a kid on the team, and that makes it soo much more fun for him. His team won 51-14 last night and he played all 13 of the kids.
Charlotte Tucker

November 21, 2003 - Msg 17020: That last line was a funny one FUN GIRL,
saw it before signing out!

November 21, 2003 - Msg 17021: Thanks Charlotte , congrats to your husband!
As a former athlete I really appreciated
all the great coaches who were positive influences
in my life... even the one in college who cut me from the team when my arm finally gave out.
Playing ALL the kids is imperative especially when
they are young , as you and your husband are obviously aware ... so GOOD FOR HIM AND THEM.
Gotta go before I'm late! Check in with ya'll later!

November 21, 2003 - Msg 17022: it's either feast or famine- the 18th and 19th- now i'm full as a tick. had to watch two teenage grandkids last night almost forgot the fun. i waited till they were listening to their music i tied a couple of cans to outside there windows one tried to get out until alarm sounded. tee-tee pipeman

November 21, 2003 - Msg 17023: mayberry girl=== let's live dangerously and support the local economy, jack daniels syrup. your list was cool. let me know when letter arrives. where was pipeman didn't make the top 5? mary wiggins== amen and ditto your list, except #4 mine is a woman. ha. mrs wiley=== star trek is always telling me the same thing, every so often men need to fend for did you buy gifts for all the porch? we've been good. shoe--- pipeman has over 1,000 pipes some go back to 1879. so we may run out of tobacer but we'll have plenty of pipes. spot=== did you asa and salty dog eat all the food last night? het to fun girl, mpo, au2ho, hazel, tom, opie, moonshiner, homemaker and the rest of the porch. emma=== welcome mr darlings cuz=== where is your porch? mine is middle the midwest. emma=== where is your sense of adventure? why not paint the whole porch red? we could invite the darlings, otis so he can bring some elixer. what's for the paty meal mrs wiley? well thathopefuly catches me up i think i need a nap after all that. hang in there. pipeman

November 21, 2003 - Msg 17024: top five for the day. It is hard when you just find out the BIA is taking over your people's police department. They are in it to hurt our people...that is what always happens.

1. my new washer
2. my dad
3. my mom (twitch..twitch)
4. clean clothes and towels
5. not being outta cigarettes yet

--mayberry girl

November 21, 2003 - Msg 17025: Hi all.
Snowing like mad on my end of the porch. Gonna get cold as all get out tonight too. Brrrr.
Hope all is well with everyone. Boo and Ro, wish I could join you in Texas when you meet up. New Neighbor and her Daughter flew into my neck of the woods last weekend checking out a University here and we all got together for dinner on Tuesday night and just had a wonderful time. Her and her Daughter are wonderful people. So I know that Boo and Ro will have fun meeting each other.
Welcome to all the new comers. Having a hard time keeping up with everyone. Seems the special on tv last week generated a lot of intrest.


November 21, 2003 - Msg 17026: Good to see you pull your rocker up to the Porch Opie. Come by more often!

November 21, 2003 - Msg 17027: My porch is "Phx, Arizoni." 75 here today!
I like me a good rend'tion of "the Church in the Wildwood" anytime.
Steve --Mr Darlins Cuz ('leven hatfuls)

November 21, 2003 - Msg 17028: Hey All!

Someone asked if we were going to paint the porch red, so I thought I would give it a try!

Welcome to the porch Steve--Mr Darlins Cuz! So glad you could pull up a rocker!

I have a question for au2ho: How do you pronounce that? LOL

Happy belated Birthday to Opie, sounds like you will be in your 30's perenn...peren...forever!

Shoe, I am sorry about the loss of your loved one. I pray comfort and peace for you and that you have precious and tender times with your mamo. (Is that a term meaning grandma?)

TOM! It is so nice to see you posting, I will send you a Christmas card, too! Keep visitin' us y'hear!

Jennie Boone, they sure are a sad lot indeed! Lol.

Here is wishing a Mayberry weekend to Asa, Romeena, Salty Dog, Pipeman, Mayberry girl, Boo,
Charlotte Tucker (glad things are going better for you and your husband), Mrs. Wiley, Possum and all our other friends, (((((Porch))))!

Mary Wiggins

November 21, 2003 - Msg 17029: test, boy I hope I shut that off!

November 21, 2003 - Msg 17030: Hey Mary Wiggins! That red looks kind of nice on the porch.

Mayberry Girl, excuse my ignorance, but what is the BIA? Just curious.

-Sterling Holobyte

November 21, 2003 - Msg 17031: sterling holobyte=== bia stands for buerau of indian affairs.hope your doing ok. mary wiggins=== you sure do paint a pretty porch- now fun girl abd ladies were ready for the party. asa== were suppose to have snow mon,tues,and wed. we sure appreciate your genorosity to the middle porch. mayberry girl--- thanks wow i finally made the top 5. tommy called suppose yo tonight. hello to the rest of the fine porch folks, none better. pipeman

November 21, 2003 - Msg 17032: barney to floyd:80cents just to wash your head? hatebto have him give me a bath. pipeman

November 21, 2003 - Msg 17033: Hi guys . thanks for your thoughts and prayers.
Just hoping my grandma will be okay .
Hopefully it will be a good one tonight ..
need to smile today . I am a lucky boy and I 'm tryin to keep that in the forefront of my mind and thoughts.I have a priest that lives across the street and he has been a blessing so thats good but anyway ya'll take care now and I may get a moment to read your wonderful banter later.

November 21, 2003 - Msg 17034: Mary you wre correct in your assumption..
MAMO is my GRANDMA 88 yrs old and still witty but failing rapidly since we put her house up for sale
so on and so forth.. you dont want to hear the
rest but you know how the story goes...
anyway again THANK YOU SO MUCH the kind thoughts
As I was working today I could not help but think
that I found some neat people on the web for a
number of reasons and maybe one of those was to
keep me smiling even though I really dont have a reason to be sad.Hope that sucker is not in color
tonight.. I thought a couple of years ago they were running them in order, back when they had
2 episodes back to back.Right.. I dont know its been a while since the clueless powers that be
have been playing games with the schedule.
I read something the other night on the Blackboard
bout the DVD thing from someone(unedited season by
season) That was the best news I'd heard about our fav show. If anyone missed it I think it was
2 or three nights ago ... its all kinda melting
to me right now though. So I'll be thinkin about you guys tonight ... dont know you .. but anyone
that is fond of TAGS must have a heart 10 stories
tall and the morals of a holy man/woman.
But I'll end my run on paragraph guys!
Have a good one Spot, Pipeman,Mary Wiggins,May Girl,Boo,Charlotte,FunGirl and on and on ... so cool to find you guys out there!!

November 21, 2003 - Msg 17035: Sorry bout that length guys gettin punchy from no sleep.

November 21, 2003 - Msg 17036: Howdy, everyone! Worked 12 hr shifts the last two nights, so haven't been able to do any porch-sitting. Sure did miss everyone. I'm glad pipeman finally fed Spot. That puppy is just a walkin' appet-ite. Pipeman, I hope you've washed those dishes by now. If not, the soakin' water is gonna get pretty stinky.

Boo, to answer your question about The Plum and the carrots, just you wait! You'll see, it's no joke. She'd eat a whole bag if I'd let her.

For those of you who've been battling wind and water, I'm glad you're okay. Shoe, welcome to the porch, and my condolences in the loss of your great-aunt. Prayers, too, for the health and welfare of your mamo.

Here's an act of kindness for you: The other day, I happened to comment to my carpenter/remodeler/repairman friend that I wished I had more than one squirrel house, as the squirrels were arguing over the one I have. Well, this afternoon, when I walked out in my back yard, there were two beautiful, newly-built squirrel houses, already hung in the trees and ready for tenants. He did it while I was sleeping after working last night. I never even heard him out
there. He left a note, saying simply "Merry Christmas" and signed his name. Now isn't that just the kindest thing? If I was going to make a "grateful" list, he would be on it. Skilled, capable, kind-hearted, and completely honest. Qualities that mean a lot to a widow, when it comes to hiring someone to do something. He has long ago ceased to be my "handy-man" and has become my friend, along with his sweet wife. Thank God for people like them.

Well, The Plum is starting to sound like Spot, so I guess I'd better go feed her. Have a great weekend, everyone. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

November 21, 2003 - Msg 17037: Hi Romeena!
Thank you. My Mamo had a man named Grant to help
her when she still had her home.He was a gift
for sure! Glad to hear there are others out there
that are gracious and kind.

November 21, 2003 - Msg 17038: I was thinking auh2o would be pronounced as "gold water" - Is that right?

November 21, 2003 - Msg 17039: Here is kind of a funny one. After working for my Mamo for 17 yrs Mamo decided to clean out her
garages and storage areas. Well she ended up giving him ANYTHING he wanted to take ... including my Grandpas unused extra Model T Ford
engine .. still in the original tissue paper it
was shipped in ... sounds a little crazy( valued
at 15,000 to 20,000 according to an expert)
none of us cared a bit cuz he was an irreplaceable part of her life.He probably watched TAGS every night too!! LOL

November 21, 2003 - Msg 17040: What is auh2.... Barry Goldwater??


November 21, 2003 - Msg 17042: Mr. Darling smoked a pipe doesn't he pipeman..
that is the only character I recall.

November 21, 2003 - Msg 17043: Hey folks, Mary auh20 is pronounced Goldwater. Barry was one of my hero's. Everytime I use an ID online I use auh20 in his memory. I know I know it's hokey. By the way I think the porch looks good in red. But, I'm sure Barry would disagree.

November 21, 2003 - Msg 17044: How about this color?

November 21, 2003 - Msg 17045: Shoe, that's a nice story. Your mamo's Grant does sound a lot like my friend Ted. Solid and reliable. If I had a Model T Ford engine, I'd give it to Ted! Here's a neat story: I have a second cousin in San Antonio, an old bachelor who lived with his mother almost all his life, and cared for her in her old age. He also looked after an elderly woman who lived across the street. He kept her yard, did odd jobs, took her shopping and when she could no longer go, he shopped for her. Just generally made sure she was okay, and this went on for years. He never took any money, just did it as a friend and neighbor. Finally the woman died, and a lawyer called and invited Ray to the reading of her will. He thought maybe she had left him a little bit of money or something. No, she left him everything. "Everything" included her home, and a lot of expensive jewelry, some valuable paintingss, and a lot of cash and other assets. All told, well over a million dollars. She left $100 to a nephew in California, stating that amount would just about cover the expense of the phone calls she had received from him over the past twenty years. Everything else went to Ray. Can you imagine? Perhaps it's true that no good deed goes unpunished, but in this case it was well rewarded.

AuH20, your name is not hokey, I think it's very creative. I've never followed politics much, but my mother did, and she really liked Sen. Goldwater, so I think he must have been a good man. Anyway, cool name!

Well, off to bed. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

November 22, 2003 - Msg 17046: I dont recall Briscoe smoking a pipe, but the darling boy who played the big bass smoked a pipe. I could never figure out if he was one or the Other. LOL That was a knee slapper. I'm so funny I ought to get a hat and a cane and go work at the carnival. tee hee!

Nighty Night dear friends,
fun girl

November 22, 2003 - Msg 17047: Yes, I know the darling boys name was pronounced
OH ther, but I thought it was funny. There, I said it and I aint taking it back.

November 22, 2003 - Msg 17048: great morning to all the porch, each of you are the cats meoew. romeena === was i suppose to move them soaking dishes to the clothes washer today? see that's why star trek doesn't leave me alone long in house chores/ ha. fun girl=== classic from message 17946. brisco darling may not have smoked a pipe but he should have. ha. you know i'm blessed to have so many special folks on the porch and it seems like every new person just makes the porch feel nice and full. i'm always afraid i'll miss someone several times and upset someone. it's like a big family reunion where a cousin or someone feels slighted when that it at all, perception is a dangerous thing, don't you know. auh20=== so do we call you gold water? thanks shoe for your porch location. i always write them down for reference name and location so if something is going on in your neck of the woods like the current flood in parts of w.v. then prayers and check on them. pipeman

November 22, 2003 - Msg 17049: has anyone seen spot(the lost) dog? see what happens when you go wandering off. brisco darling might have said this one=== boys, lift up your legs when you go over a railrod and make a wish. hey to mayberry girl. pipeman

November 22, 2003 - Msg 17050: when barney booked emma for jaywalking and andy came into the courthouse and let her go- she said naughty deputy and gave that speical emma look. barney said- now she's going out and tell all her friends and the next thing you know everyone will be disreguarding keep of the grass signs and everything,mayberry well will becomea regular sin city. homemaker, charlotte tucker, mrs wiley and marry wiggins are we gonna have to depend on convict sally's cookin this morning? if i do i am not leaving a tip for one. pipeman did you catch that mary? tee hee batton down the hatches snow is on the way, ho,ho pipeman

November 22, 2003 - Msg 17051: amber alert=== possum, county nurse. hazel, gene cross, steve, lawerence, barney buff, fast gun fife, penny, hank, ky moonshiner where are you? are you hiberinating? sure miss you all. wake up mayberry girl it's not your birthday so no sleepin in. pipeman

November 22, 2003 - Msg 17052: OK, OK pipeman and spot (and any other (OTHer) takers) breakfast is on: eggs, grits, bacon, sausage, toast and's simmering!

Great nickname auh20, I thought it was pronounced "Arturo" for Arthur. But then I don't have such a great education. I can barely write my sen-tence. Shoe, welcome to the porch, prayers for your great aunt and Mamo. Stick close to that Priest - he'll keep you focused. Ro, you are surely blessed to have such kind friends! I'll bet the squirels will love it! I can imagine generations of squirels living out there on "Sugarplum Ridge".

fun girl, you are a bird in this world!

So tell me, has anyone put up any Christmas decorations yet? My neighbors have all their lights up already! This year will be my husband's first Christmas tree and I'm very excited to share all the other traditions of the season with him. For those newcomers, I'm on the S.Fla end of the porch. 2 years after a disasterous mariage and bitter divorce, an old flame stalked, I mean tracked me down. After a PROPER courtship we married in April of this year. Anyone remember the show "Bridget loves Bernie"? That's us. I'm Roman Catholic, he's a Jew. But the common ground we share is a burning love for the same God. Ain't that nice? He's not a TAGS fan, but I'm working on that. I gave him the handle: Big Jeff Pruit. Watch the epp "Farmer takes a wife", that's him all over. This sweet man couldn't wait for Christmas and got me a brandy new MAC G5 computer last night - WHOO HOO!! I'll be assembling all weekend - batteries included!

~ Mrs. Wiley

November 22, 2003 - Msg 17053: OOPS, THAT'S goober!

November 22, 2003 - Msg 17054: Romeena, thanks. pipeman, auh2o or Goldwater eithers fine by me, just don't call me late for supper.Mrs. Wiley, your education looks just fine from this end of the porch (western New York). Congratulations and Good Luck to you and your husband. I myself I'm a Baptist and I do believe God just must sit and laugh at what his creations get hung up on.

November 22, 2003 - Msg 17055: Hey Mrs. Wiley. I am so happy that you are so happy. I put up some of my outdoor lights and hope to finish them today. I just love Christmas. Been listening to Manhiem Steamroller all week. Does anyone else like them?
I'll be over for breakfast Mrs. Wiley


November 22, 2003 - Msg 17056: Good Morning Porch,

auh20, I figured your name had something to do with water, but I forgot that au is the symbol for gold. That was pretty clever of you! Great handle there.

It's so much fun reading about kind hearted people helping out relatives and neighbors and getting rewarded! It was so sweet of Romeena's handy man to put up two new squirrel houses for her. I think stories like these should be the ones filling the airwaves during "news" broadcasts. Then maybe everyone would get the idea they ought to be doing something nice! It would kind of turn into a contest of who can outdo whom! I think that is the way the Good Lord meant it.

Mrs. Wiley! Sounds like you found (or were found) by a real winner there! I hope this Christmas is especially blessed for you and Big Jeff!

No Christmas Lights up on my porch yet, but I may have them up this weekend if I can talk my son into it. It's a little bit warmer here today, and no rain, so we better strike while the iron is hot! Otherwise, it can get pretty miserable putting up lights. One of my neighbors got theirs up the other day and it looks real purty!

Have a great day Porch!

Mary Wiggins

November 22, 2003 - Msg 17057: Hey Asa,
Hope I didn't bump into ya there, didn't see you sitting there! I'll head over to Mrs. Wiley's with you for breakfast!


November 22, 2003 - Msg 17058: Asa, I love Manhiem Steamroller. They are from my area, and they do wonderful concerts that are as beautiful visually as they are audibly. It's like being right there in the Elizibethan era with the sights and sounds all around you. If you ever get a chance to go to a concert, go. Get your tickets early, because they sell out fast.
It's going to snow in my part of Mayberry tonight. 10 inches they say!

November 22, 2003 - Msg 17059: Hey, friends! It's a beautiful, sunny, windy day here on my North Texas end of the porch. The sky is a brilliant blue, golden sunshine fills every nook and cranny, lots of leaf color, and the wind is having a wonderful time pulling those colored leaves off the trees and sending them flying. I've stocked all the feeders, and the back yard is just full of birds, squirrels, and even the occasional butterfly. There are still loads of flowers blooming - pansies, snapdragons, cyclamen, dianthus, salvia, roses, mums, alyssum, even a few petunias. Both brugmansias just went through another blooming flush, too. It's absolutely delightful.

Asa, I just love Mannheim Steamroller. I have a 4-CD set of their Christmas music, and it will probably go into the deck in my car this weekend. By the way, I'm ready to get my Christmas lights up, so if you happen to be by this way today or tomorrow afternoon, I'll bet I could find a jug of cider that hasn't turned too hard.

I had an email from my friend Jeanne, (the one with the recurring cancer) and she sounds great. Very upbeat, positive, and just trusting in the Lord. She wanted me to thank all of you for your prayers, and ask that you continue to remember her. I told her she could count on you.

Well, lots to do, must run. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

November 22, 2003 - Msg 17060: Hey to the porch! Jennieboone - 10 inches of snow! It's almost like a spring day out here in VA. I guess we'll have our fair share of snow and bad weather before winter's over though. I hope everybody is having a nice Mayberry kind of weekend.

November 22, 2003 - Msg 17061: Hey porchsters! I should be working but am enjoying reading the posts today. Mary Wiggins, I loved the red, just in time for Christmas decorating. All you who are ept should type in red and green (that excludes me)! Shoe, my grandma is 86 and we've just had to move her to a home. Alzheimers. Sometimes she's meek as a lamb and other days she's ready to rip your head off. Hard to deal with. Ro and Shoe, I loved the handyman stories! Good for Ray--helping his neighbor lady without complaint! The million $ was probably not even enough to show the grati-tude that lady felt. Asa, glad you and New Neighbor and her daughter got to meet up. Ro and Boo, you girls must be sure to report on your meeting next week (Dec. 1?). I feel richly blessed today and hope you all are feeling the same.
Charlotte Tucker

November 22, 2003 - Msg 17062: Emma, our storm has been downgraded to 6 inches by tomorrow night. However, the winds are supposed to pick up, so we could get covered over pretty good. It's what my father-figure calls BBC weather- bed, books, and chocolate. I call it BBT weather though. I never was able to get that in his head before he moved out east.
I talked to Mr.WARM and SUNNY this morning and he was telling me how he was going to a bluegrass picnic this afternoon! That Emmett..what a hoot. har har har
ps I'm keeping a good thought for those who need it on the Porch.

November 22, 2003 - Msg 17063: "Barney's in jail, Barney's in jail!"

November 22, 2003 - Msg 17064: mary wiggins== sounds like we should get the lights up this weekend if we're gonna. i hear both our porches may start working on santa's runway, snow don't you know. jennieboone= sounds like your going to have santa's runway ready soon. but 6 inches is only a light dusting you need twice that for the reindeer hoofs. ha. hey to charlotte tucker=great to hear from you, sounds like you've got a full plate, love and prayers.mrs wiley= thanks for breakfast, no trouble stepping over those parts. congrats on your first christmas together and many more. star trek told all our daughters and grandaughters that women have a special rule book and men can't see it cause we'll tell you the parts you need to know. it's become a family joke, so tell hubby that the book says you will watch the andy shows and love them and ask for more. ha. when are we going to have a tags wedding, it's bound to happen eventually then what a humdinger of a party that will be. asa=== i can't get the neighbors to put my lights up, just can't get them trained even to do yard work, some folks can't be trained, so i guess since it's suppose to snow on the middle porch i'd better get busy. have you seen spot {THE LOST} dog? end of the book. pipeman

November 22, 2003 - Msg 17065: Hi all, Hope everyone is having a great weekend and will have a wonderful holiday season.

November 22, 2003 - Msg 17066: last post was by Jeb

November 22, 2003 - Msg 17067: Who was supposed to feed Spot? I hope he hasn't gone and wasted away. NEWS FLASH...just when you thought it was safe to step onto the porch without someone bringing up VICKS. Has anyone tried the new Vicks Creme? It's not as mushy and sticky and uncomfortable as the ointment. Works great. What great mind thought that up? Why, I'd like to shake his/her hand!

UhOh, Asa's got his Manheim Steamroller music out again. You know what happens when he listens to that. He falls asleep. Everybody take your money out of the bank. Mayberry's gonna become a real sin town.

fun girl

November 22, 2003 - Msg 17068: Hello Everybody!

Charlotte, I will surely report on my trip to Fredricksburg to see Ro. We will be going on Dec 5th and 6th.

Asa, I have not put any lights up yet. It is hot here again and I am just not in the mood. We are supposed to have a warm Thanksgiving, too.

Been a busy couple of days. My husband's sister separated from her husband of 26 years yesterday and she is a basket case. She has been relying on my husband and I for help so it has been difficult. Such a tough time for her right here at the holidays. Anyway, I might not have much time to sit on the porch in the next few weeks with all there is to do but you are all in my thoughts and I will check in as often as possible.

So glad you found us, Shoe, and glad we were here when you needed us.

Pipeman, did you change your name to tee-tee pipeman (see msg 17022)?? Sorry, couldn't resist... oh, and yes I did buy presents for everyone. I got you some nice warm slippers and a very dapper robe (thought they would go good with the pipe).

Later friends,

November 22, 2003 - Msg 17069: Evening Folks, It's 65 degrees here today. Tomorrow is suppose to be more of the same. That's a heat wave for us. A year ago today we had almost 3 feet of snow. A quick question for the porch. I've found sites online that have full scripts posted for movies and TV shows. Does anyone know of a site that has any TAGS scripts?

November 22, 2003 - Msg 17070: auh29 {gold water)=== i was browsing the different sites we have the other day and ran across some hal smith otis actually used. you might post on miss crumps bullitin board what your looking for usually i get goog results. pipeman. boo=== you and your family are certainly in our prayers. we know how difficult abd the love abd patience needed. bow on a lighter note, i'll havbe to get floyg after yee-hee pipeman cause unless he has over a 1,000 pipes he can.t dethorn thje pipeman. ha. thanks for the great christmas presents but a new pipe would be greatfor the holidays, that way i could attend mrs wiley;s christmas party with class. hang in there, wasn't that always a dumb saying? it's taking someone needing a little regroup and you comfort them with the word hang. pipeman

November 23, 2003 - Msg 17071:

Sorry if you get this more than once on the other boards but I am really looking to buy or trade a copy of Angel in my pocket movie. Also if anyone has all the black and white Andy Griffith epsiodes I will trade for those only. I got a huge list of non Andy tv shows and lots of 80's cartoons. Please email me at Thanks!

November 23, 2003 - Msg 17072: I had a little trouble understanding your last post, pipeman. Have you been dipping into the holiday Mulberry Squeezins? haha... Just funnin' with you, Pipester. Seriously, thanks for your kind sentiment and prayers for my family. I really apprectiate it. Isn't it great to have praying porch buddies?

I'm getting excited about Thanksgiving even if it is warm. Heard on the weather report that we are due a front tomorrow afternoon. Hope it blows in strong enough to blow the mosquitoes out (they are the size of humming birds down here in Texas!). Boy, Asa, I'll bet you really can't relate to hot weather and mosquitoes in late November. To think, you are up there with all that snow and we are running around in shorts here (don't let jealousy consume you, Bro). Speakin' of shorts, I am about ready to see one of those episodes with Andy in his boxers, aren't the rest of you ladies?

I should hush up and go to bed.

Have a great rest of the weekend.



November 23, 2003 - Msg 17073: top of the morning porchsters. boo--- i only had three gallons of WATERED down mulberry squeezins. hard econ0mic times don't you know? i agree it is one of the last refuses where people from all over the u.s. can fellowship and be a family reguardless of the miles that seperate us. i'm ready for breakfast how about you? wonder where spot is? remember spot(the white christmas )dog? possum and the others, it's an emptieness when so many are not on the porch. pipeman

November 23, 2003 - Msg 17074: opie: aw rats! if you was a stayin, i was gonna get to sleep on the ironing board between two chairs. malcom tucker:sounds terrible opie: no itain't, that's adventure sleepin. pipeman

November 23, 2003 - Msg 17075: Sorry, I ain't making breakfast 'till after Church.

Good Sabbath to the Porch!
~ Mrs. Wiley

November 23, 2003 - Msg 17076: Are you gonna wear earrings? Me an' Opie aren't wearing any.

November 23, 2003 - Msg 17077: mrs wiley== we go on saturday nights but why don't you skip our brekfast this morning i can't think of any better use of our time can you? hang in there. lol. pipeman

November 23, 2003 - Msg 17078: wake up mayberry girl your pa has to wait longer every day for breakfast, oh well i'll load the pipe and relax while you snooze. love to you and yours. pipeman

November 23, 2003 - Msg 17079: Oh my Boo. I wish we still had skeeters here right now. They all be frozen. It is 12 degree's on my porch this morning. One of them mornings when you step out, take a deep breath, and start coughing. It clutches ya.
Mrs Wiley, I hope you have early services cause I got me a tremendous hunger this morning.
Hope you sister in law is ok Boo.
Where is Mavis been? I need to see her about getting my ears trimmed. I like to look my best for Thanksgiving.
Jennieboone, I wish the Steamroller was gonna be here this year but I checked there web page and they are not. Bummer. Chip Davis is a very taleneted feller I'd say.
Watch it Fun Girl. Don't let my sleepy demeanour fool you. I got moxie! LOL
Hope you all have a wonderful Sabbath. Lets make some homemade ice cream later.


November 23, 2003 - Msg 17080: Morning porch. Mrs. Wiley, I agree with Asa. It's great to see you so happy! Now, don't dawdle after church, remember you said you'd make us breakfast.
- Hazel

No tradin' on Sundays.

November 23, 2003 - Msg 17081: You snuck in on me, Asa. I been missin' Mavis too. Let's have Root Beer floats later, instead of icecream. That ought to bring her back right quick.
- Hazel

November 23, 2003 - Msg 17082: sorry I have been scarce. I have been crocheting an afgan for my daughter for christmas. Hope to be around again soon.

Hi ho hi ho off to church i go....

--mayberry girl

November 23, 2003 - Msg 17083: "Andy, your laugh wrinkles just drive me crazy!"

November 23, 2003 - Msg 17084: Read the Neilson rating this morning in the paper and the TAGS reuniion special came out third just behind CSI and Survivor. Pretty good! Guess there are lots of TAGS fans out there (we aren't so weird after all).


November 23, 2003 - Msg 17085: no offense to the sensitive ones, of course (talking about the "weird" comment).


November 23, 2003 - Msg 17086: "Andy's got hot knees!!"

November 23, 2003 - Msg 17087: Hey to the porch - Good Sabbath, y'all. Today is my mom and dad's 57th wedding anniversary. We didn't get 'em a septic tank though.
Charlotte Tucker, I didn't see your earlier post before the porch got swept so I'm sorry for the delay but the pictures me and Emma were talking about can be found (if I do this right~)at the Mayberry Giants: "Hit One for the Ol' Goober" website.

Milton P. Oliver
"You take a real good picture, Barney. Me, I never do."

November 23, 2003 - Msg 17088: pipeman, thanks much for the advice.

November 23, 2003 - Msg 17089: milton p. oliver== congrats to your mom and dad's anniversary. should have stuck with the septic tank they would have given you many tanks. pipeman

November 23, 2003 - Msg 17090: Could I ask for your prayers for my family? I would thankful.


November 23, 2003 - Msg 17091: MPO? Best wishes to your parents! Did you fix them a sazerac to celebrate? Nice to see blue you again!