November 29, 2003 - Msg 17235: here is a brain excersise for the porch=== just read on miss crumps a post by clyde pilot=== if you could have, as your personal keepsake. anything that appeared on tags, what would it be? goober's beenie? barney's baby bluebaby, floyd's scizzors well you get the idea. wher's breakfast at this morning? i'm tired of leftovers. pipeman

November 29, 2003 - Msg 17236: Good exercis pipeman! I'd pick Andy's desk sign. The one that says "Sherif" on one side and "Justice of the Peace" on the other.

Grits, bacon, sausage patties, toast, juice and coffee...someone brang the cinamon rolls!

~ Mrs. Wiley
Now set right down there and eat a whole lot!

November 29, 2003 - Msg 17237: Morning Porch! Ain't been here in a month of Sundays & I'm afraid it will take me that long to read the archives, so I'm posting first, then reading! Been busy with getting this new business adventure of mine started up & I'm one whipped pup by the time I get home! As for what I would like to have from the show~my wish would probably be the key ring for the cell keys. Off to read a while~

November 29, 2003 - Msg 17238: Or maybe Briscoe's jug~that would be a good un too

November 29, 2003 - Msg 17239: Mormin all,
I gotta tell ya'll about the dream I had last night.
I was visiting Mayberry of today. Like the show was real and the town really exists today. I stayed in the Mayberry Hotel (the shower was a mite small). I had left my bag somewhere so I went to look for Weavers Department Store for toothpaste and such. Along the way I saw the Drugstore and the Courthouse. There were actors portraying scenes from the show here and there.
I even went out to Tuckers Woods (someone had dumped some trash by the road, shameful).
Sure wish the alarm hadn't went off.
No kidding, I have these kinda dreams alot.
Have a great day,
Ky moonshiner

November 29, 2003 - Msg 17240: I too thought of Briscoe's jug. Or perhaps Barneys larynx bug sprayer. Or an apron of Aunt Bees, as my grandma wore an apron and I am kinda sentimental about them. Those are just off the top of my head. I'll think on it and chime in later. (Of course I'd take Opie in the wink of an eye, as I have always been partial to red heads.)

Jugs of squeezins all around!
fun girl

November 29, 2003 - Msg 17241: hey the carb. off of Gillie Walkers car would be nice to have!."Speed Speed Speed"..witch hazel burns my eyes auint bee."Well ya want see too well but you will feel better"..and breakfast was great mrs wiley!.signed: Spot the "COLD" dog of the southern end of the porch!

November 29, 2003 - Msg 17242: okay I am back...holidays have been hectic. hope everyone is well.

November 29, 2003 - Msg 17243: who is back?..msg. 17242?

November 29, 2003 - Msg 17244: Anybody got any down trees?..I need some fire wood.signed: Spot the "in need of wood" talking dog of the great and fair town of mayberry..

November 29, 2003 - Msg 17245: oops...sorry's me mayberry girl. just got in a hurry.

November 29, 2003 - Msg 17246: hey mayberry girl !! it COLD at yer place??got wheat straw in my dog house , its still cold here! what cha been up too?

November 29, 2003 - Msg 17247: HEY YALL, look gona cook up a LARGE pot of beef stew for supper tonight, what cha-all think?..gona put lean beef tips in the oven for about 4 hours on 250 degrees.a little cajun spice on them , in the pot will be potatoes and onions, carrots[for plum],celery,and I like a little fresh corn [off] the cobb..will someone make a pone of cornbread or cornbread sticks?.will be ready about 7 or so , signed:Spot the stew cooking dog of the great cyber porch town of Mayberry!!

November 29, 2003 - Msg 17248: Spot>> want one of my afgans instead of that straw??

--mayberry girl

November 29, 2003 - Msg 17249: Hey Porch,

I know what I want, I thought of it right off...Barney's bullet, just in case you know!

Me and my little skin kid went to see a parade today! There was a real live tiger in it! It was a white one, with stripes and he just paced and paced and paced inside his cage. That was the highlight of the parade for me and mine! Parades always remind me of Mayberry because people smile at each other and are real friendly like, every one is happy and pleased to talk to their neighbors! Of course Santa came by at the end of the parade, but I hate to say it, he didn't hold a candle to that tiger!

Y'all have a great Mayberry Saturday!

Mary Wiggins

November 29, 2003 - Msg 17250: Hey to the porch! I just saw the most precious little baby..the little Schwumpette. Mr. Schwump and Annabelle's baby girl. She is a perfect little angel. Mr. Schwump is in my local TAGS chapter and they just had a baby girl. She is 3 weeks old today. And Aunt Emma got to hold her for awhile.
"I Can't Tell Ya."

November 29, 2003 - Msg 17251: I would love to own the set of dishes in Aunt Bee's kitchen to serve some GOOD....REAL GOOD food on. K

November 29, 2003 - Msg 17252: I would love to own the set of dishes in Aunt Bee's kitchen to serve some GOOD....REAL GOOD food on. K

November 29, 2003 - Msg 17253: YEA the afgan would be great mayberry girl..i will get goober to give me a bath before i wrap up in it, straw is fine but itches...well gona start the stew now and let it simmer.still need that cornbread cook by someone.signed: Spot the afgan wearing talking dog of the town of mayberry

November 29, 2003 - Msg 17254: skinny widow,$4000 life insurance policy, 3 year old bakery "WIth the original paint"..not to bad of a deal "Ollie talking to Andy at the dinner table"....signed:Spot the cornbread hunting dog

November 29, 2003 - Msg 17255: hey all , well speaking of DOG"S my Ga. Bulldogs beat Ga. Tech today and will play in the Ga. dome for the SEC championship ! go bulldogs,..hey got the beef stew on for suppsr tonight, just need one of you ladys to cook a pone of cornbread!.signed:Spot the talkikng dog of the porch...

November 29, 2003 - Msg 17256: congrats to emma== if you would like to loan her to star trek and me that would be great as all our kids are grown and even grandkids are starting to leave there nests. all this wisdom and filling pipes, telling tall stories going to waste. we would borrow her until she is 14 then pick her up at 29 9JUST KIDDIN. PIPEMAN


November 29, 2003 - Msg 17258: mary wiggins=== how are things your way? barneys bullet has turned green- low maintence you know so i would keep it out of pockets, you keep those wild benton harbor folks straight, i hear they get awfully rowdy. pipeman mayberry girl=== afghan making, all that food, christmas and the elfs HOW i miss those elfs. how do you keep up with it all? pa the pipeman

November 29, 2003 - Msg 17259: fun girl=== great choice but one problem, now the whole town will dye there head red. ha! pipeman to K?=== if you got all aunt bees dishes and reciepes none of us would have to cook again. pipeman ky moonshiner=== sounds like the perfect dream. you wasn't into those corn squeezins were you? if you were please pass the jug. AMber ALERT FOR ASA AGAIN HE MUST BE SLEEPIN SOMEWHERE at least we know where otis is, right,. county nurse must be taking care of the head and stomache aches today. pipeman

November 29, 2003 - Msg 17260: I need

November 29, 2003 - Msg 17261: spot=== only one item, you already chose gilly's carbrator so you could outrun barney,you know spot(the gotto share dog) tee-hee. as far wood mrs wileyhasthe prettist but it's kind of sparce on the middle porch. maybe county nurse, possum. ky moonshiner,best for the wood. meal sounds fantastic but i smell a trap here. get us there let us smell the aroma and have us chopping wood until midnight and then let us eat. i know those things cause i got stuck doing that. tee-hee pipeman

November 29, 2003 - Msg 17262: Hi all. I hope your thanksgiving was the best and most blessed ever.-Jeb.

November 29, 2003 - Msg 17263: "Ol' Nutsy here came up running, shouting "Citizens arrest, citzens arrest!"-Jeb

November 29, 2003 - Msg 17264: bedtime random thought...have you ever noticed that the night sky is THE most beautiful during the cold months?? Makes me want to lay next to a campfire and stare at the stars. This is one of the simple pleasures in life that makes this journey on Earth worth it.

--mayberry girl

November 30, 2003 - Msg 17265: Hey to the Porch.

....and Congratulations to the Schwumps, bless your hearts.
KY Moonshiner, I shudder to think what you just revealed about yourself....

-- Jelsik

November 30, 2003 - Msg 17266: Morning Porch. Wee hours of the morning here. Just put a new hard drive in my puter as the old one was about to go bye bye on me.
So good to see you Mavis. Hope your new endevour works out well for you.
How was the Thanksgiving pipeman? Did you get enough to eat?
Where is Boo run off to? And Romenna?


November 30, 2003 - Msg 17267: Early here too, Asa. Let's run down and get the breakfast special. We can't sleep anyway.
- Hazel

November 30, 2003 - Msg 17268: good morning porch== looks like asa ,hazel and i are the early bird special. i ate to the high water mark thanksgiving but could handle a big breakfast. where are the cooks? good morning mayberry girl and my elfs.pipeman anyone heard from tater girl? pipeman

November 30, 2003 - Msg 17269: ok, salt cured ham [center cut bone in] ,two sausage links, shreaded potatoes, fried eggs, grits with butter and cheese,wheat toast [with apple butter] ,OJ, coffee,sweet milk,and a small bowl of chopped pineapples..lets eat,.signed :Spot the breakfast dog of the porch

November 30, 2003 - Msg 17270: Emma what a thrill it must have been to get to hold that darling little baby girl. Congratulations to the Schwumps! It's wonderful to have a new member in your chapter. By the way, what's the name of it?
I understand that Andy is supposed to be on Robert Schueller's (sp) Hour of Power this morning. I read that on WBMUTBB.

November 30, 2003 - Msg 17271: Hello all! I think I would like to have Aunt Bee's wooden spoon. So, she can't beat me to death with it. For May Wiggins and all the Porch Pals: "Silver Bells". Play it a 'purty now boys. Here we go. "Silver Bells, Silver Bells. It's Christmas time on the Porch. Ring-A-Ling! Here Junior sing. Soon it will be Christmas Day!"

Briscoe Darling Jr.

November 30, 2003 - Msg 17272: hey BDJ ! are there gona be any squeezins for the holidays?.putting my order in now , whew my big breakfast was good.gona take a nap on the southern end of the porch mow .hey moonshiner hazel, mayberry girl,fun girl,Ro, Boo, Plum,county nurse,pipeman,mavis,mrs wiley,mary wiggins,whose cooking supper tonight? what are we having?.."Yawn"..yall dont step on my tail.signed:Spot the talking dog owned by goober!

November 30, 2003 - Msg 17273: Andy was WONDERFUL on The Hour of Power! He was there, and his wife Cindi was in the audience along with Mr. and Mrs. Earle Hagan. Andy gave a touching testamony and told the story "The Christmas Guest" My only regret is that I never taped it!! RATS!!

November 30, 2003 - Msg 17274: where is everybody...whose cooking supper? spot

November 30, 2003 - Msg 17275: jennieboone=== looks like i missed a good one. spot=== i guess everyone's out shopping and looking for the scarce folks from the porch. looks like we'll be going to bed hungry tonight, mayberry girl=== that campfire under the stars sounds great but two problems on the middle porch 1. it's very cloudy here no stars. 2. winds around 35 miles an hour and i'm to old to chase the fire. maybe in 6 months. pipeman (my bowl and tummy empty) poor pipeman

November 30, 2003 - Msg 17276: WE WILL "NOT" GO TO BED HUNGRY! gona get the cold cuts out , hot mustard,mayo,chips,pork-n-beans,chips,pickles,and sweet tea,...we WILL eat!got plenty,..yall help yer self.and we doo need to get off the porch one night and build a BIG bon fire and dance !.signed: Spot the cold cut serving dog of the mayberry porch!!

November 30, 2003 - Msg 17277: I would like Aunt Bea's broach - the one she lost and collected the insurance money from. . .it was an antique you know?
Glad to see everyone -


November 30, 2003 - Msg 17278: thanks for the cold cuts spot, sure makes a fellow full and now to the porch for a relaxing pipe full before nap time. homemaker good choice. this one item is harder than it looks.will talk to the rest of the porch after your long winter nap. pipeman

November 30, 2003 - Msg 17279: Homemaker, so nice to see you. I was wondering where you were...
- Hazel

"I'm a student of humanity. I guess that's the difference between a sharply honed lawman and a jerk wearin' a badge."

November 30, 2003 - Msg 17280: So Andy was on the Hour of Power too. And once again I missed out. How do you people all know when these events are happening? Do you have Andy radar or something? Pipeman, I guess I'd like either Andy's badge or Barney's whistle (as long as it had a new pea). Hope everyone has gotten over the Thanksgiving indigestion! Hey to spot and Banjo Jerry, Asa, Hazel, homemaker, Fun girl, Jeb, Mary Wiggins, Briscoe, and anyone else I've forgotten. Where's Ellen Brown been hidin'? Ro's probably been busy surrounded by family this week or off to sunny Florida!
Charlotte Tucker

November 30, 2003 - Msg 17281: Also--Mavis, Emma, Mrs. Wiley, jennieboone, and Salty. Where's Salty?

December 01, 2003 - Msg 17282: Been thinking on who would play Goober of Gomer if the show was cast today. Don't you think that Jeff Foxworthy would make a good Goober or Gomer. Just a thought. I think it may work. There I said it and I aint taking it back neither.
fun girl

December 01, 2003 - Msg 17283: good morning porch and welcome to december=== for breakfast this morning- omlets your choice, sausage (links or patties) sausage gravy, homemade biscuts with real butter and syrup of choice, hashbrowns nice and golden pancakes of every, tea soda, fresh milk, buttermilk and if bdj arrives in time some good squeezins. come over any time you wake up till noon. hey with 24 days to christmas it's time to suck up . have a good one. Will that breakfast be a good start? lol. pipeman,

December 01, 2003 - Msg 17284: Hazel=== i always liked that line of barney's too. time to deck the halls and add all the good porchsters to your list. Fun girl=== Great choice for goober, I'm a fan of jeff foxworthy and would not have thought of him.How are things on your porch neighbor? i'll bet mary wiggins has frost on her porch and snow. C.T. ====you got barney's whistle shiny and with a new lifetime pea in it. You asked where we get our mayberry radar, I stop by miss crumps board and read the latest, seldom respond unless really catches my eye but any good idea like banjo jerry posted i give credit to. allan newsome and others gives the latest. later pipeman

December 01, 2003 - Msg 17285: Spot=== with that skinny widow's life insurance you ought to be able to get a right fancy dog house for year around in fact live pretty high on the hog. tee-hee. MAYBERRY GIRL=== whose your favorite pipeman? ONLY 24 DAYS till christmas. which elf you putting down my chimmeny for dec 25? not the one your mad at 0n the 24th either. ha! got to start breakfast. pipeman

December 01, 2003 - Msg 17286: Mornin' Y'all and Happy December! Feels like it here on the southern end of the porch-been mighty chilly lately.
Guess what? I finally saw To Kill A Mockingbird! Didn't even have to drive over to the picture show in Mt. Pilot either.It was on AMC yesterday and I got to catch the last hour or so while I was putting up my Christmas tree.What an outstanding film-I have to watch it from the beginning sometime.Maybe this summer we can all pile in Asa's vehicle and drive over to Mt. Pilot.Hopefully we'll get over there without the mishaps that plagued us last summer-ha ha!
Well,gotta go. Everyone have a great day!
possum under a rock

December 01, 2003 - Msg 17287: Oh,and I'd want the beautiful stone fireplace from Andy's living room.Sure would come in handy today!
possum again

December 01, 2003 - Msg 17288: Mornin' all,
Mayberry girl--i just read your post about the night sky (ok, i'm a little behind), i totally agree. One of my favorite evening activities for unwinding is to lie back with a good cigar, maybe just a little hard cider or such, and contemplate the universe in the night sky. I tend to do it more in warmer weather, but you are right, the winter night sky is awsome.
Have a great day all.

Ky moonshiner

December 01, 2003 - Msg 17289: A great website for those that like Christmas music - go to and click on "My Christmas Channel" - 24 hour Christmas music.


December 01, 2003 - Msg 17290: Thanks for the info homemaker, I will be heading right over there, just as soon as I get off the porch!

Number one son and I got all the lights up this past weekend. I felt so sorry for him. It was soooo cold, and he is one of those 20 year olds with no sense! He is far too cool to wear a coat or hat and gloves, and there he was, on my roof! putting up the lights in FREEZING cold weather. He must be getting a little older, cause he did finally ask if I had a hat and gloves he could borrow, and he put on an extra sweatshirt!

I think I will make the old stand-by...meatloaf and mashed taters for dinner. Got some leftover pumpkin and triple berry pie and of course we will round out the meal with veggies and rolls, any takers?

Briscoe, I just love your version of Silver Bells, play it again!

Mary Wiggins

December 01, 2003 - Msg 17291: welcome to december. for breakfast i'll fix omlets your choice, sausage link or patty. sausage gravy,homemade biscuts,fruit, golden pancakes,choice of syrup, honey,milk, tea coffee, and if bdj will bring some sqezzins that to/ breakfast until noon.pipeman

December 01, 2003 - Msg 17292: HEY HOMEMAKER...WFMS is the set station on all our radios here. Ain't it a small world, and don't the trees seem nice and full. LOL Seriously, we go and chat with JD Cannon every year at the fair...right next to the free stage. Saw Trace Adkins last year on the free stage. Now that man is a tall drink of water. Twangs my buds.

Went and picked up Johnny Cash's Christmas album.
Good stuff folks. I grew up listening to Johnny Cash. My dad was a big fan. Another good Christmas album is Kenny Rogers-The Gift.

Watched the TAGS where Aunt Bee comes to live with Andy and Opie last night. Makes me cry every time Aunt Bee talks about all the kids she has raised and how she just thanked heaven for somewhere to go and something to do.

On Wednesday the school where I used to work called and wanted me to sub in the lunchroom. As some of you recall, there was a big moulage and I left. LOL I did not realize how much I had missed it, although I did cry like a baby when I left. So, I would appreciate all your prayers about God opening a position for me, if that is what I am supposed to do. One little boy took off his coat and ran over and hugged me so tight. I had taken care of his in the "baby" room when I worked at a nearby daycare. Then I babysat during basketball season. (His sister was on the team.) Precious little guy. Lord how I love the children. I have often wondered why the Lord had not given me any talents. Well I believe He did and I have just let stubborn pride take me away from doing what I do best. (Loving the kiddos)

Later all,
fun girl

December 01, 2003 - Msg 17293: homemaker== thanks for the info sounds great, hope you got your shopping done. mary wiggins==dinner sounds great-you know us middle porch folks don't let a little cold drive us to our coats, does it? possum- good to see you on the porch . asa seems to be hibernating a lot don't hear from him much maybe he's resting up for spring. ky moonshiner=== sure sounds like a great way to spend a soring night except i'll enjoy my pipe if it's ok. pipeman

December 01, 2003 - Msg 17294: Oh boy, it's starting to look like winter at this end of the porch. The county started closing the seasonal road in this neck of the woods. The fella on the tv said, we're gonna get a little over a foot of the winter stuff this afternoon. Fun girl, I totally agree about the man in black. I think Johnny Cash was the best.My father also loved Johnny. Cash's last 4 American Recordings were fantastic.My Dad passed in '78 and just the mention of Johnny Cash always brings a smile to my face.
keep warm folks,

December 01, 2003 - Msg 17295: glad ya loiked the cold cuts pipeman, hey mayberry girl, and im late for breakfast but left overs are fine.and the 4000 will buy a good [great] insulated dog house but what to do with the bakery truck?[dogs cant

December 01, 2003 - Msg 17296: Hey to the porch. Squeezin's all around. Had
a great Thankgiving . I'd like Briscoe's flatbed truck, of course!
Are we still on the quote a thon?
Here's one:
Barney: (in his suit)I don't look too Ivy League, do I?
Andy: Oh newwwwwwww, you're in a league all by yourself!
(In the episode when they went to the big city.)
West end of the porch is up to 79 today!!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

December 01, 2003 - Msg 17297: Afternoon everyone.
Don't know about you, but it is definatly a Monday here.


December 01, 2003 - Msg 17298: spot== that bakery truck brings a tear to my eyes, after i left the farm i started working in a bakery, everything was done by hand. i have done everything a baker can do including a weding cakes. even while in the military i worked part time in bakery just love it. didn't see you at my big breakfast today,check msg 17283. don't forget the wonderfull supper over at mary wiggins house, wear a warm dog sweater. pipeman

December 01, 2003 - Msg 17299: Hi Asa, yes it is a Monday and 75 degrees here (don't hate me).

Sorry I haven't been around lately. My computer caught a nasty virus and I haven't been able to get on the porch. I am using my sister's computer right now. Hubby is supposed to bring home a ant-virus program from work and fix the problem so I should be back on soon.

Ro, I sent you an email from my sister's email address. Hope you get it. We still need to iron out some details about the trip to Fredricksburg. Hopefully I will be back on line soon. If my computer is still down I will be checking back to read the posts from time to time.

Later, friends!


December 01, 2003 - Msg 17300: Oh, Hi to you pipeman and everyone else!


December 01, 2003 - Msg 17301: fun girl== my prayers are with you on your job. god provides extra blessingsto those who look after the children especially in today's enviorment. auh20== like fun girl and you, i've always been a big johnny cash fan. i still haven't heard his new 4 records, i really like him sitting at the piano. my dad was a hank williams sr fan, and mom was ernest tub fan, bless there hearts there gone for quite sometime now. SPOT===( i forgot earlier can you will me that bakery truck in a 100 more years? then i'll be the bakery delivering truck driver again with a pie. doesn't get much better unless it's at the bakery in mayberry. pipeman ASA==== WHAT A SIGHT FOR SORE EYES i thought you was in hibernation. we miss you. pipeman

December 01, 2003 - Msg 17302: just RAN INTO THIS INFO=== EARLY TOMMOROW ON AMC THE MOVIE CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN WILL BE ON. THELMA LOU HAS A SMALL PART IN IT. i'll catch you all tommorow pipeman

December 01, 2003 - Msg 17303: Hey, everyone! Been busier than a cranberry merchant, but thought I'd stop and set a spell. We had a great Thanksgiving - actually had two - one on Thursday and one on Friday. Lots of good food and good times. I still have a wee tad of turkey left, and guess that'll be my supper.

Boo, I got your email, and answered it. It'll be on your sister's computer. I'll send it to yours, too, and when yours is fixed, it should be there. I'll be in Fredbg on Thursday or Friday, and will stay until Sunday, so am definitely planning on us getting together. Should be a lot of fun!

It's good to hear how everyone had a nice time on Thanksgiving. It's one of the holidays that can be hard for some of us, but there's always a sweet side as well, and we have to just focus on that.

I think I'd like to have Opie's mashed penny - the one that was run over by a train, and was supposed to bring good luck. I always pick up "found" pennies, and have the little notion that my late husband drops them for me to find, to let me know he's watching out for me. Silly, I know, but I do find a little warmth in the idea, so guess it's harmless.

Have a great week, friends. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

December 01, 2003 - Msg 17304: Just got the book "Mayberry Memories" from
Weaver's! Wow, what a great book!
Give Weaver's a good look-see!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

December 01, 2003 - Msg 17305: hey all!pipeman make me an offer on the bakery truck "it has the original paint"..hope im not to late for supper at mary wiggins..hey Ro , Boo, HM,hazel, fun girl,mayberry girl,asa,BDJ,possun, gona grab a jar of hot pickled peppers for supper and caint forget my hot sauce! prayers to all in need..gona put the tree up in the doghouse wed.I have a 20 ft white lite cross bolted to my front pasture fence, its been a tradition for 6 years now, its a land mark in these parts at Christmas time, its about 300 feet off the road , looks like its just floating out there.[its so neat].well its off to supper .signed: Spot the "gona go eat" talking dog of mayberry

December 01, 2003 - Msg 17306: Hey kymoonshiner, you're DREAMING about Mayberry?
Well, cant complain I guess. Thems is pert'good
dreams! I'm a hopin' we can all visit Mayberry
in heaven! Hope to see ya all there someday!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

December 01, 2003 - Msg 17307: Hey jennieboone the chapter Emma is talking about is called "I Can't Tell Ya" I am a member of it too, but I don't live as close to them as they do to each other. Nice to see ever'one, I'm off to do some Christmas shopping. Ain't the internet wonderful, get to sit in yer 'jammers and go shoppin! Next thing you know they'll put a man on the moon!

December 01, 2003 - Msg 17308: NEWS FLASH=== IF YOU LIVE NEAR CINCINATI, OHIO, THIS SATURDAY ON 1450 WMOH RADIO WILL BE HOSTING A GOOD MORNING MAYBERRY FROM 10am till 1pm. mayberry trivia and give away prizes. it's there 10th anniversary. wish we all could tune in but maybe someone will tell us about it from that neck of the woods. pipeman

December 01, 2003 - Msg 17309: HOWDY to all on the Porch, this is the newly-elected Sultan Of The South End, checking in! It was a crazy holiday weekend here, too many relatives in one place if ya ask me. Looked like scenes from "Cuckoo's Nest".
Hope everybody is doing great on your little corner of Mayberry, Spot if you need any fixin' up on your doghouse I'm good with pounding nails and whatnot. Maybe even install a heater and some Snoopy lights!
NEWS FLASH.....Ron Howard will be appearing on the Ellen DeGeneris Show, Tuesday December 2nd. Check your local listings for time and station in your area.....this has been your announcer Jerry Miller, reminding you to drive safely, and goodnight! Bless you one and all!

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17310: Me again, still trying to remember everyone's names....Lemmie give a big holler to my buddies here on the porch...pipeman, Mavis, Mrs. Wiley, KY Moonshiner, fun girl, Spot, mayberry girl, Mary Wiggins, Emma, Jeb, Jelsik, Asa, Hazel, Briscoe Darling Jr, auh2o, jennieboone, homemaker, Charlotte Tucker, possum under a rock, Mr. Darlin's Cuz, Boo, and Romeena!
Did I forget anybody??? Hope not but if I did let me know!
I have a question, how late is too late for pickin' and singin' on the Porch, I don't wanna wake anybody up cause I know certain people DO have to be up early in the morning, right? Banjos can be pretty dang loud, but since I'm waaaaaay down here at the south end maybe it won't be so....uuh, what's the word? Intense? No, annoying? Maybe that's it.
Whadaya think?..... ;>) wink
Banjo Jerry

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17311: great day to all porch folks and critters.=== banjo jerry=== good to here from you, as far as remembering everyone i don't always but writting names and porch locations down helps. never to late for the sultan's music. were there any hanging chads in your election? tee-hee. your pal pipeman.

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17312: mr darling cuz=== if i think real hard i seem to recall what 79 degrees felt like, tee-hee! boo=== good to hear from you- sure missed you on the porch. spot=== let me borrow the bakery truck for the winter and we can customise it as the mayberry bakery truck, one of a kind.jelouisey running rampant i can see the headlines. what do you think? for christmas how about some new clothes from designer doggie shop? it's 1:30 am wher's breakfast at this morning? can't think to far ahead . what color is the original paint? later, my bet white. pipeman

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17313: all the ladies of the porch- good morning; mavis==that is the only way to shop then see if spot's delivery truck bringsit. mayberry girl--- getting slack, which elf do i get for christmas? not the one you are mad at the time. tee-hee. pa the pipeman

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17314: Banjo Jerry - you need to join Brisoe for a little "jam" session! Do you take requests?

Been busier than a one legged man in a hind-end kicking contest! Just too much. . .TO DO!

Fun Girl - glad we all listen to the same station. . .I just love the morning show with all the antics and my kids can listen too!

Take care everyone -


December 02, 2003 - Msg 17315: earl bellamy has passed away-- he directed several fourth season favorites. brisco declares for aunt bea, gomer the house quest, the haunted house, hot rod otis , rip. pipeman

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17316: Good morning Porch pals - been busy cleaning up after the Thanksgiving 'rush'. Big Jeff had to work the entire holiday weekend - 24/7. Since we had T-day at his cousins house, I was missing the leftovers something powerful. So Friday I cooked a small turkey, Saturday I cooked a duck and delivered an entire meal (sanz pickles) to them on the job site. Aunt Bea had nothing on me! Christmas tablecloth and napkins, cranberries, everything but the candles. I've really been wanting to use my picnic basket and this was the perfect opportunity.

I'm doing as much shopping as I can 'on-line' this year. I just don't want to get caught in the rush and crush. Thanks for the music link homemaker - I'll be listening!! Mary Wiggins - your poor #1 son - I remember being too cool to dress warmly. Funny how that changes isn't it? Asa dear, hope things are looking up for you and your family. Sorry to hear about the hard drive. Ya know, sometimes she'll tell you an 'X' when you've really got yourself an 'O'. Jerry, you should be able to play the banjo any time you want to here on the porch - but since you're on my end, I'll just close the winders. Don't be heaving no rocks, though.

Busier than a cranberry merchant, Ro? BWAHAHAHA!!

~ Mrs. Wiley
"I brought you boys a special surprise... homemade PICKLES!"

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17317: Romeena---What a nice thought about the pennies, I'm sure you are right.
Banjo Jerry---Wow, great memory. I can't remember names atall, hardly.
Have a great day all.
Ky Moonshiner

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17318: pipeman>>which elf...hehehe. Actually Danny and I came to an understanding last night. This morning he is MUCH better. Dealing with mom has never been easy, you know that.

--mayberry girl (stopped up with a cold)

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17319: Fun girl, I think your choices for cast members for a modern Andy show are pretty good although it's tough to imagine anyone else in those parts. Jeff Foxworthy seems like a prime choice for Goober or Gomer! Possum, good to see you. I like your idea about us all taking a ride to Mt. Pilot in Asa's car. All set? All set. All set? All set. Ro and Boo, I hope you girls have a delightful time this weekend. Wish I could be there but it's a little too far to ride on the handlebars of Malcolm's bicycle! Hey to Banjo Jerry and pipeman and spot , Hazel, KY Moonshiner, Mayberry Girl, Mrs. Wiley, Homemaker, Mavis, Briscoe, Briscoe's cuz, Asa, Mary Wiggins, and anyone else who might be porch sittin' today!
Charlotte Tucker

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17320: hey there banjo jerry.the snoopy lights on the dog house sounds great, I'll get them and give ya a holler, hey Ro,Boo,HM,pipeman,mavis,fun girl,mayberry girl,county nurse,Ky moonshiner,BDJ,mary wiggins,mrs wiley,mr darlins cuz,possum under a rock and all the other great porchers!got to figure out whats fer lunch and about chilie and crackers for lunch ,maybe a grilled cheese sandwich..yea thats it..I"ll make them, yall come to the southern end and get them, chilie will be spicey.we will figure out supper in a bit , ladys any of yall want to cook tonight?..signed Spot the "gona go grill cheese sandwiches" talking dog of the porch!

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17321: Any ideas for supper - need something easy to fix. . .gotta put up the tree tonite!


December 02, 2003 - Msg 17322: I'll be making chicken breasts, marinated in a lemon-herb-sauce, with Uncle Ben's rice and broccoli and cheese, salad with the dressing of your choice, and those crescent rolls Pillsbury makes, my number two son loves them! Chocolate pudding for dessert, and maybe some Good and Plenty, remember that? My hubby loves those! Oh, and while you are putting up your tree homemaker, I noticed Charlie Brown will be on tonight, how's that for a good put up your Christmas Tree show?! I absolutely love the music in that program, I have a CD of it!

Here's a little test for you, it's an easy one I think. Name a TAGS episode in which a bathroom scale is used!

See ya around 5:30ish for dinner!
Mary Wiggins

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17323: Hello all! My Christmas gift for you all is, a bottomless jug of holiday spirits. Peace, love and good health. Time fer: "Silent Night". Here we go.

Briscoe Darling Jr.

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17324: Funny, I jest had me a grilled cheese and soup for supper last night. BanjoJerry, let me get Briscoe's jug and we'll do a little jamming. maybe we can git kymoonshiner to join in.
Think the girls will make a box lunch fer us?
Weather continues great here on the Phx west end of the porch. Pipeman, I'll try to send some your way. Anyone got any more good quotes?
How 'bout "Yeah, Andy, you're real funny. Next thing ya know, you'll be waxin' the steps down at the old folks home!!" (hehe) Mr Darlin's Cuz ;)

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17325: Spot>>think i'll curl up on the southend of the porch with a cozy blanket, kleenex, and hot tea. Chili sounds great...maybe it will get my nose a runnin' so I can breathe. (sorry, was that too

--mayberry girl

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17326: Mary - thanks for remining baout Charlie Brown. .I put the "Christmas Time" music from that show on my website. ( Still have some goats for sale Asa - I can ship them to you for just a little extra - LOL.

Well - talk to you all later - time for me to move on to my next school. . .


December 02, 2003 - Msg 17327: For you homeschoolers - especially K-1, checkout - great site!


December 02, 2003 - Msg 17328: hm>>Oooo...I used to homeschool. Kewl.

as far as quotes go, not sure about from the show but my quote of the day is by Jack Kornfield.
"To undertake a genuine spiritual path is not to avoid difficulties but to learn the art of making mistakes wakefully, to bring them to the transformative power of our heart."

If you haven't read "A Path With Heart" by Jack Kornfield, you should put it on your christmas list.

--mayberry girl

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17329: Mary Wiggins--- I want to say that episode was #131, Barneys Physical, but something is nagging in the back of my head that I've seen one somewhere else.
Dagnahbit, now you got me pondering.
Ky Moonshiner

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17330: Actually, in this episode, Andy carries the scale outdoors...can you figure it out?

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17331: Wasn't there a bathroom scale in the episode where someone was shoplifting from Weavers Store? Didn't Andy put the little old lady on the scale?

"In the store, I bumped up against her and she kinda clanked. Little old ladies ought never to clank." Andy

And remember.....if somebody marries you, the polite thing to do is to marry 'em right back.

fun girl

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17332: fun girl---THATS'S IT, THAT's IT. Thank you, now I can stop pondering.
Ky moonshiner

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17333: mary wiggins ,I want be late for supper ,thanks,BDJ the squeezins are great, got about a half a jug in the corner of the dog my lights for the house ,yall want to help me put the high ones up?i"ll bring the hot peppers and hot sauce..hey charlotte tucker,fun girl ,mayberry girl,pipeman,moonshiner,HM,got a big hornets nest on the corner of my barn im gona burn down , wish me luck !buzz,buzz,signed :Spot the "gona go to marys house and eat tonight" talking dog of the porch !

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17334: Hey mrs Wiley, I'll try your pickles, as long as they aint from Aunt Bea's recipe!!!
Mayberry girl, don't worry about your cold, us Darlin's got two good sleeves just for that sorta thing! Try some garlic, and some goooood chicken soup!! Mmmm, that's some mighty fine slurpin'.
Charlene makes some fine fixin' too. Prayers for all too. here's one to lift your spirits:
"I'll get a line, you get a pole, honey.
I'll get a line you get a pole babe.
I'll get a line, you get a pole,
we'll go down to the crawdad hole..."
Mr Darlin's Cuz

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17335: "Honey, baby, mine!"
At least I think that's how it goes!

fun girl, you shore did get that one right. I love that episode, especially when Barney is "under cover"!

Mary Wiggins

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17336: Well Mary Im headed your way to eat...hey do yall know how many episodes goober and gomer were in together ..I do !..who ever gets it right gets a sip of cider..well its off to eat at marys ,got my hot peppers and hot sauce.set the table!!I"ll wash dishes...signed:Spot the dog traveling to marys of mayberry..

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17337: I think they were only in one episode together, the one with the fun girls.


December 02, 2003 - Msg 17338: let's try; a mystery man seems to know everyone in mayberry? spot; floyd said if the barn burns with the bees it's not my fault, well floyd said something. tee=hee. mrs wiley== does those pickles come aged with kerosene? mary wiggins=== on my way to supper, got to leave early i understand the next few days will be dashing thru the white stuff. charlotte tucker== if your riding the bike to mary's you might want to pack some snow tires and chains.homemaker== let's just grab a bite at mary's house that will leave you plenty of time for tree trimming and snoopy. pipeman

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17339: Hey, pipeman, I think you're right about those chains and snow tires! Mary Wiggins, thanks so much for reminding me about Charlie Brown. I was telling my kids about that show the other day. They've never seen it. What a classic. I love when Linus tells the Christmas story from Luke 2! You are correct, Asa, but Gomer talked about Goober a lot to Mr. Tucker in Man in a Hurry. He was out on his boat!
Good evenin' How do you do Mrs. Wiley?
Charlotte Tucker

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17340: mayberry girl===a warm blanket, some of brisco darlings squeezins and a shot from ky moonshiner, and a shot from our county nurse(wonder where she is at) and it will kill you or cure you. send each elf for four days and that will be the 12 days of christmas. mailed you some clippings, let me know when you get them. i need your fried indian bread receipe, always loved that stuff. brisco darling, jr.== a bottomless jug and fine music, life don't get much better unless that talkative base player and i enjoy a pipe full. romeena=== loved the pennies, i started a pennies for heaven project at chruch and we sent 7 kids to camp with it. i always pick up pennies cause not even the pooriest seem to want to fool with them. does anyone remember during the early 50's folks thru away the steel pennies because they thought they were bad luck? or using pennies on car batteries to absorb the acid? ANYONE ELSE REMEMBER OTHER PENNY STORIES? WITH PIPE IN MOUTH I'LL SEE YOU ALL AT MARY'S HOUSE IN A FEW. away i go . pipeman

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17341: I 'member my dad putting a penny in the fusebox
(in place of a fuse)when we was kids! Next thing ya know the
whole laundry room (where the fusebox was at)
was filled with smoke. Thank God, no fire tho.
Mr Darlin's Cuz

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17342: Can somebody tell me what station Charlie Brown is on and at what time?? I can't seem to find it.

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17343: Hey Charlotte,
It is on at 8:00 on ABC which is channel 7 around these here parts!


December 02, 2003 - Msg 17344: Banjo Jerry, here's a big holler right back at ya. The weather man only missed by about 13 and a half inches with his prediction of about 14 inches of snow we were suppose to get last night. Oh well, he got the cold part right. Well, gotta go my kids want me to watch Charlie Brown with them. Truth be told I think I like the show as much as they do.
Stay warm,

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17345: HI EVERYBODY!! It sure is nice to be sitting on the porch in my regular rocking chair. I missed all of you porch buddies. Thanks for the kind words concerning my absence.

Wow, we have been real busy around here. I have both trees up and decorated and the house just shines with lights and decorations. I also put up the outside lights myself this year (got tired of waiting for my husband to do it--he works such long hours). I actually got on the roof and used those shingle clips and this year I used all colored lights instead of the usual white ones. I have a very big front window (about 9x12) and I have a big tree in the window with lots of colored lights and it looks so pretty at night. The only problem I have had is keeping my 2 yr old from pulling the decorations off the tree and breaking them! I put a retro/vintage looking tree in the den with those old-timey bubble lights on it (neat!).

Well, enough of that. I am going to go and watch a Christmas movie. I am one of those Christmas freaks that you read about!

Later friends!

ps-I did receive your email, Ro and will let you know for sure where we can meet. The kids would like McDonalds but if my husband is with me he could help handle them at the tea room. I am leaning towards the herb farm. I'll be in touch...


December 02, 2003 - Msg 17346: I think I would want Barney's motorcycle with the sidecar. I would donate it to the Veteran's Hospital-you know it belongs to the them.

We may be getting snow here on Sat. That's a pretty big deal around here. In 2000 we got 2ft in less than 24 hours. Everything was paralyzed for 3-4 days. My husband finally was able to come and get me at the hospital where I work by asking a neighbor with a 4x4. We now have one. Live and learn. Can't stay long on the porch tonight-down in 20's.

Boo-I have a 19 mth old who keeps climbing out of his crib-still too young for a bed-any suggestions?? My other son never did this. No two children are alike.

Well I think I caught up on the posts. Have to be at work at 0730. We are short of help. Never enough nurses!! Heading to bed.

County Nurse,
Stem, NC

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17347: Howdy to the porch! Thought I would holler Good Night to all ya'll, another day, a few more puppy feet tomorrow. The other half left out tonight heading to Mass. with a load of Christmas trees on the tractor/trailer. Don't they grow Christmas trees up there or are they all shipped in from VA?? Anyways, I got at least 3 nights here with just me & the 5 furkids, 3 feather kids & one scaly kid. Peace & we come. For those that are wondering, the 2 legged skin kid I have is with his dad until Christmas vacation. I might even eat cookies in the bed while he's gone, he hates when I do that! teehee
I don't want to be a dead hero, I wanta be a live ME!

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17348: Hey guys I just love Charlie Browns Christmas. I bought the DVD of it Saturday night. Im a little late answering this question but in answer to Pipeman's question about the one item from the show. mine would be that picture that hung over the fire place I always liked it. Ya'll take care and stay warm-Salty Dog

December 02, 2003 - Msg 17349: Heya to all the porch sitters tonight, this is the Sultan of the South End, checking in with y'all....pipeman===no, there weren't any hanging chads as far as I know, the office was just bestowed on me, by a genie who looked suspiciously like Jack Albertson(?) Hey Spot, them lights look really nice, I got all the high-up ones on there finally. Do you like 'em? I can fix 'em so's they blink in time with In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, wouldn't that be keen?
To homemaker and all the music fans, yes I take requests, but might have to "fake it" if I don't know the words. Don't worry, Mrs Wiley, I'm not into rock either so your windows are safe.
mayberry girl, have you tried taking some echinacia herb for that cold? It really works for me when I feel one coming on. That and a hot Irish Coffee usually helps too.
Hey to Ky Moonshiner, Briscoe Darling Jr. and Mr. Darlins Cuz, let's get together and have a jam session....what songs do you like, bluegrass, folk, country, hillbilly, I like 'em all! Does auh2o want to join in? They can play a solo on the car horn or at least bang on a gas can, right?
Okay I admit it, I watched Charlie Brown tonight, too! It just clutches me every time, and I love that great jazz soundtrack by the Vince Guaraldi Trio too!
Everybody on the porch, have a great week and try not to get too stressed out what with all the holiday planning, okay? Remember, the best time to relax is when you don't have time for it.
I think Calvin Coolidge might of said that once ;>) wink
Take care, your pal Banjo Jerry

December 03, 2003 - Msg 17350: BOO== IT SOUNDS LOVELY AT YOUR PORCH, SO GREAT TO HAVE YOU STOP BYE- your chair is always left empty when your not on the porch,i always laughed and loved the original christmas carol. the part where people are trying to get him to donate to the childrens home, a classic. hi auh20-- isn't that the way weather is anymore? you stock up and nothing- you don't your cold and hungry. mr darling cuz== i'd forgot about that penny story, thanks, hope to hear more like that. romeena posted a story on pennies earlier and that got me thinkin about how many funny penny stories we knew. good night all and to all a good night. pipeman

December 03, 2003 - Msg 17351: County Nurse, I am afraid I can't help you. Neither of my kids climbed out their cribs. My 2 yr old still sleeps in hers and doesn't know how to get out. I had a friend who got a toddler bed for her little one who climbed out of her crib. I think she child-proofed the room and put up a gate in the doorway to keep the little one from getting out and wondering around the house. I think a baby monitor is a good idea, too, so you can hear the child if he gets out of bed. Good luck.


December 03, 2003 - Msg 17352: You know, that penny in the fuse box reminded me of something that happened to a friend of mine who worked with me at the hospital (years ago). We worked night shift and one night the autoclave broke down (the thing that looks like a big oven that is used to sterilize surgical instruments and towels, etc.). Well, not having an autoclave in a busy labor and delivery is a real problem so my friend decided to try and fix it herself. She used a peice of aluminum foil from a stick of gum and put it between two wires that had broken. Well, the autoclave worked but the next day someone from the FBI or something was there questioning people about why someone might try to sabbotage the autoclave and possibly cause an explosion in the labor unit! They never knew who did it and the secret will go to the grave with my friend. We got a laugh out of it, for sure. The moral of the story guessed it, "CALL THE MAN!". HeeHee.


December 03, 2003 - Msg 17353: TOP OF THE MORNING TO ALL THE PORCH=== COUNTY NURSE== YOU'LL LOOK SHARP IN BARNEY'S SIDE CAR JUST DON'T LET THE VETS BUILD SLING SHOTS THEY MAY THINK YOUR the enemy.(you can tell it's early caps on everything) mavis== while the other half is gone, eat all the cookies in bed then when he's on way home spread pine needles around, must be a squirell, dear. tee-hee sneaky huh? pipeman

December 03, 2003 - Msg 17354: after charlie brown and that great warm fuzy meal let's put on our thinking caps===which mayberry character was born in petoskey. michigan. clue he was in most episodes, pipeman

December 03, 2003 - Msg 17355: Have no idea, pipeman.

December 03, 2003 - Msg 17356: Morning folks. Banjo Jerry I'd love to join in. But, I must confess my daughters don't even let me humm or sing-along with a song. Hey Banjo" In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida"? You must enjoy rock just a bit, LOL. Pipeman, I think the weather man has too many gadgets to play with these days. They seem to cover all their bases, a common forecast around these parts is between 2 and 18 inches of snow.
2 and 18 inches? Thanks for the warning. LOL. That's like telling us there will be periods of light followed by some darkness.
Take care.

December 03, 2003 - Msg 17357: "Light followed by some darkness" auh2o? Yeah, we get that here all the time. Wish it would clear up! ;)
I hope it snows and makes it a white Christmas around here. We have the cold so we might as well have snow.
Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and that everyone has a Merry Christmas.
I'm not going to use "X-mas" on anything anymore ever since I heard that some people might use that as a way to cross out Christ from Christmas. I had never heard that before, but I must admit, it makes sense. I always thought it was just a way to condense the word but now I'm thinking differently. Oh well, I never did understand how the "X" made up for the "Christ" anyway.
-Sterling Holobyte

December 03, 2003 - Msg 17358: Hey Boo, I bet Emmet could fix that autoclave.
Lord knows he fixed enuf toasters!! :)
My guess on the character from Michigan is Opie.
Seems I read it somewhere but may be wrong.
The only snow here in Phx end is what I get when I defrost the freezer!!!
What states, towns do ya all hail from?
County Nurse- You're really from NC? That's neat.
Only 'rock' music I care fer is the kind I play on the jug while in
me "rockin'" chair! Ya'll have a good day!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

December 03, 2003 - Msg 17359: another clue- it is an beloved adult actor from michigan pipeman

December 03, 2003 - Msg 17360: another clue- it is an beloved adult actor from michigan pipeman

December 03, 2003 - Msg 17361: quote[ she said it was warm in the room lights turned off and blewy, i'm engaged. so that's how it's done/ star trek says very little girls start practicing on daddy's. you know what i love it no matter how it's done. pipeman

December 03, 2003 - Msg 17362: Petoskey, Michigan, eh? I ought to know that one! I'm going to take a guess and say...Floyd!!

Sterling, your post was interesting about X-mas versus Christmas. I had to laugh the other day because they had a local news story around here where a library in Detroit put up a "Friendship" Tree. It was very odd because it looked just like a CHRISTMAS tree, and it had CHRISTMAS ornaments on it! I really don't understand why the schools don't call it CHRISTMAS Vacation any more either. Now it is Winter Break. And Easter Vacation is now spring break...well give me a break! We all know what these things really are! Christmas and Easter!

Tonight: Tacos and for dessert...pie! And then I am going to watch 7 or 8 two year olds for a couple hours at church, and then I hope to get back home in time to see the end of the Pistons basketball game!

Mayberry wishes to one and all!
Mary Wiggins