December 14, 2003 - Msg 17686: Must be a different Hazel, Emmett. I've never been to Mayberry Days.
And I don't live near Old Man Kelsey's ocean. I'm closer to his woods.

December 14, 2003 - Msg 17687: Oh, brother. I didn't mean to sweep.

December 14, 2003 - Msg 17688: Fungirl, I am 41 and very proud to be. I suspect you are about the same age??

Ro, I know just what you mean about liking to watch certain things on TV rather than on tape. I have always felt that way, too, but never mentioned it. I think (with me, anyway) it has something to do with the feeling of having a certain connection with other people who are watching it at the same time. Kind of like, sometimes when I watch TAGS I know that some of my porch friends are watching, too and it feels nice somehow. Does that make any sense at all?! I feel like a NUT now that I said it.

Went looking at Christmas lights with my sister tonight and had a good time. The kids were kind of difficult after awhile, though. We drove around in the old neighborhood we lived in when we were very young. It was kind of sad--very run down now.

Think I'll go relax for a bit. Hmmmm....maybe I will watch a little TVLand. Goodnight and sweet dreams....


December 15, 2003 - Msg 17689: I am 40. The fistula thing was meant as a joke. Many times I think I am much funnier than I am though. LOL
fun girl

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17690: ten days to the big one= ho= ho=. you know i am thankfull for each and everyone of you here on the today's world to find a wonderfull group of friends in one place is rare and a real blessing.we share thoughts with each other, pick on each other , pray together, laugh and cry. even though most of us have never met, we are a close family, who love and cares and would do anything we could for each other. god's love shines thru all. there i said it and i'm not taking it back even if evently it's lost in the archives. ho. pipeman

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17691: happy birthday to aunt bea, if she were alive she would be 101 today. dec. 14, 1902- dec 6, 1989. banjo jerry== just saw on bullitin board where al becker has written a song chores to saddam, song to tune of oh my darlin. i'll bet you and the darlin's could improve on it. with only ten days left to christmas, is it to late to suck up to floyd before he publishes his naughty or nice list? come on elfs, time to wake up mayberry girl. ho,ho. pipeman


December 15, 2003 - Msg 17693: Pipeman, they're trying to please "all of the people all of the time" and as we know, it just cant be done. I've even seen "holiday" trees
advertized! That's why TAGS is so great, no PC.
Maybe if we all protest loud enuf, some of this ridiculousness will change...try it in the ballot box, the
church pew, the workplace etc. I always say Merry Christmas to the clerks in the stores!
Well, there's my soapbox for today!
mr Darlin's Cuz

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17694: That really steams me. How could people be so stupid? THERE, I said it and I'm not taking it back! Land of the free and home of the brave, not land of heathen and home of the stupid.

Its kind of scary to think of how things could be in another 20 years. What's next? Tear down all the churches because it might offend someone to "see" them? God help us.

You know, it has been understood for centuries that the world would be hostile against Christianity (Jesus said it would) but I always thought the USA was a rare, safe haven built on Chritian values and principles. I'm afraid the tide is turning but "As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.".


December 15, 2003 - Msg 17695: Oops, a few other thoughts etc.
Romeena- reason i brought up fistulas is because
county nurse said she does some grafts for dialysis patients, and i work with the too.
fun girl- that was a good one! Could even picture barney saying it.
Boo- My sister has a tall pink plastic poodle that is a bank! A slot is beind on the neck of it.

Anyone remember Tip-It or Battling Tops???
I just got one of each on ebay!
Hazel- I was born in Mpls, MN but my folks move to Phx in the 50's when I was just a youngster.
So, I basically grew up here. Do your relatives ever speak of the "Wallace and Ladmo Show?"

How about we all sing "Mary's Boy Child" with a
calipso, southern, pacific, bluegrass, midwestern
beat??!! Should sound mighty purdy!

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17696: Let's talk about our favorite childhood candy. How about those little wax bottles with kool-aid inside. Bite off the top and ya got yourself a drink. Or those wax lips you can chew like gum. When we were kids we would get those all the time and we tried to explain to my baby sister that it was wax. The next year we found a Santa candle with a bite taken out of it. Guess she figured that all wax was for chewing. I think Mom still has that candle, and Bonny is a mother of three herself.

Back to the candy... I loved Bit O Honey. And bottle caps, root beer barrels, Adams Green Apple Gum. No wonder I have a truck load of fillings and a couple of crowns. LOL BB Bats, Turkish Taffy

Lets hear about your favorite candy from the old days.

fun girl

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17697: Loved Lick'em Aid, pixy stix, Zero bars,
and that taffy in the 12 X 4 inch FLAT strips in a wrapper of waxed paper. Oh, and popcorn balls!
Anyone else recall those? Also Blackjack gum.
We used to drop M&M's in our tall 16 oz pepsi bottles to watch em fizz and then we'd have "chocolate cola!"
But one of my best memories was "coming home for lunch" from school (remember that?!)and on a cold day (well, say 55 here in Phx) my mom would have soup and sandwich ready. The rich soup aroma would fill the kitchen and "breakfast room."
"Old" mr Darlin's Cuz

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17698: Well, I must be a nut too, cause I feel the same way too, Boo! There's something about watching a show "live" on tv.

mr Darlin's Cuz, Good suggestions, and I'll take it one further. The reason the left are succeeding little by little in changing the moral fabric of this great nation is that they have an organized plan to do so and willing participants. We do need to protest and one of the best ways to let our government know what kind of world we want to live in is to write them and let them know personally. You don't even have to leave your computer. There are plenty of websites with Government email addresses(Eagleforum is one I think) from people who are concerned about where this country is headed if we allow the small minority of ultra-left-wingers to continually erode the traditions that the majority of good, moral Americans hold so dear.
I remember when Clinton was still President and I wrote the Senate and expressed my viewpoints on that whole thing that went on during his party,, Presidency. I received a number of replies back; some email responses and some by regular mail. They were mostly form letter responses, but it does show that they at least read my email, and so if enough people do it they've got to listen. That's how the left-wingers are able to change things to suit the way they want things to be, including the removing of Christ from Christmas. And let me tell you, I don't think they'll be happy until all moral things are done away with and replaced with all things immoral.
I got the email addresses I used from a website I found called(at the time), which I revisted recently and found that they are now called I guess they are an equal opportunity impeacher.
But don't let that stop you from using the government email addresses they provide if you want to write.
Sorry if I sound like a right-wing activist. I'm not and I don't mean to sound like one, but I am concerned about where America is heading if we ordinary citizens don't head'em off at the pass and stop them from re-writing history.

And if someone says "Happy Holidays" because that's the only thing they are allowed to say, just reply "Merry Christmas"!

Merry Christmas!
-Sterling Holobyte

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17699: BOO>>Did you know that the "Christians" came here to escape persecution and death because of their religion and yet they murdered my peoples for our beliefs? Did you know that "Christians" actually didn't come about until the Druid era? Some Christians still today use Druid ceremonies? Episcopal, Catholics, etc. Look at the Robes of the bishops and is Druid origin. All druids have these robes...the rope around the waist which was originally used to cast a circle (which is just like a prayer circle just more formal.) The symbols are Druid symbols of protection. ALL religions (minus satanist) worship the SAME God...just in different ways. Just 'cause someone is not Christian doesn't make them heathens.


Yule: It is celabrated on December 21 (winter equinox) This is the holiday that started the Christmas tree by the way. It is about giving selflessly, prayer to the Creator, good will, gratefulness and rejoicing in the return of the Lord. Gifts are given at Yule.(And yet pagans are persecuted? Hmmm...go figure with the ignorance on the persecutor's side)

Hannukha: Same thankfulness and understanding God's greatness just by having faith.

Christmas: Christians took many customs from those that they call pagans. The Christians used to celebrate Jesus' birth January 6th not December 25. (Not downing Christians, it just irriates me that they don't know there own history)

Kwanzaa: This is a holiday rejoicing family and good will.

So tell is any of these really bad??? I say stop the battling and for once realize that it all comes from the same source. No one is better than anyone else. As far as the Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays vs. whatever....does it matter? They all have the same point. Love one another, be grateful for what you have, give selflessly, and rejoice in the High Power's gracious love.


~~mayberry girl

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17700: i agree with fun girl i much rather stay on the regular things but sometimes i just have to address issues that are so precious to so many, therefore this will end my commentary. 1. mayberry girl-- i respectfully disagree with you on that one. it's not only christian values at danger but all our freedoms. love you. 2. sterling holobyte== amen, boo= i couldn't agree more, just heard on nbc where gm has put camera's in side airbags. was suppose to be for research in how effective they were in crashes. police have found out and now starting to use them to write tickets and working on admitting in court. the lord is coming back soon. vote for me- the end of my one day political career. pipeman

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17701: Sorry, mayberry girl, but it does matter. Especially when people are being TOLD they cannot say Merry Christmas, as unthreatening a phrase as ever there was.

You say you are not "downing" Christians, but, and not to pick, mayberry girl, did you notice that you said nothing but good things about all the other religion's holidays, and nothing good about Christmas?
And I don't know why you decided to pick on Boo. She never mentioned "heathens". She merely stated that America was founded on Christian principles(which it was) and that Christians also have been prosecuted for centuries and still are. Remember the Romans?

I happen to agree with you that the different religions worship the same God. It is one of the ways he works in mysterious ways. And if we want to follow in God's ways maybe we could also stop the name-calling. Just a suggestion.
-Sterling Holobyte

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17702: mr darlin's cuz- let's sing that song using all those styles at the same time. as far as blackjack gum, my grandma was a quiete woman who would think it over before she calmy announced your error or transgression. once she told you topic closed. she chewed blackjack gum all the time and when she had enough she would chew harder and faster for about ten min. then slowly tell you what was on her mind and return to normal chewing. pipeman

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17703: what's for supper and where. us fellers are starting to see our belly's against our backbones. don't you feel sorry for us? pipeman

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17704: On a happier note, I'm almost all done with my TAGS jig-saw puzzle I got at K-mart a week ago. It has the faces of Gomer, Opie, Aunt Bee, Howard, and Andy around a bigger picture of Barney with a surprised look on his face. And they are all inside a bigger picture of an old-time tv. Does anyone else have that one? I'm not much into jig-saw puzzles but I saw this one and had to have it. They had another one but I didn't get it because it was a painting of some of the characters and I'd rather have the real things.
I just have the rest of the tv to do and some parts of Barney's face to find and some of Aunt Bee's hair.
It's been kind of fun putting it together!
-Sterling Holobyte

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17705: Loved the story on your gum-chewing Grandma, pipeman!:) Blackjack gum. Is that a licorice gum or something? I've heard of it before but I can't remember.
-Sterling Holobyte

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17706: Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is doing well today! I have a Christmas story I would like to share, and it just happened! My husband and I started a new business a year and a half ago, and it has not been as lucrative as we had hoped. We refinanced our home, and money has been more than tight, and it still is, especially at Christmas. My husband and I go to a Christian church and have been members there for many, many years. In all the years I have attended Christian churches I have heard many stories of God providing for people in need, and quite frankly, sometimes I would be a little jealous and wonder why He never provided for me. (The truth is, I am the perfect example of the person who saw God's footsteps in the sand and mistook them for my own.) Well, Wednesday night I went to church and was getting the room ready for the two-year olds, when one of my Pastors came in and told me somebody asked him to give me an envelope. When I looked inside there was a card, signed only "Jesus", and $500! That money could not have come at a better time! I can assure you, this is a Christmas I will never forget, and after many years of being a Christian, I know I can never outgive God, and I just want to take this moment to say "Thank you, Jesus!"

Here's wishing one and all, a wonderful Christmas Season, and may everyone get the gift of a closer relationship with God!

Mary Wiggins

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17707: Hello all! I will be very MERRY waiting for CHRISTMAS and I hope to be HAPPY waiting for NEW snowfall next YEAR! Time fer: "We Three Kings". Here we go.

Briscoe Darling Jr.

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17708: Whoa boy, did I start this debate? Sounds like
Earnet T throwing a rock into a hornets nest.
Mayberry girl- EVERY nation ever formed was done so with bloodshed. For believers in God, (tho i dont speak for everyone)we see this happened thru out history due to the fallen nature of man.
After the birth, death and resurrection of Christ,
the newly formed Christian church began to take those pagan days like saturnalia, and turn them into Christian celebrations (ie Christmas)in hopes of following the great commisssion of Jesus to go, teach and baptize all nations. But it was to be a commission to "teach the truth in love" not as some have done, which was to kill
if you didnt believe. (and as some do today in many senarios)It is to be, "here it is!" To go back to one example, it is a well known fact that the birth of Christ was probably in April or May, due to what the Scripures describe as the goings on at the time.
Christianity chose the time around the winter solstice to try to get the non-Christians to
see what was being taught by those who were disciples of Jesus.
In more more modern history, to jump ahead about 1800 years, it was on June 28, 1870, that the US Congress declared Christmas a an "official holiday". That is why, as a Christian, Andy Taylor Griffith, included so many Christian songs and themes, in his show. And he did it in such loving wonderful ways! "Man in a Hurry" and "opie Birdman" are most excellent examples.
Mr Darlin's Cuz

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17709: Thank you Mary Wiggins for sharing that story. It is truley amazing what the Lord can do if we just exercise faith and follow His lead. There is a lot I would like to comment on from the posts above, but I best not do so here.
I do agree with you though Boo and Sterling. We have an obligation as Christians (and a right also) to let our voices be heard. There are many who would like to stifle our rights but we must not let that happen.
Now, as far as favorite candy. I remember them life saver books also. Got one every year when I was a kid. That has been replaced as an adult for me with them chocolate oranges. Does anyone else like them? I just adore them to pieces. If you get one for Christmas and don't want it, send it to me. I will see that it is consumed in a most humane way. LOL


December 15, 2003 - Msg 17710: Hey Asa,

My six year old loves those chocolate oranges, too! They are yummy! Of course, Mommy always helps him eat it!

Mary Wiggins

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17711: Anyone recall those "Chicken leg" candy sticks
that kinda tasted like a butterfinger?
I loved "Big Hunks" too!
There was also the Christmas hard candy that had a soft center. mmmm good!

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17712: ONE...I wasn't attacking BOO! TWO...Referrencing the heathen part, Read Again.

As far as the no positive things about Christianity I say whatever to that one. For a board full of "Christians" I didn't think I had to cover what they believe.


I ALSO said it shouldn't matter how you say the greeting. Did you miss that one???

I have decided to get into no more debates or even express my opinions. This is the second time I have been bashed for it.

~~mayberry girl

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17713: One note, and nothing more from me on the subject: If I am to be prevented from using the phrase "Merry CHRISTmas", then I do not wish to be subjected to hearing or seeing anything that springs from any other culture, such as "Ramadan", "Kwanzaa", or even "Hanukkah", though that one pains me, as I have many dear Jewish friends. What is applied to us Christians must be applied to all, I think. Now isn't that a sad state of affairs? I wonder how far I'd get in a Muslim country if I protested the open promotion of their faith, or insisted upon displaying a manger scene in my yard? I say to our alien visitors who are here taking advantage of all this country offers - Have your celebrations. Wear your symbols. Hold your feasts. Just don't object when I do the same, or when the majority rules in this country and those things are done corporately. To my Jewish friends, please display your menorah, celebrate Hanukkah and all your feasts, as you have done for years. Those things are a part of our country's heritage, and they support the culture that produced my Jesus, and I love them for that. Think about it. Sugarplum says ho, ho, ho, and Merry Christmas! --Romeena

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17714: sorry about all the time we've spent on all the above. it does my heart good to see christians stand up and be counted. i just wanted to point out the many little bites being taken out of our lives we can see everday. like today it was reported on nbc that gm put camera's in side airbags on new cars to study how effective they work, a lot of police that found out about it have written tickets and moving for court admission. like barney says if ok with you all subject closed.

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17715: Different subject: Mayberry girl, perhaps you'll permit an old gal to offer a little counsel. I hate to see you feeling that you've been "bashed", so maybe I can clear things up a bit. I see you as opinionated (I recognize myself), and young and high-spirited. Nothing wrong with any of that. It can get you into trouble, though, when those opinions are expressed in a way that others see as confrontational. May I take you back to around the middle of November? You had some comments about our friend Floyd and how he conducts the porch (#16777) that lit the fuse for a few people. Even your respected dad suggested that you read for a while and get a better handle on things before criticizing the man who holds it all together. I feel sure you didn't mean that as sharply as it came across, but re-read it and I think you'll see what I mean. Then there was #16838, in which you "shrugged" (your word), obviously a "whatever" gesture toward the censor that had refused to accept a word you had used. It was plain that you thought it was all pretty silly. What you couldn't know, being new, was that at one time the board was attacked by two idiots with nothing better to do, who would swoop in from time to time and post some pretty unspeakable filth on the board, simply for shock value. Floyd would clean it up when he found it, but since he doesn't sit at the keyboard 24/7, he installed the filter to catch it, and it works very well. A little inconvenient at times, but infinitely preferable to the miserable stuff it keeps out.

All I'm trying to say, mayberry girl, is that this is a family site, and everyone is welcome, along with their opinions, but do try to serve up a helping of gentleness and love along with those opinions. The same is offered to you.

Sugarplum says ho, ho, ho! --Romeena

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17716: Opie: I know who ought to win that beauty contest if you want to choose the prettiest girl in town.
Andy: Who?
Opie: Mary Wiggins
Andy: Mary Wiggins?
Opie: Yeah, She's got freckles and braids and a bandage on her knee, and a tooth out, and all the boys in first grade are crazy about her!
Andy: I can understand that. She sounds wild!

"Goober" just passing through

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17717: mary wiggins== it's amazing how god has to remind me and others that we can only handle one grain of sand at a time. he always provides but sometimes i want a 6 month inventory from him and he has to thump me on the head. star trek and i attend a christian chruch i'm always hesitant to say where i attend because i tell them first denomination won't get us to heaven but the chruch we attend works for us and that;s where the lord wants us. pipeman

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17718: sterling holobyte== thanks for your comments on grandma's blackjack gum. yes it is one of the oldest gums, black licorice. it came in a pack with blackjack in big letters. asa& mary wiggins== you got me on the chocalate oranges are they like chocalate covered cherries. do you buy them or make them, or dip them? brisco darling== start the music and we'll jump in where we can. a one, a two. pipeman

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17719: I am just wondering Mayberry girl, do you happen to be Native American? I just wondered cause you said ..."yet murdered my people for our beliefs?"

Hey ya'll, what is the best Christmas gift you ever GAVE someone? Hmmmm....gotta ponder that one.

Be back when I think of it.
fun girl

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17720: Hey to the Porch! Great to see you, MPO! You were one of the original porch-sitters back at Frank's. I been sittin' for over 7 years myownself. Where does the time go??

Hope everyone has a joyful, blessed Christmas!


December 15, 2003 - Msg 17721: Mayberry girl, as a new comer to this TAGS site I felt at first that I should not respond to your post. But, I can't let that hang there. "Rejoice in the High Power's gracious love", that sound nice, real nice, but it is also real weak.One can not pound on a faith, such as you did, and then lay that at the feet of a "higher power". It reminds me have all the feel good nonsense that I heard when I was in college. Well, it is true that God is the higher power, all things "good" must be credited to Him not some ambiguous being. Furthermore, I've study a great deal concerning the founding of this country and your description of christians during this period is at best erroneous. I'm not saying you deliberitly mislead. But, make no mistake about it you are incorrect.

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17722: Merry Christmas Porch, lively here ain't it? Guess I'll just let it go by. Mary Wiggins, ain't Jesus wonderful!? I just got a si$eable gift from my cousin who says my Aunt (passed away) would want me to have it and that she'd be with me as I "spent it wisely". The Lord works in mysterious ways.

My favorite candy was mentioned above - haven't thought of Adams Sour Apple Gum in years! That really was a bud-twanger! Loved the wax candies and wax pop bottles, also those candy cigarettes. Red licorice and chocolate covered raisins still top my list. Yep, I have a mouth full of fillings, too.

Best gift I ever gave someone?... not sure...

~ Mrs. Wiley
"Away in a manger, no crib for a bed
the little Lord Jesus lays down his sweet head."

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17723: Hey to the Porch.
Des, have you seen Hank Wilson lately?

-- Jelsik

"A man's enteitled to his opinion...."
(I know I misspelled "enteitled"...but the Porch Po-lice wouldn't let me spell it correct, they gave me a rude....)

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17724: hey, I didn't get no rude. ~ Mrs. Wiley

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17725: Hey Pipeman,
The Chocolate Oranges are round, sectioned off pieces of chocolate, just like an orange is, and when you get one you have to "whack" it on something hard like the table, to break the sections lose. It isn't cream filled or anything, it's just chocolate with a slight orange flavor to it, and boy is it go-ood! I can't even think of the manufacturer's name, but if you ask at the grocery store, I am fairly certain they would carry it.

Mary Wiggins

P.S. Goober, thanks for giving everyone a description of what I look like, missing tooth and all!

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17726: It's amazing what you miss in a day's time around here. But I too have an opinion concerning the Christmas thing. It just steams me too. You dont see anyone taking Haloween out from things.. so why can we not say CHRISTmas?? I know Haloween isn't as big of a deal as Christmas but if they are gonna take one out they should do it all. Anyways.. just my thoughts. Now as for the good stuff, the candy. I remember the wax candy, and those little gummy bottle candies with the cola flavored stuff in them. The store I work at started keeping Kits, little taffy candies. I dont remember them but a ton of people just have a fit over them. And those chocolate oranges are to die for. Does anyone remember the old orange chocolate candy it had this orange jelly stuff in it? I think Brocks was the one who put it out. Good stuff I tell ya. Well I'm off my soap box now, ya'll have a good evening--Salty Dog

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17727: BB Bats are like Kits only on a stick. Used to get alot of them at that autumn holiday when kids go door to door and ask for candy. (Wouldn't want to offend anyone. HEE HEE LOL)

I got 50 cents a week when I was young. I had to empty the ashes and set the table and everthin. (LOL) But seriously, that was when Tiger Beat Magazine and Sixteen Magazine were 50 cents a copy. I was hard pressed to decide between Adam's Green Apple Gum and a magazine. The gum was 15 cents a pack. Usually I would look at the magazine and if there were no David Cassidy pictures, I would go for the gum. I sometimes thought I would buy two packs of gum and then have enough to hold me over and get a magazine the next week. But it never worked out that way. I never could resist enjoying two packs in one week if it was there.

I got a rude,
You got a rude,
All God's children got a rude. (Get it?) LOL

Later friends,
fun girl

I am assuming everyone remembers Tiger Beat and Sixteen Magazines. Do tell who your fav was who graced the pages of these magazines.

December 15, 2003 - Msg 17728: Don't get me started on those chocolate orange candies. They are my favorites too. Yesterday instead of buying the kind that's wrapped in foil and shaped like an orange, I bought the individual slices, that come separately wrapped in a box. They're made by "Terry's", by the way. The way I look at it is this: Oranges have vitaman C. And Mother likes me to get plenty of vitamin C during the flu season.
- Hazel

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17729: Hi All Will it look like the little redmen is taking thing over .
God say in the last days the world will be fighting about him and win he come he will set thing right for everyone who love him.
So keep him in your heart wair no one can git to him.
Do you no that the blackjack,clove andbeemans chewing gum is back out.

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17730: fun girl>>YES I am Native American

auh2o>>It is you that is wrong. I will give you a more recent example. The source my ex-hubby. He is full-blood Southern Cheyenne. He was taking from his parents (just like all indian children at age 5) and sent to a Christian boarding school where he was told not to practice his religion or even speak his own language. If he did, he was beaten. This happened frequently.
~*~mayberry girl

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17731: Hey to Jelsik! Yep, seen Hank several times lately. Sorry you got a rude. Hank would never give you a rude. ;-)

Mayberry Girl, for what my humble opinion is worth, you sound like a thoughtful, intelligent person. To each his/her own is what I say. Someday all will be revealed.


December 16, 2003 - Msg 17732: Faith does not lie in buildings of brick and stone. Nor does it lie within the pages of a book. The church, holidays, none of this matters in the big picture. We all have our own way of worshipping. and it is ludicrous to tell anyone that their way of worshipping is wrong.

I see two things on this page. One, people talking about candy. Two, people spouting off about how right they think they are. When in the end, it doesn't matter. When we die, we will then know what happens when we die. Until then, all this bickering is pointless.

Every religion has it's share of bad history. But it's just that. History. and it truly does not matter now. Everyone wants to convince everyone else that they are right. Which also, does not matter. We are all here. We are all living. We all have the same color blood. We've all done bad things. We've all done good things. We all like to believe that we are the only ones that are right. And for that reason, not one of us is.

To both sides I say, have a Merry Christmas, or whatever holiday it is for you. And for God's sake, please stop bickering. Do you think god really cares how we look at him as long as we're looking at him?

An opinionated bystander.

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17733: Ha! There is some lively converstaion on the porch tonight!

When I posted my opinion earlier (concerning Christians and the state of America) I was pretty emotional and might have said less. I am referring to my use of the word "stupid". I have to stop and realize that the majority of Americans believe in God and are willing to allow all people the freedom to worship in the way they choose. Mayberry Girl, I am sorry if I offended you with the use of the word heathen. I never meant to suggest that Native Americans (or any other race) were heathens. I do think that to those of us who believe that Jesus is the savior of the world, it is important to leave Christ in Christmas. I do know my history pretty well, as it concerns Christianity and I am grieved by what has been done in the past by the so-called church, in the name of God. I believe there is a true church and there is a church in name only. True Christianity is loving and holy and follows the example of Jesus that we have in the bible. Many horrible atrocities have been done in the name of religion (and are still being done) but those things shouldn't be confused with the wonderful acts of sacrifice and love done my generations of true believers who follow the Lord Jesus, even unto death. True Christianity has an amazing heritage.

Love to all,

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17734: jareth>>you make me smile honey

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17735: Thank you Jareth for your thoughtful comments. They are welcome. I was going to reply to mayberry girl's comments she made in response but after reading Jareth's thoughts I don't think I will, except maybe to say sorry Mayberry girl for my error about saying nobody mentioned heathens. I failed to read the first part of Boo's post when I went back to look at it. But knowing Boo(as much as I can know her here) I think(and correct me Boo if I am wrong)she was probably talking about the atheist-type people who are dilligently trying to remove anything remotely religious, and particularly Christian, from our culture. As for the other parts of your post, well all I'll say is that we(you and I) see your post differently.
As for the Native American thing, I think what Jareth said about all religions doing bad things at one time or another, the same can be said for different cultures. There were atrocities committed on both sides.
There, and now per Jareth's suggestion, I am going to stop bickering.
Have a nice night everyone! That includes you mayberry girl! Your opinions ARE welcome, but as Romeena said in message 17715, well, maybe you should just read it over. She makes some good points.
-Sterling Holobyte

Boy, what a day here on the porch huh?!

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17736: Hi Boo, I didn't see you there! Hope I didn't step on your toes!

I guess you answered my question too!
-Sterling Holobyte

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17737: You know, I could sit here for years and try to understand why the evil was done to Native Americans that was done and I would never understand it (not to mention the African slaves). How men could be so cruel I just don't understand. As I am thinking about it I realize that there are evil men of every race who choose to hate and kill. I believe God judges each man individually. I can grieve for what was done but I can't take the blame for it because I wasn't even born. Those that commit such acts of hate will be judged. What good can possibly come from bitterness and blaming those who had nothing to do with it?

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17738: No way, Sterling, I have tough toes, and you are right, I was talking about those who hate God and anything spiritual. I really enjoy these times when we can hash these things out. I think we all learn something from it.

Favorite candy....hmmmm...I liked the coconut candy bars that were pink and white striped. Anyone remember those??

Hey, Mayberry Girl, Christians are people and aren't perfect, I'm afraid. I wonder if you have ever studied the gospels (particularly the gospel of John)? To get a picture of True Christianity as it should be you should look at the life and teaching of Jesus, himself. He is the ideal but we (flawed humans) don't quite measure up. I can tell you, though, that being born again is the most amazing thing that ever happened to me and I can say that nothing comes close to the joy I feel since I found out that Jesus is real and is who he said he was (and that's not just religious talk). Have a peaceful night, friends!


December 16, 2003 - Msg 17739: I am a decendent of Cherokee and Creek Indians. As a matter of fact, a great great (I am not sure how many greats) grandfather was a Colonel in the army and was assigned to move the Creek Indians from Southern Georgia, I believe. Well, he met and married a Native American girl. Also on my mother's father's side, one of the men in the family married a Morning Dove, which I believe is safe to assume that she was a Native American.

I have read much about the treatment of the Native Americans. I too feel that they were mistreated terribly.

As for commenting on Christianity, I think everyone has done a good job and said what I would in the situation.

Friends, and that is what we are is friends, I just want everyone to get along. I am sorry Mayberry Girl that you feel you have been so misunderstood. The people here on the porch are true kindhearted neighbors. I have never felt that they were saying anything hurtful or thoughtless to me personally. They do not laugh at my jokes as much as I think appropriate, but I can not fault them for that. As anyone who knows me can tell you, there are times when I think I am far funnier than I am.

Friends, I am off to my ironing board. It's adventure sleeping time.

fun girl

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17740: JARETH== amen to your comments, i'm sorry i started the whole thing now, not apoligising for my beliefs. MY WHOLE POINT WAS; WAKE UP AMERICA WE ARE BEING TAKING FOR A BATTLE OF THE LIFE AND LIBERTY THAT OUR LORD PAID FOR US AND ( OUR ANCESTORS OF ALL ETHIC AND RELIGIOUS BACKGROUNDS AND MANY HAVE DIED FOR IT) from gm put into there new cars side air bag camera's to monitor there effectiveness in crashes. now police want to be able to write tickets, admit as evidence tape. so please let's let it go, and return to the founding principals so many have worked for to make this the best living porch anywhere. pipeman

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17741: hey to tom- long time no hear from you, been in our prayers.hey to sterling, des,and everyone. hazel== got to try those chocolate oranges, in this bad flu season i need lots of yum sweet vitiamin c. mrs wiley== congrats on god's gift to you, you deserve it you bring so much joy to all. just read an article about the useless and unvaluable things each person collects in a lifetime but is valuable to only the individual, but after a person's passing be carefull throwing those things away as junk because your tossing out things that was handled with love and dare. i collect old bible's, strangly even the one from 1800's are virtually useless monetarily and seldom kept, i collect them because someone's whole life was handled and lived thru that book. what a faith builder. pipeman

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17742: mary wiggins== thanks for edcating me on the chocolate oranges, my head is going to swell from so much knowledge. tee-hee. fun girl== i remember those magizines, the movie star mag was popular in the 40's and 50's i still have two. i hope you don't have a stiff back and neck from all that adventure sleeping. boo=== i haven't thought about those cocunut stripe bars in a long time, i see a box of them around every twi=o years or so. i used to love pulling the stripes apart, eating one at a time, how did you guess i ate the chocalate one last?i always felt like i was getting 3 candy bars instead of one. mayberry girl we love you as you can see,please read my post to jareth, hug those elves for me. WHEN IS NATIONAL ELVES DAY? lol to everyone, peaxe on earth and our porch. pipeman

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17743: Shakedown!
Morning, porch! I tried to stay out of this recent moulage.
As a general rule for me, I try to sneak something TAGS into each of my posts. In my opinion, this world would be a better place if they showed more reruns of Andy Griffith. Each and every day.
- Hazel

Soliloquy. That's where you look away off and kinda talk to yourself. They used to do that whole lot back then. You do it today and somebody'll take you away.

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17744: Hey Folks,

I've been reading along with the posts and I just want to ask this of you all. Please don't let things get like they have in the last 24 hours. All it takes is holding your tounge to let things settle down. Wait 10 or 20 minutes before you write a reply to a message so that you can be certain that your emotions are not so strong that you might say something to purposefully hurt someone else here on the Porch.

We have folks here on the Porch that are hurting already for one reason or any of us truely want to add to that hurt by making comments that will sting and bite? I don't really think so but if we do have someone that doesn't care what they say shouldn't we be kind and love that person because they NEED love to help them overcome their hurt and pain?

I thought that was part of the "Mayberry spirit" of love our neighbors and care for them if they're hurting? That sounds alot like a Christian teaching as well and I'm sure many other religions teach "love your neighbor" as well and if they don't, they should.

Mayberry was/is a wonderful place where friends don't attack one another. Where friends look out for one another. Where neighbors care for one another. Bad things sometimes happened but it never took away from the foundation of love and caring.

Those of us who are Christian's should know that the Lord told us we would be hated because of Him so why are we surprised when He is right? Some people don't like Christmas because of Christ. He told us as much. Bad things where done in the name of Christ which is a sad, sad thing but that doesn't mean His words are not true. It means that Men pervert things and do unspeakable things and SAY it's for Christ and that is a sad and hurtful thing.

That said, please remember that those that are hurting need love and joy the most. Share the joy you have in your hearts and keep the biting remarks that add to pain to yourselves. If you can do that, not just on the Porch but in your daily walk, wouldn't the world be just a little better place?

--Allan "Floyd" Newsome

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17745: And the people said AMEN

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17746: thanks floyd and the people said amen, your the prince. thanks for all you do. merry christmas to one and all. pipeman

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17747: You're a treasure, Floyd. And you're so right about this porch. I come here for a place of quiet rest not to see Crossfire or some similar awful show on TV (Sorry, if anyone's a Crossfire fan--no offense. I just hate controversy. I love chitchat, but I hate controversy. Fun girl, My uvula comment back at ya was also meant in jest. Sorry if it didn't come off as funny either! :) You and me we be mates (as Crocodile Dundee would say), we've got that David Cassidy, Tiger Beat, Sixteen magazine thing all wrapped up in our history! Does anyone remember Zotz candy? They were a hard candy with a fizzy center. I loved those things. Love to all porchsters today!
Charlotte Tucker

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17748: Floyd,
Agree 100 percent and I will honor your request. I do wish Mayberry Girl a Happy and Joyous Christmas. I too have Native American blood in me. My Grandmother was half Cherokee. She taught me more in the 17 years I was with her than nearly any one else has since. I hope you do have a good Holiday Mayberry Girl.

Fun girl, In the short time I've been stopping by here I have laughed at quite a few of your jokes.


December 16, 2003 - Msg 17749: Well said, Floyd. Thank you! If I have said anything that offended anyone, it was not intended to do so, and you have my sincere apology for any hurt I may have caused. Sugarplum very wisely says only ho, ho, ho! --Romeena

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17750: fun girl, I laugh at your jokes too, but it's more fun not to let you know it. (teehee) --Romeena

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17751: Okay - I won't talk about anything controversial except unless you pick on my goats! or Asa's golf swing - he is a mean whacker!! Right Hazel?
My favorite candies - pop rocks (which I have seen again at KB toys), lick'em sticks, sugar daddies, and my all time favorite is still Heath Bars - that's a story in and of itself!
Hopefully selling another goat (or two) this weekend! Fingers crossed - would be helpful since my husbands work is closing the plant for two weeks - claims that they aren't selling enough hospital furniture although he has been working overtime for the past two weeks! Go figure!

Hark the Herald Angels Shout - only 3 more days and school is OUT!


December 16, 2003 - Msg 17752: Anybody remember those Purple Cows?? Grape taffy on a stick - mmmmm!

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17753: "I went wild with allspice."

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17754: OOOOOkkkkkk. I too have been quiet for awhile,
and being fairly new to the porch, hope I didnt cause any problems. When I first saw THE TAYLOR'S FRONT PORCH at the top of the page, I thought , great, a place like I see on TV in "Man in a Hurry" or "The Sermon for Today" or in so many great epilogues, where Andy sits and strums his guitar.
That's why i picked the name Mr Darlin's Cuz,
because I imagined this big "family" living like those in Mayberry lived, and where I could "escape" for a while during my day, just as I do for the half hour every evening.
I can think of slower days, happier times of childhood, etc. But then reality sets in and we
again see a world full of so much hate and pain.
Here's a suggestion, let's try ,in our own ways, to make the world a better place as much as humanly possible, and reserve the porch as that special place of Andy, Barney and the gang, and
enjoy these brief moments. Is that too corny?
Us Darlin's just like a good picking party now and agin. Anyways,that's my thoughts. And thanks Floyd fer your par'ti'lars.
Ok, come in on the bass now, ah that's goooood!

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17755: Well, the tree is up, the stockings are hung, (by the chimney with care), the presents are bought, (mostly), so now I get to move on to cookie baking and present wrapping!

On Christmas Eve everyone generally comes to my house, (matriarch, remember!) so I will have to cook up a big meal, and have lots of cookies, and candies and desserts. It is such a fun time of the year. If this time of the year is bitter sweet for anyone, I might let you know that in the past 10 or so years, I have lost my grandmother, mother, and sister-in-law, all right at the holidays, but things do get better, and you will soon find yourself finding new sources of joy during the Christmas Season. One source of joy for me this year was I fired up the engine in my big old van, and Mahalia Jackson was singing "Going Up Yonder", now that is one old song, that used to always bring me to tears, and it did again just hearing it!

Tonight, it's going to be spaghetti and garlic bread, (brush those teeth after dinner!), and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. See y'all around 5ish!

Mary Wiggins

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17756: Mary,
you made me think of this one: (enjoy)
Barn- We really packed her away, didnt we.
Andy- Yeah boy
Barn-Fortunately, none of mine goes to fat, all goes to muscle.
Andy-Does huh?
Barn- That's a mark of us Fifes.
Andy- I see.
Barn- My mother was the same way.
Andy: Never went to fat huh?
Barn: Know where it went?
Andy- muscle?
Barn- Yeah, mark of us Fifes.

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17757: Do you use any secret ingrediants in your spaghetti sauce Mary? I have a secret spice you can try. Don't tell anyone else though. (it's oregano)
Fun Girl, if I laughed at your jokes your head would swell up and then none of yer hats would fit no more, so I'm just trying to be considerate.
I used to love chocolate covered raisens also till homemaker tried giving me some last year. (she is warped I tell ya, warped!)
Over at Miss Crumps blackboard, Miss Crump uses her ruler across our knuckles when we get out of hand. But over here she is Floyd. I hope he don't stick us with his sizzors.
Well I must get back to what I was doing. (anyone know what I was doing?)


December 16, 2003 - Msg 17758: Oops,

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17759: From now on, ya'll laugh out loud and not to yourselves. You folks are enough to give a body a COMPELSION! Don't want to make a big moulage out of it, but just so ya know. LOL
homemaker we'll let you postpone the story of the Heath Bars until school is out, but then you must fess up!

Everybody now, "There's a little brown church in the wild wood. No lovelier place in the vale. (?) No spot is so dear to my child hood as the little brown church in the vale.

Prayers for David.
fun girl

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17760: Homemaker, I loved the Hark the Herald Angels sing thing! Isn't the thought of school being out such a wonderful thing??? Some of my most happy childhood memories are of school getting out for Christmas or for the summer. Speaking best friend, who we have prayed for here on the porch (she is the single mom whose pregnant daughter was beaten up by her boyfriend), is graduating from nursing school tonight. Hooray! Finally, things are looking up for her. Her daughter had the baby (a healthy girl) and is doing much better.

Well, I think this porch is a great place to come, too. Having been coming here for awhile, I can say that it has been a support and a comfort many times. I hope everyone feels comfortable discussing things that are of concern to them. When I have had concerns or worries I have brought them to the porch and have received some wonderful encouragment and advice. I guess I would like to know how others feel. Do ya'll want to keep things light all the time or should we even be getting into our personal feelings or problems? What do the rest of you want this porch to be? I will comply with what the majority wants to do. Maybe we need some guidlines or something.

Gotta go....Baby Girl wants her sippy cup.

Later, Friends

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17761: I think the porch should be a place where if you have a concern or problem, you should be able to voice it. I don't think we need guidelines, as I think we all pretty much know how to conduct ourselves with some civility. And if things do get out of hand, Floyd knows just when to get out his scissors and start snipping!;) He is a wise man, which I guess is why he is such a good barber. He knows when to let things lay or when to trim around the rough edges.
And he also looks good with a moustache! huh?!
-Sterling Holobyte

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17762: The juicy stuff must be gone cause I don't see nothin too bad thats been said. which is fine. I don't like fightin anyways.

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17763: Oh, sometimes conflict is a good thing. Its all in how you conduct yourself.


December 16, 2003 - Msg 17764: can't be a barber for 30 years and not learn something. :)

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17765: Boo, Sterling, Charlotte, Fun girl, Mayberry girl,
Goober, pipeman, salty dog, spot, the again missing dog, o the porch, Asa, homemaker, Mary Wiggins, Briscoe, auh20, hazel, Romeeena, county nurse, and anyone else I may have missed, hey from the west end of the porch. Good advice from all of ya. Also glad to see things settlin' down.
Gettin' ready to turn our our local stations next episode of TAGS, after a long day of working with dialysis patients. Hope ya all had a good day.
SPOOOOT, ya can come home now!
Mr Darlin's Cuz
Mr Darlin's Cuz

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17766: ***The time at the southern end of the porch is now 5:00 pm, give or take a few. Banjo Jerry, who has recovered from his weekend bender at Spot's party, cautiously tiptoes across the porch, and stands among all of you, because he wants to say something.***
Uhh, er, well...... anybody who knows me or my character, knows that public speaking is not my strong suit, awake or asleep :)
I have been really afraid to say anything about this whole debate that has erupted on this board the past few days. I am kinda new when it comes to being on the computer, behind the times as it may sound....but it suprises me how something can go completely out of whack, so quickly and among friends. You all still are friends, aren't you?
Gee, I hope so.
I guess what I might like to say is, don't let the evil that's in the world ruin what good might be within your hearts.
Banjo Jerry

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17767: Gosh Jerry. I don't think there's no bad blood here. I would be shocked if there was anyway. I hope Mayberry Girl is ok with things.
Anyway Boo, I love how the porch has been for the 3 or 4 years I have been posting here. I think this is the first time since I've been here that Floyd has felt compeled to calm things down a tad. I enjoy being able to come here and share things and ask for prayers and what not. But I, like you will be willing to go along with what the majority want the porch to be. I do feel strongly though that goats be kept down on the grass, not here on the porch. They are a pain to clean up after. (just pickin at ya homemaker)


December 16, 2003 - Msg 17768: Welcome to my all you fans of the best show ever made!

December 16, 2003 - Msg 17769: i thank each of you and love you all. when i let the world seep in i am truly sorry, forgive me. mdc== your 100% correct, that is why i love the porch so much too. the childhood memories, sense of community, family as it used to be, and i turned a statement meant to be informative not retorical to appear. i apologise i was wrong and suffered seeing everyone so distressed. boo== i agree 100% with you and others keeping things like we had them is what makes our porch the best ever. my den and garage is all done in andy griffith and nostaliga items. that's what keeps us young high schoolers so young at heart. go mayberry porchsters. thanks for the great supper tonight, if we can get banjo jerry, the darlins to jump in with a song. sing and make merriment. sterling holobyte and floyd=== floyd has been cutting heads for a long time and even though he gets the sideburns uneven who cares cause everyone's sideburns are uneven. say floyd when are you going to help do ladies hair on their way to the beauty shop? oh the gossip you could share cause everyone knows men don't gossip, we just tell stories. HA,HA. love you all. pipeman