December 28, 2003 - Msg 18080: Dear Asa - no jokes this time - sorry about Sammy ~

We had a baby goat born Christmas night - his name "Christmas Joe!"

Sorry I haven't checked in lately -
been busy, busy, busy. . . .


December 28, 2003 - Msg 18081: Oops - looks like I got to clean up this place a little bit!


December 28, 2003 - Msg 18082: welcome home, homemaker. missed you lots of action ,might want to catch up in the archives. good to have you and christmas joe aboard. the pipeman.

December 28, 2003 - Msg 18083: Good Evening All,
I hope all is well with the folks here.-Jeb

December 29, 2003 - Msg 18084: jeb== hope you had a great christmas. hazel-- prayers for you and yours. spot= wake up new years eve [arty is only hours away and no guidence, need you. last night i watched the tv guide peoples top 20 moments during 2003.awards. return to mayberry came in at #9. they only showed opening scene and andy helping opie runaway. good morning to rest of porch. pipeman

December 29, 2003 - Msg 18085: Mornin' Y'all! Had a great Christmas myself-glad everyone else seems to have had a good holiday also.Sorry about your loss,Asa,and I will keep your hubby in my prayers,Hazel.Hey fun girl,maybe I could get my grandbaby Laci to decipher that message that your lil' Rosa left on the Porch! She's almost 4 months old so she might be able to crack a 5 month old baby's code! Ha! Did I tell y'all that Laci is getting teeth? Her top front teeth are almost poking through her gums.I was hoping she'd get her "2 front teeth for Christmas" but they didn't quite make it! With those chunky chubby cheeks of hers she's gonna look like a little chipmunk once those toofies come in!
Well,I must think I'm still on Christmas vacation-better get off the Porch and get ready for work.Y'all have a wonderful day!
possum under a rock

December 29, 2003 - Msg 18086: Morning porchsters, back to work today--I'm way behind on some of my projects. Prayers and tears for Asa. I know you will miss Sammy. Prayers for Hazel's husband too. Fun girl, I loved the poem about your grandfather. That 'un made me cry. Sounds like most of you had a nice holiday. So did we. Catch ya'll later.
Charlotte Tucker

December 29, 2003 - Msg 18087: Hi ya'all! We're back from the folks. Had a wonderful Christmas. Several of my 7 brothers and sisters and their families were all together with us.
I will check archives, and then check back in.
Last night, our local station had on the "Man in a Hurry" episode. I finally got it on tape!
Come, come, come to the Wildwood...
Mr Darlin's Cuz

December 29, 2003 - Msg 18088: Good morning, everyone! It's a beautiful, clear and sunny day here on the north Texas end of the porch. It's 50 degrees at about 10 a.m., and will probably warm up more during the day. It's lovely - chilly enough for the squirrels to be full of energy, but warm enough for me to go dig in the dirt a while. I've got some bulbs that need to be planted. I hope bulbsnatcher doesn't come along and dig them up! (teehee) I have ranunculas and anemones to plant now, and in a few weeks will plant some hyacinths. No tulips for me - the squirrels dig them up and eat them, and the ones they miss come up but never bloom. Don't know what I do wrong - I chill them and everything, but they just won't bloom. I asked Mr. Weaver, and he didn't know what the problem is, either, so I just avoid tulips. My nurseryman neighbor has ordered some stargazer lilies for me, and I plan to put a bunch of them in, just sort of tucked in little surprise pockets here and there. Should be very pretty.

My daughters and some of the grandkids really got to enjoy the picture window yesterday morning. I put out a lot of feed and seed in the back yard, and the wildlife came in like someone had called them. At one point we had eight squirrels (a record so far) and of course, innumerable doves, grackles, sparrows, one lone pigeon, a flicker, and several birds I can't name. There was such a hum of activity out there, it was like watching a circus from the front row. Everyone loved it, and it confirmed in my mind that putting in this window was the right thing to do. I get to watch God's little miracles out there every day, but it sure was fun to watch it with my family, too.

Well, gotta run. I have a couple of after-Christmas sales that I can't miss. Sugarplum says Happy New Year! --Romeena

December 29, 2003 - Msg 18089: I was in Mount Airy last Friday for a family reunion and me and my first cousin (his dad was in Andy's high school class) went to Snappy Lunch and got 8 burgers and 2 pork chop sandwiches. My cousin said his dad's picture was on the wall with the senior class, but they had moved it. We had spent lots of summer afternoons in the 60's running around Mt. Airy. I wnet into Dickson's record shop (where I had purchased the single Mony Mony years ago) and Ms. Dickson was there and she had also graduate with my uncle. My other uncle was in Snappy Lunch a while back talking to Charlie and it came up that my uncle had grown up in Mt. Airy in "the old Hollingsworth house" over by the phone company. Charlie said "we call that the Taylor house." 319 S. Main. We're the Taylors, by the way. What a rush of memories and nostalgia. I bought a little book about Andy's parenting skills and headed back to the Blue Grass.

December 29, 2003 - Msg 18090: Hello all! I hope you had a very nice Christmas! Well, I think our sleeping systems are getting back to normal after staying up until 3am Christmas Eve opening presents. It took about two days to recuperate and quit feeling groggy.
Boo, I know what you mean about the Christmas decorations. Why does it always seem to quit feeling like Christmas right after Christmas? Even so, we still leave our decorations and tree up until after New Years. It is still the holiday season after all, I guess.
Hope your husband's ok, Hazel!
-Sterling Holobyte

December 29, 2003 - Msg 18091: taylors= thank you so much for your story, we hope you pull up a chair and visit often in 2004. finest folks anywhere on this site. pipeman... charlotte tucker and possum== great to have you back safe and sound. are you gonna to go to new years party trying to get spot to host haven't heard yet. possum are you going to give spot a dance if he hosts it? he sure had a hang dog look when you missed christmas oner dance with him. mdc== welcome back glad your home safe,trying to get spot on a party for new years eve, we need music, any idea's? romeena & sugarplum== you trained that bulb snatcher well, every year i have the prettiest bulb flowers thanks to the bulb snatcher, sterling holobyte= great to have you home to keep us straight sure missed you. pipeman

December 29, 2003 - Msg 18092: does anyone had or know someone who made a funny new years resolution no matter how far back it was.? just a thought. pipeman

December 29, 2003 - Msg 18093: Whew, 4 days of archives to catch up on!
Sterling- I hear ya, I cant quit 'cold turkey' either. I have to ease out of the season.
Speaking of cold turkey... anybody want some?(ha)
County nurse- Pepsi and those Lance crackers,eh?
Yup, must be a NC thing. (hehe) I do remember putting apirin in coke. I guess it was suppose
to give a buzz. Then I guess Coke changed the formula or something.
I think you got enuf Mayberry gifts for all of us!
My wife gave me The Christmas Guest book and CD by Andy griffith!
Took a chance this year and gave her a gift card to Frederick's!!!
WELCOME (back) JJJ!!! Sorry to hear of all your losses. Many prayers for all, and Asa too!
Hazel- prayers for your husband too.
Boo- Also good is a few drops of oregano oil in some gatoraid! Will chase that ear infection right out of there!Really!
Romeeena- we put out a bird feeder here in AZ and get all the same birds, and Robins too! (No squirrels tho) Our cat goes bonkers in her window seat watching it all.
Pipeman- hope you are feeling better. cant smell that cherry blend yet. How about we plan a Porch New Years Eve party. You're our party chairman ya know!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

December 29, 2003 - Msg 18094: Hello back from Christmas past...whats for supper?..signed: Spot the "hungry dog" of the porch..

December 29, 2003 - Msg 18095: Mr. Darlins Cuz, pipeman. asa, [sorry], fg.hazel,HM,Boo,Ro,Sterling, Jeb,Charlotte , let plan a party for wed. night...BDJ can ya bring the boys and tune up for us..?.I got a harmonica...signed: Spot the "looking foward to wed night" dog of the mayberry porch inc.

December 29, 2003 - Msg 18096: Better yet, how 'bout a Maple Street block party?

December 29, 2003 - Msg 18097: MDC do you have to be a block head to come to a block party?..signed: Spot the "block head" dog of the coolest porch...ruff ruff

December 29, 2003 - Msg 18098: this is my first time here.but i must tell you i am a andy fan from way back i try to collect andy stuff its hard cause i live in jonesborough tn i have found a bunch of stuff but if you know where i can find more i would really appreciate it please let me know if you know someplace i can find more stuff i love it thanks

December 29, 2003 - Msg 18099: by the way i am really good at andy trivia if you ever need any help ill be glad to help

December 29, 2003 - Msg 18100: Hey Spot, Blockheads are on that other show,
you know, with Charlie Brown! (teehee)
Hey new person, welcome to the porch!
2003 will soon be a memory, but us porchsters can send it out in style! It's "porch party time"
once again.! Fire up the smoker.

December 29, 2003 - Msg 18101: How about this one:
In what episode, in the epilogue, did
Andy move his checker piece out-of-turn?
It really happened!

December 29, 2003 - Msg 18102: Good question MDC..I will get the smoker cleaned and the outdoor turkey fryer ready, we gona have dancing?..hey new person , get ya a name and come on up on the porch and sit a spell..signed: Spot the "glad to have a new poarcher' dog of this here shack

December 29, 2003 - Msg 18103: Hello to everyone on the porch .I have been reading the postings on here for about 4 months now and have really enjoyed seeing how you folks get along even when you disagree .I sometimes stand back and see whats going on before jumping into something ,but I figured now was a good time to jump in and say hello.
mayberry deputy

December 29, 2003 - Msg 18104: Welcome Mayberry Deputy. Hope you're not a NAUGHTY DEPATY like Barney can be some times. As for the funniest NY Resolution, I guess mine would be to stop biting my nails. I was bad about that when I was young.

Has Laci figured out what Rosa's message said yet, possum. I am really hankering to find out. She had her first baby food on Friday night. She age real good, but once in a while would shudder and squinch her eyes. But after five months of just breast milk, I reckon anything is gonna be strange and unusual to ya. By Saturday night, she was really getting into it. Well, tomorrow I go to the doctor and find out if I have lost any weight. I sure hope so. This diabetic exchange diet really stinks. Poor Ro, don't know how you do it. I am really addicted to sugar. I got a book about sugar addiction and am gonna try to at least cut back on the sugar I take it. But I ain't gonna like it. There, I said it and I ain't takin it back.

Love to all,
fun girl

December 29, 2003 - Msg 18105: Mayberry duputy ..welcome!hey fg..just jump in and hang on where ever ya can!..signed: Spot the "foot stomping,dancing, talking" dog of this here porch

December 29, 2003 - Msg 18106: can some of you ladys make new years decorations for the porch..I"ll supply the smoke hams and deep fried turkey..signed: Spot the "gona take a nap on the porch" dog of this here shack

December 29, 2003 - Msg 18107: thanks for the welcome fun girl and spot .fun girl I try to be good but sometimes the naughty side just comes out
mayberry deputy

December 29, 2003 - Msg 18108: mayberry deputy what part of the country are ya from from georgia so i stay on the southern end of the porch with possum and a few more of the southern bunch...we have partys and dances here on the porch and we eat GOOD..i cook alot..signed: Spot the "one of the cooks" of the mayberry porch , and by the way im a 44 year young male dog with 2 younguns 12 and 5...ruff ruff

December 29, 2003 - Msg 18109: hey spot Im on the southern end as well . Im from Claremont N.C. which is at the foothills of the blueridge mountains about an hours drive southwest of mount airy .Im a 41 year old single male
mayberry deputy

December 29, 2003 - Msg 18110: wow 3 new folks in the same day. the talors from ky who are related, dabashko= go to left side of this page click on weavers dept. store. another good source is the annual 127 flea market. starts in lexington, ky and ends in florida. should pass near enough to you to catch it. i bought 30 items last year on last day, cheap.mayberry deputy welcome- do you want to come to our party new years at spot. again welcome a briar is a wood usually from italy they make piupes out of, the cheaper ones are found at drug stores etc. dr grabow, yellow bowl, the likes. got to get the brown trucks regualar engine in it ,decorations off, back to just a brown collar truck again just right for mayberry, don't you think? pipeman

December 29, 2003 - Msg 18111: Frankie Flint? Are you out there?

December 29, 2003 - Msg 18112: 1. what was the funniest thing you ever witnessed at a new years eve party? 2. was there ever a new years episode in mayberry? good night all, lol the pipeman

December 29, 2003 - Msg 18113: pipeman I"m a pretty good truck repair dog if ya need me to help me put the regular engine in the brown truck just hollor..pretty country where yer at mayberry deputy...welcome to the southern end..I hold down the fort at the power company been doing it 22 years....what chu do? signed: Spot the" question asking dog" of the common porch..hey fg, hazel, mary wiggins , possum,mrs wiley....

December 29, 2003 - Msg 18114: Hey all. My condolences to the losses. Hope all is well tonite here at the porch.-Jeb.

December 30, 2003 - Msg 18115: Good late evening, everyone, especially all the newcomers. It's always nice to have new folks join us. Spot, you can count on me for the NY party. I'll bring a big plate of fudge. It's left from Christmas, but it's very good, and I just don't need to eat it myself. I'll bring a veggie tray and some dips, too. Naturally, the Plum will bring a large bag of carrots.

fun girl, thank you, but don't waste any sympathy on me. I follow the diabetic exchange diet very loosely, and don't feel at all deprived. It's true that I don't eat a lot of sweets anymore, and I watch my carbs and fats, but I do indulge on occasion. I've eaten Christmas cookies, just not as many as I once would have. I had one piece of fudge, and found it much too sweet for my taste these days. I love a cold Pepsi, but have discovered that they taste too sweet now, too, and my plain iced tea is much more refreshing. There are compensations, and you'll find them soon. Your diet is too new to expect any positive reinforcement yet, but it will come. Just wait until you take a garment to the fitting room in your regular size, and find it's too big. What a thrill!
Another thing I did (and still do) that I think helps a lot, is to eat according to my hunger, not the clock. If I'm busy around noon, and not just really hungry, I keep working and put food out of my mind. I usually get hungry around three, and will then eat a handful of unsalted peanuts, or a small piece of fruit and just keep going. I reward myself with a tasty but low-carb dinner, and the next morning, I feel wonderfully light and "righteous". Those little victories are great motivators.

December 30, 2003 - Msg 18116: pipeman, my funniest New Year's Eve memory is of an event that took place about 35 years ago, in San Antonio. We lived in a house on a hill, and there was a huge community water tower directly behind our house. My first cousin was a sheriff's deputy, sort of on a part-time basis, (think Goober Pyle, in more ways than one.) Anyway, he came by the house just before midnight, and we all went outside to see if there were any fireworks visible at the big moment. At the stroke of midnight, my goofy cousin drew his revolver and fired it into the air. We heard Bang! Ping! Thud! Yep, the bullet hit the bottom of the tower, bounced right straight back and landed in the yard, right in front of my cousin's feet! As you would imagine, he turned white as a sheet, and had a great deal of difficulty holstering that revolver, his hands were shaking so badly. After the initial shock, my husband commented that it was too bad the bullet didn't pierce the tower, and produce a little stream of water to come down and squirt my cousin in the face. The mental image was just too much, and the laughter from the whole family was loud and long, fueled by the relief we all felt, that no real damage was done. We all knew too well that the bullet could have killed someone, but it didn't, and the family has laughed about that one for many years.

Sugarplum says Happy New Year! --Romeena

December 30, 2003 - Msg 18117: I was just wondering about that today too, pipeman, about whether there were any New Years episodes of TAGS! I guess great minds think alike huh?!;)
Of course, if we were really great minds, I guess we would know the answer to the TAGS question.:) So, how about it? Any great(er) minds out there who know it?

Romeena, your story does sound like it could be a TAGS episode! Although I'm visualizing your cousin as a Gomer Pyle rather than a Goober. It just reminds me of the episode where Gomer was on the courthouse roof and kept knocking the shotgun over the edge.
Anyway, I'm also glad no-one was hurt!
Have a nice night everyone! And hey to the new people on the porch!
-Sterling Holobyte

December 30, 2003 - Msg 18118: JEB== welcome back. glad your safe and with us. romeena &sugarplum== dreat story, i could just see your cousin standing there like barney when he'd shoot off a round, he knew to open the cylinder and give your uncle the pistol. sterling holobyte== hope your getting ready for spots party. do you think you, asa and i could practice some halloween pranks? they wouldn't suspect us would they? spot, thanks, probably need your help, gomer and floyd's to put the brown truck inside the court house and fix it back. it's (the to flashy for it's own good. a regular ticket magnet, either barney or gomer citizens arrest) pipeman

December 30, 2003 - Msg 18119: Mornin' Y'all! Funny New Year's memory? That's easy- way back before Mr. Possum & I got married,we were fixin' up my grandmama's house that she left to me so we could live in it after we were married. We had electricity and had the living room furnished on this New Year's back in the early 1980's. Anyway,my mother in law to be had just purchased a new color tv for herself,so she gave us her old set.We had a New Year's "date" so to speak at the little house and decided to plug in the tv,watch the ball drop at Times Square and toast the new year with champagne.Well,the crystal ball dropped in Times Square and as soon as it touched down & the New Year started, our tv blew up! Yep- it went POOF and smoke came out! Boy,did we laugh! We still joke about it on every New Year's Eve- "Wanna watch the ball drop and blow up another tv?" Ha Ha
Hey fun girl,I'll have Laci tomorrow and I'll put her on Rosa's message ASAP.She'll crack the secret code!
Y'all have a great day! Love to all!
possum under a rock
P.S. ok,pipeman,I'll dance w/Spot as long as he don't grab me by the tail and sling me all over the porch!

December 30, 2003 - Msg 18120: good morning porch=== possum that was funny- spot- i spoke to possum and she said she'd dancewith you at the party if you behave, it's up to you now. so we can keep our things straight we are ooking for; 1,the funniest new years eve thing you ever saw? 2. was there any tags shows that had or mentioned new years? 3. what are some funny things to do to bring people good luck? lol. pipeman

December 30, 2003 - Msg 18121: Morning. Can't think of any New Years Andy eps. As far as the good luck though, Barney carried a rabbit's foot and a four-leaf clover to his deputy test. Seems like he had some other things too, but can't remember what they were. Who can tell me?
Charlotte Tucker

December 30, 2003 - Msg 18122: Wow, no one wants to guess the episode where Andy moves his checker piece two times in a row?
It's on the tape that so many of us have, and it's a very obvious blooper in the epilogue.
Did this here Darlin' Cuz finally stump ya all?
I'll reveal the answer at the NYE party!
MMMmmmm I can smell those hams cookin' now.
Need some good music? perhaps Mayberry deputy will bring his harmonica! Welcome to the porch
I live on the AZ end. Last 3 nights it was 27!!
That's like 10 below to most of ya.
Mr. Darlin's Cuz

December 30, 2003 - Msg 18123: I'm loving those funny stories! More, please.

I have had alot of good times on New Years Eve with lots of laughs but what comes to mind is something that happened to my neighbors last New Years Eve. They have a place on the lake and went there to do fireworks off the pier. Well, lo and behold they happen to meet some new friends that evening and enjoyed their company very much and it turns out they also lived on our street. Well, my neighbor Mike and his new friend (and neighbor) were on the pier doing the fireworks when Mike accidentally shot a bottle rocket into his new friends hair and set it on fire. They haven't spoken since! I thought it was a pretty funny picture.

Well, I have lots to do and don't want to do any of it! I have GOT to put off going to the grocery store and just do it! Later, friends.


December 30, 2003 - Msg 18124: hi charlotte tucker, hope your day is going ok. mdc== i'm stumped on that one, i seem to remember when barney was keeping watch over andy and kept him playing checkers. boo== some folks are just oversensitive about their hair being set on fire. tee-hee. i spent time on the southern porch and lovedit. on new years one year spent the day with sopme friends who belived greens. boiled okra, black eye pea's and cornbread was the only way you had good luck. well mind you i like those type of things but even the bible calls for moderation but our hosts eat and fed us bowl after bowl. well next day i had diaraha, two days later i got orders for oversea's, unacompanoed. there is only so much good luck a person should have like that before you become selfish, don't you think? pipeman

December 30, 2003 - Msg 18125: This ain't a New Years story, but Boo's story made me laugh and reminded me and so I have to share. It was July 4th 2002. Fungi was setting off fireworks and all the neighbors were out watching. Well he set off a bottle rocket and accidentally knocked the bottle over and the fire work spun around and you should have seen fungi dancing and chasing it and trying to stomp it out. It did not work and eventually it shot off and nearly landed in a neighbor's hair. He went over and appologized but they haven't spoken to us since. They never were overly friendly to start out with, so I reckon we don't miss em much.

Ro, thanks for the words of encouragement. I am not a breakfast person at all and they are talking about me eating three meals a day, but don't want me to eat too late in the evening. I think I am gonna just do what I can. Life seems to work best that way!

I do recall the huge chain Barney had his wistle on in that episode.

Hey Spot, no possum slinging at the NYE bash.

fun girl

December 30, 2003 - Msg 18126: Ok Possum...I will be on my UP most behavor when we cut a jig at the the smoker ready, wood chopped , got some old 8-track tapes..bob seger,boston,and bad company,elvis,eagles,what cha think..gona get a turkey tomorrow for the fryer,,and OK OK no possum slinging at the party but she better not take a nip at me or she will get a thump on the snout!!.signed: Spot the " gona get along with possum" dog of the party [NY] porch

December 30, 2003 - Msg 18127: New Year's Eve story, eh? Well ok, here goes.
Let me first say that growing up with 7 brothers and sisters in a "just below" middle class home was a struggle but also a real joy! Getting to do special things on special occasions was a real treat! (Remember, I'm the one who brought you the napkin story!) Anyways, I remember the first time I got to stay up til midnight to ring in the new year. I was 10. My mom had 3 well-dented skillet lids that we used as noisemakers. And, yes, I did make it til midnight, and I let loose with those lids, both as "cymbals" and with a great big old spoon to bang against them.
Those lids lasted thru the years, and were the chief noisemakers for all my siblings as the years progressed. Well, the "story" part is this:
A few years ago, when my folks were getting ready to move out of that home that had been theirs for 45 years (to move to assisted living), I was helping box things up, and was clearing out that
little drawer under the oven that is used to store pots and pans, and, you guessed it, there were those 3 lids and the well-used spoon.
I asked my mom why she kept them all these years, and her answer will almost blow you away. She said, "Well honey, your father and I still bang them every new year's eve!!!"
Needless to say, they still have them in thier
assisted living apt.!
Sort of gets ya right here, don't it!
Mr D's Cuz

December 30, 2003 - Msg 18128: Hey to the porch - The 2 moves by Andy happens in "Aunt Bee's Medicine Man". And when Andy is sobering Barney up in "Barney and the Governor", Barney says something about just drinking some water and "the next thing I know, it's 'Happy New Year'!"

Milton P. Oliver
"The governor... is coming here... to shake my hand... bless his heart"

December 30, 2003 - Msg 18129: MPO, you got it! VERY GOOD! RIGHT ON!
And yes, the governor episode was just on here locally, and he said Happy New Year!
"Hey mayor, the governor was here!"

December 30, 2003 - Msg 18130: mpo= good to hear you back on the porch again, you were sure missed. charlotte tucker= barney also rubbed poor opie's almost bald because opie was a redhead. spot== will we have the brown truck done and out of the courthouse before andy get's back? marry wiggins, mrs wiley and ladies of the porch== are you coming to the new years party? we miss you. pipeman

December 30, 2003 - Msg 18131: In south Texas, where I'm from, one couldn't let New Year's Day pass without partaking of some Hoppin' John. If you did, bad luck was sure to pursue you for the rest of the year! Hoppin' John consists of a bowl of rice, covered with a generous serving of blackeyed peas. Now, these peas have to be prepared properly, or they don't work. They should be the dried kind, simmered for a long time with onions and either a ham shank, or some fatback, or some good boiling bacon. The bacon is my favorite. Some folks try csnned or frozen peas, and they're better than nothing, but the dried ones produce the most good luck. At any rate, this is what I learned at my mother's apron strings, and my whole family subscribes to the theory. Incidentally, the dish is wonderfully tasty, and is served with good hot cornbread and iced tea.

Sugarplum says Happy New Year! --Romeena

December 30, 2003 - Msg 18132: Good grief! Make that cAnned peas. --Romeena

December 30, 2003 - Msg 18133: Mr D's Cuz, I absolutely loved your New Year story but it was kind of bitter-sweet, wasn't it? So sad to think of your parents moving out of their home of 45 years but what wonderful, loving memories they must have made for you and your siblings. God bless them!

Ro, my mom always insisted that we eat black eyed peas on New Years (still does) and I hated them as a child. I can eat them now, though. We never ate them with rice, just cornbread and cabbage (yuck--I did not eat the cabbage!). Mom always made the dried kind with ham in them but this year she is using canned--poor thing can't really get around in the kitchen much anymore and I fear that soon they may need to be in assisted living like Mr D's Cuz' parents.

Better go be with the kids!


December 30, 2003 - Msg 18134: We too eat black eyed peas and corned beef and cabbage on New Years. I guess that tomorrow I better run to the store and get some corned beef and cabbage. I always have black eyed peas on stock.

By the way.....I weighed in today. I have lost 5.5 pounds in less than two weeks. So I guess this here eating plan just might work. Heaven knows you get enough to eat.

fun girl

December 31, 2003 - Msg 18135: Why do they call that dish "Hoppin' John", Romeena?
Is it because after you eat it, you will be "hoppin" to the "john"? ;)

I kid because I care, Romeena!:)
Have a good night everyone!
-Sterling Holobyte

December 31, 2003 - Msg 18136: Romeena, I got my black eyed peas (fresh!) ready for Thursday's dinner. Got a spiral sliced ham from HEB, too, and cornbread... lots of cornbread. Gonna be goooood eatin' around here.

MPO! How great to see you posting.

Funniest thing I ever saw on New Year's Eve was one of those incidents that, like Ro's, could have been bad (albeit not AS bad) but wasn't. Several of us were setting off fireworks on the back patio, not really thinking about there being a metal patio cover overhead. At one point, we set off this big ol' FEISTY thing that a neighbor brought over and you should have seen the "shrapnel" ricocheting off the walls, the patio cover, you name it. I never saw such screaming and dancing and jigging in my life. I'd give anything to have a video of that. We're lucky to be alive. They say the good Lord watches out for fools, and I'm inclined to agree.


December 31, 2003 - Msg 18137: well tonights the big PARTY.dess== loved that one. fun girl== congrats on the loss, just remember you'll always be beautifull to us. spot== are you asleep at the switch? almost time. i was just thinking isn't it strange how the human race brings in a new year? like if we hold on till midnight we can be 21 again and the world will be like mayberry. if your lucky you get to kiss someone you wanted to but never would otherwise? then we wake up but just gratefull to the lord and our porch where every moment is special. pipeman

December 31, 2003 - Msg 18138: Happy New Years eve porch!! Been battling that flu this week, thanks to my husband who gave it to me. But I'm getting over it now. I think I own stock in the Alka Seltzer Plus buisness lol. And some of you would be proud of me this week too. Before I got sick I had went to town for the hubby to get him some stuff and ya know what he wanted me to pick up for him?? VICKS!! I had to laugh at it cause of all the ruckus Vicks has made on this porch. I hope everyone is doin ok. I reckon I'm ready for the party tonight, just pass me the bottle of Nyquil and I'll be a happy little porchster lol. Ya'll be safe tonight-- Salty Q Dog

December 31, 2003 - Msg 18139:

Good Morning all, Ellen Brown here. Have a Sonshined filled day, ya hear.


New Year's Eve

by Natalla Arsiennieva

it breaks,
vanished entirely
In the storm-clouds is evening's last thread;
With a new poem now,
a new cycle
I start the days of winter ahead.
I brush the snow-stars from my lashes
(Let them kiss, let them kiss the face)
In my thoughts there wheel
and flashing.
Words with unfulfilled wonder and grace.
Let them flash...
None the less, I shall gather
Them in a verse or a poem some day.
But now...
on young snow-crops
I shall scatter
Those words...
For I'm no minstrel today.
Nor poet...
Spring's blue pours in my eyes now.
And the silver that shimmers beneath
Shaft-bows floods my heart. Old Year dies now.
Perishes, and a New Year is born.
And maybe it will be prove to be gracious
More than blood, more than tears have to give.
With every day, maybe,
every purpose,
Better, yes better, we'll live.
We'll count up the crosses
- return then,
To forget,
to create,
to build high.
To sow seeds of new truth to burgeon
Where the ashes of our old truths lie.

December 31, 2003 - Msg 18140: Mr. Hazel got out of the hospital last night, so I'll be able to make the party. I'll bring the spinach dip and crackers. And I got some cider that's turned hard; I'll bring that too.
- Hazel

"If I ever catch a certain little boy handcuffing another little boy to a flag pole, he'll not only be a-plantin' spinach, he'll be eatin' it--standin' up."

December 31, 2003 - Msg 18141: hazel== glad to have mr hazel home. bring him tonight and we will corupt, i mean keep him company. asa= where are you, we miss you. ellen brown== good to hear from you liked the poem thanks. salty q.== i've had the flu dor over a week, no voice , if this lasts long i'll be like ben weaver shaking his fist.tee-hee. mdc==mpo== spot= sterling, jeb bdc and ladies ofthe porch i have a question??? taking the brown truck tonight frommiddle porch to spots southern end. 1. how many dings of gas will i need? what's wally charging per ding? How many remember those gravisty fed pumps? med time lol. see you tonight if good lord willing. pipeman

December 31, 2003 - Msg 18142: Sterling, that was hilarious (about hopping to the john). Very funny!

Hope everone has a wonderful "last day of 2003". Make it worth remembering!


December 31, 2003 - Msg 18143: HAPPY NEW YEAR porchsters!
Startin' the evening in church, then to the porch party, then will shoot off a few bottle rockets
from the west end! But not under the metal roof!(teehee)
That was a good one des. Yup, that's the plan...
church, party, and rockets.
Y'all be careful comin' to the party!
Pipeman- I think 11 dings will do it; just like 11 hatfulls for the radiator! (:
Mr D's Cuz

December 31, 2003 - Msg 18144: Pipeman, bless you little heart. About loving me anyways I mean. I have always been pretty accepting of myself as far as excess weight goes, but since the back surgery and car accident last year, I have really felt the need to loose a little extra padding.

I'll be at the party with bells on. Hey Ro, ya reckon we could find some earrings with little 2004's on them? Ya know what a smash we were last time we wore our earrings!

I'll bring the sparkling grape juice tonight. I don't go in for the real stuff. I don't even allow fruitcake in the house on account of a brother I had. (tee hee) BUT, maybe if BDJ shows up and brings a jug, I might take a hit off some good old mulberry squeezins. (Think about it. That was probably all the Darlings could afford. If you have a mulberry tree, you know how plentyful they are and I reckon that you could make plenty of squeezins from just one tree.

Love you all and wish for us all a year of peace and love.
fun girl

December 31, 2003 - Msg 18145: Happy New Year!

Hey Porch, how are y'all?! We're doing pretty well here on the northern end of the porch! Had a right nice Christmas, and now I am looking forward to a great New Year!

I may have mentioned this last year, but the most memorable New Year for me was 22 years ago. That was the year I had my first child, on NEW YEAR'S DAY! Of course, a few hours earlier would have been nice, then we could have had the tax credit for the whole year! But, noooooo, she just had to wait until New Year's Day! So, at midnight, I was comtemplating whether or not I should be going to the hospital. I had been in labor since about 8pm on New Year's Eve, but you know how first babies are, you could be in labor for WEEKS! (At least it seems that way to new moms!) So, I dosed off after midnight, figuring this may not be the "real thing". But, when I awoke a little after one in the morning, I knew it was the real thing. And let me tell you, my doctor was NOT AT ALL HAPPY, that he had to leave his revelries to come and help some dumb 24 year old girl bring her first baby into the world. (I never used him as my doctor again!) But, baby girl was born, healthy, happy, and beautiful! She was the first grandchild for my parents as well, so it was quite an occasion for all of us. And my daughter still likes to make an entrance!

So, tonight, around midnight, think about all those women in labor, racing to see who has the first baby of the New Year, and then remember all those doctors whose parties are ruined! I plan to be here for the festivities! And then tomorrow, why don't y'all come by for the big birthday bash. I think I am just going to do Subway, and of course, I will have the Rose Bowl on for all you football fans! (GO BLUE

Until later....
Mary Wiggins

December 31, 2003 - Msg 18146: Actually, I didn't "dose" off after midnight, I DOZED off! Otherwise, it sounds like I had to put out a fire or something!


December 31, 2003 - Msg 18147: Mary Wiggins, your story brought back some great memories of when I worked night shift in labor and delivery. I always worked New Years Eve because the other young nurses liked to go to parties and I didn't. Well, there was a city- wide contest to see who could deliver the first baby of the New Year and we would always be in the race with other local hospitals. It was alot of fun because we would call other labor units in town and lie to them to shake them up. We would tell them things like "We have someone who is pushing and ready to deliver" when we had no one in labor. We also used to celebrate with food, sparkling cider (in those plastic champagne glasses) and party hats. We did have some fun!

Gotta ... thanks for the memory!


December 31, 2003 - Msg 18148: CONGRATULATIONS MARY! That tops the new year's stories so far!
Alrightie, we've got the darlins for music, spot's got the smoker goin', and we all got our bells and earings on...let the party begin!
Be lookin' fer me at the Fiesta Bowl on Friday!

December 31, 2003 - Msg 18149: "GANG" got the smoker fired up and the hams on , 5 big ones..turkey fryer ready, plenty of wood,yall come on over at about 6 or so,bring party favorites and blankets to cover up with [a little cool here] we will be listening to music under the stars..we need somebody to park cars..MDC, Boo,Possum
December 31, 2003 - Msg 18150: dont know why it did not post all of my message above ,the rest was , I may not be back on the comp end of the porch but will be outside cutting a yall come and have a ball..signed: Spot the "ready to cut a rug" dog of the porch

December 31, 2003 - Msg 18151: Got a Hickory Farms sampler I'll bring and share with you all. . .please eat the mustard sauce -can't stand that stuff.
No more new babies yet - but it looks like next week we should be birthing left and right - we are ready - got the birthing beds set up waiting for them to drop. ( For you newcomers - I'm birthing baby goats!)
I'll be happy to go back to work to get back into routine!


December 31, 2003 - Msg 18152: Off to party central and Nana's house. The story about banging pots and pans brought back sweet memories. My mom used to set us out with pots and pans and wooden spoons too.

Anybody watching the three stooges marathon on A and E right now? I ain't much into the stooges, but my darling boys LOVE them.

Oh, possum, tell Little Laci a big HOOSIER hey from Rosa Louise.

Let's party till our stockins are hot and raveling.

fun girl

December 31, 2003 - Msg 18153: Goodness! I never knew there was so much competetion(I had to spell that wrong, the censor didn't let me spell it the correct way, boo hoo!) between hospital maternity wards! Was there wagering also?
fun girl, I love the stooges, and I caught a little of that marathon. I think there is only so much nyuk, nyuk, nyuk a person can take, and I think I've had my fill for today!:)
"Why you, I oughta...!"
-Sterling Holobyte

December 31, 2003 - Msg 18154: Howdy, all. I spent the afternoon with my son, looking at TV sets. I'm thinking of biting a big bullet and getting one of those really big, honkin' TV thingies - not plasma (not about to spend $8k for a TV) but the other thing. HDTV or whatever it is. See, that's why I took my son along. I don't even know what I want, I just know I want a big 'un. My favorite chair is about 16-18ft from my TV, and that 27" screen is getting smaller all the time. So, since I never spend any money on any other kind of entertainment, I'm thinking I just might do it. If I do, then the next time TKAM or GWTW is shown on TV, everyone can come over here for a TV party.

I'm bringing a cheesecake tonight, and the Plum is bringing a bag of carrots. She says she'll enjoy all the dips with her carrots, and promises not to double-dip. Yes, I'm wearing earrings, but if no one else is wearing them, I'll slip behind a bush and take them off. See you at the party! Sugarplum says Happy New Year! --Romeena

December 31, 2003 - Msg 18155: HARRY NEW YEAR to all the good folks here on the porch .
mayberry deputy

December 31, 2003 - Msg 18156: My last message shold be HAPPY NEW YEAR ,it's been a long hard day selling the cabbage ,collards, and blackeye peas at the store today ,so my mind wasn't on my spelling
mayberry deputy

December 31, 2003 - Msg 18157: the little brown new years truck will be coming over the rise at spots- it's party time. truck has all the desserts, a big wrecking ball to drop at midnight. new york got nothing on us. who will draw the honors of dropping the ball? remember i'm the shy country boy so please be gentle, thanks. i see spots now and he's got the activity started, oh no watch out the brakes just went out. tee-hee got you awake now. pipeman

December 31, 2003 - Msg 18158: I ain't parkin' no cars-I'm here for dancin'!
Laci says "Hey" back to Rosa,fun girl.Oh,by the way,I put her onto Rosa's message of a few days ago and she has cracked the code! Are ya ready to find out what Rosa was saying? Drum roll please**** "VICKS!"
Ha Ha Yep,that's what Rosa was trying to tell us.
Ok Spot,I'm here waiting to dance with ya-no possum slinging and I promise to be nice!
I too partake of the Hoppin' John on New Years-it's for luck and you have to eat collard greens to bring wealth in the New Year.I don't eat 'em-guess that's why I'm always broke!
Well,let's get this party started! Anybody want a sparkler? I got them in all American colors-red,white & blue! I hope Brisco will jug us a little Auld Lang Syne come midnight-that 'un makes me cry!
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Love to all!
possum under a rock

December 31, 2003 - Msg 18159: I'm saying Happy New Year to y'all now. Have a great party.

Ellen Brown

December 31, 2003 - Msg 18160: Harry New Year to you too, Mayberry Deputy! Homemaker, I'll eat the mustard sauce out of your Hickory Farms sampler. I like it, it's gooood! Why, there aint a T shirt I own that don't have a mustard stain on it! I'll let my husband park the cars tonight. He can't walk yet, but he can drive. You guys have to tip him though. (Them fellers work on tips, you know) So Rosa was trying to tell us VICKS. Hmmm. Wonder what causes that? I reckon she just likes the smell. See ya all at the party. I'm bringing finger sandwiches too. And some ice cream for later.
- Hazel

December 31, 2003 - Msg 18161: Asa - would you please stay off of my goat tonite - he's LOADED!


December 31, 2003 - Msg 18162: Celebrate 2004 with a new jar of VICKS - it does a body GOOOOOOD!


December 31, 2003 - Msg 18163: ellen brown== sorry you didn't make our internet party was looking forward to meeting you. hazel== i'll slip hubby and extra 20 to take spots bakery truck keys for the night. we don't want the bakery and brown truck sneaking off to mr kelsey's woods. mrs wiley== ernest t. wants to know if you would let him drop the wrecking ball at midnight? mary wiggins== how are things your way? you have to keep that wild benton harbor, st. joe and especially watervilet folks straight.sometimes i think they came from my mom's side. wait a minute they did. ha. crank up the music boys and let's start swinging our partners- no county nurse not the tranquilizer. pipeman

December 31, 2003 - Msg 18164: An hour and a half to go! Yee Haw! Romeena, I like your earrings, I left mine in, you know, the ones with the little baby new year on them? I hope I don't look to fancy for all you folk!

Possum, I'll take one of them sparklers, I can write my name with 'em! (You know how you just sort of swing it around in the air to make the shape of the letters in your name...very cool!)

Thanks for the finger sandwiches...(is it okay if I eat 'em with my fingers, or should I use a fork? I don't want to offend anyone with bad manners or anything!) And those mulberry squeezin's are goooo-ooood!

Let the festivities continue!
Mary Wiggins

December 31, 2003 - Msg 18165: alright 5 drums(55) gallons in each one has been delivered. nothing but vicks. dig in, take plenty home. tee=hee.