December 31, 2003 - Msg 18166: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Mary Wiggins

January 01, 2004 - Msg 18167: Happy New Year to the Porch!!! Wishing each and every one of you a healthy, prosperous 2004.

We watched a really good A&E Biography last night featuring Ron Howard. I'm sure it was a re-run, but it was the first time I'd seen it. 2003 has been a pretty good year for TAGS specials. I hope 2004 is just as good!

I treated myself to a couple of long overdue phone calls to some dear ladies I've been blessed to have in my life for the past 15 years or so. One is 83 and the other is 74 and in very bad health. It was a joy to talk to them and we're going to go see them next week. True, loyal friends are few and far between. Treasure them!


January 01, 2004 - Msg 18168: What a pretty "happy new year," Mary Wiggins! We must have been posting at the same time.


January 01, 2004 - Msg 18169: Happy New Year Everybody.....


January 01, 2004 - Msg 18170: Happy New Year to everyone love ya's all and still thinking about our dear Asa, I hope things are better for you my friend--Salty Q Dog

January 01, 2004 - Msg 18171: Happy New Year Allan and all!

fun girl

January 01, 2004 - Msg 18172: Oh and possum, I believe that Little Laci must have been right on the money. When I got to Nana's house tonight, Rosa had a stuffy nose and crusty eyes. I'll take a tub of that Vicks and I am sure she will feel much better in no time. Poor baby doll.

So happy to have you all for friends in 2004.

fun girl

January 01, 2004 - Msg 18173: we are off on a new adventure today and only god knows the outcome, as long as we have the porch and each other i'm sure we'll bump along just fine. great party last night spot remember the video is out of last nights event and only 50 will be rewleased before the original is destroyed, tee[hee, act before midnight, remember that one? what did you think of the great pickle drop in mt. olive, n.c.? i wonder if they used aunt bea's receipe? so pull up a chair on the 2004 porch, relax and may the good lord smile on you and yours in 2004. pipeman

January 01, 2004 - Msg 18174: Happy New Year!
- Hazel

January 01, 2004 - Msg 18175: Happy New Year! Sorry I'm not as colorful as ya'll! But I'm not ept at HTML. Dež, good thing you making those phone calls. I'm making a resolution to call my aunt once a month this year. Somebody posted a story about a neighbor who did good deeds for a guy who was more highly regarded than the woman's nephew who never called her. Made me feel guilty. Who posted that story?? Romeena, was that you? Thanks. I needed that.
Charlotte Tucker

January 01, 2004 - Msg 18176: Happy New Year (and Harry New Year to mayberry deputy--heehee)! Hope you are all safe and well. May 2004 be the best year yet!

Asa, where are you, Honey? I am starting to be concerned.

Ro, I think you should go for the big TV. Wouldn't Andy look purty on the big screen? "He's so handsome! Handsome as a man, handsome as a boy. Handsome is as handsome does. Handsome, handsome, handsome!"--Do ya'll remember what episode that came from? I think that is one of the funniest lines in TAGS, personally.

Homemaker, you really surprise me. You have become a real Vicks lover. PARTY ON!

Baby Girl is at my sister's house so I think I will go veg on the couch for awhile and watch the Twilight Zone marathon on sci-fi. I saw an ep of it yesterday that starred fun girl Daphne.


January 01, 2004 - Msg 18177: Charlotte, I like your New Year's resolution to call your aunt often. I've made a similar promise to call my dad and stepmom and my mother-in-law more.

The lovely ladies I spoke of are fortunate to each have close family very near their apartments and lots of friends. For me, reconnecting with them was downright therapetic. :-) What's neat is the 83-year-old looks out for the 74-year-old: checks on her, shops for her, brings in her mail, etc. I met them years ago when I leased their apartments to them. A lot of time has passed since then -- I got married, had kids, their grandkids grew up, got married.... Brings to mind the old saying, "time marches on...." And it's relentless. It doesn't wait for anything. So I figure if there's anything I've always wanted to do, now's the time.

Happy New Year, and may God bless us all.


January 01, 2004 - Msg 18178: Boo, that's from the ep, "Family Visit".
- Hazel

"Skinny widow, four thousand dollars, three-year old bakery truck, with the original paint."

January 01, 2004 - Msg 18179: In the words of Dolly Parton, in Steel Magnolias..."Time marches on and sooner or later you realize it's marchin' across your face." Boy does that seem more true than ever to me today. Musta had too much sodium last night, cause I am so puffy today. Or maybe it was the muscle relaxer I took. My back is acting up again. I'm gonna call the man on Monday and see if I can get another shot. I have been pretty much pain free for two months but I reckon it's time for another
shot. And Monday is the day I go back to the plastic surgeon to check on my lip. Plus to the regular doc to check my blood pressure. Excuse me pipeman, could you hand me my litle blue pills? LOL

Had a fantastic time partying with you all last night. As usual Ro, we looked stunning in our earrings. So glad we decided to go with them again. I too am worried about Asa. Ain't like him to miss a party. We are thinking of you and missing ya buddy.

Did anyone watch TV Land's Last things last yesterday? Then late last night they were showing Leave it to Beaver eps.

Happy New Year and have a extry good 2004.
fun girl

January 01, 2004 - Msg 18180: Happy New Year everyone! *hick*
Oops, too much of Briscoe's squeezins last night.:)
Hope everyone has a nice year!
-Sterling Holobyte

January 01, 2004 - Msg 18181: Hey, can someone post the link to the Cutlass? I was wanting to send Asa a little email since he hasn't been back. Just to let him know we are thinking of him.
fun girl

January 01, 2004 - Msg 18182: "HET GANG" ,,well got the feild cleaned up from the party last night , ladys yall looked great in yalls clip on ear rings!..I loved the dangley ones..will have ham to eat on for a week! got the smoker put up till next time ..pipeman,fungirl,hazel,asa,HM,sterling,
Boo,plum,Char.T,BDJ,possum, and all, you were a site, well settling in for a night at work [till 10]..well may the Lord guide us all in this coming year..2004 is here!..gona put on some boiled pea-nuts for later tonight..anybody cooking supper tonight?..signed: Spot the "2004 run in the new year " dog of the porch..ruff

January 01, 2004 - Msg 18183: hey how do you write in color or BOLD writing on the porch post?..signedSpot the"dont know how" dog of the porch..pant pant

January 01, 2004 - Msg 18184: Spot, I aint very ept at explaining things. It's hard on here, because it doesn't show up right. I better let somebody else teach you.
- Hazel, the chicken

January 01, 2004 - Msg 18185: Aint chicken spelled i-n?
- Hazel

January 01, 2004 - Msg 18186: in or en...hum............all frys up the same Ga Bulldogs are in over time in their bowl game.....sweatng it ...Go Dogs..signed: Spot the " go dogs [bulldogs]" talking dog of the porch..

January 01, 2004 - Msg 18187: "Bulldogs" win...ruff

January 01, 2004 - Msg 18188: ga bulldogs wins in ot. for the next year you've got braggin rights. glad for you spot. go dogs. does brown truck sound familiar? mary how did the great blue due today? hopefully big win. go blue.

January 01, 2004 - Msg 18189: yea it dowa "brown truck"..we will bost for a year anyway..LSU and Mich playing now ,,LSU rolling..should be for the national championship for anybody got any snacks for the games?..brown up some ground beef and sausage and melt it in velveta cheese and ya have a great dip!..add hot peppers and ...WOW..pass the nachos...ladys yall wana set a spell and watch football?..we will be nice!!signed: Spot the "wanting some dip[not dippty-e-doo]during the gane" talking dog of the porch

January 01, 2004 - Msg 18190: I hope everybody is having a great New Years Day today. I got the Porch Archived last night and the front page of the site updated as well so I'm doing good...I'm usually WAY behind getting things done. :)

January 01, 2004 - Msg 18191: Evenin' Y'all and Happy New Year! Had my fill of hoppin' john-there's a little left over,so I'll leave it for whoever wants some.Supposed to bring you prosperity in the new year.
I didn't hear about the pickle drop,pipeman.They drop some WILD things at midnight New Year's Eve up there in N.C. I heard everything from bologna to **GULP** POSSUMS! Yep,somebody got the notion to drop a possum (down a pole,from a tree,out of a 19 story building-I ain't sure?) on New Year's Eve. Probably some poor relation of mine got dropped on his head last night up there in the Tarheel State! Y'all know it wasn't me,cause I was here on the porch getting slung around AKA dancing with Spot!
Sure was some party! Guess we ought to be planning a Valentine's Day bash for next month.When Asa gets back up on the porch we'll put him in charge of it. Miss ya Asa!
Y'all have a good evening!
possum under a rock

January 01, 2004 - Msg 18192: msg 18189..ok..ok USC...i knew what i meant..told ya i could not

January 01, 2004 - Msg 18193: Hey Possum dont know who was doing the slanging me or you possum but had a great time ..hey next year i have about a 70ft or so sweet gum tree in my back pasture, think we might set up an net and drop you out of it? I will get a bucket truck from the power company to get ya up there.. should be fun for the rest of us!!3-2-1 and away she goes!..we will deptutize some of the strong men folk to catch ya..yep thats it, a "possum under the rock" drop next new years party!.signed: Spot the "getting crazy ideas" dog of the porch..

January 01, 2004 - Msg 18194: Floyd, you go to waaaay YONDER too much trouble for us porch folks. 'ppreciate ya!

fun girl

January 01, 2004 - Msg 18195: YER THE GREATEST FLOYD....signed: Spot the
"thanking floyd" dog of his porch

January 01, 2004 - Msg 18196: Howdy, all! Charlotte Tucker, it was I who posted the story about the neighbor who did "good deeds" for a second cousin of mine who had looked after her. I reckon you could call leaving him an estate worth more than a million a "good deed"!! Her nephew had to be content with $1000, I think it was.

Hey, Spot. Rather than try to explain how to do the bold and colors and such, I'll suggest this. Go to the top of your screen and click on "view". Then click on "page source", and all will be revealed. Just read through the funny-looking copy of the porch, and you'll see the special symbols that are inserted in order to change the way some text appears on the porch. Important note - always cancel an instruction with the "/" symbol, or that instruction will continue ad infinitum.

Boo, thanks for the encouragement on the TV thing. I'm probably going to do it, but may wait a few weeks. I talked with the Dish Network people today, and learned that they're about to bring out a recording HD receiver, like the PDRs that they have now, only made for HDTV. Since it's only going to be a few weeks, I think it's worth waiting for. My dear husband used to say, "Go first class or stay at home." In most cases, he was right.

And now may the Grace of our Lord be with us all in the year to come. Give us patience, tolerance and love for each other, and prosperity according to our efforts. We ask not that You go with us each day in all that we do. Rather, we ask that You take us with You each day and make us to be instruments of your will. Peace, friends.

Sugarplum says Happy New Year! --Romeena

January 01, 2004 - Msg 18197: Spot, I left your name "un-bolded" up above on purpose. In that "Page source" view, look at your name and at the others, and you'll see what was left off of yours. --Romeena

January 01, 2004 - Msg 18198: call me a dumb dog [ o-know i dont mind] but when i click on my view at the top of the page i do not have a page source..i have a source but it is not highlighted,have encoding,text size and tool bar and stuff like that ...o-well signed: Spot the "dog that is out of place" sniff..gona keep trying.thanks Ro

January 02, 2004 - Msg 18199: Now how do you make boiled peanuts (besides the obvious). How long do you boil? Do you add anything else?....I know absolutely nothing about it but am intrigued.

Thanks for that prayer, Ro.

I enjoyed watching the first TAGS episode tonight. I just love that little Opie! Hope they stay with the black and white eps.

Hey, I was watching Leave It To Beaver tonight and Ben Weaver was on the show. Did anyone else see it?

Off to spend some quality time with the kids. Goodnight...

January 02, 2004 - Msg 18200: floyd the way ahead barber of the porch, we love you. asa= we all pray your on your feet soon. your such a calming, caring and fun person.we all miss you fierece. why don't we hold a mock election on where the festive parties should be held this year? might be fun. what should we retire this year? does the brown truck go in storage and replaced? mary wiggins our blue and the cubs, and red sox had a curse, but as us cubbies say there's always next year. after the dumb move the cubs made getting rid of miller as catcher, and letting pudge slip thru thier fingers, makes you wonder. spot & all georgis will party hardy. congrats bud. lol. pipiman

January 02, 2004 - Msg 18201: Spot, try "right clickin" on your mouse. Then go down to "view source", and click on that. Might work. (yeah, but it might not)
- Hazel

January 02, 2004 - Msg 18202: Thanks for all the nice comments folks. I wasn't fishing for them but thanks for sayin' 'em.

January 02, 2004 - Msg 18203: Happy New Year Porch! Just got back from San Francisco last night. Running on 2 hrs sleep ain't for old folks any more. I figgered with "Orange Alert", that the security would be severely tight. Not so! Our forst flight was delayed meaning we'd miss our connection - so we jumped planes to one that was leaving immediately. Funny though... they didn't cotton to our luggage not being on the same plane as us. I think some poor Delta gate guy lost his job over allowing us to 'jump ship' like that.

Sounds like y'all had quite a party here! I should be able to post a link to pics from my NYE sometime this week. Saw my favorite band, who also played with The Funk Brothers (all the studio musicians from Mowtown). Quite a show! Wasn't no pickle drop, though.

~ Mrs. Wiley
"...comes a time...when a blind man takes your hand... and says, don't ya see?

January 02, 2004 - Msg 18204: Happy New Year!
Nice sentiments Romeena! Hope Andy's Christmas guest visits you and all the porch this year!
Boo- that ben weaver does get around. I saw him on a Bonanza once!
Great porch party with possum slingin' and
who knows what else!?!
I vote to keep the brown truck runnin' in 2004!
(with a set of skies in back, just in case.)
Hey, with all these bowl games, anyone recall the Mayberry Union High fight song?
I'll post it tomorrow.
Y'all take it easy now. No yellin' til my head clears. I think i need Otis' cell!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

January 02, 2004 - Msg 18205: Mayberry Union High
Victory is nigh
We'll hit the line for points every time
(something something)try try try try

And when the victory's won
You'll be our favorite son
Forever hold your banner in the sky
Mayberry Union High.

That's just a stab in the dark from what I remember. Gonna go turn on High School Reunion and check myself out.

fun girl

January 02, 2004 - Msg 18206: Hazel .right clicking my mouse worked but what does all thet jargan mean??...signed Spot the dumb dog..

January 02, 2004 - Msg 18207: hey yall ...look i"ll work on the color thing ..righ now I got a 12 yr. old son thats beggin to fire the 4-wheelers up for a evening and night ride..gona ride the power lines and build a fire and meet some buddys over there sip a few cool ones and hit each other on the shoulder and holler FLINCH.....gona pack some grub and wrap up and get started...signed : Spot the "gona go on a cold 4-wheeler ride tonight" talking dog of this great porch..

January 02, 2004 - Msg 18208: Boo, believe me this is something i DO know,,get cha a big pot and fill with raw p-nuts wash then good and then bring them to a boil , boil them for about 4 to 5 hrs..then add about a half to 3 quarters of a tub of table salt then boil for about 2 more hrs ...then test ....ummmm signed: Spot the "p-nut boiling" dog of the porch

January 02, 2004 - Msg 18209: Spot, how much is three quarters of a tub? Do you mean the round boxes (sounds like alot)? What do you eat with them? Are they like a snack or a side dish? Do you drain them or eat them with the juice like beans? Have I asked enough questions, yet? Are you sure? Should I ask some more? Are you sure? Are you really sure?


January 02, 2004 - Msg 18210: Laww, Boo you never had boiled P-nuts!? They're a snack. You can buy them canned (near the 'tater chips and in canned goods aisle) but that ain't half as good as warm boiled p-nuts. Next time you're on a car trip in the south, pull over when you see a little stand on the side of the road selling them. YUMMERS!

~ Mrs. Wiley

January 02, 2004 - Msg 18211: Boo,all you need with those boiled peanuts is a big glass of SWEET iced tea! Oh,and a good book.(Don't eat the book-read it Ha! Ha!)Trust me on this-I wouldn't lie to ya!
I will make plans for next year's New Year's bash someplace else-y'all are about to scare me silly with all the " possum drop" talk!Well,I have all year to get y'all to change your minds,but come next Dec.31st,if I hear any such talk I'm outta here! Hazel you best take caution cause they might decide to do a poultry drop instead! All God's critters better watch these wild partying porchsters next New Years Eve!
Well,gotta go be lazy-Y'all have a good evening!
possum under a rock

January 02, 2004 - Msg 18212: Nice visitin' a spell with all you porchsters! Hey to possum, Mrs. Wiley, fun girl, Boo, Hazel, pipeman, spot, Boo, Romeena, Mr. Darlin's Cuz, Dež, Mary Wiggins, Floyd, Allan (or is Allan Floyd?), and anyone I've missed. Where's Salty, Mavis, Asa, and Briscoe? Are they still takin' a cup of that New Year's cheer of Briscoe's?
Charlotte Tucker

January 03, 2004 - Msg 18213: good morning porch=== well today is going to be a good day for me to use one of my ponder's one of those do nothing days where anyone says what are you doing ? i'm real busy pondering, that's a big holiday for me. i might set down and write my new years resolutions, you know the ones you actually kept last year and back date it so it looks like your the only one in the universe who kept all their resolutions.mdc=== since you voted to keep the brown truck going in 2004, do i hear a second? spot sure hope you made it thru your 4 wheel fun, or were you spot (the carrying my 4 wheeler home in a bushel basket) dog? mary wiggins and sterling== the weather folks are talking like the middle porch should baton down the hatches. (loading the brown truck up with sand bags , my pipes, star trek and if she's real good a couple of her star trek toys. tee-hee. your pipeman

January 03, 2004 - Msg 18214: Morning Porch! Nope Charlotte I didn't even partake in a swallow of Briscoe's cheer, can't do that with my heart and B.P. meds. I just been busy with the new business mainly, we are getting ready to expand & it sure takes alot of time when you are doing all of it by yourselves. Happy New Year to everybody, and Asa my heart goes out to you, I have a 16 year old Boston that has had me worried alot lately. ((((((((((((ASA)))))))))))))))

January 03, 2004 - Msg 18215: Mavis! So good to hear from you.

Mrs. Wiley, would you believe I am as far South as you can get in these United States and there aren't any boiled peanuts here anywhere...not in the stores or on the roadside? Maybe we don't have them in Texas? I sure never heard of them before I got on the porch. Oh well, guess I'll have to make them myself and get a little road-side stand! hehe

Its warm, foggy and generally yucky here right now. I would love to see some snow but I would have to drive clear across Texas and into another state to see it!

Hope you are doing ok, Asa. We miss you.

Ya'll have a fine day!


January 03, 2004 - Msg 18216: Hey to the porch -

Mayberry Union High
Victory is yours well nigh
We'll hit the line for points every time
The Orange and Blue will try, try, try, try
And when the victory's won
You'll be our favorite son
Proud waves your banner in the sky
Mayberry Union High

The tears on my pillow bespeak the pain that is in my heart.

January 03, 2004 - Msg 18217: Boo , yea one of those roung tubs ...its not a lot what a 4-wheeler ride last night to clean them up now ...and hey to the porch ..gona go on a bike rife with my 5 yr old daughter today ...[what with me and this riding] well please take care everyone and the old dog will too!..whats for supper [boiled p-nuts at Boo"s]..signed Spot the "riding dog" of the porch

January 03, 2004 - Msg 18218: I won't be makin' boiled peanuts today, I'm afraid! Way too much to do. I just finished cleaning the kitchen because my 8 yr old left one of those cans of hot chocolate mix on the table (within reach of my 2 yr old) and while I was in the bathroom, Baby Girl opened the can and emptied it out on the table and of course it got all over the floor and chairs, too, and while I was trying to clean it up with my battery-powered sweeper, it sort of blew-up in my face, slinging clouds of hot chocolate mix everywhere...well, you get the picture. Its always something like that around here. The other day I did a bad thing and put a video on for baby girl and thought I would take a quick shower. Well, when I got out I could hear her screaming. She had fallen through the end of our iron bed and was hanging by her head between the frame and the mattress. Scared me to death. I won't be leaving her unattended again. She never wiggled through that bed before; she had to wait until I was occupied elsewhere! Thank God she is ok.

Got to go do laundry and load the dishwasher....yada, yada, yada.....


January 03, 2004 - Msg 18219: Oh, I wanted to share about something that happened the other day that was so funny! Some of you might recall that during the summer I was asking your' advice concerning a little bully in the neighborhood named Thomas who was mean to my son. Well, last week Thomas was playing in the yard with a host of other neighborhood kids and my husband and I were sitting on the swing watching them. Thomas was inside of my son's little tent he got for Christmas. Tom had been yelling at Baby Girl earlier that day and he went into the tent to play his video game and to get away from Baby Girl (her real name is Erin). Erin walked up to the tent to look in the window and Thomas gave her a big shove backwards and she fell flat on her back on the concrete. Instead of crying, she got up immediately, unzipped the tent and went in. About 2 seconds later, Thomas came out crying and holding his eye. He promptly went home crying (he is almost 10)! We couldn't help but laugh. Seems Thomas isn't so tough after all. Erin just went right in and poked him in the eye!

I thought Ro might appreciate that story!



January 03, 2004 - Msg 18220: Amen, Boo!
That little girl keeps you runnin', doesn't she?!

And Greetings to all my fine friends here on the porch! Pipeman, you mentioned that we have to prepare for a storm around here. Yep, that's what I am hearing too! The only thing it is 58! I can't even believe it, but I guess things are going to get real interesting here in the next 24 to 36 hours. I took all my outside lights down today. I have had to take them down in 2 or more feet of snow before, and I didn't want to risk that. I was out there without my COAT on, for cryin' out loud! And another thing...I saw a ROBIN yesterday! I felt so sorry for it, though. I don't know what it is going to do in a couple days when the ground is covered and frozen solid. Maybe he was about to high-tail it outta here! (I probably should do the same!)

Romeena, I loved your prayer for the New Year. May 2004 be a truly blessed year for everyone, me included!

Asa, you come and set a spell with us soon, we miss ya something fierce.

I have a sink full of dishes and a trip to the fruit market on tap, so I may as well shake a leg!


Mary Wiggins

January 03, 2004 - Msg 18221: (Boo, we posted at the same time!) My amen was to your remark, "Thank God she is ok." ,about your little girl!


January 03, 2004 - Msg 18222: Hurray for Erin!

January 03, 2004 - Msg 18223: Hey to the Porch.

-- Jelsik

"Don't you remember I told you about it and you cried?"

January 03, 2004 - Msg 18224: Supposed to be in the sixties today - can't believe it and ice and snow predicted for Wednesday - looking forward to a two hour delay!
Happy New Year!


January 03, 2004 - Msg 18225: mpo= jelsik= and mavis== glad to have you back on the porch.hope your holidays were great. boiled peanuts are mainly done in tenn, alabama, geogia. carolinia,s and some in that part of the country. mary wiggins== you mentioned the robin, our 40 year old peony bushes, roses are all alive putting on new growth, all they can say tommorow will be S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E, SURPRISE. homemaker== just keep an eye on sterling, mary wiggins, and my posts and that will give you an idea what your looking at. if they hit i look for some places to lose power. remember this song? slippin and slidin, peekin and hiding seems so long ago. well just put ski's on the little brown truck, and that song in the tape deck. and away we go. the pipeman .

January 03, 2004 - Msg 18226: boo= at least you know baby girl will hold her own. the fellows who date her better be nice cause they have nothing to fear except baby girls wrath. i love the part where she walked in blacked his eye calmly left. end of problem. pipeman

January 03, 2004 - Msg 18227: Right, pipeman. Yesterday we had a little incedent in which Thomas slapped my son in the face. I went out and handled the situation myself but now realize that maybe I should have sent Baby Girl! She really is incredible. She can be playing with her babies and be the sweetest little thing on earth and the next minute she is defending herself like a wildcat. Ah, the mystery of little girls.


January 03, 2004 - Msg 18228: MPO you did it again! That's the Mayberry High
song to a T! (Hope there was no cheatin' and watchin' the video!) teehee
Well, i was rooting for K state last night, but the buckeyes did it again! Oh well, good game tho.
i guess I can say, "Go Tempe, AZ west end o' the porch!" Any other hometown "bowlers" here?
Boo- Baby girl reminded me of one punch Opie!
Gotta nip those bullies in the bud!
mary- send that robin down here to AZ for gosh sakes. We got seed out and everthin'.
Good to hear from homemaker again. I think of
"miss suzi homemaker" for some reason.
Where's county nurse these days. It's time for our booster shots!
Spot, glad your ride went well! Clarence and all other guardian angels are workin' overtime since all the Christmas bikes were given out!
Well, we're workin on a frsh batch of squeezins.
Vintage 2004! A a good year. Goes good with boiled peanuts!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

January 03, 2004 - Msg 18229: That's FRESH of course, not a new "fish" receipe!

January 03, 2004 - Msg 18230: If y'all havent been to the bulletin board
lately, check out the one 'My VCR broke'.
Very good clean funny stuff!

January 03, 2004 - Msg 18231: Whoohoo! Boo, hooray for Erin! I can just picture that. Folks, for those of you who haven't met Erin, I wish you could! She's a very dainty, fragile-looking little blond with translucent porcelain skin, delicate features and big blue eyes. She looks like she couldn't beat up a soap bubble, let alone a ten-year-old male bully. Oh, I just love the mental picture I have of that incident. Do you suppose Thomas told his dad who socked him in the eye? I doubt it. What a story!

Add Florida to the list of states that produce boiled peanuts. Actually, that's the only place I've ever eaten them. They're gooooooood!

Well, gotta run. Sugarplum says Happy New Year! --Romeena

January 03, 2004 - Msg 18232: Hello. I just thought I should let you all know that Burt Massengale passed away today. For those of you who don't know, Burt's orchestra played on Andy Griffith's only top forty hit record,"Make Yourself Comfortable" (with vocals by Jean Wilson) in 1955. Burt formed his first big band while a student at Mississippi Southern College. He continued organizing bands and entertaining officers during World War II while in the US Army. For many years he was widely known in the south as a purveyor of big band jazz. Recently the Kiwanis Club of Greensboro, NC honored him and his wife of 59 years, Lois, by establishing The Lois and Burt Massengale Jazz Scholarship Endowment at The Music Academy of North Carolina. As late as last summer he could be seen conducting his band at an outdoor concert in Greensboro. He was 92 years old.

January 03, 2004 - Msg 18233: Hello to evertone on the porch ,havent checked in for a few days ,seems like alot has been happening .hope everyone is having a safe new year so far
mayberry deputy

January 04, 2004 - Msg 18234: To Quote the late Dr. J. Vernon McGee, "May God Richly Bless You, My Beloved" in 2004.
For those of you who love Southern Gospel Music, I learned today the sad news of the death of Vestal Goodman, at age 74, from complications of the flu.
Her death was Saturday of last week. She will be missed on "The Gaither Homecoming" Videos.
Heaven has a beautful voice now.

The Old Miss Ellie from way back when

PS. Floyd, you do a great job here and of course at my favorite place that has blessed my heart,
WBMUTBB Praises and Prayers. You got a good group of people at both places. Thanks for all you do.

January 04, 2004 - Msg 18235: Hey Folks,
I'm a little late, but Happy New Year to one and all. May you have the best ever.

Ky Moonshiner

January 04, 2004 - Msg 18236: ky moonshiner== we have been worried about you. good to hear your ok. while you were gone we haqd a couple of wild parties. i'm taking a pole about whether to retire the little brown truck or keep it in 2004? mdc says keep it. if you go back thru the archives there was some taylors visiting n.c. from ky and there i believe dad went to school with andy. pray for asa he's going thru a rough time right now. also pray for hazel's husband and others. don't be a stranger we need you. pipeman

January 04, 2004 - Msg 18237: Good morning, friends. Normally I would be in Sunday School at this hour. I went to church (I go to the first service, second SS) and during the service I started feeling sneezy and wet, coughing, the whole bit. Can't get my nose blown dry no matter what I do. So, rather than stay and contaminate my whole Sunday School department, I came home. The Plum was glad to see me get home early, she doesn't care if I have a cold.

I had an email from Asa, and he's doing okay. Still missing Sammy something awful, but had his daughter's wedding to distract him, and now is helping her move her things, so that has helped. Says he is planning to get a puppy soon - the litter is born, but still too young to leave their mom. He's getting another dachshund, and sounds like he's looking forward to it. I'm so glad. Losing a little furkid can be awfully rough, so it's good to know that he's looking ahead again.

Did anyone besides me order Andy's CD "The Christmas Guest" that was advertised on TV? It's probably available at Weaver's, too - I haven't checked there. Anyway, I got it, and folks, it's just great! He tells three different stories, with some songs in between, and as always, Andy is just a master story-teller. I'm so glad I got it, it's in my CD player in the car, and I guess I've heard it through at least ten times during the season. I highly recommend it.

Well, I think I'll put my sneezy self in bed and try to get some rest. Supposed to work tonight. I hope they offer to cancel me, I'll take it. Sugarplum says Happy New Year! --Romeena

January 04, 2004 - Msg 18238: Romeena, have you slathered up yerself in Vicks yet? Get to it!
Yep, I was thinking that Asa said his daughter was getting married over the holidays. I hope all is going well. Anybody want to go to the diner for lunch?
- Hazel

January 04, 2004 - Msg 18239: Hey Ellie!

January 04, 2004 - Msg 18240: romeena== hope you feel better. star trek and i've had it since christmas eve we're down to complete larengitis and weak, so it does clutch you. used a 55 gallon drum of vicks with rags pinned around neck and only thing it did was make the vicks corp bottom line look good. tee-hee. surely you meant cancel your shift tonight not cancel you? thanks for the update on asa. i hope he knows how much we miss him. hazel== how is your husband doing? the diner sounds great for lunch best actually only offer i've seen in days. be glad to hear from the rest of the porch whose been gone for so long, banjo jerry, brisco, sterling,county nurse and so many more. the pipeman

January 04, 2004 - Msg 18241: Hazel, I hope your husband is doing much better. Thanks for asking about the Vicks, and I have indeed been deep into the Vicks supply. Like pipeman, I think I've caused their stock to rise dramatically. The only problem is, the Plum isn't fond of the smell of Vicks, and won't even sit on my lap. Just sneezes and walks away when I call her. I mentioned something about "in sickness and in health", and she reminded me that we aren't married. I told her that it was part of the mom/furkid relationship, but she just sneezed again and moved farther away.

pipeman, I hope you and Star Trek are feeling better very soon. Along with the Vicks, have you tried some echinacea? It's a pill, you swallow it, you don't rub it on. (teehee) It does seem to help.

I guess I won't go to the diner, don't want to make everyone else sick. If anybody wants to drop off some hot soup, though, I'd be grateful. Otherwise, I guess it's Campbell's for me. I have some wonderful jalapeno cheese bread. I can toast a couple of slices of that, and maybe have some tomato soup - hmmm, sounding pretty good. I think the special at the diner today is salmon croquettes, and they're not my favorite anyway, so that's okay. You all have fun. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 04, 2004 - Msg 18242: You know what they do, Romeena. They give you a small salmon croquette--usually from a salmon that's done a lot of swimmin'. What you wind up paying for is the rice and mixed vegetables. That's what it boils down to, you might as well face it. 'Course, I guess we don't have to have the special.
- Hazel

January 04, 2004 - Msg 18243: Well, that's true. I guess we could get the pork chop sandwich. No, I won't do it! There's no use in my going along and passing this cold along to everyone else. I'm going home. See you later. --Romeena

January 04, 2004 - Msg 18244: Well, I'll come by later then. I think I'll hang up a new light above your bed, so you can read in bed. It won't be no trouble at all.
- Hazel

January 04, 2004 - Msg 18245: You kill me, Hazel! I'm telling you, this porch sure wouldn't be the same without you.

Ro, thanks for letting us know about Asa. Must be really tough to lose your dog and give your daughter away all in the same month. I am beginning to understand how hard that must be now that I have a little girl. Suddenly I have all this sympathy for parents of girls, and for the little girls, too. I am just a sap for kids, in general. You know, I was in Barnes and Nobel (bookstore) yesterday and I saw this woman with two children; one was a girl about 6 and one was the cutest little blond three yr old boy. The whole time I was there I could hear her screaming at that child. It is so beyond me how someone who is in anyway civilized could yell at their kids like that in public. I know as well as anyone how difficult toddlers can be but it was really ridiculous and made me angry. I wanted to grab that little boy and run. I really didn't know what to do. I don't think I could report her to child protective services for yelling at her kids in public. Later after I left, I was walking into HEB and this young woman behind me had two small children and she was talking on a cell phone. All of a sudden she literally sreamed, "Shut up!" at one of the children. I must have jumped three feet in the air. I just don't get it. I guess maybe they are just following what they knew as children.

Did anyone notice on TVLand last night they were showing a color ep of TAGS and the woman playing Aunt Bee's friend was the same woman who played her sister (I think it was her sister) in the episode when the relatives come to visit?

I don't think I'll be going to the diner today. I have a fierce headache and I think I will put the heating pad on it. Ya'll have a good evening and stay warm if you are out West.

Hope you get well soon, Ro.


January 04, 2004 - Msg 18246: Hello everyone, hows things been going here at the porch. I don't make it by to often, sure would like to have a nice long sit down with y'all, but I never catch anyone on here. Have a great New Year.

Ellen Brown

January 04, 2004 - Msg 18247: Romeena , I work in a large retail grocery store and I see parents yelling ,cusing at and threatening their kids daily ,its not surprising that todays kids turn bad so often .We had two women get in a fist fight in the store one evening when one woman made a comment about how the other woman was treating her child ,the police had to be called and the woman with the child was taken to jail for starting the fight. I have no problem with a parent trying to control their kid or with giving the child a spanking when needed but it seems like some parents cant figure out the right way to handle their children . time to get off my soap box
mayberry deputy

January 04, 2004 - Msg 18248: oops messed up again .my last post should have for boo. hope pipeman and romeena get well soon
mayberry deputy

January 04, 2004 - Msg 18249: hi ellen brown== glad your back on the porch. hopeyou haven't caught this viral infection that's going around. just jump in with any topic or pick on us and before you know it your cooking a pretend meal inviting folks over and giving trivia and just loving the family and feel your back in mayberry. boo== everyone says vicks and an elexaer may not cure it but will make the stockholders happy. some young parents are just scared to be parents because of all the though great has made us unable to interact, plus parents having to work 2 jobs apiece just for survival. grandparents we can help reduce parents stress and they see humor in things instead of flustration. one liners work great. . dr pipeman, tee-hee.

January 04, 2004 - Msg 18250: Hi Porchsters. Glad to "hear your voices." I'm feelin' a little blue this evening. Nothing serious. Just blue. Maybe because the kids will go back to school and I'll have to get back to work tomorrow. Hope the Vicks is helping you by now, Romeena. Sure hope Asa checks in tomorrow to let us know how the wedding went. Hope he gets a new pup soon. I know new pups don't replace old faithful pups but I know from experience that they help ease the pain of loss. Nice to see Boo, Mayberry Deputy, Mary Wiggins, Hazel, Mavis, KY Moonshiner, Ellen Brown, pipeman, Jelsik, homemaker and others I may have missed posting. Boo, that little one does keep you hopping!
Charlotte Tucker

January 04, 2004 - Msg 18251: Hey folks! Miss Ellie mentioned the WBMUTBB Prayers & Praises mailing list so I wanted to invite any of you that would be interested to join us. The "Who's Been Messin' Up the Bulletin Board?" Chapter of TAGSRWC's Prayers & Praises email list is a list for members to share their needs and joys with one another gaining support and sharing their joy!

To Subscribe send e-mail to:

We'd love to have you with us. There are about 80 members right now who get a digest each day with prayer requests and praises.

--Floyd (Allan)

January 05, 2004 - Msg 18252: Yes, Charlotte, my little one keeps me hopping. Let me tell you what she did tonight. She like to take off all of her clothes (including her diaper) and play George Of The Jungle (she beats her chest with her fist, swings on things and does the Tarzan yell). I told her she would have to put her diaper back on and she cried and begged me to leave it off of her so I told her, "Don't you dare tee-tee on the floor. Do you understand?" She said yes and she promised not to. Well, went through that dialoge a few more times and I let her go play. Later I found her squatting in the middle of my 1,000.00 mattress urinating a huge puddle. Mommy was not happy and I really fussed at her and even swatted her bottom but now that I am thinking about it, she didn't tee-tee on the floor, did she? Maybe I need to make myself clearer. Whew! My work is never done.

A windy, wet cold front just blew in and it sounds neat! I love those cold fronts. Better go to bed. Bye.


January 05, 2004 - Msg 18253: Oh, Boo! The fun never ends, does it? I think I'm glad mine are 13 and 11! And let me tell you that 13-year-old is no treat some days! Sassy! Laaaww! I keep telling myself...he goes to prayer group on Thursdays at school of his own accord. He is a good boy. (I hope.) No, really I believe he is, but boy he can annoy me these days! Have a great day everybody. I've gotten started tracking down classmates' addresses for our 25th reunion. What a chore. Glad I went to a small school!
Charlotte Tucker

January 05, 2004 - Msg 18254: Howdy folks,
Just popping in to say hello. Not much to tell going on here. School was cancelled today due to high waters. Had alot of rain here in the past 48 hours. Thank goodness we live on a very large hill. Pipeman, if the water gets too much higher I will have my prized posessions ready to go. Do you reckon you could come and get us in the brown truck? Maybe you could put a life raft under it like in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Goober says hey.
Hey to Goober.

fun girl

January 05, 2004 - Msg 18255: Oh, my stars! Boo, I'll bet you could have just wrung her cute little neck! She is a caution, sure 'nuff! I'm so glad God gave her to you, and not to somebody who would have screamed at her, or knocked her around, and broken that spirit of hers. She is so precious, but she is B-U-S-Y!

Well, it was 75 degrees yesterday morning when I left for church. It dropped to 53 during church, and held there all day. This morning there is ice on the bird baths. I went out to put critter feed around, and it is COLD out there! Strong north wind blowing, and I don't think there's anything between here and the North Pole but a bobwire fence, and it has a strand down! (Yes, I know it's "barbed wire" everywhere else, but in Texas it's "bobwire".) I just got some good pictures of some valiant little pansies out in my island flowerbed. They're ice-encrusted, but blooming. They don't seem to mind at all. I just love pansies.

Well, gotta run. So many errands, so little time. Wish I had Opie to help me carry the packages. The Plum would help, but many of the stores don't let her come in. It's discrimination, that's what it is. I've thought about putting a harness on her, and wearing dark glasses and carrying a cane, but I don't think I could make that fly. So, she stays home. She says hey, though! --Romeena

January 05, 2004 - Msg 18256: fun girl== the all teran brown truck has its pontoons on. send nemo the fish to let me know when your ready. put- put- put... charlotte tucker-- you might want to remind the class of my 40th h.s. reunion to encourage 100% perticipation. in 1999 we held our 40th reunion, out of 155 graduates there are only 35 left, 15 of us with health problems. everything from vietnam, car wrecks, cancer etc has taken men & women.point don't say i'm to busy, i'll come next time for we never know.not meaning that as depressing just the importance of going. i wonder if the men have been kidnapped or(dognapped) by martians? ladies they have been mighty scarce around town lately. if they have and the mars rover finds and returns them will their bodies be taken over by aliens? what's for lunch and supper tonight? if that don't bring them out we're in trouble. what do you think? the pipeman

January 05, 2004 - Msg 18257: Wow, lots happenin' here!
Romeena, my wife gave me the Christmas Guest.
I agree, it is great! I love it.
Kids... even tho we were not able to have any of our own,
and were 100th on the adoption list, we did take
care of my 20 neices and nephews on weekends and that sort of thing, and sure learned a LOT!
The youngest is 18 now, so we don't do it anymore.
Loved every minute we had them however!
fungirl- stay on that high ground! prayer for ya.
Any good new year's resolutions, gang?
ky moonshiner- good to hear from you again.
mayberry deputy- I bet you felt like a REAL deputy during the store fight!
pipeman- regarding the brown truck, remember the words of Goober to Gilly,
"You dont run her fast all the time; you got to drive her slow ever now and then!" (heehee) :)
mr darlin's cuz

January 05, 2004 - Msg 18258: Howdy Porch, brought some chewable vitamin C for all y'all who's alin.


It's been fighting the flubug off of me prety well. Poor Asa. It's been 11 years since I had to put my Chow to sleep and I get teary still. You hang in there dear and we'll pray for ya.

~ Mrs. Wiley

January 05, 2004 - Msg 18259: mdc== read bottom of msg 18256. all the fellows seemed to have disappeared from the porch. wonder if the martians got them? trying to get the ladies to post a big meal and dance, if that doesn't bring them out, we can only assume when they show back up the aliens took over their bodies. it's twilight time. the pipeman

January 05, 2004 - Msg 18260: pipeman's cooking tonight. whole fresh catfish, deer tips over rice, fresh gumbo, meat loaf, cole slaw, salads, baked beans, cottage cheese, all kinds sliced cheese, potato salad. ritz crackers, garlic bread, hush puppies, corn bread. pineapple up side down cake, apple pie and homemade vanilla ice cream. drinks, coffee, tea, sweet milk, butter milk, water, and whatever you want to bring. starts at 5pm and goes till everyone is full. the (cooking) pipeman

January 05, 2004 - Msg 18261: pipeman , the catfish and deer tips twang my buds
mayberry deputy

January 05, 2004 - Msg 18262: Hello porch, how is everyone? Gettin better on my end, I've took enough echinacea and vitamin C to cure or kill me but the stuff works. Still coughing and hacking around cant seem to stop that. Pipeman that dinner sounds great. Got my buds to a twanging already. Hope everyone is staying warm, it was in the 60's here yesterday and tonight it's supposed to be in the teens. Big difference. Ya'll take care, love ya's all--Salty Q Dog

January 05, 2004 - Msg 18263: Hello porch, how is everyone? Gettin better on my end, I've took enough echinacea and vitamin C to cure or kill me but the stuff works. Still coughing and hacking around cant seem to stop that. Pipeman that dinner sounds great. Got my buds to a twanging already. Hope everyone is staying warm, it was in the 60's here yesterday and tonight it's supposed to be in the teens. Big difference. Ya'll take care, love ya's all--Salty Q Dog

January 05, 2004 - Msg 18264: Yep, that's how it is here, too, Salty. Warm than freezing! Hard to adjust. I sat out on the swing for an hour today and that North wind almost froze me to death. I am determined to get a big dose of the cold so I can fantasize about it when its 100 degrees here in July.

Shoot! I wish I had known you were cookin', pipeman. I made up a batch of chili today and pinto beans, ministrone soup and sweet cornbread. Sure was good.

Ro, thank you so much for your kind words (I needed them today). Also, I didn't know "bobwire" was even called "barbed wire" until I was an adult! haha What you said about pretending to be blind was very funny!

Better go...I can hear my dear husband looking all over for the remote control. Apparently Baby Girl has either hidden it or thrown it away again!


January 05, 2004 - Msg 18265: Hello all. An episode last week about Mayberry's first female prisoner who was speeding and beat the rap by wooing Barney and Floyd plus giving Opie a baseball was played by Jean Hagen. I wonder if she was related to Earle Haqen the musician? She died in 1977.
Ruth in Ohio

January 05, 2004 - Msg 18266: Yep, that's where we all went for the holidays, pipeman, Mars. Women are from venus and men are from mars, remember?!;)
That supper DOES sound good!
Except maybe for the catfish and the deer.
But meatloaf. Yummm!
Have a good night!
-Sterling Holobyte

January 05, 2004 - Msg 18267: I just got back from a reunion meeting myself, Charlotte. We're still organizing the events, and gathering together addresses. Tonight, it reminded me of Barney, when Andy asks him if he remembers Al Becker. And Barney says "Al Becker. Al Becker. I don't believe I ever heard of him". That was us, trying to place about 40 of our classmates.
- Hazel

January 06, 2004 - Msg 18268: Howdy, all! Kinda late, and danged nippy here on the north Texas end of the porch, so I won't stay long. It's 35 degrees and dropping. Boo, I believe I'll take my chances on being able to fantasize about cold weather this summer. If all else fails, I'll just crank the a/c down a few degrees. I can handle heat pretty well, but I just don't do cold.

Sterling, that supper did sound good, didn't it? I missed it, was out with my granddaughter, looking at TVs. Still haven't made a decision. Anyhow, it ALL sounded good to me! I love catfish, and I like the flavor of deer, as long as I can keep from thinking of how beautiful they are. I could never, ever shoot one, but if someone already has, and the venison is sitting in front of me, I'm likely to eat it. Hypocrite? Yep, that's me!

You know, I've never been to a high school reunion. I'm not in touch with any of my old classmates - they wouldn't know how to contact me. My 50th will be coming up in 2006, wonder if they'll have it? Maybe I should contact the school and let someone know my whereabouts. It would be nice to see some of them again. Actually, by now they're probably doing the reunions in ten-year increments - like the 50's , the 60's, whatever. Probably wouldn't be but a little handful of us left by now, from any single year, especially since there were only 51 of us in my class. Hmmmm. That gives one cause to pause, doesn't it? Kinda scary.

Well, guess I'll head for the ironing board. It's a good night for snuggling, and the Plum is very good at that, bless her little heart. She says hey! --Romeena

January 06, 2004 - Msg 18269: the porch is lookin fuller again sure missed you all, that flu bug really is hanging on, star trek and i have had it since christmas eve and still have larengitis can't talk above a whisper and then you have to be real neck sugar close to make it out. mayberry deputy== everyone has it and don't look like it's going anywhere soon. pipeman

January 06, 2004 - Msg 18270: WELCOME RUTH IN OHIO=== POSTED YOUR QUESTION ON THE BULLITIN BOARD, SO IF YOU GO TO THE MENU ON LEFT AND FOLLOW IT SOMEONE WILL ANSWER SOON. IF OUR MILTON P. OLIVER GETS ON HE'LL ANSWER IT FAST. we hope you'll visit us often we have a lot of fun. i'm on what's called the middle porch(the midwest) we have several from this area, so welcome. pipeman

January 06, 2004 - Msg 18271: baseball fans== tug mcgraw died yesterday at age 59.he coined the phrase you gotta believe. he was 59. ro= like i said in msg 18256 our generation is going to the big porch fast. my cousin and i went to a classmates funneral most of the old high school people were there. we had to eves drop to figure out who was who. in our minds they were still young as my cousin pointed out. who are these old folks.i recommend not putting them reunions off. even if you only go to one. dr pipeman. the bills in the mail. tee-hee.

January 06, 2004 - Msg 18272: i split these up so it's easier to read.. sterling== you thing about men from mars reminded me of a simpson episode where homer and marge looking out over the lights of town. homer trying to save facewith his wife. marge said homy, it's alright you know men are from mars and women are from venius. homer gets mad,, sure just give us the hot planet and keep the cool lovin one for yourselves. boo=== baby girl already got this training manuel for guys down. hide the rem0ote just to keep hubby busy.hey to salty and everyone else. guess spot is plum tuckered out after all the partying. pipeman