January 06, 2004 - Msg 18273: Thanks pipeman and Ro for the reunion comments. My husband hates the idea of reunions. The only reason he ever went to his was because I insisted. I, on the other hand, feel that life's too short. We also had a small class--about 86 I believe. When I got out my freshman yearbook the other day there we were a 2-page spread of smiling children ready to face the world. Now as I make calls looking for people I find 40-year olds who have lost parents, been through divorces (some more than once), faced cancer and a myriad of other ills as well as 3 classmates who've gone on to be with the Lord. Life is hard. A reunion should be a bright spot so that's what I intend to make it. Hazel, you and me got lots to do!
Charlotte Tucker

January 06, 2004 - Msg 18274: Well, I guess if we've got lots to do, we might as well do it on a clean porch!

January 06, 2004 - Msg 18275: WOW! I first came to the porch back in ~ 97...there were lots of folks there; Rafe, Des(you taught me how to make those squiggly things once!), Lydia, Flora...amazing. I still see names/handles popping in...but don't get back much. Every time I do...I'm just amazed at how much things stay the same...no matter how much they change. That's why I love Mayberry...

Hope you all are having a wonderful start to the new year...and that all your hopes and dreams come true in 04. One of my resolutions is to come here and visit more...I got too busy somewhere along the line to sit on the porch much...but I'm working on fixin that! :-)


January 06, 2004 - Msg 18276: goober== thanks for sharing that with us and we hope you keep that resolution. a lot of our folks are down with that virus. ruth of ohio== if you missed my earlier post, welcome to the middle porch, i posted on the bullitin board your question. jean hagen also was danny thomas first wife in make room for daddy, still no answer if jean hagen and earl hagen were related. jean hagen was the speeder who charmed her way out of a speeding ticket. is it cool enough for the northern, eastern and middle porch yet? the light the pipe and chill out day. pipeman

January 06, 2004 - Msg 18277: It was cold enough for me yesterday, pipeman! I nearly froze my forehead off taking a walk to the post office, and I was wearing a hood and a scarf over my face. Oh, and I had a coat on too, of course!:) I'm so glad I bought that coat. It is a big, puffy down-filled one and it is so warm. I think I understand now why birds can stay around here in winter and not freeze to death.
I think I could sleep outside in that thing. If I had to. Of course, I'd also want some down-filled pants, boots, gloves, and face mask to make it complete.
Everyone have a nice, warm day!
-Sterling Holobyte

January 06, 2004 - Msg 18278: Prayers for all the sick folks o' the porch!
Romeeena, you may have heard of classmates.com
It is a great help in getting in touch with your old friends. There is a yearly fee, but I have found many thru it. There is also a free service there where you can puruse the list of your class
who have already listed their names there.
On our local channel last night was the episode
with Malcom Merryweather! Been a long time since I had seen it. Could that perhaps be the ONLY episode where Andy wears a tie with his uniform,
and, with Malcom's suggestion, his uniform cap?
Floyd, maybe you know. Jolly good, only cost ya a quid and a bob.
Hey to all the newcomers!

Mars dweller, You may have seen me in the NASA photos, Mr. Darlin's Cuz

January 06, 2004 - Msg 18279: I highly reccommend going to reunions. I went to my 20th in 2001 and to my sisters this past October. We went to boarding school. There were only 159 in the whole school. (Boys and girls don't ya know. I wouldn't volunteer to go to a school without boys. LOL) Anyway, we had such a good time. Saw a girl who was one of my best friends back then, who I hadn't seen in 20 years.
Also saw a guy I had gone to school with since 6th grade. He dated my sister when we were in high school. He was so nice and genuinely interested in my life now. Even took a picture of me and me sisters all together.

We had such a good time. When we got ready to leave, my friend Penny started to cry. Have kept in touch since then with emails and such. It was a time I will never forget.

So, go to your reunion. Make the effort to find out if there is one. You will never be sorry. I guarantee.

Freezing on my end of the porch.
fun girl

January 06, 2004 - Msg 18280: Good advice, fun girl! I have been to several
and have enjoyed them all! I went to a boarding school too. I think boarding school bonds are stronger than most. Last one was my 35th! Yikes!
Us Darlin's is OLD!

January 06, 2004 - Msg 18281: it's 101 degrees here on the middle porch can't wait for this cold spell to end. what and where is supper?

January 06, 2004 - Msg 18282: "HEY ALL"...well just now getting ove the flu!..whew..but im back , gona go read the archives...hey Goober!im yer talking dog Spot!hed mary, MDC,fg,HM asa possum , pipeman,sterling, well have now had the erge to eat but do now ..cold spell here down to about 20 ish, gona build a fire tonight , hey whose cooking tonight?. signed: Spot the" aint got the flu no more" talking dog of goobers!..ruff fuff

January 06, 2004 - Msg 18283: 101 degrees doesn't sound so cold!

January 06, 2004 - Msg 18284: Hey folks,
Glad you're feeling better Spot. Pipeman, thanks for always thinking of others and being such a nice fellow, of course, everyone on the porch is. Prayer for everyone who is having troubled times in their lives.

Ky Moonshiner

January 06, 2004 - Msg 18285: Sterling, I liked your descriptive writing about your down-filled coat. Isn't it a blessing to have a warm coat on a cold day! I make no bones about thanking God in my prayers for a warm home. When I was a kid we lived in this same old drafty farmhouse with only an oil heater and no heat upstairs. My husband has done much to make it a warm cozy place with insulation and a new furnace, foundation work, etc. I just can't imagine living on the street in the winter. I pray God helps to warm those people tonight. Pull up a chair and throw another log on the fire. I'm making hot chocolate for everyone.
Charlotte Tucker

January 06, 2004 - Msg 18286: Holy cow, I could connect to the net. Wouldn't ya know we finally get the phone lines working and another storm hits. I hope all is well for my friends on the porch. Hate to sound like a broken record but the Great Lakes end of the big stoop is getting plenty of winter. Well, I want to hurry and check out some of the archives while I'm still connected.
Take care and a belated HAPPY NEW YEAR.

January 07, 2004 - Msg 18287: Doesn't Andy wear a tie when Otis gets his plaque for being kin to Nathan Tibbs??

January 07, 2004 - Msg 18288: good morning porch=== MDC- does that stand for mars developement company? have you seen marvin up there yet? looks like a good place for another mayberry.just funnin. fun girl== i'll leave the pomtoons on in case the water gets to high, i understand our dear auh20 may need me to put on the snow plow and a load of salt. (the little all terain brown truck.)sure hope mars has a gas station named wally's you know the brown truck will need gas, it don't run on water you know, which looks sparce on mars. ky moonshiner== great to have you back sure missed you. did you check out the archives on the taylors yet that went to school with andy but lives in ky? wonder how homemaker, mpo, mary wiggins, emma, mavis, briscoe and the rest are doing? spot=== are you going to be spot (the mars developement project cooridinator) dog? whose cooking today? any mars burgers? your pipeman

January 07, 2004 - Msg 18289: Yes he does 18287, and he also wears a tie when Opie brings him a hat and tie to the office before the inspector arrives. Possibly my most favorite Andy moment.

~ Mrs. Wiley
Andy (to Barney): "I got me a hat AND a tie. How'd I look?"

January 07, 2004 - Msg 18290: He also wears a tie on dates and going to preachin'.

January 07, 2004 - Msg 18291: Well, been busy but stopped in to say hello. It is right nippy here in South Texas with a high of 46 predicted for today (that is bone-chillin' for us Texans). Our blood is thin, but it runs true blue! We only get to wear a coat about three days out of every year (when we have a cold winter). I went to Walmart yesterday and 8 out of 10 license plates in the parking lot were from other states in the North. I guess this is supposed to be the place to be in winter.

Charlotte your farmhouse sounds interesting. Tell us more about its history and so on. I love old farmhouses but have never lived in one.

Think I'll grab some of the soup I made and take it to my parent's house. My dad loves to eat and will eat almost anything. He is in his mid-seventies, six foot tall and about 230lbs. Doesn't look older than 60 and can eat more than anyone I know.

Gotta run......

January 07, 2004 - Msg 18292: It's right chilly here in the Hoosier state - brrr. . .it was 6 degrees through the nite. Had the old wood stove a'blazin!
NO more new babies! - yet!
Stay tuned for the kid update!


January 07, 2004 - Msg 18293: Well...here in 'Chicager'...there's a whole new meaning to the word cold....it's...ummm...REAL cold!
Hey to you and yours!

January 07, 2004 - Msg 18294: Hey All,
How's the porch been? Ya'll sound like you have had a great holiday season. Talk about cold! Between Christmas and New Years, there was snow on the ground here in Las Vegas. SNOW IN LAS VEGAS? It was strange to see snow covered palm trees. It did melt later in the day as temperatures got up to about 45. It really didn't get that cold here (30 degrees) but it was cold enough to snow I guess. Glad to hear everyone is well. Take care and ya'll have a fantastic, Mayberry Kinda Day!

Ed Sawyer

January 07, 2004 - Msg 18295: ED== GLAD YOUR BACK, WE MISSED YOU.THAT SNOW WAS A KODAK MOMENT. goober== i'm in lincoln and i know what you mean about the cold. are you a cubs fan too? boo== there are more northerns in the south in some places than southerners but in your case i bet they came to visit with boo. homemaker== only 5 months to spring. you and fun girl are going to have to keep that fire banked and the kids a movin. won't be long i have to get the little brown truck ready for the races. everywhere dale jerrett goes i'll be in his rear view mirror. that will teach him to say i ain't driving the brown truck. tee-hee. whose cooking tonight? the pipeman

January 07, 2004 - Msg 18296: Ed, Goober, Kyshiner, AU H20, etc, good to see ya all again! It's like Mars mania around here!
Spot- that was a good one! The MDC, that is.
I'll have to get a contractor license!
and set me up a still there if they ever find that elusive (that's a big word for us Darlins)water! Maybe one day we'll have a venus lander and see how the "wimen" live!(haha)
Im glad you are now the "over the flu" dog o the porch!
Well you "tie and cap" afficionados sure told me!
And I consider myself good at it, but now I DO indeed recall the Opie scene! Good call Mrs Wiley!
Charlotte- I want to picture a house like the one in "wonderful Life." Is it anything like that?
Boo- Too funny on the 3 days of coat wearing! About the same here in AZ! 73 today, and just about as many out of state plates!
Sitting here and rockin' on the west end,
Mr Darlin's Cuz

January 07, 2004 - Msg 18297: Oops, sorry pipeman, I guess the mars development was your idea. That's what i get for readin' too fast. 359 days left for the truck in 2004!
Yippee, keep it running. We'll put rocket engines
on it and point it toward outerspace!

January 07, 2004 - Msg 18298: Hey Pipeman...yep, a cubs fan all the way...and the way I count it...only 73 days till spring...but a lot less till spring training! :-)

January 07, 2004 - Msg 18299: mdc== don't venus have all those green beauties? remember your 50's sci-fi. nasa would have a cow if a squad of martians walked up to the rover took out their phaser pistols and blewie.probably have to go to red alert since it's a red planet.the soil looks like the south maybe spot could grow cotton and peanuts. pipeman

January 07, 2004 - Msg 18300: I remember the green lady on Lost in Space. She used to say, "Pretty, handsome, pretty, handsome, Dr. Smith!" Remember her? Maybe she's what they look like on Venus. As for me, I am sure I look blue today. It is cold here in Michigan! I had a new furnace put in in the fall, thank God for that, but I have noticed as soon as it shuts off, it cycles right back on again. Is that normal? Probably when the temperature is in the single digits, but if anybody knows anything about furnaces, please enlighten me, if I should "call the man!"

Hey to Goober, glad you are going to be posting regular-like again! And snowy greetings to ever-one else! Charlotte, thanks for the hot-chocolate, that hits the spot, (oops, sorry about that, didn't mean to spill it on ya!)everytime! Homemaker, I am kind of hoping for them goat's sake, that they old off a couple days until more pleasant weather can greet them little newcomers into the world! Boo, I am with you, I would love to hear more about Charlotte's house. And Ed Sawyer, big deal there was snow in Vegas! I live on Vegas Street! And we got lots of snow here, (of course this Vegas is in Michigan!)

Here's wishing one and all a fine Mayberry, cuddled around a nice warm area in your house, drinking hot chocolate, wrapped in woolen blankets, looking out a big picture window at the snow, not having to go out anywhere, restful blessed evening!

Mary Wiggins

January 07, 2004 - Msg 18301: Hey to the porch,
Ed Sawyer, so you are in Vegas?
I lived on Flamingo Rd., years ago, not far off the Strip. I was a "21" dealer at the MGM Grand.
Ky Moonshiner

January 07, 2004 - Msg 18302: Hi Mary Wiggins - our furnace did the same thing a couple weeks ago. We had to mash the reset button on the thermostat and that fixed her right up. The man said if that didn't cure it, he'd have to come all the way from Mt. Pilot and charge us an arm and a leg. Hope that helps!

~ Mrs. Wiley

January 07, 2004 - Msg 18303: Hey Mary, "Danger Will Robinson", "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha", "Watch it, lil' buddy"
"Ward, the Beav needs help.", Oops, I got stuck
in TV Land for a minute there. heehee
Anyone else here look at those photos of Star Trek
on the Mayberry set? It's funny to see Capt Kirk walking by Floyd's Barber Shop!
Who's cooking tonight?

January 07, 2004 - Msg 18304: Oh you folks flatter me! You have no idea. My house is not at all like the Granville House in It's a Wonderful LIfe! I wish! Our house is truly a Farm house. It was built sometime between 1845 and 1870 I believe. The front 2 rooms up and 2 rooms down were built first and then the back rooms were added on later. The cool thing about this is that in the attic you can see the old wood shingled roof of the first house! Our stairway is totally unremarkable like a hallway that just goes up. No fancy banisters or woodwork. All the wood work was once painted with a milk-base paint that you couldn't get off with a jackhammer! So I just paint over it. Like I said, it's not at all fancy but it is very cozy and it's home to us. My husband has done lots of work so we now have 3 bathrooms and a gorgeous south porch with lots of windows where my hot tub is. All this was an effort to help me combat winter blues that I am so susceptible to. Well, enough rambling. Thanks for your interest, porchsters!
Charlotte Tucker

January 07, 2004 - Msg 18305: MDC, You are a bird in this world! I think I'll come join you there in TVLand. Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi, I'll bring the bongo drum.

January 07, 2004 - Msg 18306: It sounds wonderful, Charlotte. I think I'll develope car trouble when I visit you, and have to stay overnight. Maybe I can bed down in one of your kids rooms, and they can "adventure sleep" on your ironing board. Ok, I'm cooking dinner. Sorry it's late. Wiener wraps and cole slaw. And olives. Come one, come all.
- Hazel

January 08, 2004 - Msg 18307: MDC and Charlotte Tucker, you have the right idea! I'd like to get lost in TvLand and not find my way out. In fact, I think I'd like to move there.
-Sterling Holobyte

January 08, 2004 - Msg 18308: good morning porch- it's 1;45 am not a soul on the porch but me, your welcome to of course. sterling= i agree it would be great to be a time traveler in tv land.charlotte= i love those old houses. maybe that was the house that jesse james, the daltons, john dillinger, or a president stayed in. now we have a special princess there. hope everyone has a mayberry day. pipeman

January 08, 2004 - Msg 18309: hey yall want to go mars?..signed: Spot the "space dog" of the porch.

January 08, 2004 - Msg 18310: Hey from Ohio. Cold and crisp here.

January 08, 2004 - Msg 18311: who is in ohio?....its 18 here in ga....signed: Spot the"cold dog" of the porch

January 08, 2004 - Msg 18312: Sorry you're a cold dog today, spot. It's beginning to warm up slightly here. Wrap up good when you go out. Hey pipeman, thanks for the special princess comment. That makes my day! Hope everyone braves the cold and has a good one! Honey Nut Cheerios all around!
Charlotte Tucker

January 08, 2004 - Msg 18313: Sorry, Spot, this is Hey Ope from Ohio: Hey Ope

January 08, 2004 - Msg 18314: hi all its wayne from columbia tenn have not been here in a few been real sick BUT GOD GOT ME WELL AND SAVED ME doing fine now thanks to jesus when god seems far away read psalm 139 he is real and loves all may the grace of our lord jesus christ be with you all

January 08, 2004 - Msg 18315: hey charlotte tucker and Hey Ope...signed: Spot the "getting warmer" sog of the porch of mayberry..thanks for the honey nuts CT

January 08, 2004 - Msg 18316: Hey All,
I brought blankets and firewood for ya'll (and I thought I was freezing at 40 degrees). When I read about some of the cold weather that some of ya'll are experiencing, WOW! I hate cold waether, that is until July in Las Vegas.
KY, I live in Seven Hills. I'm about 10 minutes from the strip. Glad to hear the porch is well and staying warm. Take care and have a warm, Mayberry Kinda Day!

Ed Sawyer

January 08, 2004 - Msg 18317: Ya'll are making me hungry!

January 08, 2004 - Msg 18318: hey goober im gona put on a deer roast and taters and onions...sombody make some slaw ..ok signed: Spot the " gona cood stew" dog of the porch

January 08, 2004 - Msg 18319: Spot the deer roast and taters soung great ,maybe we can have some white beans too , eating speaks louder than words you know
mayberry deputy

January 08, 2004 - Msg 18320: white beans will be good..you gona cook the beans or shall i pick up some..?..will one of you ladys make some sweet tea?...signed: Spot the" asking where is everybody" dog of the porch

January 08, 2004 - Msg 18321: They all went to eat...and that's where I'm heading!

January 08, 2004 - Msg 18322: Well spot, I'm just wondering how many states we have on this here porch. I know there's AZ, NE, MI, TX, GA, NC, KY, OH, ID. Which ones am I missin'?
That was a deee-liscoius dinner last night.
Anyone else like yellow wax beans or hominey?
Mr D's Cuz

January 08, 2004 - Msg 18323: WI
-Sterling Holobyte

January 08, 2004 - Msg 18324: no wax beans...kinda like that fake wax fruit. hard to chew..signed: Spot the " no eat wax " dog of the porch

January 08, 2004 - Msg 18325: Hi everybody! Good to hear from you again Ed Sawyer!

Thanks for the encouragement Wayne. I'm going to look up that Psalm when I get off the porch.

I would love to see that farmhouse of yours, Charlotte because I don't like "fancy" I like "cozy". I think when we get ready to build our house my husband and I are going to have a conflict over the style of our home. I want simple, comfortable with lots of storage space, something "homey" with a porch swing out front. My husband wants to build something like Tara from Gone With The Wind! No, I am kidding. Not as big as Tara but more fancy than I want. For one thing, I don't want to have such huge payments that I don't have extra money when its needed or when someone needs help. I say simple livin' is best.

Spot, white beans sound great. I haven't had them in ages and was actually thinking about making some yesterday. Do you like the little white ones or the big ones?

Pipeman, I was probably up when you were last night but I was tending to a 2 yr old with a cold. Baby Girl has alot of congestion and when it was time to go to sleep she was coughing like crazy so I sat up with her and rocked her hoping that would work. It didn't and she ended up coughing so hard that she threw up all over me at around 12am, so I was up showering and cleaning up the mess until about 1am when I finally got her back to sleep. She woke up again at 4am from the coughing and I had to rock her again. I am feeling pretty tired today. Would one of you be so kind as to fix up something and bring it over for dinner?? Pretty please?? Gotta go take care of the young ones!


January 08, 2004 - Msg 18326: mdc= how are the stocks doing on the mars development corp? spot, can you raise peanuts and cotton in that mars soil? get us lights? the brown truck is ready. mdc= here are a few you missed; illinois, michigan. wisconsin, florida, alabama, tn, virginia, nevada, utah, idaho, california, new mexico to name a few. hello ed, mayberry deputy and a special hello to wayne, i been thru columbia many times. just love tenn especially eastern and southwestern parts. everyone has or had this flu ours started christmas eve and now down to larengitis. they say the worse part of flu season is to come. WHERE IS OUR SWEET COUNTY NURSE, MISS YOU/ YOUR PIPEMAN

January 08, 2004 - Msg 18327: I will get the power up on mars, and we will figure out a way to grow p-nuts up there..we will have to build us a sub-porch on mars..looks like we will have plenty of room up there..hey Boo.signed: Spot the "might go to mars" talking dog of the earth porch

January 08, 2004 - Msg 18328: goober== i think we have a good shot this year, made some good trades but don't understand the catcher situation, miller gone, passed on pudge and take a third rate catcher? what do you think? for supper i thought i'd go for our southwestern porch folks tonight;; hot ham and cheese turnovers, pepper& beef stir fry, scrambled eggs with cactus, texas chilli, tuscan sausage and bean soup. desserts;; sunflower pie- (has the texture of a pecan pie, dream cream puffs- chocalote syrup and vanilla ice cream.. drinks-- cactus fruit sorbet, classic dry moonshine martini's, hot carmel chocolate drink, coffee tea, water. come one come all. the(so talented and humble) brown truck. tee- hee. your pipeman

January 08, 2004 - Msg 18329: pipeman, you gotta run that "meals on wheels" truck over to Boo's with dinner for tonite. Poor thing was up all night with Babygirl.
spot- what do u think of "spot, aka Astro, dog o the porch?"
I'm workin on a state by state east to west look see for all porchsters.

January 08, 2004 - Msg 18330: hey pipeman...I don't get the catch either...pudge was not a favorite of mine this past October..but that was because he's so good! Would have been nice to see him in Cubby blue.

Far as supper...it's been a LOOOOONG time since I had a big mess of soup beans...over a piece of light bread...onions chopped over the top and ketchup over the whole dang thang! Dern...I'm hungry again...gotta go eat!


January 08, 2004 - Msg 18331: Hey friends,
Thought I better pop in and say hey before you forgot who I was. So hey!
Got my Daughter married off last week and I must say it went really well. I had some concern initially over her choice but now feel right good about him after us chatting for a good long while. And Stacey is as happy as I have ever seen her so thats a good sign.
Still hurting over the loss of my Sammy pup. Boy was he ever a great one. But thanks for the uplifting e-mails and what not. They have been a real blessing. That story you sent me Romeena about Rainbow Bridge was very heart warming and I can just picture it all. Thank you so much.
I haven't read the archives yet but I an sure many of you have asked about me. Thank you so much. You folks are just great. I hope your Holiday's were wonderful.
Now, me and the Mrs. have our eye on another new little puppy. He is only about three weeks old so still to young to leave mommy, but when he is old enough we have a wonderful warm loving home for him. He can't replace Sammy, but he will be an excellent little brother to him.
Well sorry about the long post but I had lots to say.
Mavis. Joe Gibbs? Did you ever think a 63 year old man could make you so happy? LOL
I'm off to read the archives.


January 08, 2004 - Msg 18332: asa== so good to have you back,we've missed you. glad your daughters wedding went alright. we just have to trust their judgement for we raised them. just read a great book-- true love by robert fulghum might want to read it. mdc== we just did that last nov. i was hoping everyone would right them down it sure has been a blessing to me. with as many new folks we should do it one more time. boo== sorry your feeling poorly, you know i'll crank the (meals on wheels ) brown truck and be on my way to texas, everyone else can stop by and help themselves. your pipeman from lincoln, illinois. if everyone will follow my lead and write them down as they come in we should be ok. no spot your not from mars yet dog. tee- hee. pipeman

January 08, 2004 - Msg 18333: Afternoon Porch!

Asa, it is SO good to hear from you! Sounds like your daughter met a real fine gentleman, and I am glad all went well with the wedding. Any ideas on what you are going to name that little critter you are about to adopt? I have a brother-in-law named Rex, and I hear tell, that is a good name for a dog as well;)

Hey Pipeman, I am not sure what it is we are supposed to follow your lead with and write down. Can you elucidate!!?? LOL, now that is a funny word! (And I ain't even exactly sure what it means, I just thought it looked good right there in that sen-tence!)

Boo, sounds like pipeman has you covered as far as dinner tonight. You hang in there deary...baby girls have a tendency to grow up...boo hoo! But then you will get to enjoy her as a teenager, twenty-something, etc, etc.!

Oh, by the way pipeman, I ain't NEVER had some of that food you're fixin' on deliverin'! Is it really safe?!

A big hey to Goober, Spot, Mayberry Deputy, Romeena, fun girl, possum, salty dog, Charlotte, Wayne, MDC, Hey Ope, Sterling Holobyte, Ed Sawyer, and everybody else! Y'all have a great Mayberry Evening!

Mary Wiggins

January 08, 2004 - Msg 18334: Ok, here's what I got for the B I G Taylor porch stretchin' from the hangin chad state of Florida to the Ah-nold state of Cal-li-FOR-nia:
Florida, Georgia, North carolina, Virginia, Ohio,
Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, and California. Hope i didnt miss anyone!
All them vittles sure sound mighty good!
Someone ring the "triangle" like they do on
the Real McCoys!

January 08, 2004 - Msg 18335: mary wiggins== mdc is trying to get everyone updated on where everyone is from like we did in november so everyone can write them down. mary wiggins, michigan. pipeman lincoln,illinois, goober from chicago.ill.etc.thought i 'd make southwestern diet since they get left out on diet. boo== supper should be there soon, stuck in those slow moving vehicles this time of day in dallas/ ft worth. tee-hee.light has changed so i guess i should move on- the texas police ain't like the southern porch where a traffic light is just a suggesstion. tee-hee. go cubs. your (brown truck a rollin thru dallas) pipeman

January 08, 2004 - Msg 18336: Thanks for the supper, pipeman! I am feeling downright achy I'm so tired but baby girl is asleep and I think I might lay down and take a quick nap (if my eight yr old will let me). The kids aren't used to cold weather so they don't want to play out side like usual and get bored!

Glad you are back, Asa, and glad about your daughter and her new husband. Is the puppy you will be adopting a weinie dog? I got my weinie dog when she was just weaned and she was so tiny I held her in one hand. She was so sweet. Her hair is a deep red, almost the color of wine and she has the cutest ridge of hair that runs down the length of her long nose.

Better go rest while I can. Where are the black and white episodes?


January 08, 2004 - Msg 18337: Hey to the Porch.

-- Jelsik

B; "Do you know what she did? She came up....and washed my hair.."
A: "Washed your hair?!"
B: "She washed my hair..."

January 09, 2004 - Msg 18338: Hey, don't forget about homemaker and me. We are from Indiana.

So glad to see that Asa is back among us. So sorry about Sammy, but I am so glad that your mind is at ease on the matter of your daughter's wedding.

All that food sounds delish, but I have to count these DURN exchanges. Went to the doctor last week and hadn't lost an ounce. Yeah, but I hadn't gained one either. Woopie

Watched TV Land tonight and saw the one when Aunt Bee goes to Mexico with Clara and her other friend. It's not just me....the color ones are just not the same. Or the ones without Barney.
Does Andy seem grouchier in the color eps or is it just me? Helen was actually nice in the episode tonight.

Nighty night.
fun girl

January 09, 2004 - Msg 18339: maybe i should run over to mount piolet and load the brown truck with miracle salve. seems to be a big need fer it. fun girl== pleasant dreams, look at it on the bright side; i read where the earths gravitional pull is getting less each year, which means we all weigh about one potato chip less each year. they figure by 5 billion years we all will be wow- wow -wow in so good a shape. tee- hee. homemaker== you been out partying with the county nurse and mrs wiley? haven't heard from you three in a while. sleep tight, pleasant dreams. your pipeman

January 09, 2004 - Msg 18340: HEY mary, goober,fg,pipiman,Boo,asa,MDC,hey when we go to mars i will be Astro the "mars" dog signed: Spot the "whats fer supper" dog of the porch

January 09, 2004 - Msg 18341: Hey, fun girl, I watched TVLAnd and it was the ep about Lee Drake, the lady lawyer, and Helen was a real sarcastic jealous thing in that episode. My little boy was watching it with me and said, "Why would Andy want to marry HER?!". I had to chuckle at that. He is so much like his mom. He is a huge Leave It To Beaver Fan and last night while I was making him some hot choclate, he said, "Mom, I sure would like to meet June and Ward, and Wally and Beaver, and Andy and Opie and Aunt Bee, and Helen, wouldn't you?". The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Got to go begin the day. I will be away at aprayer retreat this weekend so you may not hear from me for a couple of days. Please pray for me that it will be a fruitful time. I need to hear from the Lord on some things. Appreciate it, friends! I will pray for ya'll this weekend, so if any of you have any special prayer needs, just post them and I will check in and read the posts before I leave.


January 09, 2004 - Msg 18342: have fun Boo !..bet opie and the beaver would have got along great,what for lunch yall..?.signed: Spot the "at work at the power company" dog of the porch

January 09, 2004 - Msg 18343: God bless Boo. Hope you find the answers your seeking dear.
I agree Fun Girl, the color eps just don't have the pizazz to them. Andy in color seems way different than in black and white.
Boo and Mary Wiggins, our new puppy is indeed another Doxie. This will be our third one. Just love the breed I guess. I was thinking about naming him Barney, but we will wait and see what develops there.
Pipeman, spot, you all cooking breakfast this morning? I'm powerful hungry.


January 09, 2004 - Msg 18344: boo= hope your feling better. spot= remember johnny cashs song took one part at a time to build his own car? maybe we'll need that for mars. just kidding. sterling= hope spring comes our way soon, don't you? well ready to lite the old briar pipe and get a cup of joe. life doesn't get much better to jump start one for another day. pipeman

January 09, 2004 - Msg 18345: look this mars trip is gona be fun..we need to get some dryed foods to carry . pipeman you got any old food from the service to carry, we need bottle water and lets play..signed: Spot the space dog

January 09, 2004 - Msg 18346: Hey to the porch,
Boo, have a blessed time.
fungirl, I have often thought that Andy seemed more " stressed" and less in control in the color episodes also.
Ya'll have a great day.

Ky Moonshiner

January 09, 2004 - Msg 18347: hey ky moonshiner...sure could use some squeezins here in cold ga...asa,had ham and bisquit for breakfast [sorry none left] , but been thinking about supper tonight ..pot of chili ?...i like whole cernel corn in my chili..where is everybody ...signed: Spot the "cook dog and hungry dog " of the porch

January 09, 2004 - Msg 18348: asa== i wonder if one our lovely ladies will cook today? spot== i thing whatever we take to mars will be dried and roasted in minutes outside.tee-hee. the brown (got rockets on and the cubs loaded let's go goober) truck. your pipeman

January 09, 2004 - Msg 18349: Hey Fun Girl - I have an opening in my middle school program for an assistant/interpreter. . .wanna come and work for me?
My aide has known since Christmas that she was leaving and she just told me today! How's that for sour apples.


January 09, 2004 - Msg 18350: Hi Porch, better late than never! "Brunch" is served: coffee, danish, fresh fruit and juice.

Boo, all the best on your retreat. If you please, keep me in your prayers - I have 2 surgeries coming up, the first is on 1/23/04 (uh-oh, 1 2 3 4!)

Do ya think Andy was so grumpy in the color eps because Don left? I think he was angry and hurt. It still clutches me right here to think about Andy in the Larry King interview saying how he loved Don.

Just like I love all'a you guys!
~ Mrs. Wiley

January 09, 2004 - Msg 18351: will pass on brunch , thanks though,prayers to ya Mrs Wiley, and pipiman we got to plan this mars thing out very carefully. you think yer truck [with afterburners attached] will make it to mars?.. we GOT to load down with food..signed: Spot the "second in command of the brown truck rocket ship to mars" dog of the porch

January 09, 2004 - Msg 18352: Pipeman, I think I'd like to just skip spring and go right to summer. Too much rain in spring and us bicyclists don't much care for rain.
Hey Spot, that would be two nights in a row that I've had chili then, as we just had it yesterday. But it was good so I will take it again!
-Sterling Holobyte

January 09, 2004 - Msg 18353: mrs wiley== prayer for your surgerys. homemaker== that sounds par for course people aren't dependable like us, anymore. sterling, mdc, asa got to get your guidence on our mars trip. we're moving porch 2 to mars. any ladies want to volunteer? you wouldn't want to leave us fellers to our own devices would you? spot we'll put a luggage rack on top and a space trailer and away we go.i'll check with our boss mdc see what he thinks. you know mars develoment company. your marsian pipe smoking pipeman. relax and leave the driving to spot our space dog. all aboard. pipeman

January 09, 2004 - Msg 18354: LOOK Pipeman we got to plan this space trip,,got to take a head count on whose is going,we need women folk to wash for us. you got a trailer that you can pull behind the brown rocket truck? signed: Spot the " gona hope to go to space" dog of the earth porch

January 09, 2004 - Msg 18355: mdc= we're ready for directions on our mayberry mars settlement. spot== my trailerwill haul it all. we'd better hurry i hear president bush wants to go to the moon and on to mars. great rental property before they get there, if they don't pay we'll evict them. tee-hee.the brown(loaded ready for mars haul) truck. puff, puff pipeman.

January 09, 2004 - Msg 18356: mdc here, let's get that first truck of "pre-fab' buildings, like on StarTrek, headin' for mars!!
Go for it.
Sorry Indiana!! (fun girl and Homemaker)
I have an idea that I will start, and that is for a while we could put the state after our name.
(ie: MDC, az) It's just a thought. I just think it's interesting to see how spread out we actually are.
Boo- prayers for my mom please, thanks.
asa TGIG?? A new day..."Griday!??" yippee
Mr Darlin's Cuz, AZ

January 09, 2004 - Msg 18357: Prayers fo Mrs. Wiley and MDC's mom.


January 09, 2004 - Msg 18358: They got gas stations on Mars? Can I run one? I've got my own tools and everthang!

January 09, 2004 - Msg 18359: Hey Goob, I think we should send Helen Crump to Venus for a while. Seems like the consensus, especially after what Boo's kid said about her!(heehee)
On our local channel last night was "Briscoe Declares for Aunt Bee." I forgot how funny some of Bee's expressions were when Briscoe "kidnapped" her.
I didnt realize til last night that
the Darlings were playing "dueling banjos" at the beginning of the episode.
A few good quotes:
Aunt Bee: Do you like pearly onions?
Briscoe: Yes'um, they twang my buds.
"You pick it and I'll jug it!"
Then, of course, there was Opie singing "Old Dan Tucker." So cute!
MDC, az

January 09, 2004 - Msg 18360: mdc= prayers for your mom. got pre-fab buildings going on the second brown truck, we'll follow spot to mars. goober== goober's mars filling station, one ding or two? free air. ky moonshiner, can you run the squezzins store on mars? sterling= do you want a cheese and wine store, a boarding house? you name it.prayers for you my dear mrs wiley, hope that mars air might twang your buds. boo, are you packed for mayberry mars? amber alert for our county nurse. we need her on mars with us, as far as i can tell she may have run off to be the first mars lady. has anyone noticed the pictures of mars look a lot like new mexico and that area? pipeman, Illinois

January 09, 2004 - Msg 18361: Hey pipeman, are you making a back-handed comment about me being a cheesehead just because I'm from Wisconsin?! ;)

That's ok, I can deal with that. :)
How did you know I drink, though? *hick* oops!

Hey, speaking of those Mars photos, does anyone else think those color pictures look like when they colorize an old black & white tv show? You know, they just have that "unearthly"(no pun intended) look to them.
-Sterling Holobyte

January 09, 2004 - Msg 18362: hello to everyone on the porch ,had a little snow here in western n.c. today ,good luck on your surgeries Mrs. Wiley
Shannon Huffman

January 09, 2004 - Msg 18363: got carried away with my last post ,should have signed it mayberry deputy ,trying to talk on phone and type at the same time is about as hard as chewing gum and walking at the same time best to you and yours
mayberry deputy

January 09, 2004 - Msg 18364: sterling== no cheesehead intended but wisconsin does make the finest cheese. just wanted to make sure you was with us on mayberry mars, it wouldn't be the same without you. mayberry deputy- we'll need you to keep law and order in our mars mayberry, maybe asa would be mayor? pipeman

January 09, 2004 - Msg 18365: No problem Deputy, just glad to have ya sit for a spell on the porch. I'll be away this weekend,
so ya all have a good one.
sterling- Go packers!
pipeman- the brown truck will have a pretty busy weekend. I could call it a garbage scowl, and we could all fight the kling-ons. Oops wrong show again! Boo, hazel, banjo jerry (where's he been?),asa, spot, the weekend watchdog o the porch, fun girl, mary, and everyone else,
a good weekend to you and yours.
Mr Darlin's Cuz, AZ

January 09, 2004 - Msg 18366: Evenin' ya'll. What's fer supper, grandpa? Well, here on my porch we're having round steak, mashed taters, gravy, homegrown green beans and salad. Might even thaw out some homegrown strawberries from the freezer. Yer all invited! What'cha'll think of that? Salute!

Oops! That's not TAGS, that's Hee Haw! Got my southern shows mixed up there for a minute!
Charlotte Tucker

January 09, 2004 - Msg 18367: pipeman - we will defy the mafia on mars just like we do in mayberry
mayberry deputy

January 09, 2004 - Msg 18368: spot= can you believe mdc said my brown trucks are garbage scowls. oh don't that sound like starfleet officer. getting so an honest ferigi can't make a profit. mayberry deputy= we got faith in you. floyd has to go, we will need beautifing don't you think? the(wheelin and dealin) brown truck fleet. your pipeman

January 09, 2004 - Msg 18369: Well, Spot, I'm afraid I can't go along on the trip to Mars. I'm one of these people that think men can do the cleaning just as much as the women (your msg 18354), so we'd probably have a conflict. I'll just stay here on Earth. Somebody's got to stay to welcome you all back, anyway. Charlotte, I love your comments on the reunion! (msg 18273) I'm gonna encourage our planners to make ours a "bright spot". We had a class of around 400. We've picked our dates. Auguse 13th & 14th.
- Hazel

"It was my daddy's rock".

January 09, 2004 - Msg 18370: oops, that's "August".

January 09, 2004 - Msg 18371: MDC,You can put New York on your list.

January 09, 2004 - Msg 18372: It's kinda funny, Mr. Darlin's Cuz, my Mom is more into the Packers than I am! She watches every game. I'll still root for them though!
-Sterling Holobyte

January 10, 2004 - Msg 18373: auh20== whose from new york? sterling= our son lives in alabama and green bay has been his team where my first choice are the colts i think that's from when johnnie unitis played for them. if packers and colts played super bowl that means lighting struck twice same season. same son is a big marlin fan , me a big cubs fan and that's the first time we ever had a match up- i still can't aford milk afterthat one. tee-hee. our other sons into nascar and both daughters couldn't care less. pipeman

January 10, 2004 - Msg 18374: possum= just noticed on bullitin board that clyde pilot was asking about you. pipeman

January 10, 2004 - Msg 18375: what a wonderful idea- mike seattle

January 10, 2004 - Msg 18376: Hey to the porch. Hey homemaker, what is the job description for your assistant? If it includes Krispy Kremes, I'm there. On the serious side, I stopped by the school where I used to work the other day and the principal was downright rude. Really hurt me. It's like I told fungi, they may find a replacement for me, but they will never find anyone who will take my place. I loved those kids like nobody's business. But let me say this...that does not mean that I let them get away with anything they wanted. The whole problem was when that durn interloper came in and thought the kids were not having enough FUN! Well, excuse me, but life can not always be FUN! Now I love the kids and they KNEW I loved them. But they did follow the rules. The janitor said that since they initiated all the new FUN rules, the lunchroom has been one giant mess. Sheesh! And another thing that sticks in my craw was when I worked with the "special" ed group that the teacher was cruel and wanted to spend her time on the computer surfing the net instead of teaching. She did have some good methods, but wanted to do as little as possible. I did what was good for the kids. That is what I was being paid for, not to sit on my tush and surf the net. Lord, how I miss those kids. I think possum would agree, you never knew what your day would bring when you are working with these fantastic young people. Honestly, they fascinated me.

Well I have rambled enough. Gotta go and check my chili. We are having a chili cookoff tonight at church. YUM! I took the prize for mild chili last year, but Kyle has requested I go for the spicy prize this year. My mom has her cap set for the prize. She told fungi that she was gonna try and beat me this year. At the lasagna cookoff, I took first place for both white and red sauce. I think the other ladies are gunning for me. LOL Too bad I hate cooking so much.

Talk to ya'll later.
fun girl

January 10, 2004 - Msg 18377: hey yall , hazel did not mean it in the way that the women just clean , yall can drive the rocket ship and the pipeman and I will wait on yall hand and foot!.I will do the cooking ! pipiman we have snow [light ] in Ga. so the trip will have to be planed around the weather, dont want to have a botched launch!..I will have the Jimmy Dean sausage and eggs [all ways] and toast and juice and coffee ready at about 7 or so yall come and eat ..signed: Spot the "think women should not have to clean just get waited on when we go to mars" dog of the porch !

January 10, 2004 - Msg 18378: Thanks for the fine pre-launch breakfast spot!

Goin' to mars? Boys, YOU ALREADY THERE!

~ Mrs. Wiley

January 10, 2004 - Msg 18379: pipeman, I am from western New York. Around these parts they call it ski country. It was minus 18 here this morning.
fun girl, holy cow prize winning chili and lasagna (two of may favorite things in the whole wide world)we are truly in the presence of greatness, in a cyber kinda way.
Here were gonna shovel out the grill and BBQ some salmon today.
Have a great day folks.

January 10, 2004 - Msg 18380: yer welcome Mrs Wiley..and we are going to Mars in body not just mind ..ha ha..auh20 BBq salmon ..umm..what kind of BBQ sauce ?..pipeman ya think our cell phones will work from mars? . signed: Spot the "wondering what we gona eat on mars" talking dog of goobers

January 10, 2004 - Msg 18381: Spot,I guess I took some liberty with the word BBQ.What I meant was, we're gonna throw it on the grill and smoke it over some hot coals.I believe most of us "northerners"(I think that's spelled right,looks strange though)refer to everything cooked on a grill as BBQing.I know, I know it's not BBQing. I don't know why we say it that way we just do.
It's up to minus 7 now. YAHOOOOO!!!
I hope we can have salmon, lasagna, and chili on Mars.

January 10, 2004 - Msg 18382: Fun Girl, your church is having a chili cookoff on Saturday??? and your church service is on Sunday??? Boy, that's adventure worshipping there.
Thanks for the breakfast spot. It really hit the spot.
Prayers for you Mrs Wiley and that your surgeries go well. I know they will.
Hey Mary Wiggins, I was reading in the archives about your furnace cycling. Is it still acting up? I have worked on them before. Holler if it is and I'll be glad to help as much as I can over the puter. One thing I see happen a lot of times that are easy fixes are either dirty filters or the heat registers, and especially the cold air return registers get blocked off with furniture and what not. Them furnaces require a good flow of air and both intake and discharge need to be free from restictions. Might work.


January 10, 2004 - Msg 18383: active porch for middle of the day, 8am. asa=your right fun girls chruch will put a whole new meaning in as one body. tee-hee. just funnin fun girl we loves you. WELCOME MIKE FROM SEATTLE NORTHWESTERN PORCH. WE HAVE SEVERAL FROM UTAH, IDAHO ETC. JUMP IN ANYWHERE AND HAVE FUN. AUH20== I WAS THINKING (DANGEROUSE I KNOW) WITH BERRY YOU WERE FROM ARIZONA. mrs wiley== you sure are a fiesty one this morning, tee-hee. spot we'll talk over supper tonight recommend no chilli goin to be enough gas to lift the brown truck as it is. sure cell phones will work everywhere on mars and mayberry usa and tv land only station. marvin the mars defense minister with his spy satelite, blewy anyone messes with us. everyone have a mars happy, smiley day. your pipeman

January 10, 2004 - Msg 18384: Good Morning all.

Ellen Brown

January 10, 2004 - Msg 18385: pipeman, I think (equally dangerous)that your right we were discussing Barry Goldwater one time when I first found the porch. Barry was from Arizona. I probably gave the impression that I was from Arizona. However, I'd never be able to take the heat there in Arizona. My wife would love it but 100 degrees for days on end I know it would do me in. We just made it over the zero mark, 1 big degree.
Morning, Ellen.

January 10, 2004 - Msg 18386: Hey to the porch. Happy New Year to everybody! We've got snow here in VA and it sure has been a beautiful sight to look outside at night with that full moon shining down on a snow covered world. It's all peaceful and quiet and sparkles like diamonds. Good to see all the porch folks - old-timers and new ones, too.

January 10, 2004 - Msg 18387: ellen brown= good to see you up and about. emma= sure sounds beautifull your way, if you can make that deputy deliver your meds you can stay inside. just think on the moon we'd weighabout 50 pounds, boy we could really chow down. the lean eating porchsters of the lunar site. pipeman. still wonder if banjo jerry and county nurse are planning some mischief? sure miss them and brisco. pipeman.

January 10, 2004 - Msg 18388: HEY auh20 ok ok BBQ..just means outside !but you can [southern bbq] with sauce salmon,ok pipeman no chilli for the trip.what part of the country are we gona be able to get the rocket truck pointed to mars the best [launch hedquaters]? Ellen Brown ya want to go to mars with some of the crazy porchsters? you going Emma?. we can carry ya some sugar pills..gona carry my co2 bb pistol in case there is any trouble with mars people..yer welcome for the breakfast asa, whose cooking supper tonight?..signed: Spot the"gona carry a bb pistol to mars to protect us" dog of the porch!!ruff ruff

January 10, 2004 - Msg 18389: Hey All,
If I ever get home sick, I can always count on ya'll to bring up great Sounthern cooking memories to keep me going. Las Vegas will never be known for it's Sounthern food. It's so funny ya'll bring up the way Andy's demeanour seemed to change after Don left and when the show went to color. I had heard from clients and SHOWBIZ "types", that ANDY LOVED DON VERY MUCH but was a little jealous of the way Don's career was going. Around that time, Don had signed a five year picture deal with UNIVERSAL and his career was skyrocketing. Andy, who years earlier was amazing in "A FACE IN THE CROWD (which was directed by a famous director ELIA KAZAN), thought that he was more of a movie actor than a television actor. So maybe that was what was effecting Andy. Don's career continued to climb somewhat as he left Universal and signed with Disney. Andy did NABISCO commercials and had a another TV series where he played a junkman that built a space ship. That's what I was told so who knows? Glad to see everyone cooking and doing well. Take care all (Hello to FUN GIRL, MARY WIGGINS, ASA, and everyone else) and have a Mayberry Kinda Weekend!

Ed Sawyer

January 10, 2004 - Msg 18390: Wow Asa, you're really a card aren't you? Why don't you go down and wax the floors at the nursing home. LOL

Hey, if it is true that you are weightless in space, save me the first seat. I will bring Little Debbies, rice krispy treats, coca cola, Krispy Kremes and many other good HEALTHY foods. (tee hee) That would be the only way I could have them. Back is acting up again. On Thursday I go back for another shot. I never thought I would look forward to an injection, but boy howdy, I sure am.

I believe we always call it grilling or cooking out. But I am sure we have occasionally called it BBQing.

Hey Ed, I must have been wrong. I though that was pipeman in that picture about outer space. Must have been a different picture. How long have you been in Vegas? I was watching a show last week where a guy worked for American Coin and he was gonna testify about them rigging the slot machines and he got bumped off. Were you there when that happened?

your ever loving, and curious
fun girl

January 10, 2004 - Msg 18391: ok fun girl yer seat is saved for the trip to mars..o-possum where are ya!..county nurse we will need you to doc us on our trip to mars if needed..we will give you a 1st class room to do yer docing in..pipeman are we gona have to wear those little space bubbles over our head up there and do they make them for dogs?..well im gona take me a nap on the porch, yall dont step on my tail..signed: Spot the "may have to wear space bubble to go to mars"dog of the porch