February 02, 2004 - Msg 19063: to keep you awake for rest of the shift spot=== things were simpler in the good old days of elections, at least funnier: take the 1758 race for a seat in the virginia assembly from frederick county.there were grave issues facing the electorate that year- relations with neighboring native americans, relations with england, and the fall of fort duquesne and its consequences, to name a few. but did the candidates bore their county voters with speeches on these matters? they did not. did they take out ads criticizing their opponents for being unqualified to deal with these matters? they did not. instead they plied the voters with alcohol. this was especially true of the winner of 1758 race who ordered his election agent (mordern day campaign manager) to get his hands on as much liquor as he could and to pour it into vats outside the election polls and to make sure the voters knew who had sprung for the refreshments and make sure everyone went inside feeling no pain. it worked. the gentleman in question not only won the election to the virginia assembly but went on to a political career that was distinctive in american politics. the winner was george washington. analyzing the results of the campaign more than 200 years later, the historian w. j. rorabaugh wrote; for his 144 gallons of refreshment, washington received 307 votes, a return on his investment of better than 2 votes per gallon. sounds like the episode of aunt bea and the chruch ladies. pipeman.

February 02, 2004 - Msg 19064: Dang that Groundhog! Six more weeks of Winter! I guess if you were dragged out of your box and had blaring spotlights on you,you'd see your shadow too! Duh!
Anyhow,I took it upon myself to check this all out.I crawled out from under my rock early this morning and did NOT see my shadow,so I hereby predict an EARLY SPRING for the Porch!Hurry up warm weather!
possum under a rock

February 02, 2004 - Msg 19065: mornin possum and pipeman, the rest of the porch must be still sleepin off the party - sounded like a good one! Ro, thanks for the heat-pack remedy, i knew you would have some helpful hints. having lots of 'refered' pain and odd sensations across the solar plxus and all down my arm and hand. i just hope he didn't do any new damage. arm and fingers just do not want to cooperate. i was so touched by your pigeon story. yesterday on the power line out front there were 2 ring necked pigeons. one was trying to preen the other 'stealthily', and the other was pretending to not notice. but i could tell he was enjoying it. ok, ok. lay off the pain pills.

~ Mrs. Wiley
Barney: "know what a lawman's job is around here Leon?"
Barney: "a laundry boy."

February 02, 2004 - Msg 19066: i pray your health improves quickly, i'm prayin and pullin for you. possum= if they would only ask our resident possum the weather folks would know the facts. i vote for replacing groundhogs with possum lore. wow what a super bowl wasn't it? let me know what you thought of msg 19063. i think it shows the more things change in human history the more they stay the same- laughable what we consider the crisis of the moment. thanks for any reviews, pipeman

February 02, 2004 - Msg 19067: Hey to the Porch.
That Leon will yack your head off once he gets started....wonder if his last name is Slatt?

-- Jelsik

"no more peanut butter and jelly sandwiches..."

February 02, 2004 - Msg 19068: I'm surprised no one has mentioned that disgusting halftime performance by Janet Jackson and Justin whoever he is. I saw comments by people who were disgusted like myself and others who said we need to get over it-- they show breasts on European TV all the time. Thought it might stir up some conversation here. I think most of you will agree with me but others are enti-tled to their opinion. Let's have some lively chitchat!
Charlotte Tucker

I wondered if that would get by the censor--funny, breast does, but ent-itled doesn't!

February 02, 2004 - Msg 19069: Good morning, everyone! CT, Personally, I was seriously put off by Janet Jackson's performance, but what else can one expect from that seriously screwed-up family? As for us "getting over it" like the Europeans, it reminds me of what my mother (like mothers everywhere) used to say - "If so-and-so was going to jump off a cliff, would you jump, too?" If such a thing is so normal and accepted, then why is it presented in such a dramatic fashion on nationwide TV? Why not just go bare-chested to the grocery store? Seems to me it's still done for shock value, and to appeal to the baser, more prurient instincts of a bunch of juvenile, beer-swilling misanthropes. There, I said it and I ain't takin' it back! Incidentally, if you look at us as a nation through the eyes of the Islamic culture, where women are shrouded up to their eyeballs, it's no wonder they see us as a nation of devils.

On a happier note - what did you all think of that adorable Josh Groban and his presentation of You Raise Me Up? Isn't he gorgeous, and doesn't his voice just give you chill bumps? I have both of his CDs, and I don't even care that most of the songs are in Italian, French or Spanish. His voice is like a warm spring shower.

Pipeman, I sure hope you get some good news soon. Prayers for you, friend.

Well, gotta run. Everyone have a great day. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 02, 2004 - Msg 19070: Jelsik, I believe Leon and Mr. Schwump had the same writer. ~ Mrs. Wiley

Charlotte, I missed that disgusting tidbit, but the menfolk in the house saw it. heard it clean across the house. I think the US will always be split on things like this. some think it's ok, while others think it's not. I'm heavily in the 'not' camp.

February 02, 2004 - Msg 19071: CT..I saw the whole thing...shocking..I was shocked! Every time I wathed it again on the TIVO, I was even more SHOCKED! :-)

Seriously...I was surprised....at least some. I wasn't real happy with the whole show...I mean, the Super Bowl (you'd think) would appeal to at least a cross section of the USA...that one just didn't. It's sad...but very much a representation of what our culture has become...last year Bono uses the "F" word in an acceptance speach...and it's described as "ok..because he was using it as an adjective". But...the 10 commandments can't be in front of a public courthouse...because it might offend someone! Come on...

I'm going back to the garage now...I shot that ground hog...gonna cook him up for stew!

Goober...(feelin a little salty today!)

February 02, 2004 - Msg 19072: That'd be salty and a bit dazed...proof reading is a plus...sorry for the monday morning spelling boo boo's! :-)

February 02, 2004 - Msg 19073: C>T>= i think it probably was an accident what i really found offensive is the media's exploytation showing it over and over. what about one of our space satelites zeroed in to the playing field they showed this on the news.what else are they watching. goober= haven't had a groundhog in several years, let's have a cook out groundhog style. what do you think? pipeman

February 02, 2004 - Msg 19074: Charlotte, let's be concerned for Europe, as it is basically a regular sodom over there now, especially places like Amsterdam etc. Missionaries I have talked to recently asked for much prayer for europe. At least most in the US are still shocked at such things. If we're not, then we are in trouble, and I am beginning to see that more and more here.
It is like the frog in the boiling water story!!
Pipeman- relating to your election story, up until just a few years ago, no liquor could be sold in the whole state of Arizona from midnight Monday til midnight Tuesday of an election.
It was in place because of that very thing.
Hope there is some thawing in the northeat these days.
Mr Darlin's, lively chitchatting, Cuz

February 02, 2004 - Msg 19075: PS, If anyone here hasnt heard the frog story, let me know.

February 02, 2004 - Msg 19076: Afternoon Porch!

Romeena, I thought the very same thing you did about some extremists in the Islam faith having more proof of our nation's depravity. Don't get me wrong, I do NOT think Janet Jackson, or anyone else in Hollywood, represents the majority of Americans, so I would hope that people of Islamic faith would not associate that behavior with all Americans. I have to say, though, it really incensed me, and I was extremely grateful that my 6 year old son and my husband were in another room during the entire half time show. The whole thing was smut if you ask me. Is Janet Jackson or Justin going to be arrested for their behavior? I think what Janet did to our nation's children is just as unacceptable as what her brother is accused of doing, and my sympathy for him, (which was marginal) is going right out the window. And, it was NO accident. If something like that accidentally happens in front of an audience, the people who are involved in the "accident" show a certain reaction of shame, and quickly wanting to undo the "mistake". This was nothing short of a publicity stunt, to sell Janet's music, and some people are saying we should let it go, so we don't encourage this type of publicity seeking. I disagree, I say shame on the N.F.L., shame on M.T.V. shame on the parties involved, and maybe we should hit them all in the pocketbook. I would like to think of a way to let C.B.S. know that we are boycotting their trash t.v., and maybe select a high-profile football game next year to ignore, like perhaps the pro-bowl, or a rematch of this years Superbowl teams, and as far as M.T.V., well, I just hope this makes ignorant and naive parents who allow their children to watch this channel, thinking nothing too objectionable goes on there, realize that their children are in reality watching pornography. This channel has been blocked in my home for years.

Well, Charlotte, how's that for some lively chitchat!?

By the way Romeena, my husband and I saw Josh Groban, and we were equally impressed with his talent! We intend to buy one of his CDs at our earliest convenience! I also have to commend Beyonce, (I heard of her but had never seen her), I have been told she is usually dressed much more suggestively, and I appreciate that she understood this was FAMILY entertainment, and I thought she did a fabulous job with the National Anthem!

And here is something else: My little boy told me he likes the sound Mourning Doves makes, because they don't sound like all the other birds! I have to agree with him!

Signing off, with thankfulness for our "family-friendly" no smut zone porch of Mayberry!

Mary Wiggins

February 02, 2004 - Msg 19077: How much have things changed? Well, can you even IMAGINE Andy and Aunt Bea having to talk about such things? You are right mary, we can call or email advertizers. They understand dollars, and if they believe they are losing too many, they WILL respond.
On another (yet similar) topic, our local Friday tags was the one about Barney's uniform. He wore it everywhere, because that guy threatened him.
When he came out of church, the pastor commented and Barn said, "just lettin you know that we are always on the job!"
pipeman, I'm havin trouble finding your western site again. What is the address?
Charlotte, how is your new porch coming along?
I think you were the one who said you were enclosing it or something.

February 02, 2004 - Msg 19078: HEY GANG...the super bowl was great half time stunk.stunk,stunk....sorry..hey pipeman the story did keep me awake [whew]..hey CT.possum,Mrs Wiley.fg.asa.Ro,Plum,BOO,MDC.Jelski,Goober you make a good point..hey to everyone !!..OK tonight its Baked Chicken breasts with lemon sauce,wild rice,green beans,okra,green onions,hot sauce,grape kool-aid,banana puddin,...ready at 6;30...SIGNED: spot: the" did not like the half time show" dog of yall good culture porch ..ruff ruff..

February 02, 2004 - Msg 19079: Hey Porch Friends,
I was just checking out the site for the Nature Works show that my husband and I will be at in Tulsa, Oklahoma in March, and they have a photograph of one of his paintings and a picture of him on there, if you want to check it out. Here is the address: http://www.natureworks.org/artshow.html# Once you are there, if you scroll down the page, it has a link for other artists names, and my husband, Pat McMa-nus (censor activated, please don't put a dash in his name!)is on there. Click on his name and voila! Maybe some of you southern porchsters will be around there in March!
Thanks for checking it out,
Mary Wiggins

February 02, 2004 - Msg 19080: Hey to asa,AFD,spot,pipemn,Mary w,bjerry,HMaker,MrsW,Ro,Charlott,Goob,boo,auh20,
briscoe,cnurse,maybery girl, and all you wonderful porchsters, thank you for takin on good
healthy discussions, and for those deeeeelicious
dinners. Looks like spot has down right good vittles for tonight! Im on my way
Mr D's Cuz

February 02, 2004 - Msg 19081: Anyone have any funny Valentine's Day stories?
The "talkin to myself"MDC (sorry spot, I stole your format!)

February 02, 2004 - Msg 19082: I just love you all! I knew I'd get a rise out of everyone by mentioning the Super Bowl incident. You go, Romeena, Mary Wiggins, and all others who jumped on the bandwagon! I knew I could expect no less from my wholesome friends on the porch. God bless each one of you! I agree wholeheartedly. I probably would've gotten more reaction from the other camp had I typed my message on an MTV chat room or some such place! I liked Romeena's comment about that "screwed up family." No doubt! Those people need prayer. Forgive me. I really wasn't tryin' to start a moulage. I just couldn't believe several people had already posted this morning with no mention of it. It was plastered all over the Internet and TV today. Snowing like crazy here with ice underneath. No school today and maybe not tomorrow. Pray we have school Wednesday though so my son's team can play their sectional bball game Wed. night.
Charlotte Tucker

February 02, 2004 - Msg 19083: Well Charlotte- we had school today!
We got the oldest one's basketball schedule - he is sure excited. So our Saturdays for the next six weeks will be consumed with 1st and 2nd grade basketball. He will get a little trophy at the end of the "season." Ain't that just like Mayberry!
Has anyone heard the Mayberry song by Rascal Flatts? Just curious. . .it ain't too bad - I think it will need to grow on me - I am not a big Rascal Flatts fan.
I ain't talking about Janet or Justin - didn't see it, don't want to see it - what do you expect from MTV?!
Well. . .off to signing class and then to the big MONDAY nite auction!
Oh - we what fun we have in Rural America!


February 02, 2004 - Msg 19084: Wow, Monday nite auction! Excitin' as pickle-makin'. :) (teehee)
I just heard on the news that the FCC is going to level a fine against CBS and all it's affiliates.
Did not get to hear any details on it however.
We're dinin at spot's tonite!

February 02, 2004 - Msg 19085: I WAS ASKED AWHILE BACK TO REMIND SOMEONE THAT AUNT BEA WILL BE IN A MOVIE ON AMC ON FEB 5 at 7pm.there i did it. mdc= the site is http;// www.riflemanconnors.com/ scroll down left side to welcome to north fork- home of the tv western. if you decide to register a name click on under it, optional. wrap up and keep worm porchsters. one last comment= if folks would boycot everything but channels like taggs, history channel,etc then the format would change fast cause them advertisers don't sponsor losing viewers, pipeman

February 02, 2004 - Msg 19086: That was me you were reminding, pipeman. Thanks!

Get this....I was attending a super bowl party thrown by one of the deacons at church. Well, there I was in a room full of fellow church members when Janet's breast was bared. Needless to say, I was not happy about it. I think everyone was embarrassed and didn't say much. It was awkward being in mixed company.

Think I will go to bed. Its been a long day (I got a 150.00 speeding ticket today!). Shame on me!


February 03, 2004 - Msg 19087: Hey all - sorry I've been away from the porch for the last few days. Interesting topics being discussed today.

Only saw the last 5 minutes of the SB yesterday (YEA PATS!). Heard about the JJ/JT thing on the late news last night. One thing I read about it was that Jackson's choreographer said there was going to be something "shocking" about the performance. Sure was, wasn't there.

Bummer about the ticket, Boo. You weren't doing your Elizabeth Crowley impersonation, were ya? Maybe if you had told the officer he looked like Frank Sinatra he would have changed his mind about the whole thing.

Interesting story about GWashington, pipeman. Glad they don't employ those kind of tactics today. Although some things the candidates do these days rank about the same on the ethics scale. (*Don't forget to vote today if your state is having a primary - it's a responsibility we shouldn't take lightly*).

Prayers for Mrs. Wiley, pipeman, Sterling's daughter, and all the rest of you.

Andy's Favorite Dish!

February 03, 2004 - Msg 19088: good morning porch= iced and snowed in so doctor will have to be rescheduled. thanks for the prayers,it is one of the great things about this site.AFD= thanks for the prayers, good one about speeding. BOO== that would have been embarrassing. the hole half time show was a disgrace and just shows how some inthis country is turning from god . if everyone would do a boycot all stations except tags, hallmark, and those channels- we would see a quick program change. i'll bet like elizebeth crowley you could have charmed your way out of the ticket. may the good lord smile on you and yours now and forever, pipeman

February 03, 2004 - Msg 19089: Mornin' Y'all. I'm with homemaker on the Janet/Justin thing.
Please keep my little grandbaby Laci in your thoughts and prayers today. She is seeing a cardiologist for atrial septal defect (a small hole in the heart).It is common for preemies to be born with this & chances are that it will close on it's own without surgery.And Sterling,your daughter has my prayers,along with Mrs. Wiley & pipeman.Let's hope for positive results all around.Thanks Y'all.
possum under a rock

February 03, 2004 - Msg 19090: Good morning - a great nite at the auction - 15 lbs of Idy-ho taters and 3 boxes of fungus (mushrooms) for $1.50, carrots - 2 bags for $1, and that is just the tip of the iceberg - we have enough juice to float the Ti-tanic - 12 bottles of orange, ruby red grapefruit, etc - each case for $2.50 but we got some cheaper than that. I think my husband bought 5 or 6 cases. See - it was exciting!!
Couldn't help but seeing Janet/Justin - the media won't let it die but still doesn't think it is worth my time. Therefore - no comment.

Sorry about the ticket Boo - that could be a real ouch!
Best wishes with Laci -


February 03, 2004 - Msg 19091: Morning y'all...still cold in Chicago...still snowy in Chicago...you'd think it was winter or something!

Boo...we had several folks from our church here for a 'get together' (we're pentecostal...we're always lookin for an excuse to eat! :-) ) I'm sittin next to the Pastor on the couch...first time I've ever seen him speachless! :-D Sorry about the ticket...150$...were you going to the moon and trying to break orbit!

I'd like to ask for porch prayers for my dad...he's back in the hospital..has 2nd stage Alzheimers...and is not doing well. There are times I wonder why we're left to suffer that way...but I'm sure there's a reason.

Got to get to the garage...Wally hates it when I dont get the pumps turned on in time...


February 03, 2004 - Msg 19092: Goober, you are FUNNY! Love the thing about your pastor! Prayers for your Dad. Somethings we just can't figure out but one thing we can know is the character of God is good and doesn't change.

Prayers for little Lacy. I'll bet that little hole will close up on its own.

Pryers for all my porch friends with needs.

I looked up that site of yours, Mrs. Wiley. Sure hope things get worked out for you.

Gotta go get ready to take my boy to his first visit with the child psychologist. Wish me luck!!

AFD, that police officer didn't look a thing like Frank Sinatra so I think he would of caught on.
Did anyone see Leave It To Beaver last night? FLOYD was on it and was playing a barber named Andy. My son kept saying, "Hey, its Floyd!!".


ps--Goob, I used to be a thin Pentecostal and now I am a fat Baptist (go figure).

February 03, 2004 - Msg 19093: goober= prayers for your dad. they cancelled my appointment at danville today, something about a little ice and snow and wind. they said they wouldn't waste there salt on the roads for me, i thunk they know how forgiving the pipeman is. ha. possum= prayers for your family and laci.our grandkids friends want to come over all the time to see grandpa and grandma- we're glad there real grandparents like it,point just you and grandpa and laci come up and we'll bake cookies, i'll tell stories. mrs wiley= your in our prayers, hang in there, sweety. boo= the little brown truck don't need any competion. remember the song. slow down- 7you move to fast? it's so great to have so many special people that we can pick on each other the way the waltons did. don't you? keep you feet on the ice. pipeman

February 03, 2004 - Msg 19094: Prayers for little Laci, Boo's son, pipeman and Goober's Dad. an' everyone else too cause I know we all got needs. thanks for all the prayers, God is Good to us even in the midst of suffering.

~ Mrs. Wiley

February 03, 2004 - Msg 19095: Hey pipeman, isn't Danville Illinois where Rob Petrie was from. I believe it is where Dick Van Dyke was from in real life.

I have not heard the Mayberry song, but I do like some of Rascal Flats songs. I'll listen for it. Ro, I LOVE Josh Groban. I saw the ads on T.V. for it and ran out and bought the C.D. right away. I did not watch the superbowl. Sorry I missed him, but glad I missed JT and JJ's sickening display.

Wednesday night is the second wrasslin match for Kyle's team. There are three who are in his weight class, so he didn't get to wrassle last time. I told him he needs to bulk up and get in a weight class where no one else is. LOL The team did win the match though. The team photo was in the paper on Thursday. We don't get the local paper, but luckily sis and hubby do and they called and told us. Pretty exciting stuff.

Off to the weight loss doctor. I may be wrong, but I feel like I may have stayed the same this week. And gosh, I only had one Little Debbie this week. (tee hee)

Later friends,
fun girl

Rosa and I are praying for Little Laci.

February 03, 2004 - Msg 19096: Hi porch! All this talk of grandkids is perfect because last night was the local episode about Charlene's BABY, Andelina! Us darlin's are so proud of that young'un. :)(I wonder who played the baby and where that person is today?)
Barn: But Andy, this jug is just mulberry squeezins!
Prayers for possums grandkid Laci.
Boo, remember, no luck about it, you are BLESSED! :) Boy, but tickets have sure gone UP!
Can you go to traffic school? BTW, that scene where Barn walks like Franky is one of the funniest non-speaking scenes in the series!
Goober, my mom has nearly the same as your pop.
Everytime I visit (about 4 times a week) I lay hands on her. She IS improving! God is good.
Rebuke that illness in His name! Amen,Alleluia!
A little pentecostal message for all you wonderful porchsters!
Irishster, where are you????
Ya all have a good day. It's raining again here on the southwest end.
Mr Darlin's Cuz

February 03, 2004 - Msg 19097: Hey pipeman, I visited the site! very cool stuff.
I left a little post.

February 03, 2004 - Msg 19098: Afternoon porch. Been a busy weekend so sorry I have been absent.
Goober, my Dad is showing early signs of that horrible disease. It is very challanging to say the least. You have my prayers.
Mrs Wiley, I visited your sight and read about your ordeal and all I can say is you poor dear. My side is aching just reading about it. Prayers that healing comes soon for you dear.
Possum, prayers for Laci. I just bet you that hole will heal on it's own. They often do.
Boo, you know we give you 35 and you do 40, give you 40 and you do 45, give 45 and you do 120!
Have read all the comments about the Superbowl halftime event. Like homemaker said, what else would you expect from that group. When I saw it the first thing that came to my mind was Barney calling Gomer that name in Citizen's Arrest. LOL
Prayers for you to pipeman. Hope all is well for you.
My Barney is growing like a weed. How is it that a 3 pound puppy can produce 25 pounds of poop a day? Go figure.


February 03, 2004 - Msg 19099: "HEY GANG"..Boo a speeding ticket?..clear sunny and 50 here in ga.,been painting on of my small barns..hey Ro.,MDC,AFD,Asa,pipemanfg,mrs Wiley,HM,goober.mary,...Its gona be veg. plates tonight..fried green tomatoes,turnip greens,navy beans, cream corn [white],mac-n-cheese,slaw,hot peppers,hot sauce,sliced sweet onions,hot corn bred, real butter,sweet tea, and Oh yall can fight over the ham hocks that was cook in the beans...ready at 6:00.dont be late!..signed: SPOT the"ham hock" dog of the porch..yeee haww

February 03, 2004 - Msg 19100: Thanks for the prayers for my Daughter, Andy's Favorite Dish and Possum, and mine to Laci.
Amen Mary Wiggins, Romeena, and everyone else disgusted by the Jackson/Timberlake "accident". I didn't watch the SuperBowl but I saw the incident on every channel imaginable(which is what they wanted to happen)and the moment I saw it I knew it wasn't an accident as they claimed. Janet Jackson was never much good an actress and it showed with her mock embarrassment after it happened. Same with Timberjerk.
I don't know if I would blame the Superbowl or CBS for it, though. CBS has actually been surprising me by doing good deeds like not showing that biased Ronald Reagan movie and by not allowing the President Bush-hating move-on.org to show one of their "fair-minded" liberal political ads during the Superbowl. Of course CBS had to be practically beat over the head to do those things with pressure from people like Bill O'Reilly, but they DID do them nonetheless. They didn't have to.
Sorry about the ticket, Boo. Are we going to have to start calling you lead-foot now? No wonder it didn't take you that long to get to Romeena's!:)
-Sterling Holobyte

February 03, 2004 - Msg 19101: Asa, thanks dear. I believe the poop-to-pup ratio you describe will result in one healthy dog!

~ Mrs. Wiley
poor horatio.

speed, speed, speed. (that's for you, Boo)

February 03, 2004 - Msg 19102: Mrs. Wiley,
You're a sti-tch!
Mary Wiggins

February 03, 2004 - Msg 19103: mdc= i thought that was you, i left a msg. hope charlotte and rest of western fans come and visit. the lady who started it is from penn but has had to be in colorado for a few weeks following her sister's release from hospital. spot= will that supper count as three veggies for today? is that -50 degrees or +50? we haven't seen that plus we would overdose. tee-hee. sterling, mary wiggins,goober= can you believe plus 50? hi mrs wiley. pipeman

February 03, 2004 - Msg 19104: asa= thanks, sounds like barney is going to be wiry but needs a snack because he's a high strung fellow. fun girl= i think danville was home to dick van dyke. jack benny and others were from ill. but you folks have a lot of fame from indiana. james dean, grandpa walton , shelly long. have the doc weigh little debbie, it's her fault and you don't need to take the fall'. ha. prayers for everyone. pipeman

February 03, 2004 - Msg 19105: Ha! You guys are funny. Speed, speed, speed, that's for me! I checked into the defensive driving course and I can take the course and have the ticket charges dropped and the ticket removed from my record, BUT, I won't be saving any money after I pay for the course. Oh well. I think I'll slow down and save some money.

My son's trip to the child psychologist went well. She is real down to earth and Sean seems to like her. I was happy to find out that it is a Christian counseling service because I didn't know that (looks like your prayers are working again!).

Can't wait to see what's showing on TAGS tonight. Meet ya'll there!


February 03, 2004 - Msg 19106: Evenin' Y'all. The news is not as good as we'd hoped for.Laci will need heart surgery when she gets to be around age 3.Dr. said the hole was the size of a dime and had already closed some,but no more.At least there is a solution and it is fixable-Thank God for that.Success rate is about 99%,so that's another positive for us. I sure appreciate the prayers.Thanks to everyone and give baby Rosa a kiss from Laci please,fun girl.
Y'all are the best-love to everyone.
possum under a rock

February 03, 2004 - Msg 19107: Possum, I'm sorry Laci might need surgery later. We can pray that she won't even need it by the time she is 3. Kisses to Laci.

I read something on a church bulletin board today that said, "God uses our difficulties to make us better, not bitter". I thought that was a good thought.

I wanted to share something my 2 yr old did the other day. Well, we are working on the potty training and she sometimes takes her diaper off and does her business on the floor (oh boy!). The other day she did it and I made her help me clean it up. I picked up some poopy in a paper towel and told her to go put it in the potty. Well, I don't know why on earth I thought she would do it. Later my son and his friend ran screaming out of his room saying there was poop everywhere. Sure enough, there was the poop I had given her to flush. She had put it on a book that was on the floor, then she had taken three of her naked baby dolls and rubbed poopy on their bottoms (I guess she planned on pretending to change them), and there was poopy on the carpet, of course. The cleaning never ends around here!! I told that story to invoke some sympathy from you moms. heehee


February 03, 2004 - Msg 19108: "Poor Horatio."

February 03, 2004 - Msg 19109: Well, possum, I'm sorry that little Laci will need surgery, but am praising God that such a remedy is available. My cousin's daughter had that surgery at about age 3 or 4, and is now a grown young woman, the picture of health.

Asa, you are a hoot! I know just what you mean - how on earth can such a tiny dog produce so much poop? I ask myself a similar question about the Plum. When I look at the huge amounts of long hair that I comb off of her about twice a week, it seems like she'd be depleted down to nothing. Reminds me of when Erma Bombeck remarked that when you figure all the weight she had lost over the years, by all rights she should be hanging from a charm bracelet. That was one funny woman.

Boo, are we gonna have to get Goober to install a "governor" (remember those?) on your car to keep you from getting tickets? I can see you now -- OUTTA THE WAY, SUNDAY DRIVER! VROOOM! What a picture! Sean looking a bit worried, and Erin just giggling with glee. (teehee)

Landscaper Joe was here today, and we talked about making some little crushed granite pathways in the back yard, leading from the back door, to the flower island, and over to the arbor. Am also thinking about some pretty landscape lighting along the back fence - the colored kind that shines upward onto the fence. Could be very pretty.

Well, you all have a great day tomorrow. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 03, 2004 - Msg 19110: Good grief, Boo! Why on earth would you think Erin would take that little package to the potty? Just goes to show you, a mother never gives up hope, always believes the best, etc., etc.

Sugarplum says hey, again. --Romeena

February 03, 2004 - Msg 19111: Sorry Boo, I can't sympathize... my daughter was potty trained by 18 months, and I can't even imagine going thru that! I'm afraid I don't have the type of personality to put up with that...
I agree, Romeena, Erma Bombeck was one funny lady. Whenever I need cheering up, I read "The Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank".
- Hazel

February 04, 2004 - Msg 19112: Hey to the Porch.

-- Jelsik

B: "Floyd, this is important, will you please concntrate?"
Floyd: "You bet I WILL..."

February 04, 2004 - Msg 19113: Hey to Jelsik and the rest of the porch.
Boo, sounds like you have a real situation on your hands there. LOL
Boy Romeena, I sure would love to see your back yard. It sounds wonderful indeed. Maybe you could post a picture someday.
I am sorry possum, that surgery is needed for Laci, but grateful that it is an option. I think we should all still pet-ition the Master healer though. His healing is hard to beat.
I had to laugh the other night while watching TAGS it went to commercial, and guess what they were selling? VICKS! It made me giggle and think about you all. My wife asked what was so funny so I told her about the Vicks posts here. She shook her head and told me I was a strange man. (in a loving kind of way) Guess it's just an inside joke just for us huh?
Well off to work for me. Got to go to Mt. Pilot today for a staff meeting. I hate those! It's almost as bad as meeting with Mayor Stoner. Nt a good way to spend a morning. LOL
Hope you all have a great day.


February 04, 2004 - Msg 19114: so many in need of prayers, i'll just say i'll keep the porch in individual prayers. hey to jelsik, mdc, spot, boo, ro, c.t., mary wiggins,goober,everyone. asa= at your meeting in mt. pilot, just give everyone a quart jar of vicks each. tell them this is my input and i will see you next time and smile, slowly walk out.ha. last night i was listining to ray stevens and the streak song came on and when the part don't look- too late, she done seen it all. i started laughing thinkingabout the incident. isn't it wonderfull what looking for the funny side does? here's looking at you wyatt, new post on it's way. love each and everyone of you. pipeman

February 04, 2004 - Msg 19115: Morning Porch! Asa, I bought you a new pooper scooper. Put it to good use. Boo, give ya 40 yu'll take 45! Shame on ya. Prayers for Laci and for Goober's Dad and Mr. Darlin's Cuz' Mom, Mrs. Wiley, and all who needs 'em. I agree with ya, pipeman. We need to quit watchin' them networks and patronizing their advertisers and that would shape 'em up. Problem is too many people enjoy watching garbage these days. Where's this website of Mrs. Wiley's? Wish my son's team the best tonight. 7th graders--they play for the sectional championship--last game before the state tournament. The Moms here are quite excited. We made signs last night.
Charlotte Tucker
Vicks, Vicks, the magical rub
Smear it all over, then jump in the tub!

February 04, 2004 - Msg 19116: "Smear it all over, then jump in the tub!" - Maybe that's what Boo's Erin was thinking of with the "poopy incident".

Prayers for Laci, Goober's Dad, Mrs. Wiley, MDC's mom, Asa's dad, Sean, and all the rest of the porch.

All the best to your son and his team on the big game tonight, CT!

Making one of my hubby's favorite things for supper, tonight. Boiled potatoes and sauerkraut with beef weiners thrown in. Never had tried it before we got married but it's plenty good, especially with a gob butter on it. I'll make enough for all if anybody wants any.

Have a Mayberry kind of day all.
Andy's Favorite Dish!

February 04, 2004 - Msg 19117: Make that a "gob of butter"! I was already getting my bud's twanged just thinking about it.

February 04, 2004 - Msg 19118: Hey All, MTV shocked everyone. Just rememeber, those stunts are typical of MTV. Most of the people who are in charge at MTV are under 25 years of age and have that BERKLEY, liberal, mind set. We can thank the networks for creating these individuals because NORMAL CHRISTIAN VALUES are boring for TV. And some people say the JANET JACKSON stunt was an "accident". It was definitely planned by the young guns at MTV to shock 140 million viewers. Anyhoo, thank goodness for TV Land. Take care and have a fantastic, wardrobe Non-malfunctioning, Mayberry Kinda Day!

Ed Sawyer

February 04, 2004 - Msg 19119: Top o the mornin porch! Mdc her askin prayers for my pop today as he is having cataract surgery. thx
Asa- my wife does the same look! I think it is a prerequisite to be on this porch! (teehee) Gotta stop using them 25 dollar words, dont I.
Pipeman-Wyatt Earp will soon return to the west.
One more for boo: "You dont run a car fast all the time. You drive her slow ever now and then!"
Thanks for the prayers for mom. Saw her last nite.
Yes, your Christian phy. is more answer!
AFD, dinner sounds good! on the west end it's cornish game hens, small red potatoes and stringbean onion caserole!
spot- hope all goes well with the IBEW brothers!
Mayberry Deputy and Mayberry girl--where are ya?
Mr Darlin's Cuz

February 04, 2004 - Msg 19120: some may want to visit www.persecution. com there are 236 current christain persecution around the world. australia etc. PLEASE LET'S NOT BRING IT TO THIS SITE BUT IT IS GREAT CHRISTAIN AWARENESS HAPPENINGS WE NEVER HEAR ABOUT.for those interested. andy trivia=== after john wayne turned down gunsmoke, the role of marshall dillion was offered to denver pyle. can you see briscoe darling as marshall dillion? lol and hello to all pipeman

February 04, 2004 - Msg 19121: Ya'll are great. You made me laugh out loud today! Loved the Vicks poem, Charlotte! Yes Asa, our friends and family don't always understand our fondness for TAGS and each other (or our humor). I usually just keep my mouth shut to avoid embarrassment.

Hazel, how did you potty train your daughter at 18 months, if you don't mind sharing? I think my daughter will train pretty easily now. I have just kind of put it on the back burner while I have been dealing with my little boy's problems. I try to tackle the hardest things first. He is doing so much better though, thanks for your prayers. Hist tutor came today for the first time and they had a great session. Sean said he even had fun. Praise the Lord!

You will all be happy to know I am slowing WAY down. It is costing me too much to be bad.

Love to All!

February 04, 2004 - Msg 19122: Well I was all set to come over for dinner AFD until MDC said that C word. (Cornish gams hens) I have a long time love affair with them birds so I think I'll stay out west here and help him consume them thangs. I like mine with a portion of wild rice covered with an orange sauce with raisins in it. ( This is one time I don't mind my main dish being concealed in a heavy sauce) LOL
Add to it some peas and taters in a cream sauce and man o man are you eating good.
Thanks for the new pooper scooper Charlotte. It will come in handy. How long you reckon it ought to take to house break a puppy? Everytime I think he's got it, he leaves me a suprise somewhere. And I don't like his suprises so much.


February 04, 2004 - Msg 19123: That's okay, Asa. As long as you and MDC save me one of them hens as a midnight snack. Make mine rotisseried on the grill if you don't mind MDC.

I'd like to hear your pottytraining techniques, too, Hazel. My daughter is two months shy of 3 1/2 and is FINALLY starting to get it. I have tried every kind of reward known to a 3 yr old and it seems like it's taking forever. You'd think for a kid who can read she'd have the smarts to head for the potty when she's got to go. Oh well, maybe the training is more for mommy instead of child.

Andy's Favorite Dish!

February 04, 2004 - Msg 19124: Alright, I finally got some vittles that some of yas like! I usually bake mine in the oven with seasoned pepper and butter. mmmm good.
Maybe jumbalya and gumbo tomorrow!
I gaar-an-teee! Where's spot the talkin dog been?
Thank God, literally!, that all my potty training days, pets and kids is over! I feel your pain Boo and Asa. :)
Dad's eye surgery went great. He'll be seeing out of it clearly again. thanks for the prayers.
Mr Darlin's Cuz

February 04, 2004 - Msg 19125: Jelsik, you are a breath of fresh Mayberry air.

February 04, 2004 - Msg 19126: For some odd reason I can see Jim Carrey really enjoying this Vicks talk - I am surprised they didn't think of use for it in Dumb and Dumber or maybe a Vicks MASK? I like his humor although I don't always agree with the movies in which he chooses to do (except for The Majestic).

Now - anyone wanting to go to the auction Monday nite - let me know so I can save plenty of seats. The Napoleon Auction House is quite roomy and warm. They have a great concession stand as well - my boys have tasted everything there! Ha Ha


February 04, 2004 - Msg 19127: Hey all...we're back in the deep freeze again in Chicago...I'm SICK OF IT!

Also...my dad is back in a nursing home tonight...he needs to get his meds evened out again...not a good thing. He's moved into a very violent stage...

Ya'll be good....

February 04, 2004 - Msg 19128: "HEY GANG"...sorry just been busy..gona read the archives.....ya got good food AFD..prayers goober,I"m at work now till 6 am..will be on the porch all night...will have us a snack at midnight.[surprise]...signed: SPOT the "got to do some paper work" dog of your classic porch!

February 04, 2004 - Msg 19129: Prayers for Goober's Dad! Bless your heart. ~ Mrs. Wiley

February 05, 2004 - Msg 19130: 'HEY GANG"...OK MIDNIGHT SNACK...grilled cheese sandwiches..sliced pickles,sour cream and onion chips,tall class of cold mild..hey Mrs Wiley,pipemanRo,Boo,fg,AFD,possum,asa,goober,MDC,HM,and everyone!..and remember:one good roll usually get all the covers!..signed: SPOT the"got hot cheese on my lip" talking dog of yalls porch!

February 05, 2004 - Msg 19131: "MORNING DEARS"...OK getting breakfast started..fried streak-o-lean,fried thick bologna,fried taters,scrambled eggs w/hot pepper cheese,grits [lots of real butter],sliced canolope,flapjacks with straberry syurp,coffee,cold butter milk,and a tear from the roll of paper towels..ready at 6:00 am EST...signed: SPOT the" I"m tired and ready to go home from work" talking dog of your great porch..pant..pant

February 05, 2004 - Msg 19132: spot= love those grilled cheese sandwich's, pickles with a side bowl of chilli this time of year.you can't find a grilled cheese sandwich in a resturant without asking that i know of. goober= prayers for you and your family. looks like the ski capitol of the u.s. has been moved to the midwest. i vote for jim carey for president talk about foreign policy disarmenant. couldn't you just see the interpertor? post rest in a minute. pipeman

February 05, 2004 - Msg 19133: possum= prayers for laci, you and your family. one of our grand daughter desi, had to have 3 open heart surgeries by age 5. she now is 14 and has problems from time to time. BRIGHT SIDE DESI HAS BEEN THE HEAD CHEERLEADER FOR 3 YEARS, COMPETED AT HER SCHOOL FOR THE PRESIDENT'S FITNESS AWARD AND WON FIRST OVER BOTH BOYS AND GIRLS. HOMEMAKER= i love auctions maybe some time i'll bring the brown truck because i buy a lot, especially those sight unseen $1.00 mystery packages, the kind that you find a treasure or somethin usefull rest goes out. best one i liked was in rural alabama. the auctioneer was like family- his wife did paperwork and two grown boys held things up. always cutting up. didn't mind if you all talked during it. i use to laugh at his code; if something was junk- he'd say would you just look at this?have you ever seen anything like it? you knew keep chatting or bid min. pipeman on our public tv station they show a 1minute postcard picture of different ill. towns== well they highlighted a town called moonshine, ill. population 2. this got me to thinking== traffic jams, he your holding up traffic. long lines at wal mart, could happen there everywhere. how long does it take for the mail person to sort and deliver mail? you get the idea. got to light the old briar and lite up before i go to the carrol.. salty dog, shoe, banjo jerry, ky girl,rest that's been away to long. we miss each of you. county nurse. pipeman

February 05, 2004 - Msg 19134: Hey the cornish hen and grilled cheese hit the spot for my midnight snack. Hey pipeman, there are some restaurants in my area (SW MO) that you can order a grilled cheese off the menu.

MDC - bring on that jambalaya, mmm good.

Got about an inch or so of snow and some freezing rain overnight, but not the 4-8" we were supposed to get. Hallelujah. Not much into cold weather. How many days til spring??

Special prayers going up for Goober's Dad, and the rest of you all.

Andy's Favorite Dish! Did I mention it was cold here?

February 05, 2004 - Msg 19135: They won! They won! They won! My son's 7th grade basketball team won their sectional and on Saturday they will play at the state tournament. Four games left to be state champions. So exciting. The firetruck escorted them back to town last night. Ain't that just so Mayberryish?? It was great fun. Hey, Andy's Favorite Dish, we're supposed to get that nasty stuff later today. I gotta get a book finished and in the mail before the drivin' gets bad. Pipeman, that's a great story about your granddaughter Desi! Congrats to her! Andy's Favorite Dish, Good one about Erin having my Vicks poem in mind when she did her deed! Ed Sawyer, you crack me up with your "Happy Wardrobe Non-malfunctioning Day!" That's a good one, that is. You all do the same! Prayers for Goober's Dad and you and yers.
Charlotte Tucker

February 05, 2004 - Msg 19136: AFD- did you mention you were near St Louis?
I bet it IS cold there. My mom grew up in East St Louis.
Goober- Prayers for your dad!
Ah...Spring Training is just around the corner now! Can already smell the roasted peanuts and those Chicago dogs!(Not the spot kind, but the good eatin' kind)mmmm :)
One good thing about baseball...no halftime shows!
(Just 7th inning God Bless America!)
Charlotte- Congratulatiobs to yout son's team!
I rmember when I could get a grilled cheese from the woolworth's fountain. They were especially good because they were grilled in hamburger grease!
Keep warm all!! Bundle up!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

February 05, 2004 - Msg 19137: Hey All, The other day I bought "THE GHOST AND MR. CHICKEN". Have any of ya'll seen it recently? The director as well as many actors from TAGS are in it. I love it. If you haven't seen it in a while check it out. Looks like everyone is doing well. CHARLOTTE, congrats on your son's victory and may four more come soon. Back to work for me, stay warm and have a Mayberry, Kinda Day!

Ed Sawyer

February 05, 2004 - Msg 19138: Congrats to Charlotte's son's team! WHOO HOO! What position does your son play? I bet you are having the time of your life watching him! My daughter used to play, and other parents would try to engage me in conversation during games from time to time. They soon realized the futility of it all! (I am way too intense at sporting events!)

I loved Ed's "Wardrobe non-malfunctioning" comment as well! Good one Ed!

When the pooper scooper was offered for Asa's pup, I was afraid someone was going to offer one to Boo as well!

Hmmmm?! Cornish Hens! Now there is something I haven't cooked for dinner in a while! I'll have to add that to my grocery list! Thanks for the inspiration!

Pipeman, sounds like you have quite a granddaughter! It is nice to be able to be proud of our offspring!

Possum, as others have mentioned, I too, have a friend who has had heart surgery at a young age. He had a hole in his heart also, but for some reason they did the surgery when he was 12. He was a sickly, rail of a child, who had to be ever so careful. Now he is 50, and I am telling you the truth, he is the biggest strongest man I know! As an adult he became quite an athlete, body builder type, and I don't reckon anyone would want to mess with him now! Even at 50!

Goober, here is prayers that they get your father's medication worked out real quick so the violent stage ends quickly. Prayers for all my other porch friends as well. I know God has us all in His everloving care.

I feel VERY impressed at this moment just to say how very much God loves each and every one of us. Just as we feel pride in our children's and grandchildren's accomplishments, so God is proud of us in our's. Just as we are filled with concern for our loved ones facing trials and illnesses, God is over us, gently comforting us and attempting to steer us through the difficult times. When we are disappointed with our selves, God would not want us to linger on our failures, for He has plans for us, and He wants us to move on! So...be encouraged! And I, for one, am thankful to be the child of such a loving, wonderful God!

Well, it's been wonderful visiting with you all! Have a great Mayberry Afternoon!

Mary Wiggins

February 05, 2004 - Msg 19139: "HEY GANG"...will have supper at about 6:30..got to get the menu..hey do yall have dollor stores where yall are at ...I mean big stored where they have all types of stuff thats just 1 dollor?...neat place...prayers for laci..and mary..hey Boo,Ro,pipeman,asa,possum,ed sawyer,MDC,BDJ,..and all the porch..here at the work 20 till 6 am..I"LL be baccccckkk...signed: SPOT the" like to go to dollor stores" dog of this here porch

February 05, 2004 - Msg 19140: Hello all! And a special hey to Spot and Mary Wiggins.
Andy Taylor watching the Super Bowl Halftime Show:

(shaking head)"Yep, that's deffinatlly not a boy". LOL!

I heard the Grammy's took Janet Jackson off their show. She says, "I'm going to go to hang out with my friends". I guess just like the Super Bowl. LOL! The only problem I have with it is, all the children that watch the game. Time fer: "Dirty Me, Dirty Me, I'm Disgusted With Myself". Aone..Atwo..

Briscoe Darling Jr.

February 05, 2004 - Msg 19141: Gomer: "Here Andy, put this bucket over your head and take a think."

February 05, 2004 - Msg 19142: Funny, Briscoe!:)

That's a good song for these times, too! Too bad more people today don't feel disgust for their actions!
-Sterling Holobyte

February 05, 2004 - Msg 19143: "HEY GANG" hey BD"jr..sterling ,AFD,Goober,pipeman,and all else..OK..baked sea bass tonight,lemon,rosemary,tyme,butter wraped in foil and put on the grill,deep fried hush puppys [no relation]fresh graded cole slaw,hot sauce,hot peppers,butter pecan ice cream..im gona lite the grill now..give me 45 minuites..signed: SPOT the "sea bass spice dog" of yalls porch

February 05, 2004 - Msg 19144: god uses our trails to uplift others in their time of need, just saw aninteresting post by pickles on the bullitin board. " i like andy's comment on your first flame never burns out. did you marry your first flame or did the flame burn out. if it burnt out have you seen the first love again?" my first flame was killed in a car wreck. i always wondered if we would have married. i still have an autographed letter. i love star trek with all my heart and we've had a blessed life. god takes one away but doesn;t leave us alone. pipeman

February 05, 2004 - Msg 19145: HEY YALL..lets eat!..hey watching andy now..could rafe hollister really sing or lip sinc..what was his real name?..HELP..signed: SPOT the"got supper ready" dog of here!

February 05, 2004 - Msg 19146: He really sang!! And Gomer too!
Sorry, gotta run to late sift fill in.

February 05, 2004 - Msg 19147: shift of course!

February 05, 2004 - Msg 19148: Knew gomer sang ...did not know for sure if rafe did or not ...anyone know his name?..signed: SPOT the" question asking dog" of the cabin porch

February 05, 2004 - Msg 19149: his name was jack prince and yes he was a classically trained singer

February 05, 2004 - Msg 19150: thanks for that info ....who told me?...spot

February 05, 2004 - Msg 19151: hey spot, thanks for the yummy seabass! you really know what you're doing with that grill. Prayers for all! Oh, by the way, I am a GREAT AUNT today @ 12:16 am. 6lbs, 11oz., 19". They are naming him Jeremy. (No one seems to care for it too much.)

~ Mrs. Wiley

February 05, 2004 - Msg 19152: "CONGRATS MRS WILEY"..and yer welcome for supper..Jeremy is a cool name..will have a midnight snack after while...setting here watching Leave it to Beaver [the movie] on the tube..eating butter pecan ice cream..all is quite at the power company [so far]just rain and 47....signed: SPOT the" butter pecan eating dog" of the cabin porch..

February 05, 2004 - Msg 19153: "Hey" to all my porch buddies.

Prayers for those who need them and thanks for those wonderful words of encouragment, Mary Wiggins!

Pipeman, my first flame also died in an auto accident when he was in his senior year of high school. Actually, we were 6 when we were, "in love". I can still remember him giving me the plastic engagement ring during recess on the monkey bars. Young love! I guess my first real love was when I was 24. We dated for a year and I realized we were going in different directions so I broke it off. I knew he wanted to get married and I knew the longer I let the relationship continue, the more painful it would be. It was a very hard thing to do and sometimes it still bothers me because he was a nice guy and married a real shrew of a woman (they are still married). Too bad he made that choice because it was a rebound thing. I am glad, however that I married my current husband. He is very good for me.

Well, I think I will go watch Leave It To Beaver (not the movie). I sure enjoyed Rafe's singin' tonight!


"I wanted to grease my shoes but when I do the cats always follow me."--Rafe

February 05, 2004 - Msg 19154: Leave it to Beaver [not the movie] was a good lesson show tonight..prayers to all in need..hey Boo..gona see whats in the kitchen for us all a snack at midnight.[all this eating you would think I weighed 300 lbs.]but only about 185, guess running up and down in this pen keeps me trim, and when goober lets me out to tease kids [ha ha ]..well not to fun of family ties [its ok] but gona try to fund a movie ,,here till 6 am..signed: SPOT the"dont know what to put here this time" dog of this porch....

February 05, 2004 - Msg 19155: Ed Sawyer, I love The Ghost and Mr. Chicken. I can watch it over and over. I love those ladies sitting around saying "and they used Bonami!" (to get the bloodstains off the piano).
Now, about my potty training technique. I guess I would credit it to being able to be home with my kids when they were both being potty trained. (I didn't go back to work until the daughter was 3, son was 5). I think the secret is, as Andy says, "patriotism and perspiration!". Convince your kid he/she can do it, know that they can, and keep trying! You need to just make time to be "on the spot", and quickly! I was always hovering around saying "do you need to go", and when I knew they hadn't gone for an hour or so, it stands to reason that they're going to need to go soon, so take them to the bathroom. Watch carefully. When they are watching TV, and start to wiggle around in their chair, take em again. They'll soon get the message. And when I started training them, I put them in training pants. NO diapers, except at night. That way they can feel when they're wet, and they usually don't like it. All I know is, it worked for me. Like Barney said to Otis and Gomer when they were trying to protect Andy, "let's just be where he is". I found myself just being where ever my youngun was, so I could catch em and dash em to the bathroom. Takes time, and patience. But worth it!
Charlotte, how's the reunion going?
- Hazel