February 16, 2004 - Msg 19402: H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y pipeman!
You could do a little jig in victory lane, that might help you warm up! (And belated birthday Briscoe)
Hazel, Afd, Mrs Wiley etc, I was going to get my wife a GEN-U-WINE ceramic pelican, that I won at the mayberry carnival, for Valentine's day,
but then my aunt bea senses kicked in and I decided on an engraved, crystal, heart-shaped, earring box for her vanity. Guess I done good cuz my face had "blood" ALL over it! lol. ;)
Goober, that was kinda neat to see Earnhart win daytona for his dad!
Goob-"Cars and guns, you know Andy, I do know cars and guns. Won the turkey shoot in Mt Pilot two years runnin'."
Andy- "yeah boy"
You all have a wonderful Mayberry kind of Presidents' Day! Maybe the Fleet Band will play a nice, hip, version of "Stars and Stripes Forever"!
Mr Darlin's, lookin for spot, Cuz

February 16, 2004 - Msg 19403: Happy Birthday, pipeman! Many more! I been gone a couple days. Been busy. I'm glad valentine's day is over too! All them flowers made me sick. It started when my mom gave me a bouquet of colorful flowers last week for my birthday. I'm allergic to flowers. I put them on my porch and they still bothered me. Then I delivered some roses to friends & family , then visited my grandma at the nursing home and someone had given her a mum. It just never ends---anyway, my Vicks jar has been working overtime and I'm feeling pretty crummy. Fixed my sweetie some Mr. Food barbecued chops for dinner Fri. night and also a pumpkin pie. Celebrated Fri. cuz I had to chaperone my son's dance on Sat. Guess where I ended up! Next to a bucket of carnations they were sellin'!
Kids are out today. Better get some lunch together. Who won that there Daytona anyhow?
Charlotte Tucker

Barney, I don't think that dog could find his own food dish.

February 16, 2004 - Msg 19404: Morning to the porch adn all! MDC, it was a good race! One of the best I've seen in a while!
AFD AFD...Legacy 5 was great...it'd been a while since I'd see Scott and Roger...and with Rogers health issues...didn't think he'd make it, but he did! And they blessed me clean down to my socks (it's cold in chicago...otherwise I wouldn't of had any socks on! :-)) I like Ray Dean Reece with the Carolina Boys..and have done a few concerts in the past with them (then the Kingsmen) and with Karen Peck...hope you get out to see them!

Y'all have a great big Mayberry day!


February 16, 2004 - Msg 19405: Anyone here old enuf to remember game shows like "What's My Line" and "To Tell the Truth"?
I liked Arlene frances and Bennet Serf.
I also liked some of those like the old Concentration with the 3 sided panels that would turn around. Also, Password, and the Joker's Wild were good Any others?
How about some of the old shows like "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" or "Lost in Space"?
Mr Darlin's, settin and thinkin of the old days, Cuz

February 16, 2004 - Msg 19406: Charlotte- too bad you're 'lergic to flowers!
You certainly got your fill of them, my goodness.
Prob'ly all came from MD's produce dept!
We get ournew ceramic tile in our kitchen and entry this Thursday and Friday! Then my wife's sister comes for three weeks!! How did Andy get that family to leave so quickly in that one episode?
Somethin about helping him catch a robber or something? I'll have to get refreshed on that! (haha) I love my sister-in-law but her voice is like fingernails on Miss Crump's blackboard, and does she TALK!(help!) I guess it's just a little cross to bear. Prayers for all the porch.

February 16, 2004 - Msg 19407: thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. charlottee tucker= i think spot's off until thrusday night because he worked so much last month. us feb folks got to stick together. dale jr won the race, #18 passion car didn't do much but i was proud of his witness. i'm normally an o1 car fan. it's the u s army car. being retired military wopuldn't have anything to do with it, would it? hey to GOOBER= looks like after the early part of the race you have a lot of car body repairs to catch up on. you told them to slow down but no just speed, speed, speed. charlotte tucker= sorry split your message. first you can't get a single flower then flowers everywhere you turn- and barney throws up his hands. and what do you get flowers that's what you get. pipeman

February 16, 2004 - Msg 19408: Forget the bed jacket, I'm sending two cases of VICKS over to Charlotte and pronto! : )

Goober - Glad to hear Legacy Five was goooood. Also good to hear Roger got to make it for the concert.
I like Ray Dean Reece too. He's probably one of my favorite basses out there. Used to get Gospel Music Television and I would always have to drop everything when the Kingsmen came on. What did you mean when you said you got to do some concerts with them and KP in the past?

MDC - I guess you got yourself a room, too, for Valentines Day. (hehe)


February 16, 2004 - Msg 19409: mdc= try these shows on your memory banks. the $64,000 question, beat the clock. 77 sunset strip, the adventures of ozzie and harriet, car 54 where are you? the dean martin show, twilight zone, land of the giants, combat. if i could write i might do a book on old tv. but if i wrote then the stress would kill me. i'd have to be able read, understand and even comprehend, see what i mean my friend? have a great one. pipeman

February 16, 2004 - Msg 19410: afd= mdc wants to know if i would dance a jig in victory lane for my b'day. after my jig in victory lane i think i'll have a whole jug. (that's ice tea ladies, i wouldn't want to upset the ladies society. i hear there tea totlers, ha. pipeman

February 16, 2004 - Msg 19411: Hey AFD...in my non goober image, I've travelled a lot with a variety of Southern Gospel groups. I've been blessed to work with a lot of the "big" named folks..and still keep in touch with a few here and there. I would love to go back to it full time...just have not had the right opportunities (you know..kids and all that) :-)


February 16, 2004 - Msg 19412: pipeman-reply for you on the western site.
Yup, those were good shows too. In fact a local station ran combat here for about 6 months.
'Member Highway Patrol with broderick Crawford?
Or how about these oldies but goodies: It's About Time, "I'm Dickens, He's Fenster!", Your Hit Parade, and Sing Along with Mitch!
AFD- Oh yes, I definitely got a room! (teehee)
(Hope you all did too!)
It was one of those Chamber of Commerce weekends here in the Phx area. About 70 high! Only problem is that the snowbird (the human kind) fill up all the golf courses and restaurants before 7 in the morning! Oh well... that's life,
and I dont mean a 15 cent magazine! (heehee)
Mr. D's Cuz

February 16, 2004 - Msg 19413: Happy Birthday To The Pipeman


February 16, 2004 - Msg 19414: If Kitty Carlisle married Conway Twitty - she would be Kitty Twitty!
Tell me I don't remember What's My Line?

Hello everyone - the computer guru at school is going to try and have them take my block off of this website so I can visit during my before school duty time.
We have more babies -
Getting ready for the Monday nite sign followed by AUCTION FEVER!

Happy B-Day Pipeman!!
Hope your cake doesn't go "up in SMOKE!"


February 16, 2004 - Msg 19415: At my house - my children are big Mr. Ed fans - some shows transcend generations -


February 16, 2004 - Msg 19416: goober= thanks. suppose to be 50 here friday, we'll have to get the mowers out won't we? MDC+= you sure your not trying to find out my age? tee- hee. just say i remember these originally shown. texaco star theatre, this is your life,the red skelton show,the millionare,the many loves of dobbie gillis. {zelda just turned 63} the life of riley, amos and andy, ma and pa kettle, jack benny, the george burns and gracie allen show, get smart alfred hitchcok presents, dragnet, my favorite martian. does this help? i'll check out the msg wyatt thanks. pickles wanted to find a western site- i got her pointed in right direction.

February 16, 2004 - Msg 19417: had a senior moment. the above was pipeman

February 16, 2004 - Msg 19418: Homemaker, you remember What's my line???
I thought you were one of our younger porchsters.
Glad the babies are well. I tell ya, I'd give up the city if I could find the right rural spot.
ALRIGHT!! It's auction night. One time my mom bought a vacuum for two bucks at auction.
Another time, this is all when I was a younster,
she nodded for me to come back to her and that nod
bought a chair! Was mad a me for a week! lol.
Have fun HM.
no spot today so no vittles, I guess.

February 16, 2004 - Msg 19419: Hey Pipeman... I can't wait to get the mower out...at 50...I may kick off the shoes and get the shorts out! Did wash the jeep over the weekend...that was a good time! :-)


February 16, 2004 - Msg 19420: And MDC , I remember ALL those shows...course only in re-runs and reading the history books! :-)

February 16, 2004 - Msg 19421: Yee haa...it worked...can't tell you how long I sweated that one...you all remember the last time I did something new and innovative...just about burned down the garage.... :-P

February 16, 2004 - Msg 19422: :-(...spoke too soon...

February 16, 2004 - Msg 19423: Better now! :-) I'm done...

February 16, 2004 - Msg 19424: "WHEW WHAT A RACE WEEKEND AND TODAY ALSO"..Did yall think i was at large?..sorry just had kids and spend the night [two of my sons buddys] for the weekend and we won out first play off game in basketball,two more to go to the championship game[my son]working on the go cart for my daughter,and the 500 race and....well hope yall have been eating well...got pintos in the crock pot with ham hocks and corn bread...dont forget about yer ole dog!!..signed: SPOT the " not gona stay gone no-mo" dog of yer porch...varoom,go JR.

February 16, 2004 - Msg 19425: Whew... Spot, everytime you mention pintos it just makes my mouth water...why is it I'm living in this place that just doesn't have the finer things in life? Somebody tell me quick!




February 16, 2004 - Msg 19426: O-YEA...sliced onion also Goober...spot

February 16, 2004 - Msg 19427: and sweet tea............spot

February 16, 2004 - Msg 19428: and mayo, a dollop in the pintos....spot

February 16, 2004 - Msg 19429: o-yea, hot sauce, and pickled peppers....spot

February 16, 2004 - Msg 19430: Wanted to tell ya'll that there is going to be an interview with Mel Gibson about The Passion, on Primetime tonight at 10/9pm Central. Gotta run....


February 16, 2004 - Msg 19431: That's pretty cool, Goob, getting to work with those in Southern Gospel. (BTW - enjoyed the Kerry article on your website - hehe!)

spot - I'll make up a big mess of fried taters, too! mmmm! And maybe some brownies and homemade peach icecream.

I don't remember the original Dragnet, but I love to watch reruns of the Dragnet 1967-1970 series on my local UPN station. "This is the city..."


February 16, 2004 - Msg 19432: SPOT! You're making me SOOOOO hungry. I've never tried the mayo...but it sounds good! :-)

AFD...it's always a blast...and I liked the Kerry bit too! :-D


February 16, 2004 - Msg 19433: Happy Birthday Pipeman, you have a great day!

February 16, 2004 - Msg 19434: Happy Birthday, Pipeman! And yes, I remember What's my Line, To Tell the Truth, Password, and I've got a Secret. I love to watch them on the gameshow network, too. They come on in the middle of the night, but that's ok, I can't sleep anyway.
- Hazel

February 17, 2004 - Msg 19435: Hey Pipeman, Happy Birthday! I really hope you have a good one!

I did something tonight. No, really!:) I wrote a letter(email) to Arnold Schwarzenegger and asked him(nicely) to stand up to that Mayor of San Francisco. I know I'm not from California but I thought maybe the elected officials might listen better to regular Americans if even people who don't live in their respective states write them about what they are doing. Don't mean to start a political debate(or moulage) here on the porch, just mentioning it.

Why can't you sleep, Hazel? I hope it's nothing too serious. Sweet dreams! ...When you do get to sleep.;)
-Sterling Holobyte

February 17, 2004 - Msg 19436: whew! spot= welcome back, did you see where dale jerrette climbed up in the brown truck? you were so cool the way you gave him the cold shoulder, he was lucky just to sit in it after his comments loast year. ha. normally i root for 01 the us army car, i doubt if being retired military would have anything t0o do with it. after all your good cooking we'll get in shape- 100 push ups , 100 sit ups and a 15 mile run to loosen us up. what do you think everyone? got to light the old briar and relax with the good book. pipeman

February 17, 2004 - Msg 19437: hazel, and frankie flint= thanks for the b'day wishes. when you have the lord, a great family, and the best friends a person could ask for on the porch, then i feel i'm a really blessed fellow. homemaker== that was a classic. hope you got a bargin at the auction. did the auctioneer song get played? i'll have to tell fun girl about your kitty joke. goober= i like to mow early spring, feels so good but by mid summer mowing wears kinda thin on enthusiasm. just don't build your mower out of thing lying around that you won't need till winter. pipeman

February 17, 2004 - Msg 19438: afd= i was a very little shaver but i can remember in the summer time my incles woulg gather at our house and pull the battery out of the car and hook up a radio and sit on the porch sat night. someone would always ask do you think we can get another half hour show and the car still start the next day? remember i was a young fellow then. sterling holobyte= didn't mean to put you last but i think that was great you writing in on it. i wrote my state senator and told him instead of trying to balance the budget on everyones back- then double fines for dui, speeding thru schools and construction zones. things people have a choice on. have a good one porch sorry i was so long winded must have been all them beans. pipeman

February 17, 2004 - Msg 19439: Guess what - I have been unblocked!!
So I can visit once in awhile!


February 17, 2004 - Msg 19440: Did any of you watch the interview with Mel Gibson last night? Pretty good but he seems like a real eccentric fellow--kind of the artistic genius type, I guess. I liked most of what he had to say, though. I can't wait to see the movie now.

Gotta a busy day today. Have to take my mom to her dr's appointment, etc. Hope you all have a good one.

Sure am enjoying those color eps on TVLand! VICKS RULES!


February 17, 2004 - Msg 19441:
Morning Folks,

The local weather guy says we're heading for 200 inches of snow this winter. He must not have gotten the memo that the BOYS OF SUMMER started reporting this past weekend. That's it, winter is officially over.

Happy Belated Birthday Pipeman.

On a personal note, I just found out last night that a good friend has an incurable form of cancer. I would like the porch to keep her and her husband in your prays. This one is hard to turn over to the Lord. I know that sounds crazy but we want to help and all we can do is stand there. She is a great girl.


February 17, 2004 - Msg 19442: Mornin to the porch...auh20, we'll be prayin for your friend, her family and you. It's hard when hurt hits so close...

All...still working with my dad. We're going down to see him this weekend...so keep us in your prayers. Also...a friend of mine (from the southern gospel world AFD :-)) is having some struggles right now. His ministry has been incredible through the years...now he's facing some personal trials, even had someone try and extort money because of it. He's going into some deep introspective counseling and accountability sessions over the next several months...and needs prayer for strength and guidance.

The porch is the best!

February 17, 2004 - Msg 19443: Howdy, everyone! Been busy, working at my job and in my yard with my landscaper friend. That pathway and the new rose garden are surely gonna be pretty!

I just love to spend a little time here, and listen to you all talk. Such good friends. MDC, I believe you asked a while back if I was a night shift nurse. Yep, that's me. 12 hr shifts, too! I like it, though. I only work two nights a week, and if I can schedule them together, especially on Monday and Tuesday nights, I get it all over with quick-like, and the rest of the week is mine.

Speaking of The Passion, I do wish folks would let all this furor die down, about folks blaming the Jewish people for Christ's death. I suppose it's a valid fear, though. The Jews have endured so much at the hands of people who have such a short-sighted, twisted view of things, and I suppose there will be some who will totally miss the point, and focus instead on blame and hatred. While that particular group of Jewish leaders may have instigated His death, they were actually carrying out God's plan for providing redemption for themselves and for the rest of us as well, whether they knew it or not. That's certainly no reason to harbor hatred toward the Jewish people now, two thousand years later. Besides, there's one other glaring fact that makes hatred toward the Jews utterly ridiculous. Jesus was a Jew! How can anyone love Him and hate the Jews? Makes no sense at all.

Well, sorry about the soapbox, friends, but that's the way I feel and I just had to say it. Now I need to go get some sleep so I can go back to work tonight. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 17, 2004 - Msg 19444:

February 17, 2004 - Msg 19445: You are right Ro, exactillioso! Hey to the Plumster, ~ Mrs. Wiley

February 17, 2004 - Msg 19446: ps Ro, how ya feeling after the accident? hope you're OK! Prayers for auh20's friend and family, Asa's Dan and all who are in need! ~ Mrs. Wiley

February 17, 2004 - Msg 19447: oops, Asa's DAD.

February 17, 2004 - Msg 19448: prayers to goober and auh20 their friends , their family/ also prayers for everyone on the porch. romeena dear, all i can add to your comments is AMEN. pipeman

February 17, 2004 - Msg 19449: ASA= how are you, your dad and family holding up. your in my prayers. pipeman

February 17, 2004 - Msg 19450: Go to hear from you, Ro. I was wondering if you were working. I know its hard to understand any hatred toward any race of people when all were created in the image of God and are loved by him (John 3:16).

I am really interested to see what affect the Passion will have on people. I was raised in a non-Christian home and became a Christian after watching a movie about the life of Christ that affected me profoundly. I think The Passion might change lives.

Good luck tonight at work, Ro.

Heart-felt prayers for your friend, Auh2o, and for your friend, Goober. We don't always understand but we can trust His heart, can't we?

Love to all,

February 17, 2004 - Msg 19451: Hey y'all.
Thanks for asking about my Dad. I have been real sick with a bad cold the last 4 days so I have stayed away from him so he don't get it. But my wife has been up to see him and is reporting that he seems to be doing better and getting stronger with every day. That, my friends is hard ti imagine considering the shape he was in last week. Thank you all for your prayers.
I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me.
Prayers for your friends there Auh2o and Goober, and for your Dad also Goober. I hope you have a good visit. I know how difficult that is friend.
How was the birthday pipeman? Hope it went well.
Good to see homemaker back with us. I thought maybe she got cornered by one of her goats somewhere. HA!
You all healed up Mrs. Wiley? I guess not quite yet huh?
Hey Ro, I need some idea's on training Barney. That little fellow just don't seem to be getting the concept that pooping and peeing whenever and wherever he wants is not acceptable. Any ideas?
Hey to Boo. We are suppose to get up to 50 this week. I hope so. We got a lot of snow to melt before I can go hit golf balls again.
Guess I better get back to work. Sorry to be so long with my post.


February 17, 2004 - Msg 19452: Forgive the non tags post...but I thought this was funny! :-)

What Religion is Your Bra?

A man walked into the ladies department of a Macy's and shyly walked up to the woman behind the counter and said, "I'd like to buy a bra for my wife. "What type of bra?" asked the clerk. "Type?" inquires the man, "There's more than one type?" "Look around," said the saleslady, as she showed a sea of bras in
every shape, size, color and material imaginable.

"Actually, even with all of this variety, there are really only four types of bras to choose from." Relieved, the man asked about the types. The saleslady replied "There are the Catholic, the Salvation Army, the Presbyterian, and the Baptist types. Which one would you prefer? Now totally befuddled, the man asked about the differences between them.

The Saleslady responded, "It is all really quite
simple...The Catholic type supports the masses,
the Salvation Army type lifts the fallen, the Presbyterian type keeps them staunch and upright, and the Baptist makes mountains out of mole hills."


February 17, 2004 - Msg 19453: That was a goodun'!!

Asa, sorry to hear you got the cold. Drink plenty of hot juice. Soak it. Soak it a lot. I'm on the mend, but this is going to be a very long process with. I'm just shooting for some pain management at this point. Have a checkup on Thursday - hope to find out what kind of specialist(s) I get to see next.

~ Mrs. Wiley

February 17, 2004 - Msg 19454: Prayers for Asa's Dad, Goober's Dad, Auh2o's friend with cancer, and Mrs. Wiley. By the way, Mrs. Wiley, I missed something somewhere along the line and don't know what happened to you. Can you enlighten me? Prayers for you, nonetheless. Well, here it is a week after the first batch of flowers and my head is so stuffed up I can't hardly stand it. I'm beginning to think it's more than flowers. Then Asa says he's got a head cold. Uh huh, that's probably where I got it--sitting out here on the porch too close to Asa. Thanks for those cases of Vicks, AFD, we're gonna need 'em. Could I have the bed jacket too though? Hey to Boo, Ro, Pipeman, Goober, Homemaker, Hazel, and MDC. Where's Mavis?
Charlotte Tucker

February 17, 2004 - Msg 19455: just saw salty dog has a question on the bullitin board. i told salty we sure miss him. i thought someone could visit the board and help salty answer the question. thanks. pipeman

February 17, 2004 - Msg 19456: Mrs Wiley. Asa, auh20, Goob, we cant foget Luke 2,
..for nothing is impossible with God!" My touch o pentecostal prayers continue for you all. Im checkin in real late today. Gettin kitchen floor ready for the new tile! Crew comes on Thurs to put down the new. Wife made london broil tonight, mm was that good.
Oh ho, local channel is starting COLOR eps! Yikes, glad I taped the BW's!
Romeena, you may have to become our new county nurse. She must of run off with Andy!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

February 17, 2004 - Msg 19457: "Snoop! Snoop!"

February 17, 2004 - Msg 19458: Pipeman, that's not our Salty Dog. Our Salty Dog is female, and I don't believe she posts over at Ms. Crumps.
- Hazel

Andy: Well, things happen in cycles. Remember last week it was head colds?

February 18, 2004 - Msg 19459: good morning and prayers for the porch. MDC= about every 3 months you'll have to put down a new floor to be treated to a feast like that. ro= i'm a night person too. it's such a quiet peacefull time- i think that's the way the lord intended instead of such a hurry up mode all the time, don't you? HAZEL- thanks. i didn't know we had 2 salty dogs. one last comments about the PASSION, i hear that the day it opens that groups plan to block it in court in several places so it won't run long, using anti-semetic and violence and possible psycological damage. guess we'll have to see it in lincoln within first 2 days. that shows the devil working over time. what bothers me is 1, jesus died for mankind 2. the focus of the movie should be jesus. it's like going to chruch and admiring what others are wearing and doing instead of the lord. someone was talking sports and i think it's so unfair that all sports except nascar - it's not who plays the best and hardest, it's who can buy a team. remember in the 50's before the season started you knew the yankees and dodgers would play world seies and in the 7th game it ended. tickets to get in has shut out a lot of folks. sports cards use to be cheap enough kids good buy and enjoy there favorite player or team, not anymore. SORRY DIDN'T PLAN ON GETTING ON MY SOAP BOX BUT IT DOES YOU GOOD TOGET OFF YOUR CHEST, DOESN;T IT?lol. thanks for being there. pipeman

February 18, 2004 - Msg 19460: Morning Porchpals! Charlotte, I had a bit of surgery 3 weeks ago to remove a cervical rib (I have them bilaterally) that is causing my arms to eventually cease to function. When they got in there, they found the cervical rib attached to the first rib, and the first rib was located BEHIND the second rib. (lets all sing: the leg bone's connected to the ankle bone...) So, the doc just closed me up and said "unh-uh". So now I have to see some other specialists to learn what the next step will be.

That's OK pipeman, that kinda stuff will lay on yer chest! I haven't heard that the Passion movie would be blocked in court?! Must be local to you. I'm going to Church that day (Ash Wednesday) then off to the movies - as are most of my parish! Should be a real experience. Bring plenty of kleenex!

~ Mrs. Wiley

February 18, 2004 - Msg 19461: Good Morning everyone!
HOpe all is going well - been plenty busy around here!

February 18, 2004 - Msg 19462: Ah, Mrs. Wiley, how awful for you. I hope you find a gifted specialist who knows just the ticket to solve your problems. But we know that the great physician can take care of all ails. More prayers for Mrs. Wiley. Asa, how's your dad doin' today? Hope much better. Prayers are needed for my husband's dad also. He is not well and very stubborn about seeking treatment of any kind for heart problems. My husband and his dad are very close. I don't know if I could stand it if he lost him just now. My husband is depressed enough. How's your cold, Asa? Mine is still hanging on. Had to sleep on the couch last night cuz my snorin's been keepin' my hubby awake all week! More Vicks, please. I know what you mean about $$ ruining things, pipeman. Too bad, ain't it?
Charlotte Tucker

February 18, 2004 - Msg 19463: Mornin' homemaker, missed ya sittin' there.

Now, don't go doin' that with yer neck there, Mr. Tucker.

February 18, 2004 - Msg 19464: "No, that's not our fault, it's YOUR FAULT!"

February 18, 2004 - Msg 19465: Mornin to the porch! Hope everyone is doing well today...not as warm as I'd like here in Chicago...but we're getting closer!

Just read a good review of the Passion movie...I've posted it on my SITE if you'd like to read. We're going to have our Wednesday night church service be the 7pm showing at the local cinema. I'm excited...but a bit nervous as well...it's going to be very intense. Prayers to all involved!


February 18, 2004 - Msg 19466: My Dad is doing remarkably well Charlotte. Thanks for asking. Very encouraged.
My cold has turned to bronchitis, not unusual for me it seems, so they put me on heavy duty anti-biotics.
Sorry your still ailing. I know what you mean about that snoring. I hate sleeping with my mouth open all night cause my nose don't work.
I will pray for your Father in law Charlotte. My Dad is every bit as stubborn. If he would have gone to his Doctor when he first started having problems he most likely would not have ended up in the hospital. But I can't blame him cause I hate going to the Doctors too. What can you do?
BTW, He being from England didn't go into the hospital, but rather just went to ospital.(the H is silent) LOL
Enjoyed your site Goober and the review was very good. Sure seems odd how Hollywood can put out the garbage they do non stop and never a peep, but let a film that might be Biblical come out and all heck breaks loose. Go figure that one.


February 18, 2004 - Msg 19467: Well asa, I guess cuz they are afraid of the Truth! they put out blood, gore and explosions all year, and you're right, not a peep.
There is something in my spirit that is saying that many will be saved thru this. Alleluia.
There i said it and aint takin it back! :)
Prayers for charlottes family and all troubled.
Let not your heart be troubled, but keep your eye on te prize! Ok, I'll get off my soapbox.
Mr Darlin's Cuz

February 18, 2004 - Msg 19468: good evening porch= prayers to everyone we all need them. goober- grat review thanks. not feeling very sprite tonight so i'll just say hello to all. mdc= i agree a lot of folks will be saved and a few that thought they were or not living up to what the lord wants. we'll all recieve a blessing. pipeman

February 18, 2004 - Msg 19469: Not too many around the porch this afternoon.
Goob- looks like the cubbies got maddux!
HM- good to see you breakin thru the filter!
(Not that it is good to break thru filters, only for tags!) (:
Local station started color eps. Last night was first of WARREN! (Uck!) Even when they first got him in 65, I didnt care for him. NO ONE could replace Barney i guess.
Before that, tho, was the last B/W showed!
Such a classic were BanjoJerry got his moniker.
(BTW, Where's he been?)
There's ole Jerry playin for the sultan's favorite! It's FUNNY when Floyd says that the dance is "very EDUCATIONAL, AND I'VE SEEN IT 6 TIMES!"
Then there's more Calvin Coolidge talk. Wonderful dialog. and Andy says: "Floyd, calvin Coolidge didn't say EVERYTHING!"
HEY Mayberry Deputy, I hear Mr. Foley needs help, 75 cents an hour!
Pipeman- how bout this saying: "Same bat time, same bat station..

February 18, 2004 - Msg 19470: Quiet today on the porch...Hey to Asa, glad to hear your dad is doing better. I ate to go the ospital myself! :-)MDC, I'm with you...I think there'll be some huge impacts both to the body and those outside...and I mean BIG!

Hey to CT, HM, Mrs. W. pipeman, Boo, RO, AFD and EVERYONE else!

Goobers Garage!

February 18, 2004 - Msg 19471: Good point about Hollywood, Asa!

Hope you get to feeling better Pipeman!

Gotta go and figure out what to make for supper!
-Sterling Holobyte

February 18, 2004 - Msg 19472: Hello all! Happy belated Birthday Pipeman. I hope it was a good'un. Here is: "Doug's Tune". Here we go.

Briscoe Darling Jr.

February 18, 2004 - Msg 19473: BULBSNATCHER!!

February 18, 2004 - Msg 19474: I guess I don't understand what the moulage over "Passion" is about. I can't understand why people think they need to picket and protest, etc. Here's a concept: Just don't go to the movie. Nobody's forcing them. It's not a movie that personally appeals to me, so I won't go. But there's apparently a lot of people that do want to see it, so to each his own. That's my opinion (for those that care).
- Hazel

"I'll be right there with you, daddy, in case the evening starts to lag."

February 18, 2004 - Msg 19475: We care Hazel, we care. And I agree, if ya don't wanna see it, don't go. To many obtuse people in this world I tell ya! LOL
Saw Citizens Array-est tonight. Sure don't like to see Andy and Barney mad at each other like that. Glad they patched things up in the end though. I get a kick at the end when Andy files his resignation with all the others. Boy that Barn is an emotional fellow huh?
Hey Boo, you got any vicks I can borrow for tonight? I seem to have run out.
Also, over at Miss Crumps. A post under the name Sheldon shows a little baby Doxie in a hot dog bun. That little pup is the splitting image of my new baby Barney. If you get a chance, go take a peek at him cause I ain't ept enough to know how to post his picture. I swaer they must be twins as much as they look alike. It is under a thread on hotdogs.


February 19, 2004 - Msg 19476: Oh, Asa, I've seen that little hot dog pic. What a cutie you must have! How's his potty trainin' goin'? Talk to Boo, she might have some help for ya. ; ) BTW, Boo, You MUST write all the antics of that baby girl down somewhere. She will love reading them someday. And you'll have a record that you survived her childhood! Hey MDC, your comment about Mr. Foley needin' help reminded me of the ep when Gomer is going to try to get a job as an experienced butcher. Andy says, "You got any experience cuttin' meat?" Gomer says, "No, you think they'll ask me thet." LOL! That's a good 'un. The look on Gomer's dumbfounded face is priceless! Well, hope ya'll have a good day. Glad you can join us now, homemaker. Hey to pipeman, Goober, MDC, Hazel, Romeena, Briscoe, Sterling, and Mrs. Wiley.
Charlotte Tucker

We're missin' some folk. Sendin' out an APB on Ellen Brown, Mary Wiggins, Mavis, Salty, Fun girl, Auh2o, Dež, Jelsik, Frankie Flint, Ed Sawyer, and other missing parties. Roger. 10-4. Over and out.

February 19, 2004 - Msg 19477: And Tom! Wherefore art thou oh Tom, our poet?

February 19, 2004 - Msg 19478: Hey All, Charlotte Tucker, thank you for asking about me. I'm still here just been busy. Glad to here everyone is doing well. Take care and have a Myaberry Kinda Day!

Ed Sawyer

February 19, 2004 - Msg 19479: I mean MAYBERRY. See what too much work will do. Now my eye sight is gone at 38! WOW!

Ed Sawyer

February 19, 2004 - Msg 19480: I's a sittin right chere!

Sorry I've been away for a spell. Hubby's got that big show in Oklahoma, and we have been working so hard to get ready. One day that boy's gonna be an overnight sensation!!;)

Asa, I am going to check out "Barney's twin" soon as I get off the porch! I bet you are having a lot of fun with little Barney.

Charlotte, I remember that episode too, imagine a body needing experience to be a meat cutter!? LOL

I think Hazel's got the right att-itude about that movie coming out. It may not appeal to all, but trust me, I don't think there has EVER been a movie that appeals to all! By the way, that movie comes out on the birthday of a great American--me! I don't know if I will go see it immediately though, I am not one at all for crowds, especially if I might be crying and all!

MDC: da da da BATMAN!

My prayers go out for Charlotte Tucker's dad, and Asa's dad, and Goober's dad, and everyone's friends and family members that may be ailing right now. May God's healing power and His great comfort be with every one of you.

Where's Spot been, also to add to the list of missing persons that Charlotte listed above? Haven't seen that boy in a coon's age!! (What does that mean anyway!?)

Enough ramblings, I better run!

Mary Wiggins

"Toot toot tootsie goodbye!"

February 19, 2004 - Msg 19481: Hey to the porch!

Prayers for pipeman, Mrs. Wiley, Asa and his Dad, Charlotte's Dad-in-law and hubby, and auh2o's friend and her family.

Goober - I do know who you're talking about but didn't realize the extent of his struggles. My heartfelt prayers go out to him as well.

Not much goin' on here at my end of the porch. Good news though - it's supposed to be close to 70 today. I guess I'll suffer through the 40 mph gusts of wind and enjoy it a little bit. Hope everyone on the porch has nice weather today.


February 19, 2004 - Msg 19482: boy it's good to see so many folks checking in. i wonder if that driving the brown truck must have him plum tuckered out. seeing gomer saying about meat cutter mader me think. being retired every time a store i trade at has a help wanted sign. i always ask the manager if you have to work in order to get the job. that brings a chuckle. prayers for everyone. pipeman

February 19, 2004 - Msg 19483: come home spot- we miss you. pipeman

February 19, 2004 - Msg 19484: Yes Asa, I have some Vicks for you but you will have to drive down to South Texas to get it (sorry). You might rather go down to drug store and see the Lady Druggist. I have seen that picture of the weinie dog on the bun. Too cute!

You know, I am happy abou the Passion movie because I think it will make alot of folks think and maybe understand how much God loves them. Even though I really want to see it, I feel a little like I did the first time I rode on The Texas Cyclone. I was in high school and we went to Houston, to Astroworld to ride this huge new roller coaster. I had been waiting for weeks to ride it but as I stood in line I had some giant butterflies in my stomach. I almost changed my mind at the last minute. That's how I feel about the movie. I want to see it but I am also afraid to see it. Anyone understand what I mean? I know it will hurt but hopefully will make me see things in a deeper way.

Better go see what my daughter is getting into. You are right Charlotte, I need to be writing down all the escapades she is involved in!


February 19, 2004 - Msg 19485: Hello everyone ,hope everbody has a good day .I got a new pc so Im up and running again ,spent my tax refund already but its wort it .Pipeman hope you had a good birthday .
Mayberry Deputy

February 19, 2004 - Msg 19486: "WHEW".. been busy again...basketball playoffs, and building go cart for the younguns....will get back to my job here ....at work till 6 am...gona get supper started soon....done know what yet..gona read the archives...signed: SPOT the" busy" dog of the porch!!

February 19, 2004 - Msg 19487: Hey to the Porch. Anybody see the Diane Sawyer interview of Mel Gibson about The Passion? Really good. The man is certainly devoted, and he's not gonna back down to his detractors. Me and my beloveded were sitting there nodding in agreement with all of his answers to Diane. I'm looking forward to seeing the movie. Although really, I'm a lot like Boo, in that I'm kind of nervous about what kind of reaction I'll have. I guess any movie that makes you that nervous has just GOT to be experienced, huh?

I'll see ya.
*Rafe Hollister
"That's me, kind behind the eyes."

February 19, 2004 - Msg 19488: "HEY GANG"..pipeman,asa,Boo,AFD,HM,MW,Ed.Goober,CT hazel,and ALL others!..tonight its gona be THICK cut pork chops [grilled]..bbq if ya want..those little red potatoes cooked in the coals,grilled corn on the cob,slaw,sweet tea,hot pickled peppers,sliced sweet onion..ready at 6:30..signed: SPOT the " got my grilling apron on" talking dog of yalls porch...go nacar!!

February 19, 2004 - Msg 19489: hi to rafe and spot the run away from the porch and is really missed dog of the porch. hi to all the porch. well the cubs may not have a catcher but they sure going to pitch purty, don't you think? pipeman

February 19, 2004 - Msg 19490: Hey, everybody! Been busy out in the yard with my landscaper friend. He had 11 yards of a special mix dirt delivered and dumped on my driveway at 10 this morning. By 4 this afternoon, it's all in the back yard, placed and spread. It's a blend of sand, dirt, well-composted manure and a little peat. It's beautiful! He filled the new rose bed with part of it, and the rest was raked and broomed across the whole yard, so all low spots and little holes are filled, and it was contoured and sloped as needed to get the drainage all going in the right direction. Looks like a moonscape right now - very little green showing - but in a couple of weeks the grass will take possession again and it should be lovely. Next step is to choose and purchase the rose bushes. Lots of careful thought going into that. I'll be needing Mr. Wheeler from time to time, I guess, to help me keep the aphids at bay.

About The Passion, if it's true that someone is trying to block it in court, that could be a blessing in disguise, if their complaint is the violence. Block that one, buddy, and we'll see how far that can be carried. Just try to market another chainsaw movie! I doubt, though, that any attempt to block this movie will succeed. Hazel, you're absolutely right. It should be a matter of personal choice, and if someone doesn't want to see it, that's easy. Don't go. That's what we're always told about all the filth - well, it applies here just as well.

I'm tired. Have been shoveling dirt into a wheelbarrow all day, and I'm tired. It's a good tired - do you know what I mean? I absolutely rejoice in the fact that I CAN still shovel dirt and not even breathe hard. My landscaper friend kept telling me I didn't have to, that they'd take care of it, but I finally convinced him that I was enjoying it, and I really was. Now for a hot shower, a good supper, and a little TV. The Plum needs a cuddle, too.

Oh, Asa, I've seen that little hotdog picture, in fact I saved it into my "Awwww" file. If Barney looks like that, no wonder you're in love. What an adorable little feller! As for the housebreaking, beats me! Even the illustrious Plum has her moments, and I could pinch her little head right off. Repet-ition, patience and perseverance, I guess. A trip to the paper or outside immediately after each meal, or after a nap, or about every hour whether it's after something or not - that's all I can suggest. As he gets bigger and his bladder matures, the intervals can get longer and longer, but right now, he's gonna piddle reeeal often!

Have a great evening, friends! Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 19, 2004 - Msg 19491: hey question yall....what is the name of the movie with lucy and ricky in it where they go camping across the country pulling that motor home...not the I love lucy show...this is a movie...HELP..and pipeman your cubs got my braves maddox....huh....signed: SPOT the"got pork chop juice on my chin" dog of your porch

February 19, 2004 - Msg 19492: Spot, that movie is called The Long Trailor. It is one of my all-time favorites. I don't have a copy of it but I rent it from time to time from the local movie store. Good luck finding it!


February 19, 2004 - Msg 19493: that it Boo !..can a fellow still rent it?..dont rent many movies.....spot

February 19, 2004 - Msg 19494: hey yall have olive garden resturants in yalls area...I went there last night...WHEW..GOOD..dont get out of the dog house much to eat [not an out to eat person much]..Apollo 13 comes on tonight at 9:30 here..gona pop some corn and kick back here at work..about caught up now....signed: SPOT the" like the Apollo 13 movie" dog of the great mayberry ciber porch...lights are on !!

February 19, 2004 - Msg 19495: I know you can rent the movie here where I live. Its in the classic movie section. You might try looking it up in a classic movie web site.

We have an Olive Garden here but I don't care for it as much as Johnnie Carrino's. Have you been to one of those? Real good!


February 19, 2004 - Msg 19496: NAW...no johnnies here...is it italian?...and I will check at the movie store sat...spot

February 19, 2004 - Msg 19497: HEY GANG...yall want to think about getting a pot up to save our money and get a swimming pool in the back yard of the porch cabin this summer?..im game...signed: SPOT the" wana have a pool to jump off the porch in this summer" dog of this here porch

February 19, 2004 - Msg 19498: Johnny Carino's is MOUTH-WATERIN'! Yeah, spot, JC's is an Italian joint. They call themselves "Country Italian", and I still don't know what that means. First time I heard it, I thought I'd be settin' there eatin' a plate of spaghetti with Merle Haggard playin' over the loudspeakers. But that ain't it aTALL. But like I said, it's GOOOOOOOD! That Lucy/Desi movie is called The Long, Long Trailer, and one of the guest stars is none other than our own Floyd the Barber, Howard McNear! Hey Romeena, that dirt pile you told us about brought back good memories for me. When I was a kid, my daddy bought a dump-truck load of dirt, and it was dumped right flat in the middle of our front yard. Before long, me and my brother and our neighbors had our Hot Wheels« cars and tracks out, makin' tunnels and such in the dirt, and just havin' a GOOD ol' time! I wish I had some of those original Hot Wheels« cars now though; they're worth quite a bit on eBay! :-)

I'll see ya.
*Rafe Hollister
"You might fit in yours, but there ain't no way Otis is gonna fit in his."

February 19, 2004 - Msg 19499: wish we had a jc"s..sounds GOOOOD,,and yea hot wheels bring back great memories..remember the tracks that you slid together with that little plactic dooma-gigger that I always lost..of course we as kids would take the track pieces and whup the fire out of one another in battles!..im 44 and they were a big part of my child hood and i still have several cigar bowes of them at my moms...yall remember johnny lighting cars and tracks?...signed: SPOT the"got someold hot wheels" big dog kid of the porch

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19500: Wow, I agree with Boo and Rafe. How many times can you say that anticipation of seeing a movie made you nervous? Most movies I see nowadays I think to myself "yeah, ok. blah." And I'm not very impressed with the content. I just hope I'm not expecting TOO much from this movie, when I do see it.
One movie I have seen recently that I didn't think I was going to like, but I did anyway, was called The Way Home. It is a Korean film about an old mute Grandmother who takes care of her spoiled, bratty Grandson while his mother goes away to look for a job. I won't say too much, but the patience that that Grandma shows to her ungrateful Grandson is simply staggering. And there is a lesson in there for all of us I think. A good movie.
-Sterling Holobyte

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19501: Hi yall!..well got all of my paper work done for the night here at the power company..all is quite..lights are on, fixing to have a bowl of beef stew & club crackers and watch a Charlie Sheen movie,Beyond the Law..no nothing about it....prayers to all in need on the porch..signed: SPOT the"gona beef stew and movie it" dog of this here porch..ruff ruff

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19502: "GOOD MORRRRRNNNING PORCH"..wake up yall!...this morning its homemade buttermilk bisquits,jimmy dean sausage pattys,country ham,hot links,scrambled eggs,butter,jelly,..just stop by and build your own bisquit of your choosing..got hash browns cooked also,tin foil so you can wrap them to go if yer in a hurry!..oj,coffee,[plastic cups with to go lids]..just grab and go!..Im going home now from work and get some sleep and be back at 2:00pm...signed: the"glad to be back and sleepy"dog of your porch named SPOT!!

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19503: Oh Pooh! I had a lengthy message ready to post and it had the word ati-tude in it and the censor kicked it back and when I hit the back button, it deleted. I hate it when that happens. Guess I'll try it again later.

fun girl

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19504: Rafe, I remember piles of dirt in our back yard too. Good memories. 'Course, while my brother was digging tunnels in it, my sister and I were pretending our Barbie dollls were going hiking in it. Wonder why that always made him go find something else to do...
I like Johnny Carino's too. Hubby and I just went to one for Valentines day. It was good. First time we'd tried it.
Well, everybody have a good day. Lots of luck to you and yours!
- Hazel

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19505: Oh Pooh! How discouraging, fun girl!

Rafe, I can't remember seeing Floyd in the Long Long Trailor. What part did he play??

Its gonna be 80 degrees here in South Texas today. Are ya jealous?? Well, don't be. Soon it will be hot enough here to scorch the hair off your head.

Gotta go...


February 20, 2004 - Msg 19506: "Tall....dark.....AND A DOOR PRIZE!"

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19507: good morning and prayers to all the porch. TONIGHT ON DATELINE 7pm- 9PM THEY ARE GOING TO HAVE A SPECIAL ON ANALYISING JESUS LAST DAYS. BY THELOGIANS AND HISTORIANS IN JERUSLEM.is that a choice on door prizes tall or dark or door prize? thanks for giving us gregg maddox back spot. have a great day everyone. your pipeman

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19508: Mornin' Boo, Hazel, FG, Spot, Asa, Sterling, Rafe, Ro and just Ever'body!

I've never heard of Johnny Carrino's. We have Johnny Carabbas... and Olive Garden. Well, frankly... don't care for either one of 'em - sorry Spot. Tastes like they just 'throw' some italian ingerdients together and call it italian food. Tastes fake to me. No love cooked into it at'all. I judge an Italian restaraunt by it's gravy (sauces). Big Jeff judges Chinese food by it's shrimp and lobster sauce.

Opie judges Chinese restaraunts by it's little paper parasols.

Ro, the yard sounds heavenly! I always loved the pink rose bushes that grow on a 'trunk', looks kinda like a big lollipop of flowers. I just LOVE roses. You surely must live in heaven-on-earth. And I sure do remember those orange HotWheels tracks. Perfect for whoopin' the tar out of someone. Thanks for that trip down memory lane. Asa, I saw that hot dog picture, too. What a little cutie you got there. Sure hope he grows out of the messy phase though. The only weenie dog I knew peed anywhere he happened to get excited. If you came home, he pee'd. If you gave him a cookie, he pee'd.

~ Mrs. Wiley
"Welcome sweet springtime, we greet thee in SooNnGG..."

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19509: Missed ya there pipeman, good mornin to ya!~ Mrs. Wiley
"WhispERS of gladness float on the EArR..."

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19510: Also just a note: those of you who have cable TV, Mel Gibson will be interviewed for 1 hr on "The World Over", on EWTN (Catholic TV - and my favorite channel). Tonight at 8:00pm EST.

~ Mrs. Wiley

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19511: Morning Porch! Hey Hazel, you got me to thinkin' 'bout Barbie dolls. I was one of the all-time original Barbie doll nuts when I was a child. I had many Barbies including a couple of the dark haired, slant eyed ones. Every birthday and Christmas every gift somehow ended up as part of my Barbie town. Miniature things were great. Once I won a little mailbox that looked like the red and blue real U.S. mailboxes at a PTA carnival. It ended up right on the "street" for my Barbies to use. My cousins and I would've had our Barbies hiking in the dirt too. They swam in the creek and we dropped 'em from a treehouse into a horsetank of water below. They led full and exciting lives! My Mom built a huge single-dwelling house and a three-floor apartment building for me from cardboard boxes, carpet and wallpaper scraps. Those houses were better than any $100 plastic stuff they make now. Enough of my rambling. Glad to see Ed Sawyer, Spot, Fungirl, Rafe, AFD, and Mary Wiggins show up.
Charlotte Tucker

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19512: SHOOT, i JUST LOST A WHOLE MESSAGE TOO!
Floyd, can you help?
Mr Darlin's Cuz

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19513: Stone Phillips is also doing a piece on Dateline tonight (I think) about the last hours of Jesus' life.

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19514: Charlotte Tucker, you cracked me up with that line,"they led full and exciting lives". :)
My Hot wheels collection were for inside play only for this feller. When I went to the great outdoors I brang out the Tonka collection. Big tough toys for big tough work! You shoulda seen some of the highways I built. Growing up on a small farm we had an irrigation ditch go through our property so I built me a bridge over it with connecting roads on either side. Wow, them were fun days. I just might have to buy me some more tonka toys and try it again. By golley, I'm gonna do it!