February 20, 2004 - Msg 19515: OK, I'll try posting again, watching carefully what I type. I'll give the reader's digest version. We got the tile installed yesterday!
Yippie, that is done. And I HElped! Grout going down today. I got right into it like Ro and her yard. Hope the manure isnt too "ripe" Ro.
Charlotte, was that a color ep with Gober and the butcher? For some reason, I cant recall it.
But your mention of a treehouse sure brought back memoiies of MY treehouse. My brothers and I spent hours up there. It was a clubhouse, spaceship, submarine, whatever the imagination could dream up. It was a beaut! That's why i cringe when I see all these kids playing videogames nowadays.
No imagination! A cardboard box could also become almost anything.
I recently bought the movie "Return to Me" with David D and Minnie Driver. Good romantic comedy!
PG only for some cussing that really wasnt needed!
no s-x or violence.
There's my review for the day! :)
CT, your "diving barbies" reminded me of the little plastic frogmen I got free with one boxtop of sugar pops. You would put baking soda inside them and they would then "swim" to the top of the water.
Good to have you back spot and Maybey Deputy!
Mr. DARLIN's, won't be censored this time, CUZ

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19516: Forgot to mention, last night's local color ep was when they go off to Hollywood.
Was that the only ep where Andy wears shorts?
(He and Opie "model" them for Aunt Bea)

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19517: Hey fg,hazel,MDC,AFD,pipeman,mrs wiley,Boo,sterling,Rafe,mayberry dep.,Ro,asa,..and all the other fine people out there ,back at work now till 6 am then off for 4 days..gona be great weather for my off days, in the 60"s and sunny here in ga...gona go rent the Long Long Trailor tomorrow if I can find it..well supper will be at 6:30...will let ya know ..gona get some paper work done . back soon...signed: SPOT the"Long Long Trailor" dog of the porch...lights are on!ruff

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19518: good day to everyone ,watching cup qualifying for Sundays race at the rock .Spot hope you dont have to slave too hard tonight at work ,I pulled an all nighter at the store last night and couldnt go to sleep today so Im tired right now .Pipeman ,hope your doing ok later
Mayberry Deputy

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19519: What kind of store Deputy?...spot

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19520: Howdy, all! Spot, you just crack me up! No particular reason, you just do. The porch wouldn't be the same without you. And Pipeman, with your gentle wisdom and peaceful ways, your value knows no bounds.

Asa, dear friend, I fear you're in for a disappointment. I went to buy a Tonka truck for my little grandson, and while they're nice, they're not the tough, rugged, indestructible things that you remember. My sons played with those, and they outlasted the real cars we bought at the time. I don't think the new stuff is quite the same. Oh, hugs to little Barney. Maybe you should try putting newborn Pampers on him? (teehee)

Landscaper friend is not here today, another customer had a broken water line and he had to help them, as water was running down the street. I understand, and know he would give me the same emergency attention, so I don't mind.

Does anyone else buy from the Schwan's truck? They carry a lot of single-serve things, as well as ice cream and the like, and some of their stuff is just really good. They have excellent pocket sandwiches, which are great for me to take to work. Good soups, lasagna, cheese biscuits, and their frozen pies bake up as good as homemade and a far sight easier. (No, I'm not getting a commission, I just like to share when I find a good thing.) Oh, and thanks to those who mentioned Johnny Carrino's. I think we have one here, and now I'll try it.

Have a great weekend, and Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19521: FYI Porchsters. A friend sent me this site: www.presidentmatch.com. You go there and answer questions regarding presidential issues to see which candidate lines up best with your preferences. Kinda fun.
Charlotte Tucker

The ep with Gomer looking to become a butcher was the one where he stayed with Andy because Wally fired him.

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19522: Well Ro & Plum you are a great part of the porch also!..everybody is!..tonight its gona shsh-k-bobs.[o-heck i cant spell im a dog]."HUNKS OF BEEF AND VEGGIES ON A STICK"..THERE..gona grill them,peppers,onions,tomatoes,..wild rice,sweet tea,..everybody gets two sticks worth, and all the rice ya want [its cheep]..signed: SPOT the" cant spell worth a hoot but can cook" dog of YOUR porch..pant,ruff,burp[oops]..

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19523: One of the funniest lines ever was when Gomer told Andy he was going over to the market to apply for the experienced butcher job. Andy asks him if he knows anything about cutting meat and Gomer replies "You think they'll ask me that?"

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19524: Andy: gomer there is a butcher job on the board,ya know anything about cutting meat?
Gomer: naw,think they will ask me that?...yee haw-SPOT

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19525: we posted at the same time!spot

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19526: Spot, how do you keep the rice on the stick!!??lol LOL lol. :O (:
Just a Bein' silly MDC

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19527: This is an "official" porchster check...
pipeman,asa, AFD,spot,HM, M Dep, des, Mary W, Boo, auh20,mrs wiley, Romeena, charlotte, goober, brisco, banjo jerry, fungirl,Irishster,sterling, ky girl, ky m shiner,hazel, rafe,salty dog ed sawyer, ellen c, cty nurse hope I didnt miss anyone!
birthday on Sunday, not Calvin Coolidges')
goin' to spot's for rice on a stick (teehee)
Mr Darlin's Cuz, watchin those tricky spelt words.

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19528: A little more silliness...
"The LONG TRAILER was good, but how was the MOVIE!?" (harhar)

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19529: USE A VERY SMALL STICK to k-bob the rice[steady hands too]!..........yall come and get it..MDC have you been in the squeezins?...SPOT !

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19530: " this cider's turned hard!"
Just kiddin, finishin up a busy week!
MD works in a grocery store, thats why I did the little about a job at Foleys.
OK, I'll ge my skinny skewer and tweezers...
Got my lampsade on, MDC

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19531: Msg 195243 & 19524: I think, uh, it's like, uh, I'm having deja vu! Didn't I start this whole conversation with that line yesterday?? Yup, it's right there in the archives Feb. 19 Msg 19476. Oh well, just kiddin' ya! It's still funny! I know, the porch got swept and everything is just like brand new! Spot, don't forget to put some carrots on those kebobs for Sugarplum.
Charlotte Tucker

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19532: who is driving the brown truck this week? i think dale's mad at us. Spot= we love your cooking, keep up the good work and we'll keep eating.het to mdc, charlotte tucker, ro, sugarplum, asa, barney, boo, fun girl, homemaker, mary wiggins, goober, auh20, mayberry deputy, ky girl, ky moonshiner, all the rest of the poch. it's the weekend- oh boy. is it mary wiggins or charlotte about to turn 21? pipeman

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19533: MDC you look funny with the lamp shade on !!trying to k-bob rice!!CT..got nothing but carrot bobs on the grill for plum..hey its friday!a-one-and-a-two.."you get a line and i"ll get a pole Charlotte.....wana dance MDC..you and your lamp shade ! YE haw...signed: SPOT the"gona dance with a lamp shade" dog of the porch

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19534: ya know something we dont know all of the porchsters gender to ask to dance....dont want to get talked about [tee tee]....spot

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19535: Thanks spot, for the "HUNKS OF BEEF AND VEGGIES ON A STICK". Mighty tasty! Don't work too hard tonight.

Hey pipeman - hope you're feeling better. The brown truck stopped by my house today and I thought of you and spot. Had a chuckle - good thing hubby didn't hear me - he'd a thought I'd been sampling some of those MDC's squeezin's.

MDC - Banjo Jerry posted over at the courthouse a few days back and said his computer was giving him fits (and still is) and that's why he hasn't been around Maybery much lately.

Our local station played the Hollywood episode you mentioned above today, MDC. Andy is shown in a couple of other episodes with his boxers on but I think that's it.

Romeena - your yard sounds wonderful. You ought to get yourself one of those "flower makin' machines" instead of having to buy them. (hehe)

Prayers for all.
Have a wonderful weekend.

February 20, 2004 - Msg 19536: HE HE]flower making machine, yea thats what ya need Ro..hey AFD..tell BJJ we said hello,ya know AFD everytime i see a brown truck I think of the porch also!..pipeman I will be ready to drive sun..lets sneek in behind newman and start on the outside pole..we can camo the the truck so they waant see us and in turn 2 i will pull a string and relese the camo "and away we go"..ZOOM..MDC did you have to take a nap after the lamp shade adventure?..yuck yuck...hey gomer and fg,asa,salty,miss yall...Im setting here watching OCC [American Chopper]..signed: SPOT the"wish I had a chopper" dog of yalls cabin porch

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19537: Uh, AFD, machines don't make flowers; that's mother natures job!
- Hazel

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19538: Morning Hazel, ..been here at work yall watching a movie called the Game..whew .kinda crazy,sean penn...will get breakfast started at about 5 or so , gona be fried streak-o-lean,fried Spam [thick sliced]..hash brown cas-a-roll[cheese and onions in it],eggs your way[3 if yer hungry],pancakes with fresh maple syurp,toast,butter,grape jelly,oj,coffee,ice cold milk....a tear from the roll of paper towels..hope yall enjoy..signed: SPOT the"tired gona go home at 6am and sleep" dog of the porch

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19539: Hey everybody! I haven't been on the Front Porch in years... it must've been about 1997 or 98 the last time I visited, and it was on a different site back then... I just googled on a whim and found the "Front Porch" is still going strong.

I used to post as "Will Stockdale, P.L.O." because I was going to college in Macon, GA, which is right near where the Stockdale farm was in "No Time for Sergeants." I've moved on to grad school in Mississippi since then....

I might just have to sit down and relax on the front porch a while... I'll see if I can peel an apple without breaking the skin and "relax to music under the stars."

--Will Stockdale, P.L.O

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19540: Welcome Will im SPOT the talking dog of goobers I do the cooking here on the porch!..ya gona stay for breakfast? I"ll throw another slice of SPAM in the frying pan!...signed: SPOT the "welcoming Will back" dog ot the porch!

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19541: hazel= on the midwest and northern porch you can't find a single flower growing. heard she went to florida or arizona. rumor don't you know? thanks charlotte tucker- i'll check it out next week if the good lord willing. question; if i get all the wrong answers will i get in trouble? you still do bail, right? RO AND SUGARPLUM= thanks for the kind words- i agree the kids toys of today are expensive, poorly made and the kids are ready to get rid of those toys like a pair of socks with a hole in them. your pipeman

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19542: MORNING PIPEMAN...you eating with us all this morning?..SPOT

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19543: mayberry deputy - do you want to drive the brown truck tommorow? spot's crew boss.dale jarrett fans we are just kidding with him. remember last year when he wouldn't go near the truck, well now he's sitting in it, ever since we beat him on that first race this year.i thought spot was going to say wich donut shop. that would have been a bummer. just kidding. thanks for the kind words and prayers. pipeman

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19544: afd= thanks for the update on banjo jerry, hope he getsit fixed. i wonder how many others that have been away a while are having troubles with thiers.If car gas, garbage, utilities keep going up we'll have to get two tin cans, parfin wax some string to talk to each other. recon i ought to check with nasa and see what the best hearing aid they have- it's a long ways around the porch by voice mail. wake up houston at 2 am, houston we have a problem.pipeman

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19545: MDC= i've said that to my grandkids many a time- computers and video games are fun but no imagination, verbal and social skills are limited along with thinking for yourself. i haven't thought about the baking soda sub in years, thanks. remember when you sent in a dollar and 2 boxtops and you were given a dead to one square inch of land in alaska? we didn't care about crossing boundries to get to it or the shack we'd put on it. we were land owners of range land.one of us boys would get mad and tell the others i won't let you drive your cattle across my land, oh well so much for elementary education. pipeman

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19546: spot= are you awake at the controls? did mdc ask us not to forget calvin coolidges birthday by george- i'll have to reread that one.them stick things were great but with nothing to wash them down you have to take frequent breaks so your load can shift. remember spot as long as you ask sugarplum to dance or teach barney asa's dog to dance you should be ok. but remember this is leap year and the ladies ask you to dance, i'll bet your calendar will be overflowing. catch everyone later your pipeman

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19547: Spot, I don't think that's really you talking... you don't have a walkie-talkie on your collar, do ya?

MDC, up at the top you asked if that was the only time Andy had shorts on.. don't forget he was standing in his underwear when Barney announced "Andy has hot knees!"

-- Will Stockdale, P.L.O.

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19548: welcome home will- your chair is where you left it. a lot og us are new since you left but a more loving, caring, fun loving, praying group you want find. spot= when ther's food, music, dancing and pretty ladies to dance with i am there. 3 plates should tide me over- i'll bring the clear refreshments. pipeman

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19549: shhhhhhhush Will..nobody knows about the walkie-talkie..sepen opie and johnny paul..and pipeman I had my mouth full..[burp]..sorry..hey yall want to see if we can get the porch ladys together for a shin-dig at my farm tonight?..[If MDC has any squeezins left]..couse we need to get in touch with brisco and stock up.."hey pipeman since im a single dog think the girls just like me for my cooking"?..signed: SPOT the"pit crew chief for nextel Sunday" talking dog of the porch cabin....burp&*^%$

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19550: Didn't mean to blow your cover, Spot! But if you have any trouble with the radio, I know how to fix it....


It worked for the radio in the plane!

Night all,
--Will Stockdale, P.l.O.

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19551: Thanks WILL!...look yall, about time for me to head to the dog house..computer at home been acting funny,[think I need to clean it out]..and gona spend the weekend with the kids getting the go cart finished so If im at large for a bit done panic!..AFD, could you or one of the ladys cook for the porch?..will be home tonight with a bon fire if yall wana come on over and ride 4-wheelers and listen to music and go to the duck pond!..will see yall in the pits Sunday...prayers to ALL!..I need a new walkie-talkie battery I think....signed: SPOT the"power company, lights are on, gona go home and sleep, and wana dance tonight, and gona goof off with my kids this weekend[whew]" dog of yalls Porch!!ruff ruff..ps: save me any bones!

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19552: Mornin' Everyone!
possum under a rock

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19553: Mornin Porch, and welcome back Will Stockdale, PLO! That there is one of my all-time favorite movies.

~ Mrs. Wiley

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19554: good morning to the best possum in the whole world. spot= no the ladies loveyour cooking but they love your charm. got to work on thatwandering off a bit.tee- hee.i'll send you my bill for counseling in the year 2525 if i remember. think i ought to write it down? everyone else prayers and a big howdy. spot and possum your in it too. lol. pipeman

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19555: Hey to Will Stockdale. Welcome back.
- Hazel

Dogs, nothin' but dogs.

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19556: Aww... you know the Air Force is the real soldiers, and the Infantry is just their helpers!

"How do you do, Mrs. Wiley?"

Hey to Hazel.

--Will Stockdale, P.L.O.

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19557: Morning all. Good to see you possum. Your hiding in your hole to much.
Welcome back Will. I saw that rocker over in the corner with your name on it and wondered who it belonged to.
Hey Hazel, you got a flower making machine in your greenhouse. You told me so.
How are youu Mrs. Wiley?
I hope to finally take my Christmas lights down off the outside of the house today. I usually do that right after the big day but this year we got a snow storm that dumped almost 3 feet on us and then another here about 3 weeks ago the dumped another foot on us so I ain't had a chance to do it yet. Still got a good foot on the ground but most of the roof is gone so up I go. Any one wanna help?


February 21, 2004 - Msg 19558: asa= how are you and your dad doing. being that retired army special forces, i volunteer will since the air force does it all= JUST KIDDING YOU WILL_ YOU KNOW HOW THE INTER SERVICE RIVERY IS BUT WE LOVE EACH OTHER AND NEED ALL OF US> pipeman

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19559: Howdy, everyone! Welcome back, Will Stockdale! It's been waaay too long, glad you decided to drop in, and hope you'll stay a while.

Asa, would you like me to send the Plum over to help with those lights? She's little and light, and can skip over the rooftop without breaking any shingles. She's be happy to help.

Spot, thanks for thinking of Sugarplum, with those carrot kabobs. She loved them, and it was very kind of you to think of her.

It's a perfectly beautiful day here on the Dallas end of the porch. I was outside barefoot for a while, and it sure felt good. I hate shoes, and consider them just a necessary evil. I stomped around barefoot in that huge dirt pile last Thursday, to the amusement of my landscaper friend. My dear husband used to say that I'd never grow up. I hope he was right.

Well, gotta run. It's a good day to go look for just the right chaise to put beside the fountain out back. I don't know exactly what I want, but I'll know it when I see it.

Have a lovely weekend - Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19560: She'd be happy to help. Good grief! --Romeena

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19561: I'd love to help, Asa. Its already getting too warm down here.

I played with alot of barbies, too, CT. We also liked to play with naked GI Joe.

Welcome back to the porch, Will!

Hey Spot, we have talked alot about Vicks but I don't think we have talked about another American favorite, Spam. Do we have any Spam lovers here on the porch (I am talking about meat, not email)? When I was a kid my mom would make sandwiches out of fried Spam and MIRACLE WHIP!!

Gotta go take a nap. Baby girl had me up last night with a high fever and her daddy is going to watch her for a bit. Ya'll have a wonderful evening.


February 21, 2004 - Msg 19562: Hi Ro! We were posting at the same time.


February 21, 2004 - Msg 19563: I'd like to help take down those lights, Asa, but you know I have that bad knee. (From playing football with Otis's wife) But boy, I'd sure love to help, if it wasn't for that. Besides, I'm busy over here at my house, planting some flowers.
10-4, Hazel

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19564: Hey to Will Stockdale!

I LOVE Spam, Boo! Spam and rice is just the best!
-Sterling Holobyte

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19565: Thanks to everyone that's posting a welcome back...

I remember a Romeena when I used to post back way back when.. are you her or are you anoter Romeena?

I just want to make sure that anybody who didn't see the movie or has forgotten... that line about the Air Force and the Infantry comes from "No Time for Sergeants" and I'm not making a statement about our armed services...

Even thought it's true! :-)

--Will Stockdale, P.L.O.

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19566: hey everyone ,hope everybody had a good day ,I just got off work and didnt get to enjoy the beutiful weather we had here in western N.C. today . Spot in answer to your question Im produce manager for a large grocery store chain in this part of the country
Mayberry Deputy

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19567: good evening porch. will= i hopeyou take my comment as good nature ribbing. i didn't think about that movie nor did i take it serously. i hope you didn't feel offended for i would never do anything that embaress or hurt a fellow porchster.so use to all of us picking on each other having fun. pipeman

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19568: boo= i always loved spam , slice of tomato and cheese, my dad use to eat it occasionaly with eggs but said had too much in ww2. RO& SUGARPLUM= enjoy the barefoot weather for us middle and northern porch folks.good for you, we don't have to grow up and should enjoy ourselves and our toys. ASA= i'll help you take the lights down, maybe i can get spot to bring over his 4 wheeler and help, or is that a bad idea? HAZEL== i love planting and tending my flower beds, i can't wait. think about us as you work the flowers. pipeman

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19569: mayberry deputy= what veggies do you recommend with our spam supper? goober what you up to this weekend, watching our cubbies and the brown truck race? pipeman

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19570: Piper, no, I wasn't offended... I was just hoping that no one else was, in case it wasn't clear where that came from.

-- Will Stockdale, P.L.O.

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19571: Pipeman, the best thing with Spam is cream style corn with a big gob of butter (pass the Lipitor, please).


February 21, 2004 - Msg 19572: By the way, while I'm thinking of it. If any of you have problems with high cholesterol and are taking Lipitor, try asking your dr to prescribe a new drug called Zetia. It works along with the Lipitor to really lower the cholesterol. Lipitor alone wasn't doing the job but when I started taking the Zetia with it, Wow, made a big difference and Zetia is supossed to be a pretty safe drug, too. Just passing that along...


February 21, 2004 - Msg 19573: "Heartaches! Nothin' but heartaches!"

February 21, 2004 - Msg 19574: Forgot to ask....I bought a book off Ebay the other day called, Aunt Bee's Mealtime in Mayberry. Its a cookbook with pictures from the episodes and quotes, etc. Wondered if any of you might have it and if its a good one?


February 22, 2004 - Msg 19575: Asa, gotta love Romeena talking about running around barefoot when you're talking about multi-feet of snow... Of course, we had our sad little noses pressed against the glass looking at a "dusting" of snow instead of the promised two inches. We kinda look forward to such things in the Texas Hill Country. And, Ro, your friends here would really "get" the spirit of our little quote for the week we've been bouncing back and forth with. And, I didn't see you sharing info on your squash discovery? Afraid of Spot deciding to cook one up on a stick? Wonder how it would go with Spam... Yep, I remember Spam, the sideways glances the four of us kids would make at one another on the very rare occassion that Mom would let one big hunk slither out of a can. When your Mom's an awesome cook, Spam isn't quite so appealling. Just had a few moments to spare and realized that I hadn't visited with you fine folks in a while. So appreciate you letting me sit in on my Mom's pass. It's just such a nice place to unwind. I guess working on my sweet place, out in the yard, mowing, setting up little chat areas, etc... made me nostalgic.
God Bless all - love to you Ro and all your dear friends...

February 22, 2004 - Msg 19576: PS: I didn't tell you yet, Ro, but I have a friend in Seattle that was something of an adopted son to Otis. Rad worked with a talent agency that handled all the "big voices" and Otis was a client and a dear friend. He tried to fax me two of the signed photos because I wanted to forward them to you. They didn't fax well and they're professionally framed, so he really doesn't want to take them out. Understandably. Anyway, he has shared some sweet stories and apparently, Otis the man was every bit - if not more - wonderful than Otis the character. He also didn't drink.

February 22, 2004 - Msg 19577: hi rob= i'm pipeman from linco;n, illinois. hope you visit awhile. i love working my flower beds and you all have fun- we'll have to wait about 5 weeks but i'm ready. hi sugarplum and ro, asa and barney. sterling, c.t. will, mdc,mrs willey, homemaker, come on fun girl it;s the weekend. mary wiggins how are you? goober,m.d.,spot, salty and ewveryone. your pipeman

February 22, 2004 - Msg 19578: boo- with that spam, cream corn, all that lipitor and butter-- we won't have to call roto- rooter anytime soon. what do you think? shoe, tom, county nurse, hazel,floyd, lawerence, ky girl, ky moonshiner,barney buff, mountain girl, hank, emma where are you and mavis, mdc, ed sawyer, pink floyd, ellen brown, auh20,jimmy the goat, gene cross ANDY'S FAVORITE DISH, what do you say after chruch, we get a picnic together and head to myers lakeand stroll in mr kelseys woods? pipeman

February 22, 2004 - Msg 19579: Well Hey Rob. So good to see you on here. Hope you get the time to visit more often.
Yep, I am envious to hear Ro talking about all her work in the garden. I am biding my time, looking at my Burpee seed cataloque and planning for next month some time to start digging.
Here's how I like my spam. I open up a can, warm it up for a few seconds in the micro-wave, then take it outside and feed it to the neighbors dog who won't stop barking. Usually only have to do that once. Next time he see's me coming he takes off howling. (hee hee) Not meaning to to denounce those who like the stuff. Live and let live is my motto. But I think I'll just let the spam slide on by. LOL
Pipeman, my Dad is much improved, thanks for asking. It bothers me that no one seems to know what caused his problems though. I guess the important part is we know who healed him, right?

Hope you all have a wonderful Sabbath.


February 22, 2004 - Msg 19580: goog sababth friends,
It looks like the porch has been busy, hey to Will Stockdale, how has everyone been . It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day here in Illinois.

Ellen Brown

February 22, 2004 - Msg 19581: Good morning all,
Hope everyone is well. Just dropped in to say hi and wish everyone a great day and beyond.
And welcome to Will Stockdale.
Ky Moonshiner

February 22, 2004 - Msg 19582: Great to hear from Rob. I have been wondering how she was doing and how her house is coming along. Hope she hops back on the porch soon.

Well, Asa, I never eat Spam now, only as a kid. I am not a pork person and there is really no telling what pig parts are in that stuff, is there? I have never read a Spam can but I'll bet the fat content would blow your mind.

I sure enjoyed TAGS last night on TVLand. That Aunt Bee sure can get her dander up, can't she. She scared me!!! I have a feeling she was one to reckon with in real life.

Ro, I didn't know you liked to go barefoot, too. Its my favorite thing. If I'm not barefoot, I am wearing sandals. Now my kids are the same way--they hate to wear shoes for long. I can remember when I was a kid, my mom didn't wear shoes, either. I grew up in a very small town and I think alot of folks didn't wear them. We were just a bunch of hillbilly beach-combers (still are, I guess!).


"Wanna buy a ship in a bottle?"---Howard

February 22, 2004 - Msg 19583: the lord answers prayers. i was asking about you ky moonshiner, ellen brown, hi rob. asa= i can't wait to get out and work the flower beds and yard. i was raised on four queens some things are best in minature. boo= did they out source the shoe factory where you grew up . we did in ours, amazing how tuff our feet was when we were kids. when we get older our feet toughens up again. let's have a porch wide shoe yard sale, what do you think. love you all. pipeman



February 22, 2004 - Msg 19586: Pipeman, don't worry about it! (I was raised on four hearts, myself). haha Hey, when I said I was planting flowers yesterday, I meant, INSIDE. I start all my marigolds, petunias, black eye-susans inside, then plant them outside in May. Yep, we still have snow on the ground here too. Boo, I have Aunt Bee's Mayberry Cookbook. It must be diferent than the one you have. But I use mine all the time. Love it, just love it.

This year I went wild with allspice.

February 22, 2004 - Msg 19587: No, Boo, I wouldn't want to ever get on Aunt Bee (or Frances Bavier)'s bad side, I know that much! To quote Briscoe Darling, "I can take some mannerin, and I can take some cleanin up.... but I ain't about to be beat to death with no spoon!"

Funny line from this show....
Barney: "That mob will grow, and it's all women! You wanna be taken over by women?"
Andy: "I wouldn't mind."

Thanks again to everyone saying hello, and hey to everyone right back. I feel like I never left!

--Will Stockdale, P.L.O.

February 22, 2004 - Msg 19588: hey all ,just checking Pipeman its alittle late but some lettuce and tomatoes and a slice of onion with that spam would have been good OPPS old Dale Jarretts car just broke, dag gum it !I forgot yesterday to add my howdy to Will Stockdale so howdy Will
Mayberry Deputy

February 22, 2004 - Msg 19589: Hey Will - welcome to the porch! You ever hear from Irvin? Did he get over the ROTC yet?

Pipeman - in the 50's here so a good day for a picnic here (little windy though) Made a big pan of homemade scalloped potatoes with smoked sausage mixed in - and lots of cheese on top! Hope there's enough to go around. : ) Also cooked a chocolate cake and gonna put some Chocolate Almond frosting on it! MMMM!

Hey Asa, I laughed a good 'un on the cure for the neighbors barking dog! I guess I'll have to try that sometime. Never had to eat it as a kid!
Glad to hear your Dad is doing better.

Boo - Baby Girl feeling better today? Hope so.

Prayers for you all!

February 22, 2004 - Msg 19590: Nah, don't hear from Irvin... but my good buddy Ben told me that ROTC ain't a disease, it's training. Reserve Officers Training Corporation.

--Will Stockdale, P.L.O.

February 22, 2004 - Msg 19591: Yes, Baby Girl seems much better today, AFD. Thanks for asking. She slept about 18 hours yesterday and I guess she needed it to get better.

Will, I was trying to remember that quote about the women last night to post it but forgot how it went. Hilarious! I forgot about that qoute by Briscoe Darlin. I haven't seen that episode in ages.

Ya'll have a good evening. I sat out on the swing for a couple of hours today. The weather was beautiful and about 70 degrees.


February 22, 2004 - Msg 19592: Sorry, Boo, but I'm afraid I share Asa's sentiments on Spam. There's an Armour-Dial plant in our neck of the woods that makes the stuff. Never could stand it myself. Welcome to Will and Rob. Glad you could come and sit a spell. Preacher was talkin' about the Passion at church today. My son says it is rated R because of the graphic nature of the content. Is that true?? Hope everyone had a good sabbath.
Charlotte Tucker

February 22, 2004 - Msg 19593: Evenin', all. Yep, CT, the movie is R-rated, but as our preacher said this morning, he guessed he'd be attending the first and only R-rated movie since his salvation.

Will Stockdale, as far as I know, I'm the only Romeena around. I've been coming to the porch for about six years or so now, so guess the one you remember is me. Bound to be, since I remember you.

Rob, it's nice when you visit the porch. I know how busy you are, but I've always enjoyed it when my friends and my family meet and become friends, too. Something a bit special about that.

Folks, the quote she referred to is this:
"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming,
"WOW! What a Ride!"
Don't you just love it? That's part of why I'm going on a mission trip to Mongolia in August. We had a planning meeting this afternoon, and it sounds like it's gonna be some ride! We medical folks will go deep into the mountains in jeeps to do a little medical work and a lot of "loving on those folks", as our leader puts it. Others will remain at base to make blankets and clothing, teach the women how to cook nutritious meals, hug some babies, the men will build a couple of houses, and all in all, it sounds like a wonderful time. I can hardly wait!

Well, my Britcoms are on, so I'm gone. G'night, all. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 23, 2004 - Msg 19594: Will Stockdale, Will Stockdale, Will Stockdale... well it's been a month of Sundays, son! How you been doin'??

Hey to all! Hope everyone had a great weekend and the sermons weren't too dry.


February 23, 2004 - Msg 19595: Just beinh sure I turned off the green. Don't remember doing it.


February 23, 2004 - Msg 19596: That sounds like it will be an interesting trip, Romeena!
BTW, what Britcoms do you like? I'm partial to Are You Being Served? myself! The characters all have such distinct personalities! I also got into Good Neighbors for a while, and of course Absolutely Fabulous is always good for a laugh or two.
-Sterling Holobyte

February 23, 2004 - Msg 19597: You look a little green around the edges, Des. Are you feeling ok? ;)
-Sterling Holobyte

February 23, 2004 - Msg 19598: Howdy Porch! Have a Mayberry Day! FRANKIE FLINT

February 23, 2004 - Msg 19599: Ugh... who has a good home remedy for just all out being sick? I think I got a mild case of the flu... no nausea yet, thank goodness...

Hey DeS! didn't you used to post as Dež for your name?

It's so nice to come back and visit with friends that I made way back when... it's been a long time. Gee, I guess I was a physics major when I was posting back then... I switched over to Geology, then got my Masters in Science Education and have taught high school for a year before going back to work on an MS in Geology... Lots of changes in my life, and yet the porch is just like I remember... a few new faces, a new address, but the same old comfy rocker is still here. I should've learned something from that preacher from NYC... "slow down, what's your hurry?" :-)

-- Will Stockdale, P.L.O.

February 23, 2004 - Msg 19600: Mornin' Porch. Received an email about Mel Gibson being disfigured when he was young. Had Romeena check it out and found that it's just urban legend. So if you get that one, don't pass it along.
Charlotte Tucker

February 23, 2004 - Msg 19601:
Morning Folks,

Thanks so much for the kind words and prays. Please know that they were all reciprocated.

Romeena, The Schwan's truck is a big deal around these parts. Because, of all the snow he hasn't been able to stop by for a spell but he'll be here next Monday. They have the best frozen veggies around and our girls just love those mint ice-cream bars.

Hey, I think that's SPRING up ahead a bit. YAHOOOO.


February 23, 2004 - Msg 19602: Brit comedies huh? I like em!
Do any of you like any of the other British shows on PBS? My favorite was All Creatures Great and Small. They don't show it any more though.:( But I have all the books and they are great reading.
I always enjoyed Rumpole of the Baily too. Y'all ever watch him?
We also get stuff off the Schwan's truck too. Some pretty good items there, but them fellows are a little pushy. They could take a lesson from Burt if you ask me.


February 23, 2004 - Msg 19603: top of the noon hour everyone. asa= your right about those schwin drivers being pushy, wanting you to take everything on the truck. i know a couple and they work 12 hour days and if they don't sell so much in 3 weeks then their fired. hu will= isn't it great to be able to come home? i know of no other place in todays world than with the porch folks. pipeman

February 23, 2004 - Msg 19604: sterling holobyte, ro, sugarplum= i like keeping up appearences brit sitcom. especially how everyone runs from hyesin buket. i like the brother- law showing up. dess== green is a great color, it's the color of money and soon spring. frankie flint== good to have you stop by. charlotte tucker= funny how the news media twists things isn't it? our chruch rented the entire movie theatre this sat morning to see the passion. that makes me feel like elvis when he used to do it. can hardly wait. auh20= good having you stop by. the truck is racing and don't the cubs pitching look pretty? no catcher but wouldn't want to be greedy.sad thing sports have become the two teams that can buy the best team. the kids will never know the joy of collecting cards. the cost of tickets is ridicuoles. goober, salty dog, fun girl, homemaker, mavis, emma and the rest we miss you- pray everything is ok your way. pipeman

February 23, 2004 - Msg 19605: "What's my name? Put-in-tame. Ask me again, and I'll tell ya the same!"... welcome back Will, Rob and kymooner.
I had a very busy weekend putting things back after our new tile was finished. New things are so nice! Like I'm a new creation for example!!
Glad my REAL lampshade days are over. (teehee)
Went thru the last two days of archives. Yes the Passion is R. Our pastor recommended seeing it first without the kids, then make that parental choice, as kids mature at different rates.
pipeman- I havent been to the rifleman site either lately. Will do so today. I remember the
Alaska land thing. I used to see it on the back of comic books, next to the so-called x-ray glasses! (and de-coder rings!)
Schwans, Schwans, Schwans! Ro, you are not alone! A schwans truck could drive to my neighborhood everyday! Good food! Not that it beats spots cookin, but close.
And Ro,& boo, youre as young as you feel! In Phx area we went barefoot from May to October, as kids.
My feet bottoms were like leather!
Now I am usually barefoot at home after work!
Raining on the southwest end of the porch today!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

February 23, 2004 - Msg 19606: OOPS! That's kymoonSHINER!
red with embarrasment, mdc

February 23, 2004 - Msg 19607: Guess I got the porch to myself for a while.
It'll give me some time to practice my juggin' :)

February 23, 2004 - Msg 19608: Can you get guitar sounds out of your jug like Briscoe can?

--Will Stockdale, P.L.O.

February 23, 2004 - Msg 19609: Nope, sorry Will, that's TV Land, new-fashoned,
fancy sythisizin' (teehee)
Mr darlin's Cuz

February 23, 2004 - Msg 19610:
Hey folks, it is 6:10 in the PM here and it's 35 degrees outside. It won't belong before we're sitting on our non-cyber porches.

pipeman, your Cubbies do have some boys who can throw that rock. If the Giants had that staff I wouldn't care if they used a bale of hay to catch. I agree that in baseball it does seem like the rich get richer but the Yankees have always had a great organization (if you tell anybody I said that I'll deny it). I just love the sport I don't care if it's the little leaguers or the major leaguers. I love hard ball.


February 23, 2004 - Msg 19611: Not that we still won't find a seat right here when the weather gets nice.


February 24, 2004 - Msg 19612: spot= are you at the contols? AUH20= i agree here in illinois the same way, your a cards or cubs fan for the most part. sure does cause for some interesting chats. MDC= posted under a couple of yours. GOOD MORNING AT1:30 AM TO ALL YOU PORCH SITTERS. wouldn't that be something if the movie passion took the oscar big next year? especially after they refused to take on the movie and mel gibson funded it himself. prayers for everyone, hope we hear from all of the been away awhile folks. fun girl, ky girlhomemaker, shoe,mavis, emma and the rest. pipeman

February 24, 2004 - Msg 19613: it's 3 am and i'm rocking on the porch. amist of rain in the air. talking to myself, laughing at my jokes. i may want to get me one of them newfangled sun rooms ifi do this much. now 'm arguing with myself over a sun room. ha. ha. goober= haven't heard from you in awhile, ellen brown, mary wiggins no wonder i'm by myself noobe comes around sure miss you all. ed. prayers for all who are having needs, remember the good lord smiles on you and yours in ways we don't always understand.when the load gets heavy i always think of job, samuel and the others trails my load is lighter. lol. pipeman

February 24, 2004 - Msg 19614: Good morning everyone - been pretty busy at my house. . .I've checked the posts from time to time. . .
I like Red and Green or Green and Red on PBS. Not exactly a Brit comedy but it is a Canadian comedy - that's close.
Well - talk to you all later. . .


February 24, 2004 - Msg 19615: Yes, The Red Green show is very funny. Must be all the duct tape!
spot- "your" ep was on our local channel last night, tommy and his walkie talkies. No epilogue of course. Does anyone recall what punishment opie got in the epilogue?
Wife is making flank steak tonight with herbs and spices! (no allspice tho)!(heehee), green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, brown riceand the last of the cherry pie from GW's birthday! A good feed, come on over!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

February 24, 2004 - Msg 19616: mdc= be right over food is a great ice breaker.homemaker= i never miss red green i love the way he says i won't need this till winter and rips out his heating ducks, or what i need is something like a gutter oh here's one , rips it off the house. he works harder to make a job easier than the job itself. reminds me in my younger days on the farm. good to hear your ok. pipeman

February 24, 2004 - Msg 19617: Hoo-Rah! Mongolia sounds great, Ro!

CT, the thing about Mel Gibson is an urban legend but he does have a pretty big scar on the right side of his face along the jawline. Looks almost like bad acne scars. I know this for a fact because I dated Mel when I was in my twenties and lived in California (or maybe that was just a fantasy) heehee. No, actually I saw an interview with him this past week and the scar was visible in the interview. He is a real cutie, though, don't you think? I heard him interviewed by James Dobson yesterday and he was so kind; he even said kind things about his enemies when James Dobson was putting them down.

Pipeman, I really had not thought about how The Passion would do at the Oscars but its an exciting thought.

I'm with ya, Will. I seem to have caught a bug from my 2 yr old who has been feverish since Friday. I'm feelin' pretty poorly.

Ya'll have a great Tuesday, and blessed Ash Wednsday tomorrow to the Catholic porch sitters.


February 24, 2004 - Msg 19618: boo= i thought i heard mel say his biggest disappointment in life was when you turned him down. JUST MESSIN WITH YOU> seriously, i pray you get to feeling a lot better soon. C>T>= started to sign your name to this but figured since i survived the war i shouldn't push my luck. lol. my wife tells me that to. pipeman

February 24, 2004 - Msg 19619: pipeman-new message at western site for ya.
boo-dont forget us anglicans, episcopals and lutherans all observe lent, remembering the 40 days that our Savior fasted in the desert.
Hope youre feeling better real soon, and the toddler too. How is your son doing with his sessions?
where's spot, the missin' dog of the porch?
Ro, that night duty can be rough. I know, I do some later shifts with renal patients. Hang in there.
I better check my latest squeezins under the hen house!
Mr darlin's cuz

February 24, 2004 - Msg 19620: Greetings Porch!

Sorry I have been away for a spell. I took a little trip waaaayyy up north in Michigan, and then we went snowmobiling all over the place. Sure was fun. Then in the evenings we played euchre or a card game called "Hand and Foot". Anyone here ever play that? It's a lot of fun. It is always so nice to get away from it all, as they say!!

Welcome to Will Stockdale, P.L.O.! I just love that movie. The scene where they make Will clean the bathroom with a toothbrush, and he never even realizes it is a punishment, just a more thorough way to get the job done! Sometimes being naive can be a VERY good thing, pride just never gets in the way then!

Pipeman, thanks for asking about me, and I think it was you who asked if I am about to turn 21. Well, tomorrow I will be 21 for the 26th time!

Are paczki big where any one else lives? Around here they call today paczki day, (also known as fat Tuesday), and everybody spends the day eating these extremely fattening, jelly filled donuts. Although the real paczki bakers would be FURIOUS if you call them a donut, but that is what they are the most like. I think the state of Michigan has just gained 100,000 pounds today!

MDC, sounds like your home is lookin' right nice! You ought to have us all over and come check it out!

Have a pleasant Mayberry Afternoon y'all!

Mary Wiggins

February 24, 2004 - Msg 19621: LOL MDC, I haven't mooned anyone since......welll, never mind.
Hey, If anyone is in the Louisville, Ky. area this weekend and coming by Kentucky Crafted, The Market at Freedom Hall, stop by and say hi. I'll be in booth 355, I think. Anyway, it's called "Shadoway".
Have a great evening.
Ky Moonshiner

February 24, 2004 - Msg 19622: Oh, and Boo, hope you feel better real soon.
Ky Moonshiner

February 24, 2004 - Msg 19623: Holy Moly, Mary Wiggins! So you are 546 Yrs old?! 26x21
I never was very good with math problems. :)
-Sterling Holobyte

February 24, 2004 - Msg 19624: Hey Ky Moonshiner! I heard from a friend who was taking a motorcycle trip cross-country once that Kentucky had the nicest people of all the states he went through. I can believe it if most of them are like you!
-Sterling Holobyte
Anyone else having trouble typing on here or is it just me? It kinds of lags when I type something, like it is hesistant to print it.

February 24, 2004 - Msg 19625: Anyone else wish the old cartoons could be seen again?
I used to love Tennessee Tuxedo, Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam, Bulwinkle, Tutor Turtle, etc, etc!
What were your favorites?
Mr Darlin's, filling in for spot, Cuz

February 24, 2004 - Msg 19626: "Chumley, Tennessee Tuxedo will not fail!"

February 24, 2004 - Msg 19627: Why, Boo, I'd a never thought it of ya. Datin' Mel Gibson and all. No, seriously when I was readin' that post of yours, I couldn't see your name at the bottom, and I was just sure it was from my Tiger Beatin', David Cassidy-lovin' friend, Fun girl! You fooled me! Mr. D's Cuz, Who on earth is Tutor Turtle? Don't know him. I liked the Wacky Races. My favorite car was the Arkansas Chug-a-Bug, a load of hillbilly bears. Anyone remember that show? I also watched the Bug-a-loos and H.R. PufnStuf. Don't know how much I liked 'em, but I watched 'em.
Charlotte Tucker

February 24, 2004 - Msg 19628: My grandmother has her 22nd birthday on Sunday (look at the date).

--Will Stockdale, P.L.O.

February 24, 2004 - Msg 19629: CT- Tutor Turtle would go to Mr Wizard, and then go back in time to some "famous" situation, messit all up and then cry out, "Help Mr Wizard!"
lol, it may have been part of T Tuxedo.
pipeman- remember the cartoon of the pipe smokin guy who told tall tales and then would end the story with "Quite!"
Mr Darlin', thinkin of the old cartoons, Cuz

February 24, 2004 - Msg 19630: hope everyone had a good day ,Pipeman how are you doing ,old DJ and the brown truck car had a rough day Sunday.Spot hows things at the power company
Mayberry Deputy

February 24, 2004 - Msg 19631: That's funny, CT! I did sound a bit like fun girl, didn't I? I am not usually one to notice the s-x appeal of different actors but the first time I saw Mel in Braveheart, I could of eaten him up with a knife and a spoon (shame on me!).

I also watched HR Puffenstuff and Land of The Lost, Deputy Dawg, The Pink Panther and Scooby Doo.

Thank ya'll for the get well sentiments. I will be ok but now both kiddo are sick!

Yes, pipeman, Mel has his regrets but so do I.... I should have said "yes" when he asked me.

Gotta go...baby girl just came in here with Lima beans smashed on her foot!


February 24, 2004 - Msg 19632: will= happy birthday to your grandmother. mary wiggins= happy birthday tommorow - i'm glad sterling teased you cause i thought about it. sterling== i started to go tease mary on fuzzy math but thought it was like playing catch with nitro with my friend mary. KY Moonshiner== don't sell no squeezins at the show. i hear barney will be there still smashing. MDC== don't remember that pipe smoker but wpould like to. loved the real cartoons, pepi-lepu, chip and dale, porky pig, elmer fudd, droopy, leghorn. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARY WIGGINS== WILL'S GRANDMOTHER. pipeman

February 24, 2004 - Msg 19633: Hey Yall...just a quick note. Just got in from Ft. Lauderdale on business...hated leaving that 80 degree weather!

Spent the weekend in Ohio with my dad...not good...hate to see him the way he is...but he needs the full time care now.

Will write more tomorrow!

February 24, 2004 - Msg 19634: Well! I've been working, and not reading or posting, and I'm so far behind on everything. I won't try to respond to each thing, because it would be too long, but just let me say, you folks are the cats! Sweetest people in the world, that's you!

Britcoms? I love Keeping Up Appearances, because Hyacinth is just so outrageous. Poor old Richard! And isn't Onslow just hilarious? My sweet husband used to say that Onslow was his hero.(teehee) I also enjoy "Allo, 'Allo" (Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once.) And then there's the hilarious "Open All Hours", with the stuttering Ronnie Barker and his forty-year old pubescent nephew, and of course, everyone's favorite, "Are You Being Served?" I also remember "Good Neighbors" and "To the Manor Born". Very funny stuff, all of it.

Asa, you're a man after my own heart. The wonderful "All Creatures Great and Small" was an all-time favorite around here. My husband liked it as much as I did. In fact, I even have "All creatures great and small, the Lord God made them all" printed on my checks, which are the pictorial "Endangered Young'uns" series.

As for the Schwan's truck, my driver was here today. I usually place my order online, he stops by, brings it in the house, gives the Plum a carrot, picks up his check and leaves. No pushing or oversell, though he does point out a special or remind me of something I usually order if he has it on his truck, but nothing obnoxious. We're on a first name basis, and he does the carrot thing for the Plum without even being asked. Too funny!

Well, guess I'll go get a bite to eat, then a little TV, then off to bed. Yep, that's what I'll do. A bite to eat, then a little TV.....well, you know the drill. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 24, 2004 - Msg 19635: GO, WOMAN,GO! FOR THE LOVE OF MIKE JUST DO IT!!! GO GET A BITE TO EAT AND THEN WATCH TV AND THEN GO TO BED!!! (Tee hee hee, sorry Ro, just had to throw that in there.) BTW, I saw you dancing with Ernest T. the other night and I saw our own Mrs. Wiley calling him a creeechure! What a funny episode. I just love the part where Barney is showing Ernest how to enter a room with his silent amenanies (as Ernest T calls them). What a hoot.
I always new you were a classy lady Ro, but loving All Creatures just confirms it. I think our Hazel loves that show, or them books too.
Well I hope you all had a better day than me. I had one of them days that is bound to put a little muscle into my const-itutional make up, in other words, IT WAS A STINKER DAY! Guess you gotta have a bad un every now and again to fully enjoy the good ones. Kinda like you gotta be woke up from a good sleep to really know how much you was enjoying it. HA!