February 25, 2004 - Msg 19636: Asa,

The "amenanies" scene is one that still makes me laugh every time I see it. From Barney's questions to gauge the size of the party ("are you coming to the party, or are you bringing the sammiches?") to his silent "amenanies"...

Barney: (Through door): Hey Ange?
Andy: Yeah?
Barney: (Through door): About ten couple?
Andy: About.
Barney: (Through door): Anyone in the kitchen?
Andy: Naw, naw, make your entrance.
Barney: (Through door): Okay, coming in...
[Knock, knock]
Ernest T. Bass: I wonder who that could be?

--Will Stockdale, P.L.O.

February 25, 2004 - Msg 19637: Woah, looks like the porch got a good sweepin! Thanks, Allan, (and thanks Frank, wherever you are).

--Will Stockdale, P.L.O.

February 25, 2004 - Msg 19638: Welcome Back and Happy Birthday Mary Wiggins and birthday wishes for your Grandma, too, Will. We got us two spring chickens!!

Sorry to hear about your Dad, Goober. Prayers for him and the rest of your family as well.
(80 weather sounds so good right now!!)

Sorry you had a STINKER day, Asa. Hope you have a better day tomorrow (or today! ; ) ).

Boo - hope you and Baby Girl are feeling better today, too.

Prayers for all - Have a great day!

February 25, 2004 - Msg 19639: ditto to andys favorite dish message above. i was just looking at the word archives and wondered about a time capsule that someday somebody makes the amazing discovery of our archives. what do you think they would think and say? just ran across this tidbit== otis played in an episode of gunsmoke as mr dobbs, the hotel manager, wonder where he hid his holiday celebrating stuff at? spot= we're going to have to put a bell on you. you got spring fever? prayers for everybody=== this year has started off with a lot of badly needed prayers for our beloved porch, myself included but the lord will take the troubles away or make them ok. happy birthday mary wiggins pray you have many more, your so special to us. pipeman

February 25, 2004 - Msg 19640: Good morning porch friends, I hope everyone is well. Yeah it's been awhile I know. Just been busy with work, bosses being out of town. Plus my best friends baby is due anytime now which I'm excited about. Happy Birthday Mary Wiggins, and belated birthday wishes to the ones I've missed. Looks like we're gonna have some nasty weather tonight and tomorrow. More of that blasted white stuff. Is it summer time yet? Ya'll take care and stay warm. Love and prayers to everyone here--Salty Dog

February 25, 2004 - Msg 19641: Mornin' Y'all! Happy Birthday to you Mary! Hope you have a great day! Salty,you can send that white stuff down to South Carolina-we want snow! All we get is that nasty cold freezing rain.Might get some more tomorrow they say.I'm gonna hunker down under my rock-Brrr!
Y'all have a good day!
possum under a rock
P.S. Hugs for Asa to help him get over his "stinky day"- (((ASA)))

February 25, 2004 - Msg 19642: Morning all. Mary Wiggins, did I miss your birthday? Dirty dirty me. Happy Birthday to you. I would sing it but last time I sung on the porch it kinda went like the bandstand, phhhttt! Wonder what causes that?
Thanks AFD and Possum for the well wishes Yer all just wonderful.
Good to see you Salty Dog. Hope you find more time to visit us.
Hey pieman, y'all doing ok today? You sound a little down.
Well best get to work and deal with life.
Hope you all have a great Mayberry kind of day.


February 25, 2004 - Msg 19643: Jeepers. pieman? I missed my second "p". Sorry about that.


February 25, 2004 - Msg 19644: You know Asa - pie-man isn't so bad, I like pie - I could be a pie-woman (chocolate, banana cream, coconut cream, pecan, apple, peach) - haven't met a pie I didn't like!

Asa - also, are you gonna coach the team again this year. . .I wanna be number 5 (like Johnny Bench) and I wanna be the bench warmer. Plum can be the waterboy again, she always looks so cute in her little uniform. We'll get you a new pea for your whistle! Spot can chase the lost balls! What do you think? Are we ready for SPRING TRAINING?


February 25, 2004 - Msg 19645: Spring training? Whooohoo! I'm ready for Spring anything! I'm sitting here at my big ol' window, looking out at this purty yard, and in my imagination, leaves are sprouting, flowers are blooming and it's just lovely! Actually, the grass is green, because my landscaper friend sowed fescue, and there are a lot of pansies in bloom, but I'm thinking of what it will be like when EVERYTHING is blooming. Besides, it's cold, wet and gray out there today. Give me some sunshine!

My son and his wife got us tickets to see "The Passion" on Friday afternoon. I'm looking forward to it, but with a measure of trepidation at the same time. I know it's going to be rough, but I still consider it a "must see".

Back to the spring training, where and when does it start? I need to get the Plum's little uniform out and get it spotted and pressed. I'll probably try to do it myself. I hate leaving her things with Mr. Goss. He does a nice job of dry-cleaning, but everything smells like his cigarette smoke when you get it back, and I hate for little Plum to smell that way. That's why I do all her grooming myself. I've tried several groomers, and the Plum acted real fearful on the second trip to each one - made me wonder how they had treated her. There was one who did a great job, and the Plum was happy to go there, but they all smoked constantly. When I'd pick her up, she STUNK! And when I think of her breathing all that smoke for several hours.....well, I just wish Mavis was in driving distance!

Gotta run - time to think about some lunch, I guess. Everyone have a great day. Sugarplum says hey, and PLAY BALL! --Romeena

February 25, 2004 - Msg 19646: Pieman, hmmmm, reminds me of all the mother goose rhymes..."simple simon met a pieman going to the fair..." Do kids learn such rhymes anymore?
Yes, HM, Thank God for Spring training here in the Phx area. Sammy Sosa arrived yesterday, and Barry Bonds. Lokks like I will get to a few "Cactus League" games. I play first base for the co. softball team. Does that count? (heehee)
Welcome back Possum and Salty Dog.
SPOT'S missing again! That darn dog.
Last night's local ep, even tho color, was the one of Aunt Bea taking a job at the print shop
run by the counterfieters. I still love that line of Andy's when Aunt Bea gives him the business cards: "Nice...green ink." (haha)
Were have "breakfast" for dinner tonight, eggs anyway ya like em , cottage fries with diced green pepper and onions, toast, oj, milk,coffee.
A good Ash Wednesday to all observing!
Mr Darlin's , no more squeezins, Cuz


February 25, 2004 - Msg 19648: salty= we been praying and wandering if you were alright. possum== spring is on it's way hang on just a bit. asa== been praying for you and barney. i love pies a lot. just lot going on a little tired thanks. homemaker== i'll take one pie of each, that's my high water mark. johnny bench and yogi berra was the greatest. romeena=== spring games wll start soon sew fast plum needs a special uniform. mdc== good food and company a great combo. pipeman

February 25, 2004 - Msg 19649: what if we lived in mayberry and the neighboring town was waltons mountain? pipeman

February 25, 2004 - Msg 19650: That would be almost as cool as if the next nearest town was Walnut Grove, Pipeman.

I thought about ya'll at about 4am when I was up looking for the Vicks (for real). I was honkin' and stuffed up and couldn't find the Vicks! I almost called Asa to bring me some but thought the drive would be too long. Baby Girl was up crying most of the night with a fever so I took her to the dr first thing this morning. Turns out she has an ear infection so we are starting antibiotics today. Maybe we will sleep better tonight.

Someone yesterday mentioned that there seems to be a delay in typing when posting messages. I have been having that problem, too. Sometimes it is worse than other times.

Better go take care of the sick little ones (both were up last night!).


February 25, 2004 - Msg 19651: That was me who mentioned the delay in typing, Boo. Doesn't seem to be doing it today. Must have been a temporary thing. Either that, or it spread to your computer(sorry about that! I should learn to cover the monitor when my computer sneezes;) ).

Yeah, Walnut Grove and Walton's mountain would be good neighbors! And how about Mayfield in another direction. Can you just imagine Eddie Haskell coming into the courthouse, using his false politeness on Andy?! I think Andy would probably play along like Ward and June did. But I don't think Barney would be as diplomatic if Eddie was known to cause trouble.
-Sterling Holobyte

February 25, 2004 - Msg 19652: Oh, I almost forgot! I hope you and the little ones get better soon Boo!
-Sterling Holobyte

February 25, 2004 - Msg 19653: HEY GANG..im back!..comp. has been down at home and i have been off work for a few days..yall miss me?....gona go read the archives.[whew] alot of them to read...will have supper at 6..yall been eating OK?...signed: SPOT the'need to get comp. fixed at the dog house" dog of the porch

February 25, 2004 - Msg 19654: Miss ya! We would have starved if a few kind-hearted souls hadn't stepped in and cooked for us!

I haven't experienced the typing delay, but I'll bet it's annoying. Kinda like at Best Buy and some other stores, when you have to sign your name on that thingy, and it writes below and a tad behind where you're actually writing. Very disconcerting.

Don't worry, pipeman. The Plum has an adorable little mascot outfit from last year, it just needs to be freshened up. I may need some of you guys to work on her little wagon, though. The harness is broken, and one wheel is a bit on the square side. Kinda slows her down!

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 25, 2004 - Msg 19655: Hey Porch,

This is message number 2 for me. The last one froze when I was nearly finished and then it just wouldn't "unstick" no matter what I tried. (I even tried bashing it a few times!;) )

Anyways, what I said was...Happy Birthday to Cole! 19...that was a very good year, I think, it's so hard to remember! LOL And MISSMITZIPOOH why don't you pull up a rocker and set a spell, any one who loves TAGS is always welcome here!

Oh, and I also wanted to thank everyone for the fine birthday greetings, y'all are just so kind! My husband wished me a Happy Ash Wednesday, and then he added it's your 47th one! That dirty dog!!

Spot, I sure hope you work out your computer bugs!

I better run, I have spent a bit too much time on here today, what with my puter crashing and all...!

Have a great day!
Mary Wiggins

February 25, 2004 - Msg 19656: FIXING TO GET SUPPER STARTED...hey Boo,Ro,mary,afd,pipeman,sterling,plum,MDC,hm,
possum,salty dog,asa,Will,...prayers to all in need..busy here at work, expecting some ice and snow, may be a long night but I get off[ihope]at 10 tonight and back at 2 tomorrow...well to the kitchen..signed: SPOT the"gona get snowed on " dog of your fine porch

February 25, 2004 - Msg 19657: OK GUYS AND GALS!...chilie dogs tonight![all beef, bun length].sour-kraut-mustard,mayo, ketchup,pickle relish,toasted buns,those little cans of van-camps pork-n-beans,sour cream and onion potato chips,dash of hot pepper salt,and sweet tea, a tear from the roll of paper towels..get two or three...Boo hope the little one are better....and last but not least [TUMS& ROLAIDS]..signed: SPOT the"having a picnic for supper" dog of the finest porch on the net!! ruff..pant

February 25, 2004 - Msg 19658: Ro, I'll help you get Plums outfit ready. But I can't do nothin' about mildew!
- Hazel

February 25, 2004 - Msg 19659: anybody watch American Idol?...spot

February 25, 2004 - Msg 19660: Hey Spot,that'll lay on your chest! Ha Ha!
possum under a rock

February 25, 2004 - Msg 19661: No problem, Hazel. I remembered what happened to the band uniforms, so when I put her mascot suit away, I made sure it was nice and dry and put layers of tissue paper in between the folds, so there's no mildew. There is a mustard spot, though, from a hotdog she was carrying out to somebody. Hope I can get it out. If not, can you do embroidery? Maybe you could cover it with a flower, or a little baseball or something. --Romeena

February 25, 2004 - Msg 19662: Thanks, Sterling, we are doing better. My dear sister came over today and I took some Nyquil and slept for 5 hours (Nirvana!!). I'm like a new person. Baby Girl is much better after starting the Augmentin (I am just waiting for the diarrhea to start--Augmentin always gives kids diarrhea).

Yes, Mayfield would also be a great place to reside. I would have to kill Fred Rutherford, though, to ever be really happy there! He is such an obnoxious guy and I can't figure out why Ward and June socialize with him so much. heehee

Did anyone see The Passion today? There were long lines at all the local theatres so I don't know when I will get to see it. I am thinking of trying to catch a matinee on Friday. I really want to see it alone with my big box of Kleenix.

Gonna go veg on the couch (never did find my Vicks!).


February 25, 2004 - Msg 19663: "Say, isn't that Barney Fife?"...."No, the dummy is much better looking!"

February 25, 2004 - Msg 19664: Happy belated birthday to Mary Wiggins. Boo, sorry to hear you're ailing. You could have called me just about any night to have someone to talk to. Hubby and I have both been having sinus problems and not sleeping well. I even have a huge knot under my ear lobe on the left side. Dr. thought maybe it was my saliva gland. It hurts something fierce. Vicks hasn't even helped it. Hope it goes away soon! The more I hear about the Passion, the more I'm not sure I can handle it. Sounds very graphic. I have trouble getting nasty images out of my mind. Don't know if I want to do that to myself. I know I should see it. I'm torn. Good to see you possum. How long you been under that rock anyhow? Good to see Salty too and all you reg'lars.
Charlotte Tucker

February 26, 2004 - Msg 19665: GOOD MORNING PORCH- HOPE YOU RESTED WELL. === let's all pray for those who haven't been on the porch for awhile. charlotte tucker= i started this year with a lot of sinus problems this year, first time since 4th grade. good morning spot, sterling, asa, auh20 etc. boo== glad you got some rest. the brown truck is on it's way with 10 fifty- five gallon barrels of vicks. the movie passion you got me thinking wouldn't you hate to be on the clean- up crew between shows? just heard on the news a 55 year old women walked out after seeing movie collapsed and died. i told star trek if she gets overwhelmed do one of 2 things. 1. think of all the years you've put up with me. 2. get up and go wait in the lobby. ATT; CUBS FANS just saw on the the tv where tonight on msnbc the cubs is having a destruction of the fan caught ball to break the curse. pipeman or pieman if you have any. ha.

February 26, 2004 - Msg 19666: ellen brown and goober= illinois is suppose to be in the 50's and sun. shorts and sun glasses. heat exchausion day. pipeman

February 26, 2004 - Msg 19667: Morning Porch.
Why I would be honored to coach y'all again this tear. It is always enjoyable, except when Homemaker throws her empty moon pie wrappers at me. And of course having the Plum as our mascot is a must. As far as practice goes we better have it at Boo's place. I still have 6 inches of snow on the ground and another 1/2 foot is due in tonight. We need the water but man I need some spring.:)
Hope you get feeling better soon Boo and family and Charlotte and all. I am still fighting bronchitis. Really sick of hacking and coughing.
Reckon I'll get off to work now.
Y'all have a good day.


February 26, 2004 - Msg 19668: Morning Porch! Will, thanks for that script at the top of the page. That Barn is a pistol, ain't he? I won't be able to play on the team this year, but I can sing the National Anmthem.

Mr. Masters: How about Nate Perkins?
Andy: Naw. He can only sing after he's had a fight with his Mother.

Heard that line last night and almost choked on my dinner. Hope I didn't mess it up too bad. Y'all listen for it next time. How's your Daddy doin' Asa? Sure was good to see ya on an epp last night. Glad you're feelin a bit better Boo, hope baby girl is too. Happy Belated B'day Mary Wiggins!! I read about the woman who collapsed at the movies - what a way to go! I always wanted to be hit by a bus...WHAM-GONE! But going out with The Savior...WOW.

WE have 80's here today and the ran has moved out. Y'all stop by and have a glass of tea by the pool with me.
~ Mrs. Wiley

February 26, 2004 - Msg 19669: Missed ya there Asa, hang in there - I hear the hacking and coughing lasts about 6 weeks or so. I'll be prayin for ya.~ Mrs. Wiley

February 26, 2004 - Msg 19670: A new song out by Joe Diffie (a country singer) - "Tougher than Nails." Kind of goes along with the movie "Passion."

homemaker (wishing for a piece of warm chocolate cream pie)

February 26, 2004 - Msg 19671: Morning porch! Hubby's putting in a shiny purty new kitchen faucet for me. My daughter is so excited because it has one of those sprayers and our old one didn't. Simple pleasures! Sorry about the coughing, Asa. My sinuses are better but still plagued with this achin' lump in front of my ear. Boo, Ro, any idee what it is or what I can do for it? Doc thought it was saliva gland like where you get mumps, but he wasn't real helpful. Maybe I need to buy some of Opie's salve. Was that the ep for Sterling Holobyte? If not, someone please tell me which ep he was in.
Charlotte Tucker

February 26, 2004 - Msg 19672: homemaker, speaking of nails, I see on my homepage this morning that nail necklaces are in because of that movie. Ah, Americans, we can market and buy anything!

February 26, 2004 - Msg 19673: Oh, brother! It didn't take long for someone to find a way to profit, did it?

February 26, 2004 - Msg 19674: The Joe Diffie song can be heard on his website - www.joediffie.com. I am not a big, big fan of his but I heard the interview he did on the Indy radio station this morning. And then, they played the song. It is pretty good but not out on an album yet.
I saw the nail necklaces on TV the other nite - the mainstream media were making fun of them. One guy they interviewed had one on with his Satan shirt - pretty disgusting I thought. I bought ornaments for my siblings a few years ago that looked like spikes - they were to be hung in a place on your tree just as a reminder not as an adornment since we seem to get caught up in Santa of Christmas. My sister keeps her hanging up in her kitchen 24/7.
I heard prelimnary box office receipts were 15-20 million and expected to be 100 million by the weekend for The Passion of the Christ.
Isn't it amazing how Barney can take singing lessons from a convict????? Who would have thought! I loved that ep last nite!
Oh well- must do something constructive!


February 26, 2004 - Msg 19675: Asa - next time I'll just throw the moon pie at you!

February 26, 2004 - Msg 19676: I wish you would. I haven't had my lunch yet.


February 26, 2004 - Msg 19677: heehee, that's funny!


February 26, 2004 - Msg 19678: "Where's the Vicks??!!(moan)

February 26, 2004 - Msg 19679: Hi Porch. What's cookin for tonight?
Prayers for all on the porch!
How did Aunt Bea ever win out over Violet Rose Schumacher for that job??? (heehee)
How about Warren's slogan "Mayberry founders day; may Mayberry never founder!" Amen to that!
"Warren, you arnt shootin that cannon!"
Hope you are all doin' okay.
I noticed that the whole SanFran situation hasnt come up, probly cuz this is the porch. But I emailed all my senators and congressmen. Just did a google search of their names. Hope Rome isnt startin to burn and we're all jest sitten around.
Hey to spot, good to have you back.
pipeman, pieman, check the old west site,mes for ya.
Anyone know what happened to Irishster?
Well,Have a good Mayberry, Mayfield, Walnut Grove, Walton's Mountain kind o day!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

February 26, 2004 - Msg 19680: hey yall......wow ..not common for ga..about 5 or 6 in of SNOW!..schools are closed ,more coming tonight...let me get my paper work done here at work....signed: SPOT the"snow dog" of the porch

February 26, 2004 - Msg 19681: hey Spot, its snowing here in western N.C. too about 4 inches already and calling for 4 or 5 more inches before ending tommorrow,keep the Ga. folks power going .supper for me is going to be simple a couple of ham and cheese sanwiches on toast
Mayberry Deputy

February 26, 2004 - Msg 19682: OK...MAYBERRY Deputy..since its snowing.....lets all have ham and cheese sandwiches!..chicken noodle soup [homemade]..chips of all kind,pickles[bread and butter sweet],..hot peppers,orange kool-aid,,and a tear from my roll of paper towels.muatard or mayo whitch ever ya want..eat when th take a notion...signed: SPOT the"gona eat and watch it snow" dog of your porch ,ruff,ruff

February 26, 2004 - Msg 19683: spot and mayberry deputy= no need to thank us, goober, mary wiggins, homemaker, fun girl wherever she is, sterling, and the rest of us middle and northern porch for sharing our snow wiyh you. time for some snow cream on the southern porch. pipeman

February 26, 2004 - Msg 19684: hey just bought my 12 yr. old an electric gutar ya think we could e-mail jim lindsey to give lesson?....spot

February 26, 2004 - Msg 19685: Evenin' Y'all! Didn't get the snow,but it's all around us.We always get the cold,freezing rain.It's right at freezing and man is it nasty! Gonna leave y'all an economy size jar of Vicks,so just dip right in if you're ailing! Charlotte,have you tried putting a wet hot compress on your gland/lump thing? It might help.Hope everyone feels better soon.
Y'all have a good night!
possum under a rock

Andy: " Little old ladies ought never to clank"
Barn: "Unless they're headed for the clink!"

February 26, 2004 - Msg 19686: HEY does anybody know the story about mira coons?.....spot

February 26, 2004 - Msg 19687: Hey Ya'll...just checkin in from the "I might be in Illinois..but at least it aint snowin" side of the porch! :-)

pipeman, I'm loving all the warmth! Bring on spring...and the cubbies!

Did see the Passion last night...very powerful...if you have not seen it...go soon. It was really well done!

February 26, 2004 - Msg 19688: hey Goober?.asa,pipeman,fg.hm,mdc,salty,mw,Boo,Ro,
plum,CT,MD,afd,..gona go see the movie soon!signed: SPOT the"wana now the mira coons story snowed in at work tired gona go get a snack wondering where the county nurse has been along with other porchers" dog of this here porch!!![there!!]

February 26, 2004 - Msg 19689: should have been"wana know"above..missed my K key..spot

February 26, 2004 - Msg 19690: homemaker, my aunt gave me one of those spike nail ornaments several years ago. They are pretty neat. Helps you keep the season in perspective. Good for you, Mr. Darlin's Cuz for notifying senators, etc. I'm not very good at that type of thing but you're right. We need to speak up! Sodom and Gomorrah ain't far from away!
Charlotte Tucker

February 26, 2004 - Msg 19691: That's supposed to be "far away." Duh.
Charlotte, the writer/editor

February 27, 2004 - Msg 19692: Hello porch friends, how is everyone? Cold and snowy on my porch. I'm ready for summer big time. I hope everyone is home and warm tonight. We got about 5 inches today. Calling for more tonight. I'm ready for softball season. I just hope we dont have the troubles with our Pepsi and little Debbies we usually have tee hee. Asa, I've had the same thing hon I can sympathize with ya. Lost my voice for about three days straight this week. Which my husband loved lol. I've barked more than my dogs have. And just WHO had to go and mention that durn Vicks again.. just when I think it's safe boom here we go again. Ya'll have a good evening and I'll see you tomorrow. Love and prayers to everyone--Salty Dog

February 27, 2004 - Msg 19693: HEY GANG!..still hanging out here at work watching it snow!..gona open up a case of moon pies and cold RC colas..yall grab ya some and watch this western with me coming on at 2:00..and hey I like the Charlotte,the writer/editor thing..neat-o..I will have breakfast ready early [about 5:00 am est]..hey possum! .signed: SPOT the"pet/cook" of the porch .he he..

February 27, 2004 - Msg 19694: Hello Porch, What a great game by the Sacramento Kings beating the Lakers. Go Kings!

February 27, 2004 - Msg 19695: "GOOOOOOOD MOOOOOOORNIG PORCH"..GET UP,GET UP!..got country fried ham [center slices],eggs all ways,hash brownsw/onions and cheese,grits w/butter,homade bisquits,white milk gravy [salt and lots of black pepper],little sizzler sausage links,sliced canalope,oj,coffee,ice cold milk,hot sauce, a tear from my roll of paper towels..yall dig in and wype yer chin!..signed: SPOT the"gona be goinging home to sleep soon"talking dog of yalls porch..ruff ruff

February 27, 2004 - Msg 19696: Morning porch. Spot, Charlotte really is a writer/editor! Her education was worth every penny. Nice to see you Salty Q. And Ro, I don't know how to sew or embroider, but I could put an iron-on patch over the mustard stain. I think it's barely possible that it came from the hotdog she was bringing me. Sorry about that! Just had to have extra mustard. Charlotte, I have been thinking and thinking and I can't think which ep Sterling got his name from either. Sterling, will you help us?
- Hazel

February 27, 2004 - Msg 19697: so good to see so many long time no see porchsters. makes for a great day. the kings sure ruled last night. cubbies say bring bring a- rod and the yankies to chicago for the world series. it's going to be 60 degrees sunny with 40 at night.finally some alka seltzer relief, might be in illinois too. best to everyone. doc adams

February 27, 2004 - Msg 19698: Can we say high of 50 degrees and no snow in sight! There are a few little mounds left to melt but it is a gorgoeus day in INDIANA! Asa, I'll ship you some sunshine and warm temps - you can then melt your snow. I hate spring training on ice - but maybe I'll be on the ground so much with me sliding into base that I'll melt the snow.

Looking forward to a weekend in the woods. . .


February 27, 2004 - Msg 19699: Mornin' porch!
Last night's color ep on the local channel reminded me of the "other" spot: The Invisible, cane jumpin', Otis ownin' spot! It's in the episode where Warren tries to get Otis to make mosaics!
Our Schwan's driver is kinda like a modern day Mr hendricks, the eggman... Very nice guy who knows his business. If interested, check out schwans.com Of course, spot's dinners are still the best!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Goin to see the Passion!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

February 27, 2004 - Msg 19700: tommorow going to see the passion tommorow our chruch rented the whole theatre. let us know what you thought after seeing it. i think it;s a wake up call, don't you? just took an world seies poll on who you think will win world seies. 1. yankees- 49% 2. red sox-18% 3. cubs= 15% pipeman

February 27, 2004 - Msg 19701: I'm supposed to see The Passion today but I am still feeling pretty poor, we'll see.

MDC, all I can say about the gay marriage thing is, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em."---just kidding, of course. I wonder if Ed Sawyer got an invitation to Rosie O'Donnel's wedding yesterday.
I hesitate to comment because you never want to hurt anyone's feelings and I think we all have loved ones or friends who are gay. I am concerned, though about the idea of changing society in such a drastic way (redefining marriage). Its a huge step away from traditional morals, isn't it (in my opinion)? I do love gay people, though, just the same as I love everyone else. I think they must really struggle sometimes.

Gotta go find the Vicks....HONK (that was my nose).


February 27, 2004 - Msg 19702: here's a thought= suppose you went to sleep and like the twilight zone or the one don knotts stared as a tv repairman. woke up and you were in a house completly like one in mayberry,. everywhere you went you were in mayberry with all the characters etc. what would be your first reaction? once you realized you were neither dead nor dreaming what would you do there? pipeman

February 27, 2004 - Msg 19703: Go to church and thank God!!!

February 27, 2004 - Msg 19704: Your opinion is correct, Boo, it is step away from traditional morals and it leads to (more)moral decay. There are elements of the gay community who want nothing better than to see our traditional morals go away, and they enlist the masses to help them in their campaign by misinforming them that this is just about civil rights. So you can't rest on your laurels if you want to keep those traditional morals! It was mentioned about writing to Senators back a ways, and that's what we need more people to do. And it's not very hard, either. There is a website from the Family Research Council, just do a search for that and they have email and other addresses for all Government officials including the President, and you can email them direct from that website.
There, I'll get off my activist soapbox now. Just wanted to get that out for those of you that might be interested.

Now Hazel, about my name: I guess you could say that I got my name from the episode that Sterling Holloway was in(you know, the guy who played that mobile shop owner(forgot his name)who sounds like Winnie the Pooh, because he did the voice for him and that I teaked the name a little.
You could say that. But it wouldn't be true.;) I actually got my name from a box of computer software from a company called Spectrum Holobyte. I thought that that would make kind of a snappy name, but then I thought that no one would have a name like Spectrum(yeah, like anyone would have a name like Holobyte either) So I decided to change the first name to something a little more real, and Sterling was the name that was closest to Spectrum. And voila! Sterling Holobyte was born! I also for some reason always thought of Don Adams from Get Smart saying the name(it gives it a little more oomph! You know the way he talks: "Ster-ling Holobyte!").:)
It's nice though because it does fit in with the Andy Griffith Show because of Sterling Holloway, so I am glad of that!
So now you know!
Sorry for the novel!
-Sterling Holobyte

February 27, 2004 - Msg 19705: Wow Sterling, I bet Paul Harvey could tell that story in one of his broadcasts. LOL
We got more snow last night and more due in tonight. I declare it has been a wet and white winter here in the hills. Sure will make me enjoy spring more, if it ever comes.
Sorry your ailing Boo and Charlotte. Hope you get better soon.
And homemaker, I got you a nice slippery place to slide at. You'll just love it.
Fun Girl, where you hiding? We miss you out here on the porch.
Spot, Hazel, pipeman, MDC, AFD, Salty auh2o everyone else. A big Friday afternoon HEY!


February 27, 2004 - Msg 19706: Hey to the Porch.
Don't forget about my Cardinals, pipeman. THERE...I said it, and I ain't takin' it back, neither.

-- Jelsik

"You got a lot of rhythm for a deputy..."

February 27, 2004 - Msg 19707: HEY YALL!...caught up at work here now!..hey sterling,Boo,AFD,pipeman,asa,Jelsik,MDC,Ro,hazel,goober,fg,mw,hm,..will get started on supper here in a bit ..signed: SPOT the"glad its going to be in the 60"s here tomorrow gona wash my truck" talking dog of the cabin porch ..ruff-ruff

February 27, 2004 - Msg 19708: jelsik= can't forget the cards, our pastor reminds us daily thru baseball season. he says that the cards are gods team because of the red. 90% of us are cubbies. lots of fun. spot= yourbraves will surprize them. wouldn't it be something if a=rod went on dl. early? i hope not cause he seems like a great guy. interviewed with wife in there new york home. you'd think it was middle america, would have fit in mayberry. hey to asa& sterling and the rest. pipeman

February 27, 2004 - Msg 19709: whose driving the brown truck sunday? PLEASE CHECK MESSAGE 19702 and give me feedback, thanks. supper tonight==pork tenderloin, german short ribs, baked beans, german potato salad, red hot chilli,for the adventerious frog legs. dessert= chocolate dream pie, lemon ice box cake, strawberry pie, cocunut, vanilla ice cream chocolate syrup, sweet tater pie, okra fried. drinks coffee, tea, hot chocolate, milk, buttermilk, and for the adventerous irish jig drink. come one come all. pipeman

February 27, 2004 - Msg 19710: pipeman, you said "fried okra" and I'm THERE!

Happy Friday y'all. I need to ask you good folks for a prayer for my mother-in-law. We knew she had a tumor in her head, but we found out today just how bad it is. I'm afraid there's only one place we can turn to for her - and I don't think she's ready to turn it over to the Devine Doctor. She's one of those people who planted ice during her life. Now there's nobody who cares. She needs LOTS of prayers and not necessarily for her physical health if you know what I mean. I 'preciate it!

~ Mrs. Wiley

February 27, 2004 - Msg 19711: "If today you hear His voice, harden not your heart."

February 27, 2004 - Msg 19712: THANKS for supper pipeman!..i was kinda busy,sorry- i will freeze the chicken i had layed out for us!.go braves!cant wait till summer. I have a VERY large garden ever year ..we will eat fresh veggies EVERY day..okra,peas,green beans,squash,tomatoes,peppers,man-o-man.the pruple hul peas are SO good every year..rows are about 200 feet long..gona put yall to work!!well back to paper work..yum [supper]..signed: SPOT the"go braves, full bellyed,saying prayers for all in need" talking dog of this here porch

February 27, 2004 - Msg 19713: Thanks, Hazel, for clarifying to Spot that I am indeed a writer/editor. teehee. One certainly couldn't guess it from some of my posts! I can't believe that story about your name, Sterling! I really thought that was the name Barney used when he went to try to get money back from that salve or whatever it was he did when he impersonated someone else. OK--so somebody tell me--what was the name Barney used for that?? I am really gettin' confused. Must be from this lump on my jaw! I went to see a chiropractor yesterday since my antibiotics were doing nothing, and it seems to hurt slightly less today. And since the Vicks didn't work (write that down, Salty!), I got out my Watkins black salve and smeared that on there after I soaked a rag in Epson Salts and held on it for awhile (thanks for the suggestion of a wet compress, possum.) If all that doesn't help, guess I'll concoct some sort of poultice out of mud and mustard or somethin.
Charlotte Tucker

February 27, 2004 - Msg 19714: Once I get that poultice concocted, I believe I'll name it Eleanora. Tee hee

February 27, 2004 - Msg 19715: hey writer/editor hazel!!! cool!..ever thought getting Barney to mix you up a mologue for your jaw lump? [cant spell][you never world have thought I went to college huh?]..thats[dog school]..but the Lord blessed me with a great job!..and a great Home...signed: SPOT the"asking hey what do you write hazel?.and how long been at it?"talking dog of yalls porch

February 27, 2004 - Msg 19716: I get it, Charlotte.....Eleanora Poultice!

Prayers for your mother-in-law Mrs. Wiley.

I saw The Passion today. Wow. It was the most horrible and the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I am certainly more thankful than ever for what Jesus chose to do for us. He is my hero.
I love him so much!

Well, pipeman, I think if I woke up in Mayberry, I would check to see if all my family and friends were there and if they were, I would really celebrate!!

Ya'll have a great evening,

ps--all that cying at the movies didn't help my cold any!

February 27, 2004 - Msg 19717: No, no, Spot. It's Charlotte that writes. Me, I just read. Hey, good one, Charlotte, about Eleanora Poultice. haha Prayers for ya, Mrs. Wiley. I know exactly what you mean... And Sterling! You devil. All this time I thought your name was from TAGS, but couldn't think of the ep. In the back of my mind, I think I thought you were related to Hugo What's-his-name, who played on the wrong team in '18; but was still a pretty good soldier.

Barn: "You wanna get that floor over there?"
Gomer: "Right, Chief!"

February 27, 2004 - Msg 19718: OK,OK,...SO I STAY CONFUSED...we all write and read!..call me wrong way feldon!...gona try to see the Passion this weekend,here you have to waite an hour and a half BEFORE the theaters open to get t ticket!..cooking hoppin-john, yall know what that is?..Mrs Wiley [prayers]....signed: SPOT the" hoppin john" dog of the porch

February 27, 2004 - Msg 19719: Well, Spot, its worth the wait but be prepared; its really tough. I didn't have to wait in line here, in fact, the theatre was only about 1/3 full at 2:30 in the afternoon. I didn't even have anybody sitting next to me in the theatre.
I wanted to tell you to watch for something that I couldn't figure out (what the symbolism was). During the scourging of Jesus, you can see Satan weaving his way through the crowd of onlookers and he is carrying a very pale baby. When the baby turns to face Jesus, the baby's face is hideous and evil looking. Just couldn't figure out what that meant.

Its almost time for TAGS so I think I will retire to the couch.


February 27, 2004 - Msg 19720: Them prayers are on the way Mrs. Wiley. Hope she is ok.
I believe I'll let the frog legs hop on by pipeman. No offense intended.
Hey spot, I plant a huge garden every year too. Take a lot of pride in my sweet sweet corn on the cob.
Charlotte, that lump ain't disturbed your funny bone none. Good un. LOL
Guess I'll go watch a little tv. (my big screen is broke) LOL


February 27, 2004 - Msg 19721:
Hey folks,

Boo, I haven't seen "The Passion of Christ" but I think the child represents the antichrist. My mother-in-law, who is Catholic, thinks it is a "belief" in the Catholic faith that the antichrist was present at that time. Myself, I am a Baptist things have to be in black and white for us, LOL.


February 27, 2004 - Msg 19722: yea asa gardens are great , being raised on a farm right where i live is wonderful, been around plowing and farming all my life, dad is 72 now and has slowed down a bit, he retired from Lockheed about 8 yrs ago with 39 years in..run about 50/50 luck with my silver queen corn but still put up a lot every year..my traid is hot peppers.had about 55 plants last year, got a couple of friends that run veg. stands and sell them for me..the rest of the veg. we freeze..well back to american choppers show on the tube..hey auh2o!cant wait for the Passion movie Boo...signed: SPOT the"farm dog hot pepper" dog of the porch..

will get a snack ready for midnight...spot

February 27, 2004 - Msg 19723: mrs wiley mother- in- law == father, we ask you to send someone one last time to comfort her and give her one more chanceto know you and your son. we ask these things in your holy name. amen pipeman

February 28, 2004 - Msg 19724: hello to our night porchsters= i always find it so peaceful, love my time with the lord and no phone, or distractions. SPOT= remember dobie gillis? when you saidwe could work in your garden i thought of manerd g. crabbs; work good buddy? you know i'd lay down in front of a train anything for you but work. whose driving the brown truck sunday? we have poor dale jerrot in awe of the brown truck this year, we're the fly in his oinment. star trek and i are going if the good lord willing to see the passion tommorow, from the sound of lines i'm glad our chruch rented the whole theatre for a showing. keep the lights on at the remshaw house all night, they need to make a big batch of shine for the braves or our behind the barn socials. tee- hee. pipeman

February 28, 2004 - Msg 19725: lights will be on at the remshaw house..i will be in the pits Sun..wana see if one of the ladys wants to drive the brown truck sun?...well got egg drop soup ready ..plenty for everyone..im here till 6 then off for the weekend....signed: SPOT the" gona wash my truck and clean out the garage tomorrow" dog of yalls great porch...

February 28, 2004 - Msg 19726: My loving husband went out tonight and bought me some Vicks....ahhhh....finally some relief!

Hey, Auh2o, I think you are probably right about the baby being the anti-Christ. That never even entered my mind (I'm a Baptist,too, you know! hehe). I am getting ready to go to bed and after seeing the movie I am really wondering what kind of dreams I will have tonight--hopefully dreams of the ressurection!

Love to All,

February 28, 2004 - Msg 19727: I'm with you on the frog-legs, Asa! I couldn't eat one of those without thinking about Kermit.

Uh..., Hazel? With everyone seeing the Passion and all, it's probably not a good idea to call me a devil! I don't want a bunch of people with pitchforks and torches coming to my door. Door to door salesmen are bad enough! ;)

-Sterling Holobyte

February 28, 2004 - Msg 19728: hey yall....flapjacks this morning lots of butter,and syurp..sausage pattys,blueberrys,oj,coffee,milk,and poptarts for the kids........going home to sleep now !..signed:SPOT the"good morning to yall and good night to me" dog of this here porch

February 28, 2004 - Msg 19729: spot=thanks for the great breakfast. ASA= can you save me a truck 0f utah veggies? mix them with spots georgia vegies wow let's mix a usa veggie mix for july 4th? boo= isn't it a blessing when both spouses help each other and always there at just the right time? sterling holobyte= can't you see miss piggy saying, kermit you get out of that pan right now? auh29= baseball and nascar is on soon same time every weekend. are you ready? homemaker= HAVE YOU HEARF FROM FUN GIRL AT ALL? I"M WORRIED ABOUT HER> good morning to the rest of the porch- or is it good morning captain. ellen brown and goober where are you? i'd better add we're all from illinois, wouldn't want rumors to get staeted that opie would print and pass out all over town. hey to frankie flint. off to see the passion at ten. pipeman

February 28, 2004 - Msg 19730: that' auh20 in above msg. isn'y that just like life? on minute you get a raise the next a paycut because of taxes. ha. pipeman

February 28, 2004 - Msg 19731: Morning porch pals. Thanks so much for the prayers for MIL. pipeman, I too hope she finds the Lord and I'd be willing to help her. But she's Jewish and I don't know if I can get her to make the "leap". I'll try, though.

auh20, that's a good observation on the baby in the movie. I haven't seen it yet, hope to on Monday, after the crowds die down. Since Hollywood only looks at the first week of profits, I hope we all can see it before Wednesday. My take on the baby (as a Catholic) is that the baby might represent the Children of God - after the Devil gets through with us. You know, the fallen angels are super-jealous of us. Can't wait to see the film.

I think a good many folks believe the anti-christ is alive NOW. After the movie I was unlucky enough to glance at last night while passing through the kitchen - I think he lives in hollywood. WATCH OUT MEL!!
~ Mrs. Wiley

February 28, 2004 - Msg 19732: Interesting thought, Mrs. Wiley. I never thought about the fallen angels being jealous of us before. Tell me more....


February 28, 2004 - Msg 19733: By the way, speaking of The Passion, has your mother-in-law expressed any interest in seeing it? Just curious.


February 28, 2004 - Msg 19734: Hello all! Time fer: "Doug's Tune". Have a Mayberry Day!

Briscoe Darling Jr.

February 28, 2004 - Msg 19735: For Boo:

"Although nothing definite can be known as to the precise nature of the probation of the angels and the manner in which many of them fell, many theologians have conjectured, with some show of probability, that the mystery of the Divine Incarnation was revealed to them, that they saw that a nature lower than their own was to be hypostatically united to the Person of God the Son, and that all the hierarchy of heaven must bow in adoration before the majesty of the Incarnate Word; and this, it is supposed, was the occasion of the pride of Lucifer (cf. Suarez, De Angelis, lib. VII, xiii). As might be expected, the advocates of this view seek support in certain passages of Scripture, notably in the words of the Psalmist as they are cited in the Epistle to the Hebrews: "And again, when he bringeth in the first-begotten into the world, he saith: And let all the angels of God adore Him" (Hebrews 1:6; Psalm 96:7). And if the twelfth chapter of the Apocalypse may be taken to refer, at least in a secondary sense, to the original fall of the angels, it may seem somewhat significant that it opens with the vision of the Woman and her Child. But this interpretation is by no means certain, for the text in Hebrews, i, may be referred to the second coming of Christ, and much the same may be said of the passage in the Apocalypse."

This was clipped from EWTN.com. I think what this means is A) they were jealous because THEY have to bow to God in the image of US, and B) we can commune with God (in Holy Communion) in a special way that the angels cannot. I haven't asked MIL about seeing the movie, but thats a fabulous idea! All she can do is say no, right?

February 28, 2004 - Msg 19736: Duh, forgot to sign... ~ Mrs. Wiley

February 28, 2004 - Msg 19737: Wow, heavy stuff on the porch today. Havent seen the movie yet but hope to this weekend.
For topic a ways back, "Hate the sin, but love the sinner." is what comes to my mind, and that's for "everyone." I have 2 alcoholics in the family and they struggle everyday as they have been thru the steps! They stay sober only by the grace of God and their desire to now do so.
Prayers for Mrs Wileys mother in law and for all on the porch.
On a porch topic, local channel had the color ep of barneys return for the class reunion, but I noticed the class was now 1948 instead of 1945 as in the BW reunion show.
Here's a good line from the show:
Andy: I guess you got a pretty good social life (in Raliegh)huh?
Barn: Oh yeah, that phone never stops ringin'.
I'm up and down that HALL all night long! (lol)

I saw that the Benson Wildcats still played.

Any one else here remember Green Stamps?
Seems like we'd lick stamps for hours and only end up with an iron or toaster!! lol
Happy mayberry saturday!

February 28, 2004 - Msg 19738:
Hey Folks,

I like the idea of a non denominational porch. It appears many faiths have sat a spell on the Ole porch.

MDC, How true, since we are all sinners and fall short of the Glory of God to hate the sin but love the sinner is the only way for Christians.

pipeman, I cannot tell ya how ready I am for baseball. I don't think we're gonna hit the 200 inch mark this winter in snow fall. We're at 172 inches I think and holding. But, the winter seemed long real long. However, it's ball time so the rest of winter as been canceled. At least around these parts. I see the folks at the south end of the porch are getting clobbered again with snow. YIKES. NASCAR is something I've recently started watching. When I was younger I loved the Indy car racing. AJ Foyt, the Unsers, Mario, man they could drive. Since, that group of racers left seemed to have switched over to NASCAR.


February 28, 2004 - Msg 19739: Thank you for taking the time to share that information with me, Mrs. Wiley. I really apprectiate it. Very interesting thought! Here's a little something I found in my study bible (Dake's Annotated King James). Its concerning the "good" angels, not the fallen ones: (concerning the gospel) "Unto whom it was revealed, that not unto themselves, but unto us did they minister the things, which are now reported unto you by them that have preached the gospel unto you with the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven; which things the angels desire to look into."-1 Peter 1:12, and my commmentary says, "Angels are no doubt amazed at the wonderful plan of redemption and of the eternal exaltation of the redeemed. Even now they are being taught by the church the manifold wisdom of God (Ephesians 3:9-11). They observe saints constantly (1 Cor. 4:9) and desire to look into the wonderful truths of the gospel.

This concludes today's porch devotional! heehee


February 28, 2004 - Msg 19740: Thank you Boo, that was excellent! I'm gonna ponder that for a while... ~ Mrs. Wiley

February 28, 2004 - Msg 19741: Good evening, all. I love this porch! The exchange of opinions and ideas is wonderful. As for the creature Satan was carrying - I would hesitate to call it a baby, though he was carrying it like one. It was misshapen and had a hideous, leering face. I took it to be a demon, but the idea of it being the anti-Christ is very intriguing. Satan himself was chilling, but fascinating, almost compelling at times. Just like the real thing. As for the movie, there are no adequate words to express the experience, and I won't try. To my complete amazement, I never cried. I think I was beyond that. I just pray that God will continue to draw people to see it, and will bless their experience with the film, and that it will be used to bring many into His kingdom that might not make that decision under any other influence.

Hazel, I left the Plum's little mascot suit in your mailbox. If you'd be so kind as to put some sort of decal over that mustard stain, I'd be very grateful. I could do it, but I probably couldn't find my iron. If a garment needs ironing, it can't live at my house, so I don't know where mine is. I keep up with the ironing board, though, because it's too big to lose, and besides, it's often needed for a kid to sleep on when we have a lot of company.

I started buying rose bushes today - only found two of the dozen or so I've chosen, but I'll keep looking. If anyone sees Mr. Weaver, please tell him I'll probably need him to spray for aphids in a few weeks.

And now for some supper. Wish I could make it to Spot's or Pipeman's for some leftovers, but I'm too tired to go out again. Have a great Sabbath tomorrow, friends. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 28, 2004 - Msg 19742: our chruch saw the passion today- i recommend it. the sub text were left long enough for effect that you could easily follow it.the message of the entire bible comes alive. first time i ever saw a movie where all of us worship together and close, but when everyone left not a word was spoken between us. pipeman (the new movie critic) retiring pipeman

February 28, 2004 - Msg 19743: mdc= sure do remember s&h green stamps. do you remember the yellow stamps at gas stations and free glasses? how about dish towels and wash cloths, bath towels in laundry soap? many houses were furnished that way. auh20= moisture wise i think we're in a break and by spring we'll exceed what we need. no guareentees against drought later.hey to rest ofd porch, a little tired tonight. sending love and prayers. pipeman

February 28, 2004 - Msg 19744: I remember green stamps but here in Texas we had something called Texas Gold Stamps that Mom collected and yes, after licking and stamping for hours, you might get a toaster!

Pipeman, I will be seeing The Passion again next weekend when my church sees it all together. My best friend wants me to be there with her when she sees it for the first time and I want to be with my hsuband when he sees it, too. You know, Ro, I am the kind of person that cries very easily but I didn't cry in The Passion until after Jesus was scourged and they drug him away. That got to me for some reason. I had a strange reaction--something between pain and joy. I was so thankful, you know? I also thought it would have been impossible for any man besides Christ to survive long enough to even get to the cross after that kind of severe punishment. How could he endure it?

Well, I am feeling better but now I have a sore throat!! Think I'll take it easy this evening and hopefully be ok for church tomorrow....Bye,


February 29, 2004 - Msg 19745: happy leap year porchsters= boo= don't you hink because of prayers and research on the movie we were a little more prepared? going with a theatre full out of your chruch is an experience i won't forget. we were about half hour late starting, but everyone was visiting, laughing, picking on each other. after the movie noone s[oke or even nodded almost like we were zombies. end of my movie reviews. spot are you going to help barney next week sell the remshaw place, it's a real fixer upper. sleep tight porchsters, pleasant dreams. once a movie critic retreaded, ha, pipeman

February 29, 2004 - Msg 19746: just saw where OPIE TURNS 50 THIS MONDAY. i wonder if him and the beaver will clebrate together? what do you get a kid that has everything. barney nip it, nip it in the bud. if you don't one day you'll wake up and opie's 70. pipeman