March 29, 2004 - Msg 20439: Mornin Porch!!

~ Mrs. Wiley
"You and me Ang...the big freeze."

March 29, 2004 - Msg 20440: Oh Lord, why did I have to sweep with THAT comment.

Funny but true story: Yesterday I had to meet up with a friend of Big Jeff's. We were chatting for a long time about this and that when the topic of weight loss and exercise came up. WE spoke about him, and me, then it turrned to Big Jeff. When it was time to leave, I asked him not to tell B.J. what we had discussed because it would just aggrivate him more than he already is. (weight is a sore subject these days) Well this friend told me point blank that it wasn't right to hide things, and that he didn't want to be sneaky or gossipin'. Sure put me in my place... and rightly so. I had to apologise to him for even suggesting it. On the Sabbath even. A humbling experience.

~ Mrs. Wiley

March 29, 2004 - Msg 20441: I read the article Floyd - thanks for the link - I really appreciate you!
Everyone have a great day -


March 29, 2004 - Msg 20442: HOMEMAKER, I hope you are feeling better. Hey to the porch. Hope everyone is doing well. Take care all and have a Mayberry, Kinda, Day!

Ed Sawyer

March 29, 2004 - Msg 20443: Hey to the porch...been gone a few days. Read the's the song several were talking about. It does remind me of Mayberry...only problem is no mention of THAT'S Heaven... :-) Hey to all my porch pals!

Sweet Southern Comfort

Misty sunrise in my hometown,
Rows of cotton bout knee high,
Mrs. Baker down the dirt road,
Still got clothes out on the line,

Erwin Nichols there with Judge Lee,
Playin checkers at the gin,
When I dream about the southland,
This is where it all begins

From Carolina down to Georgia,
Smell the jasmine and magnollia,
Sleepy Sweet home Alabama,
Roll tide roll,
Muddy water, Misssissippi,
Blessed Graceland whispers to me,
Carry on, Carry on,
Sweet Southern Comfort carry on,

Catchin catfish on the river,
Chasin fireflies by the creek,
Kissin Debbie Williams sister,
On the porch Homecommin week,

With rusty cars and weeping willows,
Keepin watch out in the yard,
Just a snapshot of downhome Dixie,
Could be anywhere you are,

In Carolina or in Georgia,
Open arms are waitin for ya,
Louisianna yellow rose of San Antone,
Arkansas, Mississippi,
Old man river whispers to me,
Carry on, Carry on,
Sweet Southern Comfort carry on,

As I sit here I'm surrounded,
By these priceless memories,
I don't have to think about it,
There's no place I'd rather be,

In Carolina or in Georgia,
Smell the jasmine and magnollia,
Sleepy Sweet home Alabama,
Roll tide roll,
Muddy water, Misssissippi,
Blessed Graceland whispers to me,
Carry on, Carry on,
Sweet Southern Comfort,
Carry on, Carry on,
Sweet Southern Comfort carry on


March 29, 2004 - Msg 20444: good day to one and all. mrs wiley= dear we've all been there, i ran across this awhile back; some things people wished they hadn't said; 1. is there something about me you don't like? 2, who do you think you are? 3. i have nothing to lose. 4.i'll leave when i'm good and ready. 5. my dad can whip your dad. 6. so sue me. as andy always said boy, i sure stuck my foot in my mouth up to my knee. so don't be to hard on your self but thanks for sharing that with us. ed sawyer= what have you been up to these days? sorry it's been awhile since i chatted with you personally, but every post is for everyone. goober= sweet southern comfort says it all. opening cubs game april 12.any prediciditions for season? for supper tonight bbq on the yard- bbq ribs, cole slaw, home made biscuts and cornbread, potato salad, real baked beens, apple pie, blueberry cobbler, homemade vanilla ice cream, milk, buttermilk, sun tea, coffee, and anything you want to bring. someone tried to take my idenity and left my mind saturday, i guess my mingd wasn't worth it. ha. a man walked into a convience store and held it up. said he had a gun. later the clerk realised the guy was using his smoking pipe. today i called a bunch of local pipe collectors and smokers told them thanks for trying to help but i can get in trouble on my own. see you a the bbq tonight, starts at 5 pm . lol pipeman

March 29, 2004 - Msg 20445: floyd that article was beautiful, thanks mary.

March 29, 2004 - Msg 20446:
Good aftrenoon porch!

Pray all is well, say wasn't Asa and Mrs.Asa due back this week? Ineed to look up the artticle y'alls talking about.Goober that is a nice song thanks for posting the words, Mrs. Wiley I'm sure you weren't running him down, your to kind of a person to do that. HM hope your feeling fine. ES youe a kind soul. Mary I'm goona look up Floyds article.

Ellen Brown

March 29, 2004 - Msg 20447: Hoooooooooooooowdy porchsters!
Glad the latest moulage was cleared up by our good man Floyd! Thanks Floyd, you are a bird in this world!
pipeman, I thought you had the brown truck up on blocks. Havent heard of it from you lately.
Would have done well in the FoodCity 500!
MD-- What's the next big race?
Yippie, our local channel did a B/W ep...Mr McBeevie. I really like that one..
"Ya pa, the man up in the trees!"
Thanks for the lyrics Goob. Sounds like a good song.
Homemaker, thanks for your good words too.
I told my 3 Marine relatives about this site!
They may be checking in from... Iraq!
Romeena, when I was a youngster, I raised pigeons for about two years for a merit badge.
I think that brown one may be a "Pouter." They like to puff up and put on a show like a peac-ck.
I also had "tumblers" that would fly straight up about 100 feet and literally tumble straight down
and come out of the tumble just before hitting the ground. Amazing to watch! Several times I took a homing pigeon over 100 miles from home and sure enuf, it was there waiting for me when I got back!
BBQ tonight? Count me in. Have a good one.
Prayers for all, from the west to the east.
Mr Darlin's Cuz

March 29, 2004 - Msg 20448: Howdy to everyone on the porch .beautiful day here in western N.C. Pipeman did you catch the race yesterday ,it was a good one .DJ in the brown truck car ran good until he cut a tire near the end and hit the wall . Had a young gun win ( Kurt Busch ) and an old vetern (Rusty Wallace ) second. hope everyone has a great evening .Floyd thanks for the link to the Guide Post article .
Mayberry Deputy

March 29, 2004 - Msg 20449: Good afternoon everyone - it is a cool rainy evening here at the Indiana porch. It is auction nite! Now - ya'll come on out, the little concession stand will fix you up with a hot dog and french fries. Sometimes they even have chocolate cake - it does a body good!

Thanks for your kind words Ed. That flu is nasty stuff and it lingered on for 5 days before it left me last week. It was gross.

Thanks for supper pipeman - make enough to serve all my boys. . .they love ribs!

I hope your Marine relatives check us out MDC! That would be awesome if they came to our porch!


March 29, 2004 - Msg 20450: MDC the next cup race is at Texas Motor Speedway this coming Sunday
Mayberry Deputy

March 29, 2004 - Msg 20451: Thanks for the info MD. Maybe we can get the brown truck up and runnin'.
We need to pick up the pace a bit, like Barney's singin'.
It's a nice evenin for porch rockin.

March 29, 2004 - Msg 20452: Can anybody tell me what kind of OCD did Andy have? I have read about it but it's not clear,Have a nice day. Rosie

March 29, 2004 - Msg 20453: I want everyone to know that I do not have OCD or am attracted to men in any way. I am a devout christian and have no idea why anyone would say such awful things about me. A.G.

March 29, 2004 - Msg 20454: pooh

March 29, 2004 - Msg 20455: Hey everyone, I've been waiting for two years now and finally Andy sent me a signed autograph photo of himself. I got Barney and opie, Ron Howard and Aunt Bea. This is great.

March 29, 2004 - Msg 20456: Okay - when does Asa get back from his bullet maintenance seminar? We are in desparate need of spring training practice or we are going to get clobbered by Mount Pilot! Come on Asa - return to the flock!

Is anyone up for a picnic at Myers Lake - bring extra potato salad for bait!

Do you think Barney could sing "Aculpulco?"

March 29, 2004 - Msg 20457: Wonderful article Floyd, thanks for linking us to it!

I am not at all sure that was THE A. G. who answered Rosie's question up there, but if it was...Hi!

I would love to say Hi to MDC's marines, I sure do hope they check us out. If any men or women in the armed services drop by to check us out but are too shy to say anything, just know that we REALLY appreciate all you are doing for our country, and I personally hope you will get the welcome back you deserve.

I think I hear Barney warming up now!

Good night all,
Mary Wiggins

March 29, 2004 - Msg 20458: I thought we'd agreed not to discuss it! Tick-a-Lock!
- Hazel

March 29, 2004 - Msg 20459: Just an FYI - Posts 20453, 20454 and 20455 were all posted by the same person.

"Hey" to all -- Hope everyone had a nice weekend.


March 30, 2004 - Msg 20460: Good morning porch
Pray all has a great day today. Picnic sounds great just tell me when.

Ellen Brown

March 30, 2004 - Msg 20461: Hey Rosie, Ah hear Big Tom's chasing squirell again.
Naw I'm just kidding honey. So how waz it at the office today? Did any of those Doctors pull some teeth today. love M.

March 30, 2004 - Msg 20462: Our color ep last night was about Howard's sudden facination with the tropics. My question: Why not just vacation there? Why quit your job?
Oh well, it's only a sitcom, I guess.
And some lines where pretty good, like when Howard walks into Emmitt's as Emmitt is fixing a fan and says:
"Fixing a fan there Emmitt?" to which he responds:
"Boy, you're really on the ball today Howard!"
Anything cookin for tonight?
I am in email touch with my bro and two nephews.
2 are in Kuwait. They thank you all fro your prayers. Our military around the whole world need our prayers. You folk are sooooo good.
God bless you!
Thanks you Floyd for the nice photo of the TAGS gang at the awards. We need that county nurse to care for them all!!
Have a great day.

Mr Darlin's Cuz

March 30, 2004 - Msg 20463: Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Angel in my Pocket? I love this movie and can't find it. Thanks, Mary

March 30, 2004 - Msg 20464: homemaker= any good buys atthe auction? mayberry deputy= yup watched the race sunday. u.s. army nemacheck needs to drive that car. mdc= put new jet engine in brown truck, like the 5000 mph plane. do you want to drive this weekend or is that spot or goobers style? maybe miss crowley or gilley want to they love speed. mdc=if the marines check in tell them to check with me i am an old soldier and i'm rooting for them.rosie== speaking of dentist here is one for you; man walks into the dentist office, said look doc i'm in a big hurry, no novicane,nothing just pull it. the dentist was shocked at such a brave man. the doctor said which tooth is it? the man said to his wife, honey show him which tooth is hurting you. mary= if weavers don't have it go thru your search engine for buying m0ovie angel in my pocket. howdy to everyone i missed. pipeman

March 30, 2004 - Msg 20465: Got a wierd question for you porchsters who have seen the passion. What is the meaning of the
expired donkey? Any thoughts? Been wonderin about this since seeing it.
Thanks, MDC

March 30, 2004 - Msg 20466: mary, is that the movie where Andy goes to get an organ from a burlesque parlor? I recall that funny scene, but dont recall what movie it was.

March 30, 2004 - Msg 20467: Pipeman, I have looked everywhere for the movie. If anyone knows where I can find it please let me know. I have a gagal of nieces that aren't quite ten yet, not in the double digits and I think the kids would love the movie. Thanks Mary.

March 30, 2004 - Msg 20468: Hi MDC, my take on the donkey is that the devil was taunting Judas into suicide. After being chased out of town by the children, and being so dispondent and hopeless after the tratorous act, he was shown the dead donkey, and so he thought that he deserved to be a dead beast of burden too. Instead of trusting in Jesus' Mercy and seeking His forgiveness, he did not believe that he could be forgiven and hung himself - commiting further sin and insult to God.

~ Mrs. Wiley
"With God, all things are possible"
"Jesus, I trust in You!"

March 30, 2004 - Msg 20469: Mrs. Wiley, I saw the Passion, too, and I think that your way of seeing the donkey and judas was beautiful. Judas did have the choice, in trusting in jesus, but he didn't. bravo!

March 30, 2004 - Msg 20470: Thank you Mrs Wiley. That helps me rest easier.
I just couldnt make the connection. Mel did take a few licenses, but otherwise stuck to the scripture accounts. And There seems to be a resurgent interest in the film as Easter approaches.
Here in AZ, a man who had committed 6 burglaries
turned himself in after seeing it!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

March 30, 2004 - Msg 20471: Mary, did you try for that video?

March 30, 2004 - Msg 20472: mdc, yes I did. Please post it on the board if any one knows or hears where I can get Angel in my Pocket. thanks mary

March 30, 2004 - Msg 20473: Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the park, oh - buy some peanuts and cracker jacks - I don't care if I ever get back oh. . .we'll root, root, root for the home team - if they don't win it's a shame - for it's one, two, three strikes you're out in the old ball game!

In memory of Marge Schott - she died a few weeks ago but how she loved her Cincinnati Reds!

March 30, 2004 - Msg 20474: does anyone remember the song, Hello Playmate, come on and play with me? It's Rosie's birthday today. Hey everyone wish Rosie a happy day.

March 30, 2004 - Msg 20475: Thanks for the info, AFD! I thought somethin' was fishy! Your education was worth every penny. Mary, I checked at Weavers, and they don't have "Angel in my Pocket" either. (You probably already looked there, but I just had to see for myself.)
- Hazel

March 30, 2004 - Msg 20476: Ooops, forgot to wish Happy Birthday to Rosie. Happy Birthday, dear Rosie. I don't believe we've met. Are you from around here? Or are you... from somewheres else?
- Hazel

"Every thinking pioneer and inventor has suffered the same kind of ridicule."

March 30, 2004 - Msg 20477: Glad I missed the moulage. I'm with you Mrs. Wiley--the big freeze! Tee hee. Floyd, that was a great article. Thanks for sharing the link. Been busy. Sorry I haven't had time to stop by and chat. All this talk of baseball. It's cold and rainy on our porch tonight. Almost feels like old man winter is back.
Charlotte Tucker

March 30, 2004 - Msg 20478: thanks for the birthday wishes hazel. No we have not met, i am new to the "Mayberry Gang" I am from Michigan where we are all big Andy fans, It's all we talk about. In fact my sister is crazy for Andy and her husband looks like Otis. Can everyone wish my dad a happy 75th birthday.Rosie

March 30, 2004 - Msg 20479: Mary, You are the greatest person in the world. I love you so much. Thanks for what you did for me today. I will always be there for you. Love Helen

March 30, 2004 - Msg 20480: Gosh now you got me thinking about how cute Otis is.

March 30, 2004 - Msg 20481: Hey how do you know that 20453and 20454 and 20455 are all the same people. Are you watching us?

March 30, 2004 - Msg 20482: Hazel dear, Rosie and I want to know where you are from? Mary

March 30, 2004 - Msg 20483: Mary did you try TAGSRWCs web site "Weaver's Department Store"?
Go to

March 30, 2004 - Msg 20484: Hey porch!"SRM" don"t mean to be a intrude"n, A friend of mine told me that, that there is
an episoide with "Jack Nichilson" In it (ya know that I don't thank that anyone is ignorant) except myself!!! But if so what episode & is it in color I hope. Just can't see Jack in a b@w "
Just can't handle the truth" Say hey to Sterling and Mrs.Wiley & ALL THE PORCH FOLK I"LL SWEEP UP FOR THE NIGHT..... Best prayers your sometime's forgetfull proof reader SRM...

March 31, 2004 - Msg 20485: Hey SRM - Jack Nicholson guested in 2 episodes - both color.
Episode 202 - Opie Finds A Baby
Episode 223 - Aunt Bee the Juror


March 31, 2004 - Msg 20486: Whew! What happened SRM--looks like you were deep in thought or the cat had your tongue or somethin' back there! Hope everyone has a Mayberry Day. I made coffee and will leave some Krispy Kremes (and some PopTarts for possum and me).
Charlotte Tucker

March 31, 2004 - Msg 20487: Howdy porchpals, Has Asa made it back from the bullet maintenance convention? Do we nee to get tear gas, flares, send out an APB? Prints! What we need are prints!! Thanks for the KK's Charlotte. Just what us high-spirited folks need - a sugar "pick-me-up". I just love that term Barn uses "high-spirited", makes me think his Mamma didn't want to tell him he was 'emotional' so she called it 'high-spirited'. heeheehee

~ Mrs. Wiley

March 31, 2004 - Msg 20488: We can make a moulage of asa's prints! lol
Charlotte, good to have you back?
Where's spot these days. Dont want to eat leftovers tonight!
HM,Mary M,Rosie, ..looks like a good run between the Pacer and the Pistons in the central division!
I gace up on my Suns weeks ago! (They have only one 25 games!!!)
pipeman, sure I'll drive the 5000 mph truck. Just strap me in and show me the ignition switch! LOL

Aasdjgh;osh0ra- oops- kitty just jumped on the keyboard.

Anyone remember the old jumprope jingles?
I grew up with 3 sisters who sang them all the time, double dutch and all!

Good lines from last night's color:
Goober: What time you want us over tonight?
Emmitt: 8 o'clock
Goob: That include supper?
Emmitt: No, no supper.
Goob: Well, I couldnt tell.
7 oclock usually means supper.
9 oclock means coffe and cake,
but 8 oclock don't mean nothin'

Mr Darlin's Cuz

March 31, 2004 - Msg 20489: Hey MDC
Sorry about your Suns. It should be real interesting to see how the Pistons fare against the Pacers. They will play each other this Sunday I think. We have had all close games against them, except the first game we played against them. AND, the Pacers haven't faced the Pistons since we got Rasheed Wallace. If you want to root for the Pistons since the Suns are out, I will let you! ;)

Hey Mary, (I feel like I am talking to myself!), I am from Michigan also. Are you and Rosie related? I may have missed something, but welcome to the porch nonetheless!

Asa, where are yooooou?

Here's wishing all the porch a wonderful Mayberry afternoon!

Mary Wiggins

March 31, 2004 - Msg 20490: Thank you Floyd for the neat links in "Sarah's Mayberry Directory." (On home page) Just viewed a photo page after some of Aunt Bea's recipes!
YES, Welcome Mary and Rosie!
Mary W, of course I meant WON, not one!
I guess I was thinking they only won ONE! teehee
Ok, unless I get a better offer, I'm goin for the Pistons! A brother lived in Mt. Clemems for a few years.
APB for Boo, fungirl, Sterling,Des, auh20, Mavis,
BH, MPO, and others!

March 31, 2004 - Msg 20491: im ...back in just a bit ...storming here

March 31, 2004 - Msg 20492: WELL hope yall have good eats while i have been off roaming the woods!..hey pipeman,mw,asa,hm,hazel,fg,MDC,possum,...gona be beef brisket tonight,sliced then and put on texas toast,chips,tea,,signed: SPOT the "im back" dog of the porch ..lights are on

March 31, 2004 - Msg 20493: Hello Porch!
I've never heard of the movie angel in my pocket. I read poems of it. Mary Wiggins, I'm with you, I thought Asa and Mrs Asa was suppose to be home last week, maybe they took an extended vacation. I wish I could. LOL. Well the sun finally came out here at 4:30pm Rained all day. ECK! Welcome to all the new comers here and hello to all of the oldies but goldies. Goona get off here, Say when is the Easter Egg Hunt?? LOL

Ellen Brown

March 31, 2004 - Msg 20494: Ellen - the movie was really cute and it was put out in '68 I think. I saw it on TBS or TNT a couple of years ago. Until then I had not heard of it.

It has been a miserable old day around here - rain, rain - go away!!


March 31, 2004 - Msg 20495: STORM STORM in ga....signed SPOT the"getting my fur wet" dog of the storm porch

March 31, 2004 - Msg 20496: Yes Rosie is my little sister. She's a doozy. Ah just love her! She says I can't embaress Rosie on this board because Rosie will fight back. She doesn't want me to screw up her new Mayberry friends. Mary

March 31, 2004 - Msg 20497: My goodness, if anyone finds Angel in my Pocket please post it.

March 31, 2004 - Msg 20498: Rosie is scared of John Kerry because he might not be good for the confederacy, What would Andy do? He probably would vote Democratetic.

March 31, 2004 - Msg 20499: Hey Mary, none of that kind of talk, behave girlfriend.

March 31, 2004 - Msg 20500: Hi everyone. Hope you are haveing a great day.Yes , Mary Wiggins I am related to Mary I am proud to say she is my sister.Thank you for the welcome. I am hopeing I can get some advice. It is a touchy situation. I have a sister in law who eats alot, I mean a lot. Well I am hosting a party on Saturday for 30 people and I just know she is going to eat all the food. I can only make so much food, times are hard. I just dont know if i should say something to her. I dont want to upset her, she can get mean. What should I do? Rosie

March 31, 2004 - Msg 20501: Mary remember on thanksgiving when Marsha ate the whole turkey as soon as it got out of the oven, She picked those bones clean. There was hardley none left for anyone else. I suggest we eat fast. Love ya Rosie

March 31, 2004 - Msg 20502: Well Rosie, remember what Daddy allways says< He that eats the fastest eats the mostest.
- mary Hey rosie you did tell her to get there an hour later right?

March 31, 2004 - Msg 20503: Hey Rosie! butter pecan ice cream for a snack tonight yall...storms have stoped here on the southern end of the porch...yall get ya a bowl of cream!..signed SPOT the" burrrr eating ice cream" dog of the porch

March 31, 2004 - Msg 20504: Rosie and Mary, ya'll are crackin' me up! Hey MDC, what exactly did you mean in that message 20488? Are ya glad I'm back or ain't ya? (note the ? you used!) Just kiddin'. Remember, I'm an editor. You're welcome for the Krispy Kremes Mrs. Wiley. None for me. I've got to lose some weight. Hazel, how's the class reunion comin'? Mine is getting funner and funner. I have recently located our old band director and a classmate from the 7th grade via Internet. Both are planning on coming! How fun!
Charlotte Tucker

March 31, 2004 - Msg 20505: Mmmm butter pecan, thank you kindly spot! ~ Mrs. Wiley

March 31, 2004 - Msg 20506: Well, Charlotte, I'm sure glad you are back?
Just kidding(about the question mark, not about being glad you're back).

I took the little one out for a bike ride today. It was about 49-50 degrees out but sunny and I always bundle her up pretty good when we go out on the bike. She's got this little cap with flaps and a little visor that I put on under her helmet and it reminds me(before I put the helmet over it) of those driving caps they used to wear when they had open automobiles. She looks so cute in it, but I'm biased.
Anyway, we were on the new bike/walking trail that goes through the town and surrounding area when we came upon a fallen tree laying across the creek that runs adjacent to the trail. It just reminded me of the Robert E. Lee Natural Bridge that Briscoe mentioned in Mountain Wedding. Of course, the tree I speak of being in the North and all, it would probably be the Ulysses S. Grant Natural Bridge, although I'll admit it doesn't roll off the tongue as easy as the other one does.
-Sterling Holobyte

March 31, 2004 - Msg 20507: OK sounds like a lot of eatin going on I just adore Butter Pecan ice cream.


March 31, 2004 - Msg 20508: "How I vote brother, is MY business!"
~~Barney Fife

March 31, 2004 - Msg 20509: "Angel In My Pocket" was made in 1969, and stared Andy Griffith as Sam (a minister). His wife was Mary Elizabeth (Lee Meriweather). Her brother Bubba, was played by Jerry VanDyke. It was one of those great drive-in movies for families. It was written by Everett Greenbaum and Jim Fritzel. Both men were also involved in the Andy Griffith Show.

March 31, 2004 - Msg 20510: WOW, Thanks for the info jb now I need to find that movie and watch it, if anyone knows where a person can get their hands on it let me know. Goodnight Mayberry see y'all on Friday.


April 01, 2004 - Msg 20511: Sorry Mrs. Tucker. Do'n know wha=t happened, must a knodded off, on the tab key. You know us rookies; bout as sharp as a bag of wet mice. Thank's for the info, AFD made me look bad, thought i'd seen um all. but..... Bad fog here in Cleveland, couldn't see one foot ahead of your self.Had to turn the head light's off, the reflection off the fog would blind you.I don't get on the porch till late, I have a severly brain damaged child of 3 keeps me up late after work up most night's computer is in his room.Don't like to air much about myself but feel pretty secure in the company on/of the porch. sey hey AFD, Sterling, Mrs. Chalrlotte, for keeping me in tow..... ~~SRM~~

April 01, 2004 - Msg 20512: Morning, porch! Nice to see you Charlotte?! (MDC and Sterling, we ought to get a job on one of them excursion boats). Charlotte, my reunion is going pretty good. Out of around 370 classmates we've located about 300 of 'em. I guess the lost ones moved to the big city and changed their names. Ours is August 13th and 14th. When's yours? Won't they be surprised when they see we haven't changed a bit!
- Hazel

The tears on my pillow bespeak the pain that's in my heart.

April 01, 2004 - Msg 20513: Good Morning everyone. Note to Mary. I am very excited about Dads party on Saturday. Just wanted to let you know that i was up at 12:20 am cleaning my house so you wont find any dust like last time. You are such a clean freak. I decided to go shopping today and just buy more food. Dad says Marsha is on a diet, so there is a chance the rest of us will get to eat.I just hope Shirley doesnt ruin the party by going into labor. You know how she always needs the spot light. Have a great day, Talk to you soon. Rosie

April 01, 2004 - Msg 20514: One more thing, dont tell Shirley I said that, I just keep thinking of 2 weeks ago. I knew she was fakeing, why does she do that? Its been what, 3 times already. Getting old fast. Rosie

April 01, 2004 - Msg 20515: me too Hazel. ~ Mrs. Wiley

April 01, 2004 - Msg 20516: Right, Hazel. Your quote describes the way I feel when I look in the mirror! These extra pounds just gotta go soon! I was a little skinny thing in high school. Where'd all this weight come from anyhow? (Don't get me wrong I'm not huge or anything, just bigger than I used to be.) I would guess much of it came from all the delicious food we eat here on this here porch! Hey to Sterling, SRM, EB, and all.
Charlotte Tucker

April 01, 2004 - Msg 20517: Mary and Rosie are too much! Reminds me of when Mr Tucker was trying to get out a phone call and the two ladies had the line tied up! LOL Too funny
I guess my hand just slipped!
You will love your reunion. I went to my 35th a couple years ago and had a ball.
Have a great day!
Mr Darlin's Cuz
Who again is SRM?

April 01, 2004 - Msg 20518: Spot, ya keepin the power going thru the storm?
Pipeman- ya gonna break out the 5000 mph truck this weekend?
last nights color ep was introducing Sam Jones
and the farm and the rels from Italy, so maybe we'll get back to the BW soon! Yippie!

April 01, 2004 - Msg 20519: good morning porch, prayers for everyone. such a wonderfull day i;ve been working in the yard. welcome rosie, mary is a peach. sterling sounds like you got spring your way. mdc= don't forget to set your clock this weekend or does your state do that foolish tradition? just zooming thru. spot don't let them georgia storms get you. lots of love. pipeman

April 01, 2004 - Msg 20520: i'm surprized no april fools jokes on anyone today. pipeman

April 01, 2004 - Msg 20521: HAPPY APRIL

I hope I did that right!

SRM, I am sorry to hear about your child. Was he/she born brain damaged? I pray the medical profession is giving you some hope for your child. I will add him/her to my prayer list. I don't think I ever welcomed you to the porch, but WELCOME!

Hey Pipeman, we have that foolish tradition of changing the clocks! I like it much better in the fall when we gain an hour rather than when we lose one like this weekend!

Have a wonderful Mayberry Day!
Mary Wiggins

April 01, 2004 - Msg 20522: Rosie, Do you really believe that Marcia is on a diet? When pigs fly! Pigs, did I say pigs? Don't say pigs around Marcia, next thing you'll hear is 'ohh I want one, I want one', I'm about to tell the board the Gospel truth. Last week was Daddy's 75th birthday. Rosie and I are throwing a party for Daddy on Sat. Now I live a few streets away from Daddy, so on the actual day of his birthday I brought him a package of pretty bakery cupcakes. He gets his cake on Sat. at the party. Daddy said when I brought them, 'you shouldn't have done that, Marcia's bakeing me some' Marcia and my brother live with Daddy. Daddy had 8 kids and our Mom died when we were young, so Daddy was like mom and dad. He raised us. Well anyway after Marcia gave my brother Joe a stroke by all her eatin and naggin, Daddy wanted to keep his eye on Joe, make sure she doesn't end up killin Joe, so they moved in with Daddy.Anyway the day after Daddys birthday I went to visit Daddy, like I do everyday, now I knew Marcia had been cooking, but I was not prepared for what I saw. The minute I opend the door I smell frosting. There were cupcakes all over every place you could put a cupcake in that kitchen. Daddy said there was a pie and a torte in the refridgerator too. Now here's the thing. I asked Daddy if they ate my cupcakes, he said Marcia ate nine , yes nine, while she was making all the other ones. And then I went into Daddy's frigedaire and I said, "let clean out and throw away some of the old food." Daddys yells' No don't!You know Marcia will eat it.' love to everyone, Mary

April 01, 2004 - Msg 20523: pipeman- we AZ folks dont do none of that new fangled clock switchin'! Too dang hot! And I know when it's hot... it's dang hot! Dont need no fancy thermometer. But i do got one of them on the hen house! (I better watch it or Rafe will get me for impersonatin him!)
Anyone else check out the new links on Sarah's directory? Some neat stuff.
Is SRM new? WELCOME and prayers for you and yours.
Mr Darlin's Cuz

April 01, 2004 - Msg 20524: Rosie, I think that Big Bob is catching on to my habit. I just saw Daddy and M. at Dr. Rons, got him a whole lot of free samples. Thank God for country doctors. Mary

April 01, 2004 - Msg 20525: Hi Mary.What would you do if I printed what you wrote? Kidding. I know she is nasty but she is family and we need to remember that.Besides what about you and George's argument on Christmas. Who was the star of the show, Andy or Barney. I dont no why you get so upset, you know how George is. He gets a few beers in him and he thinks he knows everything. Shirley called me and said her water broke, april fools joke or is she practicing for Saturday. Big Tom is on his way home, need to make dinner. Survivior is on tonite. Love rosie

April 01, 2004 - Msg 20526: Ms Tucker, You seem like such a nice lady, I bet you will be beautiful at your reuion. Rosie

April 01, 2004 - Msg 20527: Hope everone made it thru April 1 unscaythed!
The radio station I listen to plays oldies, and they played several in Portugese, Italian, etc. Ever hear the Beatles in Italian? It's a gas!
Anyway, they were blaming satelites etc all day, til a few minutes ago, when they said APRIL FOOLS!
Sure had us going!

April 01, 2004 - Msg 20528: Rosie, you print any of this and I will cut the hair off of your Princess Diannea doll! I don't think the Danbury Mint has a replacement for that style either?

April 01, 2004 - Msg 20529: big race this weekend!..PIPEMAN "TRUCK TIME"...lets get-er-done...chicken fingers for a late supper tonight , fries, slaw, tea,ranch dressing, peppers , gona cut the garden in about a week ,getting ready, about 2 acers this year ....signed: SPOT the" farm dog" of this here porch ...lighs ON !

April 02, 2004 - Msg 20530: ok.. looks like I've missed out on a lot around here the past few days. Just been busier than a fly's tail in cow season. Tee Hee Ya'll have a good night lots going on here. Hurry up weekend!!--Love to you all Salty Dog

April 02, 2004 - Msg 20531: Mr. cuz.. I'm ~~SRM~~Yes, I am a recen't new comer to the porch. Been talk'n to folk's here for about 1 or 2 week's. I'm 6'3 260# blond hair, blue eye's 33 years old... Well, he's a asking, so I'm a telling.. Sound's like I'm writing a personal... Just kidding "cuz" I'ts darn nice to finaly get to talk or "write" at ya... But if you would have read your Archives for the past few day's yould have found this out little by little.. HA! HA!... Mrs. Wiggins, thank you for the kind thought's, Colin was damaged at birth by my (wonderfull local hospital) they left him in to long for an emergency c--secection..Lack of oxegen to the brain.. Let's get off this subject."It always makes me cry" Like don't hit your grandmother with a big old stick. Sey hey to Cuz, Mrs. Wiley, Mrs.Wiggins & Juble Foster.Your porch pal ~~SRM~~

April 02, 2004 - Msg 20532: Morning, porch. And welcome to ~SRM~. I too, missed where you'd come in at. I see you found a rocker. Mr. Darlin's Cuz, I also have been thinking of the "Man in a Hurry" episode lately, what with the recent porch talk. The line that comes to my mind is "you people are living in another world!" Rosie and Mary you will definitly have to let us know how the party goes.
- Hazel

"I've been called plenty, from 'mad dog' to 'chopper'; but never 'tattletale'."

April 02, 2004 - Msg 20533: Hi Everyone. Mary I am so tired, I was up 23 hours yesterday, Big Tom woke me up at 5:00 am this morning to go to work. He forgot that Dr. Z is not back from Fla yet. That god I can sleep at the office , that is as long as Andrea is not haveing some sort of problem, Whats the odds on that. I hope no one trashes up my house tomorrow. There will be NO SMOKEING this time, they can all go outside, my basement smelled for a week after chirstmas. Have a great day. Rosie

April 02, 2004 - Msg 20534: Good morning porch friends and welcome to SRM, Mary Rosie and whoever else I've missed. I've been out of the loop for a few days just been busy with work, one girl quit and another is going out on maternity leave next week so who gets to work more? Yep poor ol Salty Dog. Ya'll have a good weekend, it's my weekend off and also the opening of fishing season! I cant wait. See you all later love yas--Salty Dog

April 02, 2004 - Msg 20535: Good morning porch. Just checking in from my vacation. Caleeforn-i-a- was great. Great weather. Old man Kelsey's ocean is still looking wonderful.
Looks like we have some new folks and I ain't had a chance to read the archives yet so welcome to all you new folks.
Gotta go get started on my garden now. Gonna till the earth and get some peas and spring onions and radishes planted. Gotta wait for another month before I can plant corn and maters and what not. Oh, I picked some fresh oranges off my uncle's tree in Ventura. Lawwwwww, if you ain't ever had a fresh picked orange before you ain't lived. Mercy, I wish them things would grow in my climate.


April 02, 2004 - Msg 20536: Howdy Porch perchers!

I've been outtraveling away from the computer for a about 10 days. Hope everybody is doing well. I left my home and it felt like Spring came back home last nite and dang if it wasn't snowing! Now that is some Afril fools Joke from above if ya ask me. Well, just wanted to extend greeting s to all and say to have a great day, now, I gotta go find where that sunshine went to...
Tell 'em gomer says hey!


April 02, 2004 - Msg 20537: Thanks for the little bio SRM. Welcome aboard this here shipshape porch! Where do you hail from mate! (Sorry, I watched about 3 Gilligan Islands last night from a video!)teehee
Well Goob, your Cubs did a job on the Dbacks yesterday in their last preseason game! Boy, am I ready for baseball. It could be a good year for the Cubbies, that is for sure. I can smell those dawgs and garlic fries already, like Spot's feed last night!
My rels in the mideast all checked in. Man we need to do some super praying this weekend as we observe Palm Sunday. Such a horrific few days there. Lord God Almighty, please keep your hand of protection on all our troops and citizens throughout the world. Keep them in your love and care. Thank you Jesus!
Ok, hope we can all have a wonderful porch day and a good weekend. My prayers for all in need!
It is wet on this Phoenix end of the porch.
Will rain all day today and tomorrow! (We need it)
Pipeman, fire up that brown rocket truck!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

April 02, 2004 - Msg 20538: BH we posted at same time. Welcome back and to ASa too!

April 02, 2004 - Msg 20539: Hey to everyone... Computer troubles and a spring break from school had me away from the porch for a while, but I'm back now...

On a related note to TAGS, if anyone is a fan of the Dick Van Dyke show, I have to recommend the DVD sets. I got seasons 1-3 and they are wonderful! They have interviews, old commercials, commentaries running on selected shows... and the minutes of each show that are shaved off for TV broadcasts, just like TAGS, are restored!

I hope that someone will do a TAGS DVD set that is just a complete as these are!

-- Will Stockdale, P.L.O.

April 02, 2004 - Msg 20540: fried chicken,green beans,mashed potatoes with the skins on,fried okra,corn bread,hot peppers,sweet tea,and a tear from the roll of paper towels!....ummm gona be good,ready at 6:00..hey to all ,Will,pipeman,Rosie,fg,hm,MDC,welcom SRM,asa,salty dog [ruff]..signed: SPOT the" gona watch American Chopper tonight" dog of your porch

April 02, 2004 - Msg 20541: Happy 21st Anniversary to Andy and Cindi Griffith!

Hey to Asa, BH, and Will - missed you guys.

Lookin' forward to that good grub tonight, spot. Thanks for keepin' the lights on! :)

Prayers for all!

April 02, 2004 - Msg 20542: Hmmm - anybody else having trouble putting "color" in their posts?


April 02, 2004 - Msg 20543: Dear Board, I have woken up in one of my mood swings today, Audry Hepburn called it 'the mean reds' in Breakfast at Tiffany's. So heres the thing. Ten years ago I quit smoking. I gained over l00 pounds. I lost almost all of the weight, but I'm slowly gaining it back. I walk two to four miles a day and this is still happening. My doctor did a thyroid test on me last week so I know he'd call me if that were it. I'm not eating more, really, but I haven't been dieting either. I have joined this exercise club called Curves three weeks ago. At first I lost l3 pounds but put on back seven, this week alone. No w mind you, I have been doing Atkins all along. Not him, he's dead, the diet.LOL. Ok I am smoking five ciggarettes a day. Ya'll are thinking' why would this woman start smoking again after ten years of freedom. Because I never wanted to quit. I did because my HUSBAND made me. I had to go on inhalers, which I'm off now, actually my lungs have never felt better. Ten years of walking helped alot. The man will not let me smoke five lousy ciggarettes a day. That's all its been since I took it up again. You know I'm tired. I'm really just tired. You live your life thinking everything normal just will happen to you and it don't. There's nothing in this world to conquer, you have to conquer yourself. I just feel like that song' ole man river' I'm tired of liveing, but I'm scared of dieing'. And Rosie don't you dare get upset over this, because I get a day to feel sorry for myself. Penny said so. If there are any wise eyes on the board, please feel free to respond.

April 02, 2004 - Msg 20544: Also, all of the Andy Griffith Show episodes are coming out on DVD in September along with other t.v. shows for you guys to buy in regular stores. I was looking for Angel in my Pocket and found an news article about it. Mary

April 02, 2004 - Msg 20545: AFD
I tried to put color on this site, and I recieved a strange message. Guess we'll have to "call the man"!LOL

Mary, I sure don't have any answers for you, but Romeena might. She has lost quite a bit of weight, and maintained the weight loss, plus, she is a nurse, and a right good listener. When she gets back here, we'll have to check with her, cause she's goo-ood!

Spot, I taint never had fried Okra, what's it like?

Asa, glad you are back, you are one sight for sore eyes!

Where has Boo been? I reckon that youngun' of hers has her running again!

Have a great day all
Mary Wiggins

April 02, 2004 - Msg 20546: Mary, a regular here by name of fungirl also has done a lot to conquer weight. Hope she returns soon. What about the hypothamas?
Good to see Will and AFD again!
I sure hope they come out with TAGS soon! That would be great. I am a big DVD fan. Just love his shows. Have 7 on video. Will look for the dvd of dvd! Teehee
Spot, that grub sounds good enuf to satisfy the twangin' buds of a Darlin'! See ya soon.
MW, not sure where Boo went. Did she say a while back that she would be gone a few days?
(So many to keep track of! ha!)
It is POURING cats and dogs here right now!
This is BIG!
Hangin in there.

April 02, 2004 - Msg 20547: Hey All, Ya'll sound like ya'll are doing well? PIPEMAN, remind me not to read your dinner menu again. I get too depressed when I think of your stellar menu. They just don't cook like that out here in Vegas. It's actually raining out here today. Not much, but a thimble full will flood these parts. Ya'll take care and have a wonderful, Mayberry Kinda weekend!

Ed Sawyer

April 02, 2004 - Msg 20548: I am running for your place tonite spot - supper sounds GOOOOOOD!


April 02, 2004 - Msg 20549: Hey Ed Sawyer, good to see you back around these parts again! Mary Wiggins - you never had fried Okra?! Oh girl, get over to Cracker Barrel and order you some! Tas-tee! Prayers for all who need them, and a big WELCOME HOME ASA! Sounds like you had a wonderful time.
~ Mrs. Wiley
hey Will Stockdale: "...smoOOOoth..."

April 02, 2004 - Msg 20550: Mary, I don't know if my eyes are wise or not, all I can say is I've "been there, done that." I, too, battle with my weight. And the older I get, the harder it is. I try and try, and it is just so hard. And it is easy to get bitter. Some people seem to be so lucky, and not have to work so hard at it. But it is work. It's a daily battle to eat healthy, and stick to an exercise plan. Who among us would not really rather have a plate of nachos with melted cheeze. Guacamole and sour cream on the side. (guess I should go fix dinner... I'm hungry!). I know what you mean, dear. And don't give up. And you mentioned the 'ole man river song. The one I can relate to when I'm down is the song by Queen, that goes "I sometimes wish I'd never been born at all... nada nadanothing really matters...". So I do know how you feel. But actualy those times are rare for me anymore. For the most part I am so at peace with where I am. Concentrate on that. Personally, 5 cigarettes a day doesn't seem that bad to me. Maybe try to cut it down to 4 next week. And then 3. (and so on). Because, you really don't want to go back to smoking all the time, do you? You said your lungs felt better. Well, anyhow. Hope that helps.
- Hazel

April 03, 2004 - Msg 20551: Evening Porch! Have a Mayberry Weekend.

April 03, 2004 - Msg 20552: Mary, Mary, Mary. What to do with Mary? You are the only person I know that has all the reason in the world to be happy, yet you focus on the bad things.Why you feel you need to be perfect to be happy, I will never know.I have always thought you were. The only reason Bob doesnt want you to smoke again is cuse it is bad for you.Sorry, he loves you . Smokeing is awful. You know I know about that.I have watched to diet for years. Guess what< Your walking and adkins didnt work.Suggestion, keep doing what you have been doing, give Curves a chance. It takes time.You didnt put on weight overnight, your not going to take it off overnight. Quit thinking about it all the time, consider it a way of life, enjoy it. Working out is fun. I see the difference in you, dont quit. I have told you before, what you choose to weigh is your business, life is short and you my dear sister are way to consumed with this.If you are going to quit anything, start with thinking about it all the time.Its a way of life not a quick fix. Love Rosie

April 03, 2004 - Msg 20553: Saturday. Beauuooteeeful Saturday! Good morning porch! Sunny and cool here in S.FLA, should get up to 82 today. May I ask for some prayers for our dog Max the Rottweiler? We thought he had a stroke, but it turns out it's arthritis, ulcers and a stomach infection. Poor critter is creeping around like he's walking on eggshells and won't eat or drink. Have to cook chickenloaf for him and hand feed him. He's only 7!! I know how everyone loves their furkids here and will understand.

Ladies, I ordered a bottle of cortaslim yesterday and will let you know how it works. I too am losing the weight battle.

The skin kids come in on 2 girls (14 & 13) and Big Jeff's son. The boy and my youngest are less than 24 hrs apart, so I think I'll call them "the twins". hope they all get along. I have a long list of cleaning chores that i will NEVER be able to complete with my pathetic arm function. Guess they will just have to understand. So now till Wed. I'll be a cleaning freak. Better stock up on my pills! @ @ @ @

A beautiful Mayberry Saturday to all,
~ Mrs. Wiley

April 03, 2004 - Msg 20554: Morning porch pals. Prayers for Max Mrs Wiley. It sure is hard to see a pup suffer. He is way to young to be so sick, so prayers for a full and quick recovery. Same for you Mrs Wiley. That problem with your arm sounds so painful and all. I do hope you get feeling better soon. Good luck with all the children visiting.
Hello to Frankie Flint.
What's your weekend plans everyone? Got any thing special going on?
Hope you all have a good Saturday.


April 03, 2004 - Msg 20555: Morning Dears. Asa, today I thought I'd tend to my peas and onions, which need waterin', and maybe plant some spinach. I want to see it grow before my very eyes! I'll keep a good thought for Max, Mrs. Wiley.
- Hazel

April 03, 2004 - Msg 20556: If ya like fried gotta try fried pickles. They are the best! Have a good weekend ya'll. We're going back up the mountain for some more fishin this weekend. Right on the New River in the hills of good ole NC. You can drop your line in right off the front porch almost. Ai'nt nary a soul around for miles at our cabin...wish ya'll could drop in a set a spell...well, we'll see ya soon...
Tell 'em Gomer says hey!

April 03, 2004 - Msg 20557: Hello board! feeling much better today. Thanks for the spanking Rosie. Rosie is throwing this huge party today, I am helping of course. Rosie does throw the best parties. She even has an easter egg hunt for the youngins. Anyway, today when I woke up this mornin I thought, today's a fun day! Also I grew up with a neighbor lady called, Evelyn. She was from Pikesville Kentucky. Evelyn made the best food. Comfort stuff like chicken and dumplins. She use to make the best darned Fried Green Tomatoes I ever ate. Thanks for the Fried Pickles thing. I am going to try it someday. ALSO I DO WANT TO TELL THE BOARD ONCE AGAIN, ALL OF THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOWS ARE COMING OUT ON DVD IN SEPTEMBER FOR GENERAL SALE. THIS IS WONDERFUL NEWS. mary

April 03, 2004 - Msg 20558: Mmmm - BH! I love fried dill pickles. Most folks serve 'em with Ranch dressing, but I think they taste too salty that way. I eat mine dipped in ketchup.

Prayers for you and Max, Mrs. Wiley. Hope you both are feeling better real quick. Have a good time with them youngun's too! Kind of interesting about you and Big Jeff's kids being born so close together. I have 2 nephews (one is my younger sister's son, the other my older sister's stepson) born a day apart and they are both named Wyatt. How's that for a coincidence. Have to call them by Wyatt Andrew and Wyatt Franklin or it's confusing.

Hazel - we've got peas and onions planted already, too, as well as some potatoes. Can't wait til they're ready to eat.

No big plans for the weekend, Asa. Just grocery shopping for me, my hubby is painting our new game room, and then we'll go to church tomorrow.

Don't forget to set clocks ahead if you need to tonight and change the batteries in your smoke detectors.

Prayers for all - have a great Mayberry Weekend everyone!


April 03, 2004 - Msg 20559: Good afternoon from sunny (finally) Michigan. It has been a long cold winter. Daylight saving time begins and that always helps us to feel better. This is my first visit to the Taylors Front Porch and I feel so welcomed. I was so excited to read that Andy Griffith shows are coming out on DVD. It is the best show in my opinion, to ever be on TV.
Asa just how much bullet maintenance is necessary? I had fried pickles and they were very good maybe because Aunt Bee didn't make the pickles. If I remember correctly Clara made the pickles. Be safe. DDFA

April 03, 2004 - Msg 20560: Welcome DDFA!
What's that stand for anyway? Maybe we were told and I wasn't paying attention. Must be the Attention Defici... what were we talking about? LOL

Have a great weekend all!
Mary Wiggins

April 03, 2004 - Msg 20561:
Hey Folks,

Had some spy/ad ware bug messing up the old computer. I think we got everything up and running again. Speaking of up and running again it turned to winter once more around these parts, 5 inches of snow last night and another 7 or so on tap for tomorrow.

Fried pickles?? Okra???? I'm afraid I'm geographically challenged with those delicacies. But, if they taste good I'm for 'em.

Well, off to the archives.


April 03, 2004 - Msg 20562: Pipeman, the Army car qualified 5th for Sundays race .Hope everyone has a good weekend
Mayberry Deputy

April 03, 2004 - Msg 20563: good afternoon gang! I"m at work for the night now,,welcome DDFA,hey mary,pipeman,auh2o,mayberry dep.,bh,asa,afd,frankie,hazel,fg,jennie,EB,...

tonight Fried Pork Chops,white rice,milk grave,blackeyed peas,corn on the cobb,bottled water,and a bunch of green onions!..ready at 6:45...signed: SPOT the"watched a pretty good busch race today" dog of your race porch...and our own wild bill from dawsonville GA.! on the out side row one!...his home town about 20 min. from spots doghouse!!

April 03, 2004 - Msg 20564: Spot I gained 3 lbs just reading the menue
Mayberry Deputy