April 03, 2004 - Msg 20565: What! No slaw, Spot! ; ) Thanks for the grub.

DDFA -- That don't stand for "DoubleDollopsForAfter" does it? ; )

Hey auh2o - sorry to hear about you getting more of the white stuff. I don't think we got 15 inches all winter. Guess you got all of ours and then some.

Hope everyone's having a good day!


April 03, 2004 - Msg 20566: Sorry about no slaw for supper...i do make great slaw!...well just sitting here at work and "WOW MY HOME TOWN GEORGIA TECH JACKETS IN THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME"! Congrats jackets!signed: SPOT the" watching the Duke game" dog of your porch..will have nachos and cheese dip ready in a bit...

April 03, 2004 - Msg 20567: Did everyone set their clocks forward one hour?

April 03, 2004 - Msg 20568: yep.......spot

April 04, 2004 - Msg 20569: Sure did set my clocks ahead. Would hate to be late for church.

Well, I was hoping for some Big 12 representation in the big dance, but since that didn't quite happen, I think I'll root for GT, spot. Gotta root for whoever knocks off KU - the only Big 12 team I don't like. ; ) - Looks like it's gonna be UConn and GT on Monday night.

Prayers for all. Have a great day everyone.

April 04, 2004 - Msg 20570: Hello!!! Porchers: My chair is back in bin-esss,Cuz,I appologize if'in I offended yee! Whith my some-what sarcastice way's. Baby's sick. SEZZIN SPELL's and all. Kind'a felt bad after reading it, sounded/looked like I was writing with additude.I saw ya barking and hoped, It was'nt at me. Any why, with that out of thew way, real tyyredd, worked me to the bone, with this final 4... I'm a bartender a BW-3, outside of Cleveland, OH Brand-new-- Kent State U area.Boy beeing in a college town,at "At
"33" I feel real old.. The girl's did'nt look like they do now, when I was In college... Nooo! what I mean...Judy, Judy, Judy. I just love when he dose that...~~SRM~~ p.s. I slill haven't come up with a tag yet.. And I'm pretty smart,I thunk??? Help me out you fine people of MABERRY.~~SRM~~


April 04, 2004 - Msg 20571: thanks AFD , pull for my jackets!..will have breakfast ready at 6:00 sharp....will let ya know the menu in just a bit , got to check the pantry...signed: SPOT the"watching backdraft on the tube produced by Opie!" dog of the late night porch

April 04, 2004 - Msg 20572: Hey SRM - Sorry to hear your youngun's feelin' puny. Hope things are better with that in the morning. Let us know your favorite episode, character, etc.; and we'll try to give you some good suggestions for your nickname.

Thanks for the breakfast invite, spot. Set me a place at the table. ; )


April 04, 2004 - Msg 20573: MORNING GANG!...this morning we are gona have a big breakfast, take yer pick,country fried ham [center cuts],jimmy dean sausage links,hickory smoked thick sliced bacon,bisquits and gravy, eggs all ways w/cheese,thin sliced fried potatoes..oj.coffee,bottled water,salt,pepper,texas pete hot sauce, ,fruit,jelly,butter,toast,.paper towels,..yall come and get it..ready at 6:00 .signed SPOT the"tired and ready to go home from work"dog of your porch...ruff ruff..lights are on!!

April 04, 2004 - Msg 20574:

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Curse that Lake Erie. Superior may never give up her dead (at least that's what the song says) but Erie never gives up on winter.

SRM, Hope your little ones feeling better. I always laugh when Goober does his "Judy Judy Judy." My favorite quote from the show is Barney's "those giraffe always looking out for number one."


April 04, 2004 - Msg 20575: Alright auh2o. Now your quoting Gordon Lighfoot, my favorite singer. Are you shoveling snow this morning? You must get those dreaded "lake affect" snows too. We get them here coming off the Great Salt Lake alot. They can produce a ton of white, huh?
Hope everyone has a blessed Sabbath day and does some good. The world can use it.


April 04, 2004 - Msg 20576: Hey Spot, can you put some birthday cake on the menu for me? Put 26 candles on top, please. Thanks!

Thanks to DST, I only get 23 hours of birthday....

--Will Stockdale, P.L.O.

April 04, 2004 - Msg 20577: If ya'll don't mind, I'll take a seat in that rocker over there, and listen in........heck, if ya got a guitar, I'll play a lick or two if ya'll wanna hear it...Steve's the name.

April 04, 2004 - Msg 20578: Hey to the Porch. I didn't know you strang, Steve...

-- Jelsik

"a man's entytled* to his opinion..."

*mis-spelled on purpose on account of the Porch Po-lice

April 04, 2004 - Msg 20579: Hi folks. Just wanted to tell you that I ain't dead butmy computer on the fritz right now. I will be back on the porch soon, I hope. Will be traveling all week, though. Hope ya'll have a good week. Where in tarnation is Romeena?


April 04, 2004 - Msg 20580: Hi there, yes AFD - DDFA stands for double dollops for after. Just how did you quess that so quickly? Daylight Saving Time yes, it is rough to lose that hour of sleep but so nice to have the daylight in the evening for those strolls to the drug store to get a bottle of pop. Speaking of DST some people arrive late for services this morning. Actually that only happened to us once. Have a wonderful week. DDFA

April 04, 2004 - Msg 20581: Hello to everyone ,watching the Cup race at Texas ,its a little boring .Several days ago Goober posted the lyrics to a song Sweet Southern Comfort sung by Buddy Jewel ,if anyone is interested you can go to www.cmt.com and on the bottom left of the page click on Buddy Jewel and it sends you to Buddys info page then about the middle of the page youll see videos ,click on Sweet Southern Comfort and you can watch the video of the song , its worth watching if you like country music. Steve welcome to the porch .
Myaberry Deputy

April 04, 2004 - Msg 20582: Welcome steve. Here's a guitar. It's missin a string, but you'll do fine. Watch it, rockin forward!
No DST in AZ! (Except on the Navajo res, cuz it cuts thru 3 states.)
Local station is finally back to BW eps! Yippie!
It is a nice s l o w afternoon. MD, I agree, not much of a race today! Spot, thanks for the fine vittles.
Good Palm Sunday to all. Hosanna in te Highest!

April 04, 2004 - Msg 20583: HEY Steve! welcome! I do alot of the cooking on the porch..hey MDC,MD,DDFA,Boo,Afd..happy birthday Will!...we will have cake with supper tonight!..where are ya pipeman..still at the track?..boy thet Kasey Kahne can put on a show!..he will have his day in victory lane soon ..VAROOOM..tonight its homemade chicken pot pie!..slaw and ice cold milk..big hunks of chicken and celery and carrots,butter on top...ready at 7:00...signed: SPOT the"here at work all night"dog of your porch ruff,ruff..lights are on!

April 04, 2004 - Msg 20584: Good Evening Porch,
Here it is 8:30, and it should only be 7:30! Poor Will, that is a dirty trick to get short-changed on your birthday! Happy Birthday to you anyway, and I will even give you one hour of tomorrow to include in your birthday!

Boo, I am so glad you checked in. I hope you get that puter fixed so you can get back into visiting with us all!

Welcome Steve, I hope you visit the porch often.

Double Dollops for after?! I never heard of THAT before! LOL

Soo, did you all watch my Pistons? They beat Indiana. Now I know there are some Pacer's fans here, so I won't step on any toes, but... GO PISTONS! LOL

Spot, thanks for keeping the lights on!

Signed:Mary the "happy the Pistons won" Wiggins of this here porch rah, rah!

April 04, 2004 - Msg 20585: No time change in the Hoosier state unless you live near a bordering metropolitan area. So half of my schools are on fast time and half stay just where they are - slow! I prefer this time of the year - we are able to watch our shows one hour earlier - so I will get to see some that I usually fall asleep through. The 10 o'clock news will be at 9 o'clock - it takes a little to get used to but I like it just fine. There is always a big fight in the legislature about the time change but do we go with Chicago and stay central or do we go with the Eastern states -

Oops about the Pacers - maybe they were just a little uppity about being on top - for a little bit!

Take care -


April 04, 2004 - Msg 20586: Hey Mary the "happy piston"..ha ha..hey HM,..watching "O Brother where Art Thou" for the ump-teenth time...so funny...eating butter pecan ice cream...well back to the movie...signed: Spot the"O brother where Art thou pipeman?" dog of the southern end...ruff..ruff

April 04, 2004 - Msg 20587: Hey Homemaker, I heard you had trouble staying awake through the 6 o'clock news. :)


April 04, 2004 - Msg 20588: Hey, Mary... thanks for adding the extra hour for me tomorrow. The funny thing is that I was born at 11:09 pm Eastern Standard Time, so the exact moment that I was born, 26 years ago, will be at 12:09 am EDT on April 5th... go figure. But I'm in Mississippi now, so I'm on CDT.

April 04, 2004 - Msg 20589: that last post was me, by the way.

--Will Stockdale, P.L.O.

April 05, 2004 - Msg 20590: Good morning porch: 3;42am in Cleveland, OH. I don't know way my comment's keep make'in the page run sooo long? Every time I step onto the porch, it look's like Iv'e fallen asleep at the page. AFD, I don't think I can pick just(1) episode. To give me a "tag". Maybe the one with Buddy Ebsen," tuscarura " there's no better day than"tomorrow" or Mr. McBevie, blow'n smoke out of his ears, extra hand's walk's in the tree's,an jinngles. Could go on & on &on &on ! ~~Steveie~~R~~M~~Cleveland..JUDY, JUDY, JUDY, I just love when he dose that.

April 05, 2004 - Msg 20591: "GOOD MORRRRRRING PORCH"!..Hello Stevie..its 5:00am here in good old ga tech yellow jacket country!..sure hope they can bring the championship home tonight...! ..well its streak-o-lean this morning fried kinda chewy,bisquits and milk gravy with lots of pepper in it,fried eggs over easy,grits with lots of butter and cheese,shreaded hash brown,ice cold milk,bottled water,poptarts fot the youngsters!..ready at 6:00 sharp!!..signed: SPOT the"GO YELLOW JACKETS BRING HOME THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP TONIGHT"sports lovings dog of your porch!..ruff.ruff

April 05, 2004 - Msg 20592: Good morning Porchpals! Will...you have me completely cornfused now. But happy Birthday anyhow! I hope some of your army/airforce buddies took you out on the town! Spot, thanks for breakfast and for keepin' the lights ON. SRM...we could call you "Judy", can you make smoke come out of your ears?

~ Mrs. Wiley

April 05, 2004 - Msg 20593: welcome steve- srm= sounds like you were busier than when andy was judging the beauty pagent and everyone was auditioning 24 hours a day. good morning everyone, GO YELLOWJACKETS, there i said 9t and i won't take it back/ i have two all day doctors this week, so i'll be busier than a cow's tail in fly season. wanted to stop by and say hello to everyone. lol. pipeman

April 05, 2004 - Msg 20594: Good morning - spot - we love O Brother as well - we even bought the sound track on cassette and wore it out. My boys just love Big Rock Candy Mountain and He's In the Jailhouse Now.

Homemaker (fighting a terrible headcold)

April 05, 2004 - Msg 20595: HM- sorry to hear you are ailin' again girl!
Get plenty of C!
Asa and Boo, good to hear you got the bugs out of your 'puters!
Welcome DDFA- ANOTHER michigan fan! Looks like the Pistons have the edge here!
GO JACKETS! (college ball)
Happy Holy Week to all.
Keeping ya all and all our military in my prayers.
Had a nice visit from my sister from New Mexico this past weekend. Here is one of her jump rope jingles from days gone by. Any of you ladies recognize it?
"Down by the ocean, down by the sea, Johnny broke a bottle and blamed it on me. I told ma, ma told pa, Johnny got a lickin and blamed it on me."etc
Oh well, it's just this old Darlin' Cuz longin for the simpler times of an uncluttered childhood!
Hey to pipeman, asa, afd, spot, hm, Marys, boo, auh20, mrs wiley, ro,charlotte, goob, briscoe, fun girl, sterling, ky girl, des, hazel, rafe, salty, MD, Ed, MPO, FF, mavis, M girl, possum, BH, Ellen, jelsik, jennie, ky shiner, angefan, emma, rosie, will, srm! Whew, hope I didnt miss anyone! (floyd of course!)Thank the good Lord for ya all!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

April 05, 2004 - Msg 20596: Oh Yes.... PLAY BALL!

April 05, 2004 - Msg 20597: THANKS for the Jacket support gang!.hm get better [vicks]...hey MDC.and welcome back pipeman! well im back at work now let me get started!...will have us supper in later..gona check and see what to cook..signed: SPOT the"Go Jackets $ get well HM" dog of yalls porch...PLAY BALL!

April 05, 2004 - Msg 20598: I don't think we have any UConn porchsters, so I'm rootin' for spot's GA Tech!
Baseball Season one day away! Crack of the bat,
smell of the grass, throwing out the first pitch,
cookin' the brats, it's spot heaven!
And....black and white tags eps back on the local channel tonight!

April 05, 2004 - Msg 20599: Mrs. Wiley... yeah, the boys took me to the Purple Grotto and Sgt. King gave me his watch... but then the infantrymen showed up, and next thing I knew there was a big fight... :-)

I'll root for UConn if no one else will... Growing up as a UGA fan taught me that I have two favorite teams... the Georgia Bulldogs and whoever is playing Tech!

--Will Stockdale, P.L.O.

April 05, 2004 - Msg 20600: Homemaker: I'm a huge O-brother fan. Must of turn on as many as 100 poeple, to see it when it first cameout. Buy yht CD you can downlode the screen saver from it it's awsome. ~~SRM~~ GO JACKETS...

April 05, 2004 - Msg 20601: THANKS SRM!...and OK,OK, Will Stock, no problem,we need somebody setting in the opposing stands! ha ha..signed: SPOT the"gona be a good sport and buy Will Stockdale a coke and bag of peanuts for the game" dog of your porch ..tee,hee

April 05, 2004 - Msg 20602: Thanks MDC,,go Jackets...got tickets to the Braves game, lexus level, for the thu. night game against the mets!...great seats..signed: Spot............

April 05, 2004 - Msg 20603: Have fun at the Braves game, Spot!

I will be rooting for your GA Tech team tonight, I do love basketball, so it will be fun to watch. Sounds like both teams have some quality players!

Will, glad you had a nice birthday and 1/24th! Does that happen very often that your birthday falls on the day they change the clocks?

SRM, if you're female JUDY, JUDY, JUDY would work pretty well for you. If you are of that OTHER persuasion, then maybe you could be Mr. McBevie! LOL

Homemaker, get well soon, O.K.? Prayers for you! (And do you fall asleep during the 6:00 news?;)

Have a pleasant Mayberry almost Spring evening! (Here it can't qualify as Spring yet, but maybe where some of y'all are it can!)

Mary Wiggins

April 05, 2004 - Msg 20604: Anyone here "old" enuf to remember "charge-a-plates?" In going thru my mom's things before she went in a nursing home, I found one for a local department store we used to have here called "Korrick's." It was in it's little paper sleeve. It was the precurser to the credit card, but made of metal. Had name and acct number embossed in it, like service dog tags.
Anyways, it was very interesting to see again.
Mr. Darlin's, no charge-a-plates in the hills, Cuz
PS: I liked Mary's signature 20584 happy the pistons won, borrowin' spots sig line of the porch! :)

April 05, 2004 - Msg 20605: ok gang..got busy ..left overs tonight...sorry...just snack and we will have a Yellow Jacket party tonight..every come Yea, Will also!..need some competion.....signed: Spot the " doing lots of paper work at the power company" dog of your porch

April 05, 2004 - Msg 20606: "OKKKKK HERE WE GOOOOOOOO..game is about to start! "GO GEORGIA TECH YELLOW JACKETS"...
Signed: SPOT the"will have a snack ready for us at half time rooting for the boys in yellow" excited dog of your basketball porch..get-er-done boys ! !

April 05, 2004 - Msg 20607: Rosie, how you been dear? I heard you had a party over the week-end. Tell us all about it. Hazel

April 05, 2004 - Msg 20608: O-WELL..............tech you gave us a ride and we are so proud .........sob.....spot..the"well"dog of the porch

April 06, 2004 - Msg 20609: Mary, Until 1986, DST started on the last Sunday in April, rather than the first, so until then I was always in standard time. But, in 1993, 1999, and 2004, the DST spring forward day has fallen on April 4.

But what was really bad was in 1999... My 21st birthday fell on Easter Sunday. Maybe that's why I've only had 3 drinks in my life... seemed to be a sign. :-)

--Will Stockdale, P.L.O.

April 06, 2004 - Msg 20610: Oh, and thanks for the Coke and Peanuts, Spot... sorry Tech lost! (Hee hee hee!) No, really (ha ha ha!) I am! Can't... say... with... straight... face... I didn't really care if UConn won, but hey, at least Teck didn't :-)

--Will Stockdale, P.L.O.

April 06, 2004 - Msg 20611: YOU ARE A SITE WILL!...im a big Ga. fan also.. I went to Southern Tech in Marietta back in the late 70"s..well fixing to find a movie on the tube to get me through till quiting time at 6 am..all is quite here at the power company!..signed: SPOT the"UGA,Tech,Southern Tech fan"of this here country cabin porch..lights are on !

April 06, 2004 - Msg 20612: butter milk pancakes,sausage pattys,fresh fruit all kinds,maple syrup,butter,coffee,ice cold sweet milk,bottled water,napkin,and grace....ready at 6:00 sharp dont be late!!..signed: SPOT the"hey Jackets # 2 in the nation aint so bad!"dog of your fantastic porch..going home now back at 2pm!!lights are on!

April 06, 2004 - Msg 20613: My breakfast is soggy spot! Quit crying over the frying pan! :) The tears on my pancakes speak the pain in your heart.
It's true Mary, Homemaker can't make it through the 6 o'clock news without falling asleep. Unless they are doing a story on goats.


April 06, 2004 - Msg 20614: Hey, Spot, I was just playing with ya! No hard feelings, okay? I really didn't care... didn't even watch the game, except for the last minute to see what the score was. I'm not a big basketball fan, for one thing.

--Will Stockdale, P.L.O.

April 06, 2004 - Msg 20615: That's interesting, MDC! I don't remember metal charge cards(in fact, my parents never even had a credit card until a few years ago. I guess that's why I never really had a hankering to get one.), but if your mom or yourself doesn't want to keep it for nostalgic reasons, maybe you could sell it on Ebay. Some collector might be interested in having that(as long as the account number is no longer valid of course).
Well, I better get out and enjoy the day. It's supposed to be a whopping 70 degrees here today, and then it looks like the rest of the week and weekend it will be back down to a non-whopping 50 degrees and rainy. Yuk! So, I better enjoy it while it lasts.
-Sterling Holobyte

April 06, 2004 - Msg 20616: A good thought Sterling. The store has been out of business for years and acct number is only 5 digits!!
I'm thinking of seeing the Passion again on the afternoon of Good Friday! Mrs. Wiley, I know the Catholics always have a very moving Good Friday service. My Jewish neighbors had a wonderful Passover supper last night. My wife and I have attended several times. Just feel like doing something really special this year.
We DID have a color episode last night. I guess they missed a few, as it was one from 1966 instead of 68. Andy went to visit Barney and the family he befriends turns out to be one of crooks.
It was at least good to see ole Barn again!
Have a wonderful day, and another big welcome to you new porchsters!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

April 06, 2004 - Msg 20617: APB for pipeman!! Where is that briar smokin' guy!?

April 06, 2004 - Msg 20618: Hello all! It's been a while, I know. I had a puter virus off of an e-mail that, I knew was bad. Do yourself a favor and don't send jokes or stories to anyone. That is how I got my virus. Time fer: "Dooley". Here we go.

Briscoe Darling Jr.

April 06, 2004 - Msg 20619: Asa, your quote about the pancakes made me think of something that has bothered me for a while, and what better place to ask than the TAGS front porch?

In the High School reunion episode, when Barn's ex, Ramona Wiley (not to be confused with Ramona, Ernest T. Bass's dance partner at Mrs. Wiley's party....), doesn't recognize him, do y'all think that:

A) Barney was making up his high school romance with her,
B) She just had forgotten him, or
C) She was pretending not to remember, or "fighting it" as Ang suggests?

--Will Stockdale, P.L.O.

April 06, 2004 - Msg 20620: never hard feelings on the porch Will.!. ...sorry about the soggy breakfast Asa!at work now ...let me get settled in ...hey to all...signed: the"never hold a grudge"talking dog of your porch

April 06, 2004 - Msg 20621: Will, I would say it's a cross between A and B.
If it were real life (yeah,yeah, I know some will say,"Aint this real life?") (teehee) I would say that maybe they had like one date, and like so many of us guys, we thought for sure that it was LOVE! She probably honestly didnt remember him after dating so many other guys!
After all, look who she ended up with! haha.
Besides, the whole reunion focused on one of
"the great romances of all times!"

April 06, 2004 - Msg 20622: I agree MDC. I imagine Barn had more invested in that relationship than Mrs. Becktoris ever did. She probably had forgot about it years ago.
Hey spot, at least I didn't have to salt my breakfast this morning. LOL


April 06, 2004 - Msg 20623: Very funny Asa....ha ha...just love the jokeing here on the porch!!...well gona get supper started..country fried chicken [buttermilk batter],mashed taters,field peas,fried green tomatoes [battered in spicy corn mill]cornbread.hot peppers,sliced sweet onion,fruit punch kool-aid,pickle relish for the peas,..cloth napkins tonight..!..ready at 6:30!..dont be late..hey MDC,BDJ,APB for pipeman!hope someone is feding him good..signed:SPOT the"gona have batter all over my hands soon" dog of your fried chicken porch

April 06, 2004 - Msg 20624: Asa, how's your planting comin" Does little Barney help you? MDC, good on ya for goin to Good Friday services. I want to go really bad - and will try, but the kids will all be here that day and the inlaws are coming to supper that night. Sure hope The Lord understands. But I'm gonna try for sure.

I think Ramona just forgot the note she wrote Barn "the tears on my pillow bespeak the pain in my heart"... I don't think Barn's wild imagination coulda thought that one up and remembered it all those years. I give Barn credit for "pluckiness", a ladies man from way, way back. What about the girl who bit off the end of his raspberry snowcones?What was her name?

~ Mrs. Wiley
Barn: "She was so stuck up with her nose way up in the air and her print dresses. She thought she was better than ever'body else."
Ang: "How come?"
Barn: "Aww, her Daddy was in civil service."

April 06, 2004 - Msg 20625: LETS EAT!.....Chicken"s ON......pass the peas and hot peppers Mrs. Wiley please....signed: SPOT the"gona get full" dog of the supper porch..munch...munch

April 06, 2004 - Msg 20626: We're on our way spot!
Don't be cryin' on that chicken now, after the yellow jackets lost their sting last night!
Kepp that power runnin'.

April 06, 2004 - Msg 20627: Kepp? These fingers are flyin too fast! KEEP!

April 06, 2004 - Msg 20628: I agree, MDC, that it was a cross between A and B. We know that Barney likes to exagerate just the least little bit. And sometimes people do forget something after many years that was mighty important at the time it happened.
Oh, by the way, I think we have an imposter on the board! I didn't post # 20607. Someone posted that, and then signed my name. I must ask that whoever that was immediately cease and desist from using my name, or I will see you in a court of law!
- Sincerely, Hazel
Attorney at Law

April 06, 2004 - Msg 20629: I love it Hazel![Attorney at Law]!!gona turn my garden in the morning ! want be long before fresh veggies for supper!...signed: SPOT the"farm dog of your Ga. red clay" southern end porch

April 06, 2004 - Msg 20630: The snowcone bandit was Vicky Harmes.

Just dropped in quick, I'll write more later.

April 06, 2004 - Msg 20631: Hey ADF, boy the NY Mets are putting a whooping on my Atlanta Braves.7 to 2..7th inning...signed : Spot the"eating a cold chicken leg left over from supper" dog of your porch

April 07, 2004 - Msg 20632: well guess the porch is asleep...signed: SPOT the" having to work the night shift at the power company" dog of your porch..keeping the lights on so your alarms will go off on time..snooozz

April 07, 2004 - Msg 20633: Well, I made it back! I'll do my best to try and catch up with everything...

DDFA - My guess was because there's a new face over at Miss Crump's named doubledollopsforafter - You two aren't the same person, are ya?

Hey to MDC - Hope all is going well with you? I think pipeman mentioned he has some Dr. visits this week.

Prayers for you, pipeman - hope everything checks out ok!

spot - thanks for being such a great cook. Fried chicken and cloth napkins tonight - that's gracious livin'. ; )

SRM - Here's some suggestions for a nickname (other than those mentioned by others above). Opie's Hobo Friend, Gollywomper (name of his lure), or since you like saying "Judy, Judy, Judy" all the time, maybe you could be Gregory Peck. ; )

Sorry I missed your Birthday, Will. Hope you had a good 'un! : )

Hey to all the rest of you on the porch - Prayers all around.


April 07, 2004 - Msg 20634: greetingsfellowand porch ladies== breakfast is country ham, homemade sausage, bacon, omelets, pancakes, donuts, strawberry shortcake, coffee, tea, soft drinks, music. fried taters, cottage cheese. come one come all. good to see so many friends on the porch. been real busy and have to leave for doctors at 3 am tommorow. cubs won our opener, hope they go all the way.hop your favorite teams come in second. we haven't won a world series since 1945, weonly want one so go easy on us. sending my love. kasey kane is on hi way to being the top driver this year. well time to fire up the briar and relax while i wait on the morning crowd. pipeman

April 07, 2004 - Msg 20635: HEY PIPEMANNNNN!..thanks for breakfast..and Kasey is gona be fun to watch..my braves got stomped by the mets..got tickets for thu game..AFD glad you liked the cloth napkins for supper!![strawberry shortcake for breakfast?]..just got watching a movie cape fear..robert denaro and nick noltie...OK...will lights are still on ..alarms will go off on time..signed: SPOT the" glad my buddy pipeman is back" dog of the southern end of the porch...gona cut my garden and get it ready to plant today..ruff..ruff

April 07, 2004 - Msg 20636: well gang getting ready to go home from work , off till friday will try to get booted up at home or stop by the lib to give yall a shout between now and fri..yall eat good ..pipeman and Mrs Wiley feed the gang good..good bless and good morning to yall and good night to me!signed: SPOT the" yawn,yawn,sleepey dog" of yalls porch...thanks for the full belly pipiman again..prayers to all in need ....ruff ruff

April 07, 2004 - Msg 20637: Spot, after your meals, I'll have to make everyone go on a diet! Reckon Coach Asa could run them around the softball diamond? Thanks for the good eats, ain't never heard of strawberry shortcake for breakfast, but I'll do it!. AFD, thanks for the Vickie Harnes info...I 'preciate ya! Pipeman, glad your back and hope you get your 'puter troubles ironed out.

My baby girls come in tonight and I'm STILL cleaning!
~ Mrs. Wiley

April 07, 2004 - Msg 20638: You're welcome, Mrs. Wiley. What does Andy say to Barney in the rest of that scene..."If I was Vicky Harmes today, and a 35 year old man came to my house with a snow cone in his hand I wouldn't even answer the door."

Thanks for all that good grub, pipeman. And I'll take strawberry shortcake for breakfast any day! : ) Hope all goes well at the Doc's tomorrow.

What a bummer - got 2 UConn teams as nat'l champs. : ( I was hoping that the Lady Vol's would pull it off. Oh well, maybe next year.

Have a great day everyone.

April 07, 2004 - Msg 20639: Cool - The COLOR is back!


April 07, 2004 - Msg 20640: Wow, I must be color-blind, AFD, I can barely see that green. ...Or is that purple?! ;)

Good luck at the Doctor, Pipeman! Hope everything turns out ok.

Well, I guess now it's not supposed to rain here for the rest of the week or the weekend. I'm not complaining, but how can they get the forecast so wrong? It's still supposed to be cooler though; that hasn't changed.
I can honestly say I am sick of winter. I mean, I like it at the beginning and during, but at the end I wish it would just leave, instead of hanging around with that cool nip in the air. It's like Andy's Uncle(?) who came to visit and wouldn't leave. But unfortunately I can't scare winter away by inviting it to capture some bad guys with me. :)
-Sterling Holobyte

April 07, 2004 - Msg 20641: I thought I just said I couldn't complain, and then look at what I did! :)
-Sterling Holobyte

April 07, 2004 - Msg 20642: Sorry about that "mediumaquamarine" COLOR, Sterling. Can't really tell what a color will look like on a gray background till you send it through. Guess I'll have to go for darker colors from now on.


April 07, 2004 - Msg 20643: That's okay Sterling! I am with you 100% on the winter thing!

Someone mentioned that Gregory Peck would be a good nickname for SRM. If'n I was a male, I would want that nickname! Someone else mentioned they saw Cape Fear. You saw the new one, you have to see the old one with Gregory Peck, I like that one much better. (I have to admit I like that purty man!)

Can you believe that Spot brought out the cloth napkins? He's far too good for us! ;)

Hey Will, I don't think you are missing out on drinking! But if a birthday on Easter cures someone of drinking I know of a few people who need a birthday transplant! ;)

Prayers for our men and women in the armed services, and for our leaders...

Mary Wiggins

April 07, 2004 - Msg 20644: "But Barney, I'm your MOTHER!"
Yea! BWs are back on the Phx. local channel!
This here Cuz is doin' a mountain jig!
Hazel, I think that INTERLOPER MAY JUST BE A FRIEND OF Mary and Rosie, the party line gals.
But the "attorney bit" was cute!
pipeman, glad you're back. Missed ya on the rifleman site also. After them doc appts, set for a spell!
Keep our troops in your prayers today!
And, thank you for them! You are good people.

April 07, 2004 - Msg 20645: Mary W, we posted at the same time. The Mary I mentioned is the new one, not you! Exactillioso!
Boy, this is gettin confusin'! I'm gonna need a brown bag full of Opie's liverwurst and peanut butter sandwiches just to figure it all out!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

April 07, 2004 - Msg 20646: Hey Sterling, Uncle Ollie is the name you were looking for up there. I just love that episode the way Ollie goes on about Nora forgetting his goose down pillow and he didn't sleep a wink all night. Seeing him and Andy in bed together is a hoot.
MDC, I second your prayers for our troops and leaders. Things are heating up there.
Hope all goes well for your Dr visit pipeman. Kepp us updated.
Spot, you do keep us well fed but my pants are getting a little tight. You think you could do some low calorie stuff once in awhile? Problem with me is I eat anything that gets put in front of me.
Mrs. Wiley, I tried getting these folks to run last year and they wouldn't put down their moon pies and pepsis for that long.:)
Sure missing Boo and Romeena and Sugarplum.:(


April 07, 2004 - Msg 20647: Rosie, I called Daddy this morning and I could hear Marcia in the back ground yellin' where are all the pork chops you made' then there was this deadly silence on the phone and Daddy whispered to me' i gotta go, someone ate her food' Oh Rosie I laughed so hard I thought I was gonna bust a gut. Love Mary

April 07, 2004 - Msg 20648: APB for Romeeeena and Boo!!
Roger Dodger, er roger over, 10-40, byyyye!
Mr Darlin's, filling in for spot while he goes to the ball game, Cuz

April 07, 2004 - Msg 20649: Hi to all. Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Daddy's birthday party was really nice.My first time at makeing potatoe salad, I guess it came out ok, no one got sick from it. I do have to say that makeing potatoe salad is a lot of work. Boiling, peeling, chopping, mixing. From now on I will appreicate anyone who goes to all that trouble and make sure I thank them.Marcia got called into work so she couldnt be at the party. Sent her home some food, this is what she ate. 3 bratworst, a big bowl of baked beans, 2 bbq pork sandwiches, bowl of potatoe salad, a bowl of pasta salad and all the cake I sent home for the 2 kids. Washed it all down with a six pack of bud light. Mary maybe we should call her Jethro. Love to all. Rosie

April 07, 2004 - Msg 20650: Hey everybody! Sterling, you need to tell Winter that there's some escaped convicts on the loose! That'll get it running. Worked for Ollie, anyway... :-)

Every time I go to the pumps to fill up and calculate my miles per gallon, I think of Ollie and how when I'm in the city I have all that "stop-and-go driving."

"Radio and gas! Radio and gas!"

--Will Stockdale, P.L.O.

April 07, 2004 - Msg 20651: Hey everyone. I'm a new "poster," but have enjoyed this site and TAGS for a long time. I just read a post on tvshowsondvd.com that many of you might be interested in. Sorry if this has already been posted. Cheers, Tom.

"It seems that all the attention which has been heaped upon The Andy Griffith Show - by way of TVLand's Legend Award, great ratings on the reunion show from last year, and general fan demand - not to mention a pretty good ranking here at TVShowsOnDVD to boot! - has not been lost on Paramount, the studio which officially owns this property.

Even though more than a dozen DVDs are on the market featuring episodes from that series, all of them are part of the same small group of "public domain" episodes which feature bad video quality, due to lack of remastering (since the companies involved don't have the right to access the original material and do restoration work on it). Those meager releases don't even begin to touch the legacy of this beloved series, which ran for 249 episodes over 8 seasons.

Now it has come to our attention that Paramount Home Video has got this show in their sights...and are determined to aim at it better than ol' Barney Fife. A DVD package for The Andy Griffith Show - Season 1 is in-the-works, and could possibly even reach store shelves before the year is out. That last part is unsure, but the fact is that this IS coming.

And that's all we can tell you for now. Stay tuned, and we'll bring you more on this just as soon as we can. Get ready to party, Mayberry-style!"

April 07, 2004 - Msg 20652: how all
steveie where in cleveland ohio are you from
tom i m back for now

April 07, 2004 - Msg 20653: Hi All will thing are not just right.
I stay at me siss and havn,t git me a home?I
I do miss being back in clevelaand, like working at the c b shop ,all my friend there.
who is this big tom that on the porch
I m used my siss comp for now.
I hall some bad thing go wrong someone pop the lock on the door wair all mysuffe is at for now and win i git me house i will look to see if everything is there.

April 07, 2004 - Msg 20654: Tom, so sorry to hear of your troubles. We have missed you and hope things start looking up for you. You're always in our thoughts and prayers even when you're not posting! I second that APB back there. Where are Romeena and Boo? Did they get together somewheres again? You know they're probably up to no good. They're probably hole up in O'Malley's cabin fryin' hamburgers and dancin' with Al! But we're not invited to their party. Cuz Al, he dances with Sally and if we show up--no more Al! Watched Convicts at Large last night and just had to throw all that in!
Charlotte Tucker

April 07, 2004 - Msg 20655: Mr. Darlin's Cuz: I'm impressed. That was a pretty good rundown of names on Msg 20595. Thanks for remembering me.

April 08, 2004 - Msg 20656: HEEEY! I'm A rocking agine on the porch: I've been having the worst problems with my comp.. Young'n (conor), keep's touching the the off switch on the floor. If'n he keep's it up the switch will be a touching back.. Just kidd'n, He's my pride and joy, along with colin, my sick boy of (3). Sorry Mr. Darlin's Cuz about the jackets.. I waited a long time for a winner, got one with OSU last year national champs football. I played outside line- backer for coach Trussle @ Two national champ ring's whith Youngstown State U (1994). "Tom" I'm from Cleveland, what part of WVA are you from? Lots of kin down that way, outside of beckly. Thanks for the interresting idea's for a tag-name but think I will stay with SRM. Kind'a sounds like someting from mayberry if'n you use your immagination.right? ~~SRM~~

April 08, 2004 - Msg 20657: TOM! (WV) Laww, where have you been? We surely do miss you and will keep you in our prayers for a safe place of your own. You'll always be part of this 'chere family! CT, I was impressed with your knowledge of parties at O'Malley's place. And what about Al and Sally? (c'mon, tell me the one about Myra Koontz) Mighty peculiar.

~ Mrs. Wiley
Opie: "Paw, what does peculiar mean?"
Ang: "Peculiar. It means odd or strange."
Opie: "I thought it meant somthin' dirty."
Ang: "What do you mean?"
Opie: "Well, the teacher looked behind my ears and asked did I wash today and I said yes and she said well, it looks mighty peculiar to me."

April 08, 2004 - Msg 20658: Welcome back Tom - we sure have missed you!
It has been a busy week at the old homestead - wish I could visit more -
Tomorrow is Friday but SUNDAY is coming!


April 08, 2004 - Msg 20659: SRM Im from cleveland ohio from the westside off of clarl ave .
It one worke at a c b shop old bubby.
Im stay in rosemont for now.
So where in cleveland maybe i no you?
tom wv

April 08, 2004 - Msg 20660: Welcome Tom and thanks for the DVD info. I think the posters on this here board will be the first in line! (teehee)
I will be scarce HERE the next few days to celebrate the Easter Triduum, Holy Thursday, Good Friday,
Holy Saturday and of course, RESURRECTION DAY!
Don't want to rile the porch, but I am very concerned about my rels in the mideast right now,
so any and all prayers about that current situation would be GREATLY appreciated!
Two neat episodes last night loccally:
In #5 Opie's charity, Andy's closing line is choice after Opie asks him what's for dinner.
Andy: Well, you and Aunt bea will be having fried chicken, and I'll be havin' CROW!
And in #6, Ellie Comes to Town, Barn does the preamble bit with the "Sheriff's Rules!"
I guess I missed that for somereason, but it was sure funny and I guess that is why they did it AGAIN with the preamble.
CT, no big deal on the names, I finally wrote them down along with the states were all from.
Pipeman,Boo, Ro, check in please!
HM, good to see you again. Hope you're better.
Have a wonderful day!
Mr Darlin's, leftovers with spot off today, Cuz

April 08, 2004 - Msg 20661: Hey, a Happy Holy season to everyone on the board. This is the first year I am not making baskets. My oldest is 23 and my baby is l8. Yep I made them baskets last year. This year I am making two of my homemade apple pies and sending David to Grandpa's house for some ham. I am going to MGM and blowing a cool fifty. Then I'm going to the buffet and eating Prime rib, porkchops, strawberry cheesecake, peeled shrimp, warm bisquits, and chocolate cake. I love Easter at the casino. Mary

April 08, 2004 - Msg 20662: Rosie, listen to me, I want you to stop worrying about Condalisa Rice and that ole Ted Kennedy. No one listens to T.K., I don't know why they let him out. George Bush is the best president since Reagan. There is no way that John Kerry will get into office. Love Mary aka' too poor to be a democrat.

April 08, 2004 - Msg 20663: Thanks Mary, You know how upset I get when people are being mean to the President. Tom and i are staying home for Easter. His first Sunday home in about 8 months. I am so happy I wont be home alone at night for awhile. Do you realize what this means, I can sleep, work out,not have to be quite. Life is good and thanks to the heavens for giving me a break. Love rosie

April 08, 2004 - Msg 20664: Hey to Rosie and Mary

April 08, 2004 - Msg 20665: Mary if you are not makeing the boys/men a easter basket, you should make me one. Make it big and pretty. Inside put some love and understanding, the closness of family, some hope for all man and wrap it with a smile. Love & Kisses Rosie

April 08, 2004 - Msg 20666: hope everyone on the porch has had a good day,wishing everyone a safe and happy easter weekend ,Pipeman theres no cup race this week so Im going to be lost .I saw a set of DVDs at Media Play today ,it was the Ron Howard collection ,3 of his movies ,Apollo 13 was one ,I dont remember the other 2 but the set was pretty pricey .Spot whats on the menue for Easter dinner? Hello to all new porch setters and those returning as well .

Mayberry Deputy

April 08, 2004 - Msg 20667: Hi to mayberry Deputy.
I got kinfolk comin in tomorrow, and a busy weekend. Ya all be good now!
and a good Easter to all.

April 08, 2004 - Msg 20668: Greetings Porch!
I will wish you all a Blessed Easter, since I am going to take a little trip tomorrow. I always host the shindigs at my house, but this time I am going to get away from it all. I feel so guilty, though! I have bachelor brothers (3) and bachelor brother in law, and my in-laws, and my own two older children, and here I am leaving them all on their own! Dirty me, dirty me, I'm disgusted with myself! Oh well, I promised them all an Easter dinner next Sunday! This Sunday I will be able to hear a very dear friend of mine preach the Easter service. This man spent 15 years in prison, and after 10 years he had a conversion experience and the last 5 years he spent in prison he witnessed to all the other prisoners. He has been out of prison now for going on 20 years, and he is the most stable, wise, caring person I know. This is going to be a real treat!

Tom, I hope you have an Easter poem for us, you always bless us with the most timely poems!

MDC, I have been watching the news reports about Iraq and the middle east with great concern, and I want to assure you I am praying for all the men and women in harm's way, including your relatives. They are a blessing to all of us back here at home, and if there is any way you can relate our heartfelt thanks to them, please do so!

Mary, I made baskets for all my children, (even though I won't be here) and they are 22, 20, and 6! (I knew that 6 would shock you, it shocked me!) I also make baskets for my 3 nieces and 1 nephew, I just can't seem to help myself!

Well, this message is probably getting way yonder too long, so I will close for now. Y'all have a wonderful Easter filled with God's promise of new life!
Mary Wiggins

April 09, 2004 - Msg 20669: (Yawn)........musta dozed off there......sorry. This Rocker is sure snuggly!
MDC, There IS a UCONN fan here, (naught really, but I DO live there)........had a nasty dream while I was rockin ere.....thought I saw gas prices @ $7.00 a gallon........auughh!!
Anaway.....seein's how ya'll are jawin.....What's for BREAKFAST?????

April 09, 2004 - Msg 20670: AT WORK NOW ....BACK in a bit...spot

April 09, 2004 - Msg 20671: P.S.: Ya'ever noticed that there's a lot of talk about FOOD, on this porch??????
I might just have to make a "Citizen's areeast.......citizen's areeast!!"
-Stevie (CT)

April 09, 2004 - Msg 20672: we all love to eat well stevie.....has anybody been cooking for yall the past two days?..signed: SPOT the"been off the porch for a bit hunting" dog of your porch

April 09, 2004 - Msg 20673: Well........I just woke UP.....so unless Aunt Bee's been stuffin food in my jaws while's I've been asawin wood, I don't THINK I's been eatin!?

April 09, 2004 - Msg 20674: I know, let's all go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast! My treat! Who's got the brown truck?
~ Mrs. Wiley

April 09, 2004 - Msg 20675: so many great posts. the doctor said oh, oh during kidney test, i told him i have two, everyone almost does, then he said but, i told hoim remember doc they're two different parts. isnt it funny how they don't have a sense of humor with a wisein himmer? happy b'day will, tom good to see you. sterling i agree everyone talks about the weather but noone ever does get the thermostat right very often. mary= last time i saw the brown truck barney was inside and someone was speeding off, gomer was saying, andy, andy they drove off with barney, don't worry andy is in hot pursuit.to the rest of the porch= love you have a great easter and keep otis and ollie away from the easter bunny. prayers for everyone- especially our troops, there families and our country. got to light the old briar, put my easter blend in it. pipeman

April 09, 2004 - Msg 20676: Last time I went over thar to that Cracker Barrell place, they gimme a Chicken Pot Pie that was all cracked up, and hard as 3 year ole road kill.............lol

April 09, 2004 - Msg 20677: Hello all! Hey Asa, Will we have a softball team this year? I'll bring the drinks..Hard and soft. Have a blessed and happy Easter everyone. Time fer: "Here Comes Peter Cottontail". Aone..Atwo..

Briscoe Darling Jr.

April 09, 2004 - Msg 20678: yea lets have a ball team!....signed: SPOT the"love to play ball" dog of the porch

April 09, 2004 - Msg 20679: Hi All A Prayer.
Oh Lord, give me of your blessing, a dawn with a healing of wounds,
a night with a peaceful surrender,
a prayer it will come to me soon,
as I look at the night in its stillness,
I give thanks for the victories won,
give me the gift of compassion,
and a promise to love everyone,
as the dawn spring forth in its glory,
give me strength for tasks I;ve begun
and let rejoice in the gladness
and give thanks to jesus the son.

April 09, 2004 - Msg 20680: Lord, Ah hopes ah wakes up in tha mornin
Lord, Ah hopes ah dies without warnin
Lord, Ah hopes food keeps comin a plenty
Lord, Ah hopes I'll always feel likes om twenty
Lord, Ah wants me a basket of candy
Lord, My feets ache for some beach thats sandy
Lord, Om hearing in mah head a sound
Like dem angels wants me in da ground. lalalalalala]lalalal Hallaluah yeah yeah
Lord dis world is an enemy oh mine
Lord give me a signal or sign
lalalalalalalalalalala Hallaluah yeah yeah
Lord I tired and feeling mah age
Lord mah husband done filled me wif rage
Lord Ahm tellin you and dis anint no joke
lalalalalalalalalalalall Hallaluah to da lord

April 09, 2004 - Msg 20681: The above by Tim

April 09, 2004 - Msg 20682: Tim has gray hair

April 09, 2004 - Msg 20683: Tim writes better poams than tom

April 09, 2004 - Msg 20684: Ah think I am going to eat me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a crisp apple and down it with a liter or rootbeer followed by a wedge of cherry pie only to scarf down a couple of plates of mashed potatoes and six or seven baby back ribs soaked in barbecue sauce and onion fried potatoes, topped with blueberry pancakes and whipped cream dripping for a glass of koolaid, does this help you hungry goat eating people?

April 09, 2004 - Msg 20685: thought i'd attend the above meal and realized i didn't know which end of the porch was sponsoring it? the poems were great. thanks. pipeman

April 09, 2004 - Msg 20686: Ya'll justa keep on yackin, I'm gonna snooze just a bit.
Gotta rest up so's I can get up early enough to catch the turtle doves a'singin at the Sunrise Services this Easter....as long as Barney ain't singin in the choir this year, that is!

April 10, 2004 - Msg 20687: GOOD MORNING PORCH....chewey thick sliced fried bacon scrambled eggs with cheese and lots of fresh ground black pepper...grits with real butter bisquits with milk gravy [lots of pepper]hash browns with sweet onions cooked in them and bell peppers also,sliced watermellon,coffee,bottled water,milk,and a tear from my rool of paper towels...ready at 7:00 est, signed: SPOT the"at work now till 6 pm" dog of your porch....wow cubbies and my braves played 15 innings last night in a lost for the braves ...whew.....

April 10, 2004 - Msg 20688: Hey Spot.........glad you woke me up....I'm ready for them there biscuits, if ya have some left over.........gotta get me another cup of joe first though........goin to the Easter sunrise service? I wonder if Earnest T. ever got outa that tree down by Mr. Darden's shack yet?

April 10, 2004 - Msg 20689: guess uverybody is off the porch down at the duck pond enjoying this purty day...gona be 79 here in Ga. ....gona get the rest of my garden in today [i hope].when i get away from the ole-power company at 6...signed: SPOT the" gona get my cane-pole and dig some worms and go to the duck pond and see if I can find yall" dog of this here porch...ruff..ruff

April 10, 2004 - Msg 20690: Good afternoon porchpals! Spot, why are ya goin to the duck pond at night? You can't see the ducks! I see we're on the big freeze again.

~ Mrs. Wiley
Aunt Bea: "...can't Gomer come look at the freezer?"

April 10, 2004 - Msg 20691: "Call the Man,Call the Man"...and Mrs Wiley us dogs have good night nision at the duck pond..tee hee...signed: SPOT the" still at work on this purty day" dog of the southern end...

April 10, 2004 - Msg 20692: Already 83 degrees here in mississippi.

"Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does a thing about it. You know who said that? Calvin Coolidge."

--Will Stockdale, P.L.O.

April 10, 2004 - Msg 20693: LOOK NOW WILL!....Calvin Coolidge did"nt say everything !...lets grill out hot dogs tonight yall..burgers too!..swiss cheese on them,chips,pickels,hot peppers,potato salad [lots of mayo],slaw [of course]..and lemonade!..ready at 6:15 ..signed: SPOT the"got to get off work and mow my grass" dog of this here fine porch...lights are on!

April 10, 2004 - Msg 20694: "Oh, I know! Calvin Coolidge said, 'I do not choose to run.'"

-- Will Stockdale, P.L.O.

April 10, 2004 - Msg 20695: I'm going to the Casino tomorrow, of course after I worship, then I'm eating at the buffet. They have prime rib, baked potatoes, turkey and gravy, shortribs, spareribs, porkchops, macoroni and cheese, mashed sweet tators, greens and cornbread'this is just my first two plates. cherry pie and cheese cake with carmel. Also i got two apple pies in the oven right now for junior, who's on his way to coney island for a honey and chili fries, while makin a uturn at the cold cow for a hard shell sundae. OOOOhhh we's eatin good this Easter. Gots me l00$ to blow at MGM and got me a five hundred check from AIG insurance for next weeks groceries. YOu know i spends five hundered a week on food. Marcia