May 10, 2004 - Msg 21314: A big "Amen" from me and the Plum, Mrs. Wiley. You're absolutely right.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 10, 2004 - Msg 21315: Well, my goodness! I swept the porch again! I seem to be doing that a lot here lately. No, no, don't thank me. It wasn't hard, and the Plum helped. --Romeena

May 10, 2004 - Msg 21316: Well I'll be dogged, I'll be flat dogged! Ro and Plum are tidy uppers aren't they?
No big summer plans here hm. Just work, garden a little and try and sneak a round of golf in here and there. Speaking of garden I planted a couple of rows of my world famous sweet corn this week. Trying a new variety thats suppose to be incredible, in fact thats what it's called, incredible. Guess we will see. Plant a few rows every couple of weeks so it don't all come on at once. So mark your calendars. 85 days and we will be eating corn on the cob.
Sorry about your loss C.T. but he is at rest now so I hope that helps.


May 10, 2004 - Msg 21317: Well, a Darligs are a comin' morning to ya.
Local channel had that one this weekend.
"She's good for 11 hatfuls, ya know."
I also say AMEN Mrs Wiley. I have a great tape by a catholic priest about the dangers of new age etc. very good and clear quotes from both old and new tests. You are right on.
Also, thanks for the two soapboxes. My rels
will appreciate your comments. Really, they have said that MOST are glad we are there!
Charlotte, so sorry about your uncle. You mentioned rain. Remember, after the "rain" come the "sunshine!"
Hope you all have a good week.
Mr arlin's Cuz

May 10, 2004 - Msg 21318: Oops, lost my "D" !

May 10, 2004 - Msg 21319: Afternoon Porch!
It is a beautiful afternoon around these here parts in Michigan. I do believe we are in for a "spot" of weather in a bit, though. But, those May showers bring June flowers!(We're a bit behind this year!)

Amen to Mrs. Wiley, and can you hear my head nodding in agreement to the two soapboxes?! I figure there are always going to be a few bad apples in every bunch, and I am certain it will be taken care of. No reason for us to attack all the rest of the military, who are doing a FANTASTIC job, by the way!

We have a sparrow's nest in one corner of my yard and a cardinal's nest in the other, it is sure fun watching all the busy work those birds are doing! Soon, the trees will be full around here ;)

Have a wonderful evening all,
Mary Wiggins

May 10, 2004 - Msg 21320: Hey, Dick Van Dyke Show fans, Tomorrow night on CBS, they will do there version of a reunion show!
Sounds like quite a few of the old cast will be back for it. Will never equal TAGS, but a good show nonetheless!

May 10, 2004 - Msg 21321: Romeena, you've swept the porch about the last 3 or 4 times! We ought to give you an award or something. "Miss Porch Sweeper of Mayberry". I'd help you sweep, but gosh, I have this bad knee and everything. But I'd sure help you if I could!
- Hazel

May 11, 2004 - Msg 21322: Mrs. Wiley, I feel sorry for your M-I-L. She's obviously very scared(which I can see why), and grasping at any thing she can that might give her hope. I love your response though! I thought it was very appropriate.
I never do chain letters. I hate those things.

I'll second that "Miss Porch Sweeper of Mayberry" award for Ro. The prize can be a brand new broom. Yours must be getting rather worn from all that use! In fact you can have mine! Hardly ever used. Just like new!:)
-Sterling Holobyte

May 11, 2004 - Msg 21323: Hello all! I've been gone a while. Looks like the same place. Did the Porch move? Or is my computer plum crazy? Here is: "Dooley". Enjoy!

Briscoe Darling Jr.

May 11, 2004 - Msg 21324: I tried posting earlier today, but it wouldnt take. Maybe Floyd id making the changes he told us about last month. THIS IS ONLY A TEST! (teehee)

May 11, 2004 - Msg 21325: I think the main server was down earlier today. I couldn't get on several sites but it looks like everything is OK in Mayberry now.


May 11, 2004 - Msg 21326: Hey spot, pipeman and all, hope yer all ok.
Mr Darlin's Cuz

May 11, 2004 - Msg 21327: Howdy porch! Thanks sterling for the kind words, yes she is scared and rightly so. BDJ, we've been wondering where you've been! Welcome back! Dinner is served: Brisket cooked to tender perfection, brown gravy, mashed TATERS and baby peas. Asa, shore will be glad when it's sweet corn time!

~ Mrs. Wiley

May 12, 2004 - Msg 21328: just a quick visit, prayers for everyone. sorry about your loss C>T> mayberry girl = good morning to you and the kids. haven't read archive. here's one for you;; COUNTIN HIS CHICKS- a city sliker bought a small farm in the country- he decided to raise chickens. the first four weeks he bought 100 baby chicks a week. the locals got curious so the next week when he bought another 100 chicks, an old timer said you must be doing well. the city sliker said ; no, they've all been dying and i can't figure out why. i'm either watering them too much or burying them to deep. breakfast= eggs just right, pancakes, ham, sausage. bacon. fresh fruit, and donuts for those in a hurry, plenty of coffee. your in my thoughts.and prayers. may the good lord smile on you and yours. pipeman

May 12, 2004 - Msg 21329: Romeena - you get the "Hoover" award for fantastic sweeping.
Glad to see the pipeman - sounds like a great breakfast . . .I'll take a couple of eggs and some ham and some bacon and some sausage. . .mmm - I like my no carb meal!


May 12, 2004 - Msg 21330: Is that "Hoover" or "Calvin Coolidge?" teehee
Watched the DVD reunion show last night. Not EVEN close to the TAGS, but was pretty good.
Pipeman, glad youre back with us. Did the tests show anything?
Where is spot these days? i miss his cookin'
I got the flood lights all wired up! Good journeyman electrion did the job, spot.
Prayers for all and the whole world today.
These are sure trying times.
have a good mayberry day.
"Barn, see this foot? How could this great big foot, all of it, fit into my mouth?"

May 12, 2004 - Msg 21331: Kinda quiet on this here porch today. Guess I'm gonna have to get my old pipes reverberating.


May 12, 2004 - Msg 21332: Now you'll notice over there is a fence, and in that fence is a gate. Now it would appear that the cow was removed from the premises by utilization of the gate in the fence. Now I will demonstrate how the gate was opened......
Mayor Stoner: Fife, we all know how to open a gate. What we need to do is find these theifs who are stealing from these wonderful citizens and loyal supporters.
Not exact but you get the idea don't you?


May 12, 2004 - Msg 21333: so good to visit ole friends, isn't it funny how we miss each other when we're not able to sit onthe porch? uncle nat? your not uncle nat your a goat. lol and prayers. pipeman

May 12, 2004 - Msg 21334: "Only one set of prints is missin! The cow's!"
What's it called when we can go thru the dialogue without just having watched the ep!? Wierd? haha
Andy: I smell gas.
Thelma Lou: I smell gas.
Opie: I smell gas.
Goober: I smell gas.
Barn: Well of course you smell gas.
Whatya think this runs on? Coal?

Good ole kind behind the eyes Barney.

Nice evenin here in Phx for rockin'.
Mr Darlin's Cuz

May 12, 2004 - Msg 21335: Aunt Bea (gassed): "look, its Sheriff Matt Dillon and Chester!" "Hahahaha"

~ Mrs. Wiley... just call me wierd.

May 12, 2004 - Msg 21336: Howdy, all! Gotta go to work shortly, but thought I'd stop and sit a spell. Asa, your quote is from one of my very favorite episodes. I tell you, when old Luke leads that cow away, with her high-steppin' it in those shoes, and the music in the background - well, I just about choke myself laughing every time. One of the funniest individual scenes in the whole TAGS collection.

Please, no special honors for me for sweepin' the porch! It's a job we all do from time to time, and everyone does it well, especially since Floyd installed that automatic broom. About all you have to do is be there at the right time, and switch that broom on. When you put 'er in the "on" position, she's gonna run on you, every time!

There are now three juvenile squirrels in my yard, and one has just not figured out the bird feeder. He can get on it, but he ends up hanging by his front paws, tail and hind legs swinging in mid-air, and he has a terrible time getting his little hind feet back up to grab on. He just dangles there, and you can almost hear him calling "Help, oh help!" He actually fell off once, and sat on the ground looking terribly embarrassed. It's only about five feet, and he didn't hurt anything but his dignity.

Well, gotta go put on that white monkey suit and go to work. You all have a great evening, now, you hear? Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 12, 2004 - Msg 21337: OK GANG IM BACK!...been to the linemans rodeo, cobb emc won it all again!....hope yall have been eating well....they had me stay over and put on a few classes...thats why im late getting back !gona read the archives.......yeee hawww...signed: SPOT"the im back dog of your porch"....lights are still on !

May 13, 2004 - Msg 21338: By the looks of some of these posts, it seems everyone is gassed! You guys been over to Briscoe's or something?! ;)

Nah, I love reading the dialogue from those funny scenes!
-Sterling Holobyte

May 13, 2004 - Msg 21339: Thanks Asa, that was nice. Real nice. Are you going to sing at the insecticide convention again this year?
- Hazel

"Able, Baker and Charlie"

May 13, 2004 - Msg 21340: Asa, your voice teacher must be real proud. Thanks for the catterwa... I mean singing. Welcome home spot and HOORAY for COBB-EMC!! Pipeman, tell us how you're doing! Ro, you must sit in that window and watch your yard for hours! That's one of my favorite hobbies. Was my Mammas and Grandmas, too. Winder-watchers. Hey to everyone missing and found. Have a Mayberry Day and act like somebody.

~ Mrs. Wiley
"...I've been called everything from Chopper to Mad-Dog. But there's one thing they never called me...Tattletale."

May 13, 2004 - Msg 21341: Good morning friends, Romans and countrymen -
just a quiet day during my prep period. I need to get a few things done but thought I would rock a little.

Have a great Mayberry day!


May 13, 2004 - Msg 21342: I never get much time any more to come sit, but I wanted to stop by and say "hey" to all my wonderful porch buddies. Everything's rush, rush, rush.


"If honesty's such a good policy, how come I'm out a cap pistol?"

May 13, 2004 - Msg 21343: Hey Bulbsie, so good to see you. In fact I have been thinking about you a lot these last few days when it was reported that Donnie Osmands Mother passed away. Don't know if you had heard that or not.
As far as the insecticide convention I just don't know Hazel. I still have to wear this mask. Not cause of any skin condition, just cause I'm so dang ugly.
Glad you cotton to my resti-tutions Mrs. Wiley. I do enjoy performing for you all.
Hey M.D.C. I'm going to be in Phx next month. Just for a night though. Flying in on the 11th and then driving into New Mexico on Saturday. Then back to Tuscon on Saturday night and fly back to Salt Lake on Sunday morning. So if you want to have a parade for me on Saturday morning in downtown Phnx you can go ahead. Nothing big mind you, maybe just a police escort from the airport to the Hotel, and maybe a small contingent of city and state officials there to greet me. I have a few words prepared just in case.
I stand here before you a humble man, raised by humble parents, in a humble town.....


May 13, 2004 - Msg 21344: You're a bird in this world, Asa.
Charlotte Tucker

May 13, 2004 - Msg 21345: Hey ASA, by pure coincidence that is Founders Day here in Phoenix!! So shine up your bullet belt, I'll have Andy by some screws for your gun, and I'll contact the mayor's office. I'll make sure the squad car aint bein' used to deliver groceries that day, and we'll get the red light going!! teehee
Seriously, sounds like a good trip. Have fun in the Phoenix airport, it is so big now!
Spot came in for that brief moment. I hope he's fixin supper! I need some bud twangin' vittles!
Ro, you must still be working nights. Bless your heart!

May 13, 2004 - Msg 21346: WHEW....STORMING HERE...lights are NOT all on ! sorry working on time to cook tonight....signed: SPOT the"yall fix me a plate for later" dog of your porch......

May 13, 2004 - Msg 21347: hello to everyone ,MDC,MRS WILEY,ROMEENA ,ASA ,all the other fine folks here on the porch .SPOT.. glad to see you back ,PIPEMAN hope your doing well .The NASCAR boys are at Richmond this week and we have a Saturday night cup race . Everyone take care
mayberry deputy

May 13, 2004 - Msg 21348: Good evening - I'd like to see that parade for you Asa - did you say liked tomatoes??


May 13, 2004 - Msg 21349: oops - that should be "did you say You liked tomatoes?"

even teachers make mistrakes!


May 13, 2004 - Msg 21350: Mercy! You folks are a caution! Yep, I've been working nights, but am through now until next week.

Mb We've missed you, friend. Don't stay away so long this time. We all need one another.

Hey, you all know that song Barney likes so much, about all God's chillun got a uvula? Well, my son can't sing that song, 'cause he hasn't got one. A uvula, I mean! Anymore. I mean, he had one when he was born, but he doesn't have one now. He had it removed yesterday in a laser-type surgery. He had such a terrible snoring problem, like you wouldn't believe. The doctor says this will cure it, but right now he has a very awful-looking throat, poor thing. Ahh, the things a man will do for a woman he loves. (Frankly, I don't know how she stood it as long as she did.)

Well, gotta go get my corn out of the boiling water, and turn my chicken, and will be about ready to eat. There's plenty, so come on by if you're hungry! Got asparagus, too.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 13, 2004 - Msg 21351: I don't know how that came through as "Mb" up above, because I typed "Bulbsie." I put the wrong little thingies ahead of it, though. Dumb old computers, they always do what you tell them to do, not what you want them to do. If it was so gol-durn smart, it would correct my errors! Anyhow, good to see you, friend. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 13, 2004 - Msg 21352: hey yall Ro,I love asparagus save me some..sure have missed the porch..jsut been bust here at work..hey hm,asa,md,pipeman,mrs wiley,hazel,mdc,...I gotthe new lights for the back yard porch will get them up tomorrow, maybe this weekend we can have a night dance...brisco you got some cured squeezins!!?..signed: SPOT the"gona find some left overs to eat" dog of your porch

May 14, 2004 - Msg 21353: '''''''

May 14, 2004 - Msg 21354: hey!just passin by, and i like tas and belive it or not i use to never whach it.i guss it grew on me.well good by for now i gotta get to bed afther all it is 1:54 am! felicia

May 14, 2004 - Msg 21355: hi it's me angin, felicia.i just to correct the tas to tags.o.k good night.

May 14, 2004 - Msg 21356: Hi Felicia! Don't worry about the spelling, we know what you mean! Nice to have another TAGS fan here! There's always room for one more.
I know what you mean about TAGS growing on you. I remember my parents watching it when I was a teenager and on my way out the door to play basketball or something else, and wondering why anyone would want to watch a show(and a black&white show at that) with just alot of talking going on and not any car crashes(ok,maybe a few minor ones) or laser fights. But like you said, it grows on you! And I'm glad I let it grow on me, because it is one great, and important show.
Night Mayberry!
-Sterling Holobyte

May 14, 2004 - Msg 21357: HEY the talking dog of goobers as far as spelling whew, ask the porch about me and they let me on board !..I do alot of the cooking here..will have breakfast soon , hey Sterling...signed: SPOT the"here at work and all is quite" dog of your porch ....lights are on!

May 14, 2004 - Msg 21358: Spot, I'm curious--if you had no lights above when it was storming, how were you on the computer?? Hope your storm is over. It's raining here today. But all my garden can use it.
Charlotte Tucker

May 14, 2004 - Msg 21359: Thought this was great - I hope you will indulge my funny bone and read it!

It is time to re-evaluate our involvement. Everyday there are news reports about more deaths. Every night on TV are photos of death and destruction. Why are we still there?

We occupied this land, which we had to take by force, but it causes nothing but trouble. Why are we still there?

Their government is unstable, and they have no leadership. Why are we still there?

Many of the their people are uncivilized, or at least don't speak English. Why are we still there?

There are more than 1,000 religious sects and almost as many languages and dialects, many of which we don't understand. Why are we still there?

We can't even secure the borders! Why are we still there?

They are billions of dollars in debt and it will cost billions more to rebuild, which we can't afford. Why are we still there?

It is becoming clear. . . .



May 14, 2004 - Msg 21360: Hey Charlotte - I bet Spot had a treadmill that he ran on to keep power to his computer. Whenever he stops - the lights go off too! I bet his legs are tired.


May 14, 2004 - Msg 21361: Hey Ya'll..Hope everybody is having a Mayberry kind of day. It's raining so much here in Chicager...the animals are commencin to pair off! that part about abandoning CA (no offense to any porch sitters out there, you're just on the wrong side of old man Kelseys creek!)!


May 14, 2004 - Msg 21362: Chicager.... HAHAHAHA! Goob, that's goOOd! ~ Mrs. Wiley

May 14, 2004 - Msg 21363: Hm- that was a good one! I have a bro in California, and he couldnt agree more! (heehee)
Good to hear from felicia again. Next time stay ahwhile.
spot, glad ya got them lights goin! "It's a rainy night in Georgia.." Looks like were about set for the yard dance. Time to slick back our hair and get gusseied up a bit!
Trivia question for ya all: (CT and Hazel are good at these)
In the ep "Goober, house Guest", Andy gives a guy a citation for having bad brakes. Besides that ep and the one of the woman speeder, can anyone recall if Andy gave out any other tickets? Or was that it in the 249 episodes?

May 14, 2004 - Msg 21364: Oops, that last post was me, MDC

May 14, 2004 - Msg 21365: I think he gave a ticket to that feller who made a u turn on main street right smack dab in the middle of Accident Prevention Week. That was the episode when Andy gets sick. Also I think he cited the couple who was fighting 10 bucks. "If ya got chickens to throw you've got chickens to sell." That was the episode when Barney gave Andy the week off I think cause Andy was beat right down to his socks.


May 14, 2004 - Msg 21366: Yea, asa, now I am thinking of more, like when he went to the publisher's office to issue a warrant
when he didnt show for his hearing. I guess my mind was stuck in neutral there for a moment.
Mr Darlin's, Thank God It's Friday, Cuz !

May 14, 2004 - Msg 21367: Hey MDC and Asa, Mrs. W, SPOT, pipeman and all! , Ya'll have a good weekend...I'm gettin my SCUBA gear all ready to go...this rain looks to be here for a while...

Wonder if they got Fillin stations in Atlantis?


May 14, 2004 - Msg 21368: Howdy, everybody! Good to see Felicia visiting us here - hope you'll come back, honey. There's always room for another porchster, and don't worry none about your spelling. Around here, we think of it kinda like an accent.

Is an outdoor rat the same an an indoor rat? I can't abide a rat or a mouse in my house, but there is this little rat-critter living in my back yard. He gets right in there with the birds and squirrels at the feeders, and just noodles around in the grass, eating seeds and things. I've never seen him or any sign of him in the house, he's always outside. I set out a humane live trap, figuring to take him down to the river bottom and release him if I caught him, but he avoids the trap completely. If I knew for sure he'd stay outside, I don't mind sharing a little birdseed with him.

A while back, somebody said they thought they remembered one episode where Sarah, the telephone operator, is seen, but no one could recall when that happened. Well, I think I've solved the mystery. The phone operator on "Green Acres" is also named Sarah, and she IS seen from time to time. Whoever asked that question - could that be what you're remembering? I know our Sarah doesn't handle the Hooterville calls in addition to Mayberry's. For one thing they're too far apart, and for another, that wouldn't leave her time to soak anything, and you know how Sarah is always soaking something. Not sure what it is, but whatever it is, she soaks it a lot!

Have a good evening, folks. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 14, 2004 - Msg 21369: Good one Ro!
Andy: Yes, Sarah, just soak it dear.
MD- Nascar just announced that PIR will get a Spring race next year! Anyone else here like the
Indianapolis 500 ?
Pipeman, how you doin' bro?
Goob, the Cubs sure got back at my DBacks!
Have a great weekend and sabbath all.
Time to slow down.. like watching a band concert in the park. (teehee) :)

May 14, 2004 - Msg 21370: welcome to FELICIA , HOMEMAKER... that was a good one about Californy
mayberry deputy

May 14, 2004 - Msg 21371: hey gang.....ham steak tonight,english peas,taters,corn on the cobb,tea,....hope all is well..hey md,hm,mdc,felicia,goober[yo],asa,ct,pipeman,...get a plastic plate and lets eat outside, got the back yard light working!..signed:SPOT the"like grilled ham steak" dog of your porch..lights are on..and yes tread mill kep my comp. on during storms....ruff

May 14, 2004 - Msg 21372: OK, MDC, What about Bill Bixby--who issued his ticket--Andy or Barney? Andy started to give Ellie a ticket for parking in front of the fireplug but she talked her way out of it. He ran in several moonshiners but don't remember him writing any tickets to them. Fred Plummer paid his ticket but Barney wrote it. Anybody else?
Charlotte Tucker

May 14, 2004 - Msg 21373: homemaker, you're probably right about spot's treadmill. Go Cubs.

May 15, 2004 - Msg 21374: Ro, that is amazing. That is the very idea I had about Sara! It was Asa, who had said that he thought he remembered 1 episode of TAGS where Sara is seen. And the other night I saw the Green Acres ep where they showed Sara, and I was wondering the same thing; if that was where Asa thought he saw her.
- Hazel

Here's a quote for Romeena:
"The ways of the creatures of the wild are many and wonderful."

May 15, 2004 - Msg 21375: Howdy friends! It's you ever loving fun girl here. This durn computer is still acting up. I reckon I am gonna have to CALL THE MAN! LOL We were down in Spot's neck of the woods last weekend. Had a family rebellion in Conyers, GA.
While we were there Kyle turned 14. Ah the joys of parenting a teen.

A week from tomorrow we will be celebrating our 15th anniversary. We are gonna have a little ceremony and everything. Hey BDJ, think you could handle getting about 30 jugs of squeezins to me? Thats just for the ones who indulge. Some don't. Some don't even keep it in the house on accounta a brother they had.

Well, I reckon I am gonna start on that ark tomorow. It's a real frog strangler here. Everybody complains about the weather, but no one does anything about it. That's straight from the fun girls mouth. Calvin Coolidge didn't say ever thang ya know.

your hard working, over time working, all around too much girl

May 15, 2004 - Msg 21376: Hey Goober, I go to Chicago frequently. Is there a location that one might call the "antique shop district"?

May 15, 2004 - Msg 21377: MDC,
CONCERT TONIGHT ~~~ Relax to music under the stars
Looks like it's clouding up though..
Music under the clouds?
Maybe we could just drop that What do we have left? "Concert tonight relax to?"
Well, when they hear the music, they'll know it's a concert.
And they'll know it's tonight.
Forget the sign?
I would.

--Will Stockdale, P.L.O.

May 15, 2004 - Msg 21378: Hey family~ Just dropping in for a quick look at your, you're a sight for sore eyes. Concert sounds like a right nice idea. Asa, can I sit next to you? We got a bit of catching up to do. The youn'un is on her way home from school of higher learning. She sure did love that state out there! In fact, she's going back in Sept. I miss talking to ya'll. HEy there Romeena, kisses to the Plum. Hey to ya'll sure want to visit more often now that the warm months are here. ~New Neighbor

May 15, 2004 - Msg 21379: Hey New Neighbor, so good to see you Hon. I was hoping to hook up with Courtney before she shoved off but if she's coming back I reckon we will see her then. Unless she bypasses Utah and goes to Washington State. LOL Nice to have you join us.
Mary Wiggins, what a great game last night. To bad it ended up the way it did but my goodness that was NBA at it's best.
What has happened to our possum. I've been looking under rocks all over and she ain't nowhere.
Just saw Kasey Khane give no. 43 a little push out of the way. Boys will be boys huh Mayberry Deputy?
Hey Will, the concert sounds great.
Yep Romeena, Hazel is right, it is me thinking I saw Sarah years ago on TAGS. Course I don't like to discuss it in public cause folks think I am odd. I ain't odd. The rest of you are odd. I AM ALRIGHT! LOL


May 15, 2004 - Msg 21380: Goober says it this way: CHICARGO.

Georgia Peach

May 15, 2004 - Msg 21381: Howdy, friends! I spent the whole day at a big old "garage sale", but we held it on a parking lot alongside the service road of the freeway through town. It was to raise funds for missions in Mongolia, where I'm going in August, and we made over $3000! I'm sunburned and beat to the socks, but we had a wonderful day. Lots of fun and kidding around, got rid of some good stuff and some junk, and made some folks very happy with the bargains they got. I saw Rafe there, he was buying some sort of wooden thing with a little crank handle on it, not sure what it was. He didn't know either, but said he had always wanted one, so I guess he was happy.

New Neighbor, welcome back, and next time, don't stay away so long. Folks miss you when you're gone.

Asa, I don't think you're odd. I think you're a sweetheart. Do you reckon it was the Sarah over in Hooterville that you saw?

Where is Pipeman? I haven't seen him in a couple of days. Hope he's not ailin', but if he is, I've still got a bunch of that vegetable soup I made the other day, and it is some kinda good! I started with some beef broth and a jug of V-8, and added onions, carrots, okra, tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini, green pepper, yellow pepper, Mexican squash, new potatoes, peas, broccoli, cabbage, green onions, and fresh chives, basil, dill, and parsley out of the yard. It is just delicious, and you can almost feel the vitamins hit your bloodstream. So if anybody's feeling poorly, let me know and I'll bring you some. I'd send Sugarplum with it, but it has carrots in it, and you know how they twang her buds. She just might be tempted to highjack her cargo before she arrives at the destination.

Well, I think I'll hit the ironing board. Have a wonderful Sabbath, everyone. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 16, 2004 - Msg 21382: Good Sabbath to you all Porch Pals! Ro, that's about as healthful a soup as I've ever heard of! The only thing missing is the kitchen sink! Sure sounds good!

Welcome GA Peach, new here? Grab a rocker and hang on... watch out - Asa's rockin' forward. ("what's the matter with Asa, he's ALRIGHT!") I used to be a GA Peach until I moved to Fla, but Big Jeff still calls me his GA Peach.

See ya at Preachin'... are you wearing earrings? I'm wearing earrings.

~ Mrs. Wiley
"Me an Opie ain't wearing earrings."

May 16, 2004 - Msg 21383:
Good Sabbath Porch, Pray y'all have a great day.

Ellen Brown


It was a way of life, and sometimes it made me crazy.

All that re-fixing, reheating, renewing,

I wanted just once to be wasteful.

Waste meant affluence.

Throwing things away meant you knew there'd always be more.

But then my Mother died, and on that clear summer's night,

In the warmth of the hospital room,

I was struck with the pain of learning that

sometimes there isn't any 'more.'

Sometimes, what we care about most gets all used up

and goes away....never to return.

So...while we have's best we love it.....

and care for it .....and fix it when it's broken.....and heal it when
it is sick

This is true.....for marriage.....and old cars.....

and children with bad report cards....and dogs with bad hips.....

and aging parents.....and grandparents.

We keep them because they are worth it,

because we are worth it. Some things we keep.

Like a best friend that moved away --

or -- a classmate we grew up with.

There are just some things that make life important,

like people we know who are special.....

and so, we keep them close!

I received this from someone who thought I was a 'keeper'!

then I sent it to the people I think of in the same way.

Now it's your turn to send this to all those

people that are "keepers" in your you!!

May 16, 2004 - Msg 21384: Good morning all!I'm trvelin' through Indiana today. Beautiful state. On the way to Chicago. Time fer: "Slimmy River Bottom". Here we go.

Briscoe Darling Jr.

May 16, 2004 - Msg 21385: Miss Ellen Brown, that's about as pretty a sentiment as I've ever read, and there's so much truth there that it would take a week to think it all through. I know all too well about those moments when you realize there isn't any "more". They're bitter, but easier to withstand if you can remember that you got the very best out of every moment up to the last. Easier still, if you can think on the promise of the resurrection and the times to come, when "we shall know, even as also we are known."

I wish each of you a lovely and restorative Sunday. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 16, 2004 - Msg 21386: this is my first visit "that en made me cry"JUBLE JUBLE JUBLE

May 16, 2004 - Msg 21387: Heard some old fashioned preaching today,the kind that used to make people shout. The kind that makes you know there's an almighty ,that you know you,ve got to be saved to ever see heaven. What's happening to people , they don't believe the truth any more ,there's no repentance. I knew of a man preaching on time , the church was full and there was so much power ,both sides of the house jumped to their feet at the same time ,shouting.There were people saved that day.Asking you folks to pray for my son in Iraq.273rd Marine Corp.Haven't heard in a week.

May 16, 2004 - Msg 21388: Yes sir thats one thing you can't preach too much on is sin.Jublesneice

May 16, 2004 - Msg 21389: Welcome to the porch Juble(s), will keep your son and all our military in our prayers. ~ Mrs. Wiley

May 16, 2004 - Msg 21390: Evenin' Y'all! Back on the porch now,so you can stop looking under rocks,Asa! Just been too dang lazy to crawl up on the porch lately! Maybe I need some of Ro's soup with those good vitamins in it to perk me up! Tell the Plum to leave me a few carrots-don't pick 'em all out.
Prayers for all of our troops in Iraq,including your (who was that up there?) son that was mentioned in message 21387.
My lil Laci has her two front teeth in on the bottom & she's so proud of them- likes to bite the spoon when she's being fed.I'll let go of it and she'll just sit there biting down with the spoon sticking straight up in the air! Cute! She's a mess,but a sweet one!
Well,guess I'll wait for Plum to drop off my soup and then hit the ironing board early. Y'all have a good evening! Love to all!
possum under a rock

May 16, 2004 - Msg 21391: How do you do Mrs. Wiley? We were both so busy talking & rocking that I didn't see ya there!

possum again

May 16, 2004 - Msg 21392: does anyone know what Andy's or Barney's badge # was?

May 16, 2004 - Msg 21393: Floyd's was #3

May 16, 2004 - Msg 21394: What are we gonna do about that Ernest T. Bass?

Briscoe: "Thought about killin' him; kinda hated to go that far."

May 16, 2004 - Msg 21395: Hey y'all!!

If anybody here listens to "Adventures In Odyssey" from Focus on the Family; listen to the episodes before 1994. Hal Smith played the lead character, John Avery Whittaker. Notice the similarities in some of those episode plots & some old TAGS episodes!

May 16, 2004 - Msg 21396: HEY TO ALL!..hey possum!.....just been busy guys and gals!hey georgia peach...will..mrs,asa,.....lets have a big plate of nachos and cheese for a snack...big glass of sweet milk...signed: SPOT the"will be back on the porch full force tomorrow" dog of yalls porch...and by the way ny 5 yr old daughter graduated from pre k yesterday...cap and gown and all...taped it all!...FUN...bee cool yall SPOT//

May 17, 2004 - Msg 21397: Good morning porch.


May 17, 2004 - Msg 21398: Prayers for all our Troops your son is in my Prayers, Dear.
My son is in Korea not over there yet but they were told last month to be prepared for rotation over there.


May 17, 2004 - Msg 21399: Hey there all: Just checking in for the day. So glad so see the "old" familiar faces. ( I use that term lightly) Been busy in our part of town, sprucing up the flower gardens, painting the light posts, just getting Mayberry in good repair. I think a little of that veggie soup would hit the spot, kinda boost the energy level that seems to be dwindling!! Yum, Yum. You sure know how to cook a mean pot of soup, Ro!! Ya'll be good 'till I get back here.~ New Neighbor ( I know that's gonna be kinda hard for you ASA!)

May 17, 2004 - Msg 21400: Hey to all the porch! Jennie and BDJ~ ya'll need to come by and see me when you're herein Chicager...I'll be the one with the rain hat on!

Jennie...I don't know if any antique places...but I'm sure there are many. I do know that we're not far from a lot of Amish type places in NW Indy...they have lots of places there.


May 17, 2004 - Msg 21401: Mornin' porch! Looks like a busy weekend here, sounds like ya all were tryin to fix the uniforms and the old bandstand!
Ro, good idea of the sale, like they did to raise the mortgage money to give to Weaver. I figured your trip was for missions. My prayers are with you as the time draws near. maybe we'll have a Mongolian branch of the porch, since we seem to have lost the Irish connection!
GREAT words EB. So wonderful with those of us with parents near their time.
Jubel, welcome! I too have rels in mideast and pray for your son, EB's son and all for God's full protection, and His full body armor spoken of by St Paul!
Ok, quote time:
Opie: Who are those guys? (sitting in the courthouse)
Barn: I don't know, they're just waitin'
Opie: What for?
Barn: Don't ask me, I just run the waitin' room around here!
Too bad about Spurs, but the Pistons are hanging in there.
Mr Darlin's Cuz

May 17, 2004 - Msg 21402: hello everyone , hope everyone had a great weekend .PIPEMAN.. SPOT.. ASA.. did you guys see the race Saturday night ,it was a pretty good one .hello to triple J ,prayers for all our service men and women .
mayberry deputy

May 17, 2004 - Msg 21403: Pipeman, where are ya? APB for pipeman!
Also, auh20, hazel, Boo, AFD, Des, salty dog,mavis, MPO and others.
Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their neighbor! We need all digging utensils! All able-bodied men report to the cave entrance!
Spot will bring the food wagon. Help us find all these missing porchsters!
Thank you for your assistance.
MDC alias "Barney on the bullhorn" (teehee)

May 17, 2004 - Msg 21404: this really is sara. i was never seen in any of the eps. people often think they have seen me. but they never have. i am soaking my feet most of the time. love and prayers to everyone. sara

May 17, 2004 - Msg 21405: Good evening everyone - prayers for your son Jublesniece. . .how hard this must be for you. . .
God Bless President Bush and ALL OUR troops everywhere but specially in the middle East. . .

A little quiet here - the rain has moved through, the boys have their summer hair cuts (or is that hairless cuts).

Take care everyone!!


May 17, 2004 - Msg 21406: BDJ - could we have a little music please?

May 17, 2004 - Msg 21407: HEY GUYS AND GALS.....eggs and bacon and grits and toast for late supper tonight!...cold milk ,gravy,fried taters....sliced tomato...signed: SPOT the"gona cook now" dog of your porch ..lights are on

May 17, 2004 - Msg 21408: Sara, didn't you also suffer from the bursitis? Hey to all--good to see ya, New Neighbor, MDC, homemaker, Mrs. Wiley, Ro, Asa, spot, Goober, Mayberry Deputy, Fun Girl, possum, Ellen Brown, Briscoe, Mary Wiggins. Welcome to Juble, Juble, Juble. Prayers for pipeman. Hope he's ok. Where's Mavis and Salty Dog anyhow? Maybe Mavis is givin' Salty Dog a clip job! Teehee. just jokin' Salty! Haven't seen Dež or Sterling Holobyte for a little while neither. Today's my baby girl's birthday--she's twelve! (That 'un makes me cry!)
Charlotte Tucker

May 17, 2004 - Msg 21409: Hey to the Porch.

Jennie, if you're up to a 2 hour drive, go West from Chicago to Galena, IL...
all KINDS of ways to spend your money on antiques there...

-- Jelsik

May 17, 2004 - Msg 21410: Hey to MDC (or should I say Barney on the Bullhorn) ; ) - thanks for sending in the rescue team after me. I've been down with a sinus cold since last Wed. but finally starting to feel like myself again.

Mmm - thanks for them sliced 'maters with supper tonite, Spot. Makes me think of a song I heard a LOOONG time ago...anybody remember it? Here's the chorus...

"Home grown tomatoes, home grown tomatoes
What would life be without home grown tomatoes
Only two things that money can't buy
That's true love and home grown tomatoes."

Prayers for all! God Bless America, our leaders and our troops!

AFD! Go Pistons!

May 18, 2004 - Msg 21411: Just got a minute and wanted to say hey.


fun girl

"Go ahead and shoot him sheriff, you got a legal right."

May 18, 2004 - Msg 21412: AFD - your song reminds me of another song about vegetables, jump in if you know it.. .

Beans, Beans, the musical fruit
The more you eat, the more you toot,
The more you toot, the better you feel -
So let's have beans for every meal!



May 18, 2004 - Msg 21413: Welcome, newcomers! Always glad to have new faces on the porch. For those who want soup, just raise your hand. I'm hitching the Plum to her little wagon that Asa made for her during softball season, and she'll make the rounds, with soup for everyone. I filled her up on raw carrots, so maybe she'll leave the ones in the soup alone. If she does pilfer a few, don't worry, she's clean.

Caught Ratticus yesterday, and took him out to a local park and let him go. The bait that finally worked was a stale chocolate chip cookie. Now, as I am sitting here, I'm watching two more out there under the feeder! Dagnabbit, I wish they'd go elsewhere. Guess that livetrap is going to become a fixture in my yard. They may be strictly outdoor rats for all I know, but I can't be sure, and I surely don't want them in the house, so they'll be park residents as quickly as I can catch them. They're actually kinda cute, little brown things with bodies about the size of a large lemon, but they're still rats.

Well, my landscaper friend is delivering a huge boulder to my yard today. It's shaped like a chaise lounge, with a sloped-up back and all, and I just couldn't refuse it. Weighs about a thousand pounds, gonna be some feat to get it back there, but I'll bet he can do it. Should be interesting.

You all have a great day now, you hear? Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 18, 2004 - Msg 21414: Have Plum stop by the Ozarks end of the porch, Romeena. Thank ya kindly!

Hey to the new folks and to those we haven't seen for a spell. Nice to see you all.

Have a Mayberry kinda day, everyone.

May 18, 2004 - Msg 21415: Ro, I hope they are not roof rats! We have had an invasion here in the Phoenix area. They say they have come from China, and are making their way across the city on landscape co trucks.
They thrive on fruit trees fruit. Then they take up residence in the rafters of homes.
You could ask your landscaper about them.
Hey to fungirl, jelsik, afd, and charlotte.
Charlotte, that is such a wonderful age. Think back when you were 12 and take it from there! haha
Spot, vittles sound good!
"Barney the Realtor" on last night here.
Opie:"But pa, what about the crack in the ceiling,
and the noise the pipes make, and the leaky roof!"
Andy: Well bikes is bikes and houses is houses.
G'Day to ya all. Prayers for all our leaders
on this local election day!

May 18, 2004 - Msg 21416: You know... that makes me think.... they had that same basic plot several times on TAGS, where Opie would "spill the beans..."

I'm not saying it's right to lie, but how come nobody ever went and talked to Opie about what they were doing? Like in "Floyd, the Gay Deceiver".... Opie comes in and calls Andy "Paw"... didn't anyone tell him why they were going out to that house and all?

I know, I know... it was in the script that way. Just random thoughts....

--Will Stockdale, P.L.O.

May 18, 2004 - Msg 21417: Well Will, as in all such plots Andy confesses at the end that he was wrong! He says to Mr Simms,
"why dont you keep your basement with the water and I'll keep my leaky roof and noisy pipes."
Plus, if it made sense right away, there'd be no show! heehee.
Just heard that Tony Randall (Felix Unger) died yeaterday. He was so good in that role. I really liked that show. May he rest in peace. He will be missed.
Mr Darlin's Cuz
"Ya know, a penny struck by lighting is worth 6 cents according to Johnny Paul Jason"

May 18, 2004 - Msg 21418: RIP Tony Randall... my Mamma and I just loved Felix.

Ro, send Plum my way with that soup, I'm on a poorly spell. Looks like I'll be going out to Denver to see a specialist. Waiting on the call from his office now... he seems to think that the surgeon who worked on me last didn't know what he was looking at, so maybe there's a chance I can be helped. If not, it's SSD for me.

One of those random thoughts: my favorite part of ant TAGS ep is when Barney fires his gun in it's holster... how many times did Andy hold his hand out? Not every time Barn did that, but most times... the gun would fire, Ang would give Barn that 'look' and hold his hand out. The looks on Barneys face! All pained and embarassed as he would reluctently hand over his revolver. That always tickles me to no end.

Y'all have a good day and act like you've got some smarts!
~ Mrs. Wiley

May 18, 2004 - Msg 21419: Looks like a porch sweep is near. Wonder if Ro-mee-na will do it again!
My prayers are with you Mrs Wiley. Please, what is your webpage again? You got soup comin' right from Clara's kitchen.
Anyone heard from the pipeman?

May 18, 2004 - Msg 21420: Good question. Where is pipeman, anyway? I miss him and his gentle comments.

MDC, I know a little about roof rats. My son's home was plagued with them in Florida. Big gorgeous home in a golf course community, and they were fighting roof rats! Needless to say, he was not pleased. They finally got rid of them, but it took an exterminator. I don't think that's what I'm dealing with. These guys are small, I've only seen them outdoors on the ground, eating seeds from beneath the bird feeders. Today, however, one appeared that was at least twice as big as the others. Looks just like them, only much bigger. Guess I'll just keep my livetrap baited, and whenever I catch one I'll take him to the country. Dagnabbit, rats, of all things!

Sugarplum should be about finished with her soup rounds, and I think I hear her little squeaky wagon wheel coming now. Hope everyone got what they needed/wanted. Let me know if I need to make some more.

Have a great evening - Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 18, 2004 - Msg 21421: What was it that a horse hair left in stagnant water would do?

Johnny Paul Jason don't know everything....

--Will Stockdale, P.L.O.

May 19, 2004 - Msg 21422: Good Morning All...this morning its ham and cheese omlets..hash browns..sausage on the side..fresh fruit..cold mild at 6:00 sharp...signed: SPOT the" been busy teaching classes at the power company: dog of your porch...lights are on!

May 19, 2004 - Msg 21423:
Good morning Porch, have a great one.


Here's the scenario:

Six married men
will be dropped
on an island with
ONE (1) car
FOUR (4) kids each
(between the ages of 2 and 8),
for SIX (6) weeks.


Each kid plays two (2) sports
and either takes
music or dance classes.


There is no access to fast food.


Each man must:
take care of his 4 kids,
keep his assigned house clean,
; correct all homework,
complete science projects,
do laundry,


The men only have access to television
when the kids are asleep and
all the chores are done.
There is only one (1) TV between them
and there is


The men must:
shave their legs,
wear makeup daily,
(which they must apply themselves
either while driving or
while making four lunches).


They must:
attend weekly PTA meetings,
clean up after their sick children at 3:00 a.m.,
get a 4-year-old to eat a serving of peas
and make an Indian hut model with
six toothpicks, a tortilla and one marker,


The kids vote them off the island,
based on performance.


The last man wins ...
only if ...
he has enough energy to be intimate
with his spouse at a moment's notice.


If the last man DOES win,
he can play the game
over and over again
for the next 18-25 years ..
eventually earning the right
to be called

"M O T H E R"

Send this to any female that you think will get a kick out of it,and any man that you think can handle it!!

May 19, 2004 - Msg 21424: Morning porchpals! Leave a horse hair in stagnant water and it will turn into a snake Will Stockdale.

MDC, my web page is loong gone. Don't think I'll be able to start another one. Basically one doc says my ribs are all malformed, the other (the expert) thinks maybe that doc didn't know what he was looking at, but I'm still waiting to hear from the top guy. Testing for 3 days before we know for sure. What I have is "Thoraccis Outlet Syndrome", kind of like carpal tunnel only instead of it being in your wrist, I have it in my chest (affecting neck, shouders and arms). Any more of Ro's soup and I won't need any doctors!! haha. My tahnks to Ro and the Plum (I only found 1 carrot gnawed on the least little bit).

EB, LOVED your post!

~ Mrs. Wiley
anybody got one of those AsaltyY2K contraptions? (you old time porchters know what that is)

May 19, 2004 - Msg 21425: oops, that's Thoraccic. ~ Mrs. Wiley

May 19, 2004 - Msg 21426: Morning porchsters! Ellen Brown, I loved that mother thing! I'm sending it to my friends. I could use ya'll's prayers today. Nothing bad ... just lots of everyday stress. Projects due and no time to work on them! Love to all! Prayers for Mrs. Wiley that they'll be able to help you! Prayers for our missing pipeman. Good to see you Will Stockdale! Hey to Ro, homemaker, MDC, AFD, and Mayberry RFD! HA!
Charlotte Tucker

May 19, 2004 - Msg 21427: guess who? thanks for all the kind thoughts, i miss you all also. still busy, one granddaughter graduates next week, our 20 year old granddaughter goes for surgery . in about two or three weeks i go to hospital for right kidney extraction, seems when they lasered out kidney stones in 1984 they failed to follow up and the one they missed lodged in the tube between right kidney and bladder. they put strange things on e-bay wonder what a kidney in no condition brings these days? i'll keep in touch as much as possible. hello to one and all. lol. racing fans time for kasey kane to win this weekend go #9. sorry about pistons they had a great season. cubs tied for first place. what about 40 year old randy johnson the oldest pitcher ever to win a shut out. have a great day and may the lord smileon you and yours, as well as anyone needing a special prayer. time to ight the ole briar. your pipeman

May 19, 2004 - Msg 21428: hi, everyone. sara here. i was so sorry to hear about mrs. wylie and her health problems. god bless you girl. it was interesting to know that tony randall became a father for the first time at age 77. his first wife could not have children. i love to read everyones comments about their lives. i have two children with my husband of 21 years. james and i waited to have our children at ages 32 and 33. we were married for 11 years before elizabeth came along. then we had chris 15 months later. we were very lucky because some folks cant have any. we didnt know we could have kids until we said,after 10 years, do we want children. i currently have a home daycare business. i have 8 coming in aug. right now i have 5. they sure keep me busy. they are asleep between now and 10. love to you and yours,sara

May 19, 2004 - Msg 21429: Ellen Brown, I don't think I'll be signing up for that one. I have enough trouble with one child, a messy wife, and one car between us. :)

Sad about Tony Randall. He always reminded me of a friend of mine. Well, as Felix Unger anyway.

-Sterling Holobyte

May 19, 2004 - Msg 21430: Welcome Sara! Now I'll have to watch those calls to Juanita! (haha)
Sounds like you will fit right in here on the porch. Lots of rockers available. We spread from the east to the west, and the north to the south! Spot, the talkin' dog, is our unofficial cook and he does a might fine job, I might add. When he aint teachin or judgin' ,that is!
That was a cute post EB.
But i got to tell ya, for a Darlin', I do my share o the housework etc! Been hitched for 27 years, so I guess I'm doin' somethin' right!
(but I aint wearin' no tie! teehee)
Prayers for all who's ailing. Mrs W, thanks for the info. My, that is really something.
BTW, I saw on the Bulletin board that a release date for the first season has been set...Oct 12 we can all see good clear eps and EPILOGUES of the 1st season! Yippie!
That calls for some pickin and juggin'!
Mr Darlin's Cuz