June 12, 2004 - Msg 21722: IM BACK!...HEY YALL...pipeman prayers for ya and all else in need.hey sara,hm,ro,boo,goober, mrs wiley,and ALL...tonight its roast chicken with fresh green beans [taters cook in them], corn on the cob, turnip greens, fried okra,sliced cucumber with ranch dressing...sweet tea, hot peppers,and a tear from a roll of my paper towels and by the way we are eating outside !...signed: SPOT the"glad to have my busy work week over" dog of YOUR porch ...ruff ruff....lights are on and will someone bring some slaw....

June 12, 2004 - Msg 21723: Hey spot, you just get back and we put you right to work sweeping. Your a good porch dog, I'll say that.
Romeena, thanks for clearing that up for me concerning Harriet. I have not seen to many L.H.O.T.P. eps, but the minute you described her, I knew who she was. And she was a beast, a beast I tell you. She reminded me a little of Mrs. Gossage on The Walton's. I don't know how old Ike put up with her as well as he did.
Just got back from a big Air show here at our local Air Force Base. Had the Thunderbirds here and everything. What a blast. And the temps were just nice to, around 75 with just a light breeze. Wonderful day.
I also watched the service for President Reagan last night from his Library in Simi Valley. Very touching. I hope all us here on the porch can remember his wife Nancy in our prayers. I feel very sad for her. She looks so lost right now, bless her heart.
By the way, Simi Valley is only about 25 miles or so from Franklin Canyon, just north of L.A. That's where all the TAGS opening shots were done. Thought that was kind of neat.
Hope you all have a blessed Sabbath tomorrow.


June 12, 2004 - Msg 21724: Oh dear, now I've got the hiccups. HELP!


June 12, 2004 - Msg 21725: breath in a fan asa...........spot

June 13, 2004 - Msg 21726: No, no. Try holding your breath Asa..........~ Mrs. Wiley

June 13, 2004 - Msg 21727: Try a spoonful of sugar, Asa. That usually works. --Romeena

June 13, 2004 - Msg 21728: Yes, President Reagan's funeral was beautiful and touching, and my heart goes out to Nancy. She will be lost for a while. She was so devoted, and he was her whole life. She's at Square One right now, and it's a very uncomfortable place to be.

I don't intend to be mean-spirited, but I can't help wondering what the funeral for Clinton will be like, when his time comes. I can't imagine that it will be as sweet and touching and emotional as this one for President Reagan has been. I just hope Hillary won't ham it up and try to appear heart-broken. Sorry, I guess that was a bit mean.

There are three squirrels absolutely having a party in my yard right now, and they're just so funny. One has been up to my window, peering in, as though asking me to bring out some feed, so guess I'd better do it. Cute little thing.

Have a quiet and peaceful Sabbath, friends. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

June 13, 2004 - Msg 21729: hey gang, raining here in ga. ...hope yer hic-ups are gone asa...hey Ro...cold cuts for the rainy evening here, bologna and cheese and ham and roast beef and provolone cheese too. chips bread and butter pickels, tea and bottled H20...prayers to all in need signed: SPOT the"staying in the dog house so"s not to get wet" dog of your porch

June 13, 2004 - Msg 21730: Good Evening Everyone. Happy Sabbath. I'm just taking it easy today. Like the preacher said, "Whats your hurry...." Hope everyone else is having a good sunday.
Jimmy The Goat

June 13, 2004 - Msg 21731: Hey Asa....


Did that work?

What always works for me is drinking a tall glass of water until I almost passed out from needing to breathe.

You know, I can't remember the last time I got the hiccoughs...

--Will Stockdale, P.L.O.

June 13, 2004 - Msg 21732: I'm still holding my breath! For how long Mrs. Wiley, I'm feeling faint.


June 14, 2004 - Msg 21733: That's enough, Asa! For cryin' out loud, you're plumb purple. If that and Will hollerin' at you didn't do it, then I think you're hopeless.

Well, Jimmy the Goat! Where on earth have you been? We haven't seen you in a month of Sundays. It's good to see you.

Spot, those sandwiches hit the spot. I just love roast beef and provolone cheese, especially with a little horseradish spread on the rye bread. Good sammich! The Plum wanted me to make her a carrot sandwich, but I talked her out of it. I'm afraid those round little carrots would just roll right out, especially since she doesn't have thumbs to help her hold the bread together. Poor baby, she feels a little deprived at times. No thumbs, and she's short, too. I told her she makes up for it in personality.

Well, off to the ironing board. Have a great week, everyone. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

June 14, 2004 - Msg 21734: good morning porch!..spot here..lets all meet at the waffle house for scattered covered smothered and chunked!....[we will have to go dutch payday aint till thu.]....how about 7:00?.....signed: SPOT the" gona get chile on my browns" dog of your porch...ruff..ruff....lights are on!..Hey Will when you BOO"ed Asa hope he lost his hic-ups cause you scared me so now I GOT them!

June 14, 2004 - Msg 21735: Good morning Porch! Spot, try holding your breath... no, that one didn't work last time. Did you try drinking a glass of water from the far end of the glass? Well, if THAT doesn't work, try some VICKS!

~ Mrs. Wiley

June 14, 2004 - Msg 21736: Morning, Dear.
- Hazel

June 14, 2004 - Msg 21737: Hey to the Porch!! Did anybody here go to the Squad Car Nationals this past weekend? I had my 20th high school reunion so I wasn't able to go. First Mayberry event like this that I've missed in 9 years.

June 14, 2004 - Msg 21738: I'm new to postin' on the porch--been readin' it a long time but never written anything. I'm interested in a couple of things.
1. I've been reading but would really like to know where everyone is from. I am writing from western Washington, about 5 miles from the Canadian border.
2. I know that only a few (16?) episodes of TAGS are available on DVD. Does anyone know why only those few and if others are going to becoming out.
Thanks so much, and God bless,

June 14, 2004 - Msg 21739: yesterday we had a luau party to kick off the lava lav island theme of the vacation bible school for the kiddos today....just sent the two oldest away to that this morning....now i can breathe a little before the little ones get here for daycare....it is never a dull moment around here.......at the luau, i painted faces ,hands and arms, from 5;oo til 8;00, outside in the heat it was a little tiring but it was fine as long as someone was spritzing us with a little water and fanning. we did have an umbrella above and it was cooler than out in the open.....it can get real steamy in texas.....all of the kids and parents had a good time...the preacher was dunked into a big tub of water at the dunking booth.....everyone had hotdogs and homemade icecream....im not sure who the winner of the icecream contest was.....we were so busy painting that we only had icewater to drink....there was a constant line for the paintings, it was alot of fun.....i love to do those kinds of things, but this was my first time to be outside to do it.....that is all the news here, love to everyone on the porch...sara

June 14, 2004 - Msg 21740: Morning Honey!
I can breathe a little easier, them hiccups left me. Thanks for all the ideas everyone.
Sounds like a fun party Sara. Wish I could have been there.
I didn't attend then Nationals Floyd. Hope to some day. Sounds like a blast.
Welcome to Leo. Pull up a chair and have a sit. Fine folks hang out here. I live in the mountains of Northern Utah about 40 miles north of Salt Lake. I have some family that lives in Kettle Falls Washington. Sounds like they may be close to you. Been there before. In fact did some schooling at Gonzaga in Spokane for a few semesters. Pretty country I must say.
Well it's Monday so I hope you all are having a good one. I took the day off work to get some other things done. Kinda nice to do that every now and then.


June 14, 2004 - Msg 21741: Good morning - Asa how can you type and hold your breath at the same time - you have real talent!
I can't believe that Clinton's approval rating is the same as Reagan's? Are people nuts or what! Sorry - I thought Slick Willy was a discredit to the White House, esp. with the Monica situation!
I did love GW Bush's comment about being the family spokesman with the help of his Florida cousin Chad!

Well -need to go - the native's are restless!


June 14, 2004 - Msg 21742: Howdy everyone - Happy Flag Day!!
I have finally returned. My computer has been out of commission for over a week.

Howdy Leo - I'm Andy's Favorite Dish (aka AFD). Good to have you here. I am from the beautiful Missouri Ozarks. The whole first season of TAGS on DVD is due out Oct 12.

Woo-hoo Mary Wiggins - How about those Pistons!?!

Prayers and ((hugs)) for everyone. Glad to be back!


June 14, 2004 - Msg 21743: Welcome Leo! Glad you decided to finally join the conversation instead of just rockin'.
Paramont, who owns the rights to the show will be releasing the whole first season on DVD in Sept.
It is much anticipated because they should be very good quality and will be the whole show including epilogues.
I live in the Phx, Az area. It has REALLY spraawled out the last ten years. For a number of years, there were ten thousand a month coming here! As i age, I really long for country living, and hopefully can retire in such a place somewhere.
As I do not have cable, i watch a locacal station that shows tags 3 times a day and we are just about thru the color eps. Hopefully we'll be back to the BW soon!
sara, sounds like all went well for the opening of your VBS. Hope it is a blessing to all involved.
pipeman- our prayers continue for you. Kepp us informed on how you're doing.
Goober- sorry to hear about your dad. As you know several of us porchsters are in similar situations. My heart goes out to you. My pryers for your whole family.
Hazel- good to see you again. Stick around awhile.
Floyd- thanks for all your help.
I'm heading to my FORTIETH this summer. Now i do feel old!
Ro and SP, there ya go, takin opie's adventure bed again!
Spot- Waffle house coffee will put hair on your chest, that is for sure!! teehee
But them cakes are sure the cats meow!
Have a good day and week. keep our soldiers etc in your thoughts and prayers as we get closer to the 30th.
Mr Darlin's Cuz

June 14, 2004 - Msg 21744: good morning everyone,hope everybody had a good weekend.MDC.. 40 aint so bad ,I made it there about two years ago .welcome to the porch LEO..Im from western N.C., Hverone have a great day
Mayberry Deputy

June 14, 2004 - Msg 21745: Sara, sounds like you had a great time at the luau, and saying that it gets a little steamy in Texas is an understatement, isn't it? Whoo-wee! I think it is fixin'to be one of the all time hot summers here in Texas. We start our VBS next Monday and we are doing a camp theme (my favorite). Time to break out the tents and have a great time. I will be what is referred to as a "guide" so I am not teaching this year, I will be in charge of a group of kiddos of various ages and will take them from activity to activity. I think it will be fun. I am a huge VBS fan and that is funny because until several years ago (when I joined a Baptist church) I never helped out in a VBS and the first year I did, I hated it. I was completely overwhelmed. The next year was different with a great director and I saw how much VBS can affect the kids. From that summer until this one I have always tried to load up the Suburban with neighbor kids who might not attend church or have Christian parents. I have learned to see VBS as an awesome way to introduce children to the gospel. If you have VBS in your church, get involved. You will be blessed, indeed!....sermon over.

Hello to Leo! Glad you joined us. I am from the great state of Texas, on the coast near Corpus Christi. Born here, raised here, can't wait to get out of here.

Gotta run...

June 14, 2004 - Msg 21746: mayberry deputy, i am also 42, small world....you grew up with andy as i did....the 40s are fabulous....i can be as crazy as i want to be and nobody cares how goofy or emotional you are, as long as you are good to people and treat em with respect....pray daily and be kind to animals, then life is wonderful.....at any age it is just good to be happy where you are.... im getting alot of gray hairs but i dont care, i think it bothers my kids and my husband but they will just have to live with it.... so there ,i feel better already......see ya ll later.....and i agree, it does seem like this summer is going to be a scorcher this year, you can fry eggs on a sidewalk, i hope not......bye, sara

June 14, 2004 - Msg 21747: Hello again.
I have an idea.... Instead of watching so much television, why don't you people read a book or get into a night school? I think by watching T.A.G.S, you're just trying to escape the sometimes harsh reality of the World's situations. Instead, why don't you do something positive and/or constructive to try and change the surroundings that your in? Don't say that I'm crazy, and that your all just fine with your situations... Your beloved Boo stated "Hello to Leo! Glad you joined us. I am from the great state of Texas, on the coast near Corpus Christi. Born here, raised here, can't wait to get out of here." Now does that seem like happiness to you? No.
Anyway,.... just a thought. I like helping out people like you as much as I can. Oh yeah, I almost forgot.... This is starting to bore me, so this will probably be my last entry. I know you fine folks will miss my kind spiritedness and my upbeat humor, but as they say, "all good things must come to an end". Until we meet in the big Mayberry in the sky, farewell my introverted, socially inept friends.

June 14, 2004 - Msg 21748: SARA... I agree with you that being in the 40s isnt so bad ,and I know all about the gray hairs ,I try to say a prayer daily and Im always kind to animals,some people though make it hard to be nice to them such as the above poster ,he/she talks about us not having lives but he/she has time to stop in here and harrass us ,so their life must not be very good either ,oh well off the soap box Im sure Floyd has things under control

June 14, 2004 - Msg 21749: opps!!! above was posted by Mayberry Deputy

June 14, 2004 - Msg 21750: Thanks for the welcomes. Post #21747 sounds like that crochity (sp) old store-keeper in one TAGS that was always complaining. Live and let live I say.

June 14, 2004 - Msg 21751: Hey msg#21747, when you woke up this morning was your head on the pillow end or the foot end of your bed?


June 14, 2004 - Msg 21752: Just wanted to let Sara and Mayberry Deputy know that I will be 42 next month! All I can say is 41 has been a great year and I am looking forward to 42.

By the way, I think Texas is a great state, I would just prefer to live in the mountains (its just what I love). Colorado calls to me.....(sigh) but in reality my elderly parents need me and it brings me joy to know I can help them.

Love to all (even to the interloper in 21747-sounds like he could use a friend)

June 14, 2004 - Msg 21753: Ha ha...isn't it funny that the person who wrote Msg 21747 has even less to do that we do? I mean...he doesn't even like watching TAGS yet he/she spends his time visiting web sites about TAGS and tells the folks there that they need more to do?...ha ha... I mean 21747 must REALLY not have anything to do if searching the web for people that don't do anything to make the world better is what he spends his time doing.


June 14, 2004 - Msg 21754: No, friend, it is not very funny. It is actually pretty sad. You must not like your life very much. I guess all we can do is feel sorry for you.

I was actually wondering the same thing about what Clinton's funeral will be like, Ro. Where will the people who will stand up and say he was a man of integrity and honesty get the nerve to say that with a straight face. I've always felt that he may have weasled himself out of things before, but eventually history will come back and bite him in the bu... rear. And his legacy will not be positive.
But that's just my thoughts.

Hope everyone is doing ok.
-Sterling Holobyte

June 14, 2004 - Msg 21755: BOO..welcome to the 42 club ,and I also love the mountains here in N.C. ,I live in the foothills so the mountains are not that far away so I can jump up there every now and then FLOYD.. you sure are eliquent with words
mayberry deputy

June 14, 2004 - Msg 21756: 21747 may just want someone to talk to. Who knows.
And actually I do watch tags to escape a little bit. Dont see nothing wrong with a half hour a day lookin back when my other 23 and a half are moving forward and productive! it takes all kinds to make the world go round, I guess.
Just to let MD know, I was talking my 40th reunion, not bd! See, now I'm gettin up there.
Ya all have a good evening.
"judy, judy, judy"

June 14, 2004 - Msg 21757: I think I may have made a boo-boo(no Boo, I'm not talking about you).
When I first read post 21753, I must have read it wrong and I thought that it didn't sound like something the real Floyd(of the website) would say, and I thought it was the interloper.
So Floyd, if that really was you on 21753, I apologize. I didn't mean that YOU don't like your life very much and that we should feel sorry for YOU, I was(or thought I was) talking to the interloper.
-Sterling Holobyte

June 14, 2004 - Msg 21758: heehee. I think your mistake was pretty clear, Sterling and I think you are a real nice guy. I'm sure Floyd understands.


June 14, 2004 - Msg 21759: Thanks Boo. But sometimes I wish there were something on here so we could edit our own messages. Especially when you write something and then post it, then read it over and go, "D'oh! I wish I wouldn't have written that!". :)
Of course, that NEVER happens to me. ;)
-Sterling Holobyte

June 14, 2004 - Msg 21760: D'oh, I wish I wouldn't have written that!

Well, that was ironic. ;)

-Sterling Holobyte

June 14, 2004 - Msg 21761: howdy to one and all. sweltering here and an occasional storm for entertainment. prayers for one and all. kasey kane will be sponsored by the cubs next year if he keeps getting jinxed. ha. i was wondering about jimmy carters funeral, granted not a good president but look at all he does for humanity and when in trouble with elections etc they always call jimmy. read in a book some interesting recipes for all the clampetts favorites, do we want that for our meals? i'll leave it to your imagination what the meals were. anyone hear from fun girl? seems like a lot of fine folks county nurse, jerry, goober, ky moonshiner and ky girl to namw a few haven't checked in for awhile, wonder how there doing? mdc- i'll try and get to northfork soon. pipeman

June 14, 2004 - Msg 21762: today was the army's birthday, 129 years old and was active before we were a country. today was flag day, too. hang in there. pipeman, spot how is the remshaws power doing? i;ll bet it's run from a still. pipeman

June 14, 2004 - Msg 21763: Good evening - so much chatter on the porch today. . .isn't it kind of funny that most of us are in the 40's club. I think that is ironic. I remember being really young, living here in rural Indiana as I do now, dreamed of living in TX and marrying a cowboy. . .would you believe I did marry a cowboy from TX who transplanted to IN! - he didn't have much to do with the transplanting - his dad was in the army when he was born in TX!

Have a great evening ya'll!


June 14, 2004 - Msg 21764: Welcome to Leo. I'm from southern Idaho, so we're kindof neigbors!
- Hazel

June 14, 2004 - Msg 21765: Oops, spelled neighbor wrong.
I before e, except after c, and h after g in neighbor.
I always forget that rule.
- Hazel

June 14, 2004 - Msg 21766: pipeman the remshaw places light blink all the time and i canot fix them....hum.....and im a membet of the 44 club....fourtys are cool..growing up in the late 60"s and 70"s was great....o-well its all night work [slow now] and a bowl of butter pecan ice cream for all...yall holler if ya need me i will be here all night...signed: SPOT the"gona go to the lake all day wed" dog of your porch..ruff lights are on [except for the blinkings ones at the remshaw place]...

June 15, 2004 - Msg 21767: Hazel, yer a nut! :)


June 15, 2004 - Msg 21768: Yeah Asa, but for a chicken she's kinda funny.

Leo, I'm from S.Fla - welcome to ya! Heading out to take MIL to Miami for the big operation (16 hrs). Once again we both thank you humbly for all the prayers. She's in God's hands now.

~ Mrs. Wiley

June 15, 2004 - Msg 21769: hey all, and welcome Leo im in Kennesaw Georgia!..the southern end of the porch I do lots of the cooking on the porch ...matter of fact this morning its gona be sausage egg and cheese bisquits, coffee, or bottled water, some have mustard on them, get two m something to eat on the run !..signed: SPOT the"gona mow grass when I wake up this morning" dog of your porch ! lights are on !

June 15, 2004 - Msg 21770: Mornin' to all! Just popping in to say hi and welcome to Leo.Glad them hiccups are gone,Asa! I'll bet it was the Vicks that did the trick-ha ha! Y'all have a great day!
possum under a rock

June 15, 2004 - Msg 21771: That was me, Sterling, but don't worry...I knew what you were saying and I didn't take it to heart. I still think that it's funny that folks will look for places that are family friendly and be mad because we don't allow foul language. There are SOOOO many places on the Internet where folks can curse and say just anything they want to yet it bothers them when they find a group of folks that enjoy being gentle in their comments. Sad.

June 15, 2004 - Msg 21772: Pipeman...actually the Army was 229 years old yesterday instead of 129. Just setting the record straight...I am to hang on to my standin' in the community.

June 15, 2004 - Msg 21773: "To the infantry!"

-- Will Stockdale, P.L.O.

June 15, 2004 - Msg 21774: Good morning everyone - glad you are cooking spot - man, I just love your bisquits!!! I prefer mine with a "spot" of tea!


June 15, 2004 - Msg 21775: So true, Floyd. I guess maybe misery really does love company, and they are trying to make everyone else as miserable as they must be.

I'll take my bisquit without the egg, thanks Spot! And be sure to watch your toes/or paws when you're mowing.

-Sterling Holobyte

June 15, 2004 - Msg 21776: Was it barney that took care of 3000 books for this man's army? It think so.
GO PISTONS! Let's do it tonight!
Prayers fro mrs Wiley's MIL.
More later,

June 15, 2004 - Msg 21777: MDC - Barney was in charge of the PX Library on Staten Island. It's mentioned in the Quiet Sam episode.

Prayers for your MIL, Mrs. Wiley. Prayers that God directs the Dr. hands and that there are no complications.

Ro, in the archives you mentioned the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I used it on my bathtub - there were some stains on there that I have been trying to get out for years. The ME took care of it wonderfully. Looks as good as new.

Mary - I'm rooting for your PISTONS, too!


June 15, 2004 - Msg 21778: Hi, Everyone! I'm new to the porch. I discovered it while looking up info. to plan for a trip to my niece's wedding in NC. I've enjoyed reading your kind postings and love the conversational feeling. I'm 44, married with three children and live in a very small town in Minnesota. I hope you're all having a lovely day! Becca

June 15, 2004 - Msg 21779: WElcome Becca - enjoy our porch! We sure do! I too am rooting for the Pistons (never have been much of an LA fan). . .Go Pistons Go!

I too will testify for the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser - my kids had used marker on my husband's truck interior and I tried everything to get it off. I got a little off but not all of it - poof - the M. E. did the trick. I absolutely love it - and Mr. Clean
WE have t-ball pictures tonight, how exciting! I will say that I am glad that my boys can connect to the ball without always using the T. The oldest one can make it sail through the air.

Well - I am going to go food process some zucchini so that I can make a cake this week. . .fresh from the garden! (Not mine but a friend's). It is so nice others will share their produce!

Take care -

And Floyd, you are a treasure, for sure!!!


June 15, 2004 - Msg 21780: Hmmm, I see that Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is about to outdo VICKS! Never thought I'd see the day that would happen. Makes ya thank!
Welcome to Becca. Always room for a friendly face here. (don't eat any hard candies homemaker gives ya though)
Come on Pistons. I hope they do it tonight.
Where ya at Mary Wiggins?


June 15, 2004 - Msg 21781: Careful of that Mr Clean Eraser, I hear it turns you into.. the Stepford Wives!! Teehee, just joshing wit ya. Actually, my wife got it and we removed scuffs on the woodwork that NOTHIN' else would take off. Not even VICKS!
AFD- thanks for refreshing my memory on Barney's tour of duty!
Welcome Becca. hope ya stick around and enjoy your trip too.
Pipeman- thanks for checking in. i havent been to the rifleman site in a while. too much else going on with caring for my ma and pa.
Tho I'm not in the 40 club with the other "youngsters" here, i know that I can still feel at home, especially with Floyd standing sentry!
Good to also see spot, Mrs W, sterling, asa, HM, will, possum, hazel and others.
Mr Darlin's Cuz

June 15, 2004 - Msg 21782: Thank you for the kind welcome! Mr. Clean knows what he's doing! That Eraser takes off mineral stains from sinks and does a great job on the textured handles of refrigerators, etc. A question for Mr. Darlin's Cuz--if I keep using the Eraser, can I start to LOOK like one of the Stepford Wives? Please? Just kiddin'. My husband wouldn't recognize me!

June 15, 2004 - Msg 21783: Hey Ya'll
Jimmy the goat here, back again. You know, speaking of interlopers, I figure it does no good to complain, if your not willing to do something about it. In that spirit, I had an idea. I post for a sports website, and we have a forum, and there's alway some 'interloper' that comes along, and wants to ruin things by spewing there hate-filled venom. Some people take delight in going to a site, and writing nasty things to get everyone riled up. If you respond to it, that adds fuel to the fire, and they'll keep doing it. On the other site I post at, WHat we have is a free registration to get on to the forum, and a password. We haven't had an interloper in a year...no kidding. I've come to learn, that a lot of your basic 'interlopers,' are too lazy,and in most cases lack the intelligence, to have to come up with a password, and then use said password to log on. It might be worth trying here.Have a good night. --Jimmy

June 15, 2004 - Msg 21784: to th interloper, we might have to get spot to chase after you for a couple of blocks....and as a parting gift, some homemade kerosene cucumbers made by aunt bee.....you and ol ben weaver would get along fine....some people just cannot stand a happy website...love sara

June 15, 2004 - Msg 21785: wecome to becca....i have not tried the mr. clean eraser, but i will have to go get some...it sounds great....i can use all the help i can get.....floyd, keep up the good work, i will try to controll myself the next time an unwanted visitor shows up....sara

June 15, 2004 - Msg 21786: Hey Jimmy,

Good idea about the password protection but that wouldn't be very neighboorly so we don't do that. What we WILL do it give him "the big freeze." That usually works just as well. That plus just sweeping the post down through the cracks in the porch floor.

June 15, 2004 - Msg 21787: I wanted to share something funny that I heard in church on Sunday. The preacher said he heard John Hagee(preacher in San Antonio) say that, "Alot of folks don't listen to their conscience because they don't like to take advice from a stranger". heehee


June 16, 2004 - Msg 21788: Yoo Hoo... can I come in? Been a while since I've been here. I hope everyone is doin ok. I aint forgot ya'll I just been busy with work, and classes and all the other extra curricular stuff.I just bought a Mr Clean eraser too... but I aint tried it yet. Sounds like it works good from you all. Ya'll have a good night Love and prayers to you all--Salty Dog

June 16, 2004 - Msg 21789: hey there salty dog!, boo, hazel,pipeman,leo,floyd,becca,mdc,sara ,jimmy,asa,hm,...and all!...center cut bonless pork chops this morning with eggs your way,bisquits,milk gravy,hash browns,canalope,watermelon,strawberrys,pop tarts,ice cold milk,bottled water and a trar from my roll of paper towels..ready at 6 sharp...someone say grace please,signed: SPOT the"gona get off work in 2 hrs and head to the lake fishing"dog of YOUR porch..lights are on...ruff ruff...lets wet a worm !

June 16, 2004 - Msg 21790: Well I''l be dogged. I'll be FLAT dogged, it's SaltyDog!! Hey girl how have you been? Sure do miss you arround these parts. Don't be such a stranger (or you may wind up with a jar of Kerosene Cucumbers)!

MIL mad it thru 12 hrs of surgery... they won't wake her up for another 12-18 hrs. All the tumor was removed, it was not cancerous, and she may have some nerve damage (tongue, Swallow and breathe reflexes and possibly shoulder). We'll know more in 48 hrs. Glory to God in the Highest!

~ Mrs. Wiley
...who is always amazed by the powerful prayers on this 'chere porch.

June 16, 2004 - Msg 21791: Mercy Spot, what a layout. This is pure gala.
Het Salty, goodness I have benn asking all over for you. Glad your back, now stay here. We missed you.
I reckon Mary Wiggins and O'Malley are very happt this morning. Way to go Deeetroit!
Hey Boo, I watch John Hagee some on TV. I can just picture him saying that. There was a feller used to be on the radio here by the name of Chuck Swindell. Don't know if he's still on the air anywhere or not. I liked his preachin. Anyone heard of him?
I like Floyd's idea of just sweeping these interlopers right through the cracks of the front porch. Glad he thought of that cause patching them cracks was on my to do list for this summer, but now they are serving a useful purpose, I won't worry about them. Save me a trip to the hardware store.:)
Hope you all have a wonderful day. Been a kind of cool and pleasant summer here so far. Nice for humans, but my corn is wanting it a little warmer. I'm sure it will come though so I best enjoy what I got.


June 16, 2004 - Msg 21792: Hey Mrs. Wiley, you sneaked in on me there.
That's great news about your MIL. So happy it's not malignant. And prayers for her complete recovery.


June 16, 2004 - Msg 21793: Praise the Lord for answered prayer! So happy MIL does not have cancer.

Yes, Asa, Charles(Chuck) Swindoll is still preaching. I am reading a book of his right now called The Grace Awakening.

On my way to Waco this morning to visit my well- loved Aunt Lou and Uncle Hobby. It is just an overnight trip but better than not seeing them at all.

Hope ya'll have a great day. Talk to you when I get back.


June 16, 2004 - Msg 21794: i knew a lady named charlie who had a grandson named hobby, and it was not a nickname.....what a strange coincidence.....they are also native to texas, in lubbock to be exact....charlie has gone to heaven , she would have loved this chatroom cause she was such a cute lady , she lived to be 97.....she said drinking v8 vegetable juice every morning with her breakfast is the key to longevity.....must be somethin in that juice or her feisty sense of humor .....thank goodness everything is well with your mil, mrs. wiley......welcome back salty dog....folks have been asking about you for some time......have a great day everyone love, sara

June 16, 2004 - Msg 21795: Asa, If we sweep 'em through the cracks....they'll be down there with them spiders. That's where interlopers (mean spirited folks) need to be.


June 16, 2004 - Msg 21796: Just thought I would stop by and say howdy.
I have been hanging around for awahile but I am not an interloper. Good thing to cause I ascared of spiders.
Sounds like I need a Mr. Clean ereaser.
I work with the greatest group of special needs kids during the school year. Being special needs the wall of the classroom sometimes need cleaning.
Have a great day everyone.

Ms. Mayberry

June 16, 2004 - Msg 21797: Just thought I would stop by and say howdy.
I have been hanging around for awhile but I am not an interloper. Good thing to cause I ascared of spiders.
Sounds like I need a Mr. Clean ereaser.
I work with the greatest group of special needs kids during the school year. Being special needs the wall of the classroom sometimes need cleaning.
Have a great day everyone.

Ms. Mayberry

June 16, 2004 - Msg 21798: Ms. Mayberry - welcome to the group, you'll find some really neat people here, some are teachers (like me) and we have had some special needs as*sti*tants too, and then there are some like Asa who are just special! (that's for the crack about my candy! ha ha ha)
Salty - it was soo good to see you. I think I need one of them contraptions you and Asa invented a couple of years ago - my back is all out of whack!
Good to see that Floyd is cutting them interlopers a little short - they deserve uneven sideburns!
have a lovely rainy day!!


June 16, 2004 - Msg 21799: Good afternoon, everybody! Mrs. Wiley, I'm glad your MIL came through her surgery and that it was benign. Prayer is a powerful blessing. It's cooler here today, but humid. First the rain wouldn't turn on, and now we're having a hard time shutting it off. Lots of standing water in the fields, and folks are getting nervous about the corn and soybean crops. It's getting to be too late to replant for this growing season. Homemaker, I'm sure your candy is just dandy! Ms. Mayberry, I'm a teaching assistant at a preschool/child care center--lots of cleaning challenges there, too. My job is a nine-month-a-year one, so I'm home for the summer with my children. I'm gonna make some lemonade. Anybody want a glass?


June 16, 2004 - Msg 21800: Hey yall. You know...I'm stuck here in Jersey for a meeting...and you'd think that being on the south shore...by the beach, in the sun, would be fun. I wanna go home...don't mean to whine...just want to go home. :-(


June 16, 2004 - Msg 21801: Howdy, all. Salty Dog, I declare, it's good to see you! Will you please not stay away for so long anymore? We were getting worried about you.

Welcome, Becca and Leo. We're happy to have you come and sit on the porch with us. If you wish, just give yourself a TAGS name, but you don't have to, it's up to you. Leo, you could be Luke Comstock, because the actor who played Luke in "High Noon in Mayberry" was Leo Gordon.

It's hot, still and sticky here in the Dallas area today. My yard is full of cottonwood and the hulls are falling now, too. Two trees are finished, and one still has a ways to go. Such a mess, but guess I won't do much cleaning up until that one finishes. At least it will be over soon, and then I can just enjoy the shade and the pleasant sound the breeze makes in the trees.

Drat, another little bird just hit my window. He flew away, so guess he's okay. I gotta do something about that. The tree line at the back of my yard is reflected perfectly in this window, and birds fly into it all the time. I'm going to make that stained glass panel myself, that I mentioned earlier. Just too expensive to have it made. Classes start soon, and I'll be there!

Well, gotta run, errands to do. Everyone have a lovely afternoon. Asa, check your email. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

June 16, 2004 - Msg 21802: WAY TO GO PISTONS!!
Mary W you must be so proud of them boys!
Pick anything from the Schwan's truck that you want!
Good to see Salty dog again. Got a permanant rocker here for ya.
Great news Mrs Wiley! PTL, no cancer!
spot, if ya catch old sam, be sure to throw him back.
asa- is that sweet corn by any chance? love that stuff!
boo- have a good visit. keep cool.
Ms Mayberry, are you the same one I see on the BBoard now and then?
Becca-sorry, that MC eraser isnt MIRACULOUS! haha
Jimmy the goat- had any good dynamite lately?
Black and White eps are back on in Phoenix! yippie! Hopefully I can start some quotes again!
Hey to sara, pipeman, goober, leo, and all.
APB for CT, auh20, fungirl, des, rafe,MPO, EB and others! Must have all gone to those islands to make ships in bottles!
have a good day,

June 16, 2004 - Msg 21803: Just wanted to say hey to everyone. And yes homemaker I agree with you that this country has gone nuts when Bill Clinton has a popularity rating as high as Ronald Reagan. SAM SCOTT P.S. The best to you and yours. SAM SCOTT

June 16, 2004 - Msg 21804: welcome new folks- leo, becca, ms mayberry- i'm the pipeman, been smoking a pipe for a long time and a character or 2 on andy griffith did also. good to see so many porchsters that's been out for awhile. goober, get out of new jersey and back to mayberry.missed you my friend. floyd=== suggestion, can we get a smiley face set up on this site? mdc and i are on western site and it's uplifting to see the personal choices, they even have a neat large icon portion for the older folks and such? i was at the dollar tree store today, everythings a dollar but they wouldn't let me have all there cash for a dollar, ha.m anyway they had single cd episodes of the andy shows real nice cover picture for a dollar each i got all three the store had. they had bonanza, i kove lucy, beverly hillbillies, to name a few. prayers and love to everyone. the book form will be out next year of this entry for 14.95 called the little brown truck is everywhere. time to load the ole briar, check to see if the goat is loaded before lighting it, then relax and enjoy it. your pipeman

June 16, 2004 - Msg 21805: hello to ms.mayberry,leo,homemaker,romeena,asa,pipeman,mr.darlin's cuz,becca,and everyone else on this here porch.....i can usually guess what someone looks like before i meet them just from the way they express themselves, i am hardly ever wrong....today at vacation bible school ,the church was jumping like a peprally from schooldays....they were standing ,and singing with dance moves like cheerleaders for jesus...i took two of my little ones that i am caring for this summer.....they loved all the energy in that room....little bit was dancing in my lap, while the old man, who is 20 months, just sat there not moving a muscle....the lady beside me could not believe how still he was......when we came back to the house, the tv delivery guys were waiting for us....we purchased a new flat screen tv for our 21st anniversary....i thought it was a more practical gift the whole family can enjoy....at first ,james wanted to get outdoor furniture, but i didnt think that idea was very good considering our patio is so tiny.... maybe when we put some more concrete to make the patio larger to help sell the house next summer......we can fix things up back there at that time.....until then, we swapped the tv from the family room to the bedroom, the bedroom tv was making andy and dr. phil green as a cucumber..... better go look after the younguns....chris has a basketball game tonight and choir practice is at julie's.....we are practicing that song called swing, swing, swing, ...i think it is by benny goodman....bye for now, love, sara

June 16, 2004 - Msg 21806: Mercy, Sara! Sounds like you've got a really lively VBS going on. Bet the kids are loving it.

MDC, did I understand you correctly? Are they really and truly finally going to release TAGS as sets by seasons, like they're doing with MASH right now? Yippeeee! That will be wonderful, sure 'nuff! And with the epilogues, too. Well, I can hardly wait!

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

June 16, 2004 - Msg 21807: just found out that andy made the number one spot for tv dad....congratulations to andy griffith.......he said in an interview that he was barney's dad , aunt bee's dad, floyd's dad as well as a dad to opie and all of his friends....he tried to be a good role model to everyone and we are so proud to have his shows to watch whenever we need good old fashioned values....and we really are in a sad morality today....it is refreshing to know that good ,quality programming still exists in tvland and pax tv....richard thomas is also a favorite actor of mine, and he and the show ,the waltons , were and still are a good example of family life......gotta go, bye for now,sara

June 16, 2004 - Msg 21808: Hey Ro, Oct. 12th is when the 1st season is supposed to be released. That will be great won't it? Just hope they don't try gouging us.
Way to go Andy, we knew you were number 1.


June 16, 2004 - Msg 21809: Yup, Ro, asa is right on the date! I can hardly wait. just think,
We'll get to see opie real clearly as he says,
"No pa, Aunt be cant go. How's she gonna live?
She dont know how to fish or play ball or nothin'!" teehee
It's not a bad night here to be setting and rockin'
A few fresh squeezin's all around.
Mr Darlin's Cuz

June 16, 2004 - Msg 21810: Well, glory be! I can't wait to get my hands on that first season collection. Sure hope they carry it right on out to the end, all 249 episodes. I'll even buy the color eps, just to have a full set.

It is right pleasant, settin' and rockin', but it'd be a sight more pleasant if I didn't have to interrupt my rockin' to swat a skeeter. When you can feel 'em land, it's pretty bad. I declare, if many more bite me, I'm gonna be anemic. Hateful little critters.

Isn't TVLand's mini-marathon great? I'm sure enjoying all these TAGS eps tonight. I declare, that little Opie was just the cutest thing that ever was.

Well, 'night, all. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

June 17, 2004 - Msg 21811: Poor Horatio !

June 17, 2004 - Msg 21812: GOOD MORNING PORCH!...well here at the old power company from 6am to 10 pm today...gona keep the porch lights on for yall...gona have pasta and shrimp for lunch, salad,hot garlic bread,bottled water....eat under the big oak in town....signed: SPOT the"went fishing with no luck caught only 2 yesterday" talking dog of your porch..ruff ruff

June 17, 2004 - Msg 21813: Hey All, It's actually raining here in Vegas. Not a down pour but God is taking a thimble full and cooling us off. Glad to see all the familiar faces about the porch. SPOT, the lunch sounds great. Take care all and have a Mayberry Kinda Day!

Ed Sawyer

June 17, 2004 - Msg 21814: SPOT..glad you caught some fish , I love fishing myself ,most of the time I go fishing for the fishing and not the fish if that makes any sense to you .. PIPEMAN , ASA , MDC ,and all the other fine folks here on the porch have a great evening and a bid mayberry hello to all newcomers ,everyone take care

June 17, 2004 - Msg 21815: hey MD, spot, and all. Good to see Ed Sawyer
spot- how 'bout I trade you some licorice seeds for some vittles? Garanteed to grow black and red vines! teehee
Barn: "you know Andy, I just cant understand this cannon business. I just cant understand it.
Ya know what I'm gonna do, vote to keep it, tht's what."
Ya all have a grest day

June 17, 2004 - Msg 21816: Grest day? My goodness! How about GREAT day!

June 17, 2004 - Msg 21817: Just went to the doctor, Tuesday, and he said that it might be another year before my left leg completely heals. It will be two years this July 4th since that automible ran over me when I was crossing the street. I wish Barney had ben patrolling that day and slowed traffic down. But, thank God I can walk to the library and talk to you good friends from Mayberry. SAM SCOTT

June 17, 2004 - Msg 21818: my daughter and i watched some of the eps last night of andy and opie.....we laughed so hard our sides are sore......some of them were new to her....it is so fun to see them fresh thru the eyes of your child ....she is 9 and i dont have to explain every little thing so we can enjoy them clear up to the very end...thank goodness the 1st season will be available....i will be sure to get them....i did have to explain the line andy says to opie about having to eat crow....opie was gonna save his money to buy his girlfriend charlotte a new coat because her old one was worn out and her mom couldnt afford a new one....she was the charity he was saving for along with the 3 cents he gave to the underpriviledged children's fund.....god bless you sam scott with your leg....a friend of mine from church needs everyones prayers,she has cancer in her right eye....she has had some surgeries on it, i saw it for the first time on sunday, at first it looked real swollen and shut.....today it looked considerably better and her eye is open a little....she is about 30 yrs. old with 2 small children and a nice husband...she teaches sunday school and is very active in the church.....i thought someone or something hit her but then she told me about the surgeries....we are all hoping for the best.....see ya'll later, love, sara

June 17, 2004 - Msg 21819: JSKDHAFHDHS

June 17, 2004 - Msg 21820: ??? --Romeena

June 17, 2004 - Msg 21821: Hey To The Porch,
Been gone awhile, hope every one is ok.
I just saw that Andy is the No.1 TV Dad on TV Land. This is one of the few times that I feel things are right with the world and as they should be. I wish I could feel this way more often.
Ya'll take care,
Ky Moonshiner

June 17, 2004 - Msg 21822: howdy everyone- ky moonshiner is that really you? missed you. ever hear from ky girl? floyd you were right the army is 229 years young.tried to fudge on my age. way to go pistons,always glad to see ubder dog win. there is still hope for cubs taking world series in our life time. wasn't that nice what the cards and texas rangers did for that kid after a grown man knocked him down ,took the foul ball and wouldn't give it up? wasn't even a star player. this would never happen in maycerry. jimmy the goat in the loaded goat episode reminded me that dynamite was invented by alfred nobel.now they have an implosion gel and don't use a lot of dynamite. enough blewy stories. are we getting lax on the cooking and lake visits or is it just me? prayers for everyone- our troops, leaders, country, we'll make it with the lords help. lol. pipeman

June 17, 2004 - Msg 21823: i like licorice mdc, hey all...ky moonshiner welcome back, hey ro,boo,mrs wiley ,pipeman, and all....late night snack will be hot buttered popcorn with penuts poured in it...lots of butter...signed: SPOT the"got butter dripping off my chin" dog of your porch...lights are on !

June 17, 2004 - Msg 21824: GIJAPA - Sara, that is for your friend (God Is Just A Prayer Away)with cancer - how horrible for her and her little ones. I hope her husband is as nice as you say - she needs some support at home for sure!

pipeman - I thought you were going to say the loaded goat ep reminded you of me. . .my goats are loaded but not with dynamite - I haul enough manure to know they are loaded!

T-ball tonite - almost called due to lightning but it stopped and the game continued. Good thing we don't keep score!

take care -


June 18, 2004 - Msg 21825: Hello again everyone, told ya I'd be back lol. I just wanted to share my good news with you all. One of my best friends, and pretty much an adopted momma, found out last week that she had breast cancer. They had found several masses on her. And were gonna have to do surgery immediately. Well she went in Tuesday to have all the preliminary stuff done, and they found NO cancer whatsoever on her body!! Doctors couldn't explain it. Isn't that just amazing. I cried when I found out she had cancer, and cried again when I found out she's gonna be ok. Just wanted to share my praise story with all of you.. take care, have a good night. Love you all--Salty Dog

June 18, 2004 - Msg 21826: Wow Salty, that's great news! God is 'super-abundant' in His Mercies. MIL experienced a major Miracle too... we're all astounded. Her surgeon was concerned that when she woke up she might not be able to swallow, speak, breathe, etc. Well I'm here to tell you all... NO NERVE DAMAGE. None. Nada. She was up on her feet yesterday and will eat solid food today. We were looking at long recovery in an ALF... but she's going to get to go home! Shes doing so good that she might (gulp) have to go back to work! Praise be to You Lord Jesus Christ! Sara, we'll pray for that dear lady with cancer. Maybe we'll get a 3rd miracle? and a 4th for Pipeman!

~ Mrs. Wiley

June 18, 2004 - Msg 21827: A Big Hey to everybody! I been so busy I haven't been able to pull up a rocker lately. Hey Sara, my daughter and I just got done helping with a week of VBS too. We had a guy named David Hennig called the Magician with a Mission. He was excellent. (I think he was from Ohio--not sure). He did real magic tricks but also performed as an army drill sargeant teaching the kids about the armor of God. It was really, really good. I strongly recommend him for any youth group. MDC, Thanks for wondering about me. Brought you a ship in a bottle. Sorry to see we had an interloper. Jimmy the Goat has an idea there about the password thing, but if there'd been one of those I probably would not be here because I avoid them. I'm always afraid there's some way somebody's going to bill me for something, wanting money I don't have! I need to get to work. Wish I could stay and chat longer. So good to see ya'll. Especially others who've been gone awhile like Salty, KY Moonshiner, Sam Scott, and all you faithful folks as well! Mary Wiggins hasn't been by to gloat over them Pistons yet, has she? Hazel, you ARE a st-i-tch--spellin' neighbor! I just saw that i before e except after c and e before n in chicken ep. last night! The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sounds like something I need. Will it take lime rings out of toilets?? But, let's not get carried away--it can't be better than VICKS! I'm leavin' a big bowl of strawberries for ya'll. You'll have to stem them yourselves though. I'm sick of stemmin'.
Charlotte Tucker

You got time to breathe, ya got time fer music. Where is Briscoe anyway?

June 18, 2004 - Msg 21828: Asa, did ya ever get over them hiccups?

June 18, 2004 - Msg 21829: Good Morning Mayberry!
I am in fine high spirits today! The Pistons won the NBA Championship! I have been watching parades and speeches and endless sessions of talking heads, and I just couldn't get enough of it! I was especially pleased when, at the rally yesterday, most of the Pistons took time out to thank God. I always like that.

Other great news about Mrs. Wiley's MIL and Salty Dog's friend, God is soooo good, isn't he?!

AND...to top it all off...Andy makes number one for best father on television!! Heathcliffe Huxtable was number two, and he was a great father image on t.v. also, but nobody, and I mean NOBODY holds a candle to Andy!

I wonder if the Mr. Clean Eraser erases interlopers!!;)

Hey Spot, I thought I was going to have to blow a gasket the other day. My power went out on Monday and didn't come back on until late in the afternoon on Tuesday. (If you don't recall, the Pistons played Tuesday night for the championship!) I sure am glad folks like you work hard to keep the power on, and restore it when it goes out. I didn't even care that I lost all my food again, for the third time in one year!! (First time: big power outage affecting most of the midwest and northeast last summer, Second time: fridge broke in the fall)

Oh, and one other thing...did I mention that the Pistons won the NBA Championship?! (Gloat Gloat!) ;)

Have a great Mayberry type of...championship season type of...God working miracles kind of...Day!

Mary Wiggins

June 18, 2004 - Msg 21830: God is indeed good. What wonderful news from so many this morning. Being a walking answer to prayer myself, I can relate to those whom God has touched.

Well, family coming in tonight, friends coming for dinner, errands to run, etc. I may have to put the Plum to work dusting things, since I don't have the time. She's good at it. Her tail gets a little ratty-looking though, and will have to be shampooed. Have a great day, friends. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

June 18, 2004 - Msg 21831: FLICK LIVES.....and the your bookstore shelves will prove it this Oct. 14!

June 18, 2004 - Msg 21832: GOD has surely given me a miracle. Even though my left leg is healing slowly;two years ago I had two lower legs crushed and broken, and carrying cancer in my hand that wasn't discovered until a year and a half later. I should have been dead twice and I'm still going strong. All the cancer has been gotten out, and I am able to walk to the library every day.

June 18, 2004 - Msg 21833: Thank you Mary Wiggins for the kind words, people take power for granit till it goes out...I set up here in the control center and monitor 180,000 consumers....5 countys in ga. been hanging around here for 23 years and love it...well tonight its fried calf liver and onions , corn bread, cream taters,tea,bottled h20,and will someone bring slaw..signed: SPOT the"power company" dog of your porch...lights are on [I hope]..