July 05, 2004 - Msg 22044: good morning one and all good to se folks coming home. wouldn't it be wild if otis was the sheriff? think of his qualifications 1, he knows the jail inaide out. 2,he knows where the stills are 3. he makes a great water cooler punch 4. he knows everyone5. he has been a part- time deputy 6. he dresses casually 7. he can ride a bull just a thought. good to see you sterling,homemaker will mdc. be great when ro, mrs wikey and rest of porch gets back. hang in there. pipeman/pipester

July 05, 2004 - Msg 22045: Hello Porch! Hope you all had a safe and fun 4th!

July 05, 2004 - Msg 22046: Does anyone know what happened to Helen Crump?

July 06, 2004 - Msg 22047: good to see you on the porch frankie flint. we missed you. pipeman

July 06, 2004 - Msg 22048: Looks like Otis (aka pipeman/pipester) did a clean sweep! Very clean! More later,

July 06, 2004 - Msg 22049: Ok, just read the archives. I'll concede and let PIPEMAN rule! The name stays! You are a good man
pipester, er...pipeman! teehee
I no good, I'm just no good! The govmener comin to get, man is he really gonna get me.

July 06, 2004 - Msg 22050: mdc= otis did a clean sweep. you know he's running for sheriff of mayberry. see his qualifications at top of this page. hang in there wyatt er mdc. pipeman

July 06, 2004 - Msg 22051: Hello Porch family: Hope everyone had a "blast" for the 4th. Really enjoyed all the porch sitters coming by for the party. Was so good to see all the rockers on the move. Hope all those traveling had safe trips. Now, it's back to business.HoHum. Getting back into the routine of work, kids, cleaning. Those fireworks sure were perty! Thanks everybody! And the food--I still have it laying on my chest. ~New Neighbor

July 06, 2004 - Msg 22052: Well, new neighbor, you know what barn says:
"It's ther-a-pi-tic."
I saw a few local eps over the weekend with the actress who played nurse Peggy McMillian. It's too bad the show didnt go with her for Andy's steady in stead of Helen. Peggy was so good with Opie, where all it seems Helen ever did was to ask him if his homework was done! I really liked that Peggy accent too. At the end of 'Barney Mends a Broken Heart' she says: "Aaandyyyy,
what happened to your eyeeee." and Andy and her hug at the end.
Anyway, it's too late now, the show is in stone,
so I'll just have to let it be.
Oh well, Otis for Sheriff!
ya all have a great porch rockin evenin'.
Mr Darlin's Cuz

July 06, 2004 - Msg 22053: howdy MDC , and PIPEMAN ,hope you guys are having a great day
mayberry deputy

July 06, 2004 - Msg 22054: Well, folks, I'm home from Florida. Had a great time. Spent the fourth swimming in my relatives' pool with fireworks going off over head and all around from their neighbors. It was great! MDC, I totally agree with you about Peggy. I totally agree! Hey, have I got a TAGS moment for ya'll. On the way home I was reading a book on Procrastination. (I actually finished reading it too). Here's a quote from it: "We cannot do everything at once, but we can do something at once." Know who said that?? You guessed it. Calvin Coolidge. For real. I had to laugh out loud and read it to my hubby. Good to see ya'll--especially you, pipeman. How you been? Hey possum, I had plenty of Krispy Kremes in Florida. Mmmm. My uncle's a big NASCAR nut. He got really mad when that Leffler feller bumped a couple guys in the race on Sat. What'd you NASCAR fellers think of that? Boo, I do believe the trips to the movies TKAM was 2 years ago because I think I read that book on the way to Florida 2 years ago after ya'll kept talking about it. Great to be back!
Charlotte Tucker

July 07, 2004 - Msg 22055: Welcome home, Charlotte!

You know, MDC, we have that conversation every once in awhile her on the porch about Peggy. Seems everyone really liked her and wished Andy had ended up with her instead of Helen. Peggy was perfect. Good looking, good with Opie, smart, rich, she could cook, she could bait a hook, and she was SOUTHERN! What more could a guy ask for?

Well, I'm off to the ironing board......ya'll have a peaceful sleep.


July 07, 2004 - Msg 22056: Well, howdy to all! The Plum and I are home, got home Monday night. Walked across the den and realized the carpet was wet. There's a leak somewhere, as yet unfound. The Man is coming tomorrow. Thank God and insurance, it will be taken care of. Den furniture is stacked all over the house, carpet is pulled up in a pile, and it smells like mildew. Yuck. No, I'm not worried about black mold. Mold is mold, and it's all around us, all the time.

We had a marvelous time in Florida. The Plum managed to fall in the lake again, wearing her life jacket and red visor hat. It was hilarious! She ran down the SeaDoo ramp on my son's dock, barking at the Seadoo, hit a slick spot and skidded off the end, into the water. At the same moment, my son was doing a powered spin on a SeaDoo about twenty feet out from the ramp, creating a large wave, which picked the Plum up and deposited her back on the ramp - soaked, disoriented and chagrined, but on her feet and very happy to be there. She doesn't swim well, hence the lifejacket. Her little muzzle sunburns, so she wears a visor hat. All of this is a bit embarrassing to my son, whose own spaniel is a total water-lover, good swimmer, and avid SeaDoo rider, a typical "dock dog". The Plum redeems herself despite her costume and poor swimming ability, though, because she does love to ride the Seadoos. Anyway, we had a wonderful time, as always.

It's good to be back on the home porch, and to see some new faces, and the return of old friends as well. As Andy told Opie, having good friends makes you rich. Good night, everyone. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

July 07, 2004 - Msg 22057: Hey Porch,

I hope all is well here on the porch. I haven't heard from anybody lately and I haven't caught anything on my scans down the pages of post so I'm guessing things are going well.

I'm sorry I'm not around more often. Busy keeping Mayberry moving along. Speaking of which....check out the photo gallery I've done for David "The Mayberry Deputy" Browning. There's two pages. One with sounds you can play and the other with just photos. I hope you enjoy it.


July 07, 2004 - Msg 22058: Hey Floyd,

Those were great! I sure don't know how you computer literate people do all the things you do, getting sound on it and ever-thang! Looks like it was a great time at Mayberry in the Midwest. Thanks for sharing your pics with us.

Romeena, I am glad you had a nice trip. I hope the flooded carpet in your den turns out to be an easy fix, and that you have everything back to normal soon. The story about Sugarplum falling in the lake sure sounded funny...poor little thing!

Hey Charlotte,
On the fourth, I was next to a swimming pool watching the fire works go off all around us. (I ain't the swimming type though!) I was thinking about Asa, how'd he do with his new pyrotechnical skills anyway!?

I guess I better skoot! I should be busier than a tail in fly season, I got so much to do...!LOL

Wishing you all a great summer day, the type where you sit by a lake, with the trout jumping, and you hear kids off in the distance, laughing and playing, and you got a nice cool glass of lemonade and a chicken salad sandwich in your picnic basket, and nothing but time on your hands...MAYBERRY...kind of day!

Mary Wiggins

July 07, 2004 - Msg 22059: Hey, Mary Wiggins. Ro, your stories about the Plum swimming make interesting mental images! That dog is more like a person! Floyd, nice pages! Great pictures. Forgive my ignorance but was Jean Carson Daphne?
Charlotte Tucker

July 07, 2004 - Msg 22060: Welcome back Ro. We missed you and Sugarplum (poor thing falling in the lake and all!).

Marry Wiggins, the heat index was 122 degrees here yesterday so we mostly stay inside. Chicken salad doesn't last long in these temperatures but it was a nice fantasy.

Well better go... the kids just came in from swimming in there little pool and they can't find a towel and are drippin! Later, friends!


July 07, 2004 - Msg 22061: I mean "their pool". Land sakes!


July 07, 2004 - Msg 22062: HEY GANG...been busy here at the old dog house..yall been eating good?...at work now...16hrs today 16 tomorrow and 16 friday..then going camping for 4 days!..pontoon boat and jet skis!...tent camping...at the duck pond..yall come by..tonight its bbq beef ribs, fresh green beans [garden really doing well], fresh corn on the cobb, fried okra,sweet tea, will someone bring some slaw...signed: SPOT the"going to the duck pond to camp this weekend" dog of your porch....lights are on !

July 07, 2004 - Msg 22063: "Land sakes alive, just look at this place..."
Welcome back Homemaker, Romeena, Charlotte . Glad all your trips went well.
HM- did you get rained out at six flags. Heard they had some kind of rain there!
Ro- hope the leak is found fast and fixed. Glad you called THE MAN!
FLOYD- thanks for checking in on us. We've been giving those 'lopers the big freeze!
Boo, CT, I think I figured it out, especially after your description, she's perfect! That's why I would've liked her for him. Heck, I would have liked her for ME! haha! Just kiddin of course and me and mine just celebrated 28 years!
Spot, looks like the long haul for you the next few days. We had a substation fire here yesterday. 5 of 15 transformers down. My bro has his hands full! Ribs sound good, but I'm gonna sling the okra right back atcha...unless it's not stringy! teehee
Pipeman, glad you're still hangin with us. I'll head to the western site later.
Mary W.-thanks for that beautiful senario! ahhh.
MD-and all- I'm not real happy with the so-called "love taps" that these racers do to cars in front of them. That's my take anywho.
Glad to hear of the hostage release! Prayers for all.
Andy: "Barn, just in case the mayor comes by, I'd get all the fish out of the drawers!"

July 07, 2004 - Msg 22064: Howdy, all! The Man was here this morning and thinks he pinpointed the leaking point. Of course, it's beneath the slab! The plumbers come tomorrow to start digging out the slab and fixing the leak. The Dryer-Upper people were here all day, ripping out carpet and carrying it away. Right now, five big fans and a dehumidifier are running, and my house sounds like I'm standing on the tarmac at the airport. The Plum and I will probably reside in the only two unaffected rooms in the house this evening - our bedroom and my office. They found water where I didn't even know it was there. Messy and noisy, but the house sure smells better without that soggy carpet. Gotta live with the dryers for three days, then next week we can start talking about new carpet.

Spot, that sounds like good eatin' to me. I'll take MDC's okra since he doesn't want it. I love the stuff, any way you cook it. Oh, and I'll bring the slaw.

Well, guess I'll get a shower, run the sprinklers on the flower beds, and draw up some reserve water. Then I have to shut the water off at the street again, until that leak gets fixed. This is a bit of a hassle, it's true, but at least it means that I do have a home and I have running water. There are folks in this world who have neither, so I'm grateful.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

July 07, 2004 - Msg 22065: Thanks for the slaw Ro!..you make good slaw.hey ct,MDC..no okra?..here in the south we love it!hey floyd,mary,Boo,..ribs are done, dig in..well bracing for thunder storms in alabama heading this way, will be here at about 8 or so they say..calm now but I speck it will get kinda bad later...was a mess yesterday they said..well gona eat before they get here...signed: SPOT the"riding the storm out" dog of your porch..lights are on...for now..

July 07, 2004 - Msg 22066: ROMEENA .. glad you and the PlUM had a good time in Fla.
SPOT .. aounds like your going to be one tired dog
PIPEMAN .. glad to see your up and about
MDC.. those racing love taps have gotten way out of hand ,at the speeds the cars go now there way too dangerous
FLOYD ..agree with CT ,those were some nice pages of David Browning great work
Everyone have a great evening
mayberry deputy

July 07, 2004 - Msg 22067: STORMS HAVE HIT GEORGIA!...all lights are not on!..here we go...signed: SPOT the" battan down the hatches" dog of your porch...I will try at least keep the porch lights on...

July 07, 2004 - Msg 22068: Is something wrong with Miss Crump's blackboard? Everytime I pull it up, it's blank and black. I clicked reload and it still don't bring up the posts. Anybody else having problems with it?

July 07, 2004 - Msg 22069: Yep, I think something is wrong, TJ. I can bring up the Blackboard, but everything is black underneath.
- Hazel

July 08, 2004 - Msg 22070: Dagnabbit, It's still happening this morning. When I pull it up, the only thing I get is a blackboard that has been washed clean. I get the Miss Crump Header but everything underneath is clean as a whistle. Wonder if she cleaned the board then closed her school room for summer vacation?


July 08, 2004 - Msg 22071: Got a letter from Miss Crump (Floyd), there was an error to come up that caused the blackboard to go messing up. He's fixing the blackboard at Miss Crump's this morning.

July 08, 2004 - Msg 22072: The blackboard should be back up and running. I'm heading for New Castle so keep everything going good hear till I get home!!! -- Floyd

July 08, 2004 - Msg 22073: we are back from our vacation....we had a great trip to one of the oldest cities in texas.....we went on one of those ghost tours,led by two sweet old horses.....the narrator told some scary stuff about all of the old houses that are b and bs or still residences......we had trouble sleeping after that one....they also had a ghost train tour.....we took the train in the daytime instead, we went to the place called beauty and the book, a bookstore that was featured on oprah, i bought some books and a pink t shirt with the name of their bookclub on it, while we were looking through the books, the owner asked us where we were from etc. all the while that the ladies were getting their hair done, i t felt like a play the way they were all talking about this and that....it was so much fun.....we took in some museums and visited all kinds of restaurants....the fireworks show was so mayberryish with the band playing in the gazebo and all the folks sitting in white lawnchairs fanning.....i highly recommend jefferson for the 4th......it is so good to be home....love,sara

July 08, 2004 - Msg 22074: What a mess, Ro, but you certainly have the right att-tude. I was just reading a book last night that told of a tribe of people in the New Hebrides islands who had to buy their water from the local witch doctor, who charged them terrible prices. The witch doctor had a cistern where he gathered rain water. There are no springs or bodies of water on the island they lived on but a missionary from Ireland (John Paton) dug them a well all by himself because the village folks were afraid to help because of the witch doctor. Anyway, the missionary struck fresh water and gave it to all the people. When they saw that what the missionary had said was true about water coming out of the ground, they believed him about God and Jesus and were converted. They say it was really a miracle because there has never been fresh water found there underground since. Every time future missionaries dug for water after that, they got salt water. Paton's well is the only one on the island that gives fresh water. So, we can rejoice in the abundance of fresh water the Lord provides us, can't we?

Speaking of...looks like we might get some more rain here to cool things off. I love rain in the summer!

Ya'll have a great day,

July 08, 2004 - Msg 22075: Hey Sara, I didn't see you sitting there! Glad you had a nice vacation. What old town in Texas did you visit?


July 08, 2004 - Msg 22076: Welcome back sara! Glad you had a good trip too.
pipeman- can you sing acapella? that ep on Rafe singin was on local TV last night. Was that the actor's real voice or was it dubbed? he sure was good if it was him.
We need rain badly in AZ. May I ask all you porchsters to pray for rain to come to AZ?
There are currently 5 forest fires burning. One is at 100,000 acres! It has been 91 day since we've had rain in the Phoenix area.
Thanks good people of the porch.
Council Member: Here Here!
Mayor: What's that?
Council Member: Well, that's what you say at meetin's when you like what someone says!
Have a good day! Spot, keep our power goin'.
Mr Darlin's Cuz

July 08, 2004 - Msg 22077: yes, that really was the actor singing, they discovered him when they were casting actors in a town....they needed a strong voice for the part of rafe.....he sings better in his overalls instead of that suit.......jefferson is the name of the town that has all them ghost stories.....during one of the tours they asked everyone to take pictures because when it comes back from developing, you can see strange things in them, my daughter lizzie wouldnt let me take any pictures....maybe next time....i thought ghosts didnt like to have their pictures made...he he.....we will be prayin for the rain in az...texas has sure our share of it for a while.....romeena, was that rain water comin in to your house......see ya'll later, sara

July 08, 2004 - Msg 22078: hey guys and gals...cold cuts tonight!..ham,turkey,roast beef,sliced cukes,canalope,green onions,white or wheat bread,mayo,brown mustard,..orange kool-aid,and will someone bring some potato salad?...signed: SPOT the"power dog" of your porch...lights are on!

July 08, 2004 - Msg 22079: Hello Porchster: - Ro, get out your towel & soap. It's time for a bath! Or start building your Ark. Take advantage of the situation.-Been there, done that! At least it's not a tornado or fire (a little inconvience when you look at the whole picture and put things into perspective.)
Prayers for those in harms way with the fighting, and fires, storms, just a lot goin' on. Prayers too for the AZ folks in need of rains. Good heaven sent rain.
Where's that Asa hidin' himself? Can't seem to scare him up for nothin'. Gotta scoot to the ironingboard. 2AM comes mighty early. TEEHEE ~New Neighbor

July 08, 2004 - Msg 22080: Speaking of cold cuts, I did one of the most stupid things I think I've done in my 40something years. I bought some turkey and swiss cheese at the deli today. When I got home and put my groceries up, I had to do the weekly trash gathering and hauling to the curb for tommorow's pickup. When I cleaned out my refrigerator, I accidently picked up my turkey and cheese. It was few hours later I had discovered what I'd done. I can't BELIEVE I did that....stupid, stupid, stupid. Now I gotta go back to the deli tomorrow as we have a big fireworks show and Homecoming Days this weekend where I live.

July 08, 2004 - Msg 22081: I know how you feel, TJ. Last week I bought some sliced turkey breast from the deli and realized hours after I got home that it never made it into my sack at the grocery store! I sometimes wonder how much stuff I have paid for but never made it home with.

Hope ya'll are having a peaceful evening. It is mighty warm and humid here so we stay inside in the air conditioning. I miss the cooler weather when we can sit out on the swing and enjoy God's creation.

Take care and God bless Arizona with rain soon!


July 09, 2004 - Msg 22082: dont feel bad TJ, we have all done it!..left stuff at the store!or throwed it away!...lets all meet a the waffle house in the morning!..its on me!.we can play the waffle house songs on the juke box!..scattered, smothered,covered,chunked,topped,capped,and diced..and a patty melt on white for the dog..signed: SPOT the"no storms here wishing for rain in Arizona"dog of your porch...and hey ..lights ate on!!..prayers to all

July 09, 2004 - Msg 22083: spot= waffle house breakfast sounds great, maybe next time we could go to i hop? i agree georgia has had it's share of wet weather, let's share with mdc. mdc= pipeman sings like barney, but if the choir needs me it would be selfish not to lend my trained voice to thecause.prayers for all the arizona folks in the fire areas. welcome home sara, charlotte tucker, mary wiggins,boo, ro and sugarplum. good morning new neighbor, tj, mayberry deputy and the rest of the porch. prayers for asa and everyone else that's still out. have a mayberry day. pipeman

July 09, 2004 - Msg 22084: good morning pipeman!..well lets all meet at the filling station and car pool to the waffle house..anybody got a station wagon?..signed: SPOT the"cant wait to camp Sun,mon,tue & wed at the lake, will catch us a mess of fish" dog of your porch...power is on !..

July 09, 2004 - Msg 22085: I'll drive you in my Suburban. We call her Gas Hogetta. I really wish I had bought a van, instead.

Hope everyone has a great day!


July 09, 2004 - Msg 22086: well gang tonight its gona be burgers on the grill, chips, baked beans,sweet banana peppers,swiss cheese on the burgers,sweet onions,and cherry kool-aid,..storms are moving in here in Ga...will try to keep the lights on..signed: SPOT the"after 10 tonight will be out of touch till about wed. cause im going camping" dog of your porch...ruff ..ruff

July 09, 2004 - Msg 22087: Spot, 'member to throw back ole Sam, if ya catch 'im! Have a good time. Cook us up some grub and we'll live on the leftovers.
THANKS FOR THE PRAYERS! Yes, it IS raining in AZ!
Big clouds that the weathermen thought would veer off, did NOT and are bringing much needed miosture into the state! "the fervent prayer of a righteous one availeth much!" MAN THERE MUST BE A LOT O GOOD FOLKS HERE FOR THEM PRAYERS TO BE ANSWERED THAT FAST! Keep em up!
Hey to pipeman, boo HM, MD, CT, spot, NN, sara,possum, afd,
and all the porch. Where's Goober, des, Mrs Wiley, auh20, hazel,sterling,rafe,salty dog, MPO,Ellen,jelsik, etc?? Must be vacation time!
Anyways, ya all have a wonderful weekend.
Lot of love to you and yours.
Mr Darlin's Cuz

July 09, 2004 - Msg 22088: "YEA MDC,YEA!"...may it rain as long as needed..they say storms will be here in Ga. in about an hour ..we have been getting them everyday for about 3 weeks now..ya know the weather in the South !..but we love the south!..lighting the grill, burgers in about 40 min..will someone bring some slaw...signed: SPOT the"gona catch ole sam" dog of your porch!..

July 09, 2004 - Msg 22089: New goat babies arriving - so far today, two boys and one girl, mother and babies are doing fine! One baby is already named - Chicago (after the Chicago White Sox - can you guess he has white socks!)

homemaker (aka as the midwife!)

July 09, 2004 - Msg 22090: ive got the big ol van to haul everybody around, three in the back , two in the middle and two in the front......lets go to the ihop.....we are expectin some rain tonite ,the clouds have been real white and puffy with a deep blue sky....the birds are sittin on the highwires and the flies are swarming.......that means rain.....it happens everytime......you didnt know i was a weather girl did you.....my husband is always kidding me about missing my chosen profession of weather watching....back in 93 , i predicted the wylie , texas tornado....it was on mothers day in may, and the sky was just so strange with huge dark clouds....then around 2;00, it hit, the neighbors roof flew off, but little damage to the surrounding houses, the grocery store was destroyed along with a pharmacy.....anyway , homemaker that sounds real exciting about the goat babies.....my kids have been at a church camp all week, with a show on sunday for both services...chris has two lines to memorize, and so does lizzie.....gotta go pack for the swim party tomorrow, i thought summertime was supposed to be lazy...love, sara

July 09, 2004 - Msg 22091: I love IHOP. Count me in. They closed all the ones here. Broke my heart. Mr. Mayberry and I used to go every Saturday Morning.

Ms. Mayberry

July 09, 2004 - Msg 22092: I'm right 'chere, MDC
Have any of you ever seen that arch down in St. Louis up close...it's a picture no artist could draw...stainless steel, wow!

-- Jelsik

Go you Cardinals!

July 10, 2004 - Msg 22093: Was there this Spring. It is amazing. I like the museum underneath too. Did you go up in the Arch?
We lucked out, Mr. Mayberry had a business trip there. I went along for the ride. Our hotel room looked out right at the Arch. Went to Mass in the Old Catherdal at the park. Cardinals were not in town. Ya can't win them all.

July 10, 2004 - Msg 22094: ok ..its i-hop this morning!..someone bring us a van to travel in!...signed: SPOT the"hop dog" of your porch...get it, not hotdog...lights are on..

July 10, 2004 - Msg 22095: We went to our first IHOP on vacation - we loved it. They don't have them around here where we live - we do have waffle house and it is so-so. There omelots were awesome there!

Goat kids are doing fine. Just as cute as can be. She was so exhausted after having the first two that I midwifed the last one. Her name is Fudge's Ala Mode (Allie) so the little girl has to be named using the Fudge/ice cream connection. I am thinking of Hot Fudge Cake. She is solid red. We will not be getting to attached to the little boys because they most likely will end up as freezer meat for us or the Hispanic population in the area.

Ya'll take care!


July 10, 2004 - Msg 22096: Some folks down the road a little ways keep goats. They say that the sound of the hooves keep snakes away.
They bought a place out in the hills. They were unaware when they bought it that snakes sometimes come to call.

July 10, 2004 - Msg 22097: Good morning, everyone! What a beautiful day. There's a lot to do in the yard, and I know it's hot out there in the sun, but it's sure pretty from my window. Maybe I'll just soak up a little more a/c before I tackle the pruning that needs to be done...

New computer is up and running, and I love it. Also hooked up with Comcast cable internet, need to call Earthlink and tell them to terminate the DSL. The cable is much, much faster.

The leak is fixed! The plumbers jack-hammered a huge hole in the middle of my hallway, dug out nearly three feet of dirt, and exposed the leaking pipe. They fixed it, filled in the hole and covered it with new cement. Next week, new carpet will go down. Right now, the Plum and I are living on bare concrete. You know, I think maybe the Lord is getting me ready for the Mongolia trip. Last month I had no electricity for three days, and this past week I had water only in pans for three days, and now this dirty concrete floor. Did you know that it's physically impossible to sweep concrete completely clean? It's like a tiny layer of dust wears off every time you step on it. Anyway, it's been an adventure, and everything will soon be fixed.

homemaker, those baby goats have to be adorable. My daughter used to raise them, and they were all so cute - little bouncy, nosy, sweet-faced things.

Pipeman, I hope you continue to feel well. We are all so concerned for you, and want you back on your feet and holding up your end of the conversation around here.

MDC, we'll keep praying for rain in Arizona. I'm glad it's started, we'll just pray that it keeps up for a while.

Well, gotta go prune the roses, and run some errands. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

July 10, 2004 - Msg 22098: welcome back mary wiggins, charlotte tucker, ro- sugarplum,sara and everyone. i'm not going to feel much better but i'll try and hold my rocker down, spot with all that rain it's hard to keep the grill lite, isn't it? while your camping this week and lay down for a nap you may be carried by water to michigan. tee hee, time we pray for rain for arizona and boo. jelsik- i'm a cubs fan this weekend we play each other.let's all go to a drive- inn for a movie? with otis running for sheriff how about ernest t. bass as a barber? can you think of others that would be the last person you'd want in a mayberry job? who was the doctor of mayberry? mdc- hope your ok. let's pray for the return of goober, ky moonshiner, ky girl, banjo jerry, county nurse and the others that haven't been around. i wonder why so many that were very active suddenly stop stopping by? asa= great fireworks, you did your usual fantastic job. sterling0 what did you do over the fourth? i thank all of you for your prayers, they mean so much. the one and only pipeman

July 10, 2004 - Msg 22099: Hey, that's great about the rain in Arizona! God does answer prayer.

Ro, when I read your post I thought about a book I am reading. Its the autobiogrphy of Hudson Taylor who as you probably already know was a missionary who started the China Inland Mission in the 1800's. He wrote that when the Lord showed him that he would someday be a missionary to China, he (Hudson) started to prepare himself for it by living on as little as possible and giving what he didn't need to the poor (not that I am suggesting that you do the same! heehee), but you may be onto something. Anyway, we know the Lord can use the difficulties to help prepare you, don't we? On another subject, I can't imagine either one of your girls raising goats, sonehow. Which was it?

Sara, where is Wiley, Texas....just curious.

Gotta go get ready for dinner....going out for Mexican food tonight with friends. Ya'll wanna come along? We could go to the drugstore after or maybe to the drive-in as pipeman suggested.


July 10, 2004 - Msg 22100: Hey to Jelsik..I've been up in the St. Louis Arch--it's amazing how huge that thing really is.
Nebraska has an arch over the interstate, and it's pretty neat too. If you ever get out this way, you gotta check it out. www.archway.org

July 11, 2004 - Msg 22101: Hello all! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ~DES~! For those who don't know ~Des~, she is one of the sweetest people on the planet. ~Des~, Honey, you will never know how much happiness and joy, you bring into my life. Your love, understanding and friendship, make me a better person. Thank You! Here is a song just for you! "Berometer Soup". "We'll barrel roll into the sun just for starters." I hope I do JB justice. Play it a 'purty now a boys. Aone, Atwo, Athree...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Love always,
Briscoe Darling Jr.

July 11, 2004 - Msg 22102: happy birthday des and wishing you many more. hello fishfriend i'm from illinois and agree that arch is something. two stocks investments hot tips--- 1. midwest with all the rain and parts of the south bug zappers stock. 2. arizona and the west / northwest water stocks.let's meet for a picnic today in michigan and wisconsin border. i'll bring baked beans, cole slaw, potato salads, deviled eggs, hot dogsice tea. bring what you like we'll have a great visit with mary wiggins and sterling holobyte and the rest of that end of the porch. have a great one. races from chicago today, cards and cubs play today, i guess i'd better bring my camping tv for the porch fans. prayers for everyone. pipeman

July 11, 2004 - Msg 22103: Happy Birthday Dess, and a good Sabbath to all the porchters! Denver is a lovely town and we sure enjoyed the weather. My surgery went very well, but had to get re-admitted for pluracy, which then turned into Pneumonia. Plus a fever of unknown origin. anyhow, my 5 day stay turned into 14 days. Big Jeff had to return home, so my flight home was lonely and a bit strange. Never thought I'd be the one in the wheelchair at the airport. Made it home safe and have plenty of 10 cent pills to make it more comfortable. I surely did miss all of you and thought of you often. I go back in a few months to have the left side ribs removed and then I should be as good as new. Ro, sorry bout the leaky cement floor... but glad your vacation was fun. Can't type much (a nono per Dr.) but know you are all in my prayers.

~ Mrs. Wiley
Andy: "...but it CAN'T be you... you're passed on!"

July 11, 2004 - Msg 22104: Howdy Mrs. Wiley!
I am sooo glad you took the time to visit us, (even if it IS against doctor's orders!). Sounds like you had quite a fight on your hands after the surgery. It is great news that you're back home and on the mend, however. I hope the next round of rib-removal goes a lot smoother than this one. You'll be in all our prayers!

I hope it is a happy one for you...

Hi Pipeman,
Just what is hot dogsice tea? LOL Just kidding of course! Looking forward to the Wisconsin/Michigan border picnic!

Have a great day all you wonderful porchsters!

Mary Wiggins

July 11, 2004 - Msg 22105: mary wiggins= isn't hot dogicetea a michigan specialty? mrs wiley= i'm praying for your quick recovery. like ernest t. would say how do you do mrs wiley? just pickin on you. the guys don't know what they missed on the michigan/ wisconsin border picnic, soon they will holler we're hungry. tee- hee. pipeman

July 11, 2004 - Msg 22106: Welcome back Mrs Wiley, and a plain ole welcome to fishfriend! Anyone seen Elizabeth crowley speedin thru lately?
pipeman, sorry I missed the picknic. Hope it was a blast. I was in the arch the year it opened in the sixties. The trolly got stuck going up, quite an adventure and man, what a view of the mighty river etc. My mom grew up in East St Louis, IL. Go Cards, I have given up on the Dbacks this year! teehee
Happy birhtday ~des~ Where are you, hon?
Ro- will have prayer group at church start prayin for you and your Mongolia mission trip. God bless you dear.
At the end of July my bro gets home from the mideast and then will retire after 30 years in the USMC! He has been to 40 countries in that time and still says USA beats them all, even with our many problems. Did anyone else watch the Capital 4th on PBS? It was great.
Any Lawrnce Welk fans here? My wife and I watch each Saturday evening that we're home. Man, where is that kind o tv today?
Well, Good Sabbath to you all. Time for a nap then over to Thelma Lou's for some TV.

July 11, 2004 - Msg 22107: BTW, in spot's absence, it's southern fried chicken tonight. Ya all bring a covered dish and will make a porch picnic of it. I'll ring the triangle.

July 11, 2004 - Msg 22108: mdc= congrats to your brother coming home and retiring. i pray they don't extend him or call back the retirees. why they don't start the draft is beyond me. they claim we don' have a draft but when you involunteerly keep soldiers past there time to get out, recall ready reserves thatare out of shape and every retire has hip pocket orders and if they refuse they loose thereretirement, i fail to see how they call it an all volunteer force. sorry about the soap box it's just after a person and their families sacrifice a home, community they deserve to settle down, from one retire toanother semer- fi and good luck. pipeman

July 11, 2004 - Msg 22109: hello everyone ,hope everybody had a good weekend . MDC,ASA, SPOT, PIPEMAN did you guys see the race today ,it was pretty exciting, I thought Kasey Khane was going to win there for a while but that restart was his undoing .PIPEMAN its ok to get om the soap box every oncce in a while .
mayberry deputy

July 11, 2004 - Msg 22110: Well, Junior, if you aren't the sweetest thing yerownself I don't know what is. You are a dear friend. Thank you so much. And thanks to everyone else for your birthday wishes, both on the Porch and off. I love y'all!!


July 11, 2004 - Msg 22111: Happy Birthday Des!

Here's a funny for you. . .
My six year old ran into tell me that the movie "One More Stump" was out on DVD. I said, Jess - I have no idea what movie you are talking about?"
He said, You know mom - Run Forest Run, that movie mom!
He had meant Forest Gump and it came out One More Stump!

thought it was a cutie!


July 11, 2004 - Msg 22112: Happy Birthday Des!

Here's a funny for you. . .
My six year old ran into tell me that the movie "One More Stump" was out on DVD. I said, Jess - I have no idea what movie you are talking about?"
He said, You know mom - Run Forest Run, that movie mom!
He had meant Forest Gump and it came out One More Stump!

thought it was a cutie!


July 11, 2004 - Msg 22113: Homemaker, you chewed yer cabbage twice.
- Hazel

July 12, 2004 - Msg 22114: Did I miss the picnic? I knew I was supposed to be somewhere! Unfortunately I think I was in the wrong place, ...with my Mother-in-law. ;) Just kidding, it wasn't too bad a visit.
Pipeman, I hope you are doing ok. As well as everyone else.
Had a pretty busy weekend, and I have a question for the nurses or even the people who just know about these things, but my daughter recently got a rash on her arms and cheeks. It's not anywhere else, except that yesterday when we were out in the sun at a Birthday party she did get a little on her legs. It started kind of splotchy but turned pretty solid on her arms.
The weird thing about this rash is that it disappears as quickly as it appears, and she doesn't have it now, but I just wonder when it is going to come back again.
I thought at first it was a new sunscreen we were using on her, but I haven't used that for a couple days because of it and like I said she only got a little of it on her legs and it was barely noticeable, or her forehead and I put sunscreen on there too. And even after I hadn't put sunscreen on her for a couple days she still got it on her arms.
Someone suggested maybe she is allergic to the sun which makes a little sense, but then again me and her go out all the time on the bike and she never had this before. Any ideas? Or suggestions?
Thank you kindly!
And have a nice night!
-Sterling Holobyte

July 12, 2004 - Msg 22115: Where's Nurse Mary or Nurse McMillan when ya need 'em? How about old Doc Andrews, or the new doc, William Christopher? haha
Seriously, you can try MDAdvice.com
Their bulletin board is pretty good.
Sounds like it is something to do with the sun, but could be a food allergy etc. Hope you can get some answers.
MD- did not have a chance to see the race this time. Sounded like a good one. I'm still cryin in my squeezins over the freefall that my Dbacks are taking!
P-man -I hear ya bro. He is pretty sure that this is it, but as you say, ya never know, especially these days.
HM- "Kids say the darnest things!" hey, now there's a good format for a show. teehee
Auction tonight?
No spot today, so we're on our own for eats tonight. Hope everyone has leftovers!
Who's gonna sweep the porch this time?
Have a super day.

July 12, 2004 - Msg 22116: Oops, Nurse Ro might have a thought on it.

July 12, 2004 - Msg 22117: Hey, Everybody! It's so good to see Mrs. Wiley back on the porch after her surgery. Prayers for strength and recovery! We got back from our North Carolina trip yesterday and everybody survived the togetherness in the mini van and motel rooms (six people does get a bit cozy!). Our niece's wedding was beautiful, and our new little great nephew is an absolute doll. We visited Mt. Airy, ate at the Snappy Lunch, and had a nice visit with the very kind and friendly man who owns Floyd's Barber Shop. He took a picture of us to put up on his wall and gave us a Polaroid shot to take with us. We had a day at the beach, dodged the jellyfish that were washing up on the sand, and brought home lots of shells and shell fragments for the kids and I to be creative with. Some of the places we drove through were so beautiful that they were like a prayer brought to life--the mountains especially. I miss the sweet tea already (but brought home a jug of Aunt Bertie's concentrate), and my kids miss the grits. Yay, Wafflehouse! I'm trying to plow through the mountains of laundry now, and need to pick up groceries so I can feed this crew. Back to the real world. It did feel good to get home, though! God bless y'all!


July 12, 2004 - Msg 22118: Welcome back Becca. Sorry I forgot ya on my earlier APB. Glad you had a nice trip.
I hope to get to Mt Airy someday. It sounds so neat. Mayberry's namesake as I understand it.
I think you could use Malcolm Merryweather to help with that laundry, get it nice as a bobbie
dazzler! Only sixpence and a farthing per load!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

July 12, 2004 - Msg 22119: MDC - can I pick you up something at the auction? You know it's Monday and where I'll be. Leaving here in a few minutes to go and see what's available. Last week I missed the fresh veggies they auctioned off. Fresh tomatos - missed 'em.
A hot time in Napoleon tonite!


July 12, 2004 - Msg 22120: Mr Darlin's Cuz, I sure could use Malcolm's help! Since I don't think he's going to come knockin', and I don't seem to have sixpence and a farthing in my coin purse, I'd probably better keep working on that laundry! Mt. Airy is Mayberry's namesake, and the show really put it on the map. We saw Andy Griffith's boyhood home from the outside. It's being used as a guest house now. Nice town, and the main street looks quite a bit the way I'd picture Mayberry to be--only lots busier! Have a great evening, everybody!


July 12, 2004 - Msg 22121: Howdy friends, Glad you had a nice trip, Becca. Sounds nice. real nice. Welcome home Mrs. Wiley! Prayers for you and pipeman! One More Stump, homemaker! Get out! That's too funny. And that Hazel, ain't she always the one poppin' in to tell us when we chewed too many times! By the way, Hazel, how's the reunion. So far we have about 40 people coming (including some spouses). Not too bad for a class of 86 but I wish more would come. Only 2 weeks away now.
Charlotte Tucker

July 12, 2004 - Msg 22122: Good to hear from you and glad you are doing well, Mrs. Wiley!

Sterling, I'm sorry, I know I'm a nurse but I don't know what to tell you about the rash. I don't know alot about dermatology. When my little boy was about three I put sunscreen on him and he got a rash on the top of his thighs and nowhere else. The rash did spread though over the next few day and within a week it was on every inch of his body, including the souls of his feet and palms of his hands. Weird stuff. It was a red, raised rash but didn't seem to be uncomfortable. The dr said it was something rare that they called Acrodermat-tis of Childhood and they hadn't seen a case in the office in about 10 years. They said it was harmless and there was nothing you could do but let it run its course (which took 6 weeks!). It never came back. Isn't that strange?? Chances are your little girl's rash is not anything to worry about but I always suggest seeing the dr if you have any concerns at all. Its worth the peace of mind.

Well, I got to get these kids to bed. I'm tired! Ya'll take care...

July 13, 2004 - Msg 22123: Hello all, I know I promised to be back around more often, but my computer took a dive on me.I even called the man, and he couldn't fix it. So, I have a new computer in my possesion. I hope you all are doing fine. Guess I missed the 4th of July party, but sounds like you all had fun anyways. Did Hazel make those meat balls again? I thought I saw something in the bushes but wasn't sure if it was that or Homemakers goats agian. And where is that Asa at? He must be still recovering.. that party animal tee hee. Ya'll have a good night love to you all--Salty Dog

July 13, 2004 - Msg 22124: good morning one and all. good to se you salty dog.becca have you ever noticed when you want some time alone all you have to do is start chores? breakfast= eggs, ham, sausage, biscuts, assorted jams, fresh fruit, donuts, homemade gravy, hash browns, milk, coffee, tea, french toast even. since i have to get a tooth pulled today just help yourself. have a mayberry kindda day. pipeman

July 13, 2004 - Msg 22125: Good luck with the tooth, pipeman. Hey to Salty. Glad you got a new 'puter. Hope it helps you visit the porch more often. Where is Asa anyway? Have a great day everyone! Thanks for the breakfast, pipeman!
Charlotte Tucker

July 13, 2004 - Msg 22126: Good to see you Salty Dog!

Thanks MDC and Boo for the advice! I might look into that website, MDC. The rash hasn't reappeared so hopefully it is gone for good. Of course I haven't put that sunscreen on her, but I guess I am going to have to put something on her when we go outside on the bike, I am just a little timid about putting anything on her lately.
-Sterling Holobyte

July 13, 2004 - Msg 22127: boo,wylie, texas is a tiny town just east of plano, texas.....we lived there for three years, between 1993 and 1996.....my kids were born there , once we moved we never went back.....i guess the memories of that tornado in 1993 and how isolated we felt made us want to move to a bigger city....we didnt even have a mall if you can imagine such a thing.....we watched the kids perform in two services at church yesterday.....a technicolor promise, about noah and the ark....they did such a good job..... better get back to watching the babies, love, sara

July 13, 2004 - Msg 22128: sterling, that rash sounds like a form of allergy to that certain sunscreen,check the expiration date, also certain things in the sunscreen can cause a rash.....it sounds like she is allergic to the sun like me, i would be happy as a clam if i could be in seattle or someplace where it is rainy most of the time, im allergic to the sun if i get a sunburn, i get a fever and i get sick to my stomach, guess im not the beach type, i love the autumn and winter seasons best of all, maybe because my birthday is on jan.1st....usually the season you were born is your favorite season in your life....my mom was born at thanksgiving so her fav season is fall.....hope your girls rash clears up, i would take her to the dr. just to be on the safe side.....love,sara

July 13, 2004 - Msg 22129: Gomer: You know that fishing spot right at the base of that lovers' leap rock.
Jake: I didn't know it had a name. Imagine that, I've lived here 40 years and never knew that rock's name!
Last night's local ep was Gomer moving in with the Taylors. So funny when the guys start bringing their car by at night and Gomer is telling them about the problem from the open window.
Looks like the rockers on the porch aint so full this morning. Hope ya all is ok. I'll keep 'em dusted off, if ya all promise to come back soon!
Having a Mayberry kind of day!
Mr Darlin's Cuz
Ernest T: Just tryin to halp! Can't do enuf for our boys in khaki

July 13, 2004 - Msg 22130: Sara, I was born in July and I hate July. I also hate the summer. I don't mind the Fall but I hate the summer. When I go out into the sun I get the herpes. I also hate the guitar amd chit-chat (that was my Lydia Crosswaith immitation in case you didn't recognize it). heehee


July 13, 2004 - Msg 22131: Hello porch. Been busy as a bee and having puter problems of my own. Thanks for asking about me Salty, Charlotte and N.N.
How's everyone doing? Good I hope.
My sweet corn is getting big and setting ears on it. I figure the end of the month we can have us a corn bust. And I warn you right now, leave your table manners at home. Corn is best eaten with butter dripping off yer chin and elbows. That's adventure eatin there.


July 13, 2004 - Msg 22132: Since my return-to-the-Porch posting back in May, I want to thank all of you who welcomed me back, especially Asa, Romeena, Mrs. Wiley, Mr. Darlin's Cuz, Mayberry Deputy, Sterling Holobyte, sara, Spot, Charlotte Tucker, and unsigned of Msg 21811. If I missed anyone, I'm sorry.
Forgive me for not responding earlier, but I just returned from an extended vacation in Canada. Mrs. Wiley, good luck on your recovery from surgery.
Sara, you are very perceptive. I was born in November. No wonder fall is my favorite season and Halloween is my favorite holiday.


July 14, 2004 - Msg 22133: Howdy, all! Mrs. Wiley! Sure was good to hear from you, and glad you're on the mend. You've really been through the wringer, haven't you? I can't imagine what the recovery would be like after having ribs removed. With all the surgeries I had in the past couple of years, the worst recovery was from the scope exploration of my chest and the resulting three days with a chest tube in place. I'm still very tender in my ribs and have many strange nerve reactions at times. To actually have ribs removed - well, I just can't imagine. Bless your heart!!

Dež, it's sure good to see you on the porch. Where on earth have you been keeping yourself? We miss you!
Boo, it was Rob who raised the goats for a few years. She has many talents, that girl. She also made and sold a lot of jarred goods, like salsa and jams and the like. Delicious!

MDC, your prayers and those of your church family are greatly appreciated, and I'll share with our mission group that you will be praying for us. We don't expect to encounter any physical danger, just a bit of inconvenience. Please pray especially that we'll not only be able to meet some physical needs for the Mongol people, but that we'll be able to share with them the love and grace of the Lord, and that they'll be receptive to the message.

Asa, it's good to hear from you, friend. We miss you when you're not around. We thought maybe you had gone looking for Mavis to see about getting your ears trimmed. Anyhow, save me some of that corn, please. There's nothing I love more than a good ear of corn.

Salty, we've missed you, too. Meatballs vs. goats - you are just too funny! Glad you're back, and we hope you'll be a regular rocker occupant again.

Sterling, I really don't have anything to add regarding your little one's rash. Rashes are a big riddle most of the time. More often than not, these transient rashes are never truly identified. The docs hang a generic name on them that is essentially meaningless, and that's about it. If it recurs often, and there's a pattern, then maybe it can be identified and treated or prevented, but usually they just sort of fade away, so to speak, and don't come back.

Well, I'm off to the ironing board. Everyone have a good day tomorrow, and Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

July 14, 2004 - Msg 22134: Oh, Poor Horatio! It's good to see you, and I'm glad you're still the same colorful character you've always been. My goodness, how do you do that? --Romeena

July 14, 2004 - Msg 22135: Just doing a little re-reading here - Pipeman, hang in there, good friend. We all love you and your positive approach to things. You're definitely on my prayer list. --Romeena

July 14, 2004 - Msg 22136: In case I forgot, belated birthday wishes for Dež! Poor Horatio, you didn't reply to me last time you visited. Do you remember me from the old porch? I was so disappointed when I finally found this porch and you tweren't here. Glad to see your colorful character showin' up again. Where is Mavis anyway? Asa, hope you enjoy your corn as much as I do mine. It is wonderful! Prayers for pipeman and Mrs. Wiley. Where's fun girl, Mary Wiggins, and Ellen Brown? Hey to MDC, Sterling, Ro, Goober, Spot, homemaker, Boo, Salty, and just everyone! (You should never start a list!)
Charlotte Tucker

July 14, 2004 - Msg 22137: Howdy Porch and glad to see ya again Poor Horatio! Ro, those chest tubes are painful aren't they? I'm lucky in that I went to the best TOS Dr. in the US, he didn't irritate 1 single nerve while in there! I'm just getting thru the pain part and re-learning what muscles to use. He spliced 1 scalene muscle and attached the 2 ends to 2 of the rib stumps... curious, right curious. But it does work! Prayers for you and your group going to Mongolia... sush brave people!

~ Mrs. Wiley
Andy: "I believe it's now too late to change the subject."

July 14, 2004 - Msg 22138: good morning one and all. hope everyone has a great day/ for breakfast steak, eggs, hash browns, oatmeal, grits, toast, donuts, fresh flowers your choice, coffee, lattee, milk help yourself till noon. the trees are nice and full but like you the list is sadly missing so many fun ,great active [orchsters who woth no explaination stopped visiting. i wish they would have at least said why they were no longer able to or felt the need to be a part of the porch. like in sept were having an andy booth set up in lincoln, ill for a weekend, we have tried thanks to floyd contact 5 clubs within 25 miles and nrver got a reply . we tried since christmas 6 different times.even told them parkond and addmission was 2 dollars and if they had time they could set up and do a club recrutment.or just stop by for a visit and it's inside. still nothing. my questions are. 1. did the porchsters just not that interensted anymore? the missing ones. 2. are there other inactive clubs around you? i think floyd should know how many non participating or clubs that do nothing so he can possibley do for his records only an active and an inactive members and clubs. this would not dissolve anyone's who has taken the time to register a club or on the porch etc from remaing on the rolls but inform him so when answering requests for contacs he could get other clubs to see if they could contact them from their areas and in cases where porchsters live near and knows the perdon see if they can call, or e-mail. floyd does such a great job if he thinks this is helpfull to him maybe we could give him a hand? floyd your our prince, thanks for all you do. romeena and sugarplum thank you for your wonderfull sentemets. charlotte tucker= to the suggestion above i agree about a list for so many that is why i asked floyd about what he thinks. with my tooth out i will east soups for a couple of days. from the good lookin, good smelling very, very humble pipeman. ha- ha.i always get my chruch friends laughing about things like that and they say humility is not something you have to worry about just laughing and i say well we'll just ask god . pipeman

July 14, 2004 - Msg 22139: "from the good lookin, good smelling very, very humble pipeman" - pipeman, I believe you ought to get another award for humbleness. ; )
All that food sounds delish - it's a good thing it's only cyber-food so you can partake of it, too, pipeman.

Hey all - been a little bit since I stopped by, been busy getting notes ready for my hubby's apprentice test at work. He's taking it today, so I'm off the hook for a little while.

Hope you have a speedy recovery, Mrs. Wiley.

Hey to Poor Horatio and Becca and anyone else who hasn't stopped by for a bit. Nice to see ya.

Hope everyone is well and not melting away in the heat. Good day all!