July 28, 2004 - Msg 22505: I read youy loud and clear Boo. We have been known to wear shorts on occasion during Christmas too. Since we don't get to see snow here but every oh I'd say 15-20 years I listen to the Bing Crosby song "White Christmas" and pretend that I'm cold. :)

Needta Gogh


July 28, 2004 - Msg 22506: Uh-oh.... Looks like I'm the lone Sweeper agin... Don't throw me off the edge of the porch because I clean up! (teehee)


July 28, 2004 - Msg 22507: test

July 28, 2004 - Msg 22508: I was drunk last night dear motheeeerrr. Iwas drunk the night befooooorrrrre...... words I don't know go hear ......dear mother. I'll never get drunk anymore!

July 28, 2004 - Msg 22509: 61 - wow! That's fall weather, Mary. Our high was 80, but the humidity was low enough that it was still comfortable. Expecting more of the same today, but expecting storm later in the week, with highs in the 90's on the way.

My hubby dug up two rows of potatoes out of the garden last night - so maybe we'll have some of those with Asa's corn. Yum.

Prayers for all!

July 28, 2004 - Msg 22510: Sounds yummy! I love baked potatoes with broccoli and cheese in them. No diet for carb watchers there!

I live in Michigan, and it was unusually cool here yesterday, but I never mind weather in the 60's or even 50's. That might be my favorite type of weather, because you can always put on a sweater!

Mary Wiggins, again. (Boy, I'm talkative today!)

July 28, 2004 - Msg 22511: All of yall's fresh veggies sound really good! I am doing a quick supper tonight since its church night. Buttermilk fried chicken tenders, mac and cheese, baked beans and sliced cucumbers. Doesnt sound too bad written out..Mary: I have some family in Michigan..I dont think I could live in that much cold weather so often! I like our warm weather...I just stay cool!


July 28, 2004 - Msg 22512: good afternoon yall...gona read the porch...SPOT

July 28, 2004 - Msg 22513: I don't think you would like the heat and humidity down here, Alyce. Its dreadful! That quick supper sounds pretty good. I remember my mom slicing cucumbers and putting vinegar, salt and pepper and a little sugar on them and letting them sit in the refrigerater for a few hours. Does anyone else do that? We also ate alot of cantaloupe in the summer...oh, and watermelon--love the stuff. Mary Wiggins, I remember spending childhood summers in Michigan with my mom's family. We were in Royal Oak (if you are familiar with that) and I can remember it sometimes getting up into the high 80's during the day but it always cooled off to sweater weather in the evening. My grandparents had an old metal glider on the front porch and every night we would all gather out there and tell stories while my grandpa listened to the Tiger games on the radio. Great memories. My grandparents have been gone now for about 20 years but I still have such fond memories of those summers and Grandma's big breakfast's and suppers! Real biscuits (not the kind in a can) and this real thick bacon, fried ham, ALWAYS fried potatos, macaroni and tomatoes, sliced tomatoes, buttermilk cornbread, pinto beans with ham.....man, so many carbs we never even ate dessert! Sometimes my uncle would bring home butter-pecan or lemon chiffon ice cream from Baskin Robbins. Mmmmm...I'm getting hungry. Sure would be neat to be able to go back for just one day and enjoy it to the fullest.

So much for the trip down memory Lane....I am starting to sound like Grandpa Longa Gogh!


July 28, 2004 - Msg 22514: Boo you are making me hungry.......


July 28, 2004 - Msg 22515: Barn on Bullhorn: NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL GOOD MEN...
APB for pipeman, Goober, AUH20, Briscoe, Sterling, Des, Rafe, MPO, Jelsik, Jennie, Becca, Bulbsnatcher, sara, salt and pepper, Will S and all that I cant recall! Come on back to the porch.
Chairs have new pads on em, rockers are fixed and we even got a new glider!
Maybe lots o folk on vacation!
MD- anything runnin this weekend?
Spot- are the lights on?
Prayers still goin up for Boo and family, Mrs wiley, pipeman, troops, Prez and all else who
made requests.
I think were gettin to them dog days o summer!
Have a good one and play yer hearts out,
Mr Darlin's Cuz

July 28, 2004 - Msg 22516: That made me hungry too Boo. My Mamma does that with cucumbers, but adds a little dill. Yummers. My Grandparents passed mostly before I was born, one when I was 17, but I never got to know her well - she lived so far away. Love to hear y'all tell about your Grandparents. My parents are the age of Grandparents, so I do know a little about how it "uster be". Hey to everyone here!

~ Mrs. Wiley
Andy: "Eatin' speaks louder than words."

July 28, 2004 - Msg 22517: MDC.. cup boys are at Pocono this weekend..lot of talk in the newspapers and by old DW( jaws )
that nascar should give injured drivers the chance to use subs when hurt so they dont have to drive hurt ..that is BS.. the only reason this was brought up is because the media darling , poor Dale Jr. ,had to start the race this past week for the points after he was burned on the legs in a sports car incident the weekend before .Jr. needs to suck it up ,nascar drivers have driven hurt for 50 years why change things for Jr.s sake .if a driver is too injured to drive then he shouldnt get the points if he dosent start the race..sorry about the soap box ,hope everyone has a good evening
mayberry deputy

July 28, 2004 - Msg 22518: Hey Boo,Mrs Wiley,MDC,Alyce,Dix,MW,AFD,and all my friends..Grilled Ham steaks tonight!,,asas corn,AFDs taters,fried okra,purple hull peas,green onions,hot peppers,canalope,cukes with italian dressing poured over them..sweet tea cornbread...ready at 6:00..and o-yea will someone bring some slaw !..signed:SPOT the"at work all night" talking dog of This here fine Porch"...watch my tail with those rockers !

July 28, 2004 - Msg 22519: Spot, as Wally would say, "Watch it, rockin' forward." teehee
MD- I hear ya on the driving 'as is' rule.
Unfortunately, those in the spotlight sometimes want things bent just for them. Dale Jr has a lot of maturing to do, as in not trying to drive in everyhting that comes down the pike. Well, we shall see...
Sounds like spot has the grub covered for tonight!
Sounds like a fine feed!
I'll be ther with briscoe and the boys.
Love them cukes. MD must know what cukes are!

July 28, 2004 - Msg 22520: i was drunk last night dear motherrrrrr, i was drunk the night before, but if youll forgive me mother , ill never get drunk anymore......i only know the words to that song because tootie sang it in the movie meet me in st. louis.......little bit of movie trivia there......on monday i will have 6 kids in my little daycare , i am excited but a little nervous too....ive had that many before but it has been a while because of summer session, now that school is starting up early, all of the teachers will be leaving their three month old babies with me......whew id better rest up this weekend,wish me luck.....i was so thrilled to know that my fav ep of opie made the number one ep of the andy show....opie the birdman.....it teaches an important life lesson....my little 8 yr. old boy reminds me so much of opie.....see yall later, sara

July 28, 2004 - Msg 22521: SPOT .. sounds like some good vittles
SARA..6 kids ..you must have the patience of a saint
MDC .. your so right on the maturing part for Jr.
mayberry deputy

July 28, 2004 - Msg 22522: hey yall! Supper sounds good tonight.. Boo, yes, I do cucumbers that way too..so good ice cold..
Going now to play a game with my hubby..


July 28, 2004 - Msg 22523: Yea, Boo, we do cukes that way here too. Two more days till the big reunion starts (or "rebellion" as Mavis would say). Where is Mavis anyhow?? Spot is looking awful shaggy and could use a trim. Hazel, I've had a few last minuters email and send their $. Kinda aggravatin' but mostly I'm just glad they decided to come. Mary Wiggins, I guess having a class of 900 makes a difference. You're excused from your class reunion. Since our town and our class were so small, it's sort of an insult when someone doesn't want to come. Does that make sense? Probably not, I digress. Cool weather in these parts too. Hasn't really seemed much like summer to me at all this year. Remember my cat problem (too many)? Last week I had 5 cats and 7 kittens. I was praying about the situation one day "Lord, I just can't have this many cats and I can't afford to get them all spayed. I'm handing this one over to you." This week I have 2 cats and 4 kittens. My other cats are just disappearing. My favorite pet calico Mittens is gone too. That's not exactly what I had in mind, but I guess if you turn something over to the Lord then you have to live with his solution. I can't for the life of me figure out where the cats have gone. I live out in the middle of nowhere. Hope they didn't get eaten by some other critters.
Charlotte Tucker

July 29, 2004 - Msg 22524: Yea CT I could use a trim...lets have a snack yall..french onion dip and ruffle tater chips!..slim jim beef sticks..signed: the"got the porch lights on"dog of your porch..

July 29, 2004 - Msg 22525: Good Morning all! Wataching the rain here. Been rainig for days. I couldnt even get to church last night..roads were flooded in some areas. Our road on one end was washed out in 2 places, including a small bridge. I have to go out to church this morning, I hope I make it there ok with the kids. Yall have a great day!!


July 29, 2004 - Msg 22526: Good Morning! Alyce I'm sorry about all the rain you're enduring. I know that feeling all too well where I live. Last summer it rained every day. And if by chance a day was skipped it would rain even harder the next. It was a very wet summer.

Meet Me in St. Louis...... I love that movie too ,font color="maroon">sara! I have the special edition DVD. If you lika me like I lika you and we lika both the same. That's my favorite Tootie song and of course Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is grand.

Thanks for the snack Spot.

That's a lot of cats CT. I like cats but not that many. lol!

Hey to everyone on the proch today! Someone share a funny story!


July 29, 2004 - Msg 22527: I goofed sara. I apologize..... sheeesh! And I was doing so wel with it too!


July 29, 2004 - Msg 22528: I goofed sara. I apologize..... sheeesh! And I was doing so well with it too!


July 29, 2004 - Msg 22529: ooooops! looks like I goofed again and had a hiccup!


July 29, 2004 - Msg 22530: Hey yall...everyone must be busy today..not many posts. I dont have any funny stories today. I usually have tons coming from my daughter though. We just made brownies together. They sure do smell good. Think I'll go taste test!


July 29, 2004 - Msg 22531: mmmmm brownies! Share Alyce pleeeeeeaaaasssee! It's almost lunch time ;)

July 29, 2004 - Msg 22532: Hi everyone, this is the first time to write for me. I was just forced at work to carry a cell phone.(welcome to the electronal age!) Can anyone tell me how to get the Andy theme song as my ring on this thing? It's a nokia 2260. Thanks Butch

July 29, 2004 - Msg 22533: Charlotte- Have fun at your reunion. I just hope that "the tears on your pillow dont bespeak the pain that is in your heart!" Watch out for ole Mr Bectoris! teehee
The spread was great last night spot!
We have a pork roast cookin in the crock pot today! Spuds, carrots, onions, geeen beans, hot rolls and sun tea with just a smig of sugar and lemon! MMM good. Ya all come over when ya hear the big triangle sound!
have a good mayberry day!
MDC (still have the APB out)

July 29, 2004 - Msg 22534: Sorry Butch, I dont carry one of them new fangled things. But welcome to the porch... good folk,
good music and good talk!

July 29, 2004 - Msg 22535: you know i think i am the only yuppie mommie without a cell phone.......i think those women look so pretentious with those dang things up to their ears yacking on the phone in the car and at target shopping.....im always wondering what the folks are doing that are on the other end of the phone while they are yacking away.....one time at the dr....this woman was in the waiting room talking on one of the hands free models with an earpiece to her head....talk about ridiculous.....everyone in the place could hear her conversation, like we really cared about what she was talking about.....she looked like madonna in concert....and when they called her name she didnt even stop talking and say anything to the nurse letting her in......crazy......i dont like to talk on the phone.....i would rather type it or see someone in person, thats just me......somebody tell a funny real quick i am getting tired of waiting for my next mommy to drop by with her little baby.....see yall later, love,sara

July 29, 2004 - Msg 22536: MDC...sounds good..I am not cooking tonight, as hubby is working late. But I'll pull up a chair at your table. I am busy working on Longaberger orders today...yall want to buy some??
The brownies were veryyyy good!! So good with a glass of ice cold milk!!


July 29, 2004 - Msg 22537: Sara...well I do have a cell phone..I love it. It comes in great handy, especially when I cant get in my house sometimes (our door has gotten stuck several times) And in cases of emergency its great...like when I went airborn and flipped my van with my babies in it. I agree that some people use them ridiculously, but I do use it in the car and in Target too!! I think there are rules of etiquette in cell phone use and some people just dont get it! Anyway..no harm done, just thought I'd share my side of it..


July 29, 2004 - Msg 22538: Yes, I think a cell phone gives great peace of mind when you have small children and are on the road alot. I carry mine mostly in case of emergencies and such and I like the idea of my little boy being able to get ahold of me when I am out taking my parents to the dr or something and he is with a sitter.

Alyce, I like Longaberger but they are a bit expensive for my blood. I don't like to spend much money for things for the house. I guess you could call me a minimalist? I suppose I would have made a good Quaker, huh? My idea of the perfect home is wood floors, minimal furniture and not alot of knick-knacks. I like things easy to keep but homey, too. My husband and I have had dissagreements over this for years. His mom was kind of a clutter-bug and likes "things" in the house.....which reminds me, I am planning to go through the house and get rid of more stuff that we don't use and i want to have a yard sale for a missionary friend of mine (did I already mention this?) anyway, do any of you know if you have to have a special permit or anything to raise funds for a charitable cause? I don't want to do anything illegal because I planned to put in the add in the paper and I thought if people knew what it was for they might want to come. Any opinions? Im not real ept at this sort of thing.

My sis in law, Linda had surgery today and they found a tumor in her tonsil so now I guess its radiation or chemo. I want all of you who have prayed to know that she is in really good spirits, though and has faith in the Lord to see her through.

Better gogh!


July 29, 2004 - Msg 22539: Good afternoon, everyone! My, there are always at least two sides of any issue, don't you think? Speaking of cell phones... I do have one, wouldn't be without it, it's my security blanket. I have been known to use it in Target, and in the car. However, in Target it's usually used to call and verify a grandkid's size or preference, and in the car I try to keep the calls brief, for safety's sake. Anywhere in public, I try to keep my voice low and be as unobtrusive as possible. It's not so much the use of the phone that's the problem, but the att-itude and deportment of the user. Loud, rambling conversations in a waiting room, an elevator or any other public place, are certainly rude and annoying to other people. The truth is, some people are just rude and boorish by nature, and the cell phone just gives them another way to express that nature. There, I've said it and I ain't takin' it back!

Has anyone else ever seen a white eggplant? I found some at my favorite little farmer's market yesterday. They're a lovely pearly white, no purple color at all. As a rule, I don't care much for eggplant, but these were intriguing, so I bought a couple of small ones, and plan to slice and fry them tonight. It's been years since I ate eggplant - who knows, my taste may have changed, and I might love them. A woman at the market told me they tasted like regular eggplant but that the flavor was milder. We'll see!

I love cucumbers prepared the way Boo described them, and when the sweet Vidalia onions are available, I like to put some slices of them in with the cucumbers. So good!

Welcome, Butch. Grab yourself a Mayberry handle and a rocker and stay a while. Always glad to have a new porch-sitter. As for the TAGS theme on the cell phone, I've been trying to get that for a long time, and apparently it's just not available. You can get everything else, including the theme from "I Love Lucy", which was my second option, but you can't get TAGS. Go figure. If you ever find it, please let us all know. We'll have a national chorus of the TAGS theme playing on our phones!

Well, gotta get to work. Not much time left before the Mongolia trip, and still a lot to do. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

July 29, 2004 - Msg 22540: Ro: when is the Mongolia trip and how long will you be there for? You know I dont have a Mayberry handle..Oh well..Maybe there was an Alyce on TAGS and I just dont know about it. Boo: I dont think you need any permit...if you are doing it in your own yard, getting the money and just giving it to your friend. That is a nice thing to do, what a great friend you are. You can just check with your town/county. Longaberger is very expensive..I do like it. I dont really buy the baskets anymore, but mainly the pottery. That is why I had a show, to finish getting my dishes. But I am going to order a basket, cause I get some free dollars worth. I like some simplicity too, but I dont like bareness. I dont like knick knacks, but I do have "things"..like my baskets, and pottery, anyway..gotta go..just got a call to meet my consultant..


July 29, 2004 - Msg 22541: Welcome BUTCH.. youll like it here ,as for cell phone ringers ,sorry but Im dumb in that department ,I have one but only carry it for out going calls mostly and never when driving .I work in a grocery store and see people come in daily with it to their ear from the time they enter to the time they leave ,yack yack talk about rude ,Everyone have a great evening
mayberry deputy

July 29, 2004 - Msg 22542: Hey to the PORCH! MDC, I'm still kickin..just been busier than even I can deal with. Going to try and read up on all I've missed, welcome to all the new folks...hey to all the old (familier, not aged :-) ) and God Bless America!


July 29, 2004 - Msg 22543: Folks,your a missin' what the porch is all about. Quiet times, family, friends, and lettin' th' world take care of itself for a while.Yall' turn them cell phones off and listen to the jar flies and the katydids. Beautiful aint it. Gotta' go, Suppers ready. Big Tom

July 29, 2004 - Msg 22544: Hey Goober!Big Tom,Alyce,Ro,Boo,Dix,CT,and all the porch..tonight its Chicken-ah-la-king over toast...green onions,sliced tomatoes,sweet tea,..signed:SPOTthe"working all night" dog of your porch..lights are on..

July 29, 2004 - Msg 22545: Welcome back Goober, and welcome Big Tom!
It's a great summer evenin for rockin, chewin the fat, and strummin the git-fiddle.
Let's just mellow out and tak it all in!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

July 29, 2004 - Msg 22546: Hey yall! Hubby's bringing pizza home tonight..Yum Yum..We just got our house plans back from the company and everything looks good. Hopefully we can order soon...I know I havent ever gotten into this on the porch..but we are trying to build a house..man it is someting else!!


July 29, 2004 - Msg 22547: Great news Alyce!..I built my new house in 1998 and loved every miniute of the task..some people say its a headache but I had a blast..hey I will take a piece of that pizza if there is some left over for a snack later!..signed: SPOT the"no rain in ga" talking dog of your porch

July 29, 2004 - Msg 22548: Spot: we decided a long time ago not to build the house ourselves..it just spelled Divorce to us, haha! (not that we would ever do that) When we went to a contractor with our plans the price was crazy!! So we are having a company..not really a modular, but off site stick built, build our home by our plans. We've had some run ins, but it should get ordered soon..Plus, it is $40,000 cheaper to build this way,using the same materials!! You can have the pizza..I keep burping green peppers....


July 30, 2004 - Msg 22549: My mom was taken by ambulance to the hospital several hours ago.Dr. said she has heart failure & are doing tests.The words pulmonary embolism were said to me over the phone at some point.I am not crazy,my mom is a nurse and I know what that means.I can't lose my Mama-it's my birthday July 30th.PLEASE pray for her.My grandbaby Laci has to have open heart surgery in a few weeks-as if that's not enough. I know God doesn't give you more than you can handle,but it is so hard right now. Please pray for my mama (Bobbie) & my Laci.I will keep y'all posted.Getting tears all over my computer now,so I'd best go.God bless y'all.

possum under a rock

July 30, 2004 - Msg 22550: Oh, my goodness! Possum, dear, you and your mom and grandbaby will certainly be in my prayers tonight, and for as long as needed. Bless your little possum heart, you're really carrying a load right now. Be assured that your porch friends love you and are thinking of you. I'd bring you a big old casserole if I could!

Alyce, our group leaves at 6am Monday, and I still don't have anything packed. I've just about finished putting everything away after the carpet men were here, though. I just couldn't get focused on anything else until that was done. We'll be gone for two weeks, and I have no intention of walking back into this mess when we return. I want to come home to a neat, clean house, where I can just sit down and thank God for my blessings. I think that's going to be the reaction after being in Mongolia, from all I've heard. As for Alyce being a TAGS name, I'm not sure about the spelling, but I'm sure there was an Alice mentioned more than once. Can't think of the connection at the moment, but I'll bet some of the sharper porch sitters can.

Well, it's late, I'm tired, and I think I'm going to go bathe the Plum and then curl up in our big chair with her wrapped in a big old soft towel, and just relax. She'll snooze, and I probably wil, too. Not a bad way to finish a long day. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

July 30, 2004 - Msg 22551: Alright, who snitched the "l" out of my "will" up there? --Romeena

July 30, 2004 - Msg 22552: Do y'all let strangers come up and set on the porch with you?

July 30, 2004 - Msg 22553: Hey yall im a hurry this morning will someone fix breakfast quick for me?....SPOT..

July 30, 2004 - Msg 22554: Thank you Ro.My mom had a mild heart attack-no embolism.She is in ICU.Doctors plan a catherization on Monday.I think they anticipate a big heart attack.Please keep the prayers going.They got her(and me!) through the night.I didn't mean to cry all over the porch last night,but I was at a very low helpless point.Thank y'all for caring.love to all.
possum under a rock

July 30, 2004 - Msg 22555: Good Morning everyone!
Possum..prayers lifted up for you and your family! Spot...you're the breakfast cook...no one can replace you!!! Romeena..well I hope your trip is a wonderful blessing to you and the Mongolians! Have a busy day today..gotta get..


July 30, 2004 - Msg 22556: Possum, I will surely keep your Mamma in my prayers, and little Laci too. It's OK to cry here - I'd feel the same way if it was my Mamma. I hope they get out all the bad stuff in her heart and give her many more years with you. Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you dear!!

22552: yep, strangers are welcome here - as long as you aren't Thomas A. Moody, the pickpocket. Grab a rocker and set a spell!

Romeena, the time is getting close! Glad you'll only be gone for 2 weeks, I don't know what we'd do without you here, not to mention how PLUM must feel about it. Guess if she know's you're doing it for The Lord, she must be OK with it.

Alyca, glad you didn't float away on us, saw the flooding in Texas, more expected in S.C.. We have 2 weather systems to watch out for here in S.Fla...it's gonna be a bust hurricane season!

Love to all,
~ Mrs. Wiley

July 30, 2004 - Msg 22557: I mean a BUSY hurricane season. Dang.

July 30, 2004 - Msg 22558: Glad you clarafied that Mrs. Wiley. Wasn't sure what a bust hurricane season was. LOL
Possum dear, you have my prayers as does your Mom and Laci. You are going through some very very tough times. You hang on, things will get better, and remember who to trust in. God bless your family Possum and keep us in touch. And happy Birthday to you.
Romeena, please be careful on your trip and may God bless you as you go out to help the needy, a true Christian service. We will miss you and the Plumster and will keep your rocker saved.
Hope you all have a blessed Friday and a good weekend.


July 30, 2004 - Msg 22559: ro, and everyone, i liked what you said about cell phone users, i really needed one before valentines day, i was with a little girl in my van when one of my front tires went completely flat.....i was real well, not that close to home at the time....i had been on a shopping trip for valentine goodies for the kids from target....can you tell that i like target? Anywho, i needed to call the towtruck, and a nice lady stopped and let me use her phone, whew , that was so nice of her, but when the tow wasnt coming , i flagged down another nice person, and they went to the fixit shop to tell them to come and get me, after an hour and a half, a nice old santa claus man was sweet enough to try to fix the flat with his compressor that he had to run home to get, he could not air it up, so i trusted him to take us to my house.....i was shaking when i called my husband to call the fixit shop and the tow.....i was too upset to call myself, the little girl with me was asleep the whole time......god answered prayers that day, but i sure could have used a cell phone in that situation, my hubby wants to get me one , because of situations like that......i prayed and trusted the santa man, i know it wasnt the right thing to do ....to get into a strangers car nowadays but in certain times you have to trust.....i had a huge carseat to lug and i started to walk with the baby and the seat, but i didnt think that a good thing.....im just grateful to everyone who came to my aid.....there are wonderful ,helpful people still left in the world....i would like to think i would have assisted someone on the side of the road.....i forgot to mention the nice young couple with the beautiful dog out walking that stopped to help me put another tire on, but these new fangled vans make it near to impossible to find the spare let alone use it.....all this talk about cucumbers has made me real hungry....ive got to get some recipes from everyone that loves to cook, and that sounds like everyone here.....love , sara

July 30, 2004 - Msg 22560: Yep, we talk to strangers around here and most of us like to cook.

I am so sorry for what you are going through, Possum and will certainly pray for you and your family. There is no end to what God can do through prayer. We love you.

Jeepers, Ro, you had better get to packing....public nudity is against the law in Mongolia!


July 30, 2004 - Msg 22561: I feel you on the hurricane thing Mrs. Wiley. I live about 50 miles form Panama City and we just seem to attract the worst weather......

*****prayers***** for you possum.

Hello to Goober and Big Tom. I don't believe we have been formally introduced.

Msg# 22552 We always welcome the new. I've been signing here on and off since about I think it was 1997 or 98? I don't remember but I was about 14 and anyhoo I've never known these posters to snub anyone. We are nice and we don't bite!

Hey Ro, you be careful and remember we love you and are keeping you in our prayers! :)

Hello to everyone settin' down on the porch today!

SPOT nobody can cook up as tasty a meal as you can but I'll help you out this morning..... Hmmmmm. okay everyone how does this sound for breakfast- Nice and hot off the iron waffles with warm maple or cane syrup and butter, thick slices of bacon, eggs, and to drink ice cold milk and orange juice. Is that okay with everyone? I'll go get it started!

Dixie Belle

July 30, 2004 - Msg 22562: Brang it on Dixie Belle.:)


July 30, 2004 - Msg 22563: Lol Boo about the public nudity thing! Hey sara Share some of those recipes with us. I'm always looking for something new to cook up.

I almost forgot to ask you guys to remember some people in prayer for me. My brother's girlfriend Ashley had a cist removed from her ovaries this morning and they have to send it off to see if it's malignant(sp?) or not. Some good friends of ours their grandfather is having surgery on his heart next either Tuesday or Wednesday I can't remember. He has a leaking valve I think it is? And then there is me. I'm having my top 2 wisdom teeth pulled next Wednesday morning.....I'm a scaird of pain....

I've taken up too much room for now Later :)


July 30, 2004 - Msg 22564: Hey, y'all. I'm brand new -- the stranger who posted last night -- and I'm off to work. But I look forward to visiting with y'all this weekend. My name is -- I swear to heaven -- Aunt Bee. That's for real, courtesy of my red-headed nephew.

July 30, 2004 - Msg 22565: Be glad to Asa. Here it comes.... Watch out! Don't touch that plate, it's still hot!


July 30, 2004 - Msg 22566: Welcome to Aunt Bee! I'm doing the new porch setter welcome dance. Brand new never seen before. New tradition!

I've been talking too much today!


July 30, 2004 - Msg 22567: Welcome Aunt Bee! Glad to have you set a spell with us on the porch!

Possum, prayers for you and your mother and Laci. I will be thinking about you.

Dixie Bell, I had my wisdom teeth pulled, and I had absolutely no pain with it. But that was a few years ago, and I am getting a little forgetful now! ;) I am sure you will do much better than you are expecting. I will be praying for Ashley and your friend's grandfather also.

Sara, I am glad everything worked out for you the day your car broke down. There are still some people out there you can trust, but it is a shame that you have to be fearful to accept help.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY POSSUM!! I wanted to say that separate from anything else to you, just cause you are so special!!

Romeena, I hope all goes well on your trip to Mongolia. I wish you could send us "post cards" to the porch here while you are gone. We sure are going to miss you!

To everything there is a season...and for me it's time to go!!

Mary Wiggins

July 30, 2004 - Msg 22568: Birthday Cake for possum!
[___] I hope my cake looks like it's supposed ta' but here's some icecream cones just in case!

C>C> Whew! That was difficult!


July 30, 2004 - Msg 22569: ps-- Thanks Mary Wiggins!


July 30, 2004 - Msg 22570:


July 30, 2004 - Msg 22571: hehehe! too many flames for the candles! ;)

July 30, 2004 - Msg 22572: Prayers to you Possum..Hey Asa,Dix,Boo Alyce,Mrs Wiley,Sara, ..where has pipiman been?..and fun girl, and county nurse,and mayberry girl?..hey MDC,lets have a cook out tonight, had 32 hrs OT this week [people on vac and I have to cover shifts]..soooo its grilled 2 in ribeyes!..baked taters,asparagus on the grill,rock lobster tails,green beans, butter, sour cream,bacon bits,sweet tea,salad [fresh veggies]...will light the grill at 7ish...how yall like yer steak cooked?..signed: SPOT the"got my bbq apron on" dog of your porch..lights are ON !!

July 30, 2004 - Msg 22573: Sounds good Spot.
Someone get them matches away from Dixie. She's gonna burn the porch down.


July 30, 2004 - Msg 22574: Hey yall...Welcome all the newcomers!! I have had such a busy day..didnt get to eat anything until after 3 pm..a banana sandwich.. I have been shopping today..wal mart and just bought two rooms of furniture..never before done that!!!
Hey, maybe we should do some recipe swaps. I LOVE to cook and bake!
Dixie..you've had some time on your hands today, huh? haha Thats just fine though! Well off to get my oldest from her cousins..have a good evening.. No supper again tonight..hubby is working late and I am just plain tired!! I'll eat with you SPOT..


July 30, 2004 - Msg 22575: Dixie, I had all four wisdom teeth out at the same time with just a few shots of Lidocaine. No sweat, Chickie! The doc wanted to put me to sleep but I told him, "No way! I'm not having general anesthesia just to pull some teeth!", so he did it in the office and it was no big deal and one of them was kind of sideways and hard to get out. I'm sure you'll be just fine.


July 30, 2004 - Msg 22576: Hey there Alyce, we must have been posting at the same time. Tell us more about your furniture. What rooms did you furnish and how??? Do you have any Gooseberry Patch cookbooks? I collect them and think they are the greatest. If you have never been on gooseberry patch web site, you HAVE to check it out. They sell much more than cookbooks and even have a message board and share recipes online. Try www.gooseberrypatch.com and if that doesn't work just do a search for Gooseberry Patch. You'll be glad you did. I have a very good friend that I met on the Gooseberry Patch message board. We have emailed weekly for years now.

Later Gators!

July 30, 2004 - Msg 22577: MY GOODNESS, such a crowded porch today!
I think our rocker arms are touchin! teehee
That's ok, the more the merrier.
Dixie, that breakfast was de-lish.
Spot BBQ sounds great. I'll add a few t-bones to your ribeyes, and we'll get hose big fllodlights turned on again and have a a big summerfest!
Prayers for all the may requests. You porchsters are might good pray-ers! Last Sunday we read the gospel story of praying constantly like a guy at your door asking for bread and he wont go away.
So we'll just flood heaven with such prayers and see mightty things happen! We alsp pray the Lord's protection over Ro on her mission.
Welcome AUNT BEE! We need a goodly aunt bee on the porch, mendin' in hand and plenty of good advice!
last night' local ep was "Opie Flunks Arithmitic"
which i havent seen n some time.
Andy: Is there something about arithmitic you dont understand?
Opie: Well, I have to erase a lot. Sometimes i get a hole in the paper and i have to do it all over again, and sometimes the bell rings before I'm finished. If they had better paper, i think I could get a good mark!
have a great day, weekend, and Sabboth!

July 30, 2004 - Msg 22578: Sorry, I usually check spelling etc, but was in a hurry! Hope you made it thru OK.

July 30, 2004 - Msg 22579: im interested in your new furniture also, i love to decorate and watch the shows on hgtv, you can get some good ideas from the different ways they put things together, since i am homebound most of the time, i try to make do with the things i have and i make a lot of things like frames out of fabric, calligraphy, wall murals wreaths for the front door,my daughter and i recycled some jeans and made some jean purses like i did when i was a girl, she asked me what i did when i was bored in the summertime, you could always find me creating something,remember listening to the radio in your room drawing or dreaming? i think a lot of kids are so overscheduled these days they have forgotten what fun it can be to have an entire afternoon to just be......my two kids have the 24 hour stomach virus, i have been cleaning up after them since 12:OO this morning, im kind of tired but in a restless kind of way.....once i start to clean, i get on a role and im trying to pace myself.....i bought a new vacuum called the hoover empower, it is awesome....it picks up everything....including doghair and grass...my two biggies to clean up.....it had a 20 dollar warrantee where they will replace for free in the first 4 yrs if any problems come up....i never thought i could be so jazzed about an appliance.....i am such a homemaker it is pathetic......my hubby is a better cook than i am, he is still teaching me new things in the kitchen.....he has the best potato salad i have ever had.....you make it as usual, with big chunky russets but you slip a little onion and crisp bacon on the top with a lot of paprika for taste, it is absolutely the best, and i have had a lot of different recipes sent my way.....he also makes a fabulous stew, with every kind of veggie with the stew meat.....im known for my breakfasts and sweets.....im trying to stay away form the sweet things which is very hard......lets get some recipes going on this porch... ithink we could come up with some fantastic meals with the help of spot and all the rest of the porchsters....lets get cooking, love,sara

July 30, 2004 - Msg 22580: Wow, Sara..sounds like you have some nervous energy..haha..tis ok though!
Well lets see..the furniture I bought came from Schewl's..I am sure yall have heard of that furniture store. I have never used them before, because we always go to another independent family run store(Expensive)..but the sales paper came out with this great furniture in it. We got a new kitchen table and chairs..and I got new dining room set..90" table, (with leaf), 8 chairs,and the china cabinet. The kitchen table has 4 chairs but I ordered two more, and they were on sale too..The dining room came with 4 chairs, but I added the other 4 to it too. THe dining room set is pine..beautiful..kinda like eyelet cut out on the corners. Chairs are padded. The kitchen table also has a leaf..that is a light oak on top, but the legs and the backs and legs of the chairs are like a buttermilk color (that is what it is called, Buttermilk) So it is two toned, but very pretty..will match my new kitchen. We got all that for $2500 or so. Good price!!!I was tickled to death..as I have been searching for a few years!! We should get our house ordered soon too. We have to store out dining room set until we get moved into the new house but that is no biggie! Anyway...Yea, lets do some cooking..Maybe we can do some themes week by week. Boo: I have never heard of gooseberry patch..I will have to look into that. Sounds interesting. Sara: Yes, our kids are spoiled these days.. We just give them too much!! I dont blame you for getting excited over your vacuum. I asked my parents for one one year, and was so happy I got it..lol


July 30, 2004 - Msg 22581: So folks sorry for my rudeness.I ran into Barney" David Browning" in Nashville this week and he and the Mrs. told me to check out the porch, they said I'de like you folks so I reckon I barged in unannounced. Anyway, they call me Big Tom cause of the Survivor show and we look alike. I'm from east Tn.and if ya' aint doin nothin' tomorrow were puttin' on a Dukes Fest at Bristol Motor Speedway. The whole Dukes gang along with me and Barney will be there.Come on down we'll treat you so many ways your bound to find one or two you like.Ha Possum you are all over our prayer chain. Hang in there remember His prommis is to not put anything on us that we couldn't bare. "Big Tom"

July 30, 2004 - Msg 22582: Wow, sound like this is the summer for new furnishings! All seem great. We got new stuff for our guest room. Really spruced it up!
We need to keeep the econpmy going! haha
It's a nice evening tonight, I see someone made lemonade, and we can set a spell. Spot's cookin the steaks and I brought some cider.
Ain't it nice to jest slow up a bit and take it all in!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

July 30, 2004 - Msg 22583: Big Tom: when I saw your handle, I immediately thought of Big Tom from Survivor. He was a great guy! If you are a Survivor watcher, and remember Marilyn "Mad Dog" Hershey, she is from my area...in VA. Dont worry about barging in unannounced..you are welcome here. Do you know David Browning personally? I met him last October in Appomattox at the Railroad Festival..8 months pregnant and so excited to see him..we got our picture taken, then I goofed and messed up the film. Still need to try to get that fixed. I'd love to go back to Mt. Airy for Mayberry Days in Sept. Wont make it this year unfortunately though. Anyway..nice meeting you and having you on board!


July 30, 2004 - Msg 22584: Well everyone, I am off to bed. Yall have a great night. ( I am talkative tonight it seems) I have a baby shower to give tomorrow, so a busy day ahead..got to get some rest!!


July 30, 2004 - Msg 22585: Hey, All! That furniture sounds beautiful, Alyce!

I agree, Sara, about kids being too busy. I had lots of spare time when I was a kid and listened to the radio alot, too.

Hubby and I took the kids to a beach nearby this evening. It is in a small town called Rockport, Texas. Anyone heard of it? Lovely place. Saw some beautiful water and boats, lots of seagulls and a lovely sunset. Wish you could have all been there with me.

Have a great evening!


July 31, 2004 - Msg 22586: Morning, porchsters! Well, last night was the opening night of my big class reunion and it was wonderful--much better turnout than I had even anticipated. Everyone was warm and welcoming--guess that's what 25 years does for you! Possum, sorry about your sad birthday. How's your mama today? Many prayers from the porch for her and little Laci. Hope Ro has a great trip. Dixie Belle, nice cakes! You're quite an artist. Welcome big Tom. Greetings to Alyce, Mary Wiggins, Sara, and everybody!
Charlotte Tucker

July 31, 2004 - Msg 22587: good mornin on this here the last day of july.....this month went by in a hurry, it seemed to be the 4th of july just last week.....last night my hubby was talkin about getting new furniture for our house.....i have some things picked out just in case he ever wanted to update....we have had the same tired sofas in the den for 10 years, and they look every year of the 10. huge holes are coming on from the cushions , i cant flip them anymore....im sure you have seen them with the big jewel colored plaid.....we picked them out before we had kids and we thought it would hide a lot of dirt.......alyce, your furniture sounds gorgeous.....the buttermilk with the eyelet cutouts sounds sort of scandinavian and beautiful.....im going to search for something like that when we move next summer....my dining room table has seen too many crafts thru the years, i may let the kids keep that one in their play room for projects......prayers go out for possums family....another note about furniture, we are looking into the new leather sofas and matching ottomans with the nailhead trim, im hoping to find one that folds out to make an extra bed for guests.....my family comes over for the holidays and this appeals to my need for any extra room for company.....see yall later,sara

July 31, 2004 - Msg 22588: welcome big tom. we love to have new folks sit on the porch with us, it seems we talk alot about food , nascar, politics ,babies,houses,barney ,opie,whether andy shoulda married miss peggy,and just about anything else that strikes ya.......love ,sara

July 31, 2004 - Msg 22589: Good Morning Friends!!
Sara: Well the buttermilk is one table and the eyelet cutouts are on the other table.. But it is all very pretty. I Hope it lasts..cause we sure rushed into this one!! Yall have a great day..July did rush right on by!! August will too for me..Bible School, Beach, birthdays! Then school starts back up in September.Then it will be Christmas!!! I have a busy day today with the baby shower. I also have busy kids while I am getting things ready. I found a Large piece of old Christmas wrapping paper, they have it rolled out flat in the hall way and are having a ball running and crawling all over it..hey, whatever works!! Gotta get to hot rolling my hair now!! Great day to all!


July 31, 2004 - Msg 22590: Romeena, could you please tell again where you get your nutritional supplements online so reasonably priced? Much obliged.

July 31, 2004 - Msg 22591: Evenin' Y'all. This is a collective "Thank You & Love you" to all who've been praying for my mama & family. Y'all are very special and dear.The word on my mom is this: She had a slight heart attack Thursday in front of me & Laci-we didn't know that's what was happening.Last night in hospital her heart went from rapidly beating to even stopping.While I visited today it was skipping beats.Dr.said there is NO damage to her heart-wonderful news! But-there is something causing her heart to go haywire.Monday morning she undergoes a heart catheterization.Hopefully,they'll find and be able to treat the problem.Y'all keep praying,ok?I'll keep you posted.
Love to all!
possum under a rock

July 31, 2004 - Msg 22592: P.S. Thanks for the birthday cake and candles! Y'all are something else! I was tickled by the "more flames than candles thing"!

possum again

July 31, 2004 - Msg 22593: Ha Possum,sounds like Ya' momma needs a pacemaker.Duke fest was a hoot.The whole duke gang was there and Daisy aint goina ever be able to fit in 'em shorts again.YA' I know David and Patty too. They live in Bristol,Va. and they said Ha' to every body on the porch.Gotta go...suppers ready...night we're havin'country ham with red eyed gravey,fried okera,roast-n-ears,cornbread salad,nwe taters,turkey crawl beans and 'nanner puddin...'make a tadpole slap a whale...see ya ta'morrow...BigTom

July 31, 2004 - Msg 22594: possum,my daddy had a heart procedure where they put blue dye into the vein of the leg and route it up thru the heart blockage, it really worked back some 20 years ago.....he takes a baby aspirin and the new med that starts with a p....i cant remember what it is called, but he hunts and fishes and goes to the shooting range every day.....he is leading an active healthy life thanks to good drs. and good medicine.....goes to church every sunday.....prayer is a powerful thing and we are all praying for your mom and laci.....bless there hearts.....my grandfather had a pacemaker for 10 years.....he was such a sweet man....my other grandfather had a heart attack in front of my cousin, who was a little bitty 3 year old , they were having breakfast together, and my grandmother was next door in her beauty shop that used to be a garage, she could see into the kitchen where they were, and called for an ambulance.....had the doggie groomed today, it was a trauma to her, as she does not like dogs very well, she made it thru just fine....she had to stay from 9 til 12.....chris also had a short clipper cut also, went shopping for back to school clothes and shoes, im waiting to do most of the shopping on the tax free weekend coming up....chris had an indoor soccer game this afternoon , they won their game, chris scored a goal for the blizzards....that is the teams name....tomorrow we are taking the kids to the circus.....whoopee.....love,sara

July 31, 2004 - Msg 22595: Sara, sounds like you had a busy day! I am soooo pooped out tonight. Was going all day today. I am going to be as big as my house too if I keep eating. I am munching on all the leftover goodies from the baby shower. Debating church tomorrow..3year old has had an upset stomach for 2 days. Well yall have a super Sunday!


July 31, 2004 - Msg 22596: Hey porch. Just sittin here on my porch watching the full moon rise over the wasatch mountains. Wow, God really loves us.


July 31, 2004 - Msg 22597: Whoowee! I had a great day today. Today is my birthday and my husband took care of the kids and gave me a day off to do whatever I pleased. I went and had breakfast ALONE, went and painted a ceramic plate and put a gingerbread man on it ALONE, went shopping ALONE, went to the thrift store ALONE, and went to visit my sister in law ALONE! It was so nice. I am so thankful for my family but once in awhile it is nice to do something alone. I had one of those frozen drinks from Krispy Kreme that tastes like a Frappacino and it was great....I think they call them Frozen Blends. Try the double chocolate...you won't be sorry!

My sis in law (with cancer) is doing amazingly well. I am so pleased with the way things are going with her. She told me today that they prayed for her at church the night before her surgery and she has had absolutely no anxiety since then. Praise the Lord! Thank you for your prayers for her.

When I was pregnant with my last child, my heart did some CRAZY things so I had to be evaluated by a cardiologist. He told me that I have some kind of conduction defect (of the heart--not the wiring in my house. hehe) and that I would probably have a pacemaker by the time I am 50 or 60. Interesting, isn't it? The way the heart works really intrigues me. I'll bet your mom will be just fine in no time, Possum. They can do amazing things now.

Alyce, I never told you that we are going to be building a house soon, too. We should be putting our current home up for sale in the spring and then start work on the new one. We have some land that we want to build on but it is has to be cleared and everything. Right now it is completely covered in oak trees and thorns! Lots of work to do. I am telling you this so you can pass on any good advice you have to offer as you build yours (please)! Now, be sure check out that Gooseberry patch site.

Better go, the evening is almost over and the bed awaits!


August 01, 2004 - Msg 22598: Sorry I missed your birthday, possum. Hope it was extry good. My prayers are with your Mama and Laci, as well as your whole family.

Boo - hope you had a great birthday as well. Glad to hear your SIL is doing well, especially with her outlook. I'll keep her in my prayers, too.

Romeena -here's some ((((((hugs)))))) and prayers coming your way as well, as you travel to Mongolia. I'm sure you will be as great a blessing to the folks over there as you are to us here. Godspeed!

Asa - so you saw the BLUE MOON tonight, too? I bet your view was a whole lot nicer than mine.

Hey to Big Tom, it's nice to have you. Stop by anytime!
Nice to hear from you, too, Goober. YO!
Hey to the rest of the gang, too. Have a great day!

AFD - Andy's Favorite Dish!

August 01, 2004 - Msg 22599: Good (late) evening, everyone! That is, if anybody is still here this late. I've been packing, and have just about got it done. A little bit of fine-tuning to do tomorrow, but it's mostly done. We can only take one checked bag and one carry-on, but the amazing thing is, it all fit!! Even though we'll be gone two weeks, I'm only taking about five changes of clothes. We were cautioned that to take a whole lot of clothes would be seen as flaunting our wealth in such a poor country. Instead, we're encouraged to support the local economy and hire some laundry done while we're there. No problem. I just filled up the space in my suitcase with snacks! I even put in a bag of beef jerky. (I love the stuff.) I'm not a picky eater - will eat just about anything - but I'm taking snack stuff along, just in case.

Folks, I just can't tell you how much your good wishes and ((hugs)) and prayers mean to me, as I'm about to go on this trip. Never in my wildest imagination did I ever think I'd be going to Mongolia, of all places, but on Monday morning, I'll do just that. The Sunday morning that the missionary visited our church, and talked about the need and what could be done by a group in a couple of weeks' time, I sat there and listened to him and realized that I could go. I won't say I heard voices, but I definitely felt a conviction that I should, and could, be a part of the group. So, I'm going. I'm really looking forward to it.

Boo, I hope you had a lovely birthday, and it sounds as though you did. It was very thoughtful of Mr. Boo to give you that day all to yourself. Tell him I said he's a sweetheart.

Now, off to bed or I'll never make it to church in the morning. Now wouldn't that be a fine thing, just before the mission trip! Have a great Sabbath, friends, and Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena
P.S. Poor Plum. She's all excited because she's been watching me pack, and she thinks that "we" are going somewhere, has even brought me a couple of her toys, expecting me to pack them. She doesn't know yet that she'll have to stay at home. Poor baby. My granddaughter will be keeping her, and Plum loves her, but she's going to be one disappointed puppy, because she loves to travel.

August 01, 2004 - Msg 22600: "Good Morning Porch" "Race Day Today"...this morning its gona be waffles and sausage links, fresh strawberrys, ice cold milk,bottled H20,coffee...ready at 7ish...good sabbath to all!...signed: SPOT the"prayers to all in need" dog of your porch ...vaaarooomm..