September 05, 2004 - Msg 23415: PIPEMAN.. good to see you on here,hope your doing well
MDC.. glad your brother made it through the storm
race getting ready to start ,everyone have a good evening
mayberry deputy

September 05, 2004 - Msg 23416: Hey to the Porch. I had my 30th high school reunion the other night...
It was AMAZING to me that I was the only one that hadn't changed....

-- Jelsik

"You want to know something?
Jack Egbert was no prize..."

September 05, 2004 - Msg 23417: Here's my contribution to poetry today:

Ode To My Headache

Oh, the pain my head doth feel,
It's pushing me to the edge.
I want to taking a flying leap right off the nearest ledge.

My doctor gave me medicine that's made to cure the ache,
but I may as well have taken Junior Mints, for goodness sake!

I feel just like my aching head is jammed between two boulders.
I know its going to split in two and fall upon my shoulders!

Does someone know a remedy or a majic headache "fix"?
Eureka, I just thought of one....I just remembered....VICKS!


September 05, 2004 - Msg 23418: Boo: you're so silly..although I might just need to rub Vicks all over my head..I got up with a headache..going to bed with it now..
Do you daughter loves that stuff? She asks for it sometimes and goes digging in the jar of it. Crazy kid!
Good night everyone...

September 05, 2004 - Msg 23419: I think I'll do some sweeping up here friends. Sorry about the dust.


September 05, 2004 - Msg 23420: test

September 05, 2004 - Msg 23421: Evenin' y'all... been bussier than a one armed man in a snowball fight this week. Here 'tis Sunday evenin' and I aint had a day off in two weeks. Maybe next weekend. The "Shades of the Past" car show is in Pigeon Forge, Tn. startin' Friday. If anybodys goin', look for me I hope ta' be there, and if ya' gotta' streetrod or classic come on down. We'll treat ya' so many ways ya' 'bound ta' find one of 'em you like.Mavis I sure hate to hear 'bout 'ya mamma.But you can betcha' she's lookin' down smilin' like a possum that made it to the other side of the road. Sounds like she helped a lotta' folks even after her work on earth was through. Glad to see ya' makin it through alright. You can lean on us any time ya' need to. Better go see how the Vols are doin' and check on the race, gotta' work tomorrow. Thats when I make the big money, triple time 'cause I worked Sunday{ double time}...Big Tom

September 05, 2004 - Msg 23422: Hello Big Tom, my hubby and I just love going to Pigeon Forge, we may have bumped into you in the past and not even knew it LOL. We were there once when Allen Jackson had his car there, it was really nice.

Ellen Brwon

September 05, 2004 - Msg 23423: Howdy, all. No, Salty, I don't know how to contact Tom. I used to be in email contact with Little Leon from time to time when he was around, - is that what you're remembering? - but never Tom, other than here on the porch. I wish I did have his address. I surely am concerned about that sweet poet. I miss him.

Praise the Lord! I heard from my son and his wife in Mt. Dora, near Orlando. They came through the hurricane with no major damage. He was at home with her parents and aunt who live down the street, helping look after them and others on their street, good neighbors who are mostly a generation older than he is. His wife was at the hospital where she's the COO. They had their employees who were working bring their families with them and the hospital let them stay there, looked after their children, and even fed them the whole time, gratis. Pretty good place to work. The families are now free to return home. Of course, no one has any electricity, but I know Spot and others like him will take care of that as soon as possible. Mercy, what a monumental job that's going to be!

Well, guess I'll head for bed. The Plum is already there. She said to tell you all hey! --Romeena

September 06, 2004 - Msg 23424: ROMEENA.. glad to hear your son and his family made it through the storm safely.
Good race on last night ,Eliott Sadler won , Kasey Khane 2nd, and Mark Martin 3rd. I think the race in California being run labor day weekend stinks ,NASCAR took this race away from Darlington,which had run the labor day race for over 30 years ,and moved it to California ,another racing tradition bit the dust .The race was good but it wasnt the same as it would have been at Darlington , sorry folks .. off the soap box .. everyone have a great day
mayberry deputy

September 06, 2004 - Msg 23425: what is everyone doing today labor day? romeena- praise the lord that your son and family are safe. possum- sorry i keep missing you in my posts. i so enjoy the banter between you and spot at our get togethers. asa- thanks for the sweep. some of us have trouble cyphering with to full a page, easier to check archives. ha, great job. tom- like ellen brown i love pigeon forge, dollywood, and the park in north carolina. just don't let gilley or otis test drive those classics there good people but can't drive nary a lick. boo- loved that poem and with alyce getting up yesterday with a headache reminds me of barney, $4.00 a week and what do i get? headaches, i tell you. mayberry deputy- are you going under cover at the mayberry picnic today? pickpockets everywhere.ellen brown, dixie belle, homemaker and the rest of the wonderfull mayberry ladies, we hope to see you at the mayberry labor day dance tonight. sterling- there talking about frost in northern wisconson, michigan, the dakota's and snow in the rockies.mdc- keep the peace today or lock them varmits up. THOUGHT OF THE DAY; DURING THE FLOOD DID NOAH HAVE FLOOD INSURANCE? time to light the ole briar and take the brown truck for a spin. have a great day. pipeman

September 06, 2004 - Msg 23426: goober- are you awake? missed you at wrigley field, but with the boulders falling and everyone ducking. anyone hear from mrs wiley, fun girl, emma and the other missing folks? fall is in the air, let's see who is hosting the cook outs. sure hope spot throws a couple. who is going to sleep in the remshaw house on hallow-e-e-n? have a great labor day everone. pipeman

September 06, 2004 - Msg 23427: Happy Labor day porch. A day to celebrate the working person. Makes ya feel kinda special don't it?
Good to see you pipeman, hope your feeling well. I have a fireworks show tonight at our local baseball game. Thats about all I have planned for today.
Glad all is well with the family Romeena. Sounds like it could have been much worse.
Mayberry Deputy, my Uncle from S. Cal. called me last night to make sure I was watching the race. Lots of yellow flags out there. For a minute I thought I was watching feamle racers. LOL (just kidding ladies)
Watched the episode where Andy has to evict the farmer so the county can put a road through his farm. Aunt Bee was a beast in this episode, a real beast. I always thought she played that episode to good almost. LOL Not one of my favorite episodes.
If y'all wanna get a band concert up and going for tonight I'll have my fireworks ready and we can do them in sync. How about it? Just a thought.


September 06, 2004 - Msg 23428: I agree, Asa, that episode kind of leaves a bad feeling about Aunt Bee. I keep wanting to put duct tape over her mouth.

Does anyone know what happened to Fun Girl? We haven't heard from her in ages.

Ro, it is scary to think of how much worse that hurricane could have been, isn't it? I sat through Hurricane Celia back in 1971, which was a category 4 or 5, and I will never forget the destruction. Really terrible. Back then we were without water and electricity for about 2 weeks and it was in July. Talk about sweltering heat! The government brought us water in big barrels but we just had to do without electricity and use kerosene lamps at night. Most of us didn't have any windows left so we just sprayed ourselves down with mosquito repellant before bed and just layed on top of the covers. There was a curfew and you had to be inside before dark and I remember armed gaurds walking around. Creepy. I will never forget my first shower after two weeks. We had a friend in a nearby town who got water before we did so we rushed over there to take a shower. It was just a trickle but boy did it feel good.

Better go face the day....Happy Labor Day to All!

September 06, 2004 - Msg 23429: Hey at work ...whew..will have supper at about 6...pork roast,green beans,mashed taters,sweet tea,and green onions,,signed:SPOT the"talking dog of goobers"..lights are on

September 06, 2004 - Msg 23430: Howdy! I hope everyone is having a great Labor Day! The Plum and I are just holed up in the house, enjoying TV, peace and quiet, and some Angus tenderloin. Oh, my goodness, that is good beef! It's so expensive, but I watch at the store, and now and then they mark it down. When they do, I pounce on it. It's best on the grill, but I usually don't get the grill out just for me. It's wonderful cooked medium-rare, under the broiler in the oven, with a little steak sauce cooked on it. MMMMM! Forget the knife, you can cut it with a fork. I do love good beef!

Yes, Boo, I'm really thanking the good Lord. My kids are safe, DIL's family is safe, friends in the area are safe. Really not even any damage. There are still tornadoes in the area, but surely that will end soon, as Frances clears completely out. Then comes Ivan. I pray he'll just sputter and die out in the Atlantic somewhere.

Well, I need to go deadhead some roses and pull a few weeds. I think there are some aphids out there, too, that need to be dealt with. Where is Mr. Weaver when you need him? Probably over in Mt. Pilot, sweet-talking some other widow lady.

Everyone have a great day, and Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 06, 2004 - Msg 23431: ASA.. that was agood one about the way the drivers were driving ,but it might be in hot water with the ladies of the porch
Im a little disappointed ,went to Hickory Motor Speedway this afteernoon for the annual Bobby Isaac Memorial race and it got rained out ,I sure was looking forward to some good latemodel racing ...Oh well watching the american chopper marathon on discovery channel ,I dont ride mottorcycles but love watching them being built
BOO.. I cant imagine what it would be like to live for two weeks without power ,that must have been a nightmare
mayberry deputy

September 06, 2004 - Msg 23432: Howdy's fun girl here. Just been busy tho I do pop in occasionally and check to see how you all are. Today I think it was the aroma of that dinner spot is cooking. YUM! I love anthing with onions.

All here is going well. I start my training for the unit secretary class in October. Kinda looking forward to it. Other than that, keeping busy with Kyle and helping out with school work and trying to keep him grounded and not thinking about girls so much....but he's 14 and I really just think the best thing to do is pray about it.

He is still working mowing lawns. Went to King's Island yesterday with my brother. We got free tickets when we signed up with the cable company for broadband and they expired today, so my brother was good enough to take him. Fungi and I feel far too old these days to go on them there rides that sling ya all around.

Love and hugs to all.

Hey spot. I'll take an extra large glass of that sweet tea to go. And if ya got any of BDJ's mulberry squeezins in the back, you can put a just in a brown paper sack and I'll pull around back and we can just slip in in the trunk.

fun girl

Andy "What it does is give you a buzz."
anyone know what ep that was from?

September 06, 2004 - Msg 23433: Howdy porch, Ro so glad your son and family is ok, I have'nt heard from my son in 4 days. I keep remembering him saying now remember mom no news is good news, but I just need to hear his voice, if you know what I mean, hope everyone has been having a good day. I've been cooking and still canning, my hubby is about to finish up with the walls in the living room, now we need to shot them with the texture , paint get carpet and we're back in there. Am I glad it's about ready maybe another week or so but we've waited this long. LOL


September 06, 2004 - Msg 23434: "What it does is give you a buzz." That may be my favorite scene in all of TAGS. When all the church ladies are in the jail cell. It's a knee slapper for sure. - I found this in the archives - in a post by you, fungirl, on 12/4/03. (Google is a wonderful thing - that's how I found it! : ) )
The episode must be Aunt Bee's Medicine Man.


September 06, 2004 - Msg 23435: Hey yall..
HOpe everyone has had a good holiday. Tom: I know what you mean about that triple time holiday pay. Its great, but sometimes we just want our hubby's home! Ro: Glad all is well with your family.
Well my mother went shopping with me and my girls today. It was CRAZY. The oldest was wild and just couldnt be still..the baby should be asleep now, but she has been cooped up all day, she is wild now, cruising all over the house. Got some good shopping in though, although, I could have done a little more. The girls got shoes. I cant believe the size my baby wears! Cam,the oldest, came home with 4 new pair..we still have one more pair to buy though. to get them to bed and put all these packages away!


September 06, 2004 - Msg 23436: BIG TOM.. I have a co worker who goes to the pigion forge car show every year , this year he is taking a 57 chevy he just finished restoring ,it looks mighty sharp ,won a small local show a few weeks ago .
still raining like crazy here ,but I guess this is nothing even remotely close to what the poor folks in Fla. had to deal with
mayberry deputy

September 06, 2004 - Msg 23437: Hey Gang still here at work , storm should hit here late tonight and hard rain and wind..lights are on for now!...but..may not can say that tomorrow...SPOT

September 07, 2004 - Msg 23438: Morning Porch. Today marks one month since my beautiful mother passed away & I still don't believe she is gone, much less been gone a month. Please keep me & mine in your prayers today that we get thru this day ok. Got lots of rain scheduled to come in here from whats left of Frances & that just makes my mood even worse.

September 07, 2004 - Msg 23439: Mornin' Y'all! Storm's here in SC now,Spot.Lots of heavy rain,thunder/lightning,little bit of wind. Dang Frances! Let's hope Ivan steers clear of the US,especially Florida-that poor state has been ravaged enough.Glad your kids made it thru ok,Ro! Boo,I went through the same type of conditions you described after Hurricane Hugo.We were without power for 10 days,everything in our freezer spoiled,ice was worth more than gold during that time! I hate to even think about it-that was like another world we were living in.
On a happier note-today is my Laci's 1st birthday! Can't believe it's been a year since she came into our lives 6 weeks ahead of time weighing under 4 pounds.Been a rough year,but we've got the heart problem taken care of and she should just bloom like a rose now! Sweet little girl-wish y'all could see her.
Well,let me get up and moving on this stormy morning.Y'all have a great day! Spot,stay safe neighbor!
possum under a rock

September 07, 2004 - Msg 23440: I've been coming to the porch for a few weeks now....never posted anything. However, I always seem to smile and be in a much better frame of mind after visiting. Possum, where bouts in SC are you? We live in Florence.

September 07, 2004 - Msg 23441: good morning porch and a big welcome to rev jr. fun girl- so great to know your ok. we've been praying for you and sure miss you. what's a porch without a fun girl. tee- hee. thought of the day;WIPE AWAY SOMEONE'S TEAR AND YOU WASH AWAY YOUR OWN TROUBLES. pipeman

September 07, 2004 - Msg 23442: Well Frances has come and gone but now Ivan is thinking about a visit. Rough time this year. We survived with the only damage being limbs all over the yard. Didn't hit us NEAR as hard. **PRAYERS** (and strong ones) to those living in the lower part of Florida.

FSU decided to cancel classes for today. So I get another day off. Too bad it had to be for bad weather.

Looking good today. I'll try to catch up on the porch news now.

Make someone Happy!

September 07, 2004 - Msg 23443: Test

September 07, 2004 - Msg 23444:

September 07, 2004 - Msg 23445: Sheez! Am I trouble today!
That was me


September 07, 2004 - Msg 23446: APB for Mrs Wiii-Leee!! and Sara!!!
Welcome Rev. Jr. Glad you finally spoke up!
We do a lot of TAGS talk , but a lot of other stuff too. Just chime in anytime.
Pipeman- good you are keeping with us again!
I visited the western site the other day and it was still up and runnin'.
Ro, Boo, Possum, Mavis Alyce, etc, glad yo are all well.
MD- I hear ya on the California Race, just not the same. Now i guess it's the chase to the race.
ALL- glad you and yours made it thru the huricane.
Ok Ladies, time for you opinions on the "Ellie saves a Female" ep. It was on locally this weekend. Is it too dated or is there still a hint of truth to it?
Also saw "the Inspector"
Andy: barney,no need to get your skinny little veins to poppin', it's just Sam Allen.
But it turns out to be Mr Case. (I wonder if that name is a play on words, like in a "police case.")
At the end, Andy tells the state police supervisor about Mr Case:
"I think that boy's been workin too hard.
He's right curious actin'."
Have a good day!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

September 07, 2004 - Msg 23447: Hey yall..I'm asking for prayers today please. My parents were taking my grandmother today to a therapist..about an hour and a half away, to have a special sling made for a broken arm..well I just called them to see how they were doing adn they didnt even make it to the appointment..instead they had been in the ER for hours, still there.. my mother was pushing grandma in the wheelchair and didnt see some steps. Apparently they were marble colored and blended in. Well I guess mama didnt go down with in time..or something..anyway..grandma fell out of the wheelchair on the steps..on her face. So she has a busted up nose and her wrist is either broken or just twisted up. We were on the cell phone and I didnt get a lot of details, mama couldnt even finish talking to me, she got really upset telling me and daddy had to take the phone. He said she (grandma) was alright. Mama is really worse than her..just upset. I am sure she is beating herself up thinking its all her fault since she was pushing the wheelchair. I am upset right with her..that mother daughter connection is something strong, huh? Well I'll keep yall posted. They are going to call me when they get on the road again. I just pray that grandma heals well and that the Lord will just give my mama peace on the whole situation.

September 07, 2004 - Msg 23448: You got 'em Alyce! We'll also ask the angels to surround her also. Pray for our troops too. 2 tough days over there. 1 lady at work has a husband in the thick of it. Prayers for the Russians as well.
Forgot to say hey to Jelsik and fungirl earlier.
So hey to ya. Where's Charlotte been?
Let's make it a good day by our example to others!
No hiding under a bussel basket.
Primary voting going on in AZ today. If such is the case on your part of the porch....VOTE!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

September 07, 2004 - Msg 23449: Bet spot is busy trying to keep the lights on!
Our best to ya spot!

September 07, 2004 - Msg 23450: So sorry about your Grandma, Alyce! May she heal quickly.

Welcome to Rev.Jr.

Just checking in to sat hi. I am pretty busy today. Ya'll have a great afternoon!


ps-hang in there Mavis.

September 07, 2004 - Msg 23451: I mean "say hi"! Goodness!

September 07, 2004 - Msg 23452: Howdy-do, everyone! Rev Jr., you're welcome here. We always have a spare rocker. Just be careful you don't mash Spot's tail when you rock. He'll probably be off working on somebody's lights somewhere, anyway. This porch is a right nice place to be, so grab yourself a TAGS handle if you wish, and make the porch a habit.

Right now, it looks like Ivan might miss Florida. I sure do hope so. My kids are leaving for Ireland in a few days, and they plan to just leave their home boarded up while they're gone.

I put a few little "feeder" goldfish in my little pond and fountain in the backyard, but haven't seen them in a couple of days. I don't think they died, or they'd be floating. They're either hiding behind the boulders in the pond, or some critter got 'em. There is a raccoon in the area, guess it could have been him. Guess I'll get me a stick and go poke around the rocks and see if they're there.

Well, off I go. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

"Beep, beep! Outta the way, Sunday driver!"

September 07, 2004 - Msg 23453: Mercy, forgive me, Alyce! Guess I'm just anxious to get back outside on this beautiful day, all green and blue and gold and only 78 degrees.

I'm so sorry about your grandma, and for your mama, too. I know how awful she must feel, and you can tell her a hundred times that she mustn't blame herself, and she won't believe you. Sounds like your grandma wasn't too seriously injured. Maybe this will help someone else in the future, if it causes the people responsible for those steps to mark them somehow. I'll bet that's not the first time that has happened. I tripped going down a curb recently, because it wasn't marked and the color just blended in, looked level to me!

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 07, 2004 - Msg 23454: Dogs, cats, birds of all kinds, and small sheep.

September 07, 2004 - Msg 23455: hello to REV JR., the porch is a great place
ALYCE .. so sorry to hear about your grandmothers accident . BEeen miserable today ,rained like crazy and suppose to do it thru Wed.,thanks to tropical storm Frances
SPOT..hope things are ok at the power co.
everyone take care
mayberry deputy

September 07, 2004 - Msg 23456: Thanks everyone for your words. It has been a long hard day for them, they still arent home yet. Grandma didnt break her nose, but it is bruised up and bleeding pretty bad, very swollen. She did break the two bones in her wrist. This is on the arm that wasnt already broken. So now she cant use either arm. So its not a really good 86 years old.


September 07, 2004 - Msg 23457: OK GANG..storm has hit here and gone , still some power out but crews are working hard, I leave for Kansas City to judge in the International Linemans Rodeo, dont fly,the teams are but I am pulling the equipment trailer out there, and check this out men of the porch, pullong a 30 ft trailer and most of the time we pull it with a company one ton but this year they rented me a 2005 red chevy one ton 4 wheel drive 4 door duley! what a truck, got it here at the house ready to go now, well Cobb EMC were last years world champs, the rodeo has been going on for 21 years and no one has repeted as world champs, wish us luck to bring home the gold!..well yall take care will be back sun night late, long haul from ga to kansas..god bless and yall say a prayer for my safe trip.. I will try to get on line out there...please eat well...signed:SPOT the:gona go on a road trip" dog of your great porch.....bye

September 07, 2004 - Msg 23458: Alyce, my wife has been playin' second fiddle to a papermill for 25yrs. She understands about the weekends and holidays and plans around them. I'm a real motorhead and my girls are too. Heck, they would rather go to a car show & swap meet than go to a high school football game. My wife likes 'em for a few hours then she and the other hens "fly the coupe" for shoppin' and girl goofin' off. It works well for all of us. Better get ta' polishin' and wipin' we'll do this about a dozen thmes over the next few days. How 'bout supper at the Apple Barn Resturant Thursday night? And fried apple pies for breakfast...BIG TOM Hey depuity,dust off the Buick,fill'er up with ethyl, and head on over the hill. You and ya' buddies 'ill have a ball. It's better than bein' 17 again. Crusin' and doin' burnouts,long as ya' keep it cool the law looks the other way.I'll keep my eyes pealed for ya' later...BIG TOM

September 07, 2004 - Msg 23459: Good Luck on your trip, Spot! I sure hope you have fun driving that fancy truck out there! Keep us posted on how you do.

Alyce, I hope your Grandmother heals real quick-like. Poor little lady, that must have been real frightening for her. Keep comforting your mother, too. I bet she feels just awful. I will pray for both of them.

Welcome to Rev, Jr. I am glad you decided to speak up! We look forward to hearing more about you.

Mavis, you continue to be in my prayers. One month can seem so long AND so short at a time like this. Here's a hug for you...(((MAVIS))) I wish I could say or do more...

Here's wishing Big Tom, Asa, Mayberry Deputy, MDC, Fun Girl, Possum, Boo, Romeena, Sterling, Dixie, Pipeman, Ellen Brown, and everyone else a wonderful, restful night!

Mary Wiggins

September 07, 2004 - Msg 23460: Mary W, good to hear from you! Glad you are well.
Heard from mrs Wiley or Charlotte?
Spot, what a truck! That calls for a Tim Allen WWWOOOOHOOOOO! You and The Pipester are going to have to go head to head. Prayers for a safe trip and a good compet-tion. IBEW!
Looks like Ivan may spare FLorida, praise the Lord.
Thanks to all who have helped in that relief effort.
ASA, Sterling, where ya been?
Have a nice evening all!
(I better start plannin' breakfast in Spot's absence!)

September 07, 2004 - Msg 23461: Ro, I hope Ivan doesn't hit Florida, too, AND I hope it doesn't hit ME! If it ends up in the Gulf fo Mexico, it could end up here. I don't mind the Hurricanes so much as the aftermath.

Its been a kind of rainy day here but cooler than usual. Can't complain.

Its one of those nice porch-sittin' kind of evenings, isn't it? We are still seeing some fireflies around here at night and I have been seeing them in the house at night (I just love them).

Alyce, be sure and let us know how your Grandma is doing. I just feel so sorry for her, going through something like that at her advanced age. My mom is 77 and has a fractured shoulder that won't heal. She had a bad stroke several years ago so she isn't in very good shape, anyway and this shoulder is making things so hard for her and Dad. We are still waiting for her to be scheduled for surgery. She can't even walk with her walker now but has to be assisted with everything. She just looks so pitiful now. Yesterday when I was there helping her to the bathroom, I looked down at her hand that I was holding and it looked so old and frail. I remember those beautiful hands all of my life. I am just struck with the realization that life is so short, God please help me to make the most of the time I have on this earth by really loving you and others.


September 07, 2004 - Msg 23462: Evening friends.
Wow Alyce, that is so sad about your Grandma. I pray her wrist will heal completely and that your Mom will be ok.
Sounds like some nice wheels you got spot. Drive safe and watch out for Turners grade. It's 35 there, not any more.
MDC, Your replacing spot as porch cook? Well I'm not to hungry. Maybe 3 eggs, not runny, bacon, not crisp, stack of pancakes, hashbrowns, white toast and a small bowl of special K. Gotta watch my figure.
Good to see you Mary W. How them Lions gonna do this season? Can you imagine nfl starts this Thursady night? I'm ready.
Mavis, hope your day was not to bad. My prayers in your behalf continue.
Where is that Charlotte at? And possum? And Salty? and Hazel? and....


September 07, 2004 - Msg 23463: Happy Birthday Laci!!!

Have a safe trip, spot! I wouldn't mind a ride in that rig you've got! Always been a Chevy girl!

Prayers for your grandma, Alyce, hope she heals quickly.

Welcome Rev Jr. Sit a spell, why don't ya!

Prayers all around!

September 08, 2004 - Msg 23464: busy day lord willing. good morning porchsters.alyce= prayers for your grandma and your mom, i know she must be beating herself up pretty bad because of the accident. dixie bell= prayers for florida, the russians lost and the us families who have recently lost loved ones in the war. spot= pray you have a safe and enjoyable trip and a safe return, we need our spot. afd= happy birthday laci. mary wiggins= so good to see you on the porch, we've missed you. hey to mdc, asa, floyd, big tom and the porch. THOUGHT OF THE DAY== NO TIME IS EVER WASTED THAT MAKES TWO PEOPLE BETTER FRIENDS. pipeman

September 08, 2004 - Msg 23465: Thanks to all for the kind, welcoming words. We had a rough day here in SC yesterday...lots of tornadoes touching down. Hopefully, the worst of Frances is over! The rocking chair I've pulled up is mighty comfortable.

September 08, 2004 - Msg 23466: Morning yall. It was my little girls first day back to preschool. I hated to wake her up to go,plus she has a cold and really needed to stay home. But it was the first day,and its only for 3 hours. Grandma seems to be doing OK. Mama stayed with her last night and said the night went pretty good. Boo: I hope your mom's shoulder heals soon with or w/out surgery. It is hard to watch their health failing. Spot..I think your ride would be more comfortable and fun if it was in a FORD.. ;-)


September 08, 2004 - Msg 23467: Rev. Jr. Did you like the little lace doilies that I crocheted for all the chairs? Asa, I made sure that there is a goat on yours - hope you like it - I worked really hard on it!

Keep my chair dusted off - you know that I am thinking about you all. . .

Romeena - keep them all under control!

Prayers for all who need them - may Jesus give you peace.


September 08, 2004 - Msg 23468: Good morning, everyone! Well, I seem to be under a curse of some sort, when it comes to water getting into places it shouldn't be. Does anybody know an incant for water leaks? Last night, I was up very late, and am really glad I was. When I went into the kitchen to turn off a light, I heard water running and stepped into about a half inch of it on the floor! Something was leaking badly behind my refrigerator, and water was literally running in a current from beneath it. Yes, it had already gotten to my new carpet, but I immediately grabbed some beach towels and threw them down in the water, and the carpet is okay, just a little damp along the leading edge. It is dry this morning. Next step was to turn off the water to the icemaker, which fortunately I knew how to do. Then I pulled that monster appliance out into the middle of the kitchen, and believe me, that was no small chore. Why don't they put real wheels on those things, wheels that will roll, instead of those little ticky things that just hang up in the grout lines of the tile? Well, anyway, a repairman will be here shortly. Mercy! I shudder to think what would have happened if I had just gone to bed without finding that. My den, which is next to the kitchen and is four inches lower, would have been a pond by this morning. That water was really pouring out. Truly, it could have filled up the den, ruining a lot of furniture and of course, the carpet. Good thing I'm such a nightowl.

Alyce, we'll keep praying for your grandma. That's really rough, both arms out of commission. The hard part will be keeping her mobile. She's going to want to just sit and recuperate, but she needs to be up walking and moving around. Don't let her just sit. The last thing she needs is a blood clot or pneumonia, and that's what happens when elders get hurt and remain immobile for a while. Your poor mom. Bless both of their hearts! Yours, too.

Well, the Plum is telling me that someone's at the door, probably the repairman. Everyone have a great day. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 08, 2004 - Msg 23469: Ro: sorry about your little water problem last night. Good thing you were up late. Hope it is all fixed by now. About my grandma...we will probably be trying to get her to slow down..she is a goer. But who knows now. About 4 years ago she had a bad fall and hit her head hard on the road ...brain hemmorraged, etc...anyway..its kinda been downhill from there..I mean, she was in pretty good health I guess, but she just goes too fast sometimes and falls. That is how the other arm was broken we guess...which that arm was broken years ago, from jumping up to answer the phone and slipped on some newspaper on the floor. Anyway....she'll be OK
Well I better get offline, so I am not tieing up the phone any longer..


September 08, 2004 - Msg 23470: Ro- My goodness, you have really kept THE MAN busy in recent times! But count your blessings in it all, you could be without a ROOF! Hope you can get the pipe fixed. I agee about the wheels, little plastic things that get a flat spot and wont roll for nothun!
APB for HAZEL... where are ya dear?
HM- Hope school goes well. Good to see ya checking in. Glad the goats are well. Any new kids lately?
Alyce- Oh ho, looks like a Ford/Chevy dual.
I wonder if spot put those "chrome girls" on the mudflaps? teehee
Asa- i got my puffy white hat on,. and i'm hitting the 'order-up' bell with the bottom of my spatula! Come and get it.
Boo- so important that we eat right too, ie: Clinton and the junk food. I take 9 supplements a day, such as coral calcium for bones. Are you the one who orders from Pilgrim's? Way to go!
Pipeman- thanks for your timely words of wisdom.
Ron Popiel couldn've said it any better. Just kiddin, just saw one of his infomercials, why do I watch those things?

September 08, 2004 - Msg 23471: Afternoon Y'all! Sorry to hear about your grandmother,Alyce.I'll keep her in my prayers.Yes,we had some NASTY weather here in SC yesterday,didn't we Rev.Jr? I think about 16 tornadoes touched down in the state. Nice to meet you by the way,and I'm down near Charleston.Florence is a nice place-been through there lots of times.Welcome to the porch!
Spot,you have a safe trip and we'll try to keep everyone fed while you're gone-sure gonna miss your cooking,though!
Hey to all the regular Porchsters! Y'all have a great evening!
possum under a rock

September 08, 2004 - Msg 23472: Good Afternoon! It is a beautiful day here in the Panhandle. BTW Alyce the panhandle is the top part of Florida that runs along the edges of Alabama and Georgia. See if you turn Florida on it's side it looks like a frying pan and we Northern Floridians are located on the pan's handle. And I do try to have a quiet time to myself everyday. Sometimes I do it when I exercise (sp?) in the mornings. I just zone out while I walk or something. Other times I'm in my car and I turn the radio off. You are so right about the devil. He tries to get our goat at every turn! I refuse to let him get the best of me so instead of fighting my battles alone I ask for help from the Gracious One upstairs and then I turn to fellow believers and ask for their prayers. It isn't always easy to do. I'm one of those stubborn folk who doesn't like to admit when they are floundering but I handle it better each day. That's why we are all here... to learn to be better Christians! :)

I hope everyone has a nice day today and please remember me in your prayers still for school and just life and especially all those people South of here who have been in the middle of all this weather.


September 08, 2004 - Msg 23473: OK porchsters, spot lent me his chef's hat, so tonight it's double tomato meatloaf, my honey's special recipe., uncut green beans in butter and seasoned pepper sauce, mashed potatoes,chives, sweet tea and someone bring dessert!
Mr Darlin's, cookin for spot whilst he's away, Cuz

September 08, 2004 - Msg 23474: Hey Dixie,you go to community collage or FSU, or what? If those porchsters could see and feel how wonderful the Gulf coast is, some of those popular Carolina vacation spots might not be so crowded. Spot, sounds like a real "redneck" ride ya' got there son."Get 'er done" Whats a lineman rodeo? Like a firemans rodeo, where you compete against other lineman for "braggin rights" and stuff? Alyce, hope everybody mends up quickly and the baby girl beats the sniffles. Rains 'bout over here,We got 'bout an inch or two and just over the mountain in western N.C. they got hammered with as much as a foot in places. Might not sound like much but remember, it runs off these hills into valleys makin' creeks look like mad rivers washin' homes and towns away. Prayers to all in the paths of this storm. See ya' Sunday...BIG TOM

September 08, 2004 - Msg 23475: MDC ..supper sounds delicious ,Spot picked the right man to take over

September 08, 2004 - Msg 23476: OOPS THAT WAS ME ABOVE

September 08, 2004 - Msg 23477: Evening everyone. Just got back from church. Had an awesome time. We started a new program with our kids tonight and it went so least my part did..I didnt get a chance to really talk to the others about it. We had a lot of kids too and it was just so awesome to see the children. Dixie..yea I figured out where the panhandle was actually. Cute reference though. Big Tom: you kill me...Get er done!! I am forever saying that around here.. That Larry is a trip isnt he? Seems like we can relate to quite a bit. (you and me..not me and Larry, haha)


September 08, 2004 - Msg 23478: BIG TOM ..Ilive here in western N.C. ,

September 08, 2004 - Msg 23479: BIG TOM ..Ilive here in western N.C. ,

September 08, 2004 - Msg 23480: Try this again ,dont know whats going on with my pc or maybe my keyboard ,Big Tom ..Ilive here in western N.C. and we are having lots of flooding today ,hopefully the rain will end soon ,everyone have great evening
mayberry deputy

September 08, 2004 - Msg 23481: Be safe MD...I am wondering if all this nasty weather means we will have a nasty winter.


September 09, 2004 - Msg 23482: good morning everyone. mdc= can we have a big porch party and cookout, dance? just like spot threw last fall. we can possibly get him to try and top yours, what a great time we had and plenty of good banter fun. THOUGHT OF THE DAY;; FRIENDSHIP FILLS UP ALL THOSE LITTLE RUTS IN LIFE'S ROAD. big breakfast at my place until noon. have a mayberry kind of day everyone. pipeman

September 09, 2004 - Msg 23483: Well Im here in kansas...on line for a second..hope all is well...8028 mile things set up for the rodeo and at the ezpo now..signed: SPOT

September 09, 2004 - Msg 23484: thats was 828 mile drive ...sorry..all take

September 09, 2004 - Msg 23485: 8000 miles!!! Haha spot, where is it, in Greenland!? too funny. (But yes, i also saw your correction!)
Pipeman, did you want to play while spot's away or should we wait and include him in the festivities?
MDC - g'day all! Gotta plan supper.

September 09, 2004 - Msg 23486: hey yall...looks like everyone is busy today. I have been at the Drs office this morning. Bad UTI..was up all night with it. Didnt get to sleep unitl after 4 am..Going to try to rest soon, have a b-day party for my nephew later..I'll be a zombie!

September 09, 2004 - Msg 23487: Alyce, I have told others of this and my wife swears by it, but one of the best cures for UTI is oregano and garlic! Yup, has a one-two antibiotic affect without the harsh man made antibiotics.
Get the oregano at any health food store in liquid or capsules. great book also..."the Cure is in the Cupboard." amazon and many stores have it.
In the last 8 years or so I have switched to these natural methods and what a difference in the way I feel!
Last night's local ep was "Prisoner of Love."
What an episode. I think it is 'softer and gentler' that other TAGS eps. The music was just great in it too.
Did that lady who played the prisoner do other shows? Sure seems like I have seen her elsewhere.
I think it's neat how Andy looks over the magazine at her when he realizes the prisoner is a FEMALE!
One great line is "We were expecting a male, but you don't look anything like a boy!"
Also, for 1964, it's amazing that Andy and the lady almost kiss in the cell!
Oh well, I better get the grill ready for tonight.
Makin' grilled chicken, grilled corn and pork'n beans.As spot would say, someone bring the slaw!

September 09, 2004 - Msg 23488: Howdy yall! Made it safely thru Frances only to find Ivan heading our way! Just enough time to wash my drawers and head back out. No, likely we will ride the next one out. I went to ATL and saw family and friends. Traffic was crazy - 5000 FL cars per hr going into GA. We had no damage to the house and the lights stayed ON. Many others in our area have no power, that's a harsh way to live in S. Fla. They sure do need our prayers. Well, off to read the archives. Hope everyone is well and in better spirits.

~ Mrs. Wiley
Oh, last night Big Jeff had a great idea: let's print up some T-shirts that say, "Let Gomer Sing!". Good Idea, huh?

September 09, 2004 - Msg 23489: MDC...I think i'll stick to the Rx the Dr. gave me!! Thanks for the tip, but I dont want to go around stinking that bad, lol. I used to get chronic UTIs, this one came out of the blue..dont drink enough water, for one. I am getting better. I have to back in a week or so to be tested again, since I have blood in it too.


September 09, 2004 - Msg 23490: alyce= pray your feeling better soon. glad spot made it safe. mrs wiley- thank the lord your alright, missed you. mdc == let's party while spot is gone then when he gets home he can try and throw a bigger wing ding. this way 2 great fall parties to kick the season off. mrs wiley== how about a tee shirt that says let barney sing? all in favor. pipeman

September 09, 2004 - Msg 23491: PIPEMAN .. I like your way of thinking ,big party sounds good
ALYCE .. hope things get better quickly
MDC.. racing at Richmond for the cup guys Saturday evening
everyone have a good and save evening
mayberry deputy

September 09, 2004 - Msg 23492: Hello all! With all the storms in Florida, I'm a gonna play: "Trying To Reason With Hurricane Season". Prayers for all! I hope you like what I did to your song JB. Here we go.

Briscoe Darling Jr.

September 09, 2004 - Msg 23493: Howdy, all! Just passing by, can't stop ro sit down. I worked a 12-hr shift last night, slept today, and going back for another shift tonight. Oh well, at least I'm getting it over and done with.

I'm glad Spot made it safely to his destination, pulling all that gear behind him. He's one strong puppy, for sure. MDC, you're doing a great job with the cooking. If you don't mind, pack me a paper bag with some of the leftovers and I'll take 'em to work with me. Should go down real nice about 3a.m.

Well, I'm off. Have a great evening, everyone. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 09, 2004 - Msg 23494: Hi All! Poor Florida! They have been in an uproar for weeks now.

Alyce, I sure hope you feel better soon. I know those UTI's can be very uncomfortable, to say the least. You know, I think you can get garlic capsules that don't make you smell.

Hey MDC, I think the actress that played the prisoner was in an episode of Star Trek. Does anyone else remember??

Its still real warm here in South Texas but much drier so it is starting to feel like fall. There is a certain feel and smell in the air.

Well, I'm off to get ready for bible study. We are starting a new Beth Moore study called Believing God (I think that's what its called).

Have a peaceful evening!

Ro, what was going on with the water leak in the kitchen?

September 09, 2004 - Msg 23495: By the way, Ro, I was wondering if you will be going to Fredricksburg again this December? We won't be able to go this year if we take my dad to Colorado. I will miss the Frdericksburg Christmas celebration. Will your daughter be singing again?


September 09, 2004 - Msg 23496: Hey guys, hope everone is doing ok tonight. We had a hard hit by the rain and floods. I live in Western NC too and have never in my life seen rain like we had this week. Most of you know I'm a volunteer fireman on my local department, and we were out from 6 Tuesday night, until 11 Wednesday morning. Evacuating, sand bagging, closing roads and barricading bridges. It was a mess. And we live in one of the highest parts of the county too. It usually dont flood here that much. There's still parts of this area under water. I just hope Ivan decides to go another route next week. Ya'll take care, and have a good night. --Salty Dog

P.S.-- Asa you were great on TV tonight.

September 10, 2004 - Msg 23497: Hi Salty! Yeah, it turned out the store wasn't being robbed at night when Asa was there, it was during the day when Mr. Weaver was there. I never did get to hear the story about Myra Koontz though.
- Hazel

September 10, 2004 - Msg 23498: Good Morning yall..I sure would like to just sleep in a few mornings until I want to get up..Salty: where exactly in NC are you? Boo: good luck with the Beth Moore study. I understand that one is really deep. Very intense. We've already done that one,but I the baby was not very many months old, so I didnt do it. But I did do last year one of hers...When Godly People Do Ungodly Things..that one is pretty good. Deputy: Are you going to the Richmond races? Its been a looong time since I've been. Wouldnt mind going back.
Everyone have a great day..

September 10, 2004 - Msg 23499: i hope everyone has a morning gory type of day. i feel run down and puny today. matberry deputy=i agree it's been to long since we had a down home party. hopefully the ladies will want to favor us with a dance. brisco darling jr== will you and the boys favor us with a little playin at the party? hazel= so great to see you again. salty dog== sounds like you need a little rest before ivan possibly visits. can we start planning the party? where when, get a hold of spot he's great at this, maybe asa will do security and keep those interlopers out. floyd== how are you doing? THOUGHT OF THE DAY;;; HAPPINESS SNEAKS THROUGH A DOOR YOU DIDN'T KNOW YOU LEFT OPEN. well time for me to lite the ole briar . prayers for all. pipeman

September 10, 2004 - Msg 23500: I MEANT I HOPE EVERYONE HAS A MORNING GLORY DAY NOT A GORY DAY. now i know i need a nap. pipeman sorry about that typo.

September 10, 2004 - Msg 23501: just a thought; halloween, thanksgiving, christmas and new years are just around the corner. where did the year go? pipeman

September 10, 2004 - Msg 23502: Pipeman, I was wondering that myself just yesterday. I can't believe it's September already. I'm sorry you're on the puny list for today. Just wondering - have you ever taken Co-Q-10? It's really Coenzyme-Q-10, but is usually sold under the shorter name. It's an enzyme that occurs naturally in the body, and supports cardiac function, among other things, but often our bodies don't make enough and a supplement is helpful. A couple of years ago when I was having some challenges, I started taking it, and my cardiac function improved considerably. My cardiologist at first was skeptical when I asked him about taking Co-Q-10, but said it wouldn't hurt me and to take it if I wanted to. After seeing the dramatic improvement in my cardiac function, he now instructs me to keep taking it. Just a thought - ask your doctor about it, and maybe it would be helpful for you. I'm sold on it myself, for sure.

Boo, I'll be in Fredericksburg the middle part of November - all my kids will be there, doing a reunion thing, B&Bs, everything. Don't know if I'll be back there in December, and I don't know if my daughter will be performing in anything or not, she hasn't said.

Well, just got home from work, the Plum is hungry and so am I, so guess I'll go feed us! Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 10, 2004 - Msg 23503: Yes, Alyce, the bible study seems pretty intense but I think it will be a good one. I was just so tired last night that it was hard to concentrate on the video. I went to the one you mentioned about when Godly people do ungodly things.... seems like it was pretty intense, too, if I recall.

Hi Ro. A family reunion in Fredricksburg should be fun for you. There are so many neat B+B's there, aren't there? Th weather will probably be perfect at that time of year. Remember how cold it was last December during the Christmas parade?! I was never as cold in Colorado in December as I was that night in Fredricksburg. Wow, that was cold!

Better go. I have to go to my parent's for awhile. Ya'll have a good one.


September 10, 2004 - Msg 23504: Hello everyone,
I hope the people who have been in "hurricane alley" can catch a break sometime. Geesh! Seems like they're just coming one after the other down there.

Mother-in-law came up for Labor Day weekend and we all went up to the Labor Day Pow-wow on a couple of the days. I always like the fry-bread burgers they serve. My little daughter got more into the spirit this year and would dance to the music as we watched the other dancers or even when we were walking around. I must say she had some pretty fancy footwork; it was pretty cute!
There was some excitement on Sunday when the MC announced that there was "rather large forest fire" sighted about a 1/4 mile away, but not to panic. I told my wife "a 1/4 mile away is not that far". We could see and smell the smoke getting thicker. Up to that point I just thought the smoke was from the campfires around the area, as there usually are some.
Well, soon after the announcement we noticed that the pow-wow grounds were becoming more and more devoid of people, and a little while later we decided to leave too and come back later just to get out of the smoke. Apparently they got the fire out because when we came back later that night the booths and arena were still standing. So that was my exciting weekend. :)
Have a good day everyone!
-Sterling Holobyte

September 10, 2004 - Msg 23505: sterling my friend you always seem to find all the excitment. glad everyone was ok. ro and sugarplum= i talked to doctor a month ago and he isn't a supporter of it because i'm on about 20 different pills a day. i'm going to ask again in a couple of weeks when i see him/ is there an over the counter version? pipeman

September 10, 2004 - Msg 23506: Another APB for Charlotte Tucker!! Hope you're OK dear.
Our local TAGS showings must be in the same vacinity as TV Land's showings. Last night was "The Fun Girls", the only ep to have Gomer and Goober together. Don't know why they didnt do more shows together, so funny with the 'judy,judy,judy' bit and Chester etc.
Then of course, there's Daphne and Skippy!
Ro, I take c-10 for my enlarged heart and it is great. Get a good price at Costco. It's wonderful stuff.
Evenin' shade to you pipeman. Did you re-try the western site?
MD= all the marbles this Sat. Are you going?
Ok, we'll get a party planned. Dress up or casual welcome to Autumn?
Hey to asa, salty dog, boo, alyce, sara, briscoe, Mary, afd,hazel sterling and everyone on the porch!
Big 9-11 memorial in Tempe, Az tomorrow that i hope to attend. Remember all 4000 this weekend at church or whenever. Prayers for all.
More prayers that Ivan will miss Florida keys etc.
Take care
"that's right Bernie"

September 10, 2004 - Msg 23507: PIPEMAN ... glad to see you feel well enough for some good posts, I really do enjoy your quotes
MDC .. wish I could go ,got to settle to watching it on the TV ,should be some hard racing for the guys trying to make the top 10 cut
ASA,SALTY DOG,HAZEL ,ROMEENA, BOO, AFD,STERLING and anyone else I forgot to mention have a good weekend
mayberry deputy

September 10, 2004 - Msg 23508: We're heading for Long John Silver's for dinner tonight. Ya all can join us! Sure do miss spot's cooking. I just cant keep up with him! Hope he is doing well at the lineman rodeo.
Keep Florida, Jamaca and grenada in your prayers this weekend.
Take care,
Mr Darlin's Cuz

September 10, 2004 - Msg 23509: Afternoon everyone..Hope everyone is feeling well today. I am a little bit better. Pipeman..take it easy this weekend and get some strength. Guess I will tune in to the race on TV for a while tonight too. Boo: hope the Bible study is going well..I always thought Beth kept me awake when I watched her video..I just love her!

September 10, 2004 - Msg 23510: MDC: save me a seat OK?


September 10, 2004 - Msg 23511: Hello all you wonderful porch people! Thanks, MDC and Asa and everyone who's been wonderin' about me. I cain't help it, I just cain't. I'm too dern busy! Last spring I thought when the kids got out of school things would slow down. Then I wanted the kids to go back to school and maybe I could get some work done. Now the kids are back in school and I'm still so busy I can't see straight. Am trying to take a few minutes here and there though to enjoy our beautiful fall weather and our pups! They are such great pups! Even our old dog likes them (and if you recall he's not too crazy about most people). The verdict is that they are at least part schnauzer--not very big. Pipeman, it is good to see you back here. Hope you're feeling better. Alyce, so sorry about your mom and grandma's wheelchair accident. Ro, glad your kids are safe and pray for those still suffering hurricane woes. All my Florida relatives survived ok. I will try to check in more often. Hazel, did you ever tell how your class reunion went? I may have missed your post. Do you have online pictures of it? Dixie Belle, how's yer love life? I remember you talkin' about some fellers when you used to post. How's it goin' now?
Better get some supper on the table--pork chops and corn and salad. Probably plenty for all my cyberfriends--grab a chair.
Charlotte Tucker

Allergies are gettin' to me. Been gettin' into the Vicks!!

September 10, 2004 - Msg 23512: CHARLOTTE- Good to see you, thought i may have to send Malcom himself to look for ya! "Excuse me ladies, this is Malcom Tucker..."
Your dinner sounds de-lish! Glad all Floridian relatives are ok. My ppor brother is bracing for number three and he's only lived in Miami a month!
Hope the porch hold up thru it all.