September 17, 2004 - Msg 23620: Howdy porchsters! 23613: I died laughing at that one, many thanks. Hi Bulbsie! Where have you been? Well friends, I took a nasty fall yesterday, may have fractured a rib. x-rays showed lung OK (my good one *whew*) and rib OK, but there may be a hairline fracture. The pain is unbearable. My Percocets don't touch it. Phys. Therapist said that this could take 3 months to heal.

Rev Jr., I put my dog to sleep in the same condition as yours. It was so painful for me but even more for the dog. She was miserable. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. ps: liked the website - I'll have to try some of that sauce!

My pet story is about our cat 'kitty'. She found us when I was about 4. My brother and I decided to feed her so that we would HAVE to keep her. she was an outdoor cat. But when Dad would leave for work, Mom and I would sneak kitty into the kitchen, where she would sit with me in the rocking chair or on my cushion at the dinner table. There were a couple of close calls - Dad coming back home because he forgot something, but he never found out.

~ Mrs. Wiley
"me 'n Fluffy have been friends for years."

September 17, 2004 - Msg 23621: Oh, Asa and Mrs. guys remember me! Makes me feel all warm inside -- sometimes you just gotta shoot for that good feelin', like cleanin' the garage...uh...I mean, postin' on the porch!

My sweetheart is in North Carolina for a few days, one week before Mayberry Days. That means we won't be going to MD's again this year, which is a real shame since Andy himself is gonna be there, as I understand. We just can't make trips two weeks in a row like that, and the one he went on couldn't be avoided.

I've been having to make several trips to Virginia recently, so we've just been travelin' fools. Problem is, we didn't get to adventure sleep on no ironin' boards, although my back sure felt like it on one of those trips!

September 17, 2004 - Msg 23622: Oops....forgot to sign....that was me, Bulbsnatcher on 23621. Sorry.

September 17, 2004 - Msg 23623: hello porch MRS. WILEY.. sorry to hear that you injured yourself , Ive had busted ribs before and it really is painful,prayers are with you
REV JR. I know what your going through with your dog is rough ,but its better to let go than have the dog living with a poor quality of life , letting go shows how much you care ,I have had three or four very wonderful dogs that I have had to have put to sleep over the years ,it wasnt easy ,I shed a few tears but I knew it was for the dogs best welfare
We made it through the stormy weather here in my part of N.C. better than expected ,thank the good lord . prayers for others who werent as lucky .Everyone have agreat weekend
mayberry deputy

September 17, 2004 - Msg 23624: Good to hear MD. Super busy day for me today.
Prayers for mrs Wiley. I love that "Fluffy" quote, and see Andy saying it! So funny.
Need you to continue prayers for all our troops etc. Thanks.
Hope you all have a good weekend.

September 17, 2004 - Msg 23625: Hello all! It rained for two soild days thanks to Ivan. I had to float out of the mountains. Saw "Mountain Wedding" today. My fav-o-rite! Stay dry and safe all! Time fer: "Dooley". Aone, atwo, athree...

Briscoe Darling Jr.

September 17, 2004 - Msg 23626: Oh Bulbsie, we could never forget you. Sounds like you need to slow it down a notch and relax to some music under the stars.
Wow Mrs. Wiley, what are we ever gonna do with you. Now you take care with them ribs dear. I broke two ribs and tore some rib cartlidge a few years back playing basketball and them suckers were sore for a good long time. And you probably know this but just in case, if you feel the need to cough, hug a pillow real tight and do it. I supressed my coughing and it turned into pneumonia. So watch out for that. Hope you get feeling better soon.
I have an early tee time tomorrow morning. The weather here is just delightful so gotta use it when ever you can, right?
Later buds.


September 17, 2004 - Msg 23627: hey bulbsie
what are you up to these days

September 17, 2004 - Msg 23628: Hey gang still got about 6000 out her just checking in , been working 18 hr days in the dispatcher office....will be back soon..SPOT

September 18, 2004 - Msg 23629: Hey, Bulbsie! It's so good to see you. You've stayed way yonder too long. We've missed you. We thought you might have run off with that dish towel salesman.

Mrs. Wiley, that's just about all you needed, to crack a rib, of all things. And Asa is right, don't give in to the urge to just avoid anything that causes pain, because pneumonia is a very definite risk. You need to take some deep breaths real often, and make yourself cough now and then. He's right about hugging the pillow, but like he said, I'm sure you already know all of this. With your history, I'm sure at least a dozen nurses have given you this little pep talk. If they haven't, they should have.

Poor ol' Spot, you're such a hard-working puppy, keeping the lights on and all. What would we do without you? I know when the lights go out around here, it's kinda fun for a little while, the candlelight and all, but it gets old real fast. When my computer and my microwave aren't available, to say nothing of the TV, I get a bit cranky. So here's to you, Spot. May your tribe increase!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 18, 2004 - Msg 23630: Oooh....all these busted ribs and torn cartilage and gives me the "squidgets" just thinkin' about it. But that does remind me, I had a friend who had to have some knee surgery for some torn cartilage. You would think with all the consultations with his doctor and all before the procedure, that he would be able to say "cartilage". But no....he said he had torn "cartridge". I had to just turn my head the other way so I wouldn't laugh. He just sounded like such an expert until he said that. Hehehehe

Well, guys -- I saw Asa on IM this morning, and he talked with me before leaving to tee off. I tell you what....that is one fine gentleman, you know it? He's a jewel, a real jewel. Of course, all of you folks are! And speaking of jewels....

Romeena....I meant to ask you about your long do those little rascals stay around at your place? Each year, it seems I have less and less of them! About 5-6 years ago, I had about 10 hummers that blessed my house, and now there are only about 3 little angels that come around each year. It seems they stay around until about mid-October, but I always kinda forget. I know I saw this zipping around this morning, so I'm very happy! My mom had some pretty bushes/plants called "Rose of Sharon", so I brought one home with me about a month ago. I can't wait until next summer -- the hummers at her house just seemed to love the flowers! That plant will remain very very dear to me for several reasons over the years, and the little humming angels in flight will just add to the warmth. By the way, how did YOU know about me and that dish towel salesman? Have you been on the roof of the courthouse again?

To all of you....even when I stray from the porch, I find it so comforting to return and still have a place to sit and friends to talk with. Maybe the internet can sometimes be a scary place, but the porch is warm, and a place I can call "home" in my heart thanks to you folks. May God bless you all. -- Bulbsnatcher

September 18, 2004 - Msg 23631: Spot, my parents and best friend are still without power. Can you send a crew over there toot-suite? I don't think they are part of COBB EMC, but I know you'd know how to fix it up. (Kinda like Aunt Bee calling Gomer instead of "The Man"?)

Thanks for the advice and info Ro and Asa... didn't know about the cough supression! Sure don't need any of that pneumonia this close to my surgery date. At least my cartridge is still good. teeheehee.

Thanks to all of you for your prayers,
~ Mrs. Wiley

September 18, 2004 - Msg 23632: Hi Bulbsie! It really, really is good to see you! Don't be such a stranger! Whoever posted Jimmy Stewarts poem back in the archives - Thanks! That'un made me cry. We had 2 pet turkeys when I was a kid. "Tom" and "Penny". We grew turkeys and sold them at Thanksgiving time, but for some reason Tom and Penny were spared. They both grew to be huge; they slept on the front porch with our dogs, and followed my sister and I everywhere we went. (sometimes we had to use a leash, to help them follow us).
- Hazel

September 18, 2004 - Msg 23633: You snuck in on me, Mrs. Wiley! you do...Mrs. Wiley! (I know I'm twangin' when I say that - that's so I can talk whilst I eat)
- Hazel



September 18, 2004 - Msg 23636: Welcome Debbie, hope you can grab a rocker and set for a spell.
Hey to Briscoe, how are ya cuz. Sorry Ivan caused so much havoc up your way.
Romeena- you should become our county nurse. I think the one who was here a year ago REALLY did run off with the dish towel salesman! You give such good advice.
Hazel- unique pets! I'm afraid mine was a typical dog, Sandy was his name. Good dog but really did nothing unusual.
Asa- FORE! hope you had a good round. You're in NY right? For some reason, I am thinking that.
Bulbsnatcher! - glad you found your way back to barney's room! There is always plenty of room here for ya!
spot- you sure have your hands full. Hope I can
fill in for ya again.
It's leg-o-lamb tonight.
By the way, to any Jewish Porchsters, Happy High Holydays to you!
Pipeman- keep planning the hodown and picnic! we can have it once things settle down again.
A good weekend to all in Mayberryland.
Mr Darlin's Cuz

September 18, 2004 - Msg 23637: Hey to all. Sorry It's been a week again since I was here. Thanks to whoever posted the Jimmy Stewart poem about his dog. Loved that. Our pups and dog are getting along well. The pups are just wonderful. Good to see Bulbsnatcher. Last I remember you were trying to quit smoking. Did you ever manage it? Hope so. If not, maybe you can try again sometime. Mrs. Wiley, glad you are feeling better. Hope the second surgery fixes you all up. So did everyone survive all the hurricanes ok? I had a cousin in the service who came back from Iraq the Friday before Ivan so they wouldn't let soldiers leave the base in Pensacola. About a week later when he finally got to his house, it looked ok, only a few shingles lying around, but when he opened the door, the whole interior had collapsed! The house is a total loss. Trying to work out details with insurance but he is being stationed elsewhere so not sure just what he's going to do. Floyd, did you miss your event?
Charlotte Tucker

September 18, 2004 - Msg 23638: soldiers probably isn't the right word--I think he's in the navy.

September 18, 2004 - Msg 23639: Hey, everybody! Hope you are having a fair weekend. Sorry to hear about your accident, Mrs. Wiley. Rib pain is something awful, isn't it?

MDC, I think Asa is in Utah.

I am enjoying the pet stories and I am finally starting to understand the deep fondness for dogs that most of you have. I have not experienced that in my adult life until recently with our Lab, Belle. Last night I looked down at her and she looked at me with those beautiful Hazel eyes and I said something I have never said to a dog in my adult life. I said, "I love you", and I meant it.

Have a peaceful evening,

September 18, 2004 - Msg 23640: Hey Charlotte,
Yeah...I missed it. I didn't like missing it but I just couldn't do it what the weather as it was.

September 19, 2004 - Msg 23641: Bulbsie, I'm not really sure when the hummers leave around here. This is the first year I've really had any in quite a long time, and there are only two. I do know that it's a myth that you should take your feeders in to encourage them to migrate. I read (in Audubon?) that they know very well when to leave, and you should leave feeders out to help nourish and strengthen any stragglers or weaker ones, because they'll need it. Makes sense to me. As for the internet being a scary place, it's kinda like a real city. It has its seamy side, its scary and dangerous areas, but you just don't go there! There are places in Dallas you couldn't pay me enough to make me drive through. Same with the net.

Has anyone heard from Mavis? She's been so upset and depressed over losing her mom, I'm worried about her. I hope she shows up soon.

Boo, that warms my heart! There's just nothing like loving and being loved by a good dog. They are so innocent, and their love is unconditional. Donald Trump doesn't have enough money to buy the Plum from me.

And now, I'm off to bed. Glad I don't have to sleep on the ironing board, I tend to hang over the edges! Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 19, 2004 - Msg 23642: Good morning Dears!
Hoping your weekend is going good. We have a cold front moving in today. Snow level dropping to 6,000 ft. We are at 5,000ft. If we had any giraffes here they might have snow on their heads. Selfish buggars anyway! :)
I appriciate all them fine things you said about me Bulbsnatcher, your way yonder to kind and very much a joy to talk with. Very nive Lady.:)
Hazel and Charlotte, so good to see you two posting. Y'all stay way to long sometimes.
Hope all you folks down south are drying up from the storms.
MDC, Boo is right, I live up in the mountains of Northern Utah. I believe it is auh2o who's from the big apple. What ever became of him anyway?
I am worried about Mavis also Romeena. I hope she is ok.
Gave my Barney a ham bone and boy is that little feller in hog heaven. (ha, forgiive the pun) There is something about watching a dog chew on a bone that is very soothing to me. Guess I' just weird huh?
Well guess I'll go get ready for preaching, then home for some football, then over to Thelmalous for dinner. Yep, thats the plan, preaching, football., thelmalous. Yep, I think thats what I'm gonna do, Preaching.....Watch a little football....then over to Thelmalous for dinner.....


September 19, 2004 - Msg 23643: Oh my goodness Hazel and Charlotte. I made that sound all wrong. It should read you stay AWAY to long, not you stay way to long. Jeepers. It's amazing how one letter in a word can change the whole meaning. LOL


September 19, 2004 - Msg 23644: Thanks alot, Asa. sniff, honk, sob I wasn't aware I had worn out my welcome here. Guess I'll just go over to the Grand and watch them change the marquee. (I always like that).
And for the love of Mike just do it! Go to preachin, watch football, then to Thelmalous. Just do it!
- Hazel

September 19, 2004 - Msg 23645: You people are such a hoot!

Have a lovely Sunday....take it easy, listen to music under the stars or something.

Asa, you are making my heart ache again with those weather reports. I just keep repeating to myself, "Thou shalt not covet anything that is thy neighbors (including weather)". It is absolutely steamy here today! I can't wait to make the Colorado trip in December. I am looking on the web to plan out our trip. This should be a good one because my baby girl is staying home with her grandma and aunt. It will be a REAL vacation for me. We don't have anyone on the porch from Colorado do we?

Gotta Gogh (remember that one?),

September 19, 2004 - Msg 23646: Now, Boo, don't start that again! (It was fun, though, wasn't it?) It's pretty hot and steamy here, too, but there is just that tiny little change in the air, can't call it a chill, not when it's 84 degrees outside, but then again, compared to 104 degrees, maybe you almost can. Anyway, I think it won't be too long. My garden center friend said he'd be getting pansies in maybe next week, so that's a sure sign of cooler weather to come. I'm ready!

Asa, I know what you mean about one little letter or word changing things. I did the exact same thing that you did, up in #23629. I meant to say "stayed away way yonder too long", but I ran my "away" and my "way" together, and it didn't come out right. I figure Bulbsie knows how I am, made allowances and didn't get offended. Thanks, Bulbsie.
Tonight is "Report on Mongolia" night at church. All of us from the trip will be making brief (I hope) comments about our experience there. So far, I don't know what I'm going to say, so I suppose I'd better get something set in mind. Have a good evening, everyone. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 19, 2004 - Msg 23647: How about starting it off like this, Romeena. "I come before you a humnble woman, full of humbleness and humility...". Might work!
- Hazel

September 19, 2004 - Msg 23648: Ooos, that's "humble".

September 19, 2004 - Msg 23649: Now, I can't even spell ooops right. I better go soak something.

September 19, 2004 - Msg 23650: 'Afternoon porchsters. Good Sabboth to you.
We got lots of rain in the Phoenix area last night from Hurricane Javier that came up from Baja Mexico. it was much needed and we hope now that things will cool off and have a bit of Fall.
My AZ State team tore the pants off Iowa last night. It is about time the any AZ team won!
Well, enjoy the rest of thre day.
Say, we could have a contest and see if we can peel an apple in one piece!

September 19, 2004 - Msg 23651: Drink plenty of hot juice Hazel. ~Mrs. Wiley

September 19, 2004 - Msg 23652: How about loosening something Hazel? You got something we can loosen?


September 19, 2004 - Msg 23653: SPOT,PIPEMAN,ASA,MDC... race at Michigan today wasnt very exciting ,Mayfield and Stewart got taken out by Robbie Gordons stupidity,and Newman lost an engine ,Kurt Busch won the race with Kenneseth second. SPOT..hope your getting some rest after the long hours during the hurricane
CHARLOTTE .. sorry to hear about your cousins house being destroyed ,hope his insurance company dosent give him the run around .
everyone have a great evening
mayberry deputy

September 19, 2004 - Msg 23654: guys ,I said the race was at Michigan ,but it was at New Hampshire, watching the cowboys play and posting at the same isnt smart
mayberry deputy

September 19, 2004 - Msg 23655: Hey, everybody...

I want to write more and comment on a lot of these great posts, but I wanted to go ahead and get this out to any of you going to Mayberry Days. If you will be travelling from the west on Interstate 40, please be aware that I-40 is closed due to damage from Ivan. This damage is just inside the North Carolina border, and the interstate is closed from the border to mile marker 20. I'm sure you've seen the reports on TV, but do be aware that you will need an alternate route to Mt. Airy. You will have to get off on I-81 north into Wythville, VA and then take I-77 south/I-74 east into Mt. Airy. This info is from **Barn, my sweetheart, who just CAME from that area. He says it's a great way to go, it'll add a few miles, but you have less "up and down", and less twisting and turning around the mountains. The good news: Timewise, it's about the same and you get some beautiful scenery to boot. Will post more later. Love to all. Bulbsnatcher

September 20, 2004 - Msg 23656: Hazel, you are a bird in this world! What would we do without people like you? I'm curious, though. What did you decide to soak?

We had "Report on Mongolia" tonight at church. Those of us who went on the expedition each took a couple of minutes to share our impressions, and it was delightful, listening as my teammates each brought a new perspective to the whole thing. What a trip that was! I hope the Lord will allow me to go again next year.

Well, I think I'll go web-surfing for a while. I want to redecorate my bedroom, and am looking for just the right bedspread or comforter. That will be the starting point, with accessories, window treatment and paint colors playing off that. Hey, maybe I'll get a four-poster with a canopy, like Aunt Bee ended up with, what do you think? Oh, I forgot, I've already got furniture.

Have a good week, friends. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 20, 2004 - Msg 23657: Good morning Romeena and all other porchsters who are up and running by now. I have much work to do as always so need to get at it. Wanted to try to stop by more often than I have been. Have a Mayberry Day! We watched "Jubal, Jubal, Jubal" last night. "Boy, he's an awful crank, ain't he?"
Charlotte Tucker

September 20, 2004 - Msg 23658: Hey Folks....who's coming to Mayberry Days this weekend? -- Floyd

September 20, 2004 - Msg 23659: Oh how I wish I was Floyd, but alas I am not. Someday I hope to go.
Yea Charlotte, that Jubal was a crank. Could be he just got a haircut from Flod though and had some of them little hairs irritating the back of his neck. That'll do it you know.
That bedroom redo sounds nice Romeena. You got the magazines to swing it?
Well Boo, it was a brisk 41 degree's this morning on my porch and it is indeed snowing on the mountain peaks. The snow level is supposed to drop to 6,000 ft tonight so that will be close. Nice thing though it is suppose to get up to the 80's by weeks end. Hope my maters don't freeze in the mean time.


September 20, 2004 - Msg 23660: i think i'll just jump right in and hang on. the lincoln, illinois railsplitters weekend turned out really great. we added 3 new members. i ran a survey, town and state and your favorite character, there was about 500 responses, we haven't checked yet to see who the most often mentioned yet, totally exhausted, already planning a bigger one next year. first time that andy griffith was ever there and the response across age , gender, ethinic lines was overwhelming. with that out of the wat i'll answer several postings later after i get a little rest. mrs wiley= prayers for you. sorry to hear about your fall and pet. did you see a white owl perched in a tree, that's a bad omen you know. let us know how your doing. we're pulling for you. rev.j= prayers for you. sorry to hear about your dog. spot prayers for you, your crews and everyone affected. did you get any damage to your dog house? welcome debbie in west virginia. charlotte tucker= prayers for youand your cousin. i'll catch up more posts as the week wears on. lol pipeman

September 20, 2004 - Msg 23661: Pipeman- good to hear all went well. I'd like to hear what Andy had to say about the whole deal.
Charlotte - good to hear from you again. Hope you can be a "regular" again.
MD - that was a pretty cheap shot that Bobbie gorden did. I'm not impress with a lot of these drivers antics. What do you think of Kurt Busch tying points?
Ro- we just had that ep locally where barn and friends buy that bedroom set for andy and helen,
then Aunt b gets it in the end! I like that one.
I and also a Dick VanDyke Show fan and just bought season 5. Now I have them all!
Cant wait for the TAGS dvd.
Floyd - Mayberry Days is on my "to do" list.
In the meantime, my wife makes me those blueplate specials and only charges me 89 cents! (teehee)
j'bul, j'bul, j'bul, j'bul, j'bul.
Homemaker - How did the "goat parade" go?
ASA- Utah! got it. sorry about the NY. What was I thinking?
Ok, I just waxed the porch, so be careful!
Got all the chairs put back now.
I'm grilling burgers, brats and dawgs tonight.
Potato salad, corn on the cob, melted butter, chips, dip, watermelon and sun tea! Come on over!

September 20, 2004 - Msg 23662: I wish I were going to Mayberry Days too, Floyd. Maybe one of these years.
Good to see you again, Bulbsnatcher!
That cookout sounds good, MDC! Gotta keep summer for as long as we can around here!
Well, tomorrow is my daughter's first day of preschool/daycare, and I don't know who is more nervous, me or her. I think I am! It's only a two day a week/3 hours a day thing, but I didn't want to throw her into a full-time pre-school. I think kids should be allowed to be kids for as long as they can. But she does need the interaction with other kids as she hasn't had much of that, so I think this is a good start for her ...and me. ;)
One of my worries is how I am going to sneak out of there tomorrow. We went down to visit it and to bring in some papers last week, and Kai wouldn't let go of my leg while we were there. I think getting her to feel comfortable there(at least enough so I can leave her there) is going to be the hardest part, as I have been pretty much her only companion and playmate since she was born. Oh, she has had playdates with her cousins and such, but not on a regular basis like most kids who are used to daycare. And it shows, as she gets rather timid around other kids. I hope going to this will help her, if I can get her to let me go long enough so I can sneak out(which is probably what I will have to do I'm afraid). But I think she will be ok after she gets used to it. Wish me, and Kai, luck!

Everyone have a great day!
-Sterling Holobyte

September 20, 2004 - Msg 23663: MDC.. to be honest Im not much of a K.Busch or little E. fan ,Im pulling for Martin,Keneseth ,Mayfield to take home the big check at seasons end but I guess the man that has the least amount of trouble in the next 9 races will be the champ , no matter what I think
PIPEMAN .. glad to hear things went well at the rail splitters gathering
mayberry deputy

September 20, 2004 - Msg 23664: sterling holobyte= i'm sure your daughter will be the star of the class especially if she is like you. as far as sneaking out- you get a stout rope and lower yourself out the window when noone is looking. floyd= we wish we could get to that show but this year we're tied, maybe next year, you can tell i'm a fan of the cubs. what about either sending or putting up for sale a poster from this years mayberry days? maybe a program? this would be a great keepsake and could be used by clubs or events such as ours? what do the rest of you think? ro= how does the plum make out on adventure sleeping? asa= how did your golf game go?did you get any white owl birdies? take care seding my best to everyone. pipe ( going to be pipe dreaming) man.

September 20, 2004 - Msg 23665: floyd = o0f course i meant for sale, after reading above i wasn't sure if it sounded like we wanted it for free. splash a little witch hazel on it and we'll have to pay and extra 86 cents, but won't it smell purty? thanks for all you do. pipeman

September 20, 2004 - Msg 23666: Hello everyone..its been a while since I lasted posted. I am trying to read up on everything. Bulbsnatcher..How are you? What part of VA have you been visiting? Sterling: My daughter goes to a 2 morning a week/3 hours each time preschool. She loves it, but could use 3 days too.How old is Kai? My daughter is 3.5, but she started it when she was 2.5. Its good for them!
We've been right busy. The weekend was shopping,eating and its back to the grind of things!

September 20, 2004 - Msg 23667: What a nice thing to say, Pipeman! Although, in reality, if she is like I was at that age, she will be a mostly silent observer. I hope she is a little more outgoing than I was.
And I would use a rope and lower myself out the window as you suggested, but since the school is across the road from the police station, I'm afraid they might get the wrong idea and arrest me as a
-Sterling Holobyte

September 20, 2004 - Msg 23668: Hey Alyce, my daughter Kai will be 4, tomorrow actually, you know, I forgot what day it was today until just now! Oh man, am I a bad dad or what! No, actually it just came to me now because we are celebrating her birthday on Saturday the 25th at Chuck E. Cheese. That and with trying to get all her medical papers together for the school, I just plum forgot what day it would be tomorrow. That's pretty neat though, that her first day of school will also be her birthday! I was going to get her something special for after her first day tomorrow, and now we should make it extra special. I'll have to remind my wife too, as she has forgotten also. So thanks for reminding us, Alyce! :)
See what happens when you get caught up in everything and don't slow down?!
-Sterling Holobyte

September 20, 2004 - Msg 23669: PIPEMAN.. Gary Wedemyer over at the Mayberry Emporium has a 16 x 20 print for sale of the up coming mayberry days . it looks nice , haas Andy and other mayberry alumnis that are going to be there on it

September 20, 2004 - Msg 23670: Besides, I think the idea is to sneak INTO a room up the rope! (teehee) Unless, of course, John Majors is knockin on the door! Then, sterling, you're right, the law may be waiting for you as you exit! Maybe once she starts making friends, it wont be so bad!
Hope MAVIS is doing ok these days. Prayers for mavis.
MD- yea, I'd like to see Mayfield!
I see no one slipped yet on the fresh wax that i put on the porch.
Sweet dreams pipeman.
Mr D's Cuz

September 20, 2004 - Msg 23671: Lightin' the grill about 5 PM.
32,000 btu, heehee!

September 20, 2004 - Msg 23672: Afternoon all. Just droppin by the porch to say hey. I appreciate all the kind words last week regarding our dog (by the way, she's made somewhat of a recovery, almost back to her old self. Unfortunately, at age 15, I'm afraid it's still just a matter of time). Sterling, I know exactly what you're going through, been there, done that (although it was about 9 years ago). It's not easy to leave 'em behind those first few days. But once you're out the door, remember what Andy said."....don't look back." It'll all be fine I'm sure. MDC- go ahead and light the grill early, I'm starved!

September 20, 2004 - Msg 23673: "HELLO PORCH"....whew....still patching things up here in ga.from the alot of reading of the archives to do!..hope all is well!..yall been eating good?...tonight its bbq chicken on the grill!..baked beans with bacon,tater salad [mayo and mustartd]..little green onions,corn bread,sweet tea,hot pickeled peppers..and we are gona eat outside!..someone bring some slaw please ..signed:SPOT the"getting over ivan" dog of this here fine porch...almost all lights are on!

September 20, 2004 - Msg 23674: SPOT.. between you and MDC ,people are gonna come in the store and make fun of the fat little produce manager
mayberry deputy

September 20, 2004 - Msg 23675: MD - you are so funny! ..Fat little produce manager."
the good thing about cyber-eating is that there are none of those pesky "side-effects." haha
Now Mayberry Days REAL eating may be a whole different ball game however. That diner food really lays on your chest, ya know! (teehee)
Spot - glad you are getting the lights back on there in GA. Them was some rough days in the south.
Rev Jr, glad to hear that man's best friend is improving. It aint really a porch without a dog or two or three. Or, like barney said, it aint a DEN without a dog lying at his feet!
Ya all have a nice evening!

September 20, 2004 - Msg 23676: Duh... that's MDC

September 20, 2004 - Msg 23677: Ya'll are so cute!

Sterling, I had to chuckle when I read your post. When my little boy was little, I used to wonder why in the world people sent their kids to preschool. I felt they needed to be with their moms at that age, then my daughter came along and I have a whole new perspective! I am looking into somewhere to take her for a couple of days a week so I can concentrate on helping my son. He has dyslexia and ADD and we just started him with a private teacher who specializes in learning disability. She comes to the house two days a week. My daughter is 3 and what is interesting is that I let her spend the night with her grandma for a couple of nights last week(it was the first time she had been away from home for more that one night). Anyway, her grandparents gave her so much undivided attention that when she came home, she was talking alot more and more clearly. I could tell that just two days of being with them caused some growth in her. That's neat, isn't it? Grandparents are so good for kids.

Asa, its raining here right now so its not AS hot as it was but still very warm. By the way, I hope your "maters" freeze (and anything else that can freeze, too)! Heehee....just kidding (well, sort of).


September 20, 2004 - Msg 23678: I'll try to remember that, Rev. Jr. Thanks for the advice!

Since everyone is talking about dogs, I thought I would share a bumper sticker that I saw today that I thought was pretty funny. Of course, mind you I am easily amused. It said, "My Labrador Retriever is smarter than your honor student."
Have a great night everyone!
-Sterling Holobyte

September 20, 2004 - Msg 23679: Shhrreeetttttt OUCH! Who put fresh wax on the porch? I just slipped and threw out my back. Oh, I see. It was MDC. Well, my lawyer will be in touch! Neal Bentley is his name.
- Hazel, in traction.

September 20, 2004 - Msg 23680: Hello porch friends. Hope you guys are ok. Ivan took it's toll on us over the weekend, lost power twice phones were out for two days, and I'm just now getting back online. We have several roads closed and bridges out, but other than that it was nothing near as bad as my neighboring counties. One area had 30 homes destroyed by a mudslide. All in all I have a lot to be thankful for when I watch the news each night.

Asa.. you gotta watch how you use them letters, you aint let me forget the "taco" incident yet tee hee.

Hazel, sorry bout yer back.. we could always hang you in the closet in one of them contraptions Barney used. Just a thought.

Ya'll take care, I'm heading to the ironing board now. Love to you all--Salty Dog

September 21, 2004 - Msg 23681: A very late good evening, everyone! What a lovely day I had! Babysat my two precious grandsons for a couple of hours, then came home to find my landscaper friend and his helper hard at work in my yard. I had asked him to come by and help me get caught up with some weeding and shrub trimming. There are about 25 eleagnus bushes and they were out of control. Also had some more esperanza to plant, and a couple of hardy hibiscus. Roses were running wild, buddleia (butterfly bushes) were huge and overgrown, and sprinkler heads needed adjusting. We worked all afternoon, and he's coming back tomorrow to finish up. Sure does make a difference! The yard is really shaping up as all the new plantings mature. I think I'm going to need a visit from the expert about once a quarter, though. My yard man mows and edges, but my landscaper friend puts the real finishing touches on things.

Sterling, you sound like one awesome dad, very involved and interested in what's going on. I know there's a trend toward that today, and it's great, my son is much the same. The kids will benefit from all that paternal attention, that's for sure.

Pipeman, the Plum's idea of adventure sleeping is having fewer than four pillows on the bed! She is one spoiled little furkid. As for sleeping on the ironing board, she thinks that's perfectly ridiculous, and refuses, opting for one of her five little fleece-lined beds instead.
She has already staked a claim on my pillow, so I guess I'd better go and oust her if I plan to use it myself tonight. Have a wonderful day tomorrow, everyone. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 21, 2004 - Msg 23682: top of the morn to everyone, wonder what irish sitter ( forgot irish's last name) is up to? salty dog= glad your ok- hope you didn't get a sore back from all that adventure sleeping, poor spot will have to get a big nap soon, all that work, i'll bet he is plum tuckered out. mayberry deputy= i agree that between 2 great meals last night we passed the high water mark, i had to go pipedreaming early. romeena= we knew that plum was one smart furkid. the plum can figure his own adventure sleeping out. spot= get some rest as soon as you can, ok? mdc- i agree as soon as everything settles a bit we will have a big wing ding. those nextel system stinks. all there doing is forcing the top ten drivers to win by hook or crook resulting in drivers becoming enemies for years and fans turning against them. brisco darling ,jr.= if them local boys would just keep there hands off charlene, don't they know she's spoke for? i missed the race this weekend because of the show. sun is up and i got plenty of flap jacks ready, maple syrup, frash churned butter. eggs, omlets of all kinds plus the trimmins. come sit a spell. pipeman

September 21, 2004 - Msg 23683: good morning everyone. Sterling: Hope the first day of preschool is going well for Kai. She will love it I am sure. It is so good for their social skills. My daughter loves going to her preschool. Just two more years and she'll be in Kindergarten.. goes by fast..doesnt it!


September 21, 2004 - Msg 23684: Mornin porchsters....Alyce, talk about it goes by fast, seems like yesterday I was dropping both of my girls off at my oldest is in 7th grade and I'm no longer a cool dad! Oh well, reap what you sow. Anyway, had an impromptu get together with some new neighbors last night. We got to talkin' bout southern food (they're from Indiana). They had no idea what chicken bog was or that you can drink sweet tea year round, or what a frogmore stew is. Told them to visit the porch, between Spot, Pipeman and MDC they could really pick up a thing or two about real eatin'. My plan is...get 'em real curious about all this food then I'll cook a big meal for them. I'll make southerners out of 'em yet! Ha!

September 21, 2004 - Msg 23685: Rev..I am very southern, but I do not know what chicken bog is???

September 21, 2004 - Msg 23686: Maybe it's a regional thing here in SC. It's basically chicken and rice cooked together very slowly with some sausage thrown in for good measure. You have to make sure to have some cole slaw to run up next to it. I prefer to have some tabasco or Texas Pete to put on my bog as well.

September 21, 2004 - Msg 23687: oh ok Rev..put some shrimp and tomatoe sauce and make it jumbalaya!

September 21, 2004 - Msg 23688: You're close! Maybe it started out as the poor man's jambalya. Less ingredients, less time consuming. We have a lot of "Chicken Bog" festivals and cook-offs around here. It's almost as competative as the bbq cook offs.

September 21, 2004 - Msg 23689: Ok, now that we know what Chicken bog is, what in the world is Frogmore stew?


September 21, 2004 - Msg 23690: Thanks, Boo, for asking that question. I don't know either, but was afraid if I asked I might appear un-Southern, and that would be awful. (Besides, I was afraid it might be like fish muddle, and I just never had any interest in that.) 'Course, we Texans are Southerners, but we're just a little bit different, what with the Mexican influence and all. My husband described my cooking as Texas Southern, and I guess he was right. Rev Jr. I'm with you on the tabasco. I just about can't eat without it. I keep a bottle in the fridge at work, and apparently have made some converts, because I have to replace it pretty often. As for that chicken bog, I'm going to have to try that. I make chicken and rice, but have never tried adding the sausage. Sounds wonderful! Especially with some tabasco on it.

Well, the Plum is about the knock the door down, so I guess my landscaper friend is here. I'd better go outside. Have a great day, friends. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 21, 2004 - Msg 23691: Blogs, bogs, url's, frogmores, fried cabbage, frog giggin', sodie pop.... man, I gotta learn a whole new vocabulary these days! teehee
I got an interestin' question for ya all about
our local ep last night, but gottta run right now. Back later.

September 21, 2004 - Msg 23692: I don't think that Chicken bog would go over in my family although it sounds good - when we talk chicken, a restaurant here makes bourbon street chicken served over rice. I like it without the rice (I am a true hillbilly - rice with sugar and butter on it). So what is frogmore stew?

The goats liked the parade attention and the real two legged kids enjoyed tossing candy to the crowds. A good time was had by all.

Glad everyone is doing well on the porch -


September 21, 2004 - Msg 23693: Hey guys just checking in. I'll catch up on news and everything later.

Be good!


September 21, 2004 - Msg 23694: Looks like I may have stirred up a hornet's nest with the chicken bog and frogmore stew. As for the chicken bog, my father in law makes the best I've ever had. I'll get the recipe from him and post it here. Now, Frogmore Stew is simply corn on the cobb (cut up into about 3-4 inch lengths), potatoes, shrimp and sausage (like Hillshire Farms link)...all boiled in a big pot using Old Bay seasoning. With a true frogmore stew when it is done you dump the whole pot (obviously after you've drained it) onto a bunch of newspapers lining a picnic table. Then folks can just pick what they want. You're basically cooking the entire meal with one pot. I'll find the instructions on this and post it as well. Even though it may sound like it I promise we don't eat like the Beverly Hillbillies (most of the time).

September 21, 2004 - Msg 23695: REV. JR.. the frogmore stew and chicken bog sound great ,look forward to seeing the recipes.
mayberry deputy

September 21, 2004 - Msg 23696: Mmmm, that chicken bog sounds better than its name would imply.

Well, Alyce you were right! She loved it, and I am so glad! And dropping her off wasn't the disaster I thought it might become. She went right to a chair at the table and started working on a puzzle, gave me a wave and a smile, and I left. I had to come back right away because I had forgot some paperwork they had for me, and I thought, "oh oh, I wonder if she'll get kind of weepy if she sees me now that she knows I'm leaving" but I was worried for nothing. She did see me, but just smiled again and went back to her puzzle. I was kind of proud and sad at the same time. Although while I was leaving I did see a child doing exactly what I thought Kai would do - crying and carrying on - and I went back to feeling proud again. And sorry for that child's mother, as I know that could have been me and Kai just as easily.
I'm hoping that my little talks with her the night before and while walking to the school helped a little. I had given her kind of an itinerary(spelling?) about how the day was going to go and what was going to happen(we're going to walk to the school, then I'm going to leave for a little while, and then we'll walk back home together, etc. that kind of thing). Or maybe it was the promise of cake later on in the day for her birthday, I don't know. ;) Then again, it could be because of all the well-wishing I received here on the porch, which I really thank you guys/gals for!
For whatever reason, I'm just glad she liked it!
-Sterling Holobyte

September 21, 2004 - Msg 23697: Sterling..I am so glad she did well! I know how you were feeling too. When I sent my daughter to preschool for the first time, last year..when she was 2 1/2 years old..and I was 7 months pregnant..I wanted to love all over her and what not..she jumped out of the van, barely said good bye to me and ran into the school. It also helped her because her teacher is the preschool director at church. Next year she will be going to a different school though, elementary, for another program, so it might be different, although she has already been to that school a couple times before. Oh well.. Chicken Pot Pie for supper and Checkerboard Cake for dessert!


September 21, 2004 - Msg 23698: Sounds like everyone has been having an okay time the past few days from what I read.

Bulbsnatcher I don't believe we have fromally met. How do you do? I'm fine thanks! :)

Gotta go to class again and then on home.... I'll be glad to get back to the house!


September 21, 2004 - Msg 23699: Hey Alyce.... Can I have some cake PLEASE?????? I'm hungry!


September 21, 2004 - Msg 23700: Very funny Hazel!!! I guess i better not loosen the bolts on the wheelchairs. haha
OK, last night's local ep was "Floyd, the Gay Deceiver" where Floyd had been in a "lonely hearts" club, and Madelene Grayson, with whom he had been correseponding, came to town.
Here's what I think is wierd, why would they write a show where Andy (and even Aunt Bea) carry thru with a big lie, and deception? He even used a man's house who had entrusted the keys to Andy.
I noticed it was written by Aaron Rueben, and not the other guys.
Even tho in the end, it all turns out ok, it just seems very out of character for Andy. Also in the end, Andy still withholds the truth about her from Floyd. Hope i am not too phylisophical for the porch, but it has always been a strange episode to me. Any thoughts?
Please speak BETWEEN mouthfuls of chicken bog or frogmore stew! teehee
Mr Darlin's Cuz

September 21, 2004 - Msg 23701: "HELLO GANG"!..Man-o-man im haveing porch missing attack!..things have calmed down here in ga. just waiting for consumers to get repairs to thir homes made so we can give them power back!#"s are getting smaller..well gona read the porch..Hey mdc,bulbsnacher,dix,alyce,Rev,boo,sterling,md,ro,asa,..hey what ever happened to the county nurse?and fg?...well its grilled hotdogs tonight,side of chile and slaw so you can fix yer own,chips,sweet homade pickels,little green onions,backed beans, ..punch kool-aid..gona light the grill now...yall dont forget about yer of porch dog!.watch my tail!..16 more hrs here at the rock today then im taking 2 days off..gona go fish!..signed:SPOT your"lights are on finally"dog of your great porch!..p.s.yall like yalls hot dogs grilled till they split?..I do..

September 21, 2004 - Msg 23702: I don't know, MDC. I think there was several eps where Andy sorta bent the truth. "Pickle Story". He may not have out and out lied, but he deceived Aunt Bee. But that was to save her from getting hurt feelings. And in "Otis the Deputy", Andy helped Otis pretend he worked for him, to deceive his brother. But he always did it out of love; to help out a friend or family.
- Hazel

September 21, 2004 - Msg 23703: Well, MDC, I always thought they carried things way too far in Floyd the Gay Deceiver. Just seemed out of character, I agree. Its one thing to help out a friend but such deception doesn't really help anybody, does it? I have noticed that alot of the old sitcoms have that theme...lying to stay out of trouble. Lucy did it to Ricky all the time, Laura did it to Rob, The Beaver and Wally lied on every episode I can remember....the list goes on. Guess it is just a popular sitcome theme.

Rev Jr., we have a couple of restraunts here on the coast that serve the frogmore stew, only we don't call it that. They use cajun spices and usually have crab claws in the mix, too. They put paper on the tables, give you a bib and a hammer to crack the crab and a role of paper towels. The first time someone took me to one I was horrified. I don't like seafood (except for some kinds of mild fish) and didn't like eating with my hands. I did like the corn, though. That was back in my prim and proper days. Now I'm sure I could dig in like any other pig at a trough.

Better go get ready for bed. A peaceful night to All!


September 21, 2004 - Msg 23704: Hello porch! Haven't been here in months. I won First Place in the Mayberry Days trivia contest in Lawrenceburg, TN last month!! HOOOORAY!! Yes I love it, love it, love it! Well I'll check back in soon.

Newton Monroe

September 22, 2004 - Msg 23705: well it's 2 am and everyone is snoring in there rockers. one of you is snoring off key. don't worry i'llsend ole barn around to check it out. hey to newton monroe. spot i'll bet your ready for a couple of days off, enjoy. question i notice on the various sites that briscoe darling doesn't appear. the darlings by themselfs even in theportraits. i know there was omly a hand full of episodes the darlings were in but was it because denver pyle never posed or signed anything? that site has a doctorate degree from mayberry university for 5.00 with your name on it. can't you see if we all got one then there would be a lot of doctoring going on. let's take it from the top and see if we can snore on key. time to pipedream. pipeman

September 22, 2004 - Msg 23706: It's not me snoring, pipeman. I didn't sleep a lick, not a lick. Someone forgot my goosedown pillow. They always forget.
- Hazel

September 22, 2004 - Msg 23707: Hazel, tell pipeman to quit messin' with the siren.

hey Newton! haven't seen you in ages! don't stay gone so long, OK?

~ Mrs. Wiley

September 22, 2004 - Msg 23708: Good Morning everyone! Biscuits this morning..butter, cheese, jelly..sorry no sausage gravy. Whats on everyone's agenda for today? I need to go shopping, but going to wait till tomorrow. Going to do some down and dirty cleaning in my bedroom...if the kids will let me! And then of course church tonight! Everyone have a great day!
Oh...hello Newton..

September 22, 2004 - Msg 23709: Mornin' Alyce. Nothing too exciting on my agenda today. Some school work with my son, one more load of laundry to fold and put a way and I will be all caught up with it. Hooo-rah! I love the feeling of having the laundry caught up, don't you? We also have to go to the vet and pick up our dog, Belle. She was spayed (sp?) yesterday. The way she kept hopping the fence I was afraid she would end up with puppies. I will be going to my parent's house again today, too. Yesterday my poor ol' dad needed some help so I went over and fixed supper for mom and got her ready for bed. I feel so sorry for them. While I was there, my dad but his arms around me and just leaned on me. He said, "I'm so glad you came over.". It made me think. Sometimes it seems like such an inconvenience but it should be a priveledge. Thank God I still have them around to care for. I was thinking as I was cutting up waffles for mom about how many waffles she cut up for me over the years. I am grateful to be able to help her. I know we have a tough road ahead with both of my parents but God's grace will be enough.

Hazel I'm glad you brought up that pillow episode. It is such a hoot! I just love the line, "Handsome is as handsome does. Handsome as a boy, handsome as a man. Handsome, handsome, handsome!"...not sure that is in the right sequence but close enough.

Better go get ready for the day.


September 22, 2004 - Msg 23710: You folks are just the cats, do you know that? Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 22, 2004 - Msg 23711: Hey all - haven't been here for a little while. Prayers for all who need 'em.

Congrats Newton on your superior "Mayberry memory". You're "ept"!

Congrats to spot and his Cobb EMC boys on your big win at the Lineman's Rodeo. I've been checking over at the Rodeo's website for pictures - hoping to see spot handing out vittles to everyone. ; )

My plans for the day - get everything lined out for my hubby and daughter (laundry done, bills written out, etc.) since I'm going to Tulsa for a few days for a Christian women's conference with several ladies from my church. This will be the first time of not being with my daughter since she was born in Oct 2000.

Anybody gonna get to see Andy in Mt. Airy friday when he dedicates his new statue?


September 22, 2004 - Msg 23712: My plans for today is to nap! I think it was Hazel snoring all night. I notice she is the only one up today looking rested and fresh, goose down piller or not! HA! I just love that episode.


"I hate to knock your town but Lake Charles blacktopped around the gas works 3 years ago!"

September 22, 2004 - Msg 23713: Hello again..Boo: I know EXACTLY what you mean about the laundry being caught up. Mine is too! I have been working in my bedroom. Its a shame that I neglect that so often, when it needs to be so peaceful and tranquil to rest, etc.. in. I will be so glad when we get in our house. I am so sick of toys everywhere!! But on the otherhand I am thankful that I have the kids to play with all those toys. I just cant wait to get that play room! Our house is being built now and should be ready in a few weeks! Boo: you keep taking care of your parents..not that you wont..they are a blessing to us. I bet it felt real good to hear your dad say that to you. I dont know that I would ever hear my daddy say something like that..he's one of those men that doesnt want to get too emotional you know. Although I have heard him tell my daughter "I love you"..of course with her prompting. AFD: What kind of conference are you going to? Is it like Women of Faith? I went to a Beth Moore one last year and it was really great. I wish I were going to Mt. Airy this weekend. My husband isnt off work and his vacation days that are left are for hunting!

September 22, 2004 - Msg 23714: OH hey there Asa..we must have be been posting at the same time!

September 22, 2004 - Msg 23715: Mornin porch. Apparently it's cleaning/laundry day here on the porch. Better call my wife at home and let her know. On second thought... I better not even think about making that kind of call. Congrats Newton.....every time I get to thinking I know a bunch about Mayberry trivia I come to this site and figure out I'm not in the same league with you folks! Hey Boo, there are actually several different names for frogmore stew here as well...Beaufort stew, lowcountry boil, etc., but they're all the same recipe. Talked to my father-in-law last night, he's writing down the recipe for chicken bog. As soon as he gives it to me I'll post it.

September 22, 2004 - Msg 23716: Ha Ha Ha Rev Jr. Live on the wild side! Make that call.:)Call the Woman! LOL
Hey to Alyce.


September 22, 2004 - Msg 23717: Hey Y'all! Checking in from the town library-computer bit the dust! Just wanted y'all to know that I won't be on the porch till early October-my nephew who fixes computers was visiting his folks here in SC & took my computer back to Atlanta to work on it-cheaper than calling the man! So,I have to wait till he comes home again! But- Everything's fine with me.Got a lot of catching up to do! Y'all take care & I'll be rocking again in a few weeks-I hope!
possum under a rock