September 22, 2004 - Msg 23718: Hey Y'all! Checking in from the town library-computer bit the dust! Just wanted y'all to know that I won't be on the porch till early October-my nephew who fixes computers was visiting his folks here in SC & took my computer back to Atlanta to work on it-cheaper than calling the man! So,I have to wait till he comes home again! But- Everything's fine with me.Got a lot of catching up to do! Y'all take care & I'll be rocking again in a few weeks-I hope!
possum under a rock

September 22, 2004 - Msg 23719: Not a chance Asa. Been married 16 years, I've become quite "ept" at not putting my foot in my mouth. 16 years and she still hasn't figured out that she married beneath her! Don't intend on giving her any reason to start questioning now! HA!

September 22, 2004 - Msg 23720: Possum, hope he's not like Gomer trying to fix the freezer!
Hazel, Boo, thanks for your comments. I got to thinking, if they hadnt done those kinds of eps, we couldnt use them in Bible Study today!! haha
Good to see you all on this new swept porch!

September 22, 2004 - Msg 23721: Oop, that should be an adverb "NEWLY, swept porch.

September 22, 2004 - Msg 23722: Miss Crump taught you well, MDC! :)

Come Back soon, Possum!

-Sterling Holobyte

September 22, 2004 - Msg 23723: PIPEMAN.. I have one of the Mayberry U. doctorates hanging above my computer desk along with my TAGSRWC chapter charter ,and TAGS photos ,its a real nice and official looking document .At work we have a new program on the computers for employee evaluations its called "OPIE" ,which stands for " Online Performance Information and Evaluation". Everyone have a great evening
mayberry deputy

September 22, 2004 - Msg 23724: Alyce - I'm going to Lynette Hagin's "Kindle the Flame" conference at Rhema Bible Church in Tulsa.

Sterling - glad to hear things went well with Kai on her first day of preschool. And Happy Birthday to her, too.
My daughter turns 4 next month. We took her in for preschool screening in August and she loved it. She's not around other children very often, and sometimes can be shy around others - especially adults - and we were unsure of how she'd react. She kept asking, "what's next?" We weren't able to get her into the preschool though (it's through our school district) as they take those who need it the most in preparation for kindergarten. She still has 2 years to go and was further advanced than a lot of the others. Private preschool isn't an option - cost is a little out of our budget right now. Oh well, I guess it will all work out.


September 22, 2004 - Msg 23725: "5 ... that's nice."

September 22, 2004 - Msg 23726: Good evening porch people! Had a horrendous day with my computer again today. Since my computer crashed on Aug. 17, life has not been fun. I am wondering if there'll ever be a day when I can just come in and work again without having some error message that I need to upgrade or download something else! Hope everybody else's computers are treating them better than mine is me. It's a bummer when it's your livelihood. You can't ignore it.
Charlotte Tucker

September 22, 2004 - Msg 23727: Sorry about the computer mess, Charlotte! Hope you get the bugs worked out soon! Computers are selfish, aren't they?!

Thank you for the Birthday greetings to Kai, AFD! Sounds like your daughter is rare'n(I've only heard that word, I've never spelled it so I don't know if that is right) to go. That's great! And she sounds like a real smart one too!

Well, I better go. Kai's second day of school is tomorrow and that means it is MY second day of having to get up a little earlier than I would've otherwise. It's all worth it though!
Have a great night everyone!
-Sterling Holobyte

September 23, 2004 - Msg 23728: Happy 1st day of School, Kai! ~ Mrs. Wiley

September 23, 2004 - Msg 23729: Charlotte, grab an're in the boat with me! Mine at work died, they did give me one to work with until mine is fixed.... although it looks like it's from 1986. Good luck to Kai.

September 23, 2004 - Msg 23730: well i quess i'll jump in here and hang on for a minute. afd= one of our granddaughters is 4 and loves preschool. doesn't want to leave. i told her parents not to worry cause once they educate her enough to realize she has 20 years of school to go and no retirement plan, it will take a bit of the sine off it as andy would say. sterling holobyte= happy birthday late to kai, and she only has 20 more years of school and only work after that. just teasin, she'll be great, after all with you as a role model she can't lose. possum and charlotte tucker= sorry to hear about your computer problems, hope there up soon. we have a fall crisis, an epidemic, computers falling, space debris, leaves. we'll make it though. rev jr= amen to your post. just give me my mayberry toys and some play time and i'm almosty good. mdc and spot= if those hurricanes quite acting up maybe we can plan a big cookout and dance, i sure pray they do. good morning dr mayberry deputy, just had to try it on for size. did you go with your porch or real name? it would be cool to have porch names on it. does anyone know why there is no briscoe darling memerbillia? the cobwebs are starting to clear after being hit with that fast sweeping broom. ha. have a great day. pipeman

September 23, 2004 - Msg 23731: that was shine off it. pipeman

September 23, 2004 - Msg 23732: Thanks Mrs. Wiley, Rev. jr and Pipeman! Kai actually seemed a little more apprehensive about me leaving her at school today. She didn't give me any trouble though.
I think it was because we arrived a bit later than we did the first time and there were more kids already there. Even though there are only 11 kids in her class it can be kind of overwhelming to walk into a room with them all there.
Well, she'll have to eat her Pop-Tart faster next time. ...If I give her one. I don't care much for Pop-Tarts, nutritionally-wise, but this is what she wanted today. I'll have to steer her toward the oatmeal next time.
-Sterling Holobyte

September 23, 2004 - Msg 23733: Busy day today, I'll be back to set for a bit later on.

September 23, 2004 - Msg 23734: Glad you clarified that Pipeman, thought that was an episode I had missed with some obscure math reference.

September 23, 2004 - Msg 23735: mdc= slow down a tad, you'll wear yourself down. spot= i feel for you my friend with all those hurricanes and ivan regrouping, jeane ready to strike, i pray you get some rest and are ok. prayers for all the rest in the path of these huricanes. well i have a real country ham, beef roast, fried taters, deviled eggs, cole slaw, potato salad, cottage chesse, apple, peach, and cherry pie homemade.cornbread, hot homemade biscuts, tea, hard apple cider that barney loved so much, water, coffee. come by when you get a chance and eat all you want and take a plate for the trip home. also have homemade chilli for those adventure eaters. pipeman

September 23, 2004 - Msg 23736: Howdy from South Texas...still hot here but we are expecting a small cool front on Monday (I hope).

Hope ya'll are having a good day.


September 23, 2004 - Msg 23737: 68 cool sunny degree's here Boo. The Wasatch mountains to our east are snow capped. The air is fresh and crisp and clean every morning. The distant smell of wood burning as a few folks fire up the fireplaces in the morning to take the cool edge off. The afternoons warm up to a pleasant 65 to 70 degree range. Sunny and clear.
(Boo, are you drooling yet?) LOL


September 23, 2004 - Msg 23738: Pipester! I'm finally takin a little rest here on the porch. Mmmmm, you got them taste buds a twangin, as Briscoe would say! I love a good bowl of HOT chili with lots of goldfish. (crackers, thet is) My mom, bless her heart, used to make chili that would put hair on your chest! but she never wrote down that secret ingredient that gave it that twang! my oh my was that good stuff.
Spot, you, MD, pm and I will plan that hodown if this hurricane season ever ends. Even Phx and az in general got lots of rain from a hurricane that came up from baja.
How are you feeling these days p-man. Do you have to do dialysis? That's my field, ya know.
Where's everybody else been lately? des, fungirl, auh20, Mary W, goober, rafe, banjjerry, angefan etc.
Charlotte, good to see you again. These darn 'puters have a mind of their own, dont they? teehee
I heard there is snow in some northern states already!
Well, I'll set for a spell and help pipeman cut out some more craft pieces and load the brown truck. (We'll have to find some skis for it soon!)
Mr Darlin's Cuz (aka Wyatt Earp's decendent)

September 23, 2004 - Msg 23739: asa, snow in UT? Wow! we posted at the same time.

September 23, 2004 - Msg 23740: Well, thank goodness MDC! I thought maybe you were reliving your college years with them goldfish. ;)

I hope that snow doesn't come over here. I'm not ready for winter yet. I'm enjoying these 80 degree temperatures too much!
-Sterling Holobyte

September 23, 2004 - Msg 23741: Hey yall..How has everyone's day been? I have been busy all day running errands, etc.. I think I bought out Wal Mart! AFD: My daughter had a screening done for a program at the elementary school too..The lady doing it said she did perfectly..she too is quite advanced for her least I think so! You know how it is..every body's kids are smarter than the next..hehe! She is on a waiting list for this program. It is called Reverse which there are regular education students and special needs students in the same classroom..the reg. ed. kids are like role models for the special needs kids. They do all their academics as well too. Seems to be really neat!

September 23, 2004 - Msg 23742: Missed Tags last night, so nothin to talk about!
I'll see where we're at tonight.
Ya all have a good evening!

September 23, 2004 - Msg 23743: Hi, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the prayers you have lifted up for my son over the years. He is doing so much better than a year ago. The program he is in now for dyslexia is great. Today his instructor said she is very happy with his progress and she said she questioned the results of some of the testing he had done several months ago. She said he is very intelligent. I think God has been at work helping Sean in many ways. His psychologist says he is doing amazing and responding to the therapy. He is no longer a nervous, skinny little kid. He has filled out and is seldom anxious and is generally happy and well-adjusted (in his therapist's words). I think one of the most amazing answers to prayer that I have seen is the change in my husband and his relationship with my son. He is much kinder and understanding and so much more patient. Thanks again, my friends. Your prayers mean so much!

Where is Mavis? Lets remember to pray for her.

MDC, I thought of you the other day when I saw on the local news that they just opened a dialysis unit for children here in Corpus Christi. Up until now, local children have had to travel for hours to get dialysis so we are very happy for local kids who need it.

Asa, yes, I am drooling and crying and generally in pain!! By the way, you never told me; did your maters freeze?? I am SO looking forward to Colorado in December. I have been planning where I want to go. Snow tubing in Winter Park, The North Pole amusement park in Manitou Springs (yipee!), Durango to ride the old train to Silverton and back, the local Christmas pageant in Buena Vista, shopping in that wonderful little Hamlet called Georgetown...what a wonderful place. Have any of you ever been there or have you seen the rather cheesy Christmas movie called The Christmas Gift, with John Denver? Its about a city fellow who is a widower with a young daughter and they spend Christmas in a small town. The town the movie is filmed in is Georgtown. If any of you have had great vacations in Colorado, please share...I am always open to new ideas.

Asa, I was in Utah years ago but I remember it pretty well. It was in June of 1982. We visited Salt Lake City and I remember the locals being very friendy.

Better go get the kids to bed. They would stay up all night if I would let them. Bye!


September 24, 2004 - Msg 23744: the weather nation wide has been like a big buffet. mdc= not on dyalisis yet but think it's coming. every since this weekend i still have no energy, legs wobbly as a turkeys gets this time of year. maybe my dead kidney is getting infection, i go to doctor first week oct. boo= sounds like your going to have a great time in mayberry desrve a break, have fun. asa= have you had the big freeze yet? alyce= i wondered why our local wal- mart store selves were empty, they had nary a think, you said you bought them out. ha. i think when we put ski's on the brown truck we better ask sterling holobyte or asa to drive it cause we would probably drive it off a cliff. i pray when winter gets here our missing porchsters will drop by. banjo jerry, county nurse, fun girl, ky moonshiner, ky girl, mavis, emma, goober, just to name a few. let's keep them in our prayers. pipeman

September 24, 2004 - Msg 23745: Morning Porch.
Hey Pipeman, I sure do hope you get feeling better bud. I always get this feeling your not one to complain much but are always looking on the bright side. May God bless you sir.
Boo, my maters did not freeze because I didn't let em. Went and picked them all Monday night. And it's good I did because we did have 26 degree's that night. They would have been lost for sure. Too bad cause now the weather has turned off real nice again.
I missed TAGS also MDC. Hate it when that happens.
Hope you all have a nice Friday and a great weekend.


September 24, 2004 - Msg 23746: Good Morning all! Hope everyone has a great day!

Boo: so glad your son is doing so well!! You can thank therapists, etc..but you yourself also deserves some credit..for being a great mom and being consistent with him and getting him the help he needs.


September 24, 2004 - Msg 23747: Thanks, Alyce!


September 24, 2004 - Msg 23748: No problem Boo!

September 24, 2004 - Msg 23749: Wonder how this morning's dedication went in Mt. Airy??Looking forward to hearing all about it from those who are there. Any big plans for the weekend anyone? Nothing different going on here..unless I can get a sitter for the kids so hubby and I can go out to eat.


September 24, 2004 - Msg 23750: Boo- yes, it saddens me to see kids having to go on dialysis, and the kidney transplant waiting list so long.
Glad to hear that Sean is doing so well. Sure have to believe that all our prayers have helped.
Keep laying on hands! :)
Boo, one beautiful small town is Ouray, CO. My wife and I fell in love with it a few years back.
Check it out if you can. As a train buff, I can speak highly of the train ride. It gives one the real idea of how folks traveled 150 years ago!
Pipeman, have you ever checked or ? Both good sites.
Wyatt says it's a good idea.
Better get that brown truck serviced. It has to carry lots of toys this December!
Now that I think about it, I think Mary W is in Glacier Park right now.
Sterling, funny with the goldfish. Remember cramming 20 people into a phone booth. Nowadays, with cellphones, people would probably ask "What's a phonebooth!!"
Last night's local tags was the Class Reunion ep, complete with "one of the great natural romances of all time" and Shakespeare's "the tears on my pillow doth bespeak the pain that is in my heart."
Have a great day.
"Nate Bracey, Nate Bracey, Nate Bracey"

September 24, 2004 - Msg 23751: MAYBERRY DAYS 2004!

September 24, 2004 - Msg 23752: alyce= plan on sitting on my porch (except chruch) and wish i was in mt. airy . but unless i can borrow a star trek transporter.,i'll be ;ike you. if your going to the diner out on the highway heading toward mt pilot then i'll baby sit. boo= i must have missed your post on your son, prayers go out to you.asa= sounds like your going to have to throw another log on the fire. prayers for florida, gulf coast and eastern seaboard. prayers for our troops and those being called on my way in the brown truck, loaded with filled sandbags and extra illinois linemen. got to stop by mdc's p;ace and drop a few vittlesoff and see if i can bring a big supper to your dog house. free rides to spot's pipeman

September 24, 2004 - Msg 23753: Piper- we'll try to get Scotty to beam you to NC!
Alyce, wish i could be there in mt Airy too, maybe next year. How bout some good diner grub for tonight?? We could send some via the brown truck to spot. Open face sliced turkey sandwich with lots o gravy ladeled on, mashed potatoes, side o corn, cornbread, cherry pie and a cup o joe. 69 cents this weekend only. it'll lay on your chest, except in barney's case, it'll all go to muscle, a trait of them Fifes, ya know.
Gotcha pipemiester, prayers for the troops and the good citizens just try to help. Get to preachin, praise and worship sunday. God bless the service families too. have a good weekend.
Mr Darlin's Cuz

September 24, 2004 - Msg 23754: Good afternoon porch...hope all is well..tonight its ribeye steaks on the grill and baked taters and salad...what kind of dressing yall like?..signedSPOT the"got to work all night" dog of your great porch..p.s. how ya like yalls steaks cooked?

September 24, 2004 - Msg 23755: Hey yall...Pipeman..I am guessing that you are or were an UPS man?? Ya'll will have to clarify for me..I am still learning. Well I have my sitters lined up..starting tonight! My parents! My oldest is spending the night over there tonight and then tomorrow night they are keeping both girls for us to go out to eat. We have a gift certificate for Outback Steakhouse, so we're going there for steaks..not our fav. place, but since we dont have to pay for all of it..its OK..Not that we dont like steak..we love it, but just the best when my husband cooks it over charcoal! It was Lasagna, salad and Texas garlic toast tonight.. Now its time for a snack! Yep, got to get to preachin Sunday, I must read my lesson, my sunday to teach the one year olds!
Everyone have a great night!

September 24, 2004 - Msg 23756: Howdy, everyone! Just finished two 12 hr shifts, so have been out of commission. Have the next five nights off, though. I like that!

Boo, it's so good to hear about the progress Sean is making. He is one sweet little boy, and I'm glad he's doing well. As for Baby Girl, give her a big hug for me, if you can catch her.

Pipeman, you're such a dear! I pray for you and your health situation. You just have such a sweet att-itude toward it all, you're an example and a blessing to everyone.

Alyce, while you're at Outback Steakhouse, grab an order of their coconut shrimp for me, will you? That is some kind of good eatin', believe me. Whoooeee!

Well, off I go. Everyone have a great weekend, will see you tomorrow, most likely. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 24, 2004 - Msg 23757: Well gang here at work.hey alyce,boo,asa,mdc,and all the porch, missing some porchsters from long ago..hope all is well with them...gona find a movie and kick back, yall watch out for my tail with those rockers!..cheese and crackers and sprite for a snack for all..signed:SPOT the"lazy dog tonight" of your fine porch...ruff ruff ..lights are all on!

September 24, 2004 - Msg 23758: o-yea..the fair is in town yall want to go one night!..SPOT

September 25, 2004 - Msg 23759: Shoobie, shoobie, shoobie.
- Hazel

September 25, 2004 - Msg 23760: Good Morning!! Man, I slept until 8 o clock this morning! It felt really good! Since my oldest spent the night away, I got to sleep late..The baby is my 12 hour sleeper! She slept till 8 too.. I dont know when I have gotten to sleep much past 7! I love sleep and need so much. Well I hope everyone is having a great Sat. We are going to see my nephew play ball this morning. Then of course out to eat tonight.

Spot: Lets go to the fair. What's the entertainment? Our state fair is going on..but wont be able to make it :-(


September 25, 2004 - Msg 23761: Howdy porchters! Hope everyone that went to Mayberry Days is having a wing-ding of a time! We're putting up the storm shutters again, got all the good food items and batteries at the ready. Boo, so glad to hear your little man is doing so well! God is good, isn't he? Y'all stay safe now, ya hear?

~ Mrs. Wiley (Hazel, my mouth feels the same way)
"Pop, no thanks. Bad for my liver."

September 25, 2004 - Msg 23762: just zipping thru. spot= will the sultan be at the fair? mrs wiley= you be carefull, praying for you and yours. hazel= i couldn't agree more- shoobie, doobie, doo. can you believe that was a popular song? i think one of our porch youngins wrote it there so smart. ro and the plum = thanks for the kind words. i go to doctor oct 7. they called friday night and want me to call them to update file, next of kin etc. sure comforting to help them out before you see doc. alyce= i'm retired military. since several of us liked nextel auto races and dale jerret refused to drive the brown ups truck, so i put it out there and had a lot of fun.i don't like the system they use to get a driver of the year, all it's doing is alignating drivers and fans against each other. pipeman

September 25, 2004 - Msg 23763: how about a speedway in mayberry? pipeman we'll call it the mayberry fall classic. what do you think? spot do we have enough power for it? who wants to announce it? handle the flags? what drivers names and numbers? i think i'll go get an ice cream cone, then over to thelma lou's and watch tv. pipeman (i know that was the slowest zipping thru that you ever saw.)

September 25, 2004 - Msg 23764: PIPEMAN .. I still cant bring myself to call it the Nextel Cup . to me it is still the Winston Cup
mayberry deputy

September 25, 2004 - Msg 23765: Hazel, I have a drink right here that will fix you right up dear.


September 25, 2004 - Msg 23766: Spot - I like my steak WELLL Done! and my cousin likes the "horns knocked off and struck with lightening" - in other words - Rare!

Here's a big hug!


Boo - give Sean a Hi-5 for me on his success!!

September 25, 2004 - Msg 23767: Ya'll are so sweet and encouraging. What a day it was when I happened onto this porch!

Ro, I will give Erin a hug for you. She is getting a little bit easier. She is finally fully potty trained and is starting to get the idea that it is a "good" thing to obey mommy. She took a fall yesterday out on the walkway and put a nice little gash in her elbow. I fixed it up with liquid band-aid and a butterfly, then I put her arm on an arm board so she could'nt bend it for awhile. After 24 hours it looks pretty good and she can bend it. I escaped a trip to the ER, whew!

Alyce, I'm glad you are going to have a night off. Tonight I took care of six kids and my invalid mother! Can you believe it? At first I thought it would only be Mom, then it turned into a neice and nephew and a desparate friend's 2 kids. It was quite an evening but now I am down to 4 who have had their bath and snack and should be going to bed soon.

Better go...someone's crying.

t bend it

September 25, 2004 - Msg 23768: I have no idea what "t bend it" means. I didn't type it, it just showed up in my post...strange.


September 25, 2004 - Msg 23769: Evening Porch friends. Just dropped by to let you all know I am still around, can't say I am back to my old self yet, don't think that will ever be the case, but I am still here. Just been very depressed about losing Mom & still can't believe it happened. My grief has been so great, some days I don't think I will make it to another day, I am so drained from all of it.
I am still finding myself calling Mom to ask her something or getting up from my grooming table to go to her pet shop to ask her something. Yesterday I got as far as the cash register in her shop before it hit me that she wasn't there & wasn't coming back. When things like that happen, I am just done, emotionally for the day. Please continue to pray for me & my sister, we are still having a really hard time of it.
On a good note tho, we went to a bird show here in our area 2 weeks ago, had to make ourselves go since it was something we always did with Mom & the idea of going without her was not a pleasant one. Anyway, I came home with 2 new feathered kids. "Opie" a 3 month old, hand fed (& oh so sweet) English Budgie, & "Parrygra" a 4 month old Pacific Parrotlet, also hand fed & sweet. They have brought me the most happiness I have been able to find since July 29th. If anyone wants to see pictures of them just email me at & I'll send them to you. Parrygra comes from when Jake was just learning to talk & he couldn't say asparagas. The bird is the same color.
May God Bless you all. Pipeman you are especially in my prayers, hope you get to feeling better.

September 25, 2004 - Msg 23770: Well gang its almost the great day of Sunday!..gona have yall a big breakfast before the services..flapjacks{hotcakes to the north porch}..maple syrup.fried sausage links,center cut country ham ,hash browns with chedse and onions cooked in,grits,hot buttermilk bisuuits,white milk gravy!!!and a tear from my rool of paper towels!!WOW...ready at 6:00 est shart...signed: SPOT the "gona eat good on Gods day" dog of your porch..God Bless All..lights are on

September 25, 2004 - Msg 23771: thats"cheese""roll"and "sharp"..sorry was in a hurry...SPOT

September 25, 2004 - Msg 23772: MD..been Winston cup so long....whew...SPOT

September 25, 2004 - Msg 23773: Boo what is t bend it?....something new ...tee hee...SPOT

September 26, 2004 - Msg 23774: MOrnin' Porch family-
Thanks Spot for the meal this morning. It was so much easier to get the kids movin. for church when they get to go to someone elses place for breakfast. It sure was a nice spread. I'm sure they'll be more comin' in, so I left things like I found them. Hey Asa, I hear my youn'un will be comin' to your house one Sabbath. Give her a hug for me will ya? I sure do miss her. We talk often, but somehow it just ain't the same. Good to see old friends on the porch. Sorry to hear about everyones puter problems. That can be frustrating... Have a blessed Sabbath. Thanks for the meal. ~New Neighbor

September 26, 2004 - Msg 23775: mavis= so great hearing from you we've all been praying for you and your sister. it does take awhile to get over it/my parents have been gone for 10 years now, it took about a year then it's like i could hear them say, we're in you and therefore we're still with you. now i find myself saying the samethings to my grandkids they said to me or i will be doing something and remember them as we;\ll as if they were standing there, so comforting and i find myself laughing. pipeman

September 26, 2004 - Msg 23776: mayberry deputy= i agree i can't get nextel either. i liked the old system. now i had to get an armer car and paint it brown with ups on it, let them try and push me off the track, sneaky ugh? boo= " t bend it" must be close to halloween with things poppin up. new neighbor= good to see you around. chruch and a big breakfast to start one out right. spot what are your plans for the day? prayers for florida and eastern seaboard. sterling, mdc= are we going to pull any pranks this year? asa= put an extra log on the fire at night. possum= where are you? thinking of all not mentioned also. pipeman

September 26, 2004 - Msg 23777: anyone hear from goober, ellen brown, fun girl, homemaker, to name a few? pipeman

September 26, 2004 - Msg 23778: Mornin': Church services cancelled due to Hurricane. I hope they decide to have a 7pm service. Just don't feel right watching it on TV. We dodged the bullet again, Thank You Lord! Keep in mind Tampa and points north that are fixin to 'get it'. Pipeman, you are right about saying the same thing our parents said ("gloryosky, Sandy!") and then noticing how our kids are saying things we said. Make me feel like the circle is completed. Prayers for your health continue my friend. Spot, thanks for a perfect breakfast! Y'all have a good Sabbath!

~ Mrs. Wiley
"Opie! Bible knowledge is a fine thing, but one ought not to flaunt it."

September 26, 2004 - Msg 23779: mrs wiley= sorry about the huricane, prayers your way. asa= just read in local illinois paper about the bear lake monster on the idho and utah border. is it the one in the mayberry movie? that ernest t. , again. pipeman

September 26, 2004 - Msg 23780: Hey yall!
Mavis: take care of yourself and your I just cant imagine how hard it is for you, but I wish you brighter days ahead.

Well I am ready for a nap today..Sunday naps are great...


September 26, 2004 - Msg 23781: Yes, prayers for all in Jeanne's path! My goodness I hope this is it! So bad for those folks.
MD, pipeman, spot, yes indeed! And I will also never get used to the FedEx Bowl, Nokia Bowl etc.
It is hard to take. My Az State team won again...
MW how the Lions doing?
Ya all have a great Sunday. Gonna lay in the hammock that I just hung between 2 porch posts...
ahhhh. Thank you Lord ! Will whisper a prayer for ya all.

September 26, 2004 - Msg 23782: well folks the race is over ..Ryan Newman won ,Mark Martin second and Jeff Gordon third , not a bad race , Newman pretty much dominated the show,Prayers for the folks that got hit by the hurricane ,SPOT.. hope it dosent put a big work load on you when it comes thru Ga.
mayberry deputy

September 26, 2004 - Msg 23783: Hey everyone! Well.... I'm growing quite tired of all these Hurricanes. ***SIGH*** I'm ready for November to get here so the season will be over.

Well... I just HAVE to share this. I've been having some of the strangest dreams lately and they are all about marriage. In one of them I was engaged and we were picking out my dress and found the most beautiful silk & satin creation only to top off the accessories with 6", blood red, satin spike heels. They had feathers and gems... quite the shoe (lol)

Then last night I dreamed that I was engaged during the Civil War and my intended was imjured. I cried and cried in the dream when I went to go see him because he kept trying to break the engagement b/c he thought I wouldn't wan him any more b/c he had no arms or legs. I only remember that I kept screaming "Don't say it! Don't say it!" I just boohooed and wiped his face with a damp clothe.

Anyone care to decipher these gems? I always have been curious about what our dreams mean or if they mean anything at all.

Well I 'll cath up later. I think I'll take one of htose naps everyone is talking about.

Hey Spot... anything to snack on?


September 26, 2004 - Msg 23784: I sure do like the word because... lol


September 26, 2004 - Msg 23785: Oh Dixie, I had to laugh at those dreams of your...I know you cried through the civil war one but it sounded so funny the way you told about it. I took a course once in dreams for my continuing education for my nurses license and it talked about keeping a dream journal because many times the subconsious mind is trying to work out an anxiety or problem in our emotions. I'm certainly to psychology expert (Alyce is, though) but I remember learning that certain things that stand out in a dream (like the red, feathery shoes) might mean something but only you can determine what. I tried this by taking the time to think about certain dreams I have had and what they meant and I was able to kind of interpret some of them and they did have to do with some anxieties I was dealing with at the time. The brain is such an amazing thing that it tries to help us sort out our problems even in our sleep, as I understand it.

Poor Florida! What else can I say?

So good to hear from you, Mavis. We were beginning to worry. May your days become more bearable soon, Dear.

Better go, ya'll have a peaceful evening.


September 27, 2004 - Msg 23786: Good morning everyone - I would like some prayers headed my direction. It could be a very stressful week but I know that with prayer - the devil will not have the opportunity to keep my stress level up. I am a fervant believer in prayer - it has helped me so much!

Bless you Mavis - I don't know what it would be like to lose my momma so suddenly.

Watched the Brady Kids Reunion show last nite - it was very touching when Cindy and Marcia talked about caring for their parents. I still love Peter!

Take care ya'll.


September 27, 2004 - Msg 23787: Hey Boo don't worry. I laughed too. I think I may have a flare for the dramatic don't you? A dream journal is a goos idea. I should start one. I do know one thing.... I'm very entertained when I go to sleep! My dreams are NEVER dull!

Evryone have a good day today! And please remember me in your prayers. I have a test Wednesday and another class is getting me worried. It's tough and we have its midterm in two weeks...yech!

take it easy!


September 27, 2004 - Msg 23788: Hey hm I didn't see you there!


September 27, 2004 - Msg 23789: Good Day everyone.. Ive been busy all weekend. Party food for supper tonight! My husband and I are watching the game tonight..Washington vs Dallas!! So, I've got the crock pots going..sausage dip in one, and chicken wings in another. Going to make some apple jacks..but I need to find something else to make..

Dixie: cool dreams..too funny!
Boo: I wouldnt say that I am a psychology expert...I do have a dream interpretation book somewhere though! I also thought that the red shoes stood out in her dream. The brain is a wonderful thing. I was so intrigued by it when I was in of course, I dont have time to do the research. We have a teacher at the school down the road that does brain research and she is one of only 20 some that are certified in something..I cant was just in the local paper.and I think I threw it away..anyway...she has traveled and done work with author Eric am certainly rambling! SORRY!

JEANNE: YOU BETTER GO AWAY and be the LAST hurricane this season!! tropical storm..whatever you are.

Homemaker: I missed the reunion last was on that afternoon too and I missed it then too...Wish I had seen it.. That was all I did when I was home..had the Brady Bunch husband finally said at 9 pm.."Are you done with the brady bunch?" lol!


September 27, 2004 - Msg 23790: Alyce, 7-layer dip is good, I think it has...refried beans, ground beef, lettuice, cheese, guacamole, sour cream and jalapino peppers???? Wish I had asked for the recipie. I have a good recipie for lil weenies in sauce if you want it.

~ Mrs. Wiley
"would you care for an hour's derve Mr. Gossage?"

September 27, 2004 - Msg 23791: I didn't know about the Brady Reunion...Bummer! What network was it on?

MDC, I forgot to tell you earlier that I have been through Ouray a couple of times and thought it was beautiful. The mountains there are amazing. I have always just passed right through and not stopped. This time, if we make it through there I am going to stop and look around. Can you think of anything there that is a "must see"?

Prayers for homemeaker and Dixie.


September 27, 2004 - Msg 23792: Prayers to homemaker and dixie. I caught the Brady reunion as well. Homemaker, you know what is really funny? All my life, especially when I was in my early teens, everybody said I was Peter Brady's twin. There's still some resemblance so my wife says. I guess that's a good thing. I had to laugh when I read your post.

September 27, 2004 - Msg 23793: Mrs.Wiley: Thanks for the suggestions! I actually dont like the 7 layer dip...never was much on mexican unless its just a taco. I do the little smokies too...but I dont have any..I am trying to use whats on hand. Actually I think I am done..along with the other stuff I am going to make some sausage balls..that way my husband can have some for breakfast too.
Think I might make some twix brownies though! So much for losing weight!


September 27, 2004 - Msg 23794: Rev Jr..well you're a cutie then!


September 27, 2004 - Msg 23795: Rev jr, my wife said that Peter is still the cutest of the bunch, so I'd better keep her away from you. ;)

We had a great Birthday party for Kai at Chuck E. Cheese's yesterday. I thought Kai might be a little overwhelmed by all the goings-on as there were about 5 or 6 other birthday parties going on at the same time there, but she wasn't. In fact, she was not only not scared of the Chuck E. Cheese(he's a big mouse for those of you who don't know) who came out to visit the kids, but she gave him a bunch of hugs and didn't want him to leave. One of the cutest parts I didn't see but my wife told me that one of the times when Kai went up to give him a hug, she said sweetly, "I love you, Chuck E. Cheese!" That must have made the person inside that costume feel pretty good. This from a kid who is deathly afraid of clowns, but a big mouse she has no trouble with.

Well, I have to go, I have to call my cell-phone company about another big bill and listen to their excus... er, explanations as to why it is now almost $200 a month when it always used to be about $70, even though I won't understand what they say probably, as I can barely understand the bill as it is.

Have a good day everyone!
-Sterling Holobyte

September 27, 2004 - Msg 23796: Alright, you guys cut it out!

September 27, 2004 - Msg 23797: Hey all, well here at work getting for the storm AGAIN!...whew..SPOT

September 27, 2004 - Msg 23798: Wow Rev Jr. You even sound a little like Peter. LOL


September 27, 2004 - Msg 23799: Sterling, you need to get rid of the cellphone and get one of them new 'lectronic gizmos that Barney bought for the courthouse. You know the one... "Lefty, you and me is bustin' out tonight."
Prayers for you homemaker. Life can be a bit overwelming at times. I can think of a few good verses to help ya, like "My yoke is easy and My burden light." or "cast all your cares on the Lord."
Dixie, well so much for the theory that we dream in black and white! haha
MD - quite a victory for Newman. hear that Stewart is still pretty upset with Gordon.
Boo- as a nurse, you may want to stop at the old, turn of the century hospital in Ouray. I think it is now their chamber of commerce and museum.
Pretty interesting. There is also a walking tour of several historic homes, and you can see several waterfalls from that area! BEAUTIFUL God's Country.
Anyone on the porch ever listen to Dr. James Dobson? He and Shirley are urging all Christians to fast and pray each Thursday thru the elections.
Many local and state elections are sooooo very important this year because of what is at stake.
I hope all are or will register soon. (Sliding soapbox back under the gazebo)
Hopefully Jeanne will be it for a looooong while
for you poor Florida folks. (Propping up that end of the porch with a big stick and a prayer.
Thanks to all the relief workers!
Hope spot can deal with it all again!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

September 27, 2004 - Msg 23800: Gee whiz Greg, I mean Asa, you're not helping a bit!

September 27, 2004 - Msg 23801: good afternoon everyone, the porch is nice and full. it warms my soul. dixie= i tried to keep a sleep journal once but couldn't sleep and write at the same time. spot= worry about all the work you've been doing, maybe it will be the last one this year. thank god for folks like you and your crews. i'll send you 20 pizza's and coffee for the night shift. how does that sound? rev jr= that's right keep us straight. sterling= sounds like kai's getting to be a big girl. just what you need a big mouse who is a big eater to move in. mrs wiley= thanks for letting us know your ok. homemaker and dixie my prayers are with you. hi to everyone not mentioned. pipeman

September 27, 2004 - Msg 23802: anyone get any pictures posted on this weekend shindig in my airy? pipeman

September 27, 2004 - Msg 23803: anyone get any pictures posted on this weekend shindig in my airy? pipeman

September 27, 2004 - Msg 23804: Whoops, I forgot to say that homemaker and Dixie, you are on my prayer list.


September 27, 2004 - Msg 23805: Evening everyone!
My baby girl is too cute walking around..She is 10 1/2 months old and its so fun to watch her walk! My oldest walked then too,but I just dont remember how cute it was.
Well I didnt do the sausage dip..I made sausage balls..and they just didnt turn out well. Should have done the dip! But the apple jacks are good!

Sterling: Chuck E Cheese's is a very busy place. so many parties going on at one time..gets rite hectic. The pizza is pretty good though. The only thing...I do not care for the fact that they sell beer. It isnt listed on the have to ask for and some friends noticed that at a party not to long ago there..just irritates me that they have to have that there at a kids place...oh well..enough of my soapbox, huh?

Spot: Hang in there man! I know you are worn out and will only get worse probably! Take a long vacation when hurrican season is over!


September 27, 2004 - Msg 23806: FTP along with The Video Works of NC Inc. are pleased to bring to you the original video tour of (Mayberry) Mount Airy, NC. The same tour plus a whole lot more. Although never intending to replace the Mt. Airy tour we feel this video with all of its extra related sites will give you a better view of what Mayberry has to offer. Almost like being there! This video was also sent to the Oprah Show.
Your DVD is at

or E-MAIL me at

September 27, 2004 - Msg 23807: Thanks for the pizzas pipeman!...and your thoughts...I have 9 full crews standing by down on the first floor....hope this one is milder...well let me pull the radar....prayers to all...signed:SPOT the "storm dog" of your porch

September 27, 2004 - Msg 23808: hope everyone on the porch is having a good evening
ALYCE ... GO COWBOYS ( sorry just a little pre game picking )
MDC..R. Gordon had yet to speak to Stewart about the previous weeks problems ,then in Sundays race he ran into Stewart and bashed his fender in ,so Stewart said he wanted to whoop his hind end after the race ,at least he didnt get back at him on the track
PIPEMAN .. glad to see you posting regularly again ,you were missed
SPOT .. hope the storm isnt to bad and you dont have to pull long shifts again

September 27, 2004 - Msg 23809: Hmmm...was that you Mayberry Deputy??? Go REDSKINS!!!

Boo: I keep forgetting to tell you..I bought a Gooseberry Patch cookbook a couple of weeks ago at Cracker Barrel. Looks good! And you know, I think I have heard of them before you told me about it..but just never paid attention to the actual name..I got something in the mail today, that I always get before Christmas and its from them..which is put out by Leisure Arts..I get lots from Leisure Arts.


September 27, 2004 - Msg 23810: hey guys that was me in #23808 sorry I forgot to sign ALYCE .. enjoy the game
mayberry deputy

September 27, 2004 - Msg 23811: Oops, forgot from earlier post, ya all gotta come to Phx for the Checker 500 on Sunday! Weather should be in the 80's. We can tailgate, meet each other, and watch some great racing!
Az Cards, New coach + poor playing = yet another loss! (Yikes, Suns, D-backs and Cards all in the dumster lately)
Tonight= pizza at Spot's place! Then we can fire up our riding mowers and have a little race of our own! haha

September 27, 2004 - Msg 23812: Oops again! Checker500 is Nov 7, this Sunday is a smaller doubleheader!

September 27, 2004 - Msg 23813: Hey all,storm did not hurt bad at all here in Ga.!..lets have a grilled cheese sandwich and pickels to celebrate!....SPOT

September 27, 2004 - Msg 23814: Different strokes for different folks Alyce. Our Chuckie Cheeze doesn't sell beer, and that's the only thing that irritates me. Good pizza, though.
- Hazel

Barn: It doesn't matter what kind we get. I just like pizza.

September 27, 2004 - Msg 23815: Hey porchsters! Just checking in.
Charlotte Tucker

September 28, 2004 - Msg 23816: You guys are hilarious! Hey Rev Jr, what did you have for dinner? Could it be...."pork chops and apple sauce" (remember that episode)??

Alyce, what are Twix brownies?? They sound decadent! I'm happy you bought a Gooseberry Patch cookbook. What is the name of the one you purchased? I wonder if I have it.

Thanks, MDC. I think the hospital in Ouray sounds really interesting. I hope I can check it out.

Its been one of those difficult toddler days! I felt like everything I accomplished was undone at every step. My three year old is some kind of messy!

A pleasant evening to every one of you and God bless you all real good!


September 28, 2004 - Msg 23817: Hello, all! Anybody here? I'm up either very late or very early, not sure which. Just couldn't sleep for some reason.

Boo, you just had to go and ask Alyce about those Twix brownies, didn't you? Now she'll probably tell you how to make them, and then I'll know, and that won't be a good thing a-TAA-ALLLLL! Humph! A body tries to lose a little weight, and keep their blood sugar in control, and somebody has to go talkin' about Twix brownies! Humph!

Ha! I had a water shutoff valve installed close to my house - actually, there was one there, but it was 30 years old, two feet down in the ground, and frozen in place. I had it raised and a handle that turns easily installed. Now, when I travel, I can shut off the water to the house without turning it off at the street, so my sprinklers can still run. That way, I won't come home to a flooded house or a dead yard. It cost about one-sixth of the deductible on my homeowner's insurance. I just went through that, and really don't want to do it again.

My Florida kids are in Ireland right now, and were there as Jeanne pounded Florida once again. They lost a small palm (a neighbor sent pictures) and their power is out, but the neighbor is powering up their generator every few hours, to keep their fridges and freezers cold. Spot, they just don't have anybody like you, I guess, to keep the lights on down there. Looks like Hurricane Lisa fizzled out, and I hope there are no more behind her. They've had quite enough down there.

Well, guess I'll go try again to get a little sleep. Don't know why I'm having so much trouble tonight. I hope I don't dream about weddings and red satin shoes! Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 28, 2004 - Msg 23818: Good Morning everyone!
Romeena: Do not read below! lol!

Boo: Twix Brownies are right out of the box! Just look in the brownie section in the grocery store..I guess its by Duncan Hines..But it is just a regular brownie mix then you sprinkle little cookies on top then drizzle caramel on top and bake them...good good!


September 28, 2004 - Msg 23819: Mornin porch. Glad all is well Spot. Boo, as a matter of fact I.....didn't have "pork chops and apple sauce" (and yes, I'm saying it just like he did). Great episode. Gotta run. Going to the grocery store for some Twix Brownies!

September 28, 2004 - Msg 23820: ALYCE.. Good game last night , both teams played well ,I have alot of respect for Joe Gibbs , yes that was said by a Dallas fan ,but its true .
MDC .. I thought about gassing up the Husqvarna rider and slapping a number on it and coming to the race ,but couldnt find my helmet
mayberry deputy

September 28, 2004 - Msg 23821: MD: did you go to Mt. Airy? I went to be soon after 10 last night,so I missed the game..Saw the score this morning and it looks like they played well..I am glad, cause it started off kinda boring to me.


September 28, 2004 - Msg 23822: ALYCE.. Didnt get to go to MT. Airy ,hopefully I can go to mayberry days next year ,gonna try to plan my vacation time around it
mayberry deputy

September 28, 2004 - Msg 23823: big halloween party this year at the remshaw house. who wants to spend the night? they said oil may hit 60 dollars a barrel and is used in lipstick and other product. how much is a barrel of vicks now days? pipeman chinese food tonight.

September 28, 2004 - Msg 23824: Yeah Hazel, our C.E.C. doesn't sell beer either. At least I haven't seen it there. I know they used to when it was Showbiz Pizza Place, but they changed it.

Twix brownies, huh?! I can feel my arteries hardening just reading about it. ;)
-Sterling Holobyte

September 28, 2004 - Msg 23825: Sterling: You probably wouldnt know that C.E.C sells beer if you werent looking for it. That is how we came upon it..We saw people with it then went and asked if it was sold there.


September 28, 2004 - Msg 23826: Romeena, that water valve sounds like a good idea!
Mine is also about 30 years old and VERY hard to turn. I usually end up turning it off at the street, and then, like you say, that also cuts off my sprinkler system.
Hi Charlotte! Stick around and set for a bit.
You have been like that Elizabeth Crowley or Gilly lately....speed, speed, speed. (teehee)

The Twix brownies remind me of a funny Sienfeld episode where George is in a car dealership and his Twix gets stolen! I dont care for them all, but that one is good.
Local Tags ep last night was "A Wife for Andy."
I forgot that that is the one where Leg o Lamb is mentioned as Andy's Favorite Dish, and how Barney gets all flustered because Helen doesnt like to cook! So here's to our porchster AFD!!!
Here's a thought... next year we can all meet in Mt Airy. Wouldnt that be cool?

September 28, 2004 - Msg 23827: I'm in for the Remshaw house.

The Twix brownies sound pretty darned good (unfortunately). I made a pumkin pie for my son yesterday and I ate a big piece that I never intended to eat last night. I discovered something good...I put a slice in the microwave and then while it was hot, I smooshed it up a little and put some butter on it. Wow, great with cold milk (sorry Ro).

Gotta go hit the chores,

September 28, 2004 - Msg 23828: Oh hi, MDC. Mt. Airy would be great but I know I won't be able to make it next year. I'll be building a house at about that time and won't be able to afford a trip. Its a great idea, though.


September 28, 2004 - Msg 23829: Y'all seen Asa? I sent an e-mail but haven't heard back...course it's only been a few minutes. --Floyd

September 28, 2004 - Msg 23830: Floyd: how was Mt. Airy and Andy?

Boo: tell me about your house that yall are building (you may have already, but you know, I've birthed my brain twice!)
Ours will be done in a couple of weeks and the foundation should be started next week!


September 28, 2004 - Msg 23831: floyd= asa was on here a couple of days ago. are you going to the remshaw place for our cyber halloween party? i hear calvin coolidge will be there. boo= your in for the renshaw party. bring some twix brownies and squished pumpkin pie with butter, can you? mdc= the funniest sienfield to me was when kramer adopted a mile of highway and drove down it to remove the lines. he told jerry he didn't want lines on his highway. afd, goober , tom, fun girl several have been shirking their civic duty, ha. remember chinese food tonight. pipeman

September 28, 2004 - Msg 23832: Well gang all lights are on...gona read archives..hope all is well ..its cold cuts tonight ok?...still busy here though, back on the porch in just a bit..someone bring some slaw ok?...SPOT

September 28, 2004 - Msg 23833: hey pipeman, since you and spot seem to handle all the cooking around here, thought I'd share with y'all the menu for Saturday night's Rotary Club cookout (I'm in charge). If you have any suggestions, please chime in! Starting with the usual chips & dip (including my wife's taco dip), boiled peanuts (it's a southern thing), etc., then ribeye steaks on the grill, roasted oysters, baked potatoes, salad with the fixins, bread . Finish off with about 6 different kinds of homemade cakes. Maybe some twix brownies since I found out about those today (thanks Alyce). How's that sound?

September 28, 2004 - Msg 23834: rev jr.=sounds great i'll be there, you have to do it more often. just read on the news that the baseball commisioner is expected to rule if the montrol expo's will be renamed and play in washington, d.c. of course a few years ago the oriles was rumored to move there. for redskins fans that would give them another team. pipeman