October 08, 2004 - Msg 24037: I'm SO sorry to hear that. We're praying hard for his recovery. My dad's a minister, I'll make sure he contacts all the other ministers in the area to get spot on the prayer chains.

October 08, 2004 - Msg 24038: barney is great

October 08, 2004 - Msg 24039: Sherry, My prayers are certainly with Spot and if you get the chance let him know we will all be praying for him! I am so glad to hear that he is alive, I hope his prognosis is good.

Mary Wiggins

October 08, 2004 - Msg 24040: mary wiggins= what happened to spot? my prayers go out to him. pipeman

October 08, 2004 - Msg 24041: In the archives, his friend Sherry wrote that he had been in a head on collision. He has several broken bones, according to Sherry, and is in the hospital. He asked her to let us know.


October 08, 2004 - Msg 24042: WOW...lots of prayers for our good buddy SPOT! Pray that the Lord will ease the pain and speed the healing! Sounds like a terrible accident...we just might have to change his name to "lucky"!


October 08, 2004 - Msg 24043: Oh no, Spot my pal, I hope you heal up fast and your recovery is quick and full. Prayers for you buddy.


October 08, 2004 - Msg 24044: Get Well Soon, Spot! And thanks to Sherry for telling us about it!
-Sterling Holobyte

October 08, 2004 - Msg 24045: get well soon spot from your friends at meadwestvaco garland texas.

October 08, 2004 - Msg 24046: sherry= thanks for letting us know about spot, please keep us updated. spot is always making us laugh, caring, compassionate person. he is so special to us but you already know what a great guy he is. sherry your invited to join us here on the porch. a more caring, fun group you'll find nowhere. we're family. if you hit the archives at the bottom of this page you can go back and read some of spots posts and others. our prayers go out to you. spot and your families.every breath and moment we have is such a special gift from god. asa, sterling = can you whip up a little supper? mdc, goober, and the ladies can you make the desserts? we have to keep our strength up. pipeman

October 08, 2004 - Msg 24047: Sherry to Spot: So sorry to hear of your accident. I am so glad and thankful that you are not worse than you could be. The bones will heal!! My prayers will be with you and the medical team...you also Sherry. Thanks Sherry for letting us know, and please keep us posted!


October 08, 2004 - Msg 24048: How about breakfast for supper tonight? Waffles with fresh fruit, butter and syrup..bacon..sausage links..omelets...tea, hot or cold, Pepsi or Coke, coffee, and some apple bundles too..


October 08, 2004 - Msg 24049: Oh, my goodness! Poor Spot! I had wondered where he was, but figured he was busy as usual, keeping the lights on for folks, especially with all the weird weather we've been having. Sherry, thank you so much for informing us, and please visit us often, even when Spot is back with us. We'll save you a rocker next to his. Please tell him we're all praying for him.

Mary Wiggins, you are so right about the teenage years being rough, and I have all the love and compassion in the world for them. Generally, I like teenagers! However, you must remember where I live (near Dallas) and the "kids" who have been coming to my door aren't the neighborhood teens. These are young thugs from Dallas, coming in pickup trucks by the dozens. The smell of booze and funny smoke hangs on my porch after they leave. I opened my door once to find at least a dozen of them out there, and their language wasn't very nice. I felt a little silly handing out small bags of M&Ms to some spaced-out young potheads. Oh, and they thanked me by smashing my cute little Jack-o-lantern on my driveway. It's pretty scary, especially when my sole source of protection is Sugarplum. So, my response has been to shut things down and just not be home, even if I am. The way my home is arranged, no inside lights are visible from the front, and my garage door has no windows, so they don't know I'm here. Actually, very few even come by anymore, because the whole street has pretty much done the same thing. No lights, no answering the door. It's too bad. Something that was fun for a lot of smaller kids has been ruined by a bunch of sorry people.

Well, guess I'll go rustle up some supper, since Spot isn't cooking for us tonight. I'll send a plate over for him. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 08, 2004 - Msg 24050: SHERRY .. my prayers for SPOT .. hope is recovery goes good
mayberry deputy

October 08, 2004 - Msg 24051: PIPEMAN .. the Army car is on the pole and Kasey on the outside front row

October 08, 2004 - Msg 24052: My goodness prayers for Spot hurry back to us pal,


October 08, 2004 - Msg 24053: When did this acident take place, a nieghbor of mines daughter was on here way home yesterday and went to pass a semi and hit a on coming car head on, it killed her.The others are in the hospital.


October 08, 2004 - Msg 24054: Also a friend of mine is a nurse and one of her coworkers daughter was injured yesterday in Iraq and the girl with her was killed. Oh be sure and pray for our Troops also.


October 08, 2004 - Msg 24055: Ellen: So sorry to hear about your neighbor's daughter and also the friends in Iraq. So much is going one...accidents, war...
I flipped/totalled my van with my two babies in it last year and it was extremely scary..God sure watched over us then,and I know he did for Spot. My baby was 3 weeks old and she slept the whole time...i was so scared that of course I didnt think that is what she was doing. sheww!
Prayers for all!


October 08, 2004 - Msg 24056: Sherry please tell Spot that we are all here in prayer for him. He is such a joy on the porch. Okay - since Spot is out of commission - who's cooking. . .we are doing steak hoagies and ham hoagies. . .I can cut them really small so we can all have a bite!

WE love you SPOT!


October 08, 2004 - Msg 24057: MDC here. My goodness, i go for a few days of fishing and come back to all this news!
OUR PRAYERS for SPOT go up in unison to the Lord!
and we'll send over a big turine of soup every day til he is completely recovered! Imagine going thru all that and remembering the porch as a source of prayerful folks! Let's all remember him as we worship this weekend.
Mary W, - I second Ro's caution. I think it is a commendable what you do but BE CAREFUL please.
In our area, some forced their way in to a neighbors house. Nothing serious, just took all the candy, but still...
MD, asa etc, I read recently that NASCAR's roots are when they used to run moonshine in North Carolina. Have you guys ever heard that?
The fishing trip was successful. Did not see old sam this time, but had a few of his cousins for supper! teehee
Pipeman, did you see the maybery home page about the remshaw place? Floyd did a good job on it!
Havent seen TAGS in a few days, need to see some tonight.
Anyone know the latest date on the first season release?
MR Darlin's Cuz

October 08, 2004 - Msg 24058: MDC .. moonshine runners were some of the first race car drivers , when they werent running the shine the started racing each other on the back roads and then around pastures and fields ,Jr. Johnson is one good example of a moonshiner turned race car driver ...now days you have video game playing boys turning into racers..go figure
mayberry deputy

October 08, 2004 - Msg 24059: MDC .. I think I read that nov. 12th was the release date for TAGS season 1

October 08, 2004 - Msg 24060: Sherry, sorry ta' hear 'bout Spot. He's goina need a lotta support from you and all of our prayers. Recovery will probably take a while and he will need help...we're always just a click away...Big Tom

October 08, 2004 - Msg 24061: Evenin' everybody...Shut them windows and turn the heat on. It's colder than a widow womans heart. Been bussier this week than a one legged man at a tail kickin'.We have been workin' shutdown... 16+hrs. a day. They are startin' to talk 'bout frost all around us but none here yet.As for fried cabbage... I use butter and country ham grease( for flavor ) and red pepper, 'bouta half a pod. Fry it on med. heat till it starts to wilt down then cover it and simmer 'bout 10 min.A pone of corn bread, some fried streaked meat, shellie October beans and "sweet tea with lemon" Whatta meal. Reckon why it is that northern folks can't cook? They don't eat biscuts and gravey,country ham,cornbread,hommany grits,or "sweet tea". Hello, the Cracker Barrell don't even go above the Mason-Dixon line...very far. Racein' and moonshine go together like Kayro and syrup. By the way have ya' ever tasted any moonshine with peaches in it. I declare it's the best I ever had. I've tried blackberries, strawberries, plums,apples(apple Jack) and grapes but try droppin' a hole peach in a quart jar full and a tablespoon of sugar,put it in the freezer for 'bout a week "lord have mercy"thats the only way ta' drink "sippin' liquor" By the way don't eat ta' peach... give ya' a headache you want soon forget...Guess Who BigTom

October 08, 2004 - Msg 24062: That's right, Big Tom. We are with Spot in prayer and in spirit. Thank you, Lord for sparing his life for your purposes and be very near him as he recovers. In the name of Yeshua, our messiah, Amen.

Goober, I have to tell you that your story about the war really made an impression. Let me say that I have been in a turmoil over the upcoming election because I was confused over the war issue. Well, last week I decided to do the smart thing about it and put it in God's hands, assured that He would show me what to do and I believe He has. Today I was in Houston and visited the Holocaust (sp?) museum there. I got quite the education (and not without tears). The pictures and stories were beyond terrifying. I couldn't get the question, 'How could this happen' out of my head. I read stories about a few brave heros who risked their lives to rescue some and about countries who refused to do anything to help when they could. Even the US refused to accept jews who wanted to come to this country before the severe persecution started. It never should have happened. Someone should have stopped Hitler long before millions of jews (including one and a half million children) were killed. I saw pictures of children whose skin was burned in "medical experiments" by that monster, Joseph Mengele and I wanted to stand in the middle of that museum and scream my head off, I was beyond anger. "Why?!". Surely something could have been done to prevent what happened and if that is what the war in Iraq is all about, I know how I will vote. Thanks Goober, for being, I believe, the Lord's messenger to me.

Ellen, so sorry about the deaths of the young women you mentioned. God give comfort to their families.

Thanks to all of you for your prayers for my family. My son will be starting a new medication tomorrow, which we are hoping will help. You are all such nice people and dear friends!

Have a wonderful day tomorrow,


October 09, 2004 - Msg 24063: Good Evening friend, Spot my prayers are with you buddy. Hope you recover quickly. Sherry thanks for keeping us updated. Hope everyone is doing ok tonight. Love and prayers to you all. Salty Dog

October 09, 2004 - Msg 24064: Hey.. All I'm sorry I haven't jumped up on the porch in soo long. It i'snt that I went to the great porch in the sky.. Or anynthing like that..
just got a litte side tracked for a few months.2-3-4-5-I dont remember the last time " have to check the archives.. Miss yall very much.. SRM..

October 09, 2004 - Msg 24065: ellen= prayers for your neighbors daughter, the troops, spot and all others in need. mdc= we need you close by to keep us straight. i haven't seen floyd's remshaw place, what site does he have it on ? ladies what can we cook up for the meals? i'll take spot a truck load in the brown truck- he has to keep his strength up. good to see you srm - salty dog- big tom- boo- ro& sugarplum, asa- goober- homemaker- alyce and the rest of the porch. like barney said= brother, how i vote is my buisness, yep, close the curtain and vote. oh andj how are you going to vote. pumkin donuts, cranberry muffins, fesh fruit for breakfast. pipeman

October 09, 2004 - Msg 24066: here is an interesting thing to do when watching tags shows. how many chairs are there to sit in excluding barber at floyds? was there an episode where a train actually ran on the tracks? which door at the court house did they use most often? what appliances and how many cabinets were in aunt bees kitchen? how many ladies did andy take to myers lake? see if you can think of others? just thought that might be a new angle to the shows. how many desks and students were there in miss crumps class? just a thought on trivia. pipeman

October 09, 2004 - Msg 24067: Mmm, Thanks for breakfast Pipeman! SRM, glad to see you again and you too Salty, don't stay gone so long. Said a mess of prayers today for our buddy Spot. How awful!! Here's a caramel apple pie to send his way [____]. Boo, will pray that the new meds help your son. God is good.

~ Mrs. Wiley

October 09, 2004 - Msg 24068: Pipeman, I'm going to get a brain cramp trying answer these questions. Guess I'll just have to do what you suggested, and look for the answers when I'm watching the show. I think I can answer one, though. If you're inside the courthouse, looking at the door, the one on your right was the one used most often. I think.

We have a drippy, drizzly rain going here at my house, and it couldn't be timed any better. Mr. Weaver scalped and overseeded my lawn with fescue yesterday, and I set the sprinkler system to run about every six hours for just a few minutes, to keep the seed wet. This rain will do a much better, more thorough job, and my sprinklers won't run at all. God is good.

Boo, what an emotional experience you had. As Edmund Burke said "All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing." You saw the evidence of what happens when good men fail to act, and it tore at your heart. We dare not sit by and let evil prevail again. Because of the many advances in technology, the potential for harm is so much greater now, and it's just a risk we cannot take. Pacifism and appeasement, not even diplomatic negotiations, ever seem to work. Opie was harassed for his nickel every day until he finally fought back. That's it in a nutshell.

Mercy, who left that soapbox sitting here? Guess I'll get down now. Sorry, folks. I'm just tired of pusillanimous Monday-morning quarterbacks spouting off about how things should have been done, and making vapid promises about how they will do it next time. Oops, didn't quite make it off the box. OK, here I go.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 09, 2004 - Msg 24069: I got a big pot of chili cooking. . .we'll have some bologna sammiches later - ya'll come!


October 09, 2004 - Msg 24070: Hey yall...
Any suggestions for a bad knee? Only thing I know is Tylenol and ice..it hurts!!
Pork chops, taters of some kind, hmm, maybe some butter beans too..better get those on so they can sit in that good juice.
Boo: I sure hope your son does well on his new meds!
Hello SRM and Salty!
Big Tom: dont ya just love Cracker Barrel?? Its sooo good..we leave a week from today for the mountains and we have already planned to pull the girls out of their beds and throw them in the van and hit the road, just to get to Cracker Barrel in time for a good breakfast!!
Cant wait!


October 09, 2004 - Msg 24071: homemaker thanks for the chilli and balona. can i get a gri;;ed cheese sandwich and a pickle too? greedy ain't i? mrs wiley= if i'm going to drive those pies to spot, you might want to make a couple of extra. long trip from illinois to georgia and i'm only human. romeena and the plum= just thought watching the shows from a different angel- the small details we've seen so many times but don't pay attention. they say if we exercise our brains it will help with my senior moments. pipeman

October 09, 2004 - Msg 24072: Alyce, I guess we eat at Cracker Barrel 'bout twice a week. Its only 4 or 5 miles away. Got a nother 'bout 8 miles away toward Johnson City. Have you ever been up north and ordered biscuits and gravey, or grits or sweet tea? I had to go to Mass. this week for a day and could'nt get anything ta' eat but hard rolls and "beagles".Did ya' ever put cream cheese on a buttermilk biscuit? That would be like puttin' purfume on a hog. "Beagles" look like donuts that somebody forgot ta' frost. Well I'm goina' go watch the Vols, we'll talk later...Big Tom

October 09, 2004 - Msg 24073: Chili is done - I am a ringing the bell.

Went to Walmart this afternoon - this time it didn't get all my money, still gotta run to another grocery store for some good lunchmeat and cheese. I don't buy it at Walmart.

What would Barney say if a black cat crossed his path? Someone dumped about a half grown cat in our side-ditch. A purty thing 'cept we don't want a cat.


October 09, 2004 - Msg 24074: Evenin' y'all! My prayers & best wishes go out to Spot- we love ya Spot! Get well soon buddy!
Prayers also for our troops and for the folks you mentioned, Ellen
Boo,that would've been hard for me to deal with also. I can't fathom things like that. May we never forget the evil that happened.
Thanks for the chili,but I just stopped by Wendy's and got me some! I'll save mine for later,homemaker!
Y'all have a good evening!
possum under a rock
P.S. Barney would find a book with some kind of crazy incant to ward off the harm that would befall him from the black cat crossing his path,I think! Dang,what a long crazy sentence! Ha!

October 09, 2004 - Msg 24075: Hey, I am back again...Waiting for my oldest to go to bed so I can do some loud work.

Big Tom: I havent been too far up north since I was a little little girl and I didnt leave anything, so I am not planning on going back. Although I would like to go to NYC for Christmas sometime. We dont have Cracker Barrel's that close..we have to drive an hour or more to get to one. I couldnt imagine going out to eat twice a week though! Although they are so reasonable, you probably make out cheaper there than buying the stuff to make at home.

I sound like a hypocondriac tonight..with the knee and now..I have been having a tingling sensation down my right arm and on the thumb and pointer finger of my right hand for a few days. Any suggestions on what it could be?? For some reason I think " oh no, a blood clot"..but I dont know why I feel that way.


October 09, 2004 - Msg 24076: Could be you have a touch of carple tunnell but it might be somethin else. If you start having motor skills problems or droppy lips, thick tounge, plesae go to the ER. My wife had {has} migrane headaches and she suffered a stroke a few years back. Shes fine now, but we don't fool around now. If she has problems we go to the ER. Thats also the fastest way to get to see a Neurologist.Vols beat Georgia. Gotta go to the funeral home. Another member of our church passed away due to alsheimers. Night all...Big Tom

October 09, 2004 - Msg 24077: Spot Get well soon. We miss you! I'm so sorry you were in an accident.

How is everyone else?

School is school for me.

**prayers** to all :)


October 09, 2004 - Msg 24078: Just read through the archoives real quick.

pipeman I'm awake!! lol And this fella is really nice. I don't know if he likes Andy Griffith but I do know that he is a Christian, he likes bluegrass (like me), he plays the guitar, and we get along really well. The only thing is that i don't know if he is seeing anyone. I'm REALLY curious but I couldn't ask him. I'm a little shy when it comes to guys. Last Thursday we talked for 30 minutes after class.... I better find out about the girlfriend status before I lose my head!

Alyce... My friend just might be boring! You are too funny. :)

Gotta go


October 09, 2004 - Msg 24079: Evening All,

Your point is well taken, Romeena. The kids that come round here don't sound quite like the ones you describe, and I usually have my 21 year old son around, and my husband is usually just a few houses away with the little one while they trick or treat. I hope it never gets like that, that sure is sad.

I wonder if Sherry has some way to bring the 'net to Spot? It sure would be nice if he could read all the well wishes... I continue to pray for you, buddy...

Good to hear from you Dixie. How much more school do you have to go, girl?! Hang in there!

Alyce, I don't know what to tell you about your aches and pains, the numbness in the arm does sound peculiar, though. Maybe a trip to the doctor could be in order.

Boo, I have never been to one of the Holocaust Memorials, but I am sure it is an enlightening experience. The strange thing is, there are some people today who don't believe the holocaust ever happened. What a travesty.

Had to break open my piggy bank this week and buy a new refrigerator. Boy do I hate spending money on stuff like that! I figured it out though, and the old one was at least 17 years old, I guess it was about time. My oven is almost 23 years old, though! That better not break!

Have a great night, all!
Mary Wiggins

October 09, 2004 - Msg 24080: *BURP* Thanks for *BELCH* the chili Homemaker... *BURP* It really hit *BELCH* the spot!


October 09, 2004 - Msg 24081: Mary Wiggins, you're right. There are a lot of people who don't believe the holocaust happened, or else they think it is vastly exaggerated. I'm glad the holocaust memorials have been built. We must never, never forget that it DID happen, and could happen again. I once took care of an elderly Jewish lady in our hospital who had an ID number tattooed on her arm. She said it was done in a German concentration camp, and she was freed by American trops.

Alyce, I'm wondering about that numbness in your arm and hand. As Big Tom said, it could be carpal tunnel, but that usually affects the hand much more so than the arm. As a little experiment, the next time it happens, just keep your hand and arm still, and gently shift the position of your shoulder and neck. If the numbness goes away, it's not carpal tunnel, and very likely is a condition called cervical outlet syndrome. That's when a nerve is being pinched in the cervical spine (your neck). I have an appointment next month with a neurologist for that very thing. Annoying, isn't it?

Well, off I go. Everyone have a lovely Sabbath. Sugarplum says hey! -- Romeena

October 09, 2004 - Msg 24082: Asa, please! Point yourself in another direction! (Poor Barney, I feel sorry for him.) --Romeena

October 09, 2004 - Msg 24083: Good grief! Make that "American trOOps!" Sorry. --Romeena

October 09, 2004 - Msg 24084: hey yall again..
checking in before bed...
Asa: chili burps arent good...ewwww!

Big Tom: yea, I dont think it is carpal tunnel, cause my wrist doesnt hurt. But thanks for the thought.

I also have had pressure in my forehead, above my left eye..hurts too move that eye ball too. I just turn my whole head. I am thinking that is just a sinus infection though.
Sounds like I am falling apart huh? And I dont like complaining.

Mary Wiggins: Doctor..whats that for a mom? haha! Actually, I think I am going to have to go soon for these knees..my right one is killing me..so much that it bothered me in my sleep last night. My husband told me the same thing.."All your aches and pains" then he concluded, that I even had an 'old lady' night gown on (no offense anyone), so I was just getting old...Funny, cause I am still young!

Romeena: I tried your trick, and it didnt work..so I dont know.. still could be a pinched nerve though I guess.

Yall please be in prayer for my husband...he has poison ivy all over his eyes! He is so swollen, this morning one of his eyes was almost swollen shut. He did go to the ER in the night last night and has some meds though, but he is driving into work tonight and it must be difficult to see as clearly as he could. Thanks so much!


October 09, 2004 - Msg 24085: Hey Alyce what's the trouble? My Mom has carpal tunnel. Her wrists don't hurt it's just that her hands fall asleep. Sometimes my hands or arms do that and it will wake me up in the middle of the night. Mama said I might have Carpal tunnel too......Yeach!

Oh! That reminds me! Funny Story:

I woke up sometime last night to go to the bathroom. The back bathroom has two doors that are situated very close to one another but are usually both closed.... not last night. I walked (stumbled) in half asleep keeping my head down so the light wouldn't bother me when WHAM! I ran head first into the other door. I ws awake then! It scared me half to death. Everything is louder and more frightening when you are too sleepy to realize what's happening (lol).

Mary W I have this year of school and then student teaching next fall and I'll graduate. Won't come too soon for me!

Dixie Belle

October 09, 2004 - Msg 24086: Horrors! Poison ivy in his eyes?! Prayers for his recovery and safety.

I'm pooped so I'm heading to bed. Tomorrow is another full day with church and all. God bless you all,


October 10, 2004 - Msg 24087: Dixie, Alyce, Your hands fall asleep? My handa fall asleep sometimes too Wonder what causes that.


October 10, 2004 - Msg 24088: Alyce, knee things take a real long time to heal up. Sprained my knee one Christmas sitting on the floor wrapping presents - didn't feel right till June! Prayers for your husband, that sounds just terrible! The numbness in those 2 fingers could be an impingement or a sprain. Best get to the Dr and have him check out all these aches and pains. (if you had said your pinkie and ring fingers were tingling and numb, I'd suspect Thoracic Outlet Syndrome - that's what I have - but my impingement is in the brachial plexus area)

Asa, in this day and age, with men orbiting the earth... and all you can talk about is your hands falling asleep? teehee

~ Mrs. Wiley
...I wonder what causes that?

October 10, 2004 - Msg 24089: This is the Old Miss Ellie from years ago. I got a letter from Tom. He sends his love and misses you folks. I think he must be without computer now.
He asked I give you his address so, if you would you could snail mail him. He would so appreciate hearing by snail mail from you. He has moved and it was a difficult time for him getting everything straightened out. Thomas L. Harte
617 Michigan Ave.
Nutterfort, WV. 26301

Thank you and I hope all of you are well. I just skimmed the page a little, I'm rarely online anymore because of a back injury that is much better and because of storms. Spot, I hope you get over your injuries and are well soon and are in my prayers.

Miss Ellie

October 10, 2004 - Msg 24090: Miss Ellie! Laawww, it's good to hear from you. We miss you, girl! And you heard from our dear resident poet, Tom! How we do miss his sweet posts. I'm so glad to know that he's okay, just doesn't have a line to the porch. All sorts of things had gone through my mind....it's good to know he's okay. I certainly will snail mail him. Thanks for sharing that with us.

Still cool and rainy here, should be very good for my newly-seeded fescue, if the birds don't eat all the seed first. I'm trying to keep the feeders full, so they'll leave the grass seed alone, but they are busy little things.

I think I feel a nap coming on, so guess I'll go now. Also, gotta get that note in the mail for Tom. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 10, 2004 - Msg 24091: Anyone heard from MAVIS lately? I've been worried about her.
I hope we heard from SPOT's girlfriend soon again to see how he's doing.
All is well on the west end of the porch.
I live about 2 miles from the next debate site in Tempe, AZ. I went there yesterday just to see a piece of history, but it is already crawling with secret service guys and a portafence has been put up all around the auditorium and parking lot.
I bet things will really be crazy soon as there are signs saying roads will be closed starting tomowwow. Kinda exciting in a way.
Have a nice restful afternoon!

October 10, 2004 - Msg 24092: PIPEMAN.. The Army car won the race , the National Guard car was third and Kasey was 12th ,pretty decent race today ,no ristrictor plates at Kansas
ALYCE.. my Cowboys gave the game away today , how did the skins do
Everyone have a great evening
Mayberry Dputy

October 10, 2004 - Msg 24093: OOPS...ALYCE .. just saw that the redskins play tonight

October 10, 2004 - Msg 24094: Well, my Lions upset the announcers and WON the game! They played Atlanta, who were undefeated, so I guess everyone expected the Lions to lose. Everyone except me! Do other fans ever feel that way? Like the announcers are pulling for the other team? Maybe it's just my imagination... LOL

Miss Ellie, thanks for giving us Tom's address. I had been wondering about him, too. I hope you will get a chance to visit us a little more often.

Asa, knock it off! You are going to teach Opie bad manners belching like that!

Romeena, I hope the birds visit your feeders instead of your newly seeded lawn!

Reckon I better get up out of this here rocker and tidy up the kitchen. Visit with you all again real soon!

Mary Wiggins

October 10, 2004 - Msg 24095: It's so good to see you Miss Ellie. We sure missed you at Mayberry Days.

October 10, 2004 - Msg 24096: MARY WIGGInS... I know what you mean about the announcers showing favortism for certain teams,its also happens in racing broadcasts as well ..makes me mad but what can you do ..
mayberry deputy

October 10, 2004 - Msg 24097: Hey everyone!
I am pooped, Sundays are wonderful..but they sure do get busy! You know today is World Hunger Day and that is what our sermon was on..he divided the sanctuary into four parts and each part represented a percentage of the world..And my section was the group that got no food...it was pretty obvious too..My stomach sounded like a bear the entire time! Good thing I sat with family..of course now, I'm ragged on. I was soo hungry!

My hand is tingling as I type guys..maybe it is carpal tunnel. I think I might make an appt. soon.
Mrs. Wiley, yea, I think knees would take a long time..I have had trouble with mine for probably 2 years! Just getting worse I guess. Last year I had a car accident and my window busted out...it was flipped, and my knee hit the pavement..so they probably do need to be x-rayed

Boo: the posion ivy is on his eyelids and under the eyes too..not actually in his eyes..He is so swollen! Even his nose and cheeks are swollen.

MD: I dont even know who the Skins play tonight.I probably wont make it to see it, I am too tired..a real fan,huh?


October 10, 2004 - Msg 24098: MDC, if you see Ernest T. anywhere near that auditorium, you just snag him and sit on him until the debate is over. That's just about all we need, to have him go and heave a rock through a window during the debate! You know what Barney says - he's a NUT!

Alyce, your poor husband! Poison ivy on his eyelids, of all things. Mr. Weaver found some poison oak growing wild in one of my flowerbeds the other day. Wouldn't let me near it, he gloved up and pulled it out himself. He was careful, but you never know about that stuff. I hope he doesn't catch it.

Ha! I have TVLand playing in the background, and just heard that Andy Griffith is the #1 TV dad in the Top Ten. Well, natch!

Everyone have a great week now, you hear? Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 10, 2004 - Msg 24099: Well I talked to my Mama tonight and she told me that she has had problems with carpal tunnel..now she swears that is what is wrong with me...says it sounds just like hers. Its been quite uncomfortable tonight. Seems like everything hits me at once!
Romeena: my hubby looked better tonight. I can actually see that his nose is looking normal..more defined..before it was just a swollen blob.

Got a busy week ahead of me. Taking the girls in for Christmas pictures in the morning! Yep, its about that time!

Whoo Hoo...the Skins are leading..and I am going to bed on that note!


October 10, 2004 - Msg 24100: Howdy, All. Hope you had a good Sunday. Mine was a busy one but I actually was able to sneak in a quick nap from 2 to 3. Hubby is sick with a cold and has to watch the kids (now he knows how it feels to be a mother) while I go stay the night with my parents. I have to get my mother up at 4am and get her ready to take to the hospital for her surgery. She is getting a new shoulder, poor dear. I feel so sorry for her. She is so frail and I hate the thought of her going through the surgery. God is in control, though, so I'm not afraid. She is nervous, however so if you would please send up a prayer for her.

Well, I have to be on my way. Have a peaceful night!


October 10, 2004 - Msg 24101: Prayers for your Mama Boo!
And you too...and your hubby..


October 10, 2004 - Msg 24102: Boo, my prayers are with you and your mom. I know you know, as I do, that a shoulder surgery can be really difficult. She's going to need a lot of help. Thank God you are a nurse, and will know what to do. Sometimes it's hard to shift from daughter to nurse mode, but you do what you have to do. Hang in there, friend.

I'm concerned about Mavis. We haven't heard from her in a while. I think I'll email her and see if she's okay. I'll let you all know.

Well, off to bed. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 10, 2004 - Msg 24103:
Oops. Sorry! - Romeena

October 11, 2004 - Msg 24104: prayers for everyone. maybe sherry could get us a way to send spot cards, or let maybe floyd could help us get them to spot. wow!!! the army car actually won. great finish. i think ricky rudd showed great compassion and sportsmanship at the last four laps by not trying to crash the army car. brakfast on me at the cracker barrel. just tell them to put it on pipeman's account. pipeman

October 11, 2004 - Msg 24105: great idea pipeman! congrats to all you Cardinal fans. Reggie Sanders (who hit a homer yesterday) is from my town here in SC. I still live here. Guess I'm still waiting on that call-up from the Braves. They don't seem to be that interested in a 44 year old centerfielder that can't hit a curveball. Also congrats to "Front Row" Joe. Prayers for everyone, especially our buddy Spot.

October 11, 2004 - Msg 24106: Prayers for spot, pipeman, Mavis, Mrs. Wiley, Boo's family, Goober's Dad, Alyce and her hubby, Tom, and everyone else. Have a great week everyone.


October 11, 2004 - Msg 24107: Miss Ellie, if you see this, would you please email me at Romeena@airmail.net? I'd like to email you, but don't have your address. Thanks! Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 11, 2004 - Msg 24108: Rest in peace, Superman. --Romeena

October 11, 2004 - Msg 24109: God Bless Christopher Reeves' family.

My favorite movie he was in was "Somewhere In Time" with Jane Seymour. It's a chick flick!


October 11, 2004 - Msg 24110: Hey yall

Homemaker: that was a good movie.

My mother in law had shoulder surgery and she had a time with it afterwards. So Boo: I hope all goes well.


October 11, 2004 - Msg 24111: Rest in peace Superman. I read the novel "Somewhere In Time" while staying at the Grand Hotel at Macinac Island where the film was made. The entire island is a beautiful place. It was also the first time I ever saw a UPS horse and buggy.

October 11, 2004 - Msg 24112: Way to go Army car for pipeman!
Way to go Cardinals too!
The newspaper today is full of debate hype!
Rallys for both candidates before and after the debate. Lots of roads will be closing for the motorcades etc. 1500 media types are in a big tent outside the autorium. No sign of Earnet T
yet!!! Ro, if he shows up, the password is
"rubber babybuggy bumpers.!" teehee.
That ep was on local this weekend.
And the one about Andelina, Charlene's baby!
It is the one where Charlene sings "There is a Time" and the Darling boys actually sing the chorus. I dont recall another ep where they SING!
Love the other song names, "Toe sack full of love" and Wet shoes in the Sunset." That un makes me cry!
I wonder if they did a takeoff on Andy's name with "Andelina?"
Ro- tanks for contacting Mavis, prayers continue for her, spot and others, troops, etc.
Boo, God bless you dear with all the help for your mom. I cared for mine for several years before the home that she's in now. That was a VERY hard decision to make.
Good to see Jennie Boone again!
Have a good day,
Your official Tempe, AZ debate reporter,

October 11, 2004 - Msg 24113: Had the tonsilitis and head colds this weekend at my house. The little boys are feeling fit as a fiddle - their momma can't taste nary a lick.
I hate when that happens - even chocolate has no taste.
I need some VICKS!

October 11, 2004 - Msg 24114: Had the tonsilitis and head colds this weekend at my house. The little boys are feeling fit as a fiddle - their momma can't taste nary a lick.
I hate when that happens - even chocolate has no taste.
I need some VICKS!

October 11, 2004 - Msg 24115: MDC - I hope you are sitting on the right side of the fence for them debates!


October 11, 2004 - Msg 24116: oops - I have never posted so much in my life! tee hee

October 11, 2004 - Msg 24117: Hey to the porch, and new news from SPOT? I sure do miss his menus! I was at the Cracker Barrell this morning...thinking he would love the buscuits and gravy!

We were down visiting my dad this weekend. He's in the Hospice at the VA in Dayton...he just doesn't know it. It's so hard to see someone you love...who has been the strongest man you ever knew...not be able to talk or take care of himself in any way. He's totally dependant on the wonderful staff to do everything for him...right down to caring for the feeding tube. He's pretty much gone...I did get a "good morning" out of him...but it was in response only. It's very sad...and makes me re-think so much my stance on how we deal with our terminal patients. I've got a Chow dog that I love dearly...and when she gets to the point that she can't walk or have the most basic aspects of her life...I'll love her enough to have her misery stopped. We don't do that for those we love even more...I really have a hard time with that.

Boo...I know what you mean about the story...it really got me as well. I do beleive in what we're doing...the reason that we're fighting the war..and how we're doing it. I beleive that the President has the best interest of our nation in sight...but that story gave me such a solid understanding of what this election is all about. I'm glad that it helped you reach decision. If it's one more vote for W, it's well worth it!

Appreciate all the prayers...you folks are just the best!


October 11, 2004 - Msg 24118: "the Darling boys actually sing the chorus. I dont recall another ep where they SING!"
MDC, The Darlings sing "Dooley" in a couple of different episodes as well as "Ebo Walker" and "There is a Time" (Besides Charlenes version, Rodney sings it in The Darling Fortune). I'm pretty sure they sang along with Andy on 'Cindy' and 'Stay All Night' and with Charlene on 'Shady Grove' and 'Salty Dog'. I think they sing some, at least harmony/chorus in every episode they are in.

October 11, 2004 - Msg 24119: "How I vote brother, is MY business"

October 11, 2004 - Msg 24120: Yes, it is.

"How'd you vote, Ang?"


October 11, 2004 - Msg 24121: Please keep Laci in your prayers. We almost lost her last night. She turned blue,temp went down to 93 degrees,she was sweating yet felt like ice and almost lifeless. Turns out that because she's had recent heart surgery,the electrical impulses to the part of the heart that was repaired can go haywire.Her heart rate was sky high-extreme tachycardia. They can control it with meds and eventually it will just go away or they will go in when she's much older with a catheter & zap it away.Ro & Boo might know the condition I'm talking about. She is in the hospital and doing well-adjusting to the meds and may come home tomorrow. She is such a sweet baby and loves the Lord-Sunday morning she was singing in church with the choir! For those who don't know,Laci is my 13 month old grandbaby. Thanks y'all.
Sad to hear about Chris Reeve also. Walk on Superman,walk on.
possum under a rock

October 11, 2004 - Msg 24122: Goober, nothing makes a person rethink their values like having a loved one "walking in the valley." You're right, we're more humane with our animals. Not that I could ever advocate euthanasia for humans, but there are certainly times when we need to stand aside and let natural forces prevail. I've heard it said (many times) that we can't "play God", and that's true, but we need to carefully define the term. Overt measures to end a life would certainly be usurping God's place. But then, using artificial means to prolong life in one for whom death is imminent and would be welcome, is also "playing God." So, where do we draw the line in the sand? At artificial resuscitation? At a respirator? At antibiotics or an aspirin tablet? It's a very broad scale, and there are no easy answers. For me, definition depends upon the future. If we give a patient antibiotics, or even heavy-duty help like a respirator, is there a quality of life on the other side? Can they get well? If not, if all we do by "saving a life" is to prolong a death, then I believe it's time to let natural forces prevail. That phrase has helped me a lot over the years, as I've watched and assisted families in deciding what to do in end-of-life situations. My pastor once said "It is not all of life to live, and it is not all of death to die." That one stuck with me, though it does require some thought. I also heard a respected Christian physician remark that "when Gabriel is blowing his horn, we need to get out of the way." A gritty remark, perhaps, but true.

Sorry, folks, but Goober just touched on a tender spot in this old nurse, who has attended many a death. Everyone has a right to his or her opinion, and if yours is different, you have my respect if not my agreement.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 11, 2004 - Msg 24123: Mercy, Possum! I didn't see you there! Good heavens, you and your family must have been scared to death. I'm so glad you got Laci to the hospital in time. Now there's a perfect example of what I was talking about. Here's a baby with a correctable condition, and her whole life before her, certainly you do every single thing you can to save her. I'm so thankful that it worked, and she will be okay. You tell her that her Auntie Ro is praying for her, and that Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 11, 2004 - Msg 24124: Romeena...thanks for that word...and you're right. That's a great way to look at it...it's just so sad to see those folks who have no idea that they even exist in this world...no dignity, no control. We have give strict order for DNR, and I don't regret that at all. When it's time...and my dad hears the music playing...I want to make sure we're out of the way (and I'd advise of few the angels to step back as well...he's a determined man when it comes to his relationship with God...I'd say he'll be in a hurry!) :-)


October 11, 2004 - Msg 24125: Hey to the Porch.

jb, I've been to the Grand Hotel myself...now folks, you want to talk about a Front Porch,
that one is the biggest in the world...you could fit a BUNCH of rocking chairs on it.

-- Jelsik

October 11, 2004 - Msg 24126: POSSUM.. Prayers for Laci ,it dosent seem fair that someone that young would have to suffer so much ,but I guess its in Gods hands
mayberry deputy

October 12, 2004 - Msg 24127: Prayers for Little Laci - isn't is great that she has so many people who love her. . wish all the the dear children in the world had that opportunity!


October 12, 2004 - Msg 24128: so much going on, so prayers for everyone. possum- glad loaci is alright. we often take for granted that our loved ones will always be there that is why every moment we can spend with them and our porch family are so precious. rev jr= if they can call up roger clemmens then the braves can call you up. mdc= we need barney to narrate the debate and a visit from otis and ernest t. how about miss crump or ellie as moderaters. i feel the election will be a bigger circus than the 2000 election. several states this will be the first time using electronic voting. there is a new law called pretentios voting- that's where if your name fails to appear they will let you vote but the pretentious votes are not counted until after all others and only count once person's elgibility is determined. the superman story is a strange one. the author was a farmer who sold the rights for $150 dollars. both main superman was named reeves. george reeves suiside or murder is still debated and christopher reeves freak accident. so many more strange things like that surround the superman story. lunch at TGI FRIDAY'S on pipeman. pipeman

October 12, 2004 - Msg 24129: You mean OUR porch isn't grand? I always imagined it was.

Poor little Laci - God be with her all-ways. Prayers too for you and your Daddy Goob. Such a hard time to deal with, still I think there has to be some graces for those who can endure this, otherwise The Good Lord wouldn't have made it part of the plan of life. Hang in there friend.

I do a blanket prayer 2-3 times a week now for the porch-sitters. Seems like we all need it.

See you at Friday's Pipeman!
~ Mrs. Wiley

October 12, 2004 - Msg 24130: Thanks for all your prayers Mrs Wiley!
You are a bird in this world.
Spot, Laci, HM's family, Boo's family, Goober's dad etc. Dear Lord, true and living God, we lift them all up to you now as in Phillipians 4 !
I will soon face the same situation with my mom and I thank the Lord that she wrote a living will
with DNR included. She's 86.
But to stand on the soapbox a minute, we must also be careful that we do not go down the road that Sweden and other Scandinavian countries have gone. Some doctors there are taking the lives of kids, as young as 12, who just say they dont want to live! A google check with just blow you away!
we just dont hear about it here. It is very scary stuff. It is real life halloween! That's another reason i dont like that holiday today! With all the terror, death and mahem, why do we have to create more just to scare kids?
OK, I'll get off now. Thanks.
Both candidates arrive today, and then it will really be a zoo here. Only driving I'm doing tomorrw is to work and back! So many road will be restricted etc.
Weather is finally getting nice, cool evenings.
Peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers!
Good Opie!
Pipeman, cracker barrel sounds good for tonight. See ya there.
Mr Darlin's Cuz

October 12, 2004 - Msg 24131: Oops, I MEANT TGIFridays, pipeman. mdc

October 12, 2004 - Msg 24132: mdc= your in my prayers until debate is over. these events cause so much disruptions to emergency and peoples traffic. i'll send you wyatt earp and doc holiday to keep law and order. tgi fridays on tuesday, today on me. maybe we could call tgit. pipeman

October 12, 2004 - Msg 24133: Good Lord MDC, I knew those Scandinavian countries were bad on some things but I never knew that! There is something to be said for moral boundaries. Freedom without boundaries and discipline is anarchy.

You have my prayers for Laci, Possum. I can imagine the fear you and your family felt. Hope everything continues to improve, but I think it will, Laci seems like a fighter.

Hey to everyone and have a good day!
-Sterling Holobyte

October 12, 2004 - Msg 24134: AFternoon everyone..
I am stressing..so much work to do and so behind. I am recruiting some baby sitters (the grandmas) to take the kids for me in the morning.

Prayers for Laci...she does seem strong! My baby isnt far behind her in age..I just couldnt imagine going through all that!

MDC..I didnt know that about Scandinavians..So what, do they just pull the plug on terminally ill patients or what? Give me some details. That is just terrible.
I am having Halloween issues with my daughter's preschool. I just pray as to how to handle the situation. I spoke to the teacher this morning..but she wont change what she does..She's that type.
OH MDC: yea, stay safe there with all the hype..Get me a good look at W for me!!

Have a good evening all..

October 12, 2004 - Msg 24135: Boy, Alyce, I know what you mean. This is the first moment I have had to set foot on the porch since my last post. Been extremely busy. My mom got through the surgery well, thanks for your prayers. When I talked to her today she wasn't hurting or anything but the physical therapy is hard for her. The dr said he doesn't really expect her to regain much function in that arm but will have less pain after she heals.

Prayers for little Laci and her family.

My mom gets out of the hospital tommorow and I don't know what I'm going to do. I know my dad can't take care of her so I will have to somehow. I may not be able to post for awhile. ya'll have a good evening.


October 12, 2004 - Msg 24136: Our best to you Boo, prayers and thoughts as you care for your mom.
Alyce, just about yes! Do a google search under
"Sweden euthanasia" and you will learn some pretty shocking things!
On a MUCH lighter topic, I read recently that Dollywood is adding 10 rides and more space to the whole park to be done in 2005. That is another place I'd like to go. PBS had a show on roller coasters last year. Really neat. I like old rollercoasters, and still ride them when i can. Dont really go in for all the new kind, just the old wooden ones.
Dinner tonight will be a Texas special BBQ in hopes the Dubbya will come by for some good vittles!
More info as it unfolds...
Roving reporter,

October 12, 2004 - Msg 24137: Hey porch. Looks like we've got to really bear down on our prayers. Lots of folks here need 'em. That's okay. The more we send up, the better. Pipeman- can you get a doggie bag for me? I've got a meeting after work. Looks like I'll have to settle for getting that call-up during spring training with the Braves. Oh well, they weren't supposed to make it that far this year anyway. MDC-say hey to W for me. Again, prayers for all.

October 12, 2004 - Msg 24138: MDC ... the BBQ sounds great ,Im hongry
Boo .. prayers out for you and your poor mom
ALYCE .. take care of those knees ,there mighty important if you want to keep walking ,Ive got two bad ones myself ,had orthoscopic on the left one 7 or 8 years ago and now i have arthritis in it ,and Im only 42 scarry what I have to look forward to oh well ,lets eat
mayberry deputy

October 12, 2004 - Msg 24139: Pipeman, we'll need every lawman you can rustle up. The entire Tempe police force is working today and tomorrow. Tempe is about 150,000 pop college town with a force of about 300 officers,
plus there is FBI and secret service and some CIA around too, so they say! teehee...how do you tell?
lapel pins? Anyways, barney said he'd bring the motorcycle and sidecar, but we wont make a big moulage out of it!
Have a good evening.

October 12, 2004 - Msg 24140: MDC: maybe Goober, Gomer and Otis can help with the security!

MD: Well I have been concerned with my knees for a couple of years now, and when I have a flare up, I always wonder if I need an X-Ray done.. What do you think?? I am only 27!

Boo: so glad the surgery went well. I pray that you will continue to be strong and such a blessing to your parents! I hope that your mom will feel some relief soon in that shoulder.

Looks like yall have taken care of dinner..since mine wasnt that great..I hope the dessert is.. Its a chocolate fudge cake with cream cheese icing..with vanilla ice cream...yum yum!


October 12, 2004 - Msg 24141: Evenin' Y'all! Thank you for the prayers for Laci.She is very loved,as you stated in your post,homemaker.Not just by family,but her church family,community,here in Mayberry and countless more. She IS a strong little girl and God has a purpose for her and all she's gone through.She is doing very good,still in hospital as they are making sure they have her meds just right before they send her home.I think they have her on 3 beta blockers.Anyway,she's happy and doing really good now.
I've been so caught up in all of this that I overlooked some earlier posts.Only had a few hours sleep when I posted about Laci's ordeal. I want to send my prayers to Boo and Goober.God bless you and yours.
Well,I'm going to quit yapping and just sit back in my rocker for awhile.Y'all have a great night!
possum under a rock

October 12, 2004 - Msg 24142: Oh,and continued good wishes,love and prayers to SPOT!

possum again

October 12, 2004 - Msg 24143: ALYCE ..you should insist on x-rays ,go to an orthopedic dr. ,some insurance requires you to go to your primary care doctor for a referal first, so you may need to go through your family dr. first ,if you arent required to this by your insurance co. you should see the ortho dr. , you could have tendon damage or torn cartlidge which will continue to give you trouble until you get it taken care of .. good luck ..also sorry about your skins go down like my cowboys did
mayberry deputy