October 17, 2004 - Msg 24236: Oh,I'm sorry to hear the news about Dan Fogelberg.I've always loved his music. I will pray for him.
Glad your mom's doing well,Sterling.Hospitals,surgergies,etc. are so stressful & upsettling-it's good to hear something positive!
Well,guess I'd better go do something-there's always something to do around my rock! Y'all have a great Sunday!
possum under a rock

October 17, 2004 - Msg 24237: Made me sweep on a Sunday-for shame,for shame!

possum again

October 17, 2004 - Msg 24238: MDC, ASA , PIPEMAN , .good race last night ,Jimmie JOhnson won and his team mate Jeff Gordon was second.Pipeman ..Kasey put on a heck of a show last night ,led a bunch of last but had some problems late in the race
Eveyone have a great day
mayberry deputy

October 17, 2004 - Msg 24239: Hey guys! Anyone know how Spot is?

Pipeman Thank you for thinking of me and giving me some advice about my friend. But I'm afraid I have bad news for me. I found out he has a girlfriend he's been seeing for 4 1/2 years. Come to find out she's the girl I go to at the Clinique counter. She's really nice. Let me be depressed for one second and say... Sometimes it gets so frustrating. I find a nice guy and nothing ever comes of it.

Okay Happier now!

A family in our community needs your **prayers**. Their two teenage daughters were hit an d killed in a car accident. They were running down the raod to catch a bus on a foggy morning and a man and his wife and 16 yr. old girl came around the corner and had no time to stop. So actually both families need your prayers. The father that was driving says he can't close his eyes. Please remember them.

And if you would remember me for school. Everything is coming at me fast and sometimes I tend to panic.

How's everyone else? I never feel like I know what's going on anymore with school work out my ears. :)

God Bless you & yours on this Sunday!


October 17, 2004 - Msg 24240: My goodness, Dixie! How awful! Certainly I'll pray for both families, they're both going through a horrible time right how. That poor man who was driving, he'll question himself for years.

I sure wish we'd hear something from Spot. I miss his cheerful banter and his good cooking. Really do hope he's mending well.

Dixie, it can be frustrating, I suppose, waiting for the right person to come along. I can't say I know that from experience, because I was only 17 when I met the man I married and loved until death separated us eight years ago. I do believe that your job right now is to concentrate on finishing school, and when you socialize be sure that you're in the right kinds of places to meet a man you'd want to marry, and trust God to send him your way when the time is right. Remember, God is not only working in your life, he's working in the man's life as well, so there are other issues besides your own that must be settled first. When it's right, it will happen.

OK, that's my philosophy for the day. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 17, 2004 - Msg 24241: Wow, how tragic about the family who lost the girls. The horror of such a thing is beyond imagining. God help all involved.

Hang in there, Dixie, you have your whole, wonderful life ahead of you. I remember feeling like you do, though. I didn't meet my husband until I was almost 28 and had dated some duds before him. In fact, I was completely fed up with dating when I decided to try once more on the advice of a friend who knew my husband at that time. If there was ever love at first sight, we had it. I have loved him since the first time I saw him and every day since. Like Ro said, wait for God's best...He won't let you down.

Ro, my parent's dog died last night and it was awful. My poor Dad cried and is grieving for her alot. He buried her today under a tree in the yard. PS-if you hear that I am in prison, just know that I murdered my sister when she got back from her vacation! (just kidding, of course...well, sort of). It just seems like everything in the world has gone wrong since she left and I need her help so much. Oh well, it will all work out.

Well, I think I will go to bed with a book since I FINALLY got my 3 yr old to sleep. That little dickens is not helping my stress level lately. She sure is cute, though!



October 17, 2004 - Msg 24242: Oh, Boo! I'm so sorry about the poor dog, and especially for your parents and you. Your parents may grieve more than you would expect. My mom and dad took care of a baby squirrel that had hurt its back in a fall from a tree. They were both ill at the time, and my mom's sister was dying, and my mom couldn't go to her. When the little squirrel died, my mom cried and grieved far out of proportion to what you'd expect. She was projecting everything else onto the loss of the little squirrel, I'm sure. Hang in there, friend. You have far too much on your plate right now, but this too shall pass.

Well, off to bed. The Plum has preceded me, and is very softly snoring. She's so funny! She even snores "little". If she was awake, she'd say hey! --Romeena

October 18, 2004 - Msg 24243: With the season of giving upon us - just wanted to pass along a couple of sites you may all be interested in. Adoptaplatoon.org and anysoldier.us are both ways to send Christmas packages to someone you don't know in the Armed Forces. Adopt A Soldier will pair you up with a soldier. YOur commitment is a letter a week and a small care package once a month. Any Soldier gives you a contact address and any soldier who isn't receiving mail will get something. Christmas mailings need to go out by November 15th at the latest. Needed items from different units are posted on the Any Soldier website. A little piece of home can go a long way.
God Bless Our Troops!


p.s. We have signed up with Adopt a Soldier and are awaiting are soldier's name.

October 18, 2004 - Msg 24244: Hi Porchsters,
Sounds like lots of sad things going on. Unfortunately I have one to add. One of the little stray pups we took in got hit by our neighbor. I, too, went hysterical. We've never had a dog get hit before. I was getting extremely to attached to him especially. Cried and didn't sleep the whole next night. And on top of that it was my son's 14th birthday. He cried too. Now I won't let the little black one out of my sight for fear she'll get hit too. Prayers for your folks, Boo. I feel their pain. Prayers for Spot and the families Dixie speaks of. (Sorry about the guy with the Clinique girlfriend. It wasn't meant to be I guess.) Glad you had some good news, Sterling. Hey possum, how are you doing? I think I've got some extra poptarts here, I'll just leave them in case anyone is hungry.
Charlotte Tucker

October 18, 2004 - Msg 24245: welcome to another week. spot= we're all pulling for you. we can't wait until your home and on the porch again. dixie= sorry how things worked out but at least you know. can't add more than what ro and boo said, except be patiently in prayer because your to special for god not to have a special guy for you. if you rush it you'll only find hurt and disappointment. there are good guys and good women out there, also there are many decievers. boo= i'll pray for your family and there loss. strange how an animal never complains, loves us unconditionaly and will follow us anywhere. there has to be animals in heaven for too many humans love them. homemaker= good idea about the soldiers. charlotte tucker= thanks for the pop tarts. reguardless of party or choice we need to pray for this election, not so much the winner but that one doesn't win the popular vote, the supreme court tells us who wins even before the electorial college meet. i am not talking about who it is more that we come to a democracy that holds conventions, pick there candidate and go directly to the supreme court. that's why the founding fathers set up 3 seperate branches. i'm just asking for us to pray as a nation that the election goes smoothly and the division in our country heals. sorry about the soap box.i'm just troubled by what the process has become if it happens again and the further division in our country. whose cooking tonight? quote= time heals everything. know who said that? my lqatin teacher at barber college. hey to possum, afd, goober, sterling, mdc, asa, mayberry d4puty and the rest of the porch. pipeman

October 18, 2004 - Msg 24246: BOO ,CHARLOTTE..Sorry about the loss of your pets
PIPEMAN .. DID you get to see the race Saturday night , Kasey ran great til he hit the wall
Mayberry Deputy

October 18, 2004 - Msg 24247: Morning Porch! Whew, the company is gone and whirdwind weekend is over!
Sterling, It was not really a put down, it's just the way they pronounce it with that big emphasis on the "khan"!
Boo - yes, love is GRAND!
Mrd Wiley, prayers for your surgery and prayers for all the other concerns on the porch!
SPOT - How ya doing?
Pipeman - soapboxes are welcome here! I understand your frustration. What gets me is that we had 4 years to fix the voting machines, but still there are many problems. Actually, I thank the Lord for the electoral college concept,
it helps to prevent a lot more problems.
MD - martinsville this weekend!
Charlotte - good to see you posting again!
Dixie, prayers and thoughts going your way!
Tonight, teriaki chicken, rice, beans and sweet tea.

October 18, 2004 - Msg 24248: Afternoon porch. Prayers for all. MDC-can I mix my rice and beans together and put some cut up hot peppers in for good measure? By the way, I laughed at your phonetic spelling of Wisc. Had some friends that were from there...you hit the accent on the head. Dixie-hang in there. My wife chased me and chased me 'til I finally caught her! Or was it the other way around? Anyway, you know how during the last debate both candidates talked about "marrying up"? Well, they ain't got nothing on me. It's just when my wife figures out she "married down" that we have a problem. SSSHHH! Don't tell! Spot, hurry back buddy.

October 18, 2004 - Msg 24249: Sure, junior, no problem, and a bit o your special secret bbq sauce as well.
pipeman, brown truck better be fired up for
the race sunday, then we'll outfit it with skids
for the rest of the season. How's the kidney doing these days?
Dixie, better days are ahead. Like GW, the moment I met my wife, at a church service no less, I KNEW she was the one, and she HAS been now for 30 years! Married 27 years, with a long engagement, but that was more for her folks!
Mr Darlin's (wishin' spot were back with us) Cuz

October 18, 2004 - Msg 24250: Oh, dear! Homemaker, I'm so sorry to hear about the pup. That's just so sad. The poor little thing. I can't imagine how that must have hurt you. Six years ago, my brother-in-law passed away, and the night after his funeral, his wife let their little poodle out to go potty, and when the dog didn't return to the door in a few minutes, my sister-in-law went to look for her. Found her up on the road, under a street light, had been hit by a car and killed. That was just about the last straw, as you can imagine. I felt so sorry for my poor sister-in-law.

Pipeman, I agree with you about animals in heaven. In fact, my pastor of many years once preached a sermon, complete with corroborating scripture references, in which he stated that animals will be there. I don't have the references - wish I did - but I remember the sermon. It made sense to me at the time. Something about "all of creation will rejoice." I'm checking with our media office at church, where every sermon ever preached by our pastor is on tape. My friend in that office is going to try to find it for me, but it's going to be hard, since I don't have a date, sermon topic, or anything else to go on. If I get anything, I'll certainly post it for everyone.

Rev Jr. you hit that pronunciation of WisKAHNsin right on the head. I have another brother-in-law who lives there, and that's exactly how they say it, with a very broad "a" in the "kahn" part. It's almost like "can", as a "can" of peas or something. Not quite that flat, but almost. Funny how we all speak the same language, but it can sound so different in different parts of the country.

Well, off I go. Supposed to work tonight, guess I'd better grab a little nap. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 18, 2004 - Msg 24251: hey Ro- it was actually MDC with the pronounciation...(I don't want to take credit for something I didn't say, although I would like to since it was funny.HA!) What I really find interesting though are the different dialects, even within the same regions of the country. For instance, everyone outside of the southeastern U.S. assumes we all speak with the same southern drawl. Not true. Case in point, my mother-in-law and I both grew up in the same town (not at the same time mind you, she IS my wife's mom). To hear her speak and to hear me speak, you would think we grew up on opposite ends of the country. She can turn a word like "ham" into a three syllable word.."hi-UM-ah"! I tease her all the time, only because I love her. Maybe it has to do with dialects being passed down from generation to generation. Possum can vouch for all this southern dialect stuff, he lives kinda, sorta near me.

October 18, 2004 - Msg 24252: Well MDC, Rev.Jr., and Romeena, I guess I never noticed that we talked like that. In fact, I don't really think I emphasize the "khan", and I most definitely don't say "can". But then I kind of slur the whole thing together when I say wisconsin.
I guess I really don't think of accents that much, as far as America goes, aside from the southern drawl that some people in the lower half of the US have. I just thought we all spoke english for the most part. Except in California and Texas, where they speak Spanish.

...That's a joke. ;)

It's Kai's turn to bring in a snack for the kiddies at school tomorrow, so I plan on making some orange dreamcicle cupcakes(without the "cicle" syrup I think) with frosting and little candy pumpkins on top. They only need 14 so I'm sure there will be some left over after I bake them tonight, so you are all welcome to have one.

Have a great day everyone!
-Sterling Holobyte

October 18, 2004 - Msg 24253: Thanks everyone for the prayers and encouragement. Dad seems a little better today.

Ro, the same thing happened to my mother-in-law when my dad-in-law died. Her little weiner dog had to be put to sleep a week or two after, I think. She jumped off the porch and ruptured some discs and was in awful pain so mom had her put to sleep.

You know, I was thinking about animals in heaven the other day while I was driving to Houston. I was kind of day dreaming about what heaven would be like to me. I imagined myself in the front yard of a two-story white farmhouse with a big front porch and a porch swing. It was just about dusk and a light snow was falling. I could see warm light streaming through the windows of the house and catch glimpses of people I knew in life passing in front of the windows, laughing and talking to each other. It was obviously Christmas-time and I could see a big, lighted evergreen shining through one front window and there were colored lights around the window. I just stood there taking in the sight when all of a sudden two dogs and a cat came running at me from the back yard. They were pets I loved in my childhood. That part kind of surprised me because I didn't expect it. When I couldn't resist the temptation to go inside anymore, I walked up to the beautiful double doors with glass panes and knocked. I was greeted by my loved ones that had gone before and everyone looked great. Noone was sick or old and they were all so happy. It was all very "Mayberr-ish", then I got into the Houston traffic and had to come back to reality!

Well, better get back to the laundry.....Have a great evening!


ps--So sorry about what happened to your puppy, Charlotte and thanks for praying for my parents. I'm sure you understand what they are going through.

October 18, 2004 - Msg 24254: Sorry to hear about the pup. Lost one dog and two or three cats last year like that. I guess it's more expected to lose animals like that in the middle of Nowhere, where I'm from, than in some places. Don't know exactly how many cats got hit, of course, because some of them fell prey to Coyotes. Kind of a strange coincidence because the pup Mama got to replace the one that was hit is half coyote and he seems to get along OK with most of the cats, and the one he didn't like we sent up to my Aunt's place. Named him Wylie, of course. Cute bugger. Smart too. The other half is Whippet/Chihuahua mix. How's that for a cross-breed?

No shame in feeling bad about losing a beloved pet, even if it wasn't with you long. Daddy cried for days when his dog got hit back in '90. Shook him up something fierce. And he's not even much of an emotional man. Just the opposite! Stoic through all trials, except where pets are concerned. I'll be praying for you, and enjoy the second pup with all your might!


P.S. Hey Rev.Jr. Grandmother was OK and Granddad TX and as home missionaries, their first assignment was a small church in Mississippi and neither of them could understand that terrible MS drawl! Just more proof that 'Southern' isn't just one dialect!

October 18, 2004 - Msg 24255: Boo - Sounds like one of those Thomas Kinkaid paintings, with the glowing lights, and mist, and white farmhouse, and all. Nice vision. Shame about the traffic interrupting it!


October 18, 2004 - Msg 24256: Forgot to mention earlier, Homemaker, excellent idea with the adopt-a-soldier program, thanks!

October 18, 2004 - Msg 24257: Here's another word southerners, or better yet many folks from SC, have a unique pronounciation of....tournament. Like tournament of roses parade. A lot of folks around here pronounce it "Tune-a-mint".... Go figure. There's a ton of 'em. Even a bunch of books on the subject. Great to have you back on the porch this week Tally.

October 18, 2004 - Msg 24258: Oops, you're right, Rev Jr., it was MDC. My apologies to both of you. You're right, too, about the differences in the speech in different parts of the country. It's not just the accents, though they definitely vary from region to region. Here in Texas, the folks from East Texas, around Tyler, have a much more twangy drawl than those of us from South Texas. The Dallas area, where I live now, sounds much less "Texas" than the rest of the state, probably due to the heavy influx of folks from up north. If any of you remember some of the news reports after the shuttle blew up over Texas, you'll remember some really serious Texas drawls when the local police and citizens were interviewed. They even sounded "drawly" to me, and I'm a Texan.
Then there are the local expressions, some of which can be pretty funny, I suppose. I've heard "He just stood there and looked at me, like a calf lookin' at a new gate" all my life, but when I used it work one night, everybody about laughed their ears off. Go figure. Seems pretty descriptive to me.

Boo, next time you daydream, I'd like to be in on it. Girl, you flat know how to conjure up a good daydream!

Well, gotta run. Everyone have a great evening. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 18, 2004 - Msg 24259: Gonna rain in Phoenix tonight! Yippie!
I'll actually sit on my front porch (and I dont mean virtual porch) and watch it come down!
We really need a good refreshing rain to blow out all the hot air from last week's debate! teehee
With all the southern talk, I better git myself a mint julip! (or at least some mulberry squeezins)

October 18, 2004 - Msg 24260: This conversation reminds me of when Andy and Opie had just finished watching that Gregory Peck movie. Opie comments that Gregory Peck "has an accent". Andy explains that's because "he's a Northern person." Opie mentions that the last time they had seen Gregory Peck in a movie, "he talked like you." Andy explains, "That's the actor of the man."
- Hazel

October 18, 2004 - Msg 24261: It's flat COLD up here in Prescott Valley, MDC!

October 18, 2004 - Msg 24262: Hey to the porch! Hope you all are doing well! Boo...hate to hear about your parents dog...that's tough. My aunt has her husband in a hospice with Parkinsons. They never had kids, and this latest dog was more their child than any others. My aunt found her after she let her outside...just keeled over (she was ~ 15 years old). She can't bring herself to tell my uncle...just doesn't want him to have to lie their and think about it.

pipeman...I've got a great idea....let's give Sammy Sosa to the Red Sox...for nothing! :-)

Prayers to all...hope our buddy SPOT is doing ok...

Go W!

October 18, 2004 - Msg 24263: Aw, your poor Aunt, Goober. I feel for her.

You know, the funny thing about that daydream I was telling ya'll about is that later that same day, while I was sitting in the waiting room, I was looking at a magazine and there in an advertisement was a house that looked just like the one in my daydream...it was even Christmas in the picture. It was a 2 year old magazine so my husband tore out the picture and I keep looking at it. I told him I want him to build me a house just like it! We'll see....

I think I will shuffle off to bed soon and maybe daydream some more....sweet dreams to all!


October 18, 2004 - Msg 24264: Oh, by the way, it was a record-setting 93 degrees here in South Texas today and no sign of relief any time soon. Bummer! Now Asa, don't go telling me about how cool the weather is in Utah. You'll break my heart.


October 18, 2004 - Msg 24265: Thank you guys for remembering those two families. They really need it. The mothere of the two girls didn't even have insurance so the school collected money so the family could afford the funeral.

Thank you also to everyone for the kind words to me. You guys make me feel so good. And I promise to remember to pray, be patient, and be willing to wait. Shoot... I waited 22 yrs. for a Christian guy to come along what's a few more :) Besides, I'm blessed so much as it is. Sometimes I wonder if it really is fair for me to ask for more than God has given me. After all didn't he give me his son? I like to remember these two phrases from the Bible "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto your own understanding" and "Deligth thyself in the Lord and he shill give you the desires of thine heart" They make me feel so good and I apply them to ALL areas of my life.

BTW I highly recommend the book "the Purpose Driven Life" Really worth the money!

Dixie .... my I'm chatty today!

October 19, 2004 - Msg 24266: Hey to the porch! on dial-up, so can't stay (sloooow). Prayers for those 2 families Dixie. Boo - it's in the 50's here in Denver!! Think I'll go walking in it this am. They say it will snow this week in the elevations. Prayes and peace to all my porch pals...

~ Mrs. Wiley

October 19, 2004 - Msg 24267: Dixie - I met my husband right after my 30th birthday (when I cried and said that it wasn't fair that I couldn't find a man) - we were married two years later. Not that I am hoping it will take you that long to find someone but
enjoy your life and keep on living and keep on being Ms. Right and Mr. Right will pop up!

So sorry for all the sorrow there in FL with the accident. . .how sad.

So sorry for all the poor puppies and animals that have gone on as well - they are faithful companions with abiding and unending love. My good friend lost her horse after a long illness - she is quite sorrowful as well.

God is faithful!
God Bless our troops in the midst of battle - may they be a shining reflection of freedom that we all have in the US.


October 19, 2004 - Msg 24268: Amen! Now, will someone help me remove the knife from my back that Mrs. Wiley put there? Its supposed to be a record-breaking 95 here today with a heat index of 107 when you factor in the high humidity. Honestly, right now at 8:42am there is water running down my front windows becuase I have my air condintioner on. I will try to have Dixie's good att-tude and be thankful for my many blessings instead of focusing on the heat. At least I can still wear shorts and flip-flops (well, I wear those all year, anyway).

Hate to share anymore sad events, but please pray for a local family who died in a fire last night. One little girl survived by jumping from a window, poor baby.


October 19, 2004 - Msg 24269: so great to see so many on the porch, spot we miss you. can almost hear you say sot( the in traction) dog of the porch). goober= give sammy to the cardinals for puhols and walker. sounds fair to me. sterling holobyte= save me about 30 cupcakes, my sweet tooth seems to be deficent. talking about the different dialects itstrikes me funny requardlee what country you live in your taught proper language and there are so many dialects that noone speaks proper school type unless they have to. germany has 18 different dialects. boo= thanks for sharing that story. dixie= that's the spirit- if you rush you might marry a 90 year old guy who lives to be 145. ha. in our high school the homecoming queen was dating this guy. he took her home to meet his wealthy dad and she married the dad who was 68. he lived to be 100. tally= when your grandparents were missionaries in missippi, did they meet the missippi squirell that got loose in chruch that ray stevens sag about? hazel= funny i watched that episode on video last night. mrs wiley= good to hear from you. prayers for you. are you going to make snow cream for us if it snows your way? rev jr. = you got that right, i always tell my wife to remember there's a special reward waiting for her in heaven for putting up with me all these years. mayberry deputy= i saw saturday nights race. i keep telling kasey those walls will win every time but as you can tell the boy is a slow learner. ha. mdc= the kidey makes me walk lopsided because the dead one is still in me and it weighs more. ha. thanks for catching my point that we need to tart praying now about the election . florida has already acted up, nevada a few days ago, and pennsylvania's absentee ballets won't be counted until after the election is over because it took so long to decide if nader would be on the ballot. the penn state absentee votes are military overseas for the most part. last time i bring this malouge up- i am only suggesting prayer for god's intervention in our system. whose cooking tonight? have a great day and rock the night away on the porch. end of the book. pipeman

October 19, 2004 - Msg 24270: Pipeman - No, that was the church down the road from them, though they have just as many stories from their church! My dad drowned in the Baptismal when he was 2 and the church caretaker (a retired fisherman) hauled him out and gave him CPR until they could get him to the Dr. A little oxygen and a couple of hours later and he was back on his feet and back in trouble. Almost all of the stories from that church have to do with my dad getting himself in mortal danger. We visited the church this summer and the pastor there now is a young new fella who still knows all the stories of that Irby boy who nearly died six or seven times, but by the grace of God was dragged back from the brink and lived to become my father. Still has a nasty habit of scaring his family half to death by nearly dying though. His more recent escapades involve a cross country trip on motorcycle through hail storms in September with a malfunctioning cell-phone and a 10 y/0 spaniel/poodle* on the back (in 2000), and a bout of West Nile virus a couple of years later. This year, fortunately, he hasn't had anything worse than two or three concussions and a case of flu. Must be slowing down with age.


*I tried to mention the type of spaniel mix in it's usual term, but apparently *ocker-poo is a dirty word and the website bleeped me!

October 19, 2004 - Msg 24271: Pipeman- since it seems to be cooling off everywhere but TX, AZ and SC(supposed to hit 80 today)...sounds like bbq weather. How about some pulled pork bbq, a slab of ribs, rice with red eyed gravy, coleslaw, candied yams, hush puppies, sweet tea (water for those low-carbing it) and pecan pie or ice box lemon pie for dessert. Tally- had the same problem a few weeks back when I was describing our dog. She's the same mix. Boo- special prayers for that family, especially the little girl that survived. Mrs. Wiley- I can relate. I visit the porch from my computer at work , we're on DSL. We're on dial up at home, which seems to be more trouble than it's worth.Possum-how's Laci doing? Sherry-we need an update on Spot.

October 19, 2004 - Msg 24272: Guess I'll just call my dog by his name from now on. Nickelodeon (Nick for short) is now 14 years old (birthday is July 4) and has stubbornly lived his way through endless years of cheeseburgers, a broken leg, numerous boxes of chocolates (one of which was still in the plastic and set on a table. no idea how he managed that one, but he did), two major illnesses, and a few seizures. It's suprising, but at 14, he's still able to track my dad at the office through four floors of winding halls. He's completely deaf, mostly blind, overweight, and mildly arthritic, but his sense of smell works so well that he can tell what rooms my dad visited in order without crossing up the new scent from the old! It's kind of spooky. We joke about the Mansion (converted to office building) is haunted by Nick who is often seen wandering the hallways going about his own business without regard to the people around him.


October 19, 2004 - Msg 24273: "HEY GANG"..SPOT HERE!...whew!..close call!..gona read the archives..thanks for the paryers...in a nutshell..daughter Kelsey is fine..as for me !..well rods in left leg and pins, plate in left arm, had to rebuild right foor and heal.[dont know the out come of that yet]..go back to the doc wed week...chin has about 20 stiches, eill be in wheel chair for about 6 weeks, at hone now..stayed in hospital for 12 days, girl was reaching for a cd and ran off the road and hit me head on, nothing i could do!..have felt the porch prayers!!!..I will probably have a long term right foot problem but thats fine ..IM alive thank the Lord!!..well let me lay down,,will be in touch!..thanks yall!eat well, signed:SPOT the" got ran over by a car" dog of your porch...God Bless..

October 19, 2004 - Msg 24274: Welcome back Spot..so glad you are doing well..so to speak! Glad you are back, we'll keep praying for your recovery.

Hey guys, I havent posted much...been away and been busy..
Sorry for all the pup stories..Hope everyone is faring well.
Dixie, hang in there! You are doing well by keeping God first!


October 19, 2004 - Msg 24275: Hooray! Spot is back! We'll have to keep that boy well fed until he's back on his feet for good. Anytime anyone is getting a meal together, put me down for the slaw, and Sugarplum says she'll bring some carrots. Seriously, Spot, it sounds like you're here by the grace of God, and we are grateful. Sorry you are having to deal with so many injuries, and will be praying for your complete recovery. Please thank Sherry for us, for the update a while back. We were worried, it's not like you to just drop out of sight like that.

Here's a happy dog story. One of my daughters has ended up with a yellow Lab, rescued by a friend of hers who really couldn't keep her, so my daughter took her. She's gorgeous, and beautifully trained. Sits, stays, fetches, will "drop it" on command, heels, and is housetrained. The family also has Maisy, a Jack Russell/fox terrier mix, whose nickname is Maisiac, if that tells you anything. Here's an excerpt from an email: "The boys and I have fallen in love. Jury is still out for Maisy. She tried to get the bluff in and was nipping at Ladybird's face last night. She was quickly closely acquainted with Ladybird's left paw in the middle of her chest. Scared us to death, but Ladybird wasn't about to bite her. She was just letting her know that she will be in charge. Had another scuffle this morning and in the process I think Maisy swallowed her barker. She is making this duck quack noise anytime she would normally bark. If it didn't sound so hilarious and if she weren't breathing perfectly fine we would be worried." Don't you just love it?? I can't wait to meet my new grand-dog.

Well, I'm off in search of lampshades for my bedroom lamps. Like the lamps, hate the shades, so that's fixable. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 19, 2004 - Msg 24276: life don't get much better- rev jr fixed us a great meal for the day and spot is back on the porch. thank god for our cups run over. pipeman

October 19, 2004 - Msg 24277: boo- prayers for the local family, sorry i missed it earlier. pipeman

October 19, 2004 - Msg 24278: SPOT... man its good to see you back ,you have been missed my friend .Glad the good lord was riding with you .hope your recovery goes well,and you can get back to cooking ,fishing and camping soon
mayberry deputy

October 19, 2004 - Msg 24279: WELCOME BACK SPOT!!! You sure had us all worried!
How did the other driver fare? Did you both have
Who lives in Prescott Valley, AZ Msg 24261??
Rain here was a no-show last night. Now they are saying tomorrow or Thursday.
Welcome back Alyce too. Have you seen Sara lately? I cant get a call to go thru without her!
Boo- - My, THAT's humidity!! You poor dears down there.
Rev, that spread sounds like good eatin'. Spot would be right proud.
piperoni- you must got a water logged kidney. teehee.
Prayers for the election for sure. Am praying and fasting (as much as one can on this porch)

October 19, 2004 - Msg 24280: Oops, that's me

October 19, 2004 - Msg 24281: Great to hear from ya Spot! I told Dad about you the day Sherry gave us the news. (For those that don't know, my father is a minister). According to him, you've been on every prayer chain known to the Baptist faith. Looks like it worked! We'll keep praying for your full recovery. Hope there's no permanent injury to that foot. I know you were looking forward to trying out for placekicker for the Falcons. Glad you're back...I was getting tired Pipeman's cooking and all I know how to cook is bbq and fried bologna sammiches. Just kiddin'..Pipeman has been feeding us well!

October 19, 2004 - Msg 24282: Oh yes, hey to Goober, MD, Ro, Sterling, asa, CT etc
Mr Darlin's, glad spot is well and recovering,Cuz

October 19, 2004 - Msg 24283: Hey SPOT! Welcome back...so thankful that you're doing ok! We're gonna change your name to 'lucky'! Remind me to scratch you behind the ears...once they're all healed up and all! :-)

Hey to all!


October 19, 2004 - Msg 24284: I just heard on the radio the John Denver song "Poems, Prayers and Promises" and it sure reminded me of talking on this here porch!!
You can check out the lyrics online, but they even mention pipeman!
Ya all have a great evening!

October 19, 2004 - Msg 24285: Yeah - spot is back. . .now we will get some real vittles!!


October 19, 2004 - Msg 24286: PipemaN, forgot to tell ya that cowgirl is back on the Rifleman site! Come give us a visit again!
Wyatt aka MDC

October 19, 2004 - Msg 24287: Talk of poems, prayers and promises and
things that we believe in.
How sweet it is to love someone,
How right it is to care.
How long its been since yesterday,
What about tomorrow?
And what about our dreams
and all the memories we share...

October 19, 2004 - Msg 24288: One week ago today, we had to have our beloved dog of 18 years put down. I've decided to regularly donate dog food to the animal shelter in his memory. I know with all the problems in the world and in peoples' lives it's not a big thing, but I really miss him. I expect him to greet me at the door each night when I get home from work.

October 19, 2004 - Msg 24289: I'm sorry to hear that, Jeannie Boone (I assume that's you, jb). Cool idea to donate the food. I hope you find some comfort in the memories.
Spot, nice to have you back! I'm so glad you're still with us! And do you suppose you'll be able to... er... start cooking for us again? We're about clemmed!
- Hazel

October 19, 2004 - Msg 24290:
Hey Folks,
Wow, it's good to see you all again. We a had a bunch of trouble with the old computer. Thought we had it going a few times but it would just go belly up. We had a lot of projects going on this summer and into the fall. So, we just got around to surfing once again.

Prays to all you folks. My goodness there were some touching posts.

Spot- Take care and get well I've been looking forward to some of your BBQ.
We had our first couple inches of snow yesterday.

Well, it's off to browse the archives.
God bless W and the Troops,

October 19, 2004 - Msg 24291: Three cheers for SPOT!! We're glad you're back in one piece!

pipeman I got tickled at that story about the Homecoming queen!

Thanks again to everyone for the encouragement. You'll never know what it menas to me to have you guys support me like this. Some people I know get upset with me and tell me I'm too picky. They don't understand that I'm not going to waste my time on someone that clearly isn't for me. People, people, people ... ;)

Everyone have a good night!

**prayers** for those in need


October 19, 2004 - Msg 24292: Wow, Spot's back! Praise the Lord! So good to hear from Auh20, also.

I'm telling you, you folks are such a comfort after a tough day. It just feels good to come here and feel the love and support.

RevJr, your dad sounds like a hoot. I'll bet his parent's hair turned gray by the time they were 30.

I had a tough time with my dad today...he was so confused and crying alot. I am having a hard time dealing with his pain, poor thing. As Ro said, this too shall pass.

I found out today that the family that died in the fire was one I knew. It was a Dr I worked with for years. He was a Neonatologist (newborn specialist). He was only 43 and apparently died going back into the house to save his family. Its a terrible loss. He was one of the good ones and saved many lives in his own short lifetime. Here's to Peter Sarrao...may he and his dear family rest in peace. They will be very greatly missed.


October 20, 2004 - Msg 24293: Oh, Boo, that's just awful. Some things are really hard to understand. I've finally matured to a place where instead of questioning God about things I don't understand, I can just rest in the knowledge that while I don't understand it, He does and that's enough.

AuH20, it's surely good to see you! Been much too long! Isn't it annoying when these 'puters misbehave? And to think just a few years ago, they were something terribly expensive that only businesses had any use for. I almost think I'd give up my phone and indoor plumbing before I'd give up my computer!

Jennie Boone, I'm so sorry to hear about your dear old doggie. Only people who have beloved furkids of their own can really understand, and I qualify. My heart goes out to you.

I got my lamp shades, and because the lamp place was having a terrific sale, I got three new lamps as well. I really like everything I bought.

Well, off to bed. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24294: Romeena, as far as my phone goes, I would definitely give that up, but indoor plumbing? ...well, no. ;)

Auh20 and Spot, good to see you two! I hope you heal up nicely Spot, and speedily.

Sorry about your dog, jb! It's nice of you to give something to the animal shelter, I know they need and appreciate all the help they can get. I'll bet your dog would be happy about what you are doing in his memory.

Strength to Boo.

Have a peaceful night everyone.
-Sterling Holobyte

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24295: greetings to all mayberryites this morning. spot= hope your able to cook soon, i think there getting tired of my ordering out for everyone. if you'll show me where the switch is for the remshaw place i'll throw it for our big halloween party and sleep over. hay ride to myers lake for a weiner roast. jennie bone= great to hear from you. great idea about donating dog food. that would be a great national campaign. auh20= way too long since we've heard from you. sure missed you. boo= sorry to hear about the loss. it's shocking anytime but when there in their prime it's harder, just glad god is in control. where is asa? i was thinking (dangerous i know) how great it is that we know each other so well even if someone doesn't sign it we all know who it was by the unique style of each of us, our signature piece if you will. thanks mdc in msg 24279 on oct 19th. for showing us how great it is to know each and love each other so much, family. pipeman

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24296: Morning Porch!

Great to see that Spot is back! How did the other driver fare? I hope she will be okay, also. I didn't realize your daughter was in the car with you when the accident occurred. Was she hurt at all? I believe you said she is okay now. Thank God for His intervention! Prayers continue for your complete recovery.

So many sad stories about pets. My prayers go out to all of you who recently lost pets. I have a funny story about a dog we once had. He was a spaniel mix, beautiful dog, named Frisky. He loved my mom most of all, but one day, while we were camping he saved his affection for my father. My parents were sleeping in sleeping bags in a tent and it seems Frisky met up with a skunk and decided it would be an excellent night to snuggle up with my dad in his sleeping bag! (Boy, did my dad wake up the whole campground with his frantic yelling at, and trying to get away from that dog!)

I am a little concerned about the election in less than two weeks. It seems in Michigan they are going to allow people to vote wherever they want to. I think that is just a recipe for disaster. One thing you don't realize is, you can't vote for local candidates or local issues if you don't vote in your own precinct! They aren't even on the ballot in other precincts. And just how are they going to make sure people aren't voting more than once. The whole thing is incredibly idiotic to me, and I don't know how any one, democrat or republican, can think this is a good idea. How can America be an example to other countries who are just trying out democracy with this kind of foolishness going on?

Well, enough of that, I better close now before I end up sweeping the porch!

Enjoy a crispy cool, fall-type Mayberry day, (even if you have to dream about it, Boo ;) )
Mary Wiggins

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24297:
Morning folks,

It is truly great to be on the porch. The computer I was using at sister's house had some kind of filter that did not allow any access to chat rooms (which I don't frequent) and sites like this with bulletin boards. I used their computer because I had to keep up with the election season, one of my favorite seasons. I think we're targeting sometime after Christmas to get our new computer.

Boo, sorry to hear about your friend. How tragic. I think Romeena said it best, "HE does understand" and sometime that just has to be enough.
pipeman, Thanks. I think the last time we chatted I told ya I thought your Cubbies were gonna win it all this year. I'm not sure what happened, with that pitching staff and hitting I really thought it was theirs for the taking. I haven't seen a staff like that since the one the Orioles put together in the early '70s.

Sterling Holobyte, Romeena, Boo thanks for the welcome back.
Take care,

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24298: Hey Rev.Jr., you said your dad's a Baptist minister? I wonder if we're related... Half the men in my family are Baptist ministers!


October 20, 2004 - Msg 24299: hey everyone its sara....ive been away for awhile and it sure has been busy here at my house.keepin kids is wearing me out....i cant remember the last time i visited with ya'll.maybe a couple of months.....im sorry to all the fine folks that have lost a pet, that sure can be painful....we love our doggie like a child...she is so sweet and helpful around the house with her sweet smile and personality, she makes everyone happy, a golden retreiver mix, i think she is part collie, she wont tell us who her daddy is...oh well, gotta go change some diapers, love sara

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24300: Hey everyone and Good Morning from the Nation's Capitol! It's a foggy, drizzly morning and even the anti-Bush protesters didn't bother coming out this morning. There were the usual vendors outside the subway station, newspaper, fresh fruit, umbrellas, and a new addition to the Umbrella guy's stand was ladies pantyhose (for those on the run). Nearly got to work late because there was a medical emergency on one of the trains ahead of me that stopped in the tracks going my direction. I do hope the person was ok, they usually don't stop the trains unless it's a heart attack victim or something like that.

Well, I'm at work now, don't have internet at home yet. They've got me archiving the '02-'03 closed accounts this week. Kind of tedious, but at least it's the kind of tedium I enjoy!

God Bless and have a Great Day!!!


October 20, 2004 - Msg 24301: Morning guys! I have a Geography test today... Ugh! Fixin' to go study for it.

Seems to me that we keep having bad things happen to us or those around us. **prayers** to all. But then if this world was perfect we wouldn't want to go home to God. :)

BTW Tally & Auh20 I'm trying to remember if we've met and I don't believe so. So how do you do? I'm fine thanks!

Take care!


PS--pipeman, you know I've also noticed that we each have our own style that identifies us on this porch. It's like our personality creeps in to our writing. I find it really comforting. :) Lot's of smiles! :) :) :)

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24302: An ordained Baptist minister and certified grill master. He's been an interim pastor, (meaning he fills in for churches that have lost their pastor due to one reason or another) since I was a kid. I know I'm his son and I'm extremely biased, but the man is a saint.

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24303: Dixie - I don't believe we have met. Pleasure to meet you, then. I have a cousin of the same name back home in the other Washington. I hadn't been to the porch since they moved it and thought I'd come back and re-acquaint myself with the Porch setters. I only just moved to the big city after living in a town of 50-60 people and figured I needed something to keep the small-town with me in this huge place!


October 20, 2004 - Msg 24304: My, as Andy would say, "Don't the tree (porch)
look nice and full!"
Welcome back Sara, AUh20, spot, Mary W, tally, Mrs Wiley etc.
Boo, you are going thru a trial, that is for sure dear! Cast all your cares on the Lord. His yoke is easy and His burden light.
Prayers continue for election etc. I was really floored when I read that there are foreign "observers" here for our election. I thought "Excuse me!?, didnt we INVENT free elections!!?" These are indeed strange times, but we are in the world at this time for A REASON and PURPOSE! So ask the Lord this week what His will is in your life.
Ya all have a great Mayberry day. Smell the falling leaves, and the approaching season. Aint life grand!
I'll just set a bit and play the jug.
Mr Darlin's Cuz
(Where's briscoe been these days?)

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24305:


October 20, 2004 - Msg 24306:

playing with colors

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24307: Sorry, just figured out the HTML code for color change and couldn't resist trying it out. :)


October 20, 2004 - Msg 24308: Since Tally is playing with colors ;)...I thought I would try something!




Well, did it work? If not, at least you will see some pretty colors, (I hope!)


October 20, 2004 - Msg 24309: It is supposed to look more like a tree!! Oh well, it is half a tree!

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24310:
You've got to center it to make it look tree-ish. There's a code for that too.

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24311:


October 20, 2004 - Msg 24312: If you want to see how it'll turn out before you post it, try typing it in Notepad, save it as a .htm file, then open it in your browser. I'm taking a quick run through on an html tutorial just now, that's how I know. I don't regularly remember all of this & I'll probably forget most of it by the end of the month again.


October 20, 2004 - Msg 24313:

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24314: Oops, forgot to turn it off.

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24315:

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24316: Whew!!! Enough mucking about with HTML for me. Think I'll keep it to practice documents for a while longer. Don't want to ruin the board with novice mistakes like that again!!!


October 20, 2004 - Msg 24317: Those are some pretty colors, Mary Wiggins(or are you Mrs. Wiley?). I think your tree looks kind of good as a flag. ...or a pendant.
Tally, that is a nice Christmas tree! You are pretty ept!
-Sterling Holobyte

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24318: Hey yall...
I havent posted much the past few days. Sounds like everyone has been pretty busy too.
I too am very concerned with this election..and I know we should just give it to God, but it sure is a touchy subject.

Mary W.: I hadnt heard that about Michigan...that is AWFUL!! and it makes me angry actually. I have family there...(an aunt) and we dont see eye to eye on these issues. So what you are saying really concerns me.

Tally: Where were you before DC? I like DC...but not to live there..way too busy for me..I am in VA. I was just at Potomac Mills on Saturday.

MDC: yes, and we also need to ask the LOrd what His will is for our County at this very important time!


October 20, 2004 - Msg 24319: Once again...."don't the trees seem nice and full?"

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24320: Alyce - I was in Eastern Washington State before I moved to DC. Only 2700 miles, practically next door!


October 20, 2004 - Msg 24321: Something for us to think about:

A Point Of View.........

One day a father of a very wealthy family took his son on a trip to
the country with the firm purpose of showing him how poor people
lived. They spent a couple of days and nights on the farm, of what
would be considered a very poor family.

On their return from their trip, the father asked his son, "How was
the trip?" "It was great, Dad."

"Did you see how poor people live?" asked the father.

The son answered: "I saw that we have one dog and they have four.
We have a pool that reaches to the middle of our garden; they have
a creek that has no end. We have imported lanterns in our garden;
they have the stars at night.

Our patio reaches to the front yard, they have the whole

We have a small piece of land to live on; they have fields that go
beyond their sight.

We have servants to serve us, but they serve others.

We buy our food, but they grow theirs.We have walls around our
property to protect us; they have friends to protect them."

The father was SPEECHLESS. Then his son added, "Thanks, Dad,
for showing me how poor we are!"

Isn't perspective a wonderful thing? Makes you wonder what would
happen if we all gave thanks for everything we have, instead of
worrying about what we don't have.

Appreciate every single thing you have, especially your friends and

"Life is too short and friends are too few."

Alyce (taken from an email)

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24322: Tally: wow what a major change!! VA is wonderful though!


October 20, 2004 - Msg 24323: Alyce, hon, you're gonna make me cry with that story. Now I've gotta think up a reverse list to try and remember the benefits of living in the city instead of missing the endless horizons, starry nights, close neighbors, and countless animals that I had in the country.

1. I drive less and get more exercise
2. I make 4 times the money I made back home (as if that matters much)
3. ...... I think I need a little help remembering more reasons... I've forgotten the other good ones...


October 20, 2004 - Msg 24324: Thanks for the sweet words and encouragement.

Dixie, I think you hit the nail on the head with your statement....lots of wisdom for a 22 year old youngin'! Thanks.

God bless each of you and give us ALL strength as we rest in Him.


October 20, 2004 - Msg 24325: mary wiggins= thanks for adding your voice to the election.i said two weeks ago we need to pray non partisan for this election like never before and our country. i thought i might start a mouloge when i posted that but i see a lot of concern. on one of the news stations someone said the results could take to may to settle and the constetution says the speaker of the house would be interm president, doubtfull it will happen. i think we have left god out of america so long as a nation that god is saying you want me out go for it.done with my pulpit. alyce= that poem was beautifull. we have so much , when so many in our country have nothing but there rich in the lord. auh20= i too thought the cubbies would go all the way but we have a saying wait until next year. i'm pulling for the red sox tonight, their luck is like the cubs. rev jr= can your dad cook for us tonight, since he is a certified grill master? i'm sure everyone is tired of my ordering food out. prayers for everyone. pipeman