October 20, 2004 - Msg 24326: Meat Loaf for dinner tonight. My wife has a great recipie and then smothers it in a great tomato sauce. sweet corn on the cob, ranch beans, spinich salad, baked potato, and tall glass of spring water! (And it's not even off the Schwan's truck! Come on over, )givin' spot the night off as he heals!) We can discuss religion and politics!!! haha
Martinsville VA this weekend! varooooom
Welcome back Alyce, sara, asa, MW etc.
Ok, let's all recite the preamble..."we the..."

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24327: Wow, I swept the porch too, part of my "clean elections" campaign! teehee

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24328: I like your clean campaign - could you do that at my house?? MDC
That dinner will definitely make spot sit up and beg instead of "healing" - LOL :)
Asa - where are you - you have been keeping way too quiet for way tooo long!

Liked the trees before! Both of them!


October 20, 2004 - Msg 24329: Pipeman- even though I'm a Braves fan I'm pulling for the Sox too. Winning 4 in a row is a tall order. I'm just glad the ALCS will be over tonight. This staying up and watching until the last out is wearing me out! As for Dad cooking....not sure he can pull it off tonight. He's got that Wednesday night service at church. I vote for one more night of takeout. Alyce-what a great story! auh2o- it just hit me... goldwater (duh). Guess I wasn't paying attention. Possum-you hiding under your rock?

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24330: MDC- I take back my previous comment. That meal sounds SO much better than takeout (no offense pipeman)!

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24331: Everyone seems so upbeat today. :) Boo I try to remember to ask God for wisdom every day. It helps me through the rough times.

Tally it's a pleasure to meet you too!

My the porch sure was colorful today!

Dixie Belle

Smiles! :) :) :) :)

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24332: Can I get in on the Clean Campaign? My car could use it!


October 20, 2004 - Msg 24333: This Clean Campaign sounds inspirational!!! Haven't done my room in nearly TWO WEEKS! In honor of MDC's Clean Campain I'll pledge to have my room completely tidied by Friday, and stick a 'remember to vote' sign on my bureau mirror.


October 20, 2004 - Msg 24334: How about another quote-a-thon?
Barn: I dont like it, I dont like it one bit! I tell you, this is just the beginning, going around breaking streetlamps! Next thing ya know, they'll be on motorcycles, wearing leather jackets!
Andy: Barney! They're eight year olds!
Barn: Well, dont mollycoddle 'em!
Andy: I wont.
Barn: We gotta Nip it! Nip it in the bud!

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24335: Hey Y'all! I'm here,Rev. jr! Laci's been doing good-thank you for asking.By the way,I'm a lady possum-ha! Saw you refer to me as a he/him earlier.It's okay-no harm done!
So glad to hear from Spot! Welcome back,buddy! Thank God that you and your daughter weren't hurt any worse than you were.Hope you both heal fast.What is the word on the girl that hit you? Was she injured too?
Y'all,I'm having lots of problems at work and need prayers that I can find a new job.I've gotta get out of there-everyone's quitting,all the work is piled on me,just so much nonsense that I don't want to be a part of.I have been so stressed these past days.I'm gonna have faith that there's something better out there and hope that God leads me to it soon. No job is worth getting sick over.I just want to stay under "my rock"-it's that bad!
Sorry to read about all the tragic losses with car accidents and fires. My troubles are small.
Rev jr,did you hear about the young mother getting shot and killed on the interstate up in Columbia? Somebody in another vehicle fired a shot and killed a 20 year old woman,wounded one of her kids. For no apparent reason.So sad.
Well,guess I'll go relax in a nice warm bath and try to calm myself down.I really dread going to work tomorrow-it's that bad.I'm going to try to finish out the week and see what awaits me out there.Y'all have a good evening-love to all!
Asa,where ya been lately? Anybody heard from Mavis? Gonna have to put out an APB soon!
possum under a rock

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24336: Evenin' everybody. Been bizzee; Oh Dix. Quit kissin' toads. Their all frogs. Ever try a dating service? Havin' been outta the loop for some 25yrs. I have heard of some great success stories.
MDC Ever tried Schwann's butter pecan ice cream? Best I've ever had. Before I forget Welcome home Spot. Ya' know God gives special folks a like us a little tug once and a while. I believe that anyway. Anyway I think you've had one of these tugs and should share it with people. You hever know with whom you might touch. Have ta' go now, I'm goinna' go rock on the porch, eat chicken-n-dumplins',sweet tea and enjoy the beautiful fall colors on the mountians. Next weekend will probably be the peak time in the "Smokies" even they say this is peak weekend. There is still too much green on the south sides of the hills...BIG TOM

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24337: Tally, sounds like you need ta' let the "rats" have the " race" and you race back ta' livin' ta' good life. There is somethin' 'bout the smell of a campfire and wet leaves in the woods as a mornin' fog gently lifts like a warm blanket off the vally floor. I would'nt trade these mountains for every Hummer or Lexus that has ever or will ever be made. Make Tally feel good this weekend. Go to a bed and breakfast and enjoy yourself...BIG TOM

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24338: Hello to everyone ,welcome to the porch again TALLY ,Glad to see ALYCE,SARA,MARY WIGGINS, AUH20,And Mrs.WILEY back
BIG TOM ,The chicken and dumplings and sweet tea sounds great
PIPEMAN .. how you doing in the health department ,hope things are going well
SPOT.. so glad to hear that your daughter wasnt injured
Hope all the great folks here on the porch have a great evening

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24339: Possum, don't give up. Just remember "They kant eat you", it don't matter what they say or do just tell 'em you'll get round to it sooner or later. Heck, if they run you off you wuz huntin' a job when you found that one. If you'll work theres work out there.And besides, "rockin' chair" money comes every Friday for 26weeks. Don't let life get you down...BIG TOM

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24340: Howdy, its still mighty hot here in South Texas. Mercy! Can't wait for some cool air.

Prayers for you and the job situation, Possum.

Its been another difficult day but I am trying to keep a positive att-tude. My sister should be home tomorrow to help with my parents. Hoorah!

Please send up a prayer for one of my best friends, Carrie. She is pregnant and found out today that the baby is dead. She is in the hospital now and they are inducing her labor. I am keeping her two little boys right now and they are asking some pretty tough questions about their Baby. I have been tempted to question God about some things the last few days but like Ro said, I don't have to understand anything except that God is good and wise (and He is love).

Have a wonderful evening,

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24341:
Hey folks,

Dixie, I don't believe we have met but the pleasure is all mine.
Rev. Jr, Yeah I'm a big Goldwater fan. I sure do miss old Barry. I was just a kid when he ran for President however I have grown to appreciate all he did for the country. I know I'm a political junky but in my heart I know he was right.
MAYBERRY DEPUTY, thanks it's nice to be back.
BIG TOM, I'm right there with, Schwans Ice Cream is excellent. I bet the mountains are beautiful. I live up north where the foothills to the Allegheny and Appalachian Mountains meet. We're well past peak here but the hills are still something to see.
MDC, here's one I never tire of, "SNOOP SNOOP!!!"

Well, gotta run the game start in just a bit.
God Bless,

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24342: Oh, there is something I wanted to share with ya'll concerning death. Do you all remember the story in the bible about Kind Hezekiah? God told him he was going to die but he got so upset and asked God to let him live and God gave him 15 more years. Well, at first that sounds like a good thing but during those 15 years, he fathered Mannasah who later became probably the most wicked king ever in Israel and alot of people suffered because of him, I think (to my understanding, anyway). So....the moral of the story is that maybe we shouldn't disagree with God on what his will is. As hard as it is to accept, sometimes it is better to die and go on to be with the Lord than to stay here (Paul said so). I have to believe that He knows best. Just a thought.....I would welcome differences of opinion--I might learn something.


October 20, 2004 - Msg 24343: Boo,

We had a dear friend that went through the same thing a few years ago. Your friend will be in my prayers.


October 20, 2004 - Msg 24344: Ok, here's my favorite quote (the one I always use during quote-a-thons): "I hate the sun. When I go out into the sun, I get the Herpes". Do you all know who said that??


October 20, 2004 - Msg 24345: Thanks, auh2o. You are very kind.


October 20, 2004 - Msg 24346: BOO..I think it was LYDIA that said that when Barney was trying to hook her and Andy up

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24347: Right-o,MD!


October 20, 2004 - Msg 24348: Hey everyone...

Boo: I am so sorry to hear about your friend. I know you are having a time, with keeping her kids and trying to answer questions in a way that they can understand. How far along was she in her pregnancy? My mother had a still born..I named my oldest after her.

Au2o: What town are you actually in?

Big Tom: We were in the mountains this weekend...Syria..about an hour north of Charlottesville and the foliage was beautiful..didnt take the first picture though..my film was spent on the girls. And I forgot my digital camera...like a NUT!

Possum: hope things brighten up soon at work or that the Lord opens a new door for you soon. When I was working..before I had kids..I was in a job that I thought would never get better..that was around the time I was saved..I just prayed and prayed about the situation..it got better..then it got even better when my husband agreed to start a family and we decided I would stay home in the process..When I turned in my resignation, I was already pregnant and didnt know it..It was so wonderful.. God is good!

Well I am going to get off of here for now..the typing is bothering my wrist!


October 20, 2004 - Msg 24349: Passing on another email to you all!

Too many people put off something that brings them joy just because they haven't thought about it, don't have it on their schedule, didn't know it was coming or are too rigid to depart from their routine.
>I got to thinking one day about all those women on the Ti-tanic who passed up dessert at dinner that fateful night in an effort to cut back. From then on, I've tried to be a little more flexible.
>How many women out there will eat at home because their husband didn't suggest going out to dinner until after something had been thawed? Does the word "refrigeration" mean nothing to you?
>How often have your kids dropped in to talk and sat in silence while you watched 'Jeopardy' on television?
>I cannot count the times I called my sister and said, "How about going to lunch in a half hour?" She would gas up and stammer, "I can't. I have clothes on the line. My hair is dirty. I wish I had known yesterday, I had a late breakfast, It looks like rain." And my personal favorite: "It's Monday." ...She died a few years ago. We never did have lunch together.
>Because Americans cram so much into their lives, we tend to schedule our headaches.. We live on a sparse diet of promises we make to ourselves when all the conditions are perfect!
>We'll go back and visit the grandparents when we get Stevie toilet-trained. We'll entertain when we replace the living-room carpet. We'll go on a second honeymoon when we get two more kids out of college
>Life has a way of accelerating as we get older. The days get shorter, and the list of promises to ourselves gets longer. One morning, we awaken, and all we have to show for our lives is a litany of "I'm going to," "I plan on," and "Someday, when things are set tled down a bit."
>When anyone calls my 'seize the moment' friend, she is open to adventure and available for trips. She keeps an open mind on new ideas. Her enthusiasm for life is contagious. You talk with her for five minutes, and you're ready to trade your bad feet for a pair of Rollerblades and skip an elevator for a bungee cord.
>My lips have not touched ice cream in 10 years. I love ice cream. It's just that I might as well apply it directly to my stomach with a spatula and eliminate the digestive process. The other day, I stopped the car and bought a triple-decker. If my car had hit an iceberg on the way home, I would have died happy.
>Now...go on and have a nice day. Do something you WANT to.......not something on your SHOULD DO list. If you were going to die soon and had only one phone call you could make, who would you call and what would you say? And why are you waiting?
>Make sure you read this to the end; you will understand why I sent this to you.
>Have you ever watched kids playing on a merry go round or listened to the rain lapping on the ground? Ever followed a butterfly's erratic flight or gazed at the sun into the fading night? Do you run through each day on the fly? When you ask "How are you?" Do you hear the reply?
>When the day is done, do you lie in your bed with the next hundred chores running through your head? Ever told your child, "We'll do it tomorrow." And in your haste, not see his sorrow? Ever lost touch? Let a good friendship die? Just call to say "Hi"?
>When you worry and hurry through your day, it is like an unopened gift....Thrown away... Life is not a race. Take it slower. Hear the music before the song is over.


October 20, 2004 - Msg 24350: "...and moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!" BG 1964
Did I get that right AU h20??
When I said quote-a-thon, I didnt say Mayberry, haha!
40 years later that still rings so true!
Big Tom, those mountains at this time of year must be scrumpdilyisious! And I also agree with the butter pecan..exactillioso!
Alyce, thaks for the wonderful words. Malcolm Tucker couldnt've said it better!
Boo, hang in there, prayers are rising like incense to the true and living God.
MD -how goes things at Foleys?
Hey to the missing folks, des, Charlotte, Mrs Wiley, fungirl etc.
W e may get our rain tomorrow!
Nice even' all.

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24351:
Boy the BoSox are beating the Yankees like a rented mule.

MDC, That's it. He said that right after he said "extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice." 40 or 1,000 years right is right. Here's a political one "I'm not a hawk, I'm a dove...a heavily armed dove." Jack Kemp. One more, from The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, "Calm?!? Do murder and calm go together? Calm and murder? Murder?"

Alyce, A small town Ellicottville, NY. It's called ski-country around these parts.


October 20, 2004 - Msg 24352: Hello Porch! Sure got a good deal at Wal-Mart today. Purchased a dvd of the Andy Griffith Show and it has 16 episodes for only $5.50. I was so excited to get it. You all have a great Mayberry Day. FRANKIE FLINT

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24353: Howdy, Porch. Just dropping in to say Hey! Dixie, I sure am sorry to hear about those teenage girls. That's the most tragic thing I've heard in a long time.

It's HOT down here in south Texas -- dang hot. We went to Port Aransas on Sunday and came back half sunburned. It was in the 90s but felt ok on the water.

Blessings to all!


October 20, 2004 - Msg 24354: I forgot my trademark colors. I hate it when that happens.


October 20, 2004 - Msg 24355: Well Tom It's nice to hear from you! I haven't had the chance to chat w/you in a while:. I promise not to kiss any toads! If you will belive me I've never kissed one to begin with! Toads are yucky!

Auh2o Nice to meet you also!

New friends and faces are fun aren't they?

Hey Frankie that was quite a steal you got there!

**prayers** to those who asked

October 20, 2004 - Msg 24356: DES!! I haven't seen you in just ages! We posted at the same time I guess. Good to see you! :)


October 20, 2004 - Msg 24357: How you doin', sweetie? I remember when you were in high school. What are you up to these days? Heck, there are people here (Romeena? :-) who remember me fretting when my girls were starting kindergarten. Now they're in 7th grade and doing great! Funny the things we fret about. You take care -- great to "see" you.


October 21, 2004 - Msg 24358: Welcome home, SPOT! Keeping you in prayer for a speedy recovery. God id good!

Hey to the porch,
~ Mrs. Wiley

October 21, 2004 - Msg 24359: is... that is.

October 21, 2004 - Msg 24360: Possum- sorry about the mix up. I guess I've had a pre-conceived notion as to the gender of all porchsters. You know how you just picture what someone looks like? Well, I've got pictures in my head of all of you. That's down the tubes now. I'm TOTALLY confused! HA! I did see that story on the news, it's so tragic. Hang in there with your job. Wow, the porch was busy last night. Looks like I missed a ton. Lots to talk about, but lots to do here at work. One quick word.... Alyce, your words of wisdom are truly inspiring! Oh, and how 'bout them Red Sox!

October 21, 2004 - Msg 24361: Good Morning all!

Rev.Jr: I cant take credit for those words! As I posted..it was taken from an email that was sent to me...I just thought the porchters would like to read it. But thanks anyway! So what do you think I look like then, haha! We already know you look like Bobby Labonte!


October 21, 2004 - Msg 24362: Rev. Jr - I look a whole lot like Reba McEntire -

homemaker (but I do have reddish hair! and not from a bottle either! LOL)

October 21, 2004 - Msg 24363: Tom - Thanks for the encouragement. It's been hard living in the city, but it's a means to an end, the end being teaching in some small town somewhere. I'll try to remember to do something for me. Maybe I'll ask the landlord if I can use the fireplace one of these evenings. Not the same as our fire pit out back at home, but then again, with my younger brother always tossing things that go 'BANG' in the fire all the time, maybe an indoor fire wouldn't be such a bad change after all!

Alyce - Lovely post! I'm going to call my long lost friends this evening for sure!

Got to go back and file some more things. I'll pop in again a little later.

God Bless!


October 21, 2004 - Msg 24364: Homemaker..well can you sing like Reba?? That would be good..I like her acting as well. I like red hair..doesnt look good on me though, although, mine happened by accident from a bad home coloring experiment..it was more blaze orange!!! And from someone who said they'd never color their hair..(my how we change after kids)!
I dont look like anyone but me..blond highlights..black roots! (I am a natural blonde..its terrible how the colors change over the years)..blue eyes..thats probably all yall need to know.


October 21, 2004 - Msg 24365: hello MDC..I have been working hard keeping the produce rack full ,and now with fall here theres the pumpkin ,hard squash and ornamental corn ,gourds and mini pumpkin displays to worry with ,the company wants us to have a big sidewalk produce sale this weekend ,so Im looking at three 12 hour days back to back ,gonna miss watching the Matinsville race this weekend
Mayberry Deputy

October 21, 2004 - Msg 24366: MD - better watch it, Goober or Andy may sneak away with an apple or two from the sidewalk display! teehee
With so many new porchsters these days, maybe we could all say what state (town) were all from
again, like auh20 in NY. I know that one time, we stretched from FL to CA and even to Ireland!
DES- good to hear from you again and Frankie flint too! Wow, everyone is coming out after the long hot summer!
I'm going to vote at an early polling place today! I've said all the prayers I know, and many directly to the Throne, so here goes...
Have a great day.
MDC - Tempe, AZ

October 21, 2004 - Msg 24367: Go Red Sox! I'm a Braves Fan myself but I'm rootin' for the Sox since my team didn't make it. :)

Des I'm in college now. I want to be a history teacher. I'll student tech next Fall and then I'll be done with my Bachelors. I'm thinking about getting a Masters. It will make me more marketable ya know. Better job oppotunities.

BTW folks I need your prayers today. I have to perform a micro-teach (mini lesson) in my Inquiry class tonight and I'm truly afraid. This teacher is a little gruff and I've heard he's very rough on grading these things. I've never done any type of lesson before. Right now I'm so upset I'm not sure i'll be able to eat lunch. I have to wait all day too. My class doesn't start 'til 5:00. ANy quick prayers today are most welcome. :)

A very nervous and distracted

October 21, 2004 - Msg 24368: DIXIE.. good luck tonight in class ,just try to be calm
MDC.. good idea about giving the state we are from
mayberry deputy (North Carolina)

October 21, 2004 - Msg 24369: Dixie - this is so cool! I've been studying to be a history teacher as well! I'm going about it differently, though. Getting a BA in History, then a Master's in Teaching. Not in classes this year. Waiting until next fall so I can get in-state tuition. I don't mind the break. Been in college non-stop since I was 16. About time I took a little time to live. Just wish living wasn't such busy work! If you need any help w/ lessons, let me know. Most of my instructors had 'practical' classes where the students have to teach the class, or go to a scool and do a practice lesson, even before student teaching. Quick tip is to relax, breathe, and imagine your teacher is the unruly kid in the back of the room that always requires special attention. It'll be fun once you get the hang of it.

Washington, DC

October 21, 2004 - Msg 24370: Back from voting...felt good, knowing all that's going on in the world and our own country today!
What a great right! One guy, for a local office, probably has no chance of winning, but
I know I cast MY for for him and that's what counts!
Dixie, try reading 2Timothy 1:7, always gave me solace at the start of my days when I used to teach!
MD- too bad you'll miss the race! PIR in a few weeks. Pipeman will have to get the brown truck out here.
Supper tonight is sliced Polish sausage with cottage fries, peppers,spices, and fried eggs all scrambled in a skillet! MMMmmm good! Wash it down with some apple squeezins and sweet potatoe
pie for dessert!

October 21, 2004 - Msg 24371: Dixie, I've learned that the waiting really is the hardest part. Just do your best and you'll do great!
Good for you MDC, for going out and voting, I hope every clear-thinking American does, it is going to be tight. And I'm not going to lie to you like most of these "get out and vote" campaigns(like MTV's) that say they just want you to vote and they don't care who you vote for(I've seen the commercials, and therefore the hidden(and not so hidden) messages) when they clearly do. I can honestly say I hope you vote for George W. Bush, as I have a sneaking suspicion that some people's hatred of him has less to do with Iraq and the economy and more to do with social and moral issues. That's just my take on it though, don't mean to offend others with a different point of view. I'll get off the soapbox now.
You all have a great day!
-Sterling Holobyte(Wisconsin)(or Wis-KAHN-sin) ;)

October 21, 2004 - Msg 24372: Alyce- whenever or where ever you find those things, keep 'em coming. I find them to be a calming influence when things get "pressure packed" here at work. I don't know about looking like Bobby Labonte, unless you think he looks like Peter Brady, who my wife thinks I favor. As far as who I think you look like...I guess I can't get past the name. All I pictured was Alice from the Brady Bunch. But now that's shot based on your post above. Homemaker- sorry, even though you said you didn't look like Reba, that's what I'm picturing now. Dixie-you'll do great. MDC- count me in on supper. Sterling-I'm with you on Dubya! Tally- you started college at 16? Wow, you must be another Doogie Howser. Speaking of picturing what somebody looks like...for Pipeman, all I picture is Mr. McBeevee. Don't ask me why.
Rev.Jr. (SOUTH Carolina)

October 21, 2004 - Msg 24373:
Good day folks,

Sterling Holobyte, Agree if you need help registering at this stage of the game you should just stay home and watch videos. Put me down for W.

I think Kerry "jumped the Shark" when he used that phony and condescending accent inquiring about the hunting license. He's starting to look like Zelig. You can't be all things to all people.

The BoSox stuck a fork into the old curse.
Auh2o (Western New York)

October 21, 2004 - Msg 24374: Auh2o- Love the "jumped the shark" reference! I have to respectfully disagree with you about the "curse." In my opinion (which, according to my wife, co-workers, etc., is worth about 2 cents) the curse will be officially lifted the day they win the World Series. Unless you're talking about 2 different curses, the curse of the Bambino and the curse of the Yankees. I honestly don't believe there ever was a curse, just something conjured up by the media and bought into by the fans and players.
Rev.Jr. (South "by the grace of God" Carolina)

October 21, 2004 - Msg 24375: Afternoon everyone!
Been to the grocery store today, now I have to put it all away..yuck!

Rev Jr: I messed up...it was Peter Brady that you said you looked like..dont know why I thought Bobby L. Oh well..and NO..I dont look like Alice from the show..I'm a lot younger and blonder. I do spend most of my time in the kitchen though..and I do clean a couple's house on the side!

Dixie and TAlly: I am seeing something here..maybe yall should exchange email addresses :-)

Oh and Dixie..I prayed for lots of peace for you today...you need peace and encouragement from the Almighty!

Well if anyone wants anything different than MDC supper..here is my menu:
Salad, Beef Tips with gravy, mashed potatoes, green peas, ice tea, lemonade...sugar cookies with icing and ice cream for dessert.


October 21, 2004 - Msg 24376: Dixie, toads are not "yucky", they're just toads. Can't say I'd want to kiss one, but they really aren't yucky. Unless you're talking about two-legged toads. Now, they are yucky, and I don't want you kissing any of them, either.

Dež! Wow, it's been a long time. So good to hear from you. Do you mean to stand there on your two skinny feet and tell me that those girls are in 7th grade?? Oh, my, where is the time going? I'll bet they're just beautiful young girls.

Where are Asa and Mavis? Do we need to set up a check-point chickie and see if we can find them?

Put me and the Plum down for Dubya, too. He may not be perfect (who is?) but the other candidate scares me to death. Besides, we just got one coarse, vulgar woman out of the White House four years ago, let's don't put another one in. I plan to vote tomorrow.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena (Texas)

October 21, 2004 - Msg 24377: And Alyce, I don't care what T. Heinz says,
motherhood IS a JOB and a tough one at that!
Geezz is that woman out of touch!
I may be by your place for supper! haha
Prayers for all the porch.
MDC ---Arizona

October 21, 2004 - Msg 24378: Oops, forgot to tell Sterling, loved your "KHAN!"
where's pipeman, spot, Charlotte, briscoe, AFD,Mavis bulbsnatcher, new neighbor, asa, emmit and others?? Yup Ro, checkpoint chickie time!

October 21, 2004 - Msg 24379:
Rev Jr, I stand corrected. The original curse from 1918 is still very much in play. I guess I should have said they knocked the monkey off their back when they be the Yankees. Just for the record I do not believe in curses, ghost, the bogeyman, or the French.


October 21, 2004 - Msg 24380: Good afternoon porch!

I hope you all are doing well. Dixie, you are in my prayers, and I am certain that you will do just fine.

I heard that Kerry asked for a hunting license saying, "Can I get me a license here?" I thought they were just exaggerating until I saw and heard the clip. I thought it was pretty funny.

I took offense at Mrs. Teresa Heinz Kerry's remarks regarding Mrs. Laura Bush never having a real job. She then apologized when she learned that Mrs. Bush was a teacher and a librarian. I guess if Mrs. Bush hadn't held those jobs it would be Mrs. Kerry's opinion that working at home and raising children isn't work. I wonder why I am so tired at the end of every day, what with 3 children and all! It couldn't be that I was WORKING!!

It could be a World Series between Texas and Massachusetts! Kind of like the presidential race, eh? Pretty odd I would say!

I have to make sloppy joes for dinner, not one of my favorites, but my 21 year old just had his birthday and that was his request. He says he wants 9 of them! So, I guess I better go brown the hamburger and get started on it!

Have a wonderful fall evening!
Mary Wiggins
from colorful Michigan!!

October 21, 2004 - Msg 24381: Put my x on W too. . .please do not start me on Kerry except to say he is being supported by the communist party of the USA - there is such a thing! Scary isn't it? I wonder if our forefathers thought that would happen in this free country?
Alyce - believe it or not I can sing, mainly in church anymore but as a youngster - I had a pretty good set of pipes. . .now I mainly sign instead of sing
RevJr - go ahead, let me look like Reba, won't hurt my feelings nary a bit!

Still worried about Asa and Mavis. . .

Also Tally and Dixie - teaching is a wonderful profession and it has it ups and downs. It's a good thing that my husband works too - one paycheck wouldn't support this family and all the "kids"

Going to my inlaws for supper tonight -they invited and I don't turn down free meals!


October 21, 2004 - Msg 24382: Homemaker,
When my mother was having us kids, she always looked forward to the hospital stay for those "free meals"! The only problem was, she would end up with one more bundle of joy to add to all the others, that would keep her more than busy! I am glad your free meal doesn't come with such a price tag!

Mary Wiggins

October 21, 2004 - Msg 24383: Does anyone else find it interesting that Miz Heinz-Kerry was unaware that Laura Bush had been a teacher and a librarian? Where has the woman been? --Romeena

October 21, 2004 - Msg 24384: Rev, Jr.

I noticed you specified SOUTH Carolina in both your recent posts. Is that as opposed to NORTH Carolina?! ;)

Mary Wiggins

October 21, 2004 - Msg 24385: Good Question Romeena, I guess she has been "philanthroping" so much she didn't have a chance to check that out!


October 21, 2004 - Msg 24386: Heading home in a minute....Dixie should be in the middle of her class about now. I'm sure she's knockin' 'em dead. Auh2o- I'm with you on curses, ghosts, the bogeyman and the French. I'd like to add giraffes to that list. They're selfish. Alyce- I hope you know I didn't mean any disrespect with the Alice reference. I promise her image is out of my head now. It has been replaced by....Carol Brady. Mary Wiggins- I'd love some Sloppy Joes. My wife and kids won't touch them, so I never get them. Pipeman- just thought I'd let you know what I had for supper last night (for real)...fried bologna sammiches! I laughed the whole time I was eating, thinking "if the porchsters could see me right now." Y'all have a good evening.

October 21, 2004 - Msg 24387: MW- Oops...did I do that? ! I was just kidding around with the SOUTH Carolina thing....maybe.

October 21, 2004 - Msg 24388: REV JR. ... You made me hungry talking about fried bolony again ,think Im gonna scramble some eggs and fry some bolony and eat it while I watch the news

October 21, 2004 - Msg 24389: Ha! There is so much I want to respond to after reading these posts, I don't know where to begin!

Des, I know what you meant...I am about to melt here in Corpus Christi. I just don't get these record-breaking temps in October!

RevJr, I am a girl...though I used to be a boy when I first started visiting the porch (long story). I am 42, blue eyes, blond hair-straight and just past the shoulders. I have your typical, over forty, overweight and over-worked body...we'll just leave it at that. I have a round, cheerful face that is almost always laughing....I guess you could say I am kind of a female version of Santa. I kind of picture pipeman as a Mr Mcbeevee, too RJ.

As far as what T. Heinz says, makes you wonder where she's been. Of course, when you are in her current position everything you even think about saying is scrutinized. Very surprising that she didn't know anything about Laura Bush.

Boy Alyce, supper sounds great. I had a cheese sandwich but it was pretty good because I used good 'ol Velveeta (the cheese that could constipate an elephant).

Gotta Gogh....


October 21, 2004 - Msg 24390: Wow, lots of posts since I last signed on. Been busy with supper and kids..got one more to get to bed..
so much to comment on..as Boo said.

Boo: funny about the Velveeta and the elephant! I'll take your word for it.

T Heiz Kerry is a trip..I just found out tonight about all that she said about Laura Bush..I am so offended, as I used to be a teacher..and besides I am a mother, a stay at home one at that, and that is the most important job a woman could have. I think she should be terribly embarrassed that she didnt know what Mrs.Bush had previously done..Oh, it irks me!!

Rev.Jr: No offense on the Alice from Brady comment...I dont offend too easily.

Well I am full from my supper and the many cookies I have already eaten...gotta stop or I'll be big as a house!


October 21, 2004 - Msg 24391: Boo, you mean you're not Mrs. Cleaver, vacumning the house in your heels and pearls!? Ha, just couldnt resist that one! ( )
IT'S RAINING in phoenix! Yippie /////
Great night for porch sittin and eatin fried balony!

October 21, 2004 - Msg 24392: Oops, my cloud () and rain//// got separated!

October 21, 2004 - Msg 24393: I'm so glad that no matter how long I'm absent from my rocker the lively conversation (and chitchat) just keeps going on. Thanks to all you who had a kind word about the loss of my puppy. I'm fretting something fierce over the other one--afraid to let her outside for fear she'll get run over. Homemaker, I must say that was some of the most wonderful advice you gave Dixie Belle about staying Ms. Right, and Mr. Right would pop up! You are a wise one indeed! Busy as usual here. Need to get off here and spend some time with my kids. Got faster internet today. It's nice, real nice. Whatever happened to Nice Real Nice Mary Grace? Was she on this porch or the old one? Good to see MDC, Dež, and ... ah, I can't list ya'll! Good to see ya'll everybody! Where in tarnation is Asa and Mavis and Salty Dog?
Charlotte Tucker

October 21, 2004 - Msg 24394:
Rev Jr. Once again I stand in correction. I see I neglected to mention giraffes.
"Those giraffes always looking out for number 1." That's my favorite episode.


October 22, 2004 - Msg 24395: Howdy, friends. Just dropped by to tell everyone good night, and to tell you about a hint I discovered. I don't know about the rest of you, but my elbows get sore when I spend a lot of time at this keyboard. I sort of prop them on the desk at times, like when I'm doing jigsaw puzzles or playing games, and they just about wear out. I took the shoulder pads out of an old shirt, cut the toes off an old pair of socks, and stuffed the shoulder pads inside. Now I pull them on like sleeves, with the shoulder pad positioned at the heel of the sock, which forms a little pocket for my elbow. Very comfortable, and cost me nothing but a few minutes time.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 22, 2004 - Msg 24396: You know, the more I think about Ms. Heinz-Kerry's ill-begotten crack about Laura Bush, the more I'm glad she said it. It's quite possible that she has opened a can of worms, and won't be able to get the top back on. As I recall, the other female Washington troglodyte, Ms. Clinton, made a stupid remark about Mrs. Bush a few years ago, something about "baking cookies" or some such. Or was that Ms. Gore that said it? Well, no matter. I'm thinking that there are enough home-and-hearth type women in this country, and probably millions more who would be if they could, and those women aren't going to like belittling comments like that. I'm not a women's libber, but one good thing did come out of that movement. Women began to demand more respect, not only in the paid workplace, but in the home as well. "Just a housewife" became a forbidden phrase, and "proud homemaker" took its place, and it should. There is no nobler calling than that of caring for the home and family. Many women manage it along with a paid job, but for those who are able to devote full time to that pursuit, I say "You go, girl!" May your tribe increase.

Boo, your point is well taken. Every word spoken by a candidate or his wife is subject to scrutiny, and you would think that TH-K would know that and either be more careful, or keep her mouth shut. Personally, I wouldn't want my every utterance to be analyzed by the public, but then I've not chosen to be in the public eye.

Well, so there! That's the end of my soapbox for tonight, except to say that I sincerely hope Teresa's comments come back to bite her in the backside.
Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 22, 2004 - Msg 24397: Mornin' porch! Auh2o, I'm with you on that episode, it's also my wife's all time favorite. It's a shame TVland has edited Barney's speech out of it for the most part. Ro- wouldn't it be great if all the stay at home moms (my wife did it for years, it was a much more demanding job than any other she's had) would rise up and take a stand...reminds me of Aunt Bee ..."we will NOT sing, we will NOT sing!"
How ya doin Spot?

October 22, 2004 - Msg 24398: I'm with you, Romeena. Now if all those home and hearth type women go out and vote!
Since we are talking about Teresa Heinz-Kerry, I just have to say that I really don't like her. :)
And everytime I see her, ...well, does anyone else get the feeling that she likes her booze if you know what I mean. I don't mean to spread rumors and I am trying not to, but everytime I see her I just think that she looks like a drunk. And a mean drunk at that. Maybe it is her red, puffy nose I don't know what gives me the impression that she likes her booze, but I just get that feeling.
Now that my not-too-scientific impressions of her are out of the way, I also think that John should probably put a muzzle on her to keep her from making any more rude comments.
-Sterling Holobyte

October 22, 2004 - Msg 24399: Well, hey there Rev. Jr! I guess we had the same idea about the moms out there!
-Sterling Holobyte

October 22, 2004 - Msg 24400: Good grief. How about that Andy Griffith show...isn't that a great show? Best thats ever been.

October 22, 2004 - Msg 24401: It sure is! And here's something curious...There was NO mom on that show! I bet Andy would have been appreciative of stay at home moms!

Mary Wiggins

October 22, 2004 - Msg 24402: Oooh, I wish I could be a stay at home mom! My fiance was just telling me last night how much trouble little Samy has been giving him and how much he's been missing my help since he's been away. Poor dear is working a 48hr. week, taking four classes online, raising his younger (2y/o)son on his own, and living in the same building as his brother, sister-in-law, sister, and two cousins who always like to drop in for a chat as soon as he gets home from work. I, on the other hand, get home from work with an amazing lack of things to do and absolutely no conversation from any of my housemates and constantly wish we could move up the wedding date to next month instead of next summer to take a little of the pressure off of both of us! But, we've got to wait & give my disapproving family time to adjust to the idea of their eldest daughter/granddaughter marrying a slightly older African man with a baby. So far the only one who doesn't object is my own step-dad. I know it's not traditional, but not much is now days. All I can say is that I'm glad of having a caring step-parent in my life and I hope to be just as kind and caring to my future step-son. He's such a cutie!

Mary Wiggins - Now that I think about it, there were a LOT of missing moms on that show! The Darlings, Opie, the boy with the bycicle who kept running Barney down (don't recall what the story was with his mom...). The only moms that jump to my mind straight off were in the Miss Mayberry episode pestering Andy about their lovely daughters!


October 22, 2004 - Msg 24403: Msg24400, like on Andy Taylor's porch, we talk about a wide range of subjects, and you are more than welcome to join us and chat about whatever you would like(within reason and good taste). And I agree with you that TAGS is a great show!

I agree with you too, Mary Wiggins!
-Sterling Holobyte

October 22, 2004 - Msg 24404: Good morning all!

First off..I have to apologize to Dixie and Tally...ha! here I am saying yall should exchange email addresses, that it may be "something there"...Sorry guys..Tally, for some reason I assumed you were a male. And here you are a lady getting ready to be married..sorry about the mix up.

Rev.Jr: I am a stay at home mom..I love it...there are some days that I just about go crazy..and I have this week. I took my oldest to my inlaws for the day today..we just needed a break and she needed a change of scenery, since she hasnt been in school.

The men are here now working on the foundation for my new house..WHOO HOO!!! I thought I'd never see this day!


October 22, 2004 - Msg 24405: That's alright Alyce. Tally is actually short for Tallaverosa (my online tag, not real name). I can see how the spelling might confuse. Perhaps I should use the alternate "Tallie" instead, but it's so difficult to change my typing habits after all these years.


October 22, 2004 - Msg 24406: My the porch has been lively!

Well first of all thank you all for your kind words and prayer. I was nervous until I stepped in front of the class and then all was clam. Marvelous feeling it was to know that you all were thinking of me and that God was caring for me. The professor is a tough one and I was worried. He told me that I did a good job. I was thrilled!

Tally Good luck with school and your wedding. I might be taking you up on that offer for help with lessons!

Alyce you are too funny!

Romeena lol girl! I was referring to the two legged kind. I think actual frogs are cute and have several stuffed ones!

Again thank you all for your prayers and your encouragement. The faith you have in me makes me feel so good! I'm so glad I have friends like you!

Everyone have a Mayberry Day!

Smiles! :) :) :) :) :) :)
Dixie PANHANDLE of Florida... there is a difference! (lol ;) )

October 22, 2004 - Msg 24407: Well Tally, we all know now that you are a female...I was trying to be matchmaker!


October 22, 2004 - Msg 24408: Tallaverosa.... I like it.... never heard that before!


October 22, 2004 - Msg 24409: OH hey Dixie, we posted at the same time...Glad you did well last night in class!!


October 22, 2004 - Msg 24410:
Alyce The fact that you were thinking of us shows you care! :) We love you hun!


October 22, 2004 - Msg 24411: Hey Alyce! We keep triping over one another!


October 22, 2004 - Msg 24412: Tallaverosa was a name I came up with in 6th grade for a character in a children's book I was writing for a class project. I liked it so much that the next year, when I started playing Backgammon online and mom didn't want my real name floating around the internet, I adopted it as my online tag and use it just about everywhere. I've even added a middle and last name, for sites that required them. My full tag is Tallaverosa Jamie Gilchaelan. I guess I just keep using that name out of habit more than security these days, grown rather fond of it, you know.


October 22, 2004 - Msg 24413: Mary Wiggins, you're absolutely right. Andy may not have had a stay-at-home mom for Opie, but he sure did have a stay-at-home Aunt Bee, and he obviously appreciated her very much. He went to great lengths to make her happy on several occasions, and was careful to teach Opie to respect and appreciate her as well.

24400, as Sterling said, you are very welcome here. You'll find us all to be undying TAGS fans, though we do venture into other topics quite often. (Sterling, I know what you mean about TH-K. The word my mama would have used is "coarse.") Perhaps we go too far astray at times, and a little nudge such as you so gently offered is appreciated. Our own dear Floyd has on occasion steered us out of confrontational waters. It's too easy to get on our cyber-soapboxes, and too easy to offend someone. I can only say that when it happens, it's not intentional, it's just that we porchsters, like Americans everywhere, are opinionated and vocal. The folks in Mayberry weren't immune to that condition, either, so I guess we can be forgiven for that. Also, if we talked about nothing but TAGS here, some of us (maybe all of us) would eventually run out of something original to say, and the porch would crumble. However, your point is well taken, and in deference to that, I'd like to second MDC's suggestion that we have another quote-a-thon. They're always fun! Here's mine:
(Barney to Otis, in slow, eerie voice) - Where did you get the liquor? Where did you GET the liquor?

Have a great day, friends. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 22, 2004 - Msg 24414: For the quote-a-thon I'd like to add one of my favorites (and the name of my mother's chapter of TAGSRWC).
Aunt Bee: I stay in the house too much...


October 22, 2004 - Msg 24415: Tipsy, gassed, tiddly, crocked...all from TAGS!
Wow, really enjoying the exchanges here!
Sterling, one thing you forgot yesterday about the vote is that there will most likely be two appointments to the Supreme Court within the next 4 years, and it will make or break that body as one upholding the const-tution or "re-writing" it!
kerry said to look in ones "gut", well my gut says that this is the most important election since the one for Abraham Lincoln, and if Christians today just sit around and twiddle our thumbs, then we will get what we deserve!
OK, quote time:
Barney: Asa, what are those green things in your belt?
Asa: Bullets.
Barney: They're moldy!
(Well, yes that quote can also be an an-logy
to what i just said above!)
Hope spot and Mavis are doin ok.
Pray hard this Sunday for all our ailin' folks!
Have a good day all,
Mr Darlin's Cuz

October 22, 2004 - Msg 24416: wow lots of posts since i last posted. i'll catcha few now and the rest later.lord willing. spot= if you are able toread any post maybe you could get someone top update us.rev jr= you had bull meat sammiches (i mean balogna) and didn't make enough for everyone? when you added them to alyce's meal plus a nap so everything settles properly ,it doesn't get any better.i agree, sit up check point chickee until all the porch has been found. i know when you run away your not suppose to tell anyone cause it's against the rules, but do check in cause we love you. mayberry deputy= thanks for asking about how i was doing in the health dept. i just finished cleaning the rest rooms and now it's onto the lobby. ha. boo= prayers for your friend and family. just remember god never promised us an easy road to travel while here on earth but he always knows what is best. a time and a season for evrything.a quote a- thon- eh? when ernest t. wanted to go the army to get a uniform. he asked andy what the army was like and andy said. WELL YOU JOIN THE ARMY, GO TO EXOTIC PLACES, AND MEET NEW PEOPLE, THEN YOU KILL THEM. MORE LATER. pipeman

October 22, 2004 - Msg 24417: "What can yo do with a grown woman pa?"

That Opie...he was wise beyond his years!

Happy Friday to the porch! Prayers to all, workin these last 11 days for "W" and praying that the American people have enough sense to see beyond some of these lies from the left.

Hope that everyone has a great Mayberry kind of weekend...

GO "W"!

October 22, 2004 - Msg 24418: Barney to Big Maude: "Now you just gotta relax, go with the flow...let me lead you to the land of rhythm and pleasure." Speaking of making up names, one of the simple pleasures I get practically everyday is using a character's name from Mayberry. When I call my clients or media reps I usually get the standard "may I tell him/her who is calling?" from the receptionist. I reply "Yes, John Masters" or Ernie Bass or Jim Lindsey or Oscar Fields, etc., It's pretty harmless. Dixie- we knew you would do great. I had to laugh at PANHANDLE. I was overemphasizing a point with the whole SOUTH Carolina thing. A lot of folks around here are extremely touchy about S.C. & N.C. being two different states. Most of the national media tend to lump us together and refer to us as one state.... the "Carolinas." It really doesn't bother me that much. I was poking fun at my own state as much as anything.
Rev.Jr. (South Carolina aka "God's Country")

October 22, 2004 - Msg 24419: Afternoon Friends.
Sorry I have not been around here on the porch much. Just very busy time of the year for me. Trying to complete some jobs before the snow hits to hard. Thanks for asking about me. It's nice to know you are missed.
I have read some of the archives, not all of them so I just want to say a prayer for all who needs them. Sounds like a lot has been going on.
Good to see you back auh2o.
Has anyone heard how Mavis is doing?
Welcome to Tally, or I guess it's welcome back. The porch is so nice to come home to.
Hope your all well. I'll post more later.


October 22, 2004 - Msg 24420: Anybody got a good who-said-it to give a tired brain a little exercise?


October 22, 2004 - Msg 24421: sorry, didn't mean to sign twice.

October 22, 2004 - Msg 24422: Here's a fairly easy one...."I'm gonna be a PAINTER!"

October 22, 2004 - Msg 24423: Everybody must be doin' chores. Porch got mighty quiet.

October 22, 2004 - Msg 24424: the brown truck will be in the races this weekend, of course i have to have a tv while driving to watch the sox in the world series. i don't have all the details worked out yet. tally= you promised to have your room clean by today and your voting sticker on the mirror. in the spirit of the clean campaign, i promise to have my room cleaned by christmas and to vote on time. how's that? dixie= in the spirit of the cleaning campaign i'll pressure hose the inside of your car if you would like? rev jr= i know what you mean about the long games in the playoffs. i was like barney, i fell asleep and the announcer would say did you see that, what i was just resting my eyes, what happened. oh well at least no test patterns to wake up to. frankie flint= congrats on the dvd find. isn't it always amazing how god knows what we need to relight our candles when the wind is blowing so hard against us? dess= good to see you on the porch. i know what you mean about the weather extremes, here in central illinois , no rain all summer, crops about in and we get tons of rain, and damp for weeks. charlotte tucker= so good to hear from you, always misbehave when you and mrs wiley are gone. ha. rev jr and alyce= ok the jig is up, i'll go with the visual of mr mcbeeve, i will blow smoke rings out my pipe er i mean ears and i'll even wear the spurs but i'm not wearing that silver hat nor climb poles unless something is chasing me. how's that? keep quessing this is fun. hint- i have black hair, with a twinge of grey at the temples,eyes that change colors depending on what i wear, neatly trimmed mustache, 195 pounds. sterling= i picture you as a thoughtfull, easy going, think things thru, much like andy. there i made a quess. what's for supper? i'm hungry. check in spot if you can. andy says you can sleep in his room with the tv until your well. lol. pipeman

October 22, 2004 - Msg 24425: I've never seen one paw. Seen one what? Half a boy.

Thats my quote for the day!

Mary Wiggins

October 22, 2004 - Msg 24426: Hey Pipe- you gotta give us some height with that weight. 195 pounds would be "svelte" on 6'...195 lbs. on 5'7" would be "husky." BTW you ever been accused of being svelte? Thought you would like that..HA!