October 25, 2004 - Msg 24539: "The movie star..."

I loved that show...specially when they made those coconut cream pies! YUM!

Hey to the porch! Good to see spot...hang in there bo! Alyce...loved the one liners...used them on www.hillbillyshoes.com!

Prayers for all...


October 25, 2004 - Msg 24540: WOW! I have NEVER been the one to sweep the porch! I want to thank my mother figure, my brother figure and my sister figure!


October 25, 2004 - Msg 24541: The professor and Marrrry Annnn....

October 25, 2004 - Msg 24542: Good job, Goob! Would you mind dusting the back of my rocker? It's terrible dusty...
- Hazel

"... And the rest, are here on Gilligans Island!"
and in later years, "... the Professor and Mariann are here on Gilligans Island!".

I always wondered why they couldn't include the Professor and Mariann in the original song. Afterall, it was only 2 more.

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24543: Mornin' porch. Okay, here's another little game. Based on the personalities here on the porch, what kind of vehicle do you think your fellow porchsters drive? I'll take the first guess. I'm thinking Sterling drives something like a Honda Accord because he seems to really think things through. Weighs out the options. A Honda is very good on gas yet comfortable enough for a young family. How'd I do?

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24544: Being an avid fan of Gilligan's Island for a long time(I even stopped going to track practice in Junior high(middle school, for some)when it cut into my after-school Gilligan watching) and having read Russell Johnson's(The Professor), Bob Denver's(Gilligan) and Sherwood Schwartz's(The Creator of GI, The Brady Bunch, Etc) books, I love all this talk about Gilligan's Island.
BTW Hazel, they(Russell and Dawn) wondered that too, it is also what made them really good friends as they felt they were both left out and kind of banded together.
For all of you guys asking about why the Howells brought all that luggage on a three hour tour and other unanswerable questions, Sherwood Schwartz says that answer and others are symbolic comment. It was his way of saying that rich people have the best of everything, no matter the circumstances.
I don't know if I buy that explanation myself, but he has said that Gilligan's Island was meant to be symbolic of a social microcosm of human life, painted with a very broad brush: The Howells were not just wealthy, they were incredibly wealthy; The Professor was incredibly intelligent(I know, he couldn't build a boat. But Russell says in his book that that was just part of the ridiculousness of it all and that the show WAS targeted toward children); Mary-ann was the sweetest girl-next-door type there could ever be; Gilligan was not just inept, he was so "not-ept" he could break a jig-saw puzzle... in the box; etc, etc.
Despite, and because of, all that ridiculous stuff in the show, like Romeena said, it was funny!

Close, Rev Jr., uncomfortably close.;)
We actually got rid of our mini-van because of the gas and got a Saturn Ion. A neat little car with better gas mileage, while not skimping on safety with a steel cage inside the body, side air bags and the like. One part I like about it is that the instrument panel is in the middle of the dashboard where you can see it, so you don't have to look through the steering wheel. I saw that and I thought, "why hasn't anyone thought that up before?"
Pretty good, Rev Jr.
-Sterling Holobyte

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24545: That is so funny that you pegged Sterling so well, Rev! I already know what some of the people on the porch drive, like Ro and Alyce but I would guess that you, Rev, would drive...hmmm...how about a pick-up? Now what do ya'll think I (Ms. Santa) would drive??

I have so many chores today I don't know where to begin. I'm behind on the laundry and the house looks like its been trashed by a three year old (because it has). Better go!


October 26, 2004 - Msg 24546: Ok, here's a question for the guys...if you weren't already married, would you want to mary Ginger or Mary Anne?

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24547: Mary Ann...hands down. She could cook, knew how to dress...and I think she was cuter...

Hmmmm...I think pipeman drives a Chevy Monte Carlo...red, with a Nascar sticker on it! :-)

GO W!!!

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24548: Great going with the Gilligan theme! Maybe when we face the judgement throne we can tell the Lord that we all know the Gilligan Island theme! Does that help? haha
In an interview with Dawn Wells i saw one time, she said that she and the professor had not "officially signed contracts" that first year and that is why it says "...and the rest." Second year on says ..."the professor and mary ann" once they had signed on.
(So she said)
I'm guessin the son of a reverand probably drives something like an older VW. ?
A dyed in the wool conservative like sterling probably buys american, maybe a chevy van?
Boo, i'm guessing you must have an SUV of some sort.
pipeman might have a pick up, with all the status of his now famous "brown truck."
How about an older 50's dude from AZ?

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24549: Golf cart?!

heh, heh, heh!


October 26, 2004 - Msg 24550: MARY ANN for sure , she was good at the womanly things ,had a great personality and was pretty

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24551: Boo- you nailed it! I drive a Dodge Dakota Quad cab...enough room to haul the entire family PLUS enough room to haul stuff. MDC- you weren't entirely wrong. I learned to drive in a '68 VW bug (the first year they had the "high" back seats.) Goober-that was too funny. As for the Ginger/Mary Ann debate.....no question about it in my book..Mary Ann.

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24552: It looks like Mary Ann is going to win it hands down, as she would be my pick, too. It goes without saying that she was sweet(mainly because I already said it in my other post;)), but I think she was much prettier than the made-up Ginger, inside and out!

I'd like to say that I always buy American, MDC. I'd LIKE to say it but it wouldn't be true. It's not like I'd go out of my way to buy something made in another country, but I must confess I don't always look for the made in the USA label. Plus I can't really fault other countries for trying to make a buck and give their people a living. If the quality is good, I'll consider buying it. And I don't know if it really hurts jobs over here that much. Even if it is not manufactured here there are plenty of jobs created and maintained here for a particular product like warehouse, distributing, customer service/repair, etc. I wouldn't want all manufacturing to go overseas but it as someone said, "when God closes a door he opens a window."
Oh, to answer your question MDC, our van was a Ford, so you too were close on that one!

I haven't been contributing to the automobile guessing game because I haven't the foggiest idea what you guys drive and I can't even begin to guess. Maybe it's because this is the porch and we never drive on the porch. That would be dangerous!:)
-Sterling Holobyte

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24553: so much quessing to do that i'll probably get a head ache and have to take a nap. goober= long time since i heard from you. who are you for in the world seies? go sox. as for who was the cutest on gilligans iland i guess i'll choose ginger because i hate for her to end up an old maid. besides as barney would say, being on that island all those years and her money growing she'd be loaded. ha. rev jr. i picture mayberry deputy in a porsch. he loves racing. speed, speed, speed. spot= i picture in a dodge ram truck. mdc= an older 50's or 60's classic. pipeman in his old elcamino. emerald green. boo= i'm with you we can't drive on the porch. romenna= i'd guess a vw convertible. mrs wiley on the show was so rich i guess she has a limo and a chuffer. just teasing mrs wiley. what's cooking doc ? i'll be hungry after my nap. pipeman

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24554: PIPEMAN .. I have a poor mans porsch ,a ford Mustang ,also have a dodge dakota

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24555: Did you know that the apostles drove a Honda,
'cause it says that they were all in one Accord!
Goob- you were close, I do carry a "go-cart" in the back of my chevy truck.
I also heard dawn Wells say that CBS would not allow her bellybutton to show and you will see that her shorts actually go up in the front to hide it! How TV has changed!
Floyd: Barney, this is just a haircut, not a brain operation!
Spot - good to hear your recovery is going well.
Guess you could say that your "talkin' dog transmitter" has new batteries! Johnny Paul Jason would be proud of you.
Pipeman aka doc adams, do you still watch "the Rifleman?" There is a John Wayne stamp out. have you seen it?
Sterling, I hear what you mean. A lot of Buicks are made in canada and Mexico and lots of Hondas and Toyotas are made here etc.
What's cooking for tonight?

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24556: Whoohoo! A VW convertible? Would be fun, pipeman, but I have to say you're way off. I know what Boo drives, but I have no idea about anyone else. I'm not good at this sort of thing. I would guess that Mary Wiggins and her hubby drive a big pickup with a nice camper top, but I can only make that guess because I know a little about their travel habits. BTW, Mary, don't forget to let me know when Pat has some new pictures ready. For those of you who might not know, Mary Wiggins' husband is an artist who paints wildlife scenes, and he is sublimely talented. I have three of his prints, and would love to have more.

Sterling, about buying American, it seems that's pretty hard to do these days. Even when you buy an "American" car, it's quite possible that it was made abroad somewhere. Even those that are actually assembled here use a lot of components that were made elsewhere. It's confusing.

Well, I feel a nap calling me. Had to get up early this morning for lab and doctor appointments, so I think I'll indulge myself and grab a snooze. Sugarplum (who will happily tuck in right beside me) says hey! --Romeena

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24557: See, MDC agrees with me about the foreign/domestic-made car thing. --Romeena

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24558: Sorry!

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24559: MDC...I knew there had to be one somewhere! ;-) We have a Tahoe and a Jeep Wrangler. I also have an 1100 Shadow...not THAT'S my toy! :-)

Go W!

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24560: Pipe...I'm pulling for the red birds...on one hand...just cause they're at least in our division. And if it weren't for other NOT TO BE NAMED challengers from Boston...I'd probably like the Sox...just for the heck of it! :-)


October 26, 2004 - Msg 24561: Hello Porchsters! I am answering the APB that was put out on me & turning myself in. I am still here, just not online much anymore, not only do I have very little time for things like that now that Mom is gone, my heart just isn't into much of anything anymore. It has been so hard to just get thru the daily chores, much less, the legal stuff that goes along with someone passing away. (I do remember to bathe daily tho) If you don't hear from me & start to worry, please just email me & remind me to check in. I love you guys dearly, but my brain is still kinda fuzzy at times. You can email me at work too ThePetStop@bvunet.net

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24562: Wow, I see that I have missed alot since yesterday afternoon. I am so pooped..children being sick sure do wear a mama out! Now my oldest is sick..and the baby has a rash all over her body now. The house is trashed, cause I took nightime tylenol last night and it knocked me on my but t, so my husband let me get a couple hours of a nap today. That was a nice treat..now he's in the woods..better get a big deer too, since he left me with these sick kids! ha!
Funny about all the Gilligans Island talk. When I watched (the reruns of course)I always seemed to relate myself to Mary Ann.

I would have no idea what you folks drive..I dont think I am very good with guessing that.

Anyone guess me...27 year old mother of 2 kids 1 and 3..country girl with class ;-)?
Boo: you're out of this one I guess..I dont remember when I told you what I drove though..I am trying to think of what you might drive..hmm...maybe a Windstar?

Romeena:maybe an Escort or Taurus? Is there a website to view Mary Wiggins' husbands prints?


October 26, 2004 - Msg 24563: GOOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU MAVIS dear. Glad you are hanging in there. prayers continue for you.
Schilling sure gave the "Red Sox" name a new meaning. Ya gotta hand it to him, he must have been in a lot of pain! I'm sort of pulling for the sox just so they can get another notch up on 1918! But i dont want to start a moulage.
PS : anyone remember Room 222?

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24564: Mavis!! So good to see you, hon! Bless your little heart, we sure have missed you. We understand, and have been praying for you, but take a few minutes every day to come here and let us love on you a little. You need every positive stroke you can get right now.

Nope, Alyce, not really even close. I'll give you a hint - it has four wheels! (teehee) As for Pat's website, if there is one, Mary Wiggins has not told me about it. His work was featured on one at one time, but it wasn't a permanent thing.

And now I really am going to go take that nap. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24565: MDC- I remember watching Room 222. Liked it a lot. How about the White Shadow? Guess I liked it because I played b-ball in high school. Great to hear from Mavis. Prayers for her. Alyce- I'm guessing some kind of sedan...maybe a Camry. Maybe a mini-van, Grand Caravan. I only say that because I remember how difficult it was with 2 car seats. An suv just isn't that "car seat" friendly. I'm guessing your husband has a truck, being a hunter.

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24566: Mavis: Good to see you dear..take your time and take care of yourself..

Ro: actually my first thought was a Buick LaSabre for you..but for some reason, I thought something a little sportier like the Taurus or Escort.I dont know...you'll just have to tell us!

Rev.Jr: I used to have a Taurus..loved that car..It was the first one I bought out of college..now my husband has it and it is trashed! You are close though on one of your choices. My husband is a truck man..actually he is a "whatever runs" kinda man! Poor thing..he has made so many sacrifices for me to be a stay at home mom..he has sold many trucks..at one time he owned 2..one for work and going out and one for hunting and playing around. Now we have two hand me down trucks..old ones..One, that is in better shape, used to be my grandaddy's. I want him to have a big ole Ford so bad, but we have this house going now..Oh well..
Man, alot of rambling about vehichles..


October 26, 2004 - Msg 24567: Dont want to start a political moulage ,but has anyone taken part in early voting,thought I might go Thursday after work but I think it might not be as exciting as doing it on voting day .
mayberry deputy

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24568: I will wait and vote on November 2 - hopefully it will be a great day for my candidates!
I'll let you guess what I drive if you want - country family with goats and a traveling teacher - I'll let you know there are two autos. . let the guessing begin! LOL

I see Asa in a Hummer!


October 26, 2004 - Msg 24569: A yellow Hummer to be exact!


October 26, 2004 - Msg 24570:
"People are like stained glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within."
Now ain't that a nice thing to say?
Suzanne just chippin' in.

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24571: SUZANNE.. nice quote !!
mayberry deputy

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24572: Homemaker: I think maybe one of those economy size vans..Or..a Suburban...or an old Chevy pick up..Ha..I dont know..told ya'll I wasnt good at this..


October 26, 2004 - Msg 24573: How would Ya'll like to do a recipe swap?? I thought it would be a neat idea..since most of us like to cook and ALL of us like to eat! We could start with Appetizers for the first few days.
Let me know what you guys think.


October 26, 2004 - Msg 24574: I think thats a good idea Alyce. I'll look thru my cookbooks and try to come up with a good fall appetizer. How's about those treats they call "Haystacks". You mix up a bag of chow mein noodles with melted butterscotch chips and peanuts. Spoon out on waxed paper and let them harden. Delish!
Suzanne ~ "chipping" in again

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24575: Only you don't melt the peanuts. tee-hee.

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24576: HM - I'm guessin a suburban too. Maybe about ten years old, lots of "character" to it!
MD - I voted early! Felt right good too! I am usually and election day sort of guy, but they are really expecting a huge turnout, so I decided to do it early! I asked one worker when these votes would be counted and he said "on election day".
Suzanne, where do ya hail from?
MDC - Arizona

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24577: Hello All...SPOT here, still hurting alot at night, cant sleep but about 2 hrs at the time, hopw all is well with yall,mom is cooking cube steak and gravy tonight, yall stop by,go back to the doc tomorrow,got my stiches out of my chin,still about 6 more weeks till they try to let me put presure on either of my legs, gona unwrap the crushed right foot tomorrow, hope good news, well let me lay down a spell, yall hold it down while I nap!..signed:SPOT the"got good thoughts" dog of your porch....ruff ruff...ouch!

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24578: PRAYERS FOR SPOT!

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24579: Suzanne: Those are good, have had them before! I make a great Sausage dip..I guess it could be considered an appetizer..its a wonderful party food.
1 lb hot sausage
2 pkgs (8oz each) cream cheese
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1 can Rotel (green chilies and tomatoes)Do not drain.

Let cheeses come to room temperature while browning and draining sausage. Put the cheeses and Rotel in crock pot..Let that soften good..stir..then add the sausage..cook on high until all melted good. Stir often. Serve with tost itos..we like scoops.


October 26, 2004 - Msg 24580: uh oh..Spot left the bold on..I dont know how to turn it off..

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24581:
Good to see you Mavis.

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24582:
There ya go, folks. --Romeena

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24583: Nope, Alyce, not a Buick LeSabre, though that would have been a bit closer. It is a GM product. I'm now driving my fifth one, and love it.

I voted already, was glad to get it over and done with. Only had to wait about ten minutes, and the lines on election day will be very, very long. It wasn't just old biddies like me voting early, either. There were people of all ages there that day.

Spot, dear, it's so good to hear from you. Please be careful and do exactly as your doctors tell you. Eat well, lots of protein and calcium and fruits and veggies, and protect that foot!

Appetizer, hmm? Well, some of you will agree, and some will be grossed out, but I like to do things with chevre, or goat cheese. Really pricey, that stuff, unless you get it Sam's. They sell a very nice product for about a third what it costs in the grocery stores, and I season it myself. One of my daughters loves it, one won't touch it, but I like it very much. You can spread it on little crackers, or put a teaspoon of it in the center of a thin, 3" round of Genoa salami, fold it over and mash the edges together to make a little pocket filled with the cheese. I get the Genoa salami at Sam's also. Very good!

Well, I have a little rack of babyback ribs in the oven - would rather have them done on the grill, but I don't use the grill a lot these days, for just me. With a good sauce, and a couple of minutes under the broiler after they bake tender, they're passable. With a packet of Uncle Ben's Ready Rice (90 seconds in the micro) and a salad, I've got a pretty good meal.

Have a good evening, folks. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24584: Alyce, I've made that sausage dip before. Its de-lish too. I'm just a plain jane when it comes to food. give me good old country cooking anytime. None of them fancy fixins.

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24585: Just checking to see if I can post here. My computer got attacked, AGAIN! I can't send emails, and other strange goings on. Oh well, I probably should "call the man" except I just don't know which man to call!

Someone asked the last name of the young man who's wife I met on Sunday. He is Corporal Christopher Light, and I do believe he is out of Camp Lejune.

Also, my husband and I don't have a website for his artwork...yet! I guess I better get all these bugs worked out before we go in for that sort of thing. I will let you know whenever his work is on the net somewhere that you can access, though.

Y'all have a great evening, and I sure hope this posts!

Mary Wiggins

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24586: Ro: well I give up on the car..I dont know a whole lot about cars I guess. I'll pass on the goat cheese too..thanks anyway..

Suzanne: I'll come up with more recipes late I'm sure for appetizers. All the reipes I saw for sausage dip, over the years, didnt call for cheddar. I added that and it is so yum!


October 26, 2004 - Msg 24587: Alyce, you have mentioned what you drive in your posts. Goober, hilarious comment about the golf cart...too clever!

MDC, I drive a blue Suburban. I love it (aside from the gas mileage). While I'm speaking to MDC, I just wanted to say you sure have been on a filibuster (sp?) these past couple of days, Buddy (heehee)! Oh, also, I was lying in bed last night and remembered Room 222 and was wondering if anyone remembered it. How neat.

Ro, is Feta cheese goat cheese? I like it in a salad.

Here's an easy fall recipe: Spray baking dish with non-stick spray and then put in 2 cans of apple pie filling. Cover with a boxed spice cake (just dump the dry mix over the apples). Melt a stick or 2 of butter and drizzle over top. Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes or until brown and bubbly. Mmmmm! Is also good with peach pie filling and yellow cake mix.

So good to hear from Mavis!


October 26, 2004 - Msg 24588: You know, I think it was Sterling who was actually on the filibuster...


October 26, 2004 - Msg 24589: Here's one for the girls: Gilligan or the professor?

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24590: THE PROFESSOR!

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24591: Oohh, the professor!
Boo: I guess maybe I thought that I had mentioned my vehichle in an email.
I have done that recipe before..its good. Do you have the cookbook..The Cake Mix Doctor? Its a good one.

I drive a 2004 Honda Odyssey.


October 26, 2004 - Msg 24592: that would be vehicle..i spelled it wrong above.

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24593: Oh, the Professor, by all means! Gilligan was adorable and so sweet, but the Professor was, well, he was the Professor!!

Boo, I don't think feta cheese is made from goat's milk, but I'm not sure. It's funny how so many people recoil from the idea of goat cheese, and actually, it's very good. If you like bleu cheese, you'll like goat cheese. Similar strong taste, but goat cheese is creamy, and all white with no marbling, while bleu is crumbly with blue marbling. I love 'em both! When it comes to cheese, the stinkier the better, in my humble opinion.

I think I'd better clean out my fridge. The last time I opened it, something growled at me. Why do I save those little dabs of things and then forget about them? Anybody want to come over and hold a baseball bat while I clean?(teehee)

Well, guess I'll call it a day. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 26, 2004 - Msg 24594: Mavis - nice to hear from you. Take care of yourself, ya hear.

Rev Jr - I loved White Shadow! Always liked Ken Howard. Played some b-ball in high school, too. My fave movie is Hoosiers - love b-ball!

I know what kind of wheels Ro drives! ; ) I drive a '99 Chevy Lumina. Have a '92 Lumina, too. A nice midsize car that rides nice. We also have an '82 Dodge D250 Crew cab - just an old work truck my hubby uses.


October 27, 2004 - Msg 24595: Morning Porch.
Hey Mavis, great to see ya. Hang in there and visit when you can. I do believe we can help brighten your day some.
Homemaker, I have a Jeep Liberty and a Toyota Tacoma that I drive, plus a Chevrolet 3/4 ton van, plus a Ford F400 utility truck with a boom lift on it. I just love gas stations.
Good to see you Spot. Hang in there buddy.


October 27, 2004 - Msg 24596: Mornin' porch. Busy day here..already been to a YMCA Board meeting this morning. Alyce-had that sausage dip thingy at a Rotary party last year, I'm hooked! AFD- I'm with you, Hoosiers is one of my all time favorites. As a matter of fact, ESPN voted it #1 on list of greatest sports movies in the last 25 years. Ro- I can't help but jump in when you start talkin' ribs. Check out the technique and recipe we use on our website (www.revmarvin.com). It's fool-proof. Okay, here's the disclaimer for newcomers: That wasn't a sales pitch, that's not why I'm on the porch. I just get a little passionate when it comes to anything bbq related, even if it's a sideline thing. End of disclaimer.

October 27, 2004 - Msg 24597: Morning Porch! I am trying to come by everyday (or at least every other day)so I don't worry you fine folks. To add to the car thoughts~I drive a 97 Dodge Avenger, I'll let ya'll guess the color. Best get to work, raining here today & all the puppies are wet.

October 27, 2004 - Msg 24598: Good to see you Mavis! Don't worry about them wet puppies. They don't mind a little rain, and they'll all look after one another. They're not selfish like giraffes you know.;)

Boo, ...huh?

-Sterling Holobyte

October 27, 2004 - Msg 24599: Oh, now I get it. I missed what you said in your other post to MDC. Are you saying I'm long-winded? :) I know, I can be.
-Sterling Holobyte

October 27, 2004 - Msg 24600: Mavis- Sterling's right, they're not selfish like giraffes (always looking out for #1). And that big Airedale will look out for the "trembly" one.

October 27, 2004 - Msg 24601: Not normally, Sterling...I was just thinking of your little speech about the newspaper editorial....no offense, Buddy, you talk all you want to. I always enjoy listening to you. I am the one who gets "wordy".

You know Alyce, I think I may have been mistaken about you mentioning your car. What I was remembering is the time you told us about a dog jumping in a van and you couldn't get it out, but you may not have been talking about your van. I don't know what I mean...never mind.

Its HOT here! I can't stand it much longer. Its been two weeks of 90's and high humidity. Somebody please blow some cool air down my way!

Better go...lots to do!


October 27, 2004 - Msg 24602: Oh maybe she means all my silly stuff a few days ago!
Boo- I was in LOVE with Karen Valentine! Loved that show. Also, that was the last time I saw Michael Constantine until "My Big Fat Greek Wedding!"
Anyone remember a Sat. morning show called Fury?
('the story of a horse and the boy that loved him')
MD - Atlanta this week!
This was neat about the vehicles. HM - so what DO you drive?
Ya all have a good day!
As they say in Chicago: "Vote early and often!" teehee

October 27, 2004 - Msg 24603: Hi

October 27, 2004 - Msg 24604: Come fish come,
come fish come,
Sam's at the gate
with a frosted cake,
come fish come.

October 27, 2004 - Msg 24605: Fly away buzzard,
Fly away crow,
way down South where the winds don't blow.
Rub your nose,
and give two winks,
and save us from this awful jinx.

October 27, 2004 - Msg 24606: Sounds like Charlene is in the area!
Forgot now who mentioned Barney Miller, but that was also a favoite show of mine. The characters were so unique like WKRP.
I really and truly HATE the reality shows. Hopefully, they will die out fast! I'd take Gunsmoke, Rawhide, etc. anyday!
Actually I could probably was TAGS 24/7!!
Last night's local was one I hadnt see in quite a wwhile where Opie takes care of the milkman's horse! Kinda wierd when you think about it, that they were just then, 1965, retiring the hore and wagon for milk deliveries! Must have really needed a story line. But I always thought the end should be the horse PULLING the truck. Oh well.
G'day to ya all,
Mr Darlin's Cuz

October 27, 2004 - Msg 24607: I feel so out of place..all these shows ya'll are talking about..I have NEVER heard of..

Boo: yep,that was my van..the dog jumped in while it was storming..and I couldnt get her out.
I said it was classy earlier, cause its a nice van..for a mini van. I love it too!

Ro: so what do you drive?

Any more appetizers anyone want to post? I know I have more when I actually get the time to look through my basket.

Well off to church for the evening..Yall take care..


October 27, 2004 - Msg 24608: OOPS, terrible typo!! That's horSe ! Sorry! MDC

October 27, 2004 - Msg 24609: hey MDC- ever watch "Fish" the spinoff from Barney Miller?

October 27, 2004 - Msg 24610: mavvis= great to see you back on, i know all the grieving and things toattend too plus your things are a bit over whelming but your in our prayers. asa= we were begining to think we'd have to send the high sheriff after you. you been gone so long. ro= i quess an olds you drive when the plum let's you. tee-hee. mdc= i watch all the old shows and love them, green acres and peticoat junction. beverly hillbillies, westerns. goober= sorry, got to root for the sox because i picked the cubs in 7th grade because everyone was a cardinal fan. independant cuss.afd= great to see you back on, beginning to think i'd have to send the high sheriff after you too, just the mention of his name and the offender turns themselves in. mayberry deputy= heard anything about what nascar and the drivers for hendericks are going to do the rest of the season? they lost a crew chief and several top drivers involved. sterling= the weather is gloomy and wet here how about your way? ask garrison keller and he'll know. more to the rest when i can. my wife needs prayers (no not because she has to put up with me) she is having 3 bags of blood today and 2 bags of sertaline today. yesterday she got up weak and went to the doctor after blood work came back she was low on blood. spot= prayers continue for you, my friend. hi boo, homemaker, mary wiggins, rev jr alyce and everyone. mdc= you mean henry is back in town the jinx? i think i'll impersonate sam the hardware guy. not many lines, just holds the pipe, nods and says yeah a few times. i have the dark hair, mustache and pipe, funny andy would smoke occasionally on the show but you never saw sams pipe lit. i like small details. pipeman

October 27, 2004 - Msg 24611: BTW- that was me messing around with the Barney quotes from the Henry "the jinx" Bennett ep. I was actually trying to take my mind off of my work, or lack there of from my co-workers. We're on a deadline here to get some ads to the paper and my co-workers seem to be twiddling their thumbs. I was starting to get a little overheated inside. Instead of counting to ten, I come to the porch...that usually does the trick.

October 27, 2004 - Msg 24612: very therepetic for you, huh Rev.Jr.,isnt that what Barn says?


October 27, 2004 - Msg 24613: Alyce-apparently, I have one of them "porch" compelsions. It's either visit the porch or sing "A copella, A copella..."

October 27, 2004 - Msg 24614: Hey guys. Just thought I would check in. Been real busy past few days with school and having to get a new PC. Ours old one was almost dead. I'll try to catch up with ya'll this weekend.

I need prayers please for school and about this guy... here we go again :)...that lives half a state away in Orlando. I'll tell the story later but here's the jist. He was from 3 counties over. Met him at an FCCLA state conference. Fanagled a Senior prom date out of it. I liked him. He liked my friend. We still kept in touch through e-mail. Lately I've been getting the distinct feeling he's been flirting with me. Then saw him at the friend's wedding. He stared at me the whole time. I thought we were just going to be friends. High school was a while back and I've moved on. Now I don't know. He's a great guy. Christian and very sweet but.... I'm just not sure of how I feel and if God wants me to even have feelings for him ya know? I need guidance and strength. Wisdom wouldn't hurt either or some peace.

I feel like you guys are my prayer warriors. Thanks for remembering me.

I've got to go work on school stuff now.

Smiles! :) :) :) :) :)

October 27, 2004 - Msg 24615: Well... now that I read it that pretty much is the story just short hand.


October 27, 2004 - Msg 24616: Dixie- he wasn't the one marrying the friend was he? If he was, I say stay away from him...might be trouble! I'm only kidding you! I say give it a shot. You'll know soon enough if he's right for you or not. There's something to be said for dating someone that you have been friends with for a while. Let me tell you this, there's nothing better than being married to your best friend. I should know, because I am.

October 27, 2004 - Msg 24617: Rev Jr., you are so very right! I had the same privilege, for 38 years, and I'm here to say that there's just nothing better than that.

MDC, I absolutely loved "Barney Miller," one of my all-time favorite shows. Excellent writing, and the characters were developed so well, and perfectly cast. Ron Glass as the vain Det. Harris was perfect, and the inimitable Abe Vigoda as Det. Phil Fish was wonderful. The spinoff, "Fish", was pretty good, but not as good as "Barney Miller." I also really enjoyed "WKRP," another one where the characters were a bit larger than life, but still very well developed. Good shows. As for the reality shows, I watched about ten minutes of one of them, and that was enough. Haven't been back there, and don't plan to.

Nope, pipeman, it's not an Olds that I drive, and the Plum doesn't mind letting me drive. She's too short to see over the steering wheel, so she's content to ride in her carseat. I'm sorry to hear that your wife is having health problems, too. I guess you two just sort of look after each other, don't you? I pray that things get better for both of you, and soon!

And now, off I go to work. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 27, 2004 - Msg 24618: The homemaker drives an older model Explorer but in my young hot rod days (before children) you could see me in 5 speed on the floor Pontiac Grand Am two door. The hubby has The Truck (Ford F250 with Xcab) that is almost paid off!

I would go for the Professor if I were single again - I like brains! but the professor was cute and brainy! On Barney Miller I liked the chubby detective - Wolichek I think is how you pronounce it - he was kind of bumbling but he was a cute dense.
Prayers for you pipeman and Mrs. pipeman. . .


October 27, 2004 - Msg 24619: Well HM, I was close!
I used to drive a 68 'stang, pipeman, so you were very close!
My wife has a super LaSagna recipe, but I'll have to find it!
Ro - I hear ya on those two shows, so well done.
Did you ever see the ep of WKRP when Mr Carlson pu the baggie of cocaine on his foot, thinking it was footpowder! I am laughing just writing this!
To still picture him slapping his foot when he found out it wasnt footpowder!
Kinda like barney drinkin from the spiked water barrel! haha
We need an APB for Charlotte and some others too!
Dixie - prayers for you, others on the porch, troops and prez!
Til the morrow,

October 27, 2004 - Msg 24620: A big Hey to the Porch! You all have a great Mayberry Day. FRANKIE FLINT

October 27, 2004 - Msg 24621: Rev. Jr. the problem with dating is that he lives 6 hrs. away.... Sigh... nothing is ever easy is it?


October 27, 2004 - Msg 24622: Hey Pipeman...looks like the Sox are gonna do this...is kinda of nice with the curse break and all!

I really like WKRP...I also like a show called Carter country, remember that one? I liked the mayor and his "handle it, handle it"!

See ya'll tomorrow...


October 28, 2004 - Msg 24623: No offense taken, Boo. I was just funn'in anyway, sometimes in cyberspace it's hard to tell.

Wet and gloomy here too, Pipeman. And cold. I could use some of that 90 degree weather up here Boo!

That Mr. Carlson was quite a character, wasn't he MDC?! Of course, they all were there. Funny show, that WKRP! I loved Les Nessman and his invisible walls! Nowadays people want to get rid of cubicle walls.
-Sterling Holobyte

October 28, 2004 - Msg 24624: pipeman - thanks for looking out for me and everyone else. Prayers for the Mrs.

Prayers for you too, Dixie - trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.

Ro drives a Caddy - you go, girl!!

Still painting at church - lots of work!!! And the gal helping me reminds me a little of Newton Monroe in the painting department, but I sure am glad I have help.

I used to watch Barney Miller a lot growing up, too. My faves were Wojciehowicz, Fish, and Nick Yemana.

Did anyone get to see the total lunar eclipse? It clouded up here so we didn't get to see it. : (


October 28, 2004 - Msg 24625: Oops - let me clarify...I'm just assuming Ro drives a Caddy since she said on Oct 15 that she buys her cars as certified pre-owned from Sewell Village Cadillac. I guess I could be wrong...but I hope I'm right. Caddy's are nice, real nice!!!


October 28, 2004 - Msg 24626: Good Early Morning everyone! I'm starting the 4th morning in a row from not much sleep. I cant take this much longer!! NyQuil doesnt even help the baby! Taking the oldest to the Dr today. They only get sicker from going there I'm sure!
Ok Yall, I am getting more and more concerned about this election the closer Tuesday gets here.My husband and I are moving to Europe if the results arent in our favor!
We need to be praying really hard in these last few days!
Yall have a super day!


October 28, 2004 - Msg 24627: Mornin' Y'all! Hey Rev- wait a minute! You're THE Rev. Marvin of the BBQ sauce? Oh,this is too much! Wait till I tell you who my boss is! I'll let you guess- yellow,mustard based BBQ sauce,confederate flag brouhaha,Columbia,SC based.Yeah,I know you know who I'm talking about! We're BBQ rivals! Does this mean we can't "play" together anymore? Ha Ha Here's my take on things- I only WORK for the man,don't necessarily subscribe to his beliefs and I haven't tasted all the BBQ sauce in the state,so I cannot say his is the best in SC. As far as the flag thing,he can fly his undershorts on that flagpole for all I care! Like I said,I just work there. I'm going to have to find me some Rev. Marvin's sauce.My curiosity has really been piqued! Oh,I was always under the impression that Rev. Marvin was an old black BBQ sauce making preacher! Don't know WHERE I heard that!LOL Anyway..
Hope your baby starts feeling better soon,Alyce.I know you are worn out.Hope you both get some much needed rest soon.
Glad to see Mavis checking in.You're in my thoughts a lot Mavis. Don't ever forget that we care.
Well,time to quit rockin' and go to work. Y'all have a wonderful day!
possum under a rock

October 28, 2004 - Msg 24628: morning pals, home from hosapital with minor complications!God is so good! left lung not inflating all the way, but have breathing exercises to do. Operation was a success, doc found muscles attached where they shoukdn't be, he removd the offending middle scalene muscle and 1st rib. removed cervical rib which he said looked like a sharks tooth!

Spot, pipeman, Mavis, Boo, Possum, Ro, MD, AFD, Asa, Dix, goob, sterling, homemaker and all the porchters, my prayers continue to go up for you all. Too dopey to type more...

~ Mrs. Wiley
drives a '92 nissan stanza...hubby refers to it as "the s#%$ box"

October 28, 2004 - Msg 24629: Hey Mrs Wiley, glad you are back home and healing up. I missed you here. You breathe deep and often and you'll be fine.
Hope your young-un gets better soon Alyce.
And prayers for pipeman and the Mrs.
I think we have the makings of a B.B.Q. fight between the possum and the Revrend. I love a good B.B.Q. fight. LOL


October 28, 2004 - Msg 24630: Possum- that is TOO funny! Actually Dad is the Reverend. Thus, I'm Rev.Jr....our sauce is a lot different from your employer (I don't really subscribe to his beliefs either, but this IS America and he can voice his opinion). Ours is a mustard, vinegar & ketchup base. Not sweet at all. Spicier than his. As for being rivals...nah. We just try to do our own thing. Don't have time to worry about everybody else. Plus, this is just a part time thing right now. Send me an email from our "contact us" page.
Prayers for those who need them.

October 28, 2004 - Msg 24631: Rev.Jr...would you post the website again for the BBQ sauce? I am getting interested in ordering now!

We like Kings where I am, but there isnt really anything better than mama's homemade!


October 28, 2004 - Msg 24632: Alyce- funny thing is..this WAS my Dad's homemade! www.revmarvin.com

October 28, 2004 - Msg 24633: Asa reckon it will be finger-lickin', lip-smackin' good? I can see possom now, runnin' under her rock covered with BBQ sauce. I'm ok today, it's raining AGAIN fits my mood today. Tomorrow will be 3 months since Mom had the aneurysm, the 7th will be 3 months since she passed away, doesn't seem like 3 months, but it is. Nobody even ventured to guess my car color, I'll give you one more chance then I'll tell ya.
Barney~"Go on guess"
Andy~"I can't guess"
Barney~"Aw, just guess, go on"
Andy~"I can't guess"
Barney~"Just guess"
Andy~"I can't guess"

October 28, 2004 - Msg 24634: Ok, now for the test~

October 28, 2004 - Msg 24635: passed the test, got everything turned off. Yeah for me.

October 28, 2004 - Msg 24636: Yellow?

October 28, 2004 - Msg 24637: Blue, Mavis.

I hope you're kidding about moving to Europe, Alyce! That's what all(well, not all but alot)of the liberals said before Bush was elected in 2000, and I said Go anyway no matter who wins; America doesn't need fair-weather citizens. And besides, unless you are a liberal, Alyce, Europe is the Last place you would want to live. "Permissive" is the word over there in most places. I think they call it "progressive".
Besides, Alyce, we need you here to fight the good fight. I'm worried about the election too. I don't know if Bush can squeak by, and I don't know if it is even "in the cards" by prophecy standards, since this world is going to get worse and less concerned with morals before it gets better, if you know what I mean. But that doesn't mean I'm not going to do all I can to keep the degradation of America from happening. I hope you will too.

Dang, I AM long-winded! ;)
Sorry about that.
-Sterling Holobyte

October 28, 2004 - Msg 24638: What, Rev? What about yellow? I think that must be the color of Mavis' car. Good to see you Mavis! Hang in there, girl. It has been raining here for days and I'm very tired of it! I'm jealous of all you in Texas and Florida who are having the heat waves. We didn't have much of a summer and now fall is icky too. Word is we're going to have a hard winter. Hope not. I am an election judge and am reading all the lit trying to prepare myself for Tuesday. Please Porchsters, get out there and vote your consciences. This country needs you to vote!
Charlotte Tucker

October 28, 2004 - Msg 24639: P.S. Thanks for always putting out an APB for me, MDC. You're a treasuh! Give your friend a chance, Dixie Belle, see what happens.

October 28, 2004 - Msg 24640: I only guessed yellow on the car color because Mavis seems to sign her name in yellow most of the time. Her favorite color? For some reason my gut said black .

October 28, 2004 - Msg 24641: I think it's yellow too.
This whole election thing is quite a deal. I think that it is not going to be all that close. I really think President Bush will run away with it. Guess it's hopeful thinking on my part, but thats my prediction.


October 28, 2004 - Msg 24642: thanks for all the prayers. mrs pipeman is home but has to go back monday for more test. i tell her she is just trying to have more aches and pains than me. alyce= has malcom merriweather been talking to you about moving to england and become a proper lady of leisure? dixie= just pray andremember we come to many forks in the road of life one way to know whicj is right is pray and get all the facts. be patient and the lord will show you. tender hearts, short on years, tender hearts, touched by tears. touch them lord, that they may see,each others hearts and intentions, look into their eyes and hearts lord and they'll know the path to choose. amen welcome suzanne, visit often. pipeman

October 28, 2004 - Msg 24643: I think Mavis' yellow car goes with Asa's hummer!
I'll be putting my X on W!

October 28, 2004 - Msg 24644: Listen to Rush Limbaugh - he'll keep you optomistic about the race!

October 28, 2004 - Msg 24645: MRS WILEY.. glad things went well during surgery ,hope you can get up and going again soon .I like your husbands desription of the Stanza
MAVIS .. hang in there ,youll never forget but it will get easier to deal with

October 28, 2004 - Msg 24646: spot= so glad your on your way to recovery. your in my prayers. i read one time that when someone is out of commission god wants us to slow down so he can teach us .i know i can use all the teaching i can get. ha. tonight for supper; southern fried chicken stuffed with roasted red pepper and viadalia onion gray. stuffed potatoes with broccoli, ham and chedar cheese. fresh salads choice of dressings, sliced tomatoes, sweet vidalia onion rings. homemade sweet cornbread, peanut butter pie, choice of drinks. goober= red sox won- yeah. maybe the cubs can next year. what do you think? asa= i agree it won;t be close but the sad thing is the voting process and the democracy is being threatened. in florida- the judge wouldn't hear the case of no paper trail or if the hard drive goes down. in california- their having problems at the poles, in nevada of voters registration being torn up. reguardless the outcome i'm determined to stay a christian about it and abide by the decision. prayers for you mrs wiley. i'll send goober right over with the tire pump and we'll have you inflated before you know it, of course the pump is pure 24 carret gold. just teasing you but you are an inspiration to us and we're praying and pulling for you and spot. yeah sterling= let's pray that boo will move sunshine and about 25 degrees to us, mary wiggins and the rest.hey to mdc , afd, mavis, and everyone. as the time when barney lost his whisle and andy said; hey barn, if you don;t find your whistle maybe you could blow into a pop bottle and sound like a boat.there is my quote. pipeman

October 28, 2004 - Msg 24647: some folks will use all the scraps of paper and won't save nary a piece. selfish that's what it is. OOPS THAT FOLKS WAS ME. ha. pipeman

October 28, 2004 - Msg 24648:
Hey folks,

How's everyone doing? I've been busy doing some door to door campaigning for the local Conservative Party. This election has me a bit nervous but I agree with Asa I think the President will win, something like 52% to 47%. But ya never know. Being a Conservative in New York is like trying to empty an ocean with a thimble. NYC cancels everything we try to do. One more political thing. I think it's kind of funny. In Ann Coulter's column this morning she said Kerry's slogan could be "Kerry – The Same as Clinton, Without the Burning Sensation."

Mavis, Stay strong. I can remember every moment of January 8th 1978 the day my Dad passed. Somehow, I'm not sure how, time has made it not as sad.

AFD, Wojciehowicz was one of my favorites also. I loved when he'd say you spell it just the way it sounds, WHOO-JOE-HOE-ITS


October 28, 2004 - Msg 24649: I hope you are right, Asa and Auh2o. I'd like to see a landslide for Bush myself! That would tell all those people that their dishonest little tricks and spinnings didn't work, and that might bring more sensible people out on a calmer path than how I think it will be if Bush wins by a smaller margin.
Ok, enough of me talking about politics!

Pipeman, I'll take about 15 of those 25 degrees, that would make it about 75 degrees where I am and that is just about the perfect temperature for me! Just hot enough that I can wear shorts and a short-sleeve shirt and not get a chill, and just cool enough that I don't sweat like a pig at a luau.

-Sterling Holobyte

October 28, 2004 - Msg 24650: Afternoon everyone!
Back from the doctors...we'll all sick now!
My oldest has received so graciously from her sister..hand foot mouth..except her's is just in her mouth. So she has a yucky, blistery throat. I have found the little sores on my own hands and feet. I am going to be Chloroxing everything down today.
On a good note..they brought out our block today for the foundation..things are moving along nicely now for the house!

Sterling: Scratch the idea of Europe..After I posted that, I thought..hmm..I'm not sure about that. Last night I told my husband I was leaving the country if Kerry were elected and he chimed in and said Europe. Well..the wonderful wife in me , just agreed and knew that he knew what he was talking about..I think he goofed too, only cause that is the only place he's been..that far away. I know nothing about geography and foreign countries..at least..I dont know enough.
And no..I am not a liberal..just didnt know what i was saying..haha!!

I'm guessing Mavis drives yellow as well.
My van is goldish. I had my dream van (ha, that is funny, a dream van (i am a mom))which was silver, then I totalled it! Had to settle for a different color this time.

Well I am going to get to sanitizing and get these funky germs out of the house!


October 28, 2004 - Msg 24651: Hey Pipe- Did you get a deal on a sack of vidalia onions? Ha! That's some good eatin there. Hope Spot makes it to the table.

October 28, 2004 - Msg 24652: Thank you guys for the prayers and encouraging words. you all make me gald to be alive :)

pipeman what you said was beautiful. I sincerely thank you for it :) :) :)

Everyone be good!

Make someone happy... Make just one someone happy... Then you will be happy too!

October 28, 2004 - Msg 24653: Alyce, Massacusetts had it's winner last night!
Tesday, with the grace of God, Texas (and the rest of us) will have it's winner!

October 28, 2004 - Msg 24654: AFD, you're right, and I had forgotten that Oct. 15 post. Apparently, so had everyone else! And here I thought my every utterance was carved in stone! (teehee). -You're right, Caddies are nice, real nice. I could never afford to buy a new one, but that certified pre-owned program works for me! The Plum and I feel very secure in our big, dependable car, and Sewell's service program has no equal.

There are so many things I'd love to respond to in the past 24 hours, but it would take pages. So, I'll just say that I love you folks, and pray for you, and enjoy your company. Mrs. Wiley, and Mavis and pipeman, special prayers for you.

Here's an encouraging note regarding the election - maybe I mentioned it before, can't remember - but MSN carried a report on a poll taken by "The Weekly Reader" (remember that?), covering schoolchildren, grades 5-12, I think. That poll showed Bush winning by a healthy margin. I'm thinking that kids that age probably aren't that independently savvy about political things, but most likely were reflecting what they've heard at home. Let's hope so.

Everyone have a good evening. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

P.S. I think Mavis's car is yellow.