November 23, 2004 - Msg 25308: Rev Jr, Very funny story!. Here is something, my FIL worked for the Southern Pacific Railroad for almost 40 years also! That is too unreal!
He started as a fireman with the old coal burning steam locomotives, and retired as an engineer!
he worked out of a yard in Yuma AZ, and my thrill was to be up in the cab with him as he did some switching. I was pulling the horn cord. So neat!
He died in 1997! A good man!
pipeman, watch it or Ill sic old earnest T after you! teehee.

November 23, 2004 - Msg 25309: Oops, I swept again!
Sterling, check the archive for a message!

November 23, 2004 - Msg 25310: Good sweeping, MDC!

Enjoyed your company at breakfast, Mrs. Wiley. Cracker Barrel sure rates, don't it?

Thanks for keeping an eye on me, pipeman. Somebody's got to.

Sorry to hear of your plight with the MIL, Sterling. Prayers that things get better for you, friend.

PD - the Preamble recitation is in Episode 103 - Opie's Ill Gotten Gain. Thanks Ro for figuring out the other one. I knew it was in the first season, but couldn't remember the exact episode.

Prayers for all

November 23, 2004 - Msg 25311: STERLING..Do like Otis and us a leg of lamb , just kidding ,hope things are better this year

November 23, 2004 - Msg 25312: Sterling, I hate hearing that. Any kind of relationship problems are a drag. I'm having them with my husband over my daughter's basketball game! He's constantly telling her everything she does wrong. It makes me so mad. It seems to me that your MIL is very maniulative. (I hate that.) Hang in there and try to stay cool. I know how difficult it is! Mrs. Wiley, ok, here we go one more time: my email is
Charlotte Tucker

November 23, 2004 - Msg 25313: Hey Romeena - thanks for directing me to "Ellie Comes to Town" for Barney's recitation of "An officer of the law". I will use it as the introduction to my message this Sunday. And thanks AFD for directing me to Barney's recitation of the Preamble. I will search for episode 103. I like to use a "Barney" clip at least once a 1/4, sometimes more in my sermons. People love the application! I just got the DVD set of season 1 @ my local WalMart. Last one on the shelf! I appreciate your responses & wish all of you a very blessed Thanksgiving.

November 23, 2004 - Msg 25314: Thank you for all of your prayers and good wishes. You all are very special people!
Just wanted to say I won't be posting for a while as we are going to MIL's for Thanksgiving. Surprise, surprise.
Oh, well.

Charlotte, does he ever tell her what she does right? There needs to be some balance there, and if there isn't, I can understand why that makes you mad.

Everyone have a nice, peaceful Thanksgiving!(including me) And especially you Mavis.

-Sterling Holobyte

November 24, 2004 - Msg 25315: Hey gang, sorry I cant post much yet but I have to keep streching my limbs, want to be ready for the doc in two weeks, gona read the post,in the morning it will be center cut country ham slices,grits w/cheese,hash browns [kinda crispy],eggs over easy,bisquits,red eye gravy,coffee,milk,h20,and apple rings..and a tear from my roll of paper towels!..ready at6:00 est.!..signed:SPOT the"Happy Trukey Day and God bless to all" dog of your have lights on!

November 24, 2004 - Msg 25316: thats "Turkey" day..sorry..prayers to all..and I do mean it!..S

November 24, 2004 - Msg 25317: SPOT, glad to know the fine folks in Cobb County are being supplied over the holiday - I'll bet you are managing your co-workers from home. And that breakfast! You are one busy, lame dog! Sterling and Mavis, prayers going up for you both.

~ Mrs. Wiley
Andy: "...Try putting a -poo on the end of it."

November 24, 2004 - Msg 25318: the midwest is suppose to get 2 to 6 inches of snow today. over the hills and down the interstates we go. goober- get your snow mobile out and come to lincoln. i've got to ask; who is pd? i like your posts. spot thanks for breakfast, it sure warms your innards. whose turn to drive the black beauty today? i sure hope rev jr washed it before returning it.ha. understand a lot of rain your way today, better stay inside so you won't rust. just teasing spot we love you. mdc= isn't it amazing that everyone on the porch have similiar interests? you, rev jr, me and i bet others are into model railroading? strange how god blesses us. at chruch sunday i recruited 3 guys to help move a train table n- scale weighed about 200 lbs my neighbor gave it to me. i tried for wed but they could only move it on tuesday. so we moved last night and today freezing rain turning to snow. mrs wiley= i'll bet your right that spot is working from home. sterling= prayers that you get thru the holiday ok. remember we love you. charlotte tucker= good to see you this morning. my philosophy on our kids was do the best you can, remember the person you strive to be now is the person you will become, as long as you can look in the mirror and be proud of what you see everything will even out. mayberry deputy= should we try and get rid of that old cannon? afd= yeah boy that cracker barrel is good. i've eatin in the original one several times and we have one in lincoln, illinois that i've been known to visit. we have an old time mom and pop restruant here that most of us older kids hang out. let us all thank god for the simple blessings we have. a roof over our heads,food in our stomaches, a comfy bed, noone shooting at us, family and friends. so often we take for granted these simple blessings. pipeman

November 24, 2004 - Msg 25319: You're the best Pipeman. You seem to always have the right thing to say to the right people at the right time.That's why you're mayor.

November 24, 2004 - Msg 25320: Spot - you need to come here for lunch - made some delish goat b-bq last nite. . .you will lick your lips to clean up the pan! Got a couple of bones left - you will have to fight the border collie for those!
Happy T-Day ya'll. . .
God Bless Pres. Bush and all the boys (girls) overseas (a slight variation from the Ray Stevens song - the do-right family did!)


November 24, 2004 - Msg 25321: homemaker i sure love bbq goat it's one treat for those who haven't tried it. maybe we could make it bbq goat and ham for thanksgiving. what do you think"? pipeman

November 24, 2004 - Msg 25322: Is bbq goat exactly what it sounds like?

November 24, 2004 - Msg 25323: Hm, I will be right over, pipeman you are a hoot [rust]...little old dogs ought to clank [unless their going to the clink]..well let me get roll ing around..rev. jr. ,sterling,Mrs wiley Cobb County is just wet right now!...later gators...SPOT

November 24, 2004 - Msg 25324: Spot-I think that wet weather is headin' our way here in South Cackalacky. Well, loadin' up to head out! ALL of y'all have a great Thanksgiving. One thing I'm very grateful for this year is finding The Porch! Have enjoyed every visit and look forward to many more.

November 24, 2004 - Msg 25325: Well, it looks like we may have to cover the porch rockers with white sheets for the next couple of days. In trying to keep in "non- stress" mode before my sister's family from tX hits town, we already got the table set for tomorrow, and starting other preps, grocery store was already a zoo last night! I'll probably be AFK for about the next 48 as some other porchsters.
Great words of wisdom from the mayor of our fair city! thanks
Charlotte, Sterling, Ro, Mrs Wiley, Boo, SPOT, prayers for you, our families, travelers, troops etc.
Here's a miracle for you... the son of a lady at work, who is in Iraq, had a RPG fired right into his hummer, but it went clear thru without exploding or hitting anyone inside. This is his second such miracle, and I told her it HAD TO BE all the prayers, fasting etc. She was just estatic!
Who said earlier they liked the Emma Watson eps? Hey, I agree, I watched the Manhunt last night
and the faces she makes when Andy and Barn are at her door are just gems! Then the ep about her "pills" is hilarious too! "Ah just need ma pills, and here's ma dime."
Also in that ep, Opie has such a precious line:
(to Ellie) "You're pretty, and ya make good faces too!"
Looks like some of you will have a White Thanksgiving! Cool. Here, it will be about 65 and partly cloudy!
hm - Roast goat- hmmmmm
PD- sound like you have neat sermons!
Rev jr- have a good trip - no racing (haha)
Mr Darlin's Cuz

November 24, 2004 - Msg 25326: I believe I'll let the bbq goat go on by!


November 24, 2004 - Msg 25327: Lol Asa!
Mary Wiggins

November 24, 2004 - Msg 25328: we're covered with ice and snow here and it's really snowing. mary wiggins = what do you say let's eat some of homemakers bbq goat with rev jr's sauce on it , while we wait for the bird and ham to cook? sorry asa your not into adventure eating. prayers for a safe holiday for everyone. mayor pipeman p.s. everyone take off until monday.

November 24, 2004 - Msg 25329: Hey pipeman, good advice on raising kids. I agree. And, yes, Sterling, my husband does tell her what she does right. It just seems to me he talks louder and longer about what she doesn't do right. It upsets me, but overall he's a good dad. How's everyone's weather today? Ours is LOUSY. Slick and snowy and just plain nasty. I went to town early this morning to get the rest of my Thanksgiving fixin's--turkey legs, cranberries, and milk and eggs for my pumpkin pies. Those are to be my contributions to our family's Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt's. She's making a turkey breast and probably many other good things to go with it. My mom's bringing the mashed potatoes. My cousins and their families are all coming home. Prayers for their travels--one's coming north from St. Louis and the other from Columbia, MO.
What's everyone else's plans for tomorrow? Prayers for Rev. Jr. and all those traveling. Glad you're doing better, spot.
Charlotte Tucker

November 24, 2004 - Msg 25330: Pipeman..send some of your snow this way..I love it this time of year. It is 70 here today..We have the windows open,but suppose to rain rain rain tonight and get cooler soon too. Our weather fluctuates so much here in VA though..
Hope everyone has safe Thanksgiving travels this week.
Well my pumpkin cake is in the oven smelling good..i better check it out..


November 24, 2004 - Msg 25331: Okay,I guess the coast is clear-didn't see no mention of bbq possum! Y'all sure know how to scare a body when ya start talking 'bout bbq-ing critters! Long as it's goats.. ha ha
Just wanted to take a minute and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and to let you know that I count each and every one of y'all among my many blessings.
Please be safe if you're traveling-lots of crazy drivers and hazardous weather out there.Take care!
Love to all!
possum under a rock

November 24, 2004 - Msg 25332: REvJr - it is just what it is - I cook a leg of goat roast in the crockpot all day. Then just like pork - I pull it apart and smother it in Bullseye BBQ sauce. It is quite tasty. Believe it or not - not enough goat is produced in the US for those that like it (middle easterners, Africans, the Latino population) so it is imported. It is EXTREMELY lean so it must be cooked slow (hence the crock pot on low all day).
My husband's friends thinks it is delish and so do my boys - they love Billy Burgers! Asa, I'll call you when the burgers are ready!

happy turkey day -


November 24, 2004 - Msg 25333: HM..I am just in awe over the goat eating...So is that why you raise them?? My daddy used to raise hogs, then would have a hog killing and we'd get the meat.
We learn something new everyday, I guess!


November 24, 2004 - Msg 25334: Homemaker, I've eaten bbq goat, and it truly is delicious. It's hard for me, though, because we had pet goats when I was a child, and I find it extremely difficult to eat something that was once a pet. However, we had a pet chicken too, and I eat chicken, so I guess it's just one of those silly things. If I was at your house, and you served goat, I'd eat it. Oh, and I looooove goat cheese! Soft and tangy and creamy, maybe seasoned a bit with something savory, and spread on good crackers? Yum!!

Rev Jr, the sauce arrived today, safe and sound. I tasted a bit and it is wonderful! Nippy, yes, but remember I'm from Texas. I do nippy. For that matter, I do burn-the-buds-off-your-tongue hot! Almost all of my family is the same, so we'll enjoy this sauce. I think it might be tasty to dip a good egg roll into it, you think? Especially with a little sweet plum sauce swirled through it in a little dish.

Possum, are you missing a relative? One of my back yard lights switched on last night as I was sitting here at the window, so I went to investigate. There in the yard was a huge possum, big enough and tall enough that he activated the motion sensor and turned on the light! He was as big as a good-sized housecat. Now I've spent some years living in the country, and I've seen a lot of possums, but this one was the granddaddy of them all! He ambled into a flowerbed along the fence and disappeared, and I haven't seen him since. Wish I'd had a camera ready, that was one big ol' possum!

Well, will probably have to work tonight, so guess I'd better hit the shower. Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

November 24, 2004 - Msg 25335: Hey, MDC, my father-in-law retired as an engineer from the Santa Fe. He and my MIL have nice tidy pensions now. That's the way it should be for people who give their whole life to a company or business. I remember when he was working. He was rarely at family things and many times he was catching a few hours sleep so he could go get on the train again. It's not an easy life.
Charlotte Tucker

November 24, 2004 - Msg 25336: wHEW, I POPPED IN FOR A QUICK SEC.
My sister's family arrived from TX.
all goes well.
Yes CT, my FIL often missed many a holiday to keep the trains going! Lots of things in the background we dont think about often enuf.
Healthcare workers too. God Bless 'em all!
Later all,

November 24, 2004 - Msg 25337: My cousins have safely arrived. Said it was rough going near St. Louis. Took them an hour just to get out of town.

November 25, 2004 - Msg 25338: HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone! Traveling mercies for our family and friends... y'all stay safe and warm.

~ Mrs. Wiley

November 25, 2004 - Msg 25339: Happy Thanksgiving Day to you Mrs. Wiley (I just sent you an email) and everyone! My turkey breast and legs are in the oven. Can't wait for the big meal and to see my cousins! My little Hershey got spayed on Tuesday and today she keeps getting sick. I'm quite worried about her and not sure what to do for her. I may have to call the vet and bother him on his holiday. Have a great day, everyone.
Charlotte Tucker

November 25, 2004 - Msg 25340: mayorial decree= let the festivities begin. we had 7 inches of snow and inch of rain mixed with sleet yesterday. several places still without electricity as we speak. trees down everywhere, i lost a big tree that;s half down. it was 50 years old. 14 degrees right now. alyce= you can have all of it including my broken tree if you want. possum= your safe with us no one is going to hurt you. i remember my grandparents age group ate possum , coon, ground hogs. i'm glad that has ceased. charlotte tucker= do you want to send alyce your weather to? she said to send some her way. isn't it amazing how much we have all have in common? mdc i told that i was into model trains0 then rev jr, you and someone else. i just finished one for grandkids and now i'm building one for me and the adults. i tell the grandkids that trains have been a reminder of our lives. 1. your born and leave the station,2. you travel as long or short as the lord decides, along the way you can get off for a visit then reboard and ride it until the train takes you home. then you have to tell the lord about your trip, just remeber he has it on dvd. so when your laying in bed or hear a train whistle or see a model railroad remember that's your life and it may be the last time to change your life if needed. you'll know if you do or don't. one day that train to heaven will pick you up and your home with the lord. wow how did i get on this one? lol. mayor pipeman

November 25, 2004 - Msg 25341: HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!! To everyone of the great folks here on the porch

November 25, 2004 - Msg 25342: Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

Pipeman: Great thing to say about trains..and the train ride. Have you heard that country song..Long Black Train? I forgot the man's name that sings it..but I believe (havent heard it in a while) the long black train he refers too is sin. Its a great song though..
Where are you located Pipeman? Yea, send me half of your tree...I need to do some landscaping for my new house.
Well Pumpkin Cake is done...cupcakes for nephew's bday party are done..just have to decorate his big cake..later I've got to get my corn pudding made.

I hope you all have a terrific holiday..and be careful..I have family coming in from Michigan and they didnt get far last night the weather was so bad.


November 25, 2004 - Msg 25343: ALYCE... Josh Turner is the singer who does Long Black Train ,its a really good song
CHARLOTTE TUCKER..hope you furry friend is doing better
Im so full of turkey I can barely move ,but Im still eyeballing the pecan pie ,gonna kick back and watch the Cowboys play

November 25, 2004 - Msg 25344: Happy Thanksgiving! porch! Just got back from my sister's house & what was undoubtedly the saddest Thanksgiving I have ever had, sure hope I can get through Christmas. I miss my mother so much & having the Thanksgiving meal at my sister's instead of my mother's just didn't seem right. Thank you all for your prayers & Sterling you are in my prayers as well.

November 25, 2004 - Msg 25345: I do believe I done myself an injury.


November 25, 2004 - Msg 25346: Mavis, you snuck in on me. Good to see you Hon.


November 25, 2004 - Msg 25347: Mavis, dear heart. I pray for you at this time. I do know how hard it is, and how it just seems like things will never be the same. Well, it's true. They won't ever be the same, but that doesn't mean that there won't be happy times. After my husband died, I struggled through Christmas for the sake of the rest of the family, though I was absolutely miserable, and so were they. But we tried, just as you did today. The next year it was just a tiny bit better. Gradually, "the way we always did it" changed a little each year, just as it did when your mom was here, though no one noticed at the time. Nothing stays the same, and it shouldn't. And here's a brutal truth. You and your sister, and I, won't be here forever either. So, it's up to us to show the next generation how to handle the grief, the heartbreak, the wrenching changes, because someday they will have to do it, too. I know I don't want my family to enter a never-ending state of grief when I'm gone, and you don't want yours to do so, either. In other words, we have to show them that survival is not ony possible, but it can be its own reward. One day, before too long, you're going to realize that the sun is shining in your front door, and that your mom's smile is in that sunbeam, as she watches with pride as her beloved family moves forward. Grace and peace be with you, friend. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

November 25, 2004 - Msg 25348: Hugs to you Mavis! You got through this holiday and with the coming years, it will get better!

MD: How'd those Cowboys do?
My little one wore here VA Tech cheer leader outfit today...she was so cute..they dont play till Saturday though.

I barely got to enjoy my supper...when my kids get older and will sit through a good meal and actually eat it themselves, I guess I will enjoy it more.
I made a delish pumpkin cake....
We might have to do that recipe swap again..


November 25, 2004 - Msg 25349: Oh Romeena: Such sweet, kind words of wisdom! You are a sweetheart!


November 25, 2004 - Msg 25350: Happy Thanksgiving all!

That cake sounds good Alyce - I have a recipe for pumpkin cake that you bake in a bundt pan and frost with cream cheese frosting. We call it Cinderella cake - It is delish!!

Prayers for you, Mavis. (((Mavis))) I will just "Amen" what Ro said. God bless you.

Just had a quick little shot of snow yesterday, but it didn't stick. Not too bad today, although last night was real nippy.

I love "Long Black Train" - one of my favorite songs!

Anybody getting up early to shop the specials tomorrow. I never have before, but I will be tomorrow.

Thanks for being such a special group here on the porch. Thanks for your friendship. God bless you all!

November 26, 2004 - Msg 25351: i don't know who got stuffed more me or the bird. eating like that for 6 months and they would call me their fat mayor. ha. mavis= ditto on ro's. my da passed away nov 20 , 95. the first year was rough because he'd had plans made. but later istarted to realise he was their everyday including holidays. someone would be troubled about something or grandkids were wanting to playand noone had time i found myself saying the things he said and playing with the grndkids automatically. they may leave us phiscally but their still there in spirit. as ro said we prepare and some day pass the torch to the next generation. i started a little at a time 5 years ago by encouraging our kids to take charge of the holidays and tell us when to arrive, this makes it easier later. PROUD OF YOU DEAR MAVIS FOR HANGING IN THERE AND MY HEART AND PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU. pipeman

November 26, 2004 - Msg 25352: alyce= i'm located in lincoln, illinois. it's yours (the tree) maybe you can talk spot into hauling it in his shiny new truck. asa= you've ben so good this year i'll order new peral handles for your gun and a box of shiny bullets, how would that be? TRIVIA TIME = WHAT WAS ASA'S LAST NAME ON THE SHOW/ ONLY ONE EP GAVE IT. afd= glad your back on the porch. didyou get enough to eat? long black train is about sin in our lives and temptations. best version of that song i ever heard. original 1929. spot= did you get enough food and sports? mayberry deputy= as long as you can work the remote and watch football on a stuffed tummy amongst family and friends, it just don't get any better. charlotte tucker= prayers for hershey, let us know how it goes. hello mrs wiley and possum hope you had a great day. prayers for all those folks who worked yesterday and their families. even celabrating a day one way or the other seems to take some shine off it. for the town is done. thank you for keeping the systems up and your sacrifices. pipeman


November 26, 2004 - Msg 25354: Hey pipeman - ditto your thanks for Floyd - he's a real prince of a fellow. Pray for his wife today, she is having surgery.
I got my belly full - went the the buffet at Ryan's steakhouse. Good eating. Course I didn't have a big load of turkey, I actually had my fill of crab salad of the salad bar. Love that stuff, but hubby doesn't. Did even everything out with a piece of sugar free pumpkin pie.
I think Asa's last name was mentioned on more than one episode, mayor. He was referred to as both Asa Breeney and Asa Bascomb, not sure which episodes though.

Well, good day all - heading to Walmart for some good deals.

November 26, 2004 - Msg 25355: ASA!! You done yourself an injury!? Did I miss an inside joke or did you have one nip too many last night and take a spill? Mavis, I'm proud of you for making it through the day. Ro is so wise about these things. Hope Sterling made it thru OK. Mayor Pipeman, hope your feelin' well enough to give Floyd a plaque. Maybe you have a daughter that could sing "Flow Gently Sweet Afton" for us. I always liked that one. Generated a lot of great looks. Prayers for Mrs. Floyd! Hope y'all had a good T-day and are ready for the Holiday RUSH, RUSH, RUSH.

~ Mrs. Wiley
Barney (doing Otis): "Where's my plaque? Gimmie my plaque. How about a little kiss, baby?"

November 26, 2004 - Msg 25356: Mrs. Wiley, I think Asa meant he done himself an injury by eating too much food yesterday. Course, he can just eat and eat and eat; and it never goes to fat. His mother was the same way.
I agree, Romeenas remarks were very wise.
Mayor Pipeman, I thought your wife was going to sing that opera stuff again this year.
Thanks for the porch, Floyd! I'm keeping good thoughts for your family.

- Hazel

November 26, 2004 - Msg 25357: floyd= prayers foryour wife andyou, we love you. afd= your right, i was thinking of asa breeney from the shop lifter, mr weaver said it. mrs wiley we have a plaque of gratatude for floyd and my oldest daughter will sing that song for you. sing pretty baby. hazel my wife will sing that opera stuff for new years, we got to save a little for all the holidays. with poor asa sleeping on the job so much how can we tell if he just over ate? asa we love you and those pearl handles for your pistol and box of shiney bullets are ordered. wouldn't it have been funny if barney and asa had a duel on an episode? left overs or refridgerator surprize today. mayor pipeman

November 26, 2004 - Msg 25358: how many went christmas shopping today? how many have put up their christmas decorations? anyone remember the aluminum trees with solid color ornaments and silver garland so popular in the 60's? they were a site weren't they? how many will put up live trees this year>? pipeman

November 26, 2004 - Msg 25359: Hey, pipeman. Now, let's see....I didn't go Christmas shopping today, I haven't put up Christmas decorations yet, though my son may put up my outdoor lights this weekend. I do remember the aluminum trees, though I'm happy to say we never owned one, and yes, they were indeed a sight, which is why we never got one! They earned nothing but a disdainful sniff from my mother, and my husband and I didn't think much of them, either. I've never had a "live" tree, as in a rooted and growing tree, but up until about ten years ago we always had real trees. When I was a little girl, we had green trees. In my teen years, the white spray-painted trees were popular and my mother would decorate ours very carefully, each strand of tinsel smoothed through her fingers and draped beautifully over the branches. I followed this tradition for years, then flocked trees became available, and they were gorgeous. My husband would buy whatever I wanted, which would usually be a heavily-flocked Austrian pine, about eight feet tall. So lovely, and the Austrians don't shed their needles at all, no matter how long you leave them up. About ten years ago, though, the tree people decided everyone wanted a perfectly conical tree, and began shearing the lovely, asymmetrical trees so they looked like they came from cookie cutters, and the beautiful, spreading branches were reduced to stumps. So ugly. At that point, after driving from lot to lot for three whole days, my patient husband convinced me to buy an artificial tree "just for this year." I found a beautiful, 8-ft. solid white one, put 2,360 colored twinkle lights on it, and it decorates so beautifully that I've used it ever since. After 45 years, I have hundreds of pretty ornaments, most of them unique and one-of-a-kind, including some heirlooms and many collectibles. I thank God for that tree, because the annual tree-search without my husband would have been miserable. There! I know that's more than you asked for, but now you know, and now I'd like to know everyone else's tree story. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

November 26, 2004 - Msg 25360: Make that 2,350 lights, not 2,360. There are 23 100-light strings and one 50-light string, all white wires, and the wires wrapped so that they are almost invisible. Took me three days, and yes, they stay on the tree from year to year. I'd just as soon never have to do that again! Have only had to replace one string so far. --Romeena

November 26, 2004 - Msg 25361: Ro: I share your feelings on lights. I despise putting lights on a tree...but the prelit trees dont have enough light for me. I like a lot of lights. I have a friend who has a pretty big tree,but she puts gobs of lights on it...about 5000!!!
I'll catch up with the other posts later..My mama has the girls, so I am going to enjoy a long hot shower and try to get beautiful! HA! (mama might have to keep them for a looooong time)


November 26, 2004 - Msg 25362: romeena=does the plum and company play with them? no alyce, you and ro did great. i thought that would give us a chance to share more positive things with each other. hope others weigh in. yes in 1963 we bought our first tree, aluminum, didn't like it but my wife wanted to keep our small budget in tack. two years later goodwill were the proud owner. we still have fun showing pictures of that tree to see reaction. one other area we could discuss- what is the one thing you'd like for christmas? mine ismodel trains or a special pipe. in the 60's they had colored pipes, red, blue, green and white supposedly the pipe matched your outfit. in 64 my wife bought me a set for christmas and i still have them in a special display case. catch you all later, be axious to hearabout sterling and from others. pipeman FLOYD, PLEASE LET US KNOW HOW YOUR WIFE IS DOING. pipeman

November 26, 2004 - Msg 25363: Yes, Floyd, please check in with a report.
Now, what would I want for Christmas? Hmmm, that's a tough one. I have very few wants, and even fewer needs. I like fragrant candles, small whimsical yard art, little Maltese figures, old Fiestaware pottery, and unique Christmas ornaments.

Well, my dependable lawnmower man is here, and he has a huge challenge today, as the yard is about four inches deep in leaves. Guess I'd better go pay him, he's really working hard. A cold Nectarine Crush probably wouldn't hurt anything, either! Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

November 26, 2004 - Msg 25364: hello everyone ,just got home from work and checking up on the porch
ALYCE ... the Cowboys finally won again ,makes them 4 and 7 ,with some luck they are a long shot at making the playoffs
everyone have a good evening

November 26, 2004 - Msg 25365: Ro thank you so much for your words, I do intend to give flowers to the lady that lives across the street from my mother's house, she misses her as bad as we do, Mom would go over & bring her paper in every morning & have a cup of coffee with her before heading to the shop. She is in her 80's and we try to check on her often, but it isan't the same as Mom being right across the street from her. She is a lovely lady & the flower idea fits her perfectly. pipeman I know I will make it thru this & truth be known come out the stronger for it, but I sure do want to say, I don't know how I'm gonna handle it. I'll just have to leave that to the Man Upstairs to help me thru. Alyce How's the cake decorating coming? and Asa did you do yerself an injury just so's folks would bring the food TO you instead of you goin & gettin' it?? And last but not least~IthinkI'veheardjustaboutenoughaboutthemCowboys!! (borrowing from Spot)
*Mavis~ the Redskins Fan on the Porch

November 26, 2004 - Msg 25366: Well it sure feels good to sit down!
I have been on my feet for days it seems like...I dont even want to clean the house tonight and I dont think I will..will be kicking the toys to the side of the room, just to make a path if my daughter gets up in the night. It is already 10:15 and I have been standing on guard at my window peeping through my blinds in the dark, for 10 minutes, so I could see out. I saw this light and I looked out and it was a man walking down the road. I get a little scared sometimes when I see something like that..out in the boonies too. I think it was just a hunter looking for dogs. They need to look somewhere else though..they have my four dogs barking terribly.
Man, I am bushed...

MD: oh man, was sure hoping they would lose. I dont know if my Redskins played today or not. I though Joe Gibbs would be helping them so much better, but I dont know what is going on.

I cant reply to all the posts, but I hope everyone is well.

Floyd: how is your wife?

I just got word tonight that one of my friends is pregnant again..her youngest just turned one this week. I am excited for her, but she is going to be sooo busy with three kids.especially because her husband is paralyzed..from the waist down.

What do I want for Christmas: Oh there is SO much..I am always finding things I want. But since we are in the midst of our new house project..I need new furniture.. I just want money so that I can buy what I want for the house.
I have an anniversary in a couple of weeks and I would love jewlery...anniversary ring would be wonderful.

Talk to you all later...

November 26, 2004 - Msg 25367:
Hey Folks,

A belated Happy Thanksgiving. We've been kinda busy here. Found out on Wednesday that our septic tank has got to be replaced. We're racing winter now. We've only got about 5 inches of snow so far.

Mavis- God Bless You, those of us who have been through it know the grief your feeling. But, better days are ahead. It might be hard to believe now but they're coming. Hang in there. One foot after the other. Ya know what helped me was the sunny days. The next one take a good look at the trees and birds and such. There's something about a sunny day that makes you feel close to the ones you love.


November 26, 2004 - Msg 25368: Hey Mavis! we posted at the same time.. So glad I have some Redskin support!


November 26, 2004 - Msg 25369: Hi,
This is Boo's sister. She wanted to let you all know that she has moved over to her parents house and doesn't have a computer at present. She will come use mine from time to time and keep up with all of you. Have a great holiday and God Bless. Boo's Sister

November 26, 2004 - Msg 25370: Alyce at the rate they are going, every little bit helps with the Skins this year. I think Spurrier left things in such a mess, it's taking Gibbs extry long to clean up. Course it don't help when Portis & Gardner drop passes either!

November 26, 2004 - Msg 25371: Thanks Boo's Sis...TAke care and come visit too!
Tell her hello and we hope that your parents are doing well.

November 26, 2004 - Msg 25372: Hey to Boo's Sister is she ok?

November 26, 2004 - Msg 25373: oops..we did it again Mavis


November 26, 2004 - Msg 25374: bread n butter! huh Alyce?

November 26, 2004 - Msg 25375: Hey auh2o, I sure hope you have a son as wonderful as Barney was. That boy new a gift when he saw one.
Mavis, Hazel had my injury figured out. It was self induced from overeating. Whew, ther leftovers tonight left me hurting just about as bad.
Pipeman, I put the lights up on the outside of the house the last two weekends. We wait until the end of the first week of December to do the insides cause we always get a real tree. I just have to smeel that pine smell at Christmas.
I hope Jan is doing ok Floyd. Your gonna be busy what with being Ma and Pa, plus did the Doc give you any directions for massaging her back, you know, like down and around, down and around.


November 27, 2004 - Msg 25376: good morning world. asa= we're starting to think alike on the porch. i was going to say the samething to auh20- barn your a nice son but i won't. floyd= prayers for you and your wife, we're with you. boo's sister= thanks for leting us know. tell her she is in our thoughts and prayers. stop by once in awhile we're uts but harmless ones just kidding, do stop by. mavis= give poor joe giobbs a break. sure he has a few senior moments but we can't thr0w him out with the dish water. ro= if your yard had about 5 inches of snow you wouldn't think about the leaves. ha. mayberry deputy= glad you made it through round one of the food football, etc. now for round 2 or 3. prayers for boo and the travelers still off the porch, sterling, spot. pipeman

November 27, 2004 - Msg 25377: Mercy sakes, I just read my post from last night and you folks must think I'm inept with my lousy spelling.
New should read knew and ther should read them and I like to smell pine rather that smeel it. LOL
I'm inept, inept, oh woo is me!


November 27, 2004 - Msg 25378: Hey guys checking in. ***SIGH*** Schools is about to wrap up. These next few days will be killer though. Please say a quick prayer for all the people in my class and me.

I'll try to catch up later. I gotta go make myself crazy with work now...... Crazy is as crazy does!


November 27, 2004 - Msg 25379: asa= don't feel bad. a lot of my posts i'll hit the wrong key. dixie= prayers for you and your classmates. it's such a gloriously gloomy day on the middle of he porch today. quote; a pipe gives a wise man time to think; and a fool something to put in his mouth. lol. pipeman

November 27, 2004 - Msg 25380: My beloved grandmother had a shiny aluminum tree when I was young. I looked for one at Goodwill a couple of years ago. It has such sentimental meaning for me. When I was little I thought it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.

For Christmas I would like a pickup truck. Not for myself, but for fungi. That is the one thing he would really like. He tries his best to give me whatever I need and many things I just want. So, instead of something for myself, I'll just wish for a truck, for him.

fun girl

November 27, 2004 - Msg 25381: What a nice thing to wish for Fun Girl. I'd say Fungi is purty lucky.


November 27, 2004 - Msg 25382: Fun Girl: I am right there with you on the truck for hubby...My husband does and gives me alot too and he just putt putts around on his beat up hand me down was my grandaddy's and the other was my uncles farm truck. The car he drives was my first one that I bought myself and he just needs a nice shiny new one!

Later guys...the game is on..


November 27, 2004 - Msg 25383: Nice wish, Fun Girl. Very nice. sniff
Asa, you're not ignorant. You're good, you're good.
- Hazel

November 27, 2004 - Msg 25384: fun girl and alyce= your both have lucky husbands for you to think of them first, i'd like a real train caboose for the back yard, wood stove on it, i have a big tree down so next fall it would burn good. of course my biggest wish that all our families stay healthy all next year. pipeman

November 27, 2004 - Msg 25385: Pipeman..that would be really cool...the caboose idea..Nice little play house for kids too. I saw an ariticle in Better Homes and Gardens, oh last year maybe...about a plan they had in their magazine years and years was a plan for a play house..cute as could be and you could still buy the blueprints for like $25 or $50..something like that..My husband said he would do it some day...I dont know where that magazine is now..maybe in a box of them I have in the closet..I wonder if I could access it on their website..Has anyone seen this playhouse or the article before?


November 27, 2004 - Msg 25386: I remember aluminum trees too. We never had one though. We always had a real (cut) tree. When I was a little girl my dad would always take me with him to pick out the tree. Afterwards we'd go to the fire department, where they had this huge bucket thing, and they would dip the tree in fire retardent (I think that's what it was - so it wouldn't catch on fire). I guess they don't dip trees anymore. Anyhow, dad was friends with a lot of the fire department guys, and they would always talk to me, and made me feel important. When we'd get home, every year, my mom would say "I think that's the prettiest tree you've ever gotten!"
- Hazel

November 27, 2004 - Msg 25387: Hazel, did you grow up to have an eye for firemen? I think they're kinda cute ;-)


November 27, 2004 - Msg 25388: well, alot of them

November 27, 2004 - Msg 25389: I haven't started decorating - maybe tomorrow. I'm just not in the mood yet. I don't quite remember those aluminum trees but have seen them (yuck), we always had fresh ones. Love that pine smell! Dad would buy the tree and lop the bottom end off and leave it in a bucket of water outside for 3 days before bringing it in. I was always in a hurry to get that tree in and decorated. Dad would let me help him check out all the lights before they were hung on the tree. Each of the old ornaments would come with a story about where it came from or how the family was getting by back when they got it. Tinsel would be thrown on in hunks. Then it was time to turn out all the lights and just stare. I would rearrange the ornaments for days. You know, these are the very few good memories of my Dad that I have?!

Saw a picture of my Dad taken Thursday - looks like he won't be with us much longer. We're very lucky that his mind has stayed with him.

~ Mrs. Wiley

November 27, 2004 - Msg 25390: I am so lucky; I have many, many good memories of my dad. That dear man died the day after Thanksgiving, 19 years ago. My brother had to take over the job of carving the turkey; it was tough the first few years; but, by golly, he's finally gotten pretty good at it.
- Hazel

November 27, 2004 - Msg 25391: My mama, my sister and I would always decorate the tree. We had TONS of ornaments..from ones that mama just collected over the years to ones she made out of felt and stuffed with cotton to ones that my sister and I made as children. Now we have been given some of those ornaments. My mama and I would always lay on the couch together on Christmas Eve just watching the tree..turn the lights off and just have the tree lights on. It was sweet. I remember the first year I got married (which was during the Christmas season), she called me late Christmas Eve...saying that she missed having me there..I wanted to run over there right then, but I was now my husband and me and we had to start a new tradition. We also always got together..the entire family...on Christmas eve at my grandparents house and before we opened the presents from grandma someone read the Christmas story! That hasnt been done in a long my parents live in that house and this year we will start the tradition of the Christmas story that the oldest grandchild can read it. I dont know why we stopped that..except for after grandaddy died and grandma moved to a retirement home things were just different.
Oh, something later years my mom would let my sister and I open one gift on Christmas eve..that was a nice memory. Too bad I cant remember any Christmas memories with my daddy. I guess he just isnt into that stuff.
My My..I have RAMBLED..sorry guys!


November 27, 2004 - Msg 25392: Howdy porchsters! MDC back with ya all. Whew, my sister's family is on the way back to El Paso, so I can get in some quality porch time.
17 people toal for thankgiving, but all went well and now i can mellow out! My that does lay on one's chest!
Beautiful words of wisdom by mayor pipeman and his sidekick Romeeena! Thank you for blessing us with those penned endearments!
Pipeman, WE HAD one of those aluminum trees complete with the 4-color wheel! How funny to remember that! We kids only put up with it for two years, then "demanded" a real one again!
Also, my diad had bought it a Sears on the day JFK was shot, so it had that bad timing to it also.
I bet ole Spot light lots of lights! Bigger paycheck. teehee.
I guess his would be "spotlights!" (another teehee)
Well, now that i can breathe again, I'll just set back and noo-o-d

November 27, 2004 - Msg 25393: Glad you are back MDC..Hope your Thanksgiving went well...and that your sister travels safely. We were at my sisters this year and I think it was 26 or 27 total!


November 27, 2004 - Msg 25394: For my Christmas wish i really wish that everyone could get what they want or need and that I could help bring it to them b/c I like to see people get all excited. It does things to your heart.... you know... you get all warm and fuzzy.

I wish everyone to have a marvelous Christmas.

Oh! And if I have to pick a wish for me well..... Six foot two, Eyes of blue, and hey could he a Christian too?

Love and warm fuzzies!


November 28, 2004 - Msg 25395: prayers for your dad mrs wiley. dixie= i like your style. if your going to make a christmas wish you might as well give the whole list at pray your doing alright. we miss you. sterling= prayers you check in , we miss you. mdc= welcome home on the porch. special prayer: dear lord, our thoughts and prayers are with the innocent lives that were stolen, and continue to be stolen by war. may god bless the soldiers, their families and friends. may god reminds america of our blessings for us and we respond with love, compassion and action pleasing to him. amen. mayor pipeman p.s. prayers for floyd and his wife.

November 28, 2004 - Msg 25396: Hey..
On HGTV tonight..right now..8pm...a special on Christmas decorations from the 50s 60s and 70s..they just did a piece on aluminum trees. Thought some of you might be interested.


November 28, 2004 - Msg 25397: Trouble check, troublecheck,
I watched that ep on my dvd last night! too funny!
Nita, Juaa-a-nita...
Mayor piper, we got ole ben wantin' to foreclose on the Scobys! Can you help out?
Weird not to have a race today! i need to fire up Spot's new truck, and kinda break 'er in!
Elizabeth Crowley, ya finaly got some compit-tion!
Mr Darlin's, I'm back, I'm back, Cuz

November 28, 2004 - Msg 25398: Oops, prayers for Dixie, Mavis, spot and all the porch!

November 28, 2004 - Msg 25399: Our soldiers,and Floyd's wife too!

November 28, 2004 - Msg 25400: My, ya'll are talkative. I didn't think I'd been away that long but have missed a lot. My fur kid is much better. I did have to call the vet on Thanksgiving. I just watched her close. Then on Friday he called me and wanted me to bring her there for the whole weekend to watch her (and probably charge me mega bucks more). But she seemed a great deal better so I just kept her home. She is, I'm happy to say, much better! Prayers for Mavis. Sorry your holiday didn't seem the same, but then we didn't expect it to be. You and your sister will just have to work on new traditions and doing things in honor of your mother. Prayers for Floyd's wife. I'm thankful for Floyd too. I remember a few years back when the porch ceased for awhile. That was a sad day. I'm anxious to know how Sterling's holiday went. We watched Meet the Parents and Christmas Story for the nth times this weekend. Love those funny shows.
Charlotte Tucker

November 28, 2004 - Msg 25401: Floyd's wife came through her back surgery well, but continue to pray for her, Floyd, and their son, as she's looking at around a 6 week or so recovery.

My hubby lost his dad a year ago today, but he got through the day pretty well. He has his 3rd year final test for his lineman apprenticeship on Friday, so his studying kept his mind off of it some.

Glad your furkid is doing better, Charlotte. Sure hate to see any kind of animal suffering.

Welcome Back, MDC! I've got shotgun when you take Spot's Black Beauty for a spin! (I think Rev. Jr. called her that - I think that's a great nickname for her! ; ) ).

A second "amen" to your prayer, pipeman. How are you and the Mrs. doing?

Well, got most of my shopping done. My daughter wanted a guitar, so I picked up a little kids sized one at Walmart. I've been wanting to learn, so maybe we can do that together.

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL week. Prayers for all!

November 29, 2004 - Msg 25402: Mornin' porch! Wow, looks like I'm gonna have to take the day off from work just to catch up on all the posts. Haven't read in detail yet, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Prayers to those who need 'em.

November 29, 2004 - Msg 25403: morning porch. rev jr. welcome back,just jump in where you can and hang on. afd= when you and mdc take the black beauty for a spin, will you clean and polish her up? i snuck it out last night and you know how fussy spot will be over her. i wouldn't got her so dirty but those georgia backroads can be brutal. ha. thanks for the update on floyd's wife. they're in our prayers. charlotte tucker= glad your fur kid is feeling better. you know we're a hardy bunch, after a big meal while most folks take a nap we swap stories for hours. ha. alyce= isn't it fun just to watch what all the must have things of yesterday that today we wouldn't carry home? remember in the 60's every women wanted a color appliances, coopertone, a sickly green or yellow they would die for. glad god never changes. mdc= let ben weaver close on the scoby's place and i'll buy it and give it to the scoby's for christmas. spot= we've ran 100,000 miles on the black beauty. she still runs great, now otis was a little rough but he's given up on driving. ha. lol. mayor pipeman

November 29, 2004 - Msg 25404: pipeman, my mom had the "harvest gold" appliances right up to the time they sold the house in the late 90's! The first thing the buyers saud was, "those have GOT to go!"
Remember when all the ladies in the 60's wore white gloves when they went out? You can see them in many eps of TAGS! so funny to see them now!
Prayers for floyds wife's recovery. thanks AFD
What happened to all the new visitors?
Hi CT, no problem, you got shotgun! furkid can stick her head out the window.
Good to see Rev jr back. I had preachin' twice this past week!
prayers for Dixie.
Everyone enjoying the DVD?
Arent the missing scenes great to see again!
"Cold" in Phoenix last night...37.
pipeman, how's the snow situation in Lincoln?

November 29, 2004 - Msg 25405: mdc= white in lincoln. it rains while then snows awhile if i didn't know better i'd think winter is close by.pipeman

November 29, 2004 - Msg 25406: mdc- I NEEDED preachin' more than twice this past week. HA! Y'all are killing me with the dvd talk. I'm getting it for Christmas...and, yes Pipeman, I'm still hoping to work on my present opening/rewrapping skills before 12/25! MIL has it ordered. I'm sure she'll hide it from me once it comes in. It was great to get out of town for a while, but it's even better to be back....this old rocking chair sure is comfortable.

November 29, 2004 - Msg 25407: Hey Alyce- Josh Turner is from my neck of the woods...about 18 miles from my town. I don't know him personally (something I'm sure he regrets.HA!) but I do like his music.

November 29, 2004 - Msg 25408: Sterling, ya back from the MIL yet?
Drop me an email.
Rev jr, you could take it one step further, and copy them all from dvd to tape, then put it back.
Then she'll see you playing the tape thinking it's some others that you recorded! haha!
(My, you'd almost think I'VE done something like that!)
Hey guys, better get to Jared! Only 26 days to go!
Pipeman, fit the brown truck with runners, and check the oil. Gotta get her ready for the big night.

November 29, 2004 - Msg 25409: Gosh, I'll be glad when Sterling checks in. I hope he's not in jail for hitting his MIL in the mouth with a leg of lamb! I did see her coming out of the dentist's office yesterday, and she wasn't looking too happy.

fun girl, I could almost guarantee you that you could find one of those aluminum trees on eBay. I never cease to be amazed at what is available there, and quite often the prices just aren't bad at all.

I had to work on Thanksgiving, so cooked dinner for my son and his family and his wife's folks (who are my good friends) on Saturday. Traditional meal, and now I have good leftovers, even after sending a lot home with folks. After we ate, my son started putting my outside lights up, with his wife's dad helping. They got a lot done, but didn't finish. Everyone went home, but my son stayed here for the night. We watched a movie and ate leftovers, then yesterday morning we got up and had waffles and went back out to finish the lights. It was some very sweet time together, and I think God understands why I didn't make it to church. This young man had done all the lights on his house, then did mine (and there are a LOT), then yesterday afternoon we went to his MIL's house and he did hers, then we all went to my DIL's Curves business and they decorated it, too. We two grandmothers figured out that we could help best by taking the two little busy grandsons home, so we did that, and had a lovely evening with them. A good weekend! Now, after all that, my son is on his way to Midland and Odessa this morning, will be out there working most of the week. He's one hard-working young man, and I'm very proud of him. I think he'd even get me a septic tank, if he thought I needed one.

Well, gotta run. Take care, everyone. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

November 29, 2004 - Msg 25410: Oops! Sorry!
There, that should do it. --Romeena

November 29, 2004 - Msg 25411: You are rather bold today Romeena. LOL
Please check your mail.


November 29, 2004 - Msg 25412: APB time== Auh20, Mary W, Boo, Briscoe, Des, Salty Dog, Rafe, Ed sawyer, Jelsik, Angefan and more. Come on back to the porch, plenty of rockers, no waiting!