December 04, 2004 - Msg 25522: Ro: Is that pottery in Marshall called Home and Garden Party?

Alyce (i used to be a consultant for that company)

December 04, 2004 - Msg 25523: well lookiether...I done swept da porch

December 04, 2004 - Msg 25524: HEY! Who messed up the porch? :)


December 04, 2004 - Msg 25525: Whatchu talkin bout willis?

December 04, 2004 - Msg 25526: oh..that was me..


December 04, 2004 - Msg 25527: Nope, Alyce, it was just called Marshall Pottery. Huge place, they dig the clay right there on their own property, and make it into flowerpots and all sorts of things. Very interesting.

Well, my tree is still standing, about 1/4 done, in the middle of the room. Guess I'd better go finish it, and then tomorrow all the "sit-arounds" as my mom called them will find homes throughout the house, and my decorating will be about done. Then comes the shopping. Hmmm. I'd better start making a list and checking it twice. Sugarplum says ho, ho, ho! --Romeena

December 04, 2004 - Msg 25528: Just finished puttin' up the tree and now I gotta find those pesky lights. Just can't wait to spend 3 hours untwisting and unknotting the tangled mess. I put em away so neat and tidy and I truly believe the "cord monsters" come and tangle them up on purpose. Oh well, seems to be a holiday tradition nowadays. Asa, got snow out there in your parts? The young'un called and said she had about 8" of the white stuff. How about you? (and I don't mean hair on yur head:)) Gotta go get into the Christmas spirit. HOOO HUMMM ~New Neighbor

December 04, 2004 - Msg 25529: Hey New Neighbor. Yup, we got snow, of course we got snow. It's December for petes sake! LOL We got cold too, but not as much as her.
BTW, I put away your lights nice and tidy last year so if they is all knotted up it's your own doin. Ya tries and ya tries to teach em but it just don't sink in. LOL
Sounds like your house will be great Ro.
We went to the Mannheim Steamroller concert last night and all I can say is WOW! Best money I've spent in years. If they come to a town near you make sure you go. They do a spectacular job.


December 04, 2004 - Msg 25530: Hey yall
Ok Romeena: I think that Home and Garden Party is based in Marshall though. I would have to search for my old books. And I wont do that..unless someone absolutely needed me too. I had a bad experience doing that type of work.


December 04, 2004 - Msg 25531: Hey..
I am doing some online researching for some new appliances...Who has Stainless Steel in their kitchen?
I know that you cant use magnets on a stainless steel refridgerater..and there is suppose to be like a faux stainless steel that allows you to use magnets. In my looking I see Stainless and I see what is called Ultra Satin...Does anyone know if ultra satin is that faux stainless???


December 04, 2004 - Msg 25532: I'm still here porch, busy busy busy, but I'm checking in. Hey Alyce could you order a new dryer for me, mine retired itself yesterday.

December 05, 2004 - Msg 25533: Hiya Mavis. So good to see you. Hope you are well.
Alyce, the only thing I can say about Stainless Steel is make sure thats what you want. They tend to show every little finger print and spot there is. They are very high maintanance in that regard. Just a thought.
Supposed to snow again here today. Looks like it could. It's warmed up enough that it might in fact. I think I'm ready for spring.
Hope you all have a great Sabbath. I hear that visiting preacher from New York is good. I wonder if I should wear ear rings?


December 05, 2004 - Msg 25534: If you keep a soft cloth and baby oil near the stainless steel sink, and wipe it out after supper dishes each night, it will stay good as new. I've had one in my office for 10 years and it looks as new as the day it was installed.

"Me and Opie ain't wearing any"

December 05, 2004 - Msg 25535: Oh, and Happy Birthday to Hazel.


December 05, 2004 - Msg 25536: Thanks, Asa. You're a doll! The b-day was actualy yesterday. The Mr. took me out, I ended up dancing until the wee hours. "Dance Till Your Stockins Are Hot and Raveling". As Briscoe would say. I guess I slept thru preachin'. I did have my earrings on however.
- Hazel

December 05, 2004 - Msg 25537: Are you sure you was wearing stockings? Someone said it was your skin that was hot and raveing. LOL

Well then I'll wear mine if your wearing yours.

December 05, 2004 - Msg 25538: Hi All!
I hope everyone is having a fine, blessed Sabbath! I am going to leave some apple struedel and some coffee and hot chocolate for an afternoon snack!

Mary, with her earrings on, Wiggins

December 05, 2004 - Msg 25539: Asa, if my skin looked hot and raveling, it's on account of a skin condition I have. (Probably emotional- I rose to the top so fast, you know).
- Haxel

December 05, 2004 - Msg 25540: good heavens, I spelled my name wrong.

December 05, 2004 - Msg 25541: Haxel- got a nice ring to it! That can be your alter ego maybe! Happy birthday,albeit late!
I have my earrings on too.

Y'all have a good night!
poxxum under a rock (I spelled my name wrong in the spirit of kinship with ya Hazel!)

How about Axa? Or Roxeena? Maxis (that's a good one!) Only thing is you've got to have consonants in your name so you can play! Gee,I must think I'm Vanna White(who by the way hails from the great state of South Carolina!) Ain't that right,Rev.Jr? I ain't playing with your name cause you're named after a preacher.I do have respect,you know!
Bye Y'all!

December 05, 2004 - Msg 25542: Hey to the porch..hope ya'll are having a great weekend! Hmmmm...let me see...


Nope...don't like it! Not at all!

Had great services today, the Pastor asked me to sing "Mary Did You Know", then did a sermon on the most unexpected gift the world ever got. It was right fine!

Ya'll have a good rest of the day. Been shopping this weekend, got the 13 year old some new SCUBA stuff, he's done outgrown the other stuff!

Ya'll be good!


December 05, 2004 - Msg 25543: Hey...
Oh Goober..I wish I could have heard you sing. That is my favorite and I havent heard it this year.

Asa: yep..stainless steel shows all the fingerprints and smudges..but they make something like a fake stainless steel. We went to Lowes today and did some research. It is called Satin finish, or Ultra Satin.. it is magnetic too and we rubbed our hands and fingers all over the refridgerator and no prints! Although, we would like to go to Sears for Kenmore products. We are still looking into it all..getting ideas as far as money too.

Hope yall have a good night..


December 05, 2004 - Msg 25544: Sound like it's been a busy day on the porch.
Where's maypr pipeman? Hope his kidney aint flared up again.
I watched Ellie for Council on my dvd set.
Asa, I think you were the one who said there is a TV guide on the drug store rack with Andy's picture on the cover! Well it is definitely in the drugstoer scene of that ep. Ya gotta freeze frame and zoom. I be they never thought there would be the technology to see such!
Also love the "creampuff" scene with andy, barn and Otis. it's also the leg o lamb bit! So funny,
ole Andy saying, "ok creampuff" to brney.
And the epilogue is a great "porch" scene that I anint seen in a lo-o-o-o-ng time.
Well, I see the porch is all decked out for Christmas. Good job asa, hazel, and all you fine
porchsters. Welcome home Ro.

December 05, 2004 - Msg 25545: A Big Hey to the Porch! and Happy Holidays!

December 05, 2004 - Msg 25546: Thanks, MDC. And a big "hey" to you, FRANKIE FLINT. Now, as for you, Asa, if you've taken to wearing earrings, then I'm glad you didn't come over to put up my Christmas lights. My son put them up, and did a very nice job, thank you. That's the same son who once asked his dad if it would be okay to get one ear pierced so he could wear an earring. His dad's reply was, "Sure you can. Just know that the day you walk into this house wearing an earring, you'll be walking out wearing a dress, so it's up to you." That ended that. Of course, I know things have loosened up a bit in that regard these days, and I know some fine young men who wear earrings, but somehow, Asa, I just don't think they'd do much for you.

Just got home from the Christmas music presentation at church. They did the musical "Go Change the World", and it was just beautiful. We have a lot of talent in our choir, and they did a very fine job. Sort of put me in the Christmas mood.

Well, the Plum is asking for her supper, so guess I'd better go. Have a great week, everyone, and Sugarplum says ho, ho, ho! --Romeena

December 05, 2004 - Msg 25547: hey to you too Frankie Flint! And Asa I'm kinda siding with Ro on this one, I think you should just let the earrings slide on by. Our shop is starting to come together, but it's not quite done yet. I tell you what, this working 7 days a week 12 hours a day is for the birds! (get it for the birds & we are opening an all BIRD shop)
*Mavis (trying to find some humor somewhere in everyday to forget that Christmas is coming without my dear mother)

December 05, 2004 - Msg 25548: Hey, Haxel! Is that Haxel as in Haxel Foley? tee hee. Couldn't resist. Anybody get it? (Probably not, my own brand of humor there.) Hey to Frankie Flint and happy belated birthday to Hazel. Glad you enjoyed the Manheim Steamroller concert, Asa. Hey MDC--in your message above about the freeze frame you sound like Barney-I be they-I be they- I be they! tee hee. I'm full of it tonight, aren't I? Hope ya'll had a good sabbath!
Charlotte Tucker

December 05, 2004 - Msg 25549: Hey Alyce and Asa the Redskins FINALLY won!! 31-7 over NY Giants! and it wasn't televised here! Dadburn it! Wish I could have seen that! btw~Alyce did you order my dryer while you were out looking?

December 05, 2004 - Msg 25550: Hey to the porch! Bet some of you old-timers thought I had disappeared forever. Glad to see several of the old gang from long ago still posting, and glad to see how many others have joined in the meantime.

Best of luck to you and yours!


December 06, 2004 - Msg 25551: Welcome back gomer. Jump on in and hang on.
Hey Mavis, I saw the big win yesterday for Gibbs and the boys. Way to go.
I got it Charlotte. Haxel Foley. But Hazel's from Idaho, not Dee-troit. Ha! I wonder if Axel and Charlie ever met up in Dee-troit.
So you all don't find my earrings becoming huh? Good, they were starting to bug me anyway. If I can get Mavis to trim my ears now I'll be sitting pretty.
Hope you all have a wonderful week. HO HO HO!


December 06, 2004 - Msg 25552: Mornin' porchsters! Happy belated b-day Haxel! I got it too CT. Hope mayor pipe is okay. I was ready for that critique on "The 5 People You Meet in Heaven." Spot- come out, come out where ever you are! Possum- how's that new job going?
Rex.Jr. (I know I'm late, just wanted to join in on the fun)

December 06, 2004 - Msg 25553: good morning porch.--romeena= why not leave your tree just a quarter decorated? anyone can decorate a whole tree, i think they call this thinking outside the box.HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAZEL. SWEET 16 UH? was that rev or rex above? the movie was awfully long but it was to be a slow revelation about sins like hate, anger and etc and our perception of things verses the reality of we percieved. mdc was right the book explains each thing better.asa= you look good with or without earrings. have a great week. GOMER=welcome back, i know you rocker is a little squeeky but we knew you could fix it in nothing flat. best to you and yours. mavis= the redskins and bears won convinceingly. makes me wonder if the sky is going to fall? hello to new neighbor and frankie flint. and where are you spot? don't make me have to send the boys over to get you.ha. abig hello to the rest of the porch. have a nice day. well i've used up all the keys so i'll mosey along. mayor pipeman

December 06, 2004 - Msg 25554: Rev. Jr. - I believe your accent is showing again. .
Happy belated birthday Hazel, my baby turned 7 yesterday. He was so excited - he got a new GI Joe action figure that talks! Duke's his name. We went to Sirloin Stockade for his birthday and he saw a soldier there. He turned a saluted him. It was precious!
It is a 50 degree day here in this part of Indiana and rainy! THe high is 65 and 50 for the evening - this weather is wacky!
Finally got our tree this weekend - it's kind of short only 7 1/2 feet tall. . .sure does smell piney!
homemaker (hoxexaker)

December 06, 2004 - Msg 25555: That was me pipeman. I agree, it was long but well done. Can't wait to read the book. HM- happy belated b-day to your son. (Does Duke have the kung fu grip?) That's a great age. My oldest daughter turns 13 in January. Oh, it's killing me...a teenager!

December 06, 2004 - Msg 25556: Morning all.

Homemaker: you call 7.5 feet short? Or were you being sarcastic? You must have cathedral ceilings.

Pipeman: I enjoyed the movie...just wished it had gone off at 10...11 is way past my bedtime.

Mavis: can have my dryer...I'll get a new front load one! Actually, I was looking for kitchen appliances.
Did not know that Washington won yesterday...we were at Lowes, etc all afternoon. Great for them though!!

Have a great day everyone..


December 06, 2004 - Msg 25557: Mornin' porch. Ah, Asa, aren't you the wit? Axel and Charlie? You mean Chuck? Maybe you oughta go take all the bolts out of the wheelchairs or somethin. Hey to Gomer. I'VE SEEN ABOUT ENOUGH OF THEM X's HOMEMAKER! (just kiddin')
Charlotte Tucker

December 06, 2004 - Msg 25558: Good morning, everyone! Everyone seems bright and cheery this morning. Asa, I'd love to go to a Mannheim Steamroller concert, I wish they'd come to Dallas. I have a 4-CD album of theirs of Christmas music, and I love it. Two CDs are in the player in the house, and two are mixed in with others in the player in the car. I'm always glad when those discs come up and start playing. Their music is so rich and full, and so different. I really enjoy them.

I know furkids have sensitive noses, but the Plum just astonishes me. Yesterday, I had a carrot for her but she ran to the door to bark at the mailman, so I just put the carrot on the counter in my bathroom, and forgot it. Later, I was looking for the Plum, and found her in that bathroom, standing on her back feet, on her very tippy-toes, little neck stretched as far as she could, trying to see on that counter. She obviously had smelled that carrot, there was no other way she could have known it was there. Naturally, I gave it to her.

Where is Spot? Anybody got a hotdog? Maybe we could coax him out with that.

Well, off I go, to run a few errands, then put the finishing touches on my tree, and decorate the rest of the house. I don't have to work until tomorrow night, so I should be able to get it all done. Have a great day, everyone. Sugarplum says ho, ho, ho! --Romeena

December 06, 2004 - Msg 25559: and ....what's the final verdict on the earrings? I don't know whether to go behind the bushes and take mine off or not...

It's great to see a little Mayberry stuff on the porch (earrings). It made me want to post a reply!


December 06, 2004 - Msg 25560: Oops.....Msg 25559....somehow I lost the first part.....the question was addressed to Hazel and Asa. Thanks again, guys....for a little Mayberry stuff! Hey, Romeena.....and hugs to Sugarplum

December 06, 2004 - Msg 25561: Bulbsnatcher! Wow, it's been a blue moon since ya last posted! Glad you doing ok.
Mary W, your Lions beat the pants off my cardinals! Our new coach green is putting in rookie qb and messin up the whole thing!
Mavis- hang in there dear. Lots o prayers comin' your way. It's tough for me too to see my mom stare into space when i visit. But there is purpose to it all.
Kinda like the movie last night. It was sure slow moving, but good message. Like with wonderful life... All that we do affects others good or bad.
3 days of rain here in phoenix, wierd weather all over I guess!
We got a living tree this year, will plant it in Jan.
Everbody watching their first season? Any favorites? Last night I watched "a feud is a feud" and it was so funny listening tom Andy explain Romeo and Juliet to Opie!
"And Romeo popped out of the buses and said'I'm righch here'"
Guess I'll get in on the X fun!

December 06, 2004 - Msg 25562: Asa,

You are among the lucky few who had a 2-night date on the Mannheim Steamroller tour. I bet the E Center was really into it. I saw them here in Nashville back in 2001. We were allowed to take cameras, so I took my 35mm with a zoom lens and some 3200 speed film. So from about 60 ft away, I got some great shots. They are a class act.

I wasn't able to get a shot of Barney standing at the side lip-syncing to Glenn Cripes off stage, but it wasn't for lack of trying.


December 06, 2004 - Msg 25563: wow, so much fun and noone's stomache is hungry. homemaker= happy birthday to your son, he sounds great.can everyone see duke or is he an imaginary G.I.? A BIG HELLO TO BULBSNATCHER, BARN, oops caps off. alyce= yeah that movie was long. i kept waiting to be busted for curfew. i liked the part about how much of our lives we waste on negative emotions. saw an article that morgantown, west virginia wants to hold a don knotts day along side andy's, hoping a few will attend both. from the totally useless trivia department. if you inject nutmeg it will kill you, but eat it on food and your ok. gofigure. c.t.= i didn't forget you pipexxster. i like the song, were you there when they cruicified my lord? APB FOR SPOT. well i'm out of keys on the piano, oops keyboard so have a great one mdc= tell westernsite doc will attack again in a few days, thanks. pipeman

December 06, 2004 - Msg 25564: Hello everyone ,rainy here in western N.C. and a little cool, hope everyone had a good weekend .
MDC,PIPEMAN ..checked out the western board and posted a howdy there I like westerns almost as much as TAGS ,so its a good fit for me .sure missed not having a race this past weekend to watch ,the awards banquet Friday night was boring
ALYCE .. hows the progress going on the house
ASA ,SPOT ,CHARLOTTE,MAVIS,REV.JR,and all other fine porch sitters have a good evening

December 06, 2004 - Msg 25565: Doesn't Ebo Walker play in that Manheim Steamroller? He's a mighty fine fiddle player, ya know.

December 06, 2004 - Msg 25566: MD: nothing is happening today on the house, but hopefully this week someone will be here to build the stairs. And we are waiting on the brick layer to work on the porch.

Talk to yall later

December 06, 2004 - Msg 25567: Pipeman, I like that song, too. I once heard it sung by the great Willa Dorsey, and it was just absolutely beautiful. Has anyone else ever heard her? She did concert tours many years ago, has sung in Europe for royalty, and I believe has performed at Carnegie Hall and at the White House. She was passing through Dallas, and our pastor at the time, who had a lot of friends in the right places, was able to snag her to do a performance at our church. She would be considered a contralto, but she can reach the sky at the same time. Incredible voice. She sang "His Eye is on the Sparrow", and at the end she went up about two octaves on that last "sparrow", held it, then let her voice just trail down, like falling leaves, through about three octaves. You could have heard a pin drop in the church. Elinora Poultice would just faint and fall over, I think.

Drat, there go half of the lights in my back yard. It's raining here, and I guess a connection got wet and tripped the GFCI plug. Tomorrow, I suppose I need to wrap the connections. My back yard is lighted almost as much as the front, and I have a wonderful view from my window, even as I type. God is good.

Have a good night's sleep, everyone. Sugarplum says ho, ho, ho! --Romeena

December 06, 2004 - Msg 25568: Good Evening one and all!

Lots of fun posts here lately! Glad to see Mavis visiting with us. How is that bird shop coming along?

Here's a story from the kids are funny department. I was coming home from church yesterday with my 7 year old in tow. We had to stop for gas, and while I was walking out the door of the gas station, a young man held the door for me, and told me I was pretty! I about fell down, haven't heard anything like that in such a long time! Well, I told my little boy about it, and was laughing about the whole thing and Riley says, "Well, he's lucky daddy wasn't here!" I laughed so hard, and I told him the man was just being nice, and daddy wouldn't have minded. So then my little guy adds, "Well, if you would have started shmooze talking..." I laughed so hard at that! Who'd a thunk my little boy would be watching out for his momma!

How many folks does everyone have to buy for? I just figured out my list, and I have 22! For Heaven's sakes, and I have only bought 1 present so far! Guess I better hit the stores tomorrow!

Romeena, sounds like your church got blessed alright, with Willa Dorsey coming to sing there. I hate to brag, but I used to sing in the choir in my church. They gave me a special microphone, I believe they called it the placebo mike, or something like that, only REAL good singers use that one they tell me. (Kind of reminds me of that other great singer, and his special mike, Barney!)

I better commence to rocking now, and quit all this jabbering!

Have a great evening all!
Mary Wixxins

December 06, 2004 - Msg 25569: I have 20 some to shop for...or I should say, I had that many..I finished up today.. Just waiting for a move to come out tomorrow, then I will go out and get that and one more little thing..


December 06, 2004 - Msg 25570: I appreciate the welcome back from so many of you. Question for cousin Goober and whoever else cares to answer: do we still hear anything here from Des, Rafe, Merle Dean, Lydia, Otis, Leon, BDJ, etc.? I am thrilled to have all these newcomers here; just interested to see how many of the old hands are still sittin' here rockin' with us.

I'm also curious as to whether Sheriff Frank, creator of the original porch, ever stops in.

Will look forward to learning more. Best of luck to you and yours!


December 06, 2004 - Msg 25571: Yes, Bulbsnatcher, I always try to keep it "Mayberry". Sometimes it seems like we start driftin'... Hey to Gomer. Des and BDJ post every now and then, and the others a little less often than that.
- Hazel

Barn: If you don't sell it to me (icecream soda), I'll just get it somewhere else.

December 07, 2004 - Msg 25572: Good to see ya, Bulbsie. I am plain tuckered out. Working nights ain't as easy as it was when I was 18. Lord have mercy, I may just have to find me a day job.
Hugs to all.
fun girl

December 07, 2004 - Msg 25573: Mornin' y'all! Rev,you are a mess! Made me laugh out loud with the Ebo Walker comment! Haven't started new job yet-will find out when today.Thanks for asking.
Put those earrings on Asa!
Gotta go-y'all have a great day!
possum under a rock

December 07, 2004 - Msg 25574: Morning gang. Hope you are all having a swell day.
Barn, you are right about the E center being alive. I almost went to the second concert they did, that's how good it was. And they wasn't even marching. Can you imagine how good they'd uve sounded if they was marching?
If any of you are going out on Highway 6 this morning be aware, Barn has set up a check point chickee. I wish the heck he had never seen that moter sickle!
Bulbsi, you are a sight for sore eyes. Speaking of sore eyes, look at mine would you Helen? Your a teacher.


December 07, 2004 - Msg 25575: i'm only hitting on one cylinder so far this morning. iguess i'll have to see gomer or goober.ha. MD= glad you liked thewestern site. what handle are you posting under? mine is doc. mary wiggins= that was a great story about your son. i'm sure your husband would have been flattered. we need more people like that to give us a smile and tell us we lookgood . ro & plum= that song, where were you when they crucified my lord was done also by bill monroe. when he sings it chills just go up your spine. hello asa, spot, fun girl, bulbsnatcher, rev jr, spot and all the porch. mdc= i'll try putting on doc's jacket today. andy, one day the pieces will fall into place and we will see the big picture. pipeman

December 07, 2004 - Msg 25576: Morning porchsters, Krispy Kremes all around. Good to see you Bulbsie. I think I asked you this the last time you were here but I don't think you ever answered--how'd it go with the smokes? Did you manage to quit? Hope so but if not, it's ok--keep tryin. Good to see possum. How's Laci these days? Hope your day perks up, pipeman.
Charlotte Tucker
Miss Finch always did enjoy poor health. (Explain that one to me--how do you ENJOY poor health?)! : )

December 07, 2004 - Msg 25577: Good to see you Bulbsie - long time no see!
Pipeman - everyone can see Duke and hear Duke. . .he loves Duke. It was his bestest present! I like this GI Joe - He is big like they used to be. For awhile - they made them about 3 inches high - this guy is bigger than Barbie. He is great!

Good to see you fun girl - sorry you are so tuckered with working nites. . .


December 07, 2004 - Msg 25578:
Morning Folks,

homemaker, I couldn't agree more about the weather. It's gonna be in the 50's for most the week around these parts. Last year at this time we had over 3 feet of snow on the ground. Oh well, with our problems here the nice weather has been a blessing. We put our tree up yesterday, a 7 1/2 footer also.

Hoping to be able to check in more often.

Remember today is the anniversary of the day of infamy.

December 07, 2004 - Msg 25579: Yes, I remember auh2o. That day was the day that caused my dad to enlist in the navy at 15 years of age. He lied about his age, and his parents didn't have a problem with that! Thoughts, prayers, and thanks go out to all our soldiers, airmen, navy, guardsmen, living or dead. (Thanks dad!)

Where has dragonfly been? Now there's a writer for you! Dragonfly and Romeena can write like nothing I've ever seen! So glad to see Bulbsnatcher back, too! When I read your name it makes me laugh to think of Barney getting all mad about his light bulb! The writer's of those episodes wrote almost as well as Dragonfly and Romeena! ;)

Hey to Gomer! I have been posting here for a couple years, but I reckon you go back a might longer than that. I am pleased to make your acquaintance!

Charlotte, I guess some people can enjoy ANYTHING! Lol

I am going to try to tackle a little shopping today, so I may come rock with y'all a little later!

Mary (Shopaholic for the day) Wiggins

December 07, 2004 - Msg 25580: Cousin Gomer, it's SO good to see you! I ain't seen you since the pig picken up at Grammas remember when Mary Grace got that chicken bone stuck in her neck and...well, that's for another time.

You know...have not heard from my darlin Lydia in a coons age. I do see a note from Dež on occasion...but that's pretty rare. Wow...Merle good buddy Otis at the JCP...Leon and BDJ, aint heard a good tune in a while. Where are you guys? It's time to come home for the holidays! I certainly never see Frank...but Alan has picked up and done a MIGHTY fine job!

Hard to beleive it's been 63 years since is my dads 77th birthday as well. I hope it's his last...he deserves the rest!

Prayers to all...and Merry CHRISTMAS!


December 07, 2004 - Msg 25581: PIPEMAN... took your advice and kept it simple ,I posted as THE DEPUTY .
everyone have a good day

December 07, 2004 - Msg 25582: Thanks Auh20 for the reminder. I lost a relative on the Arizona, which is now his eternal resting place! I bought yellow ribbon magnet for my truck yessterday. God bless and help our troops against this modern day Amelek! We must keep holding up the arms of Moses!
Asa, I hear that manheim steamroller sings kinda FLAT! Get it ?...flat! ...steamroller, oh well, teehee.
Mary W, so nice to get a compliment from a YOUNG man! Still many good young folk. I'm never sure what to say, dont want to get hit with a purse! haha.
Shame on Target for not allowing Salvation Army bell ringers this year, and Walmart for saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas!
Time to get ready for the Christmas party at the courthouse.. eggnog, turkey, dumplin's mashed potatoes, ben weaver's suitcase full of goodies..
Pipeman and MD, good to see you at the western site.
pman, time for an oil change and skis on the brown truck, and your kidney!
Have a wonderful day. prayers for all,
Mr Darlin's Cuz

December 07, 2004 - Msg 25583: MDC- eggnog, huh? Be careful, you don't want anybody saying "he's GASSED!" I agree with you on the Target and Wal-Mart issues. It goes a little deeper with Wal-Mart. To me it's a double edged sword. Great prices for the consumer, terrible for small vendors. For every great price they offer, they also run "mom & pop" businesses OUT of business. Plus, they've bankrupted more small suppliers than you can shake a stick at. A modern day Ben Weaver.

December 07, 2004 - Msg 25584: REV JR. .. you are right ,Walmart offers great prices but contribute greatly to our poor economy by importing everything they sell ,you would be hard pressed to find a made in America product in the store because they can by cheaper from other countries and sell it cheaper ,but then American citizens are out of work because furniture and textile and hosiery mills here close down due to lack of buisness my soapbox now ...everyone have a good evening ,Im going back in to work to do my monthly inventory..

December 07, 2004 - Msg 25585: "HEY GANG" still here, just been busy with lifting weights with my legs and stuff!..go to doc tomorrow!..hope to be out of this CHAIR!..promise i will return to the porch force in full swing swing soon..yall eat good and prayers to all..and thanks for the thoughts!..signed:SPOT the"hope to be on cruches tomorrow" dog of this here fine porch!

December 07, 2004 - Msg 25586: SPOT ... careful with those wieghts ,you might start looking like the incredible HULK , ,good to hear from you

December 07, 2004 - Msg 25587: Hey yall
Good to hear from you SPOT!
We havent had a good meal around here in a while..
Lets about hamburger steak with gravy, mashed taters, green peas, fried apples, rolls, tea and coffee..

I hear yall about WalMart..I used to LOVE that place..I mean, I would have withdrawals from it..but now with two kids...etc..I dont want to go in there..instead of withdrawals from it, I dread it. I did go yesterday,but that is a different story..We just had a small grocery run business for 30 close. Right down the road a new Food Lion has arrived..but the people at the family grocery, say they arent closing because of Food Lion..I dont know. Anyway...


December 07, 2004 - Msg 25588: hey...
does anyone know where I can find espresso powder?

December 07, 2004 - Msg 25589: Prayers for ya Spot! We're pullin' for you to get out of that chair. Alyce- throw some grilled onions in with that hamburger steak and I'm in! MD- you don't have to get off the soapbox, I'm the one that started it. Had the same thing happen to a small town about 20 miles from here. They had a lot of plant closings, unemployment, etc., They offered Wal-Mart everything but their first born to produce tee shirts from one of those plants. Wal-Mart went with an overseas company because they could save something like 6 cents a tee shirt. Ridiculous. Whew, I feel better for venting. Anyway, I'm tearing down the soapbox now. Neither MD nor myself can get back up on it today.....but, tomorrow is another day.
"right is right, no matter how many are against it. Wrong is wrong no matter how many are for it."

December 07, 2004 - Msg 25590: Hey guys,
Speaking of Target, I just sent them a note. Here it is if you want to read it. I wrote it kind of fast so it is not perfect, but I just wanted to get my point across to them and what I think about this Salvation Army ban thing.
I must say I am quite disappointed by Target's decision to ban Salvation Army bell-ringers during the Christmas holiday. And for all the whitewash put on the issue by Target's PR people, it just doesn't hold water. To say that if you allow one organization to solicit there you will have to allow them all is erroneous, at best. A company has every right to a policy which would limit(to one) how many organizations could use their front entry-ways, and The Salvation Army could be that one organization.
One wonders if this has more to do with the fact that some people feel uncomfortable going past the bell-ringers, like they feel they HAVE to give something, thus they might not want to come in the store. An understandable feeling, but one that is unfounded. Salvation Army bell-ringers have never, to my knowledge and personal experience, accosted anyone to give a donation and they only desire that you give what you can, when you can.
If this is the case, as I suspect it is, then Target's real reason for banning them is simply money based. They are afraid to lose that one customer who might just feel uncomfortable enough to avoid shopping at that store.
And it's ironic then that Target is going to lose a customer, but not due to the bell-ringers being there. Rather, because they are not there. Because the true meaning of Christmas is not found in stores, but in good deeds. Like the kind that the Salvation Army accomplishes.

Thank you for reading.
Merry Christmas.

I guess I'm not allowed on the soapbox for the rest of the day too, huh?! ;)

-Sterling Holobyte

December 07, 2004 - Msg 25591: i'm hitting on 7.5 cylinders now the day has progressed.ha. spot= can'twait till your spot the driver of black beauty. we're prayin for you pal. FLOYD= PRAY YOUR WIFE IS DOING BETTER. WE MISS YOU. alyce= i'm in for supper, thanks. rev jr.= your right a bulked up spot driving a black beauty truck after sipping on mdc's aged squeesins, wow. mary wiggins= do you need a porch wrapping party after your shopping.? today is P.H. DAY THINK BECAUSE THE OPERATOR was unsure if to wake the base commander for if wrong he'd be in trouble. makes you think of christmas or new years would communications be any better. pray we never have to know. mdc= see if i got it right. put kidney in brown truck and ski's and oil change for me? auh20= sounds like you could need help decorating that beautifull tree. if you fix supper tommorow i'll bet you have a big helper turnout. your right mdc we gotta get the court house decreated. we'll put andy in charge, and do it sat. good idea- no bad idea- we'll get andy to talk asa into getting it done.all in favor? what you say the porch needs sweeping? i'm sure someone will volunter. old ben, he's going to just nasty away when his time comes. pleasant night porch. mayor pipeman

December 07, 2004 - Msg 25592: soap box question meant historicaly= today the swore in president kisar in afganistan. vp cheeny said first time in 5000 that a democratically elected president in afganistan. who ran against him? in 30 some days iraq is having it's first democratic election. who is running against the interm president? how can it be a democratic election if your current leader is only one on ballot? why vote if the only ballot issue is an unopposed canidate? REALLY JUST CURIOUS i notice issues like this never hits the news. end of curiosity soap box. pipeman

December 07, 2004 - Msg 25593:
Hey Folks,

Mary Wiggins, God Bless your Dad. 15 years of age, wow, when I was 15 I was still scared of the dark. I think that was the one thing Brokaw got right, they very well may have been the greatest generation.

MDC, the Amelek reference is right on the mark.


December 07, 2004 - Msg 25594: You said it,Sterling!

possum under a rock

P.S. start the new job Monday!

December 07, 2004 - Msg 25595: Kudos, Sterling! Good luck Possum.Good question Pipe. I agree with you auh2o.(I have to write in short sentences since I fell off that soapbox, feel free to stay on your's a while though, Sterling).

December 07, 2004 - Msg 25596: Pipeman, I guess I did phase that pretty badly!
How about..
Brown truck in for oil change and toinstall runners,
you-in to install kidney oil and change running shoes! haha
Way to go Sterling, you hit it right on the money!
no pun intended!
If enuf would boycott both places, they would listen. Will email you back soon!
Christmas is in the heart! We could have no decorations and still have the best Christmas ever if we would just give our lives to Jesus with no holding back. That is why st francis could say and did say "I who have nothing, have EVERYTHING!"
And rev jr, like your right/wrong quote too!
Possum, prayers for your job, same for fungirl, dix and others.
prayers for Boo, Floyds wife, mrs wiley and all your friends and families!
And as Rd Sketon would say, may God Bless,
good night,

December 07, 2004 - Msg 25597: BTW, elections in Iraq are not for prez, only for a congress to work on a permanant const-tution. There are about 400 parties, and we thought we had a lot with the whigs etc.

December 07, 2004 - Msg 25598:
pipeman, there are about 15 political parties in Iraq, Independent Democratic Gathering, Iraqi National Accord, and Iraqi Islamic Party are the main ones I believe. At least the ones I remember. They all are going to have candidates. This is a HUGH victory for America. The sooner we can turn their sand pit back over to Iraqi's the sooner our troops can come home. Libya has turned over their nuclear weapons. We enabled Afghanistan to have free elections and next up is Iraq. Three big wins for the war on terror. Historic times.


December 07, 2004 - Msg 25599: MDC, sorry didn't see ya there.


December 07, 2004 - Msg 25600: I should have said 15 major parties.


December 07, 2004 - Msg 25601: Hey ever'body! Cousin Goober, I am sorry to hear that Lydia doesn't check in very often. Mary Wiggins, you are right, I go waaaay back; I think my first post on the predecessor site to this one was probably around 1996. Hazel, thanks for the info on who is still coming around. What has not changed, with the comings and goings of different folks, is the friendliness of the Porch. 'Tis wonderful.

Best of luck to you and yours!


December 07, 2004 - Msg 25602: Howdy, everyone. Just a quick stop to catch my breath, then have to put on that monkey suit and go to work. Managed to get the first four hours off, but they want me in for the next eight. Argh.

Charlotte Tucker, some people most definitely DO enjoy poor health! I think Emma might be one of them. I know I had an uncle who suffered (in his imagination) from every malady except pregnancy and PMS, and if a doctor told him he was healthy, he got mad. He did have a few minor aches and pains, and he milked every one of them for all they were worth. Finally died from a fall at the age of 86.

Well, gotta run. Poor little Plum, she'll be alone tonight. She's already pouting because I told her I had to go to work. So, Sugarplum says ho, ho, humbug! --Romeena

December 08, 2004 - Msg 25603: That's a pretty good explanation Ro. I always wondered about that comment that Andy made also.
I got to studying on it some and I wonder if folks who really do suffer from poor health during much of their life maybe don't have a different perspective also. Maybe they have a greater appreciation for the few good days or that things are not worse for them? I don't know, just a thought. That Andy could sure make a body think sometimes huh?


December 08, 2004 - Msg 25604: Thank you, Ro and Asa for that insight. I think Ro comes pretty close. Come to think of it I know some people who seem to enjoy meeting you on the street and relating all their maladies and doctor visits to you. Good letter to Target, Sterling. Don't get me started on the Wal-Mart issue. I buy too much stuff there, but it's gotten to be in our neck of the woods that it's almost the only game in town. They've just opened a SuperCenter this year. I'm trying to buy things other places. I've gotten to the point where I hate going there. If we want any decent clothes we generally drive 2 hours to Iowa City. There are some other options but there's a large mall there that has the brands my kids like so I'd just as soon go there. Hope ya'll have a great day.
I never seen a half a boy before, have you? Watched that Opie's Charity ep. last night. That's a good 'un.
Charlotte Tucker

December 08, 2004 - Msg 25605: Oh, a question I wanted to pose: my dogs look terribly skinny. They were wormed in the summer. They don't particularly like any of the dogfoods I've tried. What do you all feed your dogs?
Charlotte Tucker

December 08, 2004 - Msg 25606: good orning porch. sterling= your right on the mark. they have wax museum in new york whereeveryone is depicted as stars heads onthem. record attendence. there are plans to rercord the classic christmas songs to eliminate christ or christmas. the lord's return is near.when we eliminate christ we only have greed and self left to celebrate as a society. also saw where the government is calling up folks up to 65 requardless of time served saying it doesn't matter you have completed the obligations you signed for or health condition. they gave 4 examples on cnn the other day. for me and mine we choose jesus.last post with negative things from me. thank god for the porch. spot, floyd= prayers you'll be back soon. sterling= your right those of us with multiple health problems do see things differently. we see that the things we have or the world's spin it's about laying treasures in heaven and everyone's time on earth is brief. family, friends and those in need is what's important. my soap box has been imploded. hope this hasn't made anyone upset or feeling sad. meant at how slowly societies recognises their destructive behavior. on the news they keep promoting you are either in the red or blue, isn't that discrimination? may god bless all of us. lol. pipeman

December 08, 2004 - Msg 25607: Well its off to the Doc this morning....where can i siwng by and get a bisquit?...prayers to all in need!..SPOT...

December 08, 2004 - Msg 25608: Spot, you swung by and didn't even answer my dogfood question and you should be most able to answer it!

December 08, 2004 - Msg 25609: spot= swing by any time and i'll feed you or take you to cracker barrel. charlotte tucker= only suggestion is by as small an amount of dog food and keep trying until you find one they'll eat. we have a white german shepard (our second one) first one only eat kal kan canned food and this one will eat anything that doesn't eat her first. most people i know have had similar experince. asa= your right some people think their dying from the time their teenagers on from everyailment imagined. most my age group that are vietnam vets's health problems are because of agent orange. most of us feel it's the lord's wayof offering us a way to witness about the things we can do instead of can't do. i think spot's situation isa glorious example. he's in a lot of pain in wheelchair and still his sense of humor is great. ro= leaving plum alone at night will open the doors to animal parties, porch swinging and all the fun stuff.? pipeman

December 08, 2004 - Msg 25610: CT - my dogs really love Purina Beneful (it's a dry dog food), they also like Kibbles and Bits (original).
Spot - did you want sausage on your biscuit or do you want that with apple butter?
Got the tree decorated last nite - the boys are happy that the tree is no longer naked! They were something when it came to decorating - the red head had the Santa Hat on !
Did anyone see "the 12 days of Christmas Eve"?
A pretty good movie that reminds one that family is important. . .

Well take care -

December 08, 2004 - Msg 25611: CT - I have a Border Collie and a Boston "Terror" - FYI.


December 08, 2004 - Msg 25612: Hey yall...
Good to see SPOT again..
CT: I think my husband buys Ol Roy dog food.. I am not sure that he buys the same stuff everytime though..He only feeds them every 3 days probably...They dont eat much..there is usually food left in the bowls a day or so after.

I am asking for prayers today guys.. Satan is really attacking me this week. I am just grumpy and stressed out. Every little thing the kids do drive me crazy..and I hate yelling at them. I know its Satan, it has to be. I know I have a lot on me this week too, but I need help!.. here is my list: clean the house good, tons of laundry that is stacked in my bedroom to be hung up (husband has been on nights this week,so he is in the bedroom sleeping during the day, he gets up some in the afternoon, but we are doing other stuff), wrap presents..they have consumed my bedroom as well, pack the girls bags/toys for their weekend at my parents, pack our things for our weekend away, try to fix the Christmas tree..all my lights went out last night, there is more,but I have burden you all with enough!!

Thanks guys,

December 08, 2004 - Msg 25613: Prayers for you, Alyce. Prioritize your list (what can wait, what can't). Then take one thing at a time, knock it out and move on to the next. Don't let the ENTIE list engulf you. Chip away at it, and soon enough it'll all be behind you.

December 08, 2004 - Msg 25614: that should be ENTIRE, not ENTIE (I think that's french for ascot... or butter beans... or comb...or why don't I stop this nonsense)

December 08, 2004 - Msg 25615: Alyce, remember, he is a DEFEATED foe! Defeated at the cross and resurrection. The devil's gun has no bullets in it! Just grab it from his hand and smack him with it! Works every time for me.
Agree with rev jr, if the house cleaning can wait, let it, etc.
Anyone here like Elf or The Muppets Christmas Carol?
APB time for Ed sawyer, boo, Mrs Wiley, Big tom, Briscoe, ellen brown, jelsik, MPO, Will s , etc.
We got lot o rocking chairs just waitin for ya.
Comforters, quilts, on each one.
Also heard that federated stores (Macy's) is removing Christmas! God's people can boycott and say "no more!"
pieman, you say it bro, no need to implode the soapbox, the rest of us want to use it too!
HM, CT and others, we used to buy generic dog food and our dog lived for almost 20 years, so go figure.
Ro- a question, did you like the old nurses dresses and caps or the scrubs that everyone wears nowadays? just wonderin.
Remember, keep it all sane! Have a wonderful Taylor Porch day!

December 08, 2004 - Msg 25616: Oops, that's piPeman, unless you want to be our pieman! mdc

December 08, 2004 - Msg 25617: MDC- I think pieman IS appropriate...with all those lemon icebox pies, etc., he's been serving up.

December 08, 2004 - Msg 25618: Mmmm, pieman. I'll take apple. Or pumpkin, with lots of homemade whipping cream.:)

MDC, haven't seen Elf, but I like The Muppets Christmas Carol. It's a nice departure from all the various other incarnations of that story, just because it is with muppets and not people, for the most part.
We bought the now seemingly annual Wiggles Christmas dvd for Kai recently. Well, yeah we also bought it for us as we like them too! You know how I said before that I like the Wiggles Christmas dvds because they are not afraid to put Christian-themed music in them? Well, this one has even more songs like that. They do one called 'This little baby is born again' which I had never heard before, but now it is one of my favorites.
I also was surprised to see Greg Brady(yes, Barry Williams himself) as a guest singer on one of the lighter songs. It was funny though as he was wearing a getup that looked like he just stepped off of that Brady Bunch Variety Show they did for a while. I guess he just can't get out of the 70's.

You have my prayers Alyce! Just know that this too shall pass. And I like Rev. Jr's advice to just do one thing at a time.
I also like your advice too, MDC. "Just grab it from his hand and smack him with it!" :)

-Sterling Holobyte

December 08, 2004 - Msg 25619: Thank you guys so much...I am getting better..I think a lot of it is personal internal struggles too. I had a little episode with my MIL this week would love that story!

At church tonight we had a Christmas/Birthday party for Jesus..and one of the kids gave me a gift for being her was so sweet, I held the tears back..I was afraid it would have scared her..but I was just emotional..I think that might be part of it..that sometimes I dont feel like I am appreciated i guess..
Oh..Sterling: to make a long story short...we have a new house..havent moved in yet..we were gone Sunday..on Monday I found out that my MIL and FIL and 4 other ppl were in my new house while we were gone..hit me very wrong!

Take Care,

December 09, 2004 - Msg 25620: Alyce, here's a prayer for you:

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.
Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray.
And, do thou o prince of the Heavenly Host,
By the Power of God, cast into he-ll satan
And all the evil spirits who prowl about the world
Seeking the ruin of souls.


~ Mrs. Wiley

December 09, 2004 - Msg 25621: top of the morningporchsters== do we know the secret password at the club? well i have my ski's so well greased that i went thru 3 states in ten minutes. breakfast= krispey cream donuts except in ohio where they closed the doors. seemed they made too much dough and no where to spend it. since i live in illinois come on down, also english muffins. which way are your nickels bufflo's pointing today? who knows you might have a rare one. yesterday i received a wheat penny in change now that is rare. just sliding thru. prayers for all. pipester

December 09, 2004 - Msg 25622: four pies of choice to take home when you come to breakfast. alyce= special prayer for you. in today's society the SELF MADE LIST grow bigger the more we try to do. let go let god applies. as a person ages we find that our lists are if we get to them, we only have one breath at a time that is ours and i'm sure when our journey is over so will our lists, the things that upset us. your in- laws were wrong but we all have done things without thinking. pieman or the mayor, or pipeman, or pipester. are you sure you want my advise? if so deposit a rare buffalo nickel in the can and thanks. pipeman

December 09, 2004 - Msg 25623: what are our four choices of pies, pixeman? Also, need you to okay the menu I have planned for the Rotary Christmas party Saturday night. It's more of an appetizer party than a dinner, so here goes: veggie tray w/ dip, boiled shrimp w/ homemade sauce (I got edited, you know the kind of sauce you dip shrimp in), variety of cheeseballs, meatballs (the kind you cook in the crockpot), those little mini-quiche, spiral sandwiches and, of course, my personal favorite....pulled pork made with a fabulous bbq sauce, served on hawaiian rolls!
And, plenty of cookies, cakes and pies.

December 09, 2004 - Msg 25624: oh, and I forgot...that sausage dip we talked about a while back and a taco dip. Use the "scoops" for both of those dips.

December 09, 2004 - Msg 25625: Good mornin', everyone! It's a beautiful day here in the Dallas end of the porch. Golden sunlight, a little chilly but not cold, just enough to make the squirrels frisky.

Charlotte, the Plum eats t/d Small Bites. I get it from her vet. It's a bit pricey at about $11 for a 5-lb bag, but since that will last her over a month, it's not bad. It would be very expensive for a big dog. If your dogs are eating fairly well, but are still skinny, you might want to have them checked for worms again. Those miserable things can recur very quickly, especially in dogs that spend much time outdoors. If fleas are a problem at all, then likely they have worms. Fleas are the vector for most parasites like that. Mosquitoes do it for heartworms, though.

Asa, thanks! That Barney is just adorable! Cute as he can be - no wonder you're crazy about him.

MDC, I got into nursing in 1979, and by then dresses were already on their way out. I had one uniform dress, and I hated it. It's very difficult to look professional and ladylike in a dress when you're crawling under a bed to retrieve something a patient has dropped, or when you're up on your knees on the bed doing CPR, or moving a heavy patient off a stretcher. Pants are just a lot more practical. As for caps, all they were ever good for was to snag in a traction frame and yank out whatever hair it was pinned to. They look sharp, but like dresses, they're just not practical. I strongly favor the scrubs, and that's what I wear almost all of the time.

You know, I've always been curious about non-Christians who celebrate Christmas. What on earth do they have to celebrate? How do they justify the season? Granted, we have allowed it to be commercialized to death, but that little golden thread still runs beneath it all for Christians. I can't help but believe that someday the politically correct crowd is going to push us just a bit too far, and all of their shenanigans are going to blow up in their faces. Sooner or later, there's gonna be a backlash. This is still a free country, and believe me, if I want to wish someone a merry CHRISTmas, I'll jolly well do it! If they wish me a happy Mohammed's birthday, I'll thank them and move on.

Now, having worked last night, I'm tired, and I'm ready for my nap. Sugarplum says ho, ho, ho! --Romeena