January 05, 2005 - Msg 26255: Mornin', all. Asa, my parents had a central vac system in the house they lived in for the last twenty years of their lives. My dad was a homebuilder, and of course he built that one, and put everything in it you could imagine. They loved the central vacuum system. Best part about it, it's quiet, because all the machinery is in the garage. I used it a lot when I'd go over there to help them, and one thing I did miss was all the little attachments. You know, the crevice tool, the little brush, the upholstery tool. I wouldn't be surprised, though, if those are available now on the newer systems. That house is 25 years old now. By the way, the system still works - the woman who is leasing it says she uses it all the time. I do stand by Oreck for quality and performance, but it just doesn't work well on the longer-pile carpets.

Well, my landscaper friend will be here shortly - I went crazy and bought over a hundred bulbs and three flats of pansies yesterday, so he's going to help me plant them. My poor flowerbeds look awful, they need some attention. Everyone have a great day. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 05, 2005 - Msg 26256: Wow! That Oreck works great on porches!! --Romeena

January 05, 2005 - Msg 26257: Good sweep..., er, vacuuming, Romeena!
-Sterling Holobyte

January 05, 2005 - Msg 26258: test

January 05, 2005 - Msg 26259: Uh oh....looks like Miss Crump's at it again. She's as bad as the "Beast of the 4th Floor."

January 05, 2005 - Msg 26260: I have to clean the bathroom today, I've been putting it off for too long. It's a mess. Anyone ever use one of those steam cleaners? We got a Shark Steam Cleaner for Christmas and I thought I would try it out on the dried on dirt in the bathroom.

Hey Rev!

-Sterling Holobyte

January 05, 2005 - Msg 26261: Afternoon friends!

Asa..Guess What? I was over at my aunts house today and she kept talking about how she couldnt clean cause she was waiting on a new hose for her wall vacuum. I was like what are you talking about? So..I know all about it now.. She showed me and explained it to me..said they have it is for 23 years..when they built the house.. I just never knew it. So funny how we were talking about it and then she has it.

Ro: right now if you buy an Oreck you get an iron and a mini canister vac for free!

Rev: So you like your Oreck too, huh? My husband did tell me last night we could get it if I wanted it..since I am the one that uses it! YIPEE!

Sterling: Are you a Stay at Home Dad??


January 05, 2005 - Msg 26262: No, Alyce, I just like cleaning bathrooms.

...I'm kidding. Yes, I am a stay-at-home Dad. My wife made more money than I did when Kai was born so we decided it would be me who stays home with her, expecially after we looked into how expensive it would have been to put her in daycare(Kai, not my wife;)).
-Sterling Holobyte

January 05, 2005 - Msg 26263: sterling- we have a shark steamer that i got at Sears. it does work good, but i am glad i got a high capacity water holder, cuz the other ones I've seen peter out pretty quickly and you have to wait for more steam to be generated, like the ole Polar express running out of steam half way.
AFD- Disneyland used to have a exhibition thAT had a 360 screen that showed a film called America the Beautiful! There were some shots from a plane that were incredible. When the plane would bank, you could hear everyone groan! As a kid, I would get dizzy, but thought it was the neatest thing! The most beautiful scenery in the world, amber waves of grain etc.
Possum, didnt mean to forget you the other sday.
prayers continue for Laci.
WHERE ARE YOU! Prayers for you and yours.
Dinner tonight is a crock pot beef roast!
been fillin the house with those aromas all day!
Also in the pot are potatoes, carrots, celery, onion soup mix and boullion cubes.
It'll hit the plates about 6 pm Mountain standard!
Asa - my chore growing up was to vacumn the house with one of those "weinerdog" style electrolux
vacumns, with a port on each end. One time I put the hose in the wrong end and there was dirt hangin in the air for about a week, and I won a visit to the woodshed behind the courthouse!
G'day all.
Mr Darlin's Cuz
PS: I heard thru the grapevine that 2nd season may be out by July!!

January 05, 2005 - Msg 26264: Hooray for you, Sterling, you're a real man, obviously very secure. My son-in-law did the same thing for a couple of years for the same reasons. I think it's great, and it's a wonderful thing for the kids.

Alyce, that's what I got when I bought my Oreck two years ago. I love the iron, and the mini-canister is neat, too. Incidentally, I called my Oreck dealer, and he suggested that I try running my Oreck on the lower speed, and it works. The higher speed is just so powerful that it bogs down in the longer pile on my carpet, but the lower speed is much easier to run. Still cleans the carpet beautifully, just needs an extra pass or two.

Well, I see some cold little birdies shivering out near my feeding station, guess I'll go put out some feed for them, poor little things. It's cold here today!

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 05, 2005 - Msg 26265: nothing like a clean porch, thanks romeena. sterling, it'to cold to clean the bathroom -wait and hazel might send otis over from the rock.possum, prayers for laci. mdc,i'll bet you and i had a lot of time in the woodshed- i got so i thought it was adventure training. i got the second season of tags, you poor thing having to wait till july. did i get your attention wyatt? i was a spoofing you. i'll be over to eat soon before the porch ladies decide on going on strike, andy's cooking was pretty bad.hey to the plum. wonder wherespot, goober, ed sawyer, homemaker, fun girl, ky girl, spot, county nurse and the rest that hasn't been around in awhile? alyce, you don't suppose all the painting scared them off do you? just going to set here with my pipe and watch the ice and snow, like i told our oldest daughter the other day, at my age getting up and the plumming is working is about all the excited i get anymore. ha. boy sure is a lot of cleaning and painting going on, you do know it's not spring don't you? ha. pipeman

January 05, 2005 - Msg 26266: MDC- I went to that thing at Disneyworld as a kid. I seem to recall they had railings set up so when the plane banked people had something to hold on to..even though we were standing on a flat surface. Kinda funny how the mind tricks you, huh? Reminds me of the time I saw the movie "The Deep" with Jaquelyn Bissett. There was a part in the movie where the characters were in one of those underwater caves with about a foot of breathing space. The water level started to rise, so they had to really stretch to get air. I looked around the theatre and everybody in the audience had their nose way up, gasping for air as well. Funny how you get caught up doing that kinda stuff. Wonder what causes that? Pipe- if you were here in SC today, you would think it's Spring!

January 05, 2005 - Msg 26267: Just wanted to say hi to all the good people of Mayberry. Sam Scott

January 05, 2005 - Msg 26268: Hello Porch Family
I also remember the America The Beautiful attraction at Disneyland and it really did play some head trips! I specially enjoyed the part in San Fran on the fire truck going down the curvy hill! WOW! Fun times for sure!
MrMCBEEVEE PS Hello Sam Scott!

January 05, 2005 - Msg 26269: Mr McBeevee, I think I was up to the State pen when you arrived. Just wanted to welcome you to the porch. I'll take one of them shiney new quarters if no one else will.
Hello Sam Scott. How are you?
MDC. I used that same trick on my wife when we first got married. I didn't want to vacuum. Worked pretty good till we got the central vac. Now I do all the vacuuming. Guess I'm making up for being naughty husband.
Glad your plumbing is working pipeman. Thats a blessing for sure. Ha ha.
Sterling, I'm glad my wife doesn't visit the porch. If she read about your commode cleaning... well lets just say I don't want her getting any new fangled idears!
So Alyce, how odd is that. We talk about a central vac and then you see one the same day. Maybe tomorrow we should talk about a million bucks and see what happens.
You're right Rev Jr, about folks getting into them movies and doing strange things. I remember that movie, and although I don't know if my nose was pointing up, I know I was breathing odd like. That scene bothered me. LOL
Rommena, your talk of gardening is just killing me. We can't do anything in the garden for a few more months yet. So plant a little something for me if you don't mind.


January 05, 2005 - Msg 26270: howdy SAM SCOTT ..pull up a chair and sit a while
45 days til the Daytona 500.. oh yeah !
I hope all the great folks here on the porch have a good evening ,gonna rest a while had a 13 hour day at work ,told my boss I couldnt be fired ,because a slave had to be sold.

January 05, 2005 - Msg 26271: Hey to the Porch! Hope this post makes it before the Count gets me again. I can't seem to stay online long here the last few days. Not sure what is going on, but seems I keep getting kicked offline right when I'm in the middle of something. Alyce I got your im last night & just as soon as I tried to answer you~poof~ offline I went again. I'm still doing fine. Just can't stay online.

January 05, 2005 - Msg 26272: asa- i forgot to tell you that it was good to see that you and lefty actually DID break out!
Good thing you didnt hold lefty up to the speaker!
Hey MD,(good one! 13hours, thats a Foleys record!) About 40 days or so til Spring Training too! We just traded Randy Johnson to the Yankees!
Like steinbrenner likes to say, "if you cant beat em, buy em!" hehe
Our 2001 Dbacks are totally gone now. Why do owners do that?
Welcome sam, seen Ed Sawyer?
APB for fungirl and Mayberry Girl!
pipeman, how about we shoot off the cannon for the new year? Maybe it will hit the old oak tree!
BTW, my version of a 'rockin' new years eve was much different than Dick Clark/regis'! teehee

January 05, 2005 - Msg 26273: Thank You ASA, I'm glad you got sprung!

January 05, 2005 - Msg 26274: Asa, don't let my gardening talk bother you too much. My landscaper friend arrived, we braved the cold, the misty rain and the wind for about a half hour, got maybe half the bulbs in the ground. Then it started raining for sure, the temp dropped more, to about 39, and we scrubbed the mission and came in the house. My friend went up to Sonic and got us some burgers, and we sat in the sunroom eating burgers and watching the rain. Visited over tea and cookies for a few minutes, then he headed home, will return Friday if the weather improves. So, as you can see, it's really not good gardening weather here. I just hit a sale on bulbs, and went for it.

It's really cold here, supposed to go to 26 tonight, but start warming up a bit tomorrow. The hospital cancelled me tonight (yippee) and I'm all tucked in, with a fire in the fireplace, candles burning, the Plum in my lap, and watching TAGS. I may pop in a movie in a little bit. I've got Shrek II and haven't watched it yet. So, everyone have a great night, and Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 05, 2005 - Msg 26275: Evening Folks...
I need some motivation..I just hope I wake up in the morning with some. My house is a wreck..dishes, laundry..all piled up.. we have had several days of 70 degree weather and we have just stayed outside..needless to say..the house is falling apart!

Asa: yes, that was very odd..lets plan on talking that million bucks tomorrow..sounds like a good plan!!

Mavis: I have had the same trouble with my computer. I am getting so sick of it!!! It is so SLOW!! How I wish I could have DSL..but..cant we are too far out in the country.

Sterling: good for you on the SAHD deal!! You are a good man..My husband syas he couldnt never do what I do..and when he does have to play my part, he's redy for me to get home, but appreciates me even more!

I have a new muffin recipe I'll have to share soon. It was so yummy! Cherry Almond Muffins. Maybe I will post it on the online cookbook when I get a chance.

Goodnight and peaceful rest to you all...


January 05, 2005 - Msg 26276: Hey guys! I see we are still making vacuum jokes. Boy when I start something I really ptu my foot in it. Just one more vacuum thing then....

Story! : Okay. You see there is this fella that my brother graduated with ( Very nice looking. I used to like him.... that's another story though) anyway, he is selling Rainbow vacuum cleaners for some extra money. Well he went to my my good friend's sister's house (follow that?) and did a demonstration since he knew them (he's not too pushy...he just hates that). Well he was going to demonstrate how well the Rainbow can suck up stuff so he got a glass of water and stuck the hose in and turned it on..... what he didn't realize was that the thing was in reverse. He blew water everywhere! They said he couldn't stop apologizing and that he turned red from one end to the other. (He's extrememly nice and polite and did I mention nice looking? Well it bears to be mentioned again.... tall, beautiful blue eyes, sweeter than sour wood honey.... sorry I'm off track). Anyway, I thought it was funny. I felt bad for him but you have to admit, that is one hilarious visual!

School is school.... I'll soon be thorugh and warping little minds of my own! Kidding!


January 05, 2005 - Msg 26277: Dixie, that's a hilarious story! Yes, I have a great mental picture of it, and thanks for sharing. Now, I'll share a "dumb nurse" story, starring yours truly. Actually, in my defense, this is something that's easy to do, and lots of nurses have done it, but boy, do you feel stupid when it happens to you. I went to discontinue a patient's IV. Simple procedure, close the line clamp, remove tape from the insertion site, place an alcohol swab over the site and slide the IV catheter gently out, keeping pressure on the site. No problem, unless you forget to close the line clamp. Now you have a bag of fluid about five feet overhead, height generating pressure through a very small lumen, and it's like a miniature firehose. Fluid shoots across the room, and the line, which naturally I dropped in surprise, is flipping all over the place, so very few surfaces in the room escaped the sugary fluid, including my own face and that of my patient! Embarrassing? Oh, yeah! I'm just grateful I didn't have a student with me.

Anybody else have a klutz story to share? Sugarplum says she doesn't, but I could tell a few. She says hey! --Romeena

January 06, 2005 - Msg 26278: Hey to everyone - Sam Scott, Mavis, and the rest of you!

No klutz stories from me - I have too many to post, but I will tell a cute story on my 4 yo daughter. Last night we were eating tacos and she got a little stuck in her through and was clearing her throat to get it out. When she finally did, she says, "Momma, something's wrong with my uvula (only she pronounced it U-VAY-luh). It was so funny since I knew she knows what it is, and that we've seen the episode where Barney does his "I've got a uvula, you've got a uvula, all God's children got a uvula." After I quit laughing, I made the above statement that Barney did, and she says, "All Gods mothers and fathers got a uvula, too" (and she pronounced it correctly the second time). I had to crack up again, since she said it with such seriousness.

Mr. Mom, huh? I never would have guessed it, Sterling. Good for you!

Well, I best head to bed. Have a great Thursday, everyone.

January 06, 2005 - Msg 26279: Glory be to God, we all gots uvulas! AFD, that's a hoot! And Dixie, your Rainbow story is a laugh too! Rainbows are the best vacuum bar-none, but cost upwards of $1200.00!

Yesterday I was talking to my brother and was explaining "Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder" to him. He politely told me that "Barney calls it a compelshun.". I couldn't believe that he remembered that after all these years! I'm gonna have to send him the TAGS DVD's to watch.

Y'all have a great day and act like somebody!

~ Mrs. Wiley

January 06, 2005 - Msg 26280: Kai's kind of sad because there's no school today due to snow. Poor girl, she loves school. What's wrong with her!;)
I think going out and playing in the snow will brighten her spirits though!

Good to see you, Mavis! Do you have an anti-virus program for your computer? It sounds like you could have a worm or something in there. They can make you get kicked off-line and do other nasty things to your computer, we found that out often enough. AVG is a pretty good free one - www.grisoft.com - that we used to use before we started getting internet through our cable company and now we use theirs. Or www.avast.com is a good one too. Hope your computer quits acting "buggy"!

-Sterling Holobyte

January 06, 2005 - Msg 26281: Morning Dear....Mornin' HONEY!

January 06, 2005 - Msg 26282: Dixie - was the boy in the story who sold the vacuums cute or good looking? I don't remember if you told us that he was good looking or not. I always like to buy things from purty looking men! LOL

Well -I have survived lots of snow, a tonsillectomy, a backed up sewer that Big Al's is draining today due to the water that we were deluged with and I think I may have walking pneumonia on top of that - either that or a really bad chest cold. Don't feel well at all today.

Glad to see Asa was sprung but we all knew he was a little springy!

Thanks for missing me pipeman. . .

Take care and God Bless Pres. Bush and all the boys overseas.

Did anyone see that Guy from the Lawrence Welk show will be singing at the Pres.' innauguration?


January 06, 2005 - Msg 26283: busy morning snow sking and ice skating. welcome to sam scott- where is your porch located? mine is in lincoln, illinois. welcome, rev jr, i could use a shot of spring. my spring soap isn't cutting it.ha. mr mcbeevee, if you were in this area i wouldn't recommend pole climbing.asa, isn't it funny when we first thought we were getting over on chores, we find out our to do lists will take us a lifetime?if i had to go to the outhouse today my plumming would be questionable. anyone remember using the outhouse during winter? if you went you didn't do any reading nor just thunk you had to go.ha. mayberry deputy, that sold one was great. what day does nascar start in feb? mavis, it's good to hear from you, we missed you.dixie,that was great, you sure he wasn't a shoe salesman from new york city? romeena, that is funny- you should have told the patient if they were having surgery thqt you would be their surgical nurse and if they needed anything just push the buzzer. afd, sounds like your daughter maybe the youngest porchster. wonder who has the youngest child that loves tags? mrs wiley, you mean everybody doesn't have a compulsion? how am i doing in the behaving department?sterling= going to school prior to collage never impressed me so i quess our kids love for it came from the other side.ha.rev jr, andy, how long are we gonna have to keep this up? homemaker, good to know your ok. sounds like your in the middle of some adventerious living. spot, come out wherever you are hiding we need you back from vacation. everyone have a mayberry day. time to light the ole pipe and relax. pipeman

January 06, 2005 - Msg 26284: now Pipeman, don't go getting a splorging compelshun. Homemaker, sounds like you could use some... VICKS! Prayers for you dear, and all those ailing. I'm finally starting to feel good - got a shot and some pills (prednisone). Lunch is served: grilled cheese w/bacon, soup: french onion or tomato, chips and tea. Y'all enjoy that snow now, cause I sure can't.

~ Mrs. Wiley
Emma: "I want my pills!"
@ @ @ @

January 06, 2005 - Msg 26285: 44 days til the Daytona 500
Pipeman..the 500 is on the 20th of Feb. with speedweeks starting the week prior to that with qualifying day and then the twin qualifiers on the 17th of Feb.
hello REV.JR. ,MRS. WILEY ,ROMEENA,HOMEMAKER ,DIXIE,ALYCE,AFD,STERLING ,MDC,MR.MAC BV ,and anyone else I left out ,the porch is full lately ,which is a wonderful thing .Everyone take care

January 06, 2005 - Msg 26286: Anyone else here partial to Progresso soups?
They are my fav.
pipeman, you didnt say anything about the cannon so I guess barney voted to sell it! teehee
Rains have subsided here in AZ but Northern az got a ton of SNOW! More rain tomorrow they say.
Any porchsters know if there is a dvd set of entire rifleman series available?
Wish I had tvland. More reality shows starting on network tv that I cant stand! Would like to see Bonanza, Waltons, Gunsmoke, rifleman, WKRP etc, but cant find complete dvds of such types.
Mrs Wi -lee, maybe vicks is the answer!
HM- I see Laura and george gave 10,000 to the releif effort.
asa, how did advance bullet shinng class go?
MD, misss ya on the western site, but those 13 hour days get mighty tiring!
Rev, Ive used that ep in some marriage counseling
volunteering that I do. Some couples in REAL life are exactly that way, it is funny to see them react. I think they use paper plates now!
Ya all have a good, fruit bearin' day!

January 06, 2005 - Msg 26287: Howdy, glad to see ya'll are keeping the VICKS alive! I sure have missed all of you and wish I had time to read all the archives I have missed and see how your Christmas was. We are doing well and had a terrific Christmas and had SNOW! We were all beyond amazed to actually have a white Christmas for the first time ever (at least in recorded history). We got almost 5 inches on the ground by Christmas morning and it was thrilling. We have never seen it here in Corpus Christi and there was a snow man in every yard. Lots of folks here have never even seen snow in their lives and they were out in droves with surfboards, trash can lids and inner tubes sliding down the hills around town. What a blast!

It has been warm since and in the 70's and 80's, mostly so it didn't last long, unfortunately.

I don't think I talked to you since my recent trip to Colorado. We had a wonderful time this time. I got to do all the things I wanted to do. We went to Winter Park and saw a glorious snow storm (which I was out in constantly), we went on snow mobiles...and I wrecked into a tree (I was unharmed), we went snow tubing, which was so much fun. We also went to Durango and rode the Durango/Silverton train. Anyway, it was a great trip and we really needed it.

I am still living with my parents and caring for them. Dad had a pacemaker put in so he is feeling better and mom is starting to do more for herself so thanks for your prayers...they are so appreciated.

The kids are fine and Sean is doing well with his dyslexia instructor. We are thinking about sending him to a private Christian school next year that just happens to be next door to where we will be building our house.

Well, I had better go. Maybe I can come back over later and visit some more. I am without computer and cable TV and my parent's house so I can't watch TAGS or visit the porch often but you are in my thoughts often. Hope you all have a wonderful week and hope to talk to you again soon!


January 06, 2005 - Msg 26288: Dear Homemaker, I saw your reference to Lawrance Welk; and I thought I would just share with you that my uncle was "JIM ROBERTS" who regularly sang with Norma Zimmer on the Lawrance Welk show. His real name was James Roberts Heltsley and Jim Roberts was his "stage name". Sam Scott

January 06, 2005 - Msg 26289: i'm sorry mrs wiley i'll try and behave. prayers for all in need, our country, soldiers and their families.mayberry deputy thanks for the info. my birthday's on the 16th that will make a nice present. haven't picked who i'll roo for this time, i just enjoy the sport so to keep it fresh i pick a different driver every year. mdc, don't you remember barney sold the cannon to the fun girls for their next mt pilot party? on dvd sets have you plugged in like western tv series complete sets? boo, your in our prayers and we sure miss you. record snow in texas this weather is out of control keeps up we'll be watching nascar drive on snow and ice. pipe down there! your at attention, ready for your inspection sheriff. gomer are you buried under a snow drift? we miss you. pipe(the non sporling) man

January 06, 2005 - Msg 26290: Sam Scott - I loved the Lawrence Welk show and I remember Jim Roberts. . small world.

Mrs. Wiley - someone at work today said I should be using VICKS too. . .I said I thought about it but I just didn't feel good enough to go hunt it in the medicine cabinet. . .maybe tonite!


They say another big storm for us coming up next week-end. . .don't know if I can handle any more snow!!

January 06, 2005 - Msg 26291: Pipe, you mean Sam Adams isnt inspecting this year?
HM- I heard about the storm too, 3 fronts are suppose to converge.
BOO! Good to see you dear. Glad all went well on the trip. What fun! prayers for your family.
Enjoy the evening.

January 06, 2005 - Msg 26292: BTW, my mom still watches L Welk every Sat night on PBS ath the nursing home. It is one thing she still reacts to and actually kinda sings along, on the evenings Im there anyways.
God bless to all. mdx

January 06, 2005 - Msg 26293: that's mdC

January 06, 2005 - Msg 26294: "Hey Gang"...very nice weather here in Georgia!...hit 70 yesterday!..up on a cane a little each day now , just gona take time, still roll around the dog house in this chair!..Hey pipeman,md,rev.hm.ro,boo,alyce,mavis,sterling,mdc,asa,mrs wiley..and all...well its gona be vienna sausages and crackers for a snack, hot sauce,cold milk...signed:SPOT the"gona wash my truck tomorrow" dog of this here fine fine porch...ruff...ruff...lights are ON!..

January 06, 2005 - Msg 26295: Just read the arcives.."45 DAY"S TILL THE 500"....Get-er-done!...hey on this new truck I got [got to porch brag a little to you guys] one ton black 4 door dually got a cool Goodwrench racing nextel 2005 tag on the front...

January 06, 2005 - Msg 26296: homemaker dear, you get somebody to locate that Vicks for you, rub it generously on your chest and throat, and cover up with a piece of old flannel, like a baby blanket, or even a cloth diaper or a towel. Just keep the Vicks covered. Then heat up some good onion soup (Campbell's or Progresso, or whoever) and eat a big bowl of that. Then lots of juices. Avoid milk. Take some Echinacea, and you'll be feeling better in no time.

Boo! So good to hear from you. I hope you get to see this, and haven't already returned to outer space or wherever it is that your folks live. You poor thing! No computer, no TAGS, how do you stand it? Wow. Just imagine, five inches of snow in Corpus Christi! That's one for the books, alright. I don't remember ever getting that much in San Antonio, and that's a couple of hundred miles north of Corpus. I'll bet the kids had a wonderful time. Your Colorado trip sounds like a real blast, too. I'm glad you got to go.

Well, guess I'll go scare up some grub. It's too cold to go over to Spot's doghouse, and I'm not terribly fond of vienna sausages anyway, so guess I'll just raid the fridge here at the house. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 06, 2005 - Msg 26297: hey SPOT..good to see you up and about,the snack sounds good but I think Ill pass on the hot sauce

January 06, 2005 - Msg 26298: Hey guys!

homemaker The young man selling the vacuum cleaners is HANDSOME. I stand on the theory that there are three different levels of good looking for a male. #1 Fine:attractive and he knows it and flaunts it #2 Cute:attractive but not out going #3 Handsome: (the top level)attractive, mature, and has a kicking personality. He's about 6'1", medium build, with ice blue eyes that just look right into you. And he is just THE nicest person. And a Christian gentleman (ther's a difference). They broke the mold w/him.

Sam Scott So you have family on the Welk show huh? That's neat! I used to watch that show when I was little with my parents. It would come on PBS Sat. nights. That and Hee-Haw
Where, oh, where are you tonight? Why did you leave me here all alone? I searched the world over and thought I found true love. You met another ans thppbbbbbt! You were gone!

Gotta go guys. Behave!


Good Night, sleep tight, and pleasant dreams to you. Here's a wish and a prayer that every dream comes true. And now till we meet again, Adios, Au revoir, Auf Wiedersehen. Goodnight!

January 06, 2005 - Msg 26299: test

January 06, 2005 - Msg 26300: Aw come on..... I haven't messed up the porch for a while now ;)


January 06, 2005 - Msg 26301: hey yall..
been busy today!

Boo: Good to see you..come back more when you can!

Sam Scott: Hello and Welcome

Pipe: I think my daughter might just be the youngest TAGS fan..she is not quite 4 yet and recognizes all of the characters..does "Judy, Judy, Judy",and tries to whistle the theme. Its so cute!

Spot: Good to see you buddy!

Hello to everyone else.
I gotta get some work done!!


January 06, 2005 - Msg 26302: Someone fill me in on the VICKS story!! I am sure I will enjoy it, as it is a fav thing around my house. Both my girls actually ask for the stuff!


January 06, 2005 - Msg 26303: Oh, law, Alyce, you really don't want to get that started! We got going on VICKS a while back, and it went on for weeks. People were recommending Vicks for everything from the versitis to toenail fungus, which by the way, it will clear up. Toenail fungus, I mean. Oh, shoot! Let's get it going again, want to? Anybody heard of any new uses for Vicks? C'mon, I dare you!

I just unpacked and assembled my new Hoover FloorMate, which I bought back in the summer and have never used. Looks like a pretty impressive machine, but I don't want to get started cleaning that sunroom tile tonight. Lots of pawprints out there, large and small, and grunge off of kids' shoes as well. Kitchen tile doesn't look much better. I just never got down to cleaning after the Christmas crowd left. Picked up the clutter and all, but the floors, well.....

Hey, any of you who are less technologically challenged than I - is it possible to buy a unit that will copy my VHS movies onto DVDs? At this time, I have three VHS players, so I'm okay, but they won't live forever, and I have the feeling that it's going to get difficult to buy them before too long. (Think 8-track.) With over 200 movies in this house, I would really like to back them up on DVDs. I have an almost-complete set of Disney movies, and I even have a copy of "Song of the South", which was never released on VHS in this country. Mine came from the UK. Ideas, anyone?

Well, I'm off to bed. No ironing board for me tonight, it's too hard. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 07, 2005 - Msg 26304: Hello Porch,
Romeena there are several different brands of recording devices,I did my homework and found that the GO.VIDEO modle # VR3840 works very good its a DVD/VHS recorder its about $340.00 but it really makes it fairly simple to record VHS to DVD. I too have tons of VHS movies, But my main reason for the purchase was to record all the family videos to DVD! They are priceless! That's what I have, Hope it helps!

January 07, 2005 - Msg 26305: Romeena if you want to you can copy and paste this link for more info

January 07, 2005 - Msg 26306: kinda of busy this morning on the middle porch. the grass is about 9 inches tall so mow, paint rest of the outside house trim,expand the patio, and crank up the bbq. --- then i woke up. spot= good to see you. nascar soon and your great parties. hello all porchsters, pray for all of you and praise the lord that spot is on the mend. pipeman

January 07, 2005 - Msg 26307: Thank you, Mr. McBV. I really appreciate that, and I'll definitely check out that link. Have you actually done the process - do the DVDs turn out well? I don't have many family VHS tapes, as I've never owned a camcorder, but there is one, and it's precious to me. It was originally 8mm movie film, but my dad had it put on VHS tape many years ago. There are some scenes of my husband, that I'd really like to preserve. So, thank you again. I'll be checking this out, and will probably buy one. $340 is a lot of money, but sometimes money isn't the only consideration. I believe Andy described it as Horatio, whatever that means. Poor Horatio.

Brrrr! It's 35 degrees outside, and rainy. Miserable weather! It's a good day to stay at home and finally get this house cleaned up - bed linens changed, tile floors scrubbed, carpets vacuumed, furniture dusted, desk cleared off, etc. It's also a good day to sink into a deep chair with a big mug of tea, the Plum in my lap, and TAGS DVDs in the player. Hmmmm. Wonder which one I'll do??

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 07, 2005 - Msg 26308: Hi, me again. Mr.McBV, I checked out that site, called their 800 number and spoke with a very nice, helpful young lady. She tells me that while the unit does a nice job, it often won't transfer many of the movies. Something about a copyright code that's embedded and prevents them from being copied. She says she has backed up some of her movies, but by no means all of them. Do you have any thoughts on this? Do you know of any ways to get around this problem?

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 07, 2005 - Msg 26309: Ro, that is true, most Disney movies wont let you make copies of them. I have a GoVideo dual deck machine and i tried coping vhs to vhs to take some disney movies to the nursing home, and it would just stop and say "copying blocked"
But i have not tried any to dvd.

January 07, 2005 - Msg 26310: That sig was a little joke, dual deck, see?
well a VERY little joke! mdc

January 07, 2005 - Msg 26311: pipester, you been watching the Wizard of Oz again? teehee
With all this talk of rainbows and kneehigh grass
I thought i'd throw in another little joke!

January 07, 2005 - Msg 26312: Ok, here's some "serious" tags talk.
I was watching local tags last night and it was the "cave rescue" ep, and i got to thinking that that may have been the most sophisticated
"IN STUDIO" set that they used on tags. There was a rock slide, dust and dirt all over the place, "woodbeams" comin down etc. can anyone think of any other in studio set that had such "special effects?"
OK, back to your regularly scheduled Friday.
VICKS, VICKS, VICKS! Made in the USA and good for what ails ya!
Have a good one.

January 07, 2005 - Msg 26313: Hey Friends- please continue to pray for my grandaughter Laci. She was seen by a genetics doctor this morning. He suspects that she has some type of chromosomal disorder. He says this mostly based on her appearance (small features-both her mom & dad have small facial features,but anyway..)and the fact that she is small. She WAS born almost a month and a half early,plus had a major heart defect that kept her from thriving,but it seems no one is taking all of this into consideration. Since the day she was born, "they" have tried to label Laci with some sort of syndrome. She had a baseline genetics screen at birth, which didn't turn up anything,so the bloodwork today will be analyzed chromosome by chromosome,strand by strand of DNA to see if something turns up.This will take until mid Feb. before we get any answers. I worked with special needs kids for over 20 years and I feel certain that Laci is not mentally impaired,and if she is,it is only mildly. I do realize that she is developmentally delayed-she takes PT & OT and is coming along well. I pray that they don't find some terrible obscure disorder with this little girl. She has been through so much already in her 16 months of life,what with the heart surgery and all. I know this porch is full of faith and I'm asking you all to please keep Laci and her family in your prayers.
"For God has not given us a spirit of fear,but of power and love and of a sound mind."
I am trying to hold it together & remain optimistic,because I see Laci and know what she is made of.She wants to do SO much.With God's help,she will.
Thanks y'all- you are the best!
Love to all!

possum under a rock

January 07, 2005 - Msg 26314: MDC- maybe the "Munsters"? I was lucky enough to visit the set of the "Munsters" when I was 8. Dad had a conference in L.A. so we combined business & vacation. Went to Disneyland, Hollywood Bowl, etc., will never forget that summer. Well, it's official....I now have a teenager in the house. My oldest daughter is 13 today. Boy does time fly. I remember bringing her home from the hospital, scared to death because there was no owner's manual. Guess we've done okay without that manual for a while.

January 07, 2005 - Msg 26315: Possum- we posted at the same time. Laci will certainly be in our prayers! You will too!

January 07, 2005 - Msg 26316: Hello Porch!
Sorry Romeena I was up a pole and it started raining dern near got electrocuted!Ha Ha, The unit dose an excellent job of recording tapes to DVD and as far as the copyright thing I have never had a problem! So I wouldn't worry about that thing! It really dose a fine job! You should try it and if you don't like it you can always return it(a lot of its) but I'm sure it will work fine for you! Hey to sugarplum!

January 07, 2005 - Msg 26317: rev jr, happy birthday to your daughter, a teenager huh? possum, prayers for laci. i'm sure god has an extra special thing for her to accomplish. mdc, didn't you hear sam adams won the lottery and moved to raliegh. yeah, got clear out of the inspecting game. several westerns had similar mine cave-ins. in fact bonanza had one ep. mr mcbeeve, good to see your keeping the lines up and running. pipeman

January 07, 2005 - Msg 26318: Prayers for laci for sure! Will lift her up at preaching this Sunday too.
Guess I wasnt making myself clear on the studio sets.
I meant on TAGS, not all shows. sorry.
Any thoughts on that?
SPOT, thanks for checking in! Hang in there bro.
Your truck is only a figment of my imagination! haha

January 07, 2005 - Msg 26319: My bad, MDC. Guess I've been waiting a long time for an opening to say I had been on the Munsters set. tee hee. You know how we've talked about catching little things on the TAGS dvd? Have you noticed in the first few episodes how much Andy says "simmer down" to Opie, Barney, etc.,? Seemed to be his favorite line for a while. Spot- if you take some VICKS you'll be four wheelin' in the Black Beauty before you know it. Pipe- yep, a teen in the house. I'm officially old. Mr. Mac- take care on those wet poles, we don't aim to start filing worker's comp claims here on the porch. Ha! Ro- sorry about the weather down there. Still feels like spring here.

January 07, 2005 - Msg 26320: The weather is improving dramatically here too, Rev Jr. It's nearing 50 degrees, sun is shining, supposed to be in the 70s by Monday. I don't mean to sound hard to please, after whining about the cold, but I also don't want it to get too warm. Bulbs will sprout, bushes and trees will bud out, and then along will come Jack Frost and nip 'em all in the bud. February, and even March, in Texas can be really, really cold.

MDC, I'll remember that, though I don't really anticipate any VHS to VHS copying. My main interest is in getting my VHS movies onto DVDs.

Possum, dear, you can be sure we're all praying for little Laci. If the love of family, and the prayers of porch friends help at all, then she should be just fine!

Thanks, Mr. McBV, (do you like my abbreviation of your name?). I'm thinking I'll be getting one of those GoVideo thingies. Have you actually transferred a Disney movie, or some other commercially-released movie, using it?

Well, I think I'll go plant some primroses. They'll fare just as well in the ground as sitting in little plastic pots. They're so bright and colorful, I just couldn't resist them.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 07, 2005 - Msg 26321: Hi, porchsters. I just finished cleaning my sunroom tile floor with my new Hoover FloorMate, first time I've used it. Thought I'd give you my impression of the cleaner, and see if any of you have had any different experience. On a scale of 1-10, I'd rate it about a 6. The dry pickup setting, supposed to function as a vacuum for dirt and small debris, I'd rate about a 3. It requires multiple passes, just doesn't have much oomph. The wet/scrub setting works a bit better, thus the overall rate of 6, but I'm still not sure I can't do just as well with my canister vac and my Swiffer WetJet. I guess it's okay, but I wouldn't buy one to give as a gift. Anybody have a different take on it? Maybe I'm not using it right? I'd love to be proven wrong, because if the appliance worked as I thought it would, I'd love it! --Romeena

January 07, 2005 - Msg 26322: POSSUM.. prayers and good thoughts for LACI
RACE FANS ..Only 43 days til the Daytona 500

January 07, 2005 - Msg 26323: Sorry Romeena It doesn't work on Disney movies I just tried it.Sure works good on my home movies though.If you lived close to me I would make the copy of the tape with your Husband. Prayers for Laci,and thanks Pipeman I do my best! Happy Birthday to Rev's Daughter! God Bless
Mr.McBV (Thanks Ro)

January 07, 2005 - Msg 26324: Hey guys. Checking in. So.... For this nail fungus thing. Do you apply the Vicks directly to the nail and let'er go? Or is there a specific way to use it? I have never heard of this but I know someone who has that problem and has tried everything. At one time they even lost the nail. Stumped the toe and it just fell off.... groosed me out. Yech! I could never be a health care provider.

Dixie B

January 07, 2005 - Msg 26325: That's supposed to be grossed..... Almost looks like goosed.... now that's a strange expression....


January 07, 2005 - Msg 26326: Romeena, but does it have a good beat, and is it easy to dance to?? LOL
Rev- that's the cats meow to have been on the set of the munsters! I bet hey had some pretty good contraptions for special effects. Was that the one with Thing, or was that on adams family.?
Guess I better "simmer down!" and, we have mentioned before, his overly stated southern drawl
was not needed, as he carried himself fine without it.
13 going on 30 eh? Maybe Opie will dance with her!
MD- Daytona and i say again, Spring Training, yippee!
pman- so Sam Adams is living the life of Rielly!
Well I'll be darn. Anyone remember the Life of Rielly show?
Dix- yup, just apply er right to the fungi area and it just zaps it!
Funny how this here writer, who is on the verge of geezerhood, reads your description of the vacumn salesman, and I just say Thank God my wifey liked the ring I surprised her with,
and glad she puts up with me! teehee
Well, a great porch nite to one and all.
Mr Darlin's Cuz

January 07, 2005 - Msg 26327: Thanks, Mr. McBV, I appreciate you testing that out for me. If it won't copy those, then I guess I really don't need it. Doggone it, I wish somebody would come up with something that would work. When I think of what I have invested in those VHS movies....

Dixie, it helps if you sorta push some of the Vicks up under the nail. Just get a blob of it and keep mooshing it as far back under there as possible.

Yep, MDC, I remember the Life of Reilly show. William Bendix, right? (What a revoltin' development this is!) Do you remember the character of Waldo Binney? Our own Burt the salesman, (Sterling Holloway, aka Winnie the Pooh) played Waldo.

Yes, Andy did overdo the "simmer down" a bit, as well as "nary a bit". That phrase appeared quite often in the early days, and the drawl was just a bit too southern-fried, but we loved him anyway!

No takers on the Hoover FloorMate? No, it doesn't have a good beat, and I'm not about to try to dance with it. I was just hoping somebody could tell me something I might be doing wrong, which if corrected, would make the thing work better. By the way, it left the floors a lot wetter than the ads lead you to believe, too. I think it's false advertising, and I'm ready to take it to the highest court in the land! Fraud, that's what it is!

Well, off I go. Everyone have a good night's rest. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 07, 2005 - Msg 26328: Howdy Porch! You all have a great weekend.
Dixie that vicks is really good stuff.

January 07, 2005 - Msg 26329: Romeena, does the Hoover have a height setting? Maybe if you could lower it closer to the floor it might pick up better. You've probably already thought of that but that's about all I can think of. You'd think a new product like that would work better!

You have a great weekend too, Frankie Flint!
-Sterling Holobyte

January 08, 2005 - Msg 26330: Prayers for little Laci - May God hold her life in the palm of his hand. ~ Mrs. Wiley

January 08, 2005 - Msg 26331: You have my prayers also Laci and family. Try not to worry to much possum. All will be well.


January 08, 2005 - Msg 26332: Nope, Sterling, it doesn't. I think they're just trying to get too much function out of one relatively small machine. I guess you can't expect the pulling power of a good vacuum, when space has to be given to scrubber brushes, and solution ejection and retrieval. Maybe it's not meant to clean a whole room, but rather to spot-clean a spill, or a tracked-in mess, something like that. It probably will work fine for small areas.

possum, prayers continue for little Laci. I'll tell my SS class about her tomorrow, too. There are some strong prayer warriors there.

Well, gotta get a few chores done. My grandson (age 3) is coming to spend the afternoon and tonight, then go to church with me in the morning. He's busy, lively and determined, so I need to be ready to devote most of my time to him. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

P.S. Woohooo! TVLand is starting over with the B&W episodes. Aunt Bee has just come to town, on my TV this morning.

January 08, 2005 - Msg 26333: Afternoon everyone!

Hope you all are having a nice weekend. We have been very busy with the house. This morning was spent in Lowes and the furniture store too.
I am getting high from paint fumes now..I painted our (current) front door and it is smelling to high heaven!

Have a wonderful Sunday...


January 08, 2005 - Msg 26334: ...42 days til the Daytona 500...
Everyone have a good weekend

January 08, 2005 - Msg 26335: mdc=old riley was always scheming and i think he came in tied with dobbie gillis dad frank.as maynard g. crabbs said, i'd rip my arm off, gouge my eyes out good buddy anything but work. mayberry deputy, maybe they could do like baseball and race exibiton games. prayers forlaci and those in need. good to see you frankie flint. everyone have a good evening. pipester

January 08, 2005 - Msg 26336: A Big Hey to the Porch~ Been busy looking for some cherry boom boom nail polish and midnight madness perfume. FRANKIE FLINT

January 09, 2005 - Msg 26337: Prayers for Laci and your whole family, possum.

I also made a visit to Lowe's yesterday, Alyce. (Didn't see ya - haha) Someone smashed my cow mailbox to bits - it's been whacked twice before and was able to be repaired but it bit the dust this time. Had to get a new one. We also looked at flooring for our game room/MIL quarters - not sure what were gonna do yet - probably tile entryways and commercial grade carpet for the rest. Waiting to do our taxes so we can spend part of the return on that.

Hope you have/had fun with your grandson, Ro.

Speaking of things Andy seemed to say a lot at the beginning of the show was..."It stands to reason". I was watching a "McGee and Me" show with my daughter and somebody said that same thing. Made me think of Andy.

Well, best head to bed so I'll be rested up for church - Talk to ya'll later.
Have a blessed Sabbath all.

January 09, 2005 - Msg 26338: Hey guys, saw this on Ebay, thought you might be interested. At least at looking at it.


-Sterling Holobyte

January 09, 2005 - Msg 26339: good sabath to everyone. prayers for all. do you remember sayings your parents always said that were contradiction of each other? only after we grew up did we realise this but some we still use anyway. example= look before you leap. then he who hesitates is lost. nothing ventured nothing gained. better safe than sorry. you can't teach an old dog new tricks. it's never too late to learn. can you think of others? no wonder mayberry has such an appeal to us, or should i say no wonder so many people are in therpy. ha. have a great day porchsters. pipeman

January 09, 2005 - Msg 26340: Pman,Howard Sprague was always coming up with "thrifty" sayings for Opie.
A sti-tch in time saves nine.
a penny saved is a penny earned.(Ben F)
Ro- you do know that I was spoofing American bandstand, right? With the beat etc.
Too bad ya got a bad product.
Whwnever i get something at Sears, i get Sears warranty too for about 7 extra dollars, and they will do a 100% exchange even two years later.
Wow Ro, you remembered William Bendix!

Ya all have a soothing Sabbath afternoon.

January 09, 2005 - Msg 26341: Wow Sterling, that's neat! I want that for my Birthday! ~ Mrs. Wiley
Good Sabbath all!

January 09, 2005 - Msg 26342: That is really cool Sterling! I would love to have that!Good Day to all!

January 09, 2005 - Msg 26343: OK, you all, who outbid me? I bid on Andy's yearbook, and got the "you've been outbid" notice. I'm not going any higher, so whoever is bidding has nothing more to fear from me.

Sorry, MDC, I missed the reference to American Bandstand. I never watched it much, though my kids did.

My son came by and took all my Christmas lights down out front today, while I went to see "Oklahoma!" with his MIL. Sure did look bare and empty when I drove in this evening. All my deer and twinkle lights are still up in the back yard though, so I can enjoy them. Another week or two, and I'll take them down too. They're just so pretty!

Possum, my SS class prayed for little Laci this morning, and I saw several of the women writing her name down, so those prayers will continue. They're praying for you too. I assured them that the Lord will know very well who Possum is.

Well, I'm tired, the Plum wants to cuddle, and I need a big glass of tea, so off I go. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 10, 2005 - Msg 26344: Thank you all and Ro,please tell your Sunday school class how grateful I am for all the prayers being sent up for Laci. I'm not quite as upset as I was when I posted,since I have had some time to think about it. Let's put it this way- this man is a genetics doc,so it's his JOB to look for chromosome defects,gene defects,and what have you. It's what he does,how he makes his money. So.. let them search all they want. If something DOES turn up,is it really going to change Laci that much? I doubt it. So,I will continue to pray and keep the faith. Thanks again y'all!
Oh, here's a TAGS thingy for y'all. The other day at work I was taking a woman's info over the phone.When she told me her last name,I wasn't sure if she said Griffin or Griffith,so I asked " Is that GRIFFITH,like Andy & Barney?" she said yes,and then told me that her husband's name WAS Andy Griffith! I then said something like " Not THAT Andy though!" Then I asked her if he gets lots of comments and she said " Oh yeah!" I never did get too excited because her first name wasn't the same as our Andy's-plus they lived in Utah,but still it was kinda neat. Can you imagine having a TAGS name?
Well,I've gotta go.In keeping with the VICKS theme,I must tell y'all that I dabbed a little around my "possum snout" last night 'cause I was a bit stuffy! Stuff works good! VICKS! Ha Ha
possum under a rock

January 10, 2005 - Msg 26345: Morning porchsters! The morning news about avalanches in Utah has brought me to the porch to check on Asa. Any of that in your neck of the woods? Also, was sad to see our little Laci back on the prayer list. Do not worry, Possum! My daughter when she was diagnosed with autism at 2 1/2 showed every sign of it--rocking and dropping dirt for hours and not talking until she was 3 or more and I was indeed petrified. I wasn't sure she'd ever even say "Mama." She is a happy, healthy, 7th grader who takes regular classes, plays sports, and is a joy to be around. Her diagnosis was changed many times so I'm not exactly sure what they would label her now. I label her normal. She has been on the honor roll. Her only struggles are social and some with auditory processing. I think she's as normal as the next person so don't put too much stock in all the "experts" have to say. God is the one who's in charge.
Charlotte Tucker

January 10, 2005 - Msg 26346: Mornin, almost Afternoon, Porchsters. Possum- prayers continue for Laci & you. Ro is right, I have a pretty good idea that the Lord has heard of Possum! Pipe- it's never too early to plan supper....so what you planning for supper? MrMcBV- thanks for the b-day wishes for my daughter. She got WAY more than she deserved (from the grandparents). Dixie- been meaning to ask...how's that big stick we got you for Christmas working out? MDC- I got the bandstand reference...bout fell out of my chair laughing when I read it. Ro- have you recovered from your grandson's visit yet? Alyce- I was in Lowe's the other day...didn't see you either.Ha. MD- one of my clients is a Dodge dealer. He was telling me about the new "Charger" that's coming out and will be used in NASCAR, probably in '06. AFD- in reading your post above, you're right on the money. It stands to reason if you've got a really good line then you should repeat it...often. Sterling- have you seen the tv commercials for e-bay? I think they're well done. CT-I'm with you as far as the "experts" are concerned. Hey to anyone I may have missed, and that's highly likely since I was skimming the posts pretty quickly.