January 10, 2005 - Msg 26347: Lot of empty rockin' chairs right now.

January 10, 2005 - Msg 26348: Now I've gone and done it. Ro- apparently, the Oreck we got for Christmas works great on sweeping porches....take that Hoover back. tee hee.

January 10, 2005 - Msg 26349: 40 days til Daytona 500
REV. JR. ... your talking about the Dodge dealer made me think ,,and that makes my head hurt ...in 2003 my brother won free tickets to the Dodge Dealers 400 at Darlington ,part of the prize package was a trip to the VIP tent to meet all the Dodge drivers ,when the entered the VIP tent they were given a ticket and a ticket with the same number was put in a box ,MAYFIELD and ELLIOTT each drew a number ,MAYFIELD drew my brothers number ,the prize from the drawing was a 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 . My brother choose to pay the difference and have a Hemi 507 in his truck ,he is sorry he did that now with gas prices so high .
Eveyone have a good evening and POSSUM
my prayers continue for LACI

January 10, 2005 - Msg 26350: Rev Jr. .. that shold have said Hemi 5.7

January 10, 2005 - Msg 26351: MD- wow, a brand new truck? That's strong as a row of green onions! I'll bet he does feel it every time he's at the pump. Still, no monthly car payment...I'd take that and run!

January 10, 2005 - Msg 26352: Good sweep rev jr! Lot cheaper than a Kirby!
Maybe if Cindy Crawford was sellin' em, I may buy one. teehee (Just giving Dixie a little good natured dig!)
"Surprise, surprise, I can see it in your eyes!"
Back in the late 60's early 70's my friend had a supped up Dodge Super Bee, that he would take to the dragway on amatuer nite! man, could that thing go!
Sort of like ET Bass dating Mr Hogg's daughter,
But like barney says and to give the pipester another old saying, "You cant make a silk purse out of a sow's ear!"
How do you do Mrs. WI-lee, and sweet Ro-MEE-na!
I watched that ep on vcr last night and am still crackin up!
Have a great day!

January 10, 2005 - Msg 26353: MDC (and everybody else on the porch for that matter)- if you absolutely, positively had to pick just ONE ep as your favorite, what would it be? I believe I would have to say "Ernest T. Bass Joins the Army" ...."can't say enough about our boys in khaki." Best line in it for me was "...hussshhh." Seen it a thousand times and it still cracks me up.

January 10, 2005 - Msg 26354: hahaha Rev Jr., that'n cracks me up too! "hup 2-3-4, pick up your guns, everybody into the truck!". But I guess my favorite epp is the one that I'm in. That Mrs. Wiley, she's a NUT. I love the part where Andy sends Earnest T. off to ask Romeena to dance, and he 'gets the beat' first, then sort of shuffles off over to her. Also love how Barn teaches him how to enter a room. "I can't hear him, I can't hear him! Ho'w I'm supposed to learn my ammennies iffin I can't hear him!"

~ Mrs. Wiley
Earnest T.: "Well, I've been comming into rooms nice, but haven't been shakin' any ladies' hands."

January 10, 2005 - Msg 26355: I'm Doo-in fine MDC, thanks fer askin. Hey to all my porch friends present and absent! ~ Mrs. Wiley

January 10, 2005 - Msg 26356: Mrs. Wiley- that's a CLASSIC in my book. I love the same scene you are talking about with Barney entering the room. I think it's Barney and Andy at their best when Barney starts quizzing Andy on the number of people attending, formal or semi-formal, etc., That ep was an extremely close second to the "Army" ep.

January 10, 2005 - Msg 26357: Those are both great, but my ALL-time still has to be Man in a Hurry. Something about the simpleness of that Sunday afternoon compared to Mr Tucker's rush rush rush! It is ashame that the epilog is left out on TV. Because it shows Mr Tucker, asleep in the rocker on the porch, with a complete apple peel hanging from his hand.
(In other words, he was completely absorbed by the lazy Sunday afternoon that he had been "fighting.") (And of couse, Opie got to do some adventure sleeping!
Now, if we are talkin strickly ETBass eps, then I almost have to go with the one where he ia throwing rocks thru the Darling's windows and Andy and barn deal with the Darlings sleepin habits! teehee!
Good rockin to ya,

January 10, 2005 - Msg 26358: Howdy, all. I'm just grateful that I don't actually have to make a choice, because it surely would be difficult. Theyu're all just wonderful, they're classics, every single one. Even the color eps are better than any of the current junk on TV.

My landscaper friend was here today, and we got a lot of frozen-back stuff pruned off and discarded, and planted three flats of pansies and about a hundred bulbs. Also cleaned out the fountain and its little pond, and discovered, to my shock, that there are four goldfish in there! I knew there were two before the freeze, but haven't seen any since then, and figured they froze. We cleaned the leaf litter out, then pumped the little pond dry (we thought, but there must be a pocket of water back under the big rock somewhere)then refilled it. An hour or so later, I walked by and there were four feisty-looking goldfish! Neither of us could believe it, but there they were. How they survived the freeze, and our cleanout efforts, I'll never know. Hardy little things!

Well, guess I'll hunt up some supper. Anybody cooking? Nothing around here but leftovers. Oh, well, I like leftovers. Have a great evening, folks. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 10, 2005 - Msg 26359: "Theyu're"? My stars! Make that "they're". --Romeena

January 10, 2005 - Msg 26360: The weather is out of control here in California!!

January 10, 2005 - Msg 26361: Hey! Droping in. I'll try to catch up on news tomorrow. YAWN!...... I need a nap.....

Dix.... Z.z.z.z........

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26362: Mornin Porchsters. Where was everybody else yesterday? Dixie- I ALWAYS need a nap.lol. Ro- I just thought you were using some kind of Texas contraction for "there you are" ha! Those goldfish were just giving you the "big freeze." MrMcBV- how close are you to the mudslides? Hang in there, pal. MDC- love "Man in a Hurry"..however, ANYTHING with ETB catches my eye.

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26363: Asa, I wrote this yesterday and got swept--are any of the avalanches and bad weather near you? Dixie, If yer lookin' fer a good deal on a cawr, call BR-549. Mayberry, North Carolina, Population: three hundred and forty-four. Salute! (I watched Hee Haw too!) I enjoyed your rendition of Archie Campbell's song. Who was the other guy he sang that with? Mr. McBV, Are you near any of those flooded roads or mudslides I saw on the weather channel yesterday? Don't be drivin' in no standin' water now, ya hear? Have a Mayberry Day, everybody!
Charlotte Tucker

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26364: I know that it is hard to believe but it is raining here some more. . .


January 11, 2005 - Msg 26365: CT- that was me that swept....didn't mean to. Also, I mentioned this a while back, the entire "Hee Haw" collection is available on dvd through Time/Life. Homemaker- I apologize, but I can't remember where you live. Please remind me again.

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26366: Good Morning everyone!
Looks like it has been a slow weekend on the porch.

I am looking at the men on the roof of my house working on siding...glad to see them here.

Well I hope you all have a great day!


January 11, 2005 - Msg 26367: good morning porchsters, prayers for each of you. how's laci doing? barney; i got 15$ for the old cannon- andy; good barney, barney; but anj you don't understand, we pay the $15. did you ever notice when barney was in trouble he always said ang? for the race fans- i put two 500 hph v-8's in the truck. i figured if it's good enough for a sherman tank why not the race track? anyone see any problems? pipeman

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26368: CT - Archie sang that song with Gordie Tapp. We were big Hee-Haw watchers on my dad's side of the family. My mother's side of the family was big on Lawrence Welk. I like 'em both and still watch some LW reruns on public television once in a while.

Let's see, my favorite episode of TAGS is "A Date For Gomer". I do love the ETBass episodes though, and it's hard to pick a favorite on those.

Not much going on here in the Ozarks, although we are anticipating temps in the high 50's/low 60's today and tomorrow - but then rain and some snow by Thursday. Is summer here yet?

Prayers for those involved in the bizarre weather on the west coast. Hope all our west coast porchsters are okay.

Have a great day, all!

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26369: Alyce- are you saying those men are nice to look at, or you're glad they're working? tee hee. I know, I know, you're a happily married woman..I'm just teasin you. Sounds like the house is really coming along...congrats. Pipe- no problems here if you put in twin 500s, you gonna mount machine guns on it too?

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26370: Boy pipeman - that truck'll burn some rubber now!
Was watching "Ellie Comes to Town" last night and was zooming in on stuff in the background. Found some briars on the wall behind the cash register in the drug store. Do you buy yours from the Walkers Drug, pipeman?


January 11, 2005 - Msg 26371: mr mcveebee, we're praying for you and yours on the mudslides. in fact mdc, asa, shoe, lawerence and the rest on the west coast area, keep us posted. we worry about each other. alyce, are the men on the roof(a slippin and a slidin?)rev jr, homemaker is from james dean country, indiana. charlotte tucker, how's the weather your way? did you know archie campbell was killed in a plane crash in cullom, alabama. wasn't the other signer gordie trapp? dixie, pleasant dreams- we all need a snooze once in awhile.ro, gold fish are the hardiest fish there is. they go to the bottom and shut down until spring in most locations.mdc, i don't have a favorite mayberry show cause each is endearing for different things. mrs wiley, glad to hear from you, wemiss you bunches when your gone. mayberry deputy, 39 days to daytona, hopefully they won't have to use boats to race. i guess that catches up on the posts. question== if ernest t. had married mr hoggs daughter, what would their kids be called or what would they belike? have a great day time to light the briar. pipster.

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26372: ro- now if them gold fish were giraffs they'd be selfish but since their gold fish they'll be alright. isn't it funny how everything reminds of an episode? p- man

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26373: afd= next time you zoom in on the briars see if you can make out the brand, i'll bet it's dr garbow, funny there never was a real dr garbrow. of course i buy all my pipes from walkers, good for the local economy. once in awhile i slip down to raliegh and get one with some tobbaco that's befitting your mayor. pipeman

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26374: Thank You All for the Prayers and concerns! We were Blessed and we survived the storm! There is even a big bright ball of fire in the sky we haven't seen in some time!Thanks again for the Prayers!!

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26375: *We interupt this broadcast for a special announcement for pipeman.*

Dad, if you want to know where to go to find out how we are doing...go to:


Don't worry Dad. That is my journal. Nicknames are used instead of real names.

Hope everyone here is doing well. I must go look to see if Spot 'the possibly still missing dog' has made it back to the porch.

*Now back to your regularly scheduled programming*

~mayberry girl

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26376: Rev Jr: yes, I am a happily married woman..but I can still check out the menu, you know, haha! No..really , I meant that I was glad to see them here working!
And no slippin and a slidin...dry here!


January 11, 2005 - Msg 26377: UH OH
That is what my 14 month old is walking around saying..because she just spilled candle wax all over the living room..any tips on getting it out of pillows and the couch?? It was one of those warmers for tarts and she picked it up and swung it around the room...wax everywhere!!

ok, going to try to get it up..


January 11, 2005 - Msg 26378: Alyce- yep, you can check out the menu...you just can't order! haha. Still feels like Spring here in S.C. they're calling for it to cool down starting this weekend...just my luck. I have a company "retreat" at the beach on Saturday. Oh well, we'll enjoy it, warm or cold. Hey Pipe- just this morning I was at one of my clients and he was showing me some pictures he had taken at the zoo in Columbia (SC) last week. One was a great shot of a giraffe. I commented.."boy, they sure are selfish." Not a soul in their office had any idea of what I was talking about. Had to try and recap the scene for them. They just all kinda stared at me like "what in the world is he talking about?" Which leads me to say...ain't it grand to come to the porch where everybody knows EXACTLY what you're talking about with ANY TAGS reference?!

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26379: Mayberry Girl, good to see you. You can "interrupt" any time you want!
AFD - I'm glad I aint the only one who zooms in on the nice CLEAR backgrounds. I'm waiting for July and season 2!
Mr Mac's episode is in season 2, and I'll get to see the real ending again!
Mayor pipeman, pay em the 15 dolllars and get that eyesore outta town! haha
ALYCE - I have heard that if you put ice on wax it makes it easier to come out of fabrics.
See what happens when you watch the men instead of the youngun. teehee
Good to see CT checking in! Was just talking about your episode.
APB for spot, Auh20, sterling, Mary w , irishster, hazel, rafe, fun girl, ellen b, jennie b, MPO, banjo jerry, uncle ollie, bulbsnatcher, big tom and others. Come see us again!
Prayers for Calif etc. 19 feet of snow in No Cal. Mudslides, avalanches, Snow in Seattle, flooding here in Phoenix!
I think that the el nino with a capital N is speakin a bit!
Be back soon,
Mr Darlin's Cuz

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26380: Oops rev, I guess we posted abou the same time.
Sounds like Cheers, the porch , that is... where everybody knows your name.

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26381: ha, and I forgot to sign!!

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26382: Oh MDC you are too funny...and you too REV. Actually I wasnt looking at them..couldnt anyway..I go to church with our contractor and it just isnt right. He has a beautiful wife and 3 beautiful boys too. My SIL is funny, she says that when she sees a good looking man she just keeps it OK by saying.. "God sure did a good job on that one".

Which episode is it with the giraffe's are selfish?

I had some good cookies yesterday and I have a taste for them now...sure wish I could get to Target...they were by Archer Farms, I think, and they were White Chocolate and Lime. Very tasty!

Pork chops, broccoli w/cheese, sweet corn for supper!

Hey, does anyone have the Coco Cola Pork Chop recipe from the Mayberry cook book??


January 11, 2005 - Msg 26383: Oh forgot to say: I got the wax off the sofa with a rag and a hot iron...I threw the pillows and a blanket away. (they were old and I needed a reason to get rid of them, lol...looking for a good reason to get a new sofa too..I think I found it)


January 11, 2005 - Msg 26384: Alyce - The "giraffes are selfish" reference is in episode 93 "Dogs, Dogs, Dogs".


Coca-Cola Pork Chops " A bottle of Pop Chops!" ( taken from Aunt Bee's Mayberry Cookbook)


4 pork chops
1/2 c Ketchup
1/2 c Coca-Cola
1/8 cup brown sugar
salt and pepper to taste
Preheat oven to 350. Place chops in a baking pan. Season with salt and pepper. In a small bowl, mis Ketchup and Coca-Cola, pouring the mixture over the chops. Sprinkle with brown sugar. Bake uncovered for one hour.



January 11, 2005 - Msg 26385: I'm gettin' worried about Asa. Hope he isn't stuck in the mud somewhere. AFD, thanks for that Gordie Tapp info. I never would've got that one. Pipeman, you're not that far from me, are you? Aren't you from Lincoln? I'm from Hamilton, not too far from Quincy. Shame on you all for teasing Alyce about those purty workmen! Back at ya, MDC. Hey to Rev. Jr., Ro, Dixie, and homemaker. Good to see Boo and mayberry girl checking in. Anyone heard from Mavis, Salty, Bulbsnatcher, or Fun Girl lately? Hey to Sam Scott, Frankie Flint, Goober, Spot, Mrs. Wiley, Miss Ellie, jennieboone, Briscoe, De§, and anyone I forgot. Whew! I'm outta breath!
Charlotte Tucker

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26386: Hello Rev Jr. - I live in the beautiful Ohio River Valley aka southeastern Indiana. We are about 50 miles east of Cincinnati. A very rural area - the school that my children attend has an average graduating class of about 75 students.
And it is still raining. . .the high was about 57 today and rain. . .it is suppose to be 19 on Saturday. . .and one wonders why we can't get rid of the colds, the post nasal drip and the cough!

The pork chops sound delish -

take care everyone - keep out of the mud!
Prayers for those who need them with this weather -


January 11, 2005 - Msg 26387: By the way - Columbus, Indiana lays claim to Tony Stewart. . .that is where we do major shopping (old navy, kohls, Big Target, etc.) Our little town lays claim to Super Walmart which I wanted but now do not care for. .


January 11, 2005 - Msg 26388: charlotte tucker, i don't mind if my pal afd gets credit for gordie trap on hee haw. ha just kidding.alyce= you say mother nature was extrie good to them? charlotte tucker yeah we're pretty close to each other, wonder where goober and sterling is at? pipeman

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26389: Thanks for asking after me. This winter has given me the blues. I fight the depression that comes along with Bi-Polar disorder and this season has been a doosey. Everything is going well here. I have applied for a job closer to home and won't have to drive but five minutes to get there if the job comes through. I have many many friends praying about the job situation, but I reckon a few more won't hurt. So, prayers that I get the new job closer to home.

That's all for now. From a soggy, foggy, gloomy south central Indiana.....
fun girl

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26390: Homemaker- I didn't think anyone or any town would actually lay claim to Tony Stewart. JUST KIDDING! The biggest thing my town can lay claim to is being the "Denture" capital of the world. People come from all over the nation to have their "remaining" teeth yanked out and brand new ones put in...while you wait! *results may vary among patients. typical time frame for most patients is 24 hours. member FDIC.

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26391: Pipeman, I hereby give you credit for Gordie Trap, but AFD did say it first. Msg 26368. Yours was 26371. I wasn't slighting you! Hey fun girl! Foggy Foggy here too!
Charlotte Tucker

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26392: Hey..
Thanks AFD for the recipe! Wish I had gotten it sooner though..we've been outside and I didnt come in to check the porch..and now its almost 6 o clock..might just put them on the George with some Essence! It sounds good though!

Homemaker: I used to love WalMart so much...would just get withdrawals from it..now I dread it when I have to go there!

Fun Girl: You take care of yourself..get outside even if the weather is yucky and just get some fresh air..get with some girlfriend and just goof off...That helps!!

Well off to cook supper...
Again its...grilled chops, broccoli w/cheese, sweet corn, sweet tea, cake and ice cream...Come on over!


January 11, 2005 - Msg 26393: Evenin all, I've been sidelined witha' youngin' borrowin' my laptop as of late 'case youins was a wonderin where I wuz. Well huntin season is over and the youngin'left our computer home this time. I'll try and do better next time... glad to be back least for a while....Big Tom

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26394: Welcome back BIG TOM ,how did your hunting season go ,mine was bad ,good thing I dont have to live off what I took this year

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26395: Hey MDC, I've been around, just haven't had much to say I guess. Sometimes it's nice to just come here, read a little bit, not say a word, and just enjoy the company.

I guess we're due for another round of icy weather here. So if you need some for your drinks, just hold out your cup and I'll get some for you! :)
-Sterling Holobyte

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26396: Well, folks, I've got to take back something I said. Remember when I was sorta trashing the Hoover FloorMate? Well, just now I dropped a very large glass of tea (plastic glass, no sugar) on my kitchen tile. Tea everywhere! The FloorMate was still sitting off in a corner, even had some scrubber solution in the reservoir. I plugged 'er in, put 'er in ON (she'll run on ya there, you know), shifted into Wet Pickup, and zip! No tea! Then to Wet/Scrub for a few passes, then back to Wet Pickup, and ta da! One clean, almost dry, floor! It really did a nice job. I think it's the dry vacuum that doesn't impress me much, but then that's what I have other vacuum units for, right? I must say, I was impressed! I had to tell you all this, because I believe if one exercises the right to complain, then that carries with it a responsibility to offer praise when it's due as well.

Welcome back, BIG TOM. We've missed you, and we're glad you're back.

OK, suppertime. Just leftovers, but I made some corn muffins to "fill it out" a bit. Of course, they'll fill me out as well, but they're soooo good!

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26397: well, i dont really want to start on walmart again, but I cant help but think of all the mom and pop, work all your life, companies that walmart, singlehandedly put out of business, to literally save a penny per item and get them from china. And that was after they advertised that they were so great at buying in the USA.
Ok, I'm chopping up that soapbox for kindling to help out those porchsters in California!
Romeena, glad that sweeper was good for something!
Sterling, I miss your compelling emails. Hope things are going well now that Christmas has passed.
I'm going to a prayer meeting tomorrow night. Havent been to a Wed nite service in a long time.
A friend at work invited me, so I guess i'll check it out! Lord knows, we could all do some praying, so fun girl, you're on my list!
Mayor pipeman, you gonna get involved in that whole shoe-wearing cow caper again?
Anyone know who that actress was in the one where she plays a criminal being held in the jail and andy almost kisses her?
Well, have a good porch evening. Electric blankets and a power strip should do the trick!

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26398: MDC.. that was ep 114 prisoner of love ,the actress was Susan Oliver

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26399: MD..you are so TAGS wise! (does that make sense??)

MDC..have a great time at Wed. night services. I committed to teaching on Wed. for a year. So maybe in Sept I will get back to services..although I am enjoying teaching.

I am going to start a Beth Moore study next week though.Looking forward to that.


January 11, 2005 - Msg 26400:
Tom Good to see you.
Rev. Jr I always need a nap too! I have to stock up on the b vitamins myself.... boy will they perk you up!
CT I used to love watching Hee Haw on PBS when I was little. Saaaalute! Sing with me hun! Where, oh where are you tonight. Why did you leave me here all alone....... You finish!

School...... Need I say anymore. At least I have classes with firends! :)

Sterling Sometimes I just read too. It can be quite entertaining!

Pipeman If your talking about Hoggette my guess is that they would all have french names. That's a French name Hoggette :)

Later my rocking chair pals.


January 11, 2005 - Msg 26401: Hey Alyce! Looks like I stumbled over you as I posted!


January 11, 2005 - Msg 26402:
There I go.... and I was just bragging about myself not messing up the porch.....


January 11, 2005 - Msg 26403:
How's that?


January 11, 2005 - Msg 26404: Whew!

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26405: I searched the world over, and thought I'd found true love. You met another, and thbbbbtth, you was gone! --Romeena

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26406: "HEY GANG"...its me!..walking some with out a cane now!..[not a pretty site]...daytona...bring it on!..in the morning its gona be country ham,grits w/cheese, hashbrowns,[kinda krispy],three eggs [for each],your style,jimmy dean sausage pattys,cat head bisquits with white milk grave....whew ...ready at 6.00 sharp!...gona read the archives...signed:SPOT the"cant wait till nascar" dog of your porch...God Bless....

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26407: And By the way gang...miss Sherry says hey!...she loves Andy shows and is way more comp. smart than me...just cant get her on a rocker....will keep trying...SPOT....

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26408: Hee Haw was on PBS where you live, Dixie? That sounds weird to me for some reason.

MDC, let's just say that things are going a little better now that I don't have that stuff that goes on during Christmas to deal with so much. And I probably have a compelling email somewhere around here for you.;)

Hey, has anyone been watching the Highway To Heaven marathon they have nightly? It's kind of fun to watch and see how many people you can spot who were also on Little House On The Prairie. I think there is at least one per episode. Here's a rundown of some I have seen:
HTH(Highway to Heaven): Guy in old folks home, I forgot the details of this episode as I only saw a little bit of it....
LHOTP(Little House On The Prairie): Mr. Singerman(or something), the Jewish casket maker who teaches the trade to Albert.

HTH: In the episode with Lorne Greene as a stage actor who thinks he saw God, the guy who is carrying toilet paper and let's Lornes' selfish relatives out of the room that Jonathon locked them in...
LHOTP: The guy(called slim, I think) who was always cracking jokes at that overweight guy's(sorry, I forgot his name) expense in the episode where the Ingall's are living in Winoka and Laura finds out that her classmate is the daughter of the overweight guy, who she's been making fun of too.

HTH: Shannon Daugherty, plays the sister of a girl who learns she is not only adopted, but was adopted by her own mother. Yeah, it's kind of confusing ...
LHOTP: The girl(sorry, I'm not too good with names tonight)who is Almonso's brother's daughter and who goes to live with Almonso and Laura after Almonso's brother dies.

Any other's that you have spotted? I'm not saying anything against it. I like that Michael Landon was loyal to those actors and gave them work.

-Sterling Holobyte

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26409: Spot, good to see you out walking! It's good for you, you know.:)
-Sterling Holobyte

January 11, 2005 - Msg 26410: Hi, Sterling. Richard Bull played a doctor in an episode last night, "The Thoroughbreds". He played Nels Oleson, the storekeeper, Harriet's long-suffering husband, in LHOTP. Then of course, the obvious one - Victor French,(Mark) who by the way was one of my favorite actors. He was Isaiah Edwards on LHOTP. Also, I always liked him as the police chief, Roy Mobey, in "Carter Country."

I agree that it's neat that Michael Landon included a lot of the LHOTP cast in "Highway to Heaven." It reminds me of the way Andy included so many of the old TAGS cast in "Matlock."

Spot, it's good to see you back at the stove again, but I hope you won't overdo it. You take it easy now, you hear?

OK, I'm off to bed. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 12, 2005 - Msg 26411: Mornin Y'all. Asa,please check in with us if you can.We're worried about you out there in the Wild West weather- glad you made it through okay,Mr.McBeeVee! It's still springlike here in SC,but going to turn cooler this weekend. Wish I could share some of this nice weather with all of you who are getting hammered by rain,ice storms and such.
Pipeman,Laci is doing well. We're just waiting to hear what (if anything) the genetics tests show in Feb. I'm keeping the faith and Laci doesn't seem worried-she just keeps on keeping on! Sweet baby!
Hey Rev. Jr. I've seen those selfish girrafes at Riverbanks zoo- Selfish,selfish,selfish! Ha!
Guess I need to go do a few things around the rock.Laci will be here in an hour or so and I won't feel like doing anything but play with her! I'll make sure to tell her that "Uncle Pipeman" asked about her and will give her a big hug from all her Porch "uncles and Aunties!"
Y'all have a great day,and be safe out there!
possum under a rock

January 12, 2005 - Msg 26412: top of the morning porchsters. spot, i'll be there for breakfast in ten minutes. sherry, we got an empty rocker next to spot's with your name on it, drop by anytime. mdc, naw, i'm leaving the cow capers to the ages of tall tales. it's not just wal-mart. there's ace hardware, walgreens, targets etc that is running mom and pop's out. we still have a few mom and pops here and most folks go to them requardless of the few extra pennies but alas the under 30 crowd no offense could care less. people have become to accustomed to the cold impersonal world- me i still take it slow and stop by mom and pop have coffee and swap a story or two. now mdc see you got me on a soapbox before spot's breakfast'ha. tom- great to have you back we miss you. sterling glad your ok. wonder about goober and the rest .possum, thanks for the laci update, keep us posted, we're her adopted godparents. dix= so the kids would be hoggettes for girls and hoggboys. have a great day folks. pipeman

January 12, 2005 - Msg 26413: Hey to Sterling and Big Tom and Possum and Mayberry Deputy. Missed you guys on my last howdy. Anybody remember that scene in Christy where the kid says he's come to swap howdys? I love that movie. Have a great day. Prayers for Laci and glad Spot's walking without a cane!
Charlotte Tucker

January 12, 2005 - Msg 26414: Hey yall!

A big hello to Big Tom..missed ya...you too Spot..glad you are improving so well!!


January 12, 2005 - Msg 26415: "Me prisoner, you sheriff?
Well, you can't blame a girl for trying"
Susan Oliver, circa 1962

January 12, 2005 - Msg 26416: Hey everybody... We're always eating breakfast and supper...Well, Lunch is on me today..

3 meat pizza...bread sticks...Dr.Pepper..Mt.Dew..Sierra Mist

12 noon sharp!


January 12, 2005 - Msg 26417: Afternoon Porchsters! Good to see all of y'all. Spot- I had to laugh...cathead biscuits! Love 'em. Welcome back Hulkster, I mean Big Tom.
Hello to all. Just dropping by to say hey on a very busy day here.

January 12, 2005 - Msg 26418: Hey to the PORCH! I'm still here...stuck in what's supposed to be Chicager...today it looks like London or something with all the fog!

Hope everyone is doing ok...SO looking forward to spring training (P&C report on 2/11) and NASCAR...I can feel the fun now!

SPOT...good to see you up and about...don't go chasing any cars now, you hear?

Mrs Goober really like the Little House On the Prarie...and Dr. Quinn. She told me once that she thinks Little House is better than Andy....she promised she wouldn't say that again...as long as I'd let her back in the house!

Ya'll be good...

January 12, 2005 - Msg 26419: Hey guys..
Those of you worried about Asa..well I saw a post by "Asa" on the bulletin board...written today. So if it is the same one..and I believe it is..He's OK..

Give us a hollar Asa!


January 12, 2005 - Msg 26420: Goober, you made me laugh out loud! (I'm glad you let her back in the house, though!)

It's kind of foggy around here today. We got lots of snow, and now rain! I guess this weekend we are going back into the freezer and the snow will return, however. My husband and our little Opie made a snow bear out front, it looks real cool, (get it?)haha! Their plan is to make a walrus next, and to use icicles for the tusks! I want to get a picture of that, and make sure that our little Opie is prominently featured in the picture since he presently has....NO FRONT TEETH! I think that would be a great picture.

Dixie, my daughter just started at a new university on Monday, and she was a nervous wreck. She told me she was worried she would be late to school, and then that she couldn't find the right building, and then that she couldn't find the right classroom, and then that her name wouldn't be on the teacher's list of students, etc, etc.! I thought of you and all your travails! Hang in there to both of you!

My little Opie brought home his second report card ever, and please bear with me while I brag. He got all A's! The reason I am bragging is because my now 21 year old son used to bring home grades that were all vowels, too, but I was never as pleased with his report cards! ;)

I hope Mr. McBeeVee and Asa are doing alright out there in the West. I think Ed Sawyers out west too. Check in with us all you westerners!

I enjoyed your breakfast mightily Spot, so glad you're up to cooking again!

Here's wishing a Mayberry Day to one and all!
Mary Wiggins

January 12, 2005 - Msg 26421: 38 days til the Daytona 500 ,been watching reruns of last seasons races on SPEED channel ,ready for some new ones

January 12, 2005 - Msg 26422: Mary, glad he's doing better in math than the real Opie! That's great.
Great breakfast spot and super lunch Alyce.
Thank ya a lot!
Prayers for Calif and Utah and HM in Indiana.
Hope the goats fair it alright.
Mary, I think the asa on the B board is a different person, but not positive!
ASA - ABB for you. Hope all is ok with you in Utah!
Mr Mac, you still ok in Cal?
Rev, MD, pipeman, sometimes if I am checking the site at the public library, I start laughing out loud at some of the posts, and then I have to catch myself when all the "shhhhhhh's" start up!
Have a good day,

January 12, 2005 - Msg 26423: MDC..funny about the library! How was last week's wednesday night church service for you? Wasnt it you that was going last week??? I get my days and ppl confused sometimes..


January 12, 2005 - Msg 26424: They actually "shush" you at the library, MDC? lol. I thought that only happened on tv. But come to think of it, I've never laughed out loud at our library, so I don't know if I would be "shushed".

Hey, I was talking about Highway To Heaven on TvLand a few posts back. Has anyone seen the ads that talk about how "heartwarming" HTH is? They have a faux(I'm assuming) percentage of how heartwarming it is compared to Lassie, and then how much more heartwarming it is compared to "The color episodes of The Andy Griffith Show". That made me laugh! At first I was kind of mockingly offended that they said HTH was more heartwarming than any episode of TAGS, and especially that Lassie was more heartwarming than TAGS. But it was the fact that they specified "the color episodes" that made me laugh, as I know not too many people here are that fond of them.
-Sterling Holobyte

January 12, 2005 - Msg 26425: SPOT=So glad to know you are doing better. I have had you in my prayers!!

I saw a recipe listed up there. Thought I would share a dish I am fixing tomorrow.

Chicken Broccoli Bake

12 slices white bread
1 (8 oz.) package sliced American cheese
2 cups cubed cooked chicken
¼ cup chopped onion
1 (9 oz.) package frozen broccoli
1 (2 oz.) jar sliced pimiento, drained
6 eggs
3 cups milk
½ teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon dry mustard

Grease 13x9 inch (3 quart) baking dish. Using doughnut cutter, cut ring from each slice of bread; set bread rings aside. Tear remaining bread scraps into pieces; place in greased baking dish. Place cheese slices over bread. Layer chicken, onion, broccoli and pimiento over cheese. Place bread rings on top.
In medium bowl, combine eggs, milk, salt and mustard; blend well. Pour mixture evenly over casserole; sprinkle with paprika. Cover; refrigerate over night.
Heat oven to 325◦F. Uncover baking dish; bake at 325◦F for 55 to 65 minutes or until knife inserted in center comes out clean. Let stand 10 minutes before serving.

6 servings

pipeman= so when I come visit, do we get to eat rhubarb pie. hehe.

~mayberry girl

January 12, 2005 - Msg 26426: Sterling- hadn't seen that promo yet, but I'm sure I'll laugh too since I'm right at the head of the pack of those that don't care much for the color eps. MD- I'm gonna take a wild shot in the dark here...you 'bout ready for some NASCAR?lol it'll be here before you know it. Have you noticed the Dodge drivers wearing the "Charger" hats in all their interviews lately? MDC- now don't go and give the porch folks a bad name by gettin' thrown out of the library! As Andy said in ALL the early eps.."simmer down." Stands to reason that a man that can't keep quiet at the library should be shushed. Mary Wiggins- I don't know why, but every time I read your name all I can picture is Tim Conway on the Carol Burnett show calling his secretary on the intercom.."missus ah whiggins." Sorry. Alyce- you finished lookin at the menu yet? tee hee. Prayers for all our west coast friends and Laci. Who's cooking tonight, Pipe or Spot? Two meals in one day is a lot to ask of a porch dog.

January 12, 2005 - Msg 26427: Mayberry Girl- we posted at the same time...guess we know what's for supper now!

January 12, 2005 - Msg 26428: Wow, Mayberry Girl, that recipe sounds simply delish. So much so that I just copied and pasted it into Word and filed it in my recipe folder. Thanks for sharing.

Looks like some threatening weather moving in here in North Texas. Skies are very dark, all my outside lights that are on photosensors have come on, and the Plum is attached to my ankle. I think we're about to have a storm.

Asa! Where are you, friend?? Dig yourself out of the mud and check in!

Have a good evening, everyone. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 12, 2005 - Msg 26429: Hey Ro- sorry I missed you. Hunker down...Possum and I will do our best to send some of this Spring weather your way!

January 12, 2005 - Msg 26430: Well! That didn't take long! We had a good frog-strangler, no high winds or lightning, and it has now moved on. Much brighter outside, and yard got a good watering, even got the birdbaths all filled! It's wonderful!

Rev Jr. I wasn't feeling missed. I love your reference to "Missus ah whiggins." Tim Conway is such a funny man, and he and Carol Burnett, along with Harvey Korman and Vickie Lawrence, were such a funny group. "There she goes, a-whoooosh!" Too funny! Korman made a very convincing, if comic, version of Rhett Butler - remember that one? And Carol's response to his comment about her dress - "This old thing? I saw it in the window and just couldn't resist!" - with the curtain rods still in place? Classic! And do you remember when Tim Conway fell UP the staircase? Very athletic, that man.

Well, I'm dealing with a bit of vertigo today for some reason. I think I'll go back and settle in my big chair again. The room just won't be still. I think I may have an inner ear thing going. I hope that's all it is. Meniere's syndrome runs in my family. Miserable condition.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 12, 2005 - Msg 26431: Hey folks. Sorry I have been away, and thanks for all who have been asking about me. All the flooding in Utah is down south, way south of me. Just north of me it's not rain, but snow that's causing problems. Logan has had over 4 feet of snow in the last 4 days. Alta, a local ski resort has had 120 inches of snow in the last 10 days. And somehow it seems I have been right in the middle. Have had a lot of rain here, and some snow, but we are doing well. My reasons for being awol have to do with a certain little puppy who decided to chew the cable that goes from my keyboard to my computer. So I have been off line for a few days. Naughty naughty doggy! I declare that puppy will chew anything he can fit in his mouth.
Hope you are well. Have missed talking with you all. I need to go read the past posts.
Romeena, I hope you are ok. You got anything we can loosen?
God bless you all and thank you for your concern.


January 12, 2005 - Msg 26432: Finally went to the doctor - 100$ later - I have a good case of bronchitis which if I had not gone would have been a good case of pneumonia. Took the day off - the youngest was sick last nite so it was a perfect opportunity to rest today. He occupied himself with cartoons and he let me sleep most of the morning.

Good to see you are okay Asa - Good Puppy Gone Bad! They do that sometimes! LOL


January 12, 2005 - Msg 26433: Ro, I'll be right over with a tureen of chicken soup for you dear! Hope you get to feelin better soon! Asa, I was wondering why you were awol. Please stay warm and safe - this weather is ... biblical! That dern little scallywag of yours. Try some bitter apple spray on those wires. Critters hate the taste.

~ Mrs. Wiley (watched my epp last night)
Earnest T.: "an' she called me a CREATCHTER!"

January 12, 2005 - Msg 26434: I must have just passed you homemaker - I'll make that two tureens of chicken soup! Ouch, after that Dr bill, I should bring you some groceries too.

~ Mrs. Wiley

January 12, 2005 - Msg 26435: "You civilians went and got your fingeprints
all over this rock!"

January 12, 2005 - Msg 26436: "The boys at the lab will have a hard time now"

January 12, 2005 - Msg 26437: What boy's? What lab?

January 12, 2005 - Msg 26438: Asa, it's good to know you're okay, and no, I don't have anything that could be loosened. What I'm wearing is about as loose it can get! That naughty little Barney! I'm sure you scolded him very severely! (ha) At my local office supply, I found some stick-on wire holders that work very well. You stick them on the sides and top edges of your desk, and then clamp the loose lines into them. It gets rid of "trailers" and loose wires that are so tempting to puppies. The Plum was never one to chew things like that, but I know most furkids do.

Thanks, girls, for the chicken soup. I'll eat what I can and freeze the rest, for the next puny spell.

Well, I think I'll go to bed. It's getting late, and the Plum has already retired. She has staked her claim on the best pillow, and will surely grumble when I move her. I'll probably just pick up the end of the pillow and dump her off of it. She hates that! Ain't furkids fun? Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 13, 2005 - Msg 26439: just a quick run thru to say good morning. heavy rains all night, sleet for last hour and now snow. got my talladaga sweat shirt on. watched many a race from there. question; if you were stranded in mayberry and could only have 7 people and things- what would you choose? please porchsters stay checked in, even a one line post, the weather in many parts are dangerous and we want to know each of you areall right. pipeman

January 13, 2005 - Msg 26440: mayberry girl, you can have a rubarb poie only after the wood work projecs, the paintig, danny's mowed and trimmed, autumn has cleaned the flower beds, david has swept workshop and other things. tee-hee. packagew out yesterday let us know when you get it. pipester

January 13, 2005 - Msg 26441: "He stuck his hand in the punchbowl. And ate every bit of the watermellon rind."

January 13, 2005 - Msg 26442: Hey everyone...
All this snow and rain out there..and it is suppose to be 75 here today! It is very windy though. Our rain and cold front comes in tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a great day!


January 13, 2005 - Msg 26443: Great to see ya, Asa. Everytime I heard Utah mentioned on the news or weather channel I was worried 'bout ya. Glad to hear your weather's not that bad. You are a bird in this world--asking Romeena if she's got anything we can loosen! LOL Supposed to get down to 7° here tonight! Brrr. Don't think it ever got that cold in Mayberry. Where's our Hazel been hiding? I miss her wit.
Charlotte Tucker

January 13, 2005 - Msg 26444: The high here tomorrow is supposed to be 0.
That's the "high".
That ought to be fun. I think I'll take a snow-storm instead.;)
-Sterling Holobyte

January 13, 2005 - Msg 26445: I forget--where are you, Sterling?

January 13, 2005 - Msg 26446: CT- Sterling is from Wis-Kann-son.tee hee Well, guess I'll have to put the short pants BACK up again. Been two weeks of spring in the Palmetto state. Back to normaI temps this weekend... don't know how you porchsters in the north take it.

January 13, 2005 - Msg 26447: Hey now, Rev! ;)jk.

I guess whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?! And I don't intend on freezing to death any time soon. :)

-Sterling Holobyte

January 13, 2005 - Msg 26448: "The quality of mercy is not strained."

January 13, 2005 - Msg 26449: Hey porchster!
Good to see asa back on the porch.
Sandwiched between that rain and snow must make bullets REALLY moldy!
Alyce, the prayer meeting was last night!
It was quite interesting, very charismatic, lots of hand raising etc.and lot o prayin going on for everyone. I asked for prayer for everyone on the front porch, and they sort of went...
"Ok....prayers for all on the front porch."
I had been to one such old time prayer meetin many years ago with another friend, so this was quite invigorating and interesting! I think Boo or someone else here told me they were Assembly of God, so it was probably something like that.
All the talk of Ernest T lately go me to watching Mountain Wedding last night.
Andy: How the boys?
Briscoe: They all keyed up.
Charlene: How bout I cook up some vittle for you and your gun hand?
We got We got hog backbone or fish muddle.

Then they played "dooley".

Barn(in the wedding dress) to Ernest T
(as he, Barn, flips up the veil)
"I wouldnt marry you if you were the last man on earth!"
A real library LOL moment! But dont you worry none, I'll watch my library etiquette from now on!
Have a good day!
ole Mr. Darlin's Cuz

January 13, 2005 - Msg 26450: BTW, I watched the ep BEFORE the prayer meeting, so i was in a good mood all night! haha

January 13, 2005 - Msg 26451: MDC- your old time prayer meeting story reminds me of the story about these two fellers talking about what a "po-dunk, can't get there from here" town one of them was from...he said it was so far back up in the woods that even the Presbyterians were handling snakes. Hope nobody is offended by that...just a little Baptist humor on this end. Okay, to make it fair I'll poke fun at my denomination. What's the difference between Methodists and Baptists? The Methodists will speak to each other in the liquor store.

January 13, 2005 - Msg 26452: Funny one Rev..from one Baptist to another..

MDC..yea, we dont have prayer meetings like that..but glad you found it interesting..goin' back next week??


January 13, 2005 - Msg 26453: Asa - wrap them bullets in tin foil - that'll keep the rust off of them!

The rain and colder temps have come into the Ohio River Valley -
How many more days until Spring???


January 13, 2005 - Msg 26454: Taco Bake for supper..sweet tea and lemonade..cold Coke if you like!


January 13, 2005 - Msg 26455: Rev Jr, as another Baptist, I think that's really funny. Did you hear about the two ol' Baptist boys that went to a backwoods church one night, and realized to their horror that they were in the middle of a snake-handler congregation? As the snakes were being passed from hand to hand, one feller looked at the other and said, "Let's sneak out the back door!" The other one said, "There ain't no back door." So the first one said "Well, reckon where they'd like to have one?" (teehee)

Pipeman, are you asking what 7 Mayberry people or things we'd want to have? I'm not sure I understand your question. Actually, I can't imagine needing much of anything if I was stranded there, because those good folks would take good care of me, I'm sure. I'd be offered a bed at the Taylor house, Opie would get to sleep on the ironing board, and Aunt bee would make me sandwiches and cold fried chicken before I left the next day!

Well, gotta run. Going to a friend's birthday party tonight. She's a medical resident from Mongolia, beautiful and intelligent girl, and she's here for a short time, then going back to Mongolia. I'll see her again there in July.

Everyone have a great evening. Sugarplum (who needs to hush before I yank her little barker out) says hey! --Romeena

January 13, 2005 - Msg 26456: 37 days til the Daytona 500 ,front row Qualifying on feb. 13 the 500 on the 20th

January 13, 2005 - Msg 26457: Nice even to ye all

January 13, 2005 - Msg 26458: Hwy yall...37 days is right md,hey alyce,mdc,goober,sterling,hm,ct,ro,mrs wiley,fg.dixie,...still hobbleing around ...Mrs Sherry says hey,she and the kids and I are going to see the movie Fat Albert tomorrow night..hey got left overs from tonight for yall, meatloaf,mash taters,pinto beans,onions, plenty left ...signed:SPOT the"gona go to the picture show tomorrow night" dog of this here blessed porch...ruff lights are still on ...raining here in Ga ...

January 13, 2005 - Msg 26459: thats "Hey" yall...sorry ..[above]

January 14, 2005 - Msg 26460: Asa, if you wrap your bullets in foil, don't let anyone mistake them for chocolates. And when your shirts go to the laundry - unload.

Hey to the porch!
~ Mrs. Wiley

January 14, 2005 - Msg 26461: Good advice Mrs. Wiley. Wouldn't want anyone biting into them things. How are you feeling these days?
Charlotte, did you survive that bitter cold? It's turned almost spring like here now. Crazy weather.
Good to see you Spot. Glad your on the mend.
Mayberry Deputy, If I didn't know any better I'd say you are stoked to have NASCAR get going. LOL
I hope you all have a great Friday.


January 14, 2005 - Msg 26462: Morning Folks,

Another Baptist checking in with another Baptist joke. There's this fellow who has died and is met by Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates. After Peter gives him the tour of Heaven he shows the man where he can relax and mingle with others. They proceed down a great hall with many doors. At the first door they look through a window and they see many people sitting and playing cards, having a grand time. Peter informs they guy that these are the Catholics. As they continue down the hall they look into another window again they see large group playing games and listening to music, these are the Methodist Peter tells him. Again the start to walk down the great hall when they approach the next window Peter tells the man to be quite these are the Baptist, they think they are the only ones here.
Our Minister told the congregation that joke when I was kid. I have remembered all this time and try to keep in mind it's lesson.

We have had some nasty flu bug pass through our house. Someone has been sick here since two days before Christmas. But, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hope it's not a train.


January 14, 2005 - Msg 26463: Yea, Asa, I survived the cold so far. Slept in my sweat clothes last night with socks on. Our bedroom is on the north side of the house and the wind whistles along this prairie like crazy! No trees to block it. It's supposed to warm up a little today but back down cold again tonight I think. Hope ya'll are staying warm. Where's Floyd? We need to clean up this porch. Maybe I'll sweep it.
Charlotte Tucker

January 14, 2005 - Msg 26464: baby it's cold outsde,snowy and icy. charlotte tucker, goober, ellen brown (i hope your dressed warmer than on tv, ha) are you froze up yet? guess what i saw on the news this morning? the young folks are so enchanted with the old shows the tv that there updating them. so far for this years programs: battle star gallactica it's on sci-fi now, dukes of hazzard, kojack, honey mooners and bewitched. kojack played by samuel l. jackson. samantha by jessica simpson. wonder when they'll come out with a new mayberry? updated to reflect the flavor of the original but storylines for today. oh no. i'll read posts later. prayers for all. pipeman