January 14, 2005 - Msg 26465: Hey folks - brrr it's cold here. 19 at 11 am. Not supposed to see freezing till the middle of next week. I sleep in my sweats and socks, too, CT. Not real romantic but it does keep a body warm.

Glad you're getting around better spot!

Well, just wanted to check in before pipeman sends out the search party. Thanks for looking out for us all, pipeman.

Prayers for everyone and have a great day!

January 14, 2005 - Msg 26466: Well lookie here - I done gone and swept the porch! Anybody think it'd be alright if I let that be all the housekeeping I do today. ; )


January 14, 2005 - Msg 26467: On that post above (#26465), I should say we aren't supposed to be above freezing (32) till the middle of next week. Sometimes these hands work faster than my gray matter.


January 14, 2005 - Msg 26468: Hey gang...nice here in Ga. about 55 or so..gona get cooler though..down to 25 sun...tonight its gona be Southern Fried pork chops,mac and cheese,crock pot cooked pinto beans [yall can fight over the ham hock cooked in them]..slaw,sweet tea,green onions,lots of fresh cracked black pepper..and a tear from my rool of paper towels..ready at 7.00 cause im going to the picture show at 5.00..Miss Sherry says hey!...signedSPOT the"gona watch them change the sign on the marquie" dog of your porch...lights are on!

January 14, 2005 - Msg 26469: Nice sweep AFD. Do you do windows?


January 14, 2005 - Msg 26470: Barn: will ya just not jump to conclusions, ThelmaLou. Do you think I WANTED to come here with them crazy girls? You're the only girl I care about; the only girl I, well, you know,
I was watching one of the fungirl eps last night!
So, CT, Pipeman, AFD, the BIG FREEZE is on!
The polar bears have returned to the Phoenix resort ! Ya all keep bundled up like the eskimos! Dont want nothin freezin'. I'll try to send you some of our sun rays! Of course, we are just breakin out of quite a lot of rain!
Alyce, I may go back to the prayer meeting.
I think I am being 'called' to more prayer lately, and as long as it's good Biblically based prayer, I'll gladly raise a hand or two.
One of the leaders said "If you hang around contagious people, you will eventually 'catch' whatever they have, like a cold, for example.
Same with the Lord or more precisely, the Holy Spirit, hang around Spirit-filled people, and somehting WILL happen." Fine with me, especially in this crazy world of today.
MD, Auh20, etc, those were good jokes, with a good lesson too, just switch the denominations,(teehee) and any Christian pastor could tell them!
Pipeman, ya think the young people have finally had enough "fear factor" etc and are turning to the old shows? It would be interesting to see westerns come back too, like wagon train or the rifleman etc.
Spot, mmmmmm, good to have ya back in the kitchen.
Good grub!
Have a super day.
Mr Darlin's, glad spot's cookin' agin, Cuz

January 14, 2005 - Msg 26471: Dang good supper, Spot! Count me in. Now that's COLD AFD. Like I said earlier in the week, this springtime weather here in SC is coming to an end. Can already feel the temps dropping, but nothing close to y'all. MDC- I was thinking about it....I must not be 100% Southern Baptist because I've been known to "cut a rug" in my day (more like the younger days). tee hee. In case nobody knows what I'm talking about, it is generally believed that the Baptist don't dance. Y'all have a great weekend.

January 14, 2005 - Msg 26472: Howdy, I have a minute to drop in. Thanks for the prayers and well-wishes!

Things are better since the holidays are over and we are starting to adjust to living with my parent. It's no picnic, though! haha

Alyce, the Vicks thing really has gone on for a long time but I don't recall when it started. I think that I laughed more over the subject than anything we ever discussed before. Some folks wrote some pretty hilarious poems about Vicks.

Well, I'm off to a church women's retreat this weekend in a place near Giddings, Texas...bet you never heard of it, right? Should be nice, and even cold. Today on the weather they said there is a possibility of snow here in Corpus Christi again this weekend..I'm telling you this is FREAKY weather!

Ya'll say warm, and remember..I still love ya!


January 14, 2005 - Msg 26473: hello folks only 36 days til the Daytona 500 ..lets go racing.. ASA , stoked is putting it mildly .Everyone keep warm and have a good evening

January 14, 2005 - Msg 26474: Boo, thanks for checking in. Many blessings in Heaven for those who care so dearly for their folks!
Rev jr- Ya better not tell your pastor (your dad?)
that King David DANCED before the ark of the Covenant!
MD - in 36 days the speedways may still be frozen over!! my o my such weather this winter.
Good for AZ tho, as we now have 200% more snow on the ground in northern AZ than the last 4 years!
We needed the moisture, but now midwest is flooding!
Homemaker, etc, ya all fairing ok?
pipeman, I just hope the new Kojak is as good as Telly Savalas, or will the new one not only be bald but also with a big tatoo and a nose ring? teehee
Have a great Mayberry weekend. See ya in Church,
prayers for the world!

January 14, 2005 - Msg 26475: Andy: let's try turning them all on their sides,
and maybe we can get some sleep!

January 14, 2005 - Msg 26476: Hey yall...went and say the "Fat Albert" movie tonight with Miss Sherry and kids..[she says hey]..dont know if its playing in your area and if ya remember the cartoon growing but the movie is a "Gas"..hey asa,md,..cant wait till race day..gone get the chevy dually ready for the infield party!..grills and tents..well gona get cheese and crackers..God Bless this porch..signed:SPOT the gona help my son [Andy] yes named after him put a 32 Ford model together" dog of your porch...temp. droped here..got a fire in the wood burning stove going...

January 14, 2005 - Msg 26477: In doing some research for my work tonight I found a list of quotes by Calvin Coolidge. There were actually several but thought you'd all appreciate hearing a couple..."And be brief; above all things, Be Brief." "the chief business of the American people is business." "Prosperity is only an instrument to be used, not a deity to be worshiped." and last but not least: "I do not choose to run for President in 1928." Source: World Book (and Floyd). There's your trivia for the day. Enjoy! I'm up late cuz it's too cold to go to bed!
Charlotte Tucker

January 15, 2005 - Msg 26478: I do not choose to run. Hmmmm. I thought Mark Twain said that.
- Hazel

January 15, 2005 - Msg 26479: Good Morning porch!..those little sausage links, eggs your style,bisquits and gravy,hash browns,oj,coffee,h20,milk...ready at 8.00..

January 15, 2005 - Msg 26480: oh , that post was sleepy SPOT

January 15, 2005 - Msg 26481: Morning Porch! Spot, thanks for the early am breakfast - I'm so glad you're up and around a bit now!! CT, thanks for the Calvin Coolidge quotes. I liked the brief one. Funny, I imagined them all in boxers in those days.

I was watching the epp "Mayberry on Record" last night and do any of you notice in the scene where Andy and Ellie are in the drugstore talking about investing... and Opie comes in to share Pa's sundae? Have you noticed how the bowl of icecream starts out being a 1 scoop round dish... but once opie gets a hold of it it becomes a 3 scoop oval (large) dish? Dang, from a sundae to a bananna split in 1 cut. Guess they figured that would make Opie look smaller.

~ Mrs. Wiley
Andy: "How did you get in the middle of this?"
Opie: "I don't know. I just came in to have some of your sundae."

January 15, 2005 - Msg 26482: Boy Mrs. Wiley. You are becoming a trained noticer. I have never noticed that before. These DVD'S are going to provide us with a whole new world of noticing though. I think it's fun.
Good to see you Hazel. I have missed seeing you around here, and Mark Twain didn't say everything!
Charlotte Tucker, It must be cold if it's to cold to sleep. Mercy sakes!
Thanks for the vittles spot. Sounds like your getting around a little better.
Romeena, did you get over your dizziness? Them inner ear things are no fun.


January 15, 2005 - Msg 26483: Thanks Asa! Something else I noticed, in Floyd's barber shop, on the wall by the back room, there's a poster of a barber holding (i think) a pair of scisors and some tonic. The cartoon of the barber LOOKS JUST LIKE FLOYD. Same grey hair and little moustache. It's a cute little cartoon of Floyd. Y'all try to notice it now, ya hear?

Asa I'm starting to feel some better, thanks for asking up there. Still weak, but am now able to start working some of the upper arm/shoulder muscles. It will take time. Just pray that I don't break anything else! I ain't got nothing to loosen!

~ Mrs. Wiley

January 15, 2005 - Msg 26484: Mornin', honeys and dears! Asa, I'm fine, thanks for asking. I'm still having some dizziness, but am getting used to it. It's really very mild now, doesn't keep me from doing anything. I guess I'm just not a spring chicken anymore.

Hazel, and Mrs. Wiley, you are so funny. I just love to come sit on the porch and enjoy the wit and friendly banter of my good friends.

I just got an email from CT, regarding the ACLU's war on religious symbols on Federal property. The very pointed question asked in the email is what do they plan to do about the multiplied thousands of small white crosses on the graves in national cemeteries? In a way, I almost wish they'd try to get them removed. I'm confident they would never succeed, and it might be the catalyst that would spur this country to do something about that morally subversive, very destructive, wolf-in-sheep's-clothing organization. Now, - kablam! There goes the soapbox!

I'm sitting here at my wonderful window, looking at a little running fountain, lots of pansies, about a jillion birds and several squirrels. The sun is shining, it's chilly but not cold, and I thank God for another beautiful day.

Now I have errands to run. Last night, the Plum chewed up one of my good black loafers (what on earth was she thinking??) and that's about the only kind of shoes I wear in the winter, next to sneakers. I could have pinched her little ears off, because I know she knew better. Now I have to replace them! Brat.

Have a great day, everyone. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 15, 2005 - Msg 26485: so good to see folks posting even with frozen pinkies. spot, do you have any left overs for pipeman? say hey to miss sherry.afd, great sweeper and glad you checkedin. was about to apb you.asa, it's next to impossible to find window washers now days. say that's a job you could clean up with.ha.boo, thanks for checking in at check point chickie, we miss you.mrs wiley, i'm glad i'm not the only one who looks for irregularities, rives pipe lady crazy. i think it adds character. hazel, i'm certain mark twain said something.mayberry deputy, nascar would be ice and snow and pile up big time here. suppose to have cold, ice, more snow more cold here. at least it's consistent. ro and plum, i agree it's getting so anything related to god will put you in jail, look at philidelphia where they arrested christions under the hate crime law because they protested outside a gay rights rally. want to see scary chech out presecution. org . charlotte tucker, looks like we may have real winter here, like the old days? mdc, looks like we will all talk about the weather but nobody does anything about it. maybe you could get the deputy to drop by the other site to keep an eye on doc, he's been acting up again. i hope i caught everyone. trivia quizz== which episode was the only one to have an african american play a role in andy's show in 8 season's? well time to light the ole briar and watch the icecycles form. as always. pipeman

January 15, 2005 - Msg 26486: Just popping in for a minute..
Skimmed over the posts..

Boo: hey to you..glad to hear from you!!

Rev: Its quite alright if we dance! There was dancing in the Bible...Its those Baptists from way back that are set in their ways and dont like change that dont go for the dancing...at least where I come from! We used to have a couple in the church that would have just passed right out if they saw anyone dancing..they never liked the upbeat music...like praise and worship that we use.. Oh well...I like it just fine!


January 15, 2005 - Msg 26487: I believe the episode you're groping for, Pipeman, is "Opie's Piano Lesson". But actually there was another ep where an African American lady is standing in a crowd of passers-by. She doesn't have a speaking part though.
I'm almost afraid to point out something I noticed while watching my new DVD. You all will think I been hittin' the sauce again. But I swear I really saw it, and Mr. Hazel saw it too, so either we're both gassed, or it really is there. This is what we saw: In "The Inspector" ep, where Andy is wearing the hat and tie that Opie brought him; the part where they get locked up in the cell. While standing in there, Andys tie is colored. I know these are black and white episodes, but the tie in that scene is kindof a metalic-rainbow shiny kinda color. Hubby was the one that first noticed it, and then I saw it too! Ok, maybe somebody spiked the spring water again. But you guys watch it and see if it looks that way to you.
- Hazel

January 15, 2005 - Msg 26488: hazel, your 100 percent correct on the pianolesson. not one of my favorite shows in ranking. i felt it had a weak story line. what's for supper and where? i'll be there if i can unthaw the tires. ha. pipeman

January 15, 2005 - Msg 26489: Interesting, Hazel. Can't even place that ep. and I still don't have the DVD though I'm ashamed to admit it. My birthday is coming up. Maybe I can hint to Mr. Tucker to get it for me if I can get him to stand up long enough. Hazel, you make me think of something I've noticed in my ep. (Man in a Hurry) before. When they're leaving church at the beginning and Andy goes to get in the sheriff's car, it looks like there's an iron print on the back of his suit. Has anyone ever noticed that before? Have I asked ya'll that before? I might've. I noticed it years ago.
Charlotte Tucker

January 16, 2005 - Msg 26490: Good Mornigg all..miss Sherry says Hey..thick sliced bacon for this morning too..got them in the skillit...and what about MY GA Falcons!..go Birds!....have a good morning yall...signed: SPOT the go super bowl bound Falcons" talking dog of your porch...ruff ruf...lights are on..

January 16, 2005 - Msg 26491: bold off?

January 16, 2005 - Msg 26492: up-oh...sorry

January 16, 2005 - Msg 26493: dont know what to do.....go away bold..

January 16, 2005 - Msg 26494: ..help porch!

January 16, 2005 - Msg 26495: Good morning:
I just wanted to get in touch with Mr. Griffith (but I imagine everyone does) and the cast to thank them. I grew up in a broken home and Mayberry provided the values I needed at the time. Ron Howard (Opie) and I are the same age and I learned lessons as Opie learned them. I have always wanted to thank all those responsible for welcoming me into the Taylor household when it was so important to a little boy's development.
James Langford

January 16, 2005 - Msg 26496: test

January 16, 2005 - Msg 26497:
There. Morning, Dears.
- Hazel

January 16, 2005 - Msg 26498: Ooops! It really is stuck on bold!

January 16, 2005 - Msg 26499:
will this work?

January 16, 2005 - Msg 26500:

January 16, 2005 - Msg 26501: Phew, I wouldn't want to go through that again! I looked at the "view source" thing, and near as I can figure, Spot, I do believe instead of turning it off, you were turning it on, so it had about 8 or 10 commands to "bold".
- Hazel

January 16, 2005 - Msg 26502: Oh, forgot to say, pleased to meet you, James Langford. Charlotte, I don't remember you ever mentioning that before, about the iron print. I'll have to try to find my tape of that one and watch it.
- Haze

January 16, 2005 - Msg 26503: Nice job Haze. You beat everything, you know that?


January 16, 2005 - Msg 26504: welcome to james langford.since the porch embodies those values that you've benefited from. pull up a chair on the porch and you will be thanking andy and the rest. there are several festivals around each year that members of the orignal cast are there. that might be a good avenue to explore. again welcome. homemaker, speaking of festivals- do you know when indiana is holding theirs this year? who is scheduled to appear? me and another fellow plan on attending this year. charlotte tucker, when is your birthday? mine is feb 16Th, at least that's what my birth certificate says. ha. good morning to the rest of this fine porch where it's always warm and cozy not like the big freeze weather some of us are having. say spot, how would you like to be our ( chief executive chef dog) of the porch? what does the porch think about making spot the above ? well time for a briar light up and get ready for chruch. pipeman

January 16, 2005 - Msg 26505: how about the falcons and colts in the super bowl? with the colts winning. would that be ok spot? good to see you getting back in the thick of things. pipeman

January 16, 2005 - Msg 26506: go Horses go - touchdowns for my men and cheers for the horses. . .


(can you tell who I am a rootin' fer!)

Thanks MDDC - I am still puny - can't get this cough under control - definitely Vicks!

January 16, 2005 - Msg 26507: prayers for you homemaker. i'm with you on colts. do you know when indiana mayberry show will be this year? who is scheduled? a friend of mine and i plan on attending. lol. pipeman

January 16, 2005 - Msg 26508: 35 days til Daytona 500 ..everyone have a great day

January 16, 2005 - Msg 26509: Thanks Hazel...How bout my Falcons!..47 to 17 over the rams...super bowl in site!..during the games its hot wings and carrot sticks...blue cheese dressing...summer sausage and crackers...signed:Spot the"go falcons" dog of your porch...back to the games!

January 16, 2005 - Msg 26510: I believe that the Mayberry Days in Indiana is in July. I am not homemaker, but happen to live in the hoosier state too, so I thought I'd put in my two cents worth.

I am doing purty good these days. I am no longer working, but I think I will be facing surgery soon. I am having terrible pain in my right hip and down my leg when I drive and when it moves in, it stays for about a week. Even muscle relaxers don't kick it. I have been having those steroid shots for piriformis syndrome for about a year and they work until I drive, then I'm back where I started. So....the last time I had a shot the doc said that he doesn't know what else to do, other than surgery. I am seriously thinking about giving it a go. Those of you who have been on the porch for a while know how complicated my last surgery was, but I have been assured that piriformis release is much easier to do that the spinal fusion. I go to Raleigh to see the fancy city doctor this week, so I'll pop in and let you all know what he says.

I have found a wonderful little church just down the road. I had a great experience there today. God is good and gives us just what we need and when we need it.

Hope all is going well for all of you. Hey possum, Rosa says to tell little Laci hello and sends slobbery baby kisses to her. They grow so fast, don't they. And how is Little Laci doing?
I pray for her often.

Hugs to all,
fun girl

January 16, 2005 - Msg 26511: Oh, I forgot........GO COLTS.....BELIEVE IN THE BLUE....WE ARE SUPERBOWL BOUND....oops, we are loosing to the patriots right now. Don't worry Payton, we love all you boys anyway.

January 16, 2005 - Msg 26512: Hope all goes well fg,md 500 bound!..ok gang its pizza pie for the last half of the colts game..what kind yall like?..makes no never mind to me..I just love pizza...got my bongos out !..signed:SPOT the"love mushrooms on my pizza" dog of this great American porch!..

January 16, 2005 - Msg 26513: Pipeman - fungirl is right, it is usually in July - they have a website: www.mayberryinthemidwest.com.

Blessings to you fungirl! and to you spot - I prefer a meatlovers pizza!


January 16, 2005 - Msg 26514: prayers for fun girl. keep us posted. homemaker, thanks for the web site info. pizza sounds great spot. charlotte tucker, sterling, goober bundle up tonight.throw an extra log on the fire. pipester

January 16, 2005 - Msg 26515: floyd, have you gotten info on the 2005 indiana mayberry event? the web site showed nothing. thanks. pipeman

January 16, 2005 - Msg 26516: Glad to hear from ya'll again. Good huntin season depuity.Killed 4, one nicen' outta went on ta' wall, wife said you guessed it put it in the garage where I don't have to look at it. Alyce hows the house? Didn't get up your way this year, wanted to though.How did your hubby do? I've worn shorts every day this year so far, can you dig it. I've never seen weather like this in my life. I got us a new mattress Wed. Its one of them sweedish memory mattresses. When you lay down it remembers who you are...na just kiddin' but its the best nights rest I've or we've had in some time. Worth every dime. Hows school Dix? Is the panhandle ready for the cobia run in April, I sure am. She hollarin' "suppers ready" lets get us a plate tonight we're havin' shellie October beans, fresh BBQ pork ribs,mashed taters,corn and corn bread...oh ya'...sweet tea. Killed hogs Thu. had 340lbs. of sausage from 3 hogs. We sugar cured the hams and shoulders,smoker the middlens' for bacon and cold packed the tinderloin and sausage. I give the heads away...too much trouble...feet too.Better go, Paytons gettin, beat...

January 16, 2005 - Msg 26517: Hello everyone...

Sounds like you guys are having a great weekend..I wish I could say the same..
I am asking for prayers for a local family and our community...One of our soldiers was killed in Iraq yesterday. He was an old friend of mine and we were coworkers once too. I know you fine people will pray so that is why I come to you this evening. I wasnt going to..but I felt as though I needed to write my feelings out ...sort of as therapy I guess.. I have been just sick over it. I wish I could get it out of my mind. But then again..I think of some nice memories too.

BIG TOM: Glad to hear from you .. House is coming along..Hope to be moved in by April. Husband did not have a good year of hunting..no one around here did..glad that you did..I wish i had some meat.

Spot: The Falcons...isnt that who Michael Vick plays for?? He is our man...played for VA TECH!


January 17, 2005 - Msg 26518: There's a mess of tears in my mulberry squeezins tonight. We got beat and beat good. It's a shame.

Oh well, with so many blessings, we'd be pityful sorry people if we sniffled over a football game.

We love Payton and the boys anyway.
fun girl

January 17, 2005 - Msg 26519: oh what a beautiful morning, they say we may make it to zero today. out comes the shorts and shades. alyce, so sorry to hear of your loss- prayers for his family and friends. fun girl, i was hoping the colts would do it but oh whata season. guess i'll have to back spot's falcons. soon nascar will start their engines, whoop-ee. breakfast at cracker barrel on me. have a good one. time to light the briar and relax, meditate. pipeman

January 17, 2005 - Msg 26520: good to hear from you big tom. have you got any poetry to share? pipeman

January 17, 2005 - Msg 26521: Ug. Thanks for that enlightening post, Tom. Believe I'll just eat veggies and bread today. Sorry about your loss, Alyce. Hey to Fun Girl, thanks for checkin' in.
- Hazel

Opie: Wanna know something Paw? A sandwich sure tastes better with milk.

January 17, 2005 - Msg 26522: just watched the butter and egg man episode- you know i'm about as close to him with a pipe of course than anyone on the show. what was the show name of the butter and egg man and where did he live? pipster ever so humble. ha

January 17, 2005 - Msg 26523: PIPEMAN ..I think that was ep 154 "Aunt Bees Invisible Beau " ,the man was Orville Hendricks and he lived in Mt. Pilot ...there was another ep where the County was condeming Mr. Frisbees property so a new road could go through and Aunt Bee led a group of women to stop it , but Andy Discovers a still under then chicken house and he and Barney have to rescue Mr. Frisbee from Aunt Bees group

January 17, 2005 - Msg 26524: PIPEMAN..Mr.Frisbee was also abutter and egg man and that was ep 111 so Mr. Hendrix was probably her new B&E aftewards

January 17, 2005 - Msg 26525: Thanks for the Cracker Barrel breakfast pipeman. Mighty good eatin'.

Bless your heart Alyce, prayers for your friends family and for you as well.

Prayers for you, fun girl. Hope you find just what you need to be pain free.

Hey to James, who popped in up there. Come back and visit when you can.

Glad your back to cooking part time, Spot. ; ) Take care of yourself. Hey to Sherry!

Not much news here, 'cept it's cold (15) although to pipeman that might be a heat wave.

Talk to you all later. Happy Mayberry Monday!

January 17, 2005 - Msg 26526: hazel, aunt bea will give you a bag of hot chicken to go withyour bread and veggies. md, your right orville hendericks from mt pilot. i never thought about it until our oldest daughter said he looks a lot like you except my hair's black and he has the same easy , caring personality and care for others, same walk etc. but he doesn't have a pipe dear says i. since it wasn't near ant gift occassion i'll take her word. ha. afd, your welcome for breakfast. c.t. are you froze up yet? butter and egg pipeman

January 17, 2005 - Msg 26527: did you catch that zinger? bread and butter man with a pipe. ha. bread and butter pipeman

January 17, 2005 - Msg 26528: hazel, i was thinking about your bread and veggie day above. it should have been butter and egg man with a pipe. butter and egg pipeman

January 17, 2005 - Msg 26529: Alyce dear, my heart goes out to you. It is very hard I know, for I have also experienced it.(friend died in 2003, original assault)
My brother and nephew were there are are now back home for awhile, but my thoughts are always over there, pleading the Blood of Jesus Christ himself over them! My prayers will continue for you and his family.
Fungirl, have you ever tried glucosomine-condrotin for your muscle aches and pain. It's a good natural heal for it. Check google for info.
Pipeman, I may plan to go to Indiana mayberry days. Closer than NC and perhaps we could actually meet!
It may be time for the mayor to dedicate another styrofoam statue of ole Nate. Whadda think?
I had a busy weekend. Lots of relatives etc.
Good to have things "back to normal", whaterver that is!

January 17, 2005 - Msg 26530: "Rockford Files" theme playing on radio.
Remember that one? Ole Maverick himself MDC

January 17, 2005 - Msg 26531: Thank you all for your care and concern...concerning my friend and his family. You all must be praying cause I have told the story to the guys working on my house today and I could do it w/out the tears. I slept so good last night though...crying just wears a body out!

Thank you all so much!


January 17, 2005 - Msg 26532: Afternoon Porchsters! Just checking in....haven't had time to read all the posts from the weekend. But I do want Alyce to know that you, your family and your friend's family are in our prayers.

January 17, 2005 - Msg 26533: Thanks Rev!


January 17, 2005 - Msg 26534: 33 days til Daytona 500
ALYCE ..So sorry about the loss of your friend, and prayers go out for the family ,as well as the families of all our fine service men and women
BIG TOM .. glad you had a good hunting season ,what is it with the ladies not wanting the trophies on the wall ?
everyone have a good ,safe evening

January 17, 2005 - Msg 26535: mayberry deputy, ole doc is acting up and wyatt needs your help. tonight it's 3 big pots of chilli, cooked over an open fire in a cauldren. oyster crackers, salad and drinks. chilli ranges from very gentle to i don't think i'll get out alive. pipeman

January 17, 2005 - Msg 26536: MD- I think I was totally misinformed. The Dodge drivers are running the Charger THIS year, not waiting til '06. At least that's what I understood from a report I saw over the weekend. Pipe- put me down for some of that "I don't think I'll get out alive" batch. If it makes me sweat when I'm eating, I love it. I'm thinking Ro will take some too.

January 17, 2005 - Msg 26537: We're having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave, the temperature's rising. . .we're having a heat wave. . .

(If you really can't have one you can at least imagine it - it is about 10 degrees here right now!)

Pipeman - I'll take mine over Fritos and make Frito pie - Ro - do you eat Frito pie?


January 17, 2005 - Msg 26538: Hi porch, just checking in. Coming to the porch and not posting is like going to a friend's store and not buying anything. It's not polite.:-) Alyce, prayers for your friend and his family. And for all the troops still fighting or away from home. Welcome back Big Tom! Pipeman, you know what they say... "she buttered him up and he egged her on!". Please y'all, I need a special prayer for patience.

~ Mrs. Wiley
Andy: "Sshhh. He's diversifyin'."

January 17, 2005 - Msg 26539: Sorry you folks are getting the bad cold back there. I almost hate to say it but it is 50 degree's here. Feels spring like. I know it won't last so I best get out and enjoy it.
Prayers for Alyce, Fungirl and Homemaker. Hope your cough is getting better. And prayers for any who need them.


January 17, 2005 - Msg 26540: Asa- the temps were 65-70 for the past two weeks here in SC. Barely got up to 40 today. Folks around here got spoiled, they're complaining like crazy how dreadfully cold it is. They don't know cold like some of the porchsters. Prayers for patience Mrs. Wiley.


January 17, 2005 - Msg 26542: Hi, all... Yes, homemaker, I do indeed eat and enjoy Frito pie. It's a good way to use up leftover chili (assuming there is some left over!) Rev Jr., you're absolutely right. I'll take the chili with the little flames dancing on top.

Mayberry Deputy, you asked about the ladies objecting to trophies on walls? I'm sorry, this answer won't be popular with some, but those things give me the creeps. I don't think they're beautiful, I think they're sad. Thank God, my dear husband was not a hunter.

My apologies to all of you in the frozen North, but I'm sitting here looking at pansies, and debating whether to go out and prune my rose bushes back now or wait another week or two. They're leafing out wildly, but we'll probably get another freeze (25 deg or so) that will knock those new leaves off, so maybe I'll wait for a little while. There was a skim of ice on the birdbath this morning, but it made it into the 40s this afternoon. I love it!

Alyce, I'm so sorry about your friend. Some things are hard to understand, aren't they? Prayers for you and your friend's family.

Have a great evening, everyone. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 17, 2005 - Msg 26543: PIPEMAN ..make my chili on the medium side
REV JR. the Chargers will debut in the 500 ,I have seen several on NASCAR.com and they look like nice cars
ROMEENA .. no problem ,everyone has the right to their opinion ,Im pro-gun and pro-hunting as long as its ethical hunting but I respect others right to feel differently
Everyone stay warm

January 17, 2005 - Msg 26544: NASCAR fans ,you can see some good pics of the Dodge Charger in race trim at www.jayski.com scroll down the left side bar to paint schemes and then open the 2005 schemes page

January 17, 2005 - Msg 26545: Alyce, prayers for you and your friend's family. So sorry to hear that. Hazel and anybody else that's interested: Let me know if you see the iron print on Andy's suit. Maybe I just been drinkin' too many squeezins'! Pipeman, about the butter and egg man--Orville Hendricks--he was also in a later color ep--owned the organ that Clara wanted so badly and played "Beautiful Dreamer" on. Or was "Some Enchanted Evening"? Somebody correct me. Either way, she blinked her "danged eyelashes" at him an awful lot.
Charlotte Tucker

January 17, 2005 - Msg 26546: Evening Porch Friends!

Alyce, prayers for your friend and his family, and for you too. I have a picture of a marine on my computer, and I pray for him frequently. I can't imagine how devastating it would be for his family if the unthinkable happened.

Hey BIG TOM, and MAYBERRY DEPUTY, I am not so sure I would want one of those trophies on my wall either! I have nothing against hunters, it's just that my husband does paintings of those critters, and that's good enough for me! (Besides, I have had to put up with dead animals in my freezer that my husband had found in the road or field! He uses them for reference, but I had to convince him not to put them in the same appliance as I would later that day be pulling our dinner out from!!;) ) Now everybody say "ewwwww"! (These artist types really can be eccentric!)

Spot, good for you on Atlanta's super bowl hopes! Sorry about Indiana, though. I really thought they were going to go all the way...

Anyone care to join me in a chocolate cookie and tall glass of ice cold milk snack? Then how's about another episode of TAGS!

Have a great night all!
Mary Wiggins

P.S. Hey Boo!

January 17, 2005 - Msg 26547: Thanks, Mayberry Deputy, for your kind response. I, too, respect the rights of others to have their opinions, and I will confess to having eaten and enjoyed venison in my time. I know that hunting is a way of life for many, even a means of survival for some, and I have no quarrel with that. It's the trophies that bother me most, I guess. I once walked into the game room of an acquaintance, and was unexpectedly confronted with the mounted bodies and/or heads of at least 50 animals, from a once-majestic moose right down to a tiny chipmunk. Now, there was a kill to be proud of, and I seriously doubt that the man ate him! I also rather doubt that he ate the half-grown black bear cub. It was a chamber of horrors, and I could barely breathe, had to get out as quickly as I politely could. The man laughed a little at me, and allowed me to excuse myself, but was genuinely puzzled when my husband was less than enthusiastic as well. I admit, this man's trophy hunting was extreme, but to each his/her own, I guess.

Mary Wiggins, as the owner of some of Pat's paintings, and knowing that he paints from photos he has taken, I can only conclude that he's a pretty good hunter himself. To get close enough to get some of those photos without spooking the animals takes some skill indeed. I know, he uses the photos as reference, he doesn't "copy" them. However, at some point, he had to have been face-to-face with that magnificent buck in one of my prints. Every detail is perfect - the posture, the alert expression, it's all there. Don't forget to let me know when he has some finished works - I'm about ready for another one or two.

Well, I'm off to watch a TAGS ep or two. Not much on TV tonight. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 17, 2005 - Msg 26548: Hey Alyce.[sorry about your loss, prayers].Go Mike Vick!...AFD sherry says hey!...GO FALCONS!...love the southern Ga boys!..go to the doc wed...hope to get to go back to work soon...breakfast will be at 6.30 am sharp..breaded pork chops,grits w/cheese, hash browns,sliced tomatoes,coffee,ice cold milk,..signed:Spot the"GO BLACK AND RED BIRDS"...sorry just a sports Dog...of your porch...Andy:if that boy was a beaver they would not be a tree in these woods....

January 17, 2005 - Msg 26549:
Hey Folks,

Oh Boy, our household is stumbling into the new year. I'm pretty sure we have put the flu-bug behind us. I've missed being online. I think of the internet in the same why that previous generations enjoyed radio. Remember on the Waltons how excited everyone got when a radio show would come on.

Alyce- God Bless you. The men and woman that give their life for this country are Hero's plain and simple. I'll keep you and his family in my prayers.

I see the weather has been a main point of conversation the last few weeks. Up until the last week we were getting off easy in this neck of the woods. I don't think we had even 50 inches of snow by the New Years. We got a bit today, about 9 inches or so. If that lake doesn't freeze over we'll get a dousing soon enough. I'll bore ya with one more weather item last Thursday about 3 p.m. it was 71 degrees here by Saturday morning it was minus 5. It's minus 3 here now. Oh well, pitchers and catchers report in less than a month.

MDC- Your out Arizona way aren't you? That weather out west looks crazy. Hope all is well with you. Come to think of it, Asa is in Utah, correct? Hope all is well there also.

Keep warm,

January 17, 2005 - Msg 26550: HEY auh2o... just here watching all in the family...may put an andy dvd in...may see of a OCC ep is on...well gona heck back in jus a bit...SPOT the" up and about better now some avter 4 months" dog of this great porch...lights are on.....yall dont be late for breakfast.....ruff... ruff

January 17, 2005 - Msg 26551: boy its dark in my comp room and I hit all the wrong keys....sorry ......spot...

January 17, 2005 - Msg 26552: I thought I wrote a message awhile ago but it's not here...I'll try again. I thought I said "Mary Wiggins, you're a sight for sore eyes. You haven't been here for awhile, have you?
Charlotte Tucker

January 18, 2005 - Msg 26553: Breakfast almost ready....smells good.....SPOT..

January 18, 2005 - Msg 26554: Good morning porch. Hope you all have a good day.
Charlotte, you were asking about Clara singing. It was Some Enchanted Evening she was howling out. And I'm gonna have to be on the lookout for that shirt with the iron burn. Maybe it was the one Otis ironed in the Ellie for Council ep. LOL
Auh2o. Yessir, I'm in Utah. All the bad rain and flooding has been way south of me though. The winter up north here so far has not been to bad. Guess I'll go eat some of spots breakfast and then off to work. Y'all be good.


January 18, 2005 - Msg 26555: good burr morning porch folks. in minnesota they say it's 54 below this morning. thanks for breakfast spot. i'll try and get back later. have a great day. pipeman

January 18, 2005 - Msg 26556: Spot- breakfast sounds great...I don't think we got grits while you were gone. Not sure Pipe knows how to cook them properly. tee hee, just teasin' ya Pipe. auh2o- are you in upstate NY? Bundle up! Woke up to 18 degrees here in SC. That's COLD for us, ain't it Possum? Good to see everybody checkin' in right regular. How's the house coming Alyce?

January 18, 2005 - Msg 26557: Morning you all
Thank you all again for your kind words...
I am doing better. I held it all together yesterday just fine, until the news that evening..when it was on..and I just lost it. I dont know how in the world I would be able to handle that if I were his mother/sister /wife..I pray for that family. I am actually getting ready to go over and see his parents in a little while. I need that.

Cold here today..only going to be 26..that is cold for us...in VA.

Rev: the house is coming along..no one is here today, guess it is too cold for them. They worked inside yesterday on framing an extra bedroom and taking a beam out of the stair case..everything is looking good.

Back to Iraq for a minute..did you know that those hateful people over there use like sensors and they watch our soldiers..that is what happened to my friend..he didnt actually step on the land mine..he was near it and they were watching him..so they had their remote control thing and made it go off. It just makes one boil..

I hope everyone has a great day..


January 18, 2005 - Msg 26558: Bam! Bam! Bam! That's me, building a soapbox. Here goes. I'm about up to my eyebrows with this Iraq mess on TV and in the papers. We sent those boys over there to do a job. Now, by golly, our media needs to shut up and let them do it. While I don't condone some of the methods that some individuals have used in their treatment of "detainees" (that means "prisoners" in English), I don't think it was/is necessary to splash it all over the headlines and trumpet it to the world. First, remember that the enemy is doing the cowardly things that Alyce just described, and has done much, much worse. Last time I checked, we haven't beheaded anyone. So, try those guards if you must, punish if truly necessary, but shut up about it. When my children did something of which we were less than proud, we meted out the necessary judgment, but we didn't call our friends and tell them about it. I'm getting very tired of the watchdog Red Cross, and I'm really, really, really SICK of the ACLU. To those foreigners living here who don't like us, or who are "offended", I say GET OVER IT OR GO HOME! They stay here and sop up our resources like sponges (I know, I help birth their babies and they're nearly all on Medicaid) and then criticize us and treat us like the scum they believe we are. I don't get it, I really don't.

OK, kablooey. Soapbox trashed. If you want to know how I REALLY feel, email me!

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 18, 2005 - Msg 26559: well said ROMEENA..very well said

January 18, 2005 - Msg 26560: Thanks Romeena!
I just read on our paper online an interview they did with the family and he had called his parents the night before..really hours before it had happened and was telling his dad about the good stuff that they were doing over there and his dad said he died a proud American. I still am sick over it and I thought I was done with the tears..but obviously not...I didnt get to go over to see the family today actually as I had wanted..something else came up..but my goal is tomorrow..its something I need to do. Maybe in the mean time I can hunt down a picture that I had of a group of us..probably 10 or 11 years ago! Oh I pray I didnt throw it away!


January 18, 2005 - Msg 26561: Not getting above freezing here in Ga...down to 19 last night...got a BIG pot of chile for tonight..beef and ground turkey, bell peppers,onions,red kidney beans...someone bring some crackers...ready anywhere from 5.00 to 9.00 ..will keep it simmering..signed: SPOTthe"COLD DOG" of your porch ....ruff burrr

January 18, 2005 - Msg 26562: Ro- don't trash that soapbox yet! I'm with MD...extremely well said. Isn't it sad that the media rarely reports on stories like Alyce's friend. He was a proud American and his family was proud of him. Guess that's just not the kind of story they want the American public to see. Also, I see where it looks like Katie Couric is the leading candidate to take Dan Blather's seat at CBS. I say fabulous. Just one more reason for me to CONTINUE NOT watching the CBS news.(my apologies to you Katie fans, my wife included, I just can't stand her). Okay, now I'll trash my soapbox, too. We're thinking about you Alyce. Be strong.

January 18, 2005 - Msg 26563: Spot- ya want me to bring some crisp, Ritz crackers? mmmm, good cracker.

January 18, 2005 - Msg 26564: Thanks again Rev...(even if I am a Katie fan)..I still love ya..
I am doing ok..its just when I see those pictures of him..it just gets too me..and even reading about it. I will have more closure after the funeral. I am thankful that he was saved and he is with his Maker. I think that is what gets me through it the most..and that knowing that it is in God's time not ours..and God was ready for him..it just hurts..and I cant even begin to imagine how it is hurting his wife and family. I just want to go and love on them. Gotta round up a babysitter for tomorrow I suppose.
If REv or Ro...if you are interested in the article in the online paper, I'd be glad to email it to you. my email address is.. bassfmly@earthlink.net

Thanks you guys for listening and being so supportive.


January 18, 2005 - Msg 26565: Hi Porch!
Sorry I haven't checked in lately I've been ill. Hope all is good! Have a nice Day everyone!

January 18, 2005 - Msg 26566: Ro, I stand with you on that soapbox! Thanks.!
And we ARE doing good over there! The terrorists have come in from other countries trying to mess everyhting up! They are more evil than Hitler in many ways. They will be thwarted! Ok, box back under the bed.
Charlotte, I watched Man in Hurry" last night and I think it is just a shadow. I paused it a few times. I could also be the way the material is pressed down in that area. (You know that pastor has those loooong sermons!) :)
Whoever asked about Andy's tie in The Inspector, I think that "color" effect is from putting the filmed ep on DVD, into a digital mode, there was some refraction going on. I havent looked at it on my taped version yet, but the tie's synthetic material is acting like what a rainbow is made up of.
You can also see that effect in Mayberry on Record on the DVD version in some of the men's shirts in both the barbershop and the courthouse too.
(You know, music to snip by)
Whoever asked about the barber poster in the background, I would say Not Floyd, but that's just my opinion, after zooming in.
As far as the sundae dish turning into a banana split dish in the drugstore scene, I think "turning" is the key here. First we see it
foreshortened, then we see it from the side angle as Andy pushes it to Opie!
Whew, that's a lot o ana-lizing for a Darlin!
Gimme a jug and let's get that fancy recordin machine goin'! Ah 1 and ah 2..
Mr Darlin's Cuz
"I just want to eat it, I don't want to climb it!"

January 18, 2005 - Msg 26567: I guess I probably shouldnt have posted my email address to the world up there...any way I can get it removed? Where's Floyd?


January 18, 2005 - Msg 26568: MR. MCBV.. hope your feeling better ,glad to see you back on the porch
SPOT.. real nice to have you back at the stove ,hope all goes well at the Drs. visit ,fishing season not too far off Im already sorting through the tackle box , I need some fishing and some racing
Mayberry Deputy

January 18, 2005 - Msg 26569: I saw on Antiques roadshow that some lures from the 30's were worth 5 to 6 hundred dollars!
My dad used to have some of the very ones they showed, but he sold them at a yard sale about 5 years ago. Oh well!
Yup, Andy had it right, a bit of a time at the ole fishin hole works wonders for one's const-tution!
"Ok, let's all hop around on one foot for starters!"

January 18, 2005 - Msg 26570: Good to see Mr Mcbeeveie agin. Prayers continue for Boo, Alyce, Mavis, pipeman, and all hurtin souls on this here front porch.

January 18, 2005 - Msg 26571: Yea Rev bring the crackers ,hey mds and mr b.,,,miss Sherry coming over in a bit after her jazz work out class...gona watch a movie I guess..go tot the doc in the morning, he is gona see if he needs to go back into my right foot and work some more on it...md 500 not far off..think I will pour my chilie over some nachoes and put cheese on them...hum..hey alyce,pipeman,ro,asa...sorry I dont "cap"much..faster for me!..ya know paws and all!no typest or spelling b champ..!..well will have ham and bisquits in the morning [quick breakfast] got to go to the doc...put mayo or mustard on them..makes no never mind to me...signed:SPOT the"gona on a road trip tomorrow hope there is not to much grese in the steering colume" dog of your porch....

January 18, 2005 - Msg 26572: Spot. My chili has ice cubes in it. What gives?


January 18, 2005 - Msg 26573: Spot, I never noticed those paws getting in the way of your good cooking! As for your typing, we understand what you're saying, and that's all that matters. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 18, 2005 - Msg 26574: Alyce, if it is any consolation, despite what the media wants you to believe, your friend did NOT die in vain! Otherwise, we would have to say that the 7 million who died in WWII, died in vain!
But the world is better today. Ve are nat all
spekin German, right? Some accomplishments are not realized for years. I still go back to Patrick Henry's quote, "Give me liberty or give me death!"
Both my brother and nephew have fought there, and have seen the good being done, as well as the terror cowards (as I call them), being eliminated.
Ok, off the box again, and sliding it it back under the porch!
You all have a good evening!
My prayers continue for you and yours.

January 18, 2005 - Msg 26575: Oh yes, good to see spot and miss sherry back in the kitchen! Good vittles there spot,cooking up the grub again, dog of the porch. thanks,

January 18, 2005 - Msg 26576: Hello Porch, Hope your feeling better MrMCVB.
You all have a good Mayberry Day.

January 19, 2005 - Msg 26577: Greetings from South Pole,oops,I mean South Carolina! Gosh,but it's cold down here! Brr!
Well said, Romeena,well said. Hey Rev. Jr.,seems like we have something in common besides both living in SC-I'm not a "Katie fan" either!
Alyce,your friend's folks will be in my prayers.
Hey Fun Girl! Good to hear from you! Wish that Rosa & Laci could meet & play with each other-Laci is doing well,thanks. We are waiting on the results of an MRI and genetic tests that they did on Laci. These doctors are bound to label her with some type of disorder. She does have vision problems and wears glasses. We are almost certain that she has a condition called septal optic dysplasia-something to do with the brain,pituitary gland & optic nerve.This,we can handle. Just pray that nothing worse shows up. Laci is a spitfire and very smart. We're just going to have to work with her on physical things and get her caught up. Thanks to you and everyone who keeps praying for Laci. The prayers mean SO much.
Spot,it's good to see you again! Continued good progress with your recovery my friend!
Hey Asa! Glad you checked in with us-we were worried about you what with all the bad weather in Utah.
Well,guess I'll climb back under my rock and try to keep warm! Y'all have a great day!
possum under a rock

January 19, 2005 - Msg 26578: Well hey there possum. Little Rosa says howdy to Laci. She has had an ear infection and a sty in her right eye. But seems to be doing just great. And talk about a chatter box. She chatters and talks like we understand every word.

Wrasslin season is here again for Kyle and he is loving it. Pretty good at it too. I think their first meet is on Saturday. An invitational. Kinda nervous for him. Guess it will be his traditional meal for a meet. Marie Calenders pot pie and a Mountain Dew. (yuck)

Yep, I have tried the glucosamine chondroiton. I guess what I am facing is a scar tissue build up on the fascia and that is pressing on the nerve. I have been doing stretching exercises, but that may be contributing to the problem. Oh well, who knows.

Got to head to the big city for yet another appointment.
fun girl

January 19, 2005 - Msg 26579: Is Laci in a first steps program? They help with developmental delays for children under 3. Most likely she is but wanted to make sure that you have checked that out.

It's a regular heat wave here - 30 degrees! I am praying for snow tomorrow - just a couple of inches so that we can have a snow day - I need a snow day. We have a 60% chance for snow! Now I need just a wee bit of accumulation - WEE BIT!

Time to go to my next school!


January 19, 2005 - Msg 26580: Mornin' Porchsters. Spot- I'll take one of those biscuits RIGHT NOW. I feel I'm starting to fatten up now that you've stepped up to the stove more often. Maybe I should order that "Yoga Booty Ballet" dvd they're advertising.Not! I'll stick with the YMCA. Fun Girl- did you feel the Glucosamine Chondroiton helped at all? I've heard differing opinions on it. HM- heat wave, huh? Guess we're having one here too...supposed to hit 45 this afternoon. MDC- I gotta say...you're very "ept" when it comes to refraction and such. I like the way you just slide that soapbox under the porch instead of blowing it up. It can be pulled out on a moments notice. Asa- just pour a little Tabasco sauce on your chili, that'll get rid of the ice cubes in a hurry. MrMcBV- hope you're feeling better...we were starting to worry that you were stuck on top of that pole. Pipe- what's for lunch? Alyce- sure hope you get to see your friend's family. It'll do you AND them a world of good. Trust me, I went through it back in the Fall. I'll tell you about it later. Sterling- is your computer frozen like the rest of Wis-Kann-son? Possum- prayers for Laci continue. BTW- how's the new job coming? Hey to Frankie Flint. How do you do Mrs. Wiley? MD- saw a report on ESPN last night. Jr. was complaining about the speed of his car. All the other drivers that were interviewed thought he was "sandbagging." AFD- are you the same one that posts on Miss Crump's? I read all those but rarely post.