January 24, 2005 - Msg 26685: Rest In Peace, Johnny. ~ Mrs. Wiley

January 24, 2005 - Msg 26686: Ooo-whee! Now I'm feeling humbled! I haven't swept this 'chere porch in ages!

January 24, 2005 - Msg 26687: Mornin' Y'all. Thank you again for all the prayers for Laci. She is coming here in a few minutes and I'll be sure to give her a big hug from the Porchsters.
As far as Johnny Carson-what a class act. Thanks Johnny.
Y'all have a good day!
possum under a rock

P.S. Hooray for Mrs. Wiley! What a nice clean porch! Good job ma'am!

January 24, 2005 - Msg 26688: Gosh- didn't mean to take up so much space! What in the world happened?

possum again

January 24, 2005 - Msg 26689: Morning Porchsters! How about some warm cinnamon rolls? (I didn't really make any, but we can pretend--it's cyberspace!)
Charlotte Tucker

January 24, 2005 - Msg 26690: Sounds great CT. The beauty is, we can eat what we want, when we want and however much we want in cyberspace and never gain an ounce! Possum- what happened to that snow over the weekend? Sterling- our prayers are with Kai. MD- any idea when they are supposed to start racing again?tee hee. Spot-sorry about the Falcons. I was a big Falcons fan as a kid. Then the Panthers came to town (or should I say came to state). Mrs. Wiley- all the clips of Johnny that they're showing now sure do bring back a lot of great memories. I remember when I was old enough (mid 70s) and my parents would let me stay up for his monologue. He was the best. Goodnight, Johnny.

January 24, 2005 - Msg 26691: I'll try those cinnamon rolls - boy I sure could use something to make this morning better!
Goodnight Johnny- RIP


January 24, 2005 - Msg 26692: I don't know Rev. I suspect I can gain weight even eating Charlotte's cyber rolls. Seems if I even think about food I add a pound.
Homemaker, did you get over the crud?
Good to see so many fat eaters out there on the porch. I don't feel so alone now. And your right AFD, bacon on the juicy side. Don't like it crispy.


January 24, 2005 - Msg 26693: good morning world--- thanks for the cinammon rolls, mmm good, c.t. homemaker, the only thing i can offer you to make your day better is prayer.hello mrs wiley, possum, rev jr.and all that's out and about. now johnnie is the special quest of our lord, what more can anyone ask. i saw where rosemary woods nixon's secretary died. one more to go from the recgnisible world. have you ever noticed that death is like the holy trinity- it comes in three's? pipeman

January 24, 2005 - Msg 26694: Mrs. Wiley- I guess I should have clarified that statement.....my parents let me stay up late in the mid 1970s, not when I was in MY mid 70s. Although, I'm in my mid 40s now and still "snap to" when my Dad calls. (even though I'm pretty confident I could take him in a foot race).

January 24, 2005 - Msg 26695: Mmm those cinnamon rolls sure smell good homemaker, thanks!! RevJr., you're funny! My Dad still scares the heck out of me, too. Today is his 87th Birthday! Thank goodness he's mellowed a bit with age. Mom used to say his bark was worse than his bite, but 'bark' shouldn't cause PTSD!

Hey to Asa, AFD, pipeman, Charlotte and possum!

~ Mrs. Wiley

January 24, 2005 - Msg 26696: Happy Birthday Mrs. Wiley's Dad. Would that be Mr. Wiley, Sr.? Kinda like Opie Taylor, Sr.?

January 24, 2005 - Msg 26697: Laawww, you folks are a caution! It's fun just to sit here and listen to the chatter. Asa and AFD, I'm right there with you on the bacon, too. Crispy bacon is okay for crumbling into a salad, or on a baked potato, but for just plain eatin', like with eggs, I want it limp. I don't want the fat still solid, I want it clarified a bit, but not crisp. If it won't bend double without breaking, it's too done.

Well, guess I'll go scare up some lunch. Wish I had some bacon, I'd make a BLT. No, wait. I have no tomatoes, and I think the bread would be fit for the birds, but not much else. Oh, well. I guess tomato soup is the order of the day. How boring.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 24, 2005 - Msg 26698: Ro, Asa & AFD- reckon I have to voice an opposing view. Gotta have my bacon crispy. The crispier, the better. In fact, if it's got a little "burn" to it, then great! lol. Now I'm craving that BLT....thanks a ton Ro.tee hee. Guess we'll have to wait a few months. Tomato soup ain't boring if you run some crisp Ritz crackers up next to it. Mmmm, good cracker.

January 24, 2005 - Msg 26699: Man, I can feel my arteries hardenin' just reading your posts! teehee
more later

January 24, 2005 - Msg 26700: You're right, Rev.Jr., and I do like tomato soup. However, today I found a potato that needed to be baked, and a couple of cold chicken drumsticks, so I did okay. No complaints. Also, the bacon thing is kinda like the rare vs well done steak thing. I can eat bacon your way, but you'd never be able to enjoy it my way. Now, I'll admit, your way is probably healthier, but I don't eat bacon all that often, so when I do, I like it my way!

When I visit my son and DIL in Florida, the first Saturday morning I'm there, we fry 3 or 4 pounds of bacon, some crispy, some soft. We eat all we want for breakfast that day, then bag up the rest and use it for the next week in all sorts of ways - sandwiches, crumbled in salads or on potatoes, to season greens, whatever. Sure is good!

One Saturday, we were leaving the house just after breakfast, and the inch and a half of grease in the skillet was still too hot to dispose of, so we left it to cool. My son has an enterprising coc-ker spaniel, and she saw her chance. She evidently climbed into a barstool, and then onto the granite-topped island where the cooktop is. When we returned home, she met us at the door, leaving bacon-grease pawprints, and dripping grease from her long ears. The Plum, who was too short to get on the island, was following Abbie around, licking up the drips. The skillet was licked clean! Yep, about two quarts of bacon grease had gone into that dog, and you can bet that it wasn't long before it began to come out. She yakked and poo-ed bacon grease for two days. What a mess! Moral of the story - pull the barstools away from the island when leaving home!

Well, gotta run. I may have to work tonight, so I think I'll sneak a little nap in about now. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 24, 2005 - Msg 26701: Thanks for putting that little vision in my head, Romeena. ;)
-Sterling Holobyte

January 24, 2005 - Msg 26702: Romeena- that's a great story about the grease! I'll bet that would have made a really good "Funniest Home Videos" entry. Oh, by the way, my way of cooking bacon has NOTHING to do with being healthy or not. Is it legal to mention bacon and healthy in the same sentence? LOL. Pipeman- you're exactly right, it always seems to happen in threes.

January 24, 2005 - Msg 26703: Seems like all the great entertainers are gone now! Bob Hope, Dean Martin, Johnny Carson etc.
I know I'm not real hip, but I just cant get into
most of the ones out there right now, with a few exceptions. Awhile back i got a 5 tape hightlight series of the Tonight Show with Johnny.
So glad now that I did.
Have a good day!

January 24, 2005 - Msg 26704: Hello porch..I can finally see again ,went to the eye Dr. this morning for a glaucoma screening ,he put all sorts of drops in my eyes and used all sorts of lights and devices to look into my eyes ,and the diagnosis was the same as before all the test Im a "glaucoma suspect" ,which means I may have early stage of it or might not ,gotta take all the tests again in a year
REV JR. ...I get the impression you like Ritz crackers
ALYCE.. how about an update on the new house,
everyone have a good evening ,getting cold outside

January 24, 2005 - Msg 26705: MD, will say a prayer for ya, can't have a deputy with poor eyesight, in the old west OR in Mayberry! How would you ever be able to hit the bookcase with a slingshot rock using a mirror,
unless you can see straight?? teehee
We gotta get mayor pipester to declare a deputy screening test!
Anyone remember those school hearing tests?
Raise your hand if you hear the little "eeeee" sounds?
Have a good evening! Rest well, Johnny!

January 24, 2005 - Msg 26706: Oh one more thing, I was watching Opie and the Bully last night, and I realized that the scene of Andy and Opie at the fishing spot is the scene they used for the front of the First Season dvd!
Only thing is, Opie and the Bully is a second season episode! That may end up on a 50th anniversary version of Trivial Pursuit!
But you heard it here first!
Hey to spot, CT, asa, sterling, romeena, etc,
APB for Boo, goober, Ollie, etc.
Mr Darlin's Cuz

January 24, 2005 - Msg 26707: Mrs. Wiley, Those were my cyber rolls, not homemakers! How dare you give her credit? I've won a blue ribbon for them every year for the last oh, how many years? Eleven. Yuk, yuk. Just kiddin' snort snort. Since they're cyber rolls I guess homemaker could've made them. Sounds like ya'll enjoyed them anyhow. Tell me more about that Opie and the Bully ep. My son's in such a situation right now, and we can't decide what to do about it. I'm thinkin' I've seen that ep. and Opie punched the bully, didn't he? We're advising our kid not to do that, but we're sick up to our eyeballs with this kid who has been bullying our son since they were kids. They're 14 now!
Charlotte Tucker

January 24, 2005 - Msg 26708: Pipeman asked me to post this here. There will be NO Mayberry in the Midwest this year. They *may* have one next year but not in 2005.


January 25, 2005 - Msg 26709: MD prayers for ya!..hey Rev..CT..lets go to cracker barrel this morning!..get the uncle thing...meet yall at 8.00...gona wash my truck today..start re-hab on my foot tomorrow [ouch]..signed:SPOT
January 25, 2005 - Msg 26710: hey MDC...spot

January 25, 2005 - Msg 26711:
o-no done it again...BOLD..

January 25, 2005 - Msg 26712: ok---its off....whew

January 25, 2005 - Msg 26713: Charlotte - my cinnamon rolls could beat yours anytime! LOL I have a special ingredient just like Aunt Bea's pickles.

Asa - thanks for asking about my crud, almost over it. . .


January 25, 2005 - Msg 26714: HM & Mrs. Wiley- As Andy would say "simmer down." tee hee. Spot-great idea on Cracker Barrel. Can't beat that with a baseball bat. AFD- let me ask you something....I went to Miss Crump's yesterday and played the abbreviation game someone had posted. Am I being overly sensative or did Rafe's reply to my answer seem a little pompous and chastising? I almost posted something blistering to him, but instead I took the high road and posted something nice. Learned my lesson though. Don't play trivia games over there until you've reached "professional" status.

January 25, 2005 - Msg 26715: Well, maybe, homemaker, if you'd get some "younger" flour and fresher cinnamon...maybe... Rev. Jr.--that's me-Charlotte and homemaker in the baking contest--not Mrs. Wiley--she just came in to get some foot powder!
Charlotte Tucker

January 25, 2005 - Msg 26716: P.S. Nobody gave me any advice on the bully situation--lots of guys claim that punching out a bully once shuts him up, but I really don't think this is the way to deal with such problems. C'mon guys of the porch, let's hear how it should be done.

January 25, 2005 - Msg 26717: Rev.Jr., I hope you don't think I am stepping in where I don't belong, but I went over to Miss Crump's to see what the fracas was about, and I don't think you should take it personal. I really don't see anything pompous in his reply. I think he was just being... Rafe, and didn't know your quote but thought he might have an idea of what it was supposed to be.

Now, if he was doing something like TYPING IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS WHILE HE WAS TALKING TO YOU, that's another thing! ;)

Glad you took the high road anyway.

-Sterling Holobyte

January 25, 2005 - Msg 26718: Ooops! I'm sorry, CT. But, I'm sure Mrs. Wiley will do something to warrant a "simmer down" soon enough. So there.tee hee.

January 25, 2005 - Msg 26719: Sterling- once again, as we have discussed before, it's hard to "read" the intentions of the other person. I probably misjudged his reply. You've been coming to this site much longer than I have. I trust your judgement. Therefore, I'll drop the issue and move on. No big deal. Thanks for your input. CT- the only dealings we've ever had with a bully were with my youngest. Fortunately, she is well armed with a quick wit and a great sense of humor. She basically "disarmed" the bully in front of a group of kids in a humorous way. I don't think the bully knew what hit her until much later. Will this work for your son? I don't know, but I've always found humor to help most situations.

January 25, 2005 - Msg 26720: Hey Charlotte! I didn't really have to deal with bullies when I was in school. Or maybe that is because I was so quiet no bully knew what to make of me so they just kept their distance.
Off the cuff, it would be easy for me to say to give that bully a right punch in the nose to put him in his place, but in this day and age where kids unfortunately don't want to settle things with their fists anymore, and think nothing of shooting another kid just for "dissin" them, I don't know if I would recommend that.
Of course your son has to stand up for himself, it's just a question of how to do that without getting into a full out, knock-down fight. Maybe your son should ask the bully why he is hassling him. Since bullies usually aren't very bright, just asking that question confidently and forcefully could knock him on his can. And get a book on verbal judo, which can diffuse a situation before it gets out of hand, and he could still come out on top and the bully wouldn't even realize it.

-Sterling Holobyte

January 25, 2005 - Msg 26721: Hey sterling,ct and rev..hey what ever happened to the county nurse?..possum you got yer ears on..[sorry,watched smokey and the bandit last night]..got a pork roast and taters and onions and stuff in the crock pot for tonight!..like Sterling said..want to sock them bullys but ...well now days....well...be carfull....signed:SPOT the"no bulldog here" of your porch..

January 25, 2005 - Msg 26722: It just occurred to me....my little Opie looks a lot like me right now! (At least my TAGS character!) Can you all guess who wrote this? No cheatin now, just see if you can figure it out!


January 25, 2005 - Msg 26723: Ummm.... Ann Onymous?

-Sterling Holobyte

January 25, 2005 - Msg 26724: Now come on, think about it...I know somebody here will get it. (Good one though, Sterling!)

January 25, 2005 - Msg 26725: Good one sterling! Maybe it's Rafe! haha
Charlotte, The ep is #34, where a kid is making Opie pay a nickel to go down "his street" to get toschool. Andy got wind of it and told him a story of how a kid tried to take his fishing spot when he was a kid, and how he stood up to the kid and got roughed up a bit in the "stand up." Opie asks him if he bothered him anymore, and Andy just looks at Opie and says, "we fished here today, didnt we?"
However, I'm with Sterling, this aint Mayberry in the early 60's! If you know the kid, a confrontation may solve it, but if you dont really know him or the parents, I'd be very careful. Hope that helps.
Spot, food eatin at the Barrel! Thanx
APB for county nurse, Sara, new neighbor, Alyce, Bulbsnatcher, and others!

January 25, 2005 - Msg 26726: good morning mayberry fans. kind of busy today it's 52 degrees outside. prayers for everyone. feb 3 on abc happy days reuninon like they did for mayberry. behind the scenes and interviews now as they are. pipeman

January 25, 2005 - Msg 26727: The Andy Griffith Show rules, but you guys are dorks.

January 25, 2005 - Msg 26728: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me! haha

January 25, 2005 - Msg 26729: Just joshin' with you 26727! mdc

January 25, 2005 - Msg 26730: Hello out there!
I know its been several days since I have posted, but I've read every now and then. Just havent been in much of a good mood.
The funeral for my Soldier friend was yesterday. Boy was it sad....but yet a great celebration of his short life.
Ok..enough of that...

MD: The house is coming along..We arent ready to get in and paint yet, but hopefully in a few weeks. Thanks for asking..

Something wonderful happened today here.. My daughter told me that she asked Jesus into her heart. I am not sure what to think about it yet. Most of you know that she is very young. Just shy of 4. But she was in her room listening to a christian CD..later she came out and said "Mama, in my room I said 'Jesus come into my heart'" And I questioned her about it all..did they say it on the CD..were you just saying it outloud or did you pray..did you say that to Jesus? I had tons of questions..and she flat out said that she asked Jesus to come into her heart. So we prayed and that little girl just held my hands while we prayed and kept her eyes closed too..(I peeked at her)
So...I dont know..that will just be my prayer..well it has been my prayer for a long time for her..but it is so hard to understand when you are dealing with a preschooler and such a big issue!

So please pray for us..Thanks.


January 25, 2005 - Msg 26731: Wow, Alyce, that's great! "Unless you become like these little children..." On such a big thing, I'm sure the Lord gives 'em some special insight so that they understand what they are saying and doing! Seen it many times!
You have sure run the gambit of emotions this week. Hope you stay strong. Perhaps the Lord is telling you that he may have called one home , but He is giving you another to carry His name!
My prayers continue for you and all the porch.

January 25, 2005 - Msg 26732: Well MDC that sure is one way to look at this situation,huh?
yes..I'd say a gamit of emotions for sure!
I'm still not sure about my daughter though...I know that sounds terrible and there is nothing I want more thank for her to invite Jesus into her heart..I just wasnt expecting this!

I know Rev Jr. had asked me for our small town paper's website..and it doesnt have one..but..The main local paper does if anyone is interested in reading the article in it today about my friend and the funeral...they were there and all 3 News stations.
The website is www.pilotonline.com
I am not sure what the ti tle of the article is..but something along the lines of local Marine's funeral in Wakefield..or in Sedley.


January 25, 2005 - Msg 26733: "A small town grieves for one of its own" That is what the ti tle of the article is..scroll down a bit once you're at the site.


January 25, 2005 - Msg 26734:
Hey Gang,

Good Golly !! was that a cold front or what. We didn't get much snow only about a foot or so but did it get cold! We were in the minus 20's two days in a row and the pipes started breaking on Sunday. Hey, that kind of sounds like a country song, "The Pipes Started Breaking on Sunday." Any who, we still haven't got them all up and going yet. I've been running like a chicken with it's head cut off.

Rev Jr. I'm in my mid 40's also and I can remember being able to stay up and watch Johnny Carson's monologue.<---- is that how you spell it? But, my absolute favorite memory of the Carson show was when David Letterman was the guest-host or when Steve Martin was on. Boy, I love David Letterman. I think his politics is just nuts but the man just slays me.

MDC, I had forgot about them tests. If my memory serves me right about half way through I'd lose focus and just start raising either hand.

Charlotte, As far as your bully situation is concerned I would not recommend a preemptive strike. My nephew was involved in some fisticuffs in school and even though he was just defending himself, he was struck first, he had to jump through hoops to avoid being suspended. When I was a youngster the Opie approach was the best way. However, those days may be long gone. I think tactics Rev Jr. ,described if possible, will work the best.


January 25, 2005 - Msg 26735:
That should read.
I think tactics Rev Jr.described ,if possible, will work the best


January 25, 2005 - Msg 26736: ALYCE .. Great article
SPOT,ASA,MDC,REV JR.,PIPEMAN ,nad all other race fans 25 days til the 500
sounds like the person in message 26727 had too much starch put in his shirt , he/she may have insulted us but at least the showed respect for TAGS so they cant be all bad

January 25, 2005 - Msg 26737: Alyce, I read the article, and I grieve with you and all of your community. It sounds like he was a wonderful man, and I am certain God will keep his wife and his child in His care. We can rejoice for him that he is with the Lord, the sorrow comes for those that are left behind. It is so hard to say anything in this situation because it can seem so meaningless, but it sounds like he touched many lives, and his love for God will be remembered by all who knew him. This may be the way some of them embark on their own spiritual journeys which we can hope and pray will lead them to God. I am sure you will keep his family in your prayers and actions, you sound like that kind of woman, and I am sure his widow will appreciate all the kindnesses that will come her way. I will pray for you and for his family, for strength for all of you in the days ahead.

As far as your little daughter is concerned...It is probably much easier for her to believe than it is for you right now! Remember, she has the faith of a child, and don't discount what she has told you. I believe she has a wonderful base to build her faith on now, the Lord Jesus Christ! Encourage her every chance you get. Children are some of the most "real" people there are, and I am sure her experience is very real to her, so be every bit as supportive as you can. I think MDC has a beautiful insight into your situation!

Wishing one and all on this here porch a wonderful Mayberry afternoon!

Mary Wiggins

AKA anonymous for now! Here's where my little Opie resembles me, I, of course, am a beauty queen (with no front teeth!) Which just so happens to be the condition my little Opie's smile is in these days!

January 25, 2005 - Msg 26738: Mary Wiggins: Thank you for your kind words! It means a lot..and oh yes..I will encourage my daugher always!! I will just take each day as they come and see what happens..and what comments or questions she has to offer.

MD: thanks for reading the article.
Its so comforting to know that people all over the country can read about his life and pray for his family.


January 25, 2005 - Msg 26739: Alyce- I just finished reading the online article. Got a chill when I read about all the Marines in attendance standing shoulder to shoulder. Sounds like it was a very moving funeral. May God bless your entire community.
auh2o- I resemble that remark. Ha. I remember those hearing tests, too. I think Letterman is a hoot. I've love his sense of humor.(which tells you a lot about my sense of humor) MD- you combine extra heavy starch with a cold day and you're bound to get a little ornery. You're right, at least he/she is a TAGS fan, which makes 'em pretty good folk. MW- I would have never guessed it was you. I thought maybe it was MDC or Pipeman playing a game with us.

January 25, 2005 - Msg 26740: CT - I can't believe you thought my flour was "old" - and I hand grate all of my cinnamon (any REAL baker would) - now about that yeast you used in your last batch - that, my dear could have been much fresher. . .it was as old as Clara Edwards!



January 25, 2005 - Msg 26741: Thanks for sharing the article Alyce!
I will share it with my Marine brother (now retired) and Marine nephew. It made me think of
Todd Beamer from 9-11! What a glorious homecoming we will have one day!
pman- here's a bit more prophecy for you..revelation mentions an army of 200 million
coming against Israel in the final battle.
I always wondered, as John must have, who would
ever produce an army of 200 million? Don't know if you heard last weekend or not, but it sent chills donw me. CHINA announced that their armed forces now number 200 million! In an up and coming economy like they are building in a country of over a billion, it is now realized!
Ok, I guess that's not really porch talk, the 2 more earthquakes yesterday got me on that again.
Prayers for all of us on the porch.
Hope you all have a nice evening. I still have one disc (from season 1)that i havent watched yet, so I think i will tonight!
Mr Darlin's Cuz
Mary Wiggins, you are such a kidder!

January 25, 2005 - Msg 26742: MDC: Hey there..I cant wait to meet you..and I think we will meet for that homecoming soon! To me, the end of times looks mighty close!
But you know, I am sure people have thought that for years and years now too..Lord only knows!!


January 25, 2005 - Msg 26743: MD yep just 25 days to the greatest race on earth!..got my goodwrench tag on my truck and ready, hey mrs wiley, hm, alyce,pipeman...in the morning lets go to the waffle house and have a double order of hashbrowns scattered,smothered,covered,chunked,topped,diced,
and capped....we all well belch for days!among other things!...signed:SPOT the"gona get near 60 here in ga."dog of the southern end of this great porch..

January 25, 2005 - Msg 26744: SPOT.. from the sound of the after effects ,I think SHERRY might want you to steer clear of the waffle house

January 25, 2005 - Msg 26745: homemaker, if you knew how often I bake anything with yeast in it, you'd realize how true that statement you made above about yeast could be in this house!! I'll concede. Let me try your rolls now..........mmm, these ARE good. Thanks everybody for the bully advice. My son and husband finally decided to just tell the coach and show him the bruise and warn him that next time, if there is one, he will go directly to the principal. I think they should've gone this time, but it's his decision--he's 14.
Charlotte Tucker

January 26, 2005 - Msg 26746: Spot- it's the "among other things" that concern me. CT & HM- I smell a good old fashioned "bake-off" being cooked up.(pardon the pun).

January 26, 2005 - Msg 26747: 20 days til pitchers and catchers arrive for SPRING training! 24 days til daytona!
Here's a trivia question to ponder:
Did Mr Schwump ever have a speaking part?
I have heard that he was just a stagehand who they stuck in a few scenes, such as Mrs Wiley's party, on the bench outside the courthouse etc, but I cant recall a scene in which he talks.
Anyone know? Not that it will saolve all the world's problems, but I was just wonderin'.
Prayers for porchsters, leaders, soldiers, the world!
Have a grest day @--->--->----

January 26, 2005 - Msg 26748: Hey to the porch...just been so busy with work stuff..haven't had time to sit and visit in a while. I'll be back soon...but did take 20 mins in my office today to watch "Andy Discovers America" on my PC/DVD. It made me smile...and that was a good thing! :-)

Andy:You see this right 'chere?
Barn: yea
Andy: How can something this big, the whole foot, fit in my mouth?



January 26, 2005 - Msg 26749: Goober, good to see you again!
Auh20 - hope you got all your pipes fixed. Man, that's cold! hope the bifg freeze ends soon.
CT - hope all goes well with your son and the bully.
spot - Im still feelin those heavy hashbrowns!
Kinda quiet on the porch today.
Hope and pray that all are ok.

January 26, 2005 - Msg 26750: MDC- feels like AZ weather here in SC today...it's closing in on 70. But, you know what they say about the weather in SC...if you don't like it, wait a minute. I'm sure we'll join our regularly schedule winter already in progress, soon! Yo Goob- that is a classic line. Seen it a thousand times, but I still laughed outloud when I read it on your post.

January 26, 2005 - Msg 26751: RevJr, homemaker and Charlotte, you guys have me rolling in the aisles! Sorry about my cinnamon roll faux-pas. I'll try not to do anything to warrant me getting a rude. CT, they are light and tasty, even for cyber-rolls. Did you heat the cinnamon before putting it into the batter? LOL! I just came in for some foot powder! HA!!

~ Mrs. Wiley
@ @ @ @ @ @

January 26, 2005 - Msg 26752: Mrs Wiley, is that the same foot powder Mr Carson used at WKRP?? teehee

January 26, 2005 - Msg 26753: Well! Giraffes may be selfish, but pigeons are RUDE! I just put out feed for all my critters - cracked corn, shelled peanuts, a squirrel mix that contains sunflower seeds, peanuts, corn and such, and I filled the trough feeder with bird seed. I had no sooner come back to my window, than a huge flock of pigeons that hangs around here descended, and absolutely stripped everything, except the feeder. They'd have eaten that seed, too, but they're too big and bulky to perch on the sides of the feeder. The pigeons left, retreating into the trees, and one lone little dove was searching among the ruins for a bit of corn. When she stopped and began pecking at a spot, the pigeons evidently thought she had found something, because they flew in, shoved her aside, and scoured the area again. Now, I have nothing against pigeons - in fact, I like 'em, but there are about 50 in this flock, and frankly I can't afford to feed them like that every day. with nothing left for my other little friends. I have noticed that pigeons go to roost a bit earlier than everyone else, so I guess I'll start waiting until later in the evening to put out feed. The greedy things!

Well, have a good evening, friends. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 26, 2005 - Msg 26754: Ro- I can just hear Barney's "Dogs, Dogs, Dogs" revised speech now ".....No, Ope don't worry 'bout them dogs. They take care of their own. Now if they was pigeons, now that would be different. Ya see, pigeons are rude. Always swarmin' in and eatin everything themselves."

January 26, 2005 - Msg 26755: Well them poor pigeons learned it from the giraffes. I mean they have their heads up high in the sky and everything. Don't blame the poor pigeons! :)


January 26, 2005 - Msg 26756: it's a good night for porch rockin'. I got my guitar and a few good tunes.
Any takers on my Mr Schwump question?
Have a good evening all.
Will say night prayers for you all, and for the whole widw world!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

January 26, 2005 - Msg 26757: I believe Mr. Schwump never had a speaking part. He just smiled and nodded.
- Hazel

January 26, 2005 - Msg 26758: And tried to pinch Earnest T. at Mrs Wiley's party.


January 26, 2005 - Msg 26759: I have always been a big Andy Griffith fan. I love his show and still watch it every chance I get.

January 27, 2005 - Msg 26760: Ro, I would love to have a picture window with scenery as lovely as you have described... sounds wonderful! But DURN THOSE PIDGEONS! Do you think they will move on? Sure hope so. Maybe you can borrow your neighbors' cat for a while. Selfish pidgeons. Give em all a 'rude'.

Welcome aboard 26759, set a spell and jaw with us, won't you?

MDC, I don't recall Mr. Schwump speaking at all, but he sure was the ladies man. Remember when Ang and Barn brought the "fun girls" to the dance? Mr Schwump is sitting with a real looker. Then when the boys arrive Mr. Schwump walks right up to Daphne and smiles real hard at her. I think she tickles his chin or something. I know he frequents the stag lines at parties, too. Yep, he's a real charmer!

~ Mrs. Wiley
Mr. Schwump: "________________"

January 27, 2005 - Msg 26761: Mrs. Wiley, glad you enjoyed my little bake-off with homemaker. I rather enjoyed it too. I don't know the whole scoop on Mr. Schwump either except for the instances you all mentioned. Your talking about him just standing and smiling makes me think of the folks who are standing behind Barney when he is trying to sing the solo in the ep. with the microphone. Those people are smiling--probably about ready to crack up! Also, has anyone ever considered this: I feel there are two places (probably a lot more than that) but two that come to my mind where Andy appears like he is really laughing and that maybe what just happened was a fluke and they left it in? Here's my two: When he slams the door on Barney's hand going out the door of the pickle episode and when Floyd says "I know something he did say [Calvin Coolidge]: I do not choose to run." And then Andy laughs and says, "Well, yea, he did say that." Andy appears to me to be genuinely tickled there. And if Andy didn't accidentally slam Barney's hand in the door of the pickle ep, the look on his face is some kind of acting job because he looks genuinely surprised. Oh, just a couple of the little things that I think made him great! Anybody else??
Charlotte Tucker

January 27, 2005 - Msg 26762: I think it would be hard to tell when Andy is genuinely reacting, or just acting. He was so good (after the first few episodes when they had him doing that over-the-top hick accent) that it always looked like the real thing to me. The scene at the window in "Mr. McBeevee", when he decides to accept Opie's story, is one of my favorites. He and Ron Howard both turned in superb performances there.

Well, gotta run. Have several errands to complete, and have to work tonight. Have a great day, everyone. Sugarplum says hey!

January 27, 2005 - Msg 26763: wow a busy site- isn't it wonderful? mdc- jan 28th is deputy eye screening day. now don't help him like you did at the physical.ro & sugar plum have a careful day. likemr tucker now slowdown.ha. mrs wiley, you have to watch out for those quiet ones. mr schump. having computer acting up going to close and hope it posts. pipeman

January 27, 2005 - Msg 26764: Have you also noticed that Andy seems to have learned Don's parts too? He 'mouths' the words Barney says while he says them. Next time you see Barn say something funny, be looking at Andy's lips. Sometimes I wish Andy kept the 'hick' accent - it was too funny! Like in "No Time for Seargents".

~ Mrs. Wiley

January 27, 2005 - Msg 26765: Good afternoon everyone -
I am in a computer workshop and have a few spare minutes...so I thought I would say "hey!"

Charlotte - want another bake-off? How about chocolate chip cookies?


January 27, 2005 - Msg 26766: Published any new books lately CT?

January 27, 2005 - Msg 26767: Thank youu Mrs. Wiley! I always liked Andy's hick cting too. I know a lot of folks don't, but I reall do. And I agree with seeing Andy mouth some of Barney's lines. You really see it in the episode where Barney brings Emma in for jaywalking and Andy lets her go, and Barney goes into a tirade about jaywalkers and crime coming to Mayberry. If you watch Andy's mouth you see him lipping the lines ever so slightly.
And there are several times I see Andy bust out giggling that looks to be real. In the episode where Andy and Barney are up to join the Esquire club, and they are in the kitchen waitning for the big call to see if they got in or not, and someone else calls Aunt Bee, and Barney is freaking out about keeping the line open. Andy's laughing looks genuine to me.
If we are doing a chocolate cookie bake off I dibbs to be the judge.


January 27, 2005 - Msg 26768: Asa and others, thanks for the Schwump thoughts.
One time I KNOW (cuz I read it somewhere) that Andy was really cracking up was in the preamble bit. It is said that could hardly get a good take because he couldnt stop laughing! If you watch the scene closely, you can kinda see the jump cuts, where andy has an unusually wide grin,
Like he was just laughing.
Good day all!

January 27, 2005 - Msg 26769: I've always wondered this, and pardon me if y'all have discussed this before, but why was it spelled "Schwamp" but pronounced "Schwump"?

January 27, 2005 - Msg 26770: PIPEMAN ..thanks for the proclomation
MDC ...I love the scenes where ANDY is cracking up ,it brings more reality to the show
I hope everyone has a great evening ....only 23 more days til the " 500 "

January 27, 2005 - Msg 26771: Rev.Jr., I didn't know it was spelled "Schwamp." I must have missed that. Where did you see it?

I didn't mean to imply that I didn't like Andy's "hick" accent, but you all must agree that it was a bit over-the-top. It does remind one of "No Time for Seargeants." You can see that persona come out in several episodes. One is the one where the state inspector comes and gets all bent out of shape, and Barney is terrified and insists that Andy wear a hat and a tie. When Andy walks out with that fishing hat down over his ears, and that ridiculous tie, his posture is straight out of NTFS. There are others where he adopts that same goofus stance, but right now I can't remember exactly where. He frequently stands that way when he's trying to annoy Barney. Comic geniuses, both of them.

Well, guess I'll try to grab a short nap before I go in for a 12hr shift. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 27, 2005 - Msg 26772: I love all this TAGS talk! I've always wondered that too, Rev. Personally, I think they misspelled it, then just kept it that way.
- Hazel

January 27, 2005 - Msg 26773: I think you're exactly right, Hazel. Ro- it's listed that way on this site under the episode guide. I've also seen it spelled that way in every TAGS book that I've read. Alyce- remember all the talk about Paula Deen? My wife picked up the "Lady and Sons" book set yesterday. There are some great recipes in both books. Most look surprisingly easy to follow. I'm shooting for May to take that trip to Savannah. Hope to eat at her restaurant. I'm planning on leaving a bottle of our sauce for her. Hey, you never know. She may just try it and like it.

January 27, 2005 - Msg 26774: If she tries it, she'll like it.

As for the Schwamp vs Schwump thing, I personally think "Schwump" is by far the funniest. Sugarplum says she thinks they're both funny. --Romeena

January 27, 2005 - Msg 26775:

Mr Schwamp

January 27, 2005 - Msg 26776: I'm guessing Asa, MDC or Mrs. Wiley on that one. Too funny.

January 27, 2005 - Msg 26777: Man of few words, ain't he? --Romeena

January 27, 2005 - Msg 26778: Not much to say when you're stuck in that stag line.

January 27, 2005 - Msg 26779: I'm with you, Hazel, I love all this talk about different eps. Speaking of the hick accent and gestures. I notice that some in the one where he sends Opie up to his room when he won't give to the charity and Andy's talking to himself in front of Aunt Bee. Also--about the preamble ep. and the cuts--I always notice how Barney's hair looks more ruffled in one pic than the next. You can definitely tell that one is all spliced together! Who's there? Who are you, Msg 26766? No, I haven't written any books lately. I'm pretty tied up doing a magazine and a newspaper product that both come out 6 per year, but I'd still like to do some books.
Charlotte Tucker

January 27, 2005 - Msg 26780: Sorta like gettin' 10-foured right in the middle of an i-deeea!
What's for supper, DEAR?

January 27, 2005 - Msg 26781: Diet dinner for me, HONEY. Maybe I ought to go to one of them schools where they trim you down, clear your skin, make you walk around with a book on your head.
- Hazel

January 27, 2005 - Msg 26782: Refinishin' school?

January 27, 2005 - Msg 26783: Howard McNear was born 100 years ago today.

Cool testimony about your daughter, Alyce. My daughter asked Jesus in her heart when she was 3. Just encourage her to pray and read the Bible to her. My daughter loves to pray and often prays for every little booboo she gets.

I'm a fan of Andy's hickness. He does overdo it a little, but I like it!

Mr. Schwump is the man for me. I've always liked the strong, silent type. ; )

Hey Mrs. Wiley - belated birthday wishes to your Dad. Hope it was a good 'un!

Today is my hubby's (and his twin bro's) 39th birthday!

Well, not much more going on here. Looking to have some foul weather in the next few days, but I'll survive. We haven't had it nearly as bad as some, so no complaints.

January 28, 2005 - Msg 26784: Thank you AFD, this is birthday week in the Wiley family. Today is my youngest daughter's 14th birthday! Tomorrow is my step-son's 14th birthday. My twin nieces b'day was tuesday (the doctors). Happy Birthday to your hubby & B-I-L!!!

Maybe I should go off to refinishin' school...... nah. I'd still be ugly and pitting prunes.

~ Mrs. Wiley
I'm traveling this weekend to visit friends, someone fling me a cyber-penny that's been run over by a train.

January 28, 2005 - Msg 26785: Here ya go Mrs. Wiley. Here's another one that got struck by lightning. It's worth 6 cents now so don't lose it. Happy Birthday to all those folks in your family, and for AFD'S hubby and his twin brother.
Just got done watching Henry Wheeler romancing Aunt Bee. I still think he would have made a good match for her. I thought Andy ran him off to fast. But then I thought he should never have let Nurse Peggy get away from him either.
Hope everyone has a great Friday. I need a nice weekend.


January 28, 2005 - Msg 26786: I declare, Asa, if that's not just like a man! Do you mean to stand there on your skinny little feet and tell me that you didn't see Mr. Wheeler for the opportunist that he is? If Aunt Bee had gotten involved with him, he'd have laid around on his big fat sofa and never turned a hand, while she ran around like mad, trying to please him. No, Andy did right by Aunt Bee when he chased that lazy lout off the place. No account, that's what, just no account!

Well, I just got home from work, and I'm TARD! I think I'll snuggle up with the Plum and get some rest. It's cold and rainy here today, a good day for sleeping. 'Nite, all. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 28, 2005 - Msg 26787: Oh, Asa! Peggy, Peggy, You just can't let that die, can you? I agree wholeheartedly though. I liked her best too. "Ann-deee, what happened to yer aayyye?" She was so concerned and sweet. Mrs. Wiley, I don't have any pennies that have been run over by trains, but here's a nickel for you with the buffalo facing the wrong way. Probably worth about $75.
Charlotte Tucker

January 28, 2005 - Msg 26788: Morning all...
Dont have a lot of time..been busy lately! Have a butterfly birthday cake to make this moring and our new kitchen cabinets are coming today too!! Whoo Hoo!

Rev: I hope you get to go to Paula Deen's restaraunt...I'd love to go and meet her..I am interested in getting the cookbook set myself..but havent been able to justify the $45 for it yet.

AFD: I'd love to here more about when your daughter asked Jesus into her heart at 3 years!

Well off I go...Everyone have a Schwumping day!


January 28, 2005 - Msg 26789: if a dog was your teacher, you would learn things like: when loved ones come home, always run to greet them. when it's in your best interest, practice obedience. let others know when they've invaded your territory. take naps. stretch before rising. run, romp, and play daily. avoid biting when a simple growl will do. on hot days, drink plenty of water, and lie under a shade tree. when your happy, dance around and wag your entire body. delight in the simple joy of a long walk. eat with gusto and enthusiam. stop when you have had enough. be loyal. never pretend to besomething your not. when someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close by, and nuzzel them gently. and they would smoke their pipe all day long. guess who? yep pipeman.

January 28, 2005 - Msg 26790: thanks floyd= for the info on midwest show this year. appreciate your help.asa- if we gain weight eating those cyber cinamon rolls then it will becyber weight, right? mayberry deputy, glad to see your eyes are sharp and ready to watch gilley go at the races. i'm counting the days. charlotte tucker, speaking of buffalo nickels., there going to issue some for a part of this year. front regular back buffalo. going tohae to save a couple? they have one out now about lewis and clark on back of the nickel. pipeman

January 28, 2005 - Msg 26791: sorry for taking up so much room this morning but the last few days our computer has been throwing us off line in middle of something. as soon as i said god your computer isn't working- it started to work.praise the lord. how about the movie the passion not getting nominated for anything at the oscars? happy birthday to all that had them.i read in a devotional about this preacher was preaching a funeral of a poor but popular lady, he said you always see the date your born and date died in large letters with a small dash between. that small dash is that persons short life. what are you going to do with your short dash? i was moved. afd, praise the lord about your daughter. i try to always tell the grandkids stories where they'll see god. especially the young ones. if you look at the sun twice a day it has moved- even though the next day it probably will reach the same spot but you and i won't be. this moment is gone.thanks for haring it with me. mdc, goober, alyce, romeena & plum,hazel,homemaker and rest of the fine folks on the porch. time to light the ole briar. pipeman

January 28, 2005 - Msg 26792: i wish pipeman would check in. sorry couldn't resist. ha. pipeman.

January 28, 2005 - Msg 26793: Great words pipeman, thanks for sharing.
We havent said much lately, but to those who have given the supreme gift the last few days, that is quite a dash! We pray that all will go well on Sunday!
Thanks for all the swell input on Mr Schwump(Schwamp)! That sure started quite a quote a thon
or trivia run! It's nice just to do that once in a whille!
Have a good "dog" day!

January 28, 2005 - Msg 26794: I only hope I can become the man my dog thinks I am.


January 28, 2005 - Msg 26795: Andy:Now come'on Ben, the man got a proper structure and a roof.
Ben: Ok, now ya done it. I tried to be nice.
Andy: Oh, you been nice, you been real nice.
Hasnt he been nice Barney?
Barney: Oh yeah, he's been a real sweetheart!

January 28, 2005 - Msg 26796: Ron Howard Fans and Happy Days Fans - I think this week that ABC is airing the 30th anniversary show/reunion of Happy Days. I think it is Thursday evening!



January 28, 2005 - Msg 26797: (Asa - that was my Fonzie impression!)

January 28, 2005 - Msg 26798: AAAAAAAAA!

January 28, 2005 - Msg 26799: Evening everyone ,hope everybody had a good Friday .Weatherman says we are gonna have 2-4 inches of snow and ice Saturday ,not looking forward to that ,people have come into the store yesterday and today like they arent gonna be able to get out for a week ,they panic here at the slightest mention of bad weather ...22 days til the " 500"

January 28, 2005 - Msg 26800: Hey Y'all! Wanted to pop up on the porch before the ice storm hits my rock. Looked at several different weather scenarios-still too close to call on whether or not my part of the state will get it. Either way it's gonna be nasty with something cold and wet falling out of the sky. Rev,you think you're gonna get hit? Sure hope not.
Anywho, if y'all don't see me on the porch for a day or so it will probably be due to this ice storm.That or I'm just too lazy to crawl out from under my rock-ha!
Doing fine,by the way and hope all of you are too.
Oh,I do NOT like Andy's hick talk. I live in the South and can't say that I know anyone who stretches his/her mouth that wide when they talk! Andy went a bit overboard I think! I have seen him mouthing Barney's lines too.I love when he cracks up at something Barney says and here goes the hand over the mouth trying not to be seen laughing! Ah,they don't make 'em like that anymore.
Sending a shout out to Spot to be careful cause tonight could be the night the lights go out in Georgia if this ice storm is as bad as it says. Stay safe buddy! You too Rev.Jr.
Hope everyone has a nice weekend.Love to all!
possum under a rock

January 28, 2005 - Msg 26801: "Hey Gang"..yes possum it looks like the nights thw light go out in GA..is coming...sleeting here now ..they say we are gona get hit hard after midnight..the guys and gals will work hard down at Cobb EMC to get the lights on..gona read the archives...got a pot of chile on...and a fire built..will keep yall informed through the night...anybody got some crackers?..signed:SPOT the"gona get iced in" dog of this here fine porch!....burrr..

January 28, 2005 - Msg 26802: And o-yea...Miss Sherry says hey!...she is getting up the nerve to pull up a chair...she reads and laughs with me!...SPOT

January 28, 2005 - Msg 26803: Hey to everyone. Glad to see Goober and Spot, possum, and pipeman, and just ever-body! Mayberry Deputy, where do you live that you're expectin' that snow. I heard it might snow here in Illinois tonight but it seems pretty nice out right now. Gonna go watch a movie called Kangaroo Jack with my daughter.
Charlotte Tucker

January 28, 2005 - Msg 26804: HEy CT,,hope ya like the movie..popcorn?..Miss Sherry and I took my took younguns to see are we there yet...very funny..well sleeting hard here now..gona be a mess later...gona call and check on mom and pop up on the front 40...signed:SPOT the"lets all have popcorn with CT and her daughter".dog of your porch...

January 29, 2005 - Msg 26805: Ice here in Ga. this morning!..flap jacks and jimmy dean sausage for all....signed:SPOT the" goma build a fire" dog of your porch

January 29, 2005 - Msg 26806: Thanks, Spot, I'll take some of those sausage and flapjacks. Sounds mighty tasty. Snowing here today. Hope all you in the south don't get too much ice. Hope your lights don't go out in Georgia, spot. Who else hails from Georgia? Kangaroo Jack, while a cute movie (I'd seen it before), didn't hold my attention well enough--I slept through most of it.
Charlotte Tucker

January 29, 2005 - Msg 26807: charlotte tucker, goober, ellen brown from illinois what's all that white stuff falling from the sky? going to be a great day to be inside. prayers for everyone, our troops, the iraq elections cause sooner they take over the sooner our troops come home, and prayers for everyone on th porch. fresh o.j., hot coffee, eggs, sausage gravy, homemade biscuts, donuts,ham, fresh fruit. hook up the sliegh's and stop bye. pipeman checking in.

January 29, 2005 - Msg 26808: spot- thanks for breakfast. mine isfor those whose breaks won't hold passing by your place. and the northern end who can't make. hello miss sherry. mdc, sterling, afd, mayberry deputy, mrs wiley, homemaker, asa, fun girl, boo, ro & plum, possum, county nurse, mary wiggins, floyd, salty dog, mavis, emma, tom ed sawyer, opie, hazel, lawerence, shoe, and all the rest 0f the porch, we're keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. hurry home soon. nascar soon. pipeman

January 29, 2005 - Msg 26809: Mercy me there is a mess of cooking going on here this morning. Good thing I'm hungry.
I agree pipeman, lets get the election done with and hopefully things will calm down and we can get our troops home quickly.
Charlotte, your imitation of Peggy up there was excellent. You do a mean Peggy. Maybe you could get in a polka dot dress and sing on the porch for us.
Romeena, you don't think Andy and Aunt Bee could have reformed Henrey Wheeler? I thought deep down he was a decent sort of chap. I mean lets face it, he was no spring chicken, and Andy volunteered to do the roofing and the porch. I thought of all Bee's interests, he was the one I liked best. Oh well, they say everything works out for the best. He found a nice home over at the Shady Rest Hotel.
Warm and raining here today. Feels like spring. Hope y'all don't get blasted to bad with ice and snow.