February 04, 2005 - Msg 26923: Good afternoon, everyone! MDC, of course I remember watching the test pattern on TV. What do you think I am, a kid or something? Yep, I was 12 and my brother was 4 when we got TV and we would sit on the floor in front of the set and watch that silly test pattern for a half hour or more, until the programming began at 5pm, at which time my mother would call us for supper. Hmm. Bad planning there somewhere! We'd whine and complain, but she insisted that we all would eat together every night, and we did. No eating in front of the TV. We sat at the table, and talked with our parents and now I look back and realize how very wise my mother was.

I wish someone would invent a "mute" button for a furkid. The Plum has appointed herself a committee of one to drive me out of my mind. She seriously resents the mailman dropping the mail through the slot by the door, evidently considering it a form of home invasion. So, every morning, she stations herself below that slot and growls and barks incessantly for hours until the mail arrives. There is no predictable time, unfortunately, so this can go on all day. When the mail does arrive, she snatches it in mid-air, and becomes a blur of slashing teeth and flying ears and topknot as she shakes and slings everything all over the entry. I have paid many a bill, using a taped-together copy. I have had to get checks from renters replaced. I've yelled and threatened, and nothing stops her. I'm considering getting one of those airhorns to blast at her every time she opens her little barker. When I holler at her enough, she reduces the activity, just sits on the entry floor and burps out little soft barks for a while, then it escalates into the usual constant barrage. Anybody got a muzzle? Oh, well, I love her anyway.

Well, off I go to scare up some lunch. I think there's some leftovers in the fridge. Y'all have a great day now, you hear? Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 04, 2005 - Msg 26924: Wow! I swept the porch. I seem to be doing that right often these days. Well, you all enjoy it while it lasts. It probably won't take us long to clutter it up again, it never does. --Romeena

February 04, 2005 - Msg 26925: Sterling- you're right....the company owns the phones and pays the bill. We have a pool of minutes each month we share. There are about 35 phones on the plan. We have NO land lines. I guess I shouldn't complain since I'm not paying anything, but it's still frustrating having so many dropped calls. Enjoyed the Happy Days Reunion last night. Had to laugh at Garry Marshall's reference to TAGS. When Ron Howard mentioned TAGS Garry Marshall referenced it with "there was a lot of whistling on that show." His sense of humor cracks me up. Hope everyone here on the porch has a great weekend.

February 04, 2005 - Msg 26926: Hey where's the ole pipester been? I bet he remembers watching test patterns too!
Ro, have you ever considered putting a hanging bin under the slot on the inside of the door?
Just a thought. I suppose Furkid would probably tear it down.
Rev jr, can you hear me now? teehee
NASCAR soon!
Have a good weehend all, get to preaching, celebrate life, spread the word and, for Pete's ake, dont work too hard!

February 04, 2005 - Msg 26927: Oh yeah, that was cute, a lot of whistling!

February 04, 2005 - Msg 26928: MDC- I thought he got Scott Baio pretty good when the cast first came out and sat in director's chairs. He went over to him and said for him to pull his chair closer to the others. He was so far away he may have thought he was on the reunion show for "Charles in Charge."

February 04, 2005 - Msg 26929: MDC, yes, I have thought of that. The way it's arranged, the slot is sort of in a corner, and there doesn't seem to be any way to mount anything there that wouldn't look pretty awful. Also, when the door is opened back, it would hit anything that was very wide. I have placed a huge, square stoneware vase (?) there, but the mouth of it isn't quite large enough, and a lot of the mail overshoots it. Oh, well, I guess it's just one of those little irritations that keep life interesting. All that frenetic activity may be one reason why the Plum is as youthful as she is at her age. At ten, many dogs (oops, furkids) are starting to slow down, but she's still very vigorous.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 04, 2005 - Msg 26930: I bet it's all them carrots you feed her.


February 04, 2005 - Msg 26931: mdc, the pipester is back. loved the happy days reunion. isn't it funny how when they showed arnolds just walls only? how about that board the fonz kept track of births,etc on? i'll bet that woud fetch a penny or two on e- bay. wouldn't a board like that of mayberry be fun to watch on e-bay? romeena, try painting a test pattern on th mail slot and see if it hipmotizes her. asa, doyou follow nascar? rev jr., i wonderif i could get nascar to practice on our dirt track on their way to chicago race? charlotte tucker, goober, ellen brown it is 4:30 pm and 52 degrees here and i'm about out of sun tan lotion. it sure feels n-i-c-e. hi to the rest of the porch. pipeman

February 04, 2005 - Msg 26932: Rev, I missed about the first 10 minutes of the show, so missed the Scott Baio deal, sounds funny,
like no one would be at a CinC reunion!
That board I bet will always be henry's!
Nice to relax on the porch for a spell.

February 04, 2005 - Msg 26933: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ..SPOT
15 days til the 500..I can already smell the tires and grease

February 04, 2005 - Msg 26934: #26933 was from MAYBERRY DEPUTY ...dang thing posted on its own while I was signing ..on the cell phone issue I agree Alltel is terrible ,I bought a new phone and my contract was renewed for 2 years without them telling me ,it was in fine print on the papaers I signed when I got the new phone ,Ill be free of them in another year ..everyone have a great weekend

February 04, 2005 - Msg 26935: Dont know how true it is, cuz i dont have a cell, but someone said that before verizon was verizon it was called AirTouch and that they were really good, then they changed name, got bad!? go figure.
Looks like the weather around the porch is simmering down a bit,
as Andy would say.
I hope the Eagles can pull it off on Sunday!
APB for all you fine missing folk!
Spot will be serving a superbowl breakfast Sunday morning. You dont want to miss that, right Spot?
Breakfast steak, hashbrowns, buscuits, gravy, cornbread, flapjacks, omelettes,fixed to order,
sausage links, bacon, bottomless joe, and free cholesterol testing!
Good weekend to all,

February 04, 2005 - Msg 26936: Oh, and prayers continue for all you fine porchsters and families!

February 04, 2005 - Msg 26937: Know what I did today? I can't tell ya.
- Hazel

February 05, 2005 - Msg 26938: Hazel, you tease! ;)
-Sterling Holobyte

February 05, 2005 - Msg 26939: Ha! Asa, I hadn't thought of that. Maybe those carrots make her like the Energizer Bunny, she just never runs down. Pipeman, I'll have to try that, the test pattern thing. It used to work on me and my brother, maybe it'll work on her.

Well, I'm tired. Been playing computer games for the past couple of hours. I'm ashamed to admit it, but there are a couple that I really do enjoy playing, and can spend more time than I should, doing just that. It irritates the Plum, because then I'm not paying attention to her. Serves her right, the barky little thing.

Everyone have a great weekend, please. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 05, 2005 - Msg 26940: "I can't tell ya." HAHAHAHA!! What do you want to bet that Don Knotts taught Ron Howard how to pull off that sketch. Opie's "I can't tell ya"'s are so much like Barney's "Aw, go on, guess." Barn was grinning from ear to ear whilst Opie did his speaking.

Ro, not sure what you could do... maybe put a basket on the OUTSIDE of the door? Have the mail man shove a carrot thru the slot? I like the airhorn idea, but you might both go 'deef' (my grandma always said deef instead of deaf). Sounds like she's bored. Get her a puppy or a kitten? Or a job.

~ Mrs. Wiley
Opie: "I just joined a club! Know what it's called?"
Andy: "No, what!?"
Opie: "I can't tell ya."

February 05, 2005 - Msg 26941: happy birthday spot!! mine is on the 16th. mayorial decree:: sunday feb 20th starts nascar season-from now on it will be known as floyd's day in apprecion of all he does for us. do i hear a second? emmit& mavis, do you ever see fast gun fife? I WAS UPDATING MY PHONE RECORDS and came across ky moonshiner. he said he was from campbellsville, ky. i wonder if he was in the service and that's why he hasn't been around? mayberry deputy, who would thunk someone ripping off a deputy? romeena, why not put the test pattern up and like mrs wiley said add a few carrots? oops sterling, almost missed you there. how's your weather? ours today is 58 degrees and sun. sweating time. everyone have a great day.thanks for breakfast mdc. well time to lite the ole briar and warm out (not chill out. ha.) pipeman

February 05, 2005 - Msg 26942: Morning, porch. I'll bet you're right, Mrs. Wiley. Don Knotts probably did teach Opie his lines in that ep. I've seen that one so many times and I still get a kick out of it. Well, I'm off to the beauty parlor to get my hair cut. Then home to pay bills. Then I thought I'd take a nice walk. Beauty parlor, bills, walk. Yep, that's what I'm gonna do.
- Hazel

February 05, 2005 - Msg 26943: For the love of Mike, DO IT! Go to the beauty parlor, go pay bills, go for a walk, JUST DO IT!

I wonder if old Mr. Tucker was the founder of Nike?


February 05, 2005 - Msg 26944: Asa & Hazel, toy guys crack me up! Yer a regular "Burt and Squirt". Happy Birthdays to SPOT and Mayor Pipeman!!

~ Mrs. Wiley

February 05, 2005 - Msg 26945: That's YOU guys... gee whiz. Oh, I also second the motion for Floyd Appreciation day! Let's get a banner made, and assemble the drum and FIFE corps...
~ Mrs. Wiley

February 05, 2005 - Msg 26946: i have a second- so sunday feb 20th is here by known as floyd's day! floyd, barney will escort you into town whilest band plays nice and purty and after giving you the key to the city we'll fire the cannon and give you a plaque for the shop. then off to myers lake for a picnic and chruch services. asa= you stole my thunder, i would have said the same thing to hazel, she's so purty i think them beauty shops just taking her money. pipeman

February 05, 2005 - Msg 26947: Hey guys geuss who got the internet fixed? Three cheers for my brother! Can't stay right now. I'll be back later.

Everyone behave and don'y get arrested.


February 05, 2005 - Msg 26948: congrats on thecomputer dixie- we've sure missed you. pipeman

February 05, 2005 - Msg 26949: Guess? I can't guess.
- Hazel

February 05, 2005 - Msg 26950: Hey to the PORCH! It's been a while...been a long week at work...had to do some major systems conversions. Hope to be able to set a spell this week. Loving the weather here in Chicager today...mid 50's! Got the motorcycle out, washed the jeep...boy I miss Spring! :-)

Happy B-day SPOT...pipe, countin down the days...and not too sad about sammy!


February 05, 2005 - Msg 26951: [_] That there is my view finder. I had one all the time and didn't even know it till that Hollywood movie maker came to town last week.


February 06, 2005 - Msg 26952: Hey Asa, can I look through yours? I don't have one. ~ Mrs. Wiley

February 06, 2005 - Msg 26953: [_] Here ya go Mrs. Wiley. Take a look!


February 06, 2005 - Msg 26954: Hey gang..sorry about not being here for a few days..my Grandmother passed away friday night...she is with the Lord now , she was 94 years old..she will be layed to rest monday...will be back on the porch soon...yall eat well...Signed:SPOT

February 06, 2005 - Msg 26955: SPOT .. so sorry for your loss ,my prayers for you and your family

February 06, 2005 - Msg 26956: God bless your heart, Spot. My prayers are with you and your family.


February 06, 2005 - Msg 26957: Sorry about your Grandmother, Spot.
Asa, I'll be dogged. I had a view finder all the time and didn't know it either. And don't the trees and the clouds look just as clear as can be. Thanks for calling me purty, Pipeman. But you must not be looking thru your view finder and can't see me very clear. The truth is, nature wasn't good to me. Yep, nature spent so so much time on Ellen Brown, and just didn't have much time left over for me.
- Hazel

Oh, Manicurist! clap, clap. Front and Center!

February 06, 2005 - Msg 26958: Prayers for you and your family spot. Good to know that your grandmother had such a good long life and knew the Lord.
So nice to just relax this pm. was gogogo for a few days.
Love the 1st season quotes! any quotes really,
but as so many of us have the dvd, we can relate more!
Welcome back dix and goober.
LONG LIVE FLOYD'S DAY! good one pipe.
Well, back to my n a p....

February 06, 2005 - Msg 26959: sorry about your loss spot, prayers go out to you and yours. hey to goober, i too was glad the cubs traded sosa but after all the great seasons for the cubs- i think the fans and management should have enough class to thank him and let him leave with his dignity. dixie== is that really you? or someimposter? good to have you home on the porch. pipeman howdy mdc and everyone.

February 06, 2005 - Msg 26960: good evening evryone on the porch,sorry I haven't been here for awhile,just plain got busy.Spot,sorry to hear about your loss.Pipeman,I'm ready for some fried green tomaters,how about you?My mom makes her sort of like a ghoulash.she dices them up with flour and onions.I fry mine just dipped in milk and cornmeal,if I could get mine to turn out like hers I'd cook it that way,but,I can't make it taste the same.We are finally starting to thaw out here and I'm so glad!Hope everyone on the porch has been fine.Ya'll take care,ky Girl

February 07, 2005 - Msg 26961: Spot, so sorry for your loss. May she rest in peace with her Lord. KYGirl, those 'maters sound good! Hope everyone has a good day!
~ Mrs. Wiley

February 07, 2005 - Msg 26962: My sympathies to you and your family,Spot. May your grandmother rest in peace.

Y'all I believe I'm starting to shake off this ole' pneumonia bug.Weak as a kitten,but I can tell I'm improving.
Have a good day!
possum under a rock

February 07, 2005 - Msg 26963: Good morning all..well everything went well at the funeral home yesterday..getting redy for the funeral now . its in about an hour..kids are ok..there were 286 people came to view yeaterday..she was a loved lady in this comunity that she was born and raised in..my dad and uncle [twins] are holding up well..thanks for the payers...yall eat good now ya here!..SPOT

February 07, 2005 - Msg 26964: Dearest Spot. Our prayers are with you as you go through this day. It will be difficult, but God will sustain. Lean on Him and on each other, and celebrate your grandmother's life.

Yesterday was my grandson's fourth birthday, and we had a wonderful day. The family all went to a great BBQ restaurant in the Ft. Worth stockyards, and then rode the Tarantula train. It's a real train, with the coach cars being over 100 years old, and it's pulled by a genuine, steam-puffing engine, complete with bell and 4-tone whistle. I thought my grandson's eyes were going to fall out of his head when that engine came chugging up to where we were standing.
It makes a one-hour round trip from the stockyards to near downtown Ft. Worth. In the stockyards, the engine disconnects from the cars, then travels about a hundred yards to a huge turntable that turns it around and lets it get onto a sidetrack that bypasses the cars. Then it backs up and hooks up with the other end of the cars. In town, it has a large circular track that lets it do the same thing, but the turntable thing is something to see. That monstrous engine, just slowly being turned around on that moving section of track is quite a sight. The birthday boy was so excited his voice was squeaky, and the 18 month old was shaking like a leaf.
The ride itself was fun, too. The train crew is friendly, they sang "Happy Birthday" to Landry, and stopped and visited with us, sharing a lot of information about the train. It was really a fun day.

Well, gotta run. I'm off in search of some new sunglasses. I've about had it with the $5 ones, I think I'm going to bite the bullet and get some really good ones. I have a friend who can get them for half price, so I'm going to go for it.

Everyone have a great day, you hear? Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 07, 2005 - Msg 26965: Ro, I own some $14 blublockers and love em.
I will have to look up that train on the net.
Being a railroad buff, I'd love to see that in action!
KY girl, my goodness, you are a site for sore eyes! So good you found your way back to this here front porch.
In the '60s in Phoenix, homes with say-at-home moms (which was most) would put big red "E" in the front window to show that a kid in trouble could run into that home. Can you imagine that today? It's those kind of things that definitely make me say that those were better days! My dad used to flip his car keys under the dashboard and the car was still there every morning!
Spot's mention of his gramma's hometown made me think of such times.
So,... the whole senario at 7am on a saturday was watching the test pattern in a home with an unlocked front door, with a big E in the window, and a car in the driveway with the keys in it!
Well, have a good day and week!
St Valentine's Day coming soon!

February 07, 2005 - Msg 26966: [ ] You wouldnt think of pokin' fun, would ya?"

February 07, 2005 - Msg 26967: Pokin' fun? Why I should say not. You folks are delightful. :)


February 07, 2005 - Msg 26968: Spot, just read about your Grandma. My deepest sympathies.


February 07, 2005 - Msg 26969: I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, Spot.

February 07, 2005 - Msg 26970: Romeena, that sounds like such fun for a kid! I'll bet he had a blast.

Sorry about your Grandmother, Spot.

-Sterling Holobyte

February 07, 2005 - Msg 26971: ANDY: What number did you get Henry? #44?
HENRY: Nope. 6 7/8.
BARNEY: Andy, he picked the hat size!


February 07, 2005 - Msg 26972: Hi everyone. Just have a minute to check in. I have to go pick up Sean from his tutor's house in a minute. Hope you are all well. Nothing real new to report to you. Still taking care of the folks and working hard.

Sure was sickened to hear about the abused kids in Utah. Did anyone else catch that story? Prayers for those poor children.

Its a balmy 75 degrees here in South Texas but should be cooling off some on Wed.

Hope you all have a great week. I'll check in again soon.


February 07, 2005 - Msg 26973: spot, prayrs continue for you and your family. you sure havehad a heavy load during last 6 months.tommorow is another day. ky girl, we've sure missed you. i had to go to the imported pipe tobacco store for 50 lbs of pipe tobacco worrying over you. oops did i hear a request for an audit of mayor pipeman's handling of porch funds- imported pipe tobacco.ha. sterling, good to see you again, hope spring has sprung. goober, sammy needed traded but he also did a lot for the team in years past. mdc, sounds like the 60's were fun- of course a young pup like me wouldn't know about such things. asa, let's head down to ky girl'sand cook fried green tomatoes, a real southern supper.when i was younger i ate cold fried tomatoes of course antyhing that didn't eat me first was on the menu.possum= prayers for you. i know them pnuemonia bugs don't make good bed fellows.well i'll take a stroll- see you later. ole pipeman

February 07, 2005 - Msg 26974: MDC, if'n you'll send me your email address, I'll send you some pictures of that engine on the turntable. I guess most everyone has my email address, but it's Romeena@airmail.net.

Well, just got home from my errands. Didn't buy any sunglasses - our little sunglass place here didn't have much selection. There's a big Sunglass Hut at another mall. I'll go there, choose what I want, get the number, and my friend will get them for half price.

Wonder what's for supper? I think I'll grill a steak and make some macaroni and cheese. Anybody want to join me? I may make some fresh spinach with that great olive/garlic dressing, too.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 07, 2005 - Msg 26975: Steak sounds good, like mine well done, no talking back at me! teehee
pipeman, Howard will be doing an internal audit
for all that porkbarrel spending you been doing!
There's talk of a recall pet*tion over at the barbershop, and barney was the first to sign it!
(the women forced him, you know)
two weeks to daytiona!
Asa, why do I have days where i feel like poor henry? haha
boo, glad all going well at the folks house. Hope the kids and hubby are fine.
Sterling, just be glad you dont have to head to the MIL for Presidents day. hoho
50's best darn decade of the 20th century!
No war after korea, moms at home, american dream homes, appliances good music, etc
OK back to 2005.
Heard a good one about reality TV, I get enuf reality at work, home etc, I want to escape a little. Bought the second season of Gilligan Island yestrday. Too funny.
Pats win, who cares?
Have a nice evening, headin to Ro's for steak
(A thought on the censor, doesnt a - or a * or a broken word bring more attention to it?)oh well,
I know its for good of all!

February 07, 2005 - Msg 26976: I just got the other day a 2 Dvd set of The Red
Skelton Show offically released by his wife &
Remastered to look as good as they could!
I was surprised when 1 of the hour long episodes had Don Knotts as the guest star!
If you never seen the Red Skelton show before,you real don't know what you been missing!
He was and always will be in my life time the funniest person ever on tv!(My opion of course!)As for the episode with Don Knotts he is dressed up in what looks like the famous Salt & Pepper suit from TAGS and plays the Harmonica!At time's when Don looks at Red without saying anything'Red just starts to burst out laughing because Don just looks so silly standing there with a great big grin(smile)on his face! Anyone else here enjoy Red Skelton? Do you have any fond memories of watching the show? I hope my post does not get removed because it is sorta TAGS related!


February 07, 2005 - Msg 26977: Thanks Gang!..I cant thank each of you so I thank you all!..everything went great like grandma would have wanted!..the greatest moment was my two kids [her great grandkids that she saw once a week] Kelsey 6 and Andy 13 after after the grave site services laying a single red rose on their great grandmothers caskit...very touching for me.very touching... me....well she is in Heaven Now!...thanks againg yall...aint got time to cook but will be back on the grill tomorrow!...SPOT..

February 07, 2005 - Msg 26978: welcome Brian.....SPOT the porch cook......

February 07, 2005 - Msg 26979: been reading back......my birthday aint till dec 22...spot

February 08, 2005 - Msg 26980: Hi Brian. I don't remember watching too much of Red Skelton for some reason. But I think I would enjoy that DVD, especially if it has Don Knotts. Thanks for the effort to keep things TAGS related!
It wasn't your birthday, Spot? For Petes sake, I wonder how such a rumor got started. Probably Those Gossipin' Men.
- Hazel

February 08, 2005 - Msg 26981: Hazel, you women have the market covered when it comes to gossiping. :)
By the way, who was that stranger I saw you and Aunt Bee talking to in the drug store?


February 08, 2005 - Msg 26982: Mornin' Y'all. We get the results from the genetic testing on Laci today. Please pray for a good outcome. We are thinking positive because of the MRI that was done on her brain. Hopefully all of this will be put to rest once and for all today. I'll let you know what we find out. Thanks Y'all!

possum under a rock

February 08, 2005 - Msg 26983: Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well kept body, but rather to skid in sideways with a body thoroughly used up, worn out and screaming -- WOO HOO what a ride!

February 08, 2005 - Msg 26984: Isn't it time for spring training to start up? Asa, we'll get you a pea for your whistle!!


February 08, 2005 - Msg 26985: Well, spot, it might not be your birthday, but it is mine. Happy birthday to me. I'm taking the advice of Msg 26983! It's #44 for Charlotte today--as Doc Andrews would say "We're no spring chickens anymore." Maybe I'll celebrate today by looking up the Colonel and singin' a little "Tootsie." Have a great day everyone!
Charlotte Tucker

Shawnee--They're devils. (Andy rolls his eyes.)

February 08, 2005 - Msg 26986: Happy Birthday to you . . . .Miss Charlotte Tucker - I would say you weren't a day over 21 if I was asaying!


February 08, 2005 - Msg 26987: Prayers possum,hey hazel,asa,pipeman,md,hm,fg,ct,spand ro,brian,and all of the porch..raining here in ga.,..lets meet at KFC for some chicken for lunch!..love their cole slaw...I will pick up the tab...signed:SPOT the"gona bet a boston butt for the smoker today" dog of your porch!.ruff ..lights are on!

February 08, 2005 - Msg 26988: thats"get" not "bet"...sorry....fat fingred spot..

February 08, 2005 - Msg 26989: Prayers for Laci, Possum, of course! Hope you get some great news today!

Well, Spot, since you're buying... KFC sounds pretty good!

-Sterling Holobyte

February 08, 2005 - Msg 26990: "Fat fingers", Spot? I'd have thought it was just those big old paws of yours. The Plum has very tiny paws, but she still can't type worth a hoot.

Possum dear, you know we're praying for little Laci, and we're counting on you to let us know right away how things turned out.

I'm sitting here watching a squirrel who has climbed to the top of a leafless tree, and is clinging to a twig - a TWIG, mind you - and just swaying in the breeze, totally unconcerned. Amazing, adorable, pesky little critters. I wish they'd spend more time in the trees and less time down here digging up my bulbs. I don't know if anything is going to come up or not. There are an awful lot of little holes where things were planted. Little beasties.

Welcome, Brian. Nice of you to be concerned about TAGS vs non-TAGS topics on the porch. Hazel is right, we do (or should) try to keep things TAGS-related, but we do stray a lot. That has never really bothered me, though, because I see it as a Mayberry kind of thing. You know those friends and neighbors discussed all sorts of things as they sat on their porches in the evening. They "bore one another's burdens" and shared secrets and confidences and yes, gossiped. So, pull up a rocker, find yourself a Mayberry name if you wish, and make Mayberry your home town! If Ed Sawyer did it, you can too. I don't think there are any fillin' stations for sale, but I did hear that they're hiring over at the pickle factory. Looking for a brine tester, I think.

Well, gotta run. I'm back on the trail of some good sunglasses. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

P.S. Charlotte Tucker, a happy birthday to you! It's nice to see that you're in your 40's and you admit it! Is that a bottle of peroxide in your hand? I'm sure you're just getting it for medicinal purposes, right?

February 08, 2005 - Msg 26991: BRIAN ..welcome to the porch , I liked Red Skelton, he was a funny guy
CHARLOTTE ..Happy Birthday to you
POSSUM .. prayers for LACI
Everyone have a great day ,I have to go back to work after while for the dreaded monthly inventory

February 08, 2005 - Msg 26992: almost forgot ..only 11 days til the 500

February 08, 2005 - Msg 26993: Happiest of Birthdays to you, Charlotte Tucker! ~ Mrs. Wiley (we're no spring chickens anymore!)

February 08, 2005 - Msg 26994: Laci is FINE! Not a thing turned up on the test results! Thank God and thank y'all for your prayers and caring. I think we should have a party,what with this good news and it being Charlotte's birthday-what do y'all think? Or maybe we could get a band concert up for tonight! I say this calls for a celebration! Pneumonia or not I'll be there!
Happy Birthday Charlotte!
possum under a rock

February 08, 2005 - Msg 26995:
pipeman it's really me!

Brian Welcome to the porch! I LOVE Red Skelton! He's hilarious! I get such a kick out of the Klem Kadidlhopper skecthes! And when he's telling jokes he gets so tickled at himself!

Spot I was out of the loop there so I'm late in saying I'm sorry to hear about your grandma but I am glad to hear that the service went well! Good to see you around more buddy!

Well having a high time in school learning about Government over there in the old country (where they carry sticks) and WWII and America from 1920-45. Interesting stuff!

Our church found a new pastor. Yeah! He seems to be a right nice fellow.

I've been reading "The Purpose Driven Life". Great book. Helps you put things into perspective like they should be.

:):):):):):):):) I think I'll go watch Matlock... sounds good.

There once was a deputy named Fife
Who carried a gun and a knife
His gun was all dusty and his knife was all rusty
'Cause he never caught a crook in his life

February 08, 2005 - Msg 26996: Happy birthday CT.


February 08, 2005 - Msg 26997: Glad to hear Miss Laci is fine, possum. God is good!

Happy Birthday, CT! Don't use too much of that peroxide for gargling, ya hear. It makes bubbles come out your nose! ; )

spot - Thanks for the KFC! Goood stuff! Hey to Miss Sherry!

Hey to Brian - stop by anytime and make yourself comfortable. Always got extra rockers on this here porch.

Gonna be cold and wet here today.

Prayers for all.

February 08, 2005 - Msg 26998: That is great news possum. I am so happy for you guys.
Charlotte, another Birthday? I declare your getting in two a year these days. LOL Happy Birthday. I'm up for a party.
So do you gals wanna start a womens softball team again this year? If I get a new pea for my whistle I guess I'll be coach again.
I always loved that poem Dixie. Even if Opie didn't write it.
We got 10 inches of snow here yesterday and today it is colder than a well digger hiney. I hear that gets pretty cold. Come on spring!


February 08, 2005 - Msg 26999: Praise the Lord! Possum, that's wonderful news! I will really enjoying sharing that word with my class on Sunday. Thanks for letting us know.

Asa, I think a softball team is a great idea. You know I don't dare get on the field, though, I'll get smacked in the face with a ball for sure. I'd just love to run the concession stand again, and the Plum will be very happy to help deliver the goodies to people. I may have to mend her little harness a bit, but it's in pretty good shape. Could someone paint her little wagon and grease the wheels?

Well, time to rustle up something for supper, I guess. You all have a great evening, and Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 08, 2005 - Msg 27000: Thanks for the kind words! I'll try to stay more Mayberry related but could'nt help myself when I found more Red Skelton on Dvd!Beside TAGS I collect anything to do with Red Skelton and would have loved to have had Red guest star on TAGS playing that famous role of his Freddy The Freeloader who was a bum and then have Barney Fife
arrest him like he did when Buddy Ebsen who played a hobo!Brian

February 08, 2005 - Msg 27001: BRIAN .. Freddy the Freeloader would have been a good addition to TAGS , all the Red Skelton characters were funny

February 08, 2005 - Msg 27002: Hey Ro, the train photos were great! Thanks for emailing them to me! Arnt ya kind! Arent ya KIND!
Possum, praise the Lord! that is sooo wonderful to here about dear laci. She has been in our prayers.
APB for the pipemiester! he must be laying low til Howard finishes the audit! teehee
Happy Birthday Charlotte!
MD, asa, rev, can ya smell the tire rubber yet?
Say, anyone remember, as a kid, just laying around, looking up at the sky and saying to your bud, that cloud looks like a....
Do kids do that today? Just a thought.
Love and prayers to you all, good evenin'

February 08, 2005 - Msg 27003: Hey yall...
Finally trying to get well around here. At least I am up and moving around. The girls are on the mend as well.
Trying to catch up with you all.

Spot: hope your family is coping well with the loss of your grandmother.

Hey to Ro, MDC, BOO, Brian, MD, AFD, CT..and anyone else I may have missed.

Dixie: Whats the name of your new pastor? I have some friends that are moving from Pennsylvania to go to Florida to a new church (He's a pastor). I havent heard back from her yet, what his position is..whether it is senior or youth. Thought it would be too wild if it was the same man!


February 08, 2005 - Msg 27004: Welcome back, Alyce. We've missed you. Glad you and your girls are on the mend.


February 08, 2005 - Msg 27005: Wonderful news, Possum! I so happy for you! Treasure that little girl! I know you will.

Alyce, good to see you up and around!

Gonna go see if we can trade in our new car that we just bought. Don't ask.;) Nothings wrong with it, but the dealer is having some sort of special sale and we might see if we can get a lower rate on a new car since we finally got our tax problem from the state of IN taken care of(we paid it but they said we didn't and put it on our credit report). After years of red tape and stalls, we finally got a lawyer on their tails and got it straightened out. Gee and it only took a simple clubbing over the head for them to do something about it.:)

Have a nice night everyone!
-Sterling Holobyte

February 09, 2005 - Msg 27006: Hello everyone, it's been awhile, it's me it's me Ellen. Pray all is well, happy birthdays and Annivesraries to those who are having them. What y'all doing for your Sweethearts on Valentines Day ?

Ellen Brown

February 09, 2005 - Msg 27007: Thanks, everyone for all the birthday wishes. You all are the CATS! Praises for Laci's good report. Take a deep breath now, possum! Have a great day. A little snow on my porch today.
Charlotte Tucker

Al, I thought you liked your burgers hard. I was sure you liked your burgers hard. Al, you've changed.

February 09, 2005 - Msg 27008: Okay Asa - I get to be number 5 and I'll only be a catcher like Johnny Bench if I can sit in my lawn chair behind home plate. I don't think I can squat like he can.

I loved Red Skelton and got to see him live at Ball State University when I was a student there. He was from Indiana - one of the the good things Indiana produced!

Great for Laci - and for Laci's family! God is good!!

Everyone take care!


February 09, 2005 - Msg 27009: morning everyone. mdc- a recall vote and audit, heavens we can't have that. what would folks think? besides howard won't finding any porker on my property unlee i'm x-rayed. ha. homemaker, johnny bench was my first baseball hero. like you say a lot of great things are found in indiana. charlotte tucker- happy late birthday. spot, you me on 16th, i wonder how many more feb b-days are left? alyce, hold on miss ellie will be over with your vicks. more sporling to come... barney to andy= wind up your smile now andy. pipeman aka the mayor don't tell howard. andy are you going to let them recall me? audit me? pipester

February 09, 2005 - Msg 27010: ellen brown= taking my sweetie out to the diner on the highway- anything on the menu she can have but no waiters, valentines ay or not, probably yellow roses 11 of them because she is the12th and best rose. maybe even a dance in the moonlight by the lake.then let her take me home cause i'll be tuckered out. pipester

February 09, 2005 - Msg 27011: I need to do / buy something sweet for my hubby for Valentine's day...he took such good care of us while we were so sick. He is a good man! And I cant do anything too creative..I am hpoing my girls will get into bed early that night and I can make him a candlelit supper...


February 09, 2005 - Msg 27012: Good afternoon everyone! Hey Homemaker,you sure were lucky to see Red perform on stage! Our daughter who's now 7 loves to watch TAGS with us
but here favorite right now is Red Skelton! The teachers & students laugh when she talks about all the silly things Red did and I have encouraged many parents
to sit down together for family night & watch TAGS
or Red Skelton,as I feel most younger kids will love both shows! I use to suggest TVLAND,but what I saw recently at my sisters house(we no longer have cable just local tv)TVLAND has gone down hill! Maybe me & my wife are just lucky in that our daughter would rather watch TAGS and other older tv shows & movies then most modern stuff &
thats something I feel you can't make a child do!
They either like it or they don't! But they can't make up there minds if we don't give them the chance to see both old & new & then decide on there own! Sorry for sounding like a preacher today,but I strongly believe if children are giving the chance to see the shows or movies we saw when we were there age they may grow to like them too & then TAGS can continue to live forever in reruns on televison because we took the time to show our younger generation what we loved to watch so many years ago!Brian

February 09, 2005 - Msg 27013: After being so long winded today here at the porch I think I'll just sit back and peel an apple
while whistling a tune & dreaming about walking down to the fishing hole with someone you really love!Brian

February 09, 2005 - Msg 27014: Hello, everyone. I'm at my sister's because I was on my way to town to take my son to one of his appointments and Baby Girl threw up (big time) in the back seat so we are now here washing her clothes! Its always something when the kids are little. Speaking of little ones, so glad to hear Laci is doing well!

Good to hear from you, Ellen. As far as Valentine's Day is concerned, I just don't know what I will do. Since its on a weekday and hubby works long hours most days we may not celebrate. He and I are still living in separate households until the house is put on the market so romance is kind of a thing of the past right now. Maybe I will fix a special supper or something and find a card (don't I sound enthusiastic?). I love my husband to pieces but am so pressed with so many duties right now its hard to think about anything else. My dad has a case of pneumonia this week and that makes things tough because he needs lots of help. Thank God my sister lives in the area. I sure don't want to complain, though because I am so happy to still have both of my parents and to have healthy children and husband.

Well, better go put those clothes in the dryer! Take care everyone and don't forget me...I haven't forgotten you!


February 09, 2005 - Msg 27015: Hey Boo, good to see you, and Miss Ellen too! Welcome back Brian! Prayers for Laci and all those ailin'.

~ Mrs. Wiley
Andy: "Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive."
(my Mamma always told me that one... wonder why?)

February 09, 2005 - Msg 27016: evenin' everyone,I just wanted to stop by the porch for aminute and see how everyone was doin.Pipeman,I'll plant some tobacco in the garden just for you,you can't get any better than that!I'm ready for some cornbread and shuckey beans,spot is cooking the meat,I'll bake a cake for our birthday girl,and anything else ya'll want to bring.Nothin beats good friends and good cookin,and we got all that right here.See you all at the supper table.Love,Ky girl

February 09, 2005 - Msg 27017: Hey alyce..so ct you turned 40?...hum..if we are all telling i will [in human years] be 46 this year..hey mw,BOO,asa,ellen,dix,hm,sh,afd,pm,great news possum for yall!...im back on the force now...in the morning its hand pattyed sausage,hashbrowns,eggs your way,grits w/cheese,blueberry flapjacks,butter,bisquits,white milk gravy...cold butter mild..h2o..signed:SPOT the" went to therapy today"sore dog of your porch...thanks for all the prayers since my accident...

February 09, 2005 - Msg 27018: Friends and neighbors, I'm going to go out on a limb here and ask a question that has bothered me for some time. It's not my intention to offend anyone, and I realize I'm taking that chance. This porch is, by its very nature, colorblind. I have no way of knowing, nor do I need to know, the ethnic backgrounds of any of you. It's just not important. Still, I'm going to ask.

This is prompted by a commercial I saw today, regarding Black History Month. The rapper, I guess he was, was talking about how the characters in Amos 'N Andy, and Steppin Fetchit and others "debased" themselves by playing the roles they played. Hattie McDaniel wasn't mentioned by name, but her picture as "Mammy" was part of the ad. Remember her stellar performance in Gone With the Wind? Her character was so strong, so wise, so solid, part of the glue that held that family together. Admittedly, they were stereotypical roles. However, some were very funny, others were strongly dramatic, and were portrayed by extremely talented actors.

Here's my question. Why were those roles any more offensive than Aunt Esther, Bubba, Grady and even Fred himself on Sanford and Son? How about J.J. (Kid Dy-no-mite) Walker? For that matter, isn't Archie Bunker a strongly stereotypical portrayal of an ignorant white bigot? How about Jay Silverheels as Tonto, with his grunting, monosyllabic English? Or Hop Sing on Bonanza, or Pat Morita's role of Arnold on Happy Days? The fact is, every culture has its singular characteristics, speech patterns, temperamental differences, behaviors. Some roles take those characteristics and exaggerate them, and they can be very funny. Festus on Gunsmoke wasn't too clean or well-spoken, supposedly a "typical" mountain man, but we loved him. Way back there, about the time of Amos 'N Andy, we had Dagwood Bumstead in the movies. Talk about a bumbling dope!

I don't understand why those early actors were considered "sellouts" when they took on the roles of Andy Brown, or the Kingfish, or Sapphire, or Mammy. No one criticized Rochester for the role he played as Jack Benny's sidekick, but who could forget the over-the-top facial expressions and vocalizations he gave us?

I think instead of criticizing those early actors for taking what they could get from the Hollywood community and making it memorable, folks today should appreciate the quality of their performances, and should be grateful for their willingness to accept those roles and thereby begin breaking down the walls of exclusivity that reigned in Hollywood in those days. I get it, that part of the problem is that those roles are all Hollywood would give black actors, but my stars! Just look what they did with them! They took them and ran with them, all the way to equality. I think we should celebrate them.

OK, that's it. That's my question, and I'm now pushing the soapbox back under the bandstand. Anyone care to jump on before I do?

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 09, 2005 - Msg 27019: Such wonderful post lately! I see the porch continues to expand, welcome Brian!
I love Red too and have a few dvd's.
Also, Gilligans Island season 2. Great comic relief. Good for you to drop cable and get the kids into TAGS etc.
No takers on my cloud formations question?
I'm sure someone here besides me used to lay on your back, piece of grass in your mouth perhads
and stare at the clouds.
Alyce, boo, etc, sometimes just a good long hug
and kiss will do it! Not that the other bits of romance arnt important, but just holding one another sure is nice! A big one right on the jaw!
Nice e'vn to all. You're the tops!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

February 09, 2005 - Msg 27020: Ro, we posted at the same time. The same could be said for Andy's overstated hillbilly accent as we have mentioned before. What about the beverly hillbillies etc.
Yes, I think you are right, often today, people dont research the WHOLE picture. Times change, and when they change the past hen takes on a new dimension. Remember "japs" in WWII as we had less communication and so we were leary of them all, but today it seems so strange.
We must continue to move ahead, learn from the past, and hopefully never repeat a lot of it.
Ok, there's my thoughts.
Have a nice evening.

February 09, 2005 - Msg 27021: To make my thoughts clearer, there's only one race in my opinion... the human race!
Hoefully we can keep working to make more see
it that way.
Ok, that's enuf from me! haha

February 10, 2005 - Msg 27022: good morning to everyone on the porch...just wanted to say thanks for all of your thoughts and prayer for spot during his accident and death of his grandmother...you all sound like a great bunch...spot has told me alot about all of you..have a great day....miss sherry

February 10, 2005 - Msg 27023: Ro, excellent post! I think that given the times of Steppin Fetchit, Stymey, Rochester, etc... colored actors would not have made any bold statements by NOT accepting these roles - as written for 'them'. Yes, they were horribly stereotypical parts... but the ONLY parts available to these actors at the time. (better in my opinion than having "black face" white actors playing black roles) I think they were all very brave people, pushing the limits of acceptability (for those times). Then, as the times changed and the HUMAN race began to mature, limits were pushed even further with characters like JJ, George Jefferson, etc. - all of which helped white america appreciate the diversity of being American. At least I appreciated it.


~ Mrs. Wiley

February 10, 2005 - Msg 27024: Good talk here. I just did a piece on Hattie McDaniel in one of my newspapers (1940s). She won an Oscar for cryin' out loud! Why wouldn't they have been celebrating her accomplishments on that commercial Ro saw? She was a wonderful, lovable character in Gone with the Wind and had way more brains than Scarlet. I commend her as a fine actress. There is an interesting piece at www.cemeteryguide.com/mcdaniel.html about her grave and how she was not allowed to be buried where she wanted to be buried. The website is by Mark Masek, author of a book Hollywood Remains to Be Seen. He allowed me to use the picture of her memorial monument in my newspaper. Check it out. It's quite interesting.
Charlotte Tucker

February 10, 2005 - Msg 27025: good morning rveryone, prayers for aa. alyce, do you have the reciepe for candlelight supper. how many candles and anything else. just picking on you. welcome brian, sounds like you have a good idea. can you peel the apple in one strip? boo- it's a hard road taking care of a parent or both. glad i was able to do it for my mom until she pssed opn in 2001.thanks for keeping us posted. mrs wiley, i'll bet you were a perfect child, we're glad your part ofour family.ky girl, thanks for growing some tobacco for me that i can use on holidays and special occassions. i still have in- laws in harrodsburg ,somertset and moreland from my step- daddies side.ok spot, since you and c.t. gave your age, i'll be 62 on the 16th. oh spot for breakfast this morning may i have a couple of lumps of sugar for old blackie? miss sherry, you haveto be a special lady because spotis so special to us, we all hope you'll stop by often.mrs wiley, thanks for the diversity you mentioned. we still have a lg ways to go as a human race. charlotte tucker thanks for sharing the site. enough sporloing by me. time to light the ole briar (with some cyber space tobaco from ky girl.) oh so satisfiying and light. pipeman

February 10, 2005 - Msg 27026: Hey to Miss Sherry! Nice to have you sit a spell! A big thank you to you as well, as we know that you have been a big help to Spot in the trials he's faced recently. God bless YOU!

Hey to Boo - prayers for you and your family.

MDC - when my daughter and I play outside, we like to look at the clouds and see if we see things, too. We don't lay on the grass but we do sit in the swing on the porch. ; )

Prayers for all - Have a great day!

February 10, 2005 - Msg 27027: Just wanted to clarify why I said, "At least I appreciated it.". I grew up in Atlanta in the 60's and lived thru de-segragation, seen up close the KKK and experienced first hand reverse descrimination. Guess all I'm saying is we still have a long ways to go.

Y'all have a blessed day and act like somebody!
~ Mrs. Wiley

February 10, 2005 - Msg 27028: Well I see Miss Sherry came to the porch!..good morning to you and mw,ro,mdc,afd,tonight its home made tacos...ready at 6.00...signed:SPOT the"mexican for today"dog of your porch...lights are on!

February 10, 2005 - Msg 27029: Hope all are having a good day. Mrs Wiley, I know a bit of what you are talking about. We have to find a "middle ground" so that the pendulum does not keep swinging so far from one side to the other. At the same time, to bring other things into the whole mix, I dont think it is the government's job to take care of everyone.
The more we can get away from all these programs the better. In that respect, I am very conservative. People need to take on responsibility, as Andy Taylor pointed out several times, like when he told freeloader Buddy Epson to move on, or Bea's beau to do a day's work!
Spot, whats foir dinner?
Miss Sherry, thanks for stopping by.
Pipeman, the band is trying to go to raileigh again!
Prayers for all porchsters, troops , leaders, God bless all.

February 10, 2005 - Msg 27030: Sorry spot, just now saw dinner menu, sounds good!

February 10, 2005 - Msg 27031: If I could just say one more thing, I think EVERY month should be ALL histories month. I think when we do certain "histories" during certain months,
it actually tends to divide more. There should have to be a month for many others, otherwise
Ok, that's all I'm sayin'. Dont want to start a full blown moulage!
Daytona and spring training so close now that I can almost taste it, whatever that might be!
hamburgers, hot dogs, bratwurst, garlic fries, mmmmm good!
Thanks for the cloud mention AFD.
Have a great Maybery day.

February 10, 2005 - Msg 27032: Romeena,
An excellent post as usual. It is a shame that the black actors of yesteryear aren't celebrated the way they should be. Those are the men and women that opened the door for Sidney Poiter, Denzel Washington, Halle Berry and others. After all, they are part of American History as well as Black History.

MDC, my son and I have found ourselves flat on our backs looking at the clouds! He always sees dinosaurs! (Wonder what causes that?)

Possum, I was so glad to read the great report about Laci! God is so good! Prayers for everyone else in need of them, including Spot's continued recovery! Hey to Sherry by the way!

Welcome to Brian! Sounds like another porchster with impeccable moral values! (He likes Red Skelton!)

Hubby and I have been real busy lately getting ready for our show in Oklahoma. Just a few weeks left. I believe starting on Valentine's Day there will be a link to the show's site that will have a couple of Pat's latest paintings. When the site is up and running I will give you all the link to it. There are some other wonderful artists there as well, and it is so much fun to see the wonderful work everyone puts out. (I can't even sign my name legibly so these people truly amaze me!)

I best be moving on, so here's wishing one and all a wonderful Mayberry Day!

Mary Wiggins
P.S. Asa, you can sign me up for your softball team!

February 10, 2005 - Msg 27033: Mary Wiggins, you can sign ME up for one of Pat's paintings. That I will want one is a done deal, it's just a matter of choosing, I guess. Sure wish I lived closer to Tulsa, I'd love to visit the show.

Mrs. Wiley, you're so right. We do have a long way to go, but thank God, we have come a long way as well. Things aren't what they should be, but they're a far sight better than they were. Just ask Bill Cosby.

Well, guess I'd better get a little nap. Gotta work tonight, yuck. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

P.S. I'm a fan of Red Skelton, too. I have at least two VHS tapes of his work. Not only that, I confess to enjoying Gilligan, the Hillbillies, Oliver and Lisa Douglas, Herman and Lily, Gomez and Morticia, the whole silly gang. What fun! And how could I leave out the Three Stooges? Ane Lucy? Oh, there's just no good place to stop, so I guess I'll stop here.