February 21, 2005 - Msg 27166: I honestly don't know where I've been hiding for the past week. Sorry I haven't been here to sit a spell. So sorry to hear all the sad news about the little baby and the septic tank, Romeena falling on her knees, everyone suffering from flu, and of course, about Asa's dad. Thanks, Hazel, for telling us. Many prayers for you all. Thanks, also to Ro for sharing Tom's poem. I didn't watch the race but was curious for who all you NASCAR people were wanting to win the 500. My son wanted Dale Jr. He's not a Jeff Gordon fan. He also wanted LeBron James to be MVP of the All-Star game but that didn't happen either. I need to see some Andy and Barney eps today. It's been really gray around here and all the grass is a dull brown with lots of mud. I'm ready for spring!
Charlotte Tucker

February 21, 2005 - Msg 27167: Whew! There! That oughta spruce things up a bit. A little spring cleaning. Oh, I think I see that Spot was a Jeff Gordon fan. No offense, Spot. I'm not a NASCAR person--but I know he's a very good driver.

I thought I hit the post button--hope I don't chew my cabbage twice--I'll hit it again.

February 21, 2005 - Msg 27168: Good sweep Charlotte! I guess you could say we got rid of "Charlotte's webs" teehee!
My goodness, so many porchsters getting to know the porcelean facility in new ways! Prayers for all of you who are currently under the weather.
Ro, could you please send Tom's address to my email address. Thanks!
Whew, we made it thru the Daytona 500!
On to Fontana... hope it isnt rained out!
I guess the old saying of watch what you pray for is true in AZ! More rain coming this week, resevoirs are almost all full now! Our normal YEARLY rainfall is 7 inches, and so far this year we have had 4 inches in the Phx area!
Hope you all have a good Mayberry week.

February 21, 2005 - Msg 27169: CHARLOTTE ..I was wanting to see one of the older guys,JARRETT,MARTIN,WALLACE ,one of the LABONTE'S win ,I have no problem with Gordan at all ,but I dont much care for JR. ,it goes back to when he ran late models at Hickory when I was working on a friends car there ,the Earnhardt kids got all kinds of special treatment from the track and officials ,JR. walked around the place like a banty rooster ,Kelly and Kerry were pretty good to get along with ,but JR. was a different story
Everyone have a good day ,still raining here in N.C.

February 21, 2005 - Msg 27170: Spot, sounds like you've got a 13 going on 30
youngster. Some of the color tags might prove right handy for you on that "girl stuff" haha
MD, I kinda feel the same way about junior and i didnt even know about the antics you mentioned. But he is one of those guys who dangerously bumps otherr cars.
Looks like a lot of rain around the country.
Maybe our distinquished mayor can call a special council meeting to discuss the situation.
Prayers continue for Mrs Wiley (traveling),
all sick porchsters, spot, boo's family, Floyd's wife, and everybody else!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

February 21, 2005 - Msg 27171: MDC, I'd be happy to, but at this moment, I can't put a cursor on that address for some reason. I was sure I had it. If you'll email me, I'll have it again, and will send Tom's snail addy to you by return.

homemaker, bless your little heart. I feel so sorry for you! I managed to escape the GI side of this flu, but the respiratory part of it has been very, very rough. My body is sore from hipbones to shoulders from coughing. I feel like I've been beaten. Starting to come out of it now, though. The weather is gorgeous today, warm and balmy with a soft breeze. My pansies are blooming madly, and I've had green grass all winter, thanks to my landscaper's insistence on overseeding my St. Augustine lawn with fescue every fall. Spirea is leafing out, will bloom soon, bulbs are sprouting (what the squirrels didn't dig up) and in about a week my yard is going to be really pretty. God is good.

Right now, a nap sounds like a good idea. That's one thing this flu leaves you with - fatigue. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 21, 2005 - Msg 27172: Well, look at all the sorrowful happenings I've missed while I was gone. Asa, my deepest sympathies to you and your family at this time. I hope your Dad didn't suffer too much. It's so hard to watch the passing of "the Great" generation... and know that WE have to carry the torch now. I'll pray for you all.

Ro, Hazel and anyone else suffering with the flu - get plenty of rest and try to eat something!! It's a particularly bad flu this year. Both my parents had it and had lost far too much weight. They pulled muscles from so much coughing.

I may be returning to ATL in a week or two depeding on what they found in Dad's biopsy. It's definately lung cancer and they have decided there will be no surgery - at 87 that would be too hard on him. He's failing fast. I did try to have the discussion of Faith with him... I think I planted some seeds, now he needs to ponder on them. He was glad I came, and that means a lot.

MDC and everyone else, thanks for the prayers. Made the trip safely and with minimal pains.

~ Mrs. Wiley
Belated Happy Valentine's Day!

February 21, 2005 - Msg 27173: So many in need of prayer! I'm so sorry to hear about Asa's dad. God be with all of them and prayers for your dad, Mrs. Wiley.

Ro, Bruce has the flu right now as well as my mom. My dad just got over it and so did Baby Girl. I took her to the pedi and they gave her and Sean and I Tamilflu and Flumadine. So far Sean and I are well. Hope you are back to normal soon.

Would love to stay and talk but I have another appointment to keep. God bless!


February 21, 2005 - Msg 27174: Hey Boo and Others...
Hope everyone is healing well...
We are doing well..
MD: I know what you mean about Nascar guys...
I like those older ones too. My husband likes DJ and I have always liked Mark Martin. I do like Elliot Sadler though..he doesnt drive the best, but hopefully he will get there...I guess I root for him mainly cause he is the one closest to where I am from. (I bought my 1st car at Sadler Auto Center) And I get that aura from Dale Jr too..But..I think co ckiness is in that family!


February 21, 2005 - Msg 27175: Big black clouds moving into the Phoenix area
as I type. Guess I better go batten down the hatches that arent already!
Takin' in the rocker from this end, til this thing passes.
Glad Mrs Wiley made it back ok. Prayers continue for you and yours.

February 21, 2005 - Msg 27176: CHARLOTTE .. I didnt mean to sound so critical about your sons driver choice ,Im glad he is a NASCAR fan ,racing is like any other sport ,everyone dosent pull for the same driver or team ,JR. just isnt my favorite driver ,but again Im glad your son is a fan of racing
ALYCE.. looks like the older drivers are all gonna be gone in a few years ,Rusty and Mark are making this there last season in cup and Bill and Terry are running limited schedules now ,sort of like when these guys came in when Richard, Darrell, Cale ,Buddy ,and David were winding down their careers ,its a cycle

February 21, 2005 - Msg 27177: Mrs. Wiley, you are in my prayers, as you go through this difficult time with your dad. It's not easy, for you or for him. Won't it be great when the Lord comes again, and all tears are wiped away?

Boo, I'm sorry Bruce has this miserable bug, and especially sorry for your folks. At their age, that's about all they need. Poor little Baby Girl, I'll bet she kept you hopping, and I'm glad she's better. My doc gave me Tamiflu also, but it was about four days after it all started, so probably didn't help much. She wanted me to come in right away, and I was just flat out too sick to go to the doctor. She wouldn't send me anything, so I toughed it out. The only reason I went when I did was because the hospital would require a note from her in order to let me return to work. Rules!

Well, bed sounds like a good place to be right now, so off I go. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 21, 2005 - Msg 27178: Hello all

So sorry to here all the sad news, God bless y'all, our anniversary was wonderful as always 13 yrs. on Valentines day. There is a lot around here with the flu and in 2 weeks time 2 men have shoot and killed thier x's and thier children and family and one man also killed his self after shooting his xwife 4 & 6yr. old children. How sad indeed. My heart goes out to all as well as my prayers.

February 21, 2005 - Msg 27179: Hey ct,mdc,ro,alyce,boo,mrs wiley,WOW porch, a great 500 for us nascar fans!..miss sherry and I and the kids went to chuckey cheese to eat today..yall got those?..games and pizza and stuff..breakfast in the morning will be at 6:30 sharp..got therapy at 8...and hey forgot to tell yall im walking alot with out a cane now ...with yalls prayers and the good Loard im gona get there...go back to the doc next wed , then back to work in march!...hand pattyed sausage,grits,eggs thick tost,hash browns,butter and coffee...signedSPOT the"cant wait to get back to the power company working" dog of your porch ...miss sherry says hey!!!

February 21, 2005 - Msg 27180: Thats Lord [sorry God}...spot

February 21, 2005 - Msg 27181: Spot, you are a dog in this world!
- Hazel

February 21, 2005 - Msg 27182: Spot, I can't imagine you taking your busted-up foot and leg into a place like Chuck E. Cheese, with all those wild little rugrats running around. I hope you found yourself a safe, secluded corner where no one could step on your poor paws.

Have a great night and get some rest, everyone. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 21, 2005 - Msg 27183: Ro and Hazel...yall are great friends!..and yea miss sherry and i had our hands [paws] full I can go pretty good now ...just slow but gona get there..she had her grandson with us [18] months....whew ...neat kid ..a dog in this world"..hazel you are so funny...signed:SPOT the"gona watch American Chopper" dog of this here great porch ....prayers to all in need....

February 21, 2005 - Msg 27184: Well gang dont be late for breakfast...SPOT

February 21, 2005 - Msg 27185: ok... guess its just me here!...Ro Chuck E. Cheese is in your area?...forget where on the porch ya are...im on the southern end ...Ga...SPOT

February 21, 2005 - Msg 27186: Ok guess i will just keep posting ! watching jessy james...monster garage!....sorry guys and gals , just being goofy....SPOT

February 22, 2005 - Msg 27187: Been not feeling to good these last few days,with a really bad cold,so I have'nt been posting much lately anywhere1 I still have my sense of humor though. Here's a Great Joke A Duck Story (As told by Red Skelton!)A woman brought a very limp duck into a veterinary surgeon. As she lay her pet on the table, the vet pulled out his stethoscope and listened to the bird's chest.After a moment or two, the vet shook his head sadly and said, "I'm so sorry, your Duck Cuddles has passed away."The distressed owner wailed, "Are you sure?" "Yes, I am sure. The duck is dead," he replied."How can you be so sure," she protested. "I mean, you haven't done any testing on him or anything. He might just be in a coma or something."The vet rolled his eyes, turned around and left the room, and returned a few moments later with a black Labrador Retriever.As the duck's owner looked on in amazement, the dog stood on his hind legs, put his front paws on the examination table and sniffed the duck from top to bottom. He then looked at the vet with sad eyes and shook his head.The vet patted the dog and took it out, and returned a few moments later with a cat.
The cat jumped up on the table and also sniffed delicately at the bird from head to foot. The cat sat back on it's haunches, shook its head,meowed softly and strolled out of the room. The vet looked at the woman and said, "I'm sorry, but as I said, this is most definitely, 100% certifiably, a dead duck."Then the vet turned to his desk scribbled a few notes and produced a bill, which he handed to the woman. The duck's owner, still in shock, took the bill.
"$150!", she cried, "$150 just to tell me my duck is dead!!
"The vet shrugged. "I'm sorry. If you'd taken my word for it, the bill would have been $20, but with
the Lab Report and the Cat Scan, it's now $150.00."

February 22, 2005 - Msg 27188: Hehehe, that's funny, Brian. Well, I'm off to Spots house for breakfast.
- Hazel

February 22, 2005 - Msg 27189: Good'un Brian! Hope you get to feeling better real soon. [_] here's a tureen of chicken soup for ya. What's for breakfast Spot?

~ Mrs. Wiley

February 22, 2005 - Msg 27190: prayers for all the folks on the porch.didn't have time to read the archives yet, been awfuly busy lately.good to see charlotte, hazel, brian,spot, sherry, mayberry deputy, alyce,mdc, missed you mrs wiley.plum, and anyone i missed. daytona was a good clean run over all. i rooted for o1 u.s. army car. didn't do bad considering it's a dodge.prayers for all. pipeman

February 22, 2005 - Msg 27191: Easy there, Pipe. My biggest client is a Dodge dealer. I know who's buttering my bread. he he. Actually, I'm not really a manufacturer's guy when it comes to racing. Although we do own two Dodge vehicles. Prayers for all.

February 22, 2005 - Msg 27192: Good Morning Porch!

It's been real busy around this end of the porch too. I had that same bug a couple weeks back and I still have a cough that just won't let go. Miserable thing, so I suggest anyone that is even feeling a tickle of illness take zicam or get a flu shot or something, cause that bug is awful! Here's praying for all still suffering with it that you all get better right away!

I did a little snowmobiling this past weekend! Sure was fun. It's snowing here again as I write this.

Brian, loved your joke! Thanks for a day brightener.

Spot, glad to hear you are starting to walk around now. You keep on mending now, ya hear!!

Mrs. Wiley, my prayers are with you and your family at this time. May God "gentle" your father into the next life, and may you have an as-surance that he is with the Lord.

Asa, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time also. May God comfort you with His Holy Spirit and give you peace and joy knowing that your father is enjoying his heavenly reward.

Homemaker, a goat in the house?! THAT must be interesting! Congratulations on the new goat additions to your family.

It's great to see Boo get to post again here and there. I hope your family gets to the other side of this flu season quickly!

Romeena, I would love Tom's snail mail addy, I didn't realize you had it. I will email you also, to send it to me in case you miss my request here.

Sorry I have been so wordy! I guess I just need to visit more often so I don't talk my fool head off!

Have a great day porch!

Mary Wiggins

P.S. I just saw Goober in an episode of the Twilight Zone!

February 22, 2005 - Msg 27193: Opie: I just saw Jeff Pruitt picking up girls.
Andy: OPIE! What do you know about picking up girls!??
That ep was on our local station last night.
So funny especially since I had been watching my GI dvd. Alan Hale uses "little buddy" for Barney too.
Goober on Twlight Zone? Yikes!
The storm went thru last night, but more on the way! Weird weather lately.
But Spring Training continues. Cubbies in town
sans Sosa, so it is anybody's guess on how they will do. Pipeman, any predictions? I think Goober is also a Cub fan.
Prayers continue for all pochsters.

February 22, 2005 - Msg 27194: PS: good one Brian!

February 22, 2005 - Msg 27195: I feel like Aunt Bee flying solo!
Hello anybody!

February 22, 2005 - Msg 27196: MDC.. how you doing ,strange weather here in N.C. as well its 70 today ,I have been changing oil in my parents vehicles in short sleeves in Feb. go figure that one
BRIAN .. cute joke
MARY WIGGINS .. glad to hear you got rid of the bug ,snowing on your porch and lemonade weather on my end
SPOT ..I really like American Chopper ,I dont ride other than 4 wheelers every now and then ,but enjoy watching the fabrication of the bikes.
PIPEMAN ..I was on the Rifleman site today and saw where you changed your handle ,I like the new one ,it will take a little getting use too
EVERYONE .. have a great evening

February 22, 2005 - Msg 27197: hi porch,prayers for all,sorry to hear about those that have lost loved ones and those who are battling this darned bug.We,ve got it too,and it sure zaps your energy.Spot,I can't enjoy your good cookin until I'm better,but you can be sure I'm looking forward to your good cookin!I'm in west Virginia,(originally from ky)and we have chuck e cheeses here too .Gotta Go lay down,talk to ya'll later,God bless all.Ky Girl

February 22, 2005 - Msg 27198: Afternoon all...
I sure hope everyone is feeling better from the nasty crud!

Spot: We have Chuck E Cheeses here too (VA)...I have been once in my adult life (just this past summer) and was very dissappointed in them. A family..mainly kids place and they served beer. I am not a drinker and I just found it offensive..anyway..

MD and Spot: my hubby watches all those shows..American Chopper..Monster Garage..Is American Chopper the one with the Dad and Son team..Paul is there name? I like to watch that one (the young paul is nice to watch,haaha!)


February 22, 2005 - Msg 27199: Spot- It was just announced that Chuck E. Cheese is coming to our town. I've been a couple of times before in other cities (when the kids were little). Alyce- when the one here is completed and my kids start trying to drag me to it, I can only HOPE that they are selling beer! I'm just teasing. Guess that's the only way some parents feel they can cope with the chaos of Chuck E Cheese. Still, it's a pretty strange combination for a family enviroment.

February 22, 2005 - Msg 27200: Good to see you folks. For a while there I felt like Barney in the Remshaw place! haha
We have Chuck E Cheese in the Phx area. been a while sice Ive been there, however.
Someone said they may be as plentiful as Home Depots soon!
Yall have a good evening. MD, get out the sunscreen!

February 22, 2005 - Msg 27201: oops, thats MDC, already looks like a roman numeral!

February 22, 2005 - Msg 27202: Hey Rev! Havent talked to you in a while...Shame on you for wanting to drink ... around the kids at that!
Sorry...was convicted of that in 1998! I understand its not everyone's conviction.
I thought the pizza was good at Chuck E Cheeses though...its just a nasty place with tons of germs crawling around...yuck!


February 22, 2005 - Msg 27203: Yea alyce thats the show and the chuckie cheese here does not serve beer...hey rev,md,mdc,pipeman,hazel...fixing to get up ans have a house cleaning, 72 here in ga today!..lets have peanut butter and crackers and a coke later...signed:SPOT the"Asa put some screws in your gun for Heaven sake".dog of your porch...watch my tail!

February 22, 2005 - Msg 27204: Hey Spot...Come on over and house clean here...I've got the mop bucket ready and waiting..
Are you sure they dont serve beer? It isnt on the menu at ours..but they have it..you have to ask for it. I saw a couple wobbling with a cup and I wondered what was up..so another friend went to the counter and asked about it. Crazy!


February 22, 2005 - Msg 27205: WEll, hum, never have saw beer there alyce , but really dont know, I really dont think ours serves it, just cant see a bunch of kids in a play ground and beer being served, will check it out, and to each his or her own but there is a time and place for everything and chuckie cheese and kids and beer,,NO....SPOT....got the swifter out now!..miss sherry says hey!

February 22, 2005 - Msg 27206: hey yall how come some of our words are in blue and can link?...SPOT [scratching his head with his paw}..

February 22, 2005 - Msg 27207: Spot: I dont see any blue links??
Guess its just you and me on tonight...
I am chatting with my aunt in Michigan online..will be off and on tonight..have my Bible Study to do as well..


February 22, 2005 - Msg 27208: **** Chuckle **** Remind me to never have any Lab work or a Cat Scan done.

Just checkin' in. Feeling a little tired lately. Maybe I need to up my Vitamins. Anyway, I wish I felt up to reading the whole oporch for the news but I think I'll go catch some shut eye.

Ya'll tell me if there is some news that I need to know okay?

<-O (yawn!) :)

February 22, 2005 - Msg 27209: I don't see any blue either Spot..... Mystery.....


February 22, 2005 - Msg 27210: Dix...been praying for Asa..his father passed away..and lots of porchsters have the nasty flu bug...


February 22, 2005 - Msg 27211: I think Spot's the one in the Twilight Zone,cuz I don't see any blue either! (Just kidding Spot!)
Goober in the Twilight Zone? I thought that was Otis- remember " I ain't in and I ain't out.. I'm in the Twilight Zone!"? Too funny,Ol' Otis!
I received a call at work today from an American soldier in Iraq ! Unfortunately,we couldn't enroll him in the program I offered because we only send to US addresses. I did however get the chance to tell him that we appreciate all he's doing over in Iraq and to take care. Made me feel good!
Well,guess I'd better go. Hey Rev. Jr- what'd you think about the weather today? Mid 70's in February- unreal! Gotta love it!
Y'all take care!
possum under a rock

February 22, 2005 - Msg 27212: Possum...that is so wonderful...We need to show our appreciation of those soldiers more often!

I want that weather you all have!!!
How's Laci?


February 22, 2005 - Msg 27213: Well look here yall ..in my last post the work "check"..when i said i will cheek it out was underlined and in blue and i clicked on it and went to a bank checking site..msg 27191 from rev the word "Dodge" is in blue and i click on it and it goes to a dodge site!...my kids must have done something to my settings..hey possum and dix!...signed: the"got the blue text blues" dog of your porch...miss sherry is on her way over from her jazzerize class with fish from captian dees.....

February 22, 2005 - Msg 27214: Personally, I like a glass of beer with my pizza; do you mind? (haha- that was my "Otis" quote). But actually, our Chuck E. Cheeze does serve beer, and I must admit I do partake when I go there. Which is about once every 5 years, for one reason or another. People can still be good parents and good family people and have a beer now and again. (just my opinion) Spot, I do believe you are seeing things. Blue words and links? Somebody must have stepped on your tail and caused some sort of a vision malfunction.
- Hazel

"I'm just a a student of humanity. I guess that's the difference between a sharply honed lawman and a jerk wearin' a badge."

February 22, 2005 - Msg 27215: How's school going Dix?
Tell us porchsters about some of the classes you are taking this semester.
Yawn... guess I'll turn in too.

February 22, 2005 - Msg 27216: How's that?

February 22, 2005 - Msg 27217: Just got thru watching "The Bank Job". That one sure does make me miss our own Asa. Asa, I hope you can check in soon and let us know how you are doing.
- Hazel

February 22, 2005 - Msg 27218: Yea Hazel i agree...but certian words are undrlined and i can click on them and link to web pages....does not hurt anything though...hum..the word "check" is in blue and underlined in your post...i can click on it and go to web pages [like an search engine]...o well SPOT...

February 22, 2005 - Msg 27219: My goodness, Spot, what kind of computer are you running? Mine doesn't do all that?? --Romeena

February 23, 2005 - Msg 27220: Spot, are you feeling a little "blue"? Just kidding. I don't see anything different either.

Hazel, I just watched that episode tonight too. Saw my good buddy Gomer in there for a bit. What was Gomer's first ep anyway?
I love Asa's "disintegrating" gun, and Barney when he goes out on the street and says to that guy looking at him strangely, "What's the matter?! Haven't you ever seen a man taking off a dress before?" lol!
-Sterling Holobyte

February 23, 2005 - Msg 27221: so good to see so many on the porch, those who have been busy,we sure missed you. spot, sounds like you had your paws full at chuck- e- cheese. how did you lke theoutcome of daytona? rev jr, i like dodge but wecalled them DOD-ges groing up. i have a cousin from michigan who owns and shows his old dodgeand chryslers all summer. mdc- i'll leave the cubbie prediction to my buddy goober. sterling, i liked the episode where jeff pruitt lifts all the women as they go by and tells andy how will iknow if they can farm ifn i don't lift them. i loved the epwhen andy go a black eye. in the cafe when one of fun girls boyfriend came. barney stood up and said we don't appreciate being called shrimps. yeahwhat are you going to do about it?what are we going to do about it andge? barney closed his eyes. mayberry deputy, yeah changed western handle cause i'm hard to confine in one town. tee-hee. praise the lord for so many checking in so we know their ok, lord. prayers for all in need including me ord. AMEN. pipeman

February 23, 2005 - Msg 27222: Hey friends.
Thanks again for all your prayers. We had the funeral on Monday and I thought it would be hard, but I really had a feeling if peace about it. I know all your prayers helped. But it all kind of caught up with me yesterday and I had me a good cry. Is it ok to admit a grown man can cry? I hope so. And it sure felt good to do so. Sometimes a good cry, or a hysterical laugh can help the body out. Well, enough of that.
I have neglected my bullet maintenance the last few weeks, and another Glen Ford picture is coming to town, so I best get to polishing.


February 23, 2005 - Msg 27223: Oh, no. Now Asa's going to go "Glen Fording" it all over town.
- Hazel

February 23, 2005 - Msg 27224: Hazel, no problem if you have a beer with pizza. I have no problem with beer, nor elixir neither. [hiccup]
Charlotte Tucker

Other names are hooch, booze, ol' red eye, fire water, ...

February 23, 2005 - Msg 27225: Alyce- hope you know I was kidding. Possum- sure felt like Spring yesterday, unfortunately we're still in for some cold weather.

February 23, 2005 - Msg 27226: Asa, As the saying goes, real men love Jesus and real men cry! Shortest verse in the whole Bible
is "Jesus wept." (Upon new of Lazaras" death) and he even knew he could raise him from the dead!
A good cry or a good laugh does the body good!
Hang in there my friend, you are in good hands.

February 23, 2005 - Msg 27227: Oops, hi sterling and pieman and others, didnt see you setting there.

February 23, 2005 - Msg 27228: My little goatee is doing fine - he loves his two legged momma - enough to hollar and hollar to get me up at 3:30 in the morning - we neeeed to get him acclimated to outdoor weather sooooooon! But he is cute!
Just wanted to say Hey -


Any good remedies for getting rid of this chest congestion that I have - it is breaking up but I need it gone before I have my surgery!
Yes, I am doing Vicks!


February 23, 2005 - Msg 27229: Oh, my goodness! Asa, you'd better believe it's okay for real men to cry. In fact, my husband's tender heart was one of his most endearing qualities. You loved your dad, and you're gonna miss him. I'd be worried about you if you didn't cry. That's why God gave tear ducts to all of us, and I once read on a church marquee that "Tears are a language that God understands." Isn't that beautiful? It came at a time when I needed it, hope it helps you, too.

homemaker, I don't know what bug you've had, but I have the impression that my chest congestion is going to be with me for a while. I cough until I get dizzy, but I can't seem to get it all cleared out. My doc said "That's just the way this stuff does," and said to go on back to work. Now surgery - that might be a different story. Your doctors will know.

Well, I think I need to lie down a while. Poor little Plum, I think she's ready to trade me in for a new mommy, one that has more than about five minutes' worth of energy at a time. Everyone have a good day - Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 23, 2005 - Msg 27230: Hey yall..
I am going to tell one on myself...as I sit her and chuckle at myself..

Homemaker..and the rest...as I read your post about your little goat..I just was so puzzled and wondered what in the world happened to the other two legs of that little goats mama!!

I gotcha now...took me a moment!! But a funny moment!


February 23, 2005 - Msg 27231: Mavis...are you out there??
Check in please..


February 23, 2005 - Msg 27232: Auh20, you too!

February 23, 2005 - Msg 27233: Hey guys~I'm still kicking, been really busy with the 2 businesses & now have an ebay store to try & sell a bunch of the pet store stuff. Keeps me hopping. I have seen lots of im's from Alyce that I keep missing (I stay signed on at work sometimes, & forget to sign out when I leave) I am fine, & sorry to worry you all. If you ever im me & I don't answer I'm usually at work & not at the computer. (((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))) to all of you

February 23, 2005 - Msg 27234: Well, it looks like the rockers are all leaning up against the wall tonight! Hope all is well with you and yours. Maybe spot will mosey on by and give us the breakfast menu. Hey to miss sherry.
Mayor Pipeman, I caught you lookin out floyd's window, checkin out the new manacurist!
Has everyone been enjoying the 1st season tags?
Sure hope they do more soon.
Ok, I'm turnin in for tonight.
Mr Darlin's Cuz

February 23, 2005 - Msg 27235: Asa I just read thru some of the posts & I want to send my heartfelt thoughts to you & yours, just think your daddy & my mama could be sitting up there discussing how crazy we are about Andy & getting a kick out of it. If you need anything, you just holler, I know how it gets & it don't go away. Blessings to you my friend.

February 24, 2005 - Msg 27236: Mavis dear, it's good to hear from you. I was wondering if you were maybe just sitting back there in the shadows and not joining in. Sometimes that's a good thing, kind of peaceful. I hope you're feeling a tiny bit better. Time, honey, it takes so much time.

Cloudy, chilly and damp here on the north Texas porch this morning. Brrr! I've had the a/c on for the past few days, and this morning I switched over to heat! A good day to snuggle in with the Plum, some TAGS DVDs, and some hot soup. Yep, that's the plan, snuggle in, DVDs, soup. Yeah, that's what we're gonna do. Snuggle in.....

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 24, 2005 - Msg 27237: For the love of Mike, just do it! Snuggle in, dvd's, soup...just do it. teehee.

February 24, 2005 - Msg 27238: I was gonna say that Rev. Saw it yesterday on tv. It always cracks me up to see how wound up Mr. Tucker gets.
Thanks Mavis for the kind words. It would be fun to hear your Mom and my Dad and what they think of our compelshion.


February 24, 2005 - Msg 27239: Hey yall, Ro. my comp is a Hewlett Packard...is used to not do the blue thing, bet my son had something to do with it.pipeman the daytona was a good one . like i said watch out for gordon this year..jr. just did not have the car he did..crock pot beef stew tonight cornbread,tea..i got to run to goodys...back in a bit ..help yer self..hey mavis.mdc.asa,rev,alyce,hm,and all..signed:SPOT the"gona take my son to get some new clothes he is growing like a weed" dog of your porch...paws on the wheels..

February 24, 2005 - Msg 27240: Spot... "The Blue Screen of Death". poor, poor spot. You got troubles if your computer is giving you the BSofD.
~ Mrs. Wiley

February 24, 2005 - Msg 27241: hello porchsters ,hope everyone had a good day .It was rainy and cold here in N.C. today ,suppose to get warmer this weekend .MAVIS.. good to hear from you ,how can we locate your ebay store .
MDC,SPOT ,ASA ,PIEMAN,REV.JR. , ROMEENA (and Plum ) and everyone else I missed ,have a good evening

February 24, 2005 - Msg 27242: PIPEMAN .. do you like pie enough to be called PIEMAN

February 24, 2005 - Msg 27243: Breakfast menu is as follows..flapjacks,maple syrup,little sausage links,country ham,grits with cheese,hashbrowns [crisp],eggs your way [3 apiece],bisquits,milk,coffee,and milk gravy..ready at 6:00 sharp..hey md,mrs wiley,pieman?,asa rev,mavis,asa,is brian still with us?...got a new tags cd today 8 eps..mrs [con woman] Lesh and the car Benard bought....hee..hee..signed:SPOT the"lets pop some cheese popcorn" dog of your porch.

February 24, 2005 - Msg 27244: Thanks spot, I'll be there!
Prayers for all.
Gonna turn in early!

February 24, 2005 - Msg 27245: That should have been "Turning in early to build up my appet-ite!"

February 24, 2005 - Msg 27246: Hey gang ...just checking in!..got the popcorn ready...gona put a tags dvd in..put new wyper blades on my truck today...they can be a bugger...now mind ya i am very good with cars and trucks ..can rebuild motors and stuff...got a shop down by the barn but those wiper blades ....SPOT

February 24, 2005 - Msg 27247: Hey to the Porch.
This young man is in Iraq serving our country and is having a birthday on March 12th. If any fellow Mayberry fans would like to send a birthday card to him, I bet he'd be pickled tink.
Mayberry says thanks and happy motoring.

1075th TC
Sgt. Timothy J. Andersen 0556
Camp Arifjan
APO AE 09366

February 24, 2005 - Msg 27248: jennie boone..........it will be sent from SPOT.....

February 24, 2005 - Msg 27249: What from me?..........glad to do it but what? SPOT

February 24, 2005 - Msg 27250: jennie..........it will be sent....God bless...SPOT

February 24, 2005 - Msg 27251: I'm up for some flapjacks in the morning , spot. Are ya all paws when it comes to wiper blades? haha ; )

Been busy working rearranging furniture and building a bookcase the last couple of days, so I haven't been on the computer much.

Good to see both Mavis and Asa. May God continue to comfort your hearts and give you His peace.

Woke up to a tad bit of snow this morning, but our 41 degree high melted it off. How many more weeks til spring?

Happy Friday everyone!

February 25, 2005 - Msg 27252: Happy Birthday Mary Wiggins!

February 25, 2005 - Msg 27253: Thank you SPOT.

February 25, 2005 - Msg 27254: Happy Birthday to Marry Wiggins - the prettiest girl in Mayberry!
~ Mrs. Wiley

February 25, 2005 - Msg 27255: Hey Y'all! Hope everybody has a wonderful day!

Happy Birthday Mary Wiggins!

possum under a rock

February 25, 2005 - Msg 27256: Happy Birthday Mary Wiggins, the most popular girl in the first grade!

February 25, 2005 - Msg 27257: Mary shuold'a won that Beauty Pageant!

February 25, 2005 - Msg 27258: Hey MD, there is someone posting on the western site as "MD". Is that you or some interlopin' imposter?

February 25, 2005 - Msg 27259: MDC.. Thats not me I still use "The Deputy " on the western site ,the person using MD explained yesterday that it was his intials ,that he used to post under another name and decided to switch ..truck race on SPEED tonight

February 25, 2005 - Msg 27260: dear asa- good to hear from you. it takes about 3 to 6 months to process it all. now it's disbelief and shock. my prayers continue for you.charlotte tucker- where is the best place to get a great elixer in our neck of the woods? mdc- your righti was looking that manicurist over cause mother nature was extra good to her. now i wear glasses, my mom said that would make me go blind, but would i listen,nary a word.jennieboone- thanks for the soldier whose birthday is march 12th. let's flood him with them, also talk to your local vfw, american legion etc. if he is overwhelmed it's a story he will share with family and friends for years. pipeman

February 25, 2005 - Msg 27261: mayberry deputy- that guy started using md is new. that is why i switched to mountain man to avoid confusion. md said that was his real initials.sunday is another race any predictions from porch? HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MARY WIGGINS- I TRUST YOU HAD A GREAT ONE.I'VE SUGGESTED WE MAKE A LIST OF OUR BIRTHDAYS JUST MONTH AND DAY only because we are gratefully growing bigger and i'd hate to miss someone.possum, (prayers for you to dear mavis) great to see you mrs wiley,afd, don't feel bad, i've been working in the workshop the lastfew days because it's suppose to get winter again soon. so i post about every three days or so and it's hard to catch up all the posts. spot-are you and miss sherry going to host the tail gate party for sundays race? rev jr, romeena, plum,boo, fun girl, ky girl, tom and everyone i missed. homemaker did you see his morning where katie curic went to a goat farm, had to milk a big heard feed them,and mke commercialgoat cheese? it was interesting. pipeman

February 25, 2005 - Msg 27262: with all the great reunion shows being popular with the ratings. fear of fines, and putting a new dukes of hazzard show, kept the framework in place. if a new mayberry show became a regular who would you like cast in the differnt parts from actors and actresses of today? the lady who played on cagne and lacy would be a good aunt bea, i've seen her in similar roles. pipeman

February 25, 2005 - Msg 27263: pman, I think the broke the mold forever in 1968
when they called it quits! I could be wrong, but it would sure be hard to fill Andy and Barney's shoes. I think all you'd get would be a bunch of 'Warrens', then you might as well just run your fingernails down a blackboard! teehee
Anyone like the night racing? Kinda neat. Sure beats hockey!
Ok, pipester, I'll start.. Mine is Dec. 26, 19??
I missed Christmas by about 90 minutes!
Spot, wiper blades drive me nuts! I can pull out a radiator, change hoses, belts etc, no prob, but to try to line up those little channels in the blade frame to the blade is mindboggling, then the blade splits off or whatever! haha
Oh well, that's life!
Have a good weekend all, get to preaching BEfore the racin' and kiss your spouse too! Prayers for our troops, leaders, caregivers, poechsters and families!
Dont let that Sunday dinner lie on your chest!

February 25, 2005 - Msg 27264: Yer welcome jb...well got into my lace up high top roper boots today!..bad foot and all!..happy b mw,hey mdc,pm,md, possum ya need to get out from under that rock more often!..its gona be cereal and milk with bananas in it!...sausage on the side and eggs...ready at 6.00 ..dont be soggie...signed:SPOT the"go back to work in less than two weeks" dog of your porch...prayers to all in need...miss sherry says hey...

February 26, 2005 - Msg 27265: Saw a nice retrospective on The Dukes Of Hazzard on CMT tonight. Anyone else see it? Mayberry's own Jim Lindsey(James Best, of course) started his own family-friendly movie company. I never knew that! Good for him. Isn't that just like someone from Mayberry would do?! :)
Have a good night all!
Oh gosh, and Happy Belated Birthday Mary Wiggins!

-Sterling Holobyte

February 26, 2005 - Msg 27266: hi porch,hope everyone is doing good,and,hope all who have this bug are startin to feel better.I still got it,but started some new medicine and I'm hoping that it starts to help soon.Happy belated birthday mary wiggins.Hope you had a great one.Good idea about the birthdays,mine is Nov 19,19?.I've got a question for spot,mdc,and anyone on the porch who knows anything about vehicles.I've got a '92 ford tempo,had a used transmission put in it,just got got it back from the mechanic,and it barely got me home.It wouldn't go into gear right when I neede to get on the interstate,and the service engine light came on.It didn't get hot,at least by looking at the temp gauge.sorry to take up you alls time with this,but,I'm at the end of my rope.Been without a car for almost a month,paid for the job to get done and it still doesn't run He's suppose to look at it again,any suggestions would be very appreciated.ya'll take care,God Bless,Ky girl

February 26, 2005 - Msg 27267: I don't know too much about cars, Ky girl, but I do know about dealing with mechanics! Take that car back RIGHT AWAY to get it fixed right this time. And put up a stink if they try to make you pay for it again. You already paid them to fix it right the first time! Any mechanic worth his salt won't make you pay again.
I haven't found too many of those.
Good luck!
-Sterling Holobyte

February 26, 2005 - Msg 27268: Good morning porch...great day here in ga..ky girl sterling is right..take it back NOW..and as far as what is wrong with it ..well I do know cars pretty well but no way can tell over the net...he may have left a vacume hose off of it..that will make it shift funny..well miss sherry and i are gona get out the 4-wheelers and go for spin..she is headed ov to the dog house..fried bologna sandwiches for lunch,mayo,chips,pickels,coke...signed:SPOT the"fire up the hondas" dog of your porch..prayers to all in need

February 26, 2005 - Msg 27269: Hey Kentucky Girl. You got gas? Sometimes it'll say you got an F when you really got an E. Spot is proboably right about a vacuum hose off or something like that. Take it back and tell them to fix it right! Where is Goober when you need him.
Happy Birthday Mary Wiggins.
Thanks again for all your well wishes and prayers my friends.


February 26, 2005 - Msg 27270: Just wanted to say howdy to everybody on the porch. SAM SCOTT

February 26, 2005 - Msg 27271: 'Morning, honeys and dears! Ky Girl, I'm sorry you've had this flu bug. It's really a nasty one. As for your car problems, of course I know absolutely nothing about engines, but that vacuum hose thing sounds logical. Best advice I can offer is to ditto what others said, and take it RIGHT BACK over there, NOW! Don't let any time go by, lest they try to say it's a new problem. This is the kind of thing that can make you so mad, but no matter what they do or say, DO NOT raise your voice, don't let them get you upset. Just keep smiling, and take the positive approach. "I know that a company with a reputation like yours will want to take care of this properly, it would be so disappointing to so many people if you didn't, I'm sure you want to make this right, etc., etc." I know you'll know how to handle it, but in my many long years, I've learned that the soft-spoken approach will win every time, especially if you toss in a little carefully softened passive-aggression. Lose your temper - lose the battle, it never fails.

Well, I'm off to the garden center. My green thumbs are itching, and there are some spaces in my flowerbeds that just cry out for more pansies, so I guess I'll go get a flat or two. I just love pansies, they give me color and beauty in the coldest of weather, and then come petunias to replace them in hot weather. Ain't God good??

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 26, 2005 - Msg 27272: Hey sam scott,ro,...nothing like sat night racing...Bush race is under way...lets order pizza and hot wings....signed:SPOT the"craft making with my daughter" dog of this here fine porch...

February 26, 2005 - Msg 27273: Hey Y'all! Spot,let me tell you what goes on around here when I DO come out from under my rock.. I go over to my mama's house this afternoon and she tells me to go look at my stepfather. Well,I go and look, and lo and behold if there ain't something shiny sparkling on his left earlobe! The man got his ear pierced-at age 82!
So.. now you see why I choose to stay under my rock sometimes-I never know what I'll find around here! And I teased YOU the other day about being in the Twilight Zone! Ha! This is a riot!
I'm rendered speechless now. Crawling back under my rock! Y'all have a good evening!
possum under a rock

February 26, 2005 - Msg 27274: MY-O-MY possum....whew....understand now about the rock hiding...whew..these wings need a dab of texas pete....there, thats better....SPOT

February 26, 2005 - Msg 27275: Where is all of the porchters?....SPOT

February 26, 2005 - Msg 27276: did somebody close the porch?..is it my cooking?.SPOT

February 26, 2005 - Msg 27277: wow...an asleep porch on a sat night!...yall must all be at a barn dance that the dog was not invited to.....waffle house after preaching tomorrow yall....SPOT

February 26, 2005 - Msg 27278: Hey Spot..I have been "listening" to the porch posts...
Seems like its a busy Saturday night...I am enjoying the Duke Boys tonight!


February 26, 2005 - Msg 27279: Hey Miss Alyce!..i used to work with john [aka BO} duke at six flags in the late 70"s...SPOT

February 26, 2005 - Msg 27280: well guess I will watch the dvd little monsters with my daughter...will check back on the porch in just a bit ....SPOT

February 26, 2005 - Msg 27281: Guess I need a bath!...ran everybody off the porch tonight...hey,I got cheese popcorn!..SPOT

February 26, 2005 - Msg 27282: Well I think I will fix the loose board on the porch...will someone hand me a nail?...opps no one here....SPOT

February 26, 2005 - Msg 27283: Spent the better part of the evening at a 50th birthday party for a friend who goes to church with us. Had chili, macaroni salad, veggies and even a black cake. Lotsa good eats.

Thanks for fixin' that loose board, spot. You're a treasure!

Pipeman - My bday is 8/24. It's the same day as Hal Smith (Otis Campbell).

Hey to Sam Scott up there!

Off I go to get some exercise. Have a blessed Sabbath everyone. Prayers for all.


February 26, 2005 - Msg 27284: Thank all of you for the advice about my car.The mechanic was supposed to come get it and take it back today,but,it's still in front of my house.Thanks Ro for the advice,I will try it.I'm usually not the type to get loud and throw a fit or make a scene,but,I'll definitley try the passive aggressive approach. GOD BLESS you all.spot,i would have stopped by earlier but I was letting my daughter play dress up barbie on the computer.I don't know what shes done ,but my punctuation marks and capital letters aren't working right now.Since you had the blues the other day,I thought you could relate.Got to go for now.Ky girl.

February 26, 2005 - Msg 27285: Hey afd, ky still got the blues here , it dont bother nothing...just got words that i can link on..no biggie...fixing to carry this thing to get it crashed and fixed....exercise?..afd..this late?..well back to my movie...SPOT

February 27, 2005 - Msg 27286: Well....gone to bed.....SPOT

February 27, 2005 - Msg 27287: Oh my goodness Possum. Your post made me LOL. Very funny stuff.
I don't know Ky girl. A fit might work. You could do like Opie when he wanted more allowance. You know, stomp up and down, then hold your breath, and if that don't work lie down and have a tantrum. Although that last one ain't to lady like if your wearing a dress.:)


February 27, 2005 - Msg 27288: GOOD MORNING PORCH...wow no one has came by much..hello Asa, nice day here in Ga. lets wash trucks ..i will get the bucket....grilled cheese sandwiched for lunch..Race Day!...went to sunday school not preaching {bad dog]...signed:SPOT the"winkin blinkin and nod} dog of your porch....

February 27, 2005 - Msg 27289: Howdy SPOT..my truck needs washing too ,cloudy and cool here ,one weather forcast says snow tonight ,another says rain only .Getting ready for the race after while ,truck and Busch races were good this weekend ,hope the cup race is as good
mayberry deputy

February 27, 2005 - Msg 27290: MD what about kyle on the pole at only 19 years old....what happend to jr?...starting 40th...whew..miss sherry is coming over and my daughter here ...gona order pizza and kick back on the porch ....varoooommm...SPOT

February 27, 2005 - Msg 27291: hey SPOT the young guns ars showing they are good drivers .. homemade stew for me today

February 27, 2005 - Msg 27292: Ky Girl, Wally will fix your car, just not today! haha
The USED tranny may be the problem. A rebuilt may be ok, but I would steer clear from a used
one. You never know about wear tear etc on such.

February 27, 2005 - Msg 27293: Great race day!...jimmy wouyld have caught greg in 2 laps...great run...jr had his problems..whew..gordon also..how come the porch is so empty?..hey md and mdc....still full from pizza will come up with us a snack in just a bit...signed:SPOT the"my daughter and I cut out paper dolls that unfold today" dog of this great God loving porch...lights are on!

February 27, 2005 - Msg 27294: Hey ya'll !

Alyce Thanx for bringing me up to speed. I'll add them to my prayers. And MDC school is going good. about half way through the semester. I have a midterm Monday at 5:00pm and then one Wednesday at 2:00. Ya'll please remember me!

Hey to everyone settin' and rockin' tonight! I have my spring break next week. actually I OFFICIALLY start on break at 11:00 on Thursday (My last class of the week ends then). I should be able to catch up on you guys then. I feel out of the loop!


February 27, 2005 - Msg 27295: Hello everyone...Must be a busy weekend for most! Its quiet here...except for SPOT's barking!!
Spot: How old is your daughter? You have both of them with you full time? Sorry for the questions...You sound like an awesome dad to be so involved...making paper dolls, and such... My hubby played Hungry Hungry Hippos this afternoon and Memory with our daughter while I was doing a Bible Study. Thank God for you wonderful daddies!!

I am pooped tonight...going to get in the bed soon.

Oh Spot: how cool that you worked with John Schnieder..however you spell it. I have always like him...God did a good job on that one, haha!
So how long did you work with him...since it was the late 70s..and that is when the show was on.

Well time to go to sleep and let the tacos for supper travel back up as I lay down... (Nice thought to end yall with, huh..sorry)


February 27, 2005 - Msg 27296: Dixie...good luck on exams...I am sure you will do just fine...better you than me....sheww...glad those days are over...That is an early spring break...I know you are looking forward to it!


February 27, 2005 - Msg 27297: Hey yall,keep up the good work dix!..alyce worked with John in 1975 and 1976 at six flags ..think that was right before his big break..i was just 16..and alyce dont mind the questions at ALL, been bivorced for 2 years, after 14, my son is 13 and my daughter is 6,bought my X wife a house about 2 miles from my farm...we get along great my kids just come and go as they please to each house [but now i still do pay 1137.00 $ a month for child support!...but all in all its going ok ...sorry i vented....SPOT

February 27, 2005 - Msg 27298: wow sorry about the last vent mail....just am so close to my great kids....cheese and crackers all around....in the morning its I-Hop...rooty tooty fresh and frooty!..[Xtra sausage}..SPOT