March 30, 2005 - Msg 27931: Prayers for Rev. Jr's Dad. Enjoy your weather, possum. It's been warm here but windier than windy the last two days. I hear ya, Papa Bear--in the words of Briscoe--"Hold on!" Hope we don't get any tornadoes. We had one in our town April 11 of 1999. It ruined a number of homes but didn't come near us--we are 8 miles out in the country. You're never really safe from those crazy things though! Everybody have a Mayberry Day now!
Charlotte Tucker

March 30, 2005 - Msg 27932: Ooooh-eee. Look at the dust and cobwebs. Surprised there ain't spiders on this here dusty porch!

March 30, 2005 - Msg 27933: How's everyone this beautiful Spring morning! It is beautiful here in SC! Might hit 80 today!! Prayers go out to Rev Jr and his family. Possum I'll try to remember to include my name for awhile for any that may have missed my pen name change. I do enjoy a good ole thunderstorm! Ive always been a weather buff! Love to watch the lightning after the storm passes by! Great weather for rocking right now,inbetween the snezzes! Thank goodness for Zyrtec,my life saver!!got to head to the back 40 and get some more corn planted,so I'll catch you later! Rocking Easy-Quiet Sam-Hank.

March 30, 2005 - Msg 27934: anyone know what did andy have then that he has now?

March 30, 2005 - Msg 27935: OK, p---man, Pappa Bear it is! I guess a sort of congratulations is in order. Tho I love the scents of some P--- tobaccos, I do know that there are some problems asscoiated with them.
Who else will dedicate the styrofoam statues to Nathan Tibbs and others? Who will talk (humbly) about our fair city? Who will let us go to the capital to be in the band concert? Mayor Pappa Bear, that's who! Three cheers for mayor Pappa Bear whose term runs to Jan 20, 2006.
Our March came in as a lion, so it looks like it will go out as a lamb this year!
Can you all smell the peanuts and crackerjacks yet? Spring training almost over, snowbirds are leaving, temps rising and AZ summer will soon be upon us. Yup, CT love the flowers etc, and allergies are doing pretty good too this year!
Good day to all,
Mr Darlin's Cuz

March 30, 2005 - Msg 27936: #27934 - we had guessed the signs to the courthouse doors, is that it?

March 30, 2005 - Msg 27937: Pappa Bear reminds me of the Berenstein Bears in children's books - love the new name change!


March 30, 2005 - Msg 27938: PAPPA BEAR .. The name change will take getting used to,but will try to honor your wishes ,but I agree with MDC ,you should remain as Myor of our fair community
hey to Quite Sam

March 30, 2005 - Msg 27939: Thank you From the new front porch person. I'm 16 years old and was woundering about my name hear? And love MAYBERRY. Please give me some name ideas

March 30, 2005 - Msg 27940: I Plan on moving to MAYBERRY!

March 30, 2005 - Msg 27941: WOW guys and gals...SPOT here, just been busy, pulled the pontoon boat out of the water today for a cleaning and tune up, look ladys get your beach bloomers ready,gona have a lake party soon...boat and sun.....well gona read the to work in the morning ao no late night tonight....will be bacon and egg sandwiches on white toast in the morning [mayo]..on the run..signed:SPOT the"miss sherry ironed my clothes for the next two days at work" dog of your porch.....esp?

March 30, 2005 - Msg 27942: New porch person just make up a name and hang on! Im SPOT the [most of the time cook of the porch]..just have fun and watch out for my tail when rocking....SPOT

March 31, 2005 - Msg 27943: Good morning to all! It is so nice to sit here and think about how blessed I am to live in Mayberry with friends like you. Coffee's on the stove so help yourself! I made some cinnamon toast and there are leftovers. (oops, I almost rocked on your tail, Spot) I have clothes to hang out, beds to make and grocery shopping on my list, today. Barney is coming for suppah so I will use my freshly ironed tablecloth and bake a cherry pie. I'm thinking of the sermon, "What's Your Hurry" so I'll probably rock here for a little while and enjoy the quiet. Aunt Bea (humming Rock of Ages)

March 31, 2005 - Msg 27944: Good morning all on the porch! Pappa Bear I'm kinda new here on the porch but it sounds like it is unanimous that you stay on as Mayor of our fair porch! Thanks deputy and MDC. Spot, what's up for lunch today. Looks like rain today and tomorrow so my planting is gonna be slow. Might have to eat more,huh? Welcome newer person than I and grab a name that suits. Just rocking easy watching the rain pour down the gutters off the porch. Quiet Sam-Hank in SC!

March 31, 2005 - Msg 27945: Mayor PapaBear, I present you with a butterscotch-pecan pie, several members of the Women's Historical Guild and I will render "Flow Gently Sweet Afton", and our newest members Sam(Hank), unnamed visitors and Aunt Bea will join in with the Mayberry innaugurate your new name!

(insert badly played marching tune here)
~ Mrs. Wiley

March 31, 2005 - Msg 27946: Thanks for the cinnamon toast, Aunt Bea. It's delicious. Just don't give me any of that marmalade that smells like paint. No storms here yesterday, how 'bout you Papa Bear? New person--Chuck O’Malley might be a good name for you or just O’Malley (if you're male). I don't think we have an O’Malley. Are you male or female? If you're a female you might be Big Maude or Naomi. Can you tell I like Convicts at Large?
Charlotte Tucker

March 31, 2005 - Msg 27947: Hey, Mrs. Wiley--how do you do? Didn't see you rocking there.

March 31, 2005 - Msg 27948: Hey Aunt Bea save me a piece of Cherry pie! I'll be coming in to town for supplies and will stop by for a chat! Hey, Mrs. Wiley what's the band gonna play. I can play a little piano but haven't learned another instrument. Be glad ot help out for the mayor.Charlotte we're gonna get some storms here in Sc today! Still rocking easy-Quiet Sam-Hank.

March 31, 2005 - Msg 27949: Terri Shiavo is gone. God rest her.

March 31, 2005 - Msg 27950: HEAVEN WELCOMES TERRI SHIAVO
Dateline -Heaven
Jesus, St Peter, the 24 elders, and a chorus of angels greeted Terri as she entered the Pearly Gates, amid trumpet blasts and the cheering of the saints. She now rests in the bosum of Abraham.
Her new heavenly body is perfect and she will no longer hunger or thirst, for her mansion is complete, the streets of gold support her feet and she now partakes of the banquet of the Lamb.
May all have a wonderful day.
Your roving reporter,

March 31, 2005 - Msg 27951: New porchster, is there any character or episode you like better than others, that's a good place to start! Hope you like this here, old fashion,
good jawin', porch.
Mr Darlin's Cuz (MDC)

March 31, 2005 - Msg 27952: Does anyone know??? Andy had these as Sheriff and he still has them today? What are "these and "them"

March 31, 2005 - Msg 27953: Hey to Quiet Sam, Shawn, and anyone else that's new. Nice to have you all.

May the God of all comfort surround the family and friends of Terri Schiavo with His Perfect Peace.

Mayor Pappa Bear - has a nice ring to it. I'll send Mrs. MacGruder's cousin over to help you get your office spiffed up.

Thanks for that Bacon and Egg sammich, Spot. Hope you don't mind but I put butter instead of mayo on mine. Mmm. And don't you look nice in those threads that Miss Sherry ironed. ; ) Gonna dig out my "beach bloomers" for your lake party - I'm sure it'll be loads of fun.

Gonna have 60° or so today. Not as warm as yesterday but at least the wind won't blow us away as it did yesterday.

March 31, 2005 - Msg 27954: Daniel R. is my name hear pleaes spot tell me who is the government around hear? Sharrif I think it is Andy Taylor I don't now who the Mayor is eather?

March 31, 2005 - Msg 27955: Terri Shiavo died this moning ------------ GOD REAST HER SOUL

March 31, 2005 - Msg 27956: Welcome just the cook ,most of the time....God reast Terri......supper menu in just a bit..SPOT

March 31, 2005 - Msg 27957: The Andy Griffith Show: What did Andy have on the show that he still has today?

March 31, 2005 - Msg 27958: In answer to msg 27957,I wonder if this answer we've been looking for is-his beautiful singing voice!!! Rainy on my end of the porch. Enjoyed the bacon and egg snadwich Spot! That cherry pie was superb Aunt Bea! Going to the big city of Charlotte today to get cultured for this ole country boy-goona see the opera 'Tosca' tonight. should be back in my chair tomorrow afternoon.Look out for the storms and SPOT's tailas I'm rocking easy-Quiet Sam-Hank.

March 31, 2005 - Msg 27959: BJ, we answered this above. Please see if the answer is correct. Thanks!

March 31, 2005 - Msg 27960: Tonight its gona be grilled ribeye steaks,baked taters with butter and bacon bits,salad,thousand island or french dressing...onions and mushroom in butter.....SPOT

March 31, 2005 - Msg 27961: Msg 27936 This has been a wild trivia question.
Hundreds of people have guessed everything in world. No, the courthouse signs weren't right. Everything about him physically has been guessed.
If anything comes to your mind let me know.

March 31, 2005 - Msg 27962: SPOT.. The supper menu sounds great ,it "twangs my buds " as Briscoe would say
QUITE SAM .. raining here on the N.C. end of the porch as well ,yeaterday was a fantastic day ,broke out the mower and cut some grass
Everyone take care
SPOT,PAPPA BEAR ,MDC ,ASA .. bristol is almost here YES!!

March 31, 2005 - Msg 27963: Bj what was the question again....and MD please pass that bottle of A-1 for my steak....yumm...SPOT

March 31, 2005 - Msg 27964: Super sounds great!

March 31, 2005 - Msg 27965: Daniel R.

March 31, 2005 - Msg 27966: first, i want to decree this terri shiavo week, she's finally at peace. thank you for the votes as mayor so if none wants to run till jan i accept.B.J.- are you looking for the jail keys or the gun cabinetkeys? msg # 27939 welcome, male, wally, slow and easy. if your female junita? as oon as you decide we'll make a name plate for your rocker. aunt bea, spot, miss sherry and the rest of the cooks i say M_M_M_good. maybery deputy- going to be rough this weakend races and collage basketball, yeah i meant weak i'll be plum tuckered out by monday. quite sam- when you go to the opera i know you'll do us proud. welcome daniel, r. hope you find our fair town to your liking, i'm the mayor. afd- thanks for sending the help over cause with all the activities this weekend i needed it. charlotte tucker- how did you fair last night? beautiful today. go illini lime nd white all the way. ha. storms all around us but no problems. thanks mrs wiley for the pie and it's always a pleasure hearing on of your solo's. homemaker- your sweet, how's the goat buisness? keeping them away from the dynamite? prayers for rev jr and family and prayers for floyd's wife. mdc- any more bee problemsand baseball? to the 16 year old gilley is open and the guy with the guitar. mount pilot will be the only town allowing april fools pranks tommorow. of course if you sneak one in.ha, DON'T FORGET TO SET YOUR CLOCKS AHEAD ONE HOUR SATURDAY NIGHT. mayor pappa bear

March 31, 2005 - Msg 27967: To all the people of Mayberry I plan on making a tour of Mayberry Map! This means the store fronts on main street then mable st. How they look bonus they will be in color!

Coming Soon
Daniel R.

Mayor pappa bear what do you say? must get your and the sherrif permission.

folks of mayberry how does this sound?

Daniel R.

March 31, 2005 - Msg 27968: PS to mayor pappa bear, no spring forward in AZ and parts of IN.
Racing under the lights soon in Phx.
Beautiful decree mayor.
I'm leaving soon for a little long weekend R&R.
See you all late Sunday.

March 31, 2005 - Msg 27969: daniel, r. i think i can speak for our beloved town. come any time, visit or move here your choice. welcome. trivia: who was the fellow who came to mayberry and knew everyone's name. just an idea that would be a great character. stop by any time your most welcomed. mayor pappa bear.

March 31, 2005 - Msg 27970: Answere for mayor pappa bear: William Erwin as George Sepley

Daniel R.

March 31, 2005 - Msg 27971: Hey to the PORCH ! Back from a visit with my dad...well...not really. I told my mom when we were with him...he's moved on to a better place...just forgot to leave a forwarding address for the rest of him. I hope he gets the rest soon...he's earned it.

Papa Bear...good on you...I like the name! Did like the weather here in Chicager yesterday...even got to take the motorcycle in for a tune up at Wallys...cousing Gomer's putting some new exhaust on for me...don't tell Barney...but he AINT gonna like the sound, and there's NO place for a sidecar! I promise not to make too much noise through town...but when I get out on the bypass....POWIE!

Rev...yer in my prayers...and MDC...soon as I heard about Terri this morning...first thing I pictured was her being welcomed in to a great big table spread with all she could ever want...she's not hungry anymore.

Ya'll be good...


March 31, 2005 - Msg 27972: hello yall...
I have been AWFULLY busy and kids...starting to paint the house next move in date is looking closer. I see some new faces here..Welcome all..
Well hope everyone is doing well...I'll try to catch up on the archives..


March 31, 2005 - Msg 27973: Hey Pappa Bear!daniel,alyce,afd,mdc,pipeman,md,hazel,ky girl,asa,boo,ro,sugar plum,Bj,and all the porch, more rain and stoems on the way here in ga tomorrow, got to work 8 am to 4 pm then its fun with the kids, gona rent movies and miss sherry coming over before she goes to work at 10 pm,see we work rotateing shifts every month,I love it, nights weekends days and evenings...well in the morning its gona be streak-o-lean and possum innards,pickled hawk eggs,fried mullet,and butter milk [hee,hee,been watching beverly hillbillies cd...hee.hee...look just kidding , we will have bacon and eggs your way and grits and toast and sweet milk....signed:SPOT the"will someone please trip Farrah" dog of your porch...God Bless All...

March 31, 2005 - Msg 27974: spot that breakfast sounds great,not the beverly hillbillies menu the other one!yeah,I'm with you,somebody please trip Farrah,I don't mean to offend anyone on the porch who likes her,but,I saw her in an interview with her father,and I think there is something seriousley wrong with her mental capacity.Mayor pappa Bear I like the new name.To the new people on the porch,I go by ky girl,it's not a mayberry name just one some friends have always called me so I use it,I'm afraid if I chose one from mayberry I might forget what it was,so I know I'll remember this one.God rest Terry Shiavo's soul,she is at peace now.Romeena,I asked my neighbor to check this weekend on Tom,she said she knew of a few people by that last name there and she would speak with her sister about him too.So,hopefully I can tell you more by Monday.We had beautiful spring weather here for the last 2 days,I have been outside constantly,I only come in when it gets dark.Talk to you all later,take Care and God Bless.Ky Girl

March 31, 2005 - Msg 27975: Sign me up for seconds

March 31, 2005 - Msg 27976: Hey im an old timer on the porch and guess have missed things but pappa bear what was your old handle?...and daniel you can have 3 eggs...where are you at again daniel?..hey Ky girl...and i agree nothing against farrah fans but.....whew,,,would love to see another old leave it to beaver or hillbillies..[do they come on anymore?] gone between the sheets ....will catch yall at breakfast...think I will slice up some canalope also....SPOT

April 01, 2005 - Msg 27977: spot,that canalope sounds good too,see ya'll at breakfast,ky girl

April 01, 2005 - Msg 27978: That is our old friend Mayor pipeman, Spot! Now Mayor Bear I guess. And hey, it rhymes! :)
-Sterling Holobyte

April 01, 2005 - Msg 27979: Is this porch big enough for one more
I can't be here long cause the weather is to nice to stay in. But would like to rest later on If I may.Ill.Girl

April 01, 2005 - Msg 27980: Well I didn't mean to scare everyone away this was not a April Fool joke But have a good day . Got to go out and enjoy the sun shine before it goes away Take care all Ill. Girl

April 01, 2005 - Msg 27981: i decree this the pope's prayer day. also pray for our troops. we had a vfw convention in lincoln, il. the other evening and our state commanders and most agreed that soldiers are being court martialed, lives ruined and carrers gone for actions that every soldier does in combat requardless ofthe war fought in. politicans can't understand why folks aren't signing up, there are 56,000 vietnamvets fighting in the guard in iraq, averageage 60. SPOT_ sterling answered my handle was pipeman but since i've given up the pipe for health reasons i changed my handled. i offered to resign as mayor but folks wanted me to stay until our jan elections. sterling- good seeing you back on, missed you. goober- prayers for you and your family. if the cubs get out of arizona alive after all the bee attacks we might play normally. go illini. spot- that breakfastsure hit the spot.ha. alyce- don't overdue it. thanks for keeping us posted. ky girl- so good seeing you in your rocker, we miss everyone when their chair is silent. charlotte tucker, homemaker- are you awake. mrs wiley can you wake the ladies up? i'll see if hank anddaniel can find asa, rev, jr- mayberry deputy, boo, fun girl and the rest. well i've jawed enough. mayor pappa bear

April 01, 2005 - Msg 27982: what's this i hear andy favorite dish, there is a coupe to take over the mayor's office in mayberry.i'm to old and honary to be couped. anyone want to be mayor for today? ha- kidding april fools. lol. pappa bear maybe mdc will ride with the deputy to save our fair city. pappa bear

April 01, 2005 - Msg 27983: Ok pappa bear , got it now, welcome Ill girl !...welcome !..Im spot the cook around here...will have the menu for supper in just a bit...SPOT

April 01, 2005 - Msg 27984: Good pm porchsters! I'm back from the big city and the opera was great-saw "Tosca",really a great opera. I done us proud I think! had on my best duds and even saw some men with no coats and ties on! Anyway,good to be back in my chair in the SC corner. Looks like more rain and storms in store for this corner today. Got to batten down the hatches again!Hey SPOT I'm itching for some good home cooked country cooking! That city eating was for the birds,sides it cleaned my wallet out too! Glad Pappa Bear is staying on! it seems on the news today that the Pope is on his last-prayers out for him from the porch! Welcome Ill girl. Quiet Sam-Hank in SC.

April 01, 2005 - Msg 27985: The pope has passed away...prayers...SPOT

April 01, 2005 - Msg 27986: Hi , Thanks Quiet Sam-Hank & papa bear Sounds like supper well be real good . My kind a cook in but Med.done here . See you around supper time Sorry to hear about the Pope & Terri . Have to run not done yet out side and it sure looks like rain. I hope I don't miss supper if I do some one well eat it and I'll do the dishes some time. Bye Bye Ill. Girl And Hi to All

April 01, 2005 - Msg 27987: Well now the cnn news says the Pope is not passed...sorry...SPOT....will have supper menu posted before 5:..,...SPOT

April 01, 2005 - Msg 27988: Hey SPOT anything for supper yet?? I've got to make some bookshelves for the Mrs. this evening and I'm gonna need a big supper! Looking forward to it! Anyone out there on the porch got any building skills to help!!! I've helped on barns and such but putting a bookshelf might be different! Prayers out for the Vatican! Quiet Sam in SC.

April 01, 2005 - Msg 27989: welcome ILL.GIRL.. hello to the rest of the porch

April 01, 2005 - Msg 27990: spot- thanks for supper. did youand miss sherry go to the races the other weekend? thanks for keping the lights on the remshaw place. anyone want to spend the night alone in the remshaw place? welcome ill girl= what part are you from? i'm in lincoln, charlottee tucker, goober, ellen brown are from illinois also so you gotcompany. quite sam- i hear alyce is mighty handy in homerepairs. are you near columbia? i did 3 years drill sgt there at jackson, loved it. mayberry deputy- weekend is here and time for the races. have great weekend. pappa bear.

April 01, 2005 - Msg 27991: Gosh been busy..did not post supper ...was it good?...think it was order out pizza....hum....promise will not miss the breakfast menu posting in just a bit, storms moving in here in ga. miss sherrys over here with me and the kids , she has to go to work at the power company at 10...lets hope she keeps MY lights on...SPOT

April 01, 2005 - Msg 27992: Good evening - it seems that many major figures have entered or will be entering the gates of heaven soon. . .Terri - may she rest in peace and to her family who valiently fought for her rights, the Pope - although I am not Catholic, I have to say he has been a good Pope and full of love, Prince Ranier of Monaco - I have felt so sad for him since his wife passed away. . .

Take care everyone -


April 01, 2005 - Msg 27993: Storms moving in here in ga right now.BAD ones...SPOT

April 01, 2005 - Msg 27994: Mrs Wiley, our Catholic porchster, prayers for you and John Paul 2 as he is close to dying now. What a wonderful man he has been for these 26 years...
a great voice for morality in our decaying society! God bless him for all his wonderful accomplishments for good and justice in our world. My prayers are with him.
Weather stopped our weekend trip. Will try again next weekend.
Hang in there porchsters,

April 01, 2005 - Msg 27995: Hey yall, this is Andy spots son [he's the cook] and im gonna post the menu for the mornin: center cut pork chops, cheese grits, little sausage links, hash browns w/ onions,& peppers... signed Andy

April 02, 2005 - Msg 27996: Good evening Porch. :)


April 02, 2005 - Msg 27997: Spots that sounds great, It sure is cold out this morning here in Ill. You all have a good day :)
Ill. Girl

April 02, 2005 - Msg 27998: mr mcbeeve- mr mcbeeve, honest pa he really is real. welcome andy, spots son. thanks for breakfast. get some rest spot and miss sherry andy's helping. good morning mary. ill girl, hope your doing ok this morning. mdc- sorry your trip got cancelled but you got nascar and college ball and sheriffin to do. spot- howdid you all fair in the storms? homemaker- good to see you here- you going to breakfast at spots? prayers for all in need. pappa bear

April 02, 2005 - Msg 27999: Thank you MDC, and all our Catholic and Christian friends for your prayers. The Holy Father has done so much good in this world, and has sought unity in all religions - what a good shepard he has been! I am very sad about this - but am also filled with joy that he will soon be out of pain and in the arms of Jesus.

~ Mrs. Wiley

going to confession today... and communion tomorrow - "Devine Mercy Sunday". God is never outdone in generosity!!!

April 02, 2005 - Msg 28000: Aides had told the pope that thousands of young people were in St. Peter's Square on Friday evening.

"In fact, he seemed to be referring to them when, in his words, and repeated several times, he seemed to have said the following sentence: `I have looked for you. Now you have come to me. And I thank you,'" the spokesman said.

I hope many will return to the faith and many more will want to learn (for the first time) about Jesus.

~ Mrs. Wiley

April 02, 2005 - Msg 28001: I think Andy still has his same guitar that he played on the show. I hope my answer isn't just another buffalo looking the wrong way.
Prayers for the faithful Catholic and everyone touched by the him. The Pope will be in a better place than we.

April 02, 2005 - Msg 28002: Morning Porch!..Great day hello Ill girl pappa bear mre wiley and jb and all the others...coll here in ga but nice [real nice]...well gona get gas for the 4-wheelers and bundle up for a ride....BLT"s and chips for lunch [how yall like yalls bacon I like mine on the chewey side}....SPOT

April 02, 2005 - Msg 28003: Good Morning darlings! Sooooooonew name huh pappa bear? I like it. I'm glad I caught up on porch news or i would have missed it and thought you to be someone elst!

Thanks Romeena for the story about the kids being rationed and hm I laughed so hard about the paper being 7 pages because it was being "rationed". So funny.

I'm working on it right now. Ho-hum. Long day I guess. But it's like that line from the movie Return to Me when Gracie offeres to help her grandfather he turns her down and says "I'm blessed with work". I guess we should all look at it that way huh? At least I am blessed enough to go to school and have a paper to do right? Right!

You all try to behave now ya hear!


April 02, 2005 - Msg 28004: The Andy Griffith Show - The Complete Second Season is out on

Plus Just bought both The First Season of andy Griffith Show

plan to watch it soon

Daniel R.

April 02, 2005 - Msg 28005: Someone please tell me Who Opies mom was


April 02, 2005 - Msg 28007: Why all the caps earnest?...ya upset about the name change?...hee hee ..well got to go to work at 6 pm tonight and keep the lights on all night..will hollar with the supper menu in just a bit.....hello there daniel and dix..SPOT

April 02, 2005 - Msg 28008: Good afternoon porch!

Mayor Papa Bear, good for you on your quest to give up you know what! And I am another one of Mayberry's citizens that would love to see you continue on as Mayor of our fair city!

Spot, make sure you thank Andy for posting the breakfast menu for us all, and say hey to Andy for us!

Welcome Daniel R. and Mary and Ill girl. I hope you visit here quite often! (Ill girl, I wonder if you might think of a different name though ;)! Just kidding!

Msg. 28005, I guess the only information I can give you is Opie's mom was Andy's wife, who passed away before the first episode debuted. There are many here far more educated on TAGS then I am though. Maybe one of these fine porchsters could educate me on that fact as well!

I wonder if the answer to the trivia question someone has posted here about what Andy still has might be his boots?

Dixie, good to hear from you again, and from Alyce, too! You two both have big things going on your lives right now, big things...real big!

My thoughts and prayers go out to Terri Schiavo's family and I pray that all of her family finds comfort in knowing that she is with the Lord.

Finally, I add my prayers to those of millions of others as we witness the passing of a wonderful man, Pope John Paul II. I remember when the Star Wars movies were just coming out, with characters like R2D2 and C3PO, some young Catholics took to calling the Pope J2P2, and he found humor in it! He has been a steady voice for the value of life and has shown a great ability to unite many different peoples. I pray God welcomes him into heaven soon, and that God also makes sure the next Pope is worthy of the Legacy this Pope leaves.

Wishing one and all a wonderful Mayberry Afternoon!

Mary Wiggins

April 02, 2005 - Msg 28009: Hey Mary and hello to Ill girl and daniel...just a note to all with boats ""..neat son and I got carried away last night and ordered almost 300 dollars worth of flots and pull behind tubes and floating lounge chairs for the summer....tonight its gona be southern fried chicken,mashed taters with milk gravy,fried okra,crowder peas,fried green maters,sloced sweet onion,sweet tea, peppers....ready at 6:30...and for the ones that have to dont forget to set clocks up tonight!...dont want to be late for Preaching!...signed"SPOT the"got to go to work now" dog of your fair weather porch...

April 02, 2005 - Msg 28010: Our dear Pope has passed away. Angels, REJOYCE! ~ Mrs. Wiley

April 02, 2005 - Msg 28011: Thanks for the supper SPOT. I'm sure goona enjoy it whiles I sit on the porch . Hey, Mayberry Deputy, how'd you enjoy our summers in SC. I'm over in DAlzell in Sumter county. Didn't get as much rain as they first said so I should be back to planting corn Monday am! Hope to finish up by the end of next week! Well, I'm gonna do some rocking now and snoozing too! Ya'll take care and have a great weekend on the rest of the porch! Rocking easyand looking out for SPOT's tail! Quiet Sam in SC.

April 02, 2005 - Msg 28012: This is a good site to listen to well the ladys might like it that is When it is cold out and we have to go in you might want some thig different to look at . It sure is nice out right now . Have a good evening all. Ill. girl I was taking a nap

April 02, 2005 - Msg 28013: evening porch,spot,I'll be there for supper ,especially since you are having fried green maters!And thanks for the reminder to set the clocks up,I didn't realize this was the night for that.Andy did do a good job with the breakfast menu,sorry I missed breakfast.Ernest T,have you been to the Ernest T website?I clicked on yesterday,it was kind of neat.the weather here is rainy and a little chilly today,so,I think I'll pull on a sweatshirt and grab arocker like Quiet Sam and take a nap,ya'll take care I'll wake up in a while and stop by.Ky Girl

April 02, 2005 - Msg 28014: Its kind of cold hear in Laurens SC but enjoying it. SPOT can u tell me if They are gonig te release all the sasons of the Andy Griffth Show?

Daniel R.

PS. Please save me some (Sunday) brekfast and Lunch.

April 03, 2005 - Msg 28015: hi porch,finally woke up from my nap,and,I looked outside and it's snowing!I thought we had seen the last of it,but,guess not.Glad I didn't plant anything yet,it would be ruined.Well,guess I'll go throw an extra blanket on the bed,and call it a night.Take care and God Bless you girl

April 03, 2005 - Msg 28016: Snow!..whew..and daniel I dont know about the dvd release...i have most of the epps on video that i have recorded.....been busy here at the power company...wind and all....well will have the breakfast menu soon...SPOT

April 03, 2005 - Msg 28017: Hey yall...we aint went to cracker barrell in a while....lets meet after preaching...My dutch...long night here at the power company, my relief is not here yet [bet the forget to run his clock up], may be an hour longer!...SPOT

April 03, 2005 - Msg 28018: good morning my dear porch friends. today is beautiful on our porch today. 70 degrees today. wow illinois made it to big dance, shock. if they win the championship it will be first in a lot of years. first the red sox and now if illinois wins, the sky is falling. andy episode about jubil foster barn burrning down, jubil= why can't a feller be left in peace while making some shine? barney when he discovered the still- jubil, jubil,jubil. and andy and jubil had to help barney to the car. funny. question= what co- star played the most different characters in the shows history? i don't know for sure, just curious. off to chruch. have a leisure day and later we can get an ice cream cone, take a nap and watch tv at thelma lou's, what do you think? pappa bear

April 03, 2005 - Msg 28019: hope everyone is having a good Sunday so far ,been a busy weekend .I had to go to work early yesterday then leave to go to be a groomsman in my nieces wedding ,then go back to work ,now today Im working a split shift and have to go back to work this afternoon ,gonna miss the Bristol race ,which dosent make me happy at all .
Everyone have a great day

April 03, 2005 - Msg 28020: Hello all on the porch it is a nice sunny day here in my small town of Ashmore the birds are singing and my husband is out side doing the yard rolling thing just playing I think . But it is a nice day . Ill. Girl

April 03, 2005 - Msg 28021: Oh, Mayberry Deputy maybe some one well tape it for you to see later not the same but then you can watch it later on. Have a good day Ill. girl

April 03, 2005 - Msg 28022: If no one is runing for mayor I'll run.
Daniel R.
SPOT or mayor Papa Bear please respond.

April 03, 2005 - Msg 28023: Thanks for that fine decree mayor Papa Bear.
You are a bird in this world!
This has been quite a week and we sure need a little assurance that the world will go on, but good folk must rise up, as the greatest generation begins to leave us for points beyond, as the old train conductors used to say!
Prayers for the whole Christian Church, as unity is so important, even prophesied by Jesus himself," may all be one as Me and my Father are one." So much happening in our world that we need to take up the challenge and proclaim "He is Risen!"
hey to all new porchsters, Aunt Bea, Earnest T, Quiet Sam etc. Your freshly whitewashed chairs and embroidered seat cushions were done especially for you.
My wife and I saw a special live performance of the Christy Minstrels Folk Group last night!
Wonderful 2 hour show! Randy Sparks (72) and 7 of the original 10 were really great! I sure misss that kind of music... "Green greeen, It's green they say..."
Well, good Sabboth to you all,

April 03, 2005 - Msg 28024: ky girl- snow in the springtime? what's next snow on the route 127 yard sale in july? ill girl- what larger town is ashmore near? mary wiggins- great to see you. thanks for the vote of confidence. mayberry deputy- hope you get to see the next race. WHO ARE YOU PULLING FOR ON MONDAY? illinois or north carolina or neither? quite sam- your going to plant a lot of corn tommorow? will we have to send barney over this fall with his axe?just kidding. ernest t.- have you seen the darlings lately? spot- thanks for he crackerbarrel treat. mrs wiley- the pope was a beloved man by all. prayers in the selection process of the new pope. he will carry a heavy load . dixie- so glad yu stopped by, we sure miss you when your not around but i admire you sticking to your schoolin. jenniebone- good to see you. that makes me think, (oh my head) we have not seen one of them new bufflo nickels in illinois, banks neither. anyone seen any yet? daniel r.- i'll let others answer your question on the mayor thing,for the newer porchsters i started the mayor thing during the last presidential race for fun and to keep things in perspective.i think we'll do it again in jan 2006 so sharpen your campaign. it's up to everyone on the porch to answer. my lovely daughters will sing now, jimmy crack corn. mdc- where are you? anyone seen auh20, asa, sterling, boo, rest? fine job singing girls. pappa bear

April 03, 2005 - Msg 28025: APPA BEAR ...I just got home from work ,I would like to see Kenny Wallace get a win Monday

April 03, 2005 - Msg 28026: quite sam, Illinois here. I have 3of the nickels.Ashmore is close to Charleston & Mattoon
Ill. Girl

April 03, 2005 - Msg 28027: Hi Porch friends. It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye for a short spell. I'm moving to Atlanta and will be off-line for a week or two. Don't worry tho, I'll be back! You all have become like kin to me. I can't wait for the release of season 2, and hope my dad lives long enough to see the new DVD's. Unfortunately (or fortunately) my moving has little to do with my parents. No moulages now. Ro, good luck with Project Tom. My prayers will be with you on that front. And please do watch out for your health - pet the Plum for me and give her an extra carrot.

Prayers and blessings to you all, Asa, homemaker, hazel, Mavis, Dix, papabear, MDC, Sterling, kygirl, Sam, Mary Wiggins, SPOT, Ro, MD and Floyd.... all the new ones and all the ones I absent-mindedly left out. You are all the cats!

~ Mrs. Wiley
"Uh, over and under. I mean over and up and , uh out and over... uh... 4-10. I MEAN 10-4, 10-4!!"

April 03, 2005 - Msg 28028: Best wishes on your move Mrs. Wiley. . .

It was sunny today in the Hoosier land where time did not change (if only the legislature would leave it alone - only the businesses want daylight savings time - most normal folk say leave it alone!)


April 03, 2005 - Msg 28029: Well Mrs Wiley let me say welcome to SPOT country!..Atlanta is about 20 minutes from the dog house in to take Otis my black lab {yes he is named after Otis and just about as big,116 lbs last trip] but he rides in the back ofthe truck so well and minds so well,he just has to get his shots..well hope yall eat..sorry but was so busy...will have breakfast menu soon..hello Ill girl,md [great race],daniel,bear,mdc,..signed:SPOT the"here at work and all is quite.10-4"dog of your porch..

April 03, 2005 - Msg 28030: opps, hello HM...

April 03, 2005 - Msg 28031: my wife went shopping for new clothes today.She spent $1200.00 dollars!!.She's got quite a wardrobe now. Me, "I'm standing in the middle of mine", as my grandmother would say.

April 03, 2005 - Msg 28032: Hi all , OK I well change my name my real name is Charlene so (Ill. Girl well be Charlene) I love Andy. I well be typing and grinning. Mrs Wiley have a safe move. Good night all :) Charlene

April 03, 2005 - Msg 28033: Andy and Barney visit the Darlings to rid them of Ernest T. Bass, who has his mind set on marrying daughter Charlene. In this debut for Ernest T, Barney ends up being the bride. This was a good episode

April 03, 2005 - Msg 28034: Ok Ill girl will make a note, I have been on the porch a few years it seems now and I think we used to have a charlene....and who posted Msg 28031?....WOW..Im usually just levis and company dress shirts and my ropers...sept for preaching...well gona go get a snack, got 6 more hrs till quiting time, then off till thu..gona get yard work done....SPOT

April 03, 2005 - Msg 28035: who posted Msg 28033?

April 04, 2005 - Msg 28036: hey to all on the porch.Spot,I've already been up cooking,link sausage,eggs anyway you like them,hashbrowns(real ones not the square premade kind),toast ,biscuits and gravy,sweet tea ,coffee,or water.Thank you for the cracker barrel meal,it was delicious.I know this may just be a early morning brekfast ,but,it should hold us off till about 8or9am anyway.Charlene I like the name.Mrs.wiley,prayers on your move.Don't be gone too long because you are like kin to us too.Homemaker,where are you at in Hoosier land?I live where we did have the time change,and,i can't seem to get in sync with it for about the first month every spring.I don't like it.Yea,pappa Bear snow!I know,if it snows in July when I try to go to the yard sale,I won't be a bit surprised.MDC,that sounds like a nice show you went to.It's been awhile since I heard any of thier music.yeah spot I don't know who posted msg.28031,but,I can't imagine spending that much on clothes for one person!I'm a jeans and t shirt or blouse,tennis shoes or boots type of person too.Except for church.Sounds like whoever it was went to the mall and hit all the big name designer racks.Well ya'll better close for now,everybody take care,and if you are having warm weather enjoy it cause my end of the porch is still cold!Ky Girl

April 04, 2005 - Msg 28037: thanks for the early breakfast ky girl. for those who are asleep i'll buy beakfast at the bluebird diner. spot, your working to hard.i'm sure andy will come over to help. a fine son you is miss sherry? ill girl is now charlene, pipeman is now pappa bear,ernest t. was changed. andy you know what we gothere is a tilight zone episode. ha. mayberry deputy maybe kenny wallace will win. mrs wiley, your in our prayers for a safe and smmoth move. you'll be close to spot which will be nice. spot can you call your connections in atlanta and make sure the power is on? thanks. charlene, i sometimes eat at matoon when i go to danville. so you say the buffalo nickels are your way? maybe charlotte tucker, goober and i will get a rare one someday. have a great week. just put your meal on the mayor's bill at the bluebird diner.fellows i've paid for you a free manicue at floyd's. ladies, new choir robes for you. keep the voters happy i always say. pappa bear

April 04, 2005 - Msg 28038: Well ood early morning ky..thanks for cooking this morning i will be tired when 6 am comes so i will stop by and pig [er dog] out on vittles..papa bear yea thanks I have 2 great kids..told andy that tomorrow he has to change the 4 wheelers oil...and adjust the breaks..and wash them..Kelsey will help but just get dirty!..she is 6 and I think this year will be the year to get her own..and miss sherry said she will come over tomorrow after work and cook us supper!...well back to my movie ....SPOT

April 04, 2005 - Msg 28039: thats "Good"...sorry

April 04, 2005 - Msg 28040: 28033 that is me Charlene Sorry for got to sign it

April 04, 2005 - Msg 28041: Oh, every one is gone so I guess I well drink my coffee and enjoy the sun and listen to the birds . Then get with the day. I missed breakfast but it sure sounded good Ky Girl. Got to get rested for the Basketball game tonight .Papa Bear I've got 3 nickles so far . Have you ate at the airport that is a good place to eat. Every one have a good day Charlene

April 04, 2005 - Msg 28042: Mornin Porchsters. Well, I've got alot of catching up to do...just wanted to stop in and say THANK YOU for all the prayers last week. It was a tough week but we all made it through as a family. I'll talk to y'all soon. Thanks again.

April 04, 2005 - Msg 28043: Thanks for breakfast(s) Ky Girl and Pappa Bear! I'm about to pop!

A big HEY to Andy, spot's pup! Thanks for the breakfast menu a few days back.

Welcome to Charlene! Are we gonna have hog back and fish muttle for lunch? ; ) I have good friends whose folks live in Mattoon.

Hey to Daniel, too!

All the best on your relocation, Mrs. Wiley. Take care of yourself and check in when you can.

Prayers for all! Have a great week!

April 04, 2005 - Msg 28044: Welcome back, Rev Jr. You're welcome for all the prayers. Check in when you can.


April 04, 2005 - Msg 28045: CHARLENE..Mountain Wedding episode was the 1st episode that ETB was in ,your right that was a very good episode and among my favorites ,but any episode of TAGS is better than not having any

April 04, 2005 - Msg 28046: CHARLENE ..Howard Morris (ETB)also played ETB in 4 more episodes ETB Joins The Army , My fair Earnest T. ,The Education OF ETB , Malcolm at The Crossroads ,and he was George the TV Repairman in "Andy And Helen Have Their Day " and was the radio voice for Leonard Blush . he is a great actor

April 04, 2005 - Msg 28047: Charlene~~ Here on the porch I just like them all Thanks Mayberry Deputy ~~Have a good day~~:)

April 04, 2005 - Msg 28048: My oh my, so much happening on the porch!
I cant keep up with all the name changes! But i think I got it.
$1500 on clothes??!! In my house we have a system of checks and balances... my wife writes the checks and I deal with the balances!! (haha)
Prayers continueing for mrs wiley, rev jr, all Catholics, all people really! God help us all.
MD, I didnt get to see the race at Bristol :(,
but I hear it was a good one.
Fighting Illini or the Tar Heels, hmmm dont want any moulages, so I guess... may the best team win tonight!
Have a great week.
Mr Darlin's Cuz

April 04, 2005 - Msg 28049: MDC .. I missed the cup race myself ,had to work ,SPOT said it was a good one and it was at Bristol say that tells us it was good

April 04, 2005 - Msg 28050: Well good afternoon yall...andy and miss sherry say hey..hey rev,afd,charlene,mdc,md,...just getting up from the night to take Otis [lab] at 3 for his shots..he loves road trips but we are not gona ride a cow..hee..hee..will be back this afternoon with the supper menu...think we will bake fish tonight...du-no....SPOT...the"gona see if the bristol race is still on".dog of your porch..

April 04, 2005 - Msg 28051: Hey, everybody! Been gone for a few days, went to visit my daughters in Fredericksburg (Texas). Had a lovely visit.
Ky girl, thanks for your interest regarding TOM. I have received no response from the pastor I wrote to. Either he didn't get the letter, or he chooses not to get involved. Perhaps there are extenuating circumstances, who knows? At any rate, it doesn't appear there will be any help there. If your family doesn't come up with any information, then I guess I'll try writing to another church and see if they might be willing to help.

Snow?? You're still having snow? I just can't imagine that. My yard is emerald green, flowers are blooming in profusion, roses are budding, and I love it! We still have some chilly days and chillier nights, but no freezes and we've even hit the 80s a few times. I love it like this, not so hot that everything burns up like it will in August, but warm enough to bring everything into bloom. Beautiful weather.

Well, I have to work tonight, so guess I'll have a bit of lunch and try to catch a short nap. You all keep my rocker warm until tomorrow, okay? Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

April 04, 2005 - Msg 28052: Hi, Romeena I'm new on the porch my name is Charlene It sure is nice to get away but nice to get back home. It sure is nice out today . Have a nice rest Charlene

April 04, 2005 - Msg 28053: Just got back from school they ought to make it a law no school when its nice a warm lol.

Just to see how is everyone? Im ok but suffring with the pink eye.

Whats for SUPPER SPOT?
And SPOT could I run for mayor or what please give me some detales?

Daniel R.

PS. Hi Charlene

April 04, 2005 - Msg 28054: Well daniel I really dont know about running for mayor ..Papa Bear is out mayor and im just the cook....hey Ro and Sugarplum!...tonight its gona be baked trout with herbs and lemon butter,asparagus tips,and a baked tater with butter sour cream,bacon bits..sweet tea..ready at 6.30..we are having a dinner like Peggy would cook!...well got bad mews about old big otis{lab]just got back from the vet and he has heart worms he caught from a misqueto bite the vet said...very treatable and he will be fine,,just in two weeks I have to carry him over to stay for 6 days to go through the treatment [$730.50]..but he IS worth it, no problem..then a new shot once a year that is 100% effective against them returning....whew,,gona need some OT at work ...well its grass mowing time....SPOT

April 04, 2005 - Msg 28055: SPOT..I give my shepherd/rotty mix a monthly treatment,hadnt heard about the yearly shot ,Ill ask the vet on the next visit ,how about I throw a big catfish fillet on with the trout
welcome back REV JR


April 04, 2005 - Msg 28056: Well, hello all on the porch! I've had a hectic day and finally getting to sit down. Supper sounds great SPOT. Sorry to here about Otis. My basset hound had them but got past the treatment just fine. Still plantin corn, had feed problems in a turkey house today and had to fix a motor on my unloading auger at the soybean bin! Ready for a rest and SPOT's fine supper. The Jan.06 mayor election sounds good to me. I'm new here so I'll give Pappa Bear the benefit for now! Keep em happy Papp Bear,it's a tough life! Glad you're back REv. Jr.-benn a prayin for ya! Have a safe move Mrs. Wiley and check in when you can. It's supper time ya'll! Quiet Sam!

April 04, 2005 - Msg 28057: Hi, Charlene, Daniel R. and all newcomers. We always welcome new folks to this porch. Any friend of Andy's is a friend of ours!

Pappa Bear, I'm proud of you for making the decision you made in order to enhance your health. It must be terribly difficult, and I admire you for doing it. As for your being mayor, well, we just can't imagine having any other mayor but you. No offense, Daniel, what with you being newly arrived here and having no way of knowing this, but our dear Pappa Bear (formerly known as pipeman) has been our mayor for so long, he just has his rocker sorta worn into the mayor grooves. Wonder if he needs an assistant? How about it, Pappa Bear?

Mercy, Spot, that supper sounds wonderful! Wish I didn't have to work, I'd sure find a spot at the table. Maybe somebody could run a plate by to me at the hospital? I'd send the Plum, but they won't let her in, the hateful things. Just because she has fur, four legs and a tail, they discriminate against her. 'Tain't fair!

Well, have a good evening, all. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

April 04, 2005 - Msg 28058: Oh, Spot, I'd like to add that I think it's great that you're getting treatment for Otis. That's a lot of money, but how do you put a price on a friend? The Plum takes a monthly heartworm preventative, I didn't know about the yearly thing either. It may be that her vet wouldn't recommend that for her, as small as she is. I do know that for an unprotected dog, all it takes is one bite from the right mosquito, and they're infected. My neighbor lost a dog to heartworm, then didn't protect her next dog, he got them, but survived treatment. I can only hope that she has him on a preventative now. --Romeena

April 04, 2005 - Msg 28059: Hey Romeena! So good to see you again (and all of you). I am at Big Sister's house and dropped in for a spell to visit The Porch...Fredricksburg in the spring..lovely.

No big news here just the same old thing. My parents are hanging in there. Sean is doing well in school and just got on the A honor roll (for those of you who are new, this is a huge deal because Sean has dyslexia and has to work very hard at his school work). Baby Girl is active and as sweet and as mean as she can be! The weather is warm here in South Texas and everything is bright green. The bluebonnets are coming up and we are seeing lots of new baby goats, horses and cows in our sweet.

Well, I had better get the kids together and head home. My love and prayers to all!


ps-I think the thing that Andy had and still has are his BOXER SHORTS!

April 04, 2005 - Msg 28060: Boy, spot, you are better than Hop Sing, Cookie, Wishbone and Hallelia put together! (Cooks from old western TV shows) Sometimes my western look spills over onto the porch! At any rate, when you ring that big triangle, us Darlin pokes come a runnin'. Good vittles and we dont git hit with no spoon!
BOO - Great to see you again! Glad things are doing well.
Ro- however you want to do it, I'm in! I could give about 50 if need be.
Ya all have a good evening
Mr Darlin's Cuz

April 04, 2005 - Msg 28061: hi boo,so nice of you to stop in and visit.Congratulations to Sean!I have daughter with dyslexia,and.they sure do have to work hard at the schoolwork.Romeena I haven't heard anything yet,hopefully by this evening.What do you think of contacting a social service organization?I looked it up on the internet and there are several in that area.If we keep running into deadends,I might just make a trip to nutter fort and check things out myself,at least we would have an idea what the situation is.Daniel R,sorry about the pink eye it can be annoying and painful.How is school,and how much longer till schools out?Romeena,your yard sounds beautiful,between your description and Boos description,I can almost feel the warm breeze and smell the flowers!Nothings bloomin here yet,still waitin for the snow to melt in some places.Hi to Charlene,it sounds nice on your end of the porch too.Spot,I'm sorry to hear about otis,at least there is a treatment for it,I didn't know there was.Our dog gets a shot for it.Well,I'll close for now,you all take care,I'll stop by later.Oh,spot,that supper sounds great,I'll be there.Ky girl